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- Lll.L
, S' ' I'PG MBEIi ) I M G6
Have now in store the Largest § to- f
We can offer close buyers every inducement they can possibly find in
Eastern mark ts , and * ave freigit , besides delay ia transportation from East
ern c ties , whioh piomists this full to be a very serious drawback , on account
of ael ys.
Havng largely increa-ed our stock for Fall Trade , we can offer "Western
Merchants G-rea er Advantages and Cios r Prices than ever before ,
We ask he attention of Merchants who find it to their advantage to
buy where they can find the Best Sticks , at Closest Prices , getting their
goods quicker , buying ofien as ther trade demands and not run the risk of
carrying ov-r large stitks of goods.
Call and see us and convince yourselves , if St Joseph is not your Best
Dry Goods Market.
John S. Brittain < & Co. ,
Corner Fourth and Jule Streets , opposite Court House.
\ And in Sufficient Quantity to Hag
Him Higher Than Gilroj's
A Block Fiend eaaulls and
Outrages an Aced Lady
Near Brownvillo.
The People Juatlv Infuriated
Ov r the Brutal nine.
A xormor * Omaha Miin Bndcleuly
Dlspusi < l of in Utah.
The Uaual Variety of Crime.
[ ) HH.
BHOWNVILLR , Neb , September 2.
T..CI J is excitement in tlr * city
over an outrage committed upon JIra
Copulitud , a wliitu woman , hvint , ' in
Bedford precinct , by a negro farm
hand in the employ of her husband.
Th vtllniti has boon arrested.
BIIOWWVILLK , Neb , -September ti.
The excitement , conaequont upon HOWS
of tlio outrage in Bedford precinct has
partially subsided , and tliu threats of
lynching the villuin hnvo boun auper-
coded by a determination to lot thu
law take its courao , and the fiend ru >
ceivo the full punishment merited by
his bullish crhuu. Thu particulars of
the vile vffatr are as foil iw : The
negro , whose uamo is Oloyd , left
his woik in the fluid and wont
to the house during the absence
of Mr. Copeland. Choking the poor
worn in to iiinriisibility ho succeeded
in hii base design and when alio re
covered coneciouauess ho niudu her
prnmiao not to toll anybody , threaten
ing to kill hur if ohu did lie then
loft the house and then returned to
his work in thoCeld. Mrs. Copeland ,
as eoon us &ho could collect her
tered flenses , Btartud for a neighbor's
house , but on the way met a couple of
nit-n aud told them her etory. The
men secured the assistance ot a constable -
stable and arrested the bl.icn villain ,
whom they found working unconcern
edly in the field which h > ) hud but a
short Jimo previous left. lie was
brought to the city and given u pre
liminary examination , tlie result , of
h which was his committal to j til to
av.'ait thu setting of the district court.
The victim of the b'aek ' brute is
about 65 yeaie old. For name time
past she has been in poor health , and
it was feared the shock to her system
would be mure than aho could bear.
Bho has since iticovirtd and will bear
testimony ilut will put Cioyd where
ho belongs in the piniitenti.iry.
BKIQK ft. ftl'S KINGDO& .
CarrojpQ iduiiw ol Omh 1 ! .
AMILI.Y , Utah , August 2-1. Last
eprii g a > ourig innn naniedY. . B ,
Bo wen , formerly of Omaha , came
hero with a woman who ho claimed
was his wife. They lived hero quiet
ly about une month when the woman
got drunk , and told everyone that her
narns ATM L'zzto Weir , and that she
came here Irum Cedar Iljpids , Iowa ,
to iniiko her living as u prostitute , as
alio had been doing for the last oiuht
years. Bowan lull hero but returned
a few days ago with some money and
tried to make her quit. The woman
was drunk and called on her "running
mate" to protect her , since that Bowen -
on has not baen seen or heard of ,
The women has become 11 no-orioua
drunkard , making disgraceful exhibi
tions of her person repeatedly to
Mexicans , Indians , and nil others of
that class , Bowen was a quiet peace
ful mm and has conducted himself seas
as to keep the rorpcct of the people.
Tis thought Bowen has been put out
of the way.
If there is any inquiry by friends of
-r bowen , addrcsa George A. Davis ,
Cruel Deed of a Futltor.
BpecUl 1)1.patch to Tun Dn.
MEXICO , Mo. , September 3 Goo.
Green , eon-in-law of Major Bybos , a
wealthy farmer liviug near the city ,
wax recently divorced from his wife ,
who resides with her father. To-day
the children were taken to Green's
homo. After placing with them some
j time ho shot both dead , fired two balls
into thtir dead bodies and then tied.
Beiiic cloudy pursued by neighbors
ho tired u bullet into his own brain
with fatal tflect.
Murder nnd ( iuloido
Special Dltpjich to TUK linn.
CHICAGO , September 3. Lira Eck-
lund uud Andorron , brothers-
in-law , arc employed in an iron
foundry in thiu cuy. Saturday night
they left the city for South Erunston ,
twelve miles north , to spend the
hijht with another brothur-in-law ,
n.Miied Rand. A quarrel over BOIBO
unknown cause nroeo nnd they got nil
the trim ut 11 > g i'H Park , at 11
o'clock lit night. At G o'clock tlu
morning Utud , hearing u shot in thi
basement , went doivn , and found An
demon with a bullet hole in his
breast. Anderson confessed that In
murdered Ejklund the night before
Rand and Anderson went to tht-
police B tat km. The former wont on
to t > 11 the story , but when
h < j cnmo nut Andereor ; was gone , " | f. tu
this afternoon his body was fourd
hun ini ; from a tree on the lake
shore , his clothes wet showing pre
vious attempt at drowning and strips
of cloth strewn about showed Ander
eon had mads one or two futile at
tempts to hung himself before he got
strip ) , torn from hair overalls , strong
enough to hold hts weight. In the
meantime Ecklttnd's body was found
at R jgors I ark with three bullet
wounds in it.
The Drought in i-anuma Horrlblo
Work of the Cutllttus m Peru.
t > ] > eclal DispatchcB to THII linn.
PANAMA , September 1. All heavy
woik on the inter-ocean canal is to be
stopped. TJio rainy season , so far ,
has been very jit > ht , yet it la found tin-
Mi0'lit rain full impedes all work , and
in low ground entirely prevents itu
being carried on , The men who at
tempt to work feel sick , and the men
in charge of ( . ' 'ktigs say none of them
can work more than three dayi n
week , the balance being passed in bed
with fever.
Drought continues to bo severely
felt in several Central American ro
publics. Corn and all edibles are.
rising in value.
The governments of Nicaragua and
Honduras and Salvador have ordered
corn from the United States.
The indiscrinato slaughter of small
Carrifona and ntrocitiei committed
h.ivo induced the Chilian t'ovornmuut
to determine to ad jpt stringent meas
ures. Rumor claiiim that among these
will bn the following : Martial law to
bo declared in all teriitory held by
Uliilinii. f'Jicre ; ins ant execution of
all who attempt the life of Chilians
in garritioii ; all AlontonrroH to bu allot
when captured ; all members ot Cher-
rill's cnngieas and the executive to be
ctpttired riid nuut to the penal settle
ment at PunU Arenus ; the Chilian
people , congreas and government ,
will pr < laim usdeflnltely incorpurdtt-.d
with Cnili all territory south of
the river Ole and back to Tacora
mouirains , which is the dividing line
botwi en the Tune department in
Peru and Lulaz in liohvia ; prisoners
of ar will in the future be sent to
Jui > n Ktrnandea.
A letter from Lima states that
orders have been given by head
quarters .o burn every town or village
where Peruvian troops may have re
ceived food or assistance.
At last accounts the sloop of war
Angamor t > as lying off Tombi de
Mora , where an encounter took place
on the ntglit of tie 28th of July ,
with her gunu allotted and trained on
the town , In anticipation of destruc
tion , all foreign residents Hod from
the neighborhood.
DlitlngaUbrd TonriiU.
Special Dltfutth to III Il .
OHICAOO , September 3. A dtstin-
guised party of Eiiglishmen are in the
city. They include John Prender ,
member of parliament and president
of the Direct Cable comoany ; J. W ,
Fuller , secretary of the same- company ;
Win. Paten , Molineaui Si. John ;
Win. Booth Scott , Thomas Osborne ,
and II , Derby , of the company , in
company with lion , Abram Hewitt ,
j F. F. Pnyard , and Lieutenant Com *
mander Gorringe. They are on route
to the Yollowetono Park on invitation
of Mr. Ilowitt.
Hotel Bnruod.
SKclil [ DIrpatch to lilt Unit.
CAIWI , 111. , Suptombor 3. The
Planters' hotel was burned this morn
ing at T ) o'clock. The building mid
furniture are n total loan. I'artof the
lower floor woa occupied by the Iron
Mountain railway company for a ticket
otlie ; alsj by the Pacific express com
pany. Loss , $15,000 ; partly insured.
Saturday n linll Game * .
At OUcaijo - Boatons 7 , Chicacros 15.
At BulFilo ButTalos 1 , Provi
dences 2.
At Sprinfiold Watch Factory Rude
19 , Ohiu gx Whitirg * G.
At Detroit - Troy and Detroit game
postponed on account of rain.
At Cleveland Worcester and Cleveland -
land game postponed on account of
Tlie Glntw .
Bpod.l DUp.tch loTlls Ui > .
UPAN. . Y. , SoptriL-Hor 3.-The
question of wages between the gln 8
m.iuufacturers of the state and wurk-
men has been settled and the contrao
nigned. The manufactarers concede
to the Pittsburg list with a reduction
of 10 per cent on single thick glass ,
and workmen to accept the usuagea
on carrying their own rolls. Work in
the factories of the state will begin at
ThASkirmishing Fund. ,
BpocUl Dlrjiatih to I'm UBH
Ntw YOHK , September 3 , Those
nuitating trie whereabouts of the Irish
skirmishing fund luve appointed u
permanent oommittue of investiga
tion , the other commitcro not having
receivid any satisfactory accounting
from the trustees
A Price
Special DiBpVclito Tint D
SJLVKH CLIFF , Col , September 3.
A prize light between Billy Lynn , ( if
this city , and Joe Silvers , of Albany ,
took plick at Robert's h.ill to-day , re
sulting in u victory for Lynn , Silvers
being knocked seriHoloca in the fourth
round. Both men were badly pun
Bi > cn * Railroad TlcHoU.
1 ll p ; cti to TM Dm.
KANSAS City , September U , The
true inwardness of the R > iss ticket
fraud is described by J Cruise , gen !
eral agent of the Bantu Fi ) road , who
returned from Hannibal , bringing 000
bogni * tickets , representing an average
of § 25 cwch , > lie tickets were printed
by W. H Folsf m , n printer at Quincy ,
U , , employed by Rufo. The printlnt !
began about three months ago while
Ribs W.IH located in Hannibal , Two
months ego ho removed tu
this city. Lint Wednesday 8 to i
1C. Hooper , general putiaongi'r toJ
urjent of the 551. Joe nud , receiving aii n ;
inkling , visited Fulaum und adroitly a
worked the secret from him , and at t ;
( secured ! ) UO tickets which had btton in
printed in compliance with the recent II !
order of Roan , together with letters of .U
the latter , Folaoni protests his innocence 111
cenco of any knnwleduti nf rand in 4t
the transaction. The tickets are is tl
sued in the immiw of the Peoria , tlei
Dccatur A * Ewinnvilln and Li'io ' Erie lain
& Wojtern railroada. They rend laP
between the following points ; w
ICunsai City to Chuyenno , Kiiisan in
Ctyto Santa Fo , St. Liuis to 8t inP
.loboph , Chicago to Minneapolis , anl
Peoria to St , Joseph , The tickets for
both roads are tigned .1. L. Allen , goii
era ! jiasaengor agent. The tickets hi
have a genuine look , and are calcu
lated to fool the oddest conductor. st
Nothing is known as to th probable in blat
number of tickets a'ready ' issued and blw
used. It has been ascertained that w
Unas had confederates at St. Louis athi
lie is now in jail awaiting the grand hidi
jury next week. Ho is about twenty * divi
two years of ago , with a plausible
manner , He declines to talk.
No More Bloatiuc-
FOND uu LAO , WlS. , I
Aug. ; -I , H81. ) Wl
H. II. WAKNKK & Co. . BIIW I Wlbt
have been uaing your Safe Kidney and btwi
Liver Cure for dropsy , and has helped at
too very much. DANJKL YAHNKV. fo
An Invitation to Awbi to Try
BisKoyonKassassiuLook ? ,
' 'he Furies of War Momen
tarily Oalmed nt the Front.
The Suu , Stiud and Wnter Prove
Moat Eiliciont Allies of
the Rebels !
The Mlmilltrl of the Dublin Mob
HivrrniM tbo Ronr of tlio Brlt-
Jfth Bonitt
The Police Orlslf * "lowly Subsiding
Two Constnbloa Killed.
DlrpitchM to Tint Itu. , ,
KASSASM.V , September 3 Tlie
British position horn i > so furniidabK
that it is hoped Arabi JVihn may tent
hiBBtrongth ngiinst it.
S r t.'tnbor B. Orxs In
dian sovon-pouud battery has arrireti
Stores are being fast brought up , t\n < l
onsincors are busy cntrencbini ; th *
campof dofonso. A forward ino s- ,
raont is daily expected. ! ' .
September 3. Knj-
liah uoluierstit Muksaroaulloruigfrom1
diarrohca nnd djBenlery , o.ilined by
thu bad water in thu forts. Dodouitm
continue ( intrenching their position tpt
on thu Aboukir aide of Alexandria , in tptMi
close proximity to the British out- Mi
posts. Tlio khpdivo has given the Mim
British tlio noccsairy pcrmuBion to
out the dyVoa tit Mekn , thus inundat oo '
ing Murooiis lalco nnd preventing 1111 oeM
attack by the enemy from thnt side. tli
Experts who have been consulted fuel 1U
s.nii-liod thnt the operation will not fo
interfere with thu l.indn under cultiva til
tion inBohrn provinces. 1) ,
ALBXANUUIA , Siiptuoibor , II Ad
vices trom C.uro report great unxiety
felt there lust the protect of police
will bu unable to maintain order , do-
apito his uncuuhig : ( iFtris , Tno pop
ulace continuu to menace thu futr re-
mainitig Europeans nnd threaten
whok'H le plunder.
POHT SAIK , September U. Arab ! is rol
Forming u cump at buhlmy h , thus
tht'eateniog the citml nnd the lirttiuh
II inks.VoUiioy ! h.ia taken prec-iu iuns
igatnst any movements in tlut direc nu
tion. eh
A ehO'
AI.KXKN ' Jtensbor 'J. \es- 'M
tordny ai-v- ' i . fihui given the vil.r
iMiemy was' . . VVncinj ; ucrnsB Liku .r
Mareotis. Siiikij tti ( < ; j Mmtinos were .rTl
laudeu . o 0.iSl tut. U , b'A the iCjiui't
proved to bo falso. tin
' mish
PARIS , September 3. D lj ssops , all
ipuaking to-day to n deputation ol ill
'riends , Raid he had been described ns
in enemy of England and a friend of thimi
\rabl Pjaha. Ho waj simply u friend mi
aid defender nf a work of civilization.
flu said Arabi P.mhu'ti honorable con- qu
iuct in regard to thu Suez cunul ought hit en
o bo acknowledged.
KllfcDiVJi'K . . .
lRHMAiiiA,8ept'imber3 - The omis- th <
lories ot Suit in Pasha are doing thnir
itmost to inform the people of Da-
niutta that those who lay down thtir tei
irrns will bo leniently iio.kttd. ttn
It in reported that a largo _ Q > .
' '
) f armu 'and ammunition ha's been i.
butul in one of tlu inocijuus here. ' '
3nly four pjr cent of the troops hole tlu 'In
ire tick. ,
| eoi
September 't ,
Said Pasha prupusod to Lord J.Mf- tle <
i rein to-day that Turkish tro < ] > i br
kllowcd to duombjrk at Port Bn.l in.
tend of Aboukir. Lord Dudcrein pc
ulegrapln d LordGrnnvillo relutwo to
ho proponal. It is miiltr.ttoud Hobart J
'dshtt , ehief of the Turkish udmirul i me .
tad , has . pointed . out to thu porce . . . and !
D Lord Dulfdroin thu imnoaatbility 01 | 11
iaoinbirk tion at Abnikir , Rueutta lion
r Daunetta. Lord Dullunen lias in-1 prc , .
urmud thtj portuthat loyal iiiitlionlii-o '
t Boyroui n'ill prevent the oxporta- nili
ion of iiiulea for thu Ifrllioh army. I _ l
ffcl l Dijauh toTi > y Din. ton
DUIII.IN , ouptembir It. I'ho strike
virtnutiy ended. Thu uuperinton- circA
ent in un interview with thu did-
imaed men advised them to draw up
niemoritl asking that they herein- „
atid and acknowledging they com- . , .
iltted n brench of , diuuipline. This
lemnrial will bo eulmiitted to the
ithoritioa this uveniug , and there is com
ttlo doubt that the men will be rein- Ivui
ated with the understanding tlut i.iul
leir grievances bo investigated. Sav- bu i
al street robbcrleu were committed that
at night. The wounds of several ri' t
irtiea injured in tbu street nieluea mai
ere dresaed at the hospital , but no
juries of a eerious nature uro re- r
) rtod. in a ,
About I ' )0
fourteen persona tvho wore
ounded in the street I'uhta i > ro in the | "pj
capital , Five huiured special con- '
ables were Hworn in to-day. The
ob to-day attacked a epeciul ooruta- red i
e , The latter tired three ihots und now
oundod a man , Thu mob thereupon will
tempted to lynch the constable , and
uidlod him BO roughly that hu will By
o. To-night thu mob became very opp
oloti' and wai charged on by the nipi
oops. Several persons were wounded.
DUIILIN , Suptorabur 3.-In George Hva
root to-night a tram oar in wliioh a fttn
iccial conbtablu had taken refuge , Bull
at wrecked by thu mob , The pun- oitii
iat Forester lias arrived at Dingiton , has
hero disorders are apprehended. The to t
ithorities will advertise to-morrow niot
r rceruito. This action ia believid purl
' . < indietto Hint the dismiwed police
men ' will iirt bo reinstated. At II
o'clock this morning the Mreeta were
much quieter.
.U.L QtTU.T.
lrni.ij. ; Septcmbi-r 'J. MinsiotiT
Tim crowdn have uVp.'r > d nnd the
t 'els nrt < unli-t. The soldier * have
bean withdrawn. The mi morial from
tlio dlMiili-at d policemen asking for
iiiBtnti < iiu > nt 1ms b.ien signed by 1U7
of tln > 231 disinifchd nion.
Miscreants to-night plncod n dirty
tin box on the head of the bronzt
utuo of King William III. Thi
trindoirn of iho College ( ron tele
graph station have been broken. H.
It , U gunboat Forester , lien nt 'ho
custom house dock , not far from
Sio svillu street.
Dt'iiMN , Sip'umbur ' ' { Thu CIIBIS
in the pollen atriko was reached jes
tordny , when the .loUce , almost en
tire , numbering 1.17o men , refuted
to do duty. The force ha * been i > c > -
tuting n gratuity of throe months' ex
tra pay , linnlar to the royal Irish
Jtmstiilnilury. A mooting w > > s held on
[ < \idny nihi ; to sot forth thu men's
inevancun An order wns afterwnrd
mated that nny man nttonding nn-
ther meeting would bo nt > nco di
iiiasod. Anottiur meeting WHS held
t night. Tlio men who attended ,
Ul in number , were dismissed thin
uunii'i ; . This arbitrary step wns
nmediatoly followed by Iho entire
> rco refusing to go on duty. At 'i
'clock in tlio afternoon thu lord
outunnnt issued a proclamation call
ig lor apxoiul countable * , and np
uniting the time and plncu where
icy could bo swosni in. When the
IIHM spread throughout thu city the
tcitement booumv intenso. The up
j.irniice of comuAiiiw of soldier * ,
ho hint boon o 1.1 e red out to tnke
lu pl co of chit p'ilioi > , did not mend
uttun. . The lord' mayor culled a
lacul meeting of t'ui ' corporttwn to
'TitiiikT the gravity-of Miu Mtuition.
nny of the diauiured man , witb
eir BjnipUhmiijf cumpimoUBen -
, u.'ching throughrio ) atruetii ,
llotvid by crowdd uf > nivghs , ch or-
\-j. \ nd liowiintr. iVlt placev of
iti _ : eiA were closed : \l , ( . very Oiuly
mr.Darly in thu f vcninfj the ? men who
ipied ( Kent nieinor l to < the ooClu In
pieusin deep reirroi M thkir neMoii , ,
d respt'C fully nhkin > Lur Spencer
cctiMiler thuir cue. n-rcV Spunccr
pied ttiHt if they refjrneci to their tli
ity their case would re- I *
ivu tliu fullest ootit-dunuion. A Wi
unher of iu. < n roturiu'd tothuin peers , Wid
d n lurgu proportioit of thu muht III
liefsro on du'y , Tliu rotult un-
> atjoiiiibly auvod the city from
juts of noting.
At midnight the cityw.vs in the exited stnte. 'i'hu luiliUry
: ir/sd / on . thu . mob nnrroumhng tbii .
r * * i
Connell statue and cleared the npot :
) OB3ij of polieeniini on duty Al Sack-
llo otrcot mudu friUitit [ clmrgut in
dur-to clear the Hideu of'tho Blrt'etn. u
lora was much utono throw ing. S .v n' ' svuro" '
iu ju < rriuudud and jji
iniber of arrests made. Both thu
ilitury and police uere. hooted , Inn
owed great foibmtrauco. It
ited'that the police hr > vo uxpruniud I In
uir deturmiiution again to i throw oil'I
IMS uniforms Monday if thu dis hi
sued nion are not reumtati'd. in
Lord Spencer madea diplomatic and IK
ieting speech la < t night to thu npe IK.hi
il conntablea. lie iijiyvnled to al .hi
7-abidmg men to support the gov
imont in this cruis. liu promiBed | be
favor the specials in every nay fo .
. ir fiervices. Ctit'ern for the speaker in
oted thu conchihion of his talk , tu
It in auted that in thu event of ro
nm not bun n , ' niado with the airhor
400 or f > 00 polieemni luvo artu
iged to sail In a special steamer to m :
iietiHland. The men nay thnt 000 a
in of the royul Irish constabulary Fi
ve refused to doduty in Dublin , and u
it they hnvo received u telegram on th
part of thu entire body ol the th
iBtubiil.iry staling they would not tu ;
duty in Dublin while difficulties of to
i motropulilmi forces remniii unset- nil ,
| J. A
I Weji itthoi to 'I Hil linn. ltz :
" ' '
riiR corroN ciuii- .
\I.EXANI > IUA , Si-nti'inbor y. A atu
uting wax held Friday to consider in
i position of September and Ojto- wli
eontiactH for cotton and uecdx. It
i buiin found impomiible in the f ( > !
ment state of the country to nmkii tillUl
ivories in those montliH A com Ul
tee if the principal murcliants and
WAS formed to uncertain the
, ot ponition of the market und ro ipl
t within fourteen daya , N w oot- 'ea
bu arriving now , but thu nt
i of 1882 is behind and deficient l ll
to tin ) nbajnco of labor und irriH , "
ion , Under the mnct favorable j' } ' ' .
iumntunof B a largu deficiency is ex-
ted. " "I
hepleinber 3.
i Purdiuu L-mtMBaador having pru .t
ted to thu p rte u liotu proposing .tle i
ibined milttiiry aution Hgninst the hu i
rdipii Chief Oboidnlluh , the porto huJ
ttnit the me.'jauro proposed would nv
ittrndod with m 110)1 ) dilliuully , but wai
; Turkey would do its utmost to en
r.-tin Obmdulliih from acting in a
inor hoatili ) to I'urani.
'AKIH , September 3 The Totnpa , Ul
n article on the E vptitn ( juea- on
i , maintains that the British ox ra
ition will benefit France oven eu
) than England , and continued ;
10 awakening of the power of m
; lund proves that Europe i nut tin
need to thu leadership of ono nl
or Germany , This eircumataneo roi
benefit none so much us France , ; ep
cl la thu national ally ol England , IK :
separating from her wo afford an In
ortunity to Germany , \thoao out- op
jtonco can only bo opposed by an in
jlo-Frencoullmnci.1 he
IONDON , Suptembur 51 A. M. Sul- t
n , latu meinbur of parliament , and er
ily , sailed for Now York to-day , r
livau will lecture in the principal iel
js on the condition of Ireland , lie lei
with him an illuminated address vc
.ho mayor of Chicago from the hu 1
nbers of the Irish parliamentary
y- 'ec
slien Linn Left Family , Honioaiiu
Friends to FUht tbo Ra
tion's Battles.
A. Pnnorauia of Those Dork
Duyo Unror Bnphtfr Skieo
on the Prairie.
The Glories ot the Grand Army
at Grnnd Island
Briefly Skotche .
Jnokmtv Hatteriox , Main Monltort ,
Drocir Jtrmlf > K nnit Mnrtlnl
Tun Htorlo3 and tjoiuo of thu "Wftr.
'prct'l Oorro xnl"nce ol The U .
jptember 2. The econei and iuai-
lotits of thu ronniun of Nebraska vet
irAiin of thu war , tlu- has just
olcoad , will no7ur bo forgotten by
who were fortutmto enough to
The grounds Ufcn which Iho en-
inipniunt wai located are ndmirably
daptod to military umnouvrus and the
ports of nliiim wirfnrj. Luvol and
lauoth' RB n b irn 'Jior ) , thu tented
-Id wro laid out with skill nnd pro-
ision info great iqtitros , BJNICIOUB av
nues ! id reeli r.iohAtint ; in every
iiectiom Thu ( UO ir'nto tenU nnr-
Linndin itho gr.ind pavillioua und din-
nInillei covered nw\rly : ns muoh
round jur-.k aiuall city , Tlioiuvinda of
i.una oorvred the prairio- all around
ID camp on thu oiltuktrtB of Qrund
ilaiiil , und'o [ xirficr htreain of oinni-
uaof , exprtnu wagons and vehu-Jes of
/ery di-hccplio ) ) kept ruining bick
id rorth between the cuy. und thu
1'u thu voisraut who had shared the
mlships of'iicmu ciiinpufjiiinir thu
inu pniBont'jtl 11 rather
: urMico. Thuie WHS much * o rewind
iuuf , army htu luwl n g ted deul more
ut made thnuhaut Uutlo giotind up-
iar Bumewb.ib rxliculuus. There
i-ro thu Buntineln .1110 hurryinu' or-
tiliun , there ivi-u * JfineiB on hoiauand
uut in their llt-.i y umformn , them
uro drunid niri/lifua und hniBi < biitidH
martul miiiic , but tlurn w.a
pn > mi8ciioano3fl ubcut thu cimn and
10 tenio mit'lu soldiering uppear
Ko rx > > 'it pl.ty. H'ure wivs thegiiizy
.unled Vctuin'jj mtber wo > : e lor
o.vr , with hln ihiddlu-nged wife ,
in buxom duughtura bouncing
) j-8 , x.nd eiuenli < ig inf.intry nil tout- . i
ig in luxury , luBtt'itd ' ot hiird uck , I ! "
1 sowbelly , r. < l army beam , , the j * "
nui > ioitcl : ivarri.dru wctu buiu fed I' "
i tlio fat of ttfj l nd in i
itli their wiveo and children. & ;
Thu Hohlier'orulow had thror o Bt
jr mourning and put on the lutca
; ony. Tlio gnl the soldier left be O'K
uid him when hu went to war hui K
urried a homo guard , who was her inw
jw sporting the title of colousi o w
inerul und telling terrible tales soon nitl
H bloody expurtunce. tl :
From tint to luit thu reunion hai ri
sen grutitl succun , it is not on ! . & :
all odds thu moot extensive gather J ,
g of war vetinina that baa eve : buG
ken placu in Nubraaka , but in every G
npt'cv u very creditable alluir , to
Tiiu opening day was rather blua II
ring und sun my , but during the ru in
Hinder of the week thu weather was IKJ
pleasant nu could bo wished for. 01Tl r
rom sun rum till midnight there wai Tl
uonatant stream of people Uimitif ro
rough the atrcetn and iivenuea o th
e oiicampinent Uu Thursduy .if rabi
rnoon fully 'JO OOU were aaHembled bi D
witnuHS the ( ilium buttle and th InSi
val engagement on thu broad pnuriu , Si
sod fort had bean erected tu rupre th
ut Fort Blunter , hulf n dozen how. Cl
ura had been mounted on the battle 01
intii and u luttory of light artillery thW '
itionod within uuay ninge , tuado thu W
id Ily right and left , until Major feiUi
iduruon was compelled to homt the Ui
nto tUg and mutolled out of the ub
t with nil the honors of war and oh
i flag 11 } ing , vthilu lieuuregard took I'J :
Fliu naval engagoniont took place at
; ht , in id pruht-'iited a miiet uttr.iativo 'IV
jotaulo. A htigo woollen etructuru , behi
vmbling tliu original Monitor , and hi
leiiiousiy niounted wheelu 101
on , went
oiigh a llerco bombardment , ( icry
ilia illuinin.itod tiiu bky and ox
ided with terrilio force , and thu
.nk fihotn directed at the Monitor tea
de the ve.T.el fairly reel , Tiiu pro- 'M ;
ling force , down in thu hold , win u no
rot mulesand General Minduraon 01
ru public oxpreaaiun to his surprise .v ) :
tina murvul of Jni'dorn warfare
hud mien jaokuas bjitorius during t v
war , but never a mule Monitor. if
\purt from ihu flpiciuculur eport ifse )
irded by theao mimio battles , there he i
i inucli to amuau and in- n I
tut thu spectators. There were IKI
liteen brass bands on thu grounds , tii
aouraing iniibiu and the pavilion 'or
i ehaUing with ringing ipeechua , 'orur
noroua war otorlea and patriotic 10
gs night and day. The 5,000 No- > in
sku veterans that took part in this hr
nion were marcliing and counter- nil I
rching day and uight. Nearly all iti
I rallied . 'ound the various state rit
ridarda under which they had TO
lated and served during thu wur , ail
ufly every state in the union was nu
resented. Iowa , Illinois , Ohio , hu
liana , Now York , Fonnsjlvania , huJ
ishlgan and Wisconsin were each all
reaentod by from two to uight Ca
idred veterans. The enrollment of : on
00 Boldieru formed one of thu inost rd
[ treating features of the reunion. rda
brought together nuw who had a
vod in the satue regiment L'hi
coiapanr on many a gory wit
d whu hkd never met linoo the he 1
no of the war , and were not aware )
in that their comrade * were still in ra
land of thu hying , These meet- : \ raa \
B and recognitions were very lif wtl
ting , From eighteen to twenty
r had wrought such a coftploto
yo . 'Holr appearnnco that many
cJinngo In , -.niza each other
were unable to tev-0 ' -1 then
until they were introduced , .a. . . .
they fought their battles over again ,
oiu over every incident with in-
t , * o emotion , and cloning with a
ton. recital of what had happened
brief > war. At night the
Binco tin surrounded by thousands
tires were < m and children , listen-
of moil , wom d patiently to the
ing eagerly m
of bloody on-
bio recitals and nea , and
counters on 'jjnd lalriotio iionti-
cheertng lustily every , 'orously oror
incut , and laughing hois. haps and
stories that pictured inik
i0 {
nn (
blunders of the hoys in bli |
when the 0 , A , K lenders atrui Up
an army song thousands j jinrd in . >
chorus with unbounded enthuslftivn
which ro-echood over the prairie for
many miles. Among the nil cresting
relics vahibitod at the cnmp was a
sword thnt had boon worn by an offi
cer of the continental army At liunkcrr
Gen. Thajar commandant of the
camp was highly complimented by
everybody for the splendid order nd
discipline that wns maintaintd under
his direction llii opening speech
wns applauded1 by the voturana-os a ,
stirring nppenl < to putriotiem and
To General Tlnyer and his cfficien
nids the success of the reunion i
largely duo. The rniliinry reviews
and dress piradcs under the command
of General Frederick1 are spoken of by
( tiera of the
-era regular army ns de
cidedly incompinibVnnd considering
the brief time for organizing the vct-
L'rans , General Frederick cvrtainly ha *
tllown estriiordinmy tnct. E. 11.
L'le "Old Koliablo" Hannibal &
St. Joe Taken ioOatof .
the Wet.
iccial I ) Hiwtcn ti' IIM linn.
ST Lou IK , Svpseinbor 3Tho - ro-
ort fjom Now York published hero
tis morning that Jay Gbuld > nd
iundo-2mvo bought a controlling- -
ircBt in the Baiinibul it St. Josopli
ill roads And thnt the line VMS-to bo
icorporatrd into the Wiibttah'systoin ,
itiued poimiduRtbio comment in r il-
md c-rclca to day , und various
pinion.i were eaprewed by jiti'eront f
itiiiiuls , Rome regarding it no n atosk
> hbmg ojieartivu , while othorucon -
durud it1 a legituiiuto trnns.iutaon and
no c.ilctilAtext tivbu of great value to
ID Wiih h nyuh'ni. John C" Gault ,
CD pruaident ofi the Wnbas hy in an
iterviewKaid hu bsil recei\vd-
ilormatioii concurni g the rupurtod
rniiKactiom ? Jb di < ] not , hurrm-ft
gird tt improbable. The Hannibal
St. .loo people h.'ivobeen ; > nr.i.u to
jll , and thu road has been uxaaitned
y reproat'ivtativoa of Mr. Gouldi Ita
innectioiui are important , bt-ing
JiiiBiis C.ily and Ut Joe on the west ,
nd Hannibal and Qimcy on thaeoot ,
ith Bomo hitenil1 teodera. If eo do.
inel ; , it will fit on very well with
10 Wabaah Byatmi nnd will bo
, aBO -
OIIH loss to-tho Chicago , Burlitiqton
Qjiney , a * thnt system reucheni-St.
no nnd Ivitnuas City over the Iltuini-
il. In reply tou question , Mr.
ould naid that tha Ohicau'o , Durllng-
in it Q linoy'a nrzan temoiit witk'vtho & St Joe railway was
i-ulo lust year , but M r. lUalt
Iviincod no opinion whether
not it would bo openitivo.
ho Chic I/jo / , Kosk Island & Pacific
inches ICanias City over n portion of
to lliinnibal &iSt. Joe , but the nr-
iiigementts no fuir that it will hudly
diiturbod , The transaction will
uvu an important bearing on tno
DUthwetfurn railway association , in
its wtiy : The H.innibul & St , Joe
Hints M ono line'in tint pool , and the
Incago , Burlington & Quinoy , uoinij
10 Biuno route , counts it us another ,
'ith the Hannibal & St , .loo trans-
rred t < i thu Wabaah and the Chicago ,
urliiigttiii & Quinoy arrangement
irogatcd ) there will be material
iinui-s in the division of huaiueaa.
10 Chicago , Burlington A Quinsy if
privud of its llunnibal & St. Joe
nneinttm will atill have Miagouri
'er oonnectiona , but they will not
BO direct. Its Denver route is by
it Burlington & Missouri , and will
t be affected by thu mutter.
Vicn President Gault , of the Wabaah
item , ft ; speaking yesterday , of the
LSOII of activity in tratllo juit open-
und the great corn crop to bo
ivod , estimated thu buaineas , to bo
no by the southwoaturn roads and
at tire known us the Oiiuiha and
tifu't City poola , at four tune's what
Vds year. In the wottern part
loivu there ia a corn belt
miles wide , embracing
Missouri slope , which -ill yield
the uyuregato more c mi this year
in it has uver done before * Indeed
s in that section that loivi depends
its showing of inaizo , the eastern
t of the state having gone moro andre
ro into dairying and i-raiiiig. The
nilm line of thu Wabaah passoa
ough the heart of this corn bell ,
this year will bo ita.ftrt opportu-
y to show its real value as a con-
julor to thu Wabaaht system. The *
p wae so light last year that the ,
Lroad carried to many points oa
eh corn us was skipped away froai ,
VIr. Gault said he had recently ,
kud with westeJij merohauta from ,
IIBUB City and thur points , uaiiall
iiuionted on the vapid inoreiuo of
lera as oomparod- with thu aujlnojs ,
twelve mouth * ago , and tl Wa- .
ih is already foaling the iwpntua. ,
0 earning , are $500,000 , weekly
th 1,000 miles of road. TtirougU
country whore the movement of
porn crop ia great , the ittmrsrf
l < io of that
portion of the lyntom ,
w contributing ooinparativoly tutlo ,
11 materially add to tha njyoauo n ,