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The Daily Bee.
Prirtuv Morninr , Sept. 1.
\Voatbor Heport.
( ITie followinR olwervatinnaretaVen i
the fhtne momi-nt of time at all the ttntioi
named. )
WAR DErAllTMMfT , U. S. fllONAl.SKR-
VIOK , OMAHA , , 1832. (1:15p.m. (
8 *
Denver . . M.04 nt | S r tr
Cheyenne. . 30.00 fit NSK Miiht
10. U SK L'lcar
riatU ) 1M2 fVI NE fresh FMr
Omaha . . . . llrsk Inudy
Yanklon . . . 3o ! 0 MRht
Dos Uolne * . TO 13 Kreih "loudv
Davenport. . W.OS rre * < ih Clo\dy
81. t'aul 1) It Krenh
EL IxiuU 33 OT "rr h
Moorhcud. . 0 tl Krc h air
nimnnck. .
liuJonl . F th l-ar
Cuiicr 16 LUht Cleir
Amlnlbolne. a > .u ilRht
Blrer 0 fcoi 8 Inches atioi t low water mark
Omaha , 3 fe t 1 Inchci at Yankton ; lllplwlp | } | ,
feet 8 li chos at L Uromo , and 6 feet I Indies
A ear lna'1 of lime tnn from V n
Oolllnit han I fen recclred lure for fi > mjl
There will be m nervico thlp , Krlil.i
night , ntUrncaMisftlon Kiilscopal ) , Noit
There W.M ono Bolitnry drunk hofni
Judge lieneko ycjitcnlay Ho tiaid tli
usual fine.
There wai n lunar halo Wcxlaecil *
with one ntar visible la tlt. Thin ImlicaU
ruin btfor * tonight. .
The Deputy City Mnr.hal , Mr. K. A
BIcCItirc , hunroigiml anil Ollicer Oruno
clicr U tcmtioratlly ia charge of the cit
A whole-silo lea houro haa Icon open
cd in ° llio Kdwards biilMIn ' on I' rnai ,
rlrcet , by Wll on & It in Ison , former ) ;
oTSt. Joe.
The Wc t Ncbranlta minrinn conference
once convdied yottcritay nt Ht. Paul , Xeii
Jilahop Merrill Is oxptctud U > bo there. J
full attendance of thu imiiUturn' miMilon I
expected ,
A ojinpl.iint linn been ( ilodnnnliiBt lid
3/ccdcr for keeping Ida moiii optn im Hun
day , tlio hiHrlnj ; uf the ca-ii bulni ; cuntiu
ucd lor . 0 daH. Kd. protuincH to in.ingu
rnto n general war.
Three new cam Imvo 3 t been rccciv- -
cd for UK > by thu Pullman i'acllic c nn-
imny nt thin point. They are tka
ton , JiilobnrK mid Kearney. Tlioy Mill
iH > Into active service ntonct' .
A conplo of colored mm were rurn > tc < :
by ( Jllicvr Burk iait o\enln , wln : mi
i chnr'ul wiih ( .tcnlin HnmuooilH ( from thi
jjotiiriom ffiiudo known nn .Tulinuie Hull
They received temporary < | uuitert < In Hit
city Jill.
Attention firemen : Thcro will lie a
Hjicclnl meeting of Ji'iro King ; No. 2 , lit
J7iremcn'n bull , on Friday evening , Sep
tember J , 1H82 , 7:30 nliurp , for the uiinunl
cloctlon of ( ifHcoin and pniude.
Chin.lliodwny , tbo 1'iipillion f ri'inr
who wan arreHted on the ciiargo of rap ry
little Anulo Moil day was exnmincd lu
l > oHco' > nirt Wednesday and at the iluuo
of tlio bearing wan discharged. Hu wept
like a child aa ho left the court room.
Attention Sir KnighU : ] tc ular con
clave tbla ( Friday ) evcniuK of J\H. C-il-
vary Oooinmudery No , 1 , K. T. liuslncsB
of upccinl importance will be presented , A
full attendance in requested , Ity order of
the cimmnuder. Harry K. Hathaway ,
T o brother * who ran away from their
homo in Orange county , N , Y , , about live
.yearn i-io , and lyho must bo aliout twenty
mid twenty-two yiarx of ( , ' ( ' , at tliia time ,
are wanted b > ck at tlio old homi'steud ,
wlieru n fortune awniu them. The 1ml
beard of the toyii they bad learned the
pi intlng buflncsit , and wcro woikiui ; in un
ulllco in Nvbrabka.
ItcHtrved heats ate now on mile at
lioydV Upera Home for the 11 union
ISrutlicru' eiKiicnient In "lo Yoyago uu
HuUio , " ThU in n ( unions company , ami
Jlunngoi Jitiyil J fortunate in ImvliiK He-
cured it for the iipcnlug night of thu regu
lar Hcauon , Thu Lompiiuy recently cum
pk-twl u wundeifully Buccemfiil BOIIHOU ol
overal , weeks In Hun Krmu'isco , und for n
week putt lm\u been drawing cnWii' (
lioiiu-s in Denver.
A man who had the uppraraucu of be
log a common tramp witti brought to the
city jail i.lmul 10 o'cb ck latt night by Ml
1' . J. Qualty , who caught him In bis ban
and wuu latlbfied that bu wu there for the
puriKiso nf Btoaling hemethiug. Thu follow
came to Mr. QunUyVi msldcnco , bt-twren
Harris K KMier'u ami Shrely'ii pt-cllnj ,
bousm , and hung around f. r dome tlmu ,
arl > in thu eveniiig. Ho won ordered oil
by Mr. Qimley , who , uliK > ( | iieiitly , on going -
ing out to hU ttabla t 1 < ck up for the
bight , found thu fellow In hU com crib ,
Jle ran.unny , and waa cbaird by tbo doge
ami cupturul on the lallrnad ,
Tlio me.'lmnloa of the Union Pncltio
nliopa will gl > e u grand plcnla at Huuncoin
I'wk on Hatunlay afternoon und livening
next , which promises to boa fine affair , A
uuuibcr of locomotive hradligliti will be
placed un the grounds tu furnish ample
light , a * ttio moon does not il > a until 11
o'clock , and dancing will be indulged in
until lulduiglit , Irvlnei full band IIIIM
' been engaged and arraugcuienU Imvo been
made f < .r ample transportation hi from the
jurk ufterthe plcnia l over. Thu nmnu-
Kort Invite all frli-ud/i / to attend the picnic
and Itmire them A goml tluio. Chun.
Clwdiey , Lev/ Green , Joint * Murphy anil
jit , 3'unh me the ctmnilttce on nrrutigo
jurnt * .
I teuBallou In Ilia > !
cinllyoi ( he U. 1' , deiot | yebtcrdey nioui-
lay , caudal by the-uvertuinin ol'a furiu-
er' wagon , containing B couple of winiitu
and u viral men , tt the fitevn liaulc In
/rout of the Ht. June * hutel. Ollicor
Jiurk caught the { juiueii ru they
were nidiilng aw y And luoiatfd tbo
paity , cue of lh women buntf cut bully
about the btcl. On | irxk2 edlug liume ,
Uuik found that hi * revoher waa luhtln ) , '
and It ijuiiltK of < ne who hod wltomed
the Accident , learned that the wu/uan who
liad e caiwi unhurt hod picked JU > the
tba "weipoo , put it In | her
and carried it olf.
IJnrk took the 8 o'clock dummy and fo
lowed her to th tran ffr , where ho fonn
her on the C. , B. ft Q. tr-ln and doinar
hlsplsto. She nt first denied haling i
but hen hln i lc < l that she hv ) , * \
ld i > he thought It w. her hotbami tt an
picking it out of her pocket returned It I
The engineer's office .f the H. A
was trnnrferrod to Mncoln je-tcrda ;
the room ? occupied by this rlcparttnent , I
tlio third at .ry of the 11 , & M.ul dir
will now be occupied by the general pn
sengcr and tick t department.
A. telegram to Uraduli wt ye ter 'ay ai
niunce ) the axslgnmen. of OrfgA Mulf'ifi
UlvMep , Neb. The hou e cnmmenc
business here i'ft March , c mln < fro :
? alrhury , Neb. , where theyhaJ l > een I
bunlnois tdx months ,
The Diamond Stealer Arreote
in Council Bluil'd.
Ho Luys HU Tronbloi All { o Cnrd
Tliu pArticiilarg of the modus op
randi by which .1. Thicn B t nwf
with $ GCG worth of diamonds an
$210 in ci h from S. .Immson , t )
jeweler , were yivon ycaturdny , ni
now wo nro urntifled in record the ca
turo of the rotfuo , with the larger pit
of hia plunder.
At 1 o'clock Wodiicuday Oflicc' '
EJ. Oormtin nnd .1. O'l ) niohuo , el
compnniod by Mr. S. .Joiiason , li )
thu U. P. depot on n special ungUi
for Council Itlulf * , hnvin privnto i't '
formation of a rollnblo character thr
Mr. .1. Thoin hnd skipped "ovor t
Council lilufb , iiiiiong the lott
toughs " On arriving si the otlit
aide of tha bridge thuy footed it u
town in thu innonlight nnd finding ul
the enlouns nnd furo batikn closed pru
cocdud to take in the Imtols nnd muki
u thoroutih invuatigation of the ru
At the Pacific houio tliuy founi
that ' ; . ! . Thi in , of I'hiladulphin , " hat
uft on the 28th of Aug. Altur work
iig nil .tho big hotuls thuy full bacl
) ii the ICLB iniporinnt OIHH. I
wan Into nnd ntnrly uvury nin
md rutirud for the night , no it wne in
uaity innttcT to find tlio until tin- ;
wuntud , but thuy hud tiikun thu doou
ncnt p.iH-ud on Mr. Jofinaon , wine )
r/oH u promieHury note inutuiid of i
check , und hoped by coinpariiif , ' tin
nignatiiro on thta check with Bimilu :
iup" > niiig onua to gut n cluu to tin
At HID Bi'clitcll IIOUBC , u airt of ii
( iriiiura' hotel on Drcmdwuy , thonnmt
if .1. Monn W.IH found amoug otliera ,
'ho " . ) " on the rcgiatur tiilhod
ixuctly with that on thu note , and
luving obtiiincd n duncnptioii of tin
larly , uscondcd to room No. 8 and
( iiockud ut the door , thu occupant ol
10 room responding imuirdmlo y , und
luing iduntiliud by Mr. Jonaaoiius the
inn thuy wuro looking for. Ilo war
lid that ho wui wuntiidaiidbeinguBkud
luiro "tho Btnl ! " WUH produced it ,
ithout r. word , from bin pocket. The
( UHuiiy was nil hiindaotiibly enc-ised
,11 vulvut nnd old gold , und conmated
) f two aolituiro diamond rings , a ckis-
.or diamond brooch and car dropv to
untch , a lovely diamond scurf pin ,
ito. The awindlur was taken to thu
> olico court and naked ns to hia will-
ngnoBS to cotno to Omaha without thu
luluy and formality of procuring a 10-
[ uiaitiun and alter sonio huaitxncy bu
lonaunludto accompany the cflicura of
lia own accord. It was by tliia time
ibout 0 a. in. , the job haviiig occupied
ill night , and the parly , taking street
: ars tor the TrniiHtor , found a train in
.vnitii . g nnd uoon arrivud in Oiimln ,
.vliurn thu prisoner wt > n lodged in thu
: ity jail.
At the tinio of hia iirrcst Tlicin had
i httlo ever § 10 on hia pt-raon , all
.lutt waa loft ot tlio $210 recuived of
Mr. Jontison. Ar ho had luu-n p'ny- '
ng faro through the night nnd wua ru-
[ lortod to Imvo inudo u vMinnng , it wan
not known how ho had gut rid of it
iint'l it WIIH explained that with S100
i > l the niiinunt bo hud taken his gold
w.itch out of mmk on the other side.
1'ho reathuhtul probably Kiuiuuk'rod in
uoi'.iu way. itcfoto tlio much and canli
could bo attuchod by thu jowollur for
the balance duo him the prisoner gnvo
Ilia attorney nil order for botli , wliich
took thorn out of the handu of thu
Thein olainiB to leave n wife and B'IX
ohildicn in Chicago , ami tvfms to fot-1
very indci'd about hia ail'air. II u
na > n IIIH trouble wua ull thu roault ot
gambling. As ho had loft a cull for
U o'clock at the Uechtellliousu , ho was
uakud whiithti wanted to got up HO
tmrly for. Ilo roplii'd tlmt ho had
made up his mind to return tlio juw-
ulry to Mr Johnaon. The latter will
lese ever 5200 in cash advanced in ad
dition to the uxpunso incut red in the
search ,
Tlio discovery of tlio wh-reabouts
nf Thoin was nmdo in H Miigiilur and
accidental ninnnor , JIo had been
fruiuenting the gambling lialla of thla
! ity and waa known to tbo doilura
.md iiropriotors both hero and in
Oouncil lilull'd , After olitnining tbo
[ iropertyVodnraiIay liu skipped ever
the rivur on the 0 o'clock dummy , and
having redi'omi'd hia wulch wont tome
mo of the "banks" to play in a Httlo.
Ho nmdo n winning of § 35 , and the
proprietor seeing that ho bud hia
wntch and BOIIIO monny beeidea. and
mppoaing that ho had won a good
itnko aomowhoro , tulophniiud to ono
sf the bankrra on thiaaitlo of his luck.
A third party overheard the moa-
ago ruccivod by telephone and nd-
nsod olllcer ( iofiimu and upon this in
formation Iho engine was clmrtored
uul the trin made to Council Bluffa ,
which roaulted in a complete BUCOCBS ,
1'ho watch wna Ihocno previnuhly ro-
'oiri'd to ua hitving been purchased of
Mr. .loimson
uoino tnno ago on a BIIII-
hirripreauitation , thu paper in that
iiBtanco proving good. The wutcli
B valued ut S11I5.
filuch credit u duo otlieer Gorman
or gottmg thu clue and following it
ip until thu capture of tht man , and
o niltcor O'Donolmo for his valuable
iMwtanoo , us without their unitud of-
orla Mr. Jonaton would not probu-
ily have recovered n dime'f worth of
lia proforty.
Salve Ii unequalled
> r clinbUIn , cliappeJ Landf , frost bltiw
Additional Troops to BB Ser
to Forts Robinson and
Who Will H/.VB to Build Hul
For Wiuter Quarters.
CoLTnylor Relieved Tram Ann
to Rnnort For Duty.
Death of n Prominent Army Offlcor i
Nowa was received at the militai
headquarter * in this city yesterday i
the death of Major 0. W. Wingan
U. S. A. , tUtioned at Kurt Dougla
Utnli , ho having di'pattud tliia life c
Wednesday. Major Wingard hi
boon in the torvico for twunty yenr
having orii-itially been nppoinu
been nppointcd from I'oDiiDjlvani
IIo eorred for n number of years t
the 1'ucilio coast nnd had n tbiuphti
married to Ospt. 0. Toboy , of tl
Fourteenth infantry. Ho leaven a
unmarried son and daughter. Mr
Wingniil in reported u-riouoly ill.
When the orders were i&nuoil tram
fi > Triiij.Gurii > riil Oroolc to Anr.jnu , th
Ttvulltli infantry , 0 < * pt. Wilcox curt
mutidliiK , was ordered to the dcparl
meiit of the 1'lattc , Oitl Wicoxwhe )
roliuv d being uiRtructed to roixirt n
Fort D. A. Uussell , OlieyennoV T
September Int. Although no now
him been received t the drpartmon
hoadquurtera hero in regard to an ;
change in the di&position of theai
troops , \V&Hliingtoii diBputch of Au
guat 28th ea > :
"Orders inaued forth
wuro to-day )
twelfth rogimunt of infantry , Col. 0 ,
B. Wi c ix commanding , whioli ha :
nerved in the department of Arir.oiu
for ubuut iy yearn , to proceed to Mud.
ison barracloi , Suckutt'u Harbor , N.
Y , and report to Alujur Gen. W. S ,
Hancock , comtnnnding the division oj
the Atlantic Tiiia trunnfer ia madi
tonplnco the companies of infrtiitrj
sent to the frontier from Now York
to be mounted , and id nlao made tu
iquabzo the burdens of the aervicu.
1hu order , which will take ulluct suon
.ifter the 1st of September , will on-
tml mi expouuu of about § 2 000. It
will , however , give flon. Hancock
two ri'giinentn ot infantry insti'iul ol
only ono its herotoforu.
Colonel Joaoph U. IVylor , who waa
ordered to Fort Omntm useiBtunt ndju-
Unt general of tlio depurlmi'iit of the
I'Jntlo , vice Colonel Murtin , trans
lerred to thu dup.trtmont of Arizona ,
will probably report at , heiu.quartura
of the dei.irt [ mtnl of the IMattu in a
foviT daya. Colonel Taylor had but ro-
cuntly I'oen traimfi'rred from Arizona
to Nmvport li.uiackr , Kentucky , and
ttuppo. mig that liu would , an
UBiinl , bo kept there nbout five
years , went to conaulurnblu expenoo
to loouto himself comfortably , placing
his children in nchool , et. When thu
order came for him to report at Oma
ha ho niada n grand kick and , contrary
to the orders of General Sherman ,
applied to thu Kentucky senators and
congressmen to have the decree of the
war department ovokod. A Washing
ton dispatch nuya :
Thu record of the court-martial in
the ciico of Cul. Jonoph II. Taylor ,
uBbifltant adjutant-general , stationed
at Newport , Ivy. , has boon received
at the war department. The case
will go to .ludgc-Advocato-Oenera !
Swaim for review , and will then bo
Hubniittod u > 'ho president for action.
It is niidoiatoiid that the court found
Cul. Tnylor mlty of the charge of
invoking political influence to nt'curo
thu revoontion of an order transferring
him to du > y on the frontier , and sen
tenced him to bo reprimanded in cult
ural ordeia. The tipecilio allegation
on which Col. Taylor was tried waa
that ho wrote a letter in which ho im
pugned the motives of the authority
which gave the order for his transfer
by alleging that the chungot \ - \
was made to plcaon an oflicur
junior to hinutit , ( Col. Cobin.J
thereby mibjcc ing liim ( Col. Taylor )
to inconvt'inence and uxuunao ; also , in
giving forma ! noticothai ho intended
to use political n.lluunco to have the
order ruvoKd , then by intimating that
ho would go over the licml of the BOO-
rotary of war. It ia explained at tlui
war department that while ulHoi-ra ol
Iho army often ask influence
to Bccnru favors Mich as promotion ,
leave of nbaenco , and what urn
known mi indntgfnciej , it ia tilwiiyn
considered u military olIoitM ) for an
nllicor to ueo ouch oulsido inlluenco to
Becuro the revocation of an order , as
it is generally xuppoaed that if tliero
iiro reaboimblo groundH for it they
ill bn duly considered by the proper
r.uporior ofllcor to whom uuch npplica-
lion should always bo addroneud , "
Col. Taylor has boon roliuvtul from
irreat and will probably report at
unco for duty.
olado from the wild llowuri of th
it ia the most fragrant ot purfumes.
Manufactured by 11. 1) ) , Slavon , San
Knuicieco. For Halo in Onutlm by W ,
\Vliitohouao und Kennata liroa. ,
Supreme Cpurt of Kobraeka.
Sycamore Marsh Ilarvostor com.
mny vs. Sturm. Error from Hull
sounty. llovorsiul and ronmuded.
Opinion by Cobb , .1 ,
1. Where two parties Imvo made a
sontract , which ono of them 1ms
jrakon , the damages which the other
night to receive should bo either such
i3 may fairly and reasonably bo con-
lidi'rcd arising naturally , chat is ,
iccording to the usual course of things
rom the breach of contract itself , or
uoh us may reasonably bo supposed
o have been in the contemplation of
Kith parties at the time they made the
lontract , as the probable result of the
roach of it ,
2. Upon the ale ot a machine the
ellor gave the purchaser a warranty
n writing in these words : "Hutiuira ,
Nebraska , September 5 , 1877. We
rarrant Wheeler No. U combined
reaper And mower to bo a good grai
cutting machine and a good raotrir
machine. Should the machine fail I
dr > as warranted , then , in that CM
w j are to bo notified nnd given tin
to make the machine work. Shoul
wo fail to make the machine worl
then wo agree to take it bscl
( Sinned ) . " Upon suit belt
b ouftht on one of the notes given f-
the purchase money , the defondai
plead the warranty and breach an
made a counter claim for loss of tin
for himself , two hands and team , lot
of grain out of crop caused by dola
in being compelled to him extra hoi
and another machine to harvest sal
grain and for money piid on said mi
chine , Verdiot and judgment for di
fetidant. On error , held , that by tb
last clause of the warranty , the vet
dor'fl damages were limited to the n
covcry back of the money paid on tli
2. The contract of warranty oboT
pot out w i M ned by dealers who i
point of fact were the RguntB of tli
plaintiff , but they uaethoirfirmnnmi
and not the name of the plaintiff , IK
An they dwscribo themselves as ngenti
The notes for the machine were draw
payable directly to the plaintiff , an
cult thnreon brought in its immi
Jleld , That the giving of the warrant
and taking of thu notes being parts <
thu same transaction , the claiming c
property in , and bringing unit on tli
note , wan u ratification of the wai
runty by the plaintiff.
Kirl VB. Darns. Krror from S.ilim
Unversed and temanded. t pinion :
Where taxes are levied upon re ;
rotate without authority of law a coui
of iquity may enjoin the collection t
the b.iino.
Atkins vs. Atkins. Motion sufj
goatmg diminution of record BUS
Michael vs. Fedawa. Motion eug
gosling diminution of record DUG
Fiiajjrraltl vs. Hollinpsworth. Mo
tion to atiiko bill of exceptions froii
hlcn overruled ,
O. ifc U. V. 11. II. Co. va. Martin
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex >
celnior Roof 1'aint , " was patented Maj
24th , 1881 , atid ottera pUcnt num <
her 241 , 803. Any person found 01
known to tamper with the mnnu
faoluro of said paint will bo punish
ud to the full extent of law. Ko prr-
on has any aulliority whatever to sell
receipts. UAWTIIOUN & Duo. ,
Lancaster , Pa.
W. T. 1'attmr , of Now York , ia nt th <
A. T. Pierce , of Hi't ' l.alie , In nt the
U. L. lilackburn , of Milford , It t tlie
Crci hton.
O. II. Wheat , of Liuouln , is at the
John A. MooMurphy , of nilt mouth
J. W. PollosV , thu Weil 1'oiat batiker ,
la in llie city.
Etta UiiiKoldine , of Fremont , ii a guest
) f the Creiyli on.
Hon. A. II. StoSbum , of Tombstone ,
i\riz. , is lu thu city.
J. N. Mayer , of Wyandotta , Kan a ,
jazette , h a giiOKt at the Croighion ,
lion. Clue. H. Iluntliuton , a brilliant
roung lawyer , of Oa-lanil , is in the city.
K. 8. Uut'cr ' , re iiterj of the land ollicc
it NelUli , > Iik tbo city accompanied by
hn ! wife.
Mrs. M. DAnnett , Mra. T. U. Dan-
iett and Mian Ijutt * Dinuott , of Clinton ,
town , are at the Crelliton.
S. K. MaKlroy , of Palls City ; K. Hurl-
iut , Columbus ; A. Wilson , O. < ceola ; O.
"i. Davis , llluo Springs , and J , II. U alloy.
3olumtme , are the Nobraakana lit the Met
1C. A. Kiclmrdann , Clarks ; J. I ! , Oreen ,
N'orth 1'latte ; V. L. lr..inlL-y ! . and .1. C.
3parV , Tbnlcher ; MM. Irinnan and child ,
llicknun ; 8. 0. Smith , O klaudj rrank
Mexaiulcr , l'i H Is'iemim iin-l It. li ,
stnlo' , North Plo'.tc ; U. II , Ulrney , Mn-
: oln , Hii'lA. I ( . prague , Stromalnirt ; , nro
it the Canhcld houfa.
C. M. llur OD , Sidney ; ] ' . A. Voie )
Crete ; V. K. Wliite , I'la'tsmnnth ; II. W.
I.klii3 , Hon. L. K. Cropney , H. K.
VVHii-h'2u e , < ! . It. I'ottcr und John llotb ,
Miiriilu ; Chnrlojl ! . Codioan , Gimlell < ick ;
M M. Ilitnlin , Nulira'ika City ; rf. Der.
my , wife unil two ladles , Weeping Water ,
unl A. H ( Jauiot , blduoy , are am > HK the
liromlneiit N'ebruakani at the Millnrd ,
Col , Liulingtun haa loturne 1 from the
Hnm liotliwtll went toCr.uitl Inlnnii yeb-
T. K. LuivU went to North I''ntto on
iVeilucjchy H train.
Mr , C. A Daman , of the CUcago Inter-
) cean , U in thu city ,
W. .1. lirontcli and wife ha > rvturucd
'rom their summer ttmr.
John Hitclicock left Wednsitfay fur An.
lover acaileiny , MaeluisjttK.
1' . KbKeivater , editor of TlIK ] ) Kf , liua
; one to the ( irund If land itMiniun.
Oiorge Cnnlield and H. C. Ualdwiii 1mo
; nii to Ilia Oraud Wanit iviinlou ,
Mr. J. 1 ! 1'rtMton lojkn qutie at homo
it tun old ntaiul , Kuhr.'d drut ; btore.
Mrs , Cul. Kdily , i.feiblia , Mo. , arrived
i\'aJne ( Uy lu Omaha for a uliort vUit ,
Dr. DeiilbU relurufcl from hli western
.our on tlie Denver express ycaterdny.
Ml > Little CliU'rwo > l left ycntentay to
loutlnuu her niuiicul iH'.iication ' in Ik'ston ' ,
Aim. W , J , Council nnd MM | Iaura
Council nro at homo nalu after a auumier
rUlt In Veruuuit
Mr. Frnnlc Ciuult , of the Wuhan ! ) road ,
iai returned from Chicago , tiriiiKin ; ; witb
ilm au cjtimable laily a liU wife.
lion , A. Sauitderd , &cconipanlcd by hix
\lfo and daughter , tut e-t to ( iraiul Is.
and yesterday to attend the reunion.
U , Fredcricksfu , of the dry goods tirm
if 1'reilcrlckeen & Uro.ttarttxi Wednesday
or the east , where he will purchase ttock
or fall
( Icu. O , O , Howaid , Uie new comniun-
ler of the department ' ) ( the 1'htte , left
Vent 1'oint yesterday for Ornuha to us-
ume hU new pualtlon ,
Mrr , A. lluw and her daughter I-I11I *
/ho it one of Des Moluei' city teachers ,
( ft WedaettUy afternoon for their new
home In DM Molnex , They bare been
the city on a Abort rUit to Mr , Andre
KreemanXwho o wifa U Mr . H w
daughter ,
Mr. A. M. Jncobl , dmcgist w !
1 Kuhn' left | Wedne-doy f r Chiesijc n
tri ( > of pleanure and bnin < H % and 1 e
iiectcd in hi rettun to oriog one of tl
fineflt belles of the ea't a bis bride ,
Walter Davi , Kfq. , late of the firm
K , J. Wilson ft Co. , codec nnd npice mill
Cincinnati , It in the city with his famtl
Mr , Davfo if highly educated youi
man , with large buainefu eiper.coce , at
we are informed that ha Intend * to mal
Omaba hi home , and therefore wo c/
louk out for n new butlneil houne.
Diamond Dyes for famil
UAQ Imvo no equals. All popub
colora eanily dyed , fast and bcuutifu
Ten ccnti a package ,
You need not bo poor and depont
out on your wedding day , for evei
person male or f em tie -can get
good round sum of money nt nmriag
if they hold n certificate of tnombui
of Cedar Rapids , Iowa. $10,000 ht
already been paid in bencfltn to it
members , in the nine months of th
aavjciatlons' organisation , and there i
a golden opportunity for thousand
moro to reap even larger biinotitt
Nothintj like it was ever known
Da not postpone Bonding in yon
request for circulars giving full an
complete infotnigtion regarding th
plann and opperations of the associa
tion. Agents can make bigger mono
than in any other business. It i
strictly honorable , pleasant and pro
fitiinlo. The Auditor of State hold
n deposit from the association as pro
Bcribed by law , for the protection o
their members. The only atBocia'.ioi
of tbo kind in existence organized ac
cording to law. Write at once fo
circulars. Say whore you saw thi
on Rats. "
Clears out rats , mice , roaches , flics
ants , bud bu 's , ok links , chipmunks
gophers. 15c. Drugyiata.
two doz tor 05 cents at J. I
Nichols. 203t ,
WANTED. A good pecond-hant
bicycle. Address box X , Centra
City , Neb l3t (
Tables supplied with the best the
market uttords. The traveling public
claim they got better accommodutione
and more general satisfaction hurt
th.m at noy other house in Omaha.
Hate , § 2 per day. nui21tfnio
* * * "Troubles often come from
whence wo least expect them " Yet
wu may often p-evcnt or counteract
them by prompt and intelligent action ,
rhousRiido of perdona nro conatnntly
troubled wiMi u C'linbinatiun ' of dis
eases. Diseased kidneys and coative
bowi'ls nro their tormentors They
should know tint Kidney Wort nets
on theae organs ni the Fame time ,
causing them to throw oil' the poisons
that have clogged them , and so re
newing tVu whole sys em
for all dleonsos of the Kidneys and
It lies Bpeelflo notion on thla meet Important
organ , ctmbllnK It to thrair off torpidity and
Inaction , stimulating tha healthy accretion
ofOic Bile , and by keeping tha bawcli In free
condition , elTccungit * regulardlscliatKO.
BA > > lr > ' ] ? > IfyouarcE'jirorinBfrom
ilSSClleiriCl. nmlarialiavotkochllla ,
nro hillou-i , dyopcptla , or constipated. Kid-
noy-Wort Tlll iruroly ro'Jrro tl qniokly euro.
In UiU season to cleaneo tlio System , every
onoBliould take a thorough courto of It. (5i >
rmuolv now 1882 I "Pr i.iiiuirs. Jlor.
uriicUoul 'ut ii > , Coit lost ti do pin
iomj 1.1'lnni l'a < lt "i- i > more " - ' '
< ii i u lirirtr viiltunu > ' liltrn nlr tlun nn >
'urnai'f mv'o '
.S-ilIt ) l'IKUCr.YilllAlr [ < MUnmniNib :
'lOTICK Advuttintmeni To U n , I'or , Hair
i iomul , Wftata Ilcerijlcz , ao. , vlll belli.
ert d lu thut. rolurani once lor TKN CENTS
, ; Hut ; unh nubMHiuuut Inxirtlnn , I'JVK C11NT3
ti lint , llio Int maertlou never Inu tbun
rwvtrj-v viw PUVTE
OMV : TO iO\N On chattel tnortiraiK ie-
M c-utliy. A. II Tufj'ii uilliu rl UrorT \
, mrrOimhi Ktthnal banV t3- ' (
hA ul 1U I.UAIl C4UM t 1) .
iTO LOAJti At 8 < > cent In
LcOit/t i fiii- ' * - ' M r" -
iJ'i < JVUUlturaat lu anmSjOt fiKiO ana
ip vardd , (01 S to S } eari , ca Ont-Ui' n ilty fnl
' na urorwrty. UMIIB Kiii. " " < aud " -
UCHCT. tbthjj.t l > ouylajBU
\\7ANTEP O tnpcttnt'rlr ( , ccneril liouic-
T work. joud uii 'pf ; re ircneen rvqui'til. 'n-
iulr Mr < l < A Oroa. tleorclaav.niH , or ( iroll
t Mnnt.iiury , otcr Ouulii .Natlcnil L'aak.
PAS1KD A iHjrtir u sujcr
< 00 ' ( icrmai HT\ant gi'l nautcd Irqulre
11 at llw "Hlv. _ _ _ JSQJI
It ANTI'.l * Clrl lor fi'iural lioun-uork and
> ' hi'lpuith dilldrcn. l'.iuUlri' | at ItitK olllec
. Ui'cn 11 a. m. and 1U o. m. gT3-l
\ ' rill ( ioo < l thlrtlroiur at Omaha Strain
Ijundr ) , 1107 ! I'arnam atrcct.ja1
lir ANTED -Good rook and kitchen girl. Apply -
VY ply U3I& WcUUritrvot. 'J30-1 *
n /"ANTED Tailor ee , pinuand e t rraker.
WI-JO \V i't ping Water , fc ,
"VITANTED A Brt.elv tateaiian ho IK wi
TT P'teJ In drj ( fOO" an clothing. Slug
refit , ullllnzt'1 irk. S'ate * hry wjntoJ , l
fir-t rJ4 i Mfortncj. Aidre4 locb' 63 , A
rora , Vtb. * 8-t | < H
.x-d l.vh.r 118 B .nth 13
W ttrict.tyc , 113 00 \ > .t wttk. 2.181
7NTP.D-Olr hi ( ftnerjl hou-eworV , 161
w liouslwMre t SVI-J
- s < x > i wo3l rl cooli tope to J'
WANlKU-A . - tspklJ. App > a-
ollito. SU
n an to abh and ircn. API
ot Kaiinctt IIouBB. { 17.4
AN"f7Tl iWo dnt i-ro nTKliTs t 'Tan
w trVi llouv. 221-31
\TrANTED-Olrl for ccnrrat henwwctk. 17 !
W JIOMD itrcet 301 > , t
WA.STEU A ( till lor general hmsewrrl
Oo d zcs Iv n. 1 > trth r l eorni
Uamllton and I'lei itrwiU. Shlrm' . tddltion.
D M n adwlff. Inrm're nt Mai
clll. ft. ICS-tt
\\TANTED-airlj mn tU ) ( rood e ok , w he
1 V und Ironcr Apply to 174 l ) unpoit b
tl fcio'col requltrxl. Kfl U
- the Natlrnal llctclat I cfl tOne
Ono flrtt-cla.a porter , mutt ep * lt ni < i |
nail dermin ; * No. 1 fnu-uUic ) k ; tm ) t oNi
U'lrln Hlllia ; them $ lc and :0 pur month.
A (
N I'n ' jutfocd , cle.n
( Joo.1 v Kftt S. llcOoy , G u t lloune , ni r rie
poTertiii.cnt corisll. 115-U
. - WA > TKIWantc < l Imtsidiatily
. 'Iniry roiniKl'lof etporlrncaal 13C90 > i
ItclnrubiK. 212-U
A boy not lm < th n 1B ; & > old
WANTED - t Cuftlet's lead
U K phnto < r > phri , U12 f urunm tl 2Mf
lltl iiifu tor rallronU Ttoik. 1
WANTKU , oDplojmoLt ngt l , lit !
trcot , ntar Kariiini. 93lf (
WANTt D Ten teams. Wa i'ii W.BOet iliy
Inniilrr M , Vincent , at llcieuce Cut-oO.
WANT D One hnodiod men. Wages * 1.7. .
per d y. Apply 'o llltclio'l Vincent , a
Florence Cut oH , fclna mil e uuith o ( Om.ilia.
TT7ANTK1) 6W pnvj Binks and ci
V | > eoN to clean with suilUry Vault anc
5lnl : nioancr , the I'oit In uui. A. Rvinn li Co.
rn > livmw ) 1S06 IKulita troot. Om > c <
Two ni ir.rro rocniB nu > tabli > fi
WANTirD .r.Hicn. AiidrtMi lit. lilti
Bopjofllco. _ J _ 699-U
WANTKU Kuiiiluytumit la utorf , olllce 01
iltiwho r , ht hiiobirtfadi man. Arplj
or aclriruM J. Uuhwcll , h'u. C05 north 10th St.
277-t *
FOIt lKNT.-Vlci ) dwcl In ? on If t * dtrn. t l > et"
WobHwrainlC-Vltoriila Inquire t XI Mcjci
S07 ouih IJfi.trcct S41 tl
'tH KENT Frni't U < 1 ( rocm , plcisantly s tu-
" ated. huitibloloror.ocr t o .ci.itltmeo , t
1610 CtlKornti , b t 10th nnd 17th SU.
ITloaUENT Nicely fam'sbel r.icm.117 souta
' 17th itrect , two blocks Iro-n poitotiJLO.
rno UHNT Tlir c new loome , to Km H with
I ril re cr. l. o U3ird , o. 1516 llow rd t. ,
btt. lltt r-nd ICIli. i3V2 |
{ . "OIlllKNT Ahrifo front room with clwiK
I FurnMuil , I.WJ Doujlus > trt-it. N. II. cor.
liitli and lioii las. ! Ki-l ! *
17KIU ItKN'T Two houivH. iuiiilro : | ol U.
. 1/ilnjr , cor. I'.tli und .Mawn strcuts. aai-tl
KENT CrvUs.-o with three roorn In-
ciilre | iO h , \ . Taruhiaj kt-t-ct. 2i5-tf
fPO KENT Two Itory r.ti'1 boseir.ent brlci
{ ho 'he , with furiuie , ro in , o'u. * Vaur
nflrl-Hc 'iiLtctcd. Apply to J , J. nlcli-y or N
Sliilton. jiC-tl
171 It 1EH1 KmiH lumiahcd rooji.IUOl Far
1. namntri'tt. .el j
\OR \ HUM KurnlsloJ room In private fsml'y
II t ) gtntloraii ultn rulirenccii 131i Dod.'o
i tcit , tut. JSth neil lltli.
OR IlKNT iiilL-aeint furril > h-0 ro.-ra
F oneir twj gualtiucii. Immiro at
'Uot 85J-II
UEVr HOU H of rt rooms Uoo'l Icra-
ITlOlt 1 and convcnl nttOH rett cim. li | iilro
U41 i.nrtli l5ih , between MchDla and Aaul t-
1 -4 " (
IlKVr 'csldento JJ. W. ror. 10th and
liiirniu hlrccls. Apply H.V. . corner 19lh
il Wcl i r. 48-foil t (
{ . 'O ' KI..NI IVoforj dwollnaothardC > a ,
P i room' . io I'rmy rrpaliud aid fainted
uijuirool C. T. lajlur llthaudDouj-las. 127-tf
, i - ilf.M' urn mini ucuiu.liiuulri : 16 11
! ' Hoiga tro t iti'-tf '
r.TUUNlSHEU lorm f r rent at ] U17 Chlcaif
L btucf. lltf
"It < ; rT "null fiirnUlioU riau.nlxoone
ir , . fr. nt.i ! un suits la tortwogcntl men ,
K o u IT lltli and Cble.iiro. ll'-tf
Oil l N'i I are r'Xtn with liott ; tl
urJ jrlw 1WS Culltorrla etrrtt. 18-t
. nr.'l Ntj > cvtaffo or D u rooniH.
1 KnquinX. K coi. lath nd < hiwj Su , . tl
I A A1.OT" * ( r ic-isn at Si1 ; 00 jvir annum , rach
lyw ( irft term ol joirs. nf'Orancu Orovt
Ir.l " adj 'Inlnir llaiibuoni r rk on the ueit ,
iKMiilnuicB uult ( rora s rct card JJoi cy rau
ecbuuitJ to build with , byicrsond leaning
he.0 lots at uvular ratrn.
JA1IU8 \tOIUO * ? ,
I13t ( On premUas , otllcj 1515 Rirnam Street
' . luruUhcd liotn looui. U ll t07j K
N'lUhi.V street. _ rfM-tl
l.lOlt UKNT lion o ol 6 mema , nc > vy plas
t' tend and p IntcJ. 81500 per inantli
s'ortliot ICth utrvtt lirldKO on 15 li Btrtit. Con
.enlciit to fliopa Applr corner 12th ai d How
rlst-irt Ntmsiuper Union. _ > -S7.ll
. . > full Kh.1' .1111 ill .UM laritt
NiM.niiU.iK > o . rnoh ; ono or tv.o IICH
nira IUi a'l u-oili'tii i-onu'nieiK-tn. Ono ol 18
; < x > n\t , m.l it.le tar boarjiu anil room renting ,
17th O.IMI D.iu lJj ot4. DIvMH , Atri-ut ,
j 2S-tf Uthand Do
I710U 1U.NT lirlek ntora. Icqulra at
J ; b ota , uuinci Uih nuil UouxUi m. 5'JOtl
' '
0i d S'
il ill | i iiifle Iiaoloiuc.llty. uy Mi-Koon
so. UU l > 'j.i.n < tliftt _ > .i7-tl
* " "
Urt c rt .
I. JI' AI.KH uliUjrud ) , oia JotIJ > l < 0 , llli
; 10 h II-IH , wnl , I'Utvrii , n'nn u In Her-
> i'i' ( ai itii < nln lirc | fro.u . tlio II. I * shoi ] < .
ln < | iilr ut 07 > * nth Klih > tree5 or A. Cainnun-
c > > l i"lu tin-nil.n Menus'
C ANCl' Iloutjaudio * . I'ries Jtf.O.
RAUI J. I'lliiiul KitiJ.\iiiit.JMI JiMitlj *
. r -l moif
lpOltKM.K--II l ( IntciMt oed pijl"u birbfr
I1 * h in. cintrily located. A.-ply " 18 n ISih
ilruvl. Jonq h Fioiclll. IbDSt
HftI.E-120 c ollO worK aulcs , rnistly
FOH la ge and good a < m. AppI ) tu Carney
L Hurt , CUriui'a , 1'aico county , loan. W 0"
uio Blimp for > ' . Ca'l on or
. - a f.ti OHAULK ,
16Slt Kearr oy , .Neb.
SALE llouie and corner lot. at ? 1GU ) .
r71011 ? McC'AaL'K.opixKllo V. O. t3UI
, lilt Al.r. tlrccvry and crai'krry buDluo'S ,
I oltri or without bulliim ; , Andrum ' O ro-
ila"N-b , liox49. 4i-t (
j llitOALs , one hue brick boute , and one
itc Irainu house , ltl\ull ( loc onCasant < rl&iti
itrei t. nut ) chiuce ( or inrntiuent , rent d r 870
> er injutb. Cll ( i ( ull partlcuUrk , on
C00-11 Agent , 16th and Douirlm * ts.
1'OK S/LK CIIUAI'- Dark Lro n hot ( , mJ
I' nn J 1,1ml an J oodlt buir y tnd un' '
lie. W lUtll cheaii B I luio no us lorhm ,
'all at 'iID Ca .lorila tlrcct bit 2IK ana ltd.
BALK ClIKAI'-A cow e&tbcr top phae-
toulaiidancH ntllury or etu-mi UUKOU ,
: ill at Cl . Karlach'a tliop on t'llttoLth. IUAI
ru.'im. 33-II
fTA 'It SALK House t roon. snil corner lot 13 !
L' ( cot iuare , JltOO McCtKue , oppoatte I'o.t
met. _ _ _ 877-K
UA1.-A flro acre lot aod good bouve
POlt tulle north ol tUrracld. Inquire on
rcmlsui or Gca II. I'etotuon. No boi , 10th
SALE Hardwire stock , eonttetlng Of
FOR , notes , tlnwjro. uon , lc ; w U
irrtedanj In KO dh pe , lll ln\rlce abonl
| 5KO. Iiltn c4ih. No trade wantid I'opn-
Uilon ot town bier tw > thouia d ( tO ) cn 7 on *
O'h r fckol the kind In toon. ( r > , K xl.
Kor full ( anlcuKii addrtM "L. F. " l. ( ffice.
8LEtcre \ ot twn roonn on > jw l
FWH , U B. our. B h anJ Jackion pplr tn
. 173-1
SAit rly new Suward < ' < w.Hoe
IJlOtl . , flitt-cl4S9 c. ndltio'i , cheap , A dn a
' ( I. W ' ! ! < , H1cc > . 1SJ-U
-1J | HKAUTIfUL , UJ1.S-6o IW reel cacti in
jj Hanscom ' l.wc on stn-ct c.r line. Best lots
in whole addition on very faty terms and at a
great bdrftalu. DIM u'a ent , 16th and DouirlM
street * U-U
story bnlldlnic ( or rale at a bargain. Lo
TIWO t d nt noilh-e i corner of 17th street ,
and Capitol avo. Mutt be n.ovod on or before
AUinut 7th ptoilmo , llhltl '
770-t ( Agent 1Mb anil DongU * .
FOK SALK. The Arlington Hnum
RUTKb rJusi all ( urnlthni. The only hot l
In to n. The cheapest proiorty In the ntita.
Han all the trarcllne men. Will be raid chiap on
tenrs to suit. Knqulro ot K. Fullo , proprietor ,
Arlington , WmnlngUm county , Nel ) . E < U tl
17KMI SAL11 Or will oTcha a ( or Omihu ; < ro.
1. P-"y. an Improved sea on ot l.inJ ijjjln-
! n ? t. station in U. V. K. U. M. DUNHAM , Hit
ITariihain St. , Omaha 1"i tilt
B va-tt EniAimooR ft
POU tht BUYS' HUME. Thl hoi o IB ien-
trally locM dh&8 cu < h and wut front , aid la
turronnded fine rhai ! ? trcw , conk Jjui-hlrty
sircpltif ; rooms , IIM Ice bou.c. laundrj , w.inpvb
room , Ac. llasi world w.ds rcpuutloo end
better patronage "inu nun ) hoiUKut nt twice IH
capacity. Price 5,000 Vor pAttlculant Kl-
dress , A. A. HAWDKY , Hod Cloim , Jt > ( cb ,
) tied ani will rrnicklcd r-nir wl b
STKATEt > l murt eon. About 7 ye9 old
Lh v 1'ctcltoo , Matted Oil Workn. 23J-2J
r OUT A utraw fatchil , cict larf"piinie ! | and
Jjcufl wllh luttou * . Mndiruio r. tain ths
mon > nhlch ff.s In purse a d return to Omaha
halloinl tUuK. S 'J-311
Jo ' " buv the furniture cf the bed
pajlt'if h til In kwa. 1'eat ' rwvv
enable. A''driMi Do'ph uungor. liiu otllct.
Om aha.h'cb. _ _ 10C-U
15UG Farnnm Stroot.
HALE Five room cottage. Oocil iond5-
FOR . Easy tcruir.
fin acrc , with jfocd | MIS > , b m , well , frail
aDd sntde tries , uvarr lown.
ulth excellent lionso , cletern , nell , fine
4AciM spor ilidproxity. | VVistUmalia. Turnery * )
\ery ria > ouablr.
VKt ! Y r'mlralile rripcny on Ht. Muy'd avenue
Great bargain.
J Lots In Iteopnn'n ndilitlon. Bargain.
' the flne-t prrjieit'rs in thin city , on
ON'Kol . inc. Lcrat'On in surpa cd , xeveo
room houl , tru'.t ' , &c. .od vldo.
A CKE tract , very cheep.
f ) Acre" , with hou-e 7 rocni" , water , ) ult anil
4 fliiilo thru ; * , onbticet ctr lluv. Urcitt bar
! ROOM houtc. cheip. llocth'j paymenlj.
, j \\RL\4 \ located busings lots.
MALL 1IOUSF , full lot , goodj locaticn ,
ROOM hou'p , Una cellar , fnrall 1 urn , city
i uUr , cirucT , cast ( rent , excellent kiatltn.
I'iry easy term * .
ROOM housi * , KOarran1 crccnt und loc\tcm !
5 \aI\MLlti prop.rty. 'Icrnn ic-soiiaLlo.
i'Oll UKNT.
I KOOM hoiiEC In K" J location. New.
T 1100)1 house , good cistern and lhron , stroit
I cat line.
j IIOOU licuie , flrst-iliei repair , bam. socJ lo-
J tali in.
' hOOH house , will cittern. Ptslialle flace.
. room bouse slid two 5 mom c' tta-cs with
wills ahd citterns , to good tenauts.
r3oui hcur. Cord 'clUr , e'.abrn aid ntll.
) Houih lro..t. 1 hi i. locatiu' .
-room lions' , cliliiiiand veil , cellar. NCAT
) htuso.
Two l 0'-V ( rom a'rcct cn <
Tno bluci a from btrcet curj
W 0 1 1 Ifiuo.
S ( lOl.tJOJ.
Inly two U cltii frcmtrutt 'ar . and no better
locution in tnit < | fy.
row In the tlmo io r t jf < od I it easy of aio.ut.
. itO D n n.
tS > I ) .nil ,
t"il Dotvn.
Now l lliu tlnui t ' In1 eit.
Wo efff r t tbcloti c n'liirn * trjui fry einnot
0 ic tclud In tli.mlty , iltlicrlor ptcc orloca-
1 n
3(00 to i30\ with t 0 rfnwn , br II.H th n men-
rtj wl'hl tiuiitchol til.
J < o cri-ip r or u.o o d rlrabb property has
> cr foioller a In hlu m.rkit Y u c nnot
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