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Tng , . , ' OMAHA DAII
Rebal OLiof Oontinuos Dig
ging Ditches to Acoomo-
date tlio Dead.
Hope and Oheor Have Fled and
Demoraliz tlon EeiRns in
the Enemy's Camp ,
The British Preparing to Attack -
tack Arabi'a
Position ,
The Tnrhn and GreoUn Brnolng Up
Far a SorianH Disturbance
A Vortety of Nowu From Other l < Vti -
tl n I'orw.
to Tin Him.
OoKHTAMUNoi'Li ; , Au ust Ul. The
Turkish popul.tion is favorable to
Arabl PnrshH. The V'kot announces
a great victory has been won by Arabi
lVha ThvDjundostuten the British
leas was -1,000 in the li ht at Pamloh.
PonrSAiD , August 31. Arabi Pasha
has aakod for an Might days armistice.
Wolsoley refused , but offered ono day.
Nothiug , howuvei' , will bo done for
several days unless Arabi Again forces
our hands.
IRMAUA , August 31. - There are now
300 sick and wounded British troops
in the hospital hero
IBUAILIA , August 31.-On Tuesday
the governor of Ztgazti ; asked per
mission to cross thu British lines and
was tiiken under guard to Wolsoley.
Ilo has since- boon in frequent com
munication with Sultan I'.isha. Thu
report adds that thu governor is au
thorized by Arahi Pasha to QUO for an
armistice , preliminary to surrender.
CONSTANTINOPLE , August 31. Said
Pasha , minister nf foreign affairs , has
request edj-Loid Dull'drlii to grant un
til to-raorrtw for the reply of the
j orto to the proposals of Great
l&itain. , The BntUh doinaud is that
the porio adhere to the final draft of
the convention.
MADRID , August 30. All the
powera , including England , have re
plied favorably to thu proposition of
Italy that Holland and' Spain bo ad
mitted to take putt in the collective
protection of the Sun ; canal. It ia
believed , however , that inconsequence
of the receut turn i affairs , the pro
posal for the collective protection of
tho'canal will bo without result.
ALEXANDUIA , August 31. News
has been received from. Cairo that at a
meeting of uotablcs Aug. 29 , at which
the goyornor of I malia was present ,
speechcu neru made recounting Arabi
Pasha atbo rplo ruler of Eayp
prefaoTV/f pallia onSiianhg 't
claredAgainst Ardbl Paslia and order
ed the arrest of all persons present at
the meeting. He is organizing Turk
ish police tor protection of khudive's
interests. The govorndr of El Ariah
has declared for Arabi and has in
fluenced two tribes of Bedouins iu his
A large supply of fresh water has
discovered in some old forgotten
welle. The Arabsaracomingto Ram-
loh ii rmbidc rable iiumberH , bringing
their eff--cts with them. The enemy
are r < p.iirni ; their fortifications.
Our outposts have captared five Big-
naleia , who have been flashing lights
from ihu front of our position to Arabi
Pashj'a camp. Possibly they ar
Arab telegraphists diapuiscd Thet
will 1'3 tried by u native court. A sp ;
an } s irsit i his n dozim such signalers
in tiir K1 "P at Mahsaoioh.
, A < AJ'TlVJi's hTOUY ,
Mijnr General Lowe is concentrat
ing biH cavalry , including throe In
diaii ra > ! imenta , ut th's ' point. Colono !
Tull ( < oi to-day found half a dozen
woi/dHd Egyptians who had buoi :
I'imuiiiided since Monday'i
Among them was an oflicar 01
> who , when discovered , was
insensible. On restoratives
vcn him ho recovered his
h Hu Bttd thu Bedouins killed
a ! i Trouiulod they had found on
t , oi , ( of bitOo who worn not Mue
, n The affair of tha "Oih caueod
jjreafion at Tel El Kebir , but
. on r.r.- " . ' . l thorn pei onally sent
forward jo Allack , cautioning
) irore dispatching them on their
miKsion Ho made n short speech ,
aaymg that the movement iu their
i Mf had thrown the Egyptian plans of
( lefeutii into complete confusion , and It was absolutely necessary to de-
cat the enemy.
LSMALU , Auyiietlll. This morning
Gen , WilUiueon , in command of the
Indian cavalry , conducted a rocou-
noiaance on the right ad Col , Tul-
loch on the k'f ( ; . We get within full
sight of'tho enemy's lines , hir pickets
falling bacV , Sketches were made
of his position , which was not Con
sidered to bo EO strong an had
MAPIUI' , August 31 An official
dispatch from Mviilla states that 531
natives , and 7 Spaniards died hereof
of cholera Tuesday and Wednesday.
DunuN. August 31. At a meeting
of 300 police here to-night resolutions
were passed expressing dissatisfaction
at not receiving a grant similar to
that rfJ&d 'DS 'he constabulary ,
unpin ? that the Karl of Spencer will
eon id > f their case , and disclaiming
any dUIoyalty.
August 31 , An otlicial
dispatch from he frontier announces
that the Turkish commander Ins de
manded an armistice. , which the
Greeks are willing to accept , provided
Turkish troops < tro withdrawn from
the points they have occupied. ' 1 hn
the Turks have refuted to do. It is
reported hostilities have recom
menced. The government is display
ing increased activity in military pre
parations. Five hundred troops are
arriving on the frontier dtily.
PESTII , August 31. lloporta ro
of the Hungarian hnrrojt are most
favorable. Aftnr deducting the
amount required for local consump
tion there will bo a surplus.
A Sensational Report of Blaine'a
Interference in New York
Hia Object BoinR tbo Pred-
deutinl Nomination.
California BopublioADB Appeal
ing Kor Reliel From Sail-
road Tyranny.
The Fnrty FlodRod to Recover the
Stnto From the Clntohon
of the Orookor -
Kansas Democrats Wrostlln With
Prohibition Other Items
of Interest.
Blalno Gets the Credit
Special Hspntch to Tim Dsi.
NKW 'N OUK , August 31. A Sarato
ga di ptch to the World says : A
crufty and experienced political ally
of Ulainu , who brought about the
confidential interviews here between
Blame and Cornell which led to the
launching by the governor of the
boomerang in the Albany Evening
Jounnl which has now como back
and knocked out his braina , is in high
glee over tl\e result of Ina operation.
Ho admit ) that it , has made an end of
Cornell politically and ho hardly at
tempts to conceal the fact that this
was the prtcinu object of Ulaino had
in viow. It is obvious that if Cornell
could have been re-elected governor
i f Now York he would have taken a
front placu in the providential race for
' 81. To get him killed oil' now ia to
attach him and ma friends m New
York to thu Bl.iino retinue in ' 84 as
their only hope of resurrection. The
plan was cleverly conceived by Blaine.
Rniocran * on Politics.
Special UitpaUh to 1 JIB llXK.
WASHINGTON , Auyuet 31. Rose-
crans luia written to Ex-Senator Tnur-
man , requesting him to 'make two
speeches in Ohio. This is all so far
that has been done with reference to
the Ohio canvass. Touching California
politico with which state Rosecrans is
farnihpr , ho i of the opinion that
Stoncman will Isa elected. Ar to con-
tjreapmoil ho feels conOdcTil hat the
democi < iti " will defeat 3 iV-iso , aliJ
give the democrats a gain of ono in
.tho congressional delcgati n , Aa to
Maine , the general has no Informa
tion. The committee of which ho iu
head has done nothing to ulfcct the
canvass ono way or olio other.
California Ropnlillonus.
-pcclal li ] iatcli to 'lux UBK.
SAN FUANCISCO , August 81. The
platform ot the republican state con-
v ntion rcixflirmo the pUtform of the
Chicauo convention of 1880 ; refers to
the financial record of thu party ; de
mands that the present or a similar
Sunday Ian be onforcad , providing for
the suspension of all unnecessary
labor on Sunday , without Sfekin to
dictate otherwise how the day shall
bu spent , eimplv claiming it as
a day of rest and recreation ;
that railroads are for public use
and should bo under government
control ; discrimination against per
sons and places should be prohibited
charges of transportation should bi
bated on cost , expenses and repairs ,
with a reasonable rate of interest o
the actual value of the roads , whic
shall boar the same proportion to th
assessed value as other property does
.ho railroad commissioners be ploJge
to carry out this principle ; thu rail
roaJ cjntract system is condemned
and the party is pledged to break
ip to the extent , in necessary , of mak
ng it a public offense ; congrosaiona
egislation in regard to inter
state t radio is demanded ; furtho
ubsidies to railroads opposed and th
entoration to the public domain o
or foi ted land grants demanded ; cor
> orations should bu compelled to pjy
axes in full , without rebate or
! ompromi e ; natural highways should
to kept at the highest point nf
llicioncy ; joiiit action should bu
Ilo wed against persons or corpora
ions threatening or committing
luieanca by injury to water courses
nd adjicont lands ; congratulates thu
> eoplo on the Bcttlement of the Chi-
esoJminigration question by the pas-
igo * f thu restriction bill ; deelates
i favor of civil service reform and
conoity of administration ,
0hel | convention on rcasscsibljni ;
H afternoon , adopted a resolution
fi. red in addition to the platform , do-
luring in favor of the public school
ystem and submitting to the legiela
uro u proposition for the state to
irint school books and furnish theme
o children at coat , Tho.convuition
hen proceeded to consider thu planks
f the platform BcruMm ,
T > iuoorut -
[ lch to Tni ! ! .
JC . , August 31 , The
emecratic rtatn convention ua-
nuiblcd this morning. The commit-
m on resolutions submitted a major-
; y and minority report , the latter
.voring the existing prohibitory law ,
id the other doraanding it * repeal.
ha minority report on the reiolutioiis
as juloptod by a yoto of 177 to 128 ,
id John Martin , < pl Topeka , waj
nominated for governor , but declined
the honor , and GeorgeW , Lick , of
Atchlson , was placed at the head of
the ticket , and the remainder of the
ticket filled up as follows : Lieutenant
covdrnor , Frank Doom ; trouurer ,
Charloi E. Gifford ; auditor , W. R.
Hrown ; attorney general , General
Unydcn ; state superintendent , D. E.
The following were nominated for
oongrossmcn-at-largc : C. A. Leland ,
John 0 , Flanigan and Martin VAU-
Uuren. The nomination of the fourth
man wns referred to the utato central
oommittco. The convention then ad *
After an animated discussion the
minority report of the committee on
resolutions was adopted.
The platform doinandn n reform of
the tariff ; revision , control nud regu
lation of freight and passenger tariffs
in favor of the people by state legisla
tion ; demands the protection of
American citizens at homo and abroad ,
and extending sympathy to the people
of Ireland ; demanding proper adjust
ment of thu rolatioim between capital
and labor ; condemning the pi.i < go of
the rircr and harbor bill AS shameless ;
demanding an amendment to the con
stitution of the United States to pro-
vjdo for the election of president and
vice president , alee United States sen
ators , for a term of six years ,
by direct vote of the people
also election of congressman for a
term of four yearn , making the presi
dent ineligible for re-election ; election
tor federal officers to bo under control
of the federal government and hold
at a time other thgn that of holding
state elections ; opposing woman's
suffrage ; demanding modification of
the proeont temperance- law , which is
declared oppressive and unwise in its
provisions , and favors submission of
a prohibitory amendment to the con
stitution at the general election in the
state , November , 18S4 ; refers to the
baneful and dangerous fanaticism of
personal and partisan pa'itica ' in con
nection with the death of President
Texan Groonbaolcert.
S ] > cchl Dlgpatch to TUB OKI.
LITTLE UOCK , Ark. , August 31. A
special to thu Gazette fromCorsicana ,
Texas , says : The slate greenback
convention met and organized to-day.
There is a big contest over the ques
tion of supporting the independent
movement or nominating a straight
greenback ticket. Moro than two-
thirds will fa\or the independent
movement , which will undoubtedly
win in thu convention.
KoformluK the Mormons.
Spcclil Uinpitdi to IHU Unit.
SALT LAKE , Utah , August 24. The
commissioners have made appoint
ments of 21 register * for 24 counties ,
under thu Kumundn law. Theao up
ppintments conbist of seven Gentiles ,
nine apostate Mormonn , and ei ht
Mormons. Judge Hoge , democrat ,
and it strong anti-Mormon , received
the appointment for Salt Lake county. registers have the appointing of
assistants for every precinct , subject
to the approval ot the commission.
There is great dissatisfaction amonpr
the Gentiles at the composition of the
registers , and they can't see how the
commission can reform the territory
prrperform-the duty for which they
yvcro sent here oy p."U'ing Mormon *
In the responsible position of registers ,
tin duty of registers being to exclude
polygamiata from registration lists.
Flipper on Top.
Special Dlepatth to 'lint
ATLANTA , August 31. Lieutenant
Flipper , dismissed from the United
States army , has been appointed a
captain iu tha Mexican army.
Short } { uniU l Convention'
SjiccUl Hi-patch to lux lira.
CIJ.OINMTTI , August 81. The
first annual international congress of
short hand writers naaemblcd to-day
with n fair attendance. Nearly all
the states and pome of the turritorien ,
aa well aa the British provinces as re
presented ,
Sittini : Bull's Chief *
Epccltl nit P'till tolim ! ! .
BISMARCK , Aiu'ust 31. Sheriff
McKeiizie has returned from a visit
to thu Standing llouk Indian agency ,
sixty-five miles below this city ,
where about 0,000 Sioux are located ,
many of whom surrendered with Sit
ting Hull. Thu sheriff secured sev
eral chiefs to go with thu Missouri
Slopu exhibition to the Minneapolis
fair next Monday. Among them are
Haul , Running Antelope and Crow
Xing , Sitting Hull's chief lieuten
ant , They will go with samples
of products raiaect by them this year.
They will also take with them their
IJOWH and arrows and ' ec.ilpu
taken in thu Custer masuacre , These
Indians are now ( jui'.o extensive far
mers at their agency , and will thresh
10,000 bushels of wheat this season.
Thuy have a while teacher in bun-
bandry and aru taking to farm work
roadilv. Having fought the whole
United States army for tivonty yoara ,
they are now pleased to square them-
uilvca by showing what they can do
ju the farm , It is n panamoru from
lostilities to civilization ,
Tha Tariff Cainml ton <
Jjuclal Dlipatcli to Tim Brs
OLKVULANI ) , August 31. The tariff
lommisbionera opened hero to-day , A
loaring was given to thu ropresenta-
ivca ot eighty-five hoop iron manu-
Ipetlal [ ) ' jutUi to 'Un HKK.
WAHIIINOTO.N' , Auc , 81. The secro-
ary of war has approved the record
if the court innrt'al in thu case of
) ul. Taylor , assistant adjutant general
nd forwarded it to the president for
iia action.
The military department of West
'oint will bo discontinued to-morrow ,
rom which data the United Statin
lilitary academy will bo under thu
jpervision and charge of the general
f thu army ,
The Tariir CoBinilulon ,
[ XtcUl Dl < | kh to rai Uet ,
OLKVKLANiyAuguat 31. Tlio tariff
immissionold a session hero to-
uy , and adjourned to moot iu Detroit
) -uiorro r.
TlioMiraculous Sights in tbii
Enchanted Land Oon-
tmuos ,
§ md the Wonder Is That One
Can Sco Thorn and
Still The Bon Reporter Hny The ;
Are Overrated.
SomoofUio Curlositlofl of the Region
Bpec'nl ' Oorrepondence ol Tun Hi * .
16. A ftop leaving our otunp the
monntnin rCad lends along Gibbon
crock , through a deep out canyon and
ROOII cornea to
of the same nature ( IB theRe dcacribad
yesterday. The roada hero nro of n
mountainous imturo , up mid down ,
first along tha brink of a high blull" ,
with the rocky precipices below , then
over a bnld peak and down ogsln. Tha
inoat of the way the pines arc dense
and aa straight as reeds. After a few
hours' drive wo coino to
THR ailinoN yiLLB ,
Roma -tOO foot below the road , with a
fall of 80 feot. There nro no moro
striking features about the waterfall
of the rivoro of the park than thosa
of the Goncsoo falls , at Itoc'ncstor , N.
Y. , and the man who attempts to com
pare the beautiful Niagar * to the
falls of the Yellowstone pifk , rhould
bu subjected to imprisonment , for life.
1 have of tun read flowery articles by
brilliant writers about
with much interest , and had formed
the idea that the Yellowstone- park
was all aglow with splendor , but I
regret to state that my experience for
live days hero does not corroborate
the above supposition. In fact , if
Heaven is hko this and'tho roads
loading there are of a mountainous
kind , I that but a small pur cunt of
thu people will over gut there.
There are no accommodations of
any kind in the park , and tha tourist
must provide for himself before en
tering and cook his hash on the way ,
and wherever night overtifccH him hu
can recline on the bosom of mother
earth and use the soft mdo of a lava
rock for a pillow. If ho bu a good
unoror ho may euccccd id keeping thu
bears away ; if not , ho bud better
for fafoty. I do not cuiisider travel
over those roado nor the teener/
along the same to bo heavenly. Only
think of a strong four-horse team
working all day to transport six pas-
seniors twenty-fivo ruilesYat an ex
pense of 87 a day for each pascouger ,
f * ? * * " i *
cjy. Att tuu wiu
order to got to f
whera sbjects of great interest are t
bo found , which are of thcmeelvc
truly wonderful , but not PH majost :
as have been reported. People stain
and gaze with awe and amazement a
the smoky stream and hot mud am
water that is thrown out of then
holes , half
and turn away scnrculy re.nuiug wJii :
they liavo seen , and tlicy go liom
and tell about the "ccluntul bu.iuty ,
etc. , without uiving a singlu ide.i o
tliM cause or effect.
At noon after a hard pull wo arriv
al tlie Marnh. ll house , in the lowe
Geyser basin. This is the otily bullc
irig we have seen in the park sine
leaving the headquartera. It in u now
log house clean and nice , and is a
ontfl ting point for tourists , Pro
viMonu , goods , etc. , can bo had her
at exorbitant prices , but that is butte
than nothing.
I see the names of Mr. and Mrs
G W. Liningor , Mr. and Mra
Reuben Alien , Miss Florence Lmin
'cr , Miss Eva Allen , O. S. Wood am
H. G , Clark , registered at this houeo
Phis branch of the Omaha board o
trade outfitted at Dillon , and oamo ii
mother way. They only staid a dav
Jr two , and rotunu'd without eouii i
.ho most of the cuiiosltius. Aloiij
: ho this morning were plainl ;
leen the fresh tracks of wild beam
mil mountain sheep , but no animals
: ave been seen.
Dinner over , wo proceed on for four
nilca and halt at
nid find a largo mound of the eanu
picioB ot lirne di'poait , though of
nore shelly or scaly naturo. It is
donticid with that found inside of n
ua kettle and of the same texture
ncl color. This mound is some 100
eet higher than the Five Hole river
lulow , and has been formed by the
loposit , and covers an area of about
ifty acra. Near the center is located
no of the largest of the geysers
i'rom the formation of thu country I
onoludcd that this is not u crater ,
ut simply is the outlet or vent for
somewhat confined chemical action ,
lie matter being forced out ut this
oint through a largo oritice iu the or-
; mal rock below.
Thoio ura two interesting objects
ere , one is called
nd is about 000 feet in diameter , It
the lari/est well of boiling water
iiown. Hero the deposit ie colored
most beautiful maroon , with all the
lades of red and green , from the
ilution of iron and copper. The
iral shaped rim , "crinkly" and cf
are whtto and rod , is the most inter-
.ting . of all these strange freaks of
nture. Thia is only found on the
: tremn edge and is a poifoct beauty ,
bo overflow la about an inch deep all
around the edges , and trickles down
the small steps which extend to the
river below.
The other is of quite a different
nature and boils constantly and has
A IOLOANIO jcnurnox
regularly every twenty.four hours.
When those eruptions occur hot water
mid rock ( deposit ) are thronn at least
200 feet high The approach for a
diitaucu ol 100 foot is covered with
piece * of this rock that have been
thrown out of the hole. I saw some
piece * that wore as largo as a man's
hand , thoucjh moat of them are the
size of hens' I'KKfl , only flat. Thu
mouth of this hole is about ninety-
live feet in diameter , and the lower
side of the basin has been broken
away by the ovotfluw.
which last for an hour , thu water * i
the river is raised sixteen inches. Th
deposit on this mound and aroun
those two holes , which are nbou
Lwenty rods apart , la hard , and team
drive on it. Now the hole is riuibl
'or ' a depth of somu twenty feet , and
a eompoaed of layers of this liinu do
loeit as far down an can bu seen.
The drivers have camped fur th
light tear hero , where we will rvmait
until thu well ushuots off , " which wil
* ) ' between 3 and 0 o'clock in th
Some twenty rods further along and
m ratine with the other holes , evidently
dontly on the same Beam , is a curioui
crater some fiUeon fet iu dumotor ,
where once , no doubt , the main out
ut was , hut forms a oewor foi
.ho ovettlow of the other , that is tha
) urt of it that comes this way. Tlii
iopostt when airalaoVod by exposure
; o the atmospheric lntluciCO4rceumblos )
a wee pdu ot ashes in culor and is ot
linty texture , more like the residmn :
of a soda fountain.
> ver these wells that I could not see
ute them at all , but the roar and
splash of the boiling water within gave
mo an idea of their magnitude.
August lth. The n.ght was some
what rainy with considerably thundur.
Our blankets are wet through , and
everyone looks cross and wanta to gi
loiuo. The weather is bright tin
morning and the temperature ubou
45 ° . At 7:30 : a. m. all hands asaom
jie to witnces thu "firing otf ot tilts
great natural chemical laboratory.
As I stand waiting in thu center <
a great valley , I count 27 high peak :
of thu continuous range of mountain
that hurrounds this valley , all coxerei
with a dunso growth of pinen. oxcop
.he extremely high peaks. Thu pmui
aru from two to twelve inchta in dm
meter , and in many places ( I think
illy one-hall ) they have been killoi'
iy fire and been blown down. Tin
amount of wood lying around tin
country would , if near n railroad , 1)
worth moro than the whole park
At 8 o'clock sharp the waters begin
to become agitated to a furious do
o. A dense steam fi h thu air ; tin
remenduus roar and splash from tin
chasm , some forty foot below th
crown of the mound , send a thril
through ones veins. A moment mor
and all is quiet again. Thia is only
one of the convulsions that bappet
every hour. Another hour , and th
I thing is expected to throw out wnte ;
"e'lounH toi-tftlna ILu nvor , n fuot 01
nrirof nd rock enough to build A
' ' " " J '
small house.
The sun ehlros hot. At 8 0 th
water in the last fifteen minutes baa
raised in the well over a foot , and now
began to boil again. A 0 o'clock , i
thu minute , with a roar and spout o
ptoam , u spray of water and ateau
filled the air with
of water winch rose to u height o :
tomu 200 feet and fell in largu dropc
around thu edges for a dis'anco of C
feet. 'Ilie whole operation laiiu
only about a roinuto , bumu ono of tin
regular convulaiomt , Time being
liinitud , wo proceed six nnlui on
ward to the upper goyseis , not know
ing definitely when this "fire hole'
breaks loose.
Along the road are ofldhoota
these- main outlets that are very
pretty. Some are spouting urn :
splashing and throwing witter fron :
live to twenty feet high , and others
by their side are placid and are sur
rounded with u coral shaped wreath o
various colored formation. As wo approach
the "Fan" is thu upouting geyser
of magnitude , Hero thu water
bursts forth through the crevice of i
rock and forms a fan-ahaped r r.y ,
Thu formation horu in this | ' | * > r
bicin is not HO peculiar ut tnat
already described , being of id UHii
culor and in property b the uaio
uted elilts of calcium. A littlu finther
up from "Tho Fan" ii
Tin : ( iiiorio ,
Tiieao u'ojsers are hlowly lusing
.heir foruu , many , in fact , have
eitaei d to play altogether , and while
thu Grotto hita a hundaomo mound of
depusit piled up around two holes ot
about two by four feet , which con-
am boiling water , thu spouting ID
ess frequent than in former years.
I'his deposit l continually forming
about these holes , from the steam
viuch constantly escapes , and is now
omo eight feet higher than the
nound formerly discovered. Some
orty rods further up thu river is
'hia evidently comes from A fissure in
hu rock below and covers an area of
bout a half un acre. There aru now
our main outleU to this , Around
nu the lime deposit IKIH formed in u
ono Hlir.pu , fifteen feet high and as
> ro < id ut the base , and is hollow , with
hu moat of ono side blown out. Thu
pouting of the Giant is very irregu-
arund occura at intervals of from
lirou to eighteen days. The bteam
nd hot water is constantly spouting
ut of thu various apertures at a
urioug and rapid rate , but vvhun the
Id Giant dooa let go , 1 am informed
mt ho sends a volume of steam and
ot water into the air
nd thu stream fills the entire opening ,
'Inch ' is about six feet in diameter ,
Vll the w y up the Fire Hole river ,
for a dlslanco of fifteen miles , there
is a continual cropping out of theei
boiling springs and geysers , many o
minor importance , and eomo are
that history records. No place on
cart 1 * found any comparison to the
working of these automatic force
pumps of boiling hot water.
For miles the wagon traverses the
old lime beds that were formed by the
deposit In years gene by. The open
ings of the great work noem to bo
changing , aa ono dies cut or coascs to
spout , it forms a quiet baaiu
of boiling water. After
standing in this condition it gradually
retires , leaving a boiling mass ofhick
paint-like atuU , and in time this orics
up and leaves only a hole , whorosteam
and hot gasics oxnumo. The deposit
gradually forms from this ttonm and
uoulracti at the top , and finally cloaca
over entirely. A few moro years and
the in RM citchos some pine seeds , and
a tree grows over the once fiery fur
uaco.Wo drove over several of these
places , which wore readily detected by
the hollow sound underneath. Sav-
oral old craters , where once the molted
lava poured forth , are seen en route ,
but now they are filled up , leaving
only a funnel-shaped di-prcfsion.
These fountains of wonder are princl
pally side shooUs , where the residum
of the volcanical eruptions breaks
forth through the original lava buds ,
which are now mostly covered with
soil and a scanty growth of vegetation.
Tun minutes' walk brings us opposite
which spouts alternately with "tho
Fountain. " They are located about
twenty rods apart , and each throws
water about tilty foul high. The
former is now working , and resembles
the pulling of an exhaust pipe from an
engine , but throws water with the
Bteam. A few rods further on is "thu
Oastlo. " Hero a regular caatlo has
lioon formed by the deposit , rising
thu pinnacle of a mound of lime fifty
feet high. The base of this castle is
seventy live feet and the top fifty feet
in diameter and is some forty feet
high. About
the water spurts above the top iu iarge
glistening drops , to it height of ubout
100 feet and rescmb'es thu vary tup of
n stream thrown from a Farnam street
hydrant. I was notable to look into the
hole. Not so much steam comes from
'The Fountain , " which allows a bet
ter view of it , yet this water in tcald-
ing hot. Thu drivers have camped
ahead , and I BOO the cook waving that
glorious old Higual for dinner. I feel
like eating n whole ox , but must con
tent myself with about two pounda of
b.iaun and a loaf of ntalu bread. Op-
pusito ourciinpand across t ho Five
Llolo river is a space of about twenty-
livu acres that has upon it
Thu most noted of tlumu ore the
lGiantu3"aud the "Bee Htvo , " with
numerous others , all of which aru
side shoots from an old crater.
has peculiar formation about it , in
the shape of an old fashioned beehive
hive , and is about four foot in din IT -
otor at the baao by three at the tojy
and about three high. This spouts
about jtwjeo a dirt. _ Then there ro
' '
| W " t | | * '
euvenu "cubs ull jfl a croup ,
spout at irregular' ' ttitefvulf..vand
throw streams from forty-six iuP
foot high. Nope of tlus Geysers ar * "
to bo depended upon ty. having regu
lar times for operation , except "Old
Faithful. " Ho goea oil relfiilariy every
seventy minutoa , though Oio does not
send the water with such fjrco aa
does thu "Giant and Giantess. "
While all of these Giiysers and
boiling springs undoubtedly have u
subterranean connection , they all pel
differently , and a detailed description
of them would fill your entire pnpcr
for a week. F.
The Trial of Little.
Hpuclal Dli-iutdi to Till HUE
MKMI'JIIH , Tonn , , Augunt .11. The
Avaliinclio'rt Huntsvillu ( Ala. ) special
sas the most intereating attraction in
Uuntsvillu to-day was the trial ol
Dick Little , which was begun at 10 a.
m , before Commissioners Bono and
McOullough. The prisoner came in
early , evidently In tne bust of spirits ,
Thu court room was filled to overflow
ing. The first witness called was Mrs.
Jesse Jemea , who was examined ut
length. It wan developed in the first
part of the testimony that Frank and
Jeaso Jumna , with their families ,
lived in Nuahvillo from November ,
1880 , until thu latter part of March ,
1881 , Her rt.itumiiiito wcru not at all
damaging tu the prisoners , and so far
nu tlui Muticlt ) Sliu.dn robbery in cen
ccriiud , Mm. Jaiiaa exploded the story
that hii buon going the rounds of tin *
[ irctu about her returning a watch to
i\lr , Davuy , of Philadelphia Hhu in
dignantly denied doingtio , but claimed
ihitt LittleBtolu thu watch and returned
t in her name , Alex G , .Smith ,
ihu man who was robbed , vraa next
jxaniined and give his story of the
nbbury , of which the public is fa-
mliar. Ilo did not recognize Littlu
LH ono of the mun who committed the
obbory. Othur witnesses were exam-
ncd , but nothing important was
irought out , Court adjourned until
o morrow.
The PrcilUout
: | > ( cUl DI paUli to Til llii.
NKWI-OUT , Jt. I , , August 31. Prcs-
dent Aulhur returned from West Is-
and to-night. Ilo will re main aboard
ho bteamur Dispatch all night and go
o Squantum to-morrow. A commit-
ee coimisting of Gov , Liltlelield and
Senator Aldrich will bu on board the
) iepatch upon her arrival at Squan-
Joliu iriiff Jallod.
| atili to In lim ,
\Voitrif , Texas , Aug. 31.Dcp -
ity United States Marehal Woody ar-
eated John Hull' and jailed ntm in
hid city without bail. Hull' is ac-
used as one of thu men who actuated
iuv. Overtoil and his friends to ahooi
jove to death in thu Chickasaw na-
ion after ho was arrested iu Fott
Vorth a few weeks ago.
Three Thousand Vetoians Re
hearse the Scones of
Twenty Years
The Grand Island Reunion a
Success Beyond All
A Grand nnd Exalting ' Sen"
Botwoentho Monitor
and the Fort ,
Parades , Speeches , and Drrviw Donas.
BptcUl Dliiptt h ta Tin till.
31. The grand parade of 3,000 troops
artillery , cavalry and infantry
through the city , took place at 10 a.
u > . A larpo meeting was hold at the
pavilion , and some brilliant speeches
were nmdo by several distinguished
speakers. At C p. m. the most inter
esting feature of the reunion was the
grand dress parade , in which General
0. II. Frederick , chief of staff to
General Thayer , conducted the pa
rado. There were at least 3,000 men
in line , and the Hue , when formed ,
extended nearly a quarter of a mile.
Gen , Frederick then massed all the
bands , fifteen in number , and as they
marched down the long line the scone
was grand. The soldiers , all veterans ,
acted ns though they had never boon
out of practice. After the dross parade
rado the twenty-five thouiand people
present witnessed a sea fight between
the Monitor and the Fort. The
bombs bursting iu the air , and the
firing of the heavy artillery gum. was
grand and exciting in the extreme.
In fact it was an exact representation
of actual warfare. This evening there
in another grand rally at the pavilliou.
To-morrow the grand sham fight takes
The success of the reunion is be
yond all precedent.
Senators Van Wyck and Saunders
are here.
Bredul D'tjvUdi ' to Tin Uei.
WABHINOTON , Aug. 31 The esti-
laated decrease of the public debt for
August is about § 10,000,000.
A couplu of D.ikotu men are nego
tiating , with fair prospects of success ,
with acting secretary Joslyn , of the
interior department , for the necessary
grounds in Yellowstone park upon
which to construct roadways and erect
hotels and other buildings for the con
venience and accommodation of visi
August 31. The war
dgpartmenli'Ja informed byoi.jPopo ! )
.tUJt'O'drJioror. . iyna amljMXjfofj
ollovrers are undorr amut iit
RVno. t , i . , ,
Pay no refused to. go uut o
i > peacefully , ho and
'disarmed and taken
Reno us prisoners. The interior department -
partment ofllcialn uay as this is Payne's
second clL-nao ho should bu tried by
the civil authorities and under thu
law hu is liable to a fmu of $100.
.It is moro than probable , had not
Dr.Agnow objected , that the claims of
the doctors fur attendance upon the
late president would have been pre
sented ugainst the estate of the do-
ceuoed , and the appropriation made by
congrotm ignored. When written to /
upon thu subject by his associate at- \
tendants , Dr. Agnew , inclined a latter , door - |
clined to proceed in such a manner.
In thiti letter ho cays : "Congress hag
treated the medical practitioners with
contempt. To proceed against the
estate , however , would bo criticised by
the newspapers , which are against the
profession in this case. Wu must sub
mit to the indignity heaped upon us ,
and pocket the insult , and in future
ri'fuHO to attend , if called , upon
president , king , potentate , or prc-
WAHIIIKG row , August 31 The fol
lowing ( -011110111011 have been appoint
ed by thu board of directors of thu t
proposed Garlield exhibition in the
rotunda of the cupitol as art commla-1 *
sinners , with power to add to their
numbers ; 1C. F. Andrews , artist Neb
F Muguire , M. M , Pomdextor , S
H , Kaufman , of The Waulungtoi
Evening Star ; T. 0. Crawford , of Th-
Chicago Timoa , U , A. Preston , of Tt
Ne tr York Herald , and W. IT. IIolme 'K i )
( lUlTEAU'rt HKKLKTON tcr.N *
is now at the .National Army Mcdi
inusoum , thia city , but will not bu , Neb I
hihited to the public. The final wur-
position of the bones of } ho assassin
lias not yet been determined upon and
cannot uutil Judge llogner decides as
to the validity of Guiteau'a will , iu
which he bequeathed his body to Dr. " *
Hicks , The experts who were en
gaged in the microscopical examina
tion of Guiteau'a bruin have com
pleted their work. It is understood
they already disagree in their conclu
sion respecting his sanity and there
will probably bo two reports rendered.
Huruo Buriud.
Hpoclal DUjia'cli to Tun UtM.
MANIHTEE , Mich. , August. This
morning the steam barge Albert Miler -
or , caught fire at Point du Sable ,
burning the stern and dock works and
will probably provo a total Ions. She
was owned by Mr , Engelman , of Mil-
waukco , and was valued ut $20,000 ,
BtooU Ralier Murdered. *
tfpocUl IMnpatvn la Tint Uii.
larrm HOOK , August 31. It is rumored -
mored tliat Colonel W. D. Waite.a
prominent stock raiser , has been mur
dered iu Now Mexico.