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The Daily Bee.
Thurs'lav Morninsr , Aup , 31.
\Vonthor He-port.
U'ho following : obpervntlon arolnkrn
the simo moment of time at all the statio
named. )
TITO , OMAHA , Aug.33,1832. (1:45 ( i > .m.
fi 3
DfBror , . . . . . 30.01 r , a'm Cl Uily
ChtTisnno. . . S'1.0. " , o > n lloudr
30.12 Bl R Frcth Clear
I'.H 70 NE Fair
n.ic CT V Pesh londy
Tank tan . . 30.18 73 NE Fre-h
DM Moln < t , , 10 04 04 N Frah
JHrenport , , . 71 V Fr h Clo-.djr
8k l-aul ioio ! 0 K lr ) k loud ?
BkUmls . , 76 lent C cudy
Moorhcad. . , 07 / F'o.h a'r
Vincent 31.94 77 NVK froth r * > r
Btarairolc. . . . 0 22 0 VK 'rwh Cloudy
Balord . . . . 10 nj 10 NE l arRiver
Cuilcr. t .r 30 SI 70 v-v K."t
Asslnlbolnc. 327 74 NT
River C left 11 Inciica anore low water mark
Oraaba , S feet 7 Incites at Yank ton ; Mississippi ,
feet 8 Inches at Li Croao , and 5 feet .4 Inchc * ,
' Djbnqne ,
Visitors are still flocking to Iho re
union by every train ,
At 10 o'clock Tuesday the thei
moraotor registered 50 ° , a fall of 20 ° I
24 hours.
The sham bult'o at Grand Island Frl
day will ba ono of the big events of th
Special trains leave the U. P. depo
t 8 a. m , each day this week for Gram
Day and evening cessions opens Sop
U-mbor 4th. Send for cliculars. Addrow
Wyman Commercial College , Omaha. tl
Miss Msgglo Williams Tuesdaj
Cvo a reception to her young friends al
the mldenco of licrfathcr , L. B. Wi Iiam ,
Hoffman's oichestra furntthcd the music
for tlio occasion.
The Indies of the First M. E , church
will give a fruit and melon sociable In the
parsonage and church parlors Thursday
evening , Augmt 31st. All nro invited aud
will lie cordially welcomed.
The Union Catholic Library was
open last night again for the drawing and
returning of booVe. The president of the
association la in ncelptof a letter from \7.
J. Onntian , Esq. , city collector of Chicago ,
donating a number of new works to the
The Eock Island train duo nt the
transfer at 7 o'clqckTuor day did not get
in until 5 a. m yesterday , yesterday' * Rook
Islaud.and C , , B. & Q. trains were each
an hour late. Cause of detention un-
P. E. Itobinscn , having resigned Iho
office of imslitnnt general passenger agent
of the Bloux City & Pacific , that office U
hereby abolished. All reports , ttatetnenta
nd corrcfpondence heretofore sent him
will hereafter be tent to J. R , Buchanan ,
general patsenger agf nt.
Some of the Union Pacifio passenger
train men are out in * the new regulation
uniform recently ndjpted by tbo company.
Charley Mack , of the "Dummy , " andTom
FJerronet , who took No , 3 out yesterday
looked very handsome in their nowEults ,
Many will jomcmber the sensation n
young man from .Boston created hero iu
Juno by trying to commit eulcldo with a
razor , niter which ho disappeared mysteri
ously. It was supposed that ho had de
stroyed himself some tray , but a letter
WAS received here last week from his par
ents in Boston saying thut be had arrived
there all right.
There waa a largo attendance ftt llifl
Trinity Guild entertainment on Bishop
Clarkson'a grounds Tuetday notwlth
standing the inclement woatlicr. There
was quite a um realized from the aalo of
flowers. Qua large lot waa bought up for
the decoration of the sp clal carwhlch waste
to convey General Crouk and party to
The Earnest Workers of the Chi Mian
church gaves one of their delfcttful
etui-monthly lawn EocUblca at the rest-
denceof Mr , 0. V. Stephens on Firest
'nvenuo near St. Mary's last
' evening. will Lo served and
peneml good time ia expected. All are
cordially invited.
The proceedings begun in the [ .olico
court pgalntt the lirowtn , who run a mmp
foctoiy on Hanoy street , which the neigh-
born complained Dgnlnut 09 a nuisance ,
have bien continued to September Cth ,
but tbo action ot the city council Tuesday
will doubtloia do away with tl.o whold
bailnoes ,
Mr. F , Stuart , of Wfthoo , who has
confidence in tbo Wahoo base bull club ,
iuid cuh to an unlimited extent , la in the
elty , and propose * to put the latter up on
bis home nine , if ho can find taktrn. With
$2,000 in cunrncy and 3.000 In draft * ,
Mr. Stuart jtitouhy bluffud everjb .dyvn .
gaino between the LeaUlltli and the
Wutiooi. Ila wpons builnccB , and will
otaVe any amount on a \ ictory for W hop ,
f the two clubj tbould play
On Monday a little ten 3 ear old
daughter of Jittlco Kcs ! tr was vevcrtif
hurt by a fall from the fctcotd ttory win
dow of their home to tha ground , distance
ol about twenty feet. She waa trjingto
ralie tbo vlnduw , which noibed hard ai d
l > einshunt { with wehjhU suddenly 11 w
dear up and her etrength being nil put
against It and tbp brixcu removed
tli child lost tier balance aud fell out Oj
tbo window. One of her limbs was frao
totted and one arm very badly hurt ,
' A highly repocted lady of this city ,
Ht'V ' who belongs to "the upper ten" says thai
tbo real name of tbo unfortunate young
woman who committed eulclde last Satur
day wai Lena Lott , and that her parent *
redded in Omaha several years ago , Bhe
My * JJwia wa highly educated , ruspceted
' ty all and WM tbo pot of the family. The
Iy > Hs were well fixed end our luforxuaut
kaevr them quite IntitnaUly at the timo.
Hade liosa the wiW flowers of th
it it the inoct fra nmt ot perfuniua.
MaBBf etor d by IL B , Bluvon , Bt n
Fnoaueo. For Bile in Owalia by W.
J. WklUhotue and Konnaio JLiroa , ,
A Co.
in Omaha Jeweler Robbed by a
Who Obtbiuo Difminds an
Cash Valued at $81 D ,
Oivlnc Thcr * for n XVorthlcm lilt c
Paper With tv Forged Bignntnro ,
An Unsuccessful Search for the She
Ono of the shrawdo&t piccca of r.ii
oality that has bcon plnyod In this cit
for ft long time was that reported lai
ovehing , of which Mr. S , Jonasoi
the vroll known uouth Thirtcrnt
street , was the victim. The job aocir
to hnvo boon coolly planned and urn
ccsofully carried out by the man , wh
ia certainly an expert nt the bushier
and who has made a haul that m
last him for oomo timo.
About the Wth of Juno this mai
went to the Millard hotel nnd regia
tcred nt J. Thoino , Ohicagc. Ho soli
a lot of dry goods to Gearjjo P. Brown
the proprietor of the Chicago dri
goods otoro , formerly of Farnani streo"
nnd removed to the now addition o
Fronzer'a block , who pave him a cheo !
for the amount. Thoino went t <
Jonaaon'a nt that time nnd aoloctoc
n Rold Which nnd chain
valued at S105 and gave Mr. Jonasoi
a check in payment thereof. Jonn
aon nfter taking Iho chock eont righl
over to Brown to aeo if it waa nil ri hl
and found that it was and received
the pay. At the aamo time the man
Diiquired the price of diamond ear
ringa and vnnous other nrtiolea in the
itoro before leaving.
Yesterday the eamo individual re
turned and looked at Mr. Jonason'o
itockof diamondo , cnying that ho do-
n'rcd to inako ft purchase. Ho nolootod
i pin , ring , studa and other articles ,
imouuting to about $000 , and wont
) Ut saying that ho would call again
ater. Juut before G o'clock ho re-
; urned and aid that ho had looked lit
uwola elsewhere but had found no
jotter baiyain than ho had been ehowti
it this place.
Ho had the jewelry done up and in
jaymout therefor handed Mr. Jonoson
i ohoolc for § 810.25 on Goo. P. Brown ,
, ho Bcrao party drawn on before , nay-
ng that that was nil ho had. Ho in-
lowed Ilia name on tlio back nnd re-
loivcd in change the balance of § 200 ,
ho am unt which the check exceeded
ho purchase price of the diamonds.
Mr Jonason instructed ono of his
lerka to watch the movomoutn of his
uslomer until ho , rcturnod , and nt
nco skipped over to Mr. Brown'a
toro Hero ho found that the
iroprietor waa nbscnt in Ohlcago and
lis assintant stated that it was impos
iblo for the aigtmturo to bo genuine
B the check was dited August 30th
rhon Mr. Brown was five hundred
lilcs away.
Meanwhile the clerk followed
Ihoino over to Douglna srroot
rhon ho entered Kolbo's restaurant ,
ppoaito the Millard hotel , Ho waited
omo momenta on the sidewalk for his
lan to ro-appear , and as ho did not
omo , ho nt length wont in and round
lint the rogue had skipped out at the
ackdoor and made his escape , no
oubt being aware that ho was
The truth beginning to dawn on
Lr Jonaaon'a mind , ho proceeded to
olioo headquarters nnd notified the
larshal , who aont ofllcors PJynn and
'onohuo ' out to look up the caso.
ho first wont to the depot ,
id when 'all the outward
aund trains had loft made
eparoh about town , but all to no
rail , and nt a late hour last night no
uo waa had to the fellow , who is no
nubt accreted nomowhoro m the city.
o had chouon n good time for passing
is forged papers , it being after bank-
g hours , and not aupposlng that Mr.
unaaon , would look the matter up ,
.ay fancy himself safe until to-duy ,
id thua bo oi'ight. It is a very un-
irtunato nffilr , nnd it ia to bo sin-
iroly hoped that the jeweler may yet
out hotter than ut present looks
for him to do.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Er-
; Uior Roof Paint , " was patented May
tth , 1881 , and ottora patent num-
it 241 , 803. Any peruon found or
nown to tamper with the manu-
.oturn of aaid paint will bo punish-
1 to the full extent of law. No prr-
> n hiw any authority whiitovor to sell
iceipta. HAWTIIOIIN & Buo. ,
Lancuetur , Pa.
Sorloua Obnrso Agulnur n Pnpllllon
A man who guyo his name r. Ohns.
iodway and ut.Mod that ho had been
> r the past 'seven yeara a fanner in
10 neighborhood of Papillioii was
rrosled by Ollioer llurk Tuesday
bout 10 o'clock and lodged in the
ity jail ,
The charge waa n very serious one ,
eing the rope , or nttcmptpd rape , of
liitlo four year old girl , the daughter
f Mr. Joseph Monday , wlio formerly
rarkcd ut the Omaha vrhito luud works.
Ir. Monday , wlio was terribly agitated
y the supposed orimo of which his
aughter was the victim , could
Barcely tell the ntory intelligibly. Head
ad been playing pool in the saloon
pposito Bell's drug atore , and his
ittlo girl had been eittitiK there nnd
raiting for him. Lodway was at the
aloon , nud became acquainted with
bo girl , whom ho picked up and
irriud on his arm , as ho wont to anther -
ther place to ot BOUIO peanuts for a
raveling musician's monkey in tha
aloou. After being absent some little
imo , Lodway returned with the girl ,
rhosu father did not suspect that any
hing unusual had occurred. The
nether of the child aoon afterward B
sine and took her homo , end in
> fuw minutes oho came back to the
aloou and informed her husband thut
he child had been outraged by Lod-
ray , and showed him marks on thu
hitd , who related her story In a
irokon way.
The horrified father at once wont iu
uch of Lsdway , who ww found
Oharlps Biuor's fi loou nnd iirrcsti
by the oUioar , who been tel
phoned for. The priaoner on bell
lodged in his cell was viMtcd by a Bl
Reporter , who /ouud htm soinotfh
nlatmod hut very rouly to tell hiso
side of the story JIo absolutely d
nies the oh.irpo , and whtlo n imttir
that Lo o rricd tlio girl on h ! arn
said ho did nothing that waa nnpropi
while he waa nbeunt from the tialooi
Uo has lived in Papillion for oevc
j Obrn , and eaya ho onn produce test
mony as to his oobcr and exnmplai
character. Ho w.ts not intoxicate
nd told a ctrnightforn.ird story ,
( tMr. Monday on goiiiK home abat
midnight called in Dr. Dnrrow , whoi
report did not show thnt Lodway ha
gone very far in tha nccrmmlishinoi
of a vile purpose , though ho migl
have treated the child in an indecot
and outrniteous manner. The litt
girl certainly vaa not seriously ii
jurcd ,
The district attorney , on being cm
suited , nnd invc&tiguting the clmrnctc
of the testimony liable to bo adduce
against the man , was of the opinio
that it waa useless lo prosecute , th
only witness buing the child , who wr
not able to testify Vury ititolligentlj
and not being able to comprehend th
nature of nn onth , would not bo
competent witness in the eyes of th
The case was postponed until aftoi
noon , to aeo if anything could bo don
in the matter , but it ia likely the
Lodway will bo dischmcod ,
WANTED , A good second-ban
bijychi. Address box X , Contrr
City , Neb ! G-3t
Tables supplied with the host th
market ailords. The traveling publi
jlaim they got bettor nccomnjodalion
ind moro general satiufnction her
; han nt any other house in Omnhn
tlato , S3 per day. nUR21tfmo
HE "WAS btTRPttlbED. .
\nd so Would Moat Anyone bo Undo :
Mr. J. N. Anderson , a loading nut
luccuasful contractor of this city , un
Icr whoso supervision some of out
> oat houses are going up , colobrutoc
lis 28th birthday anniversay Tuoi
lay. In the evening ho left the houn
in business for acouplo of houro , ant
in returning homo about 9 o'clock wai
urpriacd to BOO the place brilliantlj
Humiliated and filled with visitors.
L number of young lady friends had
nken possession during his absence ,
nd decorated the rooms with flowere
rhilo the gucstn were assembling. Tc
ay thnt Mr. Anderson waa surprised
rould ho drawing it very mild , but he
ocopted tno situation gracefully , nud
id the honora of the evening in fine
tylo. HB received n number of ulo-
unt preaonto from his numerous
rionda , among which waa a very val-
able watch from the mon who worker
or him , who attended in a body. The
resontation was made by Rev N ,
lajland , of the Scandinavian Baptist
tiaich , in a few appropriate worda ,
nd then tbo evening was given up to
nil enjoyment of the occasion.
Mr. Anderson was highly gratified
t this mark of friendship aud ostf em ,
nd desires us to return his thanks tone
no and all for tbo kind expression
icroof last ovoninp.
. brand Wedding on Unermon Avo-
Judge E. M. Stenborg and Miss
[ ary MitskufT , were united iu mar-
ago Tuesday evening at 7:30 : at the
sidenco of the brido'a parents , on
tierman avenue , Rev. Pastor Gydea
in , of the Danish Lutheran church
h mating.
The bride is a lovely and nccom-
ishod young lady , the daughter of
[ r. E , Mitskuff , an old and respected
isident of this city. The groom , who
> r several terms has filled the position
: Justice of the Peaoo in the first
ard with credit to himself and
itisfnction to his constituents ,
too widely and favorably known toped
pod extensive introduction to the
iiblic. Both partloa have a wide ao-
aaintanco in Omaha aoclety , nnd the
rent was ono of unuaual interest.
About forty couples were present
nd at the conclusion of the ceremony
nigratulationa were showered like
tin on the happy couple. A tumptu-
us fuust was prupiirud for the guests
id dancing , music , nnd nil the usual
jjoymciiU of such mi occasion were
iIul'red ( in until a la to hour. The
rulo'a attendant was her sister , Miss
Iniina Mitsliun' , while Mr. G. A.
indquon uotcd an boat man for the
room ,
At'tha breaking up uf the wedding
arty thn Judge and his bride repaired
I OUCQ to the cczy homo prepared itt
> r them on 10th atroet , uud begun
ou ukceping ut onco.
TJio gifts presented Mr , nnd Mrs
tenburg were numerous and olegunt
s well us useful , From the Inrgo list
'UK ' BEE reporter noted the following ;
From the brido'a parents , a parlor
mp and full not cut glasa tublo atr-
iop ; from groom , heavy gold watch
ud chain ; John M. Thuraton , silver
ater pitcher , Rumun design ; N. J ,
lurnham , elegant silver pie knife ;
ridu'a Bitter , Annie MitskuiF , act oil
er knives , forks and spoons ; Emma
litukufT , Bohemian glua sugar bowl ;
Ir , and Mrs. Frank Walters , silver
aeon dish ; Mr , and Mrs. Sam Bury-
trom , silver pitcher and goblet ;
lesars. Andrcon and Yalion , silver
sup tureen ; Mr. nnd Mr . Judge An-
eraon , silver cake batkct ; Mr , and
In , G. A. Lindqucst , silver castor ;
ilr. and Mrt > . S J , Larson , silver tea
ot ; Mr. nnd Mra. Gee , Hanson , sil-
or butter dish ; Mr. J. . Johnson , siU
or butter dish ; Mr , and Mrs. Mark
lahsen , silver fruit dish ; Mr. nnd
Irs. J. Nordwall , silver cake basket ;
Ir. and Mrs. A. H. Swonby , silver
utter dish ; Mr. nnd Mrs. P. Wiig ,
legant parlor clock ; Misi May Gamp-
ell , beautiful hand painted design in
ilk ; Max Moyor&Bro , , palrntatu.
ttoaj Mr. 8. Jacobs , voao nnd flowers ;
Ir. Andrew Berg nnd wife ; Sidney ,
it silver table and tea spoons ; Mr.
ud Mrs. Stoint , crumb brush and
an ,
An Intelligent Jury That Musi
to oa ConviiiBOd ,
Marshal in ell XltoapeB Got
viotion by u Gloss tehave , Moral Concollmou. Criv
XlirotiRli n ICunt Hole <
Pursuant to n motion carrisd at tli
regular mooting of the City Counc
on Tut'zday night , n apeclnl niootiti
wan held yesterday nl 2 o clock p. m
to take up the report r the corumitte
of the whole. There were presor
Messrs. Baker , Bohm , Corby , Dd
lone , Dunham , Hortaan , Kaufmant
Loodor , McQuckin , 0'ICeofo an
Thrano. Air. Herman presided.
On motion tf Mr. O'Kuofo tli
Council resolved iteeH ii > to a con
mitteo of the whole. Mr. Lcudc
moved that the committee of tli
whole rise and report the evidence
Tlio motion u.ia carried and the clor
read the evidence , which waa ac
copied pnd the committee was dia
charged. On motion of Mr. Bohti
the argument of counsel was thoi
tnkotj , each counsel to bo limited t
30 minutes. Smjtlio , counsel fo
the defense oaid ho did not wish ti
argue the case , ho thought they weri
an intelligent bsdy of men ami hi
thought it was entirely a matter fo
the council to decide. Ho thcrofon
tnado no argument. Hon. Oharlc ,
Ogdcn made n , very able addreea in tin
courao of which ho aaid ho though
they had madu out n very clear cusi
neainst the jnvlnl and his duputy ,
Wo had the eviuuaco of Air. Shear
and others besides novoral councilmoi
and policemen to support the charupi
and specifications , while the principa
evidence in dofonco came from tin
marshal himaolf. Mr. Shears teatiGec
to the obscpno language that waa uaec
in a house in the neighborhood of tin
Milldrd , and the disturbances created
by women in thut vicinity. The mar
shal Jjaa 'said ho made in <
quirioa but ho never said ol
whom he made them. Ho mighi
have made them of the worn on in that
locality. The enforcement of the ordt-
nances for closing oaloons wao never
attempted. The plea that prtivious
iimrehula had violated their duty was
no argument at all. Ho read the law
in regard to t.ho marshal'a duty as to
disorderly houses. It said he was to
ferret thMn out. In his ct > su tlio
marshal had had his attention called
: o them and had taken no action. It
was a disgrace that the highest branch
) f the city government should ullow
ts ordiiinnces to bo violated simply
jccanso previous marshals have vio-
atod them. Another piece of evi-
lonco of importance wua the number
if houce.'i of prostitution reported by
ho raarahal. He nayo thorn were not
nero than three houses of prostitution ,
rhereas police officers have teotifiod
0 there' being fifteen , and it is a mat
er of notoriety that there have been
, g'cat many moro running in this
A motion was made by Mr. Bahm
hat they piococd to take under eon-
( duration tlio specifications and
harges ono at a time , which was
dopted. The yeas and nays wore
hen taken on specification. I , which
paa in regard to the failure of the
aarshal to prsoecute those saloon
: oopnra who have been notoriosly
trying on business after mid-night.
Teas : Bohm , Dellono , Leeder , Me-
Juckin , O'Keofo and Thrano ; nays :
idker , Oorby , Dunham , Herman and
Caufmann. The marshal was thereat -
at found not guilty on specification I
L vote was then taken on specifics-
ion 2 , which relates to violation of
ity ordinance , section 4 , chapter 2G ,
rhich relates to women soliciting sale
f wine , etc. Yeas : Lender , 0 Keefo ,
n'd Thranenay ; : Baker , B.'hm , Cory -
y , D'llone , Dunham and McQuckin.
The marshal was found guilty on
pacification 2.
Specification HI was then dealt
rith. This charges the marshal with
ogleoting to enforce the provisions of
n ordinance imposing a license of ten
ollars on Black rope performers , and
hat ho had failed to impose it on ono
lonry Mead , who cave aiich an exhi-
ition recently. Yeas , Bolim , Del-
ino , Leeder , AfcGuokin , O'Kecfo and
! hntno ; nays , Baker , Oorby , Dun-
onij Herman and Kaufman. This
pecification therefore waa not BUB-
Specification VI was then voted
pon. This charges the marshal with
( tiling to nmko complaint to the police
udgo of cumin houses in the neigh-
lorliood of the Alillard which were
icing kept open as notorious
loueos of prostitution on or about
ho months of Juno and July , 1882
? ho result of the voting was as fot-
iiws ; Yeaa - Bohni , Dellono , Leoder ,
rfcGuckin. O'K efo and Thrano.
fays Baker , Ootby , Dunham , Hur-
nan and Kaufmann ,
SpiciliciUicm V was brought up
, nd voted on. This charges the mar-
hal and deputy marshal with obtain *
ng money contrary to general ordi
nances , sec. 2 , page 27. It further
ska that the mayor bo requested to
omovo the marshal and deputy mar.
hal , and that their salary ceasp after
his duto until the vacancies are
illed. This specification , it will bo
cmombcrod , was introduced by (
ilcstrs. O'Koofo and Bohm. The
esult of the vote was : Yeas
Johin , Dellono , Leoder , McGucken ,
VKeefo and Thrano , and nays ,
taker , Oorby , Dunham , Herman
nd Kaufmann. Consequently the
pacification was not sustained.
On motion the meeting then ad-
Marrylns Rion.
You need not be poor and depend-
nt on your wedding day , for every
orHon male or female can got a
oed round aura of money at muriago
1 they hold a certificate of member-
f Oedar Rapids , Iowa. $10,000 has
Ircady been paid in benefits to ita
aombers , in the nine mpnths of the
BBociatlona' organizationand there is
i golden opportunity for thousands
nore to reap even larger benefits.
Nothing like it waa over known.
3o not postpone Bonding in your
for circulura giving full M :
coaipltto information regarding tl
pinna end oppanutons of the nasoci
tion , Aijenti cnn make bi gormnnl
than In any otLer bnsinea. It
a'riotly ' honorable , pleasant and pri
Otabl , 7ho Audiur of State hol <
a deposit from the nsaocmiion a pr
acnbed liy Inw , for the protection i
! > eir moaiburs. The only associate
uf tlio ki d in oxtstmico organized i
cording to law. Write at once f (
circularr. Say whcro you oaw th
Kelito Bumo.
The r.tato fmr association , reraen
boring the sharaofnl exposure of pc ;
nnn in the fcmalo raca of 1880 , han di
cidcd not to allow another such 01
curreuco to take plnco. And BO Mil
Nellie Burke , of Omaha , -was not ei
couraged to exhibit her ukill thisyeai
Although aho offered to ridu any wa
that the association might desiro-
against time , in competition or othci
wiae. She left Dea Moines nil hoi
consummating an engagement. Siou
City Journal.
D. II , Freeman , of Jutiiata , is in Omahi
J. A. Spirkp , of Thatcher , la in town ,
James LedBewiclc , of Wilbur , la in tb
S. P. Djivldson , of Fremont , in ia th
D. M. Sells , of Popllllon , U at the Oar
13. E. WhUmont , of Lincoln , is at th
Mrs. Walcoficld , of Atlantic , Iowa , is n
the Metropolitan.
Gen. , T. C. McBride , the Lincoln post
master , is ia town.
Honi ETN. Grcncll , of Fort Cnlhonn
Is at the ConEcld.
Mrs.'jXi. Mngoon , of Joflerson , lowc , i
at the Creighton.
Frank'H. Edmunds and family , U.S.A.
are nt tha Mlllard ,
J. OHnton Paine , of Now York , Is regis
tcred at the Creighton.
F. L. Clnrk , of ( Jouncll Bluffn , was a1
the Creighton yesterday.
L. E. George , of Nobleaville , Ind. , la i
juest at the Jietropolitan.
J. G. Farrell and Charles E. Hays , ol
Fremont , are nt the Millnrd.
D. O. Anlcrtion , of Golumlius , rcglo-
; cred at the C'un field lint night.
Janifs B. Fitzgerald , the Plattjmoiith
: ontractor , iint tlio Motrop illtau.
Jlrs. R. W. Rliono and Mias Mnpep , ol
iepiiolL-an.chy , are guests of the Can *
Hon. Ed Mclntyre , of Seward , pre i-
lent of the state board of agriculture , is
n the city.
W H. Lewis , of Hannih 1 , .AFo. , mann
er of tha Consolidatud Tauk Line coin-
lany , i nt the Creighton.
Morris Slonian , of Fremont ; U. C.
Jtuart , of Lincoln , nnd M. Crosby , of
Jeatrlce , nro at the Millnrd.
J. H. Gobler , propnetno of the Euro-
lean hotel at Frem < .nfc . , i < at the Metro-
lolitan , accompanied hy his mother.
T. O. Or , nla nnd wife , of Brooklyn , N.
f. , are in the city , reluming frcra an at-
endance at the rccout reunion at Beatrice
Geor.'O H , Betbard , the Omaha crank ,
? ho attempted to shoot Gu'teau ' in the
ourt room at Washington , baa been ad-
lilted to the solditra' home at Milwaukee.
'OMEROYArthur Franklin Pomeroy.
oldest son o' Pjson M. Pomeroy and
Electaa M. Pomeroy. nged Iff yeara n
months and 5 days , died Tuesday at 7
p. in.
Funeral took place yeEterday at 3
i. m.
SABCO'lK C"ra Ei-Renia Bahcock , died
August 29th , aged 1 year , 3 months.
Funeral August 3Lst , from family resi-
ence , 1010 Thirteenth street.
The Bound Unloosed. '
Chaa. Thompson , Franklin , street , Buf-
ale , Buy. ; ' ! have fcuftvred for along
line with constipation , nnd t > ! ed almout
very purgative advertised , but o ly ie-
ultiiiR in temporary relief , uud utter 'con-
tip tion still moro ngt-r.i vat < d. ' I wax
old . .bout your ISruiNO BLOSSOM and tried
t. I cin now Bay I .tin cured , uin though
ome months have elapsed , still r muiu to.
. Btiall , however , ulwaya ktcp Home on
i nd in ca < o of old compliiiit returuing. "
'rlua 5 'c ' , tilul hott ea lllc.
NOTICE AUvortlnvmoni To Loan , For , Sklr
> it. Found , Wants Boarding , tc. , will ba Incited -
cited la tbcae column ! cnce ( or TEH CUNTS
r line ; each subsequent Inaortlou , FrV'EOEirr.S
t line. The 3nt louerttou never UM than
IY/TONEY / TO 1O\N On chattel mortpaira to-
LVJL cuilty. A. U Tuttun olllca ot Urcff &
laiiti.'oroc'-y , merOm h * National l ) nk. i3-il
1O lAJAfi u ll ul l-.wonn.ool L > .
ilA 'fhriroM Bn mB rrtlebton BlocK
i.'d > f"H < tltt > fu L.UAA At 8 per ecu 111)
iPyOUjUUltercaS In um ( . > : f 2,500 na
ipwircl : , ( or 3 to 6 yctrs , ou flrat-clMa city and
arm property. DXHIS lUii , Karin end Loin
T. 16th Hud Douylaa Btn
\ \ ANTED Olrl ( or general housuuork nd
\ \ help with children. lUjqulroat DKtoiHce
ietecn b a. m. tnd 10 a. in. 233-1
[ TtTANTKR Good bhlrt Ironer at OnmlmStcauj
W Laundry , 1207 1'urnain street. _ " - 'L.
[ T7ANTED A girl for general housework ( u a
VV binall ( amlly , l\i \ 1 South 23th etrect , near
) adge. _ 2313C *
[ TTANTED- girl to take cure of two clill-
VV drvn , and inaku laTBclf uselul In biiall
unlly. MiutKO homo nlgliU. Inquire corner
fopltol avtnuo and Jcffenon fctrcct. ' 'J2-30 *
ntrANTl'.n-Ooo.l cook and kltcheu jrlrl. Ap-
YY ply ! OI5 WcUter itreel. 230-1'
t H7 ANTED fllrl to do kocond work In private
> V family. Apply at B. K. corner 20th ana
lalKornU ttrect. _ 827-30
ITI rAKTED A drat-clua ealcaman who It will
YV P 'ten In ilri goo'u am clothing , Bl R |
m-i , w linnet ) work. States lny wniitcd.wlili
r.t diw rat > r no . Audrctl lou box 62 , Au.
oitt. N'cb. _ 2i8-dU v U
ITr NTKD-arca Uibfr nt S18 iiouth 13th
YY ttroot. WiRditlJ.bOrKrwotk , 211311
ANTED Olrl for general hou cwork , 1E24
[ TtTANTED flood fill for Beneral housework
W at 7il BsuUi UtU ttroct. S16-Mf
[ TirANTED A good , ito'it boy to take cirool
VV boi a and o.w nd work In store , /ddnus
rith retercnej , "Meidunt , " Oaahi pMtoffico ,
AN'JEU A good vtomau cook logo to ft
, Omaha. Qjod wajesiiftU , Api > iy t Uv
ce. SlUtf
t 1618 Chlcr'J Street.
' - 'nmtn to wuh ftfld Irfn. Aw
WANTRD''nmtn . ? J-i
\\rANTis Abiy 17 01 ! Sj r od , to t *
V ? ro cl h ro , o c. ArpytoJ. J. lli
ty , mtiuNl i nip. . 2io-l
. V.'AN KD Kt OtnaAa Et > m Innir
G Apnlyg t > > ! ! Inrd ti 19J 8t f
AI I U Two d tit | { locra jlrl4 ( at | * ,
W cr' * Jlou . SSI-SI
W \TtD ! T..liorc8 , pttif * snd ra-t
r > KLDD Olit
_ HecplnB Water , Nc
WAM D-Twi men to 'i | gjods. tfln
inipoynuctt. ) ? oduicn. c lU2l ti
lOlh strict. itCO
GIRL WANTED Apply lliorirtham trt t
t Omahfv hl
faofory. IBS SO
W/NTtU Ono Rood pv U traktrund or
TcstmUfr , to oto thejonnt\Vjo. 'i
quire at . Ilo lmn fl o. V'S-30
WANTR1) A cooa lc gltl for K ntral bom :
v.ctk. fiojlhwcst corner Istnn i.lOr c
streets. 102-301
Gltl lor rcnoral heunowork. 171
W Jtdison ntreet. 201-f
A clrl lor geniral hrii-cworl
WANTKIi wages glv n. MirthTtc t conn
Uamlltonniniricettccts , yhlnn's addition.
101 If
AN1ED SIa C nd wife lo work on fira
farm mvi totaVocirnoftockntd \rr > 'j a
ti do hoiiRevr rlc for family of thioc. J. U , bllvl
E klioin Hlat'cii.Kcl ' ) . 10734'
WANTKD Hanntdwlff. Inqu re at Mai
vclllfr'g. 163-tl
Olrl ; mutt bo cooJ e > pk , wn > hci
WANTED . Apply to 17 4 l ) vcnpo t 8
Rtfcrorco ! rtimlrcd. 110 tf
All iho Nullf nal Hotel at 11 cn'r. .
Onoflrst-clneaporttr , must spo.k HigH I
and German ; n So. 1 fc'iialoC3 Kn ; ! o twoNc
1 girls Wlll.paythi.mSlCando per month.
WANUliu A good wtmiati c ok , rulitule up < l
N no'.into tfotd , elom w man Deal p ] >
OooJvogs 8. McCoy , Cau t HOUSJ , near nu\
p > vurnuicnt cottnll , 116-tf
HELP WAMVD Wanted Immediatily i
'In'n ' roJiuBlrlof cxperlcncnat 13i > 9Can
lul nvouue. 212-tt
ATTANTh'D A boy not lets than lEjcwa old
VV ioleirn photography r t Uuirln'n , lead-
li g photo nphcr , 1212 Harnam ft 22-tf
100 men lor ral read wok. I
WANTKD , cjilojmoi.t agent , lltl
utrtct , near Farn."tn. yJ3tf
WANT ! D Ten teams. Wntce ; yt.CO per dny
Inqulie M. Tlncjut , nt 1'lutcuco Cut-off.
WAHT D Ono hnncbed mon. Wages 1,7 !
per dy. Anpl > 'o llltclio'l Vincent , al
Floroaoo Cut-off , i tno uiilia i > orth of Omiibi.
ANTKI > At St. Chir'cs ' hotel , two Crsl
W class dliilngroom ultli Dfl3-tf
OTANTKD EDO privy vau.ta , nlam did ce i
poDli to clean with Uuiltnry Vnalt and
InIt Cleaner , tlio lwt in tuo. A. Rvaru 4 : Cs. ,
i Milou t IKiW Dnici" ftn-ct ,
. Two cr Ihrci rotms m'tohle ' fc
WANT.D | . J efikt..ddui * 1 r. 1'trlr
Soc olflcc. 699-tf
WANTED Employment In ftore , ofllco or
" 1 twhe e. In ft sob r , ttadj man. Arply
ir aildicet > J. iUthwoll , Ku. COS noitli Iflih St.
277-1 *
R < Oil HKNT A larpo front , room v/ith closets.
Kurnishcd , 1D2U Douglas street , N. E. tor.
( Jth nnd Douglas. 226-1 *
KENT Two houses. T-nqnire of R.
FOll , cor. 12th nml llafcon Dtrceta X'-'l-tf
MOU RENT Furnhhcd room" , 1717 Cafg St. ,
L ? bat. 17ih and 18th. Also barn. 216 U
rnOR RENT Tnt\eo with three rooms InC -
C quIroSO.h&FarnUiQiBtiect. S16-U
rO TIE T TWO story anrt basetrcnt brlc
ho-'hc , withf irnaio bith ro m , e-e. Waur
.OrVscmi.ictud. Apjily lo J , J. Dlokoy nr N
heJton. '
aHNT Small furnished room , 1601 Far
FOR Direct. 101 ,
RK > T Furnlsl ed rootnln private family
FOR gcntlo an wltn nioronooa. 1312 Dodge
irctt , bet. 13th and 14th. 180-tf
RENT \ plearant ( urnl > hd room
FOR or twj geatlernui. Inqniro at
l . ) ltornla > t'eet MO-lf
RENT TTouses of n roomi. GoO'l lnc -
FOR convcnlrnfrtos-rect CJTB. Inquire
1-10 u < irtii lilh , bctwooa Mihold and Aaul > t-
lilNnIttiM' urn.stioa iicoiu.liniulr. 16 9
L1 Dodge Hret 18tf
mOll RENT II juta at 3. K , tor.lOth and PAL -
L * cincstrott. 171-30J
[ 71011 REXT i'cBldenco N. W. ror. ICth and
U California streets. App'y a. W. cornr 19th
nd Wohst-r. 48-eod tf
no > R NT Two story d e ling 2uth and Cass ,
D 7 room * , now being rrjialicd m ( K ] alntcd
nqulre of C. T. Taylor 1-lthaud Douga * , 127-tf
1UR ( HID room Kr rent at 1U17 Chicago
F et-iet. 110-if
niOR RFNT SicnP furnished room ; elsione
C large frunt nouisulta 10 foriwogcntl mm ,
I. K. corner 14th and Chicago. 112-tl
OR KENT Large rom | , | bo cd ; d
F _ board glj 1HO Calltori la sircot 18-t
HEM KM * coitaga of five rooms.
FOR K. K col. lith nd Chiciwn Sta. tf
1 AALOTUf.ir1o ) < 8eBtD2600 pur annum , tuch
1 V/w fir a term ol jo is. af'Oranee Orovu
Mai ' ' adj-lnlne Ilanscom P rk on too wo't ,
Ivnmlnutoa walk from net card Mo ey ran
10 obtained to tiil'd ' with , by ] > or ons leasing
IIMO lots at regular ratm.
1I3U On premlflOii , otlico 1616 F.irnAin dtroct
mrnlthed trout loom. Call U071 N
17thBlreet- tO'-ll-tf
KENT flou a ol a rcorne , new y plug
tend and' p In'cd. SID to pur month
S'orthof ICth Direct bridge on 15 h xlrut. Tori
onieiit to ehopB Apply corner 12th rd How
rdjtfwt. N r < Dp per Unlnn. _ > a < if
K ( OR IthVIw.0111 uuJ iur < u
two to tnolve run H c cb ; ono or two neu
> ne < with u'l moucrn uanuenco ! . One of 12
ivomu , cnltuo'.c ( or boarding and room renting ,
17th and Douglas .it 4. IIIIIIH , Airoat ,
Ju-tf ; 16'b anil
RENTBrick ftoro. It qnlre at Tirup
FOR , coinoi 10th and Douglu its. 120-tf
IT10R ll NT Two new dwellingn snj tv.o other
L1 ilwelld gd In dfnlrublo > oa llty , by MeKnou
to. 1C14 Douglati ttrett , bl7-tl
SALE n lf f Int te t gio l pijlrf lurlor
FOR contra ly lne ted. A py28i ) | 13IU
( reel. Juwjih Flo-illli 183 2t
FOR BALE 120 c oue Wutk n'uli , ni.ttlj
extra la go audgood a.tu. Appl ) to Carnej
i llari , Clarlnra , l'o o uuiy , loa. 2) Ct *
riUOICE Colorado bhein for B o fa1 1 on or
O ddnsg F.O anAHUh ,
18&-2 y > ( Kierrty , Neb.
HALti Hardware to k , conblbtlsc of
FOR , ( totes , tinware , ir n , to ; well
> a rtuland In go'd h po , will ln rlco about
' 5.6CO. 'Jurna.oa > b. Ao trade wanted. Popu-
ailon ot town ot r tw i tliouio d(2CO ) nly cue
h r > Uvkot the kind In to n. I ru | gold.
For lull ] artl < ulim addn. a "LF."Beu tfflce.
lt > 7-2
HALE IIcvu ot two rooms en I cued
FOR , U , . cor. e.h and Jackt on , pplv in
ireniltts. 173-1
FOR SALE Nearly new StuvtMd Cooking
n ga , flut-cUuui ccndltiou , cb ap , A'drt8d
0. W."Bteottlc * . 182-tl
4 IX BEAUTIFUL LOTS-&OX160 feet each la
3 QauKcuu Hace on itrcet car lino. J5est lotJ
n whole addition on very uuy Urms and at k
rreat bargain. Iluiu' a ent. 15th and Douglu
.treeU . U-tf
I7IOR BALE IIOUM and corner lot. it U.OW.
[ ? bargain. MoCAQUE.oppo.lUi' . Q. B3IU
( TlOll t ALE Urixvr/ oed crockery tuulucbf ,
L1 lth or without UuUjlBf. Addrej "O co-
" .
, ens lu brlek htsn , mil ono
targe framt house , with ( till I t oil LMK no r l(5h ( (
tro t. Fli ch i for mv - tmnt , rent l.r fiO
per month , Cill lur full particulatt , m
6f9tf > rent.1 h A
, On BJ LK CHKAP Datli lilo n holttutt
} 1 and t ind and ccd li burg } an I un f r vj.
< ll4. W Itill cvMt > I 1mo no UK drlira.
Call nt 2 1G Ca , f , r-la struct , b t 2ht an. MA.
r 0tt HA F. Cl KAP-A new c h r top phiu *
} " tonl and in w delivery or o p ei nryon.
( Jill at Ubis. r.arbacti'd shop en Flltto. tli. u.or
Kornam M-tl
' SALB 11 u i ft roou s and corner let 13J
F'U juaro tiiCO. i.ciagutoppMllefoit
7IOR nALt A to cra , tn and good house
J ono ml B north of Rvruk- Inquire on
ptcmt ea or Oro. U I'o.ti.non , No go. , loth
ttrert. B4lm *
story building for * le at lur-ro-ln.
J. t d at noilh-iAi rorncr of 17th ,
a .d . Capitol avo. Must to > H on or hcfaro
August 7th proximo. H MI- . '
770-tt _ Ajrttii Iftli tyi Ih.inlf.T.
. hOit BAkiC Ilia Ailluyfoii llout )
Eofhl. c'asa ; & 1 | furnliScd. The only hot * *
In town. The cheapest property In thu state ,
Mo8f.llthotrnvclin-n. ! ] ( Will l > c DldchApoa
tontstomtt. Enquifoof E. t'une , proprietor ,
Arlington , Wtinlnytnn romty. .Vch. iCS tf
TAOR 8ALK Or will otchft go lot Omfth * fto
-L1 pny , an Improved POO on of land adjoin-
lac lAMfsa on U. P. B. . 3. UUNIIAH. JAIJ
filOK tiALlVho POl'ULAH HOTEL , known
L1 " * the BOYS' HOME. TM house to ecn-
ttally Ioca4edhns ECU > h and ciurt front , and ll
ed n th Ono Hhado frees ! cent dnatfrtrty
room * , has Ice boust ) . U-indry , KicMlr
room , &c. 1U' k world w.ilo rcpuCAtlon and
better patrcraiico many housrs ol tnloo III
cipaclty. Prfca ? 8COO. For particulars s < -
dreaa , A. A. SAWDEY.ltod Cloud , Wob.
T OBT Antraw mlcttl , c-sntnlnlricJpnrne and
JUculIa with button ? . Hndinnj.i retain the
ikon y which \r. In purse aid return to Omaha-
National IJitik. 2.9-Slt
C > i f ? fA \ lT > buy the "furnlturo c ? tbTbo l
W't'Ulptylnu / h t" ' In Iowa. Bent rca.1-
onabla. Aodrits Dolph Macgregor , Bio ollloj.
Omano Neb. 100-U
150G Farnnm Stroot.
. riiro roam cttagc. Oocd c adl >
tion. tasy terms-
Q A acre , with gocdi h"US5 , b-mi , TJcll , fruU
i\j \ and saidu trees , ncarr town.
t Afien with excellent house , cistern , well , fine
t /rut / , epo did prop * i tj. VUst Omaca. Tciw
> cry re.v.ouablo.
"TTBHY desirable rrcper y on St.
Y Great btrguin.
l Lota In Reagan's addition. Bargain.
Iho finest pripc-iVia In thin Itjr.on
ttrotcjr line. Licunoi unaurprusod , uon-n .
xoin houlc , fruit , i.c. HuiUilu lodiTldo.
A ORE tract , very chefip.
, j Acre ? , with hou'o 7 terra , watr , f'nlt and
w bhadu tlirtcs , on street cas Hue. unut bat'
' " ROOM.hcUEO , cheap , lloctbjy paymoBki.
. WKLL ocitcd business lot ] >
\LLIIOUSE , full lot , good ] location , easy
J payu.outa.
> ROOM bu-e , fina cellar , sn-a'l barn , el
i wAicr.c ucr , cast Hurt , cvitlltut Iccatlou.
riry . y teriuo.
ROOM IIOUB" , sold arranjemontunJ Iccit'on
5 ralvMLle pruptrfy. lermi rjus
I ROOM house in gud locution. . New.
r ROOM hctue , gcod cistern and llir.on street
I cai Hue. .
) ROO d house , first-daw rcpa'.r , barn , good lei -
i catljn.
-NOOS1 house , tll. cistern. Dcslratlo place.
i BIX raomhouse and two 6 room ccttagoa with
L wtlls aud clhterns , to good te3a.aU ,
room house. Oood cellar , ctstirn and wcB.
) South front. 1'ija location.
room house , cistern and ujU , cellar. lf w
5 bousr.
76 Lots.
75 Lets.
75 L'ts.
Tt.-o blocks from Htrcc > cjtj.
Two block B from Bticat turn.
? 3 0 1 j S4DO.
nly two bl toks from i troit i-art. and no bo
location in toe city , .
row la the time 10 g t good lee ca y off--
iO D wn. T
S5J Ujitn. I
) Iloivn. I
Now | < tlie tluiu 1 1 Int nt. '
Weofffr tl tsoloU c irldcrntoat they
omttchidin Una tit ] ' , tltlicr ( or pilcu c
[ n
nSiOO lo$3a\ with 3'0 down , * th'
ity ut hi tiunach of all.
No cLop r or mo D dielralila proper
vcr e J o3ertd In ihU mtrkct. Y u
uy. u'jout inonv In a or htt cr
$50 duwnnnd biljnco on cans turau.
'IOKALIST , IIS Tenth Btrxet. littwcfa I'u'tuzi '
udOaruev. Will , with the Sd c ( gix.'MLZ ,
piilte. obtain lor ny ono t , glance at iho i .t
nd prerent , and on certain conditions lu tbu -
are. Bcota and Shota niflo tc > rdur. P . , M
jPKCIAL AGChfS for Wcoo.t . Knnau and
3 Misourl to reprejcnt th 1NUU4TUIAL
, FE ASSOCIATION of Indianapolis. Indiana ,
rh'ch baa stood the to < t cttlim.piNB. alllcowj
n full0trougly ; Indorsed hv tha be t Inau * v oe-
uthori lus ; ewaiJl-licd , i clly
. orked , and I" not on the ca-opcraUre o. oldi
ino puu ! Liberal contact * ! ru-ulo with vaor
ulla ut ik coinpenaoUon of fronntwoi
haiicand to three thouarul dollar ! pciryukT'
lddta < 1NDU TH AU LlffK ASiOCIATlO.t , .
> o. iltirkut etreit ; InJUnapolls , Ind.
| u
Tbs | powder never varies ,
lurity , strength and w )
tlore econumica ) . than the on A marvf/
nd cannot ba bold incompe 'oleiomec/ /
" ultitude ot taw tett , ibort dnary kl/
' -1- UU powders. Sol - It/ /
llovAi. BAKINO
1 XJ W U