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    THE DAILY SEfr-TUf SDAY , AT'vXJST 22 Ib8) )
w J
A Visit to the Lnat Resting
Place of Proeident Liu-
The True Story of the Final Interment
of tbo Body.
Washington Cor Cincinnati Commeid 1
When in Baltimore I m do a special
pilgrimage lo Oreon Mount cemetery ,
out on Iho York road ( which la called
Oroon Mount avcnuo till the cemetery
is patBcd ) for the eoko of seeing the
buriftl place of the Booths , This an
cient God's acre is BO nnircd because
it ib'Htorally a green mount , or rather
mounds. The growth of the city is
fast encroaching upon it , and in n
short time it wilt bo within itn cloaoly
built limits , surrounded by busy tntdo
and , possibly by noisy factories , in-
steiul of the quiet flccfusion ono IOVRA
to associate with those who , after lifo'a
fitful fever , are supposed to sleep well.
Green Mount was once an ideal local
ityt.for a city of the dead , and is still
very beautiful Not many ycara ago it
was a lovely vnlo , with wooded spots
nnd open fields , from the center of
which rose thoproat green mound that
overlooks the monumental city.
"White marble shnfta gleam ihrouuh
the trees upon all its dlopcs , and upon
its npcx stands the crowning monument
ment n , pinnacled cUapel 01 carver ]
brown stone , with the symbol of the
cross , like a t iant pencil tracing si
lently upon the sky the Christian's
hope of immortality.
On the eido of the nlopo which facet
the city , in company with a number o
other polished shafts , onch urn or
liguro-ciowned , atanda
Thrcb rough-faced and massive
blocks of granite sustain the shaft ,
upon the front of which , in bold relief -
lief , ia cut the ono word :
While around the base , almost hiding
the foundation stone , a mass oi creeping -
ing ivy springs from a mound at tlio
loot. A single rose bush grows be
fore thin pravo , where reata the elder
Booth. Upon the base of the marblu ,
in bas relief , above his dust , appears
the face of him to whoao memory thu
stone was erected , Boiow ia thia in
scription :
lichold the spot whcro .ftmlua lies !
Uli , drop n tear when tnlont tiled
Uf tragtily the mighty chief ,
Thy ixnver to ] > levo HurpMneJ belief :
Hlo jacet , matchless liuotli !
Upon the face of the uhnft , to the
left , are the words :
LousJlAv 1,1700.
And upon the right face :
It took considerable search to dis
cover the grave of this gifted irmn'u
son John Wilkes Booth , tha mur
derer of Lincoln who inherited much
cf his father's genius , a dangerous
gift unices well balanced by common
sense. At the buck ot thu lot , close
fence , on the fourth side of the
arblo obelisk which boars the aboro
InTcriptions , is this simple announce
ment ;
To'tho memory of the children
of Junlua Brutus nmiMiiry Ann Booth.
JolmWilkei ,
Frederick ,
Kllzabutli ,
Mary Ann ,
Jlonry Byron.
At the foot of this side of the
monument is a second ivy-covered
mound , and upon it grows a single
rosebush , exactly like that upon the
father's gravo. Thu siuulo line ,
In the list of dead children is the
only record tolling that the man who
aimed the fatal shot is buried hero.
There are no oth -J- i . , .
. . not even
* j.B JJ.A . woiud ,
. -ko of birth or death no moro
recognition of him than of hip broth
ers and sisters who died in infancy.
Aa BOOH aftnr his death as the family
could get pormitsion from the govern
ment to remove the body ( which was
not for some time , you remember ) , it
was brought hero and his name carved
upon the atone , as indicated above.
A great many absurd stories have boon
going the rounds as to the final dispo
sition of his remains , the latest of
which is that the body was sunk in
the river seven imlca below here , near
Alexandria. Beside the auction of
spinal column which is shown in the
museum , an eminent physician of this
city uses u peculiar but not very beau
tiful ink bottle , made of a human
skull , which is currently reported to
have belonged to Booth. In fact , if
all the "remains" which are said to
have boon a part of him are genuine ,
ho would have had moro lives than
a cat , and Gabriel , toot ho
never so loudly on thu last day , will
never bo able to got him together
again. The incontrovablo truth is
this ! The remains were temporarily
deposited in tlio Arsenal buildings ,
until President Johnson ordered them
to bo delivered to the Booth family ;
I whereupon , Mr. John Weaver , u Bal
: timore undertaker , was sent to con
voy them to that city. Upon his
arrival at the Arsenal , a box was taken
up and delivered to Mr. Weaver , pur
porting to contain thu corpse ho catno
for. Ho conveyed it to Baltimore ,
whore the rude collln was opened and
found to contain a skeleton ,
upon removing which , the bonus wore
found to bo completely covered with u
powder-like substance , having the ap
pearance of soap-atone , and which
disappeared on being rubbed between
thn ihigera , as that mineral will do ,
On the ri'ht ( foot was an army shop ,
cut cpnn at the top ita entire length ,
as if to accommodate a swollen foot ,
On the other was a largo cavalry
boot. The leg was broken just above
the ankle , the fracture being
clearly marked. The portion below
It being lifted out of the box ,
ahowcd the ends of the bouca to bo
poifcctly white , thus leaving no doubt
as to the fact that when Booth leaped
from tbo president's box to the stage ,
lie broke his right leg , instead of
spraining it , as was generally supposed
at the time. Still , in view of all the
rumors nfloat , thn identity of the re
mains was not sufflciontly established
to satisfy his friends , c peciallyj
there was no portion of the spinal
vertcbuu missing , and no mark of any
bullet upon them. Booth's brother ,
Kdwin , was then sent for and
nqnostcd to point out some
p culiarity , if any existo4 , by which
the body cnuld bo identified beyond a
doubt , After considerable meditation
tlio brother said ho could remember
hut ono peculiarity , which was that
John Wilkes had a tooth plugged
with Rold in a singular manner , ilo
described the , loc.\tion of the tooth and
drew , with his pencil , the ohapo of
the plug , which waa of unusual size.
So the teeth of the skeleton were
taken out and the plugged tooth was
frund exactly as described , and thus
tlio mooted question was forever
settled ,
lie was said to hava been the hand-
Bumcnt man in the United Stratcsand
the curling dark hair which has caused
so many young ladies to lose their
hcarte , was still beautiful among the
mouldering boncn in the old urmy
blanket , and several looks were taken
for his mother and friends. There
\VM considerable stir made at the
titno about tbo burial nf his body in
any consecrated ground , but as the
cemetery wan free to all who might
purchuio a lot ( except colored people )
it could not well bo prevented ,
and the grave waa originally
guarded for month' to protect it from
Hurroptitioua desecration. Perhapn
in ono of our northern cities it would
not have been possible to bury the
pvoeidont'a assassin so quietly at least
not then ; bat the softening touch of time
ban long since obliterated any desire
for revengu upon more dead dust , and
that "tho world do move" is proven
by the fact that you road the letter
vthich seventeen years ago if one had
dared to write nobody would have
boon found to publish in a leading
paper of the foremost abolition state !
Everything about Booth's last rest
ing place reminds one of him the
poor handful of dust that managed to
woik so much miechiuf during its
short life. All this broad panorama
of activity the city stretching out
to the waters of the rivur which joins
the great Chesapeake in carrying the
commerce of a busy port out to sea
ia iiiBcpornbly conincted with him ,
for in the midjt of it ho iraa born ,
only about forty-twoycnroago , though
hia career has boon ended seventeen
long years !
Tiiiii Booth monument formerly
stood in thu old Baltimore cemetery ,
whore it marked the resting place of
.Innius Brutus Booth only. Toward
the close of the war Edwin Booth nnd
hin mother ( who still lives ) bought
this lot and removed the romaina and
the marble to thin spot. Later the
collitia of ihu children were taken up
from the old Booth homestead , in
Ilurtford county , that all might sloop
The lot containing these graves is
framed by a low stone coping , will
granite posts at each of the four cor-
norn. Close to each post grows a
beautiful pine tree , nicely shaped nnd
trimmed , showing evidence of careful
attention. To the right of the monument
ment , on a corner of the same inclos-
uro , is an old marble hoadstouoj show
ing that the insidious "tooth of Tiirto"
( ma been buoy , which marks the grave
of John Wilkos' grandfather , Kiohard
Booth , who died in 1839.
Thero'a n Will llioro'a n
Anyone who has the will to IryTilOMiti1
El , onuo OIL , \vill surely iind the way to
rcibiibt health , in cuues of bronchial nlfeo-
tlorjH , Here throat , pains , oto. ; nnd na an
internal remedy , it is invaluublo.
llcmaininff hi PostofTico during thu wock
ending August 10 , 1882.
Abr.uin H II Anderson A
AkusHon A. Ackley 0 F '
Anderson J liennett K K-2
Brown K Bloomvillo E K
Bohreng ] [ Bloom L D
Uarnell I'11 '
Becra J 15uckley W U
lUrloo 0 A Brown A V
BrouU Broopliov D
llrago lj ( ! Beagcr O F
Boyntoa < J M Brown J F
Boyd J L Qur'nn.S M
OoonorE Oartor'H
Crouyhlit J J Cuirrel > T
Christcnucn J Clark It M
Cole W U Uoratont 1)
Cowlos T L OallaRnn .T
Davlos J M Uetinett W ] ' )
Drain. ) Duul ii J W
' Uuteun it O
Doy'lf A Donnvvn 1C 0
DiuiIeUaon A C ! D.mcan B
Dohrer L Kmrleli F V
Kvans It G
FitzncrnUl J Fonriuldo 1)
( JouU W K Gii.tera .1 K
' ( irnoin A , T
Hinliull'A W Ilunsun F2
Unas U IlonaOla
Holmes M M Hewitt W O
llereley 1)
lIuacookF K llunnaon n
U > llflnilch A
HuHY aiideTC
Hu/ciiLU Juuuhfion M
'JnckwmWH ' Jacubron I"
Ireland A D , Tnkob < eu N
Inj'viirflcin S Juimnoii N J
Jouca H I ) Keith ( J A
Klttusen K H ICt'Bkle K J
Kcuucdy W L Kief J h
Ki ttornir 0 Klnii 11 F
Kulp W Kliuminim T
Kulner A Kiiotbu B
Kirk J
Ltykke 8 Ijingford J E
1-eo U o
Latbrop It I ) Lewkowlty M
L iiiliitnat K McCiilf 1'
JfoKuo M WoVoy W
MoNeir A T ) Mcl.cnilon A J
McKnight O U
MooroSir&HT Mcrcler W ( i
Murphy W D M idi telHiin J It
Marter M 1' IMnnuel A c *
Morgan 0 M NoUii J N
Owen H .1 Obivmu
I'relfhonlcrtr J I'orBon S F
1'orth II Paschal J L
1'ettenoii S
I'ctt'Mnu h T Pratt JH
IVfiuullorT I'/raon / A O
Park CJ Palmer F II
Ilotu Mr H itlmrtV
Huiln W Itubbitt J
HopewT P-l Jtol'crtBon P
llobla H Kogert A
llluk A llyan 0
ityan O Itiumusjcn K
llu.-wdl V I ! Jtlclipioiul K I *
Ituckwell j ; Salcn N N
Htocl Mr Suclu W
Sllghtam J .Shutter li
H.iu o Q A Smith J
Hliadtr A Ii Simpson A 0
Snyder A J Kbcrmaii K
S-JimUt 1' K Seldel 1C P
Tiun-yC Taylor F
V uclief 1) fi
Willetta J i : WlldSr J L
Willlanii J W Walker It
WhUnaud F Wicklmm U
White Jl J Worley J J
Worley J WiUon O It
Wilmott 0 II WIu.low 15 L
Workman G
Houses ,
Farms ,
nctut'.ful bullillnir ltea on Sherman avenue
tlOth elreot ) louth of Pooplaon'a and J. J
llrown'a nMilcmt * the tract bclonicl K to Sctm-
tor Paddock for so many jcars being
863 feet west 'rontatrn rn the kvenun ,
by fr m SCO to C60 feet In depth ,
ruanlnL- eastward to the Mnarm & St. Paul K. II
Will soil In strips of W feet or moro f ontaico on
thcatenuo with full depth to the rallroa I , will
tell the above on about uny terms that purchaser
may ikslro. To parties who will airrcu to build
housc > ice tlnir 31VGO and tipnrd will eel with
out any payment dawn for ono year , and 5 to 10
equal annual p j merits thercnfur t" per ccm
Interest. To parties whc do not Intend improv
ing Immediately will Bt II for ( no sixth don n and
5 equal annual payments thorc&lUr at 7 per cent
I me rest.
Cholro 4 aero block In Hmlth'u addition at wcet
end of Farnim street will krho any length of
tlmu required at 7 per cent Interest.
Alio a iplonilM 10 ncra block In Smith's addi
tion on eamo liberal ter no forci ; lag.
No. 805 , Half lot on ncai 20th
No 801 , Lot on 18th struct near Paul , 81200.
No 302 , Lot 30x280 feet on 1Mb btrcct , near
No 209 , Ono quarter aero Hurt street , near
Dutton 3500.
No 207 , THO lots on Dlondo near Irorio street ,
J260 and&OOcaih.
No 296 , Two lota on Ocorula near Michigan
SJrect , SI 200.
No2J5 ! ! , Twelve cbolco roMdcnco lots on llnmll-
gjn etrect In Shlnn'ti aildltlon , flue and slghtl )
to to ? tOO each.
No 291 Beautiful half lot on fit. Marj's av
enue , 30x180 feet , i tar Ulthop Clurkuon's and
VOth struct , S1WK )
No 21)2 ) , b'lvu choice lota on Park avenue , 60x
ICO each , on street railway , { SOU < uch.
No'JOl.Six lots In lllllard & Ca Uwcll's addition
on Hherman Avcnuo near Popplctou'a , 131.0 to
8 150 each.
No 2 = 1) , Cholco lots on Park avunuo and street
ar line on ri < ad to Park , $ IGO to 81000 each.
No 280 , Eleven lots on Deca ur and Irene
streets , near BaunJera street , $ U7D to SI60 each.
No 282 , Lot on lUth near i'aul street. $760.
No 281 , Lot 65x140 ( vet near Mt. Mary's avcuuo ,
and 20th street. # 1600.
No 270 , Lot on Decatur Ircno street , $326.
No 278. Fuur lots on CuMwcll , ucar gaundors
etrott , 8600 each.
No 276 , Lot on Clinton street , near shot tower ,
No 27ff , Four lota on McLullan street , near
Illondo , liapin's iddltKm , $ J26 oich.
No'27'1 , Three lota near raca course : make
No 203 , Beautiful corner aero lot on California
street , opposite * nd adjoining Sacred Heart Con-
\ont Krouudu , 910CO.
NoiJo ( , Lot onManon , near 1Mb street , $1,360.
100 ots In "Credit Fonclisr"aid "Grand View'
additions , just south-east of U. P and D. A M.
i allroad cpots , ranging f rom fc60 to < loOOcach
anil on easy terms.
Ucautlful Ucaidcnco Lots at n bargain \cry
handy to shops 1UO to 260 cidi , C percent down
nd U per con t per mouth , Call ami get plat and
ull particulars.
No 268 , Full corner lot on Jonon , Near 16th
etroot , $3,000.
No 263 , Two lots on Center street , near Curn-
Inir etrect , 000 lor both or $600 each.
No 261) ) , Lot on Seward , near King street ,
" 0219 , Half lot on DoJge , near 11 h str'po
No 217 , " .our beautiful residence lots near
Crnlghtou College ( or will separate ) $3,000.
No 210 , Two lots on Center , near Cumlng
street , WOO each. .
No 2-10 } , Lot on Idaho , near Cumin ? street ,
M01I16 , Dcautlful corner aero lot on Cumlnar ,
near IMtcu itreet. near now Convent of tiacred
U < -Mt , 81 , WO
Ho. 211 , Lot on Farnam , near 13th etrect ,
No 213 , Lot 00 by 1 on Co'lcgo street ,
nearBt. Mao's avctmo , ( TOO.
No 211 , Lot on I'nirnm , near 20th street ,
ho 910 , Lot 00 by 00 "Otot " on South ft\cr.uo ,
near Hasan street , 5 060 ,
No. 29 ! , corner let 01 Hurl , near "M street ,
$ . , ! iOO.
No. 238. 120x1 K " . ( it r , 1 Hariny , ucar 21th.
street , ( will cut It uti ) $2,400.
No. UJI , Lot on UouKlu etrect , near 26tb ,
o. 232 , Lot ou Pier tKU , Uuar (5c ( nri ! ,
o. 227TwolotsonDmitur , near Ircno ( Wet ,
$200 uach.
MI i2J , Lot 113 by t U foot on HhcM'anatc
iuui(10th ( stu-et ) . nca Uraco , $2,100 , \\llldlvldo ,
No 2 0 , Lot 2JxCrct on Dodge , near 13th
street ; inaVo sn uller ,
No2i7 , I/ton23rd ncarClarir , J500.
No 21U , Lot on Hamilton near King , $803.
No 2otf , Lot un Itith btroct , near Nicholas
No 207 , Two lets on 10th , near Pacific ( treat ,
J1.600 ,
AoxOI , lloautlful rusllcnco lot on Dhlalon
itrcot , ni'ar Cumlng , faOO ,
No IDJj Lots on 16th street , near Plcrco ,
{ 000.No
No ID11 } , Lots on Sauuderi street , ncir Seward -
ard $600.
NolUl { , Two lots on ! d , near Oroco street ,
Nol02iT o lots on 17th street , ntar white
load orku , 81,050.
N 188 ( ; Ouu 'ull b\o& \ ten loU , near the
barracks , $100.
No 1U1 , Lot ! on Parker , street , near Irene
810J ,
No 183' Two lota on Can , near 21st street
( gilt edge ) . < 0,00j.
.NO IhU , Lot on Pier near Eeward , $050.
Nol70 , lx > t ou Pacltlottrcet , mar 14th ; mika
fler ,
nulOO , Six lots ontParnam , near tilth street
f. 100 tof,8iOcacli
No 103 , Full block on SMh etrrcet , near race
urso , i.d thruo lota In Qlio' addition , near
untliTU and C'auius Directs , $2,000.
No 127 , > ot ou Ibtn uticvt , near wblo lead
orki , 8625.
No I'J-J , 123x132 feet CJ lots ) ou 18th struct ,
near Poppltton'ii , Ul.OOO.
No ll'J , Thirty lull acre loU In M lard & Cal.
dwell * ad'lltloni ou Hheriuan avenue , Spring and
burnt > ga street * , near the end of gioou strict
car track , jfi5 to (1,1100 each.
Nob'J , Lot ou Chicago , near 2d tieet ,
81.81)0 )
No 8S , Lot ou Cal Jwell itreet , near Saundcrs ,
No PC , Corner lot on Charles , near Hauud-
dom street , $100.
Ko75. Oiix 2fwtoii 1'aclQc , near Stb street
No 60 , Ighteou lot * nn SIst , 2iJ , 23d and
dauudCM etrcutu , near Orai. ami ti uudor street
bridge. $500 c Ui
No 0 , Uuu-fourth black (160x135 ( feet ) , nca
Iho Convent of Poor Claire , on Hamilton utrect
va h cud of thu tud mrect car track , $1,030
16th ana uongias Str ot ,
, - Proprietor.
112 Harnoy at. - Omrlia , M ,
Tin , Iron and Slat0 Eo. fing ,
Specht'n Patent Motnlio Skylight.
Patent Adjusted Ilntchot liar
and Brocket Shelving , I am
thn general agent for tlio
abuvo line of Roods.
Qrcitln , Daliutradet , Ver nd k , Office urn
Dank Rulllng * , Window and Cellar
Quard * ; alto
Young'town , Ohio , Muy in , l8So.
DR. 1J. J. KP.SDAM , * Co. I hid n virjr vuluv
hlo Hnmh ctonl n colt tint I ] > Izi > cry Ighly
hohiul o la'K * li io-p \ln i one J it > t ntl 'a
arnall ono nn the , 'lhtrtlch made him very
lame ; I ha I him under tl c cliarpu o tw. ) veter
inary Biiriteonii whlci filled to i tire him I ta
ontiday rnd ng iho rt\tnllsoment o1 KelnhU'x
S | MII | Cur * In th Chicago Kvjiriss I detent hits ]
ntoiico tn try it a d it t our cm R sts ere to
* ml f rlt , ilihcyrd'rtdt roe hbttius 1 to k
all mil I thought I wuli imo t a tlnnouzli
t'lil.I mod It a cordlni ; t3 direct ! in AIM ! tlio
oiitth day Uo cott co oed to lie mno mil the
lum hmo il'mppcnrtd ' I rued btl ono bottle
and t'n colt'i ) llmtu arnni ( ii'oof ruiupinticlas
smooth an a y hone In thcMnti 11 n-ut re
ly curcH. Thn euro wi Bf > remarkable thit I
ha\e Icttuool my tick-lib > r Inua the remain-
ng two buttles win reno > u-limtt.
Very respectfully.
Bond ( or Illustrated circular giving positive
proof. I'llcoil. AM DruRcIutfl hftvo It or car
net It lor you. Dr. li. J. Kendall & Co , Pro-
prlctorH , Enonbuuh Falls , Vt.
No Cnri HEBTABUamD : i8B1 ) 811
WoPiiy ! I J I < oou t St
St. Louis , is utill treatIng -
Ing all I'UIVATB , NKM-
prcial D'scvca ' , Srcrwa-
tnr lnca Imnori ncy ( Sex-
ml Inca ncltj ) , Ko nln
D ca ' , IrrrgulirUlcs ,
UlilicnlUcs , i'tc.
tH Li > dlca , ten 25ccnt-
1 utainps ) t p yrxprr94
tiaro < on aaluahl
\\orfc" entitled " 'Uo PC *
ol Women , etc. " Work
en CIIRONIO DINEASRS , ono st.inp 3T\'tct\ \
otScli-alimo or Prhato Lilscosc. Bond 2 a amp
for UF.I.IBRATED oxKHi'n irriuinnd txml
I IseiHej. Consnltntloii persnnilly o > hv Icticr ,
t''IKB Consii t the old DocU.r . , THOUSANDS
CUKUi ) . Olllo In quiet , i rlv.Ue , rct'edi'ilo | ' '
placu. You MU no ono hu the doctx r. Ur.
Idrkc I- the only physician In the city who w r-
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whcro. Hou , 8 A. M. to 8 r. M. d&wly
. other treatment
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d ahetuH , drorsy , consumption , soio thr at , ca
tarrh d zz no's , lillllo isnc > 8 , < raa'li , nciira'gU ' ,
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aru > urcdbv the A ahcl Mineral h'pMnif Water
or the pcifectct trratmrnt of the hiiropemand
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Lnndnn I'arl , Vicnn. , Ucrllii , nd . * ev Yoik
laaiphlet , with < 'lr ' c'.lo s and c.r Illcalo of
cur'c , frco ilecllc 1 treatUo on linpotcnc ) ,
"tcrlilty. dleea'o'l ro tr to ultvtil , n dsnil'ilh ' ,
25c. ' | Bv : , J31 Lex njjtoi ' . 've. New York city
Hngllshrcm- -
oily. Anun-
Ulllng euro
i for Bemtnol
\Vciknoae ,
jtv3tx' ' rhea , Impot-
yfl AU ! S.cncy , andall
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companied with five dolltrj , will send the pur-
chaaor our written guarantee to return the
money If tbo treatment do < not cff < ct a cure.
d. F. GoodmMi , DriiK 'st ' , Sole. Wholesale and
regul Acut , Omaha , Kati , Orors by mall at
0 * ' ' 1' M > 1Awlv
JUcy shrink from pu ll-lty In connection with
S. H. H. , \\-uatopsnnlttud \ to rtfer tu tbu fol-
lo lm ; pcrhoiid who ba > o knonri and \\ltncBtcJ
Its wciucrful tffccta :
I'KRttV , Houston Co. , Oa.
\Vo ba\o In vn "EvvKt'a t-pii'ldv" toiled III
hundredn ofinoit ohstlnatocas sot looilPoison-
Ing , Mtrciirla' lib , iimat'tiii ' , Bcruf la , 8ore < ,
rvzeua , Cat rrh itc , atd do cji silentlously
ti-nlfy that It met \\l h tinuioat pvrftet ntulg \
nil ticvcsi , clluu ed radical and perm iiieut cures
liiemry c to ulthuut aslneleoxoontlon ,
Muijli L Dcniiurd. Ceo. W Kill n ,
JohnO. llrown , Hco. W. SlnKlntoo ,
Win , llruiiHcn , John II. IIuui ) ,
Jsines 1) . harp , i ; 1 Warren ,
ilooro ft 1'u < t c , .1 , W. lleU In ,
J. W. Wlmbcrly , J. W. Woolfock ,
w , I ) . Plereo , Sheriff , J , W. Mann , Co. Trcas.
0. C. Duncan , T. il. Klllcn ,
l ) > y & ( iordon , T , U. Uu'i cr , thc'lff.
We are personally acquainted with tie KO tie-
turn uhoso sunaturrsappetr to tbu above ct't-
tlllcate. Tlisy are Itlzo' < i of bald ejunty , ot the
lilK'lieit rcniiectablllty and character.
A. i > . ail.KS. Ordinary , llcuston Ca.Ca.
1) . 11 , CULLUlt , cl'k Sup. Ct , Iloujton Co. Go.
"Nothlnpbu * fatorablu reuortj , ] < clle > u
8. Ii nspecltlo for all ll.ood Ulteisuu.
universal sitUfactlon "
a. W. JOM:3 : & CO. . MemphisTrim.
"S. S. H. elves better satUfactlon tlnn any-
KO ha > e CUT handled , "
JACKS & CO. , Helena , Ark.
"Have nc\rr heard cou > i > Ulnt of ti. B. 3. "
AUTIIUK PhTKIl & w'O. , Loulsulle.Ky.
" 8. S. S , has Riu'ii entire satUfactlon to every
one. " A. II. UIUIIAKD4 , tjhermanT x.
"I lm\v had rxrellcnt tale f-r f. B , 3. and the
results Imobren ino < t e * Isla-tory. "
J. 0. llUUUfc1 , Howling Cncn , Ky.
"Our pales < ( R. S. 8. have been good , and Hi
p rleit. "
JONK3 , v CAHUV , Montgomery , Ala.
"S. 8.8 , hatch en ent'rolatldactlou toocry
0111. " K llKUdS , Paris , T x i.
"S , S 8. Ina Uon unuemil fatUfactlon. "
11. W. 1'OYVKIIS & CO. , nichmond , Va.
.S1.00O Howard will be paid la a
chemist who UTUnd , on analyiUof 100 Votll
B. S. 8. , one particle of Mercury , Iodide of Po
ilom or any Mineral substance.
8WUT SPE01F10 CO. Frori
Atluiti , Oa
Price of Small size , 11.00 ,
Lug * eiit Il.To.
.Sold bf nil DruwUti.
jcn suffer from Dyspepsia , wo
If you are amicU J with Biliousness , use
If jou are prostrated with tick Headache , take
f your Bowels ro disordered , regulate them with
II v.'ur Blood li mpuro , purify It w 1th
If you ha e Indigestion , you lll hndan antldoto
If YOU ire troubled with Spring Complaints , er
adicate them with BUHDOCK BLOOD BITTERS.
If your Lli-erls torpid , restore It to healthy action
If your Liver Is Mice ted , you will find a sure re-
If you hat o any specie ; of Humor or Pimple , fall
If you have any symptoms of Ulcers or Scrofulous
Sores , a curatlto remedy w III lie found In
For Imparting strength and 11tahty to the sys
tem , nothing can equal
For Nervous and Ocncral Debility , tone tip the
Price , 81.00 net Bottle ; Trla BottloiIOCU
, , , , Props ,
Sold at wholesale by lib & McMahon and C. F.
Ooodmaa. J0 27 eod-mo
The Jjngiish Rurnedy
Never falls to cuio
Nervous Doblllty , VItal -
tal Hxhaustlon , Emis
sions , Seminal Woak-
imOOD , and all the
juxll effects ot youth >
] > ful follies and execs-
'lca. It stops perma
Silently nil urakenlnfr.
Hinxoluntary loss sand
Bdralns upon the sys-
Dtcni , thr Inevitable re-
"suit of thcsu evil practices
tices , which'af'o so dostrtio Ivo to mind and body
and make Ufa miserable , oltcn leading to Insani
ty and death It strengthens the Ncrveu.Braln ,
( mcmoryt Blood , Muscles , Icntlve and Ucpro-
ductlvo Orpins , It restores W all the orinuilc
functlrns their former vigor and vitality , ma-
Ing life cheerful and enjoyable. Price , 83 a
'lottlc , or four times the quantity 10. Sent by
express , secure from observation , to any address ,
on receipt of price. No. C. O. D. sent , except
ou receipt of $1 as a guara tco. Letters re
questing answers must inclose stamp.
Dr. Mimio's Dandelion Pills
are th j best and cheapest djepepsla and billions
euro In the market. Sold by all druggists. Price
60 cents ,
Uurenall kind of Kldnoyarid bladdercauinlMnto ,
goiiorrhia , gleet and luucorrhia. r'or ealo oy all
dauggists : 81 a bottlo.
71801l\oSt. , St. Louis , Mo.
For Sale tn Omaha by
Disease li an effect , not a cauno. Hi origin Is
within ; Its manifestations without , r cncc , to
cure the disoieo the CArsKmuat ha removed , and
in no other ay can a cure over lo effected.
LIVER CURE Is established ou Just this
principle. It realizes that
95 Per Cent.
9f Ml diseases nrlzo Itora deranged kldetjt an
&lvcr , audit strikes at once at the root jf the
lUIculty. Tlioelcraertsof whlchltte WmiKMod
ct dlrectly\ipon ihcso great org m , uoth as a
JOOD ai d r-sroRKR , and , by i > laclii them In a
healthy , cdhdltlcn , drive dlaeauo nud pain from
tbo syetem.
For the Innumerable trouKM caused by un
healthy Kldripis , .Llvcr and Urinary Organs ; for
the dn.tre-Alrt'-'plsorJtrsd : Women ; for Malaria ,
an > physlcir'ucrangimciits generally , this great
ram dy haj no equal. IJtwaro of Impostors , Im
itations and concoctlonssild tn be Just as good.
For Diabetes , as for V/ARNLR'S SAFE
For sale by all dealers.
mo Rooliontor N. Y
W If JOUMIfliainn
% < mr duties uvoli' '
ilinmlantsi. i J u *
Hop Bitter * . Uf-j ( lop D.
utivrlnpfion "J
iliscri'lto r0or jSjH'u Hun if > ou
Or I. O
U n l clr.t * .
) : iami , disente and Irreaiktiv
tile c u r i > it
tm < YViooii / , dronkennom
Idrrutncnt * ! , UDO 0' uiUH
VUQ will ho ti 1/aocu , < 1 >
cured Irsouujc
Hop Blttor
Sold bj drt\ '
Ifyou re lm pl.H. rk > ujfur
rtir wralc * uU C'trcultr
It ! f HOIBirru * -
ruv your r ra to. ,
11 fe It lint
oaved hun- t
Uroits. iTroJlo. Oil
To IMervous Sufferers
Dr , J. B , Simpson's Specific
It Is t iiotitlrocuro for Upericttoirbei , Ecmlna
Weoknetn , ImpoUacy , and nil dlocasca reenltlcg
from fieU-AbuiO , M Mental AcxUty , LOSJI
Memory , Pln In jhc B\ckiu _ Sld , unJ dltcucl
iniuulty an
_ oarlygrare
The SrcclCc
Medicine li
Mag usud
tritli wonder
ful Buecesa.
unt free to nil. Wilta lei them md got full j i.
tlcularn. , ,
Price. Specific , 11.00 per pick iff , eli pack.
aru for tl.03. Addrtwa all orderi to
u. BIM60N UEDICK : ! " cs.
Nc . 101 and 108 ililn fit Buffalo , K. Y.
SoM In Oinahi bv C. F. Goodman , J. W. Btll ,
J , K. I h , and all ifrnctfi t overywhore.
"BLACK-PnAUGHT" cures dj ipq > -
! ' ' - " totjun ami heartburn.
The following advantigea are lalmcd for this Pulley : IT is STito.NOKn and more
durable , owing ! 1. To the absence of shrinkage strains. 2. To tlio increased num
ber of ants , 3. To the fact that the rim is much etronger than the cat rim , IT is
ii no danger of breakage In handling when tthipped looso. When shipped loose they
ate gencntllv accepted as tliinl-cl.ia * freight Iu3toid of first-class , and as the weight is
only one-hull that of cast I'ullojM the frnight I < still further reduced. Wu QUAKANTE
TIIKM to ) x > rform satisfactorily any work from the lightest to the heaviest ,
SPLIT PULLETS from 12 to 43 inches diameter only.
Pulleys of wider face than 13-inch are provided with two sots arms without extra
We supply each Pulley with two sot-screws without extra charge.
What wo claim for our PATENT HOT POLISHED SHAFTINGS is : i
1st , That it is round and straight.
lid. It can be accurately rolled to any desired gauge ,
3d , That its stufacj being composed of magnetic uxide of iron obviates any un-
ducjtcndoncy to rust or tarnish , wnile it at the same time gives one of the best journal
or bearing surfaces ever discovered.
4th. That it will not wnrp or spring in key seating.
fHli. That it is uiade of the very beat of refined stock.
tarl'or further particulars , price list and discounts , send to
Foundry and Machine Shop , Fremont Nob.
Storage , Commission and Wholesale Fruits ,
Agents for Peck & Bausliors Lard , and Wilber Mills Flour
, - - -
cr. cr. oo
Boots and Shoes ,
O. IE1.
Window and Plate Glass.
tar Anyoco contcinplatlng bullaln ? store , bank , or any other Una will dud It to their ad <
vantage to cotrva end with us before purchasing tlwir Plato Glass.
. C.
1213 Farnham St. . Omaha.
j 1t < y 'W tftiStiiHtSMJ tUrfJlrTu t&V it Sd3
Ou River Bank , Bet , Farnham and Douglas Sts , ,
, . - * ' *
Fire and Burglar Proo
1020 Farnham Street ,
- - 3SOE3IE5.
X wV