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DfoIselBy Effectually Pulls tlio
Wool Over tlio Eyes of
tlia Enemy ,
Saturday's Ruse Results in the
Capture of the Remaining
Canal Towns.
iBands of Street Arabs Routed
by the P/annes and Many
The Brilliancy of the Maneuvre
"Overshadows the History
of Modern Warfare. "
The SkirmiBhiuK at Ramleb , ol
Oourae , Ends In a Victory
for the British.
Countless Numbers of the Ene
my Killed , While the Lat
ter Escape Unhurt.
The Turkish Plan for Joinl
Operations Rejected by
if DeLesseps Vigorously Attacks
'f ' the Invaders and Spills
Much Ink.
All Tmffio on tlio Canal Stoppot
by Brltluli Gunboati.
Another Emaciated Crew Returni
from Northern lee Flolela.
Spoilal Dlipatchca to Tun Unit.
LONDON , August 20. The Ewten
telegraph company auiioui cea Urn
Port Said was occupied at IJ o'clocl
this morning by the English forces
At 2:30 : o'clock this afturnoon earth
works had been thrown up between
the European and Arab quarter of tin
town. Seventeen transports and fivi
men-of-war are at Port Said and Ad
miral Seymour and Gen. Sir Game
Wolsoluy are botlt there.
This morning Ismailia also waa oo
cupied by the British , and the robe
troops were driven from Nofick. Thi
\ British have possession of the tele
Waph line from Port Said to Suez.
A dispatch from Port said dated 1
a. m. , any a : Sailors are landing am
disarm : ng the natiy.cs , who offer ni
rosistanoa. Serorol tnmnporta am
men-of-war are anchored hero and i
fleet numbering seven is coming In
The gunboats Dee and Don have on
tercd the canal. It ia said Rear Ad
miral Hewitt has stopped canal traffic
Ponx SAID , August 20. The Brit
ish admiral commanding hero ha
granted permission to land the shop
end of the cable , which has hithort <
been worked from on board the ehi ]
John Ponder. The German gunboa
Kabiuht has returned to 'Alexandria
The occupying force numbers sis
hundred. Two hundred and fift ;
Egyptians soldiers wore diearmei
without resistonco. The govormnon
of the khedive has boon reinstated
The commanders of the Euyptiai
troops are prisoners in the ollicea o
the canal company , and their tolegrap !
office is occupied by the British.
to merchant vessels and the dredge
in it have been seized , The bombard
inent of the Ghuinilch fortification
vill probably take place to-day. Th
French dispatch boat Asia left then
yesterday to take the place of tin
corvitto Forbin at Suez. The Forbii
has gone to Maasowak to protpc
French subjects there. The Britisl
man-of-war Tounnatino entered tin
canal this morning together with tin
gunboat Dee and cleared for action.
IHMAILIA , August 20. Do Lossopi
wrote Rear Admiral Hewitt jesterdaj
as follows : "It is said that Bridal
troopa will land on the banks of Sue ;
canal. I appeal to your honor as t
British admiral that vessels to which
according to the by-laws of the com
pany , wo cannot refuse pilots , bo no
employed for the purpose , in violatioi
of the neutrality of canal which ha
boon secured by the sultan's firm at
and the recent declarations of mari
time powers , "
Da Lessens , in another loiter , says
"Tho British admiral has inforraoe
the chief transit agent of the cana
company that in consequence of hii
instructions from the British government
mont ho will prohibit the entry inU
the canal until further orders , of al
vessels , oven the canal company1 !
boats , and that In case of need ho wil
resort to force to prevent such on
trance. The admiral hoa furthei
placed an armed gunboat at the entrance
trance to the canal , I protest aguina
this act of violation and spoliation , "
ore ? o THE JUIONT.
ALEXANDIUA , August 20. The
troops landed from the transport :
which arrived to-day were immediately
atoly sent to the front. There waa i
reconnoisanco in force this afternoot
at 4 o'clock along the Mahmoudicl
canal by the Thirty-eighth , Forty
ninth , Seventy-fifth and Seventy
ninth regiments. The enemy kop
within his entrenchments , tiring u
shell at the British advance , but then
were no casualties ,
LONDON , August 20. A dispatcl
from Alexandria to llouttes says : Tin
intention to bombard Aboukir , whiol
was oilicially announced Friday , wai
cither n ruse or was abandoned at the
ast moment. The fleet and trans-
) ort * went to Aboukir Saturday after-
loon , but at 10:150 : o'clock nt night
quietly atenmod eastward , leaving the
Achilles and tire other vessels in
Aboukir bay. Thcso are this morn-
ng still anchored in the bay , south of
Solson Island , from which point they
control the railway to ll > sottn , but
the coast from Aboukir to Ilosotta
shows no t\yn nf any landing having
; > oen made. The white flag is atill
lying on Aboukir forts.
LONDON , August 21. Hear Admiral
ooking , commanding at I'ort Said ,
reports :
Pont SAID , August 20th , 7 A M.
"Wo have made all our nrrnngo-
menU yostvrdny for the advance.
Commander l-Mwnrds , with the boats
of the squadron , during this night oc
cupied the canal , taking possession ot
the droJges , b.rgcs , otc , and also oc
cupied Knntara. Before dnrlinht
Cantnin occupied Port Said
and Captain Fit ? .Roy , of the Invinc
ible , hold Ismaili.1. All wont well
and there was no difficulty. Cuptnin
Fi'zHoy shelled the enemy out of
Nefick. Commander Kuns was slightly
injured Telegraphic communication
with Knntarn and Ismailia has been
restoicd. Tliroo hundred nnd forty
maiincs nro on bo.rd the gunboat
Dee , ready to bo sent to reinforce
Captain Fitz Roy. Ono ship is ashore
n the canal , but the vessels can pass.
The ships with Admiral Seymour nnd
nnd General Sir Garnet Wolsoloy OD
bonrd are in sight. "
From this it would nopear that the
occupations were effected by naval
forccn before the arrival < f transports.
A later telegram from Port Said saya
the troopship Serapia and some ol the
guuboata have already entered the
canal with troops.
ALEXANDRIA , Auguat 20. In the
skirmish yesterday the Egyptians fireei
Shrapnel shollo ineffectually nt nr
outpost of the Jtarty-aixth infantrj
numbering 300 , who were occupying
temporarily an entrenchment. Tht
Ei/yijtian infantry then advanced tc
within about 800 yards. Thcp wore
comicg from Kalr El Dwar. Some
cavalry nho appeared from the direction -
tion of Aboukir. The Egyptian lines
were most irregular nnd some of the
men apparently unarmed.
ALEXANDUIA , August 10. Advicet
from Cairo report all quiet there tc
the 10th inst.
It appears that the generals com
manding the brigades wore not in
formed of the intended movement on
Port Snid. Major Gen. Sir Edward
Hoinloy hod been ordered to support
the bombardment of Aboukir forts by
a flank attack1 from llamloh and wan
unaware ot the real plans until hi
opened this morning seated orders he
had received.
'Tho roconnoisance by the armed
iiwf mido thin oitnrnnnn drew firt
from the Egyptian 15 centimetre
Krupp gun , but the aim was bad ,
The British 40-poundora on tbo trair
replied and silenced the enemy. The
fortifications at Ramloh are being
strengthened by Arab laborers.
LONDON. August 20. The exchange
telegraph saye : Dispatches fron
Alexnndria report that Arabi Pasha'i
entrenchments will bo attacked Mon
day morning at 0 o'clock.
LONDON , August 20. The Dailj
Telegraph has the following from
Alexandria : Within the last few dayt
one of Arabi Pasha's cllicora visited
Fort Moka and proposed to surrender
with a largo body of men. Ho prom
ised to return Monday nnd mukc
known the decision of his men as tc
whether or not ; they would accept the
terms otTered. It is behoved tliie
proposition of the ollieers was only a
ruse. Spmo English officers thought
they noticed Europeans directing the
enemy during the skirmish yesterday ,
The distance between our outposts and
the emony'a entrenchment was about
2000 yards. It wai discovered that
Arabi Pasha has deep cuttings well
in advance of his entrenchments A
person ot position in Alexandria , aup
posed to bo French , has been arrested
on the charge of communicating witli
Arabi P.islm and aunt on board a gun
ALEXANDUIA , August 20. The secret -
cret of the destination of the first
division nnd ironclads was well kept
until Sunday. The general opinion
that Aboukir will bo bombarded is
now an open secret. War vessels
have all gene to Port Said. The
Second battullion Highland light in
fantry and First bitttallion ot Irish
fusiliers have landed from troop shipe
Franco and Arab , respectively , and
proceeded to Ramloh to join General
Allison's division. Heavy firing is
now going on at Run lull. The firing
ia distinctly hoard hero. There has
been numerous cases of sui. stroke
among the troops recently.
POUT 8 Am , August 20. The iron
clads Inflexible , Tomorairo , Argin-
court , Monarch , Penelope , two gun
boats and twelve troop ships are still
lying in the harbor off hero. The
marines and sallora occupy the town.
The fleet is about at the entrance of
the canal ,
LONDON , August 20.--Tho Dailj
News has the following from Port
Said ; Tlio Kgpptian soldiers are do
ing duty with the police in the town ,
which is perfectly quiet , The kho-
divo's government has addressed the
Egyptian troops , tolling them those
who were tor the khedive could re
main and would not bo molested , but
thosn who were for Arabi Pasha had
batter go and seek him , Two officers ,
well known partisans of Arabi Pasha ,
have been arrested and sent on board
a roasel of the'fleet. Tlio commandei
of the Egyptian troops , a fanatic ol
the worst class , who has been acting
as vice governor , has escaped to Fort
Gherail with 120 soldiers. Arabi Pa
's governor lott for Ismail ia three
daya ago ,
LONDON , August 20. A dispatch
from Constantinople says : Lord
Duflorin , in an interview with Said
Pasha nnd Asym Pnsha , declared lu
was unnblo to accept the Turkish pro
posal for n military convention oven
in their now form. Snid Pasha nnc
Asym Pasha are understood to be
strongly in favor of an understanding
with Enqland. The Turkish proposal
ia ns follows ;
First , An Kngliali general shall lx
attached to the Turkish camp to f
cilitnto the intorchnnno of commutii
cations between the Turko and tin
British. Second , The mou'iivrra ol
English nnd Turkish forces ahull mu
tunlly bo ctrried out in such n man
iu > r as to avoid the interference of tin
one with the other. Third , That tin
date shall bo fixed for the ovncuatioi
of Egypt by the English forces.
The sultan is understood to bo mon
averse thnn over to the issuance of i
proclamation gainst Arnbi Pasha nnc
the acceptance of the proposal for i
military convention. The fnunticn
party are for the moment cntiruly ii
the ascendant. The growing sym
p.ithy of the people here with Arab
Pasha is daily causing inorenaei
anxiety. Several arrests have nlrcadj
been made of persons too ntroiigl ;
outspoken in their support of Anibi
Inflammatory religious punching ha
been prevalent in the moequns , no
toriously in that of St. Sophia durini
rnmazan , or annual Mulmimnodai
lent , which is now being observed.
PARIS , Auijust 20. At n mootinj
of the Suez canal company held hen
to-day , resolutions were passed do
daring it ia the duty of the compnni
co uphold the claims already m.ido it :
favor of the neutrality of the cana
and to oppose all warlike meaauroi
taken by England , acting in her oa
sumcd character as the supporter o
the khodivo. The resolutions stati
that the company's concussion cnnno
bo disturbed uvon by the sultan , aiu
that the company rosorvea to itsol
the right to claim , baforo a compoton
tribunal , compensation from Englnni
ALEXANDRIA , August 21. The roc
onnoissancu made this afternoon aoom
to show that the enemy's urtillery UIK
infantry have boon weakened sine
yesterday , but their big guns are aid
iu position. The khedive watched tin
prouress of the skirmish yestordn ;
from n villa within range of thi
enemy's honvy guno. The roconnoia
sanco proves the excellence of Arab
Pasha n earthworks nnd the accurac ;
of the fire of his artillery.
Reports from the interior shbw * hti
Arabi Pasha is making tlio entire pop
ulation labor on din earthworks. Ill
declares that Kafr El Dvvar shall bo
The British cavalry were confusei
from restlessness of horses. About I
o'clock in the evening the Britisl
ironclad train sent out a car wi'b i
40-pounder detached and sent abou
forty yards in advance of the ongini
and fired two shells upon the Egyp
tiaiiB , who endeavored to execute i
flanking movement. The 40 pounder
after this movement was frustrated
fired towards Kafr El Dvar. Tin
Egyptians replied with n shell , whicl
burst between the train and engine
The train , then retired , firing during
the trip. Another shell exploded nea :
the train butweon the rails. The trait
finally retired without damage. Thi
British infan.ry meanwhile fired fron
the entrenchments , causing great Jos
to the Egyptian cavalry , estimated a
300. The fighting ceased at sunset
LONDON , August 20 A dispatch ti
Lloyds from Port Said , say : Entr ;
into the Suez canal is forbidden by tin
English at both unds of the canal.
A 81'Y IN CAMl' .
Information from headquarters stat
that a prominent person has booi
discovered to bo iu'conatunt coinnm
nication with the rebels , Ho will bi
arrested and confined on board tin
Egyptian man-of-war. Itisroportoi
that the person referred to is Ilassai
Pacha , Choroi minister of Nukfs.
The arrest of the person montioncc
as having been in constant communi
cation with the rebels , was made thi
Mr. Long , the American consul , wo
attacked yesterday inaido of the Ga
barrigate , by about forty native , Sol
diera arrived ana dispersed the crowd
The ringleadcra of the assaulting part ;
was arrested.
5 } > c.m Dispatch to 'J IIB Urn.
LONDON , August 20. The atonmo
Hopi ) , commanded by Sir Allot
Young , 0. B. , which left hero in Juin
last , in search of the crow of tin
steamer Eira , > > as arrived at Peter
head with the entire crew of that vos
sol. The Hope picked them up ii
Matotsehin Straits , Nova Zambia , 01
the third of August , having lost the !
ship off Franz Josef land , and jour
neyed in bo its to the atraiti
through the ice. Leigh Smith , com
manderof the Eira expedition , give
the following accounts of its exper
"On July 13th 1881 , wo utoamoe
through a pack of ice and ten day
later sighted Franz Josef land , Wi
proceeded toward Cpo Ludlow , whicl
waa close to the pack , to the north
ward. On August 2nd wo went u ]
Nightingale Sound and thence t <
Kira harbor , and erected a storehouse
On the 10th wo started oist to loot
for the Jeannette , but were unable t (
pass Beront Hook , On August 21a
the Eira got nipped butweon a lam
nee and a pack of ice , ono tnilo oa
of Capo Flora , and aanlr before wi
were able to aavo many stores , Wi
built a hut on Capo Flora of tur
and stones and covered with Bails
Wo wintered there and during th
whole time no signs of scurvy ap
peared. Twenty-nine walrus tani
thirty-six boars were killed nnd oaten.
Wo loft Capo Flora Juno 21 , 1882 , in
four boats , nnd sailed eighty miles
without ereing any ice , nnd rcnchod
Nova Xombla August 2. When the
Eirn was nipped the look rained no
rapidly thnt in two hours after It had
boon discovered it wna necessary to
abandon the ship. Hsrdly liiul tlio
last man loft the vocsul when the ice
cased nnd iho Eirn rapidly sank. A
tent w.\s first erected on the ice nnd
the house waa subsequently built. "
All the boats of the Kirn were
saved , Most of tlio crow < n\vcd BOHIO
clothes nnd bedding , For sixteen
nights tlio crow slept in a tent , from
which they wcro nt times almost float
ed out by the rain.
The fitluR hcinl in tlio direction ol
Aboukir S ituidtty nftcinnon wn tlio Brit-
( ah twcWo toiiKuna nlonK the MnhntooJIob
cnnnl ,
In n inivnto loiter Ucnr Admtrnl Nich
olson ni Alt xntiilrlii Uiniitn that liu threat-
cncil tu return tire U the Itayplinns fired
on hU rn cln , nnd alto Hint ho cheered on
the KuglMi.
Oporto Olio Tiorrllyan , chief eecrelnry
for Iroliiiul , Hpcnldne nt Iionilondcrry Snl-
u day , cnld the Irinh Koverunieut wore
bcRitiulnjj lo feel n nen'o ot hope , nlimut
c'jululoace , to wlilclt they were Btr nncr (
at HID dark huur whan they commenced
Lord Mtyor ; Duwsou , In a loiter In
wlilch lie encloncd ton poutiila townrd pay.
ilK GrnyVtiuc , sayn ho Is i rapnred totnkc
nil lcnnl etcpi an n member of tlio court
which Bcntcnceil tJrny to ovlncn his want
of coticurreiico In IU notion. It la Hinted
thatI'I ' rl Spencer , lord lieutenant [ of Ire
1 md , has received mthnrity to ucl as lu
see * tit In llio case of Gray. It Ufrenerallj
ntlcialciltlmt | Ur y wl'l ' shortly bo released -
leased .
A letter from tlio pojio to the Irish lil 1i <
ops , dated AiiRiiHt 1st , l | iubllalied In
Rome. Ills ho | IBB cxnret-soa his pro
found rrcret that tranimtlUy hm not beet
rostcro I m Ireland'and that murders con
tinue to bo committed , nil I eayn the Irlih
people by following the ndvlce of thu pre-
Ihtes , may hnpo for alleviation of the i IE
from which they RutTer. A iiut cause musl
lie upheld by just incitnn. The latter CUD-
cluijpa by exprpHslng the hope thnl tin
Engll-h government will do jnetlco to the
eqcttablo cHinm of IrMi people , remembering <
bering that thu pacU'icatiouof Irelitud con
tributes ) un element of truuquillty in the
whole empire.
A Po.iort Floodoil.
Spcc'al D epitch tu TUR DRB.
ST. Louis , Aiigust 20. The Ho-
publican's Dallas special says ; Pas-
aengors by the TexiH & Pucifio rail
road report 0116 of the heaviest rulne
over known , continuing three daye
und niuhts without intermission , stop
ped falling inVest Texas last night.
In some plnces the plains , where tra
dition says it ucjver rains , have the ap
pearance of a sea and the rainfall ia
estimated at six foot. The flooded
seel ion begins near Abilene and ex
tends west for nearly 300 miles ; in
cluding the country from Brazes to
Pccos rivers. , Miles of track of the
Texas & Pacific road hns boon' dam
aged and in abveral places serious
washouts have dconrrod. Four miles
of track ! west of Abilene were washed
away and traina rannot cross. Trans
fers have to bo made in ono rpot ,
Four hundred yards of track and orn-
bankmout & * < \ washed a toy rj/ilx-all
have to bo entirely rebuilt. Great
drifts of dead prairie dogs
are piled in the rubbish. Thous
ands of them have been drowned
and thousands more can bo soon
struggling in the water. On those
pluiim the waters from such a flood
l\ow \ southward and the only channels
to carry them away nro the Brazes
and the Colorado , Oonclio and Pecos
rivers and their small tributaries.
Conapquontly it will bo several dayn
brtforo the lands bocoino dry again
The great washout referred to was iho
work of n water spout between Abilene
lone nnd Sweet water A similar ono
is said to have occurred near Van-
horn , nearly six hundred miles west of
Dallas , and seriously damaged the
Southern Pacilict track in southeastern
Arizona. It will take several days to
repair the Texas Pacific's tr.ick. It ia
feared that izroat loan of life and stock
have occurred.
Striking Coal Minors.
Special Dispatch to Tilt HKI.
CuMiiERLAND , August 20. A squad
of the Consolidation company's im
ported miners from Elkhart were sent
to Pompoy Smash this evening to
smother the fire in the Astor mines
located there. On their arrival they
were attacked by a largo body of
strikers and driven back to their bar
racks , Fire arms were used freely by
both parties , but BO far us learned no
ono was injured. Information was
received hero late this evening that a
largo number of strikers from the
vicinity of Frostburg would go to
LunaconiiiK to-night and prevent thu
minerfl of George Urcok Goal nnd Iron
company and Now Central company
from going to work Monday morning.
The sheriff , having been notified , hua
made preparations to moot any inter-
ferono > of this nature ,
A Prize Flight lii CUlcauo.
Special Dlupaich to TIIK Dm.
OHICAUO , August 20 , - Charloa Hart
and Goo. aliaa "Plug" Martin fought
n prize light for $500 u side at day
light this morning , in the presence of
u largo crowd of roughs , who bad
assembled back of a large lumberyard
nt the mouth of the river , whoru
police hover patrol , though within ton
minutes walk of the heart of the city ,
The pugilists are a couple of local
middle-weightaof coiisidorubloacionco.
The fight lasted ten rounds in forty-
five minutes , ll.irt won the first
knock down , first blood and the fight ,
Martin waa badly punished ,
A Luirloss Act.
Special DlepaUh lo run UKI.
NEW Your , August 20 , A lottoi
from Havana atatca that the Ameri
can schooner Dauntless was searched ,
on the llth inat. , by armed uni
formed men , who were in quest of t
delinquent Spanish sailor. Tno search
ing party had no authority to bet at
it did and the subject is to bo invest ! '
Cottou iu Texas.
Special Dlipatch to.Tii * HII.
ST. Louis , August August 20 , Th (
secretary nf iho Mi reliant * ' exchange
at Dallas , Toxaa , in making a roporl
of the cotton crop In northern Toxai
Tlio rains hnvo been excessive
Mnco the 3 h of July nnd tlio grown'
hm been kept sonking wet. The ro
suit has boon luxuriant plants nt UK
expense of actual cotton , Boll worm !
have nppparod in fifteen countiui
heard from , nnd prolnbly prevails it
nil the rost. The damage by the worn
cnnnot bo definitely stated yet , bill
the general opinion ia U will bo coriom
nnd the condition of cotton U retgnrd
I'd B critical throughout thu acotioi
Nlcliolnou'n Denial ,
Spccltl Dkp ci ra to u * llm.
WASIUNOTON , August 10 , lUmi
Admiral Nicholson , commanding the
Kimipeiin nUtion , hns written n private
vato letter to n promlnontolllcpr of tin
navy department in which ho tnkes oo
ctftion to deny the statement that
when the boinburdtnont of Aloxnmlni
bcgitn lin notified the Egyptians i
they fired on nny of his vessels hi
would return the firo. Ho also denies
nies the ntntcmont that nfter the i\C'
tion ho stenmud nrotmd thu Englinl
tloet nnd cheered the vessels upoi
their work ,
The select cominittou of the houti
of repreaentntivo.i to oxnmino tin
work in progress on thu application foi
appropriation , etc. , for the improve
inent of the MiesUaipp ! river intoiu
to chnrtur euitnblu vussuls nnd prococc
down the river from C.iiro to Nuv
Orluuiis , thence to the jetties nt tin
south paafi , stopping nt such plncoa n :
will nid the ineniborn in protccutini
the work to which they are assigned
The work of the committee will bog it
about tlio middle of November.
WASHINOTON , Auuust 20. A tele
gram froniGovornorRoberts , of Texas
was received at the treasury depart
inent stating the nufidring conditim
of those sick with yellow fovor. IVe
thousand persons in Browusvilla an
out of employment on account of tin
quarantine and requesting nid. Act' '
ing Secretary French replied that tin
department would take charge of tin
hospitals and quarantine nt all suit
able stations if the governor desired it
hut that thu alnto of Tuxna must sup
port all persons not in the hospital
If tlio governor accedes to this view
the surgeon general and the marini
hospital service will at once munta :
into hia services and pay the guard
at the proper points to prevent ogre a
from Brownsville , and will , througl
ono of his surgeons , take charge o
the hospital nrrangomonta. Surgeoi
General Hamilton hns already m.idi
arrangements by which hospital tonti
have been sent to Memphis , and in
structions have boon given to the surgeon
goon of the services there to proccoe
at once , on receiving ordura , t (
Brownsville and tnko charge of tin
yellow fever district.
A Circus Wreck.
Special Dlepikh to Till Ilita.
CAIRO , 111. , August20. . TW. 0
Coup's circus loft here at 4 this morn
ing in two sections. When betwcor
Tunnel Hill nnd Now Burnsidp , 4'
miles north of this city , the engine o
the occond flection ran into the passenger
songor ooajli.on tkjrtrear of the froigh
train , completely domulUhlnp ; tin
coach , killing three drivers and wound
ing 25 or 30 others. They were goinr
down grade from Tunnel Hill , tht
first section being heavily loader
while the latter section was rathoi
light. The second train was runnmt
fast at the time of the accident. The
stock and cars ahead of the coach _ ir
the first section and roar of the ongint
in the second section escaped unhurt ,
Relief trains with physiciann wore
sent to the acono of the wreck.
{ Swindling the Fool Moil-
Special Ulopatch to Inn Unit.
NBYT YORK , August 20 The Tiraci
prints un interesting story of mi in
gunious scheme , by which n syndicati
of telegraph operators connected will ;
the Mutual Union nnd American Rap
pid Telegraph , for several wooki
swindled the pool Boilers nt Hunter
Point , Long Island. Connection :
were made between the companion
lines from the race course to the ofiici
near the pool roomn , and as soon na i
becaino evident which horse woule
.win n dispatch won sent anmo 10 min
utea in ndvanco of the oflicial result
In the meantime ono of the con f odor
utea would invest heavily on the win
nor. The syndicate arc reported ti
have won n largo sum before tin
schema was discovered.
Iron Worlfora.
Special Dlnpatcli t Tin licit.
SriiiNdi'iKLi ) , 111. , Augimt 20. Th
proprietora of the rolling mills huv
notified the men to resume work u
the old prices and in cane of rofuon
nil atrikern will bo discharged am
their places permanently filled will
new men. A reasonable time will b
given the mon for deliberation. Th
strikers on Iho ubovo notice hold i
meeting to-day and appointed a committee
mittoo to confer with the ollicials to
A Frightful Crime.
Special ll ) ] > itcli to'liiH ! ! .
AHHLAND , Ills. , August 20. A
midnight lust night six men forcoi
an emtranco to Eli Cox's house fiv
miles north of thu city , and sucurci
$40 in money. Upon the refusal o
the old man to reveal the suppoaoi
hiding place for a largo sum , the rol
bora hung him up three times , an <
then burned hia feet and hands in
horrible manner. The robbora the
loft the promises.
Buck from the Park
Special OUpatch to Tim Mr. * ,
DILLON , Montana , August 10 -
G , W , Lininger , wife and duughtoi
R. Allen , wife and daughter , 11. C
Clark and Dr. 0. S. Wood returne
from thu park las evening , all wel
M , M. Marshall , wife and others ai
expected here from the park t'
morrow night. Wo leave for Sa
Lake this evening.
A r Ul Uhot.
Bpcdil Diipatcli to Tint UKH.
OIIIOAOO , August 19. Vm. Xino ,
newsboy , had a quarrel with a youn
man named Herman Burling , and she
and killed him this morning. Til
nowflboy clatina that Burling threa
encd to kill him with n store and ho
merely shot to scare htm off.
How the Chief Htnr lioutor Worried
About tbo Forrunllon ol Gur-
HolQ'd Unblnut.
\VA6ittNUTON , August 20. Moro of
Dowoy'a letters to Untfiolel were pub-
Itthod to-dny. Ono of them urges
the appointment of ( lov. Routt of
Colorado , ns poslmnstor fjoncral. The
following are extract * from thu letters
elntod February 2 1 , 1881.
Hon. Jan-cs A eiirlltUI , Mentor.
thur over lust night from Wna-
ington nnd I hnd n conference of sov-
crnl IIOIUH with him , He informed
mo tlint Bliino nnd hia political ml-
luironta were very much provoked nt
what they called my interference ,
nnnioly , bccnuso I had suggested with
ninny others the niuiio of .Kulgo Fol-
; nr for secretary of the treasury. Gen-
crnl Arthur says ho had iiovor heard
such n bu/.z nnd disturbance of fooling
art there hns boon among the Blivitu
people , lie furthermore snya thnt
Elkins , noting no doubt for Blnlno , it
talking very noisily ngninst the aolco-
tion of Judge Folger , bccnuso ho wne
n tool ot mine. The disappointment
manifested by this fooling in Washing
ton is great and I think therefore tlint
this manifest ntiou of bitterness ia a
tiling of which you should take liucd
and I write what I have aaid to
vou more than once , that neither
Blnino nor nny other nmbitioua mnn
should hnvo control of the grout placoa
in your cabinet. If Blaine is to bo
nindo secretary of stnto nnd n protege
of his secretary ot the treasury nnd
mother secretary of importance ) , I
! mvo great fcnra that the ndministra-
Lion would grontly Bailer , with nn oven
chnnco that disaster would follow
, u the near future. I do not > ylsh
o any an unkind thine ; of Blaine ,
ilthough ho is charged with the ro-
sposibility for the must unkind things
said of mo within the Innt week , nnd
the moil untruthful nnd malignant
ever ultorodby mnn. If what General
Arthur hns hoard is true , it ia clear as
daylight to my mind that ho expects
to hnvo his friend in the treasury do-
pnrtmnnt ; another friend either in the
postollicu or the interior , nnd that
through them nnd by them ho intends
to do ono or two things ) either to
mnko your administration a campaign
ground for his own nspirationa , or he
Imi Homo other object no less danger
ous to the party in view. I cannot
bring myself to believe thnt Blaine h
in the aliito of mind ho ia reported to
bo , nnd I sincerely trust thnt General
Arthur has been misinformed. I any
to you thnt [ or your administration
und the republican party nnd for the
oountry the appointment of Judge
Folger to the treasury department , is
the most important ono you have to
deal with. Your failure to appoint
liim , it sooina to mo , will bo n monumental
mental mistake of your administra
tion. I believe the republican party
of the country think well of Blaine ,
and I think hia selection ns the head
of your cabinet ia a wiao ono , but
Blaine ia not in a position to , bo the
chief of tho'cabinotiftnjl then , dictate
the other important places in it , and
what is of more importance , you are
not in a position to allow him to do it.
A Wroob.
Scorial D'spatch to Tin Urn.
NKW YORK , August Ifl. It is re
ported at the Blonhrim thnt an Eng
lish steamer , from Nassau to Balizo ,
was lost on Elonthara. All the pas-
aengirs were saved. _ ,
Tnunol Accident.
Special Dlnpitcli to TUB Dun.
Ni'.w YORK , August XO. An acci
dent occurrred on the New York aide
of the Hudson river tunuel this ufter-
noon by * ho blowing out of n bulk-
liead. No person injured but the
will bo delayed several days.
Special DlapaUli tulim KK ,
DuNLAi1 , Iowa , August 20. At hit
residence in this place , Sunday morning -
ing , August 20th , Nod O'Brien , or
old resident , uuimdod by hanging.
Tuo Wife of John Brown of Hnrpor't
U'orry Puanoa Through Omauev
Among the passengers brought ir
from the west yesterday by Pullmni
Conductor Sam Minion , waa an oil
lady , whoso iiaino has recently beet
revised by the press of thia ontin
country after rcating in compaiativ *
obscurity for years , Thia wua noni
other than the wife of John Brown
the hero of Harper's Ferry nnd om
of the greatest friends the colorec
race over had ,
Mrs , Brown iu a quiet looking
modcHtly dressed old lady , who car
ries her sixty yoara of lifo reimurknblj
wull. Her homo at pruienl is Ht ,
Clair county , California , though il
was for many yoara in Hurnboll
county. She resides there with hoi
daughter nnd son-in-law , but aho hai
three other children in that state , out
son and two daughters , Theao an
her own children , and her four stej
children , who reside in Ohio , aho ii
now on lie-r way to visit.
Mrn. Brown is making her first VIBII
east for eighteen years , Imviiig crossoi
the plains with ox teams in 1801 , several
oral yoara bofora the completion o
the Union Pacific route. Her rola
lives in Ohio live at PuUin-Bay antl
Akron , und after paying them a vidil ,
aha will return to her homo in tin
Golden State. _ _
For Bronchial , Asthmatic , nnd Pul
monary Complaints "Browu'a Bron
chial Troches" manifest remarkabl
curative properties. Like all othu
meritorious articles , they are frc
quontly imitated , and those purchua
ing should be euro to obtain th
genuine. d&wlt
WANTED. A good iecond-han
bicycle. Address box X. Contn
City , Nob. 10-31
The Charitably-Disposed Grow
ing Tired of the Tuno-
lees Crank ,
Politlcnl nnd Pecuniary Uu-
dorourrotta Destroying Its
Belief from tlio Xiogliilntnro Nocoii-
imry Tor Itii Snlvntlon.
OouRroasionnl Asplrnuta Multiplying.
} orrcni < onilDiico ol Tint llm.
LIM'OI.N , Nob. , August 19. To-dny
a the data sot for the republican pri
maries , nnd while thcro nro no indic.v
: ions of n reel-hot fight , much dissat
isfaction exists nt the course nlfairn
nxvo taken , Aa uiiiial , the rnilronda
info taken up all the inma known to
defeat legitimate issues , In temper-
mice wnrda they nro howling prohlbi-
lonists and in whinky wards they are
'or ' the "straight goods" nnd almost
anything to cover up with. The Stnto
Tournnl company hnvo BOHIO old stnt-
utcs , so culled , tlint nro wofully done
ip , nnel they nro raising heaven nnd
earth to BCCUIO n legislative ticket that
will secure n letgislntivo endorsement
if their Icgnl ( ? ) monstrosity , nnd to
, hus throw discredit upon the correct
edition nbly edited by Hon. Guy A.
Jrown. The railroad company are
doinir everything to "plenao Gore"
md Gcro is doing all ho jn to gtvo
jiiiy Brown's book a black oyo.
The Tribune Prlutinc ; company are
doing n grout mnount of job work ,
which would otherwise go to The
Toiirnal , nnd nro consequently an eyesore -
sere to the railroad organ.
The ghostly Gore is n silent backer
of Church Howe' , nnd nbout the only
ono in the town or county , llowo as
sisted them once in securing the
'unions $8,000 atonl , nnd now ho ox-
locta to got his reward. But ho wont ,
riiu congressional delegation from
, his county will bo nominally for
"Dear Galoy , " but renlly for Judge
Weaver , who ia the "coming man , "
without n doubt.
There is a strong under current for
Tom Majors. The indications nro
that Tom will hnvo Gigo to start
with , nnd will b < s followed closely by
other counties. Weaver counts on
Iliahardaon nud Pawnee , nnd will bo
aocond choice ) of Johnson and Lnn-
Just where Saundore will go ia
doubtful. Its a "pig in a poko" yet ,
On the utato officers it ia dificult to
ell who will get the Lancaster dolega-
, ion. I think no ono will get it eolid ,
I3urr , for attorney general may ba it ,
3ut Roggon will bo without following.
Willard , for treasurer , will stand a
good show to have a few of thorn
irobttbly half. NBTTAitK.
The turtfl rommtiilon will sit at Cleve
land August 31at , Detroit September lit ,
Indianapolis 2d. Cincinnati 4th and Gth ,
Louiuvlllo Gtb , Chicago 7th to Oth.
Senator Hill , of Georgia , wan buried at
Atlanta , Saturday afternoon. The funeral
uscort consisted of thu Atlanta bar and
congressional commlttecH with a long Hoe
of cnrilagi-g , Fully 20.000 people nsnem-
hied on lliu streets to view ttio procession.
At Anoka , Minn. , Friday night , the
north-hound pameuger train on tlio Mani
toba road struck a carriage containing
William Huckott , ISanpar Coal , Florence
Parker and Miss LIHIe Dawiion , wh.i were
nil Instantly killed and Ihelr bodlen terrl-
hly mangled.
The < fliclals of the Chicago , Rock Is
land & 1'bclfio railroad have I-aucd a
Bchedule reducing the passenger tariff not
only to all the competitive points in lown ,
mentioned In the Chicago , Burlington &
Qulnoy Hchedulo , hut the following as
well : To Canon , SH : Davenport , $5 20 ;
Hook Inland , -r > 15 ; Mollne , $5 10 ; Mils-
catino , 80 05 ; 1'ellu , $11 CO ; Sigotirney $8.
The loss liy the burning of the Dowllng
& I'eok piano factory , In Now York , Sat
urday mornln ? , in $200,000. Fifteen hun
dred pianos , in process of manufacture ,
were burned. Pour hundred mon nro
thrown oul of work , Two men were badly
Rcaldod , and four others received iujurle *
Lhat may prove fatal.
Definite ntcpa have been taken to estnb-
Hun u Sp mlsh-Ainerican nnd Mexican ox.
change in Si. Loulu , nnd hecduarter8 | will
ho opened about Iho middle of tidxl month.
Numerous applicatl un for uiumbenhin
have already been received , nnd all large
western und several eastern oitlea will ho
rt-nrenontcd by aotno of their heaviest man
ufacturing conceniB.
Among Iho HulMcriptlons recently re
ceived for Iho Unrfield memorlul hospital
are the following : Win , Windom , $100 ;
prrulilent of llaytl , $100 ; minister of state
of Huytl , Slffii. Th contriljutloua from
llayti were accompanied hylettersfrxpress-
Ing Bympalhy wilh the pr-Ject f erecting
the memorial hospital. President Arthur
hau glvon $200.
N. C , liirch , editor of the State Journal
at Jelfowou Ity , Mo . puiilhihoii n card to
the republican , naylnx that since the
chairman nud Kecretary of the state onrn-
mltUe nan determined lo prevent the call
ing of Iho utato convention , he asks all re-
[ iiililicanB who favor one to send him their
names and liu will rail the con mention , if nt
their meeting on the 21th the stale com-
mltteodonot do to.
The Utah commissioners nrrired iu
Salt Lake City on Friday night
and were given a reoapllon by the
cltUeiu nt the McKenzlo parlors
Walker' house. The
In * opera recep
tion wai attended l > y nil clauses and was
imlte Informal. The Mormon church has
employed four leading firms of Salt Lake
to defend Itie county otlielala who are soon
lo lose their positions under the new law ,
jiving Governor Murray power to appoint
by rea-jon of the Augmt election lapsing ,
caused l > y the falluro of the commUilon to
arrive and pUce the ii-achinery of election
in motion under the Kdiuumia law. feu
thousand dollars was put up by the clmrtli
to fight the new law.
Tito Freiia ut'Trlp.
SH > ca ! ! Dbiutch to Till UXK.
NEW YOUK , August 10. President
Arthur is visiting General Hancock
NBW YOKK , Auguat 20. President
Arthur wont riding thia afternoon
with James 0 , Hood , hia former secre
tary , nud waa visited by Secretary
Chandler and others.