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The Daily
Saturday Morning , Aug. 1ft.
Brr rrer - - - - - JO cents per week.
- - - - - -
Offlco : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
U 0. OnlFFIN' , Manager.
U. W. n L.TON , Oity Edltor.fl
-.T , Mueller's Palace Music Hall.
Sherraden makwlpholographs.
The old street caw are being repaired.
yesterday the waterworks company
pjld od their men ,
The August term ol the circuit court
in expected to open here Monday next.
Jtutlce i'rainey yesterday adjusted
threa drunks , Boyd , Sluw and Kountze.
At Shull'n butcher shop , south Main
utreet , yon can always ict the best moats
at reasonable prices.
The outzoing train eastward thin af
ternoon will beotcr the Chicago & Nock
At the stock yards there were nine
teen cars received by Haan Bros. & Co.
No shipments.
Information wanted of Ory Uarnott ,
whorctidcd in Council UlufT last July ,
by his brother , William Garnolt , late from
Wisconsin. Any information leading to
his whereabouts will ha gratefully ro-
coivcd. Address BKB office , Cmmcll Bluff * .
Keuhcn Iluasel ) , of the waterworks
gang , was yesterday complained of for
shreatening to strike Moses Doty ever the
head with a shovel.
Arrangements have been made for
another exciting base ball contest , to tale
place between the Spaldlngs and Council
Bluffs. The game is to bo called nt 1
" * This afternoon a race Is announcsd to
take place at the driving park between L.
Goldstein's horeo and ono of Dr. Cady'n ,
the puuo being for SIOO. The time fixed
for the start is 2 o'clock.
Kev. A. O. Dallard , of Corning , Iowa ,
will prcat-h in the Presbyterian church tomorrow -
morrow morning and evening , nnd , by
order of the Presbytery , will declare the
pulpit vacant ,
The authorities ought not to bo too
hasty about making private individuals
fix up their afdownlks , so long as the
walks about the Bloomer school building
are in such a horrible condition.
Justice Fratnoy had before him yen
ter day the old man Kountzo who claimed
to bo swindled on circus day. The old
man was fmid forbelntr drunk , while the
fellows arrested for swindling him had co
capod ,
Thoao who have had eigna.stlcltinK out
beyond their buildings on Main street aid
liroadway , have been compelled to pull
them in. They In turn arc nowgruinblinK
about the boxes and barrels which are
allowed to obstruct the sidewalks.
Arrangements have been made so that
these of the Grand Army of the Itopubllo
who desire to attend the re-union nt Grand
Island , August 28 , can do so for $5,15
round trip , Tbo tickets to bo good until
September 4 ,
To-morrow evening Kev. Mr. Lemon
will deliver at the Baptist church , of which
ho is pastor , a discourse on "Progress of
Thought in the Church , " it being a review
of Henry Ward Becchcr'a article in The
North American Koview for Auguut. All
are invitod.
Conttablo Kox , who lost a coat and
Much strength in' arresting a crazy Eoldier
who escaped from Fort Omaha , has sent
in a bill for damage to clothing , but the
officer In command returns it with the
chilling information that there ia no pro
vision for paying such a claim.
T. B. Walker was yesterday before
Justice Fralmy charged with aeHaultlug
T. B. Younghusman , his tenant. It appears -
pears that a dispute arose about the use of
a team , and thomont that wan claimed by
the latter was that Mr. Walker made uaa
of hot words. The case Is to be decided
tub morning. ,
Despite the notices of warning some
have been hitching horiea to trees by Bay *
lias * park , end in several Instances the
horses have gnawed the bark and Injured
trees greatly. The olfiocra are on > the
alert , and are determined to catch some of
the offenders. They yesterday gave
chase to one man but ho encaped.
A large number of the friends of Mr ,
and Mrs. Taylor gathered at their resi
dence , 700 Mynster street , on Thursday
evening , to witnods the opening of n night
blooming cereui. Many of those present
had never had such an opportunity before ,
u the Dower is rare in thcio parts. Thia
proved to be an unusually fine ono , and it
has been placed in spirits to preserve it , II
h jj Yesterday afternoon OdlccrTyfon ar
rested a man sleeping off a drunk in o
livery stable hay mow , While taking him
to the station the fellow vklppcd up the
alley , and on being overtaken by the
officer thowcd fight ; but be was iorced tc
mo along and bo locked up. Ilia name
proycd to ba Robert Whiting , aud he
claims Valnca a * his homo.
The commUtlonen appointed to locate
the govei ninent building were yesterday
cloning contracts with those whcwo property
they consider llltely to bo chosen , The ' )
will correspond with the. department in
reference to tribe before reaching a final
conclusion , to that the location will pfoba
bly not be fully determined for a week 01
ten days. It is understood that the choice
will probably be either Keller's property \ ,
corner of Bryant and Broadway ; Palmer'i
property , on Sixth and Broadway , or tin
Catholic property.
Yesterday Officer Tyson met a womai
on Fearl street who stopped him ant
ileslred lo have him use his authority ti
etop the'bulldlng that wai going ou In tin
* city , a there was no one paying for it
She was anxious to have the brickyard
closed up as the surest way to atop work
The officer took br t * the court housa t <
ee about It , aud the commIsiionorB > cr
notified of her evidently deranged sondl
tlon. She proved to be Mrs. Tunk , of
Hazel Dell toinublp , whost husband li
oboeinaker , and formerly lived her * . lie
aid the walked In from her homo yostei
day morning , a dlstanoo ot tea miles , irid
her conc'ltion WAS that of one who had
walked far to Iho clnst. Her friends were
fcnl for , ami on their arrival the ncccswry
papers were made out and last oiculng ho
was taken to the a > ylmn.
There hive been f qu nl compblnls
about some of the special pollicernen , It
was not long ago that one was chirfced
with trying In decreto a man for whom rnio
of the regular force wai hunting. The
matter was dropped , however. Rome who
attended the circus Thursday evening complain -
plain that nno special policeman insisted
on standing i\t the edge of the ring , ob
structing tlio vlew.of many in the audience.
Some yelled for him to mt down and two
or three of the circus men Bpoko to him
about It , but he stubbornly refused for n
half hour or no and then subsided. Men
should learn that the authority to wear n
star doesn't make them little gods.
The Nonpareil hns nanowed Itnelf
down to one argument only , by which It
endeavors to force the anti-Anderson re.
publicans into hli support. It docs not
pretend any longer to urrjo voters to sup
port Andt won became of his moral or In
tellectual fitness for the position , It has
abandoned all attempts to disprove the
serious charges preferred against him by
men of his own party , Its argument
now is ultnply that though he may be n
bad man nnd ft weak man , yet ho Is the
republican nominee , and ought to bo
c'ectcd , because the next house may bo
close and the democrats may get a major ,
ity. The Nonpaiell's position now In that
if there was no danger of the democrats
getting a majority in the next house , it
might do to defeat Anderson , hut ns it is ,
ho must bo elected , bad or not bad.
Thinking republicans will not bo fright-
cncd by any such stuff. The simple ques
tion is whether Anderson is , or is not , a
fit man to represent the republicans of
this district ? l''nch voter nhould dccMo
that for hlinsclf. If ho is n man who can-
tint bo trusted , It would bo far eater to elect
him when there was an overwhelming re
publican majority in the house , rather
than when there it n close content. If ho
ia a man morally corrupt , or intellec
tually , or both , ho ought not to bo elected
at all by any party , or for any purpose.
To force such a candidate on the party by
one majority , and then try to crack n party
whip over the back of honest voters , is not
true republicanism.
An Engineer Bavoa n Green
German Prom a Got fldonco
Game Just in Time.
The Strange * IndHToronoo of a Po
liceman Who Was Watchlnu
the Affair.
Of ] ate there have been several con
fidence tricku turned in the yicitiity of
the Drovora' hotel , and yesterday
there was another ono attempted ,
which fortunately for the victim \vas
interfered with juat in time to aavo
him his money. James Burns , who
ia a moat worthy engineer in the cm
ploy of the Chicago & Rock Island
railway company about noon time
noticed that a confidence shark
had a Gorman greenhorn in tow.
Boon a friend of the confidence man
came up and shook hands with him ,
and was introduced to the German.
The three soon sat down on the street
car track and wore talking. Burns
strolled over that war and plainly
saw the Gorman count out about $100
in tons and fives , and aa ho was about
to give ever the role of money to the
sharpers. Burns asked the green
horn to como over to him.
Ho at first declined doing
so , but aa the icqucst was re
peated in a very peremptory tone , he
wont to Burns. At this time ono of
the confidence men had a check or re
ceipt written out , ready to turn ever
for tbo money , but when they over
heard Burns posting their victim , they
started oil at n lively gait 'and struck
out for up town.
Policeman McMillan , the special
day policeman at the Union Pacific
depot , was apparently watching the
performance from the window of his
own house near by , but did not make
any oiler to stop the game or capture
the men. It is said that several portions
tions asked him afterwards why he did
not arrest them , and his reply was , in
substance , that there was no good in
doing so , as they would not do any
thing wltn thorn up town.
It scorns that the several tricks
turned lately have born done by about
the same parties each time , and that
their haunt socms to bo'in the vicinity
of the Drover's hotel. With the do-
Bcrintion given nnd their runaway
known , it seams that the police might
arrest them if they so chono to do. At
least , there is no seeming excuse
whore a policomiii noes ihn gnmo go
ing on himself. It indicates a bail
state of affairs , indeed.
A Stock Man Huntlncr After tnc
Follow Who Stole Hla Horses.
A day or two ago two men engaged
in trading horses and dickering in
stock came to this city from Fremont
county. They gave the names of A.
M. Smith and Sam Wilcott , Yester
day whllo Smith was looking nftoi
business in ono part of the city , Wil
disappeared with tho' team ant
iJ wagon. Smith claimed the property
A to bo his , and that ho had hired Wil
cott on condition that after ho hai
, got broken in ho would give him hai
the profits , and when ho had got $51
ahead ho would give him n half inter
est in the property. Wilcott was ovl
dontly not satisfied to work and wait
and so skipped with the team. Smitl
swore out a warrant , and Oflicor Ed
gar started on the chaso. The teen
was finally found at William Harris'
about twelve miles south of the city
Wilcott had Held the ttom to him fo
? 90 and skipped. The horses wer
not in condition to travel back , am
Mr. Harris promised to bring then
in to-day , and giro Smith a chance to
provo hta rl ht to the property.
My residence , No. 715 Fourth itroe
Bancroft V L. F , MUUPHV ,
'Squire Abbott Aoeaultod in the
Street and Robbed.
The HlRUwnymon Escape
Ihelr Victim HolplcK * in tbo
E J. Abbott , the well known jus
tice of the peace , was the victim of a
bold and successful robbery Thursday
night about 11 o'clock. IIo was re
turning to his homo on Damon otroet ,
and was just about the corner of his
own property when ho was attacked.
The street was dark and there are high
banks on each side. Mr. Abbott did
not notice any ono on the street , and
was not on the alert. The first ho
know two men jumped at him from
behind , and quickly caught him by
the throat , while a third man ad
vanced from in front , and attempted
to rifle his pockets , Abbott shouted
for help , and at the same time struck
ojit at the follow in front of him , hit-
ling htm a stinging blow in the face.
The follow kicked Abbott in the
bowo'g , knocking the wind out of
him , and rendering him almost
helpless. Aa ho sank to the
ground Mr. Abbott managed to
got ono pocketbook out of his
pocket and keep it firmly clutched
in his hund. Ono of the gang in the
meantime removed his other pocketbook -
book , and aa Mr. Abbott's dog came
rushing down from the house the
three skipped right lively leaving their
victim there unable to move and groan
ing with the intc'iao pain cause by the
kick ho had received. Mrs. Abbott
hoard the noise aa did some of the
neighbors and they were Boon on the
spot , * and assisted him into the houso.
Dr. Soyburt was called in and found
that Mr. Abbott had not been BO sev
erely injured ns to justify any great
alarm no to the final result , though the
hurt was a painful ono , and caused
great bloating and distress. Inflam
mation was the only thintt to bo fear
ed , and it was thought this could bo
avoided by care and quiet.
The pocketbook of which ho was
robbed contained two five dollar bills ,
ono iiva dollar gold piece , and a two
dollar bill - $17 in all. The thieves
ns they run uway emptied this , nnd
dropped the pocketbook which was
found a short distance from whore
the attack wns made. The pockcit-
book which ho hold grasped in his
hand contained change and silver to
the amount of o few dollars.
The affair was so euddon and so
quickly over , and the spot so dark ,
that Mr. Abbott could cam but a
very indefinite idea of the looks of
his assailants. It appears that they
must have been in wait for him , and
hid upon the toj. of ono of the banks
by which ho pasted , for they jumped
upon him so suddenly , that ho was
not aware of the nearness of any ono
until ho heard a rustic , and almost
immediately was throttled. It is ox-
occtod that ho will be able to bo out
again in a few days.
It was rather cool in the highway
men to pick upon such a victim , as
the squire is a man who is not ver
dant or timid. Ho was formerly on
the police force in Cleveland , has
served gallantly in the army , and in
fact has had u variety of thrilling
experiences , and it bad never entered
his head that ho would bo hold up on
the street and robbed. It adds ono
moro tally to his score of adventures ,
while at the same time it shows clear
ly that Council Bluffs has some bold
villians who fear neither the Isw nor
it ministers ,
Tapping a Till.
Some ouo slipped into Mr. Jen-
ning's store on Upper Broadway and
tapped the till , getting about § 25.
Suspicion fell upon Ed. ' Henry , a
colored boy , who visited the store
about the time of the till-tapping. Ho
wanted norno little article for Mrs.
Wallace , and on getting it started on
the run for homo. Soon after the
money was missed. Ho was arrested
and lodged in the calaboose , and when
the six other prisoners escaped ho re
fused to go. Ho denies that ho took
the money , and explains his suspicious
running for homo by saying that ho
loft a game of cards , with another boy ,
to go on the errand , and was in a
hurry to got homo and finish the
game. Yesterday the cose was con
tinued , His bail wan fixed at $300 ,
and in default he was locked up in
jail ,
Tbo r > ondon Iiancot.
The ' .London Lancet" Bays : "Many a
life has been Ravrd by the nmril courage of
the Mifferer" mul many n llfo IIHB been
unveil by Inking Sl'lilNU BLOSSOM In case
of billions fevf r , Indigestion or liver crm
plnlnU 1'ricu 50 cents , trial bottle * 10
cents. Hd-lw
II. W , D-echer , of Brooklyn , dined at ,
the Ogden yesterday.
Wni. K , ] { charda and wife , of , MHivn\f-
kco were in the city yesterday.
Karl Glcnson , the tourist for Krb A Du-
quotte , returned from a successful trip las !
evening ,
Mr , Peterson , theJblncVcmlth on Broad
way , now rejoices in the advent of a bran
n w boy , of goodly weight and health ,
J. Bebald , of Loveland , one of the con
stant readers of THE BEE , dropped In upon
us yesterday , being In the city on busi
L. I ) . Mossier , proprietor of the 0 , O
D , Clothing Store , left yesterday ruorn
Ing for New York nivl other eastern inarj
kola to purchase liU fall stock.
Mr. and Mm. A. It. Walker left latt
evening for Denver , where they will 'take
a peep at the big exposition , Mr , Walkei
hag an eye to buslnesa , it being his inlen
tion to K t some good pointers as to the
beat kind of machinery to purchase for the
Consolidated Milling company ,
Recognizing Iowa.
The supreme ledge of 'Knlghts'ol
Pythias moots in Detroit on the 23rd ,
* ' Iowa will bo represented by Hon
Jno. Van Valkonburg , of Fort Madl
son , and A. V. Dodge , of Burlington
As Iowa has contributed largely to th
support of the order , and has nore
boon glron a supreme lodge chair , 1 I
1 is purpono < ! bv the 'fraternity to press
forward Mr. Van Valkenburfl for the
oflica of vjco chnncolor , nnd it is ex
pected thnl the claim Kill bo rccogniz-
rd. Mr. VnlkonblirK is editor of the
Ktiights 11 J'ythia" Jilnnual , and has
been carnifet na well ns prominent in
building u { > the interest of the order
in thia stntc , IIo has rcproseiitcd the
ntnto in three sessions of the nupremo
lodge , and nt the laafc ecsaion in St.
Louis , cnme ivithin ono yoto of being
elected vied chnncolor , ho declining to
vote himself. It is expected that Iowa
will bo recognized this time by giving
the oflico to ono BO worthy of it , nnd
who no well represents the order in
o state ,
Six Prlaonors Hk'.p From the City
Calabooso nnd Hlx Remain Behind.
On Thursday night there were
twelve prisoners in the city calaboose ,
Bomo for being drunk , some for lar
ceny nnd others for like minor offonsos.
The key to the back door of the cala-
booio generally hangs in the front
oflico , and in aomo way thia waa taken
by sotno ono of the prisoners , prob
ably aa they were passing in through
the oflico , and later at night was used
to unlock the door , so that ogress into
the yard and from thence ever the
fence to liberty was very easy. Six of
the twelve prisoners thus made good
their escape. Among thorn was Frank
Phillips and W. Lloyd , who were ar
rested on the charge nf having swindled
an old man named Kountzo out of a
revolver and some money. Four
others arrested for being drunk or dis
orderly or both , made up the nix who
escaped. Six remained , including Ed
Henry , the colored being charged
with stealing $25 from Mr. Jonning's
The escape in this instance seems
to have boon the result of careless
ness on the part of the officials , rather
khan the weakness of the calaboose.
Still it .reminds the citizens again of
the fact that there is no decent or
suitable provision for the care _ of
prisoners. Is is time that a good jail
is well as n. good city building was
provided , The erection a combina
tion of these two with a market house
also , cannot begin any too soon. The
property ia already purchased , the
public has already boon assured that
auch on enterprise would soon bo
begun , nnd as everything is ripu , it
seems that there ought not to bo any
delay in meeting the great want.
Mr. J. Mnrrh , Bonk nf Toronto , Ont.
write * : "Bllllouaness and dyspepsia seem ,
t < > Imvn grown up with me ; huviug been a
sufferer tor ycar , 1 have tried many reme-
dim. but with nolnM.Dgrci ! > ult until I used
your I'unnocK Uioon BITTEIIS. They
have betn tiuly a blessing to mo , n > d I
cannot speak too highly of them. " Price
81.00. 14d-lw
Corroapomtcnco ot The Dec ,
A bolt of lightning struck in Nan
din township , Audubon county , luwa ,
nn the 14tti hist , on the farm of J.
V. D. Lewis , injuring a farm hand
named Drake and killing nno span of
horses for Mr. Emory. Drake was
knocked down but came to and was
not seriously injured.
A goodjfirst-class moat cook , and two
dining-room girls , at the Metropolitan
Hotel , Omaha , Nob. a5-2t
True to her Xrnut'
Too muin cannot bo eaid of the ever
aithful wife and mother , constantly
watching and caring for her dear unes ,
lever neglecting a single duty in their bo-
lalf. when they are assailed by disease ,
and the system should have a thorough
cleanaing , the stomach and bowels regu-
ated , bloi d puiifitd , and malarial poison
ixterminated , she must know the that
DIectiioBittera are the only sure remedy.
they ! are the best and purest inediciue in
ho world and only coat fifty cents. Sold
> y ( ! . F. Goodman
All Shippers and Travelers will find
coed accommodation and reasonable
Council Bluffs Iowa
, - - T ,
Murray Iron forks
Burlington Iowa ,
Engines I
Bto. ,
H Specialty' '
The Largest Iron Working Establishment
mont in the State.
UAXvriCTi'Riiu ) or
Steam Engines ,
The Howard Automatic Qut-01 tf
Steam Engine ,
Beog lor circular. gS-lm
MRS , fl , J , HILTON , M , D. ,
ll ttT COUBPU Bluff * .
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
OrtlCB-Broadnay. between ll ln f
Btreeta. ttUl practice In SUto and
NOTICfi Special adtertlseraenU , cue 09
Lost , Found , To Loan , For Sate , To Kent ,
Wants , Itmrdlng , etc. , nil ! bo Inserted to thlt
column At the low r t of TEN CKNTS PER
MNK for the flnt Insertion and FIVE CENTS
I'KR LINK for each subsequent Insertion.
Leave odv ertlsotnenta at our office , No , 7
! ' < " > il Street , near Hnxulwyr.
WANTED A scod Darl h or Swede clrl ti
( loco-etui houtettorku almidlnjMiosM- .
1-nn.uiro of Mis. II , A. Iloaa , Jfo. till South
Main stirctncar C. & K. I. K , K.
WANTF.D-ny m nni wife , tno furnlihcd
or ti'furrith'il loorrs , with or v.ltmuf
bond ) prliAtcftinllvprcfcircd. Addrc j "X , "
( illf
WANTFD-Olrls at the K. 0 House , on
South Vain btrcct.
WANTED Rcnool t kclicr , mnl ! tor , stii-
clonM nnd others on n il to the r income
lij dcio Injf n | > ottlon of their time to cinrM lrj ;
for cur etai.dnrd heots and | < cnoilcals , or can
make laga V , KCI by dMotlnji their whole time
to It.Ve naiit an active male or ( o Mo ttf rt
In c\cry tcwmhlj ) In lown nml cliraska , and
will cffrr extra Induconcntn. For clt ula s ad-
tire Wcsttrn Hook Company , Box 664 Council
Dl ffi.Ia.
Everybody In Council Bluffs lo
to take Tin Um , HO cents per week , de
livcred by carriers. Offlc'o , No 7 Pc rl Street
near Croadtmy.
VTTANTED To buy 100 tons broom corn
YV For particulars address Council niuffi
Broom Factory , Council Uluffs , Iowa. 6f > 8-29tf
For Sale and Rent
71011 SLE ODO jouiiff bay rene , suitable for
_ J carriage ; alto one line driving mate. In-
< iulro of J. M. botltb , Council Muffs. nugU tf
"ipon SA' E Ono set tinner * ' tools , ncvlj-new ,
J ? cheap for c h. II. R. Jonci , No. 231 Uroid-
nay , Council Hinds , Ix
T710R SALE The two ycara and Uirce months
L' lease , the fixtures nnd Imnlturo of the
California' home. Contains Dint rooms with
lions to accaum odate thlny men. Hone now
full , feeding fqr'y ' to fift ) acn dally. A gland
cliancu to buy Into a nno pa } ing business III-
hra 'h ol proprietor the only roi on for Felling.
Address owner , Henry awcljrert , California
h Me , C. .
SAiE Phty tons rf Ice dcllmril on cm
FOR Nco'a , Iowa. Sawdust furnished. Ad-
iirc-8. Martin Ca'cy , Ccuncil llliiUs. or U. L.
McWIl lam * . Nco'a , lovtn. augio Btt
TjTOH SALE Two clilms In Nebraska , cheap ,
JC by Oilell & , Day. Jj24-lw
SALE Beautiful residence lots , $60
EOR ; nothing down , nnd ? 3 per month only ,
T OST A largo wariirob key. liberal rcnard
Jjtofiidr Enqulro at Bco'office.
fc SMOTUhllv , Council Bluffs
and Omaha criss. . Oidcri 'clt nt Coston
luk store , Miln Btr ct itoun 1 luffs , or J. C.
Elliot , 1VIC Fnrntm ttrcet , Onnlm , vl\l \ rccchc
prompt at'cnt on. J > 1Et
A1IBAD Gnat tucoo'B. Cfll and nee
STILL accessories and upcclmtns of pictures
takcnb the to lalile gelatine brrmldo process ,
at the Kxoels'or ' Oalltrv 10 Miln street.
. W. L. PATTON Phjslclan and Oculist.
DU. euro any casoof sorocjen. It Is only
a matter of time , and can euro generally m
from three tc flvo weeks It make * noduTcr-
ouco how long diseased. Will Etralghtcn cross
eyes , operate and remove Ptyrcglnma , etc. , and
Insert artificial cjc9 Special attention to re-
movemir tadc onns apG-tf
lacts Worth Knowing
A now crop Garden Grown Japan
Tea ( very fine ) 76o
Fine Japan Tea , equal to that of
fered at 75o GOo
Very Fine Young Hyson , equal
to that offered at $1.00. 75o
We Mean Just What We Say ,
16 Main St , and 15 Pearl St. ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Oflico and Works , Main Street ,
We ( ftvo gpeclal attention to
Stamp Mills , Smelting Furnaces ,
will receive prompt attention. A general as
sortment of
Brass Goods , Belting , Pining ,
Foundry , Pig Iron , ( Joke , Goal ,
President ,
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
Orookery , Glassware ,
Also tgcota lor the following line ol
Steamship Companies :
Cunanl , Anchor , Ouloo , American , and SUtc
gtcam&hlp Companies.
3E * O ? ff-
For gala on the Ro > al Bank ot Ireland and Bank
of Ireland , Dublin , Those wr o lutpn to frond fet
friend * to any ( iart ol Europe will dud It to theli
nternt to call on
Sullivan & 'Fitzgerald ,
343 Broadway , Council Bluffs Ift
Broadway , and Fourth Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
- -
Burdette and Western Cot
tage Organs. Prices reason
able ; terms to suit all. TJ
Importer and Dealer in
of all kinds. Sheet Music one- s
third off. Agents wanted.
o Gorrespondenos solicited. I
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2,00
Bluff and ffilluw Sreets , Council Bluffs ,
I'HB BEST BREAD IN THE CITY. Nona but first-class Bnkora
jmployed. Bread , Cake , Pies , &o. , delivered to any part of the 'city. Our
Wagons run nil day.
P. AYRES , Proprietor.
Haa For Sale , Town Lots , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Lands 9
and a number ol Well Improved Farms , both in Iowa and Nebraska.
Office with W. S. MAYNE , over Savings Bank , OOU VOIL BLTJFB
We are Offering Special Bargains in All
Kinds of Summer
1 = g.TFg TS/ff "Fg TVT
412 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
. , . , .
C. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale an J 1UU11 Dealers In
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
( Late Veterinary Surgeon D. S. A. )
The Only Veterinary Surgeon
in the Oity ,
All ol the btet I'hjs'ciiuM In Council Bluffg and
turroundtn e
The Star Bakery ,
827 MAIN 8T ,
Employ the beat Bread Baker In the West ; aluo
a choice hind lor Cakoa and Pica.
Bread delivered to all parta ot the city.
Bleb Out Qlaaa , Pine Froncli OUlna.
Bilvor Ware < 5o ,
Eubber Hose , Iron and Lead
Pipe , Iron and Brass Fittings and
Trimmings , at
Bixby & Wood's ,
On Bancroft or ( Fourth Streets. )
THOU , OFFICER. w. n. n. rroir.
Council Bluffs , Ia ,
Established , - - 1856
Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Exchange
and home securities ,
818 South Main Btrctt , Council BmBa.
New house and newly fitted up luflritdaM \
tyle Mealt at all hour * . Ic cream and lemon -
n Je every etenlng. FrulU acd confectloncrlo