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The Daily Bee.
Friday Mornlap , Aug. 18.
- - - - -
Ofllco : No. 7 Poo.fl Street , Near
M. 0. GRIFFIN , W n trcr.
H. W. Tl LiTON. City Edltor.8
J. Mueller' * P l co Mimic Hall.
Officer Tyson yesterday Rftemoon
picked l > Tom Ward for betnj : drunk.
Three drunks were yesterday disposed
of m the police court at the advanced
rate , $9. GO ench.
Koimer Stoumermann and Annie
\Viach , both of Avoca , were yesterday
given leave tn nod.
At Shull'R butcher nhop , Bonth Main
ntroet , you can nlwnys set the best meat *
at reasonable prices.
Chan. Bennct was among thoi o booked
ot the hotel de Field yesterday for boliig
-drunk nnd carrying concealed weapons.
Circus day drew ft goodly numl cr In
from the country yesterday , hut not no
many na such events usually do.
The SpaldlnKfl , of Chicago , will piny
the Council Bluffs Base Ball club on Sat
urday at 4 p. in. , at the grounds in Coun
cil Blurts.
Howe k Son bought the llcrtr.rr.nn
-store , on Upper Broadway , and ha\o
moved into it with their stock of furnitura
and Btovea ,
There wai loB fining at the dock
yards yesterday then usual , them being no
receipts nnd only nine earn shipped , they
being by Barkcy Bros. & Co. , over the
Hock Island.
A number who had ( mooting galleries ,
taso ball rackets , etc. , to make u Htnko out
of n connection with the ctrcvr , on finding
that they would have to pay 810 license ,
-folded their tents and silently Htolo away.
There were four pickpockets wbo
liovercd about the circus ground * ) ycator-
day and tiie.l to work the crowd , The
officers liad an eye on them , eo that they
cou.d not do very nucccssful work.
George W. Bailey , of Onklund , and
Sarah ] ' . Guvin , of Meuona , came into tha
city yotterday to ecu the show. By the
.kindly service of Justice Abbott they re
turned homo an Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Information wanted of Ory Uaraett ,
who resided In Council Bluff * lust July ,
"by his'brother , William Garnott , late fiom
Wisconsin. Any information lending to
Ills ylleIcabout ( will bo gratefully re
ceived. Address But office'Council Binds.
A man giving his name an Harry
Moore , was yoiterday afternoon arrested
by the special policeman at the North
western depot for being drunk. Muoro
had a coat on wliloh did not belong to
him , and that mystery will probably bo
cleared up this morning.
David Foaterln was yesterday brought
before Justice Fralney , to answer to a
charge of assaulting his wife , Ho pleaded
not guilty , and demanded a jury. Ills
cote was tot for next Tuesday afternoon ,
and be gave bail in the turn of $100.
Batcheller & Doris' circua drew a good
crowd yesterday afternoon and evening ,
Though there Ii a sameness in all these
shows , yet this ono introduces an unusual
number of novel featH and eights. The
crowds were pleased , as was evidenced by
the expressions of praise hoard on all sides ,
The electric fire alarm system is not in
running order yet. Iho boxes are at
tached and can bo used by tha department
in sending in alarms , but the keys will not
la distributed through the citj until after
Iho striking and repeating apparatus in
ot up in the encine house.
TCIley Oldoker was yesterday before
Justice Abbott on a uhargo of cruelty to
nnimala , It being claimed that a horse ho
\vas working was aa thl.i and weik and
had Buch a sore nook tint h won unlit for
service. The cose wax continued on con
dition of Oldoker putting the homo Into
pasture and giving him n rent for thirty
Yesterday woman' * rights were duly
respected. One was seen grinding away
at a hand organ and was ullowi d to tire all
cars In the vicinity of Broadway and earl
trcets , Another woman was noticed
sauntering along Broad way smoking a pipe
with the greatest uonuhalenco and evi
dently enjoying life as well as any man
could under similar circumstances , Thu
auffrogists should not feel discouraged on
oeiug tmcb hopeful signs.
The Quartette of degraded females who
occupy a cell In the jail liavo been malting
-uch an indecent show of themselves at the
'window , and hooting and yelling obscene
language to all passing tha vicinity , that
* wooden barricade lias been placed iu
front of their window , shutting off nil
chance of setting or being teen. They have
demolished furniture in the cell und keep
a constant uproar. They are now threat'
ned with either a cold water dousing or a
diet of bread and water if quiet and de
cency ore not obtened.
A countryman named B. A. Kountr ,
* who was a little boozed yesterday , claimed
-that he wan swindled out of tovorai dollars
"by two fellows , git lug their names ai Jos.
Boyd and Frank Phlllins. lie said they
old him n revolver for a dollar and kept
"both the money and tha weapon. They
also got 85 out cf him on a little bet of leu
than dollar , on which they failed to re
turn change. Oflicer * Sterling and Ulough
locked up tbe trio , Kountz cho.rgrd wjth
feeing drunk , which will eeno to hnld him
as a wltne 8 , and the two other * for lar
ceny , They will have a hearing this
morning ,
Hertford' * Aolcj Flioipliato
.acta as fond for an exhausted brain.
A nice stock of Furniture and
Stores , at livinc pricea , can always bo
/oiiud at Howu & Son'0 noivetore , No ,
f 503 Broadway , Ijerzrnan'a old aland.
,1 ,
TJio London Lancet *
The ' London Lancet" "
, eaym "Many a
life has been saved by the moral courage of
tbe fculfcrer" od many n llfo has been
. aved by taking 8iiiit ; > u DLOasou In coise
of bllllom fever , in'dige tlou or liver coin-
plaintf. Price GO c nt , trial bottles 10
. " V
Tno Lontr Sought Mlosourl Girl la
Found and la Homuwurd Bound.
A short ttmo ftio THE BKR noted
the fact that there wuro parties in
this city trying to gat some troco of n
wayward girl , who for two year * had
been lost to homo nnd friends. The
friends had boon informed that she
for a time lived in this city , but they
were unable to get any trace of her ,
and the search hero was abandoned
as it had boon in other placer. THE
Bat the timugavoan outline of her
life , how shohftd lofthorhomo of lux-
urp and wealth , preferring to BOO thp
world without restraint. The father ,
who is wnll known throughout Mn-
souri , and who ia both promi
nent and wealthy , is
ign in health , and the
for his loot daughter bore heavily
upon him. Ho wa not backwack
in expending money in his search for
the daughter , and hna sent messengers
in various directions during the pint
two years , but all in vain. The atten
tion called to the case by TUB BEK re
sulted , however , in accomplishing
what those messenger afailod to nccoin-
pliah. A gentleman of her acquaint
ance finding the account of hur life
and wanderings to coincide with those
which she hud related to him , sent
her a marked copy of the paper and
wrote to her , urging her to return
homo. She could not believe that her
friends were BO anxious for her return ,
but on finding that it was indeed her
father who was thus searching far and
near for her , she has decided to return
to her homo in Missouri , and leave
the gilded palace of sin in St. Jo ,
whore she hna been living of late. She
seems fully determined to load a lifu
more worthy of her friends , and more
true to her womanhood , and in a letter
totho gentleman whouent herTjiKUKf.
and put her on the track toward h Jinu
and friends again she saya : "I thank
you from the bottom ot my heart for
fth'c interest you luivu taken in mo. I
have' ' soon the folly of drink BIO
the deareut friends turn against mo.
I hope you will accept my sincere
thanks for your kindness , und real
assured you will always bo considered
the means of changing mo from a low
degraded life to ono L hope of hap
piness. " It is to bo hoped that Bur-
rounded by the helpful and healthy
influences of the homo to which nho
is poinu her resolution to reform may
never be broken.
The Withdrawal of the Bluff City
Company Will Not Losaou the
Company'a ElfocttvonoBS.
At a mooting of the Bluff City hoao
and engine company , hold Wodncoday
evening , the following was adopted :
WIIBHBAH , The fire department of
the city of Council Ululls , aa u volun
teer oruanizution under the ordinances
of said city , convened on the Oth day
of Juno , 1882 , to elect a chief engi
neer of said dopartmutit , the name ot
whom BO elected to bo preaented to
the common council for confirmation
under the laws of aaid city , as had al
ways boon done ; and <
WiiKHKiH , Said department did on
said day auloct a chief engineer of
said department from the Bluff Uity
tire company , F. H. Ouanella , whoso
nnmo was presented for confirmation
to the city council as had boon done
in the pott , and who was rejected in
violation of the existing ordinances in
relation to said department and the
custom formerly granted the volun
teer iiro force ot said city , when ex
pressed by n majority of the members
of the aoveral companies composing
naid do'partmonta in disregardjof this
right the council refused to confirm
said Guanolla in eixid ollico and did ap
point and confirm anotlu r pornon tlnui
the ono Bo'uotod ' by thp said iiro de
partment , and
WHEIIKAH , The said city council of
said city huvn also rofuaud to pay the
monthly allowance heretofore allowed
by the city fur contingent oxponaea
and to maintain the organization of all
volunteer companies comprising and
working in said department , this com-
piny as one of them ; therefore be it
Jtcsohcd , That the Blufh Oity IJoeo
'and Engine company , from this date ,
will cease to act in uuid city an an no-
tlvo volunteer flro company for the
Bupprcssion of firea , and lhat the
members thereof will not act at any
tire under the organization of the
company regulations and disciplines
as heretofore , but that wo will still
maintain our organization us a private
company , but in no manner undur the
control of the city na n fire company ,
0.V. . STIIOOK , Soo'y.
Thu action of the aumpany will not ,
aa some imugino , interfere with the
workings of the department. The
apparatus belongs to the city and the
driven , and engineer are paid men , so
that in cuuu of an alarm the onginu
and hose cart will roll out na lively au
over , and arrangements are niado to
provide whatever other men are
needed. Under the new ordination
such men tire paid at the rate of $1 20
a year and 40 cents for each hour at a
fire , The change being inudo frout n
volunteer department to a paid ono ia
rapidly going on , and this withdrawal
of the IJIuiTd Oity is but ono move in
that direction , With the completion
of the electric fire alarm , the uator
works and the perfecting of the paid
department system , the city will bu in
pretty good shape t.o suppress blazes.
Correspondence ot Tha lie * .
DKHIUOK , Iowa , August 1(1 ( This
morning Mr , J. II , Meier , who runs
the saloon about hero known as the
Vair Throe-Mile house , mot * lth a
orious loss of property , and only by
great firmness naved his life. While
Mr , Meier was in Donison throe mon ,
August Eggois , Henry Es-gors and
their hired man , entered his saloon in
Uoodrich township. They called for
liquor , but as spirits are not kept
there Mrs. Meier refused thorn. They
became very violent und threatened to
kill Mr. Meier. They then started to
find him. In the meantime Mrs.
Meiers sent word to her husband to
hurry home. Ho returned with quite
load of groceries. After unloading
those he saw the men returning. They
-entered the place , imashod everything -
thing breakable , scattered all the stock
on the floor and then proceeded to at-
tack the proptiotor with a knifo. The
sight of his twi revolvers and the cool
ness ho diepbjcd chunked their inten
tions in this rtspcct But they ended
by destroying the remaining furniture
in ho house.
Meitrfl has just sworn out informa
tion , nrd ono of them ia already nr
rontfd. Ofiicera arc out after the ether
or two.
Mr. Meiers deserves great credit for
not slugging them. Ho preferred the
moro fiuiot proceeding of the law.W.
IIowo ( t Son have moved their
stock of Furniluro and Household
Goods to 303 Broadway , Herzman's
old stand ,
Dr. 0. W. Archibald , of Olenwood , was
in the city yettcrday ,
J. II. Hnrton nnd Frank Prim , of Den
ver , were at the Ocdcn yesterday.
Dr. C. W. McGavIn , of Ml eourl Vol.
ley , was In the city yesterday.
J. M. Dorlty , of Crouton , was n wel
come caller at 1 UK Ui'B office > c tcrday.
Oen. John 0 , Cowan , of Omaha , was
among the prominent * in the city yester
Jofcph Hosier , of Carlisle , I'n. , an ac
count of whoso extensive cittlo ranches
wnn given in yesterday's lin : , arrived at
the OK de ii yesterday.
G. Q. KIrhy , who is In the banking and
real enlate bueincs * in Uuulap , and who ia
well known throughout this part of the
country , was hcto yesterday.
Jacob William ! ' , l'iq. , came from Neb -
b skn yesterday to BOO how Council
UluIN h growing , nnd to Hlnko hands with
tlio many friends of hli old lumo.
Mrn. Chn o nnd Mint Richardson , of
Janesville , Wis. , parsed through the city
yesterday en route for Washington terri
tory , where the former has been nummon-
od by the newa of the furious iliiicna of
her daughter , Mrs. George Strout.
Dr. nnd Mrs. K. J. Wnodhury , nnd
their daughter Misi Ollie Woodbury , re
turned ycbtentay from the cast where
they hnyo been for about seven weeks ,
vlaitlng their old homo iu Boston and
vicinity , the White Mountain * , Old Urch-
nrd Death , Maine , and other uuints of inter
eat und enjoyment.
Mr. < T , Marnli , Bunk of Tuionto , Out
writer : "lillioUHiie.'nmil ! ( dyspepsiaHICIU ,
to have grown up with me ; having been a
sufferer lor venn1 , I liavo tiled many nine
diiH. hut with iiolin-tiiiKie-iilt until I oted
voun huiinocK HLOOD UITTHIS They
hnvo betn truly n jjlenelnK to me , in d I
tannot speak too highly of them. " Price
SI. 00. lld-lw
A godfirst-class ) moat cook , and two
dining-room girls , at the Metropolitan
Hotel , Omaha , Nob. a5 2 ;
It Is ono Woman with Two Bodies ,
or Two Women with Ono Body.
The two-headed woman arrived yea
torday with Batchollbr & Doris' cir
CUB , and in the forenoon hold a sort of
reception * to the medical fraternity
and newspaper men. It is diilicult to
decide how to speak of this mystery ,
whether to say "she , " "lhoy"or "it. "
There never was a personage so rays
tifying and puzzling to any ono desir
ing to use the English without slaueh
toring it. "They is a she , and it are
u woman , " ia about as near as ono can
got at the truth. Whatever the term
that may ho Used , the mystery , in
oponlung with either mouth , always
Hays "I , " and never "wo. " So it
may be fairly judtred that the use of
the singular number is approved by
both heads. "Sho , " then , ia called
Millie Ohriiitine , or Cluiatino Millie ,
onu head being christened Millie and
and the other Christine. Shu is about
thirty years old , and was born of
aluvo parents in North Carolina ,
being then the properly of the fathe
of their present manager , Mr.
Joseph Smith. She is a light
mulatto , of medium height , possesses
two heads , four arini , one waist and
four legs. In fact tiho ia two persons
in one. Each head aeema to work in
dependently of the other , go far as
talking , singing , etc. , is concerned , so
that she can never get lonesome AS
ono head can visit with the other.
Above where both mnrgo into one
trunk the sensation nf touch ia felt
separately by each. For iimtaiico , by
pinching one of the anne ono head
alone fools it , but below the juncture
all sensations uro the BUIIIM to both
If nny one stops on any corn oj any
one of the four fort bo'h heada feel
the pain , a double uliliction which
should bo avoided by having the corns
above the juncture if they or she have
or has any at all , She converses with
cqua ) fluency and witli as many differ-
out languages with one head as with
the other. She sings , she dances , she
indulges in duuta all by lioiuolf , und
ran sing and talk at the same time. In
fact she is really a mystery.
She has traveled extensively in Eu
rope as well na this country , and on
the expiration of the present ongnge-
uiont with Batoholler it Doris , Nov
ember 1st , will still further inciraja
her knowledge of other landi by a
trip to Australia und the Asiatic
country , She has. amassed a fortune ,
nud now owns the plantation on which
she was born , and there cares for her
old father and mother.
Among those who saw her at the
Ogden houeo yesterday was Dr. Pin-
ni-y , whom TJIK BEB man questioned
as to what ho thought of her , the
doctor having bsen one who examined
her. The dootor said that by exami
nation it was found vlmt the spinal
column of each individual ponon ( for
ho deemed thorn two personalities )
was perfect and complete dawn to the
lumbo'saoral region , whore there was
a complete and perfect junction , the
one terminating In the other. Nature
had at this conjunction of the spine
and pelvic region culminated in a unl-
city of being , so far as sex , etc. , wai
concerned , Yet the lower extremities
wore those again of two , separate and
distinct persons. Doctor Pinnoy ex-
prosiod it as his belief that
nature intended them for two
persons , but the two germs from
which they had their origin , by
contact and pressure coalesced daring
the first weeks of uterine life , which
\fully \ accounted for each having the
enmo sensations , in the lower extremi
ties , from touch or injury.
My residence , No , 715 Fourth street
Bancroft' ; L. F. Munr Y.
Realizing on Real Estate.
The following transfers of titles are
reported ai token from the county
rectrdsby.T W. Squire & Co. , ab
stractors of title , n al estate and loan
agents , Council Bluift :
A. L. Field to S E. Archer , Jot 1
in block 3 , Williams'addition to Han
cock , 885.
W. S. 8. Williams to J. McClelland
and Thomas Beck , lots 11 and 12 in
block 2 , Williams' addition to Han-
cok , S1CO.
W. G. Archer to W. M. Gordon ,
n. J of nw. | , 1 3 , 70 , 39 , $2,400.
Francis M. McElrath to Lilian Me-
Elrath , n. A of no. j and sw. 1 of no
24 , 74. 41 , 810.
C. E. Perkins , trustee , to August
Warnko , se. | cf no. j , 8 , 75 , 40 ,
.J. A. Otto to N. Mnyeg , aw. J of
sw i , 20 , 70 , 44.
G. Mnnnscn to J Dow , lol 14 iu
block 1 , Mindori , § 500.
W. H. Vnughan to E. Saunders , lot
C in block 17 , Bajhsa it Palmer's
add , , $75.
E Dean to W. L. Dean , n of s.
w. ij of n. o. i of 30 , 75 , 28 , SlOO.
0 T. Stockton to W. .A Spencer ,
lot C block 0 , Macedonia , § 450.
0. Jonlyn to M A. Cooper , n. e. j
of n , o. | and s , w , \ of n , o. and s ,
e. } of n , w. | , 30 , 70 , 40 , § 3,000
A. Swicart to J , T Gary , a. A of n.
w. | , 29 , 70 , 39 , § 2,208.
K. E. Ingrahum to b D Street , w.
\ of lot 2 in block 1 , MnoMnhon , Coo
per & Jeffries' add. , city , $900.
F. P. Morgan to F. E. Gricga , lot 4
in block 12 , in Hyatt's subdiv. , city ,
J. Jt. Smith to W Wray , lot 4 in
block 33 , in Kiddle's subdiv. , city ,
Peraunglvonoaaof the Musket.
Tolcib (0. ) ado.
Gen. St ceil man tells a good story
which ia applicable to the manner in
which the aristocratic Sixtieth Iliilts
recently E kipped out in front of Jtatn-
leh and gave everything up to tha
Egypt inns While near Nashville the
general had n negro regiment on the
picket line , and a bright young mu-
late sergeant in command of n post
got the drop on a rebel pout nnd cap
tured the whole outfit. The rebels
were a crnwd of high-stepping young
Virginians , and some of them were
badly wrought up by the idea of hav
ing to surrender to a "ltf of niggers. "
Gi'n Sleedman took their commander ,
a line young fellow , into his tent , ex
tended coino little courtesies to him ,
and iu the course cf the conversation
slid : ' 'It was a little tough , Lieuten
ant , to be taken in by colored soldiers ,
but war 1ms Btranyo experiences "
"Well , General , " raid the other , setting
ting down his ( flats , "I've been in the
army now nearly four years , and if
I've learned anything it has been a
profound respect for the musket.
When the muzzle is nhoved into my
face I don't usually ask any questions
as to who's got hold of tho'breech. "
Gen. Sherman tolls nearly as good
a story , in his book. Ho was stand
ing on the sidewalk in St. Louis when
Gen. Lyou went out with his mon to
attack the secessionists at Camp Jack
son. A young lady of Gen. Sher
man's acquaintance daughter of one
of the most aristocratic families in the
city was standing on a stoop near by ,
wringing her hands and crying. She
said her brothers , cousins , and
number of 'acquaintances
were in Camp Jackson , and she was
certain that they would all bo killed ,
for they wore proud , high-spirited
men , belonging to the best families in
the city , nnd they would all die before
they would yield. Gen. Sherman
tried to console her by saying that he
had noticed that sons of lirst-clusa
families wore usually not any moro
willing to die than any other people ,
He continued his walk , and in a little
while mot Gen. Lyon returning with
the entire force at Camp Jackson ,
which had surrendered without firing
n gun. He hastened hack to comfort
the young Iiidy with the newn of hrr
kinsnibii'ij safety , but after she hoard
it nho slammed the door in his face.
All Shippers nnd Travelers will find
fined nccuimnudution and reasonable
Council Bluffs , - - . Iowa.
Proprietor * .
Murray Iron fforlis ,
Burlington Iowa.
Soml Portable
Engines ,
Printino :
Etc. ,
The Largest Iron Working Establish-
moot in the Ktate.
Steam Engines ,
TUB Howard Automatic iJut-Otf
Steam Engine ,
Bond torditultr. 83-lm
MRS. fl , J. HILTON , M , D , ,
882 Broadway Cotmoil Blufe.
NOTICE. . Sfwcial advertisement * , uc i
Lost , Found , To Loan , For Silo , To Kent ,
WanU , Hoarding , etc. , trill bo Inserted In thlt
column t the low rat ot TEN CENTS PEB
LINE for the first Insertion and FIVE CENTS
PER LINE for c&ch ( ubsequont Insertion
Leave rulv ertUcmcntfl tit our office , No. 7
IVarl Street , near llrovlnay ,
WANTED Imtnidlitrlf , A fpod wood 1iun
ir t Mclnhlllcr's lurntturo factor ] ,
Cotihcll IJInfN. la.
WANTFD-fllrls the K. C. Hoti-e , on
South Main fctrcet.
Immediate ! } , ono hundred men
At Florerco Cut-oft , in Neura'ka , n .ith
of Omthft. WDKCJ : men , $1.75 : team * , ? 3SO ,
Knnii ru on Iho grounds , or at llm office , Conn-
til llnlT ! , In.
WANTED 'ciiool teitcliere , mlnlntcM , stu-
ilcntn ami others cm a d to their income
by dc\o Ing n portion of thotr time to Mmnsilrfr
or our Mnndnrd broU and r iriooals | , or can
rnako l rjri > icc' b > d Xotlnp their whole limn
to It \\a wnnt n nctlto male < r fo le 'g rt
In c\rrj tnwn-blp In Iowa arid > chrnskannd
Hill cffrr extra tnducen ' ts. For cir nil s ail-
dro Wcst < rn Hook Company , Lox tS4 Council
131 Ds.Ia.
Kvcrj bodIn Council llluflj It
to takoTnn UKN , 2D cento per wtel. , dc
ll\crcd by carriers. Offlco , No 7 t'carl Street
near Hrovlway.
To buy 100 toni broom coin
WANTED * address Co'incll Bluff ;
Droom Factory , Council Bluffo , low * . CfS-Z9t (
For Sale nnd Rent
I710K SALE Onet ting bay Jorfc , suitable lor
Jj < " > rrl iic ; alee one tine drhli ; m.ic. In-
( jiilro of J. 11. Bvltb , Council Muffs , auyll tf
FOIl BALK The two jearn and Ihrco mot ths
his" , t o Ilxtuiis and turnlturo of tl o
C.Vlf rntn liovec. Contalng nine rouins with
bonn tonicimti odate thlriy men. Hou o now
full , ftrding [ orly to fifti u en dally. A giand
chancf to Imj Into a flno pa > lng busltic'S Ill
lira h ol prn ] rictor Iho only tv on frr pelllnj ; .
Addnu * owner , Henry ttwilgcrt , California
house , C. .
3ALK f My torn rf Ice doiherrd on cirt
FOIl ro'a , Iowa. Fntiduir furnished. Ad-
lire's. Ali tin Casiy , Cciincll Muffs , or IT. L.
iloV > 'l ilumi , Ncola , Iowa. _ au10-3tt
TT > OU SALH Two claims la Ntbra'ki , cheap ,
JL1 h } Odtll A.Daj. j)2Mw
FOIl SALE Uoa-iMul reiluYnco lots , SCO
etch ; nothing down , and 3 vermouth only ,
HAltCOUKT & SMOTIILUS , Council Bluffs
and Omaha cxjirtsj Order * left at I oston
ir . store , Miln etr ct L'outi" 1 luCTa , or J. 0.
KIKot' , 1-16 Farnam ttrcct , Oanlu , will reccl > e
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01 ILL AHEAD Great tucco'S. Call nnJ ecc
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pvll. W. L. I'ATION I'hjslclttii and Oculist.
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Inpcrt rrtlllcial cjc3 Special attention to ro-
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Facts forth Knowing
A new crop Garden Grown Japan
Tea ( very fine ) 76o
Fine Japan Tea , equal to that of
fered at 75o COc
Very Fine Young Hyson , equal '
to that offered at $1.00. 7Co
We Mean Just What We Say ,
16 Main St , and 15 Pearl St. ,
Gouncil .Bluffs , Iowa ,
Office and Works , Main Street ,
Wo Kho special attention to
Stamp BflllB'Smelting , Furnaces ,
trill rCLolvo prompt nttontlon , A Kcnerol as-
txirtmuat ol
Brftos floods Bnlting , Pining ,
Founfliy , PJg Iron , Ooke , Coal ,
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
Orookory , Glassware ,
A'so ifenta lor tbe followingllnci of
Steamship Companies :
Cuimd , Anchor , Gulon , American , acil State
bttauiahip Uoui | anlix )
3O > 3E& a 3E"3Cla3
For lalo on the Hojal Bank of Ireland and Dank
ot Ireland , Dublin , llioso w o Intend to KiiJ for
friend * to nu jiart of turope will Und It to their
ntirr.t to ( all un
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
343 Broadway. Council Blu Ta Ia.
Attoruoy and Counsellor at Law.
Ornn Droadua } , between Main inctr
Btreoti. Will practice In fauto and Fcdota
and Fourth Street
Broadway , , ,
Council Bluffs ,
Burdette and Western CoTtage -
tage Organs. Prices reason
able ; terms to suit all. TJ
Importer and Dealer in
of all kinds. Sheet Music one-
third off. Agents wanted.
O Qorrespondenos solicited
Jell J. ' MUELLER , c
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff and Willow greets. . Council EMs.
'J HE BEST BREAD IN" THE CITY. None but firat-c a Bakora.
employed. Bread , Cake , Pies , Ac. , delivered to any part of the city. Onr
Wagons run all day.
P. AYRES , Proprietor.
E * C2
Haa ' For Sale , Town Lots , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Landa y
and a number ot Well Improved Farms , both in Iowa and Nebraska.
Office with W. S. MAYME , over Savinga Bank , . OOU VQIL BLUFS
le are Offering Special Bargains in All
Kinds of Summer
ZfffB .
412 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
C. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale and He tall Dealeru In
Nos , 2f 7 & 209 Broao > ay , C ouncil Bluffs.
. . . . . , ,
( Lta Veterinary Surgeon U , 8. A. )
The Only Veterinary Surgeon
in the Oity ,
All cf the beet f bi'cUiiH in Council niuffa nod
( urrounillu d
The Star Bakery ,
227 MAINST ,
Employ the bc t Dread C&kcr la tbo West ; * lw >
t choice bind lor Cakes and Plea.
Dread delhered to all parti ol the city.
Rich Out Qlasa , Fine Frencn China ,
Silver Ware Sic , ,
Hubbor Hose , Iron and Lead
Pipe , Iron and Brass Fittings and
Trimmings , at
Bixby & Wood's ,
On Bancroft or ( Fourth Streets. )
IH03. orriCKR w. u. ti. rcsir.
Council Bluffs Ia ,
Established , 1856
Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Kxchinzo
and homo eternities.
BIS South Main Street , Council D uOi.
Now houeo and newly fitted up In flrtt claij
ityla Meals at all hour * . Ice cream and lemo-
01 le emjoveuluff. . FrulU aid confectloncrte