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The Electric Light Run by
Water Moter.
A Very ProttySlgJtt Saturday Nle lit
The UBO of the electric light , nov
substituted for gas in so many of oui
Western cities , including Sun Fran
cisco , Suit Lake City , Ogden , Denver
file , , has thus far been limited ir
Omaha to a few individual cases , nnd
hardly served as n fair experiment ,
Wherever used it has become vorj
popular , being cheaper and furnishing
a clcurcr , brighter and steadier light
than gas.
The finest exhibition of the light yet
seen in the city was that given in tliu
vicinity of Douglas and 14th Satur
day , that locality being brilliantly il
luminated from an electric lamp , the
generator being worked by ono of
Davis tt Thomson's water motors , f t
the Omaha novelty works.
A very beautiful and steady light
was omitted from the electric lamp
for over an hour , and it was demon
strated beyond the shadow of a. doubt
that the water motor ns 5 power for
operating the generator is a grand
success. The experiment Saturday
was witnessed by a largo number of
persons , who all acknowledged that it
was a BUCCCBP. The motor used is n
small ono , fifteen inches in diameter ,
and using only twenty-six gallons of
water u minute. It is n double ur-
bino wheel , taking water from the
center , discharging it outward through
the periphery of the wheel , thereby
gaining in connection with the impact
or pressure the centrifugal action ,
vrhich it is claimed will equal all loss
by friction. The motor has been
demonstrated to bo far superior to
any now in use , and saves sixty per
cent , moro water than any other.
Saturday it was demonstrated
that the motion of the water motor
for the operation of the electric light
generator is superior to thatof a steam
engine , as the motor runs steadily
and docs not have the unsteadiness of
a steam engine. The light that was
omitted Saturday burned very ,
steadily , and was far ahead of any
electric lights in Chicago , The ex
periment was made for J. B , French
& Co. , the grocers , to whom the elec
tric apparatus belongs. They at
tempted to run it with antoamonginc ,
but this proved very unsatisfactory.
Now that the water motor 1ms been
K tested and found to answer the pur
pose , they propose to nt once put in a
, * 24 inch double wheel motor to run
three electric lights and nn elevator at
their grocery store.
The job is to bo dnno by the Omaha
Novelty Works , of which Messrs.
Davis & Mnrcy are the proprietors ,
the above partnership having recently
been formed. Mr. Davis , who has
long been in the business , is ono of
the best machinists and mechanics in
the country , and is also an inventor.
The Davis & Thompson motor is
partly his invention nnd property , and
is destined to rapidly auporcodo its
compotitora. Owing to the fact that
Omaha has a fine system of water
works , with a heavy pressure , the
i motor is bound to como into
g use hero.
' Do Not Bo Deceived.
In tlicso times of qunck medicine adver
tisements every wliere , It I * truly gratify-
IDK to tlud one remedy that la worthy of
praise , and which really docs ai recom
mended. EHctrio Bittern wo can vouch
for as beluft a true and reliable remedy ,
end ono that will do IIH rrcoiinnoiidud.
They Invariably euro Stomach and Liver
Complaints , Diseases of the Kidney * nnd
tprinary difficulties. Wo knuw whereof
we speak , nnd can readily Bay , give them
a trial. Sold at fifty ceuts n bottle by
0. P. Goodman.
The Board of Education Blnrmish
Portends a War.
The last meeting of thn board of
nducation was a rouscr as far as talk
was concerned.
Especially was the word war pointed
between Messrs. Anderson and Forga-
eon. Their debate was on the location -
tion of the North nchool , on which
the committee that has such
matters in clmrgo endeavored
to cntisuro Mr. AndorBon. Tlio latter
claims that ho aclod perfectly fair
in the matter , only doing what he
ought to do an a commissioner , and
might do as a citizen ; that is recom
mend certain property as a school sito.
Mr. Anderson also sayn that Mr. Me-
Bhano and himself are totally ignored
by the other four on the board , und
they are not placed on committees at
all. Ho is particularly strong in this
opposition to President Long. In a
few days Mr. Anderson says ho will
give the public the true inwardness of
seine doing of our educational guardi
ans.While ho maintains that ho is in fa
vor of improvements and the necessary
help to carry thorn to success , Mr.
Anderson says that the preatnt work
on the hiuh school ground in entirely
without the meaning and spirit of the
law. No contract wan made in writ
ing , oa the statutes require , and the
heavy pay roll that monthly cornea to
the board , In hia opinion , is illegal.
With OIT police , common council
and school board at sea , it is about
time for somu power to command the
troubled municipal waters to bo placid.
Can you find a case of liriglit'a
Disease of the Kidneys , Diabetes , Ur
inary or Liver Complaints that is curable -
able , that Hop Bitters has not or can
not euro ? Aak your neighbor if they
A Bold Attempt to tlnko an Orphan
Asylum Out of a Luwyor'u
Everybody knows. Qon. Manderaon
in theeo parts. In fact , ho has u na
tional reputation ho comes from
Ohio. The general is genial yes , ho
is generous and he can tell a story
that would make a veteran fisherman
scratch hi * left ear ,
Saturday there came into the
generals oilico a lanky follow , tmch as
the state of Missouri ought to have
pictured on her banner did the popula
dcsiro decide on individual roprcscnln
tion. In war times _ Charles F. ha <
mot such men , but in pence ho con
fronted them moro circumspectly.
S ys the stranger in return , "Is oh
Savage horot"
The bland general replied : "If yotii
remarks refer to Col. Savage , jud <
of the district court , and the enl ]
popular democrat in Nebraska , excop
Jnmos K. Uoyd , I have to give a negative
tivo reply. "
"I did not como in for a Litin Ice *
turo , " said the stranger. "I kindoi
herd that the jedgc , or the colonel , ae
you call him , wanted to ndopt n boy ,
nnd I broupht him up four lively little
roosters. Hero they aro. "
Hero Mandorson quavered. He
found his old wound received ton
years ago renewing its pains , In fact
lie was non-plnsscd , Ho did not
know what to sny in behalf of the
Judge , who ianow skirmishing on the
Now Hampshire hills , bccauso ho ,
Alandcrson , was in the same boat him-
self. Ho muttered a reply , however ,
about "Distance lends enchantment
to ( ho view , " etc. ' Well , " said the
Missouri , , "talo them for a time. "
Then that Arabi Boy of railroad
inattorg , Mat C'air ' , who happened in ,
said : "L'nir of a kind boats n ( lush. "
Mruiderson's pallid countenance then
lushed , and as the Misaourinn went
down ntairs , leaving the four unkempt
, 'oiitha in the lawyer's parlors , ho said :
'General , treat them kindly till old
3avngo returns. Make 'em lawyers ,
jut for the sake of the memory of
Jcsao James never lot them write for
a paper. " _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Warner's ' Safe Kidney and Liver
3uro. aug-dlw
Real Estate Mnrkot and Sato of
City Liots.
At present there is but little doing
n the real eslato market in Omaha ,
hough the traiuactioiio in that line
his spring far exceeded in number and
nonoy consideration those of any year
> rovious in the history of our city ,
"ho comparative dullness at present is
ttributablo , chieily , to the season of
ho year rather than to any decided or
marked falling oil'of the demand for
ity property. Contractors and build-
ra are busy in all directions , but es
pecially in the suburbs , and the buni-
less roviovr for 1882 will allow the ro-
ult in a-moat gratifying way. Omaha
s emulating Philadelphia in her chief
haractoristicn aa "a city of homos , "
hus identifying her population with
all her public interests , for in no way
an a community become moro active
ind alert in public expenditures and
mprovemontB than to have a money
ntercst in the property to bo affected
hereby. A very largo number
f thn business men , mechanics and
aboring men of Omaha are the owners
f the homes they occupy and in many
nstancos young men of small incomes
lave invested their moderate savings
n outside pioperty during the past
pw yours to find their financial condi-
ion surprisingly improved by the
ratifying increasein values of real
atuto our city has witnessed in the
) asb eighteen months. The cotnplo-
ion of the St. Mary's avenue street
car line has brought into active demand
i largo uxU'tit of residence property in
ho vicinity of Hanecom Park where ,
liroo years ago , Mr. llanscom and
ithorlargoreal estate ownoraworoofler-
ng lots free to parties agreeing to build
ipon and occupy the same , with no
akora. The improvement of Farnain
tract has attracted attention to the
) fnutiful tract of land lying directly
rest of the city proper , and the trans-
era which have taken place in that
ocality this season will boar fruit in
lip way of now houses Co bo erected
liis fall and next spring by the parties
lurchasing. The experience this year
f owners of real oatnto in tho'south-
vostem part of the city shows the cd-
antago of street railway extensions
md next year should witness moro of
ilia sort of enterprise.
Bogga & Hill have laid out their
lilrd addition recently , consisting of
i ton-aero tract near the Bhooly pack-
ng house.
John I. Rodiok sold to Lymnn
Liclmrdson hat [ week a piece of real
state on the south side of the oxton-
ion of Furnani street , 140 foot front
y 350 foot deep , for $4,000. , Forty-
no lots in his addition , placed in the
larkot this sprint ; , have been sold fern
n average of $ l,2fiO eaohl Ho also
> ld a farm near Fremont recently for
Judge J. F. Morton has laid out an
ddition just south of the road to the
> oor farm , which ho calls "Orango
rove placo. "
The old homestead of 0. B. Soldon ,
onaisting of 100 acres , has all been
isposod of in four aero tracts , with
10 exception of twelro acres.
A. . J. HttiiBconi has sold nearly 200
ota in his addition since latt Novom-
) ur.
ur.An effort is being made to open
horidan street from St. Mary's avc-
uo to Farnam street , with a view of
itting a line of street cars out on
? arnam.
Fenr Not.
All kidney and urinary complaints ,
specially Dright's Disease , Diabetes
ud Livur trouble , Hop Bitters will
uroly and lastingly euro , Cases ox-
otly like your own have boon cured
i your own neighborhood , and you
an find reliable proof ut homo of what
Hop Bitters has and can do.
uo Approaching Annual Mooting at
The fifth annual meeting of the
North Platte Christian co-operation
f the Church of Christ convenes nt
Vatorloo , Douglas county , Nebraska ,
August 17th , ut 8 o'clock p. rn.
Each congregation is requested to
oud throe dolt-gates , and instruct
horn how to answer the following
uestiona ;
1. Shall wo employ an evangelist in
his district ? If so , how much will
ou pay to support him ? B , How
luoh preaching do you expect to
lave in your congregation ? 8. Hmv
mcli will you give to have the cause
established in destitute places ? 4
How much will you give for a trac
fund ? C. Report condition of churcl
G. Report condition of Sunday echoo
TIIUKSIUT , August 17.
8 p. m , Sermon by J. If , Stark.
Fmiur , August 18.
10 n. m. Social meeting conducted 1)
W. If. Winters.
-Introductory by President , "Churc
Fifteen minutes' discussion by T. J
Ten minute * ' review by Wm. Mcltityro
General dincupsion ,
Intermission ,
1:30 : i > . in. Social exercises by J , M. Van
2 p. in. Election of officers and appoint
merit of committee * ,
p m. Dutlcs of Ktilers , by J , A. Gar
ner nnd .Ttuhua Dobljlni.
General dii' ' tuition ,
8 p , in. .Sermon , J. W. Ingram.
SATUUDAT , August 10.
0:30 : n. m Social meeting ,
Shall wo create a Tract fund ?
Uiicufslon by J. H. Stark , nnd W. H
General discusniou.
11 a. m. Duties eif an Kvangellst , by L
.1. C'irrcll nud K. D. Kvnns.
General dlscuiMon.
1:30 : p. m. Social cxcrchco.
2 i ) . in. Sunday Bchoolg ; by J , W. In
grnrn. anil A. Alton ,
General discussion.
3 p. m. IteporU from church e < nnd Sun
day ncliooN.
8 n. in. Sermon by L. J. Corrcll.
Preaching three times on Otinday.
Rheumatism , disordered blood , gen
onoral debility , and many chronic diseases
oases pronounced incurable , are often
cured by Brown's Iron Bitters.
Folsht KtitGB to Omalm A Chootty
Chicago Editor.
Mr. Qeorgo II , Daniels , of the
Iowa Trunk Line association , has is
sued the following circular relating to
the equalisation of rates on salt :
From and after August 10 the rates
on ualt in car lots to Council Blufisant
Omaha will ba iu follows :
From Detroit , 25J cents ; Toledo ,
22J CRiitB ; Chicago , 22J cents ; Easl
St. Louis , IDj cunts ; St. Louis , ! :
cents ; Hannibal , 12J cents.
This circular cancels the rates 01 :
salt quoted from Detroit , Toledo tint ;
other points east of Chicago in the
circular of August 1 , 1882.
It ia evident that another deter
mined effort is to bo made by the
Union Pacific , Burlington and Atchi-
aoii to ayrco upon a pooling arrange
ment. The president ! ! of the three
roads are at the cant. They failed to
agree last wook. They are now sum
moning their matingera to assist in
bringing about a settlement of differ
ences. Mr. Potter , of the Burling
ton , loft yesterday for Now York.
Mr. Dodge , general manager of the
Denver & Kio Grande , has also boon
summoned and in now en route from
Colorado. Mr. Wheeler , of the Atchison -
ison , Topeka & Santa Fo , remained
iu Boston from the adjournment of
the last conference , and will bo within
calling distance when the conference
is roaumod. It is probable that the
coming meeting will take place nt the
Union Pacific offices in Now York.
The indications all point to a compro
mise agreement at the next sitting of
the magnates. Chicago Times.
A preposterous rumor was started
at Omahn , Tuesday , to the ollect that
the now line of the Chicago , Milwau
kee & St. Paul and the Union Pacific
are to bo operated as ono line , as an
ofl'sot to the Burlington's continuous
line to Denver. The presence of the
officials of the St. Paul road at Omaha
was seized upon as the ocwsion for
fabricating the roport. Chicago
Buoklm'a Arnica Waive.
The BEST SALVK in the world for Cut <
Hmians , Sorcn , Uluora , knit iUicum , Fever
ver Sorca , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chll
blninn , Corns , ana all ttldu eruptions , am'
positively curofl ; > IIen. It U guaranteed to
clvo eatlafactfon or money refunded ,
I'rice , ! i5 cents per box. For
V. Goodmun
They Will Appear at Boyd'a Monday ,
AUK. 21 et.
Mr. Charles II. Xooshin , general
agent of Havorly's Mastodons , while
In the city Friday , made arrange
ments for the appearance of his com
pany at Boyd's Opera house on Mon-
Jay evening , Aug. 21at. The Masto-
ions played at Salt Lnlcu Friday night
nnd go to Denver next. They had a
big season at San Francisco , playing
to $49,000 in six weeks.
The Boston Herald of April 14th ,
jays ;
llavorly'tt Consolidated Mastodon
minstrels have proven a magnet of
wondrous power at the Globe theatre
this week. From a completely tilled
house on Monday night they have
sprung upon UH nightly the rarely
soon emblem , "Standing room only. "
This , too , at half past sovou o'clock ,
an event entirely without parallel ,
Last night hundreds were actually
turned ivway from the doors who could
not get oven the poor satisfaction of
standing room. Iluvorly's name has
always boon a tower of strength in
Boston , but this clinches it forever.
All Imiljlavorlyl
Horsforil's Aohl Pbnaulinto ns n
Coollufi Drlulr.
Dr. ol. II , llonry , Now York , says ;
"It possesses claims an u bcvorago , be
yond anything I know of in the form
of medicine , and in nervous ditoascsl
know of no preparation to equal it. "
Huumno Bocioty.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nebraska Humane society will bo hold
this evening in the recaption
room of Boyd'a opera houso. A paper
of general interest to the public will
bo read by ono of the members of the
society. B , E. B. KKXNEUY ,
JNO. T. BKI.L , Secretary.
Nil Doii > orumlnm.
When your girl nlvou you the mitten , ami
your heart IB broke.
Don't give way to black despair , but treat
it a * a joke.
Get your healthlu flnt-rlati order , a bottle
of Hniixa JlLossOM buy ,
Ami gaily join n ntugiui ; ela&vnnd f ° r au-
other sweetheart try.
Price 50 cunU , trial huttlej 10 cents.
"Proporvo and Rogu'ato , Not Do
Btroy , " l a soiinil motto In inculcations n we !
us ft u m mh p. I'rcscr-o the \lror ol the il
t'csll o nrginn und res " , lilo the ftcrctions wit
7arroi.t'i Hcltr-cr Aperient , ami jouull cur
and lltcl to.7ilalnt | by Ainc
harnioi y with llm Invunf Nnturc. Violent > no '
Iclntthftioliod their da } . They < l. vllallw tin
MBlcni , llcnsonan ttell n the ftonneh reject
thcai , Hcly on this ixhllcratlnj ? t | ) clCc.
aiig SOI.U I1Y ALL DUUOni818.
Knullsh rein
edy AD
fill In if cure
( or Hcmlnal
Uolf-Atnne ; iui tons of Memory , Universal tansl
tudo , Pain In the Back , Dlmncm ol Vision , 1'ro
mature Old ARO , and many other Dlic&sca thai
lead tn Itmnlty or Conouinptlon and a Prcm > <
turo Clravo.
( larFull particulars In oar pitmnhlut , whicb
wo iletlro to send free t email to ci cry one.
JTTho SpocIS cMcillelno in wld hy all druK'elnti
at U per jiacltaifo , or Opaclnsco for $9 , or v.11 :
1)0 sent free by mall on r < " * ipt of the money , bj
" , K.7.
Youngstown , Ohio , May 10 , 18SO.
En. II. J. KENDALL * Co. 1 hid ajvery valua-
ile Hamblctonl in cott tint I prlznd \ cry I Ighly ,
lohaJftlatRe bono spavin ( n one Joint and a
mall ono on the othirlilch made him very
amo ; I had him under tlio iharpo o' two voter-
nary turvcona uhlch failed to inro him I not )
onoday rcadlnfftho dvartlscnicnt of KendaU' *
Spavin Cure hi tha Chicago KxpriM I determined
at once to try It and fol oiircni/K'Bts ' hero to
send ( ir It , and they ordered three battles ; 1 to'k
nil anil I thought I wouU iho ; It n tboiouRh
rlil , I used It acordlni ; to dlrectlnnt and tlio
ourtli day the colt co Bed to bu Inmo and the
uni n ba\o dlaippcarcd. 1 used bir ono bottle
nnJ ttiocolt'alliiibn aroni ( rcool lumpiand as
moolb 03 any Iiorso In the Btata Hn lurnt'rc-
y cured. The cure w > so rcmarliable that I
melcttwoof my nolifhbars liavo thn remain-
ng tuo botllca ni ore no A unlnclt.
Very rrapcctfullv.
L. 'f. FOSTER.
Send for llluetraiod circular K\v\ng \ \ positive
proof. l'ilcol. All Pnvclsti havo" It or ran
tot U lor jou. Dr. 11. J. KoncUll to Co , ' , Pro-
irletor. . Knosbnr 'b Kalis , Vt.
[ \ISE SES Incurable by other trcitincnt
\J \ aa noo.urnal losocs , stitctures , varlcocole ,
MI 1 , u Innry , gfavol , atone , ulcers , llrlj'bt'ii ,
lalicton , dropsy , consumption , sere threat , en-
nrrh d'zz'ncfs. ' bUllolBnc 8 , inalaiH , ncuralgh ,
heuniatbim heart , kidney and bladlcrol cites ,
ru ( urcilby the A > ahtl Mineral SpilriR Water ,
r the perfccto I treatment of the European ana
\ \ \ crlean Mcdfcil Bureau epcchlty \ livcltlai.s In
.ondon. Path , Vleiiiu , Berlin , nnd Now York
nmplilct , with dlrrctlo s and cc-rllflcitci of
urns , frco Slcdlo 1 treatise on Impotence ,
icrliity , dUcavjd i rostr to gland , a ds.tphills ,
5c. ulllc , 131 Lexington ave. New York city
wi m
A Cnrn GnariJbtoocl.
Dr. B. O. Went1 * Ncrvii and Uralu U'reatmcnl
. spool Uo ( or llystoila , Illzzlncas , ConvuUlona ,
'ervous Hoadachc , Mental Dopreeulon , Loiti of
! emory,8p < ; rmitorrlia' , Irapotcngy , Involuntary
iinldslons , Premature Old Atre , caused by ovcr-
soitlon , sclf-abupo , or mer-lnjiilgencb. which
cadi to mlairy , decay and death. One box will
uro recent casos. Kn hboi contalnncuoinonth's
reatment. Ono dollar a box , or fill boxes ( or
vo UolUri , fcnt by mall prepaid on receipt of
> rlco. Wu imnntco'slx boxeg to any case
Vlth each onler received by na for rlx boxes , ao-
ompanlcd wltb Cvodollaru , will ocnil tlio pur.
hiwer our written ( ruor.inl o to return the
inonoy It thu tieatracnt do * cot tffict u euro.
0. F. GooJuiM ) , Dru'nt , Sole , liolciale and
ofrul Agent , Ornnln , Vcb OrdM-a by mall nt
3E. 3C SSr
Mictlier in its Primary , Secondary ,
or Tertiary Slago.
cmo\esall t accsof Mercury from IhoKvitem.
Cures Scrjdi'a ' Old Eoren. nhiuinatl u.
Eczma , Cn arrh , cr any Dlood Diccasc.
Ouroa When Hot Springn Fail
MAVBRN , ARK. , M ay S , IBS !
Wo hi\e taamln onrown town wan lived nt
Uot Bprlugf , nd were finally cured with 8. S. S ,
ItrCAUMnn k lluaur.
C - 1
Memphis. Tenn. , May 13 , 1881.
\Vo lina sold 1 ! M bottl ( o ( I ho 8. S. S. In a
ear. It basirhcn unlverol tatlsfactlan. Fair
ulndcd jibydclans now rtcDnimccd It aiaposU
\oepcclllc. tS.MihHrii > LU&Co < g
touU\lllo , liy. , May 13.1891.
S. R. S. lias then better anti-faction than any
cdlciuo I vvirtold. J. A. FLKX.NKR.
Diimr , Col. . May 1,1681.
Kury purchaser iptaks In thu iihrhcst tirmsof
H.H. S. hiBglren Letter latltfactlsn than any
cnudylor biocd d.ti.-atei we ho e\er honJlccf.
Have fcn 8. 8 , S. tcp the lulr from falling
it liatbort time. Wonilorlu cffccti ) InalUkln
r blood iJUvasua.
* hi * , W. II I'ATTKRSOX , Dallas , lex.
Wliou nil Other Homodios
Fail !
V YO" Until.I. mme to < , ( \n nrl \ K WI.L
tnuu tin
t < i tn iliiiuriuii iii riuui * A > k any prom ) .
ncnt UrucL'Ut fn to our i
Ol.UiUI litiwarU t e lutd to Mil
chemist who ulll find , on umlj l * ol 100 Vntllt of louo purtlcleol Mrrrurlorildi of Polie-
( luio or t.y iliporal kuMauce.
PIICII of nniftil dim , Jl.OO ,
Luge die Jl.U.l
Hold by nrnif n nr , > lr |
BIAI1I-181"r-u 811
- -
JUooiut St
Kt. LonU , Is still treatIng -
Ing all 1'ltlVATK , NUlt-
VoUS. C1IUON10 and
tpjcUl pluciki1 * , Sptrum-
tiinhcwx , Iuiiottiiey ) ( Sa\ *
nal ) ) , Feaialt
DKrlcultU , etc. '
t * lailc .tt'nil 5 centu
pn A ' 'valuable
\\otl " drilled "Ulje.biij
cl W'orotu , tc. " Wcrk
n I'IIHOMO ntsiip.
I Sull-abuto or 1'rUnto Dli * ' ,
or l'euMUTiii > 'WcuK8i'M Ntrviui mJ ttxuil
Usutso * . delimitation iicrnonily or by letter ,
KKi ; Contu t the old Doctor. THOUSANDS
UUKi > . OillcJ In qukt. rrlnto , rr poct bl
lac * . You K-O no ono but tlu doctor. Pr.
larVo U tbo only jiliynlcltu in tlu city who vn-
uuU cum or uo pay WeJlclics tent \cry
here , lloura , 8 A. u. to 8 r. u ,
yon suffer from Dyspepsia , two
II you arc fitHlctc.1 with Illllousnca" , ute
II you are prostritcd with tick Hcful.ache , take
f your Bowcln are disordered , rcfiihtu them \iltl
H MMir BlooJ li mpurc , putKy It with
Kyouha o Indigestion , ) ou will hndan antldoU
If you * r troHbled vlth Spring Complaints , cr
ndlcate them viih BUKDOCK BLOOD BITTBHS.
If your Llvcrls torpid , restore It to hcalthyactlor
If jour Llvcrls allcctcd , ) ou will find a sure ro
If you have any species ol Humor or Tlmplc , full
not to lake BUHDOCK BLOOD niTTEnS.
If j ou have any symptoms of Ulcers or Scrofulous
Sores , a curatho remedy will bo found In
For Imparting strength and \IUhty tothosj
tern , nothing can equal
For Ncrvom anil OencrM Debllltj- , tone up tht
Price. 81.00 pel Bottle ; Trla Bottle. 10 CU
FOSTER , HILBDBN , 6 Co , , J'rops ' ,
8o ! < ] at wholesale by leh & McMahon and 0. F.
Goodman. Jo 27 eod-rao
DUenso li nn ffoct , not a caueo. Us origin la
within ; Us manifestations without. ) < tncc , to
euro the disease the CAL'sumust bo rcmoted , and
m no other way can a cure ever I e effected.
LIVER CURE la catabllehod on just tbls
principle. It realizes that
95 Per Cent.
of nil diseases arlzo from deranged kldnoya on
liver , and It strikes nt once nt the root of the
difficulty. The elements of which it Is composed
act directly upon these great organs , both as a
Foooacd HK8TORBB , and , by placl&c them In a
healthy , conditlcn , drive dlsoaBo and tiatn from
the system.
For the Innumerable troub'cs caused by un
healthy Kldncja , Liver and Urinary Organs ; for
the dlstresslnc Diaordcraof Women ; for Malaria ,
and physical derangements generally , this great
rcmtdyhat no equal. Btwaro of Impostors , Im
itations and concoctions said In bo just aa good
tor sale by all dealers.
HH. . WARNER & CO. .
e Rochester N. Y.
The Great Lugiish ilomedy
iNovcr falls to cuio
Nervous Debility , VItal -
; tal Exhaustion , Emis
sions , Seminal Weak-
HOOD , and all the
| vll cffecta of youth-
ul follies and exces
ses. It btops pcrnia <
nently all ucakcnlnir.
Involuntary loaataanu
drains upon the sys
tem , thelnoUtablo re-
. . . . 'suit ' of tlioao evil prac
tices , which ar'oBO destructive to mind and body
nnd make Ufa miserable , oltcn leading to Ineanl-
ty and death. It strengthens the Ncrves.Braln ,
( memory ( Blood , Muscles , Digestive and Repro
ductive Organs , It restores ti all the oriranlc
functions their former \lgot and vitality , ma
king life cheerful and enjoyable. Price , S3 a
bottle , or four times the qunnilty 810. Bent hy
express , secure from obacnatlon , to unyaddreas ,
on receipt of price. No. 0. 0. 1) . Bent , except
ou receipt of jl us a guarantee. Lcttero rj
qucitiiiR answer ) mint Incloso stamp.
Dr. Mintie's Dandelion Pills
are tr } best and chcatxist dyspepsia and billions
euro In the market. Sold by all druggists. Prlca
60 ccnta.
Du. MINTU'B Kit/NtT EEMBDT , KirRirriciru ,
Cures f II kind of Kidney and bladder cotnplalnte ,
rouorrhca , gleet and leucorrhea. For sale by all
daugclets : II a bottle.
718 Olive St. , St. Louis , Mo.
For Sale In Omaha by
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CTi m.sjsw
To Nervous Sufferers
Dr , J , B. Bimpeon'a Specific
II U a [ > ctitlvccnrti | tor bpcrmstoirbeJt , Bemlnk
tVevkLc < . loijictoncy , and a < l diseases rcdultloc'
'run1 ' Beif-Abnw , M MvnUl Anxlrty , LOCJI
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_ _ _ _ ! r Pauiphleti
wiit tiee tu oil. Writ * for trwia tad get full pai.
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r"riet , Spcl3e , Jl.M p r | ma'rg ( , or dx pack.
LHOJ for > i.W Addruna t'.l o > d > ri to
No . 104 aad 108 Mitlu Et Buffalo , N. T.
geM In Omaha liy a r. Ooodui o , J. W. Btll ,
r , K. I < b , and all atugjlitaiverywberi ; .
. t
Storage , Commission and Wholesale Fruits ,
Agents for Peek & Batiste Lard , and Wilber Mills Flour
, - - -
Window and Plate Glass.
* 2TAnyono contemplating building store , bank , or any other fine nllt flnJIt to their aj-
vantage to coma end with us before purchasing tbolr Plato Glass.
IF. O.
I2J3 Farnhsm St Onnhn.
QJsfr JL&
Ou Eiver Bank , Befc. Farnhaza and Douglas Sts.r
Fire and Burglar Pr33
1020 Farnham Street ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Coeds > and
All Grocers' Supplies ,
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
J V la ib
1118 FARM AM ST. - - OMAHA
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Wear Union Pacific DaDOt. - -
j t.T nE > '
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimsnings ,
im 0
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.