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The Daily Bee.
Saturdnv Mornine , Aug. 6.
Wontli or Koport.
( The following observation" lire taken
the name moment of time at all the static
named. )
WAK DEPAnrMBsr , U. S. SmxAi.SEn.
TICK , OMAHA. Atip. 4,1882. ( ,
River 8 feet fljlnchca abate low water mark
Omaha , 6 toct 6 Inches at Yankton ; Mlstltnlpi
4 feet 8 Indies at I , Crowe , and 7 feet 7 Inch
a' Ujbuque.
"Fritz In Ireland" at the Opera Hou
to-night ,
Twenty-eight cars of stock came In <
the U. I * , yesterday.
The water mains leading to the ta
fair grounds ara being distributed ,
There was a bad break in the wal
plpo yesterday , which flooded the vlclnll
of 17th nnd Jzarcl streets ,
The fifty feet extension of the grat
stand at the associations grounds will I
finished by Saturday.
The Academy of Mimic will roopc
this evening with a powerful con
pany , Manager Nugent at the holm.
N. K. A contract for 100,000 yards <
nhect asphalt Is to bo let In Wanhlngto
Saturday , there being -100,000 already.
There will bo noteatlnco porfonnanc
at Boyd's Opera Homo to-day. Thoi
having purchased tickets will have the :
money refunded ,
The festival at OrocoMlmlon Wednci
day evening In nld of Trinity Cnthcdn
building fund was a complete success. Th
net proceeds amounting to SCO ,
A six year old Bon of MAX Bochnck
living In North Omaha hail IIH ! nrm broke
Thursday aftornotn. Dr. Novllle nttcm
cd htm and ha Is doing nn well as can L
expected ,
The following are the announcement
of Ur.lon Pacific gnmw B. & M'H , At :
BUutOj DubuqucB , August 12 ; Wnhoot
August 19 ; Standards , of St. Louts , Mo ,
rii a ' WMPV'wyW
Bluff * , telegraphed ! Mr."julii Thlele.'o
Tlvoli gardens to send hlu Bavarian bam
over yesterday to play at a festival to b
held six miles from Council Bluffd.
Two plain drunks and two dlsturbei
of the pcaco were dealt with by , Tud
Beneko yesterday. Four men arrcntei
aa tramps , for sleeping in box care , provei
to be farm laborers and were discharged
One of the loveliest borjuoU our re
porter has received this Reason wis glvoi
him by Mr. E. 0. Erfllmr , the 10th stree
ilorht the other evening , on the occosloi
of the blooming of his night bloomlnf
Mr. J , Harrli , the well known cloth' '
ier , wishes a correction made in the reporl
of lloeenfeld'a failure. The location li
not the southeast corner of Tenth anr
I'arnam , but between Tenth andHlevcntl :
streets on Farnam ,
A man was arrested by © fllcer Jacob ,
on Thursday afternoon on suspicion ol
being the name who robbed the Grant
Island victim at the neon train , and tin
latter has been telegraphed to return bj
thli morning' * Denver train ,
File driving for the new freight depol
of the B , & M. railway , near the foot ol
Homey street , haa commenced. Contrac
tor fitcphcnnon has nearly finished excava
ting and filling in the pond. The now
depot will bo Bpaclous and substantial.
Much credit is dua Messrs. W. 0. .
Burnhaui and Arthur Law , the two cm
ployes at Mr , A. B. Hubcrnmnn'i , foi
their wlae action Thursday by which the
diamonds were recovered from Kuslck ,
They deserve the highest compliments foi
their clever work.
The Dean and Mr < , Millspaugh ox.
pressed themselves us pleased that yj many
of the parishioners und friends were proa ,
ent at tbo reception Thuradhy , Tl li
only regret was that oven moro did no )
honor them at their general praise gather
Three of the bridges across Nortl
Omaha creek nro out off from travel , thai
at 10th ttrcot , 23iUtteet and 24tli utreot ,
Tbo first is owing to tha work of construct.
Ing the eowcr , the second for repairs and
the la t Is the one broken dowu by the
imilei , which is still unfixed ,
lion , A , J. Hnnscom ia erecting a
inaxnllicent row of btilldlnga on Capitol
avenue near Sixteenth street. The style of
urchltecturo is the tame as the celebrated
Bovee row that ornamented Eighteenth
street near Casu , nome years ngo , The
new bulldlug , it U tail ) , will be nearly an
hiipoahn ; as Haiucom'a block , in tbo
shade of which tUudu the opera house. _
The examination of Anthony Kutlck
for holding the Yatcs dlamondi after they
were found , wilt come off tt 10 a. m. today -
day , He ii still in the county jail.
IIli employes md bosses speak very well
of him " > i think ho acted through Ignor
ance entirely in retaining the properly ,
The train IICUH3 went bad to back up
nnd take a freeh start ycbter.Iny tor ooiiie
uiyuterlous came. An Capt. John B ,
1'uray stood on ono of the car platfonng
tel'Inyoiia ' of hi ) Bancroft's history btoriea
to Col , Frank Haul on , it la tuppotod that
this operated as an sir bralo nnd had th
effect of bringing the train to a halt ,
A terrible runaway occurred Tbur *
day evening on 20th and Cumtui ; etreet.
Tha driver Jumped out ana escaped with o
fractured ankle , nd tha buna ran all the
ity to 12th ktreet before he vag caught ,
tubiog the bun" " * * * * i'vg.
ThoB. &M'tf will go Into to-day *
game with three uew players who have
juitftrrlved from the cast , Jones , the
pitcher , and Sterns , the catcher , are l
said to be fine players. The third fo
unknown professional frnm Buffalo , N. '
who is expected in time for to-dfl
game , Tcdiy' game will be ono of I
events of the ceoHon.
TtiK BIK : desires to call the nttenti
of the county comrniMtoncrs to the exi
cnce of a fine healthy bed of Cnnndn th
tics in the neighborhood of the U , 1' , stt
yards. It Is to be hoped that the U
will take steps at once to have these pe
removed before they go to eeed , othcrw
great damage to crops will bo the result.
A special telegram from THE BEH c <
respondent announces the rafo arrival
Cheyenne of the Omaha. Board of Tr.i
excursionists : at noon yesterday.
Prof. Terry , of Williams college , w
lecture in this city , on Wednesday evenl
next , on the tutjtct of the tariff. Ho i
'reo trader.
Joe Emmett nt Boyd'a Opom Hou
Last Nlgnt.
The attendance at the Boyd It
night fillad the theatre from parquol
M coiling. The potent attraction H
Mr. J. K. Emmolt in "Fritz in Ir
and. "
Mr , Emtnott is otill at the head
the list of actors who essay his line
busincflB. Ilia voice haa not all i
early and original sweetness , but 1 :
pathos , hia acting , hia akotchoi at
his placid humor are nuch
they have ever boon. It wn
perhnpj , moro to on joy the latt
than to delight in the former , th
the audience had gathered , wollknoi
ing that timn , even with such notes i
once were those of Kmtnott's , tt
often doala moat harshly. Aa a coi
oequonco , the attendance was amuaci
nay , delighted. And frequent pea
of laughter , alternating with volumi
of npplnuBo , attend the doliglit. ' .
made little diflorenco that the pie <
struggled hravoly to bo a molo-drami
and to interest the auditors by a con
plicated plot which nobody cared I
follow ; it was of loss momor
that inconsistencies abounded , am
annacquontly , that probability WD
scattered to the winds , the aiidionc
enjoyed it greatly. Mr. Emmol
tang about a half ado/.en of hia prol
kiest songs , the montauccessful bein
"Tho Cuckoo" and "Tho Brother1
Lullaby. " In the latter , as of "old
nd to the writer it is a romombranc
sf nearly thirteen yeara , the marvo !
jus and sympathetic style and tout
which have BO often made the audit
ar'a oyoa glisten with toaro , wore nc
ticcd by stirring effect ,
It is not Mr. Etnniott'a fault , pm
daps , that a very noticahlo modiocrit ;
would characterize a number of hi
lupporting company. It is true
lomo of the purformors had bu
ittlow very , little to do : i
heiu did * that very " "poorly
V number of thorn , and the Barn <
night bo said of sovurnl characters o
.ho piece , might bo omitted , and i
nero rounded , consistent , and at tin
iamo time a moro artistic porformatic
) o givon. Georgia Tyler , who sup
jortod Keene when last hero , Mr
Vbbott , who played with Murph'
icro last fall ; Mr. Wade and Mis'
jhristio were generally acceptable ,
Thp piccp consists ot four acts
lach of which required a "sot" on
iroly different from the other. Ever ;
cone waa such as to merit the appro
> ation which ran through the audi
iiico as the curtain roao upon it
lossra Brooks and Dickson , in tin
ctncry at least , have left nothing t <
IB desired.
The piece will bo played again to
ight , and those who failed to go
oats last evening , will probably bi
'rollmlnary Stopa In the Orgnnlza
tloii of a Gorman School.
Thursday a largo number of oui
lerman citizens assembled in Turnoi
.all to take preliminary steps towardi
ho organization of a school for Gor
uin youth , It is proposed to erect i
ommodious and suitable building it
rhich besides accommodations for in
( ruction in English , Gorman ant
thor branches , there will bo a largi
all and rooms for lessons and oxer
isoa in athletic umttors.
Philip Andres wan called to the
hair , and J. Fruehauf acte < ]
3 secretary. A general discussion ol
oat moans to successfully accomplish
10 ends proposed waa indulged in bj
lioso prcsnnt. Afterwards a board
f managers waa solncled , who will
ave charge of the selection of a aite
: > r a building , procure plans for the
ittor , and , in fact , attend to all the
rominont reiiuiroinonts of the grand
ndortuking : The following gontlo-
icn compose the bonrd : Philip AU
TOS , 0. E , Burmostor , Henry Pundt ,
iug. Dorman. J. Fruehauf , Julius
loyor , , T , II. Spotmanit and William
The board will have a moo'ing at an
nrly day , select oflicora nnd organize
) r general business. Articles of in-
jrporation will bo filed in a day or so.
Ind. , July 8 , 1881 , J
, voiity years I have boon uUlictod with
vor complaint. I tried various rom <
Jion , but received no benefit until 1
immuncod the use of your Safe Kid-
oy and Liver Cure , which gave me
crmanont relief.
augl'dlw EDWIN A. OASTOU ,
lade from the wild lloworn of th
. is the most fraprnnt ot perfumes.
fanufactured by II. B. Slnvtm , Ban
'rancisco , For Ralo in Omaha by W.
, WhitchouBo and Konnato Bros. ,
; Co.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex ,
ehior Iloof Paint , " was patented May
4th , 1881 , and letters patent mini-
cr241 , 801) , Any person founder
nown to tamper with the manu-
icturo of said paint will bo punish-
11 to the full extent of law. Ko per-
in haa any authority whatever to sell
scoipta. HAWTHORN & Buo. ,
Lancaster , Pa.
Chief BnRinoor Sutler's Plans-It Vibe
bo Up In Ninety Days.
The subscription of $500 by t
citizens of Omnhn , with the additi
of Iho 81,000 , voted by t
city council fcr the purpose , tv
at once bo utilized for the on
tion ot n hose-cart homo on thu c
site occupied by No. 2 , just north
Strang's block , on Tenth street.
Chief Butler says ho ia not an arcl
tcct , but known what ho wants , at
his plans are already drawn for t
building , which ho expects to cot
plotn for occupancy within nine
days. It is to bo a two-sto
brick building , 22 by
foot in size. The first flo
will contain a hoao cart room ( cngin
being discarded ) , 20 by 28 foot i
size ; two stalls for horses , a grain roe
and long-hoao rack , towers being o
of date. On the second floor the
will bo a sleeping room , 20 by 24 , i
the boys , a hay and grain room , bi
room and water cloauta.
\Vhilo the $1,500 scorns a smt
amount , the house will bo wor
much moro , aa the chief and his nu
will do all the carpenter work ill or
solves and much of the other wor
and will save txponi * in many dire
tions. The houeo will DO worth win
completed , aside from the valuu
the lot about § 2,000 , and ivlll contai
all the modern improvements ar
facilities for quick work.
The work will bo begun at once , i
fact when the alarm sounded th
monnng Mr. Butler was just startin
to eco the city engineer and got tl :
grade of the lot , so that the di
might bo removed right away. Tl ;
chief honcti to got a similar house o
No. 3'a lot by next summer , as tl
present onois not only yory unhealthy
damp and bad , but actually unsafe t
life. The tower is rotten six feet u
from the foundation , and is proppc
to keep it from being blown over o
Alf Jones' house.
Charles O. Hunt's Rosldonco Badl
Yesterday ,
About 10 o'clock yesterday a fir
broke out in the house of Assistan
Chief Engineer Charles Hunt , o
Nineteenth street , between Nichola
and Paul. The fire was first discov
urod by a neighbor , Mr. Liuia Faisto
who sent the alarm in to No. 1 , am
the boys were aoon on the ground
ind had a atnum on. They had a han
ight before they could overcome a ]
, ho obitructions. The rear part o
iho building , whcro the fire originated
vas badl/ used up , and the depart
a .w U * . * , a- , - , , , - l , . ' -jrt if
Icr. About the time the fire wan ou
ho Hooks arrived with the Chief am
tfu. 2 , and rendered all the asaistanci
lossible under the circumstances.
The loan to Mr. Hunt will bo heavy ,
ilthough ho has policies on both
louse and furniture in McKoon < S
ilurgis' agency for $400 on the formoi
tnd § 300 on the latter.
The cause of the delay in the arri
ral of the Hooks and No. 2 waa
.rouble in the circuit , owing tc
vhioh the alarm , which waa sent it
rom box 17 , did not como in cor' '
'ootly , as it sounded first throe stroke :
ind then ono , so he was unable tc
jscortain the whereabouts of the fire
intil ii telephone- message came in.
further , ho stated that the wires arc
usty and out of order , and it would
to necessary to put them in shape
mmediatoly , The loss ho estimate !
, t about $000.
Nut-Loclc WrtBbor Company.
Articles of incorporation of the Vnr
Curan Elastic Nut. Look Washer com.
iany have been filed in the count }
lorks oflico. The object of the com.
> any U to establish manufactories and
0 manufacture washers for railway
ail-joints and other purposes.
The principal place of business Is tc
10 at Omaha. The capital stock it
:50,000 : , divided into live hundred
hares of $100 each , 20 per cent ol
ho stock to bo paid at the time ol
ubscription , and the balance aa called
or by the board of directors. The
lighoit amount of liability or indobt-
dncas to which the corporation nhall
1 any time subject itself is $10,000.
The affairs of the corporation are to
10 conducted by a board of five direc-
urn , and by n president , vice presi-
ent , treasurer , secretary and ponoral
The time of commencement of thu
arporation was Juno 30 , 1882 , and
s limitation will bo June 80th , 1081
'ho ' articles of incorporation arc
igncd by 0 , B. Ilustin , president ;
I. 0. Houee ) , vice president , and A.
, VauKuran , secretary.
Stephoneon'd Mania.
It would seem that Jim Stephoneon
innot rest unless ho is engaged in
line work of improvement. His pa-
it i ul atnbles were handsome enough
( ready for the most particular , but
im has gene to work and added * still
arthor to their beauty by refitting his
Ilico quartern. Thu walla are superbly
apored ; oil painting of equine sub-
cots appear at intervals ; the floor is
iid in marble , and both the public
nil private rooms are moat tastcf ally
iirnlshed to correspond , Altogether
im has aim of the finest business
eadquartors in the city , and the ma-
ia for having everything about him
osoy and neat is most worthy of inn-
"Glided Pnlacoa of Sin "
a t o Killtor ol Tlio lice ;
In your issue of Thursday you
lese an article as follows ;
"Thero eoema to bo a mania for oir ,
ezzlemcnt among the clerical mn
loyos in the country these days , but
hothor it cornea from a desire to live
oyond their moans or because they
ro obliged to work for such small
tlarica that they cannot support thorn *
jives honestly and respectably , it is
ard to say. "
To this the undersigned would add
iat the explanation is not difiloult so
> ug as wo continue for the education
of the young to legalize * the existcn
of places such as "the gilded palace
sin , " the so-called "high toned" li
di"o on lower Douglaa street ,
whjch execrable place at least a p <
tion of my embezzled funds WE
The degenerated moral sense whi
denominates this place us "runpecl
bio" is openly argued by this you
married rrmri ns his warrantable uxcu
but it ia not no accepted by
The Btnto Sabbath School Convontli
at Fremont.
The State Sabbath echool cunve
tion which has betn in aetsion at Ft
mont during the past week held i
closing Koieion Thtrsdny at tl
opera houao.
The representatives from the vn ;
ous schools of Omaha wtiro dcligl
fully entertained by the citizens
Fremont , and they give glowing i
ports of the success of the conventio
There were nearly ono hundred ai
fifty delegate * present. Twonty-thr
counties report organizations , at
during the ensuing year it is hopi
that many moro will bo organized ,
was much desired that Douglas couni
should fall into line with an uctivo a
sociation , nnd it will bo the ondonvi
of the member of the atato oxocutr
: pmmitteo from this und Qarpy coui
ties to have a good work organized bi
fore the next convention.
Among those from a distance ivl
aided materially in the convcntic
nero Messrs. F. G. Ensign , of Oh
sago , and Win. Reynolds , of Poorii
[ Us. Their ad vice and ccunsnl ft
uturo work among the youth of ot
rapidly growing state will assist tl :
state workeis very much.
The convention closed with
Memorial service in commemoration c
Col. Watson B. Smith , who was a
earnest worker in the Sabbath scho (
lauso. It was much regretted the
lev. A. F. Shorrill , of this city , wn
inablo to bo present. In hia abaenc
ributes were paid to his memory b
ilr. Q. P. Gage , of Fremont , Mn
La Follott , and Geo. T. Howsor , gen
ral socrotury of Omaha Y. M. 0. A.
nd Rev. J W. Osborn , of Fremont
Kldnoy Disease.
_ Pain , Irritation , rotuntion , Incnn
inence , Deposits , Gravel , etc , curei
by "Buchupaiba. "
Vic Blerbower , of Sidney , la in town.
M.'B. Hoxie , of Grand liland , is in th
P. S. Wilson , of Cheyenne , is at th
J. N. Tnlbott , of California , H at th
J. K.-lJrumett and party mo regliteret
t the MiTlard ,
W. W. Wallace , of 0-kland , is at thi
! roIghton.L
Vie Lantry nnd wife , of Blair , were it
own last night.
H. M. Moore , of Hod OaV , la. , is at tin
D. 0. Smith , of Morengn , is a guest ol
lie Metropolitan.
Ccl , Mendenhall and wife , U. S. A. ,
re gue ts of the Millard.
Thorn nn Malory , of Akron , Col. , is i
ueat at the Cicighton.
M. L. Whitney , of Council BlufTa
ogist rcd at the Creighton last night.
Kx-Senntora Faddockand Thayershowei
lieir familiar facea on our etreota j eater
Judge A. J. Weaver , of Falls City , anc
nd District Attorney Win. H. Morris , o !
! retc , are in the city.
0. L , Dunham , superintendent of the
Nebraska division of the Missouii Pacific ,
i in the city.
Mi s Carrie and Cora Clark , Emma anil
! . 0 , Jackson , of Blair , were at the Mil
ml lost ulght.
A. B. Heldretb and U. D. Silver , ol
ilncoln , and J. B. Eilson , of Wilbur , arc
uista of the Creighton.
J. P. HensVy , of Grand Island ; J , T'
leacoo , of Lyons ; O. H , Smith , of No'
raska City ; are at the Metrepolitan.
E. L , Eno , proprietor of the Eno house ,
t Fremont , aud ono of the notorious ] }
s t landlords in the state , ia at the M <
opolitan ,
MCSTS. Nut S. Moseley , of San Fran-
10 > , and U. D. McDonald , two Htudentt
om the Naval Acudou y at AnnnpolN ,
o In the city , en route nn a sixty dnya1
vo of absence , hava just come from
icir practiio cmi o for the sinmr t-r ,
hey left tholr ship , the "ConhtelUi 11 , "
; New York ,
Chas. II. May , Fremont ; Henry Fox ,
'ork ; A , W. White , 1'latUmouth ; M.
llerrmlan , Oaceola , G , P. Thompson ,
lureuce ; J. N. Reynolds , Nanco C'limty ;
f , F. Severance , Lincoln ; Dr. A. L
oot , Weeping Water ; S. F. Burlch ,
apilllon ; F. 0. 1'helps , Lincoln ; 0.
hflu , Schuyler ; are the repre-entative
ebraikonB at the Millard.
A Conundrum ,
Ir the right to vote 1 ; inherent In this
itlon , then why cannot womeu vote
iw ? BEE.
There may bo several answers to
lia conundrum , hut tlio ono that
rat ncsura to mo is that you and I
id Bovorul other gontlemou have do-
arod that she should not , and wo
wo enacted the declaration into a
w and made it a part of our consti-
ition , and , aa you have frequently
imarkcd , the army and navy stand at
Jr backs to help us inforco the inter *
o * . Can't you think np something
Tno Olive Branca
irreipondenca of The lice.
OOLBEUTSON , Nob. , August 3. I
10 from your correspondent at Plum
reek that I. P. Olive is iniisiiif , ' . Ho
hero with 700 head ot horsca now
id Booms to ba in good health ,
Youra , JoaKi'ii OLYNE.
WANTKU , A good sooond-hand
oyolo. Address box X , Central
ity , Neb 10-3t
They Demand Moro Writes and G
The waiters employed at the IS !
lard became dissatisfied recently
Hioir work , which they thought t
heavy , and their wages they thoug
too light.
The Millard has had an unprei
dented run of business since
opened , and almost every night 1
turned away from twenty-five to fil
guests , after doubling up all that w
possible. Tins , of course , mndo t
dining room work quito heavy , ai
there was a kick.
The proprietors telegraphed to Cl
cage for six additional waiters , wl
arrived yesterday , but demanding $1
a month , where the regular wag
were 820 , they were allowed to tal
a walk , which thny did. This w
shortly before the dinner hour yestc
day and the regular force , ' 'takii
the bull by the horns1 walked dev
to the ofllce and demanded $25
month No $25 no grub f
guosla. It was aground hog case at
the managers gracefully acquiesce
The waiters wont back to work nt
the hungry travelers got their 11001
day meal as usual. It is safe , hoi
over , to predict that about sixtoi
now faces will bo seen in the Millai
dining room in the course of the no :
The Romulna of William Aust W !
Arrlvoln Omulio To-day.
A special dispatch to THE BKE la
evening announced the fact that tl :
body of the late William Aust arrive
at Sidney yesterday afternoon fro ;
the grave on Snake creek , in charr.
of Mr. II Nioman , who was nont 01
> y the Knights of Pythias to romov
t to this city for final interment.
The remains wore forwarded by 03
press from Sidney last evening , an
will arrive at 3:25 p. m. to-day. The
will lie in atato at Undertaker Jacob
3stablishmont until Sunday nt 2 p. ir
irhon they will bo buried under tli
luspicca of the K. of P.
IJorrcppondcnco of The lice.
NELIOII. Nob. , August 1. Havin
omo business intorestn at thin plac
ind vicinity I have been spending
ow wcekn here. I have taken specie
lains to look ever the crops and im
jrovementa of this section and wish t
all the attention of your many reader
o the garden of Nebraska. I hav
ad the pleasure of meeting severa
ourists from Iowa , Illinois and Wia
onsin , and all unite in the one opin
onthat the Elkhorn -Valley contain
* "
I may bo a little moro enthusiast !
rom the fact that I have juht visitoi
ly the kind invitation cf Captain R
i , Beccham hia forly acre farm jus
mtsido the village limits.
Captain Beocham is the senior edi
or of The Neligh Republican , was i
oldier in the war of the rebellion fron
he beginning to the end , and is madi
if that kind of material that make :
oed soldiers , and also makes the Wes
'losBom ' and bring forth the evidonct
f the latter , is abundant by lookini
ivor his , what is popularly called it
his section , a "cabbage patch farm.1
The Captain's garden contaim
verything that can bo practicablj
iroducod in this climate , and its rank ,
; ealthy growth speaks more than m
en can not only for the soil but foi
ho work nnd management beotower
ipon it. His efforts in horticultun
iavo been equally successful ai.d caret
ot bo cxcellod in the Elkhorn Valley ,
f in the state. The Neligh Republi
an is an independent newspaper , and
ho fuct that Captain Beecham owiu
0 good a farm and garden , has a ten-
oncy to make and keep him and his
ewspapor independent , lie has no !
Dund it necessary to ask or accept n
ass over any railroad in the state ,
nd will not dance to party music utv
: ss ho is suited with the kind of run-
io they furnish. Ho fools very confi-
ont that ho can live and make hia
arcr live without supporting "Out
ral" for the sake of land ofliue pat-
anage or any other consideration.
I nicst heartily congratulate Ante-
> pe county and NoHgh in the posses-
ion of one editor and ono paper that
1 truly independent politically and
blp to defend thoeo principles on
rhich our giivurnmtmt is fouiuleci ,
I cannot close this lutter without
illuiK iittHiiInu ) to thti Arlvi > c.irot > i
i-callid ropuhlion pupnpubliRtiri )
trobyomt f Val's f.Uliitrc. List
ti-k ! ilioolv. . . ! ' . * ' ! ) huidifd the iiuine
f 13 , K V.ilu'itiiii * fr iiii-nib'T i f
ilJKl'td , nlnl if I Im | it | t4j hid
ri limed nr'y IVKB IH > I mill tim.r. thiM
nnK lie incisuhii the immu of E B
Infer for BicreUiy of atatc , both ( if
iera ripht on thu heels of the rcc iuly
ubliala'U exposures i f fraud by V. l.
ud usurpation of power for Val'a
ene lit by the other.
Ono of the leading republican * of
lis county ( no friend to Valentino ,
owevor ) , told mo that ho had been
> ked to immu his price if he had any ,
> it sooins that the monopolies have
ist the tool they want in Val. , ? nd
tat money is to bo poured out in auf-
stent quantity to elect him
Now if this last is disputed , I will
ivo the name of the party and back
with two affidavits that never have
son questioned ,
Yours for right against monopoly ,
X T T E3 IR , '
TLo oldest and most reliable
in North Ora ha. Vny cholco
[ eat , Poultry 'and Vegetables ,
OOK & STDEHM , Proprietora.
Jue-Oiu 20th and ( Jumlntr.
wniag , Tent and Wagon Oovors
lor. 14th and Howard Sts.
Frovrletor ,
A. No. 1. man wanted to tctl In Colorado , Ut
Wyoming , litniat , Ntiftl.i , and Iho cnllie w
A comilcto Urn if Knit Oocds , cor.sKlnif In p
of Men's Hocks , I , dlcV , Mlsrcs' nnd thIMtt
Iefr. lnif , nd Blockings , l.idicl nnd flentlcrm
Double nnd Single llttrt. M Uses' ami Cl
dren'i Mittens , Uardlgin Jackets , Scarfs
C | > 1 , ft ] BO
Addie s tinting ago , experience and reference
JtiS < Ulw.m M Detroit. Mich
- Advertisement I'D ix > an , for , 6
Lout , Found , WkQtfl Boarding : , fcc. . will be
tirttd In these columns once for TEN CEN
ftt Ilim ; each subsequent Intot tlon , F1VKUEN
per line. The first Innertlnn r v r lum tr
TO t.OAr MO'U Y.
OHBV TO LOAN Call f.t bawurnceo !
M L. ThomM Hoomd Creli-hton BlocK.
TO IMfib AI S per cent
/ tcreot In § arc .ot K.600 *
np < T rds , f 3 tofycMii. on flrst-cUa city o
f.tnn property. Hims llJAt , I"TAT Mid to
AntnoT , 'P'li and Douplni Bt *
IANTl'D A.Hinlni ronm glil at Ile'ncki
cor IT 13th and J.icknon ,
A jt'rl ' for Renurnl hoit'cwoi
WANiKU hi K oJ wmhcr and Ironcr. Apr
corner 21st mil Lcav n orthSt > . Q55-4t
\T7ANTi5H Olrl for Rcnoral hou-c ork , B
VV s.uth 25th St , ( Kalrvlow. ) OtIO tf
\"lTANTED-Aglrl nhnut 14 or IS jears o
V > to take care ot n balijr. Apply at 1610 Jac
ion street. 001 71
A girl Icr rencrnl houjowor
WANTKU 13th nnd Dtue poti. bcconddo
from corner , nest side. 002-41
ANTKD At St. Charles hotel , tuo tin
W ilass dining room K'rli ' 03-tf
ANTKD A gift tClit. . an-u micut.
W o3-2t
Two or 111 'to pleat nntUGu > nt hi
WANTED In prlvito liou-o. lUtetenc s e :
clnngcd W. 1590 N. 18th ftreer. 071-4t
'ANTED 100 tons o ( i Iron. Aadtcsi
W J. H. 01LCIIR1 T.
n30-0t Omaha , Neb.
Plf ANTRD Good milkcra , ot
* hITTLLKJBliD'd DA 117 Faratogi
V > 972-S ,
\ < ' ANTKD A clrl for gcnrral rousovtok. A ]
v' pty linmnllat. ly , t tlie north ccstcoi
i cr 13th and uaienporutrccla. 074 4 *
AltTUD A Bluutlon u wntonmakur n
jcnelir ; 20 yta H" cxpiiliiuo. Jui
Irom the cast. Ad Ire \V.Uhu.aker ( , U K.
TTTASTED P.vo tlnncri ot the Western Coi
W n co Works , 1213 Hartley street. D7D
) A chambermaid and male irv n
WANTfl 910 Douc a s-.iott. WfKO . uomft
I1U 01 < cr inonlli ! man $20.00. _ UTX fi (
' ANTrl ) Doarders n > HO suitn 13Hi ai
Board ? 4,0o ; .Isofun.iaicd rcomiFrar
- O'A-lt
At Jlcrrltts Hcstauratit 100
W Farnham strcit , a good wasvcr an
A < ent tjBolcltfor ! Iho Petrol
WANTSD Benefit A auiitlon ot Dc'rolt
Jlch. Goodlncluccnirnt- thu 'l ht p r Io <
Jonoy to lottn and lean ) ni'cotlatcd on i.bera
; crmp. Inquire ol K. K. lluck , Agent ( or Kc
iiiiElcujnp.-m 18f JBiSt tisvttii5BUlr ? - - - ,
- ' *
100 i tone ma DIM , i tcims. 1C
rock mo . Ship Satur ay. Wfnaat Iron
2 ' 50 tt $1.00 per d ir. 75 seams $5 00 i r day
rqu ro o ( J. W. hundlc , cor lUlh and Dadgi
treetn. _ 9430 *
- Hrat-clMS mint rook attheSt
Charles Hotel , llormy strict. Apply 01
he premises. OJbtf
ITtrANTEU Sewing' plrlJ to learn lha Kellg (
YY French Tailor Hystem ol Dress ( .utllnir ,
tow being taught at 110 Millard Hotel Block
'titling Jciiu t > test , I\HJ \ custom cutting doni
i shnitoat i ofetble time. Patterns cut to order
nd nt warrant d by MR * . BOND ,
'cncral Agent ( or Kel'cgtf ' Tailor System of Dr's
cu'tlnff , 928-4t
[ TrANTED A nrdt-clnsi girl mu t be ( rood
YY cook , washer nnd liotier. Wage SI.CK
rr v > c'ik. Ii quWu at Lee , Filed & CO'K , or a'
! e < ollic- ' . 9 J4-tf
; A7"ANTbU EUO privy vau.ta , einka And cow
V V pool * to clean with baultary Vault and
Ink Cleaner , the beat In IMC. A. Kiona ft Co. ,
pildenrn 1200 Dodge street. Omnha.
[ ITAN'EI ' ) Iwour rhrec rooms m tahlo ( c
VV phytlciaiB cll-d. ddriu. Ir. 1'crlp
! ca olflce. 590-t (
IA/ ANTKU Ten teams to work on
IAVV CutOfl.Vojres8350pcrday iff'
t' Mf"HKi VI
i /\A .MEN WANTrU At fion-nci ! Cut-Off ,
\l\ \ > nine uilIcH i-rth r ( On nha. Wajas
.MEUCIIANT TAlLOItF ; A thoroughly
LIO expert cut cr ami tal'orwinU a situation
i some Eood Ncbra k' > v nelly , hctcro ccs Crat-
last. Adlrcuj , K. Alhait , Loramlc City , \V\o-
\lP'r' \ . 054-9
TTTANTHD bltuafon as coiclirran and do
r \ K niral wcrk around th ) houne , Uod
ifcronccs gtvod. AUJiods "Q" thlaollice.
TTAATED Work ni ctcond girl li
rlaimly or lliht liana ntwl g , / dtic > i , O.
rn. , BKKufflro. 97-16
'ITANTED Washi-e and Ironing ol oM Mnds.
rV at norlh > lde ol Hurt botwi n 17th nd
! h about canter ot bleok. _ 9706 *
A'AVTKU-A hoii90 1 1 the i ct end of the
Ho Ity , containing about fix room' ,
th tib e nu ! cor Ig4 rnom attacboil. Must
ivu wu'irfiil be conv. t lint tn street car. Ad-
rc < i J P. M , > o rnpo'l an hotel , aur2-3t )
< i r * ' ii ioorrjoms.
\ \ illHt 1)0 In L'll'l ICClt OH. jic ( ) Lt'O. Op-
3 I o f. o. nuo-4
X * A > - I I-P limit Ausii't K > , IJMjMiof 4 or
fc * fi roomnn line ofttno ra Iway pre'ir-
il. A i1ri "inu o/'ll-i-oiitiu anltf
t OH * tnl
? Olllin\'T TVlo-h. . iitoiiljoit r li TTonia .
1 rcomS , Cul { ion BI cK 953-1
" rtolt Kfiv F u ronni cottage , laruu fof ]
ftiutli 17th , J I , . Wulolans , 1503 Far-
im street. 905-K
_ „ _ _ _
"OH It NT' and s-cnrd DOOM In brick
< bouto , 14 OOM 059-1 (
7011 RENT Ainlt o ( 4 rooms In Iltlcirabj
J block , cor. , r lot and \cnpirt His.
Jli'll lUNl' A Ii tre r utroniif r two RCII-
) t ins ; aim wo roonm suit M ) ( or ( am-
r- , all ile > fi > ntly loo.lel miul o a No. 034
III btriel , bet. Jjik > on and Le \ ii.vnnh.
J10R KENT Airol ( mill h1 10,111 , iultabl < >
! ( cr twotuatleu-an , 111 N , lith slice . Ili
erca required. _ P51-t (
10 KENT A nlco y ( urnmhed ronir , at north-
ucst torniT ( ( | 6th und PiUUiport ttrcets.
073-4) ) _
TIOEI.Y ( urnlilud ( rout loom. 0 il 07i N
S Wh street. _ > 0 ) -t (
011 RENT Furnlthed room , 321 H 10th
10U WENT One neatly ( urnUhed rocm , wlh
prliHo.-o o ( a ; Joining par or , 1813 clstcr
cct. _ 942-t (
011 11CNT I.argo Inns' , 12 roiins , new ,
1 Ucodloult.u. JlcCogue , oppoblti ) H. 0.
HEKT Three luroUhtd room > ( cr hnuno-
i alto a piano. 113 North 13th St.
10U KENT A plcaiaiit ( urnhheil roim lor
one cr twj Igojllemen. Imimre at 1912
IKornlatticet. 953-tl
R BENT Urge riom. w Ith board or Ull
board glre' , IbOB Calllorula tUrct.
18 It
TT10R BENT-Tworoomiand kitchen Jn new
" Vtc < wlth hj > rant atcrcorner isih and
, . , .
CalKomla itrects. Inquire , . no. 60s North
ISthiirect 95M *
TT OR RKNT A pleanant fuinlshtd room on
JU th first floor , one block ( rom street rar , at
8403 lUrney sirfet.
KENT Brick More. Ii quire at Dnw
Store , coiner 10th aiid Douglas sts. E20-tf
FOR RENT lion e of 0 rooms , ntnlv plis-
tertd jnd plnted. 1SOO per month.
Northot teth street bridge on 15 h stmt. Con.
> enlcnt to nhops. Apply coiner 12th and How.
ard street. Newspaper Unlrn , S87-tia
FOR RKNT Two new dwellings and two other
duellings In desirable Icc.llty , by McKoon.
Mo. 1614 Douglas ttrctt 817-tf
KENT tu mshed room at lUli ) Karnam
'lcer. 8C2-U
1) room tor ceuiltinan with refer *
cnce , 1312DudOBtroot between 13th and
W7-t (
tXTs ( or lease Ht S25.0U per annum , each
, fllrB.telra ol J" " ' at "Oranse Grove
dj Inlnif llanscjni l'rk on the weft ,
n\n mlnutea walk from B net caw , can
bo obtained to build Ith , by persons leasing
thcte lots ot rigular r tos.
On prem' ' M , office 161S Farnimi troit
AJ IMh IIUU'lo toil KbAT 6UU11 1 nil mrifO ,
i.1 two to tuelvo r.Kiu s each ; one or to new
ones ith all modern convenience' . One ol 12
rooms , suitable tor hoarding and room renting.
17th and Doujdas bts. DEMI8 , Aecnt ,
. . -tt _ Uthand Dounlasbta.
TTV U ItENT Furnished room with board ;
Jj moduli Improicinttitg.ti few lable ho inters
can be accommodated , at 1718 l < edge street.
I710R KENT Furnished room , 17Z3 Douglaa
JL1 street. _ _ 4'Jl-tl '
UENT. Two now elceunt houso. In-
qulro at Peterson's Clolhlin ; s ore , near IT.
H. Dcprt. 692-tf
_ _ _
( > lUtk tvl\M I lurtunU U t iliU.t vtbi uiu
chinm1 K cl . 'utN. E. ent , 18lh ml
ftrpft *
H 1417 lljward slrict 957-tI
FDH SALE Chojp , 4g-lcch "Ujneard" Col-
UDjblnblcjclc , need nil new. Forparl cnlars
address I1. O. Box 220 , Blair , Neb. 902-Bf
FOR SALE A good ( -mlly hots . buzify and
set at harness. Apply at 1313 Farnam
street. 9 4-&t
FOR SALE A fire rro lot and good houeo
ono mlle north ol Baraek > Inquire on
premises or Geo. II Pctcison , No 801 , 10th
street. 947-lm * C. SORIWOX.
FOR SALE A good family horse , pheaton
buggy or d harreesv try cheap Apply to
or address C. f. S laers , Fo.t Onuha. 912-2 *
TT10R MALE Dioy hoisc , harness ind top
C buffgy. A rue chance lor a ( anil y Ad-
dicss "Hand Leader1 Firt Omaha p-9-6'
SALE House aud Iot3'x390 feet on Cat.
Ifcrnlisttcet , tastof Sacred Heart Cement.
930-t ; OppositouostotDcc.
HOUSE and lot ( or sale , FNo 925 M-.ntana
street , near Cun i p. Inquire C g ir Ktorc ,
jurner lOthund Jackson Mrcct-i. fc ' .a25
SALE Hou-c and c rnor lot , at $1,060.
FOR . McCAOUE , oppo Ite 1' . O. f34t (
story bul'dlnir ' ( or tale at a unrein Lo-
TWO attid at north-eaa corner of 17ili street ,
ind Capitol a ; e. Must bo u ovod on or bcloro
August 7th proximo. UrMI-1
770-tf Agent. 15th and Denial.
IX BEAUTIFUL LO 18-60x160 feet cachln
3 Hanscoui Place on ttrcct car lino. Best lots
n whole addition onery ea'V terms and at n
reit bargain. UKMIS' a.jcnt , 15th and Douglas
J BAKOAIN , one Inrwe brick house , and ono
rgo frarao house , with ( ull let on Casa near 16th
treet. Fine ch nice ( or investment , rent ( r f 70
icr month. Call ( or ( ull particulars , on
609 tf _ Agent , ISthjv d pouglM * > . _
PI OTK/.I FOR GALE.The Arlington House
LL Firai c ass ; all ( urnlshed , Tha only hotel
a town. The cheapest property In the state.
1 as all the traveling m-n. Will bo sold hi np on
orastObUlt. Enquire o ( E. Fullo , propilctor ,
irllnKtoh , Wasninitton county. Neb. 63 ( ! tl
LpOK bAI.K or will cxcna KU lor Otuana pro.
D perty , an imprave-d sec oa ol land a-ljoln-
at ( a station on U. P. R. R. U. DUNIIAH , 1411
'arnbam St. , Omaha. 720 Smt
B 202-tf E3TABROOII & COS.
B10H the BOYS' HOME. This houtv l con.
tally located , bos eou'h and cut front , and la
urrounded w th fine shade trees ; cont-lns thirty
lecploff rooms , boa tco bouse , laundry , enmplo
Dom , ic. Has a world Wide reputation and a
etterpatronngo than many houacs ol twice Its
ipaclty. Price $6,000. For particulars ad.
resa , A. A. 8AWDEY , Red Cloud , Mob.
IIAY At A. H. Kanrtcr1 Fo < "J St
3ALEO St. slP-fc
tl'ECIAr. AGENTS Tor Kobratka. Kanug nnd
5 Mlswuil to repre'cnt the INUUoTHIAL
FE ASSOCIATION of Indlanaiiolls , Indiana ,
h'ch has stood the te-t of tlm1 , pa\s all losses
i full ; 6tronly ( indrrsc-d hv the be t
nthori lea ; ; rstabli-heil , easily
orLcd , nnd 1 < cot ou the coojicratUo or old
no plan. Liberal contracts made nilh rnor
alia ii.erti at a compt nsation of from tuo
lonpancl to three thousand dollars per jcar
0.70 East Market street , Indianapolis , Ind.
_ ) ulY'2S-lRi3.
1TKAYEI ) One wclte itjw. some red i n neck ,
) annfliort I'Orns , and ono lUht ret ! cow about
ven years old , ro ) > c around the r horns , w ere
out to have c.hea. Any infnrrutticn leidlug
i their recovery will bo suitably rcw rded by
07G-0 * MRS , KOCH'S tialoon 10th street.
or PALU re/ran Y AND .CONDI
[ ONAIJST , 4ns Tenth Street , betwcan Kurnim
idlT&tDAV. Will , with tbn ld of pu.rdl n
Irlts. obtain ( nr tn.v one * at tha pul
id r't'f'-'it , and nn certalu coi'ilitlonfi ! u the la-
re. TJccta and Bhow n tn jrJflr. Porfet
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ot p
, strength and wholcsomenees. Moro ccouo
ol than the ordinary kinds , and cannot b
J In competition with the multitude of o
IE , uhott uclght. alum or phosphate powders
d jnly in cane. KOTAL IUKIKO POUUKB CO. ,
I Vft bL , Nuw York
3adparfcersofJliB Literati ,
_ \
"no Cheapest , Laruxt anJ choicest cell lioo
llu the West.
Cash paid for Second-Hand Book
exchanged for now.
o22.1y PllOPRIETOR.
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