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    TJbni ) JJAJLLT TOIJ&.JLJL-A. O , ICO. '
The Daily Bee.
Thuisdnv Moruine , Aug. 3 ,
'Wonthor Boport.
( I'he followms obfervntion * Are taken
Ihe nnme moment of time ftt all the sUtlo
nitmed. )
WAH BKTAnT , u. S. StoNAi.SKn.
TICK. OMAHA , Aug. 2,1S82. ( l45p.m.
RlTtr 8 leri It Inches abote low water mark i
Onaha , 6 ( eet 0 Inches at VanktODJ Mlntsolpp
4 lect 9 Inches at ta Crosse , and 8 foot 8 Inchi
at Djbuque.
7he Missouri 1'nclfio trnln arrive-
kbont two hours Into yesterday.
E , AV. SImcrel removed law ofiico Int
Darker Block , 15th and Furnam atrcotfl.
The arrests Tuesday composed tlirc
trampg , who were fired out of town jet
tdrday by Judge Boncke ,
If any rcipoctablo family dcslrci t
adopt a nice little girl baby , they can ilni
one by Applying at No. 005 , North IGtl
The remains of the late William Aus
are not cxptctcd in Omnhn before Satur
any , and the funeral will take place oi
By an error the KansM City trnlr. wni
made to leave Ornnhn at 0:50 : a. m. Instcne
of arriving nt tlmt time. The hour fo ;
leaving ia still 8:25. :
Another liouao was broken into Man
day night by burglara. It wan on Soutl
llth street and the gang won n part of tlm' '
following the circus.
There wan a nocial gathering of tin
members end friends of the Christian
church lust evening at the residence of the
pantor , corner 10th nnd Farnam ,
These curiouo to know wh&t the average
ago attendance at a circus h may bo grail
tied by the statement that ! > ,170 were told
on Monday night by Colc'x ticket Keller ,
Mr. lllchaids.
Lfoka , the man who tried to brain
himuel ( in the county jail Tuesday ii
doing finely , and it Is thought will on lib
recovery bo n < t Bane OH any ilian. Ins teat
of killing himntilf ho lion cured hlnisoH ,
Trunkn , Bngc , Satcholn and Pocket
books , at a largo reduction for the noxl
thirty dayn , to make room for now good *
at MarholI'R Trunks Kmporlum , Millare
Hotel Block. aul-tucs-thun-Bnt-tf
The Hocctto society of thia city cole
bratcd Emincipatlon day by giving t
grund ball at Standard hall. The guests
Trim assembled In la'go numbers , had r
good time generally and did not break U [
until breakfof day.
The ladlea of the First M. K. clmrcl
z give an Ice Cream toclabla on Thursday
day evening , August 3dlfat the renidonci
of H , Stevens , corner 25th and Davenpor
Btrcots. All cordially invited , and a gooe
Umr will be' enjoyed.
The finest specimen of fruit wo Imvi
noen this season Is a peach grown in tin
orchard of Mr. Herbert Lemlng , of Soutl ;
Omaha , being ono of a family of 21 raised
on the rame tree. The tree is three yean
old and come from a Now York nursery ,
Tho-splendld special car "Columbia , "
of the Hock Island road , went west at
noon yesterday , on route to Salt Lake , Its
passengers weio Mr , 11 , 11. Cable , vice
president nnd general muuager of the
Hock Island , and his f airily.
A complaint was filed in police court
yesterday by B , Haas , sup rintondent of
HaiiHcoui 1'ark , chnrgintr J. L , Itice with
lellhiR lemonade , etc. , at the park Tues
day contrary to the monopoly by the city
council in buch cases made and provided ,
At the meeting of the fiiemcn < i
' Ebglno Co. No. 1 , held Tuesday rexolu.
tlona. were adopted to attend the funeral
'of the late Wm , Aust In a body. A com.
mlttee was also appointed to present the
bereaved wli'oiv with a certificate of hln
memberHhlp. Mr , Aust was an honorary
member for many years ,
A fire I'roko ' out yesterday in a small
ihanty'tltuatcd Lcarller'g distillery , from
which a telephone mcssaga was s nt toNe
No , 3' homo. The department answered
promptly but before they arrived at the
pot the fire was put out , The building
was only a little scorch-id on the the iu-
elJe and the lens docs not amount to any.
The concert given last week by IVof ,
Walther , tueintrd by MU * l/unnie Anni'd
and the pupils of thn profiHstir , was a
rnurktd succeer , though not as regards at
tendance , no trjjrtt ti nay. The few who
were bravo enough to vrnturo out through
the rain were elellghtcd , especially with
the singing of Mr , lUtf , who 1ms n mug.
v nificcut bin il oi oolco. . Wo hope to
have the pleasure of hinting him foun
Mr , Charles 0. Hunt , who look the
agency of the celebrated Hawth rn'd Cen
tennial Excelsior Koof Paint , for the city
. of Omaha , It doing a thriving business on
the genuine inerlf | of the article , lie hut
fixed up a largo number of leaky roofs and
with good tatftfactlon tevery time * Ho
wairanUall work and the article is en-
doreeel by all the leading men of the coun
try , Mr. Hunt has n bran new wagon ,
hone and harness , and does nil work
promptly and In first class uhape ,
Jctse Davis , an Individual ccuuectcd
with Cole's circus In tome capacity , w a
arrested Monday e > enlngatthe initl atlcu
of tome of the clicus men , on the charge
of stealing a valise and contents valued nt
? )0 ) , The men prcmhed lo appear on
Tuesday with witneaiea to prosecute the
case , No one appeared and on the tUU-
went of the prisoner that that It wet a
c immon trick resorted to by the circui-
men to get rid of fellows who had becoir.e
useless to them and avoid paying thrtr
ularle' , U e judge dtsdmiged tl e accuse ,
Meeting of the Board of Mai
agers of the State Fair.
Plans Per the Mercantile at
Mechanical Hall Ac
Blcj-olei , Balloon * nnil Eqaofttrini
The board of managers of the slal
board of agriculture hold a mootin
last night in room nine of the Millar
Present : Hon. Ed Mclntyre , t
Seward , president ; lion. Chria Ilarl
man , treasurer ; Major D. II. Whooloi
of Plattamouth , secretary , and Mcssn
Dunham , E. 0. Gronnoll , lion. Ilobl
W. Furnas , Lewis A. Kent and Gon'i
J. 0. MoBrido.
On motion Messrs. Iloman and Me
Shane were granted the privologo c
running vehicles into the grounds o :
the snmo terms allowed the street rail
way company. They arc to pay 841
for & "slip , " to bo used by not mor
than five teams and to avoid obstruct
ing thn passage way between the sec
rotary's office and other ofilcos.
A special premium of $50 wa
offered for the best display of poftorj
exhibited , the manufacturing procos
to bo illustrated on the grounds
The first prize Is $35 ; second prize
On motion of General MoBridc , th
plans submitted by 0. F. Driscoll , fo
a Mercantile and Mechanics' hall
wore accepted.
The resignation of W. J. Kenned ;
aa superintendent of class 10 , waa ac
copied , and lion. G. W. Liningor selected
lectod to fill the vacancy.
The president , secretary and cacl
member of board of managers are tr
recommend four members of the
police force , and the superintendent
of police may select eight additional
members , all to bo paid at the rate ol
§ 2 per day of 24 hours' work.
ho following salaries were fixed ;
First assistant secretary , $4 ; other as
iistants , § 3 per day ; first assistant
treasurer , 85 ; ether assistants , § 4 ;
assistant gatckcopors , 84 and § 3 pei
[ lay ,
Henry Masterman waa selected at
exit gatekeeper.
The state fish commissioners wen
requested to make a display of the
work accomplished in their depart
The silver pitcher , offered as a spe
cial prize by The Nebraska Farmer ,
will bo given to the best fat ox.
Several propositions for furnishing
band musio for the fair were received ,
but none were very satisfactory. Il
is probable that the banel of the Fourtl ;
infantry icgimont will bo secured , m
it will bo located in this department
by the time the fair begins. It it
also possible that the boys' band , ol
Tokamah , said to bp a remarkably tint
uvenilo organization , will bo present
ono or two clajs.
The board decided to visit the
grounds to-day.
A communication was received from
Prof Robinson in regard to arrange
ments for a balloon ascension , but no
iction was taken thereon. The pro
fessor is to make an ascension at the
Minneapolis fair.
A communication was received from
3. II. Imhoff , of Lincoln , in regard to
i bicycle race or races. It was de-
: idcd to olfor throe prizes , a silver
nodal , bronze medal and a diploma
'or the best bicycle riding. The on-
.ranco foe will bo fifty cents , and not
) vor fifteen contestants may outer from
my ono town.
A communication was received from
Nellie Burke , the equestrienne , dated
it Milwaukee , July 27th. She do
lirod to make u iiO uiilu race and a five
nile hurdle race , Miss Taylor also to
> articipato and wanted $2,000. The
> onrd decided not to make any con-
ract with her at theno figures.
Wm. O. Leo , of Detroit , Mich. ,
olioitod ttiu privilrg ) of publishing
ho score card and progrnmini ) Hu
erred to Mr. Dunham with power t
, ct.
The question of fe.r . j/o for lhe > M.i
uala on the < * r ui/i / ) w.m duouravd
'eforred tliu huiuit way.
Mr , M. Tel I'M iri'i.i.iiiuon Lo put \ \ \ ,
L cigar atrttnl m il $ vo a pt iz * t. . i-ae-li
lurclmscr wu * eUt > i > n < el on itui gri-iuut
hat it would In n imo rf ei'iuiico.
Mr. Ilarlnun i-nxl hu h'ut ' In on of
bred § 2,600 cosh for tliu oxcluaivo
mvilugo of BI IOIIK liter on the ground.
Another mru b-i suited that ho had
wen oll'cn d S3 10(1 ( for n cimilar nriv.
lego for a v lu-t-l of fortuno. 15olh
vero refill fd ,
The b'jard ndj jiirnod at midnight ,
i. Qontlomon'B Rondator'a Unco eat-
urdny , Au u8t 12th.
Ono week from Saturday nest , An.
; ust 12th , there will bo a lively and
ntoresting race for gentlemen's road
tora at the Omaha Driving Park , each
lorsu to bo driven by his owner , and
o owner's bugpy ,
The entries nt present include Jacob
Schninor , Henry Hornbergor , T. 0
Drunner and Donnia Cminin haiii ,
> nd there will probably bo others ,
Three prizes will bo ollored , aa fol
ows : First prize , $20 suit of clotln fj
ccond prize , $ U > suit of clothes ; thiul
) rizo , § 10 whip. The gate money wi'l '
) o divided also between the winiu-rc.
Real Estate Trunnfora.
John L. McCaguo , real eatato agent
ind conveyancer , reports that the Jol-
owintr dooda were received lor record
A the county clerk's oOlce on Friday
and Satnrday , July 20th and Augu
1st : |
John McBride to Annie McBrid
lot 8 , block 1 , Shull'a addition , $2.
Herman Lrf-nnord to Jerome Pentze
lota 42 and 43 , Redick'a second add
tion , $1.
Daves Cunningham to Thorn
Mortimer , the n i of section G and o
of nw I of section G , town 1G , rani
11 , $2J32,80. :
Warren A. Way to Liwreni
Wyor , the o i of so , j of section , '
town 14 , range 12 , and w i " of sw
and so | of aw J of section G"town 1-
Mngol3 , $8,00 , ( .
Elizuboth Stoner to J. II. Prat
the w A of ao I of section 28 , townll
? 9GO ,
The City Physician's Report of Birth
and Deaths.
The report of the city physiciar
Dr. P. 3. Loisenring , for the mont
of July shows a total of 79 deaths.
Of this number 10 were in the Fire
ward , 24 in the Second , 10 in th
Third , G in the Fourth and 11 each i
the Fifth and Sixth. Five died i
the hospitals , This would make th
annual death rate per 1,000 , 2 708
It ia a startling fact that of th
total number of deaths Cl were children
dron under five years of ago , and 4 !
children under ono year. Sixteen o
the remainder were under 25 years o
ngo and two were over 70.
There wore 40 males and 39 females
males ; white , 77 ; colored , 2 ; single
8 , widowed. 2.
Interment : Holy Sepulcher , 17
Prospect Hill , 31 ; St. Mary'a , 4
county , 17 ; removed from city , 5
Laurel Hill , G ; Gorman Catholic , 3.
Causes : Suicide 1 ; favor , 5 ; puerperal
poral diacascs , 1 ; diarrhea , 20 ; chrobii
diarrhea and dysentery , 5 ; alcholism
1 ; phthisis pulmonalis , G ; heart dis
ease , 2 ; muralimua , 1 ; hytlrocephalus
1 ; moningith , 5 ; convulsions , 4 ; enteritis
teritis , G ; premature birth , 2 ; acci
dents , 2 ; drowned , 2 ; etc.
Of the births , G5 were white and ' .
colored ; 29 inslo and 28 fomalo. Om
pair twins.
The Coroner 8 tone Laying ane
Double Ball.
Tuesday the corner stone of ( he
now A. M. E. church , on Eighteenth
ivnd Webster otrcots , was formorlj
laid by the pastor , Rev. R. Rickotts.
Rev. Mr. Stewart , pastor of the M.
E. church , delivered a abort addrose
on the occasion , Quito a largo con
course of colored pcoplo witnessed
the ceremonial , which was very im
In the evening a magnificent ball
was given in Masonic hall , under the
[ kuspiccs of the Rough Ashler lodge , A.
F. and A. M. , No. 74. Mr. A.
ICirchafolo acted as chairman
of the committee on ar
rangements , and ho managed
things so efficiently that everything
passed off beautifully , and the mem-
bore and their friends had a splendid
jollification. It ia expected that
a large sum will bo raised as the at
tendance was unexpectedly large.
Lewis' Excelsior band furnished some
lively musio and the dancing waa kept
up till an early hour in the morning.
The ladies present were arrayed in
all the colors of the rainbow , and
they made up a very pretty rfoture.
They were a few white folks at the
assembly which made a very pleasant
variety. Great credit in duo to the
committee for the great pains
they took to render this affair a sue-
jess , which it proved to bo in every
sense of the word. The committee
jomprised Messrs. A. , Kirchafolo ,
[ chairman ) , W. W. Porter , Thomas
Campbell , C. S. Clemens , Benjamin
Fulton , and W. H. Butler. The la-
3Ies , too , deserve a word of praise for
.ho highly efficient manner in which
; hey managed the refreshment dopart-
nont. A bountifull spread waa laid
> ut and everybody present partook of
ho dainties with great gusto ,
The Indies who formed thia Coinmit-
.00 . were Mrs Xirchafole , Mrs. Bruce ,
Miss May Martin , Mrs. Geo. Bowdeti ,
Mrs , Frankie Washington , Mrs.
ieor io Porter , Mrs. Marion and Mra.
N. II. Butler.
i. Plousant Woddlnsr on 18th and
Harnoy Street
Tuctdny iiuothur couple joined
ho auiiy of il e married in
i.uiilw , Tno hiftli conttnctitig patties
iVcro JJue Dobt.ii : Fultui 1.1 d Mr 0
1 , Puillipn , Thu vuduinjf Uiuk plua >
, t'lio nuidriioi ) of a brother of the
iriiUIHr. . iK-njixmin Fulton. Rev
ilr. ( Mlnii.of Ihu A M. K , Oliuroli.'ihd '
ho miiitul leanut iuUt u'clik in
ho ovuninj Tli It ij.y pir ivill Uko
ip thuir iiblduncv ii.i Liutnuy and
b'h btrouis.
The ull'air WSH qiui u private iw
lie ooleiiiii/.itiuti ) uikiiig iliceintliu
ircscnce of u few frioiidannd ro'utive'a
L'liey have the good nixtteQ ut a largo
irole of friunda , whet wish thorn
malth , wealth and long life in their
low pa-tnorship ,
Brletht'a Disease , Dlnbotce.
Buwarn of the stud that prutondn to
iuro thoao diseasus or other serious
Ividnoy , Urinary or Liver Diaeasca , u
ia they only relieve for n time and
nakos you ten times worse afterward ? ,
) Ut rely solely on Hop Bitters , thu
> nly remedy that will auraly and per-
uaui'ntly cure you. It destroys ml
oinoves the causa of the disease no
. 'flectually that it never returns.
ao Vlalto Omnhn on Hl8 Way to the
National Park.
The two elegant special cars of the
3hicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis &
Jmalw road "Sioux " "
, City" and "Bus-
ness , "arrived in Omaha yesterday
vith a distinuiahed parly abe > ard. Thu
1st included Lieutenant Gmeral PJnl
Sheridan , Inspector General Sacket' ,
3ol , M. V. Sheridan , uiit-do-camp 10
3euoralSheridan ; Gen. Anton Stagu ,
of the Western Union telegraph con
pany ; Col. Strong and Oapt. Rhode
two Chicago railroad men ; Capt , V
P. Clark , < f the Second cavalry ; Su
goon Farrard , U. S. A. j John McCu
lough , the actor , and Mr. McCullougl
managing editor of The Globe-Derm
crat.They were met in Omaha by th
officers of the department ot th
Platte and driven about the city , v'u
iting the headquarters building am
other places , and returned to th
west bound train at noon to leave fo
the Yellowstone park. They go ns fa
aa Green river by rail and thotico b ;
stage to Fort Washakio , 150 miles
There they take horses for the parl
and proceed as far aa the western tot
minus of the Northern Pacific in th
azddlo , 400 miles. They return b ;
Bismarck and St. Paul.
A Caae In Which True Love's Cours
Ran Roughly.
Quito a ripple of excitement wa
stirred up in the quiet precincts of th
Millard hostelry yesterday by th
appsaranco of a strange and dccidodl ;
rustic looking couple. The male portion
tion of the twain was tall , ungainly a
a home made cradle , brown as a board
ing house slap jack and verdan
enough to answer for a banner on i
St. Patrick's day parade. His fcmal
companion was below medium heigh
and quite fair to look upon. Al
though not exactly a Uazol Kirki
such as the stage presents to the pub
lie , still she would pass for a dust ]
miller's daughter or a farmer's mos
industrious child. The young man hat
the young girl firmly grasped by th <
hand as if fearing alio might bo blowr
away by an Omaha zephyr or disap
pear through a hole in the sidewalk ,
The couple walked into the Millarc
hotel as leisurely as if strolling amid
the cowslips anil daises. Gentlemen
sitting promiscuously around did nol
seem to disturb them in the least.
Neither did the fact of the existence
of a hotel clerk without a diamond
larger than a locomotive headlight.
They walked up to the elevator en
trance and the comrnandcr-in-ctiicf ol
the wooden balloon very politely
gave them a celestial trip. Through
the upper rooms they wandered in
listless Iciouro , and gazed with aston
ishment at the numbered doors , like
shoddy in an art gallery , and with
perhaps os much knowledge of the ob
ject ot their examination.
Finally ono of the attaches of the
liptel enquired the "desires" of the
visitors and was mot by a question in
return , "Ain't this the court house1
A negative answer brought forth the
information that the couple wanted to
3ot married , and were in search of the
license man. The more mention of
[ patrimony brought Lyona , the lamb
like head ot the cigar stand , on the
icenp. The very word marriage , is
uagic for Lyons , und ho just wanted
: ho ceremony performed right
.lien and there , aa if it
: ould bo done as simply as
xtstor on a dead wall. Better coun-
icls prevailed and the couple were
'urnished a guido to the office of the
; ounty judge. The functionary waa
lot found , and again the parties re-
urnod their hands still joined , the
owur arms being elevated at an angle
if forty-five degrees. It Booms aa if
t cotillion was just about to bo
tarted and these two were the head
louple , and only awaited the musio to
triko up and the caller to aing out ,
First four right and left- "
At present writing they have not
> rocured a license and the first niatri-
npnial ceremony at the Millard ia
till unperformed. This ia really too
iad. Nothing ia so auspicious as a
nuriiago in a now hotel. No first-
lass house should bo without one ,
'specially ' when the parties are boauti-
ully and wonderfully rural. Then
hink of the anxiety of the parties by
his delay. The county judpo should
te lined for the wear and tear of their
icarfc strings.
A cricket ; match , in connection with
ho picnic party of the St. George's
ocioty of Omaha , was played at Hun-
coin park on Tuesday afternoon bo-
ween Mr. Shepherd's side and Mr.
lodgott'a side , the former winning
ttor A hard fought game by 17 runs
The following is the ucore :
'nrkcr , B. Heaton 5
' ' . . . . .
Ucho'oau , St. llodgett'ii IS. Heaton..23
Ihenhonl , B. Bracer 18
Yhltehmwe. 0. Bracey , B. Hurst 8
reston , C. Trnct-y , B. Hurst 3
iurnncle , not out I !
'leming , B , Hurst 0
itrlblluff , B. Hunt 1
jnnyon , C. Trdcey , B. HoJgctts 1
lowe , B. Hodgetta 3
Muib , 0. Stiimey , B , llurot 2
ixtraa , 8
Total t 7.r >
! MCO. ' , run out 1
itepjny , B. Howe , B. Jliclile.iu 3
I-MOM , U Shepherd 1
l < ii i-t" , B. Shepherd 8
lu-nt , B Iticlmleau K
, S lii Hntf , run out 0
V.cey , B. Shepherd 0
'ntnaliy , B. IWlcer 10
liidtinlJ , B. Uictmlcaii 1
' ileoner , run out 2
tuthwull , B. llichalt'i.u 1
Ixtinn 1
TcUl. . . . . „ . _ . . 58
loraford'a Acid Plioiplmto AI-
Dr. P. P. Gilmurtin , Detroit , Mich. ,
uj's ; "I have found it very fiutisfuc-
Dry in ita ctl'ccU , notably in the prot-
ration attendant upon uleoholism. "
MeHsra. Land& Co , have a fores of ten
1011 at work an the KnterprUe and Indus-
: Io of Oinuhawhich from the promptncm
[ our buElue ? 'inon'in midlng aid promises
i \ii out at au early day. Kausus City
ud St. Joe have both issued a tliuUnr
rork this year ; a copy of the Ktuuns City
ork and n work by Messrs. Lund ia b < fore
9 , and mo can readily Bee that the bt.tti * .
led and general hiitoiy of Mesira. Laud'd
' rk la iiioio complete and gives the coin-
icrclal and nmnufacturing etatus of the
ity more fully ,
Buoklm'h Arnica Balve.
The llKBT SALVE In ( lie fforld for Cute
iruUes , Sores , UJceri ) , toll llheuui , fa
et Sorra , Tetter , Cbajiped Hands , Cl > il
Inlns , Coras , and nil vkin eruptions , an
ottttiveJy curcc-illeB , It U guaranteed IL
Ive satUfactfou ur money retiiuilw ) ,
'rice ' , 25 cent * per box. For Wklo..b7 O1" " .
' , Goodman
The Boneral Manager of tl
Union Pacific Makes a
Moderato Demand ,
The O. , B. & Q Must Build n
J/ ore Lines in Colorado.
A Sorionn Rnllrond War [ Declare
Them haa been so much talk c
late concerning the difllculty oxistin
between the Union Pacific and the 0
13. & Q. in adjusting terms for th
Iowa pool , that the following fror
The Chicago Tribune will prove pat
ticularly interesting ,
The reason that the Union PaciOc
Chicago , Burlington & Quincy , am
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fo railroad
have been unable to complete th
proposed arrangement for the forma
tion of a pool on the business west o
the Missouri river to Co'orndo point
is not because these roads have bcui
unnblo to agree upon per contagos am
a division of business as horctofor
reported. The details of the pee
hare all been perfected , the per cent
agea agreed upon , and nothing I
wanting to carry it into cf
feet except the signature o
the Union PaoiGc. When UK
negotiations had nil been concluded a
the recent meeting at the Qrand Pa
citic , and the agreement was presentee
to the general manager of the Uniur
Pacific for his oignaturc , that gentle
man refused to sign it unless the Ohi
cigo , Burlington & Quincy would
plcdgo itself not to build any more
roada in Colorado. Although the
Burlington has no intention ot ex.
tending its line in Colorado , it refused
to make any pledges that would pro.
vent it from building or acquiring now
roads in Colorado when it should find
it advisable to do so.
The Burlington people emphatically
declare that they will never accede to
Miy aucli unjust demand as the Union
Pacific makes , no matter what the
result may bo , and they claim to bo in
just as good a position if not a better
ano than the Union Pacific to make a
light as they have but ono line to take
jaroof , whilotho Union Pacific has to
take care of two. Besides , they eay
they have their own line all the way
From Denver to Chicago , while the
Union Pacific only runs to the Mia-
louri rivor.
The Union Pacific pcoplo say they
ivill never go into a pooling arrange
ment on Colorado business unless the
Lurlington does pledge itself to build
10 more roads in Colorado , and that
f they find it necessary in order to
: arry on a successful fight with the
Burlington , they will either acquire
me of the existing roads from the
Vlissouri river to Chicago , or will
> uild a new line. It is not likely ,
lowever , that this assertion amounts
o anything more than a throat. To
icqi'iro ono of the existing roads bo-
ween the Missouri river and Chicago
s a harder job than the Union Pa-
ifio people may think , as there is
tot a single line the stock of
fhich is not quoted at par. Mr.
3oulet made and effort once before to
; ot control of the Rock Island and
orthwestern Roada , but was signal'y '
lofoatod in his attempt. The North-
fcstorn has since passed into the
lands of Vanderbilt , and ho will no
loubtheldjonto itjwith a vise-likogrip. |
Pho Bock Island is also held by par
larties who will not sell out. The
oad which the Union Pacific might
; ot is the Wabash , but this property
rould no doubt prove a white elephant
n its hands. To build a now line is
qualiy impracticable , as there already
nero roads between hero and the
Missouri River than are needed , and
ho construction of another line would
irovo highly unprofitable.
In any event it is hard to sco how
, road between the roads west of the
Missouri river can bo avoided , unless
ho Union Pacific should at the last
noment recede from its position , as
ho Burlington will under no consid-
ration give such a pledge ) as is do-
iiandcd by the Union Pacific. It is
oported that the war hau actually
pmmencod and that the Union Pa-
ific is already cutting rates between
ho Missouri river and Colorado at
ompoting . points. -
KEDDINOS , Russia Salvo has proved its
fllcionoy by n test of 75 years' constant
, se. Try it. _ _
WANTED A good second-hand
lioyclo , Addrcaa box X , Central
! ity , Neb _ _ 10-3t
rlndo from the wild flowers of th
L is the most frjyrant ot perfumoa.
ilunufacturcd by II. B. Slavcn , San
rancioco. Fpr ( ulo in Omaha by W.
. Wlutuhousa mid Kimnaio Bros. ,
s Co.
'ho Assistant Attorney tlenurul of
the United
IJim. J.uni's K AlcOammon , aesiat-
nt gi nuial of the United
tatca and t'X- United States rnilroad
oinmiabioner , arrived in the city yes *
jrdny Jrom Washington City , on
auto to Ban Fiaiicitco. IIu YIPS no-
ompitniid by his femily , and Mr. J.
I. Johnston , of Washington , and Mr.
I. 0. Listor , of Philadelphia , both
iwyora of note.
The object of Mr. McCammon's
recent visit to the coast is to pur.
hase supplies for the Indians on the
'acific cpiist , after which hu will go to
lie Flathead Indian reservation , in
lontana , to hold a council with the
'Juthoads in regard to securing the
iuht of way for the Northern Pacific
tirough their lands.
Mr. McCammon made a similar trip
rest last year to sccuro the right of
'ay ' for the Oregon ehort line from
lie Bannocks. At that tune head
ad the cflico of United States
iiilroad commissioner. The position
i the- highest in the interior depart-
lent which the government can give ) ,
'ho duties uro to inspect the books ,
tlict'p , shops and departments of all
tin railroaas subsized by the gorern-
icnt. und eeo that the contracts be
tween the government and the co
porations are lived up to. It is
noteworthy fact that Mr McCammc
on the former trip traveled all ovi
the country in General Manage
Clark's private car , while now that I
ha * retired to a less influential ofii <
for the monopolies , though not a lei
important ono under the govornmen
ho rides in the regular 1'ullnin
coaches. Whence arises this diatini
tion ?
xione/'B. Aa ertisement ati lx3 n , f or , ti
Loot , Found , Wnsts Bosrdlnj , Ac. , will be I
Mrted In thete colamns once ( or TKN CEK1
ftt line ; etch Bubsequentlnseitlon , FIVEOEN1
I > cr line. The flnt Insertion never lew thi
OHEV TO LOAN-0 II t L W Ufflcv Ot I
L. ThomM RoomS CrtUhton Block ,
LOAA At 8 per centli
In umiof $2,600 nr
upwards , lor 8 to 6 years , on Ortt-clasa city an
farm property. Bums RIAL KSTATI and Lei
AOMOT , 16th and DoucUs 8 Is.
ANTED. , Olrl about 12 to IHjoar oM , t
tike ciro c ( child , Inquire at 013 Jacl
ton street. 0 n.Wcdrl1. 001-21
- Udy at Grand Centri
WANTED-Younjr SU 950-2
Boarders at 110 South 13th SI
WANTED ? ! , 00 ; iliofurnlsicd roomi , Fran :
Davis. 08Mf
At Mcrrltta licstaurant , 100
WAVTKD & street , a good washer am
Irotic' . D05-4) )
A first clau moulder c ( stoid ;
WANTED , A permanent job and irooi
wagM to the right man. Moux tlly Fumpani
Iron Works , Sioux City , Iowa. 90J-3
Agent ) to solicit for the Uctrol
WANTED llcneflt A siclitlon of Detroit
lllch. Goad Induccnipnti to the tight p rdci
Money to loan nnd team ncsotlatcil on ilbcra
tcrm . Inquire of N. It , Buck , Ag-nr.t lor c
brailn , Hooin % 13 , 13'h itrcct , upsialra
949-7 *
'ANTKD 100 itonomajons , 76 tcims , lj ( (
W rrck mo , ShlpSntur > ay , Wairo * Iron :
? 2 CO to $1.00 per tlav. 75 sinm < $5 00 per day
Inqu'root J. W. htindle , cor 10th nnd Ddg <
street * .
A ilrst-cU a mi at cook nt the st ,
WANTKn Hotel , Morn-j Apply or
I ho premises. 936tf
A girl to do Reticnl houie work
WANTKD ol two. Itelti'tiiccs required
Apply to COS Btutii IBth street0442 _ *
- glrM tolevn fho Kclhgg
French Tailor System ol Dress Luttlnir ,
pow bctDR taught nt I'/IO Millard Ilct'l Block
uttlu Joneti tct , tlaj custom cutting done
u shortest i o-wlblc time. l'i' terns cut to order.
Dd nt wa-rant d by Jill * . 110ND ,
icncr&l Agent for Kcltoeri ? Tailor 8 j stem cl lns ;
WANTED An c.\pir creed girl to do pcn-
ornl house work In imall lamliy. Btfcr-
incca ieUlrid. | High wtgca gl > cn. Call at 114
! ou h luth St. . city. _ OlO-tl
ITrANTED A nr t-cliS8 flrl mint Ic ( rood
VV cook , washer mid honor. Wnget ? 4 00
itr week. iLquIro at Lee , Filed & CO'B , or at
IcioUIci. 93t-tl
tTf TANTKD COO privy vau.ts , sinks And cess
W ixiolo toclian with Sanitary Vault and
link Cleaner , the beet In use. A. Kvana ft Co. ,
cnldcnca 1200 Dodco ptroot , Omahn.
At one , ' , a Hrst nasa carrla.'o
WANTKD . Steady work and good
iacs. Arid re e , F. J. Snouper , Atlantic , Ia.
CT7" ANTED Tno or three rooms su'table ' fo
YY iihytlciais cilice..JJnes JJr. I'crtr
lee olllce. 690-tf
ANTKIJ Ten teams to work on f'lorenc
W Citt-00. Wages S3 50 per day.
377-tf MirnilKI.I.VIvnENT.
, B1EN WANThD At Florence Cut-Off ,
100 nine miles i"rth ol Oi-sha. Wajos
1.75 per day MITCHELL VINCENT.
NTED Work as second girl In pr'rito
V fimily or liijht hanascwi gddrcsi , e ! .
irB. , BRKolIlco. 0:7-lt
IT/ANTED Ahouso it the nctt end ol the
VT tho. i Ity , contiliiltig about six room" ,
Hh stable and carriage room attached. Must
ave water and be convenient to street car. Ad-
rcss J. P. H. , Metropolitan hotel. aug2-3t
[ TTANTED To buy a ret ol cirpcntcr'a tools ,
I V second hand , but mu t bo in good c ndl-
on. Inqu ro fJrtccry ttorc , A. Brown , fJuming
rcct , bctnccn 20ih nnd 21st. 0.8-3t
-To rent , home o' JO or 12 rooms.
r Must bo In good locat On. .VcO jue , op-
olto I' . O. 9GO-4
[ TTAXl ED Vbont A"ultutT5 , a hcuso ofTor
r Y 5 rooms , on line ot fctrcot ra'lnay preter-
d. Address "House , " Bee Ofdco. aul tl
TtOR RE 'T I.nrgo IIOIIB < > , 12 roiras , new.
< Uoodlocati n. McCzguo , orposlte I' . 0.
70R RENT Three lurnlshtd room'fcr h'Ufc-
J keeping ; alsj a piano. 113 North 13th St.
955- 1
7IOR RENT V plaapant furnlih d ro--m for
J onocr tw gojllemcn. Inqn ro ar , 1912
altfoinhtt cot 'OSMf
7IOR RENT Kurn'shct lojji. Apply at 103
J South itrcet. 651 1 *
! 70R RENT Large rirm , with board or table
2 boar ] give , 180R California steret.
, KENT 1 wo rooms and kl chen In now
i * home , with h drant water , corner 13lh ami
allfornla etrcits. Inqulra a , fio. COS horth
lthi > rct . 052-4-
[ 7IOR RENT A hr'ck l.omo with 8 rooms on
rass , bftwcon 20'h and 2l t streets. En-
uiroo ; Wm , K. Morris , ocrtilate Hank.9I62
9I6-2 *
WOR KENT "no neatly furiilehnl room , with
[ } prlil'o.o cl ai Joining parlor , 1813 Webster
r eet. 012-tl
IjWR RENT In good location , llvj room , up-
P stnlis , KnqulrdJohii Johnson , . K , corer -
er rnrnam ana llth , D31-t (
CT K RENT A p'owa > t furnlthid rsom on
I ? th llrst ( loDr , onu LI'u\ from street ear , nt
IC3 llarney street , Olfi-tl
TtOR RENT Four room eotfjige , lar o loc ,
J routh 17th , Augiittt Ut. J L. U'olrl am ,
BO r'anittin felrcet. 9 5-tf
'TtOR RENT FurnUhid homo f > cvcn rnom ,
' 11 fnmll lainiiv. fos slou Aiiu | > t l t A'-
resl "Kuri Isbtd * ' ticu olllco S:4-if
OH KENT Uriel , { tore. Ir quire at Uru.-
J rvorc , cornet ] 0th and DougUd 8t . 620-tl
7,011 RKNT ! Tcu c of 0 rooms , newly pls -
1 tertd and p In'rd. $15e > per muutli.
orthol 10th sucet urldn'O on ID h atnat. ( 'on-
> uleut tohops /ilf ) ; corner 1'Jth ai.d Ilnw.
rdstrutt 181 it
T10R HINT Two new dwellings anl two ether
} dwc'.lhgn In desirable leu lit } , ey McKooii ,
o. 16M Uought fctrott b7-tl
IlKNi' Fu nished room n. 1U1U Furnam
1UHMall Drcomlor ueulliman with refir *
< cnce , 1312 Dod.o street between 13th and
th. H7-tl
_ _
7IOR RENT One pleasant roo-i' , with board
( If dcslrid , 117 south 17th utrtet. 8C4-U
A ALOTrf lor Icasa lit $25.00 per annum , eaeh
Ul ; lor a term ol joirs , at "Ornire Qrovo
lalu" adjoining Ilan eom P , rk on tha wo.t ,
n minutes \ulk from a net can. Mo , ey ran
i obtained to build with , byjcrsous
. .
0 i p roraUcs , ofllci 1615 Farn iu street
.TINEHOUSE3 FORWENT Small and large ,
M two to twelve ruou s each ; ore or two new
itu with all modern comuilencoi , Ono ol 12
> emi , suitable lor boarding and room renting ,
th and Douglas bU. I1EMI3 , Agent ,
15th and Doutilat bts.
nWO FLRNiailKUsoutn rooms for rent. U
L W. corner 19th aud Davcniort. SOO-tt
Eon RENT no-vdlng house well faralsbM.
Inquire 1OT lOt. * ! street , ! > 8 rooms ithe
corner oi lilh and Douglas stres , . Inquire cu
pr > ml . -r/
FOR RENT 1 wo t.lcely ItirrMifd fouth r'i rs
rentable pliers , iioia Cam i.titet. 338
171 K UENT Furr.lshe-1 room with b ari ,
J ; modfin Irnproim r.t , a leviable oo'r
can bo accommodated , at 1718 Ledge meet.
PORRKNT A 7 room house nd 4 stall
tttbloon Convent street , near bt. Marys
avenue. Rent J21.CO ti-r month. Enquire o
Baiker Itroihcrs , CMOItlce. CGS-tf
FOR RF.NT Furnldhed front rcomwtthhoaril ,
C03 North l7th St. C31-U
POR RKNT Furtlshcd room , 1723 bou Us
"troV. 4M-U
FOR KEN I. 1 wo now elegant houses. In
quire t I'tterson'a Clothluc B ore , near II ,
' ' "et. \ . E92-tf
on ttrii i luib.cjmij ruurua over < * *
81 -ils'Eicb .nsN , B car. Itlh nd DoJg
T710H HKNf Nicely furuii notl rotmu with oi
JC without boarcl. Keasonkble prlcop. 2018
CasaBt. ' > ' ° "
_ _ _ _ _
rriil ! urnlnirefonn
1417 Howard strtct
T7IOR SALE Cheip , 48-Inch " .Uindaid Col.
JL' urrbla bicycle , Rood AS new. Fcrpart'ctilars
HUdrets I' . 0. 110X820. lilalr , Neb. 902-6
FOR SALE A good Ii mlly horsp , buiy and
sot at harness. Apply at 1818 Farnim
Btrett. gsi-st
" 1710R SALE A flvo aero lot and good houeo
JL OIIQ mlle north of Batrack * Inquire on
premises or Ofo. II. I'clcison , No 801 , 10th
ttrcet. 047-lm * C. Sonnxtox.
_ _
PORALE A good lamllv harso , pheaton
buggy ar.d . harRcsgry cheap Apply to
er address C. f. B locrs , Fo.t Omaha. 912-2 *
"T710R HALE Dray horse , harness and top
C t'"Kgy. A M to chat ee lor a f ami y. Ad-
dices "L'and Leader , * ' Fort Omaha. Pg-6 *
T710R SALE Hou o afd lot 31 300 feet on Cal.
L llornlt street , eaitof Sacred Heart Cement ,
830-t ; Opposite vostofflcc.
HOUSE and lot for galu , 'No. ' 925 Montana
street , near Cuml g. Inquire Cigar etorc ,
cirner 10th and Jackson streets. 885-a2D
FOH SAL1 Entire grocery I tock and fixtures.
thrccHIght express tcims and wagons. Se\cn
rcn ot land lth housebarn aniothcrln prove-
moate. Four lots on corner 10th and Bancroit
street. Inqulro N. J SMITH ,
B40-tf Corner 10th and Lcavtnworlh.
FOR SALE Hou'o and corner lot , at Sl.CH ) .
bargain. McCAQUE , oppoilto P. 0. t3Uf
story bulldlni : for ralo at a bargain , Lo.
TWO at north-cast corner ot 17th street ,
ind Capitol ave. Must bo uiocd on or belorc
August 7th proximo , UtMI s'
770-11 Agent , 15th r.nd Donglas.
n IX BEAUTIFUL LO 1 8-60x150 Icot each In
O Hanscorn I'laco on street car lino. Best lots
n whole addition on very caiy terms and at a
; rcat bargain. BEHIS' agent , 15th and Douglai
O BAkom , one Iar < o brick home , and one
argo tratno house , with full lot 01 Cans near 15' ' h
itroit. Fine ch nco for mvpftmcnt , rent I r $70
> cr mou Hi. CM lor full particulars , on
COO tl Apcnt , ICth ri'd Douglas its.
HOTEL FOR SALE. The Arlington Ilouso
First c'ass ; all funilshed. The only hotel
ntown. The cheapest property In the state.
las all the traveling m > n. Will bo ( old cheap on
onr.B to suit. Enquire of E. Fulle , propiletor ,
Arlington , Wnsnington county , Neb , 6fc3 tt
I iWl' ctALib or win uxt.n& ( ! e ror Omaha pr > -
I ? percy , nnlnprocd8oc on ol land adjoin-
ng a station on U. P. R. R. M. DUNHAM-
'aruhim St. , Oraah * . 720 Pm1
MOK ALK I'ho I'OHULAi : UOTEL , known
t ? aa the BOYS' II011E. This house la cof-
rally located , has eou'h and east front , and II
urroundcd w th duo ehade trees ; contilnsthirty
Icepln - rooms , haa ice bouse , laundry , taniple
oem , io. Has a world reputation and a
letter patronefjo than many houses ot twlco Its
apaclty. Prlco ? 5,000. For particulars ad *
roes , A. A. SAWDEY , Kcd Cloud , ftcb.E51M
DALEO IIAY At A. U. Sander' Fe H V ,
D 1018 Ilirnov St. 9l9-t
r OST Fhlpplng b-ok lu leather caee. Finder v
U will please return to 916 Uoug'a-itrect ana \ ,
ccelvo toy lor h.s trouble. II. U Gould. > .
OSO 3 1
f OST A pup seven months old. Viry largo.
Lj Color , Iher and ! white. Ono lore I'g.
pecklcd. A liberal row rd will be pa id for his
cturn 10Hudson 1 Iver Houso. 937-2
il'KClAL , AQEM'b lor Kobra ka. Knnsu ndl
5 Missouri to represent the IKUUaTRIAL
ilFE ASSOCIATION ol Indianapolis , Indiana ,
u'eh has stood the test ol tlm , pi's all [ asset
n full ; strongly Indorsed bv the noit Insurance
uthori IDS ; uorougtily cstablUhcd , easily
orkecl , and I * not on the cooperatho or old
no plan. Liberal contracts made with i tner .1
etic agents , at a compensation of from t 0 - /
loneand to three thousand dollars per year v
o. 70 East Market street , Indlonapolls Ind.
'ITRA7ED A Jersey cow , yeller and white.
j with short turn in hern , largo white epot
11 forefoot , lonir tail and wl Ito at end. A I'b- '
ral renard xU'l be paid for her return to M. A.
IcNamaia , H. 14th ( rett. 03Stt
lONALIiiT , 40 < ) Tenth 51 root , nctwe n Karnntr
idKarner. Will , with the aid /.urii'Mi .
drlts. ohlat.-i for toy one n 1-lim'o at ir\i nft
t < \ S'lcont , acd on cettnlr coidltloni lr t-1 ci
ire. DfotiuudShooa n ' .e If irder ruf're '
Absolutely Pua-e.
This powder never varies. A mortcl ol p
, strength and wholesoicencss. More econol
lc l than tha ordinary kinds , and cannot b' '
Id In competition with the multitude of a
et , bbort weight , alum or phosphate powdtrf
doitly In cane. KOTIL IUKINO POWO B nj
n v/f st w Yotlr
A. No. 1 , man wanted to cell In Colon lo , Utah ,
yotulng , i niibas , Knatla , and the entire e t.
complete liiunl Knit Uocds , cotsibtlngln l '
Men's clocks , Ladles' , Mlcres' and Clilldrt
: g. Ingi and U ocklugs , Liidlev and Uentlcmii
jubluand Single A ittcns. MUwjj1 ' "
en's Mittens , Uardlgin Jackets ,
pi , alto
Idrejs Mating ago , eipcrienccnnd ns'trc1 e ( a
ju20-lw > m& > Dttiolt , iiicU.