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( Successors to Fred Lang. )
Take pleasure in announcing to fhc
public and tlmir friends tlmt they arc
prepared to fill orders in
nt lower prices than over , consequently -
ly wo have made reductions in every
department of our business , besides
wo have added itomo of the latest
brands of Vina Fancy Groceries , and
in largo varieties. Wo nro alto mak
ing arrangements to supply our cus
tomers with thu latest brand of
only for medical purposes. Our stock
being now complete in every respect ,
wo invite the public to como and ex
amine our goods. Wo always keep
Old Government Java ,
' ? " i I I
a \ety flno lot of
Jap iirfe
Purest Ground and Whole
Standard California
Canned * Dried Fruits ,
The very best brands of PURE
Imported SWISS AND
Fine Oil ivid JIustard
I T WinR T
Beat brnnls of
Yeast Powders ,
Cream Tartar , Soda and Saleratus.
Remember we make ft specialty of
the infallible and celebrated
Tobacco and Cigar Department ,
Is complete , and you can find the
boat brands in thu mtirkot.
Our Boot nnd tbos Department.
Cannot be better stocked , and doa't
you forgot tlmt wo keep
Boots & Shoes
of nil the Litest Styles and best
makes tlmt cun bo obtained.
Lately we have added to our busi
ness a
which will bo under the supervision
of tha eoiiior partner , nnd will bo run
for the benefit of those that may do-
Biro to fillip produce to us ; furmern
that are not able to come to town and
have produce for sale can ship same by
express or freight , wo will always pay
the highest market price in cash or in
goods , therefore , when you do ship
state what ia needed. Wo also request -
quest nil that may ship Butter and
Eggs to see that they nro always fresh ,
as wo cannot Boll any other to our
customer * .
Dorman ,
Corner 13th and Jackson ,
Into Which the Nations of Eur
ope Are Being Eapiflly
Russia Jealously Watching
Actions by
the Nile.
While the Latter Dooldos to
Chrittlaniae the Na-
tivoo Alouo.
"The Protection of the Canal"
Plea Uebd to Cover
Plans of Conquest.
Italy , Franco and Austria Hos
tile to the Brnieh Pro
Plunder and Pillage Still Pro
gresses in Alexandria.
The Rebel Ohiot Vicorouely
Fortifying His Several
Various Items of Foreign Glutolli-
And Increasing ? His Stores oi Mur
derous { Machines and Men.
Special Dispatches to Tim BEE.
ST. PETEUsuuna , July 31. The
Russian press with the exception of n
fowminor , journals continue hostile to
England , and are firmly persuaded
that England will have to account
with Turkey as well as with Arabi
cording to intelligence received from
a diplomatic eourco , the action of
IvUBsia it late to tin ? porsoniU initia
tive of the Czar Aksindur , who is
dissatisfied with Glartstino's ' repeated
declaration that England would under
certain circumslancus undertake alone
the tusk of restoring order in Ejypt.
sia has sent u circular to the powers
embodying the substance of Onov'a
declaration to the conference. The
cultan sent word to-day for Sandison ,
secretary of iho British legation , de
claring tha Lord DuQ'crin'a demand
for a proclamation for Arabi Paslm
as a rebel concerns the conference ,
and advising him to confer with the
Ottoman delegates on the tmbject.
The porio is negotiating a loan of
100,000 Turkish pounds and contract
ing art equipment of 0,000 troops
ifl > arr < jxv.jW. . --TEpygl . -n
contingent of tro6pb , rill stn.t for.
Alexandria to bo employed as a guard
to the khedive.
ALEXANDRIA , August 1. Tholtalian
government has refused to surrender
to the British court martial tholtaliana
employed in the Egyptian police
charged with leading the band of
Greeks and natives engaged in sack
ing the town.
MANCHESTLU , August 1. The Lon
don correspondent of The Guardian
says that ho understands that if the
Turkish expedition starts without the
aultnn previously complying with the
conditions demanded by England ,
Admiral Seymour will bo ordered to
convey it buck again.
ALEXANDRIA , August 1. No hope
of good results from negotiations bo-
twoe.i the Khcdivo and Arabi Pasha.
A largo number of the worst claes of
Bedouins are marching from Maricut
towards Alexandria.
Zotki Pasha , a more popular and
less fanatical man , has been appointed
governor vice Rifaat Pasha.
A deputation of notables from
Caiio who came hero to ascertain the
true atuto of uff.tira return to-morrow
via Kufr 131 Davur. The French gun
boats sailed to-day , the consul-general
of Franco having been ordered to
withdraw the tntiro fluot from Egypt.
HEULIN , August 1. The refusal of
Italy to co-optiito ) with Kngland in
putting down Arabi Paslia may bu
taken as reprcponting thu altitude of
Germany and Austria. High author
ities t Berlin lUBort that llus-iia ia
about to quit her passive attitudu in
favor of one directly hostile i < > BritUh
pretension in Ejypt.
ALEXANDRIA , August 1. The state
of the town is causing serious diequiot
The natives who remained uru incen
diaries and the majority of those who
returned are looters , looking alter
their conccalud plunder. It is impos
sible to mistake the bitterly hostile at
titude of this class and the native
Fears in regard to the failure of the
water supply have subsided.
The number of Christians mur
dered it Damanhour Tantnh and
JHihalla is now estimated at 550.
ALEXANDRIA , August 1. The qov-
srnor of Aesioot , with 2,000 men ,
ia holding the town for the khedive.
Asaioot is a capital and the largest
ci'.y ' in upper Egypt. It ia the most
important military station south of
Otiro and controls communication
with Darfour and Zenaar.
A rebel official telegram sayn Mid
shipman DeClair was taken before
Arabi Paaha , who ordered him sent to
Oiiro and bo well treated , lie is now
comfortably lodged there and h a
boon allowed to write to lolativcs.
Arab ! Pasha ntfered 300 for the
head of MoricoBoy.
LONDON , August 2. Telegram from
rebel sources nt Cairo states that the
rebel government is maintaining re
fugee * from Alexandria. Native
journals comment favorably upon Mr.
Brlght's resignation of the British
In the commons last night the gov
ernment consented , after n IOUK dis
cussion , to modify Ilnrtinqtou'a mo
tion approving ( ho dispatch to Egypt
of 5,000 men with n reserve of 1,500
mtn , so ns to loayo the question of
cost of the expedition open to future
It is stated the iovornniont is ne
gotiating for laying n cable from
Alexandria to Port Said.
The Daily Nowa considers that Eng
land must in common prudence pre
vent Turkish troops landing in Egypt.
DUIILIN , August 1. The Second
batallion of the Coldstrcam guards
embarked for Egypt to-day.
MALTA , August 1. The Seventy-
fifty regiment embarked for Egypt to
LONDON , August 1. Dilko stated
to-day that the Ilussian clologatd had
been ordered to rejoin the conference
of the powers. All the great powers
had agreed in asking the Porto that
Arabi Pasha bo proclaimed a robol.
ALEANDRIA , August 1. The khedive -
dive haa dispatched a native emissary
to the camp of Arabi Pasha for the
purpose of procuring the release of
Midshipman DeOlair.
PORT SAID , July 31. The water
along this coast is very slnllow and
largo ships cannot approach within
four miles of Itosotta or within three
miles of D.uiiettn. The fooling among
the French inhabitants ngamst Do
Lesseps is very strong.
The English vice consul has n letter
declaring that as ho aided the qovornor
of Port Said in escaping Arabi Pasha's
vengeance , ho hai been condemned to
death ,
PARIS , July 31. The Suez canal
company has sent to the press the fol
lowing telegram from. Ismalia , dated
Monday : "Bedouin chiefs of the
eastern region comprised between the
Suez canal and Nile , have placed
themselves at the disposal Of DoLos-
sops. Arabi Pasha counselled thorn
to-day. DeLessops has volunteered -
od to take command , of the
English ironclad to go into the
country on horseback around Ismalia ,
to provo the country cafe , and that
thcro are no Egyptian troops in the
vicinity. With a passport signed and
sealed by De Losaops any one may
travel freely in Egypt us far aa Cairo.
Merchants who had abandoned their
business profit by these passports. "
rpccUl Dispatches toTllsDKK. \
i > "sir.AmiEAns or , UFNT. " / _ ,
LONDON , August 1. In cno house
of lords this afternoon , on the report
of the arrears bill irom the committee
of the whole , various amendments of
minor importance were propoaed ,
some of which were adopted ,
The bill then passed to a third
reading , and will bo returned to the
coni.nonp. Ono amendment , that in
troduced by the Duke of Aborgprn ,
makes it compulsory tot the land
commission , under the circumstances
set for'h in the first clause of the bill ,
to order payment of half the antece
dent arrears.
The Times , in its forecast of the
English harvest , says : "Wheat will
not nearly amount to a lair average
crop ; that is , it will bo no better than
for the last ( iftoon years. Barley
promises rather loss than an average
yield. Data will bo good.
The Daily News Bays there ia a pos
sibility of a dissolution of parliament
either by Gladstone or the queen ,
After attacking the house of lords
as being an unropresontntivochambor ,
and declaring that the country will do
well to ask itself how far the exist
ence of the house of lords , in its prun
out shape , is utmsiutont with the in
ternals of the realm , The Nowa aaya it
hopes the lorda will give way in their
opposition to the arrears of rent bill
and shrink Jrom the icnponeibili'y ' of
The ntoamor Arab , with Cotowayo
on board , has urnved in the Thames.
The prc'Hi' ' ' < 'nt of tlio Amvtour Oars
men's assoeu'iuii of AIIUTICI 1ms
auiloi for thu United State * .
LONDON , August 1. W. M , Mor-
toiif , printer of The Frcihoit , charged
with publishing a Bbditioin li'jtil con
cerning Iho mimicry of CtVoiidiali and
Burke , was found guilty and sentence
postponed ,
llonfrewahiri' , the most ancient family
seat in Weal Snt ) nd , burned last
evening , Leas uatimalod nt 30,000 ,
PARIS , August 1. Preuidont Urovy
conferred to-day with the presidents
of both chambers and with Say and
Ferry , but BO far nobody haa been en
trusted with the formation of a cab
Kjcchl I ) upatili to Tun Urn.
LONDON , August 1. Parnoll has is
sued an urgent whip to the Irish mom-
bora of commons to oppose the amend
ments made in the house of lords to
the arrears rent bill.
A Fire nt St. Potoraliurc.
Fpoclal UUjatch to TiJK lih.K.
ST , PETERSBURG , August 1. Fifty
houses and a wooden tiridgo have been
burned on Kreatovosky Island in the
Neva , ( mo of the islands on which this
this city ia built.
The President Buokles to tlio
Stoal-Olafl HoriJo in
Oongres ? ,
And Successfully Prevents
Tholr iltud on the Na
tion's Millions.
The JRivor and Harbor Bill Returned -
turned Unaignod to
the House.
"Thus , aa the Bill Becomes
Moro Objaotiouablo it
Si-cures Moro
Support. "
The Ssnato Disposes of the
Greater Portion of the
Sundry IjJill.
An Effort to Fix the Onto of Ad
journment TJorentotl by
the Hoqso.
Proceedings In tuo Star Route Cases
The Debt Statement.
Special DUpntch to Tun Unit.
"WASHINGTON , August 1. The fol
lowing is a full text of the president's
message vetoing the river and liarbor
bill :
To the House of Ilcprracntatirai.
Having watched -with much internal
the progress of the house bill , No.
02-15 , entitled , "An act rmking appro
priation for the Construction , repair
and preservation of certain works on
rivera and harbors , and for other pur
poses , " and having since it waa re
ceived carefully examined it , after
mature consideration , I am constrained
to return it herewith to the liouao of
representatives , in\vhicli it originated ,
\\\'Hiout my signature , and with my
objcctionn to its passage.
Many appropriations in the bill are
clearly for the general welfare , and
most beneficial in their character.
Two of the objects for which provision
ia made were by mo considered so im
portant that I felt It my duty to direct
to them the attention of congress. In
my annual message in December last ,
I urged the vital importance of legis
lation for Iho reclamation of marshon ,
and for the establishment of harbor
linoa nlong the Potomac front. In
April lost , by npoeial message , 1
recommended nn appropriation for
improvement of the Mississippi river.
It is not necoesary that I aay that
when my signature would make the
bill appropriating for those and ether
valuable nationM objootu a lait is
with1 great rolutyanM tyi'l&QlK " under
"TSt fin STfojfcctioii to tho"bill is
that it contains appropriations for a
purpose , not for common defense or
general wolfure , and which do not
promote commorca among the states.
Those provisions , on the contrary , are
entirely for the benefit of paiticular
localities in which it is proposed to
make improvements , I regard BticU
appropriations as beyond the power
given by the constitution to congrosa
and the president. I feel moio bound
to withhold my signature from thu
bill because of the peculiar evils which
manifestly result from this infraction
of the constitution. Appropriations
of this nature to bo devoted purely to
local objecto tend to increase in num
ber and amount , as citizen * ot one
state find that money , to rauo which
they , in common with the whole coun
try , are taxed , to bo expended for lo
cal improvements in another state ,
demand similar bonolitB for
improvements , and it ia not unnatu
ral that they should Book to indem
nify thomsolvoH for ouch out of the
public funds by securing appropriu-
tioiiH for similar improvommita in
their own neighborhood. Train , tu
the bill becomes nioro objectionable ,
it secures more support Thin result
in invariable and nocetaiirily J | lowi >
the neglect to obaervo the constitu
tional limitations imposed upo.i thu
law-making power. Appropriation ! )
for river and harbor improvement ! ) ,
under the inlluuiiccs to which I have
alhult'd , increased year by year , out
of all proprotion to the progress of
the country , u'loat as that haa bnun.
In 1870 thu agirro ate iinpropriation
was § : i.)7f ! ) ,000 ; in 70 , SO(5018 ( 017 ; in
' 80S8)7flr ! ) 00andin HI , 811,451,300 ,
while by the present. : itt iln ro ia ap
propriated 818,74a 875. While feeling -
ing every disputation to IHU.VO to thu
legislature * the ri'spoiibibility of do-
tormiuini ! what umuunt thould bo' ap
propriated for the purpose of thu bill ,
HO long as the appropriations are con
fined t ; objects indioitud by the grant
of power , 1 cannot recipe ho conolii
sion that ai a part of the law making
power of the government the duty du-
volvea upon mu to withhold my sig
nature from the bill containing appro
priations which , in my opinion , greatly
exceed in amount the ncpdn of the
country for tha present fiscal y ar.
It being tlie usage to provide
money for thoao purposea by
annual appropriation bills , the presi
dent la in effect directed
to ox/iand / so largo an amount of
money within no brief a period that
the expenditure cannot bo done econ
omically and udvanta ooualy , Ex
travagant expenditure of public monuy
ia an evil not to bo moaaured by the
valuu of that money to Iho people ,
who are taxed for it. They sustain
greater injury in the demoralizing of-
ell'ect produced upon thoao who are
entrusted with olticial duty through
all the ramifications of the govern
ment. These objections could bo re
moved and ovury constitutional pur
pose readily obtained , should congresa
enact that ouo half only of the ajji-ro-
amount provided for in the bill
bo appr priatod for expenditure dur
ing the fiscal year and that the sum so
appropriated bo expended only for
such objects nntnol in the bill
as the secretary of war ,
under the direction of the president
nhall determine ; provided that in no
case shall the
uxpendlturo for any one
purpose exceed the num. now desig
nated by the bill for that purpose. I
fool authorized to make this sugges
tion bccuiso of the duties imposed
upon the president by thocoiiBtitution
to recommend to the consideration of
congress such measures aa ho shall
judge nccoasary nnd expedient , and
because it is my desire that public
works which are in progress shall
sutler no injury. Congrosi will also
convene niain in four months , when
this whole subject will bo open for
their consideration.
( Sinned ) CiiKSTEitA. Annum.
KXKCUTIVK MANSION , Aug. 1 , 1882.
Special Ul > | utclio9 to Tim UNK.
WASHINOTON , August 1. The debt
statement shows a decrease during
July of Sl,318iOO ( 27. Bonds issued
to Prtcifi3rnilroad _ companion , interest
payable in lawful money , principal
outstanding , g6lG23,512 ; internal ac
crued and not yet paid , $32-1 117 ; in
terest paid by the United stated ,
$5r ,3'l4G82 ; interest repaid by
companies by transportation nor-
vice , ? 15,221,035 ; by cash payments ,
live per cent of net oarningn , $ U55- ,
1)8 ! ) ; balance of intorcst paid by thu
United StaUs , St7,4G8,4 : 18.
The adverse action taken by the
Bonn to linan"o committee to-day upon
the house bill to authorize the secre
tary of the treaHiiry to issue § 200,000-
000 two per cent bonds , * to bo ex
changed for other bonds bearing a
higher rate of interest , waa , upon mo
tion of Senator Albrich , adopted
unanimounly. In the discussion the
opinion waa expressed that no snllici-
unt assurance cnuld be uivon that
these bonds could bo placed in the
manner and for thu purpose assorted
by those who had advocated the bill ,
and to isauo them would in olfeot bo
Dimply to ontertiiin ix proposition to
inllito the currency to that amount.
The bonds.undor thu provisions of thu
bill. boirs or convo'ilont denomina
tions , would wulily c rviWo aa our-
roncy. and t'lj ' c.iinm'tt-i' fall io VtiJ
ognizo any iioc.'ssily f incroaiing the
volume ot pipir _ money by issuing in
terest bearing notea.
Ill the star route trial to-day Sena
tor Moxoy , of Toxns , testified. Oon.
Key was also on the stand.
In answer to inquiries from Ingor-
aoll , thu court said the real ( juestion
o' trial > vaa whether Brady had re
ceived money from the contractors for
ordering expedition and the question
of policy did not out or into it. The
records of expedition orders were
brought into court , comprining six
largo bundles , but they were not put
in evidence ,
Merrick said ho should have to re
quest Judge Key to rennin in this
city for a few days so ho might examine -
amino him when records were
put in. No cross-examination was
army , waa the next witness. IIo
recognized his endoraonrjnt on a
petition for increase mid expedition
upon route 38,113. lie was asked if
ho had not urged increase generally
upon the department , saying it
would do moro than anything ulen to
suttlo the pvorlaating Indian question ,
but objection wan made by the pros
ecution and unstained by the court.
( Jon. Sherman was thou naked to
detail the facto which influenced him
in making the recommendations for
increase. lie oaid personally ho
know little of the circumstances but
in hit official capacity ho hoard much
of them. The Indian agent at White
river agency had boon murdered , his
family carried off , and a fight had
( . ikon place between Major Thornbiirg
and the Indiaim. The entire country
between llawlins and While river
agency was overrun by hoatilea and it
wai regarded as u measure of nation
al importance to keep open every
possible communication with the rear.
OoiiHcquontly thu eatablishmont of a
daily mail aervice in that section had
boon recommended , lie was asked
what was the effect of frequent mails
upon the maintenance _ of peaceful rp-
luiomi with the Indiana. IIo aaid
nothing bettor onablea an officer to
kuup peace than frequent communica
tion with the different sections of Iho
Indian country. At loaat one-fourth
of the appropriations made for the
support of the army was expended for
courier service and to guard linoa of
communication. The postollieo de
partment was nlao pressed to establish
and incruuBO their iiurvice. Quick
communication of intolli < { once _ was
thus docurod , mid commanding officers
were enabled to anticipate the move
ments of hoalilo Indian ? , lie had
recommended tri-weokly uorvico on
thu Bismarck and Kort Keogh route in
tlio winter of 1878 , Bismarck wan then
tlio tormiinis ot the Northern Pacific
railway , and the route waa intended
to , and did , anticipate the construc
tion of the railway. A atago line ,
with post houses , constituted an ef
fectual picket line , which was of
great Borvico to the military foroea ,
They would have been forced to
ostablbh a picket line at great cost if
the ground had not boon covered by
ntago lines. Speaking of Arizona
routes , CiLiioral tihorman aaid that in
that state there were 4,1)00 , Apaoho
Indiana of a peculiar character. They
entertain an everlasting hatred
toward the Spanish race and
were kept corralled by the military
to prevent thorn making doprodatiuna
upon the aottlora in that country.
Somotirnea they broke away from
their corral after the fashion of ani
mals. In a recent case 100 Apachea
had broken out and killed forty sot-
tlora , and had escaped into Old
Mexico , v/horo they had boon wiped
out by Mexican troops. Frequent
maila gave warning of such outbreaks -
breaks and gayo the aettlora an oppjr-
tunity to make a defence.
Ou croaa-examination , Gun. Shor >
man eaid ho would prefer elow daily
mails to loss frequent though faster
service. This concluded the exam
ination of Oon. Sherman ,
After rccosa , .7. L. French , ox chict
clerk ot the second assistant posr.mas-
tor general , was recalled. After detailing -
tailing the business routine of the
contract ofiico , witness was asked who
was acting second assistant postmas
ter general December SJ8 , 1880 , the
date of the Brady-Walsh interview.
Objection was made to the question
but the court allowed it , and French
said upon that day ho wna acting as
sistant postmaster general. During
most of the latter part of December
ho had acted as second assistant , oc
cupying the desk of that officer. Gen
eral Brady did not act as postmaster
Ronoral in December , that yoar. Oon
cral Brady had n white boy named
Ooorgo Adams as his page and witnons
believed ho WRS not In the ofiico
in December , 1880. It was common
practice for contractors to have agent ,
attend to their business before thu de
partment , nnd their communications
were recognized as under authority of
the principals ,
Witness was asked to identify a
number of orders for expeditions in
routes named in the indictment as
having been made for himself. Ob
jcction wi\8 made , however. Ingor-
neil aaid witness having made orders
honestly and without regard to pay , it
would go to nhow , BO far aa the routes
upon which these orders were baser
were concerned , thuro had boon no
conspiracy in their oxpodition. The
court sustained the objection. Ad
H'ccln | ! DUp-itdi to Tux HKII.
WASIUNOTON , August 1. Senator
Merrill , from the finance committee ,
reported adversely the house joint
resolution authorizing the isauo of 2
per cent bonds or certificates in ex
change for bonds bearing a higher
rate of interest. Placed on the cal
The sundry civil bill was then taknn
up. The committee amendment to
the appropriation for current expenses
nt the soldiers'homo at Tngus , Mu , ,
by adding a clause prohibiting the sale
of alcoholic liiiuor on the territory
ceded to Iho United States for the
homo , was not avjioud to , nnd tluj
clause wa ? stricken out ,
California nonatoni objected to the
committee amendment in regard to
the material to bo used in the cou
nt ruction of Iho 17 < ] < Vk at the Mare
Island navy yarJ , and pursuant to
their suggestion the clause was
amended so as give supervision to the
secretary of the navy over the work ,
and directing the use of granite for
the entire work. The increase ro-
purtod by the committee of $50,000 ,
making the appropriation for tlio work
§ 300,000 , was adopted without objec
The appropriation reported by the
committee for a now building for the
pension bureau was adopted , with a
proviso that the secretaries of war and
interior and General Moigs select the
sight upon any public reservation.
The appropriation for improving thu
capitol grounds , which the committee
reduced from § 75,000 to 825,000 , was
USad-ai jylS.OOO , and provisions for
approaches and for pay ot-n inmnrcnpt-
architect , which the committee had
stricken out , were restored. The bill
waa then temporarily laid aside.
Two house amondmpnlfJ to _ the senate -
ate naval appropriation bill , con
cerning the completion of u \ -
finished ironclads , wore concurred in
Other sonata amendments wore Insist
ed upon and Senators ll.ib' , Ltgan
and Davis ( W. Va ) nppoii.tjd con-
forces on the bill ,
The bill authorizing the secretary
of war to deliver to the 108th Ohio Vol
unteer Infantry association the blue
rogimontul flag which belonged to ( ho
regiment and now in the custody of
the aocretary of war V.-IIP , on motion
of Senator Pendleton , passed.
Conaidoration of the sundry civil
bill was resumed. The ponatf , aUur
disposing ot seventy-six pit-in of tlio
bill , made an agreement to fiiuuh it
Mr. Robeson , from the committee
on appropriations , reported back the
naval appropriation bill , recommend
ing non-concurrence in all Donate
amendments , except to ampndmuut
Gl , relative to monitors , delaying their
completion until n report him boon
made to congress by the advisory
board , The committee recommends
concurrence in this amendment with
an amendment providing the report
shall bo transmitted to congress by
the secretary of the navy. Amend
ment 03 waa a verbal amendment ,
Consideration of thu senate amend
ments wan then proceeded with in the
house before boiug aunt to a confer
unco committee.
The following imiomlmonlH were
concurred in : Reducing from $20-
000 to $15,000 Iho it em for contingent
expenses in thu bureau of equipment
and recruiting ; reducing from $10,000
to $35,000 the item for transportation
of onliutod men ; providing for ap
pointment of a commission to report
upon the adviaability of selling any
navy yards ; reducing from $20,000 to
Slfj.OOO the Appropriation for con
tingent expenses of the bureau of
modioino and surgery ; providing that
nothing iu thin bill contained ahull de
prive the secretary of navy of author
ity to order repairs of ahips damaged
in foreign watoraj providing two
Htoam cruisera , authorized to bo
constructed , shall not cost moro than
the amount estimated by the late ad
visory board , Reducing from $2-
200,000 to $1,000,000 ; the appro-
priaiion fur the board of oteain ongi-
noorinu ; reducing from $1,000,000 to
$400,000 , Iho amount to bo applied tote
to the completion of the Mianto Mon
arch and launching other monitors.
The amondmenU relative to monitors
were also cincurrod in , as recommended
mended by thu committee on appro
priations. Other amendments were
nun-concurred in ,
Mr. Williams ( Wis. ) , chairman of
the oommitteo on loroii > li all'a'rs , sub
mitted a report on the Chili-Peru m
veatigatiou , Placed on calendar ,
Mr , Williams ( Wis. ) , from the conference -
feronco committee on the Japanese
indemnity bill , reported the committee -
too waa unable to ngroo. Further
conference was ordered ,
Mr , Anderson ( Kan. ) offered a resolution
elution for final adjournment of con
gress at noon , August 4 , 1882. The
motion to refer to the committee on
ways and moans was lost. The demo
crats unanimously voted with Ander
son , and a few republicans against
reference- , desiring to como to u direct
vote on the proposition.
Mr. IlAtidall thought congress had
boon hero so long and done ao little
it needed some such spur aa the adop
tion of this resolution.
Mr. Hiscock replied that congress
had been hero done
so long and so
much ho was perfectly content. Ho
moved to refer the resolution to the
committee on appropriations.
The yean and nays were ordered ,
but before the call began a noisy dis-
cuision arose as to the propriety of
agreeing to the adjournment resolu
tion. The resolution was then referred -
forrod yean 1)0 ) , nays 77.
The committee on printing reported
back the sonata bill appropriating $ G- ,
781 ! 24 for printing and binding the
tenth census.
Mr. Anderson Kansas
( ) offered an
amendment striking out tha clause
which _ changes thu manner of dis
tributing the reports. Rejected. The
bill then passed.
The sonata bill for printing 5,000
copies of the official report of Atlanta
cotton exposition was defeated.
At this point a message was re
ceived from the president announcing
his disapproval of the river and har
bor appropriation bill , and the house
immediately became attentive aa the
clerk read the document , which was
ordered printed , The reading was
only once interrupted , and that waa
when n hearty laugh greeted the non-
tonco , "Thus , as the bill becomes
more objectionable , it secures moro
support. Beyond this , there was no
manifestation of approval or disap
proval of the president's action and ns
soon aa the reading was concluded
the house adjourned.
A Grand Holiday In Donyor The Big
Show Opened With a Loud
Thu Koiivor Expedition.
Special DUiuitcli to Tim UKK.
PKNVKU , August 1. The National
Mining exposition opened to-day at 12
o'clock. Nearly every wcatorn state
was represented. Military from Lead-
'villo , llio Grande and other towns ia
the state participated in the oponintj
exorcises. The city is crowded with
strangers lion. Wm. D. Kelly , of
Pennsylvania , ia now making the
opening address.
The National Mining exposition was
thrown open to the public to-day , and
the ceremonies were of a character be
fitting such an event. All day yester
day and during the early hours this
morning , regular and special railway
trains brought largo crowds of visi
tors , until the city was filled to over
flowing. Denver preaancoJ a Itolidajj
appearanca , business being for1
the most part suspended , and
vato , were gaily ana Douuciiuny
decorated with national colors. The
procession moved at one o clock ,
marching through thoprincipalntroota.
The sidewalks , windows nnd roofa
along the route were thronged with
thousinda of spectators. The oxer-
cirfea nt the exposition building opened
with playing "America" by the band ,
followed by prayer , and Mien
" [ fail Columbia , " which waa received
with ohoora. Many Jiatinguished per
sons occupied the platform , lion. . D.
Kelley was introduced to the vast
audiunco , and delivered the oration of
the 11 ay. At the conclusion of Judge
Kollcy'a address Hon. II. A. W. Ta
bor , president of the Exposition aiao-
cialion , made a. brief speech and
form/illy / declared the exhibition open ,
and Blurted the machinery with his
own hands.
Diamond Cat Diamond.
Special Dlapatcli to TIIK Dm.
NEW YORK , August 1. The charges
of Kelly , the bookmaker , against Wal
ton , "tho Plunger , " are being exam
ined by committee of a rucingassocia
tions , Kelly's affidavits are in sub
stantiation of his charges that Walton
hud fixed the trainers and owners of
horses. There iu a specific charge that
Walton endeavored oven to bribe
Iho trainer or rider of Marathon in
the race with Ilospador. Walton and
Kelly appeared before the committee.
The latter reaffirmed all the charges.
The former emphatically denied their
Crook ia Coming ,
Special Dlupatch to The liee ,
TUIWOK , July 31. The Star's special
advices from Guaymas , Sonora , aaya :
From a courier who has just arrived
from the district of Sahuanapa it is
learned that it is reported that at
Cunoral the Apaches have killed
twenty citizens and nro depredating
and massaoreing the inhabitants.
General Rosa has loft Ilormosillio with
a large force of regulars for Elvas ,
where it is said a band of 150 Apaches
are preparing to make n raid in Ilor
mosillio to liberate- the squaws recently -
contly captured by Colonel Garcia.
The people of Sonora are rejoiced to
know IhatGunera ] Crook is to assume
command of the military forces in Ari
zona , and feel that it moans the subjugation -
jugation of the Apaches.
Rniusiu the South ,
Spccltl IMHpUtli to TIIK Dim :
CINCINNATI , August 1. Specials rp-
port very heavy ruins last night in
Kentucky. Great damage to cropa
and bridges is apnrnhended.
A Fulso Ropot.
Special IMtpatch to TIIK Du.
VAIL , Iowa , Aucust 1 , The re
ported failure of T , Wagner is not
true. His assets are ample for all lia
bilities , Ho is closing the drut > busi
ness because ho does not understand
it , his eon , who had charge , having ;
loft him.