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% Tbo Actress and the Singer whom Mr
Abbey la to Brlnff Across
the Atlantic.
New York San ,
Mr. llotuy E. Abbey , the threatri
cftl malinger , arrived from England
yesterday. Ho lies engaged Mrs
Langtry , the London professiona
beauty , and Mmo. ChrUtino Nilsaon
the pnma donna , for Atnorican tou
next season , and Mr. Henry Irving
for the season nftor lliat , besides leae-
ing Mr. Irving * Lyceum Theatre fo
the period of the actor's abtunco from
"What is your own opinion of Mrs
Langlry as nn actress ? " Mr. Abbe }
was asked.
"Sho is not a great ono , " ho replied
plied , "and could not stand criticisn
as such ; bntaho is perfectly nt case
on the stage , notably ladylike , and ao
unassuming that she gets the goot
will of an audience right away. At
least that has been the cnse in En
gland , and she has drawn tremen
dously during her provincial tour in
that countty. Of course , there's no
foretelling the result of her venture
hero She will sail for Now York ,
September . ' 10 , and probably open Oc
tober 23 , but at what theater haa not
been decided. After her season in
this city she will make n round of the
largo cities , playing in 'Sho Stoops to
Conquer , ' 'Tho Unequal Match , '
'Rosalind' mid 'Tho Honeymoon.1
The supporting company will como
oyor with her. I should Jmvo prefer
red an American organization , but ,
aside from the diflloully of ( totting
ono together at this latu day , it will bo
bettor for Mrs. Latmtry to bo nur-
rounded by actors with whom she i
familiar. She ( a little more than an
amateur , you know , and must bi
given uvcry possible help in the ordeal
of facing a strange people. "
"What is your opinion of Mra.
"Langtry as a beauty1'
"I do not think she will disappoint
reasonable expectations , though some
of her charms are of no practical value
on the Htngo. Her wonderfully
clear complexion , for instance , has to
bo painted over , and her beautiful
hair might ns well bo n wig. If she i
greatly admired by American audi
ences as 1 hope nnd expect - it will
not bo bcciuao she la the moat beauti
ful woman on our stngo , for she is not ,
but because she is the most beautiful
and winsome. She all the while line
a manner of wishing you to like her ,
and of doinf her best io ulcuso , I
think she is the moat unaffected lady
like woman I ever saw , on or off the
tago. "
' I suppOHO her husband will not uc-
.company her ? "
"No. Her traveling companion
-will bo n lady distingulflhi-d in London
ipoliio society , but I am not ut liberty
.to divulge her nnmo. "
"Ponsibly Mrc. Libouchoro , wife of
the editor of Truth ? "
'My lipa are sealed , positively , liut
I'll toll you the nnmo of n celebrity
who is to como along. Kuto I'attiaoi ) ,
the jjvcnilo nctrt'BS of the company ,
is n protege of Emily Faithful , who
will make the tour with her "
"How much do you really pay Mrs.
Xangtry ? "
"A high price. It is easy to believe -
liovo that much , when it IB considered
that she is a great financial success in
England , nnd has by no means ex
hausted her popularity there. But
people would have no reason to credit
the figures if I gave them , and 1
would have to multlphy them by two
in anticipation of your readers divid
ing them by two. "
- " What nbout Nilsaon ? "
"Sho sails October 14 , and is to
fling fifty times through the country
in concerts and oratorios. The com
pany is jiot completed. A younc
Swedish nobleman , who haa stint ; with
Jxilsson in 1'aria , \ \ ill probably bo the
tenor , and Del Pupnto the baritone ;
andtlie ISouton Quintette olub will bo
the instrumontaliatn. "
"Uow ia Nilieon's voice ? "
"Not im girlish an it was ton yearn
ago , of course , but rounder and fuller.
1 heard her in London. She appeared
in deep mourning on account of the
recent deuth of her husband , and will
do the Bainu huii , Tno black waa ex
ceedingly becoming , along with her
Jicht hair and delicate face. "
"And Irving ? "
"lie doesn't come until Iho fall of
1883. lie has given up his contem
plated trip to Now York Uiin summer.
. 1 have taken the Lyceum Theatre ,
London , to mnimgo while ho is here ,
and during his subsequent tour in the
Ecgliah provinces. My plan is to in
troduce American atari ) nnu companion
to London. That is about the nricioat
of my proposed ventures. Don't you
think so ? '
Portimo * or JfrtriunrH anil Mo-
char too.
Tlioukands of dollars cnii bo saved by
using proper judgment in hiking cvru : uf
the health of yourself nud family. If you
are bilious , have snllow oniniilcxlon , poor
appetite , Jew aud depre sed fpirlte , and
generally debilitated , do not delay a mo
ment , 1'iit go at oucej and procure n hoi.
tlo of those wonderful Kluctrlo Hitters ,
which never fall to euro , and that for the
trilling mm of fifty tonU. [ Tribune.
Sold hy 0. .K. fiooihiinn.
Vlowlnu Hid Treasures.
Jfcw York Cor. I'hilndulphta lUcoiil
I wont with a frii nd to the vaults of
the Safety Deposit coinpany on Thurs
day .to help clip oil'Bomo coupons ,
You know wbat thvao vaults uro.
Places wlioro Wonted bondholders keep
their stocks und bonds and other val
uables in little fwfos with combination
locks , that moth nor rust may not cor
rupt , I'or thiuvca broaV through and
t * u al , Wlnlo wo were Bitting there I
looked up und saw the strungutt und
inust forbidding'looking person coin
ing down the aisle , llo were a high-
pointed fur cap nnd a coat buttoned
np to his ahin. A short thick board
and mustache almout hid hia face
from view , As he came nearer to mo
1 rcaognizd Captain Costontcnua ,
the tattooed man , Vfo could not
help aturiniat himiLiieemod so nuocr
for ono of Itanium's curiocitits to bo
looking after his etocka and bonds ,
llo did not acorn to object , und BO my
fiiend roado toniu i'oaeant ' rcmnrk to
him in Italian. Ho wu quite ready
to talk , though lie dooa not cpciik
vry ilumtly either K'viioh , Italian < T
Kngliehbut ho apcaka tlio two former
I bolter than the latter. Ilia entire
conversation WBK about money , show
ing that ho had a Urcn eye for the
almighty dollar , IIo haa boon in tliia
country for nix years , nnd receivt-j ,
when on exhibition , 8100 a week atnl
liis gxpcisp ( , Then hoaollahisphoto-
pl and a life of himself , from
which ho makes a good percentage ,
In the six years ho has managed to
save a good deal more than his salary ,
And ho has invested money judiciously ,
The only investment ho has that docs
not pay is diamonds. Ho is passion-
ntcly fond of this precious stone , nnd
has nc/mo fine specimens in his enfo.
Ho seems to have n savage's fondness
for ornnmont , for lie was loaded down
with jewelry. Around his neck ho
wore n long , massive gold chain , fast
ened nt the throat with njoneled slide.
There was evidently n watch on the
end of the chain In his p ckot. Then
ho were another lievy gold chain
ncrtfm hia blue flannel shirt , on which
Bovcral twenty dollar gold pieces were
hung. On his wrists were gold brace
lets of curious vorkttnnahip , and ho
were twelve plain gold rings on his
hands , two on each third nnd little
linger and two on each thumb. His
handa are very well nhancd , nnd the
dark tattooing aet off thu blight old
of the rings , A silk scarf of many
colors waa tied around his waist. Al
together , ho looked Ilko a pira'o. '
Free of Ooot.
All 1 ersotiRinhlng to tent the meritu of
a great reniody one that will positively
c'tro Consumption , Coughs , Colda , A nth-
ma. UrouchlUf , or nny nlTccllnn of throat
RIIU lungs uro rcrjUCBtivl tj call at
0 , F. Goodman's Drue Store anil get a
trial bottle uf Dr. King * * Now Dlscnvcry
for Consumption , KIIF.E or COST , which will
hlmw you what a regular dollar-slza bottle
will do.
Ho llns Dleapponred nnd It IH Thought
Una Boon Klllocl.
Special Coircanondcnco of the lice.
PLUM CHEEK , Neb. , July 29. I. P.
Olive , the well known ranchman , is
missing Ho 1ms not boon soon for
aotno time and no ono seems to know
what has bccomo of him , His wife
lias loft Plum Creek. It is surmised
that some of his enemies have secret
ly mndo wny with him. It would bo
nothing surprising if he haa fallen nt
the hands of un assassin , na n bitter
Feud existed between him nnd other
[ mrtk'K.
used tx > aay : "Hoy , If your Wood is out of
order tiy Hurdock tea1' ; ' mid then they Imd
o dig Iho Burdock nnd boll it down Inkct-
; le , mxkliig n nnoty , nmelllni ; ilocoction ;
iow you get all the curative propeitiea put
ip In n palatnhluJorm In BuiinocK Ul.ooi )
UlTTEHH. I'rlctfSl.OO , trial duo 10 cents.
Features ofo. Prominent Little Oontor
In the Republican Valloy.
l/'orrcspondcnte uf THE IIK.
BFNKKUIAN , Neb. , July 28. IHn-
> < elman , Nebrnakn , formerly known na
Collinnvillo , is located in Dundy coun
ty. It can hardly bo called u town as
; huro nro only two stores , n hotel nnd
) oatolico ( besides the rnilroud build-
ngs , At the aamo time it is a very
mporlnnt trading point , und ia n con-
or mound which uro located aotno of
ho moot prosperous live stock men in
ho state. Thus far no aottlera have
attempted to tnko possession of the
nnd , and cattle uro ullowcd to roam
at their pleasure and food on the
bundnuco of grasa. As might bo ox-
looted th a ok men will make slror j ;
m efl'ort us poauiblo to keep the homu-
teadora out , nnd it will bo to the ad-
vanttgo of nil concerned if they nro
cope out. There is too little ruin fall
md too milch hot wind to make furm-
ug productive. The soil iu not na well
dnptod to farming us grazing. There
will pcrhnpa bo n timoj when tlila
jart of the country can bo mndo very
) reductive , It will bo better for the
ottlcra to occupy it first. Hot winds
uivo become Icsn frequent nnd leau do-
tructivc intholtopublicnn Ynlloy , the
nrthur you uo east. Aa thu prniriu
> ccomcB covered with foliage the soil
does not become so heated by the nun ,
va whim protected only by the bullalo
; rnss , and as n matter of couruo the
itnionphoru romniua cooler.
Dinkclman promixea to grow in im-
portancujus a shipping point for live
itock. Stock ynrda nro being built ,
liaving four ahooln. The town derives
itn nnmo from Guorge Dinkulman of
Denver , who owns l.ifgo herds in the
vicinity. Prominent among thor
r .u > chin on whoso horda focd in the
yalloy arid along the creeks tlmt ( low
into it , are Dinkelman , Ynil , Daven
port , Buck , Hegler , Yun Slyko ,
Woodnrds , Olive , Wilson , Smith , Nel-
BOH nnd Bird.
John King owns n grocery nnd gen
eral merchandise store nt Kinkolmun
nnd does an extonsivu buaintas. The
, ) oatcllico ia located in bin building.
S 0. Taylor , a brother of County
Clerk Taylor of Culbertapn , is a elorlc
in the store nnd in Mr , King's nbsonco
lias chnr o of thu busineus.
F , Scott ia proprietor of the hotel , n
comniodiotia three story building. At
present ho haa n largo number of rog-
ulnr bonrders besidra ucconimodnting
n great many transient viaitorn.
The railroml station ia under the
olllciont mnnngcmont of 0. E. Una-
kin , who poaaossus the conlidonco of
the company or he never would have
been placed in such a dilllcult nnd ro-
aponsiblo position.
So fur ns can bo lenrnod nt presmn
stock has done oxci < odingly well thia
leneon , nnd if the markets Mil only
keep up the profits will bo largo ,
Spcnking of markets calls to mind thu
Pact that Denver is rapidly losing ita
reputation ns being nfirst-oluas market
Tor horscA. Only n few days go n
man returned fruu there briiminu
back his hold of ponies , na duty wi.uld
not bring anywhere nonr their ronl
vuluo , lie reported that n ear load uf
Missouri horses arrived there about
the Hnmo time na ho did , nnd the
uwnor was obliged to soil thoui for
less than they were worth in Missouri
The horses were na line ns nny that
could bo found in the nmrkt't.
A. 0. D.
Ocorso Meredith , Jereey City , write * :
"Thn HriUMi UumoM you sent mo hna
bad the ) mpilci ] t elFoot on my ilngliter ; her
llciulncha ami deprosalon uf spirits Ima van-
l h i , She U again nblo too | | o tcliool ,
am ) U na llvvly na a cricket. I th ill eer-
tnluly rvcoiiiniend it to nil my friends ,
I'rice 60 ctnts , trbl bottles 10 c'tmU.
A Hotury Harnraor Tlint Strlicoa10O
Ulowb a Mlnuto.
( CHktouCal. ( ) Herald.
Dr. W. T. Urowno , of Stockton ,
Dal. , haa recently perfected u rotary
[ minnier that promises to revolutionize
those branches ) of industry in which
the hnmmor plays an important part.
It consists of n series of hammers ar
ranged BO that their faces extend beyond -
yond the periphery of n wheel and
strike a sliding rod , to which is adjus
ted n drill , n , hnmrntr or n quarlz
crusher , or whatever duvico is needed
to accomplish the dctircd wotk. When
thcso hammers strike thu drill the
matihinu now on exhibition ii fixed to
drill rock they * lido off out of the
way in Mio most rf marknblo manner ,
without perceptibly doc.reasing the ve
locity of the wheel. They spring into
position aguin and never miss ono
The machine now in operation con
tains eight hammer * , nnd ono man
turning it can deliver 400 powerful
blows a minute Two pieces of rock
show the work that the machine does
drilling. In frees tone a man drills an
inch n minute , turning the machine
leisurely. A ratchet turns the drill a
imnll fraction of an inch nt each stroke ,
and all the driller has to do is to turn
the crank. In granlto rock from hnlf
an inch to an inch can ho drilled in n
minute. The individual hammers each
weigh 'eleven ' pounds. Turning the
wheul forty revolutions a minute the
tn&chino deliver * 320 blows of sixty-
six pounds each ; fifty revolutions give
100 blows of eighty-two pounds ench ,
and fiixty revolutions give -180 blows
of ninoty-ono pounds cnch , nggreg.v
ting over twenty n second.
Vlrtno Aolmnwletlcod.
Mr , Irn Mnlhollnnd , Albany , N. Y. .
writes : "For Rovf ral years I have suffered
from oft-recurring billoni hoadncho * , dys
pepsia , nnd complnlntfl peculiar to my BOX.
Since uning your llunnocK Bt.oon litiTKtis
I nm entirely relieved. " Price 81.00 , trial
size 10 cents , nugl-dlw
Supplanting Ohio.
Bptc' ' l.
Reforrinn to the nomine lion to-day
of Hon. Morritt L. Joalyn , of Illinois ,
for assistant secretary of the interior
department , a western republican said
ho thought Illinois was faring pretty
well in the distribution of the moro
important oflicca of the executive de
partment. In this connection , this
Kontlcnmn named the following : Hon.
llobert T. Lincoln , secretary of war ;
lion. Morritt L , Joslyn , assistant scc-
retnry of the interior ; Hon. H. 0.
I'urchnrd , director of thoj United
States mint ; Gon. J. 0 Hamilton ,
surgeon general of the United States
marine hospital service ; Hon. Green
B , llaum , commiEsionor of internal
revenue ; Hon. S. P. Hounds , public
printer ; lion , James S. Dolnno , dep
uty second comptroller of the
treasury all rcaidonta of and ap
pointed from the prnirio otnto. Of
this last , ho said , Mr. Hounds waa
appointed nor s loly or ehieily bo-
cnuuo ho was from Illinois , and waa
strongly backed by tt-o aolid delega
tion in congress from that etato , but
for the reason that his administrative
tnloiits nnd thirty years' experience in
all departments of business pertaining
to nn imtnonao printing house pre
eminently fitted liiin for the position ,
arid that Mr. Jonlyn owoa hia ap
pointment in a largo measure to the
fuel that he ia an old and intimate
poraonal friend of Socrntary Toiler.
Not For a Fortune.
"I'liow" I wouldn't marry her if sho'd n
'ortunc. Poor g'rl , nhu'd be nil right if eho
took S I'lil.Nii UI.OSSOM , the best thine in
; lie w-Tht tor offensive breathing. Price
JO cent ? , trial bottles 10 centH
Of Omaha.
Ila ) purchased ol the CorlltsSato Iinulacturln ;
( Jo. , ol Providence , H l.imfo wlii'h Is KUar-
antoud InrltlnK to b "abnoltitely burglar
proof ( or a period ol thirty-six hours continuous
and u dlttuibitd ataik * with thu IMO o ( such
tools und apnllcancisasa burglar can employ , '
and Inn practlca ly unconditional wny.
This Kink d lrisn thorough tot n ado upon
thlx n\ta , and In cue ol lalluro to stand it , the
bank will be nt liberty to purchase any other
nad nnd may return this to tliu manufacturers.
All ) party la nt liberty to underUUe the attack
uho nil ! lurnlsh stlUractory bond to piy al
< laiii't | ) to tlio 8af , iu case it Is not entered In
tbi ) Hllimlatul timo. Tna Corliss Coinpany n rae
In writing to ilopoult with this baul. tbu sum cl
S OOO.OO , upon the shr.ln | ; o ( nn ngrcoment
abo\o llu paid mnn to bo p'acuilltbln the
i-ufo nnd to bo forfeited to the pirtv operating in
case It Is ( orcloly oponml nnd hi contents rab
.tmcto.l . IIKNI'.Y W. YA1is Ca ldf.
rJ f 413
au nacBsuaajui
La array & Lanman's
t'lf'I'JllU. V'tC ' I'fK-
W. U , Uvuiiin , duo. nd I'ICM.
Lincoln , Neb.
Corn PlivmorH , Hrrrowa.Farin Kollora
y HnUoa , Cuouot , hiloviitlug
Wo are prop- roil f da Jab work and nauutao
tiirhiL- for ether [ " .uiUw.
Aildrst nil or Jcr <
Lincoln , Neb.
Corner South and Locust Streets.
J. II. HURGT. - - .Prop.
Rooms , ? 5o , 81 , 00 and § 1 , fiO Per Day
Au elegant Iu ! Uurnnt li ronncrted ullh this
tioutc , w hijro uioals arc * rt d at rcnocnlilo iirlcm
[ icon -lay aud nljjht , mlu-u ;
No Whiskey , t
is one of the very few tonic
medicines that arc not com
posed mostly of alcohol or
whiskey , thus becoming a
fruitful source of intemper
ance by promoting a desire
for rum.
is guaranteed to be .1 non-
inloxicating stimulant , and
it will , in nearly every case ,
take the place of all liquor ,
and at the same time abso
lutely kill the desire for
whiskey and other intoxi
cating beverages.
Rev. G. W. RICE , editor of
the American Christian Re
view , says of Urown's Iron
Bitters :
Cin.O.Nov. 16,1881.
Gents : The foolish wast
ing of vital force in business ,
pleasure , nnd vicious indul
gence of our people , makes
your preparation a necessity ;
and if applied , will save hun
dreds who resort to saloons
for temporary recuperation.
has been thoroughly tested
for dyspepsia , indigestion ,
biliousness , weakness , debil
ity , overwork , rheumatism ,
neuralgia , consumption ,
liver complaints , kidney
troubles , &c. , and it never
fails to rencldr speedy and
permanent relief.
Engliph rem
edy. Arum- cure
> ( or .Seminal
Weakness ,
S \iurmator-
rhca , Impot-
tncy , ami all
follow as a
.noquonco o : AFTER TAKINQ.
8olt-Aui ! o : as Low ) of Memory , UnUcnal LIMS !
tudo , Pain In the U.vk , DltniH'aa of Vision , Premature
mature Old Aiju , tnii man } ' ether Diseases tlmt
load to Insanity or Couuumptlon nnd n Premature
turo Qravo.
jtSTFiill pnrtlcularj In our | mmnhlct , which
wo desire t fend frca t v tnall to every onu.
i2TTho SpctID c Medicine Is sold by at ) dtuggUts
at ill per picltaio , or 0 puckivcs lor 65 , or will
be sent free by mall nu rci" hit of the money , by
Buffalo , N. Y.
Cha Mott Succeiiful Remedy e\or disco- .
erod , as It Is coruln in Us clTccts and dtei not
blUtor. RKAU PROOF HELUW. Abe omllent
[ or human flesh.
WoBhlnt-tcnvlllo , Ohio. Juno 17 , 1831. DB
n. J. KK.NDALL. Si Co. ; Gouts Heading your ixl
vertlaomeut IJfiTurf , Field nnd Farm of 'your
Kendall's Bpavln Cure , n d having a valuable
and spoeilv hori > o which had been lame from
cparhi for cljjltcon months , I ecnt to you for
bottle ty ux ) > rcB , nhlch In atx wcelu removed
til latncucs and cnlnrjomcnt and a large splint
from another horeo , and both hones are to-aty
ni sound ag coltn. The ono bottle was worth to
one hundred dollan. Respectfully
yo'irs , II. A. H 'UTOLKiT , 1. D.
Send for Illustrated circular giving- positive
proof. Vrlcol. All Dru itlsU have it or cun
get U for you. Dr. B.J. Kendall U Cc ; , PrO-
prlctoia. Enoaburch rails , Vt.
d w-tv _
To a ervojs Sutterers
Or. J , 13. Biiapion'a Specific
U I ) i pOfjttTocuio lor y ] Tuini3i r he , Seiiilni
Vtchr.u . Imtwlarcy , und all dloifKFS < 'c iiilHa ;
Soll-Aliuoo yntal . I ,
from - , a < 4ns.cty , < era
y , I'nini. Iu ti. U ; i 5jil ; < v < " 'J dl.ic.ifei
that lead to
v onpumptlcu
inwnlty n
iho dpoclflc
tlu.llil'jc' la
bcloif t.ctd
Mrlti woudor.
ful fcuupt'C.
. _ _ _
u tit tree to ill Wrilo foi tacci tfiil cr l ( ml ? r-
1'rlca , fitwclflr , < l.CO ptr pa < * tj ( ° , cr < lx part-
a es for 43.00. AddrcM all ordrra to
Koa. 1C4 and 100 Main t. UuCalO , N. V.
BoM Iu Omaha by 0. F. doodmau , J. W. Uoll
J. K. lib , aud all ilinrtl ( t < o\crywho .
i I Uw
Old Sores ,
PlniploB ,
or uuy
3uros When Hot Springs Fail
IUVSRN , ARK. , May 5.1831
\fo have c ei In onr own town who fired at
Hot Spilngy , ntulvorodn lly turi-d with tj , B. 8.
tlrOtuunN 4 UUKKT.
Ir tuu iiouiiiuouiu lotiv na aimt. .
CURB VOUK OK charge nothing 11 Write foi
particulars and copy of little Book
o th
Ul.tHW llnwavd > u J pi o 4n >
chtmiet who will Sml , on anil ) ill 100 tottlo
U. S , II. , one particle of Mercury , lotlldg ? ctai
llntu outsr Mineral aubatanco.
Vtltv of Small iL8 ) , L03.
TIIC u'.iu ' $1.76.
IHaim inrniDcnnip role * for the aotl-iuon ) > olj
tasuo , coiitaiulutf uUtommt of priiioiplo met-
xdi of preccduro ami limtructlcnn bow to oryan.
ro ntll Uncut on ppllrotlon to O.JII. ( ! le ,
Slcircy , Nib. Vncloee itamp. > nH
Mrs J. O. Itobcrtaon , ntlfbur ? . P . , write ? : "
W.M eurtcrlnz from general debilltv , want of ap
petite , constipation , etc. , fie that fj/o vag a bur
den ; nfter utlni ; tiurdock niood Illttors I felt bet *
ter than for ) care. I cannot pralae your Hitters
too much. "
Il.Olblw. ol nutfalo , N. Y. , writes : "Tout
Hurdock Blo * lilttcrs , In chronic diseases of the
Wool , liter \nJ kidneys , hrne been ( tonally
marked with IIUCCCT ? . I have tucil them mj self
with licat rcsulUi , for torpidity of tholHcr , nnd In
ra > oof a frlcml of mine eulfcrln from dropsy ,
the cdcct wivs tairvclous. "
Kruco Turner , Kochcstcr , N. Y.irltc9 : 'I haxe
been nubject to Bcrioun disorder of the kl'hicya. '
and unable to attend to burin : Hurdock Ulooi
Dlttcra rclioxcd me before tiaKabottlowM used
I feel confident that ther 111 entirely euro me. "
Ancnlth Hall , DlnRli mpton , N. Y. , rltcc ;
1 suffered with a dull pnln thrmiRh mv cfl
ineanl shoulder. Lost my uplrln , appctltt
ntiil color , and could with ( lllHculty keep up all
day , Took j our Hurdock lllood Hitters M dl-
rccti'd , and ha\o frit no pMn slnco Orst week af >
tcr lining them , "
Jtr. Xoah Hat * * , Elmlra , N. Y. . nrltci : "About
four v car * aico I hail an attack of bllloi fci cr , and
never fully recovered. My dlKcatlvo or ane
were woaVcncdnnd I ould bo completely pros-
[ rated for djn. After ii lnR t o bottles of your
Uurilotk Rlood Bitters the ! inproxcinentvoa BO
\lslblolrmt I was astonUhod. 1 einndM.thoi li
61 years of fe , do a fair aud liuwnnablo day's
C. HI wkf t Robln on , proprietor of The Canada
Presbyterian , Toronto , ont. , writes : "Forvcars
I stiller ol fjrrcatly from olt-recnrrliie headache. 1
vucd your Hurdock lllood Hitters with happiest
results , and I now find ru' rclf In better health
than for yean past"
llrs. Wnllaco , Dnffate , K. Y , writes : ' ! ha\e
used Hurdock Hloo l Hitters for nrnxtu and bll
lous headarhes , and can rccomraend it to anyone
requiring a curs for bllliousnoas. '
Sire. Ira JIullnolland , Albany , N. Y , writes :
'For several years I huvc niSeicd ficm clt-iecur-
tins billions headaches , dyspepsia , and com-
ilalnts peculiar to my scr. Since ualni ; your
Burdock Blood Bitters I am entirely rclloed. "
Prlco , 01.00 Dai nettle ; Trta Dottlos 10 Cti
FOSTER , MILBUHN , & Go , , Props ,
BUFFAI.O , H. y.
fold at wholesale by Ith McUahon and C. F.
Tnndman. Je 27 cod-me
an effect , not n cause. Its origin la
within ; its manifestations without. Itrnco , to
euro the disease the CAl'SRinuat ba rcmo\ed , and
n no other way can a euro ever Ic effected.
LIVER CURE t ? established on Just this
irlnclplo. It realizes that
95 Per Cent.
if all diseases arlzc from deranged kldneyi an
Ivor , audit strikes at once nt the root of the
difficulty. T".ie elements of which it is composed
act directly upon i hcso great organs , both as a
yooD aod RESTORBR , and , by placing them In a
bcalthy , conditlrn , drive disease and pain from
the system.
For the Innumerable troub'cs caused by un-
icaltliy Kidneys , Liver and Urinary Organs ; for
, he distressing Disorders of Women ; for Malaria ,
ail' ) physical derangements generally , this great
rein dyhai no equal. HE ware of impostors , 1m-
tatiocs and concoctions said to be Just as good.
tor sale by all dealers.
HH. . WARNEU & CO. .
me _ Hoohoatoi- . Y
Tiie hngiish Eemedy
Never falls ts cute
. Debility , Vi.
tal Exhaustion , I'mls-
slons , Humlnil Weak-
HOOD , and all the
evil elfccts of youth
ful follies and execs-
ion. It ctops penn.i
liently \\cakenlnir. .
Involuntary loss sand
drains upon the sys
tem , thnc\ltablo ! re-
suit of these uulprac-
; lccs , nhlch ere so dcstruc'ivc ' tn mind and body
end make Ufa miserable , often leading to Insanl-
y nnd death It strengthens Ilia Ncrvca , llrain ,
memorjf Blood , JIiisclcs , l > lite tlvo and Ilepro-
dtictho OriraiH , It restores to all the organic
ittictli-ns their former vigor and vitality , ma-
Ung life cheerful and en jo ) able. Price , S3 a
bottle , or four times the quantity ? 10. Sent by
express , secure from obscnatlon , to anyaddrcsa ,
on receipt of price. No. C. 0. U. sent , except
on receipt of dl as a Kuara tio. Letters re
questing answers muet inclose etamp ,
Dr. Mintie'a Dandelion Pills
nru tl i best and cheapest dyspepsia and bllllou *
cure In the marlat. BoW by all druggists. Prici'
DO cents ,
Cures III kind of Kidney and bladder complaint ? ,
onorrliut , glret and leucorrhca. Kor calu t > y all
buggigtn : $1 a bottle.
7180HvoSt. , Ut. Louis , Mo.
1'or Sale In Omaha by
.out dutlft av. nluht wurk , ti >
< tUi > ulaut ft1 < I - hraiti ni rrt A
Hop Uitttrc 'Jit Hop 3
If jouur yorjic fiitrcrlnv fijuiM. '
Hi.'itHnii or li tiuu t 1' > ' * u an ni
rice or ilnelc. old or nr , nutfi rh.9 Ir i
pu rl > rutb ur lunuulrn on A ivt ' i
new , n ly ou Hop
IIM your
Inur rtlniulutlnt ; ,
nltboul { ntoxttallng ,
taUr. Hop
A Car *
Dr K. 0. Wcttt'D Ner > e and Ilralu Treitraenl-
A Bicdtic | for Hysteria , Dizziness , Convulsions.
Jervouj llcaJachu , Jlentil Drprrublon , Loin of
ii > rnoryBrcruiatorrhusa. Inj potoujy , Involuntary
nilulrui , I'rcmnturt Old Ajco , caused by orcr-
eitlou , ecll-abuue , cr cm-Indulgence , nhlch
eadg to misery , decay and death , OnebozuiU
uro recent catua. Ka b box contains cue month's
refitment. One dollar a box , or ilx bo in ( or
vo dollars ; tent by mall prepaid ou receipt of
irtce. We guimnteo six botu to cure any cue.
Vlth cacti order received by ut for six boxes , so
cwpaulcJ u 1th Qve dollars , vill Bond the pur-
chaor our urttten irturaiitea to return the
mnncv If the truatmett dot not u3'ct auurc ,
C. f. QooduiKD , 1'r.ii- ' " ' ? ! , Solo , \Vhc.ltsAlo and
vKUl Avnct , Oiusba , KfiC. OtJ'tj by D Ul at rikulv
Storage , Commission aud Wholesale Fruits ,
Agents for Pock & Bausliors Lard , and Wilber Hills Flour
, - - -
j.j.BRO"W"isr&OO : ;
loots and hoes
Window and Plate Glass.
3TAnyone contemplating builulng store , bank , or any other flno * ill find It to their ad.
vantage to corns end H Ith us before purchasing their Plato Glass ,
OMAHA - - - - HEB.
IE1. O.
1213 Farnham St. . Omaha ,
aa <
On River Bank , Bet. Farnham and Douglas Sts , ,
Fire and Burglar Prco
1020 Farnham Street ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
'r *
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
1 JaJkt V W Eaf 3ufJjJi-Btfc dLoiUSidbJIJUr
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
. , . aatrKIcs.
Near Union Pacific Depot. - QMA g
EflBAv Ffjf * Mi nfi Hiiai
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Faraam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.