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The Omaha Bee
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The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , .Props .
Rupubltouu Miitn Convention.
The republican nlectnrfl nf the Htnto of
Nobrnakn nre heroliy culled to rntl dele
gate * floin the fifcvenil counties In meet iu
talc cnnvcntiim nt OiimliAon Wcdnmilny ,
September 2 ith , A. U. , 1882 , at 7 o'clock
p. in , , fortnopurjMH * of | > l.iclnff In nnml *
nation candidates for tlio following- named
Offirp'i / !
Governor , lietitonanl-Korernor , nccreUry
of rtalc , nuclilor , treasurer , nttorncv-gon-
era ) , comuiiHitoncr ( if puljllo lurls and
bnlhliogi , superintendent of public iiutruc-
on.Acd to trnnanct nuch other business ns
may properly come In fora tha c nvcntion ,
The several counties nro entitled to iou-
i ei-cntativcB in tha htato convention n
'oliowe , limed upon the vote cast for Isaac
Poweii * , Jr. , in 1881 , for regent of thontnto
university : Giving one ( ) delegate to cnch
one hundred t-nd tilty (150) ( ) vote * , nnd otic
ieleBftte for the traction of neveDty-fivo
7" ) votes or over ; nlro nno delegate nt
Unrn forrnch nrynnizc'l pnunly.
U is recommended :
] ' 'irnt , Tliat no proxtcH bo ruliniltod to
the convention , except mich DH mo held by
psrBoiis residing In the counties from
which the nroxiiBnro ( 'Ivon.
Second , That nodcleguto Hliall represent
n absent member of hln dc If Ration , nuIo > < H
he bi c.'iithnl with otithurity from thn
county convention , r la in notBCsnlon nf
prnxleH from regularly elected delegates
thereof JASIEB W. DAWKS ,
JOHN STKKN , Secretary.
LINCOLN , Nph. . July 0,1882.
OAUDINAL red eooma to bo all the
rape at Chicago oiuco the onblo din-
pat jh from Luiiilou announced the se
lection of Archbishop Fouluiu into thu
collugu of curdinnls.
I - QMS of the new profuasora of the
State university w\a ; rccomtnondud by
Laynrd Taylor , and the other by Gnr-
fiold. Wiio v.'us thu medium tlmt elli
c'mtcd for Vlio rc onti in coinmunicv
ting with thu npirit Inn J.
TIIK Nebraska oonsus frauds are de
veloping into ii robust uciUiJal , < SV.
J'uttl I'ioneer PTMS ,
And this robust scandal , which
roakos every rcapuotablo Nobrnakan
blush for his state , never would hnvo
i i occurred had Nebraska boon rupro-
i , aontcd in congrosa by u high minded
honorable man ,
Ouu Val. plutnos liinnolf on olove *
tint ; H rioultur' ' . Vol. is like the man
who thought the lamp-post was get
ting vary unsteady. Instead of agri
culture being olovatcd by Val , , our
I'ovial lopreaentative lias often been
olovatud by the product of agriculture.
Corn juice , rock and rye , and distill
ed barley are powerful olovittor ; .
GUN. TiiAvnu writes to the Oacoola
Jlecord that he will vote for woman
sudVagu , The general could nuver
think of deserting the mothers who
rained the babies to bo kitted. He-
Thu gallant general is wasting his
sweetness on the desert air , Most
of the women who clamor for suffrage
have never had any babies to kiss ,
nnd are not likely to have any.
NKIIIUBKA has more national bank
ers tlun Kansas , and it would there
fore he eminently in uooord with the
eternal fitness of Ultima for Nebraska
to h ve one of our national bailers
sent 10 the national soimto. It only
remains for the national bankers to
pool their issues , and agree upon their
man ,
OIUKULKU seems bent
upon making a record for himself aa
the great American sea dog. Ho has
ordered the American monitors upon
the high teas , although Admiral Porter
ter who ought to know more about
our navy than Mr , Ohandler regards
the experiment as very risky , The
ofliojM and men detailed for the mon
itors MoiUauck arid Nantuokot ordered -
ed on a trial cruise , will not bo
much encouraged by the fate
cf the Dutch j iron clad
Adder , which lately wont away to
eea and never returned , This vessel
wnn one of the ten second class irci
dads built by the Dutch govornmen
for coast defense. Her armor wa
five and one-half inches in thickness
she carried two twelve ton guns n
her turret , had engines of four hun
drcd horse power and a displacomcn
of ono thousand six hundred and fifh
tons nnd a maximum apccc
of BOVOH knots an hour , ilov
the accident occurred will novel
bo known , as all on board perished
but the Adder has been found cap
sized Shuvenengen , and it is sup
posed wan knockiu > < vur in as < | iiall , at
was the British iron-clad Captain in
the Dny of Biscay some years ngo ,
The Montauk nnd Nnntnckot nro sin-
glo-turret vcisols of abjtit COO tonr
dlBplacomont , nnd if they can stand
an ordinary gale H-ithout being in im
minent danger of following the Cnp-
tain and Adder to the bottom they
will dieappoin1 thoao who know them
bent. AB Admiral Porter hnu declared
thnt monitors cannot go to ar.a with
out being towed it is to bo presumed
tlmt escorts will bo provided f. > r the
pair , which will not only do the towing
but bo on hand to rescue the people in
event of storm. Tim value for active
naval service of vessels that cannot bo
trusted alone out of sight of land may
well bo doubted , and aa ox-Secretary
llobcson profeasea the utmost faith in
the seaworthy qiulitien of the moni
tors ho ought to take the proposed
cruise and report his experience if
ho over yets hack. The ofllcora and
men who are compelled to tent the
corrco'ncss of his theories nro not to
bo envied.
But Mr. Cbnndlur cares nothing
ibout the lives of thurio men. Ho is
bound to show that ha knows more
xbont monitors than Admiral Porter ,
fn duo time ho may discover that ho
s nn excellent naval wrecker.
IT must bo very gratifying for
ricnds of the university to learn
hrough the only religious paper in
) muha , that Pi of. Urubp , who lua
uot been elected lo the cbair of
nodorn languages in the Nebraska
inivorsity , ' bolongo to the reformed
hurch , " Reform is noconaavy ivj Mr.
lilden had it in 1870 , mid a rofcaaor
hat belongs to the reformed church , bo qualified to teach moat any
anguago from Sanscrit to Hottentot.
All ejea nro Hlill turned toward
Syypt. Up to the prcstnt the out-
ook ia not very oncoiirnging for an
larly close of thu war , or UH the
English call it the rebellion. So fur
ho advantage is still with tiio rebels ,
mdor Arubi Boy , and they are gath-
iring foroo from day to day. England
n ado a setious blunder in going lo
rar before she wits ready. Had she
raited a few woi.ks her army and navy
: ould have made blow follow blow
[ "lick enough to have crushed Arabi
it short notice instead of giving him
, imo to gather strength and power for
! 3y"tho time the British army of 25 -
) DO are landed in Egypt iud : properly
> ut in motion they will able to dis-
> erao Arabi'a forces if ho will give
hem a clianco for light in the i-pon
told. Egypt will , hewer , bo a very
lillerunt battle-ground from India ,
vhero there nro dense masaoa of pop
ilation nnd wherj auppliua of food for
m invading army cun alwa/a be ae-
mred. With thu lower Nile basin
jnder water , us it will bu iu August
ind September , the commissariat vtill
present unusual difHcultieH , and the
English rogiiuentu will readily fall n
[ ) roy lo disease. If Iheir foea wisely
jonciudo to fight like the Arau or
Moor rutlier than to moot thorn iu the
Held where artillery will decide every
buttle , the campaign may bu indofi-
ntely prolonged. But whatever may
30 the hazards and difficulties of the
York which lies before England , the
ssuo has been joined. I for forcoa are
n motion ; her honor is pledged ; and
ho ia bound to fiuht it
> ut est what it may.
I'Jiuro ia , however , another aspect to
ho so called Egyptian revolt. As the
ovoroit < n cf E.-ypt , the Turkish aul-
an , is boi'nd 10 cxort his power to re-
tore order. A cabinet council hold
, t CoiiBtantinoplo hni decided to cum-
ily with the request of Great Britain ,
.ackod by the European powon , lhat
ho sultan shall send a sulllciont force
o Egypt to put down the robollion.
ronclada and Invnsporta uro already
11 motion , and a largo body of Mv
lommodan troops will soon bo on the
/ay to the sent of war. It remains lee
> o seen , however , whether these
'urkish troops will light the rebellious
Egyptians and Arabs , who nro of their
* w faith and kindred , or
rhothur they will go over to Arobi
iey in a body and join in a holy \\iir
t the Moslem against the infidel ,
luch a turn of ail'aira is by no means
inprobablo. Arubi BHy has enacted
n intense feeling of religious fanota-
isin , nnd ho ia personally so popular
.mong . all Turkish troops thai it would
tot bo n very dillioult matter for him
o create a stampede , or bring about
. iiro in the rear on HioBritish lorcea.
The discovery of secret corroepou-
lenco between the IVnch agitators
, tnl the Eyyptiau robolawill natur-
illy urouao u fooling of distrust
) otweon the English nnd the French ,
tnd will make their otroctual co-oper-
ilion in Iho Egyplian campaign very
[ ucationablo. There is no doubt lhat
Irnbi Boy has received some en
couragement for his course from ace
tiona of Europe that Are jealous of th
poirtr of Great Britain and anxious t
force her into a costly contest.
The parliamentary explanation )
which were made on Monday in Pari
and London were explicit and ealin
factory. The French government ha
virtually decided to allow England t <
act alone. It nicy rend n force o
marines lo protect Iho line nf thi
Suez canal , but its operations will bi
purely defensive. M. do Froycinc
stated that the French marines woult
not take any measures to aoeuro th <
safety of the Sweetsvator canal fron
thu Nile. This ia the fresh wutei
supply not only of Ismailirt but ol
Port Slid , nnd if a.ny operations on
the line of the Suez canal are to be
tifectivc , they must include n complete
ploto defcnao of this channel from the
Nile. It la probable thnt thu marine *
will bo kept on board of ship , and
that the vole of credit for which
the ministry hai asked will
bo applied ulmoat exclusively to naval
expenditures. Thu premier may not
understand Iho lompcr of the French
people , but ho apparently hnstho sup
port of the legislature. Ho has ehoaen
the cautious but inglorious part of in
action. The defence of the Sue/ canal
by the marines will bo nominal , but
not efl'ective. England is expected to
do all the Berioin work. This result
will bo hailed with satisfaction in Lon
don , where the riska and embarrass-
menU of a joint expedition are fully
appreciated. For military as well ns
diplomatic reasons ; ono agent is bettor
than two in work of this sort. The
isolation of Franco may not bo credit-
ublo to her government , but it is a
au1 t.iiitinl gain so far M European in-
toroita uro concerned.
The letter written by Arabi Pasha
to Mr. Gladstone a few daya before
the bombardment of Alexandria is not
the sort of letter which would bi
written by an ignorant military adven
turer. While Arabi professes .a do-
airo to romaui friendly with England
nnd to "keep her road t > India , " ho
claims the right to wngo a defensive
war in case it ia forced upon him , IIu
assorts that if England fires the first
gun the Egyptian will bo absolved
From nil treaty obligations toward her
mi assertion the truth of which no
ono can deny and without boasting
of hio ability to fight the English sue-
jcsufully ho azures them that the
Egyptians are determined to die for
their country , The letter ia in all ra
ipucts dis mfiud and patriotic , and hac
it boon u/fictun by n Boor or an Af
L'han during Lord Boaconsfiold's rule
Mr. Gladstone would have found it a
manly and noble document.
Contrasted with Mr. Gladstone's
speech on Monday night , Arabi'a let
ter acorns nil the more creditable to
its author. Mr. Gladstone defended
the government ; from the charge o
not haviim Inndjd a force to suppress
disorder i i Alexandria immodmtoly
iftor the bombardment of the city on
the ground tlim such ection "woulc
liavo been gruaily disloyal to the voice
jf Europe and the conference. " Ap
parently it waa not disloyal to the
voice of E arope imd the conference to
knock Alexandria to pieces and sot it
an Iiro witli thu nholls of the English
lluot , but why it would have boon dis
loyul to extinguish the lire nud lo put
.i stop tu pilijigo and massacre ia obvi-
: nn only to Mr. Gladstone. There is
avidoutiy u distinction between bom
Warding u city and protecting it from
Iiro and riot , but , curiously enough ,
Mr. Gladstone holds that it ia the
bombardment which in permissible and
the protection which ia grossly im
Thomas Guard ia , who has presided
jvor the deatmies of the republic of
3oatn Hica for nearly 12 years , died
an the 7th inst. His death has been
iicen expected for aomo months. Thos ,
3uvrdia wa , in many roapcota , n re-
narkablo man. Ho liad u strong will
> f his own , and since fortune first
> laced in hia liando the reins of power
10 hiis ruled the country with a rod of
ron. It may bo remembered that ho
ittainod power by the celebrated rev-
ilutiou of April , 1870. Personally ho
iras un ignorant , unlettered jnan ,
rhoso idea , so fur aa society was con-
erned , was to present the greatest
liipby possible. Ho was no polili-
iuu , und through his whole career in
ho republic gave no evidence of hia
kill in tlmt regard , except by a few
locreps , which will die with him. Ho
iad thu crudest ideas of finance , nnd
ilunpod his country into nn abyss of
lobt , from which it will not recover
or many ycnra. Ho wished
o usaocUto hia name with
omo gioal national work ,
nd the hk'ii of un inter-oceanic rail-
oad caplivatcd his iniagindtion. Ho
ommoncod it , bul began the work of
rading and track laying in the center
f Iho country inslend of on Iho
lioro. As may bo supposed suoh u
ailroad coat a fortune , nnd two loco-
lotives , which wore imported to be-
in the work , cost for land transpor-
ition alone over § 30,000 each , Such
xtravaganco nuturally brought with
; a result which everybody expected ,
'ho millions which thu bondholders
urnishod were dissipated ; spent with *
ut reason or purpose , until nothing
omainud. But still Guardia clung to
lie idea of n railroad , and for five
oars spent every cent of revenue he
ould divert to the purpose to the
prolongation of the railroad. To-da ;
Costa Ilica is ruined in credit , am
every resource is pledged in ono wa ;
or another to the ideas of the lat
president. The millions Guardia spen
have simply given the country ft fet
milts of railroad , divided into thrc
sections , and which will never bo o
positive benefit unlil Mioy arc con
It i not unlikely tha.t when Eng
land inllicU her protectorate ovt :
Egypt , to secure which she will
strengthen the French alliance , sin
will ivbroginto those articles in tin
truatioa made with eastern states
technically called capitulations bj
which it wai provided , that all . ot
fonnoj committed by persona of nnj
nationnlity almll bu tried before thi
consul general f f that nation. Thi
experience of Frai cc in Africa will b <
n fcu gention which will readily bo in-
ken by England. There it WAS founi
imposiibla to convict anybody for any
offense oven mu rdcr before hia owt
consul , nnd atirely England would
tiardly suflor an Egyptian , who mur-
di-rod ono of her subjectn under hci
ovrn protectorate to bo tried by n naive >
: ivo consul or elsewhere than in an
English tribunal ,
The destruction of the ancient city
qf Smyrna by fire , and the burning of
1,400 houses nnd turning of 0,000 people
ple out of doors is melancholy nows.
[ t wua for centuries the moat import-
int city of Central Asia , and the mart
for the tradu of thu Levant. Its an-
mal imports amount to about fourteen
nillions of dollars , and its exports to
twenty-throo millions. The fltaple ex-
lorto consist of raising , figs , opium ,
sponges , cotton , carpets , tobacco , nnd
grain , while the chief imports are
made up of velvets , silks , timber ,
naila , copper , rico collee , augar , pe-
roloum , and various manufactured
products. The city has a safe harbor ,
nnd the port , whirh ia surrounded by
a stone wall , is capable of giving ac-
commodalion to some three thousand
esaala. The etiejts of Smyrna nre
narrow and wretchedly paved , no im-
nrovements hnving been made for
liiito n contury. The houses nro
nostly built of wood , and rarely ex-
eed ono and n half stories in height.
t has two railways , the Smyrna &
Aden and the Smyrna & Liasaba ,
ho ono baing cighty-ono miles in
ongth and the other a little more than
no hundred miles. The inhabitants
ro mainly Orientals , and number
omowhero in the ni.bborhood of ono
hundred und sixty five thousand.
The anniversary of the death of the
Prince Imperial afforded an occasion
for oven many who are not Bonapart-
Isls lo attend the memorial mass out
Df sympathy at his trngio end. The
Dccaaion wna also ncizod to re-start
two Imperialist newspapers that had
suspended , owing to the bad times.
Iho credo of the resurrectionists is ,
Prince Jerome's eon aa Napoleon V. ,
mrrounded with Iho legend of moil
mdc , having in hia veins the blood of
kho kingj of Wurtomburg and Italy ,
with all that is good in conservative
Jemocracy. Man ia thus oven a con-
iradiction. It is on the Orleanists ,
iiowover , that the republicans are
iceopiug on argua watch , and rightly
io , for of late they are coming to the
"ront. The Duo d'Anmnlo is accused
) f holding at Chantilly next to royal
receptions , intended to nap the trinity
) f liberty ; equality nnd fraternity.
Dho republicans ought to read , mark ,
earn and inwardly digest the late dis-
: ourso of the homo minister , who re-
uinded Ihom that in their taclics of
liacuBsiug and attacking individuals ,
ixamining men inttead of measures ,
liny were injuring the republic.
An American rebellion lias broken
mt in China. The American consul
.t Shanghi is reported as iu open anna
> gainat John llussell Young , the new
American minister , nud there ia much
ommotion among American residents
horoat. Slmnghi , it will bo remom
lorod , was convulsed over a similar
obollion aomo years ago , when an
minont Omaha statesman , Col. Five-
lent Myers , waa conaul nt the aauip
ilaco , and George F. Sewnrd hap-
lenod to be the American minister in
Now Xjaland ia ono of the best coal-
: ig stations of the English navy and
lerclmntmon in that section of the
rorld and is utterly unprotected. In
iso of a war breaking out between
England and nny foreign power , noth-
ig would bo easier than the soizuroof
: > in colony , although doubtloaa the
biquitous English would bo some-
hero in the neighborhood and make
warm for any invaJor.
The success uf Arabi Boy'a troops in
riving the English with considerable
IBS from Ramleh scores the first vic-
iry oa land for the Mohammedan.
'ho ' ofToct of this success on the Egyp-
ians will not easily bo reckoned es-
ocially as Arabi hus dbclarod a holy
'ar under the standard of Iho prophet ,
hicli bimply moans lhat nny Mus-
ilman who dies on Iho field of battle
ill win eternal lifo at once in thu
arden of the Houris , und in the BUV-
nth heaven of Mohamet.
The Dublin Jf-Ycewcw
liargca that the government cncour-
goa the use of bloodhounda in hunt *
ig down those who commit agrarian
utrago * , and that a pack of trained
ogs of that breed have already been
obtained , nnd will soon bo shipped t
Ireland to be used in support of th
police authorities. This scorns to
atrocious to bo true , though Englift
tyranny has no limit.
The dispute nbout the boundir
lines between Mexico nnd Guntomal
which has threatened to delupo thoa
countries in blood ia likely to h ; ami
cably r > cttlod by arbitration Prcsi
dent Arthur has betn invitid to ac
m arbitrator between the \rould b
Crounso for Congress.
Fremont Tilbune ,
Wo plnco nt the hend ot our cditn
rial columns the name of .Imlt ;
CrousCjOtFf. ( JalhounHB the Tribune' '
choice as ctndidnto for conpresa fron
this dinlnut. In thu muttui' of nomi
nation ami election of the coining rep
rtsontativo this piper has no ax ti
grind It owes nothing to nnv < .f tin
nspirantt noxv soukitig the cfllco anci
t'xpect.s nothing in the wuy 01 reinu
neration for its nupport. 1
places before the rnpublicai
voters of the Third diatrict i
man whom wo positively balicvo wil
como nearer representing the fcenti
ments of the people of this portion o
Nobraaka than nny other now in th <
field. Judge Crounao is a man wht
hna n record that nny stntcbinan nia\
feel proud of. No connection with anj
land ollico , census , or any other variotj
of fraud , can bo imputid to him. He
has long been n resident of Nobraskc
nnd la thoroughly nnd completely in
formed on every measure pertaining tc
our past , present nud future develop
ment. He hna served ono term in
congress ns representative from this
ntnto nnd it is but ju t to say thatNt ! <
hraska never had nn nblpr man in the
lower house than Judge Crounae. Ut
ia at present revenue collector at Om
aha nnd is an otUcient official. In pre
senting our candidnto wo do so with
the conviction thnt ho in decidedly
the nbleat nnd best man in the race
and wo commend him as ono in every
way worthy of the support of every
true end honest republican in Dodge
county and North Nebraska. Sp ce
forbids extended remarks , bat wo
ahnll hnvo much more to say hero-
Government Rr.llroud ownership
Sanl'ianciecn Chronicle.
In all counttica wharo railways do
moat of the land transportation public
opinion is tending strongly in the
direction of government control and
ownership , It has been stated in
theao columns that the colony ot Now
South W le has constructed nnd
owns nil its railways. The money the
colony had to borrow for thia purpose
constitutes the greatest part of its
debt. But this debt ia no burden nn
the taxpayers , because the net pnfits
of operating the roada arc devoted to
the payment cf the interest nnd prin
cipal of the railway bonds. The colony
pf New South W.Ues had no difficulty
in borrowing all the money required
for railway construction at 4 and
li per cent. Hur untiro railway ey *
torn realized a nut profit of DJ
per cent in 1881 ; some of the roads
ns high as 8 to t ) per cent. This
5J per cent pays the interest on the
railway debt and leaves a margin of
more than ono per cent to go to n
sinking fund for the ultimate redemp
tion of the bond ? . And yet , by the
statement of the controller of rail
ways , the rates of transportation are
reasonable , and incomparably more
favorable to the public than the rates
charged by railway corporations in the
Pacific states nnd territories of Amer
ica , This bhowa that government
proprietorship is better for thu people
than corporation ovrnorship and con
The late Senator Thomaa H. Benton -
ton , of Missouri , if not the falher of
the idea of n tranaconlinontal railway ,
ilid more than any other public man
towards its consummation. It was
Ilia constant thought that the road
should bo built , owned and rontrolled
by the government ; and ho pointed
aut ns among the objections to corpo
ration ownership that auch corpora
tion would in this become n power
3an orous to the country and defiant
if the government. Time has vindi-
: ated the onriro correctness of thia
k'iow. The men who now control the
Central nnd Union Pacific nnd their
system also control the legislation of
; ho states and the territories in which
heir roada liuund , manage congress as
ttuch as they plotse. They laugh t
ailway commissions , boards for the
qualiz ition of taxes , and easily do-
eat nil measures for Iho correction ot
ibuscs in transportation charges. In
ipito of the law they shirk their just
axes and snap their fingers contempt
icusly in the face of the decisions of
ho courts. The railway corporation ?
if this state alone nro taxed on thirty
nillions lets than thu actual vnluu of
heir land and other properties.
The single objection to Government
iroprietorship of the railways Hut is
rorthy n serious thought is this ; that
t might davsorously enlarge thu
lowers of the federal government nnd
end to gross official corruption. Wo
iavo considered this objection with
tie gravity , nnd the conclusion
cached is that it is not at all an over-
lowering one. Certainly it would
uiltiply the adonis and employes of
ho government , giving the political
arty in power n great advantage of
ho party out of power. But whim-
ver the party in power became cor-
upt and oppressive in the management
f ita trust , the party out would oppose
lie corruption and tyranny , and the
ieoplo would , from their great inter-
at in i ho mutter , inauntly demand n
tuugu of iidmiuHiration. Wo fhould
ave one-half the country conattuitly
atching the other half to detect , ex-
oao and punish wrong-doera. Under
lie existing system of corporalion
wnerahip and control , we BOO Iho
orporationfl corrupting all political
odi''s and defiant of nil departments
f government. Detection and cx-
osure bring no punishment ; hardly
tia blush of shame to the brazen faces
f the tools employed by the corpora-
iona to do their dirty work.
Drlght'd Diseaao , Dlubetos.
Beware of the atuU lhat pretends lo
uro these diseases or other serious
adnoy , Urinury nr Liver Diseases , as
s they only relieve for a time and
lakua you ton times worsu afterwards ,
ut rely solely on Hop Bitters , the
uly remedy that will surely nud per-
mnenlly euro you , II destroys and
jinovea thu cauatt of Ihe disease BO
( factually lhat it never returns.
'JfCkC *
Boiutllul building Bites on Sherman avcnu
10th street ) south of Popplcton'a and J. J
Brown's rcslucniti the tract belonging to Sonn
tor Paddock for BO many yearn bolnj
85 3 fco : west IrontairA on the hvcnue
by frJin 3GO to 50 feet In depth
running eastward to the Omaha & St. Paul U , R
Will sell In strips of 60 feet or more frontage or
the luemioMkh full depth to the railroad , wil
tell the above on about any terms that purchase
may deslro. To parties ho will agrcoto bulli
hoiiBea costing W2GO and uptrard ) will sell with
cut anv payment down for one year , and 6 to 11
tqual annual i j men ta thereafter at 7 per con
tiitmst. To parties whcdo not Intend ImprovIng
immediately will sell for cno sixth down am
6 equal asnual payments thereafter at 7 per ecu
Choice. 4 acre block In Smith's addition at wcg
end of Finwm street will pho any length o
time required at 7 per cent Interest.
AUo a splendH 10 aero block In Smith's add )
tlou on came liberal tcr no forcjri [ tig.
No. 305 , Half loon near 20h
No 30 , Lot on ISih strost ni-ar Paal , S12CO.
No 202 , Lot ZO\2 Q feet on 16th street , neat
No 299 , One quarter acre Dart street , ncai
Ijtton 500.
No 297 , TnroloU on Elondo near Irene street ,
$2fO and $300 each.
No 29(5 ( , Two lota on Ocorcla near Michigan
Sjrcct. S1200.
No 205 , Twelve choice residence Iota on Ilamll
gn street In Shlnu'a addition , fine and elghtlv
CO to S5uO each.
No 204 , Beautiful half lot on St. Mary's av
cnue , 30x180 feet , ucar Bishop Clatkson'8 and
* 0th strtct , 81600.
No 182 , five choice lota on Park avenue , 60s
160 each , on street railway , 8SOO eich.
No 291 , Six loti In Milliard & Caiihicli's addition
on dhmiuu A\enuo near 1'opplctou'B , tfKOto
8160 each.
No 2s9 , Choice lots on ' 'ark avenue and street
ar line on to Park , 4f 0 to S1000 each
JNO 285 , Eleven lots on Deca'ur and Irene
btrccts , near Saundera street , # 376 to S150 each.
No ! ! 82 , Lot on Iflth near Paul street , S760.
No 281 , Lot 65x140 feet near St. Man 'a avenue ,
ami 20th street , 81600.
No 279 , Lot on Decatur near Irene street , 8326.
No 278 , Four lots on Caluwtll , near Saumters
street , 8500 each.
Mo 270 , Lotou Clinton street , near shot tower ,
No 27r > , Four lots on McLollan street , ncai
Blonde , Uagan's addition , SZ26 Oich.
No 274 , Tnree lots near race course : make
No 268 , Beautiful corner acre lot on California
street , opposite and adjoining Sacred Heart Con-
\ont grounds , $1000.
No 20o , Lot onMascn , near 16th street , ? 1,360
300 ois In "Credit Fonder" and "Grand View'
additions , Just r/uth-cast of U. P and B. A. 11.
i ailroad i , cpotti , ranging from { IBo toloOOeacS
andon easy terun.
Beautiful Itealdcnco Lots at a bargain very
handy to shops > 100 to c250 each , 6 per ecu t ilou n
nil U per cent rcr month. Ca.l and get plat and
ull particulars.
No 258 , Fuil corner lot on Jones , Ne'xr 16th
street. S3.COO.
No 25J , 't wo lota on Center street , near Cum-
Irij struct , 8900 for both orSSOO each.
No 2.11 J , Lot on Seward , near Klnjr strict ,
243 , Hall lot on Dodge , near 11 h str'oo
* *
No 217 , Four beautiful residence lota nou
Crplithtou Collojo ( or will separate ) 83,000.
No 218 , Two lots on Center , near Cumins
Bt'cct , 8400 each.
No 310J , Lit on Idaho , near Ctirumc etrout ,
No 245 , Boiutllul corner acre lot on Cumlnc ,
near Duttun street , iitar now Content of Kucred
tuuit , 81,600
No. 244 , Lot on Farnam , near ISth etroct ,
No 243 , Lot CO by 1 on Co lego struct ,
ucarfct. Mar/a avenue , 8700.
No 241 , Lot on Farnam , near 26th street '
No 2 10 , Lot 00 by 09 feet on South avenue ,
near Mason utrcot. $650.
No 23) , Corner lot on Hurt , near " 2d street ,
No 233. 120x132 feet o 1 Ilarney. near 24th ,
Itreot ( ivtll cut It upg2,400. )
No 234 , Lot on Douglas street , near 25tli
* "o
I N 232 , Lot on Pier street , near Eeward
O.N'o 227 , Two lots on Decatur , near Irene ttreo1 ,
h 00 each.
No * 2d , Lot 143 by 441 feet on Sherman avo-
mo ( lUth Btieet ) . nea Grace , $2,400 , will divide ,
No 2iO , Lot 23xfiret ori Dodgo. near 13tb
itrett ; make n offer.
No2t7 , Lot on 23rd near Chr' , 8600.
No21U , Lot on IHtUlioii near King , $10) .
No 2oU , Lot un 16th street , near
* > 00.
. . ' < rtvo Iot ) on atresr ,
il,600 ,
NoCOl , Beautiful reslJcnco lot on Division
trcet , near Gaining , 3 oo
No 19/J Uta on 16th 6tr et , near Pierce ,
No 10J , Lota on Sauudore street , no/r bcw.
Til ? vOO.
oltflj , Two btaon 22J , near Grace street ,
No 192J , T o lota en 17th street , naar white
oadorks , $1,050.
N 188) ) ; One full block ten lots , near the
arracks , 4400 ,
No 191 , Lota on Parker , etreet , near Irene
No 183' Two lots on C w , near 21st street
{ lit edguj , # fl,00o.
No IbO , Lot on Pier near Seward , 8050.
No I/O , lai on Paclflc street , near llth ; mike
I'JfU8,8' 1 * . 01 * D Ka'nftmi ne f 2Hh street
, * uu M vjti50 each
No 103 , Full Mock on 25th itrrecl , near r ca
jurse , and three lota In Ol.eS aidltlon , uear
mndero and Cauius streets , 82,000 ,
° n lbtft * tlott > UMr whl'a lead
lSS , IS3s 2ort (2 ( lota ) on 18th street.
e r I'oppUtonV < l.BOo.
well . ad'lltions ui Sheroiau avenue , Spring and
rut > ga utrccts , near the end of irjeea etreet
ir track , S50 to 1.800 each.
i o'ln ' un Cb'cwo ' , near 22d eticct ,
Li8t)0 )
, N ° 83 | Lot on CaldA t .t , . „ ( , , „
" aUn'
e.Uce,87oo. '
JN ) x75i < ; Ui"i2foetonPa5lllc , uear Btn iireet
No BO , Ighteeu lotj nu 2Ijt , 22d , 231 and
No B , One fourth block (180x135 ( feet ) , nea
do Convent ofl oor Claire , on Hamilton iticot
ea he nd of the red mreet car track. 81,050
B > C" U"C ) ' * " ' * ' ccu 9 th
> - > 00
I6th and Douglas Street ,
1 K BOX ,
Can Bo TJaiicl ed By a Boy.
The box ncfiincvcr bo \1ioi otT the tvagoii aid
nil ii ! > ) hello 1
Grain and Gross. oni 1 av.--
It c-atnlc * tlivi Iho nlil fHle nc > n. i\orj- :
fltnocluil wagon Ii uld with our rick romplc e
Or buy thu attachments n" pp'v th"in 'o
your n'd najfin bat. tur > ulo i .N'clinn1. i In
' , C. CLAKK , ri > K-oln.
FRKUFBDit , Ornnd Is and.
llAaoM-m & QIIKKV , iia < tiii9.
CiiAnu H MmnoDKBR , Co'unibus. '
KPANOOLKA I-UNR , ltc-1 Cmiid.
C. 11 , CHAN P. & , Co. , Kuil Oik , I
L , \V. UvBsrb , G'onwoo ' , In v i
And ( ! cry llr t eh 8 cloili'r 1n th * wr-nt. A k
them for 'Iciic.ip-ho circuhr cir "oil > ! lrvcl
to iu.
J , MoUaUum Bros , ffiannfg Go. , .
Oillce , 21Vu t Lt'soStioa' , Chicago.
They futpj aallotner- ) for e 1,7 ftylo
a < ] darabillt
They nro for ai'o ' ' v ftll Loading
iago Jjuildera nt.d Dealers throughout
the countrv.
For sale by
Henry Tim ken ,
Patcnkoond Builder of Fine Carrlas ; s ,
- - OMCO.
Every Corset la warranted satis
factory to Its -wearer la every way ,
or the money -will bo refunded by
the person from -whom It was bought.
The only Corset pronounced by our lendlnp i > liy lclan
not Injurloud to the wearer , ondcmlorfrcdliy ladles as
the " most comfortable and perfect llttlne Corset ever
tuado. ' '
PRICES , by JInll , PoBlauo Paid I
Ilrnlth Prr cr\lne , # 1.5O. Scir.AdJuitlnc , 1.DO
Abdominal ( cxtru heavy ) < lC.OO. Nurslnir , * 1.50
llcolth I'reicrvlnic ( flna roiitll ) 1)18,00. ) 1'urucoa
SLIrt-fupportliiK. # 1.00 ,
For mlo by Icadlnu JErtull Dcnlorn everywhere.
CUIOA.GO COHSHi ; CO , , Chicago , HI.
Are ajknowledged to be the
best by all who have put them
toapra't.c'l test ,
'O O
o o
Kol/l1 LOUIS.
Piercy & Bradford ,
' Only Dyspepsia , Doctor , " s U a jiatlcnt to
llctnetUy. "WliutwouM iuu haru 'uid the
reatsurKoor. "the | > Uu | ; r UidleuttionU tfce
ourco or coanlli * inonal licas Cl cck It
> ] ) ! oitMiei triwin ug nlDiunl tmiuobitla
JQ cijuouces , If iiugUctuJ.
BUI.U 11\ All , UllUGOIjT- .