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The Daily Bee.
Wednesday Morning , July 26.
Bf Currier , 20ctntfixt week
By Ukll - $10.00 per Yc r.
Office : No. 7 Pearl Street , Nonr
Jl. 0. GKtFFI.V , UM | terCUr Clr.tiUtlon.
H. W. TJLTON , City Editor. .
Shcrroden rnnlwn p
Foit SALE. Ayfrceh milch cnw with
calf. TJ. W TUI.UTS.
There have been 233 tn trl KO license *
issuedelnco tht tSrst of .Tmw ry.
There nre ow
jail , seven of whom nro from other conn-
tfes howerce ,
HerimniiJIs bound to COBO out.
A nfeeHno of nun Mid garden hats nt
JHlM * .
A qro'et Htllo wedd'ng ' occnred l st
zoning , in which Fritz Frjgnior nnd Mis *
Truflier were made coo.
J tt received , ft nfco line of min nnd
garden'hata nt llllsa' .
K , Hcrzman has wldhh real cstnto in-
tcrcffts In Council HlufTs to Hon-o & Hon. ,
nnd intends move' to New York lu the
course of two weeks.
t-A. largo Invoioel of Indies' neckwear
jtiot opened nt IJlisi * .
Furniture n paired. How B k So.V.
211 .Broadway.
The teachers Ini > tlluto in prioress nt
the Lloomcr school building seems to be
'cccting ! much interest.
A combination musician , embodying
fire grand aggregation of shows in one ,
playing two drums , nn accordeon , cym-
boln , etc. , paraded the streets yesterday
mot forgetting the collection of nicklea.
On account of having tlispoHod of my
real Cfltato in this city with Iho viuw of
.removing to Now York , I request nil per-
SOHH having bills ngninsl mo to prc cnt
them , and those owing wo to settle
A very desirable- t > ieco of property for
sale , on smith' side Sixth street , in the
block 0111)01110 the now Opera House , on
Broadnuy. Front twenty feet. 1'ricu
three thousand dollars. Enquire nt L5iu :
There Is much complaint about n body
of water which is allowed to stand near
.Highlit street nmllKlovHitli nvcnuo. It H
understood that the promise WAS Ion ) ;
* inco innda that it should bn removed hut
still It Simula , breeding dlscn'O and n
ttonch ,
Th ro will be n socinblo at the resi
dence of Ifev. J. G. Lemon , the second
house north of the northeast corner of
Fourth street and Ninth nyenuo to-morrow
evening , to which nil nra Invited. Hc-
frephimnts will bo served nnd h good time
promised nil who attend.
Leave to wed was yesterday given to
"William Henry Urlce , of L'gansport nnd
Ittary Arabella .Hasting , of Council Blntf * ;
to J. W. Solo nnd l mnm Lake , otVIn -
den ; nnd toiF. Ji" . Duhlfrg mid Aupuita
Dittinan , -Council Uluffd.
John Hammer wan > esterd y giyen
tlio contract for buildtni ; the MvMnhon
block between Bbugarl'u block nnd the
postaffice. It Is to'bo three utorlcs , nnd
madeuniform with the Bhugart building.
Justice Abbott tied two matrimonial
inots lait evening. One of the bride
grooms insisted onnot hnving bis name
published , lest lie dhould lose hia Job on
the railroad. 'Why that thuuld incemAr-
tly follow is difficult to BC-O.
Leonard , the milk innn , had i ne of
hia wagons nnasbud yostenlav. The team
woo allowed to stand In nn alleyway while
lie wan attending to ixiino cubtoinoru , and
improvt d the olmuco to run the length cf
the block , causing much cnift milk and a
"badly wagoiil > It , JlKH7.ilAir ,
The market reports ns received dally
l > y telegram by.f. Y , Fuller , nro placed
upon the blackboard in thu board of tr.ido
rooms so tint nil InteimUxi can have the
advantage of thun , This tfoiuH to bu np-
prccii > tcd by innjiy , and the number of
callers nt the rocmm ia on thn Increase.
The oi'inmltteo appointed by the pro-
hlbltlonUts to go to DCH Slolnea to ntti'nd '
tbo convention next Thursday will bo
changed eomirwlmt. Itov. Georco 1'er-
kins , of A\ocn , is to go iu place of L. K ,
"Worth , who In unable to attend. J. F.
liarke , of this city , will serve aa a substi
tute for Hon. n. F. 01 > yton. John P.
L'urke , of Wulnut , also writes that ho will ,
not tw able to leave ills bualn-BH , and Mr ,
Jamen Crow , of Mlnd n , will probably
oorve lu fain plaoo ,
Our well-known citizen , John Ilnua-
mer , bad a rather exciting experience on
Sunday lut. He drove out to bin old
friend Blynuter' * , and ( Ur n vhlt thcro
wai prettntod with JIDUO fine ilsh which
he put in bin buggy , and vtarled on for u
further drive , Ilia hnppy meditation ever
the prospect of a big fea > t of fish , wim
suddenly broken into by seeing tent . -
* r > clofce to him , and A sign 'Vinall por. " Ha
wheeled about his buggy aa Boon aa possi
o > ble nnd nturted away from the field of pea-
tilcnce , and yet hia misfortunes were not
ndcd. In mailing god bin esoipe the
Imguy tipped over , nnd in the conf Ufiots ao
he lout Lit tUh , iml did not tubs It until is
lie bed letuined hU
journey an i yet some
distance on the rood ,
A meeting of tbo Young Mien' * Chris
tian iisa > cintion win held Monday night In
KytrttVt block , A few UBW member *
were received. It wiu decided to rent two
rooms In DeVul's nen block on North
Main street , the rooms chosen being the to
middle front room * on the second floor.
Now that rouiiiH ere decided uix > n , thu
next iiiovu slmuld bo to necuro dome till-
cleut and practical mull who u cxperlrnctMi
in the vork , and h < > will bopuld aualary
for attending to the butlnest. Otherwlto
the orgaiiUatlou pruu.Uea to do hut little , -
Ijeyond ktepi g up , ptihaia prnyei to
met'tlng for church folks who would Attend
prayer meetlnif in their own place * of is
wonhl [ ) anyway.
To worry about uuy lavur , JCidnoy
or Urinary Trouble '
, especially Un/jlit'ii /
Disuaso or Diabetes , na Hop JJittera can
never faila of a euro where a euro ia
Wo know tl ii. true
A Rurnllet Whllo Boozed KnocUoa
Down and nobbed.
A rrmtt mmod J. Newton , ! !
livrs a few nuloj out , in the country ,
VTM lioro Monday ni ht , nnd succeed
.n . golUtiR pretty well under the in-
ucnco of thn
iVhilo in this condition , and proceed-
along Eighlli atrctit , ncnr A. W.
Street's residence , claims that ho wat
iut upon by two fellows , who knoikod
iiiin down nnd robbed him of about
. LUo in the night n young mm ,
mmod Jamee Hondcrahott was nr-
ooted ns ono of the nianilants. Then
only 8 ( " > found upon him , but
Trt-on Boomed auro ho wna ono ol
ho mt'ti who iiHuauliL'd him. Both
Newton and Ilondoraliott were locked
up , the furnii-r nn n witncai and to BO
bor up. Yesterday the cnao wna called ,
but continued until this afternoon ,
Newton boini ; roluascd , nnd Hondor-
ihott being taken to jail ,
Two of Hla Sona Charged With Unv-
Killed a Playmate at
Yesterday the examination of the
'cck boys began before JuHtlco Ab
bott. The charge ayainat thorn is a
nest oerious ono , it being that of mur
Jur. Both of thorn are mcro boys , the
ildcst 14 perhaps , and both sons of n
( -spooled and prominotit citizen of
Walnut. P. M. Dotwilor , \Vuhiut ,
nd Muj. Lyman , of tlli city , ap
peared aa attorneys for the prosccu-
ion , while for the defendants ap
learcd IMesnrs. John Baldwin , of this
ity , and RI , B , Darnell , of Walnut.
The cauuo of tluiprcHont utly { cliargu
being brought was the death of n littln
"ellow named Charles Bartlett , aged
iboui 7 yt'ixra. It IB claimed by the
prosecution that on the lltli of last
May this B.irtlott boy , whilu
from Bchool , was sot upon by HIP Ptck
boyaandsovoroly thumped , thoafl'.iirbo-
thought at the tinio , howovortobu
only n ouhoolbojinli row. This W.LH
on Thurrtdiiy. The follcr.vinu' day ho
win ublo to uttiMiii flchool. On Satur
day hu WJH ailing , and was in bed purt
of the tiinu , but hi n iuiurifs wtru
thought , to bo flcrimis by the old hidy
hm gnindmotlu'r , with whom lie livi-d
Tueoday morning oho examined his
injuries , but that day ho ivunt t <
ecitool , After that , however , ho wai
confined to hin bed , and liii uroc
mong until the llth of June , when In
died , it is claimed from the injurie
received ut the hundii of the Puck
The exntnination WUB only fairlj
started on jtstordiy ; , and will linrdl\
bo completed to-Uy , au every foot o
the way in the progieaa of the c.isn i
being contented closely. Thcro hu
Buomud to bo quito n diflureiico
oiinion [ among the rondonte ofVul
nut , who uro familiar with the details
nnd it was expected that wlun ti
ooioncr held tlio inquest euro decision
would bo reached , but thu verdict o
the jury there was rather unaatinfue
tcry , it being "about half aud half
in it finding. The cano 1ms nine
been brought , and the full factu wil
probably now bo brought out.
Inauranoo for atock.
There was a muutiug of gentleman
in thin city thin week in the fnterea
of a now outnrpriBO tlut has lately lo
catcd in Council Blull' < , nnd ono tha
has n brilliant future , if ono ma
judge by ita success thus far. Wo re
for to the Iowa Stock Insurance com-1
puny , thu firat and ouly company ii
thifl utato that insures live ntock uf al
kinds against accidental lues I'roin
theft , dinoaso , or any other 01'
unity whatever. Mr , A. Booty ,
the former neciotary , who IIM
boon connected with thu com
pany niiuo ita oi anization , beinj ;
called on important business to Ohio ,
wna reluctantly compelled to reeit >
the olllco ho has lillod with tmtlefactloi
to all parties interested , The oflicom
mid directors consisting of B , M
Crook , of Glaridn , president ; .T. K.
Beery , of Council Bluffy P. M. Gait ,
of Council Bluffs , N. U. Eaaton , of
Shonandouh , la. , F. F. Eaaton , of
Coin , Ia. , and K , A. Pence , of Siion-
audoah , olucted N. 1J. E ston , nearo-
tury , in place of Air. Beery
reaignod. Wo ere assured by
the ( jcntleinon connectud with this
institution that it is the intention to
push it with energy , nnd tlmt the com
pany 1ms the ability and integrity to
deal eijuarely with every nierabor , nnd
with nil who may herosfter become
mombors. The depository of tha
company in the Citizens' bank , of thin
city , ono of the first lu financial stand
ing of any iit this part of the etato ,
Another Flop
The Nonpareil in commenting upon
the recent ohniigo of freight rates ,
Haul :
"Aa will bo aeon by a glance the
now stnto of ull'aira in roforronco to
r.-iti'a ttill not prove detrimental to
Council lilull'tf , but will prove A bun-
ITi. "
lu its very next iaauu it Bays ;
"It ii a direct stub nt our common
ciul ititercsts , It is a diecrimination
palpably unjust that ThoNonparuil
coiiatrained to believe that it will
never ho allowed to go into effect. "
Why duth The Ifonpuroil ao sud
donly Hop ? Its first position was ( a
knn in order to please the railways , of
nhichit is a muek servant. Then
comes a delegation of responsible p.
Council Bluffs citizens , who told The
Nonpareil uditor that if that paper waa
support this change of ratus , which
they deemed so unjust to Council
DluUa , they would muko open war on
the iwper u well ua the railways. The
Nonpiireil wcukened and promised to
retruot. Ilenco the Hop. Now that
they have tclicu both tidca of the
mutter , no onoiihould complain. The
j-Nonpureil will show its lirat editorial '
iu railway botses , und the second
oditoriul to the indignant puoplo It
hard not to bo able to hold to ono
opinion for two isiius of n pjpor , but
buch Bc'i-ma to bo the case with The
Nonpareil , ty
Diamond Dyes any lady
yet aa Kood results as the bc&t
practical dyer. Every dye w runted
to name and sample.
WhO Attracted Attention in
the SHtttt'.lbr Court Yesterday.
There the pfomisn r > T a lively
\ny \ in the uuperior court yesterday ,
Ihero bung n nunbcr uJ casen book
ed , but the bottom teemed to fall cut
'rom under thorn nw after another ,
cnving a few unaciiKntionnl events.
Marshal Jackson let two out of the
calaboose to go up stairs and bo Mod ,
Hi * attention was culled by another
.irieoncr , and tlio two prisoners occu >
pkd tlte selvcs with talking to the
chief nnd others who wcrd standing in
the olllco. When Jackson gm ready |
to go up stairs witli the prisoners ho
found only ono of them there , the
ether ono , .James McCarthy , charged
with being drunk , having marched off
right biforo the olllcora * faces , and
skipped beyond reach. The other ono
wna Frank Mitchell , n colored porter
at the Ogden , who had been em n lit-
spree. Ho faced the mime , pleaded
guilty , and wna fined § 7 til ) .
Vt-ateiday nnrning the notorious
d < iikoy known aa "Texan , " was hang-
'ng lib 'lit the police headquarters , n
Ittlo full , and very loud in his la'k. '
Lie tired the ciliccr * cut , and J.vckson
lint him up in the hick room lo gel
him out of the way. Ho was soon
found fast asleep , standing up
11 thu corner where the marshal hud
ot him.
Fred liarklmrt , arrested for stealing
a $2 CO saw Rico & McMillan ,
w.m before the court. Ilo is ncarpen-
'ur by tradp and worked for the com
plaining witnesses , who have been
Hissing tools before. They at last
. fouiid.tlmt B.irkhart had taken away
a aaw , nnd had him arrested. Ilo did
not deny taking the saw , but explained
liis motive by saying that it was lo.'t
with aonio other tools at dinner time ,
where oomo work was being done , and
seeing u colored fellow hangiim
about there , and having a
UHpicioim look at the
saw , feared ho was bent , on stealing
it. To prevent this ho took the saw
himself , intending tj bring it back
whim ho returned , but ho stopped
into several places to drink , and must
have laid the saw down and forgotten
it. Ilia head wns not very clear ,
owing to u suiiBirnko ho received u
few jears ago , The fellow's atato
niont eix'incd rather gauzy , nnd ho
wns taken from before the bar to bu
hind the bar.
Ella iiurriB , who has been lying in
jail on account of a shooting scrape
atio got into nt Strcotsvillo , has been
released by Judge Ayleeworth on her
own rtcognizinct.1 , on recommenda
tion of the protocuting attorney. She
smiled frco nir with great Apparent
lolish. When fir-ff c ! . > m > nitted she
Boomed perfectly wil ing to go to jui
tor w hut Hlio had done , but now aho
nuriiud Mill moro willing to got out ,
evidently hud enough of it to
the nud out of her.
E J. linrrjnuton was arrested for
Iho Western lum.e out of § 7
world of board. Ho and the landlord
pitched tin ) case up.
.1. O'Biiett waa complained of by
Ohiuh-fl Lindman for assault. The
complaint was dropped , it becoming
upparent thut if pressed both might
bo qunly ! uhnu > ed with disturbing
the peace , the difficulty being a mu
tual one.
There was n slight row at a saloon
on jower Broadway Monday , and com
plaint won made against Charles P.
Dohnrty , 'John A. Smith and George
Qorspccher for disturbing the peace.
Thu matter was examined into yestor
day by Judge Ayleiwortl , and while
the nviiienco showed there wna a row ,
it failed to chow that Dohcrty or
Smith were i-npuged in it , and they
were disohargodi The otiier ono had
Ma cjfo contii.ucd until to day.
A Btockmun was nriosU-d yesterday
nft ( > rnoon by Ollijt-r Brooks , charged
with nrutik. Thti fellow whoi :
afkcd for his name , said : "None of
your business , " nnd wna booked under
mat name. Ilo was placed in the
where numerous persons ,
including Odorgo F.iirmau , Constable
rtiid John Brown , were call
id in to identify him None of then
hia countonineti. Ilo will
bo kept on ice until this morning ,
Hugh Colloy wu * umonir these who
did not puy tbo $25 license for keep
ing n siloon , claiming that ho was
going out of the husinesn. It is now
charged that ho has boon Rolling right
along and a complaint has boon entered -
torod against him.
Constabla Wnlter Mol''adden bai re
turned from his trio , but threatcnn to take
another soon.
Her , 1) . P. MoMenouiy Ii in Davenport
on official business. He spent the past
week at Colfni SprinK" . Ilia health Im
proved HO much while there , that he Ia
tends vinltlnK them ogaia to stay the com
ing week , after which ho will return homo.
Occasionally stray copy of The U r
aid , published nt Albuquerque , K , M , ,
reaches thU city , and In passed nbout
among the frlenda of its editor , W.
Ilurke , son of Auditor Burke. Many here of
know the editor well , he haying lived here
oug , and being tha starter of The Daily
A uattle wltu Desperadoes.
Albuiucniue | , N. U. , Hjicclal Ul pitch.
Arizona vigilantu are again ut work ,
and lust week Bill Mulcuhy , Jack
Kingsbury and Kovadiv Jim , who
killed tno Mexicans and mortally
wounded Americana at Calabasas ,
were purtued by an organized party of
fifteen. The pursuit was kept up
with vigor during Monday , and at 4
. ui. the fleeing niurdorerawarosight
ed in the distance , the animals they
rodu being nearly fagged out , headinc
for a precipitous peak. With a yell
the pursuers spurred their horses on
ward ] The doomed dcaporadooa auo-
citeded by a superhuman effort in
reaching the goal of tlK'irhopas ' , where
they dismounted and Bought refuge in
the rocessea of ita rooky tides. Aa
the puiBiiora approached they were re-
C'-ived witli u volley from the Win-
ohestora with which the fugitives
wo'o armed , and ono of their
number , named Ilonnetsy , was
wounded in Iho Bbouldur , The
ayengora then withdrew and huld has
consultation , determining to kill or
capture the villamu ut all hazards.
Thu puty dismounted and cautiously
advanced , keeping as much asposiible
under cover , until the base of the
rocky elevation was reached , when , peoo
with A about of defiance and A volley
from their nix-shooters , a rush waa
mado. With the coolness of dcspora *
tion the murderers awaited the onset ,
and once moro the Winchesters were
brought into requisition , The battle
lasted but a few niiiiulrn. The am-
huahod cut throntn fought with the
fury born of despair. Two of ,
were quickly killed , n' . the third ,
Nevada Jim , wna , nrMight down by a
ahot Ihroii a tlio thighs. The vigi-
" ' .ei tpirod his life till a rope could
bode procured to hang him. Ho sud
denly sitz d a revolver belonging to
ono of hia dead cainr.itlns , which waa
ying \ near , and fired at Fallony , who
ell , pierced through the lungs , Lauch-
ing derisively , he then sent a bullet
11 eraRhing | through his own brain. The
'itizona generally oj prove of the vigi-
Honforcl'H Aotd Phospbnto na n
Brain Tonic.
Dtt. E. W. ROBERTSON , Cleveland -
land , O. , says : "From my experience
can cordially rccomnu nd it an a brain
and ncrvo tonic , especially in nervous
debility , nervous dysrjopsin , otc. , etc "
julyl7difc lw
Rights of ewflp5per Roportera ,
A case involring the rights of newt-
paper reporters in befoio thn Ohio
BUpicmo court. Tim Cincinnati board
of education having decided to go
into BTca-t session , two roporiot i were
txoluJed from the room. They , how
ever , mounted a ladder , and from thereof
roof wore enabled to hear the pro
ccodin. B , which did not reflect credit
upon the board , In consequence a
resolution was passed excluding the
two reportora from all future meetings
of the board , and at a subsequent
meeting ono of them in hia attempts
to enter was forcibly ejected by the
Borgcant-at-arniB. The latter waslri
rrosccutod for assault , and found I
guilty in the police court. The CBBO
was then taken to the supreme court ,
where it is not jet decided.
n f oat.
Mrs. W. J. Lnng , Uethnny , Ont , states
that for fifteen months rho was troubled
with a disease in the ear , causing entire
denfnees. In ten minu'cs after ui-ing
THOMAS' I'ci.TCTiuo OIL , i-hu found relief ,
and in a short tune oho was entirely cured
and her hearing restored jvSrtlw
T10ES ,
ahertlfcnicnto , sue u. <
Found , To t.oixn , For Sals , To Keni ,
Wants , Borvtlnf ( , etc. , will bo Inserted In thlp
noluran at the low rate of TEN CENT3 PEH
LINK for the flrst In'crtlon anil FIVE cnNTl
FEH LINK for each ml'eoquont iunertinu
Leave i iv crtlscmcnta at our oflico , Na. 7
I'narl Street , near llrnnduny.
WAN ED A od , o.mjetuit plrl none
other tccd nt ply lot gen ra h.tutuoru
Mrs. T. K. Ua\In 42J j u.hstc Jid ttren :
W f'ANTED , Wo\vn > an ci.o' o Ic iin.Io o.
, , fom.I' mfeLtiii'MTy to t > li p In ' vanil
voi ra 1-n , to ta'o oidcr"or ( ] w ] > ubl > a1lon
Tlio | iul ) fcatloiK an maiidarj and bo at tlnh .
Our 'crm nrcaleral nil" I'frin H make frtm t3
to$10Kiril ] r. lircir > hieann t > > addtc
Westtra link CcmracyCouncil liuffn la. .
L' A go-J horai1 , for tcncral pur
poacs , welilit al'Oiit 000. liquiro i > tA ,
ll.Ua _ ) lie & CO.'B , 3iVcarl _ street. Julit t
"ANTED Everybody In Council Bluffs tote
to take TUB Ilii , 20 cents per week , do
llvcrod by carriers. Ortlco , No 7 Pearl Street
nor Broadway.
To buy 100 tons broom corn
WANTED ! address Council Dluffi
llrnoin Factory. Council TOnO . Iow . AC8-29tf
For Sale and Rent
SALE Two cUlmB ia Nvbra.k * , cheap
byOdelltDay. JyZMw
FOR SALE M a Mrpaln , a rcntiurant am
bakery , nlctly furniihod , and having agooi
paying patrcnagu , Aduio * < , box eereiitv , Em
I'lsoi. , Jowa. ] yl6-Ct'
PI OU SALE A red I r 6h tetter drr | , 1 year old ,
J ? ynrd b > < ktn , will sell cheap.
Address S. 1' . 0 , b x 1012 , C. B. Iowa.
Ju3-lni )
SALE Beautiful rcsldiucu lou , SOC
FOIl ; nothing down , and W per month only
. & HilOTIlKHf , Cciliroll niulTi
and Omaha express. Ordcre Iclt at CoaUM
Ic i utorc , Atilo etr-et , ConnLilian ! , or J 0.
Klllntr , 1 ( C K.iriu m ttrcct , Ouikhi , will rrcclt
[ iroinpt tticut on j > li-'t
QTIM , AIIKAD Cnut euccr-B. Cill and
O "iw icccmrrlrB and sptclmcni of pictures
ta-cnti tliu le ialie b'datino Lrou Ida procesc
at the End imor Guile ry JO.ilIiln street.
. W. L. I'ATl'ON Phjelclaii and Oculist.
Can euro any caw of xoro eye * . It If ouly
a matter of time , and can euro generally In
from three tc flve vceks-lt inaVui no difference
enco how long discard. Will trul-hUiu croei
eyes , optrato and rouio > Ptyrdrlrin.i. , etc. , and
Insert nrtinrlnl ejes. Special attvntlon to ro
nin\einv tadowormn. itnS-tf
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
Crockery , Glassware ,
A' 3 ( gouts Inr the followlt | f llnta of
Steamship Companies :
Cunatd , Anchor , Oulon , American , kitu
Stcannhlp Comjotilcj
X > XC * * . 3E" " 3C1 XS
For vale on tlio Koyal Tank of Ir 'nirl ' and I'nuk
Ireland , Dublin. These wi to ii < 'tr
frlvndi to any part of turopo will Una it to ilicl-
ntcrc'tto ( al in
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
343 Broadway , Counoil Bluffs , Ia
jfJurray & Lanmans
Coruor South and Locust Street * .
J.H. HURST. - - iProp.
Rooms , 7Co , § 1.00 and 51.60 Per I ,
An Bloguit HwUuraot U connectoJ with thl > .
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A new crop GaWen Otfl iii Japan
Tea ( very fine ) * 75o
'ino ' Japan Ton , equal to that of-
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Very Fine Young Iljson , equal
to that offered nt § 1.00 Too
Wo Mean Juf t Wh-it Wo Say.
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16 Main Stand 15 Pearl St.
onncil Blnffs , Iowa ,
Office and Works , Main Street ,
Wo give epoclal attention to
Stamp Mills , Smelting Furnaces
will receive prompt attention. A general
pertinent of
Brass Goods , Bolting ,
Foundry , Pig Iron , Ooke , Onal ,
All Shipporn and Travelers will Gnd
good accommodation and reasouabli
Council Bluffs , - - lo a.
Rubber Hose , Iron and Lead
Pine , Iron and Brass Fittings and
Trimmings , at
Bixby & Wood's ,
On Bancroft or ( Fourth streets- )
fhe Star Bakery ,
827 MAIN ST ,
Employ the bent llriad Baker In tha Wo4t ; aim
a choice hknd for Cakcn and Pies ,
llrcad ilcllvercd to ill partu ot the city.
Rich Gut Gloss , Fine French China ,
Silver Wore < fcc. ,
MRS. n , J. J.u Mi'U ,
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TIIOD. orFicmi
Council Bluffs , la ,
Established , - - 1856
Dealers m Fori'lif aid Domeitlo Kxchjnge
and houio ( ccurltlei , _ _
ctrilnary Surgeon i , H. A. )
The Only Voterin'.ry Surgeon
in the 0ty ; ,
Allofthobist fh ) > ltuvlu Couucil VluOs and
lurrounjlii _ country. _
MRS , J , P. BILLUPS , 0.
813 South Main Strcd , Couucil lilufft.
New house aud newly fitted up In first cl * *
vie. Uval < at all hour * . Ice cream and lemo-
tle every eveututf. frulti acd condctlonerie
Broadway , and Fourth Street , ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Burdette and Western Cot IM ;
tage Organs. Prices reason
able ; terms to suit all.
Importer and Dealer in
.A. of all kinds. Sheet Music one-
. . third ofF.
Agents wanted.
O Correspoudenoa solicited ,
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
ffluff anci ffiltow greets , Council Bluffs.
Mirrors ] , Upholstery , Impairing , Etc. , Wood find Metallic Coffins ,
No. 43i ( Broadway , Cor. Bryant St. , Council Blull'a , Iowa
THE BEST BREAD IN" THB CITY None but first-clasn Bakore
employed. Bread , Cake , Pics , &c. , delivered lo any part of the city. Our
Wagons run all day.
P. AYRES , Proprietor.
Has For Sale , Town Loth , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Laude
and a number ot Well Improved Parma , both in Iowa and N biaska.
Office with W. S. MAYNE , ever Savings Bank , - COUNfOlli BLTJPS
Brockton , Mass , , July 13 , 1882.
Z. T. Lindsey & Co. , Council Bluffs , Ja. :
Dear Sirs : Replying to your esteemed favor of the
5th in&tvwill say that it isafaot that theadvance in theprioe
of Calf Skins , Sole Leather , nnd most tvery kind of Shoe
Stock , taken in connection w th the advacs for labor we
have been obliced to concede to workmen , has increase. !
in no small degree the cost of manufacturing. .Notwith
standing which fact wo are pleased to say your order ,
given us early in the . ' wll be
se. sou , filled at the old jjnoes ;
and we hopp , by being diligent'y alive to the requirements
of i ho dc-ma d for a really first-class artiole , to supply you
with a BE TER line of eoods than we have ever given you
heieto'ore. Our purchase of both Fraiich and domestic
Calf Skins , as we'l ' i s a large supply of 0 k-tannod Sole
Leather , were mu ? e very early in ibe season which , being
bcueht at foimer prices , relieves us in a great degree of
the inoroared OvV.t of production that many manulao'tureis
areobliatd to sustain in filling their orders taken early.
Your whrle order for the coming fall season M well in
hfind , aud will be shipped at an early date. We des'ro '
to call the attention of those who use our goo's , through
the mrdiuniof your house , to our new styles in both Hand
and Machine Sewed work. Our French , Medium French
and Lei don Too goods are all made on entirely new lasts
and new patterns , which we feel sure will meet wfth a
just appreciation and the approbation of your customers.
With the improvement we have made we expect to finish
a more nearly pe feet fitting shoe than ever before. We as
sure you , gentlemen , that we will endeavor to give all your
order our prmpt - and careful attention , and with these
assurances we trust to merit the continuance of the manv
favors you have been "pleased to bestow upon ug , and ,
awaiting your further commands , we are
Respectfully yours ,
C. A. BEEBE & GO. ,
Wholesale and Uttall Deiltsru in
Nos , 207 & 209 Broadway , Council Bluffs.