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llio British Nation EesotVith \
Difficulties of the Host Dan
gerous Kind ,
The Public Mind Agitated by
the Probability of n
European War.
Visibly Irritated by the
Prospect of Bnj'lieh Con
trol in Egypt.
The Fo'Bibiltty of o Kictt From
the Bear Increases the
Distruat ,
While Biemarok'a Silence ia
Considered an Omen of
To Cup the Climnz of Four , the
Ton inns Have Stolen the Keys
of 'Windsor Cnntlo.
Tbo Kocord of Affairs In Alexandria.
Kntlonul Arjoclitcd troeii.
NEW YOUK , July 23. A London
cable sayt : The decision of the government
ornmont to ound an expedition to
Egypt is understood to bo due , firstly ,
to the energetic representations of
Admiral Soyuiour ; secondly , to the
private assurances from Constantinople
plo that the hultan refused to solid
troops to Egypt ; thirdly , to thn sudden
don change of front of the French
ministry , M. do Freycinet adopting
Qambotta'a policy , coupled with
declarations that other European
powers will assent in the joint occu
pation. Tho'otuadily increasing ] res
sum of English public opinion counts
for something. The conservatives are
making headwuy with tbo charges of u
want of foresight and protected delay
in accepting the inevitable duty to re
store order in Euypf , and the nttucks
of the radicals uro incessant. Arabi ,
as chief of the national party , is
broken down. Everybody nowr re
gards him as
who sees Egypt in the hands of puiely
military chiefs. Arabi's procluma
tions , though received since the expedition
dition was resolved on , silence his few
English partisans , oven thosu who defend
fond his barbarities. It is not now
believed any European force will roach
Alexandria under a fortnight. Diplo
mat io difficulties are completely
smoothed away , but the military is
still unready. Gen. Garnet Wolsoloy'a
rionds say that tie accepts the com
mand of the Ej-'j plain expedition with
reluctance , desiring to reserve himself
for European warfare. Bo considers
the most favorable moment for crush
ing Arabi was lost from , the troops nol
aintj ready after the bombardment.
. 4The' continued delay in dispatching
troop-ships are not from want of men
but from want of at ores.
, as shipping marines without
ammunitions , and artillery with
out horscn oxttspurates the pub
lie , which bcginu to driud a repetition
of the Crimean blunders. Gladstone's
admimatiu'ion is only at the begin
ning of the ditliculttcs. Our military
authorities do not lilic- the prospects
in Egypt , it bhii'g tl ousht the torco
wo : u-o sending oct entirely inade-
rjuato for the wurk i' will huvo to
perform. It is anticipated that compli
cations in Europe will ( { tcutly inuici'.so
the rusponaibilitics of the En
cabinet. Ruenia is displijint ;
tit the course pursued by Englttnd und
it is li.clarcd by those who ought to
know that it io by no means certain
Bibinurck approves of that courao.
Thus opinion continues to gain ground
that a big war , the outcome of which
no man can predict , is inevitable and
that the country is powerless , but
must drift upon the wild currents into
which it has been drawn.
appear to bo preparing to attack Windsor
ser cistlo , where a fresh discovery iv.ts
made this week. They keys were
stolen from all the most important
locks. A supply of over 809 new
locks throughout the entire building
was ordered.
i omtecl IVeua.
AT.EXANIHUA , July 22. The British
infantry and cavalry which went out
of the city yesterday morning wilh
explosives to blow up Arabi's obstruc
tions in the Mohmondioh canal are this
morning approaching Arabi's entrench
ments , and a Imttlo is expected to-day.
OAIHO , July 22 - Anarchry throughout - to
out the surrounding country is in
creasing. The natives are up and in
arms and to-day assail all foreigners
and are attacking the railways. All
Europeans have loft Cairo ,
LONDON , July 22. The govern
ment has chartered two Allan line
steamers to carry troops to Ejypt.
ALEXANDUIA , July 22. The num
ber of British troops now rcconnoitfir-
ing near the encampment of Arabi
amounts to nearly n battalion. A battle -
tlo io expected to-day , on
Major General Allijon at 9:20 : n. in.
Icfc the city with two full regiments
of infantry and a mounted squad to
assist the British advance in forcing
an attack on Arabi'u obstruction in
the Mohmondieh canal ,
The British tioops came Into col-
lieion with detachments of Arabi'd
soldiers at Ufalaha on the railway to
Cairo , eipht milcnout from Alc.xnndrm.
The native troops were engaged in
destroying the railroad nt thut point.
British reports say the natives were
driven away after losing ninny
Arabi is throwing up earthworks
six miles from Port Said , A panic
prevails at that port. All foreign con
suls hnvo naked the commanders of
war vessels in the hnrbor to take
measures to protect the canal and the
porto to land n suHicieut force to prevent -
vent an uprising of the notivus ,
CojJSTA TiNorLi : , July 22. Said
Pasha , prime minister of Turkey , has
been appointed on the delegation to
the conference in addition to Assim
AI.EXANDIUA , July 22. The news
at 2:30 : this afternoon is that troops
under Gen. Allison , have approached
with a long rnngo of Arabi's outposts.
Arabi has readied Mooz canal at
Baiadoh nnd is now cutting it.
Troops are now being landed from
the British transport , Aronti.
LONDON , July 22. Two full regi
ments ombirked for Egypt to-day in
the Euphrates. The captaln'a orders
were under seal.
ALEXANDRIA , July 23 British
troops have occupied Abankir. Arabi
Bey levied a war tax of ton paras per
fcddau. Many deserters from his
command nro coining into Alexandria.
They report ho has plenty of muni
tions of war within the camp.
The British hnvo appointed Achmot
Kifnst governor of Alexandria. His
duties will bo mainly nominal , but his
iiso as a figure head will enable au
thority to bo exercised without wound
ing the native susceptibilities.
Arabi Pasha has no intention of ad
vancing on the city. The natives are
leaving the city in crowds in obedience -
once to his summons.
At a meeting of the foreign consuls
at I'oit Said , it was agreed to call on
the ndmirals and captains of the men-
of-war in thu harbor to ask what stops
would bo taken for the security of the
Europeans on shorn in the event of an
Fresh earthworks have boon thrown
up by the Egyptians at Fort Guomiol ,
six n > iles from here.
Thu Arabs und lamaila are murder
ing Copts Every European has left
PARIS , July 23. Five thousand
marines for the French expedition are
about to embark at Toulon for Egypt.
The French war credit will bo 40,000-
000 francs.
LONDON , July 23. The Duke of
Counoaught will bo second in com
mand of the English troops , in Egypt ,
under command of Sir Gurnet Wolo-
ley , and will embark with the lattejr
and etaff , early next woek. JV.
BERLIN , July 23 The Prussian
Crown Gazette in an article on the
policy of Germany buys : The main
tunanco of the policy1 dt the former
gtato of things is impossible since
Egypt has practically fallen under the
dominion of England. It is impossi
ble to prognosticate the work of the
future as no power has disclosed its
plans. England has not reckoned up
the consequences of her course. There
is no necessity , therefore , for Ger
many to prematurely take aides. Bis
marck , in deciding upon the attitude
to bo taken , will not prove fulao to
ALEXANDRIA , July 23. The decla
ration of Arabi Boy to the porto Bays
that ho is aching to save Islam from
infidels , and asks the sultan not to
send troops to act with unbelievers ,
and if they are sent ho will fight
It is reported that famine and pos- prevail at Cairo. Eighty
thousand persons are homeless and
starving. "A majority of them are
camping in the suburbs.
A largo force of French marines
have landed at Port Said.
ALEXANDRIA , July 23. The Mah-
inondieh canal has fallen about four
inches since Saturday morning. The
heat is terrible and water very ccirco.
The natives show signs of returning
hostility towardu Euiopoans. Arabi's at
army is being rapidly recruited under
the bclinf that the English uro afraid
to advance. Ic is reported that ho
has 30,000 men , many of whom nro
very badly armed
Sr. PETEKSIJUKO , July 23. Prepa
rations for the coronation of the czar
are actively pushed forward. The lic
rercmonies will positively take placein - .
August. Sovereigns will only bo rep
resented by envoys extraordinary ,
NOT m .S
LONDON , July 23. In the commons
yertorday , Ghildura , secretary of state of
for war , stated the amount proposed
vote for credit for the Egyptian ex for
pedition would bo 2,300,000. Ho
mid ho also would ask a supplement of
ary vote of 10,000 men for the army.
In the lords the arrears bill wan
read for the first time.
The troop ship Euphrates left Ports tel
mouth yesterday. She took 1,700
men. The captain received sealed or-
lors , and it is presumed her destina
tion is Alexandria and not Malta.
A Berlin dispatch says that Russia
appears from the language of the ac [ la
credited organ of the government to
demand that England , before acting
the assumption that the porto haa
virtually declined to send troops to
Egypt , shall come to an agreement
with the ether powers.
The Dutch man of war Adder ,
tvhoao probable Joes was announced
last week , has boon diecoverod near don
3hevoningon _ , _ capsized. of
The Freight Handler * ,
Nttton l Anocl U > cl
NEW YORK , July 23. The freight
handlers' union of Now York nut
Jersey City h&vo issued appeals for
ho'pto ' enable them to hold outngiuiisl
the railroad companies.
The treasurer of the Jersey City
freight handlers' union , at n meeting
yesterday , reported $2,78(5 ( on hand.
Delegates were appointed to attend
the meetings of the trdes unions' executive -
ocutivo committee in No\v York every
Sunday affornoon.
PropnrattonH for tbo Funeral of
the Late Miss Fnnny
A DifttiiianUhoilVorhor iu Irc-
Inml'n Canso Removed tiy
Full oral of Fanny Pnmolli
X ttonl Ajwoclittril 1'rcnt.
BORDENTOWN. N , J. , July S ! . " . The
funeral of the late Miss Fanny Par-
neil , will bo hold at the family man
sion , residence of the late Admiral
Stuart , her grandfather , at 11 o'clock
to-uiorrow. The following gentlemen ,
representing the Land League , have
boon invited to act ns pall-bearors.
Land League of America James J.
Mooney , Buffalo , president ; Rev.
Liwrcnco Walsh , Waterbury , Conn. ,
treasurer ; John G. lliuos Bull lo ,
secretary j Pjuncll Land League , M
D. Gallagher , Now York , president ;
Irish National Land League. Wn. : B.
Wallace , M. D. , Now York , president.
Also , the following friends of the
family. T. J. R. Moikloham , great
grandson of Thomas Jofforaon ; Francis
Fisher , great grandson of Arthur
Middloton , of tiouth Carolina , signer
ot the Declaration of Independence ;
Thoa. Hopkinson , great grandson of
Judge Ilopkinson , signer of the Do-
cLiration of Independence- ; Nathan
Applet CD , Captain Goo. B. Raymond ,
Bunting Ilawkins , Albert H. Living
stone , Robert Murphy , Altrcd Clay-
polo , Liout. Wheeler , General P. A.
Collins , * formerly president of the
Land League of America ; Hugh
Hastings , Professor Janin , Jamoi
Redpath , Ohaa. A. Dana , Hon. S. S.
Cox. Mr. Sundison , editor of The Now
York Star ; Wendell Phillips and
Ernest Longfellow.
The fnner.xl will bo private , but will
bo attended by committees from the
Land Leagues who were appointed at
the meeting last evening and to-day.
The remains will bo temporarily de
posited in the receiving vault In the
cemetery at Trenton , N. J.
NEW YORK , July 23. Unmistako-
able gloom , sadness and sorrow char
acterized the proceedings of the moot
ing : of the various branches of the
land 1 league hold in this city this toro-
noon and evening when compared
with the meetings of a weak since.
There wan no music , no patriotic
songs , nor was the usual demand for
assistance for the cause. When the
speakers addressed the gatherings
there was a perceptible faltering in
their tone of voice , all out of rev-
orouce for the loved and revered Miss
Fanny Parnell , who lies dead at Bor-
dontown , N. J. At every mooting
resolutions sympathizing with the be
reaved family were adopted , and ad
dresses highly eulogistic of the char
acter and labors of the late Miss Par-
neil in the cause of her down-trodden
countrymen and women were do-
BORDENTOWN , N. J. , July 23. The
body of Miss Fanny Parnoll waa
placed iu a white oak cttkot at 5:30 :
this afternoon. Tfacro were a num
ber of visitors to the house , but none
were allowed to look at the remains.
To-morrow the deceased will bo soon
only by those who uro invited to the
funeral. Extra cars will carry the
funeral attendants to Tronton. Sev
eral very beautiful floral offerings
have already been sent to the home , j
A.Caroloss Sootiou Foreman.
National Associated 1'icss.
LONG BRANCH , July 22. Alexander >
andor Kiors , section foreman , accused
of causing the Parker's crook disaster ar
on Juno 30 , was brought before
Justice Scuddor who fixed his bail
at $10,000. If not furnished by
Tuesday , ho will bo committed for
trial on the charge of manslaughter.
Delaware R pablicann
NttlonftI AMOc ; ted Vtmo
WILMINGTON , Del. , July 23. The
result of the republican delegate election
tion throughout the state yesterday
seem to insure the nomination of Al
bert II. Curry , stalwart , for governor ,
the convention to bo huld at Dover jn
next Thurddaj. lat
Arttnnins DtmocuitH.
MttlonM Aeso"uiti 1 I'rcfin. "U
LITTLE ROI-K , Ark. , July 22. The H
democratic stitte central committee de
met yesterday io discuss pinna for the
coining campaign. Jnmes Denton ,
nominated lor superintendent of pub
instruct ! ma , withdraws from the of
t-.ckot to prunoto harmon .
tlatwl A'M ltteil I'ttiiv
Nr.w YORK , Juiy 22. Swilotl , City
Berlin for Liverpool , England fjr
Liverpool , Anchor for Glasgow , Mosel ing
Uramon , Siloxia for Hamburg ,
Rhhioland for Antwerp ; arrived , City
Brussolls from Liverpool. ai
ANTWERP , July 22. Arrived , Noth- [ > '
crland from Now York. nc
BRISTOL , July 22. Arrived , Bris 1C
from Now York ,
LONDON , Tuly 22. Arrived , Egyp- si
tain Monurok from New York. set
QUEENHTOWN , July 22. Sailed , 01
City of Homo for Now York. 01hi
HAVRE , July 22. Sailed , WeBtpha- on
for Now \'ork. ona
QuEENbTOW.v , July 22. Arrived , nil
Parthia from Now York.
UOS-ION 23. The
, July oteamor ou
William Crane , of the Baltimore and ouli
Boston line , arrived to-day with Cap In
tain Mucombor und , of
crow the mo
schooner Alexander , of Halifax , Nova inn
Scotia , who had been forced to aban )0
the vessel in a sinking condition , )0I1
Juno 22 , about forty miles southeast 10
Baregul. 10
NEW YORK , July 23. Arrived , The
Zealand from Antwerp , Germanic Tlin
from Liverpool. the
i ftirnior Bidding for
Promotion in the Lower
Regions ,
Ho Coolly Murdoro His Wife
m the House of Her
Daughter ,
A Torch of Door Splinters Illu
mines HIB Pathway Holl-
The Vigilnntoo Vigorously at
Work in the No v South
west ,
Wlillo the ApnoUon Contlnuo
Planting Agonta nnO. Snl-
flth Hntlor * .
Other Dooda of Blood and Peculations
Hpeclnl l % > atch to THE UCK.
DEWirr , Nob. , July 23. William
U. Reid , living about four miles south
of Do Witt , in Gngo county , shot and
instantly killed hia wife , Catherine
Reid , last night between the hours of
10 and 11.
It seems tliero had boon trouble in
the family and by evidence before the
coroner's jury ho had threatened be
fore to kill hor. On the day of the
21st Reid ordered her from the house
and she wont to her daughter's , Mrs
John Placknott , who resided about a
milo from Reid's place. During the
evening Reid loaded his large rillo and
at the time stated proceeded to the
place whcro his wife had taken refuge ,
the only persons in the house being
Mrs , Reid and her daughter , who
had retired for the night , Mr.
Placknott being at a neighbor's har
vesting. Reid approached thu house
and obkcd for admittance , which waa
refused. Ho then used his rillo to
batter the door down nnd took the
splinters to light him in his hell
ish dood. In the upper story
ho discovered hia wife and
taking deliberate aim at her heart
fired , the ball entering her lott breast ,
passing through her body and lodging
in her spine. After committing the
crime ho returned to hi * home , called
his children around him , and give
each lomo money and told thorn what
ho had done.
He waa arrested this morning , and
is now in jail at Beatricp.
Mrs. Rood waa a very worthy wo
man , and loaves several children and
friend * who deeply motjjuhcr terrible
death. Recd was * an enterprising
kind of a farmer , but had but tow
friends among his neighbors.
National Ansocioted Press ,
BOSTON , July 23. The Glebe pub
lishes to day two columns of exclusive
report , tr.-iciug the murderer of Al .
Bull , killed last March , and giving
reasons why n certain party , whoso
name ia not mentioned , roust be the
assassin. The detectives are con
vinced ho is the man. No arrests
have yet been made.
CHICAGO , July 23. An Indianapolis
lie special says Oecir M. Goodwin ,
charged with embezzling 015,000 from -
the Louansport National bank , wns
arrested at Atlanta , Ga. , Friday , and :
brought to Indianadolis and lodged in
jail. :
MARLBORO , Mass. , July 23. Felix
Fobo , aged 8 , died last night , from
disease of the head , caused by a box
ing from a school teacher , two months
ago. The boy had boon sick over
CHICAGO , July 23. Jeremiah filu-
hony , formerly principal of the Wash ?
ington school , suicided nt a late hour
last night by taking laudanum at 4fi
South Curtis street. The cause is ?
supposed to have been despondency.
Ho leaves a wife und five children in
destitute circumstanced.
JoNEenoRO , 111. , Julv 23.--Groat
the failure of K A. Willord , bankJ. .
, for about 300,000. The failure .
cd'ects almost everybody , including the
county oflicors , farmers business men ,
widows and orphans. The failure in
said to have been caused by ( speculat
in wheat , corn and cotton options. '
SANTA FE , July 20. The particu-
ara of an Indian fight which took
place on the 17th inst , in the Apache
nountains have just boon received )
icro. Captain Auna B. Chalice , with
command of two companies of the
Sixth : and Third cavalry , has been
scouting in these mountains looking
hostilos. Ho struck a band under
ho renegade Cibicu chief Mantiasho ,
the ovoniug of the 17th , and at
tacked < them. Tlio fnht lasted all
tight. The result was Lieutenant
Morgan , of the Sixth cavalry , seri
ously wounded ; Lieutenant Converse
lightly wounded , ono soldier and ono
Indian scout killed , five soldiers and of
Indian scout wounded. Six dead
Indians were found and others itru
olioved to have been killed. Thruo
quaws and children , thirty-two
lorsos and mules and the camp of the
lostilcs were captured by thu troopn. out
remaining Indians , about twenty ull
number , escaped during the night ,
country being very rough and
mountainous , ami their trails were
fnlhmnl next morning at daylrclit
The wounded olllcorn nnd soldiers
have been gent to Camp Verde fo
AuiKuup.ttp.m : , July 20-Kdwart
Eastman , son of Galen Eastman
ngont of the Nnvajn Indians , is
thought . * tn have been killed . _ . by reds _ ,
- - -
with a cnmpinion named John Wil
liams. The two wont out hunting six
weeks ago , and nothing liai beoi
honrd of them since. Navajo Indians
hnvo been SOPH wearing their clothes
Agent Kastman has sent out n scare !
nt WorJc.
S'ntlonal Awocutcd I'rpm.
PRESCOTT , Arizona , July 21. Vigilantes -
lantos nro at work again. Bill Mill'a
cahy , Jack Kingsbury and "Nevada
Bill , " who last week killed two Moxi-
cam and wounded two Americans nt
Calabazas , were pursued forty-oiebj
hours by a party af fifteen men ant
the two first limited shot down ,
"Nevada Bill" shot himself.
\Vn hlnjton Aptointnieutii <
National AmoclAtotl Vrt * * .
WAHHINOTON , July 2'2. Walker
Blaine , son of James 0. Blaine , has
boon ' appointed assistant United
States ooonsel before the commisalon
on Alabama claims.
Judge Decker , of Colorado , will bo
, ippointcd assistant secretary of [ the
KtUod a Poildlor-
Nitlorrol AsoocliktoJ l'ri > fu.
HAVFRHILL , Mass , July 22. A pic-
.uro puddlor , name unknown , wns
knocked oil * the railway bridge by n
DO .motivo into the river .mil killed.
STntioiml Associated l'ro > w.
POTTHTOWN , Pa. , July 22. Ex-
State Senator John 0. Smith , ono of
the wealthiest citizens , is dead.
Army Worm in the
National Aiwociatcd I'roai.
NORWICH , Conn. , July 22. The
army worm ia ravaging lawns nnd
meadows , in vast numbers , and de
struction of crops ia threatened.
A Coon Cni'vor.
Nalloinl Artodititl 1'rti .
Ivy. , July 22. Iko
Leo , ii ii tn , ijunrrollod with his
Bweotl'i in. Gluul'V Tuylor inter
for 100 mid Atabbud L ( ) to death. Ho
waa arruatud.
Associated 1'ruaa.
SAUATOOA , N. Y. , July 23. A pro
foasioual niuglo acull race , entrance
fee , for n purse of $1,100 , of which
$100 goes to the second , three miles
with n turn , to take place on Sara
, oga lake August 25th ; the entries to
close ono the lth ! ) , tlireo to start erne
no race , is regularly announced.
A Cbanoo for Tag.
National AnooclatoJ 1 rcni
MILWAUKKK , Wis , July 23. A well
Lnown sporting man of this city has
jublishod u shallongo , oflerlng to
jack John Donaldson , of this city , to
Ifiht any man in America , barring
John Sullivan , with or without gloves ,
for 81,000. The challenge is specially
directed to Tup ; Wilson , who recently
National Aaroclatcil 1'rcs.i.
WAHUINOTON , D. 0. July 24 , 1 a. m.
For the Mississippi valley , warmer ,
fair weather , southerly winds , lower
For the Missouri valley , warmer ,
partly cloudy weather , local rains ,
southerly winds , stationary or lower
The rivers will remain nearly nla
tionnry. $
Jonoy 'Wants Water.
National AuaocUtud Proas.
OAMDKN , N. J. , July 23. All crops
-hrouuliout the south and west of Jer
sey are in a serious condition , owing
o the continuance of hot , dry weath
er. Vt go tables , vines , berries and
ruits are all withering. The ground
s parched to the depth of eight
l Awioclatod 1'rou.
July 23. A fire
this afternoon destroyed an unoccu-
iod tank factory , Front and Beach
itreet.i , owned by Powers & Tato.
Also seven small dwellings , valued at
1,000 ouch , and Henry llushton'a
umber yard at Front and Brow n
streets. The entire loss will exceed
50,000 , fully covered in each case by
nsiiranco. tlio
HAMMONTON , N. J. , July 23. An
extensive lire ia raging on the out- 20
kirta of the town and smoke and cin- ea
lors are settling heavily over the vil- and
ago. ] It haa already burned over a
district ' over eighteen miles long , do-
troylng thnusands of dollars worth of
valuable timber. ?
BKOOKI.VM , Suly 23 A lire in the du
oar of Jamca llogun's grocery , Court city
trout , to-day , caused a loss of
ill,000 , partly covered by insurance , ble
'as. Connelly , while aiding tenants to but
escape was overcome by heat and of
moko and was unable to teach the /o
idewnlk. JIo was rescued by Fore nc
man Samuel Dully and was found to but
o ( juito seriously burned , TI
A fire early this morning in the col
or of Froelich Broa. distillery , Wil-
iamsburg , caused a loss of $20,000 ;
usurod , Oustavo Kohlmun , who
vau in the cellar when the tlamos
jroko out , was seriously burned. in
The Tni-iir Commlssiou. bo
fatlonul Amtoclatud 1'reen. the
LONO BUANUH , July 23t the
opor. session Saturday afternoon a let-
or was road from Uoneral Warner , too
the Tflcumsoh iron works , Alabama , u
irglng that Iho duty on pig iron bu
eft untouched , Henry Heavers , of
MiiUdelphia , gave his views as to the F.
revision of the tariff in connection
with chemical industry Ho pointed
the ramification * of chemistry in
branches of manufacture , Ho
nuggoatod that in the revision of the
tariff articles should bo divided into
clftssis ' like the animal , vegetable an
m. crnl kingdoms , Ho would plnci
crtjft , ' ' articlte nmnu'aolnrod in thi
wiuntr , " on the free list and after
warda di\ thorn according to tlioir ad
vnncemonf in vnluo through the dif
forent ntngeii of mnmifiicturo. Then
wore jorernl nrliclcs now on tin
free f list which should bo token oft foi
the aifcquato protection of the chemical
cal _ interests , and others now paying
duties , spices especially , with the exception
ception ( of mustard , which might bo
placed ' upon it , Ho wns not proparot
with a schedule arranged on hia cyj
torn , but stated that such n schedule
would bo presented in the course of t
short time The coinmiasioii agrcoc
on the formula to accompany the cir
cular of invitation to bo sent 10 per
sons desirous of giving testimony. It
is ' so fr.imod as to elicit the views ol
witnesses as to the necessary changes
in the tarill' before they appear for ox
'll NOTES.
A fito hi the Mutual ( H.iss coin
ImlldliiK , llnrclny Btrect , N. Y , , Sutimlny
ovcnliik' , CAimed n Ions of $30,000. Kully
Mlclmol Ackormnn , njrol twenty-six
vcnrc , tllod In Chlcngn Salunlny , ( rota
lockjaw , the ellact of n nllclit wonnil in tlio
tlilfili by n toy plitol on the llh of Jtily ,
The hilling mill of South Wnrclmm Nnil
cnnipiny , nt Siiutli Wnrplmtn , Usn , ,
Imtncd Anttmlny night , IIOBJ , sovcrnl
thnunnii'l ' dollnrx , and throwing ono Inin *
drcd men outof work. Tbo mill will bo
ro'nillt ' nt. onco.
Joint II. H , Ijitrolio , Jr. , n young Inw
yor , win of John II. 11. Iiatrolio , a lending
member of tlio Itnltlmoro Imr , wnn dnnvn-
nl nt llio ferry bar , iicnr D.iltlinoro , Satur-
ditywhllo Imtlilng. Ho was taken with
rrmiUM. llowiw a linitlirr of ox-Mayor
Lntriihe. Ills ngo Mas thirty-six yours.
liithuHiiIt of Henry .Stcdnkpr njninnt
IlcuryO. Honiivril , Hrnry 1C. T ft , mid
Tlipmloro Mert , to toco\er the vnltui of n
STi.lMK ) check , ulxcn by llrnmrd to Stcdo-
kor , tociivcr ln iCH iilnjIiigpoLcr in Hid-
ttnioro , Jtulga Vim Htxen , i f Now York ,
.five juilKomcut for Stoilckrr ,
Tlio niitiontil convention of iron mould-
cm , which Imn IH'CII in Krw-ion in lininklvn
the p.iKttwo wooku , wouiiilup il8
Hnlii'day ntnl dolepatoH to tlm number of
100 left for their hoinw. KtMtloimvor <
her with dined duorf , Business WAS
principally routine. Nothing of special
interest ! trammeled.
KenliiMi Allllor , a Mormon Bishop , nnd
niio of the oUloiit MorimiiH of the clinro' ,
died of nariilveU m Salt hilco City , Kutiir-
day. llo was n wealthy utiil ] ir unlnoiit
member nf tlio cuniimttilcv , and wan pop
ularly known aw " .Bogus lltlghnm , " on ao-
count of hi * HUlking rusomhliutco to 13rig-
hntn Youni ; .
dipt. Mullock , of tlio Hailing Hchnonor
' 'Abigail , " teU'urnplietl ( roiu
N. H. , llmltlin vcn ol founilorml iu the Hay
of Kinidy I'Vidny ' nlsht. The Hchooncr
hnil nut boon honnl from in novornl weoka
nml the CIWMOIM recuived liiformiitloii Unit
tlio Cnplniit had been nt Dlgby , N. 3.
Helling the CixrL'o. It in believed ho pur-
poHoly kcuttloa the vcsnel.
Tito Paving : Question Affltatod by
Douglas Strool Property
Ownora ,
A mooting of the property owners
on Douglas street was held at four
o'clock in the afternoon Saturday , at
the Billiard hotel , to take stops to
have Douglas street paved nt once ,
under the provisions of the charter
lion Clinton Brigga was chosen
chairman and C. E. Yost secretary.
President Clark , of the board of
tnido , road the report of their committee -
mittoo on paving.
Sioux Falls stone , with sand fonnm
dation , could bo put down at $3,00
per yard.
O. C. Campbell moved to proceed
to pave Douglas struct. Carried unani
The following telegram was road :
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , July 12. .
H. I , . Mny :
Will lay 25,000 yardu or moro for
$2,7(3 ( per square yard , including
grading 8k " inches G inches hydraulic
concrete "and 2i inches of nsphali
complete accorofing to Washington
flpocilicatlons , guaranteed for five
years , kept in good repair , and turned ;
over in good order nt end of timo.
Mr. 0. E. Squires , representing as
phalt block pavement , proposed to
put down that pavement complete , on
concrete foundation of live inches , at
$2.80 par yard , und guarantee all re >
pairs tor five years. . '
R. L. May , representing shoot as
phalt pavement , presented two letters )
showing the value , durability , otc , of
his pavement.
In reply to an inquiry of Mr. P. J ,
Vo/.op , president of the Baltimore city
council , asking the pricp of asphalt
block pivcmont in that city and dur
ability of the same , Liout. Greene , assistant -
sistant tingineerof that district , makes
following statement :
Asphalt blocks 12x4 and 5 require
to the yard ; they now cost 5 cunts
each < in Providence , 1 cent for freight ,
ni 21 cents per yard for laying ,
making the coat complete per square
yard $1.80. The price has varied in
past year , and has rcachod as high us
237i ; per square yard. As to its
durability , the oldest piece in this
was laid thrco yours ago ; under
heavy travel it now shows considera
wear on tlio edges of the blocks ,
it ia not as rough as a pavement
granite blocks. For streets of a
very : light travel this class of pave
ment may endure for several years ,
U it is not equal in durability to
granite blocks or smooth asphalt.
On motion of 0 , C. Campbell it waa
resolved that no matter what the sur
face bo , that in any event wo have
hydraulic concrete foundation not loss
than four nor mare than eight inches
thicVnf as , An
Dr. Mercer moved that the atirfoco >
aaphaltum block , provided
cost bo not over $2,80 per Bquaro
yard.H .
H , G. Clark moved that a commit-
of thruo bo appointed to present
petition to order Douglax fctrout
paved ; curried. The chair uppointod
Mr. Falconer , John McCroury and J.
. Sheeloy. Adjourned to 4 p. in.
pa-Faded articles of all kinds re
stored to their original beauty by Diamond
mend Dyes. Perfect und simple. K
cents at all druggista , ]
A Vast Amon&l ; bMmportanfc
Work Tot Dotes Congress ,
Three Appropriation Bills in
the Senate nnd Three in
Conference , .
The Opposition to the Harbor
Bill in the Cabinet Severely
Tbo XnvoRtlRAtinn of the ! Nu6rn ] n
Ccnim * SonndnlNonrly FlnlnticO.
Stnto Offlolnla Implicated intho
National Associated Press.
WAMUINOTON , July 23. The flecoad' '
ionforonco on the legislative bill wan-
lold yesterday and nil but two or-
.hreooC tlio nmcndmonta agreed to ,
Hid the report closing up this bill \ritt
30 submitted to-morrow.
The deficiency bill is still in con-
crcnco , the amendment giving sona-
ors mileage for the special sessions
boini ; the only point of difference.
The couforonco committee on the
river and hnrbor bill failed to agree
yesterday and adjourned till Tuesday ,
'hero is inuoh comment in congros-
ionnl circles on the action of the proa-
dent ntid his cabinet regardiog the
ivor nntl harbor bill. A special mooting
was hold ytatortlay for that purpose ,
i'lio frioiuh of the bill regard it na
lomuwhat ronmrkablo that it ahould
w given out olllcially that the cabinet
s considering the question whether5
ho president should vote n bill which
iaa not yet boun passed by conprcas ,
iid Unit this nhould occur nt a time
vlion the bill is before a conference
ommittiio. It ia intinmtod by the
riendn of the meaiuro that thia courao
> f the president and his cabinet
lus been taken to frighten congress
nto cutting down the appropriations ,
flio only nppr < priations rfhich can bo
ouched by congress nro the ituma in-
ortod by the Donate. The most 1m-
> ortnnt of tlieso itomanro nn uddition-
,1 appropriation of § 877,000 for the
Mississippi below Cairo , ? 100,000 for
ho survey of the Ilotmopin canal and.
8500,000 for the reclaiming of the
1'otomaa lints. The prospect is that
all tlioso amendments will bo stricken
out , although the friends of each will
uako a hard fight.
The senate has atill the revenue ,
mvnl and sundry civil appropriation
billa to dispose of , besides three ap
propriation bills in conference , ono of
.vliich the houses differ widoly. The
loiiflo will have leisure to consider the
revenue bill unless it prefers to take
up some businosa on the ailander ,
which comprisua upwards of a thous
and bills. The District of Columbia
committco will not insist on its rights
andor the rules to the floor of the
house to-morrow. Partism hostility
to Mahono will probably defeat hia
eight cent tobacco amendment in
the senate , but it may be put on in the
house. Sugar and Boasimor Stool
amendments arc likely to bo the only
material amendments to the bill.
About ono hundred amendments to
the : sundry civil bill are awaiting ita
appearance in the senate. The
fooling for early adjournment a
{ rowing rapidly. Fifty representa
tives have directed the postmaster of
.ho house to aond mails to their state
osldoncos. It will bo diiliault to
< eop a quorum together beyond the
> reaent wook.
of Illinois , has been tendered and au-
ceptod the position of assistant socro-
ary of the interior. Ilia iwino will
o to the Hoimto to-morrow. It la
undoratood ether ohaiigoa will follow
The Bub-coiumittoo of the house
udiciary commit too has nearly com
peted the investigation of the No-
raska contingent member schomo.
'ho report , which will bo made bo-
ere adjournment , implicates several
rominont ofliciala of that state for at
tempting to impose falsa census re-
tirna upon congress.
Killed by lightning.
atlonal Awochtoil I'teea.
OIUUAOO , July 23. A dispatch
iays : During a shower' yesterday
ightning struck the planing mill of
tlcl'ltoo & McGinty , knocking down
dozen employees. J. B. Joanot ,
god 05 , wasinstantly killed by the
liock. _ _
Victims of Pokor.
atlonal AnHOClattd l'ro .
GiiiiMuo , July 23. In the attach-
lent suit against M. M. Hedges and
Vm. Scott by V. P. Weed , tlio great
tfowborg poker player , to recover
5105,000 , the shun It has seized the
tay stallion J. B. Thomas , the pacer ,
Jay Billy , the mare , Novelty , and a
lorao named St. Homo , Weeks , the
river of the horses , commenced ro-
ilevinsuit yesterday to recover the
iroporty , claiming that ho owned a
lalf interest in the animals ,
Rated to the , Rivor.
atioiiil AniocLited 1'rcaa.
CniUAOo , July 23. The southwcat-
rn railway association has published
now tariff on business on Missouri
ivor points , to tuko effect August 1.
advance of from two to five cents
cr 100 pounds is noted.
The I7oujlas E tute.
National Annoclatoil Vte
OiuoAdo , July 211. Hobt. M. and
Stephen A Douglas have filled a bill in
the United Statesdistiiotcourt against
iho University of Chicago and Union
Uutunl Life Insurance Go. to declare
Toid the waranty dood'givon by Sena
tor Douglas to the trustees of the uni
versity adn set aside the mortgage of
Insurance Co. , claiming that the orig
inal contract provided the title of the
property should foreyer remain in tlia
f- v.