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    THE DAILY BEE-OMllIA TUESDAY JULY'18 ' , 188. . .
The Daily Bee.
Tuesday Morning July 18.
Weather Kopart *
(1'ho ( following observation- tnVrn a
the snmo moment of timont all the sUUlun
Everybody Is Invited to attend the pic
nic of the American Legion of Honor on
the 1'Jth nt rintlsmouth.
Wo notlco n terrible cut on hlieet
music. Sea HospoV advertiscinont. Ko
means businosn and no mistake ,
A woman wan on the mourn r'n bench
in police court yesterday for too hfo use < > !
profane and obnccno language. Wouieri'a
rlgliU are not yet secure.
Workmen nro busy cutting n now win
dow in the ithiril Btory of Boyd's opera
house on the eait side , which will incrcaoo
the ventilation of the gallery.
Circulars were yesterday distributed
on the strcetn , rcaclng as follows : "Help
the enrly cloting movement by not pur
chasing dry goods after 0:30 : p. in. "
The hearing in the case of S. C. Hoi-
lander , the alleged incendiary , has been
continued until 2 o'clock Wodnomlny. No
liall lias been given nnd ho languishes in
the county jail.
The meeting of the South Omaha
Church Organization which was to have
taken place nt Unscall 1'nrk yesterday ,
ban been poxtponed to the 'Hit Instant at
7 o'clock p. m , Haino plnco.
A big blncl : cloud carne up in tha west
ycnler whl h hrnupht with It n
etorm of wind ami rain that loRted nil fore
noon and filled the n"tters with watera
and the streets witli mud. There , was
Homo thunder nnd lightning also.
The thermometer nt Mnx Meyer k
Uro. , the .Jewelers nnd Optician ? , from
12 m. Sunday until 112 m , yesterday , indi
cated the fallowing : 12 m. , 70 ° ; 2 p. m. ,
OJ ° ; 7 p. m. , Gls'Ju. ; m. , 71 ° ; 7 n. m. ,
72 ° ; 10 a. in. , Ci ° ; 12 m. , 51 ° ; 2 p.
in. 72 ° .
One day last week Mr. Hcimrod , of
Ho'mrod k Dnrman , purchase ! n lot of
raspberry bushes of n fruit tree man nnd
on sorting them over to separata the good
from the bad ho found n five- dollar gold
piece snugly cnsconsed nmoiiK the roots.
Those bwmcB must have been grown ut the
foot nf a rainbow.
A regular meeting < > f the St. George
Society will bo lie ) ' * f .i " > w evening at
their hall , 1314 Douglas street. Final nr-
rangemcn'B will bo made for the picnic.
The first lecture of a series nn English hlx-
tory and literature will bo delivered by the
president of the socinty ,
It U reported that a oouplo of parties
raised a grand row at Charlie Plory'H res
taurant Sunday , on Dodge street , and
kicked in ono of the doors , A man nud
woman were arrested yesterday for dis
turbing the peace In that locality but had
not been tried yet when TllK UEK reporter
visited police court.
In the police court yesterday ono
disturber of the poncu paid $5 nnd costs
nnd two drunks paid the usual fine. A
man was ( arrested on the complaint of
Ainscow for disturbing the peace In the
vicinity of Jackson andl3ihstreots , which
case was net for the afternoon. A cripple
from Loadvlllo was nrroitod under the
vagrunt act and fired over the river ,
The now Missouri Prtclfb ticket ollico
bus been opened up in good shape at their
headquarters in the elegant room in the
corner of the new I'nxton , one of the finest
location ! nnd olliccs in the city , The
Omahi representutivea of the road are on
deck and report most natlsfactory sales al
ready. They have a unique counter of the
Dolly Vardeu ttylo and n mammoth ticket
case containing pistuboanls that will take
a man anywhere on earth except to tha
North Polo to which the managers of the
bltf " " ° will no doubt build an oxteutlou
from this city In due time ,
All Qromon interested in the wall-
faro of the Omaha fire department
are requested to attod the muotiiiL' of
the department at Firomen'a null
this ovMiinx at 8 o'clock ,
By order of OHAH HUNT ,
President ,
JIIHOMK 0 , PKNT/KL , Soo'y. 17 2i ,
General Tbayor Makoa Hie Staff Ap-
polntmontu In Part ,
The Grand Island Independent nays ;
"Qon , Thayer has appointed a portion
tion of his stair for the reunion on fol
lows : Gen. 0. II , Frederick , of
Douglan county , chief of staff ; Oapt.
U. E. Palmer , of Oass county , adju
tant general ; dipt. Humphrey , of
Pawnee county , assistant adjutant
general ; Oapt. W , A , Deuel , of Hall
county , assistant adjutant general ; 0.
It. Ilowoll , of Hall county ,
quarterinaatur general ; J , 0.
West , of Hull county ,
inspector general J , D , Moore , of
Hall county , ordinance cnicer ; Guu ,
11. R. Livitigetone , of Oisa county ,
Burgeon general ; H. 0. Russell , of
Oolfax county , aid-du-catnp ; Judson
Graves , of Antelope county , aid-de
camp. Other stud'odicora will bo an
nounced hereafter ,
The committee requested General
Thayer to appoint a largo number ol
stall officers on account of the ant ci.
paled iuiraeiiHo attendacce , so that
prompt attention may be given to all
posts aa they arrive , nnd togivoutton-
iion to all during the continuance of
the re-union , "
The Iowa Elopement Case in t
Peculiar Shape , .
Arroatod.Butby Whom or Wbnt fo
Not Known.
The complications in the Osborno
Hnrttroll olopomcnt caao have become
so numerous that the reporters am
ofllcors have lost the combination , the
parties themselves don't know wheth
er they they have committed n crime
or not and whether , if t hey over did
commit a violation of the law , it wan
the law ot Iowa or Nebraska It it
doubtful if the lawyers who have
.fikcn hold of the case understand il
.homsolvos , and the lown marshal is
ns deep in the mud as they are in the
niro ,
The facts ad nc.vr as they can bo
earned nnd as briefly ne they can be
lut nro about these : Oaborne
iftino to Omaha to secure
a job , Mra Hartwoll took
idvantago of her husband'a absence tu
iollow him. They occupied aoparatc
rooms at the Cmfield , nnd are nnid
o have behaved an a lady and gentle
man should. At this juncture Mar
shal Smith arrived without any papers
and had a special oflicor mount guard
ever the parties until hu got a requisi
tion. The ollicors say this was illegal
.o start in with , Mrs. Uartwell had
? 7H and Osborno $125 and ever , and
.his sum was turned ever to Smith , as
a sort of , bonds for their safe
cooping. It is naid that this was
equally illegal , and that they
wore very foolish to gtvo up the casher
or , in fact , arcodo to any demand ,
until the proper papers wore oxhio-
Saturday nit-lit the marshal in
sisted on having Osborno sleep in his
oem for greater eccurity and the
alter , at the suggestion of a friend
who came from Dos Moincs about the
amo time , refused. City Marshal
Angell waa aroused from his Saturday
light's slumbers to'take the refractory
imn to jail.
Sunday morning Oaborno'e lawyers
lad him and the woman arrested on
n , chnrgo of adultery committed in
Nebraska , and the plan waste
to tnko them before Judge Brandos at
mco , and by the weakness of the
> rosocution have them both dis-
sharped , aa thuro is no proof that they
lave been guilty of anj infraction of
, ho luw in this city. AH it is not
claimed that they have committed the
crinio elsewhere , it would look as if
ho Iowa oflicor is taking them to the
llawkoyo state to bo tried fur u crimu
supposed to have been committed on
Nebraska soil.
It appears that a requisition cannot
) o issued by the governor fur parties
ihargud with an oflenso against the
aws of Nebraska , and under arrest
or the same , and therefore , ns
icnr ns wo could uoh at it , the CASO in
irandcn' court is allowed to stand for
ho present as a nort of bulwark of
afoty. In thu jieaiitimo Marshal
Smith has filed an aflldavit in Judge
lonplco's courtj charging the eloping
mrtioa with being fugitives from jus-
ice , and has loft for Lincoln to
obtain a requisition.
It was intended to bring Osborno
nd Mrs. Hartwoll before Judge Ohad-
wick at 11 a. in , yesterday on a writ
f habeas corpus , but no such writ had
) eon issued up to 3 p. m. The man is
lonfinod in the county jail- and Mrs.
lartwoll is out on parole.
It is a badly mixed up case , and if
lie reports are true Is a case of "Much
Ado About Nothing , " the fact that
lie defendants both came to Omaha
ind both put up at the same hotel ,
) oing , perhaps , open to criticism , but
onstituting of no crime in the eyes
f the law.
In Momormm.
Ono of the saddest deaths wo have
ver known was that of Mro. Annie
Jurnham , wife of W. 0. Unrnham ,
who died nt her homo , in this city , at
> o'clock Sunday evening , July 9 ,
Mr. and Mrs. liurnhani were just
tarting in life , with many bright
iromiftos reaching out into the future ;
> ut while hopefully and lovingly
aboring in holy companionship , death
ilently and suddenly crept into their
> right , cheerful homo , and blighted
orovor their earthly prospects. They
vero married in Faribault , Minn , ,
ibout four years ago , and two years
ater moved to this city to make it
heir permanent homo. But , nlos !
"And things change hero ;
Nothing in thin world can last. "
Mrs. Burnluun was a lady of most
amiable spirit , and bolntr possessed of
i disposition of rare awuatnoss , and
hat , modest grace , so much to bo ad-
nircd in woman , she won the love of
all who know her ,
She died at the ago of 24 years , leav-
ng behind her , under thu shadows , u
lovotud husband , an infant , and many
ovine and admiring relatives and
riends , who mourn her sad and sud-
.on . death.
Her. fliator. Mrs. Angio Shipley , of
faribault , Minn. , takes the littlobabo
ionic with her , to give it that "ten
or , cradle" care , so nnioli needed.
for the last few weeks Mrs , Burnham
ms had the companionship of her
'oungost ' sister , Miss Ella Spicer , who
vas loft mothorlees in her infancy , and
txpootod to make her homo in the
uturo with Mr. and Mra. Burnhaiu.
iho will now return with Mrs , Ship-
uy and live with her.
"Peaceful be thy silent slumbers ;
Peaceful in the grave to low.
Thou no more ahull join our number :
Thou nn more our nonga shall know , "
"Vet , again wo hope to meflt thee ,
When thti day of life h
Then In heaven , with joy to greet thee ,
Wliere no farewell tour ia sued. "
J. W , I.
BL&IU , Neb. , July 14.
o the Editor of 111 * Uvu ;
Some think the nrlicle of July 7 did
ot coiuo from a liborolist. If not ,
10 first few lines of the article should
o changed to properly represent its
uthorship ; but the balance of my nr-
! clo representing "liberalism" cannot
M > changed , and remains true to facts
util liberalism changes for the better.
} Read "Thrives bent on moral filthj
and not ns printed. My article i
The Pilot two weeks ngo has been an
swcred by the ll ortls in that paper
which I shall notlco in tlicso column
in duo time T. S , RIIOKK.
Fighting for Prohibition nna Wo
man's Sullrnso.
The anoouncemcnt made in Tnr
BEE that Mre. Marearot Campbell , o
Massachusetts , would Iccturo in th
Unitarian church last evening , drew
together a largo and intelligent audience
Arriving in the city late in the nf
tcrnoon , Mrs. Campbell made her op
pcaranco at the church after eigh
o'clock , but after- few brief intro
ductory remarks by the pastor , Rev
W. E. Oopoland , the speaker pro
coedcd to address ( ho audience upon
reforms in general , taking up temper
nnco and critcising the want of consistency
sistoncy in all reforms. She said tha
she believed almost all good pcoplo
were in favor of reform , but lamontcc
that while temperance workers were
snatching a fowmon from a drunkard's
jravo , thcro are othcro being raised to
take their places. She oaid that the
important duty for temperance work-
era was to BOO that the next genera
lion should need no reform. After
speaking nt length upon the duties of
parents towards their children , she
iriftod to the subject of woman's
suffrage , in which her whole nature
seemed inoro interested. In treating
of this nubjoct , contrary to the gun
oral custom ot their advocates , she
baaed her argument upon thu Bible ,
quoting pissagca from the old , and
liberally construing the Now Testa
ment , to sustain their position , She
waa not in favor of dragging men
down but elevating them to the moral
standard of woman. She convinced
.ho audience of her knowledge of thu
subject , and the various statutes rela
tive to the rights and wrongs of
women , citing various laws that
lave existed from the time of
\Iosca \ to the present , wherein
woman , although shomay jointly , with
icr husband , accumulate n handsome
'ortuno yet has no voice in taxing it or
lisposing of it in case of the death of
icr husband. The speaker said that
: ho ballot box for men waa the out-
; rowth of Ohriatinn civilization , that
t.ho abolition of slavery was the result
of Christian civilization , and that the
woman suffrage movement is also thu
result uf Christian civilization. She
spoke without manuscript , her lan-
; uago was smooth and easy , and her
ccturo was enlivened with appropriate
This evening she will speak at the
latno church on the oufl'rngo question ,
at which time she will bo pleased to
answer any questions that these who
ira oppoacd to thu movement may BCO
iropcr to ask in writing before the
ecturo begins.
Examination of Teachers.
The examination of applicants for
oachcrs * certificates takes place nt the
ilgb school building , commencing
Thursday , July 20th , at-9 a. m.
This will probably bo the last mcot-
ng of the examiners the present year ,
and all desirous of undergoing ex
amination must bo in attendance
lunctually at aforesaid place.
GKO. I. GitiiEiiT ,
Committee of Examiners.
The "Hawthorn Centennial Ex-
olnior Roof Paint , " was patented May
! 4th , 1881 , and Jotters patent num-
> er 211 , 803. Any person found or
cnown to tamper with the inanu-
acturo of said paint will bo punish-
d to the full extent of law. No per-
on has any authority whatever to sell
ccoipts , HAWTHOUN it Buo. ,
Lancaster , Pa.
Mooting oftUo iSufl'orors.
The Omaha Woman Suffrage asso-
iatton mot last night at the Unitar-
an church , with a much larger at-
endanco than usual , The meeting
vas called to order by the president ,
iV. E. Copeland , after which Miss
Campbell , of Massachusetts , addressed
ho audience an hour and a half upon
ho adoption of the constitutional
iniondment. The speaker went ever
ho usual points made by their advo-
sates , basing the movement upon
ho spirit of the doclara-
ion of independence , and citirg
ho old and now testaments for their
uthority ; said that it was not a war of
exes , or intended to disturb the reg
ions of husband and wife , but a peace-
nl battle of ideas , the natural growth
of civilization ; that they were en-
oavoring U brush away the cobwebs
f prejudices , and put on the finishing
ouches of n higher oivilizition ; that
lioy did not want to take from man
ny of his inalienable rights , but sint-
> ly asking of man that which ho
ustly claimed for himself thu
ight to govern tlioir own affairs.
She is a fluent and easy upraker ,
amiliar with her subject and carries
with her an earnestness that impresses
ho audience with the sincerity of her
course. She traced the growth of
; ovoriimonts from the middle ages
o the abolition of slavery , and claimed
hat it was all thu outgrowth of chris-
ian civilization , At the close of her
address Mrs. Colby , of Beatrice , came
omard and , in a hurried speech ,
gave a brief history the oflects
woman's suffrage had upon society in
general In Wyoming torratory. She
lainied that crime had boon on the
iecroaso since woman exorcised her
political rights ; that they invariably
voted for the best men irrespective of
> olitical factions or party atliliationnj
hat instead of degrading woman it
iad given her a greater worth than
ver boforej that they were sought
fter none the less by men for their
trong minded qualities. The speaker
s a rapid talker , usus chaste language ,
nlivoning her theme with happy
lluittrutions and appropriate anuo-
otes , The mooting adjourned to
ueet this afternoon at 4 o'clock to
dept measures for a vigorous cam-
migii in this section of the state.
I want to rent about September 1st.
cottage of four or five rooms , within
0 minutes walk of P. 0 , on line of
are proferod. Address "Mao , " BEE
flico. tf
Hoi on Bancroft nnd the "Music nnd
Drama. "
The last issue of The Mueio am
Drama , ono of the most complete pub
lications of the kind sent out irom
any oilicc , contains among other at
trautivo features n full page portrai
of Miss Lfolon Bancroft , who is pro
nounccd to bo "tho coming dramatic
Star. " As it is probable that the
brilliant light of the this now celes
tinl luminary may flash across our own
theatrical horizon before the close o
the next season , wo make a brief ex
tract from nn editorial letter in the
paper referred to , by John C. Friound.
Speaking of "dramatic aspirants , " ho
says :
"In thislist , however , ! would include
ono most charming'personage who has
( lashed acrosn the dramatic horizon for
a brief period nt Daly'a and once for
an equally brief period in Boston ,
All wno saw her remember her wiili
pleasurable surprise nnd surely will
agree with mo that with such prepara
tion nnd opportunity ns will enable
her to do justice to her herself Helen
Bancroft , the lady I speak of , will by
the divine right of her genius , rise to
the height of her profession. A
beautiful woman , of graceful carriage ,
refined tastes , nnd moat artistic ocnti-
inont , with dramatic qualities of the
liighcst order , nho has but recently
aroused the warmest interest , even
with the most critical and exacting. "
Donations During tuo Month of Juno.
* Mrs. L. Kced , parcel worn clothing
and shoos.
Mrs. Popploton , parcel worn cloth-
ng shoes.
Mrs. Wyman , ono child's high chair.
Mrs. Lilly , ono crib , picture papers.
Mrs. B , Reed , lettuce and aspara
gus.Mr. . Ashbol Pat croon , ono largo
Harris & Fisher , two cano meat.
Johnnie Fulman , lettuce , radishes
and pie plant.
St. Barnabas Sunday school picnic ,
jasket of caio , bread , lemons nnd su
gar.Mrs. . Woolworth , strawberries , twice ,
jreon peas twice , cherries.
Miso , can sago.
A barrel , containing 1 comforta-
) lo , 1 pair double nock , 2 nurse
aprons , 2 night sacks , 1 woolen
shirt , 2 waits , 0 pair drawers ,
.1 pillow slips , 25 crash towels ,
! knit towels , 2 ptir of knit slippers ,
.1 bibs , 1 pound of tea , 2 books and
x lot of papers.
Sunday school of Trinity cathedral..810 0.1
VIis. 1'oppleton , membership fee. . . . 1 00
Sunday pchnol of St. 1'aul church ,
Dodhain , Mass 4200
Sunday bclioolol Chiist churchNew
Haven , Conn 100
T. O''onnell , f"r children treat. . . . 1 00
yontributiou boxes 4U5
Total SuOOO
S.MtAll , Sister in Charge.
Real Estate Transfers.
John L. McOaguo , real estate agent
and conveyancer , reports that the fol-
owinc deeds were received tor record
at the county clerk's officeon Friday
nnd Saturday , July 14 and 15 :
Herman Proopor to H. 0. Knoefel ,
ho undiv A of o i no J and nw J of
no , sec 21 , town 16 , rnngo 11 ; $300.
Aug. Kountzo et al. to William H.
noyer , lot 3 , block 11 , Kountzu's
4th add ; § 350.
Stnte bank to George Hoimrod , 30
ores in nwj , sec 7 , } own 15 range 13 ;
§ 950.
Ed. Leodor to Chas. J. Bauman ,
undiv i " of o A of lot 24 , Burr oak add ;
Chas. J. Bauman to Ed. Leeder ,
undiv $ of w A " of lot 24 , Burr oak
dd ; $2 00.
Ed. Luedor to Margaret Bnaor , the
n A of wA of lot 24 , Burr oak add ;
8125.A. E. Touzalin to Lydia G. Slier-
nan , lots 11 and 12 , Terrace add ;
§ 725.
George P. Bomia to Ida F. Do
Vinnoy , lot 11 , block K , Lowe's 1st
dd' 8125
Gco. P. Bemis to E. J. Emblon ,
ot 12 , block D , Lowe's 1st add ; § 125.
Same to Frank J. Emblen , lot 11 ,
block D. Lowe's 1st add ; § 100.
Uharloa Lichton to Samuel McLono-
han , the n e of sec. 29 , town 1C ,
ango 9 ; gl.GOO.
John G. Hoimrod to 0. A. Jims en ,
arcol in n w of sec. 7 , town 15 ,
ange 13 ; $1,800.
Susan S. Wead to Kate E. Hollo-
way , the n o A of lot 4 , block 81 ;
I 400.
John S Caul field to James M
Borglum , lot 3 , block 13 , Shinn'u 1st
dd ; $2,000.
August Kauntzo to Charles F.
"leek , lots 21 , 24 and 25 , blcck 12 ,
4 and 25 , block 12 , Kountzo < k
lath's add ; $3,000.
Barbara E. Mullin to L. E. Smith ,
art of block and Shinn's add ; $2-
00.Sylvina E Smith to A. S. Buell ,
ame , $2,500.
A Handsome Acknowledgment.
OMAHA , July 10 , 1882.
At u mooting of the Local Asaom-
ly of the Knights of Labor , the fol-
owing preamble and resolutions were
dopted :
WIIUUKAS , AB it has been demon-
trcted beyond the possibility of n
uubt that there has too long existed
misunderstanding between labor and
lonost enterprise , relative to their in-
crests , which ahould not exist any
oiiRcr , and ,
WimitEAS , Wo believe that those
wo useful elements should work Iwr-
louiously together , obliterate the
> ast , nnd combine for the common in-
orost of both , for the reason thut
f they are divided neither ono can
oug exist , and wo believe when they
o combine the children of man will
Dome nearer having an Eto > hero on
arth than ever existed beloro , and
WHEUEAJJ , Wo believe no better
nothod has been advanced then the
no set forth by the Kni hU of L. .
> or. Therefore , bo it
Jtesolwd , That when wo find a man
vho is willing and able to advocate
lie principles promulgated by the
uiighU of Labor , ho is worthy of the
highest respect of every honest man
and woman in the land. And bo it
licsohed , That wo find nil of those
qualities in the person of the Uon ,
Chan. It. Lotchman ; and bo it furthci
Jtesolrcd , That ho is tendered n
vote of thanks for the able nnd eloquent
quent address ho delivered to 0111
people , nnd that his visit to our city
will be an event that wo will long ha\
causa to remember ; and it is furthoi
Kcsoh-cd , That this lodge , tht
Knights of Labor , tender the mem
bers of the A. 0. II band n Vote of
thanks for the services they rendered
to thn meeting of the Knights of
Labor ; and bo it
Hesoleed , That n copy of these reso
lutions bo sent to TUB OMAHA DAILY
BEE for publication.
By order of the committee.
Who , with the Fly Dotecttvo from
Kansas City , Falls to Moot
Dotectlvo Nollgb.
Quito n little senention was created
in this city a short time nto by tran
sactions which n Pullman conductor
named llothwoll , running between
Omaha and Kansas City , nnd the wife
of a well known business man of this
city figured. The former subse
quently came with a "fly" detective
from Kansas City , and pulled the
wool ever the eyes of several unsus
pecting parties by representing that
they would make good the charge of
blackmail against certain Omaha par
ties and pleading injured innocence.
The features in the case ns given by
ono conversant with the affair , indicate
that the dashing youm ? P. P. 0. had
boon picturing put to the unfortunate
woman a glowing picture of the life
she could lend with him , promising to
; uko her from city to city , nnd in thp
anguatjo of his aatantic Nibs , saying
virtually : "All these I will give you ,
f you but bow down nnd servo me. "
The temptation was irresistible , and
; ho woman went with him , it is al-
eged , to Kansas City , St. Joseph nnd
inally to Council BluflV , registering nt
ho Ogden house , in the latter place
aa Mr. and Mrs. Ilothwcll.
It in claimed that instructions were
oft with the clerk of the Ogden to
Bind up no cards or notes , the undo-
sirablu advent of the husband being
: earcd , and a liberal supply of wine ,
etc. , waa ordered to make the hours
> f nipht p.vaa with flying feot. In thu
morning board and loding was engaged
'or the lady for ono week.
This little escapade WHS followed
shortly by the arrest of llothwoll in
; hn city by Duttctivo Neligh , when it
s said ho begged abjectly for mercy ,
pleaded the claims of an invalid wite
and promised if leniently dealt with
o furnish evidence of other criminal
acts on the part of his friend. Being
allowed to return to Ivmsas
3ity to procure the promised
evidence ho complied by an
ittcmpt to bluff the Omaha ofllcors.
3.0 was then arrested nnd taken before
Fustico Wright- , who put him under
jonds for an appearance yesterday at
At the appointed time the clerks of
.ho . Ogden house and others were
> respnt to testify to the acts of the
> arties on the occasion in question.
Clio district attorney and the injured
lusband were there , but the "fly de-
ectivo" and the gay Lothario , though
hroo times solemnly called came not ,
and the bonds of the latter were de
clared forfeited.
CHASE Sunday morning , IGth inat. , to
the wife of Oscar Chase , of the II. P.
shops , a nn , weight nine pounds.
Lincoln Journal please copy.
Seth P. Mobloy , of Grand Inland , is in
Col. A. Cochran , of Council Bluff ? , is in
> ho city.
Dr. Alex. Bear , of Norfo'.k , is nt the
D , L. Heinthenner , of Glenwood , Iqwa ,
a in the city.
A. J. Snowden , of Kearney , ii nt the
T. S. Martin , of Sioux City , was at the
Withnell last night.
Miss Elsie Do Con , of Lincoln , ia a
gueet at the Withnell.
M. H. Beardsley. wife and child , of OK-
den , are at the Withnell.
K. E Uuntley , of Tootle , Maul & Co. ,
pent Sunday with O II. Me vis , of Fre-
Fred , Lb we left yesterday fora short tour
f recreation i i Denver and other Colorado
llobt , K , Strihorn , of the Union Pa-
I fie literary lu'cin , with heat'quartera at
) nver , ix In the city ,
MM. Seth Sharpie n , wife of Sheriff
Sharp'tmi.f ' Chejenn * , wai u we t-boun > l
> wnengcr yrbterduy ,
Mr. ICueHUr , the Kcntleinunly traveling
mu uf tha Omaha I' > st & Telegraph , re-
urned from hU western trip on Saturday.
K , M. WIIcox , of Blulr ; Jamea Sed-
wich , of Wilbur ; 11. D. James of Ked
Clou I ; II. A , Greenwood , of Wymore ,
nd I'M. Mclntyre , of Seward , ara repre-
entative Nebraskauu at the Withnell.
Jamison Brother * , of England , Mr.
JaUli , nd the Briggs Broth'rv of Choy-
nne , all well known stock men , wmt west
'csterday , the former bound for Montana.
I. N. Speer , of Hiawatha , ono of the
> romlneut cram detleri along the new
ilisjouri Pixcifio road , owning warehouses
t several stations , was in the city yester-
ay and dined at the Cautk-ld.
A. II. Wheat , of Lincoln ; Tobias Gas-
or , of Wilbur ; T , II , Barnes , of Indian-
la ; Join Morrison , of Lincoln ; C. D ,
( Jramer and wife , of In lianola , and A. 'B.
'dssage , of Illverton , are Nebraska poo-
> 'o who were reuiotered at the Metropo ! .
tan last night.
Mr , William Garber , the traveling rep-
eaeutatlve of Sherman , Jewel & Co. , Chic -
c go , was in the city over Sunday visiting
iU brother , .Mr. John Garber , an old and
well known citizen uf Omaha , lie never
owes but he brings n big raiu with him.
Earl T , Hawkins and lady , North Bend ;
Alva Smith and It , B. Graham , of Lin-
oln ; W. S. Smith , Oakdalej George B.
Tletcher , Norfolk ; Chas. Bruce , Seward ;
acob Drum , Beatrice ; Dr. Forsyth , Mr ? ,
M. A. F.jr ytb , Exter ; Misses L. and E.
Mnughlln , York , and Frank Beef on
PlatUmouth , are among the promlneu
Nebraakans at the Cnnfleld ,
Mr. Ed. Mnuer returned Sunday wit
hli bride from hid rnnoymoon trip to Co
or.vlo , He seems to he hnd a very jell
time nnd comes home looking gay nn <
hearty. Amongst the flncei he visited ar
Denver , Colorado Spring * , Mnnitou , tft
IMss and Pike's Peak.
Mr. II , E. Itacknun , representing th
firm of Samuel C. DAVH & C > , , the large *
wholesale dry goods in St. Louis , ia In th
city. Mr. Hnckinan is looking after th
interests of this enterprising firm in Nebraska
braska , nnd the trade will find him a pleas
ant gentleman.
Mode from , the wild flowers of th
it is the most fraprant ot perfumes
Manufactured by II. B Slaven , S
Francisco , For , ilo in Omnlin by W
J. Whitohouso and Konnnto Bros.
& Co.
liF.DHlNo's Jllnsah Salve. le < t family
salve in tlio woiltl , and excellent fnr stnlilo
2."i ct .
PONiV TO LUAMCall nl Lnvt ll.iicoof I )
Thomtfl P.ojmB rrit'jrtit/in HIack ,
At o pet coatll.
In 2BOO rd
upwardo , lor 3 to 6 jrr.uni. nn Bn.l clMh ct ! ) HI it
/arm property. ISMH ! ; Hiiil. K < ii4in ttid UJ H
rv ffirb unr4 ; i' c-1np mj.
WANTKn-llul for dlnlnp ; r om nork , 211
north 14th street , bclnctn Capltul avu
and Tavanp rt bOC'-lS *
AN'TED 'oman to coo' ' < at 110 13th s'rcct
between Doujlasaml Dodge , west side.
790 tf
r/"ASTED To No. 1 broom-makers. Ap Ij
Y Aug llandow , Dodge slroe . 703-191
A flrst-c'ass sacsman In rre s
WANTED ' ' r mcnt. must h vj jjood to
comnic tliti nsa good po'lt'o if rthor ghtroan ,
"no wnospcri'8 Qerinan prcfcTid. Ad re9A (
B , care Bee. SOMf
An cxpcrlcn-od slrl to do general
WANTED - . Uoodv gcsvlil boRl t
Call nt 114 louth 10th street. 703-tt
i A ircod eccocd COOK at the
Chart s hotel , Harmy street. 70-.8 :
"TTTANTHD Five hundred laborers for work
YV onih'cazo M It-nil oo & . bt. Paul ll.R.
btuady uork all sov-on. Wages 81,60 per day.
Apply at Engineer's olficc , room 6. h\ etc Its
b.ock , Council llluffs. E. Q. KUUKSB , resident
engineer , JtloVS14
Two or three rooms e fo
WANTED s dike. J Me at > > P He
leo ! office , 6'J9-tf
\ , \ ; A.N'l'Kl * leu teams to work on clorcnc
W Cut-OfJ. Wages M 6(1 ( pur dav
377-tf 111 iiMi KLl , VlVfiKNT.
1 lMKN \ WANTbD At y.orcnoo Cut-Off ,
I Ul * "I" " mllcH i-rth rf 0. tht. Waj,03
1.70 per clay. MITCHELL VINCENT.
Wanted for lioy of 12 jcirs In
SITUATION occupation. Apply 1410 TarNm
T. O. 7S9-.7'
' Situation Dy youn man in a
( rroce y dtoic or to take cue o' horais in
niIvlie family. Good icturcnce given. Aitilri's
f. 8. hcuulllca. 76719 _ _
steady man \\Uhcs.i pcrn.ancnt situ
SOBEH , dnv nt iiam i r grocery dcllvtry. well
acipial to ) In city good habits and reference.
AddreaaM lice otllcc. 764-lDf
ANTED Employment by a young man In
W grocery store. 11. UnNN WKil.KH ,
733-if llth street , near Farnam.
A f Ituation by a young man , wlio
WANTED EnirlUb and Ucrman , in store. IB
will'i ] . , ' to make hlineclf gcnoitlly ubolul. Ad
dress 1' . IZ. . fee olllce. 6S2-17t
Py two gentlemen a furnished
WANTED locate ! . Address U. a. En-
glnccru , Crclghtcn block. 760' '
Unfurnlshert room nearpostoffleo.
WANTFD "N. " Bee offl o 783-18'
. A Hrst-cliRabar cr 'mmodlattly.
WANTED. or uddre.s to C' . A. Bird , Nrr
Hatte , Neb. 7bO-20'
iri/ATEAJU WANIED To work oil the Or--
UU gnu f hort Lino. Waces 85.00 per day.
7.lf 11 tr u , near Farnam.
600 privy > , slnku and cess
WANTED to clean with banltary Vault and
Sink , the bedt In uro. A. Kvans & Co. .
residence IJOO Dodge Rtrect , Omaha.
I7IOH HEN1 Boarding hous well furnlshccL
X1 Inquire 10S 10th street , al'O 3 rooms at the
corner ol 12th and Douglas utreoi. Inquire on
pteml IB. CIS-tl
XflNK HOUSES FOIl BKXT 3mM and large.
J\ two to tAelvo rue i B each ; one or two new
ones with all modem coincidence ) . Ono of 12
moms , suitable lor boarding and room renting ,
17th arid Dourflau eti. IiMI3 ! : , Agent ,
Ju23-tl 16th and Douglas bts.
HI-NT Two small neatly fttriilshcd iois
FOR ( .cr mon h , each at 1407 iiow ro , be
ten 14th or.d 16th street. 797-lf
. KENT A furnished front loom , K. W.
F corner Iflth and Clark. 7Ui-lil (
OK RENT Two luri.l-hoi rooiua suitab e for
if 1 two or four gentlemen. BJU hwest cor. ISth
and Call onla. 79t-Ut
t RErtT T o new Inu'cs ol fix rooms
FO each , on Iwo -ty-llfih an J Chicigo. "llnjulro
nw cjrner of rwenty-Hlth and Uavcnporc stl.
I 0 1 R''N Threa fu-nl'h-d room" for Iru e-
I * * ku plug 113 n 13th , Mrs. A. Hall. 7 < 2 iHt
tjliill lil2\T Iwn i-tflrob.o fur l hed ro nil
] . i > rntr IStnnnd fct > atys > ve , 746-if
' fHK 'rntroon tl let , wlfi b nrd.
Al'UiN ( KU'itliiuivn nr nu'i a d | t. ' , a * . 2112
laif.-irnlattrtCl , Jilt ) 11 A. 1IALIAU.
FOR RnVT-Emi'l'tu ' at SI. W. Ken.
HOUSE ) ' * etorc , i3 h He MCUII rarnani and
Ha nuy. 709 tf
10 KENT noorlwj 'arje , pleasant front
a chimb r rooms fim.l tied or unfurniched
wlthou ; board , to gcnt'enian and wife or to
Udlui. S116 Cililorni. street , between 21 t and
? 2nd tt.eets. 773-17
RENT Two small homei- , and lour
FOR In a d ublo homo. Inquire at 1112
wuth 18th strict , bUecn Palflcaud Pieicj.
776-SU * h. DUOOAN.
RENT Nicely ( urnlst c J room In private
FOR : at 1004 IXdge a roil. 767-i6t
) RENT A reitly Jurnlsied rrom wltd
FR ulndowiand closet , for $100 , forgen-
tlemcaonly. 1814 Webster street , JUS 20) )
( KENT FurGlsho * room with board :
FIR Improvements , a law t&blu oo-rJera
can be accommodated , at (718 i edge street.
7011 HKNT A good new six r > om < ottnc , on
F Park \\ill o > e. Apply to John W. Boll , at
Urug ttori820 10th > tnet. 713 tf
77(08 ( RENT Qud furnitlieJ roomcorcer 16th
Jj and st. Mary's av. 749-18 *
1J10R UFNT Front furnlshwl room lor - - gentle- . .
JJ man , 17''l Cats utrt-et
RENT Tlirea good housot In dltfeient
FOR of the city D. L. Thomii , room 8 ,
Urilghton b'cclc. 75S-17
'TT OR REST Home , with furniture for sale.
JJ Inquire at 180U Douglas .treet. julvt (
KKNi1 Thrsn story uric * st < ire , good
< cellar , eloa'ar ic. HulUbl for grocery
or commUlon bualutsi Fixtures fir Kale. 317
S. 13th 633-11
RENT Two ulce'y furi.Uti l > outhr : < nj3
EOR prices , 2013 C J .tiect.
-PIORRENT A 7 room bou and 4 stall
I * itibloou Convent street , near St. Marj'a
avenue. Kent 121.00 pir month. Enquire o
Darker Brother ! , K Ictfico. ed8-tl
FOR RENT A nicely furnished room ! 1615
Chicago St. 630-il
mUE"fOWE FARM HC USE-Wth | KO acres
.L of land briautlfully lotatnl on Cumlrw t ,
short distance west cf JIiHUry bridge , ttrect
car line , 111HIS' : ,
j2Mf Agent , IMh M ! lMii"n. flt > .
rilWO Kl RN1SHEU soutn rooim fO ! tent S.
.L W. comer 19th nnd Uavrnjxirt.
REST CottiRf , MX to-mi , nor hncst
FOR Davcnportiil ? 4lli , 709 tt
170U RENT Furnished ( rent room with board.
JU COS North 17th at. 631 tf
POU RENT Furtlahod room , 1723 Doujlaj
street. 401-tf
tJORRESr Plei'Mtly lurnlihel loom , 117
1 South 17th street , one door north ot Don ; *
la * . SSO-tf
IJ10R IIEX1' . two now elegant houses. In-
L quire at Peterson's Clothing a ore , near U ,
1' Dcp't. 602-tf
I7IOR KKNT On July 1st , brick store , with 01
JU without collar. Itqulro Dru , : Store , cor
ner loth and Douglas stl. 620-tf
F\QH RENT furnlsbrd rooms over tt
rhtnt 'Kirh nee.N. B. co : . lSth nd Dodc
KtNl1 Nlcoiy turnistimi loome H-itn. i > t
without board. Roavontbla prices , 2011
Caw at. va u
T1INE STOCK lOIl SILK-1 ha > os mo twetto
L1 or fifteen flno , pmo bloadcd Foltnd-Ch'na '
Hoar l'iir all In excellent condition neighing
about 7Albs each , which I.wllsbip by rx | > rmto
finy oirt of tn stole , picpald , for $1000 pit
no il. Satisfaction guartn ccd Reference
National Bank , this city. Address , at i n r , II.
K. Metier , Ittd Oik , la. In tury race money
mint nrcotupiny the order. t07 d-'twlt
Ml 8ALK Alulf IntercsIn twj Etoro- ono
171 a general retail drygocds and gr Ciry , the
other nnrJwnrc ; will sell one or both ; reason for
fo'lliig , HI health. Addrss . 0. , Clear-
rnounr , Mo. SCO 21
SALE A good stock of general rncrchan-
dlz * , with or without building In n Rood live
railroad town , 8lo k worth about 81,000. Call
on or Inquire of C. F. KOAO ,
Jnl&wltt Blue Springs , GBJ. a county , Vcb
TOR SALE Ono good gra-led short-liTn cow ,
C and sevcril.rnllro cows. Inquire at Kountze's
farm , one inllo south of btr'acks.
700-10 CI1AS. K IIEN3MAN.
T7IOK SALB Agoecl m'lch CDW. thrcojinrq oU.
C Apply Aug. WIUo , Sh'nn's 2nd addition ,
ncirllamiiton street. 7
FOR SALE Cheap , a hrr o , harness and
spring-wag in. Time will bo given on part
payment. Inqulie 24th ami O'ciirottrcot.t i
803-20 MRS. BAHRBIT ,
T7\OR \ SALE A Ladies Top Pheatoti and n Top
JL Bugy ncirly new , at 1319 Hatney r t.
7S7-1- . '
PALE RrlcV lious ) ulth sot en rooms ,
FOU and shrubbery. Fine view ovcrlook-
ng the city. I nqulro 1503 Dodgu stru .t
TIWO story bul'dlng for pnlo at n bargain. Lo
cated nt north-cas corner of 17th street ,
and Capitol n\o. Hint bo u civcd on or before
August 7th proximo. IU&II- '
770-tf Agent , mil
DUUO STOHE VOIl S\LE Paying 100 per
cent , on Imes'nunt. Only one la town.
'hjticlan practice thrown In.
77lt Gfo. E. URAOO . Co , , Wavcrlr , Neb.
OIl SALE A fpin of light horfrs both
pnimd , cunif nn I wullbrokc , so IhV. l\dy
ir child c\u drUc them , either single or double.
Vill sell item li th or ecparatn , mMriblo forphnc-
on or laoy's tadi lo horse. Address H F LI. this
ollko. 741-tf
F OH SALK 101.0CO brick. It. J. a\c. Opera
II u c hlotk. 723-10 *
MOU SALE -Saw mill. T. Slurray. C71-tf
FUIK MALfc h'ino buggy and harness cheap.
A. llo-pc , 161U DoJgc. tnZOtf
UlXlIhAUTIFUL J.OIS-60XIW feet cachln
O Hanscom Place on street cir line. Best Iota
in whole addition on > ery ea y tirmsandata
great bargain. liKMis'a'ent , 10th and Douglas
streets Jlfitf1
TT'OIt SALE \ cottage of ihrco rooms north
Jj tldocf Nicholas between 15th a d IGihlA
Inqul o within. (4'.2-lf ( ) DAVID OENTKY.J
O BABOJIIN , ono larwo brick hou e , and one
largo tramp house , with full l"t on Casx nenrlS'h
etreet. Fine ch nice for inv tmcnt , rent f rf70
per month. Ctll for full particulars , on
609 tf Agent , 16th a-d Douglas sis.
I OR SALE. Team. Htrncraand vijon. ; In
F quire at Dornn House , Farnam Et. 6b8-tf
FOR SALE. The Arlington House
HOTEL c'ass ' ; all furnished. Thu only hotel
In town. The cheapest property In the state.
Has all the traveling m-n. Will bo sold cheap on
tern.s to cult. Enquire of E. Fullc , proprietor ,
Arlington , Washington county , Neb. 63 tt
FOR SALE Horse , bungy and harno'e. Ap
ply at StephciisonVi Captol avenue Barn ,
SALE Rcstauratit on a well traveled
231-tl llth xtroct. nrnr Farnam.
FOR thu COYS' HOME. Thb hou'e Is con-
tially located , has sou h and east front , and la
surrounded w th flno thado trees ; cent lusthlrty
sleeping rooms , han Ice bouse , laundry , simple
room , KC. IlaH a world w dc reputation ana a
better patromeu ( ban many hoiuee o : tvlce Ita
capacity. Price gf > ,000 For p.irtituurd aj.
dress , A. A. SAWDEY , Rod Cloud , Mb.
_ _ J E64-tl
FOR SALE Or will uxchn go lor ( Jimum pro
perty , an Improved floe oo of land adjoin
ing a station on U. P. R. R. M. DUNHAM , 1411
Farnham St. , Omaha. I'M [ . § ; ,
B 203-tf ESTACUOOK ft COE.
ALKl ) HAY At A. H. Sander1 Koed at
K JETT Jho cirixit , h.n to and otBco
A Ucintir. Leu\ocidei at Ucpubllcan oiEco.
TT1JUNI ) Wh t fetter dog last wo k. Onner
_ L' can liive him by calling on Fri d Pchmld ,
brtwro i Howard and Jackton , on we tiido ol
D h be'ore July 27th 702-191
Wl 1 buy a gooc. I uggy andharne's. Apply -
, . . ply a. W , corner Ibtli and Sherman sis.
772-17 *
A f-mill diamond cress brca't pin a
LOST al reward will bu paid upon It' return
to Bee otllCd. ,78-17'
EDWAttl * KUEIili
FIONALIBT , 493 Tenth Strict , hetwoen Farnam
indlfnrner. Will , vltl4 the aid of ti.aidlan
iplrlto , obtain for ay one * glance at tno pail
knd prewnt , and on certain condition ! ) In the fa *
hire. Bf oU nd Shoes made to Jrder. Pctfee
' ' ' au2A-lm
'Tl'oD rnartntued -
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ot p
y. strength and wlioleioineness. More econo
ICA | than the ordinary kludi , and cannot bo
old In competition with the multitude ol ow
cst , short weight. iJum or pho ph&t powdcri
Bold only In cans. RoriLUlKua I'OWDIB Co.
e Wi St , Now York'
t )
Utl Un
d ;
N tl
in j