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    Ts HE tima OMAHA DAIL Y BEE.
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Yeir be lnt Scpt-ra'ipr J8,1882. Apply to ords
PJIE8T , GREGORY , t-ane Format , 111. crib
The Egyptians Flocking to AraW's '
Standard of Liberty ,
The English Admiral Confused
by the Mysterious Move
ments of the Enemy.
The Marines Consider the Situ
ation Dangerous and Look
for an Bnrly Attack.
Parliament Amazed by the
Masterly Silence of
Words of Approval Roooivod From
All the Powers Bat Her.
The American iln-'lnos the Boat Flro
Fighters in the East.
National Associated t'rcw
ALEXANDRIA , July 17. The night
passed quietly. No attack WAS made
by Arabi'a forces. All reports from
English sources regarding Arabi's
strength and movements must bo re
ceived with great caution , The En
glish Imvo scut out no scouts boyoml
Alexandria. No roli.iblu information
nt the status outoido of the city is
possessed by any one in comraunica-
tiob with telegraph ship ,
muiisu moors.
Two British regiinouts arrived this
morning , and were successfully landed
at llamloh p.ilaco and nronoiv sta
tioned thoro.
LONDON , July 17.-- The Turkiak
joveriimont is endeavoring to charter
troop ships , and hai olforod twenty
shilhnga a ton to ship owners , who
generally refuse to rent unless security
la given.
NEW Yoiuc , July 17. Kcv. F. S.
DuHuas , for two ycara American con
sul at Jerusalem , and an Oriental
traveler of experience , in a sermon
last night , said if true Arab ! was in
league with Elmuhdol , the prophet ,
ho A'ould have 200,000 fierce , de
termined people at his back.
ALEXANDRIA , July 17. Port Said
is crowded with refugees women ,
children and old men. The defenseless
from the entire region about Alex
andria is working to Port Said. Tht <
people of Egypt seem to bo preparing
for a great war. All strong men arc
leaving ; the children and women and
m towards the borders. Arabs
ar flocking in to join the ranks.
Great numbers joined Arabi's forces {
at Damiotta.
The forces of Arabi seem to ba well Bg ,
disciplined and pnvidedfor fighting.
Strom ; earthworks are being erected
and great preparations are being made in
for a military movement of some kind , in
believed to bo offensive. Seymour bu
ha issued a proclamation which states
has undertaken the restoration with aci
Egyptian forces' ' consent. He orders
incendiaries caught in the act to bo
shot without arrest , and all pillagers
imprisoned. Nobody ia allowed to
snter or depart from the town after Nat
mnsot. lie "urges the people to re-
lumo businessand promises protection. .He
At an informal council , Seymour nip
md his officers discussed the situation. 11 [
admitted the situation moro aeri-
MIS than over , owing to the uncer- Re [
ainity of the whereabouts ot Arabi Me
md the ontinual discovery of his the ;
in localities indi-
roops unexpected , - bee
ating a force of largo numbers in
oed order. Damietta , a city ofHO,000 {
uoplo , commands the mouth of the
ijst branch of the Nile , situated on the Nat
bank of L" ' > Monziteh , eivca |
oed land and watir Bal
access to Port BalI
3iul and thu Sue/ canal by paasing
.hroiigh thu eastern part of. the Jake. caai :
Yrabi ; has a force at Rosetta , coin- caaiI
nnnding the mouth of the west bank mh
the ! Nile , The indication is that ho
planting troops all over north E.'ypt Set
offensive and defensive .
purporca. ton
PHILADELPHIA , Pft , July 17. RoV.
MangBEor Man'azcrinn , a native Turk ,
reaching at Buthany Presbyterian
ihurch last night , declared the Arabs
Bonded to opposition by English perse-
lution , Ho &aid Arabi ia u patriot ug
on his forming a junction with
Ulcmhedi , thu prophet , which will 11 ,
uroly occur Boon , 2,000,000 Arabs
spring to arms ,
WASHINGTON , July 17. Robinson ,
Now York , to-day introduced roa-
lutipna of inquiry into Americana NntC
tnpriaoned abroad , during which ho C
tigmatizod Lowell ua Granvillo's do- a
ective ; also calling on Secretary Fre- hou
Inghiiyacn for information regarding plai
Linorican Bailers doing police duty Ind
indcr the British admiral at Alcxan- Prii '
; also in reference to thu injustice Pri
closing the Suez canal. Wil
LONDON , July 17. In the house of
ommona this evening , an eflort was
lade to compel the government to Nath
how far the action of Seymour
endorsed by other powers in the F
inference . Dilko aaid
Saturday. that cloa
hilo the government had no written
pproval of her action toward Egypt
Austria or Germany , it had the
orbal approval of both , The ques wca
was put to the ministers , but vari
were not willing to avow that
lilice'a statement was correct.
jTJio question was repeated to Dilko
ho was asked to answer catagor- Nttlc
, In the answer ho said Austria 0
pressed approval ; so far Germany eve
not. This produced a sensation , an
explained further by saying bom
ustria'a declaration waa plain , strong 000 ;
unmistakable ; that Austria used thu T
"Perfectly legitimate" in dos- com
ibing ! the boinbardmont. Uorst , to-di
nsorvativo , gave notice ho would knoi
move a vote of conauro on the govern-
mom's failure to take steps to avert
Gladstone asserted that Seymour
never anticipated the Egyptian army
would make the stand they did.
During the session Bright explained
his reasons for resigning from the
cabinet. Ho could not conscientiously
keep his place. lie believed the
policy was a violatiou of moral inter
national law.
ALnxAMHUA , July 17. Arabi'a
lieutenants fiavo arrived nt Cairo , and
are recruiting. Arabi'a officers are
organizihg forces all over Esjypt. The
army in entrenching at Kafr. General
Stone claims ho rode six miles out of
the city of Alexandria without seeing
any of Arabi's aoldiers. The British
say the American marines are the beat
fire fighters.
LONDON , July 18. Eight thousand
French troops , with transports , are
concentrated at Toulon for Egypt ,
should the portu decline intervention.
are unanimous in attributing the con
flagration of Alexandria to the
English and ask the sultan to demand
that England shall pay indemnity.
CAIRO , July 18. Refugees report a
proclamation waa issued calling for a
holy war , A massacre of Europeans
has taken place at Soagazhj , Mansurah
and Sontan.
ALEXANDUIA , July 18. Raghib
Paaba writes Seymour that the war
preparationa of Arabi Boy were
ag&mat the orders of the ministry nnd
that Arnbi ia solely responsible. The
international tribunal , poatolliccs nnd
some hotels opened to-day. The
atroota are getting clear of ruins ,
Many houses in danger of falling
were blown up with dynamite. There
arojj,900 British soldiers and marines
aahore. Arabi's troopa nro intrench-
'ng , , but need intrenching tools
' > j A Brnto CaRod- Ataoclatwl I'rctit.
PHILADELPHIA , July 17.-Edward
Hastings who caused the arrest nnd is
supposed to bo thu subsequent cause of
thu death of Mamie Cunningham last
week , wna arreated this nftornoon at
the instance of her aunt , Margaret
Cunningham , of Now Vork , charged
with brutally beating her the day before - a
fore her death. He was committed
in default of bail. The woman's body
is still at the undertaker's , nobody of an
foring to bury it. cu
Mnqnlflooiit Crop Report Z < lara-
National Assoclatiil 1 TCSI
OHIOAOO , July 17. The most en of
couraging crop reports are received Sn
from southern Illinois and Indiana , ha'
In the former the wheat yield ia all ha'J
the way from twenty-five to forty a
bushels to the acre. The crop is equal cWi
toOc that of any two preceding yeara.
Oorn in both states is late , but the ruf :
present dry , hot weather will bring it
up to a fair * average. The now crop cht
aella for a dollar a bushel to-
. Specials trom Kansas
report the api
wheat harvest practically closed. It tioi
ha been one of the most .satisfactory
the history of the state. The yield
the state aggregates 35,000,000 Ntl
bushels , which ia 25 bushola to the
icro. The quality averages throe to
pounda above the required standard
\nd for the first time in the hiatory of Dri
the state all of it grades No. 1. vas
' Hanged by a Negro Mob-
atlonal Associated l'rcs . I
MUSIOK'S FERRY , Mo. , July 17. S37 !
Henry Francia , a young _ man living wit
vitli | n negrcas , waa waited on last the
light by a colored mob , headed by Still
lev. Columbus Lill. Francis , fearing diu
njury , fired into the crowd , killing hea
lev. Lill and mortally wounding Goo. aocc
Morris. Francis was taken away by The
mob , and it is supposed ho has Tar
oen hanged. Mil
Marino. Uni
rational ! Associated Prtss. 2:1
, :
QUEENSTOWN , July 37- Sailed , by
3altio for Now Yoik byMoi
MOUVILLE , July 17. Arrived , Cir-
aasia from New VorK. to
HAMBURG , July 17. Sailed , Bjho- to
for Now York. tot
NEW YORK , July 17. Arrived , timi
iervia from Liverpool . A. Schol- ran
from Rotterdam.
A Mine Caving * won
latlonal Associated Proas. aocc
SHENANDOAH , Pa. , July 17. The 2:2C :
Cohinoor colliery , one of the largest
lining operations in town
, employ-
over 500 hands , will bo idle to-
nurrow , owing to "equeeza" or" cavo- Moi
" A number thir
of houses have thirT
Iready settled and the f < uniliea have T
loved out. Considerable excitement pun
rovails , 8CCC
A Deipurato Father. timi
fntional Abtcciated 1'reaa. tots
CiiiOAOo , July 17. Fred Williams , 0. ,
drummer for a Chicago jewelry Dr.
ouso , waa arrested laat night on coin- Ola\
laint of a Mr , Price , of Lafayette , Wai
. , charged with adultery with Cle\
'rice's daughter Cora. This morning BOCO
'rioo ( secured a revolver and fired at lara
/illiama as the oflicors wore removing thir
from court. His wounds wore waa
ight. Price aays ho will kill him yet. BOCO
2:27 :
Indication ! . liar
atlonal AieoclateJ ' .
N ' , D. 0. , July 18 , 1 a , m. iunt
For the Up'per Mississippi valley , peat
oaring weath&r , winds mostly morA
ostcrly , fitationery or lower tempera-
, higher preaauro.
For the Missouri valley , clearing
cather , northwest winda becoming D
triable , stationery or low tempera- turn
and pressure. maj
. , I men
T 11
JUuifuois Failures.
itlonul AssocliteU 1'rcag.
OHIOAOO , July 17. The Excelsior Natlo
manufacturing company rnado
hssigninent Una morning for the ritor ;
mefit of creditors. Liabilities , fi- ( diau
assets , 81,500. pocu
The suaponsion of G , A. Wheeler , feati
mwieaion merchant , was announcoi of bi
day. Amount of liabilities not that
town. poni
An Irnmouso Crowd of Sports at
Madison Sfynare.
The Niinblo BnKliobmtm Proves
Too Lively for the Ohnin-
pion ,
\Vlin Fail * to Knook Him Ont in
Fonr Round * ,
A ChftllonKO for n Prize Fight The
Uncos nt Culcno.
Nat o al A ocl < itlon
NKW YORK , July 17. The glove
mutch between Sullivan and Tug Wil
son at Madison Square garden to
night was probably the moat extraor
dinary afl'.tir of the kind that over took
place in this country , There wore
not less than ten thousand people
present and it took one hundred po
lice to keep thorn in order. Betting
ran high , Sullivan having the call at
the rate of one hundred to eighty.
All western sporting men at
one ; time oil'orcd to bet $500 to $100
on Sullivan. It waa rumored about
town t that the fight waa not aa fair aa
itVI might have * boon , an opinion pre
vailing that Sullivan did not oxnrt his
full powers. It is also rumored llmt
Sullivan and Wilson will travel
through the country and give sparring
01bi \rllaon forced the fighting from the
beginning , lie entered the rinjr at
100 ( pounds , though ninny present
thought ho wna lighter. Sullivan
weighed 100 pounds. Wilson's tactics
were to keep close to his man
nnd to drop to avoid punishment.
There wna not a square knock-down
during thu contest , though Wilson
went dorm at every opportunity. So
fur as sparring was concerned ho
showed moro skill than Sullivan. Thu
second round was n more repetition of
th first. In the third round both
in did aomu clever work , but Sulli
van's attempts to got in his sledge
hammer blows were rendered futileby
the cat-liku activity with which Iih
opponent ] dropped. In the fourth
ro they throw science to
th wind nnd engaged in "
thwl regular slugging match , in
whinh Wilson held his own. When
tiino/vas called ho waa not knocked out ,
nnd the referee , Harry Hill , BO do- on
cul-'d. Arthur Chambers and Guorgu Is
cuGc < acted fer Wilson and Joe
Ooss nnd Billy Mnddon took euro of of
Sullivan. The receipts were § 10,000 , in
f which Wilson gets § ! ) 000 nnd tht
Sullivan § 7,000 , out of which ho wilj wo
iavo ' to par the expenses. fac '
Richard J K , Fox has issued to-night api
challenge to Sullivan on behalf of tor
Wilson to flight four months from ac-fc ag
soptanco , according to the London agwh
uloa for $2,000 , a aide. Should Sulli- woi
vat decline Wilson will claim the tha
shampionship. It is also announced wa1
o-night that Sullivan and Wilson will the
ippear in Philadelphia at an oxhiWA , vici
ion sparring match within a wool1. " * 'WO
latlonal Associated Prcsn.
CHICAGO , July 17. About 8,000 dor
tooplo were in attendance at thu vail '
Driving park to-day. The weather Roi
fine and the track in good condi- Pae
ioti. Sto
ioti.Firat race , 2:23 : class , for a purse of tr.ii
S1.250 to lim liorao , $ G2G to second , staj
375 to third , and $250 to the fourth , in
-itli an extra $500 to the winner if for"
time ia bettor than 2:19. : The day
tartcrs were Minnie R. , Buzz Mo- iaridi i
ium , Unalla and Tariff The first ridi
.oat wan won by Minnie R , Tariff hill
ocond , Unulla third ; time , 2:10 : huzi
aocond heat was won by east
'aril ! ' , Buzz Medium second , w
linnio R , third ; time , 2:20J : herx
'hird I ; i-i : t was won by Minnie R , pen
Innllu second , Tariir third ; time , eurt
li ! ) Fourth heat and race was won stra
Alinnio R , Unalla necond , Buzz at t
lodium third ; time , 2:20. : mil
Second race waa nstallion race , open the
all stallions , for a purao of $1,500 som
first i homo , $1,250 to second , $750 cage
third , and $500 to fourth with an roat
xtrn $1,000 to winner if in bettor at ;
mo thun 2:15 : ] The atartors wore souli
Arnim , Voltaire , Monroe Chief alee
J. B Thomas. T/io / first heat was ing
by Van Arnim , Monroe Chief objc
icond , J. B. Thomas third ; time , day'
. Second heat WHS won by Van for
rnim , Monroe Chief second , J. B. viou
homaa third ; time , 2:20 : | . Third
and race-was won by Von Arnim , . '
lonroo Chief second , J. B. Thoinaa nn.'ij
; time , 2:20. : allc 1
Third race waa the 2 : > ' 15 clusa , for a thor
jrso of $1,000 to first horao , $500 to over
icond , $300 to third , $200 to fourth ,
$500 extra to the winner if the rive
was bettor than 2:23 : , The atar- 1
voro HardwoodRvgolotto , Jennie thro
King Wilkes , Walnut , Defender , tree
Norman , Maud F. and Clara the
loveland The first heat waa won by
ralnut , Dr. Norman second , Clara driv ago
loveland third ; time , 2:23j : The abet
icond heat was won by Walnut , novc
Cleveland second , Hardwood
tirdj time , 224J ; The third heat circi
won by Clara Cleveland , Walnut circiFi
cond , King Wilkes third ; time , beat
. The fourth heat was won by
ardwood , Clara Cleveland second and
ogolotto Ihird ; time , 2:27 : ] , On ac. toe ,
of the darkness the race waa
wtponod , and will bo finished to- , „ > . ,
orrow , vely
Tlio Iowa -Amendment. | , mda
DKH MOINKH , Ta. , July 17. Ro- jf out
from all counties nliow that the jer
ajority < for the prohibition amend-
entia 20,751. iat
The Huu Dnnco. oats
tlonal AmtacIaUxl I'HBS. jlow
July 17 , An Indian ter-
special aava the Oheyonno In- A
are having thrir sun dance , u ateo
culiar religious festival , the main back
aturo , which is testing the oourago gait
braves by putting aticku through over
fieah and pulling thorn oat with thou
* . A largo number of Indiana thouBi
nti > in nltcndanco , and many are enduring
during the test , The dance will clos
with a feast.
The Yosemite Valley , Repainted
in the Ecstatic Colors of n
Bewildered Bride.
"If ThU bo Enrth , What Mu
Iloavon Uo ? "
Cotrrtpamlrncool The llco.
RENO , Nov. , July 1'J , Your correspondent
spondont hits juit returned from r
trip lo Hint far-famed and lovely spot ,
the Yosemite Valley , and n sketch ns
lir'uf na possible of our moro than
iharmint , ' trip may not prove tinin-
turostiiig to thu readers of TUB BKK
nnd her many friends in Onmlm ,
But I paiiao when I think of at
tempting to do that "Garden of Kden"
justice , when eminent writers have
attempted , nnd the beat of artists
have painted it , but nil have de
spaired 1 of giving expression to the
awe-inspiring feelings which fill the
beholder of the grand nnd mighty
chasm. : For I can any with nil who
have seen it that nil thu beautiful pic
tures mid bookj you may road of thin
lovely spot can give you little moro
idea of ita majestic sublimity than if
you i had not road n word.
In onclinnting beauty nnd sublimity H
of grandeur it far surpasses expression
and must bu aeon to appreciated , nnd
oven then its charms grow on ono the '
lougor they atay. Ila towering clifi'i ,
wntorfalla liku cataracts from the > a
clouds ( and gigantic vegetation , have )
no comparison in the world. And it
far surpasses the wildest nnd most ro
extravagant dre.uns . of the tourist , < >
aa they all oxprous themselves. n L
Youi correspondent had always 2 i
longed to sou thu matchless beauties
of thu valley of the Yoeoiiiltn , whose cat :
fain ? hns btiCDino world-wide. But it mt
carried her out buyond her depth ,
and the first diiy exhausted her vocab
ulary of adjective ? , amid alt ahu * '
epnld write home aa adeccription wna , ( [
"Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! " ns the girl did who ' '
visited the Contenniiil , nud Ihavo aincu nt
concluded that thone three abort foil
words nro about ns expressive nu all ahc
1110 < may write of that plucu , for there of
no i end to the cloi
Yoauimte. Look which way you will , one
thn shady nook , gurgling brook or
he highust dill's is u picture that . ,
vorda or brush cannot describe. In _
'act , the tourist becomes really in Bun tine
ipirod on entering the valley , and af- buo
or leaving it longs to come and como O.IUI
igain , and ho mutt bu dull indeed nby
ho < cannot appreciate this wonderful
vork of nature , nnd lift a prayer of loolC
hanka to Him who made it. By thu
ray they have n nice littln church in ua
valley , whore they often hold aor- parl
icoa. And what a beautiful spot to sndi
rorahip ! God I oft
It waa a charming Juno day , aa Indi
lalmy and clear aa our California skies Ola
noted for , when our eyes first had zag
plonsuro of looking upon its won- win
lorful beauty , Wu arrived in the wou
'alley the third day after leaving aacu
lone , where wu took the Central ing
'acific railroad for Sacramento nnd put
itockton , whore we connect with thu mitt
r.iin for Milton , There wo take thu nioa
tuga for thu volley and trundle along uboi
good old atyle with a coach and six grai
eighty-six milea almost a two the
ay'a ride. The firat day the scenery a th
not BO intorestinu' , for our into
is mostly through the foot it
ilia , but through n thin tremoloua dppt >
uxo , the forma of the Siurraa in the diati
, and thu Const rangu in thu west , of
ro faintly visible. The sky ovpr- the
oad was cloudloas , a deep blue tint inga
orvading in strong contrast to thu milk
jrth tones of ochre and orange , n mou
.range combination of tint and tone , false
the horizon , calling to mind fa- won
liliur ! pictures of Egypt , Syria nnd and
east , ao it was not wholly tiro- bulo )
HIIO. But at meal times wu were not
igor to got out of the stage and men
mdy to do thu repast justice. And take
twilight wo were only to glad "to than
tired naturo'acalm restorer balmy man
eop , " to arise early the next morn- mak
nnd resume our journey to the woul
jjoct of our trip. But the second yout
ly'a ride wo were more than repaid die
any i of thu tediouanuaa of thu pro- soon
oua day , for it waa ono of torr
i.igmablu , aa two ot our traveling
inipanions who had traveled nearly
* . *
over the world agreed , and fur- no > p
that it waa thu finest they had can
aeon in all their travels We of
the Stanislaus and Tuolomno oncu
vers , the laat one wo are ferried BUcll
TOSS , and further nloni ; we pasa thou
irough thu Tuolomno grove of big aupp
; , and through the largest tree in Thor
grove , ' ' 1'ho Dead Giant , " is th
, horses and poaaongera are in its
ivon right through , which to read idea
tout seems a little incredible , is givoi
jvortlioless a fact , aa also quite a dowi
ivolty. Thia tree ia over 100 foot in appo
rcumferoncc. Bl'C |
Further on our ride ia still moro nngi
'iiutiful , though the grand old pinea , toof
to three hundred feet in height , BO ol
the oaks , hung with the nilsllo- Dire
Then on wn whirl through deep aide
rgoa and valleys , occasionally paaa- mile
deserted villages which were once apart
mining camps with their thou- righl
of inhabitants. Around the Min
mountaino wo go , and not far in and
of the horses we BOO a pretty eve
bound across the road. Thu 11 n d
luntry around about in wild enough Higl
an occasional she grizzly bear is trodi
when roaming through the for- trodiAl
. To our right hundreds of feet oxce
is prov
Along above that the uradu ia very Glac
, and tn.iid paaaungera shrink iiur |
with terror , in fear with the Sent
of the horses the atngo might abov
erturn , and take u tumblu of ono abov
ousand feet or moro. partj
there ia little danger on such u brav
fno road , while on either tide
ia Bi'on u quantity of the glrwy
green Man/.uiiUi buali. Taking the
ridu nil in n 1 , it in ono which wo
may often picture in our imagination
and rend about , but seldom see.
Fliero nro good routes to the valley ,
| but ' this is aaid to bo the finest and
most pleofiant. But nt laat wo are
onlcring Yosemite vnlley , nnd wo nro
realizing ono of thu drcnma of lifo.
Ihck 1 nnd forth wo wind down the
stoop mountain nido , nnd on the right
wo Imvo n line viuw of thu nppropri-
ntoly named ItriiinUVcil fall in r.ll ita
silvery whilonota , nnd in time to ace
ita beautiful rainbow colora.
At our left ia Virgin Teara full and
the huge Hi Cnpitnin mountain ,
whcao nnmo aignifiea "Groat Chinf of
the Valley. " It iail.DOO feet in height ,
more than puipendiculnr , of smooth ,
cold , grny granite. In thu distance
wo see Cloud's ' 1'rst , South
Dome , Glazier Point , Three ( Srncoa ,
Cathedral Spiroa , nnd other liipli
cl ill's ( which we take more interest in
later , ) the highest of wh'ch ' is
"Oloud'a Real , " 0,150 feet above
the valley.
Yonemito valley is1,000 foot obovo
the level of thu son , mid ia said to
have been ecoopcd out by n largu gla
cier during thu glacier period. In
many places thu wnlln of the vnlley
are nearly vertical. The mountains
aurroundiiu ; it will average about
1,000 fuot in hoight. The 'vnlloy ia
ton miles long , with nn average ot ono
and a half mile in width , which ia
hard to realize , ns it seema less than
quarter of u milo wide , so _ gigantic
nru thu walla inclosing it. The
charming Mcrcod river lluws through
the valley , nnd with ita clear , spark
ling water nnd beautiful cascades ,
2oinplutcs the picturesque ) ncuno.
Wo nrrivod nt Barmird's ' Yoeomito
l'\ills hotel nt 0 p. in. , Li time to do :
just fee to a good dinner. This hotel
ohnriningly located on the margin
f the biuutiful waters of the Merced
Ivor. The dining room ami our
oem ; nlao , look out under almdy tree * ,
or green lawns , with a line view in
directlJIiiio of the Yujomitu fills , of
lilt ( i I fuel high. Invnlida nnd parties COI
vho cannot unduru homo-back riding , ful '
an BOS moot of tha principal points ot
nturust from the vurandn of thia ron
The next morning after onr nrrivnl IUK
'c took fi c.irrnigu for Mirror lake i !
before oinirise ) through thu beautiful
Tia-aa-nck park and drive , " nrrivin
the lake in time to aeu old Sol. risu
'ourtoun times by walking along thu if
ihores of the lake , which nt this time ifbri l
day i ia in nil ita beauty , its water no1
iloar without a ripple , nnd api
HI : unri.EonoN HO TIIUI.V woNDEitrui. I :
mo can ul most imaginu it to bu aoine hei
iiint mirror , for there in ita waters heiMe
on ] BOO all thu high cliffr and pinoa '
urrounding it , and every leaf dia-
inctly , and ono involuntarily steps
nok in fear that n caroleaa step may
luau him to fall to n bottomless Nitl [
byss , aa it in all reality appears when
loking on its placid waters. nov
Our early morning ride had given win
a good appetite for breakfast , after tioi
artaking of which , we mount our 17H
iddlo horses at the hotel , and a party $15
twelve or fifteen ot us , with guides , the
idioo and gentlemen , are off for ban
llacior Point , a ride of four miles , zlg > ami
trail up the steep mountain aide , Goc
Inch , to look at from the valley , ono
ould think it almost impossible to
icond. And wo make a queer look- Nttl
saddle i train , for us ladies do not
on much style while doing Yoso- hav
ito valley. But this is one of the by
oat charming and interesting rides
out the valley , presenting many the
and : and startling views. Fur almost of
entire distance after nn ascent of on
thousand feet , wu could look down two
what ueemed a bottomless abyss , dyii
wna i i.pobsiblo to see its greatest
ptli. Outofitoimo the roaring of the
stunt waters nnd the lulling songs mor
pinu ! tree forests. And , although
trail ia good , still itazig-zng wind-
and dangerous turns are apt to NatliA
uko the rider keep close to the
ountnin and wife aide , for a slip or ditii
step of the horse and down you exci
ould ire two or three thousand feet frioi
bo dashed to pieces on the rocka up ,
low. People with weak nerves can- n tu
enjoy thu grand view. And even him
that are brave otherwiao prefer to tube
thu tircaomo climb on foot rather ho
trust their horsoH , aa didn Gor nuti
gentleman in our party , who waa thro
nkinj , ' a tour of the world , and ono time
uld think ho waa morj brave ; but rapii
correspondent preferred her Bad- an lit
and held on tight. Passing on wu
roach Glacier Point. From it * N..HO
c'd summit wo look down 3,200 N..HOA'
( ) to the
perpendicular grcun a ri
cndown below , and of Goo
pun cull give n true nkutch. Tlieru
bu 1 but tew places whuru so much atau
the terrible and beautiful are at bore >
combined , and few can guzo into mini
a depth without a shudder , oven wna
ough there ar > < strong iron bars to to ni
pport you while looking over , of tl
lore over three thousand feet bulow morl
clear Merced river rippling on prow
many charming winding , and an int i ;
of the immoiiBu height can bu woui
when I tell you that looking
in thu valley pines 300 feet high Natloi
pear aa shrubbery , persons as mere NatloiDi
) mid the church ( whoso boll was
iging sweetly ) appeared the aizo of lidin
those little toy cluiretiea wo have ling
often played with when children ,
iroctly opposite IIB , on the other
, Yoaumitu fall coming down half-
in three leaps , its silvery spray Natlo
arking in thu sunshine ; and to thu L/
we see thn jewel of the valley , Cum
irror Lake , and further on Nevada and
Vormil Fulls , and towering high nigh
them ia Half Doino Clouds' Iteat ; colic
beyond all ia the snow-capped Som
Sierra mountains , aa yet un- Hay
jdclon by thu foot of man , and
Glacier Point wo partook of an seek
cellent dinner , oven though nil the The
ovisions have to bu broug'ht to that mis
pinnuclu on horse back. From
acier Point , a travel of a mile and a Cum
tarter higher leads to the summit of fram
iitinel Dome , which ia 4,125 feet into
the valley and about 0,000 feet
sea level , which none of the W
cared to venture excepting your bioyi
( ? ) correspondent , who was do- City
torniincd to take it nil in and which
wan n perfectly splendid view.
Our trip took the entire day , nrriv-
ing at the hotel In tlmo to enjoy n
goOvl supper , nfJer whichwo took n
moonlight stroll through the valley ,
for wo were fortunate to bo blessed
with beautiful moonlight nights
while there , as well na delightful
w iftthor Uko that of sunny Italy , dur
ing bur stay ,
nether day we take the trail for
Vornnl nnd Nevada falls , which is an
other delightful trip. Your correspondent -
respondent had the pfeaauro ( / ) of a
genuine ehowor bath from the apray of
thn beautiful shout of falling water
ia n plunge of100 feet ; andtwo
or throe of our party thought wo
would descend the long ladders and
go under the falls , the consequence of
which wna n aovuro soaking , notwith
standing rubbers nnd water-proof.
But whun there wu had rainbows nil
around ua nnd right nt our foot , but
did not find ( ho big of gold wo have
boon told na children \vo would find nt
the end of the rainbow.
Our lant dny nt Ycaomito wo had n
most delightful buggy ride of sixteen
miloB , to nnd from the C.iscndo fulls ,
nt the Bouth end of the valley , stopping -
ping , on the way nt the foot , of "Yoao-
mite Fnlla" and "Uridnl Veil , " whore
wi gathered aninu of the loveliest of
forna , llowora nnd mesa , mid received
nnothor oprinklini ; from thn aprny ;
bu then our ridu wna ao perfectly
splendid - n continual change of acon-
urj . And nuother charm ia ndded by
that pervadca the breeze throughout
till entire valley , Aa wo ride along
the bnnkn of the clear , cool Merced
river , with ita many beautiful caa-
adua and the towering clifla on all
iidof , ono muat indeed bo happy
ivhen all nature ia gny , and , indeed ,
moat every ono seems BO in Yoscmito ,
ind for my pnrt I don't BOO how they
sonld help but bo. For paint in your
maginntion one of thu moat beautiful
pictures ; , and I nasuro you it must
some far abort of Yuauinito'a wonder-
I advuo all my Omaha friends and
ondoiacif Tin : BKU to improve their
irat opportunity to noa thin sweet vale
md paradise , and you will novnr ro-
ret it though it coat something.
Bu you will bo repaid by thu enjoy-
nont it nllbrda. To my young friunda
vho contemplatu niatrimory wait ,
not too lout : until you can take u
ridal tour to Yosemite , There could
lot bu a more delightful place to
ipcnd thu honeymoon. I think you
an then any as I hoard an old lady siy
.here , "If thi.i ia earth what muat
leaven bo , " Aa to the faithful , "Soo
Mecca and die. " BO to the traveler ,
'BOO YoRomilo , the laat of earth. "
Another Cnnuior Skipi-
itlnnM Anmclatoil 1'itrn
LOOANHPOUT , Ind. , July 17 It
ow transpires that Oscar M. Good-
mi , cashier of the Logansport Na-
ionalt bank , who loft this city Juno
Hi , ia n defaulter to the amount of
15,000. On Juno 8th ho instructed
bank olork to charge the Exchange
lank of Chicago with the above
niounh , Suit will' be brought ngainot .
loodwin's auroties.
The Fatal Toy Pistol.
itlnnil ! Auodatoil Prom ,
OiiiOAno , July 17. Twelve deaths-
ave occurred ainco July 4 , all caused
wounds of toy pistols.
SALT , LAKE , U.tah , July 17. To-day
firat death of lockjaw from wounda
toy I pistols occurred. A boy shot
the 1'ourth of July has died , and
others similarly wounded are
Ono of the wivoa of John Taylor ,
Mormon president , died this
Senator HlU'a Condition.
atlonal Asioclatod I'rons.
ATLANTA , Ga. , July 17.Tho con-
ition of Senator Hill ia such aa to
ccito the yravost approhonaion of hist
lends. Yesterday hm throat closed
and it became neueasary to insert
tuba in his throat , in order to allow
to awallow nourishment , The
waa withdrawn this in online , and
was ablu to swallow food in a
itural manner , but thu closing of the
iroat ia considered imminent at any
. It in feared that the senator ia
pidly approaching the end of his
A Bloody Riot.
itloml ABHAC ! itixl I'rcsn
ATLANTA ' , Ga. , July 17. There was
riot on the Hiie of * lm Cincinnati &
uorgia : railroad nnar R'jckmart , Sat-
day , diirini ; which a white man
imej John Hicks waa uhot and in-
nutly killed by a guiK of negro la-
rors. Jlicks was accompanied by n
nnbur of friends. A drunken row
started when the white men at-
mptod | to disarm the negroes , One
the hitter resisting was shot and
orlnlly wounded , whereupon the
Dt/d fired and Hicks fell dead , Dur-
thu t melee aovoral persons were
tlonal AaaoclatcJ I'rtsa.
DETJIOIT , July 17. The tugJ. 0.
waa sunk this morning by col
with the propeller Scotia in
St , Olair. There were no lives
A Soduoer Shot Dead.
tlonal : Associated 1'resa )
LAIIEDO / , Texas , July 17. W. E.
miming , district attorney , wn shot
instantly killed hero Sunday
by Leonard Hayes , son of the
Hector of customs at Brownsville.
months ago Cumminga scduood
ayes' sister , a young Ki'rl about 13 ,
her brother has ever oinco boon
eking an opportunity for revenge !
shooting occurred , without any
, in the door way of thu Com-
urcial hotel. Thu ball passed through
immings' heart , and lodged in the
of the door , Hayes escaped
Mexico ,
WANTKD. A good second-hand
cycle. Address box X , Central
, Neb 10-3 ;
\ \