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TWELFTH YEAR. OMAHA , NEB , , IMG N"DAY , JULY 17 , 1382. 24.
Tlio Bombardment of Aloxatulrii
Denounced by Hon ,
John Bright ,
The Mneeacro of Foreigner
Duo to the Presence of
the Fleet.
Cootraditory Reports of Blood :
Fighting at the Gates
of Alexandria.
An Extraordinary Cabine
Council Galled for Im
mediate Action.
Forolcnor.i Floolng From Cntr
With nil PoMUilo Spood.
A Variety of Items Liberally Po'w
N tlcm l Associated 1'rcw.
NEW YOUK , July 10. A Londoi
cable says : In conversation will
Bright about his reported resignation
ho said the true causn of it was thi
Egyptian policy of the covornmonl
culminating in what Mr. Bright con
sldors an unjustifiable use of force it
Alexandria. Ho was opposed tc
sending the fleet to Egypt originally ,
for political purpose. Ho cunsidorcc'
that England had no business to interfere <
fore with
of Egypt , having no serious intoresl
there except the Suez canal , and the
canal ws never menaced by Arabi 01
anybody else. Qo believes that
the massacre on the llth of Juno was
largely provoked by the presence of
the English llout. Ho regards the
continuous prcsonco of the fleet , with
a constantly increasing number of
foreign men-of-war in a friendly hnr-
bor , na in itself a menace and an un
friendly - < ct. The motive of Rending
them , namely , the protection of
French subjects , was a good motive ,
but matters were so managed that the
fleet became
rather than protection. When asked
what the fleet should have done after
Admiral Seymour had delivered the
ultimatum and Arabl discontinued
the armaments nnd then broke his
promise , ho ana\vered that wo have
yet heard only one side of the story ,
and he seemed inclined to discredit
the evidence of the electric light ,
which showed that the troops were
continuing the work. Ho insisted ,
however , that these details were com
paratively unimportant. The real
cause of his resignation was the uao
of force , which was not defensible on
moral grounds.
National Associated Press. '
ALEXANDRIA , July-16. The , moas-
'ures taken'by Admiral Seymour to
restore order have boon completely
successful. Cafes and shops are re
opening and matters are assuming a
more Bottled appearance. The
great fires are dying out and nearly
all looting has been stopped.
\ Naval officers are nearly unanimous
in thinking the fleet fired with greater
precision than believed possible.
Americans were particuliarly enthu
siastic They took c.ircful observa
tion uf each shot , and state that in a
< jiuuf , ci' * largo ships are at no disad
vantage against forts , and small ships
i\t tnunli less than supposed , Gor-
tuiiii ollicers expressed a similar opin
ion , but Austrians much less compli
mentary. The American marines
were the first to land to help restore
order. The Germans followed. Both
landed without instructions from
their representative governments. All
the vessels in the harbor except those
of Austria and Oreeca , landed men.
and an epidemic , because of the unburied -
buried dead. The offices of the Otto
man bank and the Credit Lyonnaiso
escaped destruction. Arabi Pasha ap
propriated 25,000 from the custom
house before leaving. According to
the accounts of persons who remained
in the city , bands of murderers dur
ing and after the bombardment
forced their way into almost every
Many of the houses which yester
day were intact are now in axhos ,
among them the British consulate.
Eye witnesses relate that soldiers and
others after plundering the houses
heaped up bedding , saturated it with
petroleum and then set the pile on
lire. To-day there wore no fresh fires ,
but ruins are tumbling and encum Cl
bering the streets. Alexandria is like
a city of the dead , although a few
more Greeks and Maltese are visible
h ;
on the streets , Americana , Germans
and Greeks who disembarked from
their respective ships of war act as police - Bol
lice in different districts , while the olfll
British oocupy the forts and bastions , fllol
and are stationed at the gates. The ol
1'ronoh and Italians have thus far refused tl :
fused to land. A sister of the kho- OB
divo's wife died from premature con ca
finement during the bombardment. arhe
The plundering and burning began on he
the 12th. Scarcely any European
dwellings were spared. It appears EC
that largo stores of petroleum were laiAi
sent to Alexandria a week before the Aimi
bombardment , especially to sot fire to mi
the town. Incendiaries state that sti
they received instructions to sot fire anmi
to housed. mi
f/ LONDON , July 10. The following
was sent The Times from Alexandria ;
Speaking yesterday to a Turk from
whom I have before quoted , and whom the
I believe is extremely well informed , dia
as regards Stamboul palace politic'
ho said : "Let mo beg to give yoi
this warning In the most cmphatii
manner. You can employ and staki
your reputation upon its truth , and i
it bo attempted to disprove it , givi
my name and I will qivo you proo
under authority an authority whiel
the sultan will not deny : Ever ;
Turkish soldier that lands in Egypt
bo the guarantee of Turkey tvhat i
may , will within a month bo the allj
of the Egyptian military party , am
will bo opposed to European interference
once in Egypt in a far more cfficaciou :
fashion than Arabi or the whole partj
now in Egypt are. The day that sucl
troops are sighted I leave behind mi
Egypt , Turkey and the oaot , con
yincod that it will terminate the ex
istoncj of T irkey.
Franco will occupy Eijypt will
England upon invitation of the pow
ors. x
Seymour notifies the govornmon' '
that confidence Is returning.
_ In the honsp of commons yostordaj
Sir Charles Dilko , under foreign ROC
crotary , road a telegram stating thai
American marines wcro assisting it :
patrolling thn streets of Alexandria.
Mr. Chamberlain , president of the
board of trado. conOrmcil the rtimoi
tint John Bright hns resigned the
chancellorship of the Duchy of Lin
Sir Charles Dilko said the govern'
mont had no information as to Arab !
Pasha's position , and in reply to h
question as to whether stops would
bo take to intercept Arabi Pasha on
the road said "Oar
: proceedings ro-
lata to Alexander. The other matter
is for the p wors to take action upon. "
A thousand more marines have boon
ordered from Malta to Alexandria.
National Associated Prcsa.
LONDON , July 1C , p. M. The city
is greatly excited over the report just
received that Arabi Bey has returned
to Alexandria with an army of 7,000
> roops and nine field piece ? , anel has
opened an attack on the marines now
guarding the city. Dispatches also
state that hut fishtiug is in progress
at the different gatu and that owing
to the superiority in numbers of the
Arabs , the English , Gorman , and
American marines are in danger of
bointf overpowered. The unexpected
renewal of hostilities it is thought
must have taktin the fleet by sur-
pris.o. The entire force of" troops in
the city are guarding the gates with
Gatlin guns , thus fur successfully.
4 p. M , Sir Hugh Childoro , under
secretary of war , summoned a special
council to meet to-ni ht at the war
ojlico and take immediate action in
view of the renewal of hostilities.
The duke of Bainbridge , J3ir Garnet
Wolsoloy and other military loaders
have boon requested to attend.
The British expedition has loft
Cyproso for Port Said.
5 p. M. A dispatch from Cairo
states that the German and Italian
consuls havo'Warnod all Europeans to
feaf6rlKo city imWBdiatioJy. A mas
sacre is feared and the greatest excite
ment prevails. Foreigners are leav
ing in hundreds.
8 p. jr. It is rumored that a tor-
iblo massacre of Europeans has taken
) lace at Cairo. Further dispatches
ire anxiously awaited.
A joint circular has boon issued by
ho powers , in conference assembled ,
nviting Turkey to occupy Egypt with
n armed forco. In the event of the
lorto's refusal the conference orders
European intervention.
j reported Cairo. A state of anarchy
nd confusion prevails in that city ,
t is reported that largo stores of
ctroloum wore sent to Alexandria
eforo the beginning of the recent
oaulitios for the purpose of firing the
ity. This is considered to bo the
luso of the remarkable spread of the
A dispatch from Alexandria states
mt the military police , acting under
10 command of Lord Charles
ereaford , shot four Arabs who re-
ised to give up their arms. Mr.
ornish , manager of the water works ,
LONDON , July 17. Conservative
adors in parliament propose to move
vote of coneuro to-day on the gov-
nmont's Egyptian policy.
lion begins in ten dayu , causes great f
leasiness , in miniotiirial circles ,
le ministry believe if no arrange
Hits to control the increased How is
ido , all cotton and grain in the
'intry ' will bo destroyed.
ALEXANDRIA , July 1C The khedive
3 issued a mandate deposing Arabi
y , and proclaiming him a rebel.
Alexandria is isolated , No heavy
hting has taken place. Numbers at
Arabi's troops have appeared , and BU
> marines have had some skirmish- th
with thorn , but without serious
ualtios. The main body of Arabi'a
continue in at Daman-
ly camp - V/B
ir. CO
uts brought him information that a CONa
; o body of troops belonging to Nai
ibi's army is encamped twenty i
es from this city. Hostile demon- cai
itiona have already been made , and sot
attack is apprehended. The re no
nder of Arabi'a army la disaf- coi
ed ,
IEXANDUIA , July 10.- Midnight NatMe J
irvoy by a number cu ofiicors of Me
marine corps and navy in this city the
loses the iflct that ono half of the
European quarter of the city has bcoi
destroyed. Banks wcro not burnec
nor pillaged , and hospitals were un
touched. A number of fresh fire
were started in the city to-day , bu
the military succeeded in extinguish
ing thorn before any serious datnagi
was done. Several Arabs , who wori
caught plundering houses , worn sentenced
toncod to bo publicly whipped , nn <
five men charged with murder won
executed on Place Mahomet , Groa
distress prevails in the city , and star
ration threatens the houseless thou
CoxsTANTixorLE , July 10. Foroigi
ambassadors hnd a conference to > da ]
with the sultan and Said Pasha on tin
question of the porto intervening it
Egyptian affairs by Bending a largi
force of Turkish troops tn occnp } ' tin
country and restore order. The porti
seemed disposed to send such oxpedi
lion , but had not up to the latest ad
vices decided to do so.
PAULS , July 10. At a council o
the French ministry he-Id this evening
it was decided to join England in pro
lection of the Suiz canal
LONDON , July 10. The rainy un
seasonable weather in England hat
damaged the crops. Wheat is beater
down , hay is rotting and half a croj
is not oxpectod. Prospects are gloomj
a.ul farmers will not relish the tax ar
rears bill. _
National Associated 1'rcsp.
LONDON , July 15. Admiral Seymour -
mour telegraphs that the .Americans
have landed marines and ro-estab *
lished the American consulate.
ALEXANDRIA , July 15 , 5 a. m. The
fire is subsiding , having nearly ex
hausted its food.
The German ships have landed ma
rines to re-establish nnd protect thu
German consulate.
W YOKK , July 15. Lieutenant
Commander Gorringo in an interview
said the bombardment of Alexandria
was without justification ; that there
were no real massacres until after the
Enulssh ilect opened fire. The bom
bardment was a mcro pretext for
crushing the national party of Egypt ,
and the most unjustifiable net the
British have over been guilty of. Ag
itation of the Irish question hero is
just as good ground for a British
bombardment of New York as the
British had thero.
ALEXANDRIA , July 15 , 1 p. m.
American marines are preserving or
der. The natives object loss to obey
ing orders from Americans than from
other foreigners , the American ma
rines being the regular police patrol.
1:30 : p. m , People may now safely
go through some of the main thor
oughfares patrolled closely by British
and German marines , but the great
part of the city is still smouldering
and contains thousends of concealed
bandits. To pass through any of
this , particularly without an armed
escort , is dangerous.
* wfsws : = _
lor Lonar SuflorlngBrouRnt tc an
rational Associated Press.
SPKINFFIKLD , July 10 , Mrs. Mary
? odd-Lincoln , widow of President
jincoln , died at the residence of her
mtor , Mrs. A. W. Edwards , of par-
lysis , ut 8:15 : o'clock this evening.
Irs. Lincoln has boon making
or homo with Mrs. Edwards for
ovonil months past , during which her
oalth has gradually wasted. She had
con confined to her bed for some
imo , and intended as soon as she was
bio to go to Ocean Grove , near Long
Iranch , hoping to obtain benefit from
10 sea air. She was 04 years old.
Senator BroITU'S Gift-
itlonal Associated P < > * ,
ATLANTA , Ga. , July JO. Senator
osoph E. Brown and Alexander JI.
tophons are visiting the state univer.
ty at Athens. Tlio former made the
liveraity a gift of § 50,000 , the inter-
t on the sum to bo used for the pay-
ont of expenses of young ; nion who
' 0 nnablo to afford the moans of odu-
An Educator in Trouble.
tlonal Art-ocUtuJ 1'rutM.
N. Y. , July 10.
nion college trustees meet to-mor-
w in Memorial hall to hoar the
: argos against President Potter. The
urges are untrustworthiness , assort-
g the trustees wora sick when not
; tolling the treasurer serious charges
> ro made against him and not in-
rming the faculty ; certain offending
idonts altering the minutes of the
: ulty and board ; defining faculty
lolutions ; making many other falao
.tomonts ; also the charge of incom-
toncy and failure to ye op order ,
glecting class-room work and like
jcincations. Potter denies all spoci-
' Ni
Fire at Avooa.
lonal Associated I'rcBS.
LVOCA , July 10. The ofllco of E
Boon , veterinary aurgoon of this
co , burned down Friday morning 80SI
L o'clock and was a total loss , Bean
coodod in getting a trunk out of
building , but his clothing , books. CO
iaratuH , etc , , as well as those of his bi
tnor , were a total loss. There biOi
> seine insurance but not enough to
or the loss.
Political. tope
lonal Associated 1'reea. po
Unto , 111. , July 15. The republi- Btl
B hi the Twentieth district after alien
lion lasting until after midnight , rei
linated Hon. J. 11. Thomas for sic
gross. of
Boyi Drowned. Hti
> nal AesocUUxl in
'KW LONDON , ; ! July 15. John coi
per , aged 14 , attempted to swim in me
Thames with Win. Bailey , aged un
on his bock. Both were drowned. hoi
Or the War for a Seat in tin
Lower House of Congress ,
A Lively Time Expected Ov * ;
the Remaining Election
Republicans Determined tc
Thin Out the BilUcoae
JuilRo Advoonto Swnm' ! Ilolntiotii
\Vitli the Secretary ofVnr. .
A Contest Probable on Gultofiu'a Will
The Star Reuters and Tobnc-
co Mon.
National Atnociatod I'rcw.
WARHINOTON , July 1C. The tobacco
dcalors and manufacturers of tin
country liold a mooting hero yestor-
ilny nftornoon , and decided to urgu
the senate tu amend the internal rove *
iiuo bill by reducing the tux on to
bacco from aixtoou couta pur pound to
eight conts.
The Bonnto passed a resolution
allowing employes of the government
printing bureau who work from mid-
to 8 o'clock a. m , payment equal to a
day and a Imlf.
The Clint ; of claims bcforo the
French-American commission con
cluded yesterday. The next mooting
will bo hold on October 2d.
The Clitic publishes an interview
with nearly every member of the
grand jury , to show that no now star
route indictments wcro found , because
the evidence was inauflicintit , and de
nying Col Bliss' ' statement that it
was on account of the political ullilm-
tions of the jury and kindness toward
Senator Kollopg ,
There is a prospect of n contest
over Guitoau's so-called will. Rcud
says Guiteau wns legally unfit to make
a will. The document prepared by
him was merely a memorandum to
quiet him , Scovillo lays claim to
Uuiotnu'a book and Rood thinks they
have a right to claim it ,
The house will , during the coming
weak , giro most of its attention to
contested election cases. To-morrow
will bo "suspension Monday , " and
the day will bo given to the passaaa
of bills under suspension of the rules.
Tuesday , Bingham of the committee
on postolOcos and post roads will
make an effort to got consideration
for a number of bills relating to post-
office affairs , among them ono in
creasing the pay of auxiliary letter
Barriers and another adjusting the
pay and grade of railway mail service
Qiuploycs. Should the republicans ,
however , find they har < a .quorum ,
is they expect io have oil"Tuesday
norning , they will proceed to take
jp election cases , probably Smalls
colored ) against Tiilman , of South
Carolina. It Is not expected that
his will occupy more than two days.
fho next case will bo that of Shelley
Ala ) , contestant , for whoso seat Smith
lied hero recently while waiting for
ho consideration of the case. The
osult of thcBo cases will doubtless
> o the seating of Smalls and declaring
ho Boatof Shelley vacant. Whether
ho cnso of Sussinghain against Foster
Mo. ) will bu ready for action this
rook is not yut determined ,
The seriate will spend the greater
art of the week on the internal rev *
nuo bill , no doubt sandwiching in the
jmaining appropriation bills. Do-
ate is not likely to bo as long an at
rat oxpecied , and a vote is looked for
Jiursday or Friday. The best judges
) t August 1st for final adjournment.
CHICAGO July 1C. A Washington
w" " * * " " - , " * * * J * w 4& f t MUKttf 11 bUll
) ociul Bays Swaim , the judge advocate
anoral of the army , ono of Garfiold'a
d chums , is reported to bo on not
jry good terms with the secretary of
ar , It is said the secretary has
a great dishko to him and ovcr-
ilos a innjority of his decisions. This
) os great injustice to Mr. Lincoln ,
ho lias no personal difference with
uneral Swaim , but the fact that
> has overruled a great many
the judge advocate general's
icisioiia go to show that ho is a bet.
r lawyer than Mr. Swain , most of
lioso decisions thus far have boon
ulty and should huvo boon over-
led nn their merits , aside from any T
rsonal questions between him and HI
o secretary. Swain has prepared a tisi HIti
w report on Sergeant Mason's siSI
jo , which ho will present for consid- SIBI
Uion Monday. BI
loul Associated 1'rciw II
WASHINGTON , July ID , Senator al
ithony introduced a bill repealing lo
much of the army bill as retires
orman and Sheridan , lloforred , at
riio aonato then proceeded to ( ho
isidoration of the pension appro-
ations bill , the internal revenue
! having boon laid asidn informally.
Senator Plumb's point of order , or
oommittoo amendment directing dn
secretary of the interior annually in
transmit to congress a list of all or
isions berne on the rolls , was vi
ick from the bill. viyc
ionator Beck offered an amendment yc
uiring the commissioner of pen ycT"
is once in each year , to causa a list T"
ill pensioners and applicants for OS
sions for each county in the United th
tes to bo made out and published
at least ono newspaper in such
nty. The adoption of the amtfnd- pa
it would prevent to a great meas- cal
the perpetration of frauds. No "I
est soldier would object. Objoo-
tion would only como from men wh <
were dishonestly receiving pensions
A citizen of Louisvil'o ' who had bcoi
n soldier but had lost an arm in a din
ropulablo brawl was no receiving i
pension for that disability.
Senator Plumb did not deny then
was some fraud under the ponsioi
laws , but ho asserted it was ntacticall ;
impossible to construct a pension lis
without frauds creeping in , The wa
hod cost § 0,000,000,000. H had beei
a big job , nnd thank God it had boai
well done , and if it cost § 0,000,000 ,
000 to support the men who hnd car
ried the lUg it would bo money wcl
spoilt as long an ono of those voler.ui
remain to drag his emaciated bed ;
through the country which ho hn !
helped to keep in tact.
Senator Beck agreed in this view
but stated ho would always opjinso tin
foisting upon the pension rolls of mot
who claimed to have been soldiers
but who had never served in the armj
or navy ,
Senator 1'latl , chairman of the com
mittop , expressed the belief that then
would bo a deficiency in thoappropria
tion of Si > 5,000,000 or § 30,000,0K (
boioro the close of the current yonr ,
beyond the present amount of $07-
010,000 for pensions , exclusive of the
expense of the bureau ,
Senator Logan opposed the amend
ment and claimed the bill as reported
from thn committee on pensions threw
a safeguard around the pension otllco.
llo disliked this annual attack upon
the pension list and these charges of
fraud , If Senator Bock know any
fraudulent pensioner it was his duty
to the country to Inform the commis
sioners of pensions of the fnct , lie-
fore ho ( Logan ) would niako a raid
upon men and charge them with fraud
and perjury and crime , ho would name
the mon. Ho had boon willing that a
list of pensioners should bo annually
transmitted to congress , but ho coula
see no necessity for having that list
published in the nowspapoia and
§ 500,000 paid therefor.
Senator Plait also opposed the
amendment , which was finally ruled
out upon a point of order. The bill
was then passed. The senate insisted
upon the amendment to the river and
harbor appropriation bill , and a con
ference committee ordered , consisting
of Senators McMillan , Jones ( Nevada -
da ) , and Ransom. Adjourned.
After discussion the house voted to
insist on disagreement with the acn-
ate and nak for a furthur conference.
Uiscock and Atkinuon were ap
pointed n committee on the legisla
tive bill , and Hiscock , Robinson and
Cox on the deficiency bill.
Tim nuostion of inunmlity in the
salaries of the senate uiitl honso em
ployes was rofprrod to tlm oivil oervico
reform committee , provided no salar
ies bo increased.
The house then wont into committee -
too of the whole on the senate
imondmonts to the river and harbor
iill. The first seventeen amendments
ivoro non-concurred in.
The Honnopin canal amendment
; ave rise to discussion , in the course
) f which Mr. Uutchiuson , of Now
STork , expressed the hope that the
louse would give such an ompliatio
iondomnation to the schema that it
ffould never show itself again. The
imondmont was advocated by Messrs.
Elondotson and Springer. It was
lon-concurrcd in , and the remainder
> f the amendments iioh-concurfdcl' in , "
grans number being 150. The
sommittoo thou rose , and the house
ion-concurred in all the senate
.niondmonts. An unsuccessful effort
ms made to have an hour spent in
ioarir.g a request for unanimous con-
out.Adjourned. .
Ul Creeds and Nationalities
United fora Common
'ho Beginning of tbo End of the
Great Strike.
atlonal Associated I'rcaa.
NEW YORK , July 10. With the
ese of the fourth week of the
eight handlers' strike the prospects
' success for the mon scorn
righter than over before , The
jaceful policy thus far adopted has
on the respect of the public , and
nv that a thorough understanding
itwcon the different nationalities
is boon effected the strikers can
ark more effectually ugaiiut the
nnsportation companies. There
is considerable alarm among the
ttor on yesterday , when it was
und Umt a large number of groun
inds had gone ever to the strikers ,
d from present appearances next
ick will bring matters to a crisis ,
10 Italians , whom the companies
pposnd could bo engaged at any
ne , have caught the spirit of the
iko and will no longer work for
k'onteon cents an hour. It is the
nu with the Russian Jews , and
are is now opposed to the com-
nies a solid front of men of all
tionalities and creeds , and who
vo a considerable amount of money
their backs to sustain them in vhoir
ik-out. At the various piers yes-
day there was only a limited
ount of freight offered , but the
co of men employed was small and
igrces alow ,
YORK , July 10. Twenty-five bi
animations were represented in to * HI
r'n mooting of the Central Labor
on , Iloports of action in various
animations on the resolution pro- at
ing for a Btrilco fund were rocoived. tr ,
If a dozen favored the idea und tweed wi
ed against it aim the great ma- tn
ity had failed to take action. or
committee reported in favor of du
tblishing a daily labor paper in a i
interest of the socialistic labor iwl
ty , The committee on thu advisa- in
ty of forming a distinct labor at
ty , recommended going into politi * po
action under the name ot the poM
nitod Labor Party , " and to or O'
izo under the management of a Be
central labor union , the object being
ing to secure representatives ol
the party lit the legislature. The
committee auliinitlod aplnlform , whicl
provides for land and lixbor reform
and urges all woikitigmon to scvoi
their count ction with both the dom
ocMtio and republican parties. Ttve
of the planks favor governmental con
trol of railroads and protection ol
1 bur by national and stnto authoritj
so as to equalize its burdens and insure
just distribution of its rosultn
Several dolepntosdiscussed ; the report ,
and thpii the question of organizing
the united labor party was referred
to the trades organizations. It was
resolved to hold a mass mooting ol
sympathy with the striking freight
haiullora on Union Square Wednes
day night ,
S'MtanM AwoclntcHl l're v
Tlio Bittitn Va company n nt\kiiitr ! nn
nrtosinn well nlTlmlclier , Culornilo. It la
down 000 fc < t nml begins to smell like conl
iY torrifin storm of wind , ruin nnd hall
Rwcpt the fertile nnd , o | nio > n sections of
the l'luck llillnknowiinaSpf.'xrfisliniul Jtoil
wnler. Two tlinuiinnd ncroi of grnln nearly
ready for harvest \vero deatrojctl , nmlii
-octiou of the Citunlry four inlloq wlilo nml
Lhlity long wna dealroyoJ. No leas of llfo
is reported.
According to the Intent cstimnte , the
sea by tlio tlirco llroi In Now York Vrl *
ilny night la S20 ! , Sr ( ) ; insurance , StfiO.OOO.
The property of the Hoi brook Manufac
turing company la insured for f Dll.H.'O in
twenty , five illirercnl comimulcn. The Ion
nt Nos. 1 ! 13.1 ! 15 and 217 Itoavo street N
80)00 ( ) ; tlio low * on Wliltchondnlri-olnro
S80,0tl ) ) , nml the lows on tlio Washington
sticet fire S'JUS50.
MiclincI Dnvitt sailed for Antwerp Snt-
urdny from Now Voik , on tlio "lilieln-
Innd. " Itcd Star line. He held rv reception
on the Btonmcr. Mr. Itynn , on lichnlf of
tint citizens' coiiiinlttce , presented him n
hntulaonio puna , Mr. D vitt pimply until
"Tlmnk you. " Ho will K < > to Antwerp
nml 1'nria to confer with 1'arnull ; then to
London nnd Dublin , nnd Inko part in the
convention on August 15.
Tlio Cinciminti Snleon Keeper1 Proton *
ti\o isolation hnn adopted n pro.uiiblo nnd
icsiihition reciting llmt the actltmof tlio
liolico oiirt In iliHinlimlnB nil cxnea for violation
lation of tlio Sunday liquor law in practi
cally nu olliclnl niiiiouncement Unit tlio
Inw in n dond letter , yet in view of the
fi ulingH of n Initfi ! clnsa of citizens they
recommend tlmt licroaftur on Hmulnyn
million kecpor.i keep their front donra
olosctl , ami comluct their I usitiesH uithimt
n i a or contusion , which illicit bo olTon-
aivo to ptlicra.
Tlio lir t American silk miring oxlitbt-
llon will bo trnimfurroil from Now York to
Hiirton , nml will nfterxvnnU ylitlt other
cnatorn cititH. Next yuar , it IH propoaoil
to give hiintiltnncoiiH IcctnrcH nnti cxliibi-
tlnna In o\ory city , in onlnr to foater the
nlllc culture , llerninn Kuclcc , projector
of tlio exhibition , proposoa tlmt n duty bo
imposed on raw silk , BO nn to u'vo ' nn In-
iluccmcnt to cn ngo in ita cnlluro. It. F ,
Hamilton will bo munngor of the oxlill itiou
In Hoaton.
TliurHilny ovcnhi ) ; n Htnirliulldcr immod
H. Khrnistciti , worltlnt , ' upon tlio third
lloor of the Uriinil hotel , 1'iiohlo , Col ,
fell through to tlio collar nml iiiirncuIniiHly
) c.iped death. A board of the plntfoim
10 wns etmullnjj on broke. J'lillititf to the
leer ho struck n Miniilnr platform , lironk-
ag throuKJi this , ho continue 1 fulling ,
> rcakiug still nnotlior bonrtl on tbo first
leer , llo finally Inndeil upon hia kncoa
mil ImnilH in the collar , having fnllen n
UnUnce ut el ity feet without oven brcnk-
ig a bono mul sustaining only n few
futloniil Ajuodatod 1'ross.
ViOKSiioiip , July 10. At 3 a. m.
fostordny flfimoB broke out from the
louse of "Fracan , ' "a'tJofman. " Tlio
iroinon discovered the body of Mrs.
fracas with her skull crushed by a
) low from an axe. The body was
mrtially burned. Fracas was found
n an upper room tied in a sack , but
ininjurod. llo said six masked mon
nd a negro woman forced an on-
ranco und demanded their money
nd valuables. Ho refused , was
mocked down with a club , throat-
nod with torture by fire , and death ,
lo wns compelled to open the safe ,
rom which the robbers look § 7,000
: i gold. They then murdered Mrs ,
'raeiis and tied him in a Hack and
ft. Fracas was arrested on suspic-
m of being concerned in the plot to
ot rid of hid wife. Investigation
'as ordered.
AMIIKRRT , Va. , July 10. A free
ght in a church fair at Harrison
Irovo yesterday morning , Frank
/uuhington was killed by Handy Wil-
aniB , His head was almost severed
ith a razor , Will Kuno cut Joseph
rown's throat with u razor and init
iated the body , Down's wounds
o fatal , All negroes.
't '
AtwriN , Tox. , July ! ( > . The tii l (
ex-United States Marshal Russell , , .
with making false and ficti-
ins rcturnr , was concluded last
Piling. The verdict was "not jl |
lilty. " Iii
i , Va. , July IB Joseph ithi
irland of this and Young
, county , 8,1
Idison , of Llaltimoro , commercial Cl
ivelesr , paying attention to a young to
ly at Lunenburg , had a quarrel , til
ley mot near an old mill. Garland
uok Addison. Doth drew pistols ,
rlnnd fired five shots , ono struck
Idison in the groin , probably a fatal
und. Garland is wounded in thu Bi
iat , All parties are highly connected , BiLi
LKMONT. Ilia. , July 10 , A tramp fo ;
ty years of iigo , visited the homo of ar :
od Bass , a respectable farmer , two BOl
los In the country , yesterday ,
iding no ono in the house but a ten- to !
IP old girl ho outraged her. SUBS
irtook and atrabbed him with a foi
chfork until the man appeared to fre
dead. Ho Hubscquontiy revived
1 is now in charge of the police. Co
unipt was mudo to-day to wreck a da
in on the Nuntuckot Beixeh rail *
f by placing a largo rock on the
ok The obstruction was discov
d in time and removed before any
nave wan done. The train came to
: op only five rods from the Bpot fai
jro the rock was placed. Parties ' " "I
lie vicinity observed train wreckers toi
work and gave a description to the
ice , who arrested throe mon named fai
rk Adams , m. Carroll and Felix SOI
trion , all whom claimed to reside in pn
iton , ne
Apisgracefnl Exposure of tlis
den-ails by the Honso
Alexander's Certifloate in Blank
Filled by Majors or
Valentino's Work on the
"Comity" Steadfast nnd
Tom and Sy nn < l Pnt ixnd Vnl Con-
coot "n PlnmlMo Story. "
A HorunrJznblo Letter From the Ex-
Land Ofllco Shark.
Wnnhington Siwcinl to Chicago Trlhnno.
Since 1870 the claim haa been made
I hat great injustice was done the state
of Nebraska by the ninth census , and
that , had her true population boon
stated , she would have boon entitled
to two representatives in congress. It
was claimed that this was shown by
the state census of 1872. which wns
considerably in x ois of the requisite
number. On the strength of this there
has appeared a second , or contingent
roprenentativo , claiming u neat in the
liouso. In the last congress Mr. T.
0. Hawos appeared , armed with a cer
tificate from Secrotary-of-Stnto Qos-
[ > or , as to the population under the
jpiiBUs of 1872 , and at the present SOB-
lion Mr. T. J. Majors appeared with
like cortifioato from S. J. Alexander.
, ho present secretary of state , oa to the
: onaus of 1872.
heao certificates passed without dial-
ongo , and it was not until the ju-
liciary committee of the present
louse had agreed to report in favor of
iving a suat to Majors that Mr.
.lammond , in preparing a speech in
nipport of the minority report , found
ho iitentifal ligurca given in the ofll-
sial publicitions of the state us the
ioneus of 187-1. Further investiga-
ion nhowod that no foil census was
akon by the ntuto until 1874. These
'acta were communicated to the com-
nittoo , which at once reversed its no-
.ion and recalled the favorable report ,
md on April 28tti the house ordered
m investigation of
V sub-conimittoo have spent three
lays in examining witnesses , and hnvo
md before thorn Mr. Hawes , Mr. Mi > -
orc , and Mr. Schwcnck , a former
and ollicor in Nebraska , when it wns
hewn that the last certificate by
Lloxandor in blank and sent by
ichwonck to Majors with a letter , in
rhich ho gave the reasons why Alox-
ndor would not fill the blank for the
ear This letter Majors destroyed ,
ut delivered the cartifictto to the
ommittoe. Inquiry was then directed
s to who filled the blank , and , at the
uggestion of Mnjors , letters were
ailed for from the interior de-part-
riont and from Representative Vulon-
ino , lo establish the identity of
IcEwonok's handwriting.Vhilo Ma
ori was introducing"thcso'lottorrf Jio.
fas asked if ho had not himself
IfouHK or IlBi'iiEHiiNTATivctr , WAS if-
S-OTON , May 1 , 1882. FKIENDTon :
ral soon the comity to-duy , and they
ill not hold oil any longer than
[ onday , when they will introduce
loir resolitions. 1 have written to
loxandor , and ho must fix up an old
jpy pretending to bo from Gospor ,
) that ho can produce it , and na Put
led his affidavit when you was hero ,
will bear out the copy and say that
u took this for correct. As Pat will
wear that ho paid Gospor 815 for the
: rtilicato , and that Qospor stated that
0 had to write to e-vory county clerk ,
will inako a plnuoiu.j story. Now , .
om , don't fail to attend to this. I
ivo not mentioned anything to nny-
sdy , so I need not bo mentioned in
inflection with the matter , and it
ill causono contradictory statomaiits.
ow , Tom , don't fail with this matter ,
id BOO that Sy attends to this.
Youro , SCHWKNCK. .
P. S. Doatrythis.
"Val" roforn to Valentino. "Pat"
P. 0. HIWOJ , and "Sy" , to J. "
eiuh Alexander. Majors stated
\t < the letter was addrusaod to him ,
ru Alexander , ivt Lincoln , Nub
d that Alexander handed him the
lor. llu read it a'oud ' and then
ndod it to Alexander , who returned
with'jut looking it over , saying ho
il received a like letter from the
no individual , The committee will
itinuo its investigation , with a view
find who inserted the falsa data in
1 cortilicato.
Marine ,
lonal Associated Picas.
K\V Yoitic , July 15. Sailed ,
tanio for Liverpool , Italy for
orpool , Assyrian Monarch for Liv-
eel , Dona for Bremen , Oymbria
Hamburg , Rhoinland for Antwerp ;
ivod , Adratio from Liverpool , Mo-
from Bremen.
LMHTKHIIAM , July 15. Arrived , As-
n from Now York.
IAVIIK , July ID. Sailed , Wiloanel
Now York ; arrived , Amoriquo
n Now York.
{ UKKNHTOWN , July 15.Arrived ,
rio from Now York ; sailed , Gor-
iia for New York.
IAMIIUHO , July 15 Arrivoo , Van-
a from Now York.
anal Aucclatod 1'ruis.
VAHIIINOTON , D. 0. July 17 , 1 a. in.
'or the Uppur Missisiiripi valley ,
weather , wealorly winds , becom-
variable and stationery or higher
iperaturo ,
'or the Missouri valley , warmer , T
weather , variable winds
theasterly , stationery or lower
jouro. The rivers will romau
rly stationery ,
\ \