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\ 11
Great Britain Sorely Perplexot
by Irolantl and Egypt ,
The Suspension of Parnell nuc
Colleagues Denounced ns
a Serious Blunder.
The Gag Law Proves a Mosl
Unjust and Tyranioal
England Ready to Couceutrat <
Bombay Troops in Egypt
if Necessary.
1 The Irish. Dagger and Pisto
Garryinc ; Terror Into
Offlcial Horaoa.
Italy Formnlly Doalnrcn
V/lth tUo Es
tlcitnl Party
\Vhllo the Vludietlvo Arabs ere Ac
lively Preparing to Pounce
on the Sues.
Na'lonal AfsociiteJ Vre.s.
LONDON , July 1. Parnoll and UK
thirteen Irish members named by tin
speaker of the house of commons a (
10 o'clock this morning for obatruc
tion , were all suspended and orderei
to withdraw , by a vole of 129 to 125
The hoUEo of commons sat all nighi
debating the repression bill , Gladatom
and Hartington remaining. Thirty
twe Parnollites pressed an cndlcbi
number of amendments. Northcot <
supported Gladstone in a long speech
in which ho urged the govern
ment to stop by any meani
obstruction by the Irish mombori
which ho said was diaqraceful and in
suiting to British intelligence. At (
a. in. Ilarcourt bitterly denounced ob'
atruction , P.irnell retorted strongly , '
and the spsaker took Iho abuvo action ,
Parnoll and the thirteen suspended
members lift the house in a body.
Going out O'Dounell and the speakei
had words. The speaker roportud
them as insulting , nnd the house made
.tho matter the subject of special con-
'sidoration on Monday.
LONDON , July 2. After the passage
of clause twenty of the Depression
bill relating to proclamation of dis-
rticts , a number the remaining Irish
jui-mbora made all manner of dilatory
motions with a view of prolonging the
session so it would run over into Sun-
dayti thereby forcing adjournment
i '
viithout'.piving th
- ' * * 'tlio bill in
tiiriit'or vbtirio com-
. jnittee. * The chairman warnedjthqin
if they persisted in thoir" obstruction
tactics they might expect the same
punishment meted out to their col
leagues thia morning. To this several
of the Irish members angrily retorted ,
IX saying aa long s they were entitled
II to seats on the floor of the house they
I * would use all parliamentary meana
\ within their their province to prevent
action by the houao ou any meaauro
which they deemocl unjust to their
( constituents. Diliat. ry motions still
continuing , the chairman called at
tention of the house to the matter
and nine moro Irish members were
auspondod on the charg' * of obstruct
ing the business of the house. The
remaining clauses of the bill were
rapidly proceeded with and the bill
finally passed the committee 'of Iho
ffhole. The committee then rose and
the house immediately cdjoumed.
The excitement in thia city ia in
tense. The action of the whig tory
party in the house of commons against
the Irish mombcra is regarded ns
likely to produce disastrous cense
quences. This is the view outer-
taiuod in club house and cafe , in pub
lic conference and in private coteries ,
Everywhere the precipitate action of
the majority is condemned , not per
haps from any IOTO of the Irish mom.
bers , but from the absolute fear of
srhat may bo the next revelation of
the Iriah disquiet. Men talk of the
assassination system in Ireland defy
ing oflicial zeal and detective ingenu
ity in discovery of crime , and they
know not how soon the system may
. /ind / development in the heart of the
. IfcA dty. Monday's proceedings in the
- okso of of O'Dopiioll and othora will
not remove or relieve the dissatisfac
The disquieting news from Kgypt
in conjunction with the unsettled con
dition of yflUira at homo on the Irish
question , makes the opening of the
present week a period of unusual un-
uisiness , The principal topic to-day
ii the suspension ot the Irish mem
bers , nnd opinion is divided on the
wisdom of so precipitate a course on
the part of the government at the
present timo. The suspension of
Parnoll and associates created intonao
excitement in Ireland , not equalled
ainco the Phoenix Park assassinations.
Mass meetings are being organized to
denounce aa arbitrary and tyranical
the application of the gag law in thn
commons , depriving Irish members of
the exorcise of their parliamentary
functions ,
that the BUBjionnions of Irish members
was prearranged , Many members of
both sides of the house , ho says , are
of the opinion that the Irishmen have
boon unfairly treated. Ho considers
Dr. Playfair blundered prematurely
in the matter of suspension in the
confusion. After the fcuapoosion ,
Parnoll approached Play fair and de
nied the truth of Lyon'a statements
to the speaker as to the obstruction.
Playfair , after some hesitation , ad-
inittod that Parnoll had not obstructed
the bill or spoken much on it , but he
belonged to the pnrty nnd l\o ( Lyon
considered himso f entitled to includ
him in theau pnsion. Pnrnoll ton
the pnrt of th colleninies.
rt uiso rut : mit , .
l oSDDN , July 3. It was announce
thia morning that the i-ovemmeiit dc
tcrmincd that the house of common
shall sot from to-night until Glad
stone's motion , which ho will ofTc
this evoninc , that rules for urgonc
bo accepted to expedite the passage o
the repression bill.
The Indian government suepondoi
an order to tranship two nnd ono-hal
million gallons of petroleum illegal ! ;
lauded nnd stored on the banks u
lloogly river ,
Dispatches received to-day fror
Alexandria represent the condition o
ril'nirs as by no moans improved ainci
the general exodus of Europeans
There are now comparatively fev
Europeans in the city or surroumlin ,
districts. All valuables have beci
removed nnd the banks are closed
having transferred their funds nm
records to safe quarters in nnticipa
tion rf possible raids. Thousands o
idle and destitute Arabs , of nil ago
and both bexoa , are flocking into th
city daily. Many able bodied mei
have gone into Arnbi'a service Full ;
00,000 hao uitorcd Alexandria nine
thocxodua of Europeans began , am
the townspeople are now confronto
with the necessity of foaling am
sheltering this
Drafts ordered by ArabiJBoy arobcin
put in operation very genorall ;
nnoii ! ' , the villages along the coast
nnd will roault in immediately addhij
12,000 recruits to the present army
In many localities reslstanco waa en
countorcd. Dcspito the assurance o
Arabi , the pronounced sympathy o
Italy nnd the prospect of funds to bi
supplied through the cflorts of tin
Ulcmas of Cairo , the troops are depressed
pressed and enter with but little spiri
into the operations now being con
ducted against the Suez c.uml.
UNOLAND'S luiorosinoN.
CoNsrANTixoi-LK , July 2 It ia an
nounctid this evening unofficially tha
England proposed to the conferonei
that a strong Turkish military forci
should tro to Egypt to settle all'airs ii
that country , but stipulated that r
numbar of English and French ofliceri
chould bo allowed to accompany tin
expedition to stipnrviso the regnlatioi
of affairs and to protect the 'Englisl
and French intoreata in that country
claimintr such adjuncts to the Turkisl
army would bo a guarantee that tin
statute quo would bo maintained ii
THE rosroiuxci : .
The conference held a session to
day , and resumed discussion of Turk
iah occupation of Ezypt. The BOB
sion developed stroni ; difference oi
opini'in as to tlm advisability of Tur
key taking such a step , but no de
cision vrtix reached. An early breal
ALEXANDBIA , July 2. This
ing an important session of the minis'
torial council was held , during which
the military situatioh was carofullj
discussed. The ministers of finance
and public works strongly opposed the
proposition made by Arabi Bey to lovj
en mnsso on all able bodied men of
the population for the purpose of re
cruiting the army. Heads of othoi
departments took an active nhuro in
the discussion , but no decision wat
reached. The unexpected opposition
to Aralii's military programme in
creases the feoliug of dissatisfaction
among the populace , and imikoa tlu
situation rnoro grave.
LONDON , July 2. A Bombay din
patch aays that extensive proparalioi a
are going on there with a view tc
sending a military force to Egypt.
A number of transports have been
put in readiness and will sail within a
few days.
ALEXANDUIA , July 1. Preparation ! )
have been made to concentrate ii
Egypt 12,000 British troops from the
Bombay service. It is believed Fen
ian omissarica assisted Arabi Boy ii
fomenting the anti-Kngliah fooling
The Ulcrnas of Cairo ia ordered to
raise a war loan from the moaquo rovo-
HO.ME , July 1. Moncini , minister
of foreign affairs , informed the senate
that Italy sympathized with the na
tional element of Egypt ; also that n
sonfcronco of the powers at Constan
tinople would settle the question neu
tralizing the Suez canal.
run raiiuNo IN NEW YOUK.
NEW YOIIK , July 2. A prominent
Irish nationalist said the
to-day sus
pension waa only until Monday , and
jut of it will come moro trouble for
Bngland. _ There is plenty of room for
rouble in the suspended members
Joing absent from tlio houao duriug
, ho night The movement , however ,
sails for no Irish-American action now.
Local Jandjeaguora believe the BUS-
) ension will increase the dutormina-
ion ef _ nationalists to emphasize the
inion in the land league. Mrs , Par-
lell Bid to-night she regarded the
uaponsion aa an evidence of Glad-
tone's great fright.
Probably fifty thousand working-
uon will turn out to hoar Michael
) ivitt at Union Square Friday oven-
Conlvlllo Cyolonod.
I.UIoEiI Associated I'rtm.
PiTTSJiviui , July 2 The town of
3ialvillo , Butler county , waa a wept
< 'riday night by a cyclone , demolish-
ng nearly every building in the placo.
baby was carried BOO feet and
Iropped in a fence corner , where it
fas found dead. Hairy Ilonly was
Hied and about fifty others injured.
'ho village is located about forty
lilea east of the Shonango & Allo-
hany railroad , The track of the
torin waa only about one-quarter of
milo wide and ton miles long , but in
liat territory great damage was done ,
n the county adjoining the village
lany houses were blown down , but as
far as can ba ascertained no ouo wn
hurt. The principal portion of th
ruin wrousjht wns in the town of > 1
villo itself.
Altogether about liftcc-n houac
wore wrecked an.l from twenty-Uvo t
thirty persons killed or injured. 1
the track of the storm there i
scarcely a tree loft standing , gro.i
trunks being twisted oil like pipe
* toms and in aomo instances carrie *
hundreds of yards. The loss wil
probably exceed , S7i" ,000.
Nine dontlis fmtn excessive heat PC
currcd In New York during thn week.
lleivy Lelclitenstein , n yniuiir mnn r.
Ill Union street , Dt-noklyn , died irom cv
cessivo cigarclto sniokliiR Saturday.
Two clliRics of Guitcan were discovers
hanging to telosrnpli poles In William ;
burg , N. J. , Situr ay. They were take
down by tlio police.
Three thousand dollar * in SIB suWri |
lions were recchcd bnttmlny toxvnrd
Garficld inonuincnt in I'liirinount paili
Philadelphia. Total subscription fop th
week about 8jr > 0v ) . The inuiiuincnt ci
Ituccntly a stock wNcr of 11'tnnU ' rliar
tered the steamslilo Krnnco hi Now .Yuri
tn call nt llavro anil oeventy-liv
Norniaudy hnraes f-.r breeding ptiriKises
11. Dillon & Co. , HloimiinRdali' , nho chat
tered a Ht ° mn > hlp to briiifj t'vroli-tlvc
They cost SI ,000 Innded hi Now York.
Spvral exi'lojions occurred iu a niiinbo
of buildings tunr the inuuth i > f tlio Cheo
ter mine , lit-ur Htghbiiilgi- , New York
Saturday , caused by lautorm setting fin
to a kcpr of giant powder. The Imilling
were demolished , John Vnttcrson , i
vroiking mnnvni killed. Ira Cn e , Mat
tin ( Jnat and eovornl nthcis were injured
The damage to the buildings is Sl',000.
Nine hundred nnd twenty-four iinini
prants lauded nt Castl G.irlen Saturday
Tlio steamship Celtic brought 039 , Hgyp
tinn Monaieh , S21. Total nrrivala ilmn
this year , Fl.SOO ; saino month la t year
HO,72U ; dmiiiK tlio first six months of tin
present year , 378.f 10 ; last year nmo pe
riod. 211.SOU. The steamship Nevada will
800 Mormons converted in different part
of Grenl Britain ii hourly expected.
Michael .T. Davitl received n tcmiini
Irish ovation at I'rpvidcnct * , II. I. , Satur
day. The rain fell in torrent' , nnd n shnrj
thunder thower prevailed. In spile o
the inclemency of the weather n largi
as = emblago Creeled liini Ho spoke on tin
rore = ioii hill panned in the liouso of coin
1110119 Saturday , and condemned the Mil ai
nn unusually harsh mcRBtiro , extolling l'-\r
neil , nnd nppealing to the niiiliencc to BUS
tain the land lenguo ,
- I AoeociatcJ P.-cst.
W YOUK , July 1. Sailed : Citj
of Homo for Liverpool , Baltic and
Helvetia for Liverpool , Circassia foi
Glasgow , llhoin for Bremen , Wnea
laud for Antwerp. Arrived : Egyp
tiiin Monarch from London , Bristo
from Bristol , Nodorland from Antwerp
worp , Oclcr frfun Bremen , Do Rulyoi
from Antwerp.
ANTWEUI- , July 1. Arrived : Bol
gonland from Now York.
BUISTOI , , July 1.- Arrived : War
wick from New York.
LivEiii'ooi , , July 1. Arrived
Abyssinia from New York.
BKV.MKN , July 1. ( irrivod : " Elbi
Jjnbor Strikes-
National Axoclitud 1'rcss.
NEW YOUK , July 2. The froighi
handlers atriko to-day shows aoim
signs of early termination , although
; ho railroad officials were very reti
cent about any contemplated concca'
sions. The fund of the workinmen'e { ;
union ia progressing favorably and
3very day augments it. They can
liold out a week yet without encroach
ing on it. Order prevails on botli
sides of the river and the atnkort
liavo not attempted nay interference
with green hands. Special policemen
almost all have been withdrawn and
fiteamboat squad remains to preserve
order. Present indications are that
; ho old hands will bo at work bj
Wednccday at the rates demanded.
[ n Jersey City , freight handlers claim
.hat they have been offered nineteen
and ono-half centa per hour to return
: o work , but have refused to work foi
ess than the original demand , twenty
cents. "
Ninv YOUK , July 1. The brake-
mon'ti strike on the Now York Cen
tral railroad ia ended amicably , the
company allowing 82 a trip.
Howard's Croolcodnoss.
Nutloiml Associated i'reee.
NEW YOUK , July 2. Special Agent
Brackott begun the investigation of
charges against Appraiser Jamoa Q.
Howard , lately of Ohio , yesterday.
The charges are alleged malfoasonco
and corruption in oflico. The moat
sorioua chnrn'o is the decision of ap
praiser in the Appollinaria water euro ,
which ho first declared not dutiable
and subsequently dutiable. Jt ia
charged ? ; tU,000 was paid in the case
by the opponents of the importers.
Demolished 1 > y Glaut Powder.
tiatlonal Associated Trees.
Iliaiiiiunmu , N. J , , July 1. The
building attached to the Chester iron
mines was destroyed by an explosion
> f giant powder , John Patterson waa
< illuJ , and Ira Caemoro nnd Moses
Gust fatally injured. The buildinp
waa owned .by Mallcry Conloy. Leas ,
? 12,000. ,
of a Victim.
. 'itlonil AsiocUtcd I'tcsa.
LONG ] 5uANun , July 1. Wni. II.
larrison died at ( i-'M , the result of
ho railroad accident at Parkers'
Drcok on Thursday.
A HTiio | Jolco.
National Jeaoclatcd 1'rcbi.
FOUT SNEiriNO , Dakota , July 1 ,
L'ho military uuthoritieu here state
hat the reported massacre of a party
> f colonists in Faulk county by a band
if Indians , under the leadership of
Jhiof Drifting Goose , turna out to bo
i practical joke gotten up for merely
enaational purposca by a party of dis
guised colonists and land huntera ,
fitioaal AEbOciatol I'tva.
For the upper Misaissippi and
ilissonri valloya , partly cloudy
. eathcr , with local raina ,
rarm southern winds , falling
aromutpr , generally followed by ria-
ng barometer , and colder northwest
rinds. The Ohio river will continue
iaing ,
Tlio Oornor Stone of tlio ( Jar
flold Memorial Hospital
Put in Place ,
The Nnvnl nud Sundry Civi
Appropriation Bills Still
Bofjre the House.
A ViRoroua Effort Malting to
dtico tlio True on
The Burial of Qultcmu Nomination !
and Confirmation * .
National Atfocl&tod I'ross.
WASHINGTON , July 1. Tlio nomin
ationa sent to the senate jostordaj
wore : Jos. 11. West , Con.iiimsioiH'ro'l .
Uio district ot Columbia ; Lnuia Wai
Inco of Tiuliaiia , ininialor pliMupototi'
tiary to Turkey ; Ilonry C. Hall , min
ister plonipolontinry tn Contra' '
America ; John A. llnldemin , of Mis
aouri , minister resident and consul to Siam ; J. HI. Francis , ol
Now York , minintor rcmdont nnd consul -
sul general to Portugal ; ,1. I1.'ick. .
oraliuin , of PoniJBylvnnn , minintci
resident and consul giut-nd to Denmark
mark ; Miulmul J. Grantor , of ICon-
tucky. minister resident unit consul
tjenoral to Switzerland ; J.imus II ,
Weaver , of West Virginia , socrolnrj
of legation and consul tjenoMl tr
Yionna ; Louis Richmond , of Rhode
Island , secretary of legation nnd consul -
sul general to Home. Several consuls
and a number of pnstuiaatcra wore
nominated.Ym. . W , Spudding , receiver
coiver of public money at Dulntli ,
Minnesota ; Jno. II. Carey , icgistor ol
the land ollico at Dlilulh ; Horace Me-
Ktiy , collector ot internal revenue ,
district of Indiana ; Dx\id Bennett ,
colloolor of internal rovonua , district
of Kentucky ; Joseph Hilmaii , collec
tor of customs , Bridgoton , Now .lor-
noy ; Jno. F. Kutnlcr , collector of in-
toviial revenue , tenth district , Ohio.
The senate in executive session con
firmed the following nominations :
Itallin M. Dagsett , of Nevada , minister -
tor to Hiawaiian ' Islands ; Geo. P.
Pomcroy , consul general at C.iiro ,
Egypt ; JnojliWlor , consul at Trini
dad ; John N. IClapp , collector of in
terior revenue , 24th district Now
York. Eight 3d lieutenant : < in the
revenue marinoj > . about 1DO minor
army promotions and several in the
pay dopartmcnfof the navy , a num-
boi of postmasters in Now York ntato ,
Massachusetts and Connecticut wore
also confirmed. , . ,
11U1UAI.OP aiJlTKAt1.
WASHiNOTOsJj Julv 2. The serviccfi
at the funeral .pfjJKJuitoau were very
simple. JSfd . * 5J5jJrjiofmittort to be
prerteziV , exoojYi . < iotm > orsof tho' family ,
the warden of the jail and the under
taker and hia employes. The funeral
Ecrviccs were hold at1 p. m. yester
day in the chapel of the jail. The
body lay in a cullin on thotablo whore
the autopsy had boon made. Tlio ro-
maina appeared aboub aa on Friday ,
except there was slight discoloration
at the temples , where the scalp had
been turned over the face while the
brain was beim , ' removed. Otherwise
thcro was nothing in the appoaranc
of tlio face of the corpse to indicat
the fact that the autopsy had buei
mado. The only parsons present be
aides the necessary employes wort
John y. Giiitoin , Mm. Scovillo , Mis
Choyalior , Kov. Mr. Hicks and Gen
Crocker. Dr. Hicks read a pasa.igo
of the Scripture and offered prayers
Members of the fnaiily then took i
last look at the romaitifl. Mrs. Sco
villo , though much affected , buro the
ordeal with considerable firmness
The colli n was then closed , and the
remains were removed by the under
taker and assistants to the
corridor of the jail , where a portion o ;
the stone floor had been taken up am
a grave dug. There were no aorvicoa
at the grave , and Miss Chevalier am
Mrs. Scovlllo did not attend the
burial. The coflin wau lowered int <
the grave in the presence of J'ov
Hicka , John W. Guitoau and Warden
Crocker. The grave was then filled ,
the stones toplucod , and tlio littli
party of witnesses of the last act ol
the tragedy returned to the city.
Tlio llev. Hicks preached to-day on
the subject of the pardoning power of
Christ , and . .aid that Christ was able
and willing to pardon even the groat-
eat of criminulfl. While ho did not
mention the immo of Guitoan , or
* peak directly of the oyonts of the
past week jt was clear hia whole dis
course reform ! to them , Ho ouid ,
unong other thingn , if Christ was now
> n earth hin life would not bu spared
by the people a single week.
It is expected the house will finish
its work on all appropriation bills this
ivcek , except so far as relates to ac
tion upon tlio sonato'o amendments ,
To-morrow will bo "individual sus
pension" day , and it is expected a
urge number of bills will bo passed
jndpr suspension of the rules , Bing-
iam will try to seciiro finil action on
ho bill adjusting salaries of letter
: urriors. Tuesday and Wednesday
rvill bo devoted to discussion of the
mval appropriation bill. The sundry
sivi ! appropriation bill will probably
> o disposed of by the end of the
I'ook , Earnest eflVirts are being made
o secure a reduction of .
> oforo adjournment. A circular will
o morrow bo placed on the desk of
uch inembor , Butting forth that
ugar in nil article of priino necessity
o every one ; that the present tax 13
xccssivo , onerous , unnocoBsary , and
eads to adulteration , not necessary
ithor for protection of Louisiana
lantors or revenue , and that a ro-
.uction . would bo felt in every homo-
, old.
The corner stone of the Garfield
Memorial church , on the silo of th
Christian church , where Oarfuld woi
shipped , na laid at d o'clock thi
nftornoon in the presence nf on oagp
audience , including many members i
coiujross. The opening prayer wa
by Hov. Br , Dtitlor , of the Knglin
l.uthnran church , followed by ail
Orcsaes by Hov. Dr. 1'owor , pastor r
the Christian church ; President Hiiu
dale , of Hiram college ; Cotvsrossine
I'oltibono and Willis. Touching rol
oroncoa were made to the de.ith r
Congressman Hawk , who Was ouo c
the trustees.
National AMOcUtrtl 1'rcwi
WAs'iixinox , * July 1. Considorn
tion of the legislative appropriatioi
bill waa resumed. Senator Heck became
came oxcitcd during the dlscussioi
on amondmonta and announced hi
rcnignation from the appropriation
The senate passed Ilia legislative rx
ocntivo nnd judicial appropriation bill
The deficiency bill was then takoi
up and olio-third completed when tin
senate wout into oxocutlvo Runsion
and when thedoora opened adjourned
ilprsi : I'UOcr.KiiiNns.
The ho so unanimonsly adopted i
joint resolution the iu < cre
tary of the treasury to issue two hundred
drod million two per cent bonds , interest
torost noim-nummlly. The bonds i\v
nn\d ( . subject to call whenever ther
are no bo'idn boating n higher rate o
interest rodeeniablo.
The hotwo spent nearly the on'ir
day on the naval appropriation bill
completing considor.Uion of all sec
tion.s of thobill save the section relating
ing to the bureau of construction.
Mr. Harris oll'urod an amondmon
to this section appropriating $5,000 ,
QOO for the construction of now \va
vessels and completing nnfiniahoi
monitors , but it was not acted on
The bill removing the export tax 01
tobacco paesod.
A nu'ssauo was received from tin
president vetoing Deuator'a bill fo1
iho protection of emigrants. The proai
dent in Ilia vote s.iys the wording o
the bill is nuch thai it. will make th <
transfer of emigrant passengers b ;
Ateamei'H , as they are now built almos
impossablo , and urgua that propo
coiroctiona be m.ido , as ho recognise
the t'ront nocco3sity of a bill of thi
nature. Adjourned atI MR p.m.
FulilioDobt S tn turnout.
WASUI.NOION , July 1. The publii
debt statement shown n reduction io :
the month of § 12 DliO.tiOO 70 raid fo :
the year , $ lil(551J51.2 ( ( ; .
N'ttttonul AHbOcl'Uuil 1'rttH
WANTED TO < nr ; nr.s NAME nr.
Nnw YOIIK , July L' . William Daly
arrested for drunkenness , whoi
brought before Jimtico Gardiner oi
the tombs court , said ho wanted a pip
tel to shoot Gon. Grant , no that hit
name would bo recorded in history ai
a great man.
'TIIK ' inAKERR. ' '
NrYOIIK , July 2. Edwari
Cramer , brother of the murdered girl
Jennie Cramer , and who resides ii
Now York , stated yesterday ho wai
not surprised at the acquittal of tin
Malloys. Ho commented strongly 01
the latitude allowed the jury in conr
ing and going from the court room HE
they pleased. Ho believes the Malloj
boys will go to 1'onnnylvania a wink
till the tiir.iir blows over. Ho watched
for their arrival on the trains hero
yesterday. Ho hinted that the case
would eomo up in another form , and
the inference was that in aomo way
hia sister's death would bo avenged.
Ho lolt hut night for Now Haven ,
hiiitni' , ' that his viait meant busineus.
Mrfl. Cr.unor , Jennie Cramer's
mother , is dissatisfied with the
acquittal ofjtho Malloys and Hlancho
Uouglas. If alto wcro a man , uho
Hays , cho would horse whip Air. Jones
of the counsel for the defense , for
making such statements about Jennie
as ho did in the argument. BUnclio
Douglas siiya she will reform. Jamea
Malloy , jr. , will remove to Wilkos-
barrc , L'a ; Waller Malloy will join
hia father in business in Now Haven.
Dr.ruorr , Mich. , July 2. Hugh
Peoples , on trial for the murder of
Martha Whitla , WOT acquitted yester
day .
ft James F. Simpson , wife murderer ,
was sentenced to lifo imprisonment.
LANSINO , Mich. , July 2 , During a
juarrol in a house ill-roputo kept by
I'oto Covolia , Frank Halm was shot
mil killed by Covolia. The latter ,
, vifo and daughter were arroaiod.
NIWAHK , N. J. , July 2. The total
imbmloinoiitn of Auditor Palmer was _
lacortainod to bo § 251,257 , and Chief
31erk Hall 831,232.
UIIOOKHN , N. Y. , July 2. Samuel
Jliannon , a well-known real oslato
ipurator , is myKtorioualy missing since
ast Saturday. I'Vura ' ot fonl play or
uicldo prevail. _ _
rational AstocUtccl l'rua <
CIUCAUU , July 2 , ilacoB continnod
ostorday , Firut ruco. Chicago stakes ,
or tliroo year olds , 1 A miles , was won
iy Stanton , Hongal aocond , Monogram
hird ; time , 2:27. :
Second race , Garden City cup , all
gos , was won by John Davis , Clara D
econd , Checkmate third ; time ' 1JO. : !
Third race , club purse SIOQ. ono
iio-oightha miloa , waa won by Duch-
HI of Norfolk in two straight heats ;
imo,2:12i : , 2lflA. :
Fourth race , handicap hurdle , purao
! 500 , welter weights , uvo miloa and
ight hurdles , was won by Judge Uon-
ott , UotBy oecond ; time , 5:20 : ,
Fifth race , Hollini , ' purao § 300 , 11
gos , H miles , was won by John Sul-
ivan , am Eokor second , Jack Uiiv-
rly third ; time , 2:50 :
Sixth race , club race $300 , all agoa ,
liroo iimirtora milo , was won by Good
light , Saunturer second , Tom JJarlow
liird ; time , 1:22. :
NKW YoitK , July 2. A race came
yesterday between two clgltt-onro
nholla , manned by Harvard an
Columbia freshmen , on Harlem rlvei
above High btideu and fJ.ites tlocl
two milen below. lit the wako wan
steam tug laden with enthusiastic college
logo bojs and their lady fnonds. A
the word "go" sixteen oars took watoi
From the start the while nnd blu
striped Colunibins led the blue cappei
Hnrvnrda , and denpito the clForts o
the latter kept their place in the van
As BOOH as observed from the Coliim
bin boat hoiiso , ahouta of jubilotioi
and successive cries of "Columbia1
rent the air. The ladies were ns on
thusiftslio aa their escorb and vihUj
waved parasols and handkerchiefs it
the air in approval of the prowess o
their friends. Time , 10 luimito * oCj
Boconds. The Harvard crow averaget
15. ! pounda , Columbia UU > pounds.
MIUVAUKKI : , Wia , July 1 , Tin
Thomas mtmmor concerts which liavi
boon in progress for the past twi
weeks , closed this ovon'mg. Thn management
agomont loses between ? 3,000 nm
Pniuiir.uMiiA , July I. The fiftl
and last pri/.o concert of the Saongor
fi-st nt thoAcixdomyof IMusioycRlorda :
nftornoon was a suceosa. The iudgoa
awards will bo mndo Monday. Get
mania maonnorchors of Haltimoro am
Hiehmond ami the Orpheus of Cin
cinnati , were ontortninod at a gram
banquet nt Fairmont Park h at nigh
by tlio Philadelphia Mnonnorohor
All oHior Now York , lirooUyn am
fJullimoro visiting societies were fetoi
by the local anongurbumls last evening
NKW YOUK , Juuo 2. In the Amor
cau athletic club yoatorday a'tonmoi
MoyorB beat the boot record of 1:1-1 :
for COO yards run ; time 1:11. : Tin
swimming race between Goo. II
Wndo , of Brooklyn , and Cat ]
Mathoru Webb , ot England , for thi
championship of America , was wet
by the latter ; time on hour nnd aovoi
minuloa ; distance two miles.
IIASI : n AM , .
CINCINNATI , July 1. Cincimmtia ( > ,
Alleghunics 0.
CIIICAOO , July 1. Uonlona 5 Chi-
cages ( i.
CI.IVII.ANII : : , July 1. Olovolauda 5 ,
Worceslora It.
BinuoiT , July 1.DplroitsO , Troyf
IJnri'ALo , July 1. llufl'.ilos ! ! , I'rovi-
dcnce , ! .
Viiu.ADr.i.i'iiiA , .fuly 1. Philadol
phiiw 1 , Motropolilans 5.
LONII BHANCII , L. I. , July 1.
Long Itranch racing season began yea-
torday at Alnmmouth 1'ark , 1'irsl
race , purse ? 5l)0 ) , all ages , ono milo ,
waa won by Jim Farrell , Wyoming
second ; time , Ii'l7i.
Second race , hopeful stakes , 2-year-
olas , five furlongs , waiiwou by George
Ilonry , llcol and Too aecond ; tiiuo ,
1:0(5J. : (
Tliird race , ocean slakes , all ages
milo and a furlong , was -"Oil by liar
rott , nunnyiH&ilu & ucoonil'timo , 2:02 :
Fourth race , Long Branch hand !
caps , awcop otnkoB , all agon , milo am
a quarter , waa won by Monitor , Glider
dor second ; time , 2:03 : j' ' .
Fifth ruco , purse ? 500 , nil ages , soil
iiHj allowancoa , ono milo , was won bj
Staska , Clara aocond ; time , l-lll : ] | .
Sixth race , purao § 500 , hnntlicar
stcoplo chaao , nil ages , short course
was won by IScrtha , Ohio Boy second
time , 3:111. :
mi : imoKKiis AND HMAI.I , IIOYH.
NKW YOUK , July 2. The mayor
haa not issued the customary order
against fireworks in the streets before
the ' 1th of July celebration , consequently
quently the streotn are ununually
noisy. Members of the stock exchange -
change displayed the usual anto-holi-
day hilarity yoatcrdny and had n
mock celebration on the floor of the
exchange. The holiday will bo gen
erally obflorvod until Wednesday.
The Attempt io Client the Qnllowi
National AtwoclaU'il I'rcita.
Williams , jail physician , alatca tlio
boquot given Guiteau on Friday , it it
alleged by Mra. Scovillo , won found
to contain a powder Bocrotcd in the
build. The powder waa carefully
placed in u phial and submitted to a
chemist for analysis.
A Bail
National AnEodtttril 1'rcua.
J JHOWNVI 1.1.1 : , Texas , July 1. Coylo ,
a boss on the Tampico railroad , on-
rugod at an Italian boss , ordered the
guards to shoot the latter , mid the
Italian was riddled with bullets.
Ooylo fled. _ _
An Omiihn Drummer on tlio War
The Phelps News aiya : ( ! eo M. Swi-
, 'art , ( Ulackhawk ) travoliiif ; pilgrim
'or Lao , Fried .t Co , , hardware deal-
jr , Omaha , struck the town last Fri-
Jay. Blackhawk paid ua a visit and
; old us ono of hia truthful ynrna. Af-
; or ho had aubsoribod and paid for
1'ho Nowa ( it's ' 81.50 now to now sub-
icribors , biu wo lot Blackhawk havoit
"or $1.75 , ) ordering it sent to wicked
3maha , wo consented to listen to hia
.vondorful . truthful story. Said Black-
lawk ; "Boliovo mo or not , just as
011 please , " hero hia face resembled a
'nneral procession goinp down
till on a cold day ; "my
lound ran a jack rabbit
line miles to-day. Uumg on foot , I
iid a hard time to keep up with the
log J us' ' , an ho wan about to take it
n , the rabit holed himself. The dog
aid down , When I came up his
onguo waH hanging out of hia mouth
ivor three foot. I measured it with
ny conscience. I waa compelled to
arry tlio dog seven miloa before 1
ould find water to quench his
hirat. " Then ho meandered oU'up
own , Ho had intended visiting
, moni ! the young ladioa in the oven-
ng , but Jim llymor wouldn't lot
dm have ono of these now-fangk-d
ollara to wear , and the last wo BOOH
if him Deacon Dau Johnson nnd ho
roro bottoming u dry goods box and
wupping HOB ,
His HenclniiBii Howl POP Quar
ters in tlio ludoiiGndenfc
The Stnlwnrta Beg for Har
mony to Beat Patterson.
Both WlnRn Flapping fop Brow-
dtor an n Uompromlso Mnn.
Tlio Democratic TlcKot Drnwa Llko
n Mustard I'lnstor , but the
Pad out Kicks.
Nullonal I'rcu Ansoclatloti ,
A , July 2. The otllcial
call for a mooting of the regular re
publican slate committee , July 12th ,
to consider measures for harmonizing
the two winga of the republican party ,
was issued yesterday attornoon. The
independent loaders reject all idea of
compromise based on anything loss
than Iho absolute withdrawal of the
Cameron ticket. It is admitted that
the high standing of the democratic
nominco has created a fooling among
the rank and file of both republican
factious that something must bo dona
before the campaign open to unite
both I'nrtion on ono ticket Thia fool
ing is BO gonornl among independents
that tolerably certain the end will
bo nccomplished.
I'liiLAitntmiA , July 2. It lies developed -
voloped that all nominees of the regu
lar republican convention are willing
to withdraw if auch n atop is necessary
to nnito the two winga , nnd if indo-
[ ) oiulont republican noiiiinocR also take
the aanio stop. In such event a now
convention representing both winga
would bo called. Gon. Beaver earn
estly favoro some such course. A
wide-spread feeling prevails that
lioavor and Stewart both will bo with
drawn and Attorney General Brow-
stor substituted as n harmony candi-
lato. It is expected the fooling will
.ako tangible shape in n fowdayo.
mo Sunday Coloumtlon in
On Whoola.
There was a general break up on
.ho varioua railroads loading to thia
city yesterday , disasters by Hood , anil
jy Hold being confined to no ono linci
Jlli hitting nearly all.
The trains from Iho cast arrived
at the Trnnafor very late , the Rock
'aland not getting in until 1:30 : p. m.
L'ho Union IVcific mail train did not
leave for the woat until 2:15 : p. m. ,
two hours late , and the regular "train
. . * ; . ' < ! ( j. , , j v - * - ' , - " ' , > ' V
fronvlho.wost waa'teported.fU-o- t- .
TEtn.SCOl'EI ) .
The cause of the delay of the Hock
Inland train was learned from a paa-
songer to bo an accident which occurred
near Das Moiiics Sunday at 2 a. m.
The west bound passenger train was
backing up to allow a freight train to
get by on the main line , and br.oked
into the locomotive of another
freight train which was standing on
the track in the roar. There was an
empty couch on the roar of the pas-
aongcr train and it telescoped with
the freight engine , fatally wounding
the engineer. Had not the empty
coach been attached several Pullman
p.iHHongorn . must have Buffered the
a bridge waa waahod out near Dixon
and the train duo Saturday at the
transfer arrived yesterday twenty-four
hours lato. All passongo- trains wcro
abandoned on Saturday.
ThoC.B. & Q. was running all
right but the flood on the Wabash
continued to delay trains.
The Union Pacific train , No. ! , waa
delayed by a serious washout of the
track near Ogalalla.
The Missouri Pacific opena tip for
business to-day , the first train , No. 2 ,
leaving thia morning at 7-15. : The
evening train , No.1 , goea out nt 7:20. :
Train No. 2 arrives at St. Lutiis at
j52 ; p. m. the next day , No. 1. loaves
St. Louis nt 8:52 : u. m , , nnd roaches
Humlm at < i:35 : a in , the next day ,
No. ! ( leavoa St. Louia at 8'S2 : p. m.
uid roaches Omaha at 0:50 : p. m.
1'raina Noa. ! ! and1 carry mail , and
raina Nos. 1 and 2 have combined
jaggago and smoking cars , two day
joachea and n Pullman sleeper. The
nail trains will consist of a baggage
; ur , combined mall and amokor , and
wo day coaohos.
A now edition of the U. P. time
chodulo , No. 35 , was issued yeatr-
lay , to accommodate the running time
if their trains to these of the now
oud. There is nochange in U. P.
maaonger trains , except that the Den-
or oxprosa loaves at 740 ; p. m. , five
ninuloa later than formerly.
The Iron Horeo ,
John Snunderx , of the listings eating
ouiio , takes the railroad hotel at McUook.
Three car loads of tloi for the Y arrived
ho fore putt of the week. If the com-
any tlnn't forget It , wo tluulc they will
ettowoik Bomo tune noon. A kej of
plkea isoxpected thia week. IJlwo bpnuga
tutor ,
If ( irceloy county doesn't get the prom-
sod " Y. " there U HOIIIO talk of making an
Ifer of ? 30,000 or S3.,000 in boniU to the
iret oiuunauy that will establish a railroad
unoIoL' through the county north and
oulh | touching t O'Connor and Scotia ,
Th'o "saiul fenced" erected along tlie
Ino of the railroad hi Colorado between
Vkrnn anil Denver are said to fall short of
nswerins the purpose for which they
vere put there , anil ulieds similar to the
now uheils on the U. 1 . will , we under-
land , be put up at different places through
lie sand lillls. A train which recently
larteil east from Denver la said to have
uen three houra rutmlog 15 milei , ou ac-
uuut of the blowing sand cauahiif hot
oxe and otherwise binderhig Ua pro-
reaa. Arnpahoe Mirror ,