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To the People of tlio Nation De
prived of Tlioir Olioseu
The Movements and Moutb-
iugs of the Assneam Mi
nutely Rocorded.
A Dramatic Scene Enactsd
While Kissing Sister
Through the Bare.
The Cowardly Brute Blne-
the Almighty nnd
Fours the Devil ,
And Hurla tto Wrath of
Heavoo and Hades ot Gov-
prnment Heads.
A Vaia-Qlorious Letter Coed-
ing His Body to Hicks.
A Dlotmmout to His Memory RE-
quostcd , to "WWoli "riu-Boo"
A Largo Number of Doctors Invited
to the Autopsy.
Nr.tionil Asiocinti-J 1'rcif.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , June 29.
Guitoau spent the night nearly naked
walking the floor , and lying down
occasionally. Ho a > ked tiio guard
this morniii' ' if he thought the
weather would continue good the
balance of the week , nnd if hia
brother and siater would bo prosant
at the execution. Tlio guards think
( ruitcau will break down before reach
ing the sciifoltl. Guircau will wear
the nlothoa worn when sentenced ,
which were presented by hia brother
at that timo. llev. [ licks saw the
president Ho saya Arthur is irrevoca
bly determined not to interfere in
Guitcau's execution.
Guiteau was not in g > od humor when
he arose this morning. Ha exhibited
talked loudly about hia
onemioa nnd the punishment awaiting
these who persecuted him. Ho ate a
hearty breakfast , and took his custom-
a y-walk in the corridor. During the
diy ho waa called on by John W.
W r. Rood , Manilial Henry nnd Kov.
Hicks. Ho now fully understands
that no help will come , and hia time ,
when not in conversation , is passed in
deep meditation. Some person in
Bjaton has written that nn attempt
will bo made to night to provide the
assassin with
The project cannot succeed. Every
pnsaiblo precaution is observed by tno
ofliciala. The military guaid is on the
alort. The guard consists of a lieutenant -
tenant and three men commissioned
u.'licers and privates. A battery of
uitillery lias been detailed for duty at
t.o ! jail to-morrow. C.ipt. Torrencc ,
a j.iil ollloer , thavod the prisoner. Ho
aiu a big dinner and seemed to enjoy it
Cory much. J
Guiteau's rolatioitd have made no a
air.iiigonioot ] for disposing of his
b dy. Wurdon Crocker ordered a
plniii piuo colliu stained in iniit.ition
ot rosewood. The coflin waa on ex 3'
hibition at the nhop of the maker , 3'a 3'e
uud was gazed at by curious crowds all e
this ftftirnoon. The following telegraphic li
graphic invitations to attend the au tl
topsy wore issued this evening : tlai tlw
WA'Hiixorojf , .iuno ' - ' ! ) . Rov. Hicks aiV
custodian of Guiteau a body , invites V
you to attend the autopsy to-murrow , h
at 2 o'clock at thu jail. n
[ Signed ] GKO. M. BKAUD. n
The invitations wore sent to Doc- Ul
torn Kollog , Sequin , Shrady , Danu , UlP'
Hammond , Nichols , Back , Morton , Indi
Spitzka , MacDonald.Folsom , 1'arnsh , didi
i\lilc \ ? , Goddinu and Limb. do
Dr. B'sard leaves for homo to-night. 01a
Ho said ho took no interest in the a
proceedings to-morrow , and felt uon- to
h'dont his prediction as to how Guiteau is
would act on the ecatl'old would bo \ \
fullillud. JJo did not think the post
niartcni examination would disclose
the condition of the brain , which
would disclose Guitcau'n insanity. In lo
selecting the names of those invited to
the aatopsy , only a short time w u
allorid ; , oving to indecision as G
t" the custody of the body , b ,
Joan W. Guiteau had determined Jc
tlm ho would leave the responsibility ante
to i.1 j government , but under the ad- to
vioo of Ilov. Hicks , Dr. Beard , Iteod 18
and Crocker , the course now adopted of
wn ) deemed to bo the boti utidor the dote
circumstances , especially since it ac to
corded with the expressed wish of the SUi
condemned man. Dr. Board Bays ho
endeavored to embrace In the nivita-
bens all shades of medical opinion.
Itiiv. Hicka aas not yet decided what
disposition to make of the body.
Heed says Guitoau has written
A DYijro riuYiu : , boA
nn extraordinary production , which
lie will road from the gallows. It
is generally understood that Col. Robert
ert Strong will conduct the practical lit
part of the execution , at n sigrnl from
Wurdon Orockor. goi
There is condemned colored
a mur BU ]
derer named Shaw in the tier of cells
with Guitoau , who frequently takes
occasion to taunt and insult thu latter , N t
To-day while Guiteau was promenad
ing the corridor , Shaw bawled out
1 'Hollo , old inspiration , how do you mil
feel now ? I am afraid God'a man will
get left. "
John W. Guiteau saya owaj
A WILD hi EXE 1 < J8
waa unacted when he and Sirs. Sco- led
villo and her child called on the pris
oner this afternoon. Guiteau had
been walking with Kov. Hicks , and
the guard told him he must stop into
his cell , as under the rules ho could
not see company in the corridor. Ho
stopped insiJo the cell with Hicks ,
and the guard turned the koy. The
idea scorned to Hash across Guitcau's
mind that a trick had been played on
him to piovcnt his sister from bidding
him farewell in his cell. Ho turned
suddenly round , facing the guard ,
and with blazing eyes , and counten
ance pale with rage , denounced him
and all concerned with the jail for this
last insult and indignity heaped upon
htm and his sister in their last purl
ing , liaising his hand to heaven , ho
called down
upon all jail ollicials and upon the
president and cabinet. "I am God's
man , " ho ohoutecl , "and you not only
want to hang , but you deprive my
loved ones of an opportunity to take
decent farewell of mo. I am God's
man , and I call down his curse upon
every ono of you. Ho will scud you
all to hell for this day's work , includ
ing the president and his cabinet. I
am not afraid to die. I've inado my
wiil and have new no more care than
thin chair.1
\Vardon Crocker tried in vain to
pacify him , but the sight of him only
incensed Guitcau more and ho
at him. Mrs. Scovillo endeavored to
calm the cnfuriatcd man and asked
for permission to go inside the cell.
Warden Crocker was about to
assent , when Guitenu shouted : "No !
let the record stand as it is. They
have refused to lot you come in hereto
to bid mo good bye ; now lot the
record fctand. " MM Scavillo WA *
obliged to take her last farewell of
of her brother through the burn of
the cell door. After kissing Mrs.
Scovillo through the bars , ho kissed
her little daughter Bertha , Mother
and daughter then retired , weeping
bitterly. Guitcau displayed
during the leave taking. It is said
to-night that Mrs. Scovillo has de
cided not to witness the txecution.
Guitcau had a long talk with Kov.
Hicks , who promised to see him
< ; ain. Dr. Me Williams oays ho saw
Guitcan in such a violent state of
mind he is afraid ho will not bo able
to slopp at all. The paroxysm over ,
Guitoau laid down for a while and
after composing himself ho said to
Dr. McWilliams : "Doctor ,
( meaning the scaffold , ) I want you to
examine it as a physician , to make
sure there will bo no bungling. "
Dr. Hicks called this overling ac
companied by Dr. Beard , who came to
t-Vt ' . . % - -f " -a 'Kison.y ' L f1 w
atartiug fjr Notv York. Guitoau
said " * ii , Dr , Beard ; glad to see you ;
I will bo in glory this time to-morrow.
This nation will take the consequen
ces. You don't know me , Dr. Board ,
but my friend hero does , and ( point
ing his finger at Dr. Board ) I am not
insane , doctor. "
The loiter by which Guitoau dis
poses of hia body is as follows :
WASHINGTON , Juno 20 , 1882.
To llev. Win. W. Hicks :
I , Cnarlcn J. Guiteau , of the City
of Washington , District of Columbia ,
now under sentence of death , which
id to bo carried into ofl'ect between
the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock , the 30th
of Juno , 1882 , in the United States
jail ! of caid district , do hereby < ; ivc
and grant to you my body after suuh
execution ; provided , however , it shall
not bo used for any mercenary pur
poses , and I hereby , for good and
sufliciont ' considerations give , dolhor
and transfer to said Hicks my bo < ks , HC
entitled "Tho Truth and "Tuo
Kemoval" and the copyii ht
thereof , to bo used by him in
writing a truthful history of my lifo
and oxosution , and 1 direct such his
tory to bo entitled "Tho Lifo and
Work of Charles Guiteau. " and I
hereby solemnly proclaim and an iif
nounce to all the world , no person tli
nor persons shall ever in any manner
use my body for any mercenary pur
pose ' whatsoever. And if at any time
hereafter any person or persons shall
desire to honor my remains , ho can
it by erecting a monument , whore- at
shall bo inscribed those words : bi
"Jloru lies the body of Charles Gui- all
toau , patriot and Christian. His soul nu
in glory. " GHAIILKS J. GITJTKAI' .
Witnesses :
JAMKS WoomvAiti ) . ticM
Accompanying the above is the fol 0 ! :
WASHINGTON , Juno 2 ! ) . ' 82. To
"ijneral John S. Crocker , Warden U. prHi
jail : We , Frances M. Ssovillo und ne
Jolui W. Guiteau , sister and brother nemi
ind only heirs of Charloa J. Guitoau ,
bo oxucuted on the oOth of Juno , afl
1882 , in the U. S. jail , in the District pr
Columbia , hereby request you to
lulivor the body of Raid Charles Gui- nu
can : to Rev , William II. Uicka , after rir
uoh execution. at
( .Signed ) FKANUKS M. .SCOVILLE ,
Witnesses : CHAULK.S II. HKBH , Nal
W. W. GOODINO , vi
At 11 o'clock Guiteau appeared to to-
stooping , tin
Hicka saw Guitoati for a moment.
had roused himself from a sleep , ofwa
said ho was endeavoring to got a pla
oed night's to bi prepared for tlu
o-morrow. IIis soul was easy und wh
would not bo found wanting ut the Da
upromo momont.
to Depositor * . Nut
Jtlonal Awoclatccl Preae.
Va. , Juno 29. Tlio coi
of Commerce suspended pay- 10 ;
lonta to depositors to-day. The Chi
ishicr states that tlio bank does not hoi
over $40,000 , , and will bo able to wai
50 contu on the dollar. The bank Bur
heavily on stocks and bonds car8tC ,
over from last year , con
15y special arrangements with War
den Crocker TUP. Hii : : is enabled to
present to its readers , in advance of
all contomporaiieB , the following de
tailed programme > f the exercises to
"como oil" this afternoon :
respectfully referred to mourning
friends in Omaha and elsewhere :
: c. .1. o.
JUNK 31 , ISS'J.
National Associated 1'rcsJ.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , Juno 20.
Surgeon General Wales , appointed a
board to consider the removal of the
bodies of DeLong and men homo ,
have reported favorably. Mrs. Do
Long requested it.
To bo members cf the court of
oaminissionors of the Alabama claims ,
re-established : Hc/.akiah T. Wells ,
Michigan , presiding Judge ; James
Harlain , Iowa ; Asa French , Massa
chusetts , to bo judges ; D.uiiol W.
Fessonion , of Maine , to bo clerk of
said court. a
Tlio president to-day informed
Congressman Doustor that ho would cih
veto his immigration bill , which reg h
ulates the question of space , air , food , n
etc. Tlio only objection urged to the CI
bill is thut the words "main deck" CIn
are used where "uppermost deck" L
should bo used , this being liable to LU
throw immigrants among cabin pas "
sengers. Hi
The session was devoted to cx.imi- rtY
t ion of postoflico records of routes. .1 )
The court will adjourn to-morrow to J.R
Wednesday next. R
fifth Illinois district ; died suddenly in
this evening of appoploxy. inK
National Associated I'rcns. jur !
WASHINGTON , Juno 29. Considor-
ition ! of the legislature appropriation ra
ill ! was resumed The senate worked
day on the bill and limshod it. A
lumber of additional amendments are trR
Senator Garland oflored u rcsolu- h :
ion to meet ut cloven on und after '
Monday. Wont over. Adjourned at
J5 p. m. j"
Consideration of the naval appro-
It [
iriation bill was resumed. Mr ,
lowitt favored the construction of a
low navy , but denounced Ilobuhon's lyi
nethods. on
House spent the remainder of the )
ifternoon considering the naval up-
iropriation bill by seotions.
A bill reported from the ways and aci
noann committee taxing olcomarga- ho
ino one cunt a pound. Adjourned du
C :05 : p m. wane
Dnvitt at IIuUUlo. tin
'atlonal 1'ro-ta Association ,
Bi'ri'ALo , Juno 2 ! ) . Michael Da- GiI
addressed a largo uudionco here
o-night. Ho emphatically denies fci
hero waa a difference between him fw
Parnoll , saying there was as much ras
ikolihood of such a nplit as tlioro is by
his being an Hnglinh poor. Ho
frequently interruptad by up-
lauso. Father Crouin also addressed frn
mooting , at the conclusion of tlo
rhlch three cheers were given for BO )
avitt. Jy
Foiinkylvnuiu Democrats , fro
ntloail Antociatuil 1'me. spi
IlAititisni no , 1'a. , Juno 2'J. The
unvontion wan called to order at tlu >
0:15 a. m. , all delegates present , tluWi
hauncy T. Jilack waa nominated for WiW.
eutenant-governorj Silas McClark Ga
nominated for judge of the Yo
ipremo court by acclamation on tlio Ma
icond ballot ; Mortimer T Elliott for Yo
ngresaman-at-large. fly
* _
A Train of Wall Street Mag
nates Leaps from a Bridge ,
Aud Strikea Bottom iu the
Shrewsbury River at
Low Tide.
Five Poraona Known to bo
Killed txud n Hundred Severely -
voroly Hurt.
IntoiiNo Exoltmont nt th-i
don. Grant Narrowly Eecnpoa
Wont TliroitRh a Di
National Aowcliteil 1'rrj ? .
Oi'BASi-oHT , N. J.f Juno 2 ! ) \n
express passencer train h.ti junt run
through an open draw into the
Shrewsbury river , between
port atid Branchport , Mi
county , K. J. The tr-m
Ocoanpprt at 8:25 : and.Miiohport a
few minutes later for Now York ,
crowded \vith pasfiongors , i ntm-ed tlm
long bridge , in the micldl.f wln'oh
is a draw. The accident ncurrod ut
the draw , aomo coaches " 'nn : ' bmlily
into the river. Three ( iu.d bodies
ies have already boon rooovorcd.
None are positively identified. Forty
doctors are on the ground , thirty
f/ounded passengers bcnngutttmdud to.
It is reported thut Commodore Wm.
K. Garrison was on the train and hud
a leg broken.
Three passenger trains crowded with
passengers pass over this brid o about
the same time every morning , carry
ing a rich class of business muii to
York. The firat got over nil
right ; the second , known as the "Now
York brokeni' train , " had juat got
safely over the dr.iw when the wreck
There is grout excitement at nil rr-
sorts above and below Long Branch
over the accident. People : tro Hook
ing to Shrewsbury bridge in EOirch of
news concerning members < > f families
who left for New York on the morn
ing train. The scene of the avidont (
is jammed with carmgcs full of richly
dressed people from the seashore ,
crazy with anxiety. At the oflico of
the Now Jersey .Southern railroad , on
which , and ilot on the Jersey Central ,
the accident occurred , dispatches an
nounce that the wreck is not SD serious
as first reported. Their story is that
the train leaving Long Branch at7:45 : ,
hilo crossing Parker's crivk , four
Df tlio locomotive jumped the track.
One man jumped into the water and
was drowned. Eight persons wore
G. W. Demoivst' , produce dealer ,
lol Kcod stroist , Now York ; E J.
Bradley , IfiO Seventy-second street ,
Now York , are still lying in the up
turned coach. Three coroners of con
tiguous counties me disputing one
anaihor'u claims to the inquests.
Charles S. Woodrull' , Newark , water
and shock ; James T. Malory , 201 }
Broadway , water and shock ; J. T.
Mitchell , agent of the Equitable Life ,
chest und forehead fractured , water in w
lungs ; Annie Irviti , Brooklyn , fore li
head mushed ; W. A. aMcCall , brakeman - a
man , throat cut , right bye and arm liK
cut terribly ; Hubert K iburlbou , iron K
merchant : , Now York ; Edison , grocer r.idt
Branch Jniiica Brooks dt
Long ; , of
Brooks & Dickaon , theatrical man- sj
Now York Morris II \a \
agora ! , ; , Bowun ,
BOH of the superintendent of the Erie th
road ; II. A. Iligby , Pearl street , Now
York. J. L Merrill , Eist Or.ingo , N.
. ; W. 15. Franklin. Albany Park , N.
. ; J. S. Park , Brooklyn ; T. T.
Ilochenball , Trenton , N. J. ; Charles hn
Webb \ , Brooklyn , missing. du
( ir.uit was [ lulled out of the amok- duEi
ing car by Fireman Charles II. Foster.
Garrison iu the son of Oonimotloro C.
K. Garrison. Ono hundred are injured
jured who will not give namea for
publication , their injunen not being fe'r Indo ;
The accident was caused by the
railo spreading. The tide was out ; op
Dthorwiao the loss of lifo w > uld have
fearful , General Grant win on thu pr
train , but was not injured. John T. fui po
Raymond the actor , it is reported ,
md hia collar bone broken and aun-
.ained other severe injures. Hia
'atiier-in-law , Fox , was ao'ioiiely in bo
jured , C. M. Schott , .k , of the
itock exchange , has a brokui let ; . Ht.ntl
Mallory and Woot'ruir ' ire dying wi
ia bolinvod W. K. Morrison's ' inju-
iuaaro , fatal. Two dead lodies are
ying in thu cottage of HcliMick , cor Sei
nier , near the scene , ( Irnnt waa In
udly shocked. da
Niw : YOUK , Juno 20.Ntwa of the tn
iccident reached Wall str.ot imt at fru
opening of business , and pro. sig
lucod u tremonduUB xons ion , an it ual
/as known many members of promi- mil
lent houses were on bwird Among of f
hose who rushed to thu telegraph and arc
lowspapor oflicea were ( ol. Fred inn
irant and brother. las
The I bridge waa timber fivt hundred wo
cot long , with an iron dniv twenty- thu
foot in the center. I'liu draw not
not.opon. The accident vas caused fou
the spreading of the rail * tioi
rom tn-day'a i.iilroad disasor at Lit-
Silver elation , utaiu tliri five pas-
ongora were killed outrightiiml near- , '
evorybcdy on ttio train injured , '
unio doubtless fatally. It ippaa.-a u ire
in the rails had been nnocuroly
The corrected list of casualties gives
dead : K. L , Brudloj and 0 , Null
V'oodrufi ; both of Newar ) , N. J ;
It. Garrison , ( aun of Cuninodoru ut 1
larriacn ) butter morchait , New ing
'orkj Geo. W. Demorest ad Jas. E nesi
lullory , real estate brokim , New utet
'ork , The wounded nunibir about bur
and include a large prtion of eulo
Now Yorkora , C. II. Hindall of Cim
dom. Jlr . A. 11 Stillwoll of Phila-
delplita , E. D. Webb , of Philadel
phia. MM. J. W. Wagner , of Phila
delphia , U. Mordncia , of Te\ . ,
and C. J. FOJ , of Richmond , Y.i.
N ton\l ! A * ocUtcd Prtvu.
CMVKI.VNII : , Juno S2 ! > . Clovolands
fl , Worce.Uor * ! 2.
DKTUOIT , Juno 211. Treys . 'I , DC-
traits t.
BUFFALO , Juno L".i. Itntl'iUos 8 ,
Providences (
Cino.n.o , Juno 128. Chicagoes T ,
Bostons' ' .
uitiuiiroN' nr.Acu HACKS.
XKYOUK , Juno 20. The follow
ing is the result of the races to-day
at Brighton Bench : First race , purse
§ 200 , two-year olds , five furlongs ,
was won by Baron Favort , Owun
Bowling secondj time , 1:01. :
Second race , purse S'JoO , all ngos ,
spiling allowances , ono mile , wns won
by Monk , Ida B. second ; time l-lo. :
Thud race , purao $ ' . . ' 00 , all ages ,
was won by Arsenic , Elector third ;
time IrilOf
Fourth race , purse S2t" > 0 , handicap ,
ill ages , milo and a half , waa won by
Hramb.ilotta , B.illast second ; time ,
2'kS :
Fifth rnco , purao SLTiO , ) mudic.ip
Btocnlo chase , nliort course , was won
by IJustrr , D.ilgimnn second ; liniD ,
Ciiit'Aiio , Juno 2 ! ) . First race ,
ciub pnrao 8350 , all nagcs , one and a
quarter miles , was won by John Da
vis , Jlotropolia second , Madam Rowell
third ; timr , 2:11. :
Second r.icc , the Illinois stake ? ,
threo-jvar-old fillicp , ono and a half
miles , Ivtio Orool lirat , Runnymodo
second , Pmaforothird ; time 2:51. :
Third iacotmotchaut'sstakua , all ages ,
one and a quarter miles , Checkmate
lirat , second , Bootjack third ;
time , 2:2' : ' .
Fourth race , steeple chaao , purao
8100 , welter woigh'a , about ono and
a quarter miles , was won by Gay.
Fifth r.ico , owner's handicap , purse
SISOO , all ai ' 8 , throo-quartorcf a mile ,
S.iuntoror firjt , .lark Haverly hucond ,
Mamie W. third ; time , 2.1'Ji.
Voriuout Dnmooriits.
N'ntloilll Aniacutrd I'ri'MD.
Mo.NTrKLiK.u , Vt , Juno 2' ! . The
fltatodemoctatic convention nominated
Goo. li K.Uon , of D-uvillo , for gov
ernor , Edgar N. Bu lard , of Swanton ,
for lieutenant govi'rnnr , Willard Gay ,
tf NVost Rvndolph , for treasurer all
by acclamation.
Dr.s MOINIS : , Jui.o 2 ! ) - P. Ilep-
liurn was roirmiinated for congress in
the Eighth district at Creaton to-dnj.
Juno 2 ! ) . The Nation
al board 'of health han notified the
health ofllcers hoi-o to ro-oatablish the
quarantine station at Warronton , nine
miles below this city.
Natloukl Asjoolated f ru
CIMUAOO , Juno 2 ! ) . Mrs. Charles
Lancaster , the uiglith victim of the
Cable street raihv.iy , died last nigit. !
ImmniiRo CrojK.
IVANHAS Crrv , Mi' . , Juno 20. The
wheat crop is the best the utato ever
liad : , being nun-lure less than thirty
and i m many pi.e ! > a ns high IIH thirty-
tivo < bualielii pjr acre , and extra plump
grain > liar vent 11 going on at , ench a
rate tlmt tarnu m are working night ,
Jay and Sunday. Oats and rye are
splendid ; crnpa. The average of corn (
immense ; the plants nro alrnady
throe foot high , promising the greater t
jrop ever known.
National AcBcclalcJ I'rai. '
Niw : YOUK , Juno 20. TJio freight
mndlerH strike remaina unchanied to-
lay , lluinoni were current that the in
ICrio and Jarscy Central railroad had
yielded , but it proved unfounded.
Strikers to the number of 2,000 par-
ided through thu streets and the
reon lianda at work on the piled up
roight disappeared at night of the of
lomonstration. Tlio board of trade
ippeara determined to take action tote
id Attorney General Kuancll will to
irucuro a writ of mandamus to com-
ol the tranaportation companiea to
ulllll contracts , Thia will probably S
urniah an early aolution of the strike , ot t
CINI i.s'NA'ii , .Iuno 20 , Wjiilo the otSt
nen employed by Mel I van A ; Spiegel , of
toiler makers , \vuro working on a
t.mnboat this morning , they were
tlacked by Htriking boiler mnkera
vith drawn revolvers and forced to lui
uit worlc. fui
P.i , Juno 29. W (
lecrctary Swank , jf thu American
ron and Steel association , said to-
iy ; the report ot the Pittsburg iron rai
workers are yielding , in probably un- foj
ruthful , ManulucturorH were firm La
rom the buginnii / , und now show no TJ
igns of wuukui.i.ig. A bituminous nu
operator wlio ownn a number of
lines in thu Ciuarliold
region , says nil
5,000 jiiinora imt , mure than 2fJOO tin
at work. A largo mooting of
micro from nil of the
parts region '
evening decided to refuse to go to D
ork until operators ugreo to advance (
wages ! ! 0 per cent. It is probable node
othing will bo done until after the
jurth of July. The general condi-
favors the atrilcow.
Loyalty do
itlou&l Atnoclatwl I'ru.s noi
MiMVAiKKK , Juno 20.There is Pr
'uiii trouble in The Itupubliuaii- wli
u'litiiiol oflico. Forly-thro'i ' compoai- tlu
, displeased ut cliangus in the edi- HI
iriul force , left the oflico Lite laat tlu
ght. Sal
* - H
itlorul AiioclatoU 1'iute
BT. PAIL , Minn. , Juno 20.A fire
Larrmuro , Dak. , early this morn- Go
destroyed one-fourth of the bud-
portion of the town. It orgin-
in the Union hotel , which was
irnod , with soverul stores and
leona , twenty buildings in all ,
Frank Harris , aped li ( , recently
from Woodstock , 111. , nnd a women
and child name unknown , were
burned to death. Several others are
believed to have poriihod in the
Ihinea , Two or three persons were
iniuroii. Loss , $50,000 , ; insurance ,
NitlonM As-o.-lAtcil I'rom.
A HfllK cinK. !
DALLAS , Texas , Juno 20.Hdward
Low , n murderer , on the way to In
dian Territory on n requisition , wns
taken from the guard by n mob of
Indiana and Inngeti , '
NKW HAVK.V , CONN. , Juno ! ! ! . Mr ,
Ca o concluded hia argument for the
defense and Jonoa followed. Ho laid
stress on the conduct of Jimnio Cra
mer botng out late nights nnd blamed
her mother for allowing her to dress
expensively. He claimed all circum
stances indicate suicide. Argu-
gumonts for the dofenao closed to-day.
Arguments for the prosecution begun.
The case will bo given to the jury to-
. . ' . .
A ounir.'Kssr.i )
Nnw Yoitu , Juno20. John Rooho ,
, igod 112 , visited the ] ) olice he.ul-
quarter. ) at llobokon , staled ho re-
aidul ut Urjiim , IVnu. , in 1872 , nnd
boarded with a man named Hand.
Hand had a pretty daughter. Among
the suitots waa ono John Mitchell.
The fnther bitterly disliked Mitchell.
llimd naked Roclm to help hi.n mur
der Mitchell. Roche consented nnd
Mitchell was killed. The body was
laid across n railroad track in order to
deceive. Hand wns arrested nnd
acquitted for want of evidence. Rochu
surrendered , boiiigconscicnco stricken.
IIAIII.V SCOOl'lil ) .
ST. Louis , June 2 ! ) . The EvoniiiR
Chroniulo to-day publishes a remark
able story , in which Col. II. Clay
Conde , n nephew and accredited wes
tern azont of Samuel J. Tilden ,
litniroa ns principal. He wan about
to bo married to a girl whom ho had
reared and educated , but who eloped
before the wedding day nnd married n
lightning rod man. Col. Conde has
given her expensive presents and lias
demanded them back ,
A Muuiiuin : : nvixo.
TIITIX , 0. , Juno 20. Madder , a
divinity student who murdered his
sweat heart , Misa Bernard , was taken
ill during his trial yesterday and is
now dying.
iLi ) , Juno 20.- Mail nd-
vicen from Eliiubothtown , southern
Illinois , states that n mob shamefully
maltreated and hanged John Tully ,
a negro from Kentucky , Monday
night , charged with ottering violence
to Mr:1. John Howe Saturday night.
Mrs. Howe failed to fully identify
him. Other witnesses , including ono
who sl.opt wih * Tully Saturday nifht ,
testified lie could not have boon iliore.
It appeals certain ho was innocent
TJv t/oorno.
Nnllonal Aitochtod IV is
NEW YOUK , Juno 2 ! ) . The Sun
editorially announces that it lmn
good reason to believe affairs have
been arranged for the escape of the
indicted star routers.
Tli National \ouorfost. ; .
Natlonnl Amnclatctl Troua ,
PiiiLiUKU'HiA , Pa. , Juno 20. The
National Siiongorfest wiw formally
opened this afternoon by n public
meeting at , the Academy of Music.
Governor Hoyt and Mayor Knir made
itddrcaacaof wolcomo. Dr. Kullor de
livered the festival oration. The
opening concert waa given nt the
Academy this evening llaydon'a
"Creation , " rendered by u ehorua of
! ( )0 ) of both Boxoa and an orchoatru of
ludioutlcms. HO
National AasoclatiKi ftctn. th
WASHINGTON , Juno . ' 10 , 1 a. m.
For the Missouri valley : Light
raiim and partly cloudy weather ,
winda ahifting to aonthwrat and
northwcaC , atntionary or n alight rise
temperature , followed by rising ba
Blitluo iu
Natloiml AHBOclateil I'ICSH.
TOPEKA , Juno 2 ! > . TJio nmnagors
{ thu Veteran Soldiers reunion re
ceived pnsitivo assurance from Blnino
to-day that ho would bo hero to at-
land the reunion during thu State fair
week , September Uth'to 20th. Oth-
a who will address the veterans are
Speaker | Keifer , cif Ohio ; Neal Dow ,
Maine ; John Colburn , of Col , ;
Straight , of Ind ; Col. Hurry White ,
I'onn. , and Gco , Loring , coinniM- V /
lionor of .igtlculture.
No fannly Dyoa were over so popu- III !
us the Diamond Dyes , Thoynovor IIIVI
ail , 'Die Black iHfarmiperior to log.
vood , Tlio other colora urn brilliant. VI
Thu probabilities are that it will
nin , but if it should by chance not
a flliort time , go to Whitney's for An
Mdie.V , Gents' and Children'a Shoes.
1'Jiey ; have ull the best makes und '
naku the lowest prices. Cc
Parties that contemplate buying fur-
lituru , atovoa , crockery oranythingin
line of house furnishing goods will
well to i/el prices froinA. L. Fitch it P !
. , 12th street between Farnham and
Jouglua , who have a good atock , both
low und second hand ,
To-night the Bohemian Band will
ivo n grand concert utthuTivoli Gar-
IOIIH. ; This orguiii/.ition hau engaged
oino of the beat musicians from the
'raguo ( Bohemian ) milituiro bands
hich came to thia country lately , nnd
hey claim to give untisfuction an well L
the Bavuriun band which pluyod at
Tivoli for the pant weeks. Next
aturd.iy the Musical Union will give
grand concert under the leadership Pli
F. M. Steinhuuaer.
A few more of the ton cent Canned
leeds and Dried Fruits ut !
Cherries by the quart , bushel or
agon load , ut jiuwErr'H , or.
England Afraid to Taokla Egypt
Lost Ireland Would Rise Up ,
Government Ofllcials Plainly
Agitated on this Point.
Menntimo the Bnnks of the
Surz nro Boinff Loaded
With Eynnmito ,
Anil ThnunniiU of Rccrnit * nro
to Arnlit'd Stnuilnrd-
A Lively Time Looked for In tuar.
East unil Elsowhorc.
N llon\l
: , .Time 2 ! ) . Ambas
sadors are attempting to convince thu
porto that the powers desire to cooperate -
operate with Turkey , and nro deter
mined to act alone in case ho refuses.
TIU : iisisit iuOI.UTION. .
NKW Vonic , Juno i. ! ) . A London
ciblcgrnm through private aonrcca
says : "Tlioro is an dlorl in ollicial
circles to veil the dfoquiotudo felt in
cnnsoqncnco of thu crisis in Egyptian
nlliurn. In the event of war with
I' ' ypt it in understood to bo the in-
tpntion of thu loaders of the revolu
tionary party in Ireland to take ad
vantage of KiiKland'a embarrassed con
dition and piccipitate a general rising.
Notra of the threatened revolution in
Ireland causes considerable oxcito-
mont. It 13 now believed that plans
for such a movement were secretly
discussed after a recent Purnoll dinner
in Loiulou.
Nnw YOUK , Juno 20 - Knkki Boy ,
ofllcor of Turkish admiralty , is in the
city on a musion from the Turkish
government , to examine nnd pur
chase American torpedoes , for harbor
LONDON , Juno 20. A Constantinople
ple special says : Dervish Pnsha con-
Hulted with Arab ! Boy by the portp's
request. Arab ! said under no cir
cumstances could ho receive n Turkish
military force in Egypt. It ia ru
mored Germany instigated' Turkey
to send n force to Egypt. Arabi has
boon constructing dynamite mines
along the banks of the Suez canal.
Ilia army daily receives largo addi
tional volunteers.
AHA 111 .MUST 00.
Lord Salisbury officially states that
no obligations tire in existence from
the late jfovrtrnjjiont lo act .with. . .
Franco in thu L'gvptian question , nnd
that England hud not receded from ,
the demand for Arbi'a lomovnl.
DUIILIN , Juno 20. Marquis Olaur-
ricurdo'a agent and aervant were shot
in thu Loughrcn district , where
Bourke was murdered.
Au'.XANiwiA , Juno 20. All banks
have been transferred to the decks of.
vessels in thu harbor.
PAIIIH , Juno 20. The Journal dea
Dobals strongly supports the British
right to act alone in Egypt to prcaervo
nnd maintain control of the Suez
NI'AMHH TAIliri' .
MAIIUIII , Juno 20. Thu nonato haa
passed the bill reducing turilla.
BCIU.IN , Juno 20 Thoio linvo been
lovornl shocks rf earthquakes along
hu valley of the Ithino.
B FOU ll.
- - - - - - - -
An It In for ull tlio painful dlacasca of the
11 clcamcs the nyatcm of tlio acrid polaou
tlmt cnuflca Uio dreadful nulfurlnc wliloh
inly the vlctl ma of rhoumatlflm can roulUo.
if the ivorut forum of thin lorrihla disease
iavo licou quickly relieved , and Iu short
U' °
IlIIT. 1(1.1 I'll II ) cr Dill , Mil IIi \ ; HUIKGISTS.
ill DrycnnlioBont bymall ,
I MAlIll1IIAUISON.t'o.llurlInKton.Vl )
i/V. B O E H L ,
Miuiufiutimrol the
COll. l-lth AND HOWARD.
Vine ( hm ull kind * ol machinist and lee
V 11 .firi
R , Tent and Wagon Oovers
'or , 14th and Howard Sts.
_ T ntt " * * * *
Tliu boat lii tlio country , ( or thu money ,
M , A. McNamara ,
ourtoontu Street. Omaha
John G , Jacobs ,
( Formerly fiMi t Jacabj )
lumliiug , Steam & Gas Fitting
id KM *
urbine Water Motor.
uoipa , Pine Fitting und Brant
Qooii * .
. 14th and Hartley , Omaha , Neb ,
WATJS Motoilu Co u > tOriaiu i