Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 24, 1882, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Bee ,
Published evary tnomlnff , except Sunday
9 ii only yiontUy morning dully ,
Ono Vear . $10.00 I Three Month * . 83.0 <
Oil Months. n.OO | One . . l.
THE WKEKLY BEK , published ev
ty Wcth.e. ilrty.
Oce Year . 52.00 I Throe Won thf . . 60
Bit Me itti * . . . . 1.00 | One . .
or Newsdealers in Uie T 'tilted Stain.
OOKnt'l'UNlKN'CK All Ooinmnnl.
iktinn * rrl itlni ? lo New * nnd lVilorl\l ! mnt-
eri f iinH bo iwldrowwl to the Kuitou or
titton nnd Heinlttuutvi elioiild bo
droweJ to Tilt : OtiAitA 1'cri.iMUJia COM-
tAsr , OMAHA. Draft" , Checks nnd 1W.-
, ftice Orders lo be mndo pajrnwo lo tlie
rikc of the Couii > any.
The BEE PUBUSHIHU 00 , .Props. .
R. KOSinVAMIt. Editor.
Mooting of the Republican State Con-
trill Committoo.
Tlio mcmboH of Ilia KepubHenn Stale
Central Committee of Nclirnskn , nro
hereby called to meet at llio Conimercul
] Iotcl , In the citynf Lincoln , on Thurs
day. the Oth day nf July , 3882 , nt2 o clock
p. > n. , for the purpose of completing the
organisation of tlie cotninlltce , nnd trail-
Mictiiig uch other buvlnevi ni may prjp-
crly ciiino before the name.
The following nro the mpinbcru of the
committee : 1st District , A. K. ftunlt ; 'Jd ,
John 1 1. Cnraonj 3d. Jacob H. Dow ; 4th ,
A. 1' . Orotit : nth , 11. Jl. Windham ; Oth ,
0. K. Yo t ! Oth , 1'nul Vnndervoort ; 7th ,
D. K Ucadlo ; 8th , W. K. 1'ceblcs ; Oth , S.
11. Col on ; lOtlt , J. A. JJrhnrdt ; llth , .T.
It. fcclbcr ; lath , W. D. Matthews ; IHtb ,
M. Whltmoycr ; llth , Abel Hill ; IBtli ,
John Stccn ; Ifctli , K. 0. rhllUiw ; Ifilh ,
G. W. I'ioice ; 17th , T. I. . Crawford ; 18lh ;
W. T.Scott ; 10th , J. W. 1'rlco ; 20th , 0.
W. UalUley ; 211 , Watson L'ickcrcll ;
221 , J. JJ. McDowcI ; 23d , S. W. SUrcr ;
2 1 tli , J. I ) . Hnycs ; Sfith , A. W.
2Cth , O. 31. Willaid:27th : , lloboil Ken
nedy ; 28th , A. L. Wiffton ; 20th , 15. U.
Iledlund ; 30th , ( , ' . S. IJUhop ; Slut , It. J.
Chninnun ,
CnKTE , Nub. , Juno 12 , 1882.
Tins ia the indopondontn1 year.
CORK and candidates nro booming
in all parln of the utnto. Wliat the
harvent will bo in both cases can bo
told bolter next fall.
OMAHA will rcapond goneroualy to
the appeal for the Qtinnoll auflorors if
her post record is any guarantee of
hot present inclinations.
T.HK nccktio otjpiablo in Washington
-on Juno 'iOtli , wliicli will bo under
the genial supervision of 'Warden
Crocker , will not be largely attended.
STOCKS ftto'boginning to go up. So
are corn nlalkfl. The connection be
tween stocks and the corn crop is
about an close no that between the
Siamese twins.
I'IUUSIDKNT Aimiuu announces that
ho will appoint no inoro women to
ofiicu. lloBolutiono from llio Nobrun-
lea woman Buffercra ahopld at oncu bo
engrossed and Bent to ashington ,
MK BISHOP , the "mind reader , " is
nalonishing the coat by his exhibitions
of second sight. Wo will wager S3 lo
an old hat that ho can't rend Dr. Mil-
ler'a mind the onmo way ten minutes
in succession.
TJIH Buffalo Jfaprcsa always risen to
the occaaion. A strike on four hours'
notice occurred on that paper and the
editorial corps promptly took cases in
the news room. Mr. Matthews is
setting hia lender with his own hands.
FiikMNOiiUYHEN is suid to bo
disgusted with the atato department.
Wo dent like lo cay it , but it looka
very much ns if 'in Mr. Frolinghuy-
aon'a CASO an avorugo Jorooy firmer
has boon npoilod to mnko a very podt
secretary of state.
Mu. PF.NIII.KTON boliovea in a civil
uorvico reform in which "Gentleman
Goorgo" shall bo the appointing
power. The campaign of 188JI is a
loiiR way abend , but the cx-seiiatoi
from Ohio is anid to bo milking a very
good still-hunt for the democratic
THE Philadelphia Jtieonl , which hat
has solved the seemingly iiiinoisUilc
problem of how to print nil the now
for a cent , hnn tnken poecccalon of its
new and elegant building in PliHaclol
phia. The Itceord ia a plicnoinonon ir
its way. nnd marks c now era in civet' '
orn journalism.
PKUHPIIIINO. members and a fntiguoc
lobby nro reaponaiblo for the auddot
attention of congre&s to p-jblio bus !
neap , and the rupul dispatch ol
ineatmrcB brought beforu both houses ,
There is nothing like u high thermometer <
oter and night uetsioiiH lo mnko out
public servants attend to their knitting ,
The number of electors in Great
Britain and Ireland is only 3,131,721 ,
distributed as follows ; In England
2D9l-102 , , Ireland 228/278 , and Scotland -
land 115,121 , Birmingham is the
largest constituency , having 04,051
electors ; Liverpool is next , with 02-
0311 , and Manchester third with 53 ,
Ir the present congress adjourm
without taking eotuo decided steps
towards reducing taxation , its moiiv
bora will bo called to a rigid nccounl
by their constituonts. The counlrj
has had a forotaslo of hard times it
the present depression and high prices ,
and it neos no reason whj
the u&tion should needlessly bi
taxed to the tune of ono hundred and
fifty millions yearly ,
The sens on is approaching when tin
public schools will close for the summer
mor , and teachers and pupils wil
enter upon the long vacation whicl
intervenes between the commence
niont exercises nnd the opening of tin
now school year. Most of the privnt <
educational institutions hnvo nlrcndj
finished their year's work , and ncni
their graduates into the world will
neatly printed diplomas and inoro 01
les * impractical ideas upon the grcal
fi.'ld of usefulness which awaits then :
and the part which ihuy are to play in
what ia culled "tho battln of lifo. '
The epccchea which have been spokut.
and the CSSBVS which Imvc
been road h vu told much
of " cxnalcd 'opjiortunilies" in
llio past and coming "victories in the
'uture , " Addresses delivered by
thono who have lefl far behind tlicm
huir nchool nnd college days , have
jointed out what accin lo Ilium in thu
ight of a mature experience the do
ccts and the oxcollcncica of our syn-
otn of education , and the press hai
.ikon up the subject and ia aiming
la annual shafts of satire and wit at
ho "young helpless ijritduato. " Some
chronic croakers are printing Iheir
iows upon the usclcasnoss of the
liqhor education , and granting np-
iroval of Ilor.ico Grceloys old maxim ,
which was written , by the way , in a
it of editorial dyspepsia , that of all
lorned animals the eollego graduate
s the worst.
The dill'orcnoo of opinion which
oxisls regarding the value , in a practi
cal aoiiBo , of our secondary schools
and colleges , results from a misappro *
iciiaicn of the aim of the education
which they strive to impirt. Wo
lave few universities which turn out
scholars. They nro only drill rooms ,
in which the pupils nro taught the
use of weapons which they are to use
n after lifo. Nothing butcxpcrienco
with lifo can make pr.ictical men. No
) usineas college can graduate a practi
cal merchant , fitted to grapple with
great commercial problems. The law
school ia yet to bo founded whoso
graduate is enabled at once to
cjpo with the giants of the profession
and thoao who hold diplomas from our
Jcwt technical schools diacovor that
skilcd engineers , chemhts and physi
cians can only bo mndo in actual com-
sat with the problems of their pro
fession in every day lifo loth pupil
and the public make n great mistake
in overlooking- fact that any edu
cation is necessarily primary , and that
, ho ical education which ( Ita men to
nount lo the highest rounds of the
adder in any calling or profession is
; nincd by building firmly through
radical experience , upon thofounda-
.ion of the school curriculum.
[ t is not to bo denied that the gradu
ate of the common school often shows
in after lifo to the great disadvantage
of the collegian , because the gap between -
tweon llio closing of his school daya
and llio commencement day of the
college graduate has been filled in hie
case by attention to the practical de-
taila of hia business. Entering as a
youth the ollico , the counting room in
.ho factory ho is learning business
Methods while his oomrado is still
theorizing , nnd the drill which he ob-
; aiii3 given him at the ntart an advan
tage which it takes yearn to oflace.
Wo do not believe that any educa
tion ia thrown away if it can bo BUG-
coodcd by prnolical application of ite
lessoni to lifo. The necessity for thin
practical application iawhat montyouny
graduates fail to sco until it is driven
in o them by many lurd knocks from
the world , many disappointment and
many fuiluree. Thu world is not
yearning for tbo average college 01
school qradualo who thinks that 1m
brain contains the sum total of humai
knowledge nnd whoso dignity is onlj
equalled by * his lack of experience
Hut the world stands ready lo welcome
como men of brains who know how U
apply llio knowledge which they havi
acquired and who nroilling lo bom
Ihoir heads ve/y lonr , if noccsairy , it
order lo outer thu passageway whlcl
leads to Bucccsii , to reputation ami tt
fame. Theory without practice- i :
moro vaporixlug , but theory combinot
with praolico , if Iheory bo good am
available , ii certain lo succeed in UK
lout ; run ,
The Egyptian crisis still coutiiuic
lo hold llio attention nf Europe. Al
though thcro hnu been no rocurronci
of the riotous icencB of last week tin
condition of ailaiia nt Alexandria re
maii.s highly crilical nnd the harbor i ;
ntill guarded by llio Hoot of the po\r
era. A call has been made for a nev
ministry in which Ar.tbi Hey is lo bi
miniulor of war , No governmon
which failed to recognize the grea
revolutionist could stand for a moment
mont against the army with Arab ! at it
head. The Porto Ima sullenly proteslnc
against a couforonco ot tha power
representatives of which [ are gather
ing at Constantinople. The program
mo has not yet been announced. Mr
Gladstone in the house of common
refused to bo questioned on thin poin
and Sir Charles Dilko besides roplyiiij
that England's interests would bi
fully guarded declined ta alTord an ;
additional information. It is no
dilHouH to surmise that both Franci
and England will not ugroo to un ;
plan which fails to maintain Europoai
control over the finances of the Khod
ivo. Both nations are too heavily in
terested in the Egyptian revenue te
permit its supervision by any but thoii
own representatives , while Englands
protectorate over the Suez canal re
quires in the interests of her com
mcrccs that the noulrahly of the grca
canal should bo assured , so long an
her Indian possessions are not threat
ened. Tha conference incctn during
the coming week and its dolibcrnlions
will bo walchcd with interest by every
government on the continent.
How important the SUCK canal is ns
n great commercial highway may bo
Been from the l st annual report of its
managers , which shows that the divi
dend for 1881 will bo 43f. 80c. per
share. The total receipts of the year
were f > 1.G7G. 18f. ! ) , HO that nf Icr deduct
ing thu working expenses , interest
and redemption of obligations , and
interest al 5 per cent. onMiarco , there
remains , while still providing 5 per
cent , for tbo statutory reserve , a net
profit of 24G78MGf. ( . ' )83. ) The nmri-
Umo traffic consisted of 2,7-7 vessel * ,
the gross tonnngo of which gauged
5,70 l.-IOl tons. Compared with 1880 ,
this ahows nn nugmontation at the
rate of 31 per cent. Seven nnw lines ,
thu report adds , have been established
during the year , nnd the regular ser
vices liavo added to their material 40
now steamers. The excellent condi
tion of Iho canal lias been not only
maintained , but oven still further im
proved by the works carried out by
the company in the interest of com-
merco. The average price of land
sold at L'ort Said h s risen to 40f. 20c.
the square metro. As nt present cir
cumstanced , the canal is adequate to
double the traffic at present using it.
In prospect , however , of a future still
greater incraaso of navigation through
the canal , the directors request from
the shareholders Iho necessary powers
to enable them to realize at moro fro-
jucnt intervals successive issues of
ibligationa , to extend over a period of
27 years.
iJianmrck haa suffered an over
whelming defeat on his tobacco mon
opoly bill , on which ho had sot his
icart , and had pressed to n vole wilh
Croat vigor. J3y the provisions of the
jill the imperial authorities werno
iiivo absolute control of the tobacco
: ) U9liiP83 throughout Germany. No
ono was to be allotted to plant tobacco
without a government permit , and
10110 but the government woo to bo
illowod to purchase , manufacture or
sell the weed but itself. Even the
smallest detailn relating to the busi-
ICHS , such as regulating the quality
md prices of snuff , cigars and tobacco
n other forma , was cither fixed by the
} ill or loft to the chancellor to decide.
Hie object of this great monopoly was
o create a largo government revenue ,
jut Prince Bismarck failed to convince -
vince the Reichstag that such a power
aa the bill proposed should bo placed
in the luiulu of tha government. Uo
struggled hard , nnd in a two hours'
speech sought to secure the passage of
the measure. In the course of his re
marks ho paid a high compliment to
the United States on account of its
prolcctivo system. But Iho prince
labored in vain. By a vote of 27G lo
13 Iho measure was rejected. Had
this happened in England it would have
led to a chungo of ministry , but Bis
marck finds his rovcngo in having the
roiclistrg prorogued until next
autumn. It is quite evident Unit the
great chancellor ia no longer n control-
ing power in German politics , and
during the debate on the tobacco bill
Ilerr Hamburger told him to hia face
that he was "on the roud to the. ruin
of his polilical reputation. " It was
further charged that ho was incapable
of governing with a parliament , and to
this he replied with considerable as
perity , Baying that "no one could
yovorn with Herr llichtor's parly in
the majority. "
Germany ia terriCed at the sternly
and largo increase of the population.
The number of births over deaths has
attained.un annual average of 550,000 ,
nnd the increaseof population nineo
1871 to 1881 over 4,000,000 , exclusive
of Alsace-Lorraine , the Grand Duchy
of Baden and Husso. The emigration
of 200,000 to 1500,000 annually is not
Biilllcient to counterpoise the overcrowding -
crowding , and it is feared , in addition
that thu largo immiqration to thu
United Stales may become too much
of a good thing to that country , and
repressive legislation may result.
There are 400,000 marriages in Ger
many each year , and it is becoming a
serious mailer of dissuasion how they
can bo reduced The eumi-oHioix
2\rodilfutcht \ ) Algftneine Xeitwxj ia ol
the opinion Hint the communes ought
to bo empowered to place certain re
strictions to marriages , "without ,
however , interfering with individual
liberty. " But how lliia is to be done
ia not explained. France , on the
other band , is lamenting the deplora
ble slowness in increase of the popula
tion. The problem has attracted the
attention of M. Larocho Joubcrl , an
active dopuly of the exlromo rigbt ,
who has introduced a bill with the
specific object of increasing the popu
lation of France , The bill provides
for relieving married men from service
in proportion to Iho number of their
children. The first clause provides
that every French citizen in lime ol
peace or offensive war shall , on prov
ing that bo Is the father of a legitimate
child , bo exempt from active serviou
with the colors. If ho bo Iho happy
father of two children no Eervico it
the first reserve will be demanded o :
him , while thrco children lo his natni
free the lucky citizen from any mill
tnry duly whalever except in caat
of "defensive" war. What ndvnir
tones the father of four or more olive
branches would enjoy M. Lirocht
Joubort'a bill docs not set forth.
The replacement of General Igna-
tieff by Count Tolstoy , at St. Pclere.
burg , has caused a sigh of relief In
the world of European diplomacy ; bul
it is of no good omen for the future
of lluasia.riho couht ia an excellent ,
well-meaning , philanthropic man , who
could govern ai , Abdera or a Monaco
with fair succcs' . But ho never haa
been anything but n first-class mis-
chief-maker in Russia. He had a fair
share in spoiling the uknso of omnnci-
pilion , His repressive course while
in the ministry of education drove
the educated young men of the great
cilics into thoao secret nsaocialiona
which culminated in Iho nihilistic or
ganization. As chancellor , ho can done
no good ; nnd the best thing to hopn
'or Russia ia hia speedy retirement.
He is a man of ideas too narrow for
such a stress as now disturbs thr.t
jreat empire. _
It is said that in certain parts of
franco important stcpi are to betaken
to renew , through systematic athletic
exorcises , the ancient vigor of the
present race. At Reims has just been
liold a fete with 2,000 , young men
: rom all sections of France taking
: > art in it , which ia declared to have
jeon n part of the qonoral scheme.
The French minister of public instruc
tion was present at a banquet given
subsequently , and said that if hia
lopes and plans were only carried out ,
Franco would , in a few yeara' time ,
"bo nblo to point with pride to a race
of active and manly youths somewhat
different in physique nnd appearance
'rom the palid boys who loiter about a
small court-yard or walk in procession
.hrough . the streets on half-holidays. "
If old Peter the Great could revisit
bo earth lie would probably feel like
Hitting a little backbone into the
ircncnt c/r of all the Russius. The
atest dispatches from St. Petersburg
leclaro that the czar has increased the
irocautiom ; against nnaaaaination in
lis imperial retreat , and that he has
.aken exorcise in splitting wood , nfler
ho fusli in n of Gladstone. It ia a
ncloncboly spectacle to aeo the ruler
of 00,000,000 people driven to such
xpedionta to preserve hia health ,
lis ancestors , 1'otcr and Nicholas ,
iad different ideas of recreation. Cut-
ing nlf heads was their pastime , and
considering tbo character of tbo llua-
ian , it was much safer for the czar.
Tea is laigely grown in the Indian
irovince of Assam. Between 1872
und 188 L Iho population in consequence
quence of UUH industry increased
about 19 per cent. , which was largely
duo to the importation of labor. The
ast tea report Allows an area ot 153- ,
G59 acres under cultivation and an
export to Bengal of 37,715,000 pounds.
[ t is believed that the tea industry
will aliow n fitill further material ad
vance in a few years.
The king of Siam has recently built ;
a palace at a cost of § 1,000,000 , The
'urnittiro ia now being put in ir , and
.ho statistics of the articles are given
in the form of weight , the total weight
aoing 400 tons and the total cost ia
oven $500,000 , which is not especially
dear for elegant furniture , being less
, hm ; sixty-five cents a pound.
The Monte Carlo gambling estab
lishment has published a balance
shoot for 1881 , from which 11 appoara
that the tables won in that time the
aum of $2,400,000. The expenses for
the same period wore § 1,700,000 , thus
leaving $040,000 to bo divided umong
tbo shareholders. The transactions of
some ot tbo cluba in Nice and Paris
are said to greatly exceed those of
Monte Carlo.
The clothes communion Daptlsta nro
thosu who meet tcgcthi'r lo compare dress
A sermon on Iho vanities ot this life la
weakened by tlie time it tia\eld over a
hugo congregation nf beautiful lioiinolc.
What Is hypocrlsj ? Why , it la when
anyone nays be loves liii neighbor as him
self , nud straightway Handrf the sugar ,
The l.oid provide * fur hU own ; but it is
expected that they will scratch around a
llttlo nnd help uuue a , crop.
"San I'rauiiBco It clamoring for brass
bantn in clmrchei , " Kxtreme measured
must be taken to keep San FruucUco people
ple u wake , evidently.
Slio had ordered nothing \ojetnblea
und wan eating them vigorously when a
little old lady H atecl neit to her one of
iho'U biinybode ! eveunxiuui tu bo plean-
ant aiulK'd and interrogatively mid :
"Vegetarian ? " "NTo , " said the other , In
quick respous' , "Unitarian ; I'm from Bos
ton are you ? "
The most unfortunate of women U the
miulster'd wife. When he read * hU ner-
inona to her after lie Ima just completed
writing them thera U no congregation
profcut with new bonucU to draw her
miud nwny from h ! words ,
"My frcus , " said the olliclallng clergyman -
man utthe manage of two colored
neur Cincinnati a few .Sundays ago , "uiy
frens , it am a serious thine to get innrri ) ! ,
specialty w.heu bofo parties is orphniu aa'
halutgot no parents to fall back on , as am
do pretent case. "
"Lawrence , my doir , " Haii hU wife ,
wrenthlng In smiles , "I wish you had been
to church this morning , Mr. Jones was
very intereitiu , aud when ho prayed for
the absent one * " "Well , tint accounts
for it. thou. I hmen't caught Mich astrin ; ;
of fiih for a ) ear ui 1 1 U this iHorniag. '
-Wulf. [
An Amlln colored preacher * ! ; cilled
upon ta nuke n few remarks at the grave
of u boy. ild : "Dmhly belubl ed bred-
deni and tlitoilu , de day an' do hour when
ench an' cbery one of m tr.iu' jlclJ p on
* peret am done rot , bnt If n kind I'rovl
df-nce had not mfule de cowcumbcrn Inti
rii * he.ih teason. dli lieah promising boj
would h.ib clninli < ! e golden ftnir SBUEM
weeks ago , I'mlie be dc Lord for hi' '
g' odncaiand muwy , "
The Kev. Dr. Leonard W. Bacon ,
known chic lly MI the ardent adrocnle ol
the execution nf the Connecticut Sunday
Ia\v , who took ox-1'resldent Hayes to ride
MI Sunday , has broken out In n new pot ,
He 1ms on aril lo in Iho current Princeton
It Uow , in which he aver * that "actual
polygamy prevail * among the New Kng-
lander * to n greater exicnt than amoug
e Mohammedans. "
An Illinois former who plowed irj ) a two
gallJn juKabuHcdhis because there
was nj whisky In U.
Vcnnor boldly piedioU EH early r.nd
cold fall. It Is sitppwed that Wrs. V n-
nor h s a tealakln saeque. Courier Jour
"I'lvn hours sleep nre enough , " says n
New York doctor. Yei , enough lo kill
nlmost any man , K lie strikes the right
lotel bod.
It is complained that gome of Iho beef
inw sold in Impregnated with garlic.
They bavo to fcttengthan it o it can hold
up the price.
The author of the sonp , "Seo that My
3ra\o is Kepi Green , " is in jail in India-
napolK He i now engaged on arlmm-
ilon plcre , entitled , "Se that Aty Cell is
Kept Whitewashed. "
"And what , then , was Hie date exactly
of loriuubind'rf tloath' " " .
your p " me
ccolloct my. elf , ma'am. Well , II he'd ' .i
ivcd to Wednesday next , he'd a Leeiulcad
, hreo weeks. "
Itls now nllinned that poir dijes'ion i
caused by weak eyes. Aud we had always
supposed just the opposite -namely , that
lyopeptlcs wcro generally people with
eyes bigger than their stomachs ,
The ilcUety birm and dilapidated old
'rarao houses that have withstood the
storms for a qtiarter of a ceii'ury , nre the
mes that never blow down though they are
.ho . ones that can best l.o spared.
A Chattanooga negro was looking up a
chimney , when a bolt of lightning came
down nud stripped the buttons off hia VfBt.
iVhen he got his bicath he remarked that
f ho h.vl known that cat was up there , and
ialculating to como down , ho wouldn't
lave got in the way for S3.Boiton Post ,
It H true that batijo playing is becom-
ng to a certain oxt'iit fushionablo among
he young ladies. The banjo , wo hnsten
o eay , Ii an instrument whkh when jirop-
irly plajvd , givts forth sounds re embling
, ho active thuinring of 3 simll boy on n
vire strung acroi-s the wood box. It isn't
especially adautc I to oratorio music or
praud opera , but ns an accompaniment to
u cat concert it ia passably eudurably.
"Sir ! " began n Dotroitor as ho entered a
grocery the other morning , ' 'Sir , T order
ed some butter of you yesterday ! " ' 'Yes
th 1 know , meant to have it sent up but
ergot it , You shall have it right away. "
'Sir ! the butter came up nn tims. " Oh
ah it did , oh ! Well , I'm norry it wat
nor , but we sh-'H have tome letter in a
lay or two. " "Sir ! the butter cams up ou
inie aud wasoll light , bust l'\e seen in a
oar. " ' 'You don't suy so ! Certainly
ust ao I'll make up tiio weight on the
next lot. " "Sir ! the butter was g < 'ou , the
\eight correct , and I called to order six
> ounds more "Is it possible ? Well ,
veil but accidents will happen in the
ie t regulated groceiieH you know. Sorry ,
nit will do better nt\t time. " Detroit
"rce Press.
low a Railroad Cont-actor Ban-
quottecl a Town In Nebraska.
'orrcspondcnco of THK IEK. !
WYMOUE , Nob. , Juno 10. On
Thursday evening Juno 15 occurred
one of the moatbrillinnt and rechercho
nfl'.ur.i over Been in tliia state. Messrs.
2. P. Reynolds it Sons , the noted
railroad contractors , whoso fame haa
recently received additional eplendor
rom tbo marvoloua work performed
on the Donvur extension of the 0. B.
t Q. 11. R. , a report of which haa
already been furniohod these columns ,
came to this city a few daya since ,
mngincr on army of men und teams ,
equipped with the fullest parnpharnolia
or railroad building and established
.heir headquarters , having been ad
vised that \Vymoro is to bo Iho great
center of railroad operations in this
state , and that from their headquar-
era are to bo directed tbo future opor-
itions of this ponderous organmtion.
Having calabliahed their ollico and
erected well appointed buildinga
'or their immeme suppliea , these
energetic , whole Eouled gentlemen net
thouiBolvoa to work to give the people
ple of Wyinoro a benefit , in the olmpo
uf a public reception. Accordingly Ihoir
ippeared the compliments of Mr. E
L' . Reynolds , Jr. , through Messra
3reenwocd , Lane , Roderick , Linniger
and Rodgcra , committee of invitations
for the evening above designated ,
[ n the mean time , preparations the
moat elaborate wore made for the oc
casion , a largo tent was spread anjoin-
ing the Potter house , and in close
.iroximily to the dancing ball , und
there in wna laid on tables prepared
covers for 000 guests. The tenl waa
jaily festooned , aud elaborately trim-
iiiod with evergreens and ( towers , and
over the groaning tables , bprcad with
tbo choiceat delicacies of the season ,
the radiont ( hah of a headlight obot
itH rays , lending a brilliancy and fas
cination to the scene , whioh will never
bo forgotten by those who looked
upjn , it ,
lu the largo dining roomof the Potter -
tor bouse , and in the spacious private
odkea of Meters , Ruynolds , there had
gathered about three hundred Indies
incl gcntlemuii from the pleasant litllo
village of Blue Springs , which nesllca
so quietly ainoti ! . ' Iho trees , ono mile
from this rattling railroad center.
Your correspondent bus not upacu lo
elaboralo on the beauty und graceful
ness of the richly dressed ladies , and
the eleconco of the gentleman , who
whirled in the mazes of the danoo till
tlio hands on the watch puinted to the
hour of1 a. in. To siy ; that the party
waa a succcas would bo to fall abort of
the facts. It was simply imtnonao ,
unparalleled and unapproaahed in the
history ol banquets and public recep
tions. No discordant note waa struck
throughout the entire nitrht , and at
the conclusion of tbo party the ver
dict waa unanimously expressed in a
resolution spoken to by several
of tbo gentlemen , and enthusiasti
cally adopted by the "whole people. "
to the Misses Reynolds , and especially
to Mr. K. P , Reynolds , jr. "We return -
turn thanks for the most pleasant
gathering of our lives. " So ended tbo
banquet , and ao haa Mr. Reynolds
builded for himself , in the hearts of
ihcuo good people a monument that
shall never bo effaced , but shall eland
for all time and against alt circum
stances a guarantee of bis IargObeart-
ed and generous manhoDd , and his
abiding faith in , aud bis affection for
; ho people of Wymoro
Boiut'.lul bulldln ; eltoa on Sherman avcnuo
10th utrcctl south of 1'ocpkton's and J. J.
Irown's rtsldcncce the tract bcloagl K to Sena-
or Paddock for so many jcars bcinp
153 ftct nest Irontien rn the avenue ,
by from SCO to 650 Itct In depth ,
unnlnir eastward to the Umaha & St. Paul 11. It.
VIII sell In strips of 60 feet or moro f'ontnto on
ho avouue with lull depth to thu rallroal , will
ell tho-aba\oouaboutany terms that purchaser
nay Jcslre. To partloauho will nitrco to build
louses co-tin ; fliUO and upwards " 111 soil with
out aii5-iiaiuent down for one year , and 5 to 10
cual | annual payments thtroslttr t T per cent
nUrceb. To parties he do not Intend Improv-
uj ; luiincdlaiciy will sell for tno sixth doun and
! equal annual paj niciita thcroltr at 7 per cent
Choice 1 aero block In Smith's addition at w c/it /
: nd of Kirnam street will g\\e \ any length of
IIHD required at 7 per cent Intera&t.
Also a uplcndl 1 10 aero block In Smith's tviJI-
Ian on Fame liberal terms ai the foreuinr. ;
No. 305 , Half lot on IzirJ near 20th street '
No 301. Lo' on 18th street near Paul , S12CO.
No 203 , Lot 30x230 feet on 15th street , near
No 299 , One quarter aero on Burt street , near
No 97 , To lota on Clondo near Irene street ,
21,0 and SJOO each.
No 2M , Two lota on Georgia near Michigan
trect , S1200.
No2S5 , Twelve choice rcildoico lot ? on Hamll-
on ftrt-ct In Shlnn'a tddltlon , line and aightlx
J60 to ? 5X ) each.
No 2M Btautiful half lot on St. Mary's av-
nuo , SOxIS. ' Icct , Lear lliahop Clirkson'a and
Oth street , tflWO
No 282 , Kic cnolcalotaon Park avenue , SOx
TX > each , ou street railway , $600 oich.
No 231 , Six loti in Mlllard & Ca'dnell's ' addition
onbhermaa Avenue ueir I'opplctoa's , ? 3CUto
tDO each.
Nn liiU , Choice lots on Park avenue and street
ar line on r ad to Park , S150 to S10JO each.
No2S5 , Klcten lots on IX-ea'ur and Ircno
trci.ti' , near Saundura street ! , $ J76 to S1EC inch.
No 282 , Lot on lUth DVJLT Paul street , S7iO.
No 281 , Lot 65x110 feet near St. Mary's a\cnue ,
ni 20th street , $1600.
No 279 , Lot on Dccatur near Irene street , $325.
No 27d , Four lots on CaUwc.lI , near Siundcrs
trcst , $600 each.
l-'o 270 , Loton Clinton street , near shot to er ,
No 276 , Four lota on McLellan street , near
Hondo , Kazan's udditKm , 7J25 cich.
No 274 , i'Qreo lota near race course : make
No 208 , Ik.vitlf ul corner acre lot on California
'rcct , oppiMtu .md ajjolulng HaciuJ Heart Can-
cut Kroundf , S10 U.
No 2to , Lot on Madon , n > : ar 16th street , $1,350.
100 lots In "Credit Koncinr"aml "Grand View'
addltlous , just south-tast of U. P and B. i M.
ailroad i eiwts , ranging from $1CO to 41030 cadi
anuoneasj terms.
Jltautiful llcsidcnco Lots at a barffilnery
laiuly touhopstlOOtoi'260 cacb , 6 per cent down
nci percent per month. Cail aim gitplataud
ull | > artlcu'aia.
No 258 , Full corner lot on Jones , Near 16th
treet , j.J(00 ,
No 26) , Two lots on Center street , near Cum-
m : fttrcet , SOU lor both or 600 each.
No isij , Lot on Reward , near King etrcct ,
: o
oNo 219 , Hall lot on Dodge , near llth street ,
No 2(7 , > "our bututlful resilience lots near
Crrljht3ii ; Cohere ( or will separate ) 83,000.
No 2iU , I wo lots on Center , nuu Cunilng
street , $100 each.
No 1KU ) , L t on Idaho , near Cuminc ; struct ,
nfso V45. Beautiful corner aero lot on Cumincr.
car Uutt .n etruet , mar now Comcnt of hacred
Inirt , 81.DOO
No. 241 , Lot on Farnam , ntar ISlh ctrcet ,
No 213 , 1/5l C6 by 133 fe-t on College street ,
near St. ilar > 'a avenue , 700.
Nn241 , l.o C ou Fainaui , near 2Cth street ,
* 1,000. ,
No 240 , Lot CO by 09 feet on South , ai enue ,
near Mason street. (050.
No 233 , Corner lot ou Hurt , near 22J street.
No 039 , 120x132 feet 01 Harncy , near 21th ,
street ( will cut It up2,400. )
No 234 , Lot on Douglas street , near 25th ,
' 300.
No 232. Lot on Pier street , near Scward ,
No 227 , Two lots on Decatur , near Irene ttrcct ,
$200 each.
No * 2J , Lot 113 by 411 feet on finer-nan nvr.
mo (10th st.cct ) , nea Grace , $2400 , will dilclc. .
No 210 , Lot 23\0ret on Dodge , ccar 13th
street ; make on tiler.
No 2t" , Lot on 23rd near Clare , ? 500.
No 21D , Lot on Hamilton near King , fc-03.
No 2JJ , Lot bli ISth ekrect , Dear Nicholas
* JOO ,
No 207. Two lots on 10th , neof Pacific strest ,
Sl.COO ,
No 5.01 , Beautiful rcfllcnco lot on Division
etroot , near Ciimliig , 8 00.
No IDA Lu'.a un 16th street , net : Pierce ,
$ COO.
No 19'j , Ixts on Sauudets street , ncir Sew-
NolUlj , THO lots on 22d , near Grace ctrcet ,
No 102J , Two lots on 17th street , near white
eadork , $ l,05V.
Nolb J ; Ono full block ten lots , near the
larracl H , f 100.
No 1'Jl , Lot ] on Parker , street , near Irene
$303 ,
NolC3'T o lets on Ca83. near 21st street
Kilt edB i ) ) , ffl.COj.
No IbO , L'jt on I'ler near Senard , $650 ,
No 170 , la ; on 1'iclflo street , ucar Hth ; uiiko
No ICO , Six lota on Farnam , near 21th ctrctt ,
No 103 , Full block on 23th strreet , near rice
course , m d throe lots In Clte' ! < addition , near
Saundsro aud Casiius etni-W , fc..Oo'i ,
.So 127 , tot on lhtn atiett , near whle lead
works , $05. : !
M > ] . ' , 123x133 feet (2 lota ) on ISth street ,
neir Poiipleton1 * , $1,600.
Noll' } , Thirty half acre bts In MlllarJ & Cal.
dwell additions on acnue , Spring and
tarat a streets , near the end of greun utrcet
car track , i-iW to $1,300 each.
No S3 , Lot on Chicago , near 22d stiect ,
No 88 , Lot on CaldweU street , near Saundcrs ,
No Sfl , Garner lot on Charles , [ near Saund-
doi street , 8700.
No 75 , UdxS2 feet on Pacific , near 8th street
NoCO , Ightecn lots on 2Ist , 22d , 231 and
dauDder < streets , near Grace and Blunders street
bridge , § 500 caUi.
No 0 , Ono fourth block (160x133 ( feet ) , ne
the Convent ol Poor Claire , on Hamilton street ,
near thu end of the rod eueU car track , il.CM ) .
15th and Douglas Street ,
- 3XTEI B.
Caii Ee Handled By a Boy.
The \ > 3\ need ne cr bo tikon off the wwon and
all the-belle 1
Grain and Grass Seed Is Save
It cistslcsj thn tlio old cf\lo faults. Etcry
ctaudard nagon ia eold with our rack complete
Or liny the attachments nnd applv them to
jour old wagon box. Voi saleIn Nebraska by
KRSS , Omnhi.
FRED KrDnn , Grind filand.
II wot.rrr & OIKKS , llatnii. !
Sl'AVOilR ( PJNK , Hod CiOtlJ.
U. II. CHA.SK & Co. , licil Oak , lo r.v.
And every first clais dealer In the wcit. A fc.
them for dciicrlptlvo circrXar or f rnd direct
to us.
J , UcCallum Bros , Mauufg Go. ,
Ofllco , 21 Wink Lake Streor , Chkjjtf.
76' , 000
Thsy surpass all other vehicles for oisy rldlnj.
tjh end durability ,
For sale by
-lenry Tim ken , ,
DatentcoandDullJor of Flno Carrhir s , 1000 ,
WOwxJ 1010 St. Clurlcs St. , St. Lou'a. Cata-
oucs . -
Improved lor 1882.
Every housekeeper fcola the wantof
something that -will cook the daily
food andavoid the excessive heat , dust ,
littur nnd italics of a coal or woods to vo.
DO IT , better , quicker and cheaper
than any other moans. It is the ONLY
OIL STOVE mada with the OIL-
back of the steve , awayfrom the heat ;
by which arrangament ABSOLUTE
SAFE CY is secured ; aa no gas can bo
generated , fully twenty per cent nioro
heat is obtained , the wicka are pre
served twice aa long , thus saving the
trouble of constant trimminq and the
expense of now ones. EXAMINE
THE MONITOR , and you will buy no
Manufactured only by thi
Monitor Oil Stove Co , Cleveland 0 ,
Send tor descriptive circular or call
on M. Rogers & Son , agonta for Ne
Nebraska National
( No. 2085. )
WAMiinoiojf , April 25th 18S2.
WIIKRRAS , by hatWactory evldciico presented
to the undcri ( 'nod , it na been mode to appear
OMAHA , " in the c ty of Omaha , In the county of
Douglas , and State of Nebraska , has complied
with nil the provision of tholtovlatd Statues of
the United States required to bo compiled with
before an association bhall be authorized to com
mence the bii-lncta of liankliiK :
Now , therefore , I. John Jay KroiComptroller
ol the Currency , do hereby ccrtlff that "The. .
Nebraska National Hank of Omaha , " In the c j
of Omuhit , in the c mnty of Douglas , and state
cf Nebraska , Is authorized to commence the
bu lnei of lianUlnirai provided In Section Fifty
Ono Hundred and Sixty-Nino of the llovlged
SUtutcsof the United Stated.
In U.timony whereof witness my
) hand and real of ollico this 25th
( 8KAL. > day ot April U82.
_ _ - ) JOHN JAY I5NOX ,
Comptroller of thu Currency
The abate Dink U now prepared to recehe
bujlnoux It couiraoiicea with a fully pa d up
capital of fJJU.OOO.oo , with olllceri and dtrcctorJ
u follow * :
8. U. JOHNSON , Pni i lNT. ! of Hteelo , John-
eon Ii Co. . Wholctalo Oroccra.
A. K. TOUZALIN , Vlo .l > aKSlDKJiT , of 0. B. &Q.
H. K. , Hoaton.
\V. V. MOUSE , ol W. V. Morse and Co , , Whole-
falo liooU and Bhoeg.
JNO. a. COLLINS , of O. II. A. J. B. Collins ,
Wholesale Leather and B ddlery.
JAMES M. Woolwortb , Counsellor and Attorney
fit Law ,
LEWIS S. KKKU. of Byron Heed JL Co. , He l
KUte Dealeis
I1UNKV . YATE8 , Catbler , Wo Cashlei ol tb
i'irut National llank of Omaha , anJ
connected with the active uianafe-
tnent of that llauk tiuco its ortui- ;
Iratlnn In IKa'l _ _ ,
In solo * Kilt Uk the
Tnlni UkTO Oraib 3:40p. : rn. nd J:10i. m
( full Informatlou call on U. P. DUE" , , Ttciu
Agent , Hth and FArnhun Sti. J. BELL , U. ?
Hvllwiy Depot , or t JAMES T. OL.ARK . , Otaa
; , Onutui ,