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Tlio Great Protectiouist Essays
the Hole of Revenue Re
former ,
A Public Exhibition Delayer.
Till the Eleventh Hour
of Oougresa ,
The Bank Olmrtor Bill Pfttchoc
in the Seimto and Ready
Details of the Bnmln.i of tlii
unil Eson.po of
the Crow.
George Wlllluni Curtis on tuo Clvl
Service Uoforiu
Nutional Asi ciated Press.
Juno 21. Sonatoi
Morgan's resolution for the appointment
mont of a select committeetoconsidci
the subject of labor strikes , was taker
up , Senator George supporting tin
bill in a speech.
The Eonato resumed cousideratior
of the bill extending national tanl
Senator Aldrich moved an amend'
mont authorizing the secretary of tin
treasury , in his discretion , to suspend
the isatfo of gold certificates whenovei
the amount of gold in the trcasurj
available for the redemption of United
States notes exceed 5100,000,000. ,
After debate Senator Aldrich agreed
to make it imperative instead of dis
cretionary , nnd the amendment was
agreed to.
The clause was further amended to
include silver certificates.
Senator Coke moved an amendment
that no national banking association
shall be members of any clearing
house in winch &uch certificates shall
not bo receivable in settlement of
clearing house balances. Adopted.
Senator Book's amendment makinp
nil silver and other coin certificates
legal tender , and forfeiting charters oi
national banka discrimiiiatin in favor
of gold coin or other issue of coin or
paper , was lost by a vote of 20 to 20.
Senator Buck's amendment on cer
tification of checks wus adopted.
It was ngreed to commence voting
on the bill and pending amendments
to-morrow , and without further de
bate the senate went into executive
session , and at 0 p. in. adjourned
The house recalled the bill regu
lating immigration , Mr. Reagan stating
that the bill passed waa not the bill
agreed on by the committee. The
library building bill was taken up. A
wrangle followed over a circular found
on the desk , stating that the bill waa
backed by n ring of land owners , Mr.
Townshcnd attacking the bill and Mr.
Heed supporting.
Mr. i'.undnll moved to lny thu bill
on the table. Lost71 to 115.
Further action waa then postponed
until December 12th.
Mr. Kelly's internal revenue tax reduction -
duction bill was then taken up.
Mr. Kelly spoke in favor of his bill.
The bill waa read by sections , as fol
lows :
Allowing farmers to sell tobacco to
first dealora without payment of tax ;
imposing a graduated tax upon in
comes ; permitting soldiers who lost a
leg or arm in the war to peddle to
bacco without license ; repealing all
taxes on bank capital , chocks , matches
and perfumery at once ; repealing that
on fermented liquor dealers' license ,
January 1 , 1883 ; repealing , January
1 , 1884 , all taxea on tobacco ; directing
the secretary of the treasury to report
on the first Monday in December ,
1882 , whether the tnx on distilled
spirits may not bo collected by charg
ing the amount directly against the
stills , and thus remove the expenses
of collecting the revenue.
After n speech against the bill by
Mr. Thompson ( Ky. ) the house nd-
journedatCp. m. , Mr. White ( Ky. )
having the floor
National Associated 1'rcsa.
The president and cabinet , except
Chandler and Teller , have gone to
Baltimore to attend the meeting of
the Grand Army af the llopublic.
Lioutonent Berry reports , January
7th , that the Jiro in the Rogers orig
inated in the forohold , probably from
the heat of the donkey engine , The
crow battled the llanio with extin
guishers nnd pumps , but had to aban
don her. They saved all ammunition ,
but lost all records , a month's provis
ion and a bale of blankets. The boats
were with difficulty Bulled ashore on
account of young ice. The vessel
burned throe days before sinking. The
crew slept out of doors the first night ,
but the natives found aid took them
to the village whore the people gave
them warm lodging nnd plenty of
food , principally walrus. The crow
divided subsequently between four
villages , each desirous of extending
hospitality. Lieutenent Berry says
ho expects to charter the first whaling
vessel arriving this spring to go to St.
Nicholas , thence to take the Alaska
Go's steamer to San Francisco
The senate to-day made the follow
ing confirmations. Utah commission-
era : Alex , llamsoy of Minnesota , A.
S. Paddock of Nebraska , George L.
Godfrey of Iowa , Jas. 11. Tottigrow
of Arkansas and A. B. Carlton , In-
Istah Loightnor na Indian agent at
Santee agency , Nebraska.
Postmasters : Goo , T , Swank at
Johnston , I'd. ; Elizabeth II. Selig-
man at PpttsviUo , Pa.j Joseph A. Lo
gan at Milton , Pa. ; Joseph Cooke at
Waynosburgh , Pa , ; Goo. B , Hunter
at Newton , Ia. ; 1I > 0 , Payne at Fre
mont. Neb. ; Allan Seidcl at Hudson
OhioIns. ; H Morri'on nl Akron
Ohio ; 0. S. Marsh a1 Dn Pore , Wis.
Henry Ii. SU'ontr nt Beloit , Wis.
Jnhn II. Urinkcrhoof at Wampum
Wis. ; FrAiik D llimlin nt Hudson
Wia. ; O. M. Lirawy at Minneapolis
The departments wore Itoodod to
day with eiroulara from George W
Curtis , threatening to bring to tlio nt
tention of the attorney general to th
violation of law by employes by payiiij
money for campaign purposes.
to the President tomorrow morniti ]
in behalf of Guitonu , Miss Chovalio
will hnvo nn interview with the President
ident later in the day.
The star route session was occnpiec
by testimony regarding routes , nuin
bcr of trips made , and amount of mixi
carried. The afternoon session wn
spent in verification of maps nnd dia
grams , showing routes in Oregon.
has postponed its session to-day pi
account of sickness of Dr. Boamis
who ia quite sick in Now York.
State and District Convention *
in Various States.
ToincBsoo E6urooun Bellow fo
"inp" Cnmoron's No\v Mun.
Tbo Reconvened FtmusylvaiiJr
National Afi'OchlcJ 1'ru'i.
HAIIIIISIIUUCI , Pa. , Juno 21. Tht
attendance of delegates to the rccon
voned ropuublicnn convention i ;
larger than was expected. A caucus
resolution waa adopted calling for thi
completion of the ticket at this con
vention nnd urging the state commit
tee to use all honorable meana to re
store harmony in the republican partj
in this state.
M. Brosins , of Borka county , was
nominated for .
There is nothing of unusual interest
in the platform. The state commit
tee waa empowered to till vacancies on
the ticket.
Illinois Hopoblicans-
NitlOQ&l Associated Press.
CHICAGO , Juno 21. The republican
state committee announces that the
Alton. Wnbaah nnd Illinois Central
railroads will sell round trip tickets
For one and one-third fare to delegates
to the republican otato convention ,
to bo held Juno 28 , good from Juno
26th to 29th inclusive. The Ohio &
Mississippi will sell round tickets ai
two cents a 'mile ' on the Springfielc
Vermont Republican ! ! .
National Asaocfr.tcd 1'ress.
MoNTrELiEJ : . , Vfc. , June 21. The
state republican convention , by ac
clamation , nominated Hon. L. Bars-
tow for governor. * Col. Samuel E.
Plungereo was nominated for Ueuten-
nut governoi , ' uticJV. . H. Dubois foi
state treasurer.
Minnesota District Convention-
National Associated rrcsu.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , June 21. The
Second district republican convention
it Mankato to. day nominated J. B.
Wakefiold for congress.
A Smooth. Boro.
Vatlonal Associated frees.
SALT LAKE , Utah , Juno 21. Canon ,
ho deposed Utah congreasional dele
gate , arrived to-night. Why ho re-
urns ia not known , unless the sup-
> osition proves correct that ho has
some to help prepare matters for the
irrival of the Utah commission.
Tonnofisoo Bourbons
S'atlonal Asuociatod Prcte.
NASHVILLE , Juno 21. The demo-
: ratic state convention reassembled at
D o'clock this morning , and after two
idjournments , to allow the committee
an returns to report , the convention
was called to order at 2 p. m. and
hreo reports made by the committee.
After speeches had been made by ex-
Senator Joseph E. Bagloy ( high tax )
indHon. John Sivngo ( low { ax ) and
several amendments , the majority
report of the committee was adopted
unid great enthusiasm , although the
ow tax element wus largo in mem-
iera. The platform ia to be in some
logreo a compromise between both
wings of the party and its hearty en-
lorsomont indicates that a bail's has
> een reached upon which , with few
xcoptiona , harmony and reconcillin-
ion can bo reached.
The platform considered the state
ubt proper , with accrued in-
erost , a valid and sacred obligation ,
nd proposes paying tlio same less war
nterost ; tenders to creditors of the
tate as a settlement of the remainder
f the state debt ono half of principal
nd accrued interest by issuo-
ng bonds of the state
earing interest at three per
ent per annum for the first
en years , at 4 per cent , from then un-
il maturity ; oppose monopolies ;
avers the establishment of a commis-
ion to prevent discrimination In
aver of through and against
ocal freights by railways ; favors the
ublie school system and arraigns the
opublican party for its total disregard
f all civil service reform in levying
pen employes of the government for
olitical purposes.
After the platform had boon adopt-
d , Hon. D. 13. Cooper , representative
f the high tax wing , announced that
e could not submit to the platform
ith the war interest eliminated from
he proposed plan of settlement.
At this juncture the convention ad-
ournod to 8 p. m ,
Tbo Greenback Iiudcl
'atlonal Associated Vtoaa.
iUxuou , Maine , Juno 21 The
reonback district convention hero
liis afternoon , re-nominated con-
reosman , Geo. W.Ladd after a sharp
John Pope Hoduett in
An Xupttilout Blnthorsltlto
oil Wind Puiltlltir ? .
Wellington Spechl to S n Kivi. ls < o
John Pope Hod no it made his np
pcaranco hero about eight years ago
Ho claimed to bo nu attorney for ai
unfortunate machinist in Ohicag
named Folthnuaer , who had been pu
in prison for an infringement of i
sewing machine p.itont , being abou
the capital for a long time , but wa
not regarded as thoroughly Round i :
law , Finally ho pnvo up his patent oas
nnd organized what ia called the Na
tional Ltbor League. Its founders wor
himself and an Irish poet in the stat
department named Scanlon. It wn
never recognized by any labor organ
izntion here. Its membership con
aisled besides Ilndnutl of three whit
men , Feltlmusor being ono of them
nnd n number of negroes , Hodnel
frequently appeared on the street h.xv
ing _ two or three of the necrocs it
uniform following him ns orderlies
Ono of the labor league knocked hin
down ono night in n drunken row , am
ho aworo out iv wnrruut claiming tha
the queen of England had sent u matte
to this country to assassinate him ,
now ins i.irm
Ho made a living for yenr ;
by the dues ho got from ignorant ne
groes who belonged to hia league. Hi
had a room in the fifth story of i
building here , where ho gave a mini
ber of entertainments , for which IK
charged a otnall admission foe. Hi :
audiences were always colored , nnd he
made a dollar every now and then bj
soiling them ice cream , lemonade ,
candy , etc. The chief of police re'
gardcd him as a great annoyance , nnd
very often the police olllcers warned
negroes not to go to Hod.
tiott's room , tolling them that
ho only wanted their money ; thai
liis labor organization was only an
imaginary concern , and had no real
membership. After losing the con-
Idonco of the negroes ho left this city
nnd started a similar concern in
Brooklyn. In February last ho camt !
! ioro. Now , the private secretary oi
the president , not knowing him , al
lowed ilodnott to have nn interview
with the president , Ilodnott claiming
; o bo head oflicor of Iho labor league.
Ho asked several correspondents hern
; o send off paragraphs to the effect
; hat ho had nn interview , but as they
enow him they declined.
"While hero hoiskod Koproaonta-
tivo llobinson of Now York to intro
duce his labor league railway bill in
the house. Robinson has always
made it it point to introduce every bill
or petition that is sent to him , provid
ed it io couched in respectable lan
guage , and ho did no , never even read
ing it , In talking with the correspon
dent of the Chronicle this aftcrooon ,
.Representative Robinson said : "All
I know about Ilodnott is that ho is
very crotchety. Ho has all
kinds ot , whims and runs nil
kinds of labor clubs , the headquar
ters of which ho says , are hero.
[ introduced the bill to please tbo fol
low. In it ho uses the names of a
number of gentlemen , some of whom
[ know very well. Since the bill haa
jcon printed neatly all of them have
written me stating they never author-
zed the use of their names , and have
nothing to do with Ilodnott and his
scheme , nnd wind up by giving mo
; hp deril. Ono or two of them have
mntod cards in New York nowspa-
> prs repudiating the whole thing and
; iving mo n turning over ferny
ny connection with it. Of
course I know nothing about his
) lan , nnd beyond what I have stated
iavo nothing to do with Hodnett or
lis bill. Felthausor , who , Holnott
jlaims , was terribly treated by the
owing machine combination , is named
is ono commissioner in his bill. " Rob-
nson requested your corresponaont
o say that ho never authorized llod-
ictt to make uao of his name in the
natter , and did not indorse him or
lis scheme. The police authorities
lore say _ they regard Hodnett na a
ommunist , but not dangerous , bo-
auso lie has no nerve. Ho is , how-
vor , possessor of an unbounded
mount of impudence.
Soorot Societies In CollogOi.
'atiorml Associated 1'rcBfl.
INDIANAPOLIS , Ind. , Juno 21. The
fliccra of Purduo college , at Lufayotto ,
bout .a year ago ordered the disband-
lent of all secret college societies , and
liodismisBod students , who refused to
cknowledgo their authority to take
ucli action , resorted to the courts to
> rovent the order being carried out ,
ho collcgo being the utato ngricul-
ural college. The case was ably
rgund in the civil court nnd the col-
ego authorities wore sustained. The
Indents appealed the caao to the au-
iroino court , whore' it waa again
rgued , and the court holds that the
nstitution cannot refuse to receive
tudents on the ground that ho is a
number of a fraternity , but the
acuity has the right to prohibit frater
nities within the college , if auch
ocioties in their judgment interferes
vith the duties of studonta or the gov *
rnmont of the institution. The case
las excited considerable attention
firoughout the country.
Killed by Blasting Powder.
'atlonal Auoclated Treat.
NK\V ALHANY , Ind. , Juno 21. An
xplosion of blasting powder killed
wo children of Mr. Snydor.
Commoncomout Adurois.
atlonul Associated I'rcss.
BKHLEHKM , Pa , , Juno 20. On the
liird day of the commencement of the
ehigh university Commander Gor-
ingo will deliver the address.
The Iowa Sulforoxi
National Amtocuu-u mwa.
OIIICAOO , 111. , Juno 21. Hon. J ,
3 , Grinnoll prcaontod the case of the
ufferera by the Iowa cyclone to tlio
x > ard of trade to-day , Ho was re
ceived with cheers rvntl a committe
was appointed to solicit. John "V
Fnrweil hooded the list with $1COO.
DKS , Juno 21. The n-cor
of the loss nnd dnmngo in the countt ;
along the track of the cyelnnc is in
crMsiiig ns the dotnija come in , am
will exceed expectations. HuiUHng
and crops are destroyed nnd live s'oc !
killed on hundreds of farms.
GHIS-NIU. , Ia. , Juno 21 Forty
live deaths h.ivo BO far resulted froti
the cyclone in this place. Fixe or ai ;
of the injured cannot recover. Froii
100 to 125 noraons were wounded
Fifteen dentiifl occurred in Mat con
nnd twelve nt other points , Substan
tinl aid is being received by ivor ;
train , nnd nufferings nre being mitiga
ted ns much ns possible.
Au Enthusiastic nud Hnriuoni
oua Mooting nt Liucaln.
PoriuautJit OrRnulz.itlnn of tli
lj Into Anti-Monopoly Lonuuo.
BpocUl Dl | utch to Tin HKF.
LIMIOLN , Nob. , Juno Ul. Thi
mooting for the purpose of organiajji )
an Anti-Monopoly League was callct
to-day n 2 o'clock. About 200 dole
gntca were present. Ihllrazolton
of Filhnoro , was maJlu tcmporarj
chnirmnn , nnd the usual committed
were appointed , Permanent organ !
zation waa effected , with Mr. Ouster
hout of Morrick , ns ch.iiriuan , am
Sir. Madoloy , of Adahis , oecrctnry ,
The mooting waa addressed by reipuenl
by Mcaars , llosowater , Hirkhausei
nnd Root. Mr. Floyd , of Ilamiltou ,
sang an anti-monopoly song with good
effect. The meeting wai harmonioue
and enthusiastic.
National Associated 1'rcm
LINCOLN , Neb. , Juno 21A maat
convention of nnti-monopoliats mot
to-day for the purpose of centralizing
against the monopoly power in the
state , and organize for action in tlio
coming campaign , llapres'Mitation
was moderate.
Sixty-four Houses Euniod.
National Assoclitcil Press.
I3uowNEVILLij'i'OX. , JuilO 21. SlX-
ty-four houses were destrnj ud by fire
at Cortoahuatan , Mexico.
Tozna Cattl-j
National Afuonateil I'rew. ) '
DALLAS , Texas , Juno , H1. Seventy
thousand head of Texas yittlo nnd ten
thousand head of horses tire now on
the trail grazing north through Indian
Territory. 1
Knllrond ColUtlon.
National AsuocjUoU 1'ion.
SlIENANDOAH , Pft. , jTuilO 21. Tllla
evening , on the Lohigh Ynlloy rail
road near Contralia , Columbia county ,
a special train containing orticiala of
the Pennsylvania ratlwnyiran into a
gravel train , annulling things badly ,
Nine persona were mv'ik' ' or loss in
jured. , ! * - " " . .4 * . 1'
Dnvlttnt Albany.
National Aenocutod I'rcsa.
ALIIANY , N. Y. , Juno 21. Michael
Ddvitt lectured in Music Hall to-night
before n largo audience , The lecture
way under the auspices of the Parnell
Land League. His address comprised
a statement of the misfortunes which
had caused the present condition of
Ireland ai.d a lengthy description of
the measure proposed by him for
Ireland's relief.
National AxsnclaUtl I'rcni.
Nu\v YOHK , Juno 21. Sailed :
Sorvia for Liverpool , Edan for Am
sterdam , Elbe for Bremen , Labrador
for Havre , City of Para for Aspin wall.
Arrived : Greece from London.
PmrAi > iai'iiu , Juno 21. Sailed :
Ohio for Liverpool.
HJMIHJKO , Juno 21. Sailed : Herder -
dor for Now York.
QUEENSTOWX , Juno 21 , Sailed ;
Celtic for Now York.
M , Juno 21. Arrived : W.
A. Scholton from Now York.
SOUTIIAMITON , Juno 21. Arrived :
Herman from Bremen.
LONDON , Juno 21. Sailed : Canada
: or Now York. Arrived : Hillsdale
TOIII QuoenstoHW.
GLAhaow , , Tunu21. Arrived : An-
ihoria from Now York.
LiVKiu-ooL , Juno 21. Arrived :
Pennsylvania from Philadelphia , Oity
) f Montreal from Montreal. Sailed ;
Egypt for Now York.
NEW YOHK , Juno 21 , St. Germain
rom Havre ; Australia , Genoa and Oir-
: assia from Glasgow.
Zialior Strikes.
' ( ntlonal Awociatcd I'ttam.
NKW YOTK , Juno 21 The freight
mndlers strike is still sproadin thrco
.housand men are now out , the piers
md wharves are blocked with freight ,
ffhich transportation companyB are
inablo to handle with green hands ,
nuat of whom are just from Oastlo
; arden , and unable to undorstanil or-
lers in English. The Ponsylvania
'reight depot is closed , and a notice
s posted up saying , no freight will bo
received , Truckmen areunablo to do ,
ivor their loads , and lie Bleeping on
hem , The river otrouts are blocked
.vith wagons , It is thought the atrik-
jra will succeed in getting twenty in-
ituadof seventeen canta per hour.
The freight handlonr atriko con-
.itiueH , nnd ia producing a eorious
jfl'ect upon wholesale merchants and
unong every class. Great indignation
preyails on account of the refusal of
: ho different railroad companies to pay
Lho advance asked , and all merchant * )
3xprsa sympathy with the etrikers ,
inasmuch ns the cost of living has ad
vanced. Some dry goods houses are
lending goods to Boston on the Nor
wich line , to bo shipped west from
there. Ho tei there ia no strike on
the Norwich lino.
The strike of the employ ca of Con
nor's typo foundry was brought to a
close by tlio roluin of the awtora am
fmishcrj at nn increase over forme
wrtccs , but n littto loss than asked for
Af Farmer , Little > V Co.'s the striker
arc still out.
The boiler makers'nmlhoiae nhoora
fitrikoia unchanged.
Pmanuno , I'a. , Juno 21 Tin
strike situation is unchanged.
UniMixoHAM , Ala. , Juno 21. Tin
coal minors in Prntt's mines are on i
NUIoutl AnocUtwl Prow
CoxsTANTiNOPti : , Juno 21. Tin
foreign ambassadors will hold n pro
llminnry meeting of the conference n
the residence of Lord Dufforin at tin
Kapia. The porto haa issued a cirou
lar to the powers against holding tin
conference , ns it would bo dangcroui
to the maintenance of trnmiuility ii
Kcynt The majority of the Turkisl
cabinet nro in favor of the replace
incut of the khedive by I'rluco Hal'
him , but their decision is postponed ,
pending the holding of the confer
ruamvi : * ,
LONDON , Juno 21.A despatcli
fromt Malta oays 2,500 Alc-xandriai
fugitives arrived there yesterday niK
many wtro in tlio moat destitute coil1
dition. They were housed in Lazv
Lite advices from Moulividoooay.i r
revolution has occuricd in Ureguay ,
Till : SKAT Ot WAIi.
Aii\AMmiA ! , Juno 21. The khe
dive has been compelled to write r
letter to Arabi Boy , entrusting him
with the entire command of the army.
The cominiaalon of inquiry into UK
late riots have smpandoit their sittings
for twenty days. This is supposed to
bo a subterfuge to defeat the inquiry.
LONDON Juno 22.--Tho
, - - Englinh
{ oTernmont. will refuse to rccognizo
Lho now Egyptian ministry.
VIHNNA , June 21. The following
a the result of the international chess
luntoh : Stornitz of London and Win-
iinuor of Warsaw , each won 21 games ;
Mason of America , -Ii games ; Mo-
ivonziu of Americ.1 and Xouchortor of
Ciondon. 22i games each , nnd Black-
jurn of London , 21J games.
ST. PiiTKuswuita , Juno 21. A
lihilist dynamite factory haa been dis
covered at Wussile , in the government
) f Ostrov. A number of arreata have
) ccii made in connection therewith ,
National Attaoclatoil Trots.
NEW YOUK , Juno 21. Prof. W. E.
Sawyer , electrical ) , wan nontencod to
our years hard labor in the atato
iriaon for shooting during a quarrel
md sorioualy wounding Thuophilus
Steele , April 5th , 1880.
HOOHTON , Tex. , June 21. In a
crimmage yesterday Chaa. F. Witham
was killed by a negro ; Deputy Marshal
Glass was shot through the shoulder
ind nock , nnd a colored boy was
villod lyj n etrny bullet. /
OHAJII-AION , 111. , Juno 21. Dotoc-
; tvo Eittonhouso arrested Howard
Underwood to-day nl Onarga , III. ,
'or the murder of n woman in Missis
sippi county , Missouri , nbout n year
igo. Ho ia hold in the Champaign
ail , awaiting a requisition from the
governor of Missouri.
Arrostctl for Embezzlement.
National Associated I'teaa.
CIIIOAOO , Juno 21. A stockholder
n the Grape and Cane Sugar Refinery
Company became auspicious that
nonoy paid to the president of the
concern \vrfsHnisuppliod and therefore
cnuuod tho'ftrrost of President II. 0.
< Viond on the charge of embezzle-
The Grand Arm jr.
National Crew Association.
BATIMOHIC , Juno 21 , The president
at the city hall reviewed the parade of
lie Grand Army of the Republic , the
inest parade was over soon in J3alti-
nore. The principal streets wore de-
orated. The veterans were cheered
all along the line. Visiting veterans
; o to Camp Agnea and take a trip
[ own the Chesapeake this afternoon.
Houori Well BoBtowod.
fttlonM Annoclatod 1'rota.
PUOVIDKNUK , 11. I. , Juno 21.At
ho commencement of Brown univor-
ity to-day the honorary degrees of
jL. D. were confirmed on Goo. Wil-
iam Curtis and Chief Justice Gray.
National Aaioclatoil I'rvao.
PiTTdiitmo , Juno 21. One of the
lass houses of Phillips & Co. was
aniagod by fire this morning $10,000
worth ,
CANTON , Ohio , Juno 21. Carl &
Bank's union mills , a five story brick ,
was damaged $15,000 by fire to-day.
MATAMOUAH , Texas , Juno 21. A
re at Cochurtam , last evening , dam-
god sixty-four houses. The rosi-
cuts had to ( ly from the burning
> uildings , and saved none of their
iropi'rty. The fire was extinguished
> y soldiers ,
Meotiuf * ef Pump Men.
National AieodatcJ l'ri u.
SAUATOOA , N. Y. , Juno 21 Tlio
ron pump manufacturers association
of Hie United States cpinpletcd its
ession hero to-day , Existing cundi-
ions of price : ) and discounts were re-
iflirmed. The next meeting will be
lold at Chicago , Ills. , September 20.
Buokliu'fl Arnica Balvo.
The JJiar HAI.VK In the world for Cuts
JruUen , Sorei ) , Ulcers , Halt Ithouui , KB
ver Soiea'ToUe , ChajniuJ Hands , Chll
ilalna , Corns , anil all ukln truptionn , and
Msitlvely euros -.illw. It ii ( 'uaranUed , to
Ivo satltfactfon or niotiuy reiunded.
' rice 25 cents per box. For Halo by O.
: ' . ( Joodiuan
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure , jel'Jdlw
A Quoucrlous Oollootion of Item
wltli Oriental Flavors ,
Yung Chan } ? Mourns Hii
Mother nnd the Soldiora
Mourn for Opium ,
Xlio FrouoU Soouro u Foothold It
the Horthonut nno Jjovy oil
the Native * .
TuolTronty Coiniulaslonora Moving
Mnttora In General In the Mlkiv-
tlo'a Kingdom.
Nalloiml AftOcUtctl I'trtw.
SAN FHANCISCO , .Inuo 21 , Advices
received per _ steamer Oily of Tokiu ,
from Hong Kong nro up to May llth ,
from Yokohninn to Juiiu 2d ,
The quonlion riiacd by the death ol
Limit. Yum ; Clmiif's ( mother lim boon
settled , not without opposition , by hit
being granted ouo hundred day ?
mourning. On applying for the unuixl
toonly-Bovon inonthn the viceroy was
told that tha state required tlmt he
should sacrifice seine amount of per
sonal grief nnd ho must content himself -
self with mourning hia mother for 11
shorter period.
The emperor's father , the seventh
prince , who , nt the hotel of the foreign
bureau , drilled the military in Poking ,
Ima ioaucd tin order culling upon nil
soldiora under him to abandon opium
amoking within six inonthn. If the
governor of Foochow can close thou
sands of opium duns in tlmt city it is
thought the emperor's father inny suc
ceed lioro.
In China mnrtiul law is nlao otrictor
, hnn civil law.
The scarcity of water in the colony
ma boon something awful , The poor
Chinese hnvo had to ait for houra on
the hillsides waiting their turna nt the
lirty puddles , out of which no white
nan , unless he waa reduced to the
nst extremity , would drink. Rain
arrived just in time to prevent bitter
The corronpondont in Tonquin , of
The Uong Kong Daily News , writes
'roiu Hnypdongj under date of the
JOth of April , giving further details of
, ho French occupation us follows : On
the meriting of the 20th of April , the
commandant Issued instructions for
.ha citadel to bo cleared up , the
: roops to take possession of all that
waa worth having. In Ilaypdong the
French have seized $70,000. The
custom house ia now entirely
Crunch , the duties being paid to
.horn . direct , and complete control bo
ng vested in French officials. The
governor general of Hadni and Nim-
mill committed auicido. The com
manding general also hanged himself.
Clio only surviving Mandarin in
[ Ta'dai is the governor of that city.
Aftor'thu capture of the citadel a con
ference was hold in the pagodaof jus-
.ice , nnd the French commandant
offered to shako JmudawitU thn gor >
irnor. The , latter refused nnd begged
that the commandant would shoot him
rather than do that. On the 27th the
work of dismantling the walls waa
commenced , which wore blown down
jy the aid of dynamito. The guim
md been thrown from the walls into
ho moat tlio day before.
During aovcnteon d..ys , from April
20 th to May 5th , several cnseo of
cholera occurred within the district of
fokohama. At present no neriouu
lortont of the disease has shown itself ,
el as tlio season ia becoming warm it
s not unlikely that the epidemic may
] I > road.
Tlio .British ateamship Alert has had
i collision with the Mikado's now
'uclit , the Jingci Kan , and has boon
seriously injured. A claim lias been
made against the Jadanceo govern
ment in consequence.
According to the Osaka ( newspaper ) ,
n regard to the proposed railway bo-
.wooii that city nnd Snkai , many
wealthy merchants have lately hold
ncetings and definitely resolved to
ay the line from Nnmbnlura in the
'ormor ' place to Omoji in the latter , at
MI expense of 200,000 yon , which sum
s to bo raised from private individ
uals , the two towns contributing half
each.Tho war department contemplates
lending nubnlterns to America to
itudy photography.
The naval department contemplates
iddlng n largo number of third and
ourth grade vessels to the Japanese
The price of ailk lion risen generally
ibout $10 per bale , nnd the present
locks in Yokohama including those
akon into foreign warehoused for in-
poction nro upwards of forty-five
lundrod bales. The now season's tea
his year has boon more or Icsa im-
> roved in its preparation in every pro-
lucing province.
It is reported that the emperor pro-
loaea to send his portrait as n gift to
juoon Victoria in acknowledgment of
ho likeness of the British sovereign
recently presented to his majesty
hrough Sir Harris Farkos.
A Coroa cotrespondont writes the
olio win K to the Shanghai Mercury ,
under date of May -Un , from Tiont-
son : "Yesterday the two remaining
Joroan ambassadors with the Chinese
treaty nnd that of the United States
Irawn up and signed , left together
vith Admiral Ting nnd Mntaion
1'nung , who represent the OhinoHo
government , for Ohofoo , to moot Com-
nodoro Shufcldt there , from thence
hey will proceed to Soul to ratify the
A Fatal Uwoll.
National Associated 1'jcua.
SKYMOUU , Ind , , Juno21 Christian
mid KlausB Kestor were drowned by
'ording a swelled stream ,
Coru iu. Illluoli.
National Associated I'ICBU.
Si'itiNOFiELD , 111 , , Juno 21 Tin
state department of agricultures ha :
information from all along the con
Dor , Ml Fame St
Magazines of "all " kinds
Send for REDUCED
price-list of deb Print-
Importer of , nnd Dealer in
9 f I *
Zifclior Strings and Music ,
1121 FarnamSt.Omahai
bolt of the state , showing that late
storms have stopppd nil late planting- .
In central Illinois the plants are 25
per cent below the avoracro , and it la
improbable that planting already
Jono can roach the average per acre. '
National Associated Frees.
NEW LONDON , Conn. , Juno21. The
Columbia crow , going over the course
last evening in a shell , made the first
mile in five and a half minutes. The
Vale crew arrived this afternoon , and.
will take a pull this evening. The
course will be laid out Friday , and
the race bo rowed Juno 30. Chalfant ,
No. 7 of the Harvard crow , Is suffer
ing from abacoas over the spine. Ho
is under a doctor's : are at the Crocker
NEW YbitK , Juno 21. Thu spring
mooting of the Coney Island Jockey
club continued to-day.
First race , mile , was won by
Juletto , colt , Barrett second : time ,
1:12A. :
Second race , two-year olds , selling
Allowances , three-fourths of 5 mile ,
was won by Corona , Murray second ;
time , 1:17 S.
Third face , for throe-year olds ,
3iio and one-half mile , was won by
K u nny mode , Forester second ; time ,
2:17. :
Fourth race , handicay sweepstakes ,
nil ages , ono milo'and a quarter , won
won by Fairmount , Blue Lodge second
end ; time 2:111. :
Fifth race , steeplechase handicap ,
ill ngos , full course , was won
Frank Short , Bornadino second ; time ,
DETUOIT , Juno 21. Detroit * , 8 ;
'rov'donco , C ,
BUFFALO , June 21. Treys , 4j Buf-
alooa , 10.
CHICAGO , Juno 21 , Ohicagos , 13
Wnrcostors , 3 ,
CLBVEI.ANO , Juno 21. Bostons , 2 ;
Jlovelanda , 1 ,
LAVAYETTE , Ind. , Juno 31. The
first day of the Lafayette races wit
nessed some good racing , although the
.rack was heavy from recent rains.
First , pacing , 2:50 : race , thrco cu
ries , was won by Limber Jack , who
ook three heats and scored 251 ; | .
The 2:35 : trotting race , three heats ,
Ivo entries , was won by Gllmor , who
nado it In 2:03 : ,
The third race , three heats , eight
entries , was won by Ruth , who took
, wo of the heats ; boat time , 2:50 : . ,
The ensuing two days promise aomo
good racing if the weather is good.
National Asuodatixl 1'ieM
WASHINGTON , Juno 22 , 1 a , m.
For the Upper Mississippi and Mis
souri valleys , light and warmer , partly
cloudy weather , local rains , southeast -
east to southwest winds and stationary -
ary or slowly falling barometer ,