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rWELFTH YEAR. OMAHA , NEB , , WbD'NKSDAY MOUISiXU JUNE ' ,21 , 188' , ' . 3 ,
Single Weft and Mono Ho Bat
tles With Mouopoists in
Their Own House.
His Invincible Logic. Secures
Support From the Enemy.
The Land Grant Question Be
fore the Commerce Com
The Doctored Democratic Elec
toral Bill Defeated in the
Tlio Afmainin'n Claims for Llfoto
lie Laid Before the President ,
A Variety of Other Events From the
National Capital.
K\liorul Associated 1'rcss.
WABHINOTON , Juno 20. The ac
tion of the house judiciary committee-
in the matter of the land grants of
the Northern Pacific railway ia said
to bo delayed by the firm stand by
Richard W. Townshend , of Illinois ,
member of the committee. From
first to last ho atood erect nnd immov
able upon the equities uf the public.
Other members of the committee
pioparod a report in favor of the rail
way company ! but Townshond drew
up report in favor ot the people. At
first Townshend's report was termed
the minority report , and had not
moro than ono adherent with himself
out of the whole committee , but time
nnd reflection brought recruits until
at the present moment the issue is de
layed by the custodians of the report
in favor of the railway company for
fear that upon the final test Towns-
hond'o report in favor of the public
would receive the sanction of the ma
jority. The area of laud involved is
greater than that of the united king
dom of Great Britain and Ireland.
The cabinet meeting to-day waa
short and unimportant. The Geneva
award commmii'in was considered and
ox-Senator Harlnn and Judge Wells
agreed upon. The third member was
not selected.
THE A > * HA SIN'K LAST noi'K.
Guiteau'fl counsel called at the do-
> fartraont ot j istico to-day , and had a
'long consultation with the pirdon
, , clork. It is understood ho will ask
[ I f the president to commute the uon-
tenco to imprisonment for lifo.
M , " llepd'haw' in lib -jtosatisioivu gteac
mass 'of letters from prominent phy
siciana throughout the country pro
testing against the execution of Gui-
trau on the grounds of insanity.
Theao letters ho proposes to file with
the president when ho makes applwi-
fion for commutation of scntenco.
Kov. Mr. Hicka says Guitcau will
Viover repent this side of the grave.
Trcscott was before the Shipherd
\mf \ committee to-day. Ho refused to tell
Belmont whether ho drafted the dis
patch to Hurlbut of Juno 15 , 1881 ,
on thu ground of a brenoh of ollijia !
confidence. After the executive ses
sion Troscott was informed the ques
tion was waived. Witness waa then
Secretary Folgor aays ho will soon
isauo a circular tocollectora of customs
fixinz a spuoifio duty of 50 conti per
pound on knit shirts and drawers.
The star route session was devoted
to the testimony of clerks as to routoa
and contracts. Defense objected to
the examination of route 41,155 , as
the only allegation in the indictment
was that it had been increased on
false petitions , and the petitions had
been admitted to bo genuine. The
court overruled the objection. An
exception was noted , and court ad
The soiiito remained in executive
session nearly two hours. There was
a sharp debate on the composition of
the tariff commission without any
poiBonal objection to its members , -
nd they woio finally confirmed by n
of 32 to 22.
7k senate also confirmed ten of
the nominations for justices of the
pouco for the district of Columbia.
John A. Moas ( colored ) , was objected
to and ho wont ovor.
was in session throe hours. The only
subject of consideration was Kelly' ; )
internal revenue bill , about which
there was great diversity ot opinion.
It was decided not to take the tax off
bank capital or whisky. The internal
revenue bill will coma up nftor the li
brary bill ia disposed of. The caucus
i was fairly attended , but was no ; full ,
the nbaonno of Kelly being noticeable.
Notional Annotated Press.
WASHINGTON , Juno 20. Senate
at two o'clock resumed consideration
of the national bank bill , but made no
progress beyond speeches by Senators
} Hill ( Col ; and West. At 3:40 : p. m.
senate > ent into elective session and
soon alter adjourned. e
if HOUfci ; I'UOC'KKIIINllh. j |
tfhaaennto bill directing thn secrod
_ .f.'y of the treasury to ascertain and n
report to congress the amounts of Ii
v-lnimi of certain states for repelling pi
( and suppressing Indian invasions , A
passed. cc
Seiute bill for public buildings b <
awed with the appropriations re- tl
uced $150,000. iu
Mr. Kelley gayo notice ho would at
ot call up the bill abolishing taxes fa
in tobacco manufacturers until action of
* ns taken on the presidential count
The committee on commerce report
ed adversely to Belmont "a reduction
of the tonnage- bill , on the ground thnt
it would bo of greater advantage to
foreign ship owners than to Ameri
can.Mr. . Howard ( Ga. ) opposed the elec
toral bill , saying , with all duo respect
to the committee , ho desired to re
mark that instead of the bill carrying
into the oiled the provisions of the
constitution regarding the election of
president , it is n lull to organize hell
in the United States , It ia n bill
which would bring wnr , nnd the bit
ter experience of the past few years
show that this ia only the fitting word
to expresa ita terrors.JJ- *
Mr. llowitt apoko in favor of the
bill , taking occasion to remark that if
any man said ho ( Hewitt ) was ani
mated in his course by other than pa
triotic motives , ho said what waa
faiso , nnd if ntiy ono Raid his course
waa without the knowledge or against
the advice of the one chiefly con
cerned ( Tilden ) , that statement waa
also false. The concluding sections
of the bill , submitting the question of
the claimant to the circuit court and a
jury , ho admitted ho did not per
sonally favor , but many thought it
wise , and its provipiono were included
iii the bill placed in his hands by
higher democratic authority , nnd
which hnd been largely drawn upon
by the committee in framing this bill.
Mr. UpdegrafT spoke in support of
the bill.
Mr , Brown's motion to strike out
all that portion of the bill which refers
contests to the court ? , was adopted
without division , Mr. Updograff nlono
voting against striking it out.
A vote was than taken on the bill
and it was defeated yeas 93 , noyslOO ,
democrats voting for the bill and ro-
pubhcaim ayainstiit.
The house also rotiiaod by a large
majority" to take up for third reading
the snnato bill for which this was sub
Mr. Robinson ( NY ) gave notice
that if the committee on toreigu affairs
does ii'h.goou report on his resolution
relative to American citizens in British
prisons , ho will ask that it bo taken
trom it and considered ,
Mr. Orth replied that the committee
had prepared n report and would pre
sent it on Saturday.
The house then took up the bill ap
propriating § 1.000,000 for a congres
sional library building , and , after a
speech by Mr. Rico ( Jlusa. ) in favor ,
the house at 5Lo : p. in. adjourned.
Nitlonal Asoclatod Pipo.
Nuw VoitK , J'tno 20. Sailed :
Abvusinia and Erin for Liverpool.
LivKiii-ooL , June 20. Arrived :
Wmtphiiha from Hamburg.
GLASOO.W , Junn20. Arrived : Lake
Winnipeg and Brooklyn from Now
HoNTiiBAL , Juno20. Sailed : Celtic
for Now York. _ - ,
„ -A
SptrrnAMI-TON/-'iinv SO.t SUt *
tder ) from Bremen for Now York.
National Associated I'rciu
WHITEHALL , III. , June 20. The
son of Samuel Martin , aged 12 , and
Andrew Mungor , were drowned m
Hurricane creek , near Houpyvillo to
The Dond DaXjoug niitl Pnrjy.
National Associated I'-CSH.
NK\V YOKK , Juno 20. A Herald
cable thia morningaaya W. H. Gilder ,
correspondent wuh the Rojrerj , reports
ports from Loi.a Doha , under date
of April 12th , that the dead bodies of
Lieut. DcLnig and ten of his crow
ivero fi.und on the 2I1J of March , near
the wreck of the siow. Tms Hat in
cludes Ambler , Collins , Knock Dressier
sier , Gorlz , Leo , Ivatson , Boyd , Alexia
and Ah Sam. All bore traces uf in
tense suffering and hardships. They
were buried by Gilder's pirty and n
monument erected with ilio timbers
of the wrecked vessel.
Blown to the Bottom.
National Associated 1'rcea.
DKTKOIT , Mich. , Juno 20. The
barge Norway was cut loose from hur
tow during a gale on Lake Huron
Sunday last , nnd lias not since boon
loard from. She had a crow of four
Tlio Ghost uf Lizzlo.
ftitlonaj Associated I'tean.
HAitvEYSiii'ita , 0. , June 20. Mrs.
Darka Dakin died thia morning from
'right nt what fiho believed waa the
ipeotro of Miss Liiwto Milligan , who
-uicided nt the Daliin residence some
veeks a o , and Mrs , Dakin nnd her
lusband believe r > ho has haunted the
louse over since.
Toimossoo > omoornta <
National A.-wocUted I'ro-b.
NASHVILLE , Juno 20. The atato
lomocratip convention assembled here
o-duy with T. M. McConnell , low
axoa , aa temporary chairman. Unl-
od ( States .Senator llarria ia the
nest favorublo aspirant for uovornor.
Gene to Boston.
Utlonul AsMcuud fiost.
NJW ; YOHK , Juno 20.--Michael
Davitt wont to Boston at 8 a. in.
Indication * .
[ atlonal As.ioclati.-a ficut
WASHINGTON , Juno 21,150 : a. m.
' "or _ the upper Mississippi and Mia-
ouri valleys , occasional rains , warmer
outhoast to [ southwest wind * , jurtly
loudy weather , stationary or lower
aromoter. The Missouii will rise.
The Father of Industries
atloiul Absoclatcd 1'rcas.
OATASQUA , Pa. , Juno 20. Tlio von-
rablo David Tliomas , founder of the
on industries in the Lohigh valley ,
led this evening after n lingering ill-
ess , in his eighty-eighth year. Hia
fo was identified with the birth and
rogrosa of the iron industries iu
merica , and la known all ever the
mntry in that connection. Ho was
Di-n in Wales in 17U4 , and came to
lis country in 1830 to act as super-
tondont of the Crane Iron company
Catasqua. Ho hold the position
r twenty years , and in 1854 was ono
the founders of the Thomas Iron
company , of which his son , Sjmuoli8
president nnd general superintendent.
All his lifo ho has been devoted to the
iron Industrie ? , and much of what han
boon done towards perfecting the sys
tem of iron making hoa como from
him. Ilo was n prominent director of
the Lfhigh Valley railroad company ,
nnd trustee of Lafayette college , lip
look nn nctivo part in business until
up to his last illness.
Not n , Very Fln-ttortiiff Prospect ,
OmrAcio , Juno 20 A prominent
commission linn have reports from
1,400 correspondents. They say :
"When our correspondenta in many
sections of the great corn producing
bolt of thn country , informs us this
late date that corn is not nil yet plnnt-
od , that much will have to bo replant
ed , and with few exceptions report the
crop in a very backward condition , wo
confess it causea a good deal of ap
prehension for the outlook of the
greatest nnd moat important of our
cereals. Many localities report a good
stand , nnd wo nro pleased to note very
general expressions ol hopefulness
on the part of our cot respon
dents that , with a Into nnd
favorable season from now on , crops
may yet como out all right. But ,
coupled with their statements of the
present unfavorable condition of crops
at largo , wo take it the "wish is father
to the thought" rather than their
hopes are based on actual belief that
the corn belt will produce oven an
average crop. The cause of the back
ward condition is generally nttributod
to cold weather. Tins has been gen
erally succeeded by warm nnd grow
ing weather , which begets now hope
fulness. The outlook in Kansas is
decidedly the most favorable of any
of the loading corn growing states.
The outcome nt largo can only bo de
termined against it in the start. In
pleasing contrast with corn are
now reported for perhaps much tlio
largest crop of oats ever reaped in this
country. The acreage is largely in-
croaacd , and scarcely without excep
tion our roporta are of the most prom
ising nature. The hay or grass crop is
now generally reported doing well , but
a careful study of the field at large
indicates very considerably shortage.
Great damage was done meadows by
thu unprecedented drought last year ,
and many sections report clover par
ticularly badly winter killed. In ad
dition to this quite eorioua damngo in
portions of Indiana , Missouri and Il
linois , from dreary , warm and cold
wet weather also caused alow growth.
Another largo shortage iu corn and
grass crop ? this ycur would provo nl-
most a commercial calamity nnd WA )
hopu may not bo experienced.
National Aawclited Press.
mii0tihg 0t the Couay Island jockey
club con lined to-day. First race , all
ages , nelling allowance , mile , waa won
by F.iircount. Strathspog socoud ;
time , 1:4G. :
Second race , surf stakes for two
year olds , five furlongs , was won by
Jacobus , Gaorgo Kenny second ; time ,
1:05. : '
Third race , all ages , mile and a
quarter , waa won by Giraflo , Hickory
second ; time , 2:13. :
Fourth race , sweepstakes , all age ? ,
gentleman riders at welter weights ,
three and n half miles , was won by
Vampire , Guasio BI second ; time ,
5:2U. :
Filth raeo , handicap sweepstakes ,
all ages , mile and n half , was won by
General Monroe , Wartiold second ;
time , 2:41. :
bixth race , steeplechase handicap ,
short course , waa won by Ohio Boy ,
King Dutchman second ; time , 4:03J. :
Buri'ALO , Juno 20 Bulfiloa 1 ,
Troya 5.
CLKVELAND , Juno 20-Clovolands
5 , Boatons 3.
CnioAiiO , Juno 20. Chicagos 13 ,
Worcestors 3.
DETUOIT , Juno 20. Datroits 3 ,
Providence 12
CINCINNATI , Juno 20.--0incinnatis
0 , Alloghanics 1.
N..tloiul Associated I'rosa.
PuiLADELi'Hi , Juno 20. It. Beobo'a
woolen waste Btoio house. West Phil
adelphia , and two adjoining- build
ings , were destroyed by fire this morn
ing. LJJS § 70,000. The utoam pick
ing and lubricating works of McKon- :
ihurn & Co. were totally destroyed by
lire. Loss § 11,000 otock ; § 5,000 .
building. The adjoining building of .
Ooo , D. Hill's , bukory , was damaged
81,000. ,
ALIIANV , N. V , Juno 20 The
Johnson harvester works at BrockjiDrt
wo.o destroyed by incendiary fire this
morning. Lees § 500,000 ; insured for
8200.000 in thirty-fivo companies.
Four hundred and fifty men are
thrqwn cut of employment. Kdward
Heath is supposed to have perished in
N. Y. , June 20. The
lestruction of the Johnston harvester
.varies . at Brock port this morning was
jompleto , with the exception of the
'urnaco and blacksmith shop. AH
ho machines built during the winter
ind spring for this year's trade were
mrned. Two men , Kdwnrd Heath ,
nventor of the Heath
binder , and a
yood worker named James Boyd , were n
mrned to death.
The books and pa-
iors of the concern were saved. It is
iretty certain that the fi'o was of an
ncondiary origin , and Ohas. McCoy ,
rho was refused work aomo time ago
nd is known to have made threats ,
as been arrcatod on suspicion and
Jdgcd in jail. '
The IKuights of Labor.
ntlonal Associated J'rtef ,
PniLADELi-HiA , Juno 20. Mungor
liter of The Libor World , organ of
10 Knights of Labor , declines to
> nspnt to call for a convention to
pininato a state ticket. The Grand
'nights have no business to interfere
i politics.
Pod Pictutos of the Appalling
Destruction of Grinnoll ,
Sceuoa of Death and Desolation
That Brlncr Tears From
the Hardest Eoart.
The Frightful Fury of the
atorm DoEoribod by Bye
A Grnphio Shotch of tlio Ruin
It Appeared tlio Morning
After . *
Tlio Cosy lloraoa Wlpeh Out Near
Kyo witnesses of the destruction of
Grinnoll , and correspondent who
visited the city the day nftor , graphi
cally describe the wrccki The Chicago
cage papers of Monday'contain the
following additional dotnils :
A wall of sorrow hunga over Grin-
neil "to-dny. A storm thnt has no
counterpart in its awful sorority vis
ited thnt beautiful village laat night
nnd desolated many previously happy
homos. Upward of seventyflvo houses
iri1 the town nro destroyed nlono , nnd
wild the devastation wrought in the
cduntry the number will exceed one
hundred. During the day the weather
had boon unusually hot , and toward
evening ominous looking clouds hung
in the northwest. About 0 o'clock a
deep nnd sullen roar like the approach
of Bovoral rapidly moving freight
trains was heard , but before the
cauao of the peculiar phenomena
was surmised the storm had burst
in nil its fury. Striking the town
upon the northwest quarter , it cut a
sinuous path through the most beauti
ful residence part of the town , carry
ing death and destruction in its path.
Every animate and inanimate object
was picked up in ita relentless grasp
and hurled to death nnd destruction.
Houses were nnnihilatud , fences ob
literated , trees broken elf like straw * ,
or in some cases the trunks worp loft
.standing , stripped of every vontigo of
foliage and peeled clean of Iho bark ,
leaving but a white monument of the
fury of the storm. Sidewalks wore
picked up and tossed about , each par
ticular plank being converted ! into
in the circling grasp of thoat iu. In
the lijht ( of the terrible danngc done
it BOODIS almost miraculous i Hit tlu ro
waa u it grautur loss of life.11 There
can bo but one way to uccoun\iur \ it
Many of the village people weroudown
town < ) ! ? ing the usual. Saturday
ing iftS gg Tliebtuio
of the towiKjScapeil , and-in shia v/a
greater loss of lifo was prevented. Th
soono in the track of tlio storm beggar
description. The storm was seen firs
coming from the southwest , swcepin
up to the northwest corner of th
town , leveling Jingo trees in itu path
way nnd taking A. A. Foster' * ) house
and bar. ) , leveling both to the groum
and carrying Mr. an4 Mrs. Foster am
their two children thirty yards , pro
eiitating | them amidst debris , al injured. Just east of FOR
t-r's was II. 0 , Pitman's house also
burying beneath it Pntinnn , hia wifi
and their three children , tlio wife's
aiator and hur little baby. Foster too )
out the . 'I year old girl , flattie , dead
Tim boy , Harry , aged 10 , was fatally
injured , and Arthur ulightly iujur , d
Not fur .way was the residence of Mr ,
and Mm. Lewis , an old Kontleiuai :
and lady , who were both killed.
Charles , their son , wan atDja Monies , :
and thus escaped. From here the
storm puisued a zigzag direction to
the north of the city , when , aftei :
wiping out the finest residence portion
of the city , it turned toward the col-
logo. The west building was dumped
into a heap of lath and plaster and
broken timber , burying beneath it
eight students who roomed therein , .
all of whom were afterwards extri
cated more or lens injured and one
died. The west cullego. a five story
building , was unroofed and a fire fol
lowed. After completing its work of
demolition at the college , the whirling
lend &truck straight across the Ioi.ii
Central railroad , and directly in its
; > ath lay cars. Thu great mogul
ind thn trttin toppled on either siciu at
.ho whim of the wind. Acrotu iln <
.rack wan the building of Prof. . / . W
Jhrunberl.un , ttvasurer of the colligv ,
vlii'ili was gathered up in section ! ) ittni
lumped ia a disjointed hcnp , portion ! )
ipsidu dnvtn , irtolt lovably ruined ,
3r. II. N. Scott'ti housewao turned
ilmost completely around. 0.V ,
lobart's elegant residence and barn
ire completely gone. Near by nncn
teed the two-story homo in which
Hiss Abbio Agard wes killed. There
H hardly a sign loft of it. In the
icinity stood the house of 11) ' Me-
) onnoll , who was going around almost
lamented , carrying a lantern in which
hero was no glass or light , shaking it
ip and down in search of valuable pa
tera which were blown away , 'Iho i
louse was a pile of lath , splinters ,
nd plaster. Retracing our stops
niong the
11 the vicinity , wo came to a block
fhich contained nine houses , nil but
no leveled to the ground. In one
louse of this block four parsons were
illod , Mr. Ford and wife , the hired
irl and Mr. Tuttun , In this vicinity
\ W. Willinms'u IIOUBU was unroofed ,
'rof. llorrick's and Mrs. MorrU' two ai"I
OUBOB were bunched together. Not "I !
oil stood Sanders' fine OC ;
IT Lucy resi-
unco , and what of it that is not scat-
urod over the adjoining country is
umpod into the cellar. There- wore 01
: n people in Banders' cellar , ' and ell BOca
scaped. Mr , Taylor'a nnd Mra. Day's
OUBCS are both gone , also the hoinu
f Hon. 0. F. Graver , nnd also the ca
irgo now residence ot Andrew Lnrra- is
bee. The side and lop of H. 11.
Olark's house were blown off , also his
barn. The homo of Merrill , of Kimball -
ball A. Merrill , is unroofed. Then fol
r.ow * OH HOVSIS :
as lUt on the ground ai the NIU o will
allow , niiioni * thtim John Ctrhnrt's ,
Hufus Ufol.or'8 , and 15 Shatra.edi'or
of The Signal ; then Prof. lluck'n reoi-
donee , and 1. . U. Pholns' , and the
house biitonging to Mr. Hnyee. The
hurricane look everything north uf
President Mnifoun'n homo , leavtiii'
that uninjutei ) . In the northwest
corner of the city the storm lovcled
the hi.uso of Wilnoit KHis , as alao tha
of , ) . M. lloas. Hia wife WIM olitihlly
injured , nnd the house i > f Henry
Spanlding was leveled. Then the
homo of Kimball , of Kinib.Ol & Mer
rill , dry goods dealers. A. . ) . Pres
ton's houao wan moved BIX feet from
ita foundation. Thu residence of At
torney Dunn waa leveled , nho that of
G. H. Gruwull , n dry x ods merchant ,
and the now house of liruhani , a mer
chant tailor. Near huto
and her house demolished. , lohn
Merrill's housu was blown a distance
apparently in the teeth of the wind.
Not a sign is left of the IIOURO of
Madison Howard. The house of
George llair.lin , cashier of the First
National bank , is in ruinn. George
Jennings' now $5,000 house is in
kindling wood and broken plaster.
Two houses belonging to Mr. U.ilo-
ham , and rented by Misses Lewis and
Dills , were obliterated , all the houses
of James llanlan , Phillip Clendening ,
Henry Jamca , Henry Pitm n , Mar
cus Wightman , William Oullison ,
Deacon Ford's two housec , W. Nea
ly'u ' , nnd Mr. Hoilor's. The houao o
A. E. Keihfrod was
COMPLKTKl.Y IllMOI.lSBll ! : > ,
and himself and wifu taken from th
ruins nearly dead , Mrs. Stewart's lama
was blown half a block , the fragment
jamming the corner of Jones' house
Frank Carroll , stealing a ride froi
Davenport , wasj on a Hock IMam
freight train that wan carried oil' th
track , ho lies at the Chapin houa
with a broken shoulder-blade am
nose. Ilonry Moore , the Hock Islam
brakcman , is dying in convulsions a
the Cliapin houno. The scenes arounc
the ruins are heart-rending , familit
wandering over the wrecks of thoi
homes in a dnxed sort of way , roplj
ing williiu'ly to all questions uskci
and laughing in a pathetic manner a
some ridiculous incident , while som
near and dear friend is dead or dying
Ono young girl was heard * to say
that she- believed nho had loiitid th
frignient of her room , and was look
ing lor Bonio article by which to kno\
it. Shu stooped and picked up a pho
tograph nnd burst into team. It wa
thu picture of her little sister , wholia
bosn killed. Many ofthosq
* '
ivhild IhrffhoMl-c
were carried from over their" 'heads
A. J. Preaton wua away from hi
homo and saw the funnel fury coining
IIo tried to roach his home , but th
tornado caught up with him , nnd h
kept himself from being blmwn nwn ,
by clinging to the roots of n tree. C
F. Graver , whoso wife and three children
dron were luckily away on a visit
cared himself nnd hired girl by
NiiKKiNa nui'uoi : IK THU
Ho Bays before they wont , tliero h
could see the air filled with Jlyin
tinibom , AVJien they bcran ; to com
iw easily through the woodwork a
the window glass , ho sought under
ground refuge. George Christian tool
his wife nnd children into the cellar
nnd all were saved. II in houao id
somewhat dnniiiged , The en in
house , where seventeen of the deat
bodies are laid out , presents a sigh
that brings back uriny days. Tin
jther dead are around in the wrccki
> f their homes , whuro enough was lef
for fihelter , or sent to the houses o :
friends. These who are familiar witl
ho varied localities of this terribly-nf
licted little city are nwaro that it was
jrnamented with
Hundreds of thcso nro leveled , am
.ho beautiful grounds are thickly
imbedded with broken timber. G.
1. Stevens' barn and horse were car-
led completely over his house , and
ho animal escaped with slight in
urie * . The hotels , school houses nnd
own hall were converted into hos
litals. In the town hall alone
roro twenty dead bodies , rang-
ng from the youth of ten or
wulvo yeara to the man whose
air had boon fronted by age. All
round were grief ufriekun friundn
nd relatives , and the spectacle wm
no calculated to appall llui stoutest
cart. The wreck in the early.'grny of
10 morning waa ono of
Till ? M"HT IiAMKNTAUMifelUinH
? or prcBcntod to liuman oyes. The
nth of destruction was about seven
undred feet in width. On thu outer
Igea of thu yath thu damage was the
ghtest. For a space of two hundred
iet in thu center scarcely a treu or
irub escaped complete destruction.
louses were picked up . and thrown
ito the outer circle , noino to ono
do and BOIIIO to the other , as thu
oaka of the wind prevailed. In
nuu cascH the houses were re-moved ,
whed to pieces , scattered broadcast
fragments , and foundatation walls
ivuled to the ground. Nothing was
ived of thu contents. Stoves , lurni-
ire , pianos , and all the various arti-
es of household paraphernalia were
issud about ns though they were but
lildren'u toys. Articles of bedding
id frAgmenta of upholstered furni-
ire wore found miles from their
roper abiding placed. The hunduomo
Jildinga of the Iowa college were
itnplotoly destroyed , ono of brick
id another of atone , entailing a losa
> on that inatitution of fully § 100-
This little town was nestled nicely
i a gentle knoll. To the south and
lutheast is a beautiful valley , bo-
jnd which is 11 stretch of undulating
airio. Along on thin prairiu wore lo-
led many neat farm cottauus. There
nothing left of them. Standing in
the streets of Malcom , considering the
extent to which the p th of the storm
had spread when it n ached Malcom ,
its fury ia phenomenal. The debris
of the farm house * was scattered over
the prairie for a mile or moro in a
snuthweslerly direction from the
points at which they were located.
The lumber was splintered nnd frag
ments driven into the ground with
terrific force. lUrbed wire but re
cently put on was blown from the
fence posts and coiled nnd twisted into
divers shapt's. Telegraph poles were
snapped asunder ami spitefully stuck
in the ground.
AN Al'I'KAt. IVIl All ) .
Dis : MOINKH , Iowa , Juno 20. An
nppeal for nid for the siill'jrera of
thu Iowa cyclone hat been issued , in
which it is stated three hundred fam
ilies had their homes destroyed , ono
thousand persons made homeless and
tlio loss of property nearly $3,000-
000. Grinnell alone lost $100,000.
One hundred thousand dollars are re
quired to keep thu autlorera from
want. Di38 Monies contributed $8-
000 , MarnhallUnvn $1,000. lown City
sent a largo cargo of nupplies to Grin
nell , the first received by the relief
There has been no additional deaths
at Grinnoll , Three persons nro re
ported aa likely to die before morn
ing. Tlieso nro Mrs. Shaokey , Mr.
Sabining nnd Frank Carroll. The
latter was n trnmp stealing a ride on
the fated f eight train.
received to-day along the route of the
storm show thnt previous estimates
were not exaggerated. The destitu
tion is very great and much auUjring
will result.
The Anti-Monopoly Convention *
Special Diximtch to The 1oe. !
LINCOLN , Nob. , Juno 20. The
meeting of thu Anti-Monopoly league
to-morrow promises well. A number
of delegates hnvo already arrived. It
is expected that two hundred will be
The Freight Handlers Embar-
Business in . the
Progrois or Strikes at Otlior Places.
Rational Aftoclitcil I'rcss.
Nuw YOKK , Juuu 20. In consequence
quence of the feeling that the freight
handlers' ntrUco will spread , the rail-
"ay companicu aru declining to muko
contracts with uhipporj. Wlieat ,
therefore , is advancing.
of otrikcru uru acting
. /urauy City , . ' 100 men joined
the sinkers.
The strike of the freight handlers
1ms now HO far advanced that three
thousand men are now included in th
movement. Tlio dilleronc railroai
companies have determined not ti
come to the termn demanded by tin
strikers , and in order to bear out tin
etatement havu hired gangs of Italians
and other foreign laborers to do thu
work left undonein consequence
of the strike. They havu mot
with very little success , however ,
in thin respect , and do not deny that
the uiiiKo has begun to seriously em
barrans them , and thu transpurtntioi
of mdlinna of dollain worth of freight
him been dulayed. Somu portion of
this is pei'ihhable and will bo attended
with pecuniary losa. None of the
utnking type foundry men are at work
yot. No change in thu uflairq of
boiler nmkorn and liorso she re ,
PniLADHLi'iiu , Pa , Juno 20 It
is stated that ono of the objects of
President Hobertn , of the Punnayl
vnnia railroad , visiting here , in to con
fer with other railioad nion relntivu to
the demund of the civil engineers for
an ndvunco of 12 per cent. Thin de
mand was made a few woeka ago , nl-
inoat simultaneously with thu notice
l > y the Ponnsylvnnia and Ualtimoro it
Ohio rondo of an intended 10 per
cent , reduction. It ia understood this
afternoon that thu Pennsylvania road
ivill give the advance , owing to the
urgt ) amount of work which must bo
completed at an tnrly day.
Srni.NUUKLii 111 , , Juno 20. The
triko of the iron and steel workers
till continues hero without fli/jim / of
change. The men aru beeoiring ilin-
atielied. Ono of the li'udbrn said to-
lay they might huvo to continue bii
tveoKs yet. It ia undorMood that nn-
en.i nn iidjimtmont is ruueliod soon thu
roprieloru will tao ! otepa ( o e
orco to ntarc tlunnilln.
ho nocoptlon of Diwltt Hugo and
tttlani.1 Pru ; s Aiuiclatloii.
HUSTON , Mass. , Juno 20. An audi-
nco of 12,000 greeted Michael D.wilt
o.night at Mechanic ' hall and ho
van received with tremendous cheers ,
10 audience rising , Ex-Mayor Prince
resided and introduced Davitt , who
poke upwards of two hours. The
Jdrcbs wna a masterly review ot
m uituation in Ireland , how its
onerous soil hud been robbed of its
roducts by landlords , decimating
ts population ; how Irish industries
ad been destroyed nnd poverty and
niuory intailod on thu Irish people.
To-morrow lie leaves on the 11
'clock train for Albany , where ho
vill apeak in the ovenint. , ihonoo to
orsoy City , Philadelphia , Chicago ,
lull'alo , PDvidoiK-i ) , Worcester , Hoi-
okn nnd Troy , 11 the above order ,
nishing the American tour at tholui
or place July 4th ,
John in Wlso.
tlonol Aetfoclutixl I'tuttn.
PIIILAI > ILIIIA : , Juno 20. John Wn-
amnker forwarded a brief letter to
lurriiburg to-night , declining to allow
is name to bo used for Hie nomina-
on of congressman at largo in the
epublican Htato convention to-mor-
The Egyptians Deciflo to Settle
Tlioir Disputes Among
TJiernsolvos ,
A New Ministry Formed nnd'
'i heir Programme Pro
claimed ,
tVhUo 1Iio Power * will Confer To-
Morrn\v According to Pro-
vioiiH Pinnn.
Germany PropnrliiR to Obaorro VomiB-
En Dletmblllo.
Ktt'.oual AtMdatcd I'lcnj
AI.K\ANI > UIA , Juno 20 The Kgyp-
tian ministry has been formed ns fol
lows , after throe aiinferonccs between
Arabi Hey and Itahib Pnshi nnd the
khedive : President of the council
nnd minister of foreign nflairs , Ilahib
Pasha ; miniatur of war , Arab ! Key :
minister of marine , Ahumed Naohed ;
minister of finance , Obdur llnhman
of the ministry is as follows : First ,
general amnesty to all persons otcopt
those implicated in the Alexandria
massacre ; second , the government
shall bo conducted under the rescript
of August , 1878 ; third , no person shall
bo punishable except under law ;
fourth , foreign ministers shall bo
stole medium of the lolations of the
government with foreign powers.
It is understood the latter clause
implies the abolition of Anglo-French
control ministry. It is also intended
to demand the return of the Khedive
to Cairo and withdrawal ot the Euro
pean ileot-
Jf. Hocdo , secretary of the board
of European control , blow out his
bria im at tlmJiotel in this city to-day ,
Instructions have been sent to the
English admiral commanding the Brit
ish Ileot ot this pott to land n large-
force of marines the instant there in
any appearance of n renewal of the
LONDON , .Juno 20 In the house of
commons to-day Sir Chnrlea Dilko ,
under secretary of foreign affairs ,
stated that the international confer
ence would convene at Constantinople
on Thursday , without thu concurrence-
of the onltan , and with the under
standing that the sultan will not bo
permitted to prcnidu or bo represented
by any member of hiu cabinet. The
work of the conference , ho said , would
jlo oubt bo ditlicult : JtbiU the confer- , . ,
"insist' ' ' ' ' * " " - ' PS *
onoo ryouTTPjJfobahSy on -tpo'-'MI
eatablislnnontof nn Anglo-French pro
tectorate ever the country , extoirdinif
liberties to the people rather than the
nominal rule of Ui/ypt ,
Sir Charles wont on to nay that Mr.
Mallott had i ntimuted to the sultan
that full reparation would bo de
manded for all outrages which had
been ii , llict"d on British subjects in
Egypt. Mr. Mallet had been no
party to the formation of the now
Egyptian ministry. The English gov
ernment through him or any ot its
representative ? , did not at nil depart
from ita original policy for the pro
tection of every English intercut ia
Auur.uiN or ur.NTrf.
In the house of commoim this even
ing , on n division , the motion to give
thu arrears of rent bill precedence
over all other biHiiu-aj with thu excep
tion of the repression bill , wan carried
by 2iit : to lift.
UiiULiN , Juno 20 Two German
expeditions will bo sent to the United
States to observe the transit of Venus
in December next , one oliiurvatiou to
bo taken at Stratford , Conn , , and the
other at Aikon , S. 0.
A Ootivt Opinion.
National Atwocintod
NKW YOIIK , Juno 20. In the suit
of Augustus Jacobson aa receiver
atrainst John Allen as executor and
others , involving the defunct Ihnk of
Chicago , Judge Wallace , in the Uni
ted Ktitui circuit court , this after
noon , handed down an opinion , in
which ho holds that tlio bill bo
bad because thu ritjht of action sought
lo bo enforced does not mint in favor
'if the complainant.
I'ostolllco CtninuoB.
The following are the postofliou
changes in Nebraska during the week
jiding Jui'o 17 , 1882 , furnished by
William Van Vlcck , of the poatoflioo
Icparlmcnt :
Eitabliuhpd Simpson , Holt county ,
[ lonry J. Simpson , postmaster.
Discontinued Spring Grove , Har-
an county ,
Names chanced Collinsvillo , Dun-
ly county , to Bunklomun ; Fairview ,
ilod Willow county , to McCook.
Postmaster ! ) uppulnted-Denklenian ,
Jundy county , John U. King ; Cin-
linnati , Pawnee county , Peter J.
uatonberger ; Clarion , Madison coun-
y , Amos T. lleiglo ; Glen llock , No-
naha county , Lucius 0. Matthews ;
ilcCook , Hod Willow county , Thomas
if. Scott ; Paddock , Holt county ,
Fohn T. Prouty ; Osco , Kearney coun-
y , llobort II. Ohambers , Stuart , Holt
ounty , N A. Hagonatein ,
DiHcontinuod--Condit1Jonoa county.
Poatmastora appointed Contnlia ,
Jubuqno county , Matthew Riley ;
Hepburn , Page county , \V. H. Gor-
loiij Ottorvillo , Buchanan county , 1C.
J. Gates. _
Wrcolioil by loo-
s'atloiuil AaiccUtcJ I'ruas.
ST. JOHNS , N , F. , Juno 1 ! ) . The
\iuurican fishing sohooncr Massachu-
lotto , on Friday night , collided with
in iceberg 100 foot high oil' Capo Bal-
ard and sank , and live men are mis-
ling and nro believed to have boon
Irowned. Tlio mat escaped with dif-
iculty in a boat ,