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About No. 2.
No , 2 is intended for
those who want a dime
package of Long Cut To
bacco. A great many
people prefer Long Cut
to Granulated for smok-
ingandyot donotwantto
pay the price necessary
to secure thoflncstgarde.
No 2 is specially prepar
ed for thcso folks and it
is the very best that can
bo _ made to sell at the
price. You will notice
two things about this
package. First tlio
namo.of W. T. Blackwoll
& Co. isn't on it and
second , the trade mark
' of the Bull is missing.
Why is this ? Because
our name and Bull trade
maik stand ai guarantee
that the tobacco contain
ed in those bags or pack
ages ia the very beat and
purest that cm be rrmuo
and this DURHAM LOMI
CUT No. 2 is not the best
and wo cannot afford to
secure n temporarily
larno tale by decoivint !
you , and so wo don't put
our niitno or tr.xda mark
on the ) package , but lot
.it stand on its own merit.
' ' Don't think now , be-
- cauao of this , DURHAM
Lora CUT No. 2 is some
poor worthless trash that
you don't want , it is re
ally good tobacco , a good
deal bettor than some
that makes creator pre
tensions. Do you smoke
. Long Cut , and do you
feel that ten cents is all
you ; want to pay for a
package of smoking to
bacco ? Then just tjot a
package of DURHAM
LONG CUT No. 2 and wo
think you will have to
\ that it boats any
thing you have over
smoked unless you paid
a good deal higher price.
You know the only GEN
is undo by W. T. Black-
well & Co. Nobody
over Ihousjhtof manufac
turing tub.xcco in Dur
ham , or of calling their
"ooih by that uama until
wo hid created sucha do
main' ' for our' tobacco .
that every smoker o illed
for Durham. Unfortn-
irately , being the , name 4" ,
of the town vvo can't con
trol it no wo cnn the Bull
trade mark , and so there
are imitf.tiona , o our
Durham Tob-cco and to
pievensous being imposed -
V posed on wb will tell"
you how .tr.knov that
you gatJ the GENUINE
Nt. . 2. ' *
It is put up in tin foil
packages and on ono aide
is a picture of our facto
ry and on the other a
picture of a girl smoking
a cigarette.
Be sure you got Iho
genuine it hasn't any
manufacturer's name on
the labal and you will
moro than pleased with
If at any time you
want the very finest
goods made ask for
Imported and Domestic-
Finest Selection in Town.
'Price * to Salt Everybody.
From Haifa Dollar Down to 5a
Schroter & Becht's
General Undertakers ,
.33 * < S ! ? 33E S ! 0 ?
Bot. Farnam and Donglan.
lloln'llc ' , Wood and Cloth Cocrcd
onstantly on hand. OrJora from the coun ti
ollclted , and promi t'y attondo4 to. m31
leaflparters of tlia Literati ,
The Cheapest , Lar cat Mid choicest oolloctloi
, In the West.
Gash paid for Second-Hand Booki
ir exchanged for now.
Fancy ana Staple Groceries
llNo. 916 North Sixteenth St
_ : c ? .Xi
Have icmotod ( rom there old blind , to
\ 116 North Sixteenth Street
\avo \ alwtya on bind a good uuortment
Its Force and Fury Keeping Pact
With the Country's Growth ,
A Pow Hangings do Not So-
riouely Retard ita Steady
Quinn Bohanan , the Mardorot
of Cook , Convicted at
Virginia and Texas Dispose ol
a Bloody Pair with Hemp.
Captnro of tbo Broaliflold
- 1101)11001 mid Honorary of the
A Tasteful Array of Human Plondo
Bohtumu Convicted-
Ulispatch to Tim UEK.
LINCOLK , Neb. , Juno 9. Quini :
liohauau's case wus ended to-day bj
the jury bringing in a verdict of murder
dor in the second degree , with rccora
mondatiou to the judge that ho be
nont up for lifo. The jury was oul
twonty-fie hours. Sentence will be
passed to-morrow.
The murder for which Bohanan was
tried waa ono of the moat cruel anO
causeless iu the criminal history of the
state. Ho had a dispute with a respectable
spectablo young man named Cook , al
v * avorly , about the spelling of the
Word "peddler. " Bohanan gavb the
lie to Cook , for which Cook slapped
him in the fact * . Bohanan then drew
a pistol and ehuot Cook dead. The
oxciicmcnt was so intense that the
murderer was secretly hurried tc
Lincoln to prevent the enraged popU'
lace from lynching him. Bo ha !
already served it few years in the state
penitentiary , from which ho escipet'
before his term' expired.
A Black Fnll-
National Assoiuiwl Perm.
RICHMOND , V.i. , Juno 9. A Gray ,
colored , waa hanged at Powhattat
court houao to-day for the murder o
his little son for stealing some mo
lasses from the cupboard.
Pa. , Juno 0. 1
Polandur named Buckwalk stabbec
Frank Ball iu several places this after
noon * Bell is seriously injured
Buckwalk was arrested.
, f * >
A. Grand Send-Off.
National Aisoaatud Prosit.
BUOWNSVJM.E , Tex. , Juno 9 ,
Quincy Gordon was hanged hero to
day for the murder , last August , o
Sue Coutoraa. The gallows wai
erected on the banks of the Itu
Grande river anl the 'execution was
witnessed by thousands.
Tlio Boy Mnidorcr I > ynohod <
National Awoaated 1'rosa.
Minn. , June 9. Join :
Tribbets , Iho boy murderer , who recently
contly took the lives of two mer
named Washington and Foterbich
near Bed Eye , being incited therotc
by stories m dime novels , was taker
from jail lost night by twenty men ant
hanged to the top round of a ladder ,
which they rested against a tolegrapl
A Bandit Bnruod to Doatl >
National Associated frcne.
GUADALAJARA , Mexico , Juno 9.
Templadore , a bandit , was surroundoc
in a house hero. Ho refused to sur
.render and the house was fired and he
was burned to death.
Closing in on tbo Robboro-
national Auwx-iated titm.
BnooKFiELD , Mo , , June 9. A trait
with largo numbora of armed men lofl
this morning for Macon , Mo. , for the
purpose of aiding in the capture of the
bank robbers , who are surrounded a !
a point a few miles northwest ol
Macon. The robbers have so far kepi
the officers at bay , but a line will now
bo formed and closed up on them.
Orders will be given to shoot them
dorm if they try to cap9. Two ol
the pursuing party have already been
Tlio RoU'iom Captured.
National .
BuooKmu ) , Mo. , Juno 9 , The
four bank robbers were discovered in
a deserted cabin fourteen miles north
of hero , The bandits had barricaded
the doors and windows for a battle ,
but when they realized that they wore
surrounded and that the country was
alive with armed men , they surren
dered , The robber * were heavily
ironed and brought to Brooklield ,
Ono of them equealed and confessed
whore the stolen money was buried ,
Marshal McArthur has gone with the
robber's wife to find the treasure ,
Sentenced to a Second Term ,
National Associated 1'rean. '
COLUMBUS , 0. , Juno 9. T. Now-
berry , lately clerk ot the boaid of
public works , plead guilty to another
indictment of forging vouchers and
w s sentenced to a second term of
three years. There are fifty moro in-
dictmonta ,
With Another Man's Wife.
National Associated 1'icta.
STATEHVILLK , N. C. , Juno 9 , Place
Wallace was shot dead by a bosom
friend , .Bob Stimson , who discovered
an intimacy between his wife aud
ABogna Pensioner.
National Awoctttoa f itso.
BOSTON , Juno 9. Wm. S. John on
has been acquitted for drawing the
pension of Wm , Ross for thirteen
years through the use of papers lost
by Ross. Ross turned up , exposed
Johnson and sued the government for
the amount ,
Increasing Buplnosa Failures Crops
' Generally Good.
National Amoclated I'rcss.
NEW YonK , June 9. There were
130 failurA in the United States re
ported to Bradstrecta during the past
wcuk , an incroasn of 2G over the pre
ceding week , and 42 more than dur
ing the corruspmding week last year.
Special terrains from loading trade
centers to Bradstreots point to duller
nnd quiet markets in almost all linos.
The weather in the went and south
has on the nhplo improved , though
from various points ill the cotton bolt
there continues to como complaints of
cold or wet weather. In the grain
regions , while reports as to wheat are
fairly satisfactory , iu refcronco to corn
they tell of tno ravages of a wet spring
nud delays which replanting has caused.
Indiana crop loports point to an un
usually heavy jlold of wheat.
National Atsoclatod I'roes.
Nn\v Yonic , Juno 9 , The races at
Brighton Beach continued to-day ,
First racn , ono mile , wan won by
Chnrlio B , Nellie second ; time , 1:21 : .
Second race , seven furlonfjo , was
won by Liuro , Duke of Kent second ;
time , 1:30J. :
Third race , railo and a furlong ,
handicap , was won by Capias , Olarin-
don eocond ; time , 1:57 : | . .
Fourth race , mile and a quarter , was
wan by Stathspoy , Shylock second ;
time , 2:09 : } .
Fifth race , mile and a quarter ,
handicap over hurdles , was won by
Ohio Boy , Buzlor second ; time , 2:19. :
Sr. Louis , Juno 9. The St. Louis
Jockey club continued their meeting
to day. First race , for maiden two
year olds , three-fourths of a mile ,
wns won by Pearl Thorn , Idle Pat
second ; time -17J.
Second race , brewers' cup , all agor ,
two miles and a quarter , was won by
Checkmate , John Davis second ; time
4:01. :
Third race , for three year olda , ono
mile , \\aa won by Monogram , Fiona
second ; time 1:45. :
Fein oh race , for maiden three'year
olds , seven furlongn , was won by
Glonarm , Lizzie McWhirter second ;
time , 1:31. :
Filth race , threo.quirters oS a mile
hearts , was won by Pride , who took
eocond and third heats , Bengon taking
iirat heat and coming in second in
the third , Jack Havtrly second in
second _ heat ; time , 1:17 * " , 1:19 : , 1:40. :
BosrpN , Maes. . June 0. Clove-
lands 0 , Bostons 4.
FROVIDCKCH , R. I. , Juno 9. Chica
go 14 , Providence 4.
WOKCKSTEB , Mass. , Juno 9. Wor-
cuators 4 , Detroits 7.
TBOY , N. Y. , Juno 9. Buflalos 2 ,
Treys 7.
LONDON , Juno 9. Alexandria plate
stakes were won by Fiddler , Foxhall
second , Potioncl third ,
Foxhall was scratched for the
Hardwick stakes race , which was won
by Fustian , Sweet Bread second ,
Pontit third.
i i
Flvo Hundred Cattle Poisoned.
National Associated Press
MONTREAL , Juno 9. Five hundred
head of cattle brought hero from the
west for shipment to England were
turned out to graze ou a farm near
this city , and were all poisoned by
eating noxious weeds. Seine may re
Roiorvolr Burst.
National Aauotiatud i'roj <
POKTLAND , Mo , Juno 9 , The city
reservoir burst at 0 a. m. and caused
$5,000 damugea. No ono waa injured.
Terrible Gain.
National ABTOcmted trim
LAREDO , Tex. , Juno 9. A terrible
gala aud sturm passed ovtr this sec
tion last night. Glass doors and windows
dews were smashed and houses blown
away. Charles Masters was instantly
killed by a falling wall.
Trouble to Bo Adjusted.
National Aenociated Press ,
CINCINNATI , Juno 9. Jarrott , the
president of the Amalgamated associ
ation , has arrived 'and says the
troubles at Pitlsbiug will bo immedi
ately adjusted and those al Cincin
nati toon.
A Bad Circus.
National Associated I'rcMS.
NOHTHWEST ClTV , Mo. , JuilO 9.
MuUrido , a circus actor , was killed
and all other actors of Brown's circus
were arrested for riotous resistance to
Deputy Sheriff Seaborn while execu
ting the orders of the mayor to collect
the license or move the show outside
the town limits last evening.
A Monster Procomiou.
National Aiuoclitvd 1'reea.
THOV , N. Y. , Juno 9. Fifteen
thousand invited guests are expected
in the piradoof the landloaguaDavitt
celebration at Albany , July 4th.
Old Masonic TomploSold ,
National Anaociated 1'reag ,
PHILADELPHIA , Juno 9. The old
Masonic temple on Chestnut street
was sold this morning for § 225,000 to
Wm , Singer.
Died From InuallngFJamof.
National Associated Trees.
MENOMINKB , Mich. , Juno 9 , Robert -
ert Stephenson , owner of the largest
saw mill in the atato , died last night.
His death was caused by inhaling
Ibmcy from a slab pit near which ho
was standing when the wind suddenly -
ly shifted.
Mr. Riflenstein , Boston , Mass , ,
writes ; "Your SI-IUNCI BLOSSOM has
cured mo of dyspepsia , of four (4) ( )
years' standing. I have regained my
normal appetite , can sloop well , and
feel like a now man. " Price BO cents ;
trial bottles 10 cents. 0-d-w
The Drops in Austria afii Ad
joining rrovincos in Splendid -
did Condition ,
The Egyptian Kickers Coldly
Boooived by tUo Pesca ;
. Kownrd of 3,000 Offered for
tU A * nsln of Walter Bnrie.
r- V
Other Items from * 'orolgn Pprta.
VIENNA , Jcmo 9. In apito ofjtho
repented nliarp ftoata jit niijlit and
wintry temperature during tliOjinonth
of May , crops in Austria nnd llun-
ttnry nro gonurally in a very satisfac
tory condition , and nt the present moment
mont prospects nro that the harvosl
of 1882 will 1)0 oicollmit and
abundant In lower Austria ,
Bohemia and Moravia. whctv
crops nro in excellent condition nm
in other provinces of Austria they
nro very ( satisfactory. In Hungary
wheat crops in some districts have sut-
fered , but in. the inost important
wheat-growing countries of Hungary
the condition of wheat is excellent.
Rye was retarded , but promlsda a
good yield. O.\ta are in very 'goo.
condition. Barley nnd Indian 'corn
suffered a good deal , but are rcco'vor-
ing. Earlier potato crops were badly
frozen last month , but later potatoes
promise well. <
CAIRO , Juno 9. The Khedive * js
urged to remove to Alexandria f'i
prevent peril to his life , if Dorvisl
PiZaha should ropndiato Arabi Hey. ,
CONST ANTiNorLK Tune 10. A dopu
hition of Jewish refugees of this city
hnvo tequcslod Gun. Wallace , Uniter
States iniiuator , to use his need oflicei
witli the nultnn lo facilitate the col-
oniKation of rofuaoua in Turkey.
CAIHO , Juno 9. Dervish Pasha
g.ivo a cold rocuption to the robil
iniimtera who called on him to-day
Ht ) oxprofsad the conviction of beim
able to restore E ypt to her iiorma
atite , and said lie was ready to au
sumo command of the army or war
portfolio at itny moment the
khcdivo wishes him to do BO.
LONDON , Juno 10. The govern
tnunt has offered n reward of 3,0i I
for information that will lead to the
conviction of the murderers of Walter
ST. PETERSUURO. Juno 9. It is reported
ported that tlio Czar intends to recil
Gen. Molikcff , who. it is stated , wil
take the place of Count Igaaticff , the
latter retiring to private life.
Oriental Itcmi.
National Associate ! Prow '
. SAN FRANCISCO , Juno 9. Advice
by steamer Coptiao from Bong Kong
have been received.
The Japan Gazette S.IJB trade is ii
a doplor.iblo condition , but ; hope the
now crop of tea will bring a revival.
The census returns complete given
the population of Japan at 18,428,5274
mah'B , 17,935,720 females.
Fires in Inala and Ycchigo destroyed
100 houses in the former place , 321
houses , six temples nnd ono tchno
house in the latter placo. A fire ii :
Tokio , May 9 , burned 428 houses and
seriously damaged twenty-nine. Dis
astrous forest fires are reported in
Ikulo Tajina.
Another Strike.
National AjuocLstoJ Frew.
HEADING , Pa. , Juno 9. The strik
ing welder. ) , rollers , crab tondoro nnd
firemen who loft rhoir work yesterday
at the Reading iron works on account
of the BUparintondent'a notice that tor
every piece of iron left over at the
end of two weeks would bo deducted
from their wagoa , held a meeting this
evening. They nro determined to
stand out , and will demand a now
scale of wages. The welders want $5
a day , first utrnightcne'rs , $2 f > 0 , rol
lers , 82 20 , crab tenders , $1.75 , fire
men , first aud second. § 3.00 and
Marino Intolliuonorv
National AincUtcd I'reex.
NKW YOUK , Juno . Sailed -Tho
Silhiia for Hamburg , Arrived The
Plantyn from Antwerp , the Miunu
from Bremen , the Adriatic from Liver
BALTIMOHK , Juno 9 Arrived The
Phoenician from Liverpool. Sailed
The Hermann for Bremen ,
BHKSIKN , Juno 9 Arrived The
Albin m from Now York.
ANTWERP , Juno 9 , Arrived- The
Nederland from Nuw York.
QUKKNHTOWN , Juno 9. Sailed The
Germanic for Now York.
LiVEiiroot , June 9. Arrived The
Bothnia nnd the Italy from Now
York , the Quebec from Montreal ,
SOUTHAMPTON , Juno 9. Arrived'
The BrauiiBchwcg from Baltimore for
Bremen ,
LONDON , Juno 9 , Sailed On the
3th , the Greece for Now York ,
GLAHQOW , Juno 9 , Sailed The
JUte of Florida und the Gircaseb for
Now York.
Ohio Democrat * .
National Associated 1 reel
COLUMUUH , 0 , , Juno 9 , The demo
cratic eUto central committee has de
rided to call a Btato convention at
Jolumbus for July 20th ,
Coming Homo to Die.
National AwocUUd 1'roM ,
ATLANTA , Ga. , Juno 9. Senator
Hill to-day reached this city on his
return from the Hot Springs. The
union , depot was crowded with citi-
: ona to bid him welcome , but when
10 appeared ho waa so emaciated , foe-
da and Bush a wreck of his former
wolf that the crowd became subdued
at the sight and atood with uncoTorod
head us ho made hie way to the car
riage and was drivtn homo. People
hero have no hopes of the tcnntor't
A Tariff Ui xnmiftftiouor.
K tlon l AsaocUlod 1'row.
SrittNomLi ) , 111. , Juno 9. A. M ,
Giuliuitl , of thin city , ono of the nom *
Slices for the tarilf commission , ww
interviewed to-day it ) reference to the
charges made in Washington that he
nnd llnyes , nlnu of the commission ,
wore nnlnricd ofl'icors of the ProteO'
live High Tnrill'association. . Ho oaiil
there " \vaa not a shadow of foundation
for the intimation so fir an I am con
cerned. I nm now president of the
National Wool Growers' association ,
nnd have been uiuco 1878. In most
inntancoi iu traveling in that capacity
I have paid my own expenses , the
orgimintion during my incumbency
having confined its c-xpomUturo ;
almost entirely to the nocoseury out
lay of the oocrotary's ofilco. "
National AmocUtoJ l'n- < .
WAHIUNOTON , Juno 10 , 1 n. m.
From the Missouri vnlluy , increasing
cloudinesa nnd local rains , variable
winds mostly from the northeast to
southeast , stationary or a slight fall
in temperature.
Condition of Illinois "WTiont
Kntlontl Ataoclatoil 1'rcnt.
SnuxoriuLD , 111. , Juno 9. The
state board of agriculture has compre
hensive reports on the condition of
Illinois wheat to Juno 1st , showing
that while the army worm has done
uamago in some of the southern coun
ties the effect will not materially re
duoo the yield. The condition of
wheat in the norMiorn portion of the
state is 4 per cent , above the average
and 4L per cent , bettor than last year.
In the central division it Is 1 percent ,
above the average nnd-It ) percent , bet
tor than last year. In the southern 3
per cent , above nnd 50 per cnnt. better
than a year nqo.
Blniuu nud Puity.
National Aasocltttd Proan.
Nnw STUAITHVILM : , Ohio , Juno 9.
BLuno and party are hero , it is ru
mored , negotiating for three mincn in
this r ° gion.
Ait Old Friend.
Ho woaafljictod with n Inmo bnck nnc
general d-liili y ; ho waa recommen lee
riiouAs' ] ; ci.icTiao : On- , which euro 1 hiu
at IHICO. This fuiuuud Hpccilii ; is a punitive
remedy for bodily pain. GilUv
A Few of the Business Men of Burt
County'a Metropolla
Oorrcpp ndcliuo of Tlio Ceo.
BLAIK , Juno 7. Nowhere In the
state of Nebraska can bo found c
more prosperous town than Tukamah ,
Situated in the southeastern part o :
Hurt county , being the county ooat
and the St. Paul railroad running
through the western part of the town
n/akcs / Tekamah a bustling place o :
The town is elevated on a aligh
.nccnding elevation four.milea fron
the Missouri river , ono of the finosi
valleys in the state , and is the central
point of a fine agricultural country ,
whoso surrounding farmers are an in
dustrious , hard-working claes , being
above the average farmers.
The town is finely laid out in
streets ; the main street tunning north
and south commands most of the
On enoli side are fine residences of
professional men and nurchantt ) .
Back of the town , on a beautifully
elevated blufi" , is the fine residence of
J. R. Thomas , ono of Tukamah's most
influential men.
llopewoll , Harrington &Co's bank
in the centre of the brick block , is n
lone ; and well established bank. Thoeo
gentlemen havu done much for the ad
vancement of the town. Mr. Harring
ton has been elected uhcriff of Burt
county for seven consecutive terms ,
being much to the credit of his friends.
Slade Bros , are young merchants iu
the town , formerly from Boon , Iowa ,
are dealers in dry goods , boots and
BUOPI" , which they add to the business
credit of Tekimiah.
J , Lilhe , keeping confectionery nnd
ice cream , maktis the Reason refresh
ing to thn inhabitants and traveling
J. Orannoll , dealing In grain 1ms a
fine elevator , being on advantage for
the farmers wishing to Boll hcir grain.
C , Coukling in the rral estate bu > i
nces devotua most of his time in sell
ing and locating lota for the
advancement of the town.
Adams & Jones , druggists , located
m brick block keep a fine line of druys
and Dr. Gilkerson connected adds
muoh to the profits of their business.
Oris Astor , proprietor of the Astor
House , in the right man in the right
) laco. Ho has fitted his houao up in
irst-olass style , and is abundantly pro-
? ared to accommodate those wishing
jood accommodations ,
Adams & Go , in the lower end of
town are well supplied with all kinds
uf drugs which they aim to accommo-
ilato tlio public with
B , 11 , Folsom , Toknmah'n oldest
resident , settled and located the present -
ont town when everything was wild
nd barren , living to see the present
town in its beauty , ho has become ni od
uid has settled down on a fine little
Farm in the northern part of town ,
where ho is enjoying his old ago. Ho
las upon his farm the finest piece of
rye in the state containing fifteen
vcros and average height six foot.
The school is highly conducted
> y Prof. Livingston who devotes
us time and study to the advance-
"nont pf the rising generation ,
The juvenile baud , under the in-
truction of Prof. Early , is making fast
Wpbor Bros. , proprietors of the
louring mill , are young men formerly
rom Florence , but whoso energies
vould not permit them to stay there ,
tartod in Tokamah last fall , and are
upplyini ; the inhabitants with the
) o tof flour.
Mentioning part of the extensive
business of Toknnifth , I can say that
Tekamah , na all our best western
town * , began a few years aqojn in
fancy nnd has risen on a level with the
best , all owing to the industrious
farmern who inhabit the country anil
stirring business men of the town.
Jnck Hivvrrly will return from Lnirlnml ,
by way of Mexico , in August ,
Mr. Booth nails for llngltuul on June 14 ;
Mr , Biurctt on Juuu 21.
Mine. GcMlnRnt' * nccond lonr in HUB
country will begin next September.
Mr. JcHernon Intend * to camp out this
summer in tlio woo'l * of Mnluo ,
Helm Scilgnlclc Imi 1'ccn rngnRcti nti
lend injj lady for the Mlunlo MnJilcrn com-
I ny.
It will coit SG'I.OOOtn mount Saint
Snon's opera of "Henry VI II , " at the
l'uU opera liouae.
Linclon 1ms n tturmnrlnn pianist who
UHIS only hU left luutf , nuil a jimnglAily
nho u sen only the right.
Stella lionlfnco of Wnllnck'n ii again
tnlktug o ( stftrrlrp , and her father in mid
to hvohittln play written for her next
BCftsOD. t
In CJcrminylt ? considered nn Ininlt
to encoroorwvenftppUmi cxtrnvng mtly nt
anopnrftof Wnsm-t' * , U "IntcmiptH tlio
action of the pitco. "
( ins Willhina will iireecnt hia now play ,
"Ono of tlio rinoAt , " durine his ! x
weeks' HOtson nt Unvctly'o Fourteenth
Street theatre , Xo\r York , he iuulua
Juno Oth.
MnurlcoGrnu 1ms ensntcd Mllo. Then ,
ono ( if tlio bent pcri\'bouIt ( > ilngcra on the
French ttikgc , for nixty ncrlorninnccB in
lliln c.uinlry ntSoOO a ulght. The toason
will begin Get. 9.
Atinio 1'ixlov nr.yn that M'lien hixs one
vcnr to ll\o. Then nhovnnU n i nw pl y.
The American drnnmtUt cnn thrrefor
iioRseai hiinRplf in iinlience. Ho ill nut
bo ueotleil In this direction for n \sehc- -
muntli ntost \
Afriqinl of UcuiDnyl , tlio vlnllnlat , HAJB
that ho tins ju t returned from hU western
concert to.irvlilch han been nn uninter-
nipted BUCCIKH , both aitinticnlly unil liimu-
cially. Hua U that ho IIIIH pot only
fiddloil hiuiHclt into public fnvor , but into
fortune alto , having Boyvrul luouthn n o
InvcHleii toiun of his ciunlngii In Miniio-
uota lauln which have appreclntod in
Milan [ he-fold since hin purchiiBO. Iiucky
Uartloy Campbell' * now play , "Siberia ,
will oi > cn tlio coining f canon ill JioothV.
The Kiralfyn will nnvo tlio matter In
charge , and promise to do ( ton n migntfi-
cent KCJtle , with no lean tlmn 100 people ,
niul uovel nnd Imiideomo Bccnory , But
ntrnngoly ciunii ; ! ) , there will bo no battle -
wliicli for the Kiralfyaill bo soinetliinn
like a Hiui'l.y ' inoinlng ill Koston withou
brown bread nun beans.
Clara Louiao Ivcllopcr and Kmma Abbotl
with the afsihtiucu ot XeliUS guin , fftott
C.mcFi' ( , tlu He-H Opoin company , Sigi 01
Tagliupiutra , William C.istle , Mnx Btrn
koBcli , Max Maretzek , and otlier promt
ncnt nrlibU a'o getting up a porformiuici
for the lLiioh ( of the widow nnd children
of thelalo Gecirgo Conly , the hnwjo , ant
in mi'inory of tlio late II rumu Illetzcl , tin , wlio both lost their Hi CD by drown
A priest of llivemm , named K
ban constructed nn apparatu :
which can bo net in operation by slmpl >
pressing a button , end by which the doors
of n largo bulletin , ; call bo iubtn.ntimeouB ] >
opened. The apparatus was trie.t at the
Alifjhiera theatre , iu liavenna , with tlu
mobt Katlbfactury result. All the nlni
doord opened tliiiultaueouuly , as if thougl
sumo spiritual agency. The invento
bnprn to improve liin appirVatuM Jvtli : .
should n fire break out on the stf.go of n
thcatio the r'eo in temperature woult
itself set the innt-hinery In motion.
Worthy ot Pralso-
As n nile wo do not recommend Patent
Mulicini'H , but \\lien wo knoiv of one that
renlly i n public benefnctor. and ( lorn
positively cu o , then wo consider it our
duty to impart that information to all.
Klectrio Bittern nro truly a inont valuable
medicine , und will mirely euro liilioufmepp.
Fo er and Ague , Stomach , Ijixer niul
Kidnov Complutn H , eviii were nil other
rcmodira fill. We kuow weroof woBpcnk ,
and KVII fieely recommend them to all.
Kxth. Sold nt fifty cents a bottle , by
0. V. Goodman ,
Heal Eativto Transroni. .
John L McOaguo , real estate agent
and conveyancer , reports that the fol
lowing deeds were recorded at the
county clerk's oflico , on Juno 7th and
8th :
J , B. French to J. II , Prcason , lol
11 , block n , Shiun'a 2J addition ;
John Fogarty to 0. H. Mock , part
of lutl , block 24'Jj 81,150. ,
J , M , Patteo to J. Sullivan , lot 1 ,
block 10 , Ptfrkor'e add ; $450.
Willis M. Y.itcB to 0. L Dart , lot
U , Koyea tub-div. , lot 9 , Capital add. ;
John McCormiuk to Jtobecca 0.
Slit-lion , loin 'iand 4 , block 11 , Me-
Cormick nddtion ; S2CCO.
II. D. Ejtabr.L'k , et al ro Btophrn
J , Collins lot 7 , block 5 , lluduck's
addition ; $200.
II. Kohlniisch to Thnnun McQuiii' ,
lot ! l , block 2 , Io ! i3 & II ill H addition ;
6 GOO.
If. D JOitnbrook , ot al to John
Volk , lot H , block 5 , KedocVn sub-
ulditition ; $ l , < iOO.
I'1. B Lowe to Frank Parker , lots 'I ,
block U , Loivo'a first addition ; S100 ,
CON WAV A LUX ANliit-Juuo : tli ,
liy Itev , , T. W. Btowart. Mr. Then. J.
CiinvMiv and Miss LuuUo Ora Ii , Alex-
under , both uf Omaha ,
J01)KLL-I'KUUUSON-Ou Wedntw-
dayovtnliiK , Juno 7 , 183. ' , at the house
of the oill Itttng clurL-ymun. Hov , G. V ,
Ktl'in , D. U. , Mr. John liodell nud
Mini Klizilicth Kcrguiion , both of Fre
mont , '
IIGLKO.V June 8 , 188 ? , John K , Hlg-
Jean , ugcd HI years.
1'uci ral Saturday , Juno 10 , at 2 p. m , ,
rom the rcUluiu.u of hU Htnter , M'rr , Wm ,
fity , corner of IKtli nml Mn ou Directs ,
ilndo from the wild ilowcrH of the
t ia the most fragrant of porfumuB.
kTanufiicturod by 11 , B , Blavoii , Ban
' 'raiiciaco , For sale in Omaha by W ,
f. Whitehouso and Kcnnnrd Bros , ,
to ,
i i
Buoklia'u Arnica Salve.
Tito Dm SALVK In the world for CuU ,
iruUeti' , Boren , Ulcers , Salt llheum , Ye-
-er Bores , Tetter , Chapped liandD , Chtl-
jlaina , Corns , and all ekln eruptloni ) , and
Mjsitlvely curoa pllea. It in guaranteed to
rive Butlsfuctfon or money refunded ,
'rice , 25 benta per box. For lo by 0.
? , Uoodmao ,
The Arch Assassin Raves as Death
Brins in His Face.
Lawyer Reed Ordered to "Let
Up' by a Sol f Appointed
" "
The Sin * lloutorn OontoUinj ; Ercry
Fotniblo Point la the Trial.
ProcoetllnRa of CongroeaMlecol -
Innooua Items ,
NftUomU Ajuorfntcd I'rcm
VAKIUNOTOX , Juno O. The cabinet
lo-day was confined to iliicusaion pf
the composition of the Utah commis
sion and filling of the vncxncy on the
tariff commission. NJ decision was
reached on either point.
Attorney CSonoral MoVoi | > h was
placed on the stand to Uetify to the
ikduiissions of llansdull Unit can-
spiracy existed. Defense objected ,
IngotHoll arguini * that bcforo the
confession of a conspirator could bo
received , conspiracy must bs ostob
liahod. Jud e Wylo sustatnod the
objection. Mr. Ktrr proposed to sub
mit in evidence all contracts in ques
tion , and Ingorsoll'B objection was
overruled. The contracts were then
read , as presented , and this took up
the remainder of the session.
Ill the case involving the validityof
section 7 of the act ot July 23d , 1800 ,
Secretary Teller holds that the section
ia still in force , it not having been
repealed. This will form a precedent
in suvoral cases now pendingand elToot
their decision.
tolls Hood there is no use trying any
thing elsa but the president , but Rood
has determined on another move ,
which ho will make to-morrow or on
Monday. Hoaocurod Guiteau'a signa
tures for tint purpose to-day.
Rood luw received nn anonymous
letter advising him it was time to "lot
up" on the assassin Ouitoau , and
closing in the following words , with
terrible underscoring : "Unless you
come to a halt quito soon in this mat
ter you may tool assured that your
days are numbered. This is no idle
throat , but moans just what ia said , BO
buwar.i , bowiro. A word to the wise
in sufficient. " This is one of many
Buch , but no attention is paid them.
Moro public lands were disposed of
the present year than in any preceding
The house committee on foreign
oflfuirfl agieod to the resolution pro
posing an international congress estab
lishing universal meridianttiuifl-s/S- * " "
The aonato committee ; on foreign
affairs will agree to the bill regulating
consular jurisdiction in foreign coun
tries. v >
Teller refuses to reopen the Toledo- vI I
swamp cuto. PatontH will ba issued :
to purchasers ,
It was learned to-night that Reed's
interview with Ouitoau at the jail today -
day waaaviry stormy one. puiteau
was muoh excited , shook his fist iu
Reed's ' face and told him to go to Ar
thur and demand commutation of een-
tonco and ho would not dare to lefuso.
After Reed had left it was some time
before Guitcau could bu qutatcd.
The senate in executive Hussion con
firmed David A. Stewart , collector of
internal revenue , Fourth district ,
Missouri ; Charles \V. Grampton , post
master at OaboriiD , Kansas ; John Bowen -
won , postmaster at Lousiana , Ky , ;
Ditnel L. Shoots , registrar of lands ,
Durango , Colorado ; Louis S. Ilick-
eon , receiver of public monies , Durango
range , Colorado.
It in reported to-night that ox-G jv-
ernor Irwin , of California , will be a
member of the Utah commission.
\VAHIUNOTON , Juno ! ) . The bill ro-
finuliii iiitLnialroveiiiiutaxei illegally
collected from the Detroit house of
correction was passed.
Tlio Japanese indemnity bill was
taken up , Senator Merrill oiloring an
amendmunt that the original amount
only bo returned.
Sanator Moruan made r. long apoeoh
n support of the Jupanoso bill ,
There was a little spat between Sen
ator Cockroll nnd him aa to whether
any agent for Japan was working for
or against the bill ,
Sunutor Morgan said no ono but an
ordinary ropres'enUtivo was interested
n the bill.
Senator Cockroll retorted by eaying
that the man ho had reference to was
a citizen of the district ,
Senator Sherman spoke generally in
opposition to the bill , and said ho
would rather pass back the principal
n gold.
The debate was continued by Senators -
ators Blaxoy and Windom ,
The senate wont into executive ses
sion , and when the doora weroopened ,
at 4:18 : p. m , , adjourned until Mon
day ,
The house spent the onliro day in
consideration of the judicial , execu
tive und legislative appropriation bill ,
jetting over about ono-half of the bill.
At 4:30 : p. in , recess was taken until
7:30 p. in.
The evening session was spent in
consideration of pension bills.
Twenty-seven pension bills were
passed , and at 10DO ; p , ni , the house
adjourned ,