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n , . ' L
I. Its Constituent Farts Directed
by Its Chief Mouthpiece ,
Thurstoa Dispenses the Hos
pitality of ihe Company
Quits Lavishly ,
While Hanlon , Newman am
"Walters Herd the Oat-
tie Over Night.
Shelby Frequently onHnntl to Olvo
Them a Polnttr on Rtvtos-
A Reminiscence of tbo Lofftslativo
Boeslon of 1881.
Dating the recant investigation bo-
_ the legialatura ou the question
whether corrupt means were used to
Influence legislation during the regu
lar session of 1831 , the following tes
timony was given by John M. Thurs-
ton , the political attorney of the
Union Pacific. This testimony waa
doctored up and garbled in the pub
lished report of the house investi
gating couimittoo , but wo can touch
for the correctness of the following ,
which throws BOIUO light upon the
methods pursued to prevent railway
j > legislation :
Crocs-examined by Robberto :
QiuBtioh. You eay you were down
here in that session as attorney for the
Union Pacific road ? Answer. Yes ,
Bir. . ,
Q. I would like for you 'to state to
the committee who or what other par
ties were down hero in the orrploy of
the Union Pacific railroad during that
session. A. Well , there were several
parties , I think , during Bomo portion
of the farm.
Q. Who were they ? A. I don't remember -
member just who they wero.
Q. Was Mr. Hanlon down here 1
A. I think Mr. Hanlon was hero for
some of the timo.
< j What waa ho hero for ? A. I
don't know.
Q. What other persons were down
here in the employ -of the company ?
A. I don't remember.
< Q. Was HioracaNewmandownhere ?
A. Yes , Horace Newman was down
'Q. What was Horaco. Newman's
buBincBi ? A. lie is the right-of-way
man and claim agent foe the Union
Pacific ruithoud. Bo v.&s here during
a portion t the time. '
QWae not hu here most of the
don't you know * hai ? A. No ,
Ijsl'ould eay tbsri Horace was
ere a limit half of the time.
Q. W'hat was his business here ? A.
1 don't know as I can -state any more
more than I-con state my own. We
wore all hero so fa ; oa I know < to see
that no railroad legislation -ohouli
" 'What was Horace Newman's
particular businees hen. ? A. i think
Horace Newman was hero watching
'course of legislation and endeavnr
to talk to members of the logisla-
lufttand see that the railroad bills
which were pending before the legis
lature were not passed. He had i
good many friendo among the legisla
turo'-that ware very well known to
him.Q. . Who else wcs there down here
A. f-doti't remember.
Q WAS P. P. Shelby down here !
A. d ! tHuk Mr. Shelby was hero pan
of the lime.
Q , ( Vhut was this business ? A. ]
think ho wus here to give information
to members of the railroad committee
upoi the freight ttariif and other mat
Cj. Ho was before the committee oi
thV senate was he not ? A. 3To , air ;
net Curing the discussion.
Q. Waa he hero for the same pur-
poaa as the balance were to ceo thai
norailroad laws were enacted , A ,
Mr. fllobberts , the railroad -company
thought it very poor policy both for
company and the state that any
road legislation that was thor
'ending ' before this legislature should
o enacted and every man who had
riondo among the members .of the
legislature and who could talk and
have influence with them .1 got to
come and talk with thorn on the sub
ject of railroad legislation. Anybody
that had a friend upon the fioor ol
ibis house , and who else could use his
with themupon this question
to come.
Q. Y u admit that that these .par
ties were hero for tbo ( purpose of .pro-
routing &uy railroad legislation ? A.
Any that was pending before the -two
liouoes ; that was ourwell known no
torious business hero and so under-
etood publicly and at largo. We ap
nealod to members -of the houao
'bodily ' , and the cotaruittooa and the
.general meetings of couunittoos and
npublio debates.
Q. Vfaa ( hero anybody else down
'here ' that you romerabeif A. Well ,
I don't jreraoatber any other per ,
Q. Waa Frank Waltera down here ?
A , He ras here but was not paid by
the company.
Q. Is it not a fact that Frank
Walters was down here employed by
you during tha session. A. Yes.
He was employed during tha session ,
but wo oirly paid his board bills and
Q What was Prink Walter's par-
Utyular business here ? A. I don't
" nowyvhat part ho took ,
'fitf Ii ho an attorney ? A. No.
\\i \ } '
Was ho an adviser of the com
pany in regard to law ? A. I don't
know that ho overadvised any.
Q. You are an attorney ? A. lea ,
flir.Q Did you over consult with him
in regard to the law upon anything
under ojnsidoration ? A. I don't
know that I ever did.
Q. Ho was not paid by the Union
Pucitio company ? A , Except that he
wasp did hli board bill and some ether
thing ? .
Q Well , what was Frank Wai-
tor's business down hero , anyhow ] A.
I don't know , but ho was a useful
m n. * * * *
Q. Did you look to Cams as n
friend of the railroad company to in
nny rray prevent unfriendly railroad
legislation ? A. I look upon Cams
as a man who had always expressed
himself as being opposed to what was
called anti-railroad legislation. <
Q. Did you look to him to prevent
such legislation ? A. No , sir ; I
thought that ho hold thai position and
would hold to it. 1 thought that
whatever action ho took would be
right. * * * * *
Q. Was there to your knowledge
any money paid to prevent legislation ?
A. I don't know of any money be
ing used to prevent legislation , unless
you call it paying the salaries of these
men who wore down hero ,
# * Hf * * *
Q. I would ask how much your
board bill at Imhufl's was wliou you
settled il ? A. I wont there nnd I en
gaged two rooms ono wMi a bed and
fttovu in it and another with n bed and
no atovd. 1 wont there and Kyncr
slept in ono room and paid his board ,
and ItnhufT charged. IMO just the name
as if I had two bwfo in each room and
two men in each Ved , and ho charged
§ 10 a dny for tmuily-lwo * or twenty-
three dajs ; then he said after the rush
was over , $10 , which , Hindu 5716 for
my board and two rooms.
Q You say that was simply for your
own board and two rooms ? ' A. Yes ,
that is it.
Death of Hamilton County's Rop-
regontatlvo- ,
Spoclaldi-patcb to TUB BKK.
Aimoiu , Neb. , Juno 7. : Hon. J.
H. Helms , representative of Hamil
ton county nt the last session of the
state legislature , died at this place this
'afternoon at about 2 o'clock p. m. , of
typhoid fever , caused by too conttant
care of his brother , who has boon sick
with the same disease for 'several
weeks past , but who is now recover
ing. Mr. Helms waa only confined to
his room ton days. His lens will bo
mourned by a largo cirjlo of friends
National A-wociated Proas.
t SAW ANTOKIU , Tex. , Juno 7. A
terrible explosion is reported in tun
siol No. 13 of the Gttlveston , Housioi
& San Antonio road. The men who
wera working toward the center fron
botli directions were so near to othe
that the bound of pickscould be heard
A blast of 250 kecs was fired m vthe
east end \v\thout notifying the Jufcor
ers ini the * ' west end , imd the bias
ppnotr&tcd through Iho wall of rock ,
killing. thr. e men aud badly in j criuf
itive' Others. This is the nrat tunue
ever completed in Texas.
Conft > acei
National Amoctated Pteso.
PEIUIATJ , Minn. , Juno 7. John
Tibbats , the .16-year-old boy -whose
head was BO turned by reading traah ;
pariodicala that ho murdered two citi
zans of this place and then started ior
Montana to join the cow boys , was
brought back to this place this morn-
intr. Ho confcesea to the < oritno in
part 'by saying ho was not alone in the
A. Now Pool-
National 'Bsocoted 1'icaa.
DEKVJIU , Col , June 7. Humorous
consultations have been held ho o
wit i a view of inducing the Burling
ton road to join the Union iP < tcitic aut
Denver and llio Oratido roads in pool-
uu"Colorado business. It is behevec
by many that the efforts will be sue-
"Wholonalo Murder-
National AfchOOIttUlU f rtUM.
ATLANTA'Ga. , Juno 7. Alfred Con
dor , in Brwoka county , inurdnted his
wife and baby and his wife's young
"Trouble mongXiumlio ? SSon-
l A oclaUid f rua * .
> CmoAQO , Juno 7. The inability to
agree on a pries list by members of
tne lumber exchange of this city has
called auch a disruption , that two
prominent firms have withdraw from
-Exchange. . ' _
Bedy Found i
NUlocal Afuclated I'ro-H
CuvHTKnrn.Lu LAKK , N. Y Juno 7.
E ituitzel'd body was found. It is
erpccted to fiad Conly before night.
The Strike.
HitlonilBioclatod i'rcoa.
PJTXOJIUKO , Juno 7. The wcatrrn
iron masters ara in session hero The
Thomas mill , 609 men , is running with
CO. The general situation is un <
A Dad.
Nitlonkl Areoclatca frew ,
NEW OJBX.BAKR , May 7. A duel co
currud at a iUughter house bo low the
city at G a. m. between State Treas
urer Burke , editor of The Times-
Democrat , and 0. H , Parker , editor
ot the Picayune , cauood by the Picv
yune criticising Burko'a official state
ment. Five rounds weoro tiwd. Burke
waa hit About the knee , the ball gninp
through both legs , ' making a flesh
round. There was no settlement.
Burke is resting easily aud in no dan
Awful Murder.
ft&ooal Associated fcow.
Oiiuo , Juno 7. J.F. Baylw , a far
mer , aged GO , waa sitting at his homu
iear Vienna , III , , last evening , read
ng beside a lamp. Masked men en-
ered , tied his hands and feet , robbed
ho houao , sot fire to his clothes , split
lis head open with an axe and loft
lim dead on the iloor , Ilia feet were
mrned to a crisp , No clew to the as-
Oregon Gene Ronnblloau.
NatloaU AasociattKl 1'iest.
iHi ) , Oregon , June 7. Tbo
atest returns indicate that the ropub-
ioinB carried the state. * ' 'BeporU arc
till incomplete as the wires are all
down ,
The Lipor Oliasm Safely
Briflgefl With Political
Timber ,
Tenra of iho Dend and Prai'.o
For the Livinpr
The Per ccnllon of the JowsinEur
opo VlRoroukly Oonanticod-
A Tariff Plant Strong Enough For Al
_ _ _ _ > _ _ _ t
Ohio Republican ! .
National A * xlii'J ITOH- .
COUTH m ; * , 0. , May 7. The republican
publican stnto convention wim c.xlki
to order at 11 a. in , Preliminary or
uanmUum waa effected with Senator
D. A. .Hollingaworth as ohnirmin , U
alluded to the deith of Garlicld , tin
dorsed the Pond law , ndvi&ed submis
B'OII of the liquor question to the popu
lar vote in the ehupo of a constitution
l amendment , endorsed the Smitl
la A' , pleaded for the Bbatidonmont o
"isms" and political factions , in unity
on the liquor question , and oppooec
the democratic attitude on the tariff ai
free trade.
COLOMDUS , Ohio. June 7 The rep'
publicanstato conventiunro assomblec
at 2 p. in. , when General E , P. Ken
ucdy of Bellofontaino , was made permanent
manont chairman ; Asa Waters , o
Hamilton , secretary. Senator Howe
nominated Charles Townsend for BOO
rotary of state , and ho was nominate
by acclamation.
Judge Doyle , of Toledo , was nomi
nated for supreme court judge , nle
by acclamation. For member of th
board of puplio works , 0. A. Flickon
ger , of D > fi inco , was nominated , the
names of Welz , of Clinton , Stephens
of Darke , Umitig , of Montgomery
and Fulhugton , the pros out iucutu
bent , beinu withdrawn before the an
nouucement of the ballot.
The committee on resolutions wen
in session from noon to 445 ; p. in.
delaying the convention. The dolu ;
was over the temperance p'ank
Speeches wore itmdo during the inter
val by Ev-Gov. Noyes and Judge W
H. West. The resolutions adoptoi
are :
The republicans of Ohio in stati
convention usacmblud adopted tin
following resolutions :
In the untimely death of our lad
beloved president , James A. Ourtiold
we rccoj > niza a great national c.ilamit ;
and wu rt j > ice that hia udministratioi
dunrg its brief existence ) gave aosur
uc ) of its success.
We tender to President Chester A
Arthur our assurance of confidence it
his administration and our approva
of the political course pursued uy him
amid the embarrassing circumstancoi
unavoidably attending aueh a nationa
Resolved , That we fully endorao tin
administration of > Gov. Charles FOB
ttr and the state administration of thi
republican party during the last two
years , under which the expenditures
of the state were reduced over $500-
COO below the expenditure * of the
democratic administration of the two
preceding years , and the public deb
of the state nearly SI,250,003 , and the
remainder of * hp dubi'redeemable the
30th of June , 1831) ) refunded at a rate
if interest below 3 per cent , per an
num. )
Resolved , That wo * condemn the
terrible outraguu and peHecutions ili-
flioted upon tliu-Jdtvs of Russia anc
other sectio u of Europe , and whil
we henrtily approve the action of our
government to ameliorate the caiuli-
ttou of those unfortunate -poopl - , wo
earnestly solicit continuance of its
most onergotio efforts to tha ord.
Busolved , Th > t wo endorse nd af
firm the principal of protection to
American i idustry as adopted it the
s } national republican oonyo .tion.
Resolved , That the tux paying people
ple of the state demand that by spo
ol tic taxation traffic in intoxicating
liquors shall be made ta boar its share
of the public burdens , and the do n-
stitutiou , in so far as it may ba uu
obstacle in the'way of the exorcise by
the people through their reprcsenta
lives of practical control ever the
liquor trifli > , to the end that the evils
resulting thaiefrom may bo effectually
provided against , should bo amended
at the earliest date allowed by law.
Resolved , That all laws upon .the
statute books must bo enforced until
ropoa'01 by legulation or abrogated
by legal authority.
Resolved , That in preserving the
life of the nation , in giving freedom
and civil rit'hts and suffrage to tint
slave , in reconstruction of thy union ,
in upholding the national honor and
credit unimpaired , in payment ot the
public debt , and in the udoption of a
series of wisa public measures which
ve to the country unexampled
prosperity , the republican party has
record which gives assurance of
what it will do for iho country in the
Proud of this record , the republi
cans of Ohio aflirm it to be their pur
[ > pso to continue their warfare upon
dishonesty and fraud at the ballot box
until free ballot and fair count is firmly
secured to every locality and to every
citizen. The state central committee
wns selected and will meet here Juno
COLUMBUS , Q. , Junes ? . Tboirreon-
> ack state convention assembled here
o-day , abjut aoventy five delegates
being prccent. Resolutions were
adopted of the usual character. An
address against monopolies waa
adopted and one plank deelires for
ax upon UAors of liquor. The follow
ng ticket was nominated ; For aecro-
ary of mate , Georga L Hofer , of
liaini ; supreme courc judge , Lloyd
J. Tuttle , of Lake ; member of the
mark of public works , L. B. Stoyous ,
of Lucas ,
DBS MOINC.S , June 7. The green-
> ack itate convention conronou this
afternoon and the following pormi
nont ofliccri woroohosoni Gen. J.
Woiver , of I > AVIS county , prrsidetit
A. G. McD > nold , of Dubuquo. * yic
prosidonl ; W. H. Robb , ot Union
urcrotary. The call of mint'ot showct
70 countic * , represented by 420 dele
8tus. Speeches were made thi
ovonincr M the opera house by Oo !
John R. Winston , of North Carolina
Mr. Gilboit Do La Matyr , of Indiana
0)1. Jt-sse Harper , of Illinois' , nn
Ger , . Weaver. Sloto officers will b
nominated to-morrow.
Special Dl'jmtch to lux Hr.B.
ATLANTIC , Iowa , Juno 7t Th
races yesterday and to-day were
complete success , although the attend
unco wns not largo. In the 2:33 : rac
to-day Nopper , a Denver horsi1 , too !
tliorac ? ; best time , 2:40. :
ROBO L took the half milo running
racoj best limp 62.
The only pacing raoo of the wed
waa easily won by Cyclone in 2:41. :
Among thu entries for the 2:47 : rac
to-morrow are Rattler , owned by 0
Rowley , of Atlantic , la ; Maud L , by
W. Wood , of Denver ; Rook and Rye
by Fred Carman , of Shenandoah , la.
Grace S , by J. McShiuie , of Omaha
and Emerald , by C. H. Colby.
Nttlonal Aaaoclatotl 1'rcu.
nmaiiTON BEACH lucita.
1 NKW YOKK , Juno 7. First race
ono milo , catch weights , was won by
rtC ioO. , Follow play Bocond ; time
1:43. :
Second race , five furlongs , was won
by Boncrottv , Le Petit Duo second
time , 1:01.
Third race , mile and a furlong , wn
won by Betty Lion ; Glonmoro second
time , 1:67.
Fourth race , ono mile , was won b ;
Monk , Strithsoy a t-cond ; time , 1:45
Fjfth race , handicap Btcoplo chase
was won by Mjor Wheeler , Kitty
Clark second ; time , 2:53 :
BOSTON , Juno 7. Dotroitu 2 , Bos
tons 4.
PROVIDKNCK , Juno 7. Buffalos 0
Providence JO.
TKI.Y , N. Y. , Juno 7. Cleveland
7 , Troya 2.
WoitcKsrEE , Juno 7. Worcestera 3
Ohicagos , G.
St. Louis Juno 7. The St , Loui
jockey olub races continued to-day
Fit it race , all ages , winning ponaltiei
with maiden allowance , mile and three
quarters , had only two entries , Check
mate nnd Joxo , and wai won by
former ; time , 3C9 : | .
Second race , hotel stakes , -for three
throe year old fiilies , milo and a qunr
ter , was won by Pearl Jennings. Liz
zia Me VVhirter second ; time , 2l2j : ,
Ihird race , all ages , selling allowance
anco , milt ) heats , waa won by Startle
who took the second and third heats
NLi'.tio Rapture takine the first , . hea
and coming in second. , on the thin
heat , Amaz m taking second place in
the first two heaU ; time , l-i4 : | , 1:43 : |
Fourth race , all ages , mile and a
iurlont ; , was won by Tom Plunkett
Bookjack second. Time 1:61. :
Fitih race , steeplechase , two and a
quarter miles , waa won by Suannan ,
Miss Mulloy second ; titno not taken.
Dynamiting a Saloon.
Nut'onsI Aiwociatetl 1'toua
CKDAUVILLE , O. , Juno 7. Dyna-
niitjiviiH pluccd last night on the root
of Col. Sweeney's saloon. The south-
weft corner of the building wus blowr
to pieces. This is the second attempt.
National Awoclatatl I'rwa.
CINCINNATI , Juno 7. A fire in
Brown street doatroyed ad welling and
i still ruyinij. The loss , already is
820OCO. One chilli was burned to
douth and Beveral parsons injured
b'albide of a Bask Teller.
SAN. FKANOIHC9 , Junor , 7. Hon.
Chaa J , Guinnier , 'receiving teller ol
the Cilufoniia bank of this city , was
found dead in his room this morning
with 'a bullet through his head. It is
fcuppusod ho committed suicide , No
cause assigned.
Pencil Shaver-
National An.oi.Utod Ptoii.
LE VKNWOIITII , Kan. , June ? The
Kansas cditurial excursion arrived at
the state penitentiary to-day and were
shown through that institution They
then visited Fort L avenworth and
werorccfived by Gerural Pope , after
which they camu to the city and were
; ivon a reception at the opera housf ,
[ 'here are sixty newspaper men with
ho excursion.
Au Emurzitor Bout TJp-
Satlou&l Aaoclatoc1 ITtn
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Juno 7. D. W.
/anderhoof , bookkeeper of the First
National banic , this city , was brought
betoru the court at Winonn on the
charge of embezzling $48,000 from
he bank. He pluaddd guilty and wa
sentenced to ton years in the poni-
The Iroa IStriko-
Matlonal AMocuted f oao.
PirrsBUKa , Pa. ( Juno 7--The
argeat meeting of iron manufacturers
over held hero w& * held at the olllces
of the Iron association , 635,000 00) )
of capital and employment of 40,000
workmen being present. The purpusu
vas to organize lor protection agairist
ho Amalgamated association. Or-
; aniaUioa w < t3 t-fr.'oted , and unani *
nous decision giyen not to sign the
The Canada Sontltorn Hallway'
National AusocUttxl Vitu.
Sr. TnoMiis , Ont. . Juno 7. The
annual goueral mooting of the Canada
Southern railway was held at the
lead ofilco hero to-day , The follow-
ag oflioera were elected1 W. IL Van.
erbilt , 0. Vuoderbilt , J , Tillinghast.
A * G , Dolman , Augustus Soholl , S. F ,
Bargor , Sidney Dillon , Joe Brown ,
ndE , Wicka. ,
A Lively Diy in tin House on
the Deflclenoy Bills ,
Bobeeon Defend Our Gilded
Knavy Planned by
The Republican Caucus Oon
eidurkg the Question
of Taxation ,
TboStnr Ronto Jury Bollovod to
Bu" Well Fixed. "
The Membora of tbo Tariff Commls
Blon Selected and Bant
to tbo Sonata.
R itlcail Associated i'r w.
WABIIINOTON , Juno 0. Senator
Brck introduced a bill preventing cor
tiluation of bank checks as an amend
ment to the Orapo bill , Referred.
JIuch time waa taken up in the dis
ntising the resolution to pay J. 0.
Underwood $5,000 for prosecuting his
oUiin for a seat us sonntor from Vir
ginia from 1803 to 18C9. Laid over.
Senator Windom ufTdrod n joint
resolution on the death of Garibaldi
At 2 o'clock the District of Co-
umbia appropriation bill was taken
up.Tho senate spent most of the day
in discussing the proposition to per
mit the appointment of non-residents
as one of the two civil commissioners
of iho District of Columbia. Pending
a point nf order , the senate wont inti
executive session. , Before the doori
wet n closed Sunator Van WycK offered
a resolution that the nominations for
tariff commissioners should ba con-
sidtVdd in open and not in executive
Senator Plumb objected to consid
eration and the resolution wont ovor.
After a short titno in executive ses
sion the senate adjourned.
Iff. Sparks apologized to Mr. Cox ,
which the latter accepted. House
wuntinto ? committee of the whole on
the duficioncy bill. The sectionof tl.o
bill "cruditiiic Ex-Treasurer Spiiuur
withV$47,007 , now charged against
hjtn oil the treasury books , being the
sum tilolen from the department Juno
2il } l7o , while the packages woio
beingsprepared for nhipmont , was
ttrickSi out on the clnim that it
bhouldibo made in a special and not in
a defiownoy bill.
Th A ction of the bill making ap >
proppiHkon for deficiency in the con
tingenwxpenses of the navy cr ated
discussion , Mr. H wit ,
. , favoring a n w navy ,
but expBtitling nothing on thi old.v
Mr. Robeaon said there oughl
to boa new navy built , but it waa nu >
essary to repair these old vessels so as
to carry the American fl ig in the face
of the world while the now ono waa
baing built. Members on the other
side are asking who built thcso worth
less voisels : ' ! thank God thut
every naval vessel now carrying
the American flag to the world was
built by mvpolf or under my direction.
He denied his expenditures on the
old nuvul vnaaola was unecossiirily
great , and said that every respectable
authority admits that the veasuls in
question were of the very best that
c juld bo provided under the circum-
Btaucoa , and intimated while ho did
not desire to go into the discussion of
the question at this time , ho ready
to defend his record at any time.
Some discussion arose regarding the
paragraph appropriating $112,600 for
payment of special deputy marshals
it congressional elections of 1831 and
prior years.
Messrs. Hdman and Sparku said
the former congress had refused to
pay these bills.
Mr. Hiscock replied that it had and
that the republican side had favored
paying thonrand then said if the dem
ocrats refused to pay theeo bills , the
opublicans would Boon have a major
ity in congress and would pay them.
That side had now a majority and pro
poses to pay them.
Mr. Ilulman Then you'll got a
quorum here to do it.
Adjourned at 5:10 : p. m !
Vitlonat AafaouatiMl 1'rcwi.
WAHHINOTON , Juno 7. Wilson con-
inued the defence of Drady and the
star routes claiming that Br < tdy did
nothing wrong.
Mrs. So ivillo has written Guiteau
o trust in God and continue the nt-
em pi for a respite and commutation.
The following are the nominations
or members of the tariff commission i
Wm. A. Wheeler , of > ow York ,
chairman ; Jno. L. Hayes , of Massa
chusetts ; Henry O Woliver , of Penn-
ylvania ; Austin M , Gar comb , of II-
innir ; Jacob Ambler , cf Ohio ; John
J , Paolpa , of Missouri ; Robert J' .
\ > rter , of District of Columbia ; Jno.
V. H. Underwood , of Georgia , and
L F , Korvia , of Louisiana.
vill bo examined before the commit-
eo on foreign affairs to-morrow.
Wilson q'osed his star route argu
ment with the prediction of a total
ollap o of the prosecution ,
McSnreenoy began the closing
peech of the opening of the defense ,
md will conclude to-morrow. It is
hardly expected that any testimony
nil ! bo taken before next week.
Considerable comment had boon
aused by a published atory of irreg.
larities iu the election of the jury ,
iarshal Henry says ho intrusted the
election of talesmen to a deputy ,
'he deputy aays ho took the first men
e could find. It is not likely that
my point will bo made in the premises ,
though it is pretty well undorsloot
the prosecution begin to think tha
the defense have the jury with thorn
The Acnato in executive session con
firmed E. J. Brulatour , of Louisiana ,
to bo secretary of legation nt Paris.
this evening was fully attended. Nearly -
ly throe hours were devoted to Kelly's
revenue bill , first as a whole , then by
sections. A few favored action at the
present session of congr us and
Messrs. Pflgo and Uazleton made
speeches in favor of non-action. A
general feeling prevailed In fa
vor of the abolition of the tax
on bank chocks , matches ant
propriotaiy medicines. As to the re
moval of the tax on bank deposits , thu
minority was much Inrgor. The reduction
duction of the tnx ou cigars fount
considerable favor , and whitky Imi
few friends. No action was taken on
any proposition and thp cauoun ad
journed , to bo cilled again before the
bill is taken up in the house. No
other bushiest was considered.
SpccUl DU | nt < .h tj thiClilouro Tribune.
WASHINGTON , D , 0. , Juno 4. Ex-
Senator Paddock , of Nebraska , has
arrived here , and it is reported that
ho is to bo made C < mmuBinnor of
Indian Affairs , lliriuii Price , of Iowa ,
the present conimiBsioncr , is said to
bo wearied of the office. Mr. Pad *
dock is known to bo very strong with
Iho administration , and was favorably
mcnti > ned fora cabinet position. Mr.
Paddock was very popular when in
the senate , and if appointed commis-
sionei of Indian affairs ho would un
doubtedly administer the oflioo to
the satisfaction , at least , of these who
ire most affected by the Indians. Ho
tins had a good'deal of personal ac
quaintance with the Indian tribes ,
and with their relation to the govern
ment , and would como to the oflico
well prepared to perform its impor
tant duties ,
Mrs. SoovllWtf Petition.
National Associated Press.
CHICAGO , Juno 7. Mrs. Scovillo
furninhud to the proas a long petition
which she invites the people to sign
by Bending their names to her at 89
Randolph street , room 02 , Chicago.
The petition is addressed to the
president and sola forth that
"Wo the undersigned do most re
spectfully protest against the sentence
and prav for a stay of execution iu the
caco of Charles J. Guitoau. "
The protest and petition is based
on allegations set forth at length
among which is that the shooting of
the president did nofcauao his death ,
that tho1 malaria of Washington has
tened his death as did also the re
moval to Jilberon ; that thpro are
many people who fool that Guiteau is
not alone responsible for the death of
The petition nsVs for a stay of ex
ecution until a commission of phyai-
tjiano can ( inquire into Quiteau'a. in
sanity. In one clause Mrs. Scovillo
guarantees to turn > vor to the pros !
dent and attorney general many affida
vits , letters and depositions touching
upon the case. The curious document
closes as follows : ' 'Lot not history
say th successor of President Gurfield
was afraid to interfere , foarin7 t > bo
charge t unjustly with complicity in
this crazy man's ofTjnso. "
Strike Ended-
National Anoclauil 1'roai.
UUITPALO , N. Y. , Juno 7. The
cnopur B strike which commenced ou
Monday was ended to-day by all firms
acceding to the terms except E. M.
Jowett , who is still out. The strike
was for an advance of two and three
cents on former rates.
Tbo Doctors.
National AuoclatoJ Pros.
Minn. , Juno 7. The
Ameiican Medical association resumed
session this morning with increased
attendance. The committee on nomi
nations was announced. It was de
cided to a-Jmit the Nebraska delega
tion , against whom a protest was made
last year , The judiciary committee
reported in favor of excluding the
Now York delegation because the so-
ciuty of that state had violated Iho
codu of ethics , and the report was
adopted. The name committee to
whom wan referred a resolution
at _ the meeting last year
irohibiting members of the association
rom using any patent medicines , re
ported that the subject was entirely
mUidn the jurisdiction of the society ,
Dr , J , A , Oleoldeutroii ' , of Louis
ville , addrojsod the association on the
> ractico of medicine , and Dr , H. 0.
Uanjy , of B > ston , chairman of the
section of obstotiics and diseases of
women , followed in nn addrees. Ad-
onrned until 3 p. m.
Various sections mel at U p. in , ,
and a numbur of pijiors wore read ou
various subjects. This evening the
nombers attended a reception given
by Governor Ramsey and resident
mysicians ,
Marine Intelli onoe.
National Awodttod 1'roan.
NEW YOKK , Juno 7. Sailed Wai-
and and Wiscotiiin for Rotterdam , St.
jawronce for Havre , Bdtavia for Liv-
urpool ; arrived Hecla from Copenha
gen , Franco from II a vie , Devonia and
hate of Nebraska from Glasgow.
IlAMOuua , June 7- Arrived Lei *
sing from Now York , Polynasia from
Now York ; sailed NYhoinhalia for
SouriuuiTON , Juno 7- Arrived
Uiuin from Nuw York , Glasgow and
Avornessia from Now York.
BIIKMBN , Juno 7. Sailed Elbe for
Now York.
LivjiiirooL , Juno 7 , Arrived
Alaska from Now York , British King
rom Philadelphia ; nailed Spain for
few Yoik.
QUUKNUTOWN , Juno 7. Sailed
/ity of Bfus < nlls for New York.
, Mill BnmBa ,
fauooal AseocUted Pr CM.
GHAND HAVEN , MiohJuno 7.
hrinton & Oakley'n shingle mill was
, estroyod by fire this morning. LOSB ,
i 125,00. Two hundred employes are
hrovrn out werk ,
A Daring Bobbery , Worthy ot
His Palmiest Days ,
Tbo Bank of Brookfleld Re
lieved of $5,000 in a
Few Minutes.
Rod Hot Pursuit of the High
waymen By All
The "Noblomnn" of MiMimri Not
All llcnd-
, Mo. , Juno 7. This
afternoon at 3:45 : the town was thrown
into the greatest excitement by the
hearing of yelling and p'ntol shots and
a pnrly of horsemen dashing through
the streets. It was eoon learned that
n party of three masked men entered
thi ! Brook field bank , heavily armed
and masked and w < iarlti ! long benrda.
The robbers quickly shoved their ro-
volvorB into the fnces of the cashier ,
John Ford , and nitthtant , Blits
Scott and domandctl all Uio money ,
Ford hcsitaled , but the robbers with
tcrriblo oaths threatened him with
ins'ant death , and ho was compelled
to deliver all the available cash in the
safe , amounting to about $5,000 , con
sisting of gold and bills. A package
was dropped on the floor by Miss.
Scott , but the robbers com
pelled hot to pick it up and
hand it to them. The men were only
occupied a minute or two in securing
the booty , when they rushed into tho-
street ni d were joined by a fourth
outlaw , who had boon on guard out-
sido. AU the bandits then mounted
their horses and dashed through the
streets to the north , firing
their pistols righ1 and left ,
and yelling like demons. They
esci pol into the opjn country
nnd the most intense excitement pre
vailed. Marshal McCarthy scoured a
floraein a few minutes at the livery
stable and started in hot pursuit of the
outlaws , end as they were poorly
mounted , it in expected ho will over
take them. Every citizen who could
Bud a horse and gun joined
in the Jchaao along the route
the robbers took. Telegrams wcro-
sunt in all directions to intercept the
fugitives 'and hot pursuit commenced.
in all directions. It is brlieved the
robbers cannot got out of Limo county
'or the entire population of the our-
oundini ; district is arming and join
ing in the chase. Tolegrums I rom
[ urksvillo say that four mysterious
men have just boon missed from a
rendezvous near there and that sov-
; ral horses were stolen last night.
They are believed to bo the earuo.
National AaincJitad Preaa j. . ' - * , '
ALEXANDRIA , Juno 7 , DorvisE
Paahu , Turkish ' cooimissiou and suito/1
lave arrivedi'lu this city and hare
been well received by the populace ,
much enthusiasm prevailing , the mill-
ury and citizens of all clasies joining
n the demonstrations in their honor.
Dervish Pasha aud suite will bo banqueted -
quoted to night and will leave for
J-iiro to-morrow ,
BEKLIN , Juno 7. Prof. Ouabiker , .
of the chair of philosophy atKoo-
nigtburg , euicidod with moiphia.
BIILOIUDE , Juno 7. The Servian-
ministry hm resigned.
HOMK , Juno 7. It has boon deci
ded that General Garibaldi's remains
shall not be cremated , but shall bo
juried by the state with great pomp ,
n the Jarioulum in this city. Thu
remains were provisionally buried at
Uuprera to-day. Caprora is to bo re
named Garibaldi. ' * . ? * *
A. 11EV ODRYfl.
LPNDON , Juno 7.A dispatch from
Cairo says Djvish Pasha baa' persua
ded Arabi Bey to resign.
A later dispatch from Cairo , slat on
that the report of Arttbi Boy's resig
nation is unfounded.
Calling o Preacher Who Woa Not
X&tlooal Ajaodatod f num.
Si'UiNOKiEtD , 111. , June 7. Re
cently the Gongrdgatioral church of
Jaincy , the most uristooratia body in
hat city , called Hov. Frederick A.
1'luyer , of Wustboro , Mass. , as their
wstor , and yesterday a largo couno'l '
> f Congregational clergymen ot the
Mississippi Valley wished to examine
and install the candidate , Mr. Thayer
related his religious experience , and.
stated his theological views , oa which
.ho council sat in oecret session all
the afternoon and until after the con
gregation had cathorod for the installa
tion service this cvpnine , when they
reported their disagreement and rec
ommending another council. Tlu re
sult fell like a thunderbolt aud created
a great sensation. Diasontion arises
ever Thayer's viowa on the state of
man after death , on atonement and
ho inspiration of the scriptures. It
a understood ho will not modify his
statement and council will adhere to
ts decision.
Indication *
Utlonal Associated 1'rtxw.
WASHINGTON , Juno 8 , 1 a. in.
. 'or { ho upper Mississippi and Mia-
iouri valleys in the southern portions ,
rarmor southerly winds and fair
weather during the day , in the north-
ira portions local rains. '
. Town Destroyed-
Vatlonal Asiocl t a 1'reM.
MKMPJIIS , Juno O.-rTho town of-
. 'ocahoutas , Randolph county , Ar-
famma , at tha headwaters of Black
liver , ia in ashoa. The town had fif
teen stores and 600 inhabitant * .