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jihe Moist Munitions of "War
Employed to Wallop
The iTbrktown 'Commloaiou
> -
Successfully Benrdod the
Lions of the Hour.
A Sample Oasoof OostIy"Lueh"
For Congressional -
The Army Bill Passed by the
Senate as Amended , ,
The Soutino of Work in Both
Houses Varied by Per
sonal Squabbles.
BlacIiTrarn Blow * thn Bourbon
Hern oil the Worlc of
Oouereu * . .
The Red Banded Asuassln Still OJalma
Kinship With the Powers
H UonM AarocUted hreag.
WASHINGTON , Juno 0. The array
appiopuation bill came up. Senator
Davis ( W. Va. ) , offered an amend
ment that the compulsory retirement
clauab shall not apply to the general
of the army. \
Senator Hall offered , an amendment
that the olauao ahull not apply to gen-
orala and lieutenant generals. ,
29 to 34 :
Senator Maxoy cffercd an amend
ment exempting professors nt West
Point. Adopted. Senator Logaa
apoko against the exception.
A vote was then taken on Davis'
'Amendment ' as amended. Senator
{ Logan expressed the hope that it
Fwould bo voted down , which wan
done by n vote of 10 to 33.
The amendment providing that the
general shall not bu rttired unless on
full pay and allowances was then
agreed to.
The amendment appropriating
S1CO.OOO to build a government hos
pital t Hot Spring * , Ark. , wild $10-
000 for targut practice , was agreed
Senator Gtrland in the chair zulod
out Senator Plumb's > > inondmeut to
increasu tl.o arm ; 1,000 men in emer
gency , and ipjropriuting therefor
$100,000 , t'li ' the ground that legisla
tion of tlua'kihd cauuot originate in
the senate.
Debate followed after thOjbill came
ifrora the opramitteo of the'.whole , but
Vithout further amendment the -bill
was passed by a vote of 42 to ll'juid
the senate at 6:50 : adjourned.
An adverse report was received in
the election casoof Wi'.herspoon vs.
Davidson , Second district of Florida ,
- The judic'ury committee's report
on land grants to railroads was re
Mr. Dingler's bill suspending the
issue of silver certificates and limit
ing silver coina-jo passed. Also a bill
for a public building at Dayton , 0.
Mr. White lonewed his attack on
the ways and means committee. Mr.
Kelley ( Pa ) retorted with a story ,
showing that paralysis might bo , but
lunacy was not , a disqualification for
> The section of the deficiency bill
appropriating § 32,000 for defraying
the expense of the Yorktown centen
nial and for the entertainment of
national guest ? , $18,000 for hotels
alone , raised a row , Messrs. McMillan
and Holman opposing.
Mr Oobb , ( lnd. ) said ho was not
willing that a committee directed to
do a certain thing at a cost of $40,000 ,
should , bo countenanced or overlooked
in silence in having expended $32,000
moro than they were directed to do.
To show how they had expended it ho
sent to the clerk's desk to have road
a bill sent to the committee for wine * ,
&o. The bill footed up $6,259. The
items were champagne , brandies ,
wines , whisky , cigars , etc. , etc Ono
of them was for a quantity of 1830
brand v , $220 ; 130 cases of champagne ,
§ J,010 ; varumi brands of ciijara ,
$1 500 ; G3 gallons of whisky , $310.
Mr. Dingley concurred in Mr.
Cobb's remarks , saying he thought the
committee ought no : to bo permitted
to run into suuti extravagancies with
out rebuke.
Mr. Tucker ( Va. ) thought thii pro-
ceedmg ahauuful. This committee
of honorable gentlemen directed to
entertain our invited guests had done
BO in a proper manner , and to have
done so shabbily would have been an
insult to the invited guests.
Mr. Robeson concurred in Mr.
Tucker's remark * .
Mr , Cubb moved to strike out of
the bil | the appropriation of $32,000
for expenses of "the committee. 'Ihe
motion woi lost , only throe or four
votine in its favor.
Quite a diecutsion arose over the
pamgraph tp reimburse resident coin-
niUsionerspf the United States to thu
international 'electrical congress at
Paris , appropriating $1,000 for each ,
at the clean of which a personal al-
torcUion anna between Messrs. Cox
( N. Y ) and SpaiksIlls. ( ) , regarding
the rmlituf _ Spaiks to inuko a point of
order which CDX disputed. A passage
of words took placa in a low tone , in
tended as an aside and ended by
Spaiks calling Cox a "little scamp , "
and Cox replying that ho was big
enough not to permit himself to TJO in
sulted and intimating that Sparks
would not dare to thus address hint
under other circumstances and sur
Mr. Kjieson. introduced a resolution
of nyiifpatby with IttJy in the death of
1 Garibaldi , man , " hoeald ,
"who never failed to express his ro-
card for human rights. " Ricoss taken
till 8 p. in.
Thirty momben wro present at
the oponing. Half an hour was co-
cupted in passing unimportant bills
by unanimous consent. The house
then went into commlltoo of the
whole on thodotkienoy bill. Mr.White
took advantage of the deficiency In
the internal ravonuo sorvico-lor ah
attack on Mr. OAtlislo'j whisky bill ,
charging the deficiency to increased
tiiatilintion under that bill. ,
Mr. Speor denounced the system of
informers under the internal roveuuo
Long debate followed on the motion
to strike out the item , but it was re
jected. The houao shortly thereafter
NtUoa&l Anaeutod 1'resa.
WASHINGTON , Juno 0. The preai *
dent Bent the following nominations
to the senate to-day : Ooorgo P.
Pomoroy to bo agent and consul gen
eral of the United States at Cairo ; 0.
J. Brulatour , of Louisiana , to bo
secretary of legation of the United
States at Park ; Ecol G. Y Piper
to bo consul of the United States at
Mr. Wilson ( pcnod for the defense ,
and occupied all day presenting his
argument. .
is utill very ill ) ' and his condition is
doomed very critical.
Secretary Folgor is conducting a
quiet investigation into the character
of the bonds given in payment of tax
on whisky in bonded warehouses. Con
siderable straw bonds have been
found already , and other develop
ments are expected.
All rumors contrary notwithstand
ing , it may bo definitely stated that
not ono of the tariff commissioners
have yet been decided on. The name
of Hubert U. Porter , stito statistician - '
cian , was agreed on , bat the question
of his citizenship has boon raised , and
an investigation is therefore neces
sary. Relusals have been received ,
from MussrH. Wheeler , Mitchelfand
and Phelp * . The understanding at
the cabinet meeting to-day was that
the list will bo completed at the next
meotinp. *
expects soon to bo released , not by
way of granting immunity on account
of recent disclosures nude by him ,
but that Brockway being able to give
conclusive evidence that at the tnno
of hu trial eighteen months ago , ho
then gave up all dies and plates in his
possession and under his control , and
there is no necessity for keeping him
under arrest.
The postoffico department has made
a ruling to the tffooc that mail mi
songers must not deliver mail pouchw
to railroad ngnlua'ih the night time ,
later.than 9 o'clock p. m. , and that
authority to do that'iuuet first bo ob-
Guiteou received the news of the
denial of the motion made to-day to
re-open his case with his customirjj
stolidity. Ho 'has implicit cm-
fidunco in Rued's determination ,
"Never say die. " He now
characterizes the court-in-bano
- - as
cowards and cranks and says , "if
the powers that bu don't suvo mp ,
God Almighty will como down on
them. I want it distinctly understood
that I am God's man. God has re
vealed to mo recently that Ho will
take care of mo. All powers of
earth cannot prevail agiinst Him. I
made Arthur president by God's di
rection , and God will order him to
take care of me. God works through „
human agencies and Arthur is to be
the human agency to save mo if noo- "
canary ,
The Pennsylvania editorial associa
tion , 100 strong , arrived hero this
afternoon and are quartered at the
Metropolitan and Wills id's. At 9
o'clock tonight , headed by President
Hensell and Senator Cameron , thny
called on President Arthur and were
each introduced by Senator Cameron ,
Later an informal banquet was ten 2
dered them at Abncr's.
NEW YOKK , Juno C , Congressman
Blackburn , ot Kentucky , who arrived
at the Fifth Avenue hotel from Wash
ington this nurning , dues not enter
tain high appreciation of Uio laborj w
of the present congaess , which , hu IsW
had no lu-aitntion in spying , had frit W
tered away five months of valuable clw
time without enacting any measure ot clbi
benefit to the country. bi
AMOClfiUd PltW. B
. Juno 0. Reed , in the .
criminal court , presented his afli Javit
and motion requesting correction of
the judgment in Guiteau'a eontonco , N
making it apply to the counts in the
indictments alleging death in New
Jersey , Reed admitted intending
taking another stop but would be em-
birasicd in doing it unless the motion
waa granted. Thu court refused it ,
Town Destroyed-
NUIoml Press.
MuMi'ins , Juno 0 , The town-of
Posahontas , Randolph county , Ar-
kunsas , at the head voters of Black
River , is in ashes. Tlio town had fif
teen stores and GOO inhabitants.
O" ( J
Minnesota Crept.
Nitloiul Awe lived Pits * .
Sr. PAUL , Juno G ( Reports from
along the line of the Bt. Paul , 5Im.
neapjlis and Manitoba railroad , and
the great portion of western and
northwestern Minnesota , state that
wheat is looking well , being upon an
average ot four inches , and strong and
healthy , with fine growing weather.
Breaking is in fair progress. Reports
from different parts on the Chicago ,
St Paul , Minnoapilis and Omaha
railroad In southern Minnesota and
northwestern Iowa show that crops
HW ) ol ! looking well , particularly corn ,
which is improving in color , and i's
condition no loneer warrants appre
hensions of failure which existed a
week ago.
Nttloail AnoiHtted frrn.
AIIIKNH , JunvG The Greek chum-
bcrs to-day passed resolutions oxprcs-
sivo of riof at the death of General
Gsrabaldi nnd inviting the Greek
minister at Rome to attend the funeral
on Wednesday and present a il iral
wreath on behalf of the nation , to bu
placed on the coffin of the distin
guished dead.
LONDON , Juno 0. In'tho IIOUBO of
commons this afternoon Sir Ohnrloi
Dilko , under foreign secretary , said
that nil powers hail agreed to confer
ence on the Eioptiap. question with
the exception of tlio p me.
NltlCaeJ AMOCUto I from
" "MiTOUELL " , Ddko. , May 0. A gang
of labor CM working on the Jim river
valley branch ot the Ohicigo , Milwaukee -
waukeo & Sb Paul railway got drunk
and engaged in n brutal n\'ht. Ono
man named Pat Burns , was beaten ,
kicked nnd struck with stones until
dead. His skull waa fractured. Tire
of the gang were locked up and will
have a hearing on the charge of man
OAIKO , Juno 0. J. W. Bayloy ,
aged 50 , living near Vienna , III. , was
seized by an unknown man , bound tea
a chair and his ieet burned terribly
by holding a cindlo underneath. The
miscreant then crushed his ekull with
an ' axe , and ho was found dead on the
floor this morning. No clow.
Special Dl-patch toliis Uits.
ATLAT.TIU , la. , Juno 5. In the run
ning race to-day , ono and a half milo
dash , J. W. Norton won in 2:4G : | ,
EIla Rowctt second , making the mile
iu l:45j- : , equal to any time in the
world , and the first race on the now
half milo track.
NUlODAl Associated 1'rcM.
NEW YORK , Juno G. The fpring
meeting of the American jockey club
continued at Jerome park to-day.
First race , for all nges , mile and a
furlong , was won by MncDuff , Blue
Ludgo second ; time , 1:5Q : .
Second race , ladies' stakes for two
year old fillies , ono mile and a half ,
was won by Hiawatha , Rica second ; j
time , 2:44. :
Third race , jockey club handicap
sweepstakes , for all acres , two miles ,
was.won by Eolo , .Monitor secon'd ;
_ _ _ _ „ race , * all ages , Boiling allowances -
ances , mile and" three furlongs , was
won by'Gtrole , who. Bold third in the
Fifth race , handicap for alt ages ,
short steeple chase course , waa won by
Disturbance , Frank Siort second ;
time , 3:40i. :
Sr. Loui > , Juno G. There was a
fair attendance at the second day of
the pprint ; . meeting ot the St. L'juis
Jockey club. First race , milo and a
quarter , was won by Hxrry Gilmore ,
Heziag second ; time 2:13. :
Second race , Oiquette stakes , throe-
fourths ot a mile , for two yoir old
fillies , was won by Olephctta , Vmvis
second ; time 1:17 $ .
Third race , selling allowances , milo
and one-eighth , was won by Little
Phil , John H ppy second ; time 1:57J. :
Fourth race , mile heats , was won by
Force with Mark Corbott second in
the ' first heat and Pnp Lee second in
the last heat ; time 1:40J : , 1:45. :
LONDON , June G. The race for the
Ascot stakes was won by Valentine ,
Mistake second. The race was run
during a rain.
\Von RBTER , MuB. , Juno G. Wor-
cestors G ; Chicago * 3.
BOSTON , Mies. , Juno G. Bostons ,
; Ditroits , 4
TIIOY , Juno G.-.Clevelands,0 ; Treys , pi
PKOVIDIWCJB , R. I , Juno 0. Prov
idences , ID ; BuilUloB , 7.
BOSTON , Mats , , Juno G Second
week of the races , in the Now Eng
land circuit , wuro trotted to-day ut
Mystic Park. In the thrco minute
class there were five starters and wan
won by Douvlass , Lulan F , second ;
best time 2:26 : , Iqwuiiug Douglass'
record 2k seconds.
In the 2:20 : clots there wore five
starters | and was won by Tiintf in throe
straight lieatd , Hubert L o second ; .
bo&t limo 2:22i. :
A Bourbon Qono.
lon ! l AnocUted Vitu ,
CINCINNATI , O. , Juno 0. T. T.
Forest , a prominent lawyer and demo
cratic politician , died this afternoon.
National AiiocUtod I'rosa.
WASUINOTON , Juno 7 , 1 a. m. at
For the upper Mississippi and Mis
souri valleys , warmer and generally
fair weather , winds mostly from the
south to the west , lower luromctor in
the southern portion. Thurivers will
fall slowly.
Marine Intelligence.
National , AtsocUtud
YOBK , J une 0 , Sailed Wy
oming , for Liverpool ; Uapsburg , for
Bremen. Arrived England , from
Juno 0 Arrived
British Queen , from Liverpool.
ANTWERP , Juno 0. Arrived Do-
ruyter , from Now York.
HAVUB , Juno G. Armed , Dtb , St.
Germain , from Now York ,
June Q.-
British Crown , from Philadelphia
Circassian nnd Ltko Haron , from
Montreal ; Victoria , from Boston.
GLAiaow , Juno 0.ArrivedStato
of Indiana , from Now York.
LofJDOif. Juno 0. Arrived Oatift-
do , from New York. B iled Egypt-
itn Monarch , for New York.
SOUTHAMPTON , Juno 0 ! Sailed
Gep. Worden , from Bremen for Now
York. '
Lay Ing the Corner Stonoof the Now
Produce Exchange.
National A * oclateJ Pros.
Ntw YORK , Juno -Tho cerommi-
ics atti'iidtng laying thncornir stnno
of the now $3,000,005 Produce Exchange -
change took pluco this afternoon , in
the prcscncti of a greit multitude of
people. Members of all oiclmnccs
in the city , and distinguished citizen *
from various parts of the state and
nuntry were present. With sunshine ,
fitgn , streamers , music and crowds ,
the ( location was a very gala one.
Thu ceremonies commenced by the
band playing an overture , the chnir-
man : of the building committee then
formally presented the5 site to the
president , ior the pnrposo of laying
the stone , RoiDr. . Lee made a
piayer , and the hvmn 'America" was
then sung l > y the Exchange. Glee Club.
President Parker next delivered un
address , giving the history , origin and
growth ' of the organization , after
which ho laid the corner atone , The
oration was then delivered by Alger
non Sullivan in the absence of Hun.
Win. M. Evorts , who wus proven ted
from attending by illness. More
music , followed by sinking of the box
containing mementoes ofthe , day , and
oxcorciscs were brought loa ( close.
Tli * Ohio Convention-
National AiHoclatod Press.
CoLxmntr.1 , O. , June 6. Predic
tions as to candidates t be nominated
to-morrow at the reptiblican state conTention -
Tontion are considered reliable.
Townsend for * secretary of state , fer
supreme court judge , Daylo , of Tole
do ; Leo Wellz of Wilmington for
bnrttd of public works. Richard
Smith and a strong following are for
the endorsement of the piinciplos of
the Pond law. Another element
favors the readoption of the license
plank of last year.
Apprcolatiro MorebanU-
National AM claUd Prosi.
BOSTON , Juno G Jordan , Mar > h &
Co. , the largest dry goods firm of this
city , are to send eleven employes on a
European trip , as an evidence of their
teed ; will , the fortunate , ones being
drawn for by lot. To thu cloven four
others who have served the firm con
tinuously for twenty years , are to be
added. ' '
The Iron Strike.
National AMMMtod Frw * '
TERIIE HAUTE , lnd. , Jurip G. Ono
hnudrid and fifty employes of the
Yjgo Irpn company have i truck against
the old scale of prices.It'jvexpt ctod
the furnace men and other in work
ers will foUow. . If * "
, CHICAOO , , June 0 r-Vf
The horaeshoers here hare struck
for an advance of 25 cants a day , and
demand no moro uuchuio-niade sh'ocs
be used.
WOIITUAM , Mass. , Juno 0. The
nail strikers are still out , with the
prospect of getting the increase de
SbctHis Wife nnd huloIdeO.
GLKNWOOD , Iowa , Juno G. John
Miller , a wealthy farmer living five
miles east of hero , shot his wife yes
terday and then fired a bullet through
his own head , dying instantly. Mr ? .
Miller will probably recover. Cause ,
Rioter Arrested.
National ABoocutod frcw. /
CHICAGO , Ills , , June G. Engineer
Riordan , ono of the riotous strikers
who 'recently attacked a traiii'lat
Brighton , w s fully identified to-"doy
and hold for trial.
Ployed With Fire.
tlOO ! AMOcUUd Prc 4. ;
Four children , the eldoit fourteen , the
youngest two years , of John Jackson , 1
wore burned to death while playing O
with fire during the absence of their
parents yesterday ,
htoolcholdora RoorgnnielnK-
National Awot.Ut l Prong.
NOUTJI ADAMS , Mass , , Juno G.
Stockholders of mines managed by
Clark & Bothwcll , are orgiuiztng un
der a no Amanagement. .
Michigan Greonlmolcora. °
Hfttlontl Awoclated fri ) < . f
DETKOIT , Mich. , Juno G , The {
chairman of the state central commit
tee of the national greenback party
has published a call for a statn con-
.volition , to bo held al Grand Riplds
August 3 , to nominate candidates for Sisi
state officers ,
Runaway Iiooomotive , tl
National AsuxJattU Pruaa. tc
BHOOKLYN , N. Y. , Juno G. A run li
away locomotive on Iho elevated rail 51
road on Coney Island this morning at 51ti
0:15 : fell off the track at the switch at ti
Eist Brighton , tearing up the track iny
that place and injuring nine per- y
Annual Soiiloni. tlE
National Associated I'rem , tltl
CINCINNATI , JuneC. The busineis tl
educitors'aysociatioj of Amoiica , com 71k
posed of principals of commercial col 71si
lege * , is in session. si
The fourteenth annual supreme ses
sion of the ancient order of united l
workmen began at Jfelodoon ball this OI
morning , I
Moio Goao Up- ii
National Associated ; HI
NKW YORK , Juno 0. Ex-Governor HId
Moses , of South Carolina , pleaded
guilty to , potty larony and was ton- „
tonced to six month ) in the pen at tl
Blackwoll'a Island. '
The Mortality Report For the
Honth of May ,
The Mayor Defeated iu the
Polioo Poroo Fight ,
The tfw hr l Orclorcd to Oloio All
Saloons nt Midnight.
The Vftvlns Bond Election Set For
Juno 30tli.
At the regular mooting of the city
council last ovuning there word pres
ent Messrs. Baker , Bdhm , Corhy ,
Deliono , Dunham , Herman , Lccdor ,
McGuckin , O'lveelTo and Thrano.
Tlio journal of the last meeting was
fcad nnd approved.
Petitions and communications from
the mayor approving oidinancee.
From the mayor vetoing .ho ordiu-
anco amending the fire limits ordin-
anco. Filed.
From the mayor appointing Jere
miah Murphy pound master , vice
Jones removed from the city. Con-
From the mayor appointing Jerome
Pvnzttl clerk of the police court. Con
tinued ,
From the mayor appointing John
S. Barsoll policeman vice Frank
KIofTiior , term expired. Referred.
The same action was taken in the
appointment of Jeremiah Ryan , vice
Frank Buckley , term expired.
The oilioial bond of Gust Burke
wan approved ,
The report of the appraisers In the
matter of the Farnam street grade
was referred.
The report of the street commis
sioner for the month of May , showing
the expenditure for labor pcrfotmod to
bo 8019,30 and giving other details ,
was filed.
The report of the city physician for
the month of My was filed. It
shows thirty-five deaths and filly-eight
There were 11 deaths in the First
ward , 1 in the Second , 2 in the Third ,
1 in the Fourth , 4 in the Fifth , 7 in
the Sixth , and 7 in hospitals
There wuro 10 males , 1G females , 8
married , 23 single , and i ) widowed.
Twelve woruiUnder 5 years of ago ,
G between B and 25 , 0 between 25 and
51) , 5 botwcJn 50 and 70 , and 2 over
70. '
Causes : Suicide 1 , small-pox 1 ,
ecarht fever ls fever 1 , puerperal dis
eases 1 ( alcoholism 1 , 'rheumatism 1 ,
cancer 1 , pulmonary diseases 1 , pneu
monia 4 , heart disease 2 , meningitis
I , convulsions 3 , enteritis , otc. , 2 ,
surgical operations 1 , poison 1 , acci
dents , ' .2 , unknown , paralysis 1 ,
oth | ° r disea-M 2 ,
Interment : Prorp ct Hill 21 , Holy
21 , female 37 ; white 58 , colored 1 ;
stillborn 4.
Annual death rate per 1,000,11 09.
The petition of Bishop O'Connor
nnd others , to have Ninth at root , from
Fnrnam t the TJ. P. depot , brought
to grade , was referred to the coin-
miteo on streets and grades with in
From E E Eitalrook , recommend
ing the confirmation of Jerry Murphy
as pound master. Filed. s--
From James Novillr , offering to
deed ground for extension of alloy east
to Twentieth sfrcot , bjtwcon Fiirnain
and Harm y , if the city will fill the
alloy to grade. Referred.
The petition of T. H. L toy nnd
otheis , calling attention to the bad
condition of Twenty-first street , be
tween Clark and Grace. Referred.
The report of the city marshal on
I'quor dealers and drupgists doing bus
iness in Msy. Retorred.
The report of the city marshal , giv
ing a list of pro ttutes | for thu mouth
of May. Referred.
From P. E. Campbell and others a
requesting | that the ordinapco prohib
iting the throwing of slops and waste
water in alloys , bo enforced in Block
121. ! Marshal instructed to enforon
ordinance. ]
Several propositions for the pur-
chusu of the property known a * lot 5 ,
block "H" and the old pt > st house
grounds , were received.
The majority of the biddeis reserved
thn mlit tu withJww their bids. m
This was a novel move , the council
generally reserving tlio ri ht to reject
any and all bids but not granting
others the same right , 'i he council
received * the bids with evident auton-
aliment anil wcra at first at a loss
what to do with them.
After considerable discussion all
bids on lot 5 , block H , voro rejected
and the bids on tbo old pest homo
grounds were rejected and clerk in
structed to ro-advortise.
The report of the city engineer on
the upproximato co t of eroding Six
teenth Htreet between Douglass and
Izsrd was received. Excavation 12-
500 yardr , * embankment 2,000 yards. $
The groding of Sixteenth street be
tween F < * mam and Howard was esti
mated as follows ; Eroavation 5,000
yards , embankment 2,300 ,
Thu grading of Sixteenth street
south of Howard noceasaryto bring
the"otrrot to grade is intimated at ;
Embankment between Howard and
the nllt-y sou'h ' of Jucksnn street , 10 , .
700 yard ? , Excayatiqu from said nl <
ley to ( ho end of the cut at Marty
struct , 33,000 yardi. Referred. of
From taxpayer" of Third ward , ask it
Ing ! repair of crosoing at the east side
the intrisection of Tenth and of
Douglass. Referred ,
From lion. James Vf. Savage , oak p
ing for new crots walks on Twenty
HOCond and Chicago streets. With
drawn ,
From the city physician , recom of
mending curtain improvements for
tha sike of the public health.
Proposals for the grading , curbing
and guttering of Harney street were
received and referred to the commit
tee on streets and grades.
From Ohfts. Gardiner , offering to
construct sidewalks as per advertise
ment. Roforrod.
A number of bills for various de
partments were received nnd referred
without reading.
By Baker Instructing the cityen
glnoor to report as to the advisability
of modifying plan of guttering
the streets from that uaod on Tenth.
By Baker Instructing city en-
glneor to roptirt a plat of that portion
of Twentieth street Ivlng between
Farnam and a point midway between
Uarnoy and Howard , to Icavo Twen
tieth street of uniform width and un
broken continuous line between
points mentioned. Adopted ,
By Baker-To protect or fill the
cistern on Tenth and Jackson streets.
Referred , with power to act.
By Oorby To allow John W.
Liunsbcrry to put surplus dirt on
Wool worth avenue. Adopted.
By O'Koeflfc That the mayor bo
and is hereby instructed to appoint a
city marshal , city engineer , city phy
sician and street commissioner. Referred
ferred to judiciary committee
By Oorby Instructing the city
clerk to advertise for _ bids for sewer
pipe for the construction of the main
oiol the warring system , from its point
oln terminus running north and west to
n point on Fifteenth street , between
California and 0as streotp ,
Mr. Kaufmann moved that the ex
pense shall not oxcoe'd $7,000.
, Mr. Oorby said it would not exceed
yt 3.000
Mr. Behm said if they would divide
the money nnd give South Omaha
half ho would vote for the amend
ment , otherwise not.
Mr. Kaufmann moved to refer to
the judiciary'committee to sccuro an
estimate of the cost of the proposed
extension. Carried.
By Bohm Instructing the city en
gineer to furnish estimated cost of
grading Fifteenth atroot from Howard
to Loavenworth. Adopted.
By Dunham - To do away with em
ployment of an assistant for the clty
clerk except at council meetings.
By Loedir Instructing the city
marshal to instruct the water works
company to fill all holes made from
laying of water pipo. Withdrawn
By Loedir Instructing the city
marshall to enforce the ordinance to
close all saloons at 12 o'clock , p. m.
By McGuckin Instructing the city
marxhall to abate nuisanod on the
south aide of Douglas street , from
pond of Htagnaut water. Adopted.
ByO'Koeffii To retain all officers
at present on the police force until
charges are made against them by thu
mayor > marshall orjsomo citizens and
such charges maintained , Adopted.
By Loeder To croao the office of
assistant city clerk and fixing salary of
same. Referred.
By Throne To cover gutters on
Tenth street from the sidewalks' to .the
curb , to make it passable for travel.
Deferred. _ . . ' . " , . . . r- -
? - - * * * i * - * > "J.T * * . . . * -ts . _ . . . * -
; 0 :
By Hormah - TO'TBpSfrgutter.1 on
Twenty-first street
flow. Adopicd ,
Judiciary Recommending allow
ance of 8100 to make out assessment
roll. Recommitted.
Same Recommending cincolla-
tion of tax vs. 0. A. Ringer.
Same Recommending later date
for paving bond election , .etc.
Finance Recommending payment
of $2 per dny for all city labor.
MoasrH. Ktufmann nnd B-ikor were
excused and Mr. Dunham was not in
side the rail-
The sorgeant-at-arms was despatched
for absentees.
Mr. Oorby opposed the resolution.
It was not business to pay moro for
labor than a private individual would
do. Ho was not a candidate for re
Mr. McGuckin favored -.ho resolu
tion. Ho announced that ho was not
candidate , but wanted to pay fair
waves for honest labor.
Messrs. Dollono , O'Keefp , Bohra ,
Dunham , Biker , Thrano and Leedor
all expressed their viowa op the sub
ject ,
returned dur-
The sergeant-at-arms -
inir the dibcussion with tlio absentees ,
Mr , Leodor-called for the ayuu and
nays on the question ,
Mr. 0'Knnio pr < posed to coinpro-
o on 31 87 * pr ujy.
The ayuii anil uayes were called nn
thod ( jition of the report of the
finance uanimitleo , resulting as fol
lows ;
Ayes--Kiiifiniuui , Loodcr , Mo-
Guckin , O'Keufo ,
Nayo Uala-r , Oorby , Bchin , Del-
lour , Dunham and Herman.
Thu report was then laid on the
Finance. Not to print the mayor's
message and accompanying documents.
On Finance Recommending re
duction of the claimof Win. F , Hems ,
for checking books of city treasurer to
$50. Adopted.
On Finance Recommending pay
ment of certain bills. Recommitted.
A motion was made to take a recess
until this morning at 0 o'clock , and
after quito a wrangle , the president
peremptorily ordortd the bushiest to
S renta and grades Recommending
HCcuiiUnco of wotk of Droxil and
M ok on Tenth * treot. Adopted.
Police To refer petition in favor
Win. llyun back to mayor , to whom
belongs , Adopted.
Polo ! Rejecting the nomination
Mr. Ryan. Adopted.
A motion to take a recess until 2
, in , to-day was refused.
On motion of Mr. Kaufmsnn the
appropriation ordinance for the month
May was taken up , road a first and
second time and temporarily laid on
the table , >
The ordinance establishing th line
nf the North Omaha sewer from.
T < rm > y-Grst and Iztrd streets to the
Missouri river was passed.
Mr. O'Kcofo objected to the item
in the appropriation ordinance of the
pay to city jailor , and quoted the city
charter to show that $80 waa in excess
of the amount that could bo legally
allowed by $30.
The npprcpriation ordtnanco was
then taken from the table nnd pissed.
On motion the rules were expand
ed to take up the ordinance calling n
special election lo vote for piving
bonds , the date of oKc ion being fixed
foJ Juno 30th , woi pvsscd.
Pcniion Tbiarni-
National Awodatod Prrw ,
JACKSONVILLE , 111. , Juno G. Wm.
Wyatt , Into lieutenant colonel of the
Hundred and first Illinois infantry ,
hns been arrested on the charge of retaining -
taining pension money. Ho says ho
is iniilty.
Charles Fox , of this place , late colonel -
onol of the satnu rcgiinont , has been
gathered in on the same charge.
A Brolion Broker *
National Aiuoclatoil 1'rcnn
Ntw YOIIK , Juuo G - This after
noon the stock exchange firm of W.
B. Mucker & Co. , cent word to the
exchange that they were uuablo to
meet contracts. A laigo number of
shares of various itocka were then sold
out for their ncsour t under the rule.
The firm , while nut n lending ono , has
done an active bueincss undhni always
stood woll. The cause of the failure
is said to bo that customers of the firm
Tailed to respond 0:1 : calls for margins.
The failure , while a surprise , had not
a proat influence on the stock market ,
although it depressed-prices J to Ijj.
What Philadelphia BuslnoiaMon Say
in Their Advertisements
The fooling in Pennsylvania is quito
strikingly shown by the following
pirited deliverance with which a
loading merchant fills a column of big
, ypo in the advertising pages of the
Philadelphia papers at a cost of sov-
orval hundred dollars :
"Whom the Ooda Would Destroy Th y
Fir = t Make Msd "
Owing to the cowardly and un
called-for threatonincs against the
business interests of Philadelphia , as
well as the business intorosta of tbo
whole state of. Pennsylvania made
by Senator J. Donald Ormoron at the
Continental hotel hotel List Saturday
that if a certain line of political
action , which ho in a most lordly
manner has mapped out , should not
get the full assistance of manufac
turers and business men generally
owing to this , I eay , wo are , forsooth ,
to have nn old-fashioned panic.
According to Mr. Cameron's ideas ,
businessmen and manufacture ! ! count
only as so many sheep , to bo scared ,
pushed , and driven in any direction
whenever this self-appointed shepherd
calls out his faithful watch dogs to
drive them as it were to the shambles.
Kor-it is wqne th a .j ( rth 'in the
shambles forv men /to . ' § * * ; ' * > . their
Cameron's threatonefrwar and it i
only threatened against the protec
tive tariff of our country.
HJ5.threat in-'idle. Ho dare not
carry it out , nor does his past record
show that our manufacturers have
much to thank him for.
Another idea of Mr. Cameron's is-
t manufacturers atJd business men
are a pack of political tramps and
Illco-huiitcrs of no standing or inde
pendence , whom ho can order round
ind levy upm , or he would not duro
to menace in such an impudent man
ner the industries * f our city and
Time has boon when the insult
offered to tha manufacturers and buii-
HU8S i.eoplo of our city and sta'o by
Mr. Cameron on Saturday last would
load to a political revolution against
euch unheard-of tyranny. The very
ention of the man's naina who dared
to trammel these liberties most dear
to all m < m would bring forth nothing
but words of execration and abhor-
Manufacturers and business men
may do as they please abi ut following
ana obeying tha commands of this our
modern slave-driver , cither through
'our of loss of business or of thu love
of being ririvon ; but I know of some
narinfndurors and bulineas men 'hat ' ,
Imving largo interests at stikoin Phil
adelphia , will ueitturfor the threat
ened loss nor promised congressional
loner Btilrmt to null base dicmtion or
deviate ono hair's breadth from the
ino of political reotitudo and reform.
With such men will remain the
icartv ' sympathy and co-operation of ,
yours'tiuly , PHIL. J. WALHII.
Call Far -Anti-monopoly'Con
Wo , the undersigned "citizens of
Juniata , Adams county , Nebraska ,
favor the organization of a state
anti-monopoly league , and hereby
authorize the use of our names for a
call for a meeting to bo held in Lin
coln for that purpose :
W B Ouahing B L Picard
B Partridge A N Oolo
N Orano James Newell
J.W Liveringhouso A P Slack
EMooro BF Hilton
R H Nolan Gee Walker
H H liurtlo E E Adam
UTwidulo KEWilaon
W L Kilburn F M Anderson
W P Norris John T Hill
W11 Burr W D llelding
L B TJiorno Gee T Brown
0 A Antrom S L Brusa
IR Newell W G Beulo
W D Sowell A II Brown
SHOIark G S Guild
E P Walker E M Allen
8 0 Ange.ll Goo W Carter
W Aokley E W Morse
1 M Tapper A Dorden
F W Eighmy N M Lloyd *
D II Fleemau Will H Paine
0 F Hogg
Tlio meeting for the formation of a
state loasuo will bs hold nt the Acad
emy of Music iu Lincoba on Wodnwit
' "
day , Jua 21,1883. , * , ,