Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 05, 1882, Page 7, Image 3

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    THIS DAIL5 ? BEE : MOKlJAV , JUNE 5 , 188 *
O. O. 0O03K .fie O < O > .
City Market , Ccnncll Bluffs Iowa ,
General Agcntafor tha Celebrated Mills ot It. D. Hush ft Co . Golden Eagle Flour , Lcarcnwoith ,
Kanvn , and Queen BM Jlllls , Bloux Fall * , IHkota.
Ptferencc , Smith & Crl't ' mlen , Council Bliilfg , 11.
Lands and Lots Bought and Sold
15 North Main Street ,
Adtlttcd uppers , tn call skin and kip. Oak and Hemlock SOLE LKAT1IKH , and al
oods Aipcrtalnlnfr | tothoehoo tnilo. Oord < nold Mclicapaaln the East. _
105 South Main Street. - - - - - Council Bluffs la.
That never require crimping , at lire. J. J. Good's IJatr Store , at price * nc\er bcfcro touched by
&ny other hair dealer. Aho a full line of switches , etc. , nt greatly reduced prices. Also gold ,
s\\\ct \ \ and colored nets Waxes made from ladles' own hair. Do not fall to call bctoro purcluslngr
cltowhcrc. All woods warranted aa represented. MHS. J. J , GOOD ,
29 Main streci , Council Dlufffl , louo.
The largest and best
stables in the west.
Roadsters , Saddle and
draft horses for sale ,
also aflne lot of mules
just received which
will be closed out
HE1IOVED without the
CAMS drawing ol blood or use of
1 knllo. Lures lunp dUeascs ,
Fits , ScrofulvLhcr Com-
AND .ii .n OTHER > % V plaint , Dropsy , Ithcuma-
Til M II RlS tlsnli Fovcr and Mcrcur-
I U III V II'W ial sores , Erjslpclae. Salt
Rheum , Scald Hu l , Citairh , oik , Inflimcd
and granulated Eyes , rcrofulous Ulcurs and Female -
male Dlscaso of all kinds. Also Kidney and
.Vonerial diseases. I Hemorrhoids or Piles cured
money refunded.
All disease ] treated upon the principle of xcfjet-
able reform , without the u o of mercurial pois
ons or the knife.
Electra Vapor or M-dlcatcd Baths , furnished
oeewho dcwlro them.
\ IlornU or Rupture radically cured by the use
tbo Elastic bolt Truss and I'listcr , which hiu
superior la tha world.
Drs , R , Rico and F , 0 , Miller ,
* 7i
Feed and Sale Stables ,
18 North First Street ,
Bouquet's old stand , Council BluftX Io\\a.
Practitioner of Homeopathy , consulting
RiysicianandSurgeon ,
Offlco and residence 01B Willow avenue , Coon-
cll Ulufls ,
14 Pearl Street , Oounoil Bluffs.
Extracting and filling a epochlty. First-class
work guaranteed.
Office , No. 14 Pearl Street. IIoun , 0 a. m. to
12 , , and 2 p. in , , to 6 p , m. Koililciice , 120
Bancroft street. Telephonic connection with
Central olllco.
No. 617 First Avenue.
noursfrom 10 to 11 ft. m. , and 2 to C p. m.
Merchants Eestaurant
JOS , BOSS , Proprietor.
Corner Broadway and Fourth Streets.
Good accommodations , good fire and cour
teous treatment.
Office over si'Ings bank.
COUNOIi. BLUFFS , - - Iowa.
W , 0. James , In connection with his law and
eolltctlon business buys and tells real estate.
Persons wishing to buy or sell city property call
at his office , o > cr Duehnell'a book store , Pearl
Justice of the Peace and
' r Notary Public.
JO- tj46Broadway ! , Council Bluffs.
Deedi and mortiagea drawn and tcknoledged
In Stock and Manufactur
ed to Order.
Made From Your Own Hair.
All Goods Warranted as
Represented , and Price.
337 W. Broadway ,
Council Bluffs Iowa.
; - - - .
S , E , J , HAEDING , M , D , .
Medical Electrician
Graduate of Electropathfo" Institution , Phila
delphia , Penna.
OfflcB Cor , Broadway & Glenn Ave.
The treatment of All diseases nnd pnlnful jdll-
fleultlcs peculiar to fcirales a specialty.
The Star Bakery ,
227 MAIN ST ,
Kmplay the best dread Baker In tbo West ; also
a choice hind lor Cakes and Pies. {
Bread deltered to all parts ot the city. "
Game and , Poultry ;
Can alwajs be found a B. DANEHY'a ,
130 Upper BroadwAV.
Justice of the Peace ,
Council Bluffs , - - Iowa.
W. B. MAYES , th
Loans andEealEstate , tl
Proprietor ot abstracts of Pottawattamle ct
county. Olllco corner of Broadway and Main
siroeU , Council BluHu , Iowa , G
JOHN , STEINER , M. D. 8ttt
( Doutscljcr Arzt. )
Council Bluffs. VK
Diseases of women and children a spoclalty.
P , J , MONiflOMEEY. M , D , ,
Offlco In Everett's block , Pearl treet. Reel ]
donee 23 Fourth etrect. Olllco hours from o to e
go. m. , 2 to 4 and 7 ti B p. m. , Council I luff * eJ
F. G. 'CLARK 11w
. . , oln
Pearl street , opposite the postofflce. One ot | '
the oldest practitioners In Council Blnffs. Batli- 01
Isfactlon guaranteed In all cases
Offlco over ilrur store , 411 Broadway , Council
BlulTn , Iowa. Al dbeaics of thu evu and car
trotted under the moit approved lueUiod , and all
purcb guaranteed.
Will practice In all eU tan court * ]
Speaks Oeraian LtDfuar , M
To the Fdltor ot Tin Ilir :
The Council Bluffs Nonpurlel of Saturday -
day , May 27th , contains nn article signed
by W. H. HA ! ! , bitterly nssnlllng and tr .
ducing the management of the Feeble
Minded Asylum nt Glcnwood. Hh
charges not only reflect upon mjuclf Imt
also up n Dr. Thrall of Otturmva , D , M.
Baker of Charlton , 1'red O'DonnolI of
Diiburine , and K. 11 , \Voodson of Glen *
wood , the latter two being hi < a soclntoi
on the present boaid , The artlcla charges
the grossest nbuc , mid abounds In wicked
and cunningly worded Insinuations and
I prepared n reply air , on presen ting it
to Col. Chapnm < for iiuortioti in his
taper was met with n poMttvo refusal ,
after hii p-ipnr had giteu i ubllclty , with
oruel editorial comment , to nn article
which BJtight to tu iko infamous my hinh *
ngempnt of nn Ii sttution which T hnd
organized nnd mai e n grand BUCCC > R , it the
opinion of score * of ho good men of I iwn
U worth anything , W ll fair minded people
ple consider the refusal to gise me a hear my u\\n defense AS just nud honora
ble trentm/siit.
Will jou please publish the reply , nnd
with the hope thnt nil coucerued will give
it n careful perusal , I am ,
Very respectfully ,
O. W. AJiciunvu ) ,
In Gov , Gear's mcssigo to the last Gen
eral A'semlily n table Is given showing the
cost per capita per month of "supporting
the inmates ot the various state institu
tion R , from which wo quote ns follows :
.Monthly cost per lutnitc.
o llltrid
Institution for tlio Dot nud Dumb 4 IS 5'2
Hospi al for Insane nt Mt. Pleaiant. . ' . , , . 15 03
ItOMiltnl lor Insaiiont Independence. . , . . 13.79
Asylum for I'ccble-MlndcJ Children. , . . . 13.J2
The lutians hojpttaN , with five to stic
hundred fnuntcs , simply custodial estab
lishments , ought to be run much cheaper1'
per capita thnn uu institution with only
one-third the number , containing n class of
helpless persons requiring quite ns mudh ,
if not more attention than thu insane and
burdened with the additional expense of
maintaining an educational department ,
Itwilbu seen l v Mr. Gear' * own table
that the feeble-minded asylum , with ex-
pcnsito disadvantages aud incou\enlencos
to which no other institution is subjected , (
cost per month n smaller sum of mondy
than any kivtn in the nbovo turned chari
ties. The deaf and dumb institution , with
a class of children able to take pcnonnl
care uf themselves , test mare monov | or
capita ; the ollego for the bliud , an'ablu'
bodied class of inmate4 , cost a great dual
inoro money ; the insane hustiitals , with a
larger per cent of inmates ublotu tnlco per
sonal care uf theniBelvo than in tfio feebleminded -
minded asylum , c > st nioroiiiouoy. My in
stitution is both ciiBtodiol and ,
requiring employes in both capacities ,
which is true uf no other of the charities
1 lip governor also gives another table ,
showing the number of ofllcois and em
ployes in thy several state institution , and
the ratio of employes to inmates , from
which I quote :
Hallo of cmplojcs to Inmates.
College for the Kllnd 3.0
Institution forthu Deaf nnd Dumb , . . | U. >
llospll Iforlimmo nt Mt. Pleasant. 460
boldlers'Orpfcaiis" llomo.i 5.78 tu
Asylum for I'ceblc-Mlndcd Children 592 a
Kit will be seen by this table that tha in
college for the blind had ouo employe to tb
every three inmates , while I ha1 one to fo
within n fraction of six. } Not ono helpless ucmi
nor dependant perxon can be found nmon mi
the blind , each nnd every one being able ta
to take personal care of I themselves nnd go W
about quite ai freely a * thedeaf and uumb.
Withthj feeble-minded , howeyer , personal op
attendance must bi given .to nearly every in
one. i
ftow , it teems singular that an institu no
tion with an exhibit showing smaller ex noa
pense per oai ita and u smaller1 ratio of em-
pluyes to Inmates than any other qisteri or
charity named , should he singled out aud pr
its management branded b * the governor
as "extrangant and un warrant e i. " yaWH
The trustees did u t think the governor tnl WH
was correct , inasmuch us they report : ' Ira
"The Gleuwood nsjlum is onebf the tlo
best managed institutions to bo found ail
among the charities of any state ' ' tu
The legislative vhltitig committee , con fpr tin
sisting of Senator Lugiin
and Uepresenta- on
lives Morgan and Platter , visited the in BP ! |
stitution , after having had full time to (11- cut
KOit thegoveiuor'ti arraignment of my mls- thl
manngement und extravagance ; and I find
thosta eiucnti in their report :
Wolouud that In the opinion olyourcom-
mlttic' , the iinpropriatloiis hare bcou tcweju
and economically exfenJut , tinJ
Your coinniltleo feel that tlicro Is a great tCJ
work being done ) jy those lu the employ of tha plo
state nt this hospital , each lentlaer und attend tlu
ant vlelufi with thosuprrlntenduut and matron tlu
in , the work of qualifying , us nearly as possi prc
ble ' , th6 uniortuiiate under their care tor the wo
battle of life.
In closing this report , your committee call-
not retrain from ayain spa ikinc In the highest log
crms of tliu management , and especially do
( eel that the ' ize
we work of'lhc toacligru in iii iorc
dllllcult than that ol ui.y institution nithlu
ho state , 'Ihey arc kind and attentive to lie
lie wants ol their iniplli , ,
Wo mlfiht quote more from tlmlcind and ;
ompllmentary ; words of thfs report , ns to
aluo ( ) f other similar ones , but this1 suffices all
o show that the three unprejudiced legig. mt
ators did not agree with the report or. a inn
whoso action | Uf
jovernor in the matter was ini
nlluenced for tellieh ends , its I verily be- ; d
iovo , and future developments will bear YBS
me out in this belief. t
The \ isiting coinmjttea spent two days .he
and a eight in the institution , and ngi
horougldv examined every department
ind feature of the work. On the other sot
mud the governor never spent to exceed ill !
wo hourc , at a time , in the Inatitutipn , Of
and yet he seems able to find out more than in
hret other wen do In two days , given to at
carclul and painstaking research , J09
It remained , h-iwover , for Mr. Ifjll to wo
come to the front as an investigator and Era tan
corrector of public wrongs. Ho visited tlo
Glenvvood in March last and remained two Ar
days , spending some ulx hours in the in- crcuc
titution the tinio taken > uc
, being up with
alk and routin * ImeineHS. In his article cot the
4 Archibald Arraigned , " he says : "Since int
hat meeting I have be n attending tn my iiiti
own ' personal affairs , and n part of the MIC
line ! absent from thestate , " On Tuesday , rat
tlay 23d , ho again returned , and for the 11 ru
econd time met with the board ; A por- kill wa
bn of the time on Tuesday , Wednesday iver
and Thursday wa * spent in the Inittitutlon , pal
mt nobody reaifreU that he was making
aninveutigathu , sea
Among the proceeding ) of the board on the
Tuesday was an orderto rescind the action
the hrst meeting allowing mo to remain (
until ! July 3d , to entertain the national a' i
association ot medical oiflcera audnuperin- gal [
umlentu of feeble-minded in
- asylums the ta
Jnited Scales atidCaiiulaau honor which -
md been unanimously accqn'ed the Glen * kei
wood ins itution at tbq lust annual session keiMi
that body by ordering my immediate toe
etlrcment from the Buuerlntendenoy , my
ucceasor being allowed to takeclmrgenext 'be '
morning , Wednesday , May 2Uh. lion , tin
'red. U'Donnell , the president of the Kv
board ( , aa he also did at the time , of the
original order of removal protested glv ;
.gainst this second summary proceeding , tff (
ut ouo vote beat two. and 1 ) iad to go , 'ati
Ott Thursday , May 25th , Mr , Hal ) wout Vln
o Council UluftV , and on Saturday , May let
27th there apjx-lired , ln print under big sig coi
nature & stuiunent totting forth his reasons un
or assisting in my r i > toval from the super- unHi
ntendency. Under utartling head line ; I trs
am charged with cross mismanagement , MJ
nisapplication of fund' , amj general tr |
rockedness. To the O4sual
reader it would ovv
eem that Mr. Hall had
made out a clear CM
ase. liut in thin , as | Q many 6ther ques , Tl
ions there Is another iide , and before the , eVi
lublio passes udgrafnt in the matter I tin
wish to exphiln ho varlaua charges , and 'US'
also bring to view f
some cts not generally HU ;
mown. i lib
On March 21t Mr. Hull addressed me Jes.
"Dear Doc , " and among his loving ex-
prewtons I quote thd one : " ) Vlth the
short acqualnuncf I hnv # had with your
poonl I have loartod to Iovo you all , fttd
* 111 bo plowed to meet you. vvhich I w nt
to do , * nd have a long and friendly talk
with you. " > ow , Isnt that gushing to
come from man who tny IA , w.m elected
on the iimue of my rcmoMU fr m n pd itlni
which every trustto. ciory IrgiilAtive vi
iturand every pircnt iui I WAI clllcictdly
filling ? Not only did 1m not hmo nl tig
and friendly talk , but he eptirely RToMtd
tnemidov rye q else nhout the in titu-
tinn. During tils first vl > it to ( r tufond.
which lasted two days , of which ptiiod
about nit htiuM ftlitioit entire ! ) ' devoted
to routine l > o rd work--wcre spent , n Lc-
font K id. In the institution. Ho Cj cd
with mi institution cnlployc , hntl did cot
conduit n b > ok , blll'if ioucher1.
Mr llailstatti wltlt the assertion that
his COL lion as trustee fi a < on tha 1 DUO pf
my retirement from the supcrintcmkircy ;
that a number of tnetnbrrs soiitihtrom
hint r4 \ rombi to tise hii Inlliienco to' | , ro-
Vciitmy rr-cmploymeiit 1 ntn nitjin-
parcdtoBwctpinBlydehy this clalnu but 1
liav o tlio w ord of many ineuihrra of both
loiiHM that they hail nn kiviulnlge nf any
inch nrrnncon.cnt , and lm { they knn of
, t , tlib i > ottkiilrncy wouM h.-n every sudJen-
y enilcd. It is certainly a ntrntigo nsar *
tton tu uomo fnun f > nidniU'r ( if the K illa-
ture ' tlmt the Ifglel t6rkhtid tocontplro together -
gether to bring ftbo.nt the renmvul ol the
sit | > ermtoudciit of n t tc Institution ol
which fta trimtecRluNOitliUto siy :
Tha ( llctiwood aiyluni 1 mui of tlm bfit ,
maiinttcil Insllttilloni to l < o ( omul HIIIOIIR ( lit-
clmrlilcsof aily > Uti > . An cincletit supcrln *
tcndmit backed tijr ncarfi otrll ei-lcclcil > it > l
cordltlly .n opornliu tsNtints explain
oxcellanrc of nil ngi'hiciit. It ln liroli ifry
ratlflnj ; to notice tlio lii ) | > rarnii nt inqdo lir
ttiu cla , > f ol vhllcUon wliji nro Inmatbg iif tlio
nsyluin. This ha not IxH n to nuiMi , pcrlitpv ,
nn Htlvanrolit Ilift knowlclge tilliuoknlwliich
tu itfolt Is quKo rtcAatkalilo ) i In Imlijts of
cleaiilinenst ovlilcnccs of pAIIUnni nnd cooti
mannori , and klll Jn 411 Iho a ts by
l.lidr Is l * rlorliiM' ' ' Tlib acquisition of
latter fetibwlrdRo nlbno U an ainpo ) retwrn ( d
tlio itnto for the money cxpciulcd In
these wards.
tiio fttatcsmat | < ort tu tronchcry
and ; ito.-eption , to accoiilplish his ends ; 1
it possible tluf the legblaturo of I IWA had
tc roiolvo Itself into JK star chamber nnd
scciotly exact certain 'jiroihispn fiotu one of
ifs oun tnemberB licfore olevatintt him to
thd position of ttutteo of onu of the stile's
groit chaiite ! ? r Tho' iiromlso alleged to
luyo : bqcn demanded and given , \vas that
tils superintendent of Itho institution for
the feeble minded ahpujd JQ remilveit from
hiw position. No oharca of incoiupotenoy
was made , the only'fnult found wwliy the
govcr or , who charged extravagiuce , jet
t.vbleijn his own ijiesiago showed to , the
tontrory. The legislative coimnittoo sent
tJ ecu if the trustee wcro right in Hi Ir
tlaim that the Olenwpod aaylum really
was , "one df the best mhuagej liHtitutlotm
teat bo found 'among the charities of any
state , " returned and reported that the
money of the state , had been "tvi oiv nnd
economically expended , " and that orlicdrs
nnd emplo\ea vfed.qacli with the oilier in
fqithiuluefg , and tuaC "a great work was
being done bythoao'in the employ of tlds
institution. "
How is the legislature to learn of the
nnnagement of the institution under its
cent ol ? Certainly , from thosa olilclnlly
designated for that purpose. What ii the
testimony of these Rent to the fteble-itiiit'l- '
ed iuttitution ? It' was most fivvoriblc ,
to judge from the extracts given ehewbero
in this article. _ Does the legislature be
lieve its committee nnd its trustee ? , and
act in accordance with their reports ? Mr.
Hall sa > s no , and one hi lead to infer tbav
outdido , influence was fiullicieiit to break
the force ot official statements , nnd thus
stamp them aa untmo.
No official * ord o ! censure h is over como
from a single trustee , nor ( legislative visl- T
tor , ngainst the Feeble-Minded institution ,
record i I think no other superintendent
the state can claim. In the face of all
this , Mr. Hall alleges tht the member *
found it necessary to use unfair meant to
accomplish the overthrow of a manage
ment pronounced good by those who cer-
tainlv ! ought to know I something of" the
work f / _ ' j ; r
I might qutte .columns of tbo good
opinions expressed concernilig-iny manage-
inent. ; t , ' j , . i . , ,
Dr. W. S.Tloberfson , of * MuscUme ,
now President of the state board'of'health ' ,
.ay ; * :
J irns prrsldentot the board of truste
3rga | lzatt6nof tlio asyltliji at ( Jlentr. . , „ . „
Dr. Archibald oegln'hls rforlcund continued It
for riearly tire years I consider him a most
yaluable uiap tor tlie pcsltli/i ) , cartful , prudent ,
nmtthfiil , kind , nways | looking well to tbo best
InUrcsts of tbo institution and Its Irimntcs r
e always thought hi ) Selection for the posi
tion a most fortunate one for 'tlie Institution ,
uid for tbo state He stands > rolwith ) tha
superintendents ; ql ( Similar Institutions
throughout the i ountry , alid his displacement
pr almciluny other ninm and especially for
me who hat no practical experience ! in tills
> t'ci'l Jin' , Is must dotrimcntal lor all con-
xirntd. I consHcr ii n\ \ most unfortunats
thing for Iho nsyluni that hoilmuld ba roniurtd
roui lt kupcrintcndince. '
O , A. Oronoy , for several years oditor'of
tha Glenwood Opinion , nnd nov ( editor of
tin Clarmdn. Herald : > .
Tour yciin of observjitloii of iho methods' of
caching and tbaMis'MpllDQpf pupils and uu-
iloyes about the Institution leads us to Remark
lint both are pDr/rrt , nnd | to v' ' > BUK thorn by
ho appointment ot'nuy ' person , other than the
ircsont superintendent , lo Its management
voiild luvo tbo cllect to greatly lesson uie uio-
ulness of this grand charity , J
lion , tD. M. Blake , a member of the
ogislature when the institution was organ-
zed d
'ihe removal pf Dr-Archibald nn J vlfp from of
mnnngement of tbqairluin H not only au
njustlco to theiiKiifres but an injury to tlifc I
iluto and au outrage UJKIU tliu unfortunate
uldrenot ! thafnstltutlori , who have leflrued
Iovo and respect the doctor aud his wffo with
the fervor ol human gratitude , Iwiufor- nil
ntrly picsidcut of thu board and watched the
iianiiKcmcnt with a critical eye , each visit lie-
the occasion of a thcrough examination
nto every feature of tbo work , and I wish to
on record as 8'ijlnj that thu inanaxoinunt
perfect. It
lion , I'red O'Donnell. now president of
< board of truitres , and who protested
igalnst my removal , says :
Allo\v tni ; her * to bear titllinony to the pcr-
lonal worlli und'sjilendid > ] NJlUcattous pf Dr
trchlhald as siiporinlendunl , Slid to the tiuuii-
inoualy hlabfstlnintlon of his wilu in jnatron
the liisiitiitjon of Rlenwood , They hurt )
nado this Institution all ( hat It ! | uok churt-o
its ! commencement , whun U wjis u inert ) > ub- ti
9t matter of Jcsl.ovpn In the legislature , anil
vorkod for It until to-diiy it i , one ol ( liu
irandist charities In the U\e \ , whoso liupor-
auio is evidenced by the neioui approprla *
Ions of the last guncral asuemlUy , Tu Dr
Inhlhald , more than tu all others , W the
rcdlt duofor making an exrorlmiiut no great a
uccesi , and now wh n hols nhout Id cover his
lotinectlonltli : this work , irhlch lie will do
1st of July next , with u spotluis record for
ntcgrlty no pcraon nhoiild bo so evil as to
oak a word ugalmt his fair nftiiie , but ha for
Iiould reculyo jho thanks of tlio wijo | ! state 01
nllier. No matter what nnyono may say , 1 , , ,
iiLrcrlaln that thoparuisol | the iinfortiinatj rni
cards of the iftate who nro Inmatoiol the in.
tllullou , yp , atidth'Iii./iiRlfstlemaelvc , will
prulso'tho ' ' ' klll , patlaii ) * , kindnuai and re
r.nal atlsqtlon of Or.aud Mri. Archibald.
Mr. Hall datnm.thatihe made "a strict , hi
earchlpg and 'thorough' ' ' luvfcatluntlon"umi
ben iiie jnl vaiBaertu fiat | HO "
jiaco to state all that the investigation but
Inclosed. " I pr inounoe his stutemont as ax
"ttrlot , Eetrcliing and thorough inveatl- IUan
ation , " or any investigation , to be false , fai
far m an inyestigatlqn at the institution tb
-where the books , bills and vouchers uro Jii
cept Is ooncerned , Mr. Hdll kn wti , n
ifr.Woodrow knvwi , tl at no investigati on J
ook place at tbo institution. The , figures "
llyen in Mr , HallV Article are taken from ll
last biennial report , of which two or 0
bree thousand are scattered over the state. 0w
Svery item of ' therein
expense' given had CI
Miroval of the trustee * , Every li urA CIh
lven by Mr. Hall it jij the report , and u § ct
Tort at concealment made. ct1C
was . The 1C
jus llemn were known to the trustees , 1Cu
the same were alqo examined by tljo to
eglslo.tlvo couimiltee without a word pf tel
umdemnatlon. All tlieao tilings' pawed ai
mder Inspection , and it lenulued for Mr ! ai1'i >
Hall , a ttrfliiL'er , to pronounce them' ex- 1'i
ravBgr-nt. Ilo asMr. , Woodrow , ai he I > <
laformod , " IUH proti4ed agalnit tnv ox , out
: auta , Ho docn not say Mr , Wood- 01ai
tojd him so , because Mr. W. know he
JMinot stand before 1'icd O'Dounell , Dr. , C (
rhrall : and J ) . M. Biker and lay that He Hi
Ver proteatad In a single Instance. On III
pth r hand lie cordially approved , orjd IIIal
isually ' rugrettcd tbht the i tate.dld not 01
mpport Uie foeble-uiluded Institution ai est
liberally an It did some of the other chart- 6' '
. 6'a
Jes.Mr a :
Mr , Hall gives a lengthy quotation
from GOT , G # r' l st mo * iBO concernln
( he ftlleie < ! i debtetlncni Incurred by th
Inttitfttion tlurlni ? the long winter of 1870
'i < 0. From this quotation wo quote :
fn May last the lioard df tnutrrs nddr
fftttr tn the fxccutlvo council , asking tlm
l-ody toallriw thnboarl th crraK n ilebt neilns
the Mali undtr hc protNbn | < f chapter R7
urtsof IhoScvontrrnlli ( Icnprol AMcmblj.on
llK'gtoiitul of Ihahlllly lo * itlporl | the Itulllti
tlnh oh HIP amount afinwol liy law. o
Ilit ttiKttts hail ixnnlltttl Ilioxupcrlnldidfn
Hi ettwl IhofTi'ondlHirrt nllownl by law by
thenriioiihtoftlils tlfM-J 1,000. < T i
luliftMimnlly minted Iho mimlicr nl ofu
| ilorc > , and rut down tbiUnto nl cxi-cndUim- ,
* o1lifit IlinMjIiini , nt tlio tlftt * nf I In * report
wMtndolit tnnn nmonntn llttlolfM tlmn thn
duo from.tfin counties flu * clothing
Mr. H U prcscuta A dozen prnmro do
dilations ( frptn what | \lr. Gctr loid. i in
nukes me solely roipouwiblo forcvorj thing
vvhllo the | o\chnor innkes tha Irmtces re
Juoti'lble. The tru tte , without cxcop'
tin , confticiored the expense inclined dur
Ini ? the \fintor ni legitimate nnd In goot
faith they nikfd Uie executive council to
permit the itata to nMitpio it , Tl o conn
sli not consenting , thrf Only wayoutvtai
t reduce the Hung expense * , donnto snl
nrlcsnnd discharge lii'l | until even Mr.
\Voiidiow said \vo iinly had enough ti
"bnrcly hotd the children. "
I ho governor dolibeintcly states nn tin
truth in declaring that "the nsyltim nt the
date uf the report win in debt tn nn amount
ti llttlo ItM than that duo from the coun
ties fur clothing. ' By lonsullirtg
ur < ir Wobdrow report there can ho sect
this statement : "lUlmco in fnvor of the
nsjlum at the tlm * of Uio report , SflSO.fio" '
I nsk the fitlr inhrlcd. people of to\ta ll
Uret Hnrto is hot almost right in declnrlun ,
the "Caucasian ft falliirc1 when the gov
ernor of a groatcomntnhweAUhwlllj "witli
lellbcrntlpii and mnlico nfnrcthought , '
stoop to the'ppopl'jwho liftvo lion-
oreJ him with high olficinl position ! Tha
reader will nskVh4t interest had the
favcrnor in trying tuljrd ik down the man-
igomont nf the Institution ! ' '
It w5uld take too tnilcli space to ilelal
lie particulars hero , ljut there are people
u GlenvvoiKl who tludors'tnnd it.
As every resident f lovviv knows , the
vlntor of 1879-80 wni long , cold nnd
Wary , MIUVV covered' the s round the
greater putt of thn sva oa , nnd largo drifts
etidcroU travel difficult , and the' procure-
iicntof supplies wns ud small tnslcj Kvery-
, hing whs expensive. The cold being protracted -
tracted the amount of fuel i ousunicd WHS
greater than during htiy pievious winter ,
> nd a considerable sum had to halncrtod
froin the living ifund to inMce improve-
jiicnto hbso utely iiecc < sary to tlie comfott
'and ' hcnlth 6f the children.
. The trasicetiu their uppeat to tlio e.\c
cntive council fully explained thosituatlon.
hut \ the Inttur , b.ody infused to allow ths
funds ueedid , although they had the
authority to do so. The trustees'nftid re
trenchment and economy had been prac
ticed lu everything1 , but the iuorcascd coil
of llvliijj ami other expenses rendered woo-
o < 3.iry by the protracted cold would run
the institution behind. As e-\\d , the oxc-
cutlvo couuiil refutedIts consent , coneo-
( I'lctitljtho Institution had tn get al litf ns
host it could.Vnrm weather apjironch-
innumerous expenses \Vfiro cut oil , in the
mutter of fuel , H lit , inqit , oto. ; uefc 'ert
employes were dischargvd , thu ollicorj nnd
to'achcra donated their Htlarien , and in n
variety of ways wo struggled along through
the pnnnncr , nnd overcome the dailcit of
the winter- All who wcro fn any wise
familiar with the dlitrcmvo labored under
during , this period of noycro retrenchment ,
vvdliuy no other Itislltiltion'In ( his ftnto
evorj' went through Mich ft trial. Scarcely
u poilnd of mittororftigtir vva ] bought dur
ing n third of .A year , and Only mtch IhingH
wertf purchased na wcro nbsolutoly needed
to keen body nud ( soul together , and to
cover the uakcdncis of the cliilditn , f .
T.heie is i o Institution inloun , that does
nut run behind during the winter scnion ,
but tlio summer vacation always helps
them1 out , because the children nro nt
home , Ic.ivinL'-tho institution to draw just
ns much while the children ore awoy qs
when they are present nnd a fiouroo of ex
pense. Hut with-tbo feeble-minded n great
majority of the children ; remain
atUutiou'while the deaf nnd dumb , and
the blind ; fpend , three niontlis athorn ; * ,
thelr.respcotlve injitltullpng , howoycr , get-
tt gtlibea'moVny for-them from the atdt9
at auring the.wintor. , JSyery wlnttrj ns in
other institution , "I he\ia always been be
hind , but made it up in the summer , " Dur
ing tbli , vyiater , lopgerl and colder tliah
usual , I pot so far , behityl that Icpualdered
it would be Impossibl-t Iff catch up , nnd to
informed the board. ' After carefully can *
vosslng the eituatipn thty agreed with me
that the ihatitutloii'colild not be mafn-
taineed with even comfnon decency during
the nimmer. And wojwero right. The
mariner in which the institution had to bo
carrjod ondurinc ; the summer was a shame
to n state with its coffera full of money ,
If the management was extravagant and
profligate during the past two years why
did the Ut general assmbly so llnorally
endow' the institution with additional
means to waste ? During the iirt biennial
petiod tlia salary fund was § 2,000 ; the
second pc-iiod it was 62,000 ; the tnird. nnd
last , it was 85,000. Thinlpreseut period the
legislature grants 822,000 , fit 8115,500 fnoro
than f&r the preceding six years , while
the support fund will ba largely Increased
by tlio addition of pupilt without qual
corresponding cast.
Mr , Hall i ys , :
I certainly hare no Inloroit to subserve other
tliau the ptibllu good , and the atfaliiinout o (
the arcatust possible ( Oinlort aiid Jmprorimoiit
tbo thlldreu eoiunilttfd to the core of the
Institution , 'lo Bccuro tlio e ends , however ,
uiuBt , bend uiy enenjlns , nnd deroto All my
ollorti. My personal liiilliiatl < ) n and nyjnj > n- '
tluou not only lead ino luj tkli-dlrectlgu , but
my boundpii duty under niy oath and tha law ,
tonsplruto unify my tnougliti and energies
tothouchluvemcnt ' of lliwe result , j
I want to g'ivo him the benefit of every
thing , and liii platform embodied in the
nbo\e extract is cheerfully clveu a place .
is good ; it.reads wellItinay'boun ' -
clnrltible to say so , but had ho "bunt all
bis energies anddovoted nil his effort ? , And
unilled all his thoughts" at home , hia
broken household would neb now iippeach
this pretty declaration- and leave it us
nlmply wordf , words , words.
My detailed clnssiflcation of supplies is
the mobt complete given by nuy institu-
tiou ! in the Htnte. I oak nn vxamlnution
nnd comparison in this particular ) vith the
reports of any or nil ititititiulona in the
United Btatea. Not nn article was over
bouxht without haying it recorded In ita
proper place in tlie classification list.
From the number of papers of ntodlo' nud
pins , and cost , to tom of hay , buihelH of
oats , yards df olllco , ami number of
Btomnoh puinpy , nil appear in their order
the use of trustees , lugalat'irs | , parentx
anyone else who cared to examine. I
made no attempt to conceal any tiling.
The trustees knew singly , and iu tlio ag
gregate , of various Items and everything
received cordial ) apt/roval ,
Mv.claNuiflcation list nhows about eight
hundred dlUterent itemi pf expenditure. In
face of this Mr , Hall payp :
7houranHsof ihlngi , caci | trifling In Itself
amounting to thouianUs of dollura lu the
axKHgalr , hare been pujrhsiod by tha sUto
mono/ which wera uuver iisedwl , J thallengo
any builiifss IUBJI iu examine into the
facti und scrutinies the vouchers , nnd uny II
tbercliai notboeiijtho woml klinlof btitlueis
liianagemeut at tlie Ijcad.of the Initltutlou ,
For pure luipudeuci ) and re klessness of
truth or consejuencea tlili stuomeut
"takes the rag off tha bush. " WlllMe siB ,
Uobertson , Uussell/Cattell , Thrall , linker ,
O'Donnell and Woo Irpw , the trustees , of
whom : two are Mr ) llall'd colleagute , who
cnew and. approved < ? l the purclmie of
hese various urtlclovmibmlt to thh wild
sharge ; reckless as it la Infamous ! ! lathis
lObitivoly wicked 'ntftt ' meiit nut nn ftbso-
uta insult to the vartyuv legUlativo visl-
tors , of whom ' wa might name Seuator *
Jtueeoll , llalnr , Miller , He Jues , and Logan ,
and Itenro entatlvea r-too u ton. Beeman.
D-inoombe , llursell. Harden , Morgan ud
1'latter , all of whom in their olhoial re.
ports to the legislature ) cordially and with
uolicitatlpn commended tl.o ' " '
nnd economy di8iluy4''ho ' In .
Wcro all these men blind ta the nctnal
condition of ( hlngs , ? The publlowill Lo :
lo\v to b lieve that these various' gentle
men would , under any c'rcninttuucos ,
allow their iplnlQiu to go oil record with
out believing them to bo tru * to the email-
partlcularit. > Vcrfl thplr oplnionn mefo
guess work t They all say that careful ex
amination WMtunde'ln'evcry expenditure.
When 1 took charge of-the Institution I
bought With my" own money ft team
Ing $2TiO , the support fund not bring ul
ficlcnt to justify the porchasf of horses by
thofllat < v Liter I bought another team
nt equal expense , it being rendered ncccs
paty on account of being compelled to hau
wrtter for the general uses of the Instill !
tlon. Uortwo 6r mtiro years nearly nl
the water u ed by u * was drawn in wagons
up the long deep hill to the building
After bathing the children the water waf
lined foi ncrubbing nnd rouph purpoRns , to
precious wni thnt article , whlcn , In seasons
ofilrou htln IwVpt , is aptly called tbi-
"Kiftdf(5rtiV l < Vtho , p sl four years 1
have owned frara. four to six horse" , am
ttied them exclusively for the institution.
During the olx jews of the tntious her < rn
on nod by me nnd used by the Institution )
three died outright h > my complete loM ,
nnd two wtro worilovtt Mid sold forrhuct
IO > M tliati the original cnst of ono. In ad
dition to lh ! . when tlio grfido.was ; inndo
for the gymnasium building , ! furnithcd the
Institution with the we of ntpanof mulce
thnt co < t 300. mi3 dyitirr In ecrvica to in )
entire loss. I consider tint my nctu lloss
in o mil by the death 6f horecs to bo nol
less than T > CO , n lde fem the Investment
of money in other Korea * for the use of the
institution nlnco its oitiblisluiiciit.
As Is ell known the Institution build-
iuep are located on thij top of n hill , dif
ficult of ncccs * , especially during muddy
WdMhor. I Imvo er.ijcavcrcd t > > fti jy no-
coinmodnto the publi6 by going to aud
from nil trains nnd tbo ; town , keeping ono
leant almost constantly cugngotl in thnt
sen Ice. ' '
Now , while having n littln "ho o talk , "
will'not bo nmlsi to 'set Mr , Hall right
in the nutter of cxptnso connected with
thu keeping of the ono tvnm , The team in
question was bought hy the trustees for
J12o , nbmit -vcti nuintln ace , September ,
18S1 , and was the first .money the state of
lowaotcr lines ted In ) ior o llo li for the
institution for fecble-liiindcd children , ex
cept hi nplfvu of ponlest bqught pro iously.
aud not being suited A ijtlio work were * old
ind the'inaneyinvested ' iu this team , Tha
team originally cost tno nbout (200 , nnd
when sold , lifter two orliuorc j o trs of fico
service for the slntf , thuy were only worth
tlirfprlcu pnld by the ttustcen , but tlio loss dotorintl n in price wrs taino.
" * "IMO tloHonnl lonies.nnd sac ificut may
i trilling , horror , j after reading Mr.
llnU'H.nwfiu way of ojpens's connected
With keeping them during the lant iumin.1
icrlof'a As was aidtle | state only owned
.hem nbmit n month , before tholorlod
closed. The fact is , D had , Curing thu
iloimml period , from fin r to six homes in
liOKcnicnof the institution , and all to
ho utivvlodge and by the conipnt\f the
rtmtccs. 2tuw , ns'tu 110 cost of feed , etc.
Mr. Hall pnHl,9.f > u' & mantis of oats wcro
u'cd , the amount , ho\v < ver , was 1.73JU , as
t e rouort shows ; a difference of two hun
dred bushels ) . Did Mr.illnll Intcnliounlly
exaggerate ? Allowing a half Inuliol of
onto per day to the hursf , six liorco * in two
yonrn would oat 2,1110 bushels , But our
liorspsf did not oat thati many , because
tluring tha long , uildsniwy wluterof 1879-
' 80 , not lofs thuii Iho hundred bushels of
oats\veio fed to the cowfr , Itboing impoiil.
his to got bran nnd tithor feed. To verify
this , it i only necessary to question the em-
\tloyci \ of the ItiHiitUtinn , nnd particularly
these engaged in uirli ft for the Hioclc The
neat largo item ot c pcno connected with
thit " " that of
keeping "expensive toiui"id
93 02-)00 tons of Hay , nt n cost of § 317.60.
As is well known tn these familiar with
the institution the beds of the two bun- ;
UK d children are ) tilled with liny , aud with
Uinng * ! , in uinuy Intnm.c8 almost dally , h
large qtmutitt h tided duriuf the course of
twoyeara. But more , the report'of the
period w s made in the fall , after iho hay
gathering-season , with a largo supply oil'
hand for the tomitig winter. ' ThU is also
true iif'oats , corn and other supplier. In v
the matter of 'corn It IK ( only neccssnry tu
say that It was fad variously to horsedand
ground nnd mixed with bran to cows and
hogs , to cows all , the year 'round , so as to
secure na much , milk us possible fur th * .
children. 'As the employ tn well know I
nllbvVed them to feed libtratly , not permit
ting stock lo Buffer for food * I won't say
thtra'was no-waste , thatl would he .absurd ,
but to the charge of "pB dlgal' wrufteful- r
ness I most respectfully demur. * The pas
turage bill wns 'Ventil' for twelve HCXO
field nujolniag the inutltutlon for tli use
of the cowa not.the , team. I have taken
particular pains id iurjnira of blacksmiths
arid livery men'as t'o the cost of keeping n
horse shod and shoes la iioad repair the
> ear 'round , and learn thatSl2 would be n
f tir contract price. If : tlilsiH so our horse-
shooing bill of $03.60 for two years is not
excessive. , ( t ,
As to the ' harness and , repairs , ana
wagons and carrlugo roliiire , nil was for
the institution ; there was no concealment
nor see'recy ' ; the trustees know nnd ap
proved ot all. The various articles , new
and repaired , are , with lew exceptions ,
still In use , 'Mr. Hall in 1is | nnxiety to
make n stunning s tat cine nt forgets to de
duct the cost ( if thn from the feed ,
and apparently wantBthb public to believe
that 81,000 went , dpwjj Iho throats pf ( his
ouo toumor rather into my pocket. As
to the three saddles and TiriUle ? , the same
are now , and always have been , iu the in
stitution's barn , Instead of fifteen robe
and dusters , the report chows thnt only
eight wore purchased , nnd' four of them at
still remain. Again , , did Mr. Hall intend to
exaggerate ? Of h6rse blanket * nine were
purchased ) nnd worn out during the two in
yearn. During the cold winter of 1870-'SO ,
one IIOIBO died of malignant ; dlsouno and
precautionary ; measure ! ) demniulcd the do- I
Htruction of two or m ro. Whenthe In
ventory was taken evernl of these well
'worn blankets remained but were not con
sidered Worth' enough to be returned as
property , NovVna to the whips , nin teen
were purchased. ThU Item of exp nsoluu by
been rolled ns it nwoat morsel utlder the1
tringue of slander which has wagged fur ) ,
ously and fart against , me during the past
few months , It does seem like the buneit to
ingratitude that after all , the-cxpenso I
have been subjectedto ; iu keening the in
stitution in horses , and ' for which thu old
nave frequently oxprutsed their
ratification nnd thankfulness , that I
hould be paraded before tlio stuttt ns by
'criminally piofllgatqand contemptibly to
Ishouest , "
Instead of "one team" there were fro > ii
our to six horsed , twelve to lixtcen co H.
ml from twenty to fifty hogs to bo fed nil
nd bedded during the two year * , exclnu'vo ' U
f bay wed almost dally In filling the beds
f children. To make , out a bill of $1G09
n two yo w , Mr. Hall tumbles , mis el-
anopiisly , lipg nnd cow feed , wagon , car-
Iai < e nnd Jmrpeni repairs , horeoshuclug ,
ilanketivhlpK , duaterc , lap robes , sad-
lea nnd bridles , ftrtlcles new and
Id , down tbo throats of this one poor old my
earn , h ho not hard run for "reasons ? , '
Mr. Hall grow * renllv iocular at times ,
nd again and again indulges In "glitter-
ng generalities'1 and insinuations calcu
ated to inUlead , Ho talks glibly about
'tho ' doctor's fonoy stallions , | ior ea and I iho j
ilta,1' until one la loid to think 1 kept a
: very stable on the asylum hill. The
ariuuB trtistfoi knew I had horses , and H ,
hey willingly allowed them to bo wain. it
atned jiy the Btatc. L very bprse I kept at
lie institution was used in its service.
The drayai'o and team expenses paraded
by Mr. lMill > na 1 n glad to oxpla u , > vere
or the hauling of material for the laundry and the
building , und other istpif used In innklng
srloui repair * about the .btilldlngu , for
grading , etc. , the hauling expenses ol th
maUrlol being kep and reported
parately , The expeqs * of livery
wat t6 a considerable extent oo-
aslhiied by" the necessity pf inline-
llato ftnd K neral eearch ior lost and i un-
away children. 'Aud fqr these thingx t am und
harged with being "criminally profligate
and contemptibly dishonest. "
la it noi a humiliation to be under the
neceblty of explalalng lie us of exoense
connected twitb the parrying on of a preat
harHy. aHof , wjiloli have passed under the
uspectl on aud obtained the approval nf
'red O'DonnolL Dr. Thrall , D. M. Ha- it
cer. E , 11. 8. NvoodroV/ and Senator I.o- for
an , and Kuprosontiitlvei Morgan and
I'Utter. , Aud who domunds this explaua- ing
Ion ? a granger or , as it were , n wad in ing
t o gun of ajnan who might ke llk ncd to ho
Mary Bhelle > ' Frankenstein , a creature
whose kins means death ,
The bill of relief , for the 81,050 of sal-
arles donated , wklch iiajsed the house
without b wprd , reo lred the fatal kiss of
Frankenstein And died bcforo it reached
Mr , Jloll grows really facetious In noting
the runaway and the breaking of my
buirgy ; lie calls It "go snmer like ; " true ,
It was n light rig , suitable tor two penonn ,
but It was used tor the benefit of the insti
tution , When it tvna broken the trustees
kindly Mloned the expense of ropnirinj it
tn be piid from the funds of the state.
The state owned no light buggy nnd thcv
thought if I WHS willing to buy o o with
my own money , the Ute could wrll nlTord
to keep ii In icpair. livery vehicle owned
by me has Icon used In the service of the
Vi to the "fleet-footed , sllk-lintrod , "
riuimnl nnd the stomach-pump , I nay , 1st.
Tha atilmnlinquestion wn n good onennd
I owned It ; It wn tisotlffor every purpose
about thd institution ; It WAS taken sick ,
nnd I tought to KAve Its life by using
n f-tojuiu li-rmmp. the only one in town ,
l > tirchaiod fr m n Glehivood phydicinn for
* > 20. hirclv n trlllo over half Its actual cost
and the instrument was quite ns good an
new , ? d. The horse died to rny complete
. \ > fi > . and the Ktomnch.pmnp took ita place
n tliedl pcn atary with other instruments
ibiolutely needed nbi lit on institution oft
Una kind , It W.IR subsequently used In
relieving the itomnch and saving the life
of on > of the boyp , wh had taken n qrmn-
tlty of strychnine nnd iron , the bottle con
taining It hnv lug been left ungnrdcd for
moment by ono of the nurses. As to the
slate haring an interest In only ono
stomach-pump I doubt not that tha num
ber Is ncnrcrj half-dozen each innnno
hospitable having ono or more , nud I think
nlno Htho penitentiary. Mr. jlall la en
tirely too previous.
Mr. Hall sajsn large force of personal
holj ) Is employ ed about the institution , and
ho hunts through and through the classifi
cation list mid finds '
'whito-wnbhing , sct-
tttitr up stoves , Iftjliif carpets , sewing- ,
washing , bnylng o rn , nnd cuttimr. wood'r
flip aggregate beltg § i7C.OO , leas than the
rnlnry of ono good mau for a year , nhllo
these excuses Govern ! two yearn. The
"getting up stovoi" item , including some *
forty fetovcf , is email when understood that
I employed men from the town familiar
with the work , to put up , who nud ncicen
the stoves for fcnfoty both to the children ,
and tha institution , Tlio carpet-laying In
cluded , tjto making of 380 yards of carpet.
The buying com bill \vns the small commission -
mission pnld n dealer to buy coin , nnd
money was saved by so doing. When it
in understood that nil the clothing for the
girls nnd email boy ? , mil Iho mending
far nil is done in the iistltution , ns far ns
possible , it Is certainly n small thing to
tind fault with nnd arraign bsforotho state
us "extravagance" on n "sewing" charge
for two yoaw of 873.10 , nn amount the half
which wo venture Mr. Hnll hlnuolf hns
oft " invested In the making of ono suit.
With thirty to fortystbves iu uno nnd hun
dreds of cords of wood burned , Mr. Hnll
proclnims DR proflir-utu nn item of three
tlollnrs'nnd ninety cents for cutting wood.
Some ibOO items nro enumerated in the
classsficatiou list , nud Mr. Hull's muck
rake run * tlnougli nnd In nil that ] mgo
number ho can oily find and drags out
twenty-seven , which ho declares to bo ex
travagant , nnd of these extravagances ho
must needs come down to ono of 53.00 for
cutting wocd
As 11 employing ouUiilo help nt a cost
ef § 275 for two years , nud to Mr. Hall's
claim that I had a Inrgp forc inside which
ought to do wlmt in every case is a sricclal
wiirk , I need but to refer to Gov. Gear's
table and thtiw that my ratio of employes
to inmnloi stood six in point of "extrnvn-
gaiice' * nmong the institutions of Iowa.
And ns heforo eaid , the Inmates nro the
most helpless of any to he found collected
togathef in any chnritablq work.
A billiard table n second-hand one for the
Ktiloj incnt ot h t ( , * ntlemcn trloiitls ho pro-
idcii nt the in } linn at an expense paid by the
Sea the maliciousness of the man. A
econd-hnnd billiard ! table , quite as good
01ll now , the original oust being four nr live
.imtlreJ dollars , bought nt auction for
41) ) . All similar institutions inthecoun-
ryjiot only have billiard tables , but bow-
nj/ alloys and other 'equally expensive
ntnuttmeuta , for the use of the Inmates.
To the insinuation that * it was for the en
joyment' gentlemen' friends I will nay
thut I never played half n dozen games in
my life , nnd these exclusively with the
boys of the Institution ! Gov. Gear , dur
ing hli visits , highly , complimented the
purchase and considered it a valuabla ad
dition to the amusements of th institu
Mr. Hall says T went to Kentucky to
attend the national convention of superin
tendents of feeble-minded institutions and
extended my visit to a period of three
weeks without the consent of the trustees ,
nnd that the state paid my expenses. The
state did not pay my expenses and the
trustees found no fault with me. 1 asked
permission tq be absent two or three weeks
nnd the requtst was freely granted. The
nstociatlon on the invitntfon and under the
pereaunl direction ot the governor of Ken
tucky , visited several of the fine stock
farms , and I saw some good trotting on
farm tracks. Every other institution in
Iowa has n vacatkn of three months dur
ing which the children are at home , but
not KO with the feeble-minded the vast
majority of the latter children remaining
the Institutl6n ' the year 'round. The
ollloers of othe'r institutions have fir to
ton weeks' vacation , but not so with these
charge of the feeble-minded , their work ,
like the water ot the brook , goes on for
ever. Ai to myulMetico from the Iiiststu-
Icn I will say that it was always loft in
charge ofi my wife , who is as fully cornpe-
tept 10 niAnag * it au I xui myself , and dur
ing six years no have never been nway to
gether except on two 'or three occasions.
Alterthe.h.entucky trip 1 leturnedhome
Dubuque _ to attend the annual -
nual convention of the state
medical society , which practically
added n week tb my absence. 1 wish hero
Hay tiat every Hummer I have visited
two or more of similar institutions in other
iitatei , to better qualify myself in my
work , nod always at Jiiy own expense ,
while like tilps by euperintendents of
other institutions have henerally been paid
the state , My trips , however , owing
our meager support , I did not ieel like
asking the trustees to pay.
Mr , Hull quotes from the law governing
the institution , without knowing , I doubt
not , the law was mude up flout iny
years of experience , the clause making
ftee to n.'l the feeble children in tlm
state , und many other important feature' ,
were written by myself , and the whole
presented to Senator Claik , of Page
county , wio pushed it ta successful pus-
HUgO ,
Mr , Hnll also has his little sny about
land purchase. Replying to what ho
bays on this subject , I quote from a
letter from Fred O'Douuell '
printed , presi
dent ot the board ;
lu legislature last winter g TO the Institu
tion an appropriation for Iho purchase , among
other lands , ol u certain twenty-four ucreu
Ing In front of thu grounds now owned by
stale. Ihls money whui drawn from tha
state treasury , would L'O into the hands of thu
treusuaer of ing board of trustees , Mr. fc. It.
Woodrow , o5 ( llenwood , and not A dollar of
would or could ba handled by the superin
Timber than this , when- the land would bo
secured tbo purchaeo would have to be ap-
proytd by thu trustees and thun by theexecu-
tlve council , before the money could bu paid ,
when ttiui approved the treasurer , and not
superintendent , ( for he would not have the
money , ) wouU on a proper trder wale the
payment , liut the laud has not been pur
chased : the money is prtbably not ) et drawn
from tie treasury ; the order haj not yet been ,
drawn I * ! > ) fur the land , and the icportln
fulte la substnuto , iu detail , in everything.
His indeed u wicked vbarge , and is an 111 re
turn ( or Tiara ol faithful service to the state
from as ialthful and elUclint nu utliccr
as ever fltlcJ a position of renponiibllltx
It is true that Dr , Archibald a lew weeks ago *
lotight ome laud , ube Mour acres , Ibellutr , .
uml i aid for it with his own money ) ami this
UU is thd o'y ' foundation for so great a wrong
uiluubecndouoiutbU caw
' 1 hc e four aon-siiM part of thu twenty-four
whUh vu wish tu seciuo. for the ttate , and tlm
fur that tlio doctor would hold thU piece uuil
t allow us to bav it at coat , la tha only cnusu
so vllo a slander.
1 wrote the doctor some dais go , upon hearing
that bo had bought thin pUce uf laud , asking
him to let us luvo It for tha stuto at the
prlco paid by him , uml Iroui his auuwer bare
doubt he will turn U oror without cent o
profit to htuiiolf ,
Mr. Hall uuys :
Alter repeated cfl'urln to extort front tl
[ Continued oft Third yogt ,