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Tlio Campaign For Oongressioual
Glory Praotioaly Opened.
The First Feint Move of Mon.
opohats in Planning
the Districts.
Douglas Pressed Into the
Southern Tier to Coalesce
With Lancaster.
Prominent Candidates Already
Training For tbo Flel-l *
A Bldo Glbnco of Matters ana Men
4 During the Late Soselon.
Kiltcihl Corrctpoiulcncoof tha tlco.
LINCOLN , May 1M , The legislative
inob has dispersed , the capital is de-
j" Bsrtcd and Gov. Nance once moro
breathes free. The disgraceful scenes
It , * enacted last night under tlfo Icader-
I ship of that political mountebank ,
> Church Howe , arc n fit climax to the
career of a legislature that had wasted
much time , squandered "tho publio
moneys , and whitewashed ono of the
biggest'knavca I hat has over been
t , elevated to high ollico in the stale.
The most important legislative act of
tha extra session is the apportionment
bill dividing Nebraska into three con
gressional districts. The supporters
of this measure wore actuated by
vmany different motives. There is no
doubt that the political man
agers of the railroads would have pre
ferred that the statn should not bo
dintricted because tha nomination
ot largo of three concresjmen would
have enabled them to drive all their
' strikers into the bull pan at the state
convention , and force the nomination
of three out and out monopoly
men , with an excellent chance of eltct-
ing them in a state that has over 20- ,
< X)0 ) republican majority. Next to an
election at largo the bill that did piss
is looked upon by them with the great
est favor.
The first district , composed of
Douglas , Sarpy , Oaas , Otoo , Nemaha ,
Richardson , P.iwneo , Gisje , Johnson ,
' .Lancaster nml Sdundorscouutie * , con-
"tains over 10 000 republican majority.
The most , populous of thoao counties
are under railroad control , and by
pooling in the convention the U. Pi
and B. & M. expect to control the
nomination , " * which -'th'cyi regard as
equal tp an oliic nljp % J ? ft f $
Church Howe an'd'WVndham , who
ore said to bo affected -nth a congres
sional "bee in theiri'bonnet , " were
doubtless actuated mainly in their
of thu Birns-Slooumb bill by
these considerations They certainly
/support reflect the sentiment of the
people of Nemaha and QMS counties ,
JMt _ , who have no interest in common with
* . w-s * " '
, - Sr"'Douglas county.
On the other hand , "Valentino , who
would also have much prt furred that
the state should not bo districted ,
gave active support through his
friends , in both houses , to the Burns
bill , because ho did not want Douglas
county attached to the northern dis
trict , for various rersons In the first
place , Dauglas county was liable to
bring out some formidable candidate
to ihrosv in convention , and in the
next place , there was danger that Val
would aun several thousand behind in
Douglass county on account of Ins no
toriously bid record.
While Valentine's friends supported
the Burns bill for those reasons , Val'a
political rivals supported it because
they believe that such a division in
sures Val'a political defeat.
Senator Burns , the father of the
bill , assured mo that this was his main
niotivo in pushing this measure. Mr.
JJurns is now an avowed candidate for
"Val'a seat in congress , and he u con
fident of success. While he insisted
that Douglas and Sarpy should bo at
tached to Lancaster , 0 < ws and Nema-
' ha , in order to make the election of a
, republican congressman doubly sure ,
ho was in reality anxious to get rid of
Douglas county in the northern dis
trict , because ho feared that the U ,
P. delegation in the congressional con
vention would nominate Valentino ,
With Douglas out of the district ,
Washington , Burt , Dodge , Merriok ,
Platte , H ill and BulUlo will have the
preponderance , and there is very little
danger that Valentino can carry thoao
counties ,
Mr. Burns will not'bo the only
formidable rival Val. inuat encounter.
There is a probability that Hen. Li-
under Gerard , of PJatte , and Hon. B
0. Calkins , of Buffalo , will also come
to the front as candidates , with candi
dates from several back counties yet
to hoar fiom. The fact that the mem
bers from Washington and Burt , aa
well as other known political friends
of Judge Orounso supported the Burns
bill confirms my impression that by
general agreement annng leading
politicians in the North Plutte district
Val. is to bo laid on the shelf. After
a careful canvass I feel safe in predict
ing that in any event Vals. political
goose is cooked.
Another class of supporters of the
Burns-Slocumb bill came from the
strong anti-monopoly section in the
southwest. Thoao parties believe
that by joining Douglas and Lan
caster , the two great railroad colters ,
they concede ono district to the mo
nopolies and insure two anti-monopoly
congressmen from the northern and
western districts , This view may be
correct , and if it were not lor the
divergence of material interests be
/ tween Douglas and the southern
f/ counties in the first district , I should
f9 perhaps regard the division upon the
9 whole favorable to the state at large.
The most objectionable feature in this
measure is the manner iu which it
was crowded and forced through , I
know there has been Homo outrageous
gerrymandering in many states , but
never in any state lias a party formed
a concessional district which was A
unanimously opposed by the people
that inhabit U. It is safeto any tha
out of the population of 171000 in thi
district there are not ono hundred per
ions in favor of this division
When the bill first came up in the
senate only ono member , Myers o
Douglas , roied for it , and ho knov
that not ten men nmong the 50,000
people in his district favored the
On the final passage only two ou
the fourteen senators from the distric
Buppotted tno bill. Ono of those ,
Cfl&sol of Gagr , flopped bccausd his
hrnthcr-in-lvw , Governor Nance , was
for the bill.
But Mr. Niuico will re.ip no bencfi
from ( hit or nny other division of the
state. Lilto the good Indian , ho is
dCadpolitically. . For him ami his
lieutenant Oartis tlicro i * no resurrcc
tion not even when Gabriel blows
his trump in the morning. E , 11.
National Airtoclatod I'resH
BAtTivonE , Md. , May 21. Sccom
day's rncinp at Pomlico patlt : Fin
race , ono mile , na ? won by Blu
Lodge , Trnphagan second ; timb , 1:14
Second nice , ono mile , waJ won by
Volucsa , Free Gold accotfd ; time
1:141 : ; , - .
Third race , for nil nges , mile and a
furlong , was won by Crickmore , Glen
more second ; time , 1:50J. : :
Fourth ruci ! , Peyton handicap fo
four year olds , mile heats , was won b ;
Greenland , OJarn A. second : time
Fitth race , steeple chaseft "Woltc
stakes with allowance , about two
miles and a half , was won by Judge
Murry , Doiby second ; no lima.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , May 24. The
spring meeting of the Louisville jocko ;
club continued to-day , with a gooc
track and fair attendance.
The first race was won by Mono
gram , Capias second ; time , 1:44 : J.
Second race , Magnolia stakes , thrco
fourths of a mile , lor all ages , was wet
by Bootjack , Lizzio taking second
lime , 1:14 : } , 1:10 : , l:21i.
Third race , for all ages , mile and a
furlong , was won by Fatinitza , Fair
Count second ; time , 1:57. : '
Fourth race , for nil uges , five fur
longa , was won by lUammist , Gink
Jim second ; time , 1:02. :
Fifth race , handicap steeple chase
about two mill's and u furlong , was
won by Miss Malloy , Aguy second
time , 4:10L :
PitoviDENCK , May 23.Yorcestors
3 , Providences 5.
'CLKVELiND , . May * 23. Baffilos ; 1
ClevL'lands'C. ' 4 < S
NKW YOKK , May 23. Poughkcpsies
, MttrSpolU&nyC.f\
National Associate ! frees. ,
, Ns.iv/yoiiK , May 24. Sailed The
Scythia 'for Liverpool ; arrived , the
Ameriquoirom Havre , the Jam Breg-
del from , Antwerp , the -Bolivia from
London. '
LlV RPOOLMay 24. Arrived The
City of Montreal from Now York , the
Ohio from Philadelphia ; 'sailed , the
England for New York.
COPENHAGEN , M y 24. Sailed
The Hecla for Now York.
HULL , M y 25. Sailed The
Lepanto for Now York.
SOUTHAMPTON , M y 24. Arrived
The Uoppenstauffer from New York
for Bremen.
ANTWERP , Mav 21. Sailed The
Planter for New York.
HAJIBUUO , May 24 S tiled---Tho
The Sorvu tor Now York via Havre.
LONDON , M y 24 Sailed The
Queen for Now York.
National Associated I'rouj.
flouring mill of Banes & Perch was
destroyed yesterday by explosion of
the boiler. The engineer was instant
ly killed The main portion of the
boiler was thrown 200 yards.
Mexican Deviltry.
National Associated 1'reu
BROWNSVILLE , Tex. , May 24. Capt.
Benigno Orovallo and Lieut. Areste
Rntninez , army officers , fought a duel
at Thopa yesterday. The latter was
Near Guadiljara yesterday a bandit
robbed a woman on the road and boat
her to death.
Stnbbod to Death *
National Associated Proas.
COLUMBUS , G . , May 24. At Co-
umbia , Ala. , Jason G. Jones stabbed
Peter Ihomas to death.
National Aeaoclited Hrcw.
CUIOAOO , Hay 24. An Albia , Iowa
ipecial nays a fire broke 0ut yesterday ,
n the flouring mill of Wilkin & Sou ,
spreading rapidly to other buildings ,
and destroyed property valued at
J25.000. Insured for $18,000 , prin
cipally in Plitunix ot Now York and
Connecticut , Home and North Ameri
can insurance companies.
! Frost in Michigan.
National Awocuted Pfeu.
DETROIT , May 24. The Evening
Sows special from Bloomingdale ,
Mich. , says there a severe frost last
night , doing immense damage to ap-
lies and other fruits , cut down all
growing corn , and it is found wheat
was alee injured.
Vermont RopuTjllcuui ,
National AiMOclutod Preta.
Si. ALIIANB , Vt. , May 24. The
republican state committee have
sailed a state convention at Mont-
lolior , Juno 21 , to nominate a > ov-
trnor , lieutonant-govornpr and ' trcas-
urer , _
The Derby.
Jstlootl Aatodated Preei.
LONDON , May 24. The Derby was
won by Shotover , Quicklime coming
In second , and Sachorn , the American
terse , third. , The betting before the
start was eleven to two against Shot-
over ; thirteen to two against Quick
lime ; sixteen to ono against Sachem
Shotovor is a chestnut filly , owned b ;
the Duke of Westminster and won th
2,000 guineas April 20th. Quicktim
is a bay colt owned by Lord Bradford
Stchorn is a chrBtnut colt owned by
Prince Lorillard. Bruce , the ba ;
colt owned by II. Regnal , was th
English favoritr. The odds ngains
him at the start being but five to two
Ho did not got n place.
Pennsylvania Independents
Open Their Batteries on
the Base.
Missouri Grooit1 > ao&o'.fn Bray
National Associated Jl'rwr.
PniLAnBLPitiA , May 24. The in
dependent republican convention or
ganized at republican hall nt 11 u. in
United States Senator Mitchell wa
tcmpoiary chairman. He said the
movement wan a iiincoro cllort t <
purify the party , and compel Arthur'
administration to ndopt the higl
standard to which Garfield would have
devoted hia energy.
Henry T. Foster , of Venongo
county , was mat'o ' permanent chair
man.When the convention nssemble (
aftnr dinner AFr. Wolfe created a sen
saton by withdrawing 1m oppositioi
to Mr. Stewart for governor. The
result was : Stewart 139 , Ex-Ohio
Justice Agnew 02. Stewart's nomina
tion was then made unanimous. Fo :
lieutenant governor Co ) . Burdduff
district attorney of Pittaburg , was
nominated by 144 votes against 41 for
Major Marrick , postmaster at Wells
bore , Tiopa county. The latter was
then nominated by acclamation for
Eccrotniy nf internal affairs , and Co )
W. MoMichaol , son of the late Mor
ton McMichaol , of Philadelphia , ro
ceivcd the unanimous nomination for
conurossmon at large.
The fight of the day then came on
for the supreme judgeship. A portioi
of the Philadelphia dele ation nomi
uated Judge Ludlow , ol Philadelphia
who has the lead for the democratic
nomination. The presentation f his
name created considerable uproar ,
which continued until the president
ruled the nomination out of order , on
the ground of Judge Ludlow being a
democrat. The Philadelphia delega
tion then withdrew for consultation
but did not agree upon a candidate.
Ex-Judge Agriow was nominated , am
a prolonged discussion upon his avail
ability WDB ended by his son publicly
stating that/under no consideration
would his father/ / "nomina
tion" . ' At 0:15 : , no'candidate tfor the
pusitiou beirg named , the contention
adjourned till 8 p. m. " ' ,
The independent republican convention -
vention completed its ticket by nomi
nating George Jenkins for supreme
judge. He is a Philadelphia lawyer
who has taken , a part in various re
ligious movements and was a promo
terof the young ' men's Christian asso
ciation. * *
ST. Louis , May 24 The nationa
committee of the greenback labor
party has framed a petition askin ;
the chairman to call a nationu
convention when 500,000 signa
tures to the petition has been ob
tained , asking the president to veto
the bill for the extension ot charteis
of national banks should it pass the
senate. Adjourned sine die.
. .Celebrating a ContonuIaL
National Amoiiatod Prose.
GIIODE HCTTEN , 0. , May 24. An
immense crowd was present to-day at
the centennial of the massacre ol
twenty-six Moravian Indians hero.
Gov. Foster was present. The oration
tion was by Senator Hollingsworth.
Monument park was appropriately
Car Accountants.
National Associated Prew.
BOSTON , Mass. , May 24. Sixty dif-
'eront railroads and freight lines out
side of New England are represented
at the annual convention of railway
on accountants association in session
at the hotel Vendomo. The object of
; ho convention is to devise some bet-
er means for tracing lout freight cars.
[ n New England it is done by a rail
way clearing house. The following
officers were elected : President , A.
W. DAVIS , of the New York , Pcrnsyl-
rania & Ohio ; vice president , B. F.
Elarria of the Red Line ; secretary ,
F. W. Luce of the Chicago & North-
restern ; 'assistant secretary , H. H.
jyon'of the Chicago & Alton. This
afternoon the delegates made a trip
down the harbor by invitation of the
3aston & Uingham steamboat om-
> any. The sessions of the convention
will continue to-morrow.
Jitlonal Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 20 , 1 a.
m. For the upper Mississippi and
Missouri valleys ; Warmer , fair weath-
ir , winds mostly southerly , and sta-
jo nary or lower pressure.
( litonaJ Anoclatf d Prow.
CITT OF MEXICO , May 24 , The
Monitor Republican publishes a rumor
hat the government of Gautr uuula
i as offered to cede Boconuico to the
Jnitod States ! n compensation for th.i
itter government'n support in the
ieputo botwceii Guatemala and
* i . . .
kvroit of a Prominent Physician.
'itloinl AtMciatuil Preti ,
MILWAUKEE , Wis , , May 21. Dr.
Cams , a prominent physician , has
> een arrested , charged with enticing
nnocont girls into his office for the
mrposo of elfocting their ruin.
Frank Uardal , North Dennett utroot ,
iulFdlo , jaysj "I have tried your Spring
ilousom on a family metllolne , and liavo
ever coroo acroBa anything to do BO much
oed In BO short a time la o se nf indl *
eetlon. dyi ) ep ia and derantfemjnt of the
toraachj I etmngly recommend It. Price
M ) coat * ; trial bottles 10 conto. m2Sdlw ,
A Quorum of flepublloans Ap
iin's ' Call ,
The Maimed , the Hullvnd the
Blind Eally For , tlio
Party's Good.
Randall Lendo the Bcmrbona
Through the Enemy'a
The acnnto
Mothodioolly and Move
Homo- J
Tuo First National Dank of oto Au
thorized to OponM
National Associated Prcs .
bill grunting the right % of , Wujr to the
Misaiisipp' ' , Albuquerqu yt& Inter
Ocean Railway through Indian Terri
tory , was favorably reported by the
railroad committee.J * * ' Vf
The bill to supply the deficiency in
in the Appropriation for hruiy pensions -
sions , amounting to $ lpOQv > , COO , was
reported favorably froiu/itlio militia
cammitteo and passed. " * * *
The bill for the relief of officers and
crew of Monitor , who participated in
the action against the Merrhuac , pass-
Senator Windom aak'cdpo bo ex
cused from curving on tho1' coranuttto
on patents ; granted , aajtwfls iilao a
similar request by Senator Hour on
the committee on rules. * ! The chair
was authorised to fill those and va
cancies on oflior committee
The bill to incrcaso the water supply
of Washington was taken'up anc
passed , with sundry amendments.
The Japanese indemnity made
unfinished business. The senate then
wont into executive session , and ad
journed at 5:10 : p. m. 3
HOUSE rnooEBDixcu.
The Maokoy-Dibboll conteat was
taken up. Mr.1 C.ilkins" Allied the
allegation made by Mr. Httwltt in a
nonspapcr intcrviow , that tlio committee -
mittoo liad refused to hear the truth
in the ca o , and had refused to inves
tigate the charge of forgery.
Mr.A.therton also sustained Mr.
Howitt'by alleging that Mr. Dibboli
had uffctred the committto thuoritjiiiu ]
paper witti Mr. Mankey'd interlinea
tions and nlteratiouBj Mr. Mackey
having tnado changes in every ono of
the original depositions , and that the
committee refuseo ! to look at them.
Mr. Calkins said the depositions
wore taken stenographically , revisions
being common in such cafe ? , The
stenographer had a worn that the de
positions read by the committee had
been compared with th , ? oviinal notei
found correctin * every particular.
The committee had refused to receive
any papers with interrogations. Mr.
Calkins offered the depositions to bo
read , and they wore read.
Mr. Calkins demanded that Athor-
ton make a statement of his under
standing of the case , as in the com
mittee. ' Mr. Athcrton started to re
ply , but disorder followed , the demo
crats opposing the proposition. The
speaker submitted the proposition.
Mr. Randall objected to Calkin's
ropljiiif , but on the speaker ruling
that objection would apply to the
whole proposition ho withdrew his oh
Mr Calkins then prjosedut' . The
only difference which liad existed in
the committee was merely as to the
method ot getting at the truth and
not as to what was found by the committee
mittoo to bo the truth. Before ho
concluded ho read Mackey 'a affidavit.
Mr. Randall then began filibuster
ing by moving that when the house
adjourned it adjourn till Friday.
The yeas and nays resulted 147 to
L. The vote against adjournment
ehowing a quorum , Multorroot moved
, o reconsider and Randall called for
; hu yeas and nays. The motion to
econsider was tabled , 147'yoas ' , show-
ng a clear republican quorum. Ran
dall then moved to adjourn. During
ho ro'l call , at 3 p. m. , Mr. Walker
Pa. ) fell on the floor while walking
n the lobby in the republican
ido and was taken up in an uncon
scious condition , bnt soon recovered
and before the house adjourned had
so far recovered as ' to be able to go
about as usual. 'The event caused
quite a sensation and business was
omporarily suspended.
The balance of the afternoon was
consumed in filibustering , and at 4:55 :
ho house adjourned , Mr. Calkins
jiving notice that ho would renew the
: ontest to-morrow , and naked every-
> ody to bring five days' rations in
lavorsacks. It is understood thu re
publicans do not intend to force the
ight by all night sessions , as any test
of phyeical endurance might oauie ill-
less of members , and thus break
heir quorum , They propose to fight
, t once against dilatory motions , DO-
ioving the democrats will find it un
wise to longer delay business.
National Associated Preai.
WASHINGTON , May 24 The comp-
roller of the currency authorizes the
Hrat notional bank of Crete , Neb , to
oramcnco business ; capital , 650,000.
The president and cabinet have co-
opted an invitation ( o attend the
jrand army encampment at Balti-
nero on the iilbt. Fifteen thousand
roops are expected to bp present , and
Ion. Sherman will be in command ,
In executive section the senate
onfirmed the following nominations :
i. Bucknor , collector of internal
evenuo , Fifth district , Kentucky ;
William H. Brown , xurvoyor genera
for the district of California ; Loui
Dupont Sjlo. of L'onnsylvnnin , Unitn
Slates consul nt Tmiolmlj John W
Storr , United States attorney for th
woitern dintrict of Michigan } M. F
Willard , United States marshal fo
tlio western district of Tonnctaoc
W , F. Oakley , United States marshn
forlho western district of Wisconsin
It luting come to the knowledge o
the treasury department that cortnii
passenger steamers nro carrying pro
ducts of coal oil for illuminating pur
poec ? , Hnporvising Inspector Genera
Oiinniont icsncs a circular calling at
tcntion to the prohibiting sections u
the law and the penalty for \iolatioi
by any iflicerof inspection.
Jlr Dayton , minittcc to "Tho
Hnfjup , " snils from Now Yorkto-mor
roiv.At a meeting tc-niaht arrangements
were made to give Lieutonent Divon-
Iioiver a publio reception upon his re
Secretary Hunt , miniator to RUB-
, took his final leave of tlio presi
dent to-day , and received his instruc
tions from the state department.
Dt'coralion Diy at the Acndrmy ol
Music and West Point Anniversary
will bo nmong i ho incidents of thu
president's trip to New York. IIo
gois Friday for ton days.
The Shiphord committee adjourned
311 roccivii g n letter from Blnino stat
ing that nn engagement in Cincinnati
prevented his attendance until next
Nitlonal Aiw'clotoJ Prnvi.
czir has publicly approved of the
regulations which forbid Jews in the
Russian ciupiro4to tottlo outeido nny
owns , villages or cities , except in dis
tricts already inhabited exclusively or
nearly no by Jews , nnd provisionally
suspends all pending contracts
with Jews in which the latter
acquire title to real estate or
to tenancy , nnd forbid .Tews to trane-
ot pny commercial business oir Sun
day or Christian holiday in which the
Christians kctp their shops closed.
May 24. Cuban doputiur
mvu introduced in the chamb'er iv bil
abolishing slavery in Cuba.
American Library Asnooiatiou.
National Associated I'tcw ,
CINCINNATI , May 24. The hftl
meeting of the American Library con-
ven.ion is in session hero. The con
tention was welcomed by Mayor
Mcdra and ex Governor Cox. An ad
dress was delivered by Justin Winsor ,
of Harvard. The session to-day is oc
cupied with reports of odicers nut
Terrible Mine Explosion.
National A'sochttd Pices.
SHENANU.IAIJ , Pa. , May 23. A ter
rible mine explosion occurred at noon
o-day , at the K'lhnivo colliery ,
owned by Hitcher & Co. Three men
lave been brought out dead , oichtoen
are in the mine , and it is nut known
at pjcnqnt J5l > ether _ iny sof them
leaped , 'Great excltomorit prevails
n the vicinity.
A. J. Salteb.iry , of Salt Lake City It at
th. Witlmell.
] ' . 0. Hurrif , of Council Bluffs , wna in
lie city jof'trdny.
AVillllim II hnrotth , of Homer , Dakota
CJUtity , h in town.
Frank Mayo , S. L. Spam , Laura K
Clat.coy , KJward Frank and Sheridan Cor-
> yit r gst ! red at the Hetrupjlitau ycstcr-
d r.
Hun. George Brown , wlio roprisonts
3ooue county in the If gljlittire la In the
city , en route home , Sir. Crown made a
good record at Lincoln thin cession.
Among the members of the legislature
who came up front Llnoulu yesterday
wure :
C. L. Limb , of SUnton county.
Church Howe , of Nemaha.
Silver , of Gage.
T. M. Fr nio , Petenon nnd ZebrnDg ,
f CumingB.
Fried , 8111 and Cantlln , nf
Laugblln , of Burt.
Cady , of Otoe.
lorne , of Merrlck ; DUilwiu , of
lolluinn , of Dakota ; Taylor , of Wanning-
on ; Wyatt , of MadiBon ; McOlure , of
lull ; 1'utnoy , of Antelope ; Mjer , of
aroy ; Jaolcaon , Bolln , McSbane , I'axton ,
Cyner , Mullfn , D.auo , Howe , f Doug-
a * , aud othera. '
Lot Brown , of the Nebraska City
'rttii , Is In tovru.
t the Canileld ;
Col. II. H , Polk , It. Hidlett , 0. I. ,
aum , G. W , Irving , Lincoln.
H , H. Coon en , Wilier.
Join W. Skilei , Arlington.
Mr. undMrn. M. D. CUypool , J , U.
Taylor , H , V. Cudy , Nebranka Cltf.
Thou. J. Hill , Pawnee City.
W. K. If ooio , Clark * .
A. M. WflluiB , Leigh.
Go ) , Lehman , Oolaiabui.
A , Y , Itexwood , Wllionville.
L. 11. Ptcaberton , Beatrice.
V. II , Bradley , H. W. Stanley , Plum
reek ,
Gen. J. 0. HoBrldo , Prof. StmuberKer ,
Jacoln ,
At tlm MetropMlt-nt W. J , Cooper ,
AsaKlnnoy , II. F , Devane , W , J , Mar.
mil , Lincoln.
George U. Webster , B. Waugb , Aeb.
and ,
W. T. Koandoll , Columbus.
II. Hill , Beatrice ,
Wm , Itobertson and family , Madison ,
A , J , Hukell , Sidney.
George H , Cattle , Blue Springs.
II. W. Parker , Beatrice.
George Mamlell , Coluuibua.
Attha Crelghton ;
0. L. Bum , 0. W , Klnney , LJnoolu.
W. II. Conklln , St. P nL
Mini Maxr K , Moloy , Bt. PauL
J. II. Uallfy , Herman ,
J. H. Hungato an- | wife , Blair.
0. T. Fish , St. l' ul.
S. M. Simmer , Brownirllle.
H. W , McClure , OVVetil.
Wm. T. BI ell , a. S. Schrocifcr , 0.11.
Luntly , Columlius.
F. Ktmball , Tcknmah.
J , F. Balrd , Her man.
M , II , Bonlwell , MadUon.
ITon. John D. Seaman , ICearuty.
J , H , Mountain ami wlfr , Silverton.
Jftmcs Da Vci > r ? , F. K , Clary1 , J. J.
Mrlntoab , K. K. Oirbln , Dtdnoy.
Wm. t. I > * ccy , O. F. Iddlngp , North
l'l tte.
J , K. llrvln , Pftwn
Kd. Mclntjre , Sidney.
II. L , Kdwnnl , HastiiUB.
J. H. Sousley , Nebraska City.
lion , Win. Dniley , Nemalm.
Hon. D , II. Whofler , L'latttraoulh.
Hon. A. S. Piuldock , Bc.itrlco.
Col. D. B. Ball was In the city jciter-
di y.
Judge B.trnea , of Ponca , is nt the With *
Col. Frank P. Irclnntl , of Nobr.-ka
City , IB in town.
Hon. B F. Montgomery , of Council
Bhiffr , 8pent Monday tiighb iu Omaha.
Bon. Fell , of Heed , Jouoa & Co , , lias
joiu ou a vlilt to hU old liomo In Bloom-
iiitjton , 111 ,
U , A. Slnck , proprietor of the Choy-
ciiuo Sun , WOA In tliy city Tuetdny , ro
turuiut ; from the cast.
Mra. Woolnorlb , Mis < Woohvorth , MI'FS
Brundago and Mina llnilly ButterGeh ) ,
were nmoug tha Omaha ladioa who left
Tuesday for Chicago to attend the May
General manager S. II. H. Chik , of the
Union Pacific , uud FioJ L. A me ? , ono of
.ho directors of company , left jcshrday
'or Atchiton , ICani B ( Jity nnd St. Loub ,
and thcnco they go to Now York.
' Wornou Never Tblnlr. "
If thocrubbad old b.itcholor who
uttuied this Buntiiujut could but wit
ness the intunsu thought , deep study
aud thorough investigation of women
in determining the beat medicines to
keep their families vroll , nnd would
note their sngucitv and wisdom in se
lecting Hup liitters as the best , and
demonstrating it by keeping thuir fam
ilies in perpetual health , nt a mere
nominal expense , he would bo forced
to acknowledge that such sentiments
are baseloaa and f.iUo. fl'icayuno.
A Pronperoua "Feeding" ITown on tlie
"Q" Road1
CorrMpondcnco ol Itio Iko.
MT. AYK , la. , May 20. Ido not
: now tlwt you have any correspon
dent in this county , but if you have I
iave as yet heard nothing of him.
Your traveling correspondent does not
switch off the main line of the rail
road far enough to roach our thriving
little city.
- Possibly you are not aware that wa
liavo a corporate * oiiiitinco , but wo
have all the same. Wo have hero a
town of nearly two thousand people ,
situate on a brunch of the 0. , B , & Q.
railroad , which leaves the main line
at Chariton , where if you over como
this way you will stop at the Dpot
lotol , D. Wormloy , proprietor , and
receive the best of attention , the best
are and the best bed to be found any
where on thu line. After jou liavo
retted there a couple of hours oomo
down the branch taking in the towns
if Hamilton , Dtrby , Garden Grove ,
Jeun , DaviK City , Limoni , Kdlirton ,
and arrive here in time to get a good
quaro meal and a soft bed at the
Silis house , take a look around town
and find business lively. Throe bank-
UK institutions , numerous stores of
all kinds , merchants well "heeled" and
loing a thriving business , dtctors at-
ending to the wants ot their patients
md attorneys with a good amount of
msinosB , good churchis , good schools
with live teachers , good mills aud the
icoplo , a fust class population , sup-
lorting two weekly and ono somi-
reekly paper ,
Thu Onward has recently changed
lands , lloby & Burke , the former
> ropriotors , having sold put to J. M.
Jri-y ( , formerly of Olariuda.
The temperance people of the
ounty are working up the sentiment
n favor of the amendment to the
late constitution , aud the vole in its
aver will bo I urge ,
The board of supervisors has
rdcred a vote on the question of
) uilding a now court house , to bo
aken Juno 27th. Nothing is so
uuch needed hero us a court hoiuo ,
ut the vote will , in all probability ,
irovido the funds and then the house
vill be built in the beautiful iittlo
iark iu the center of the city.
Wo have bad a whole week of thoat-
ical , the T. L. Welch "Combina-
on" playing to good houses. Lust
ight I hey gave us "Iho Tickot-of-
jeavo-Man , and showed considerable
bility in its rendition. But my let
ter is Rotting too long , you will grow
ired of it. Yours , THHJHC.
Free of Charge.
All persons autforlnj , ' from Cnughn.Colda ,
Astima , Hroricliilis , Lou of V ice , or nny
Ifcction of the Throat and LungB. are re-
uuted to call ut 0 , F. Goodman' * drw ;
tore and get i Trial llottlo of Dr. King's
iovf JJlncoi'cry for Con'uwptlon , free of
lar-'c , whtdt will convince them of its
ondorful niciita and ahov/ what a regular
ollar-alzo bottle will do , Call early ,
A Giant Skull Found' )
atlonal Antedated Proua.
CIIIOAQO , May 24. A St. Paul spe-
lal reports a remarkable lind of relics
f mound builders in Hod River val-
oy. The only deposit yet found of
: iis extinct race in thai region in a
kull of immense proportions a siugu-
ar formation. It hoa been turned
) ver to a historical society for exam
notion , The skull is a perfect spec !
men , and shows conclusive nviden
f a race of giant nativei.
Agonizing Convulsions at the
Oloso of Monopoly Power.
The Nebraska Legislature Fi
nally Disolvda and Die-
The Hoiiso Holds an All Night
Spree With the Calves
Carefully Penned , .
The XVhitowniliinp ; Process Pro
long * the DylnK Hours.
CrocotUlo Toara nnd Congratulations
nt the Walco.
fetal Correspondence of TUB BBS.
LINCOLN , May 24. The senate yoE-
.crdy nttornoon considered the tcetl-
mony presented by the Carm investi
gating committee at length , A ultra *
jer of speeches being made upon the
subject , Howe moved the adoption
of the minority report , and Burns , of
Dodge movnd to amoud by adopting
ho the majority report. Turner , of
Platte county , moved to further
amend by holding Carna to bltuno for
acting bearer of such messages as
xTBsed between Robborts and Thurs-
.011 , This was rejcotcd , and the ma
jority report carried by n vote of 20
o 4 , Senators Doano , Dailoy , Howe
and Turner voting in the negative.
The hottest episode of the session
occurred last evening in the houco ,
when the testimony in the house in
vestigation case came up for consid
eration. The house met at eight
o'clock in the evening , the testimony
having been nearly all printed by tliat
time. For a couple nf hours or more
the members amused themselves by
rending it for themselves. At cloven
o'clock Church Howe moved the
adoption of the report of the committee
mittoo , which censures Itobbcrta
strongly in either view of the en BO.
lliniBom opposed thie , as did also
Whedon and Windham. Mr. Franco
expressed his opinion that the com
mittee had exceeded its powtrs ,
and offered a substitute exonerating
llobberts altogether. McShano further
amended by suggesting that both
Cams and liobberts bo cen
sured. Howe objected to tliii on
the ground that the house
had no right to censure an
oiiicer of the sonato. After .sev
eral speeches on this question , a
lively piece of filibustering was com
menced. McShane'd amendment was
lost by a vote of 31 to 32 , and then
the minority , who were headed by
Church Howe , and who were working
to save Carnr , began moving for calls
of the house and for adjournment.
Finally , seeing that the majority wore
not going to wait for tha sergeant-al
arms to summon the absentees , and
that , their side would bo beaten , iHk
came ttf a vote then , Howe and > thirty * '
others left the room and locked them
selves in the sonata chamber. This
was at 3 o'clock this morning. The
sergeant at-arras was sent after them
and wna captured and kept locked up
until 5 o'clock. Tlio house , which
had meanwhile been without a quorum ,
finally agreed to summon the absentees
and get the matter cleared up. A
compromise was accordingly < ffjctcd ,
and at G o'clock the house , by a viva
voce vote , passed a resolution that
leaves both Ilobborta and Cams with
out censure.
Both houses mcl for short sessions
this morning , and at ten o'clock ad
journed &ino die. Tlio balance of the
time up till noon was profitably em
ployed by the members in drawing
their per diem and mileage , and in
bidding each other tearful goodbyes.
The house this morning presented to
Speaker Stcdd the chair he cccupied
during the session , and ptrformcd a
like eervico for Mr. Kint' , the ser
geant at arms. The governor sent a
woul of congratulation over the brev
ity of the session. The members
gathered up their stationery and oth
er plunder and vanished , and the
Seventeenth session of the Nebraska
legislature passed into history.Allans.
Kabbert * ' Return.
Bptcial Dlipatch to Ibe Bee.
DAVID Cur , Neb. , May 24. There
was a grand demonstration of the people
ple of David City when the train or.
rived from Lincoln. Over thrco hun
dred of our best citizens , with a brass
band and cannon , met Hon. J , 0.
Robborts at the depot and welcomed
him homo , congratulating him on the
result of his manly fight in expoifag
corruption and fraud.MANY
Hartford , P * .
Thomas Pltchan. Bradford , Fa. , writes *
"I enc'osa money fur BPBINQ BLOSSOM on
[ uald I would if It cure I me. My dya-
ptptia has vanished , with all Its symp-
tnms. Many thanks ; I abfcll never b *
without It In the house. ' 1'rloa 60 cents ,
trial bottle * 10 oenU. m23dlw
The Harmony Milli.
National Associated I'rtiim ,
TBOY , N. Y. , May 24. The Har
mony mills corporation at Cohoes
opened the mills this morning and
promised to keep them running if
enough operatives reported for work
at the company's terms to pay for
running the machinery. No such
number reporting the mills were
closed. The strikers now hope to
compel the corporation to yield rather
than suffer further loss.
A Frit ad la Ne d.
Time over aaid again TUOUAB" Ecu * .
TIUO OIL has proved a salutary friend to
the distressed. As reliable curative fca
croup iu children , core throat and broiw
chlul infections , and as a positive external
remedy for pain , it la a neTtr-fallliiB nnut
dote. m22dlw