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The Railroad Sucklings Breath
lessly Bellow for Mora Pap ,
The Douglas County Calf
Wags Tongue and Tail
While Ohuroh Howe Prolongs
the Echo for Pecuniary
The Fri nda and Fees of WorhinR-
xunn Dltipluy their Palms.
The Namoa of tuo Hen Who Refused
thorn u Hearing.
Corrwpondcnco cf Tlio Boo.
LINCOLN , May 23. The ghost of
the murdered Armstrong will not
down. It hfiunta the legislative halls
from day to day. Another exciting
and tumultous scene occuircd in the
houao this morning over the Omaha
Soon after the house was called to
order , Hoi man , of iXdcota , rose in
hi ? seat and presented a roll to the
clerk , which ho stated was a petition
and remonstrance representing five
thousand citizens of Douglas county.
The clerk was directed to read , and
upon opening the roll began reading
a letter signed by Edward Walsh ,
prceidcnt of the Omaha labor union ,
and directed to the house of repre
sentatives. After reading a few lines
of this communication , which began
by protesting against the outrages
misrepresentation of facts by the
committee on claims , the writer char
acterized the chairman , Barilett , ai
"A ' . "
No eooner had those words been
read than Church Howe jumped up
ferociously and demanded that the
further * reading of the communication
bu indefinitely postponed. Ho stated
that thu communication waaan , inmilt
tD the whole bDdy , in that it cast ro-
Jbctions upon ono of its members.
Considerable excitement followed ,
and iuquiiy was made whether the
letter ot VVulah waa part of the peti
tion. It was tound that the letter
wnsaoparate , and the clerk was then
directed to read the petition , which
was very carefully and respectfully
framed , earnestly protesting against
the one" sided , and unfair
Ireatrnanl" * of 'the- * "DjirNaittta , * -in
basing their entire report upon the
( statements from the mayor of Omaha
and Governor Nance , who were in-
tercstud in sustaining their official
courao during the labor troubles aud
finally praying that the communica
tion presented some days ago by Hon.
E Rsuwator be ) filed with the letters
of the officers as an unbiased state
ment , presenting thu viuwa of the
petitioners in thu'prumises.
A motion was made that the prayer
ba granted when Bartlett advanced to
the center of the room aud delivered
ono of his
in which ho very frantically , protested
aotaluat allowing any atump speech
from E. H)3uwater being printed
Hu said that last year the houao had
allowed several ladies the privilege of
delivering speeches on thu floor , but
if anybody had proposed to print ono
of thorn in the journals Iljsowator
and IIH rotten sheet would have de
nounced it as an outrage. ( Mr. Bart-
latt , by tlio way , probably is not aware
,4 that ono of thu peechus madu by a
lady was printed in the journals , al
though it waa not a proper thing to
do , ot courao , and in no wajs a paral
lel C4BO with the communication ad
dressed to Uio houao in writing )
Bartlutt continued to vent his
spleen iigainat THK Biii : and lloiowa-
ter until he had bellowed himself out
ot breath , and then ho w.ii followed
by Church Howe , who also discovered
a terrible trap in this petition ,
Howe finally moved that the whole
subject , petition and all , bo indefin
itely postponed , The ayes and nays
were called , audthi motion lost by a
vote of 37 to 35 , The Djuglas dele
gation , excepting Broatch , who was
absent , and Bartlett who voted to U-
bio thu thing , voted against indefinite
Tnu petition was then unanimously
During the d.ibato incident to the
excilii g cnitrovaray over thia peti
tion , Ganer < il llolman and Mr. Who-
don made strong appeals on behalf of
thu right of petition , and iho right of
men to bo heard , and protested
against the arbitral y course which
Church Howe and Bartlett seemed to
bo forcing on the house under whip
and spur.
The Jotter nf Walsh , which was regarded -
garded as disrespectful , was rejected
and returned ,
The debates on the mililu bill and
the votes given by the different mem
bers make
to the relations which members bear
to the existing state house ring and
thti corporations. Some of these men
who have all along professed ttrnng
sympathy with the producers and lab
orers , have now showed their hands
by voting thoujanda of dollars out of
the atato treasury to ornamental staff
oflieow and greedy railroada. It waa
decidedly amusing to BOO some of
them gyrata in this militia contro
onuncii uowu ,
who is a candidate for nearly every
oflico from governor down to member
of the legislature , struck out against
Alexander by moving that the salary
of that great man as a brigadier gen
eral bo knocked out , but Church
Howe meantime was a warm supporter
of every other item in the bill , includ
ing extravagant pay for all the other
staff officers , the railroads , eating
houses nnd over/body ehe ,
was also decidedly opposed to allowing
the brigadiers cxtrr irant nay , hu
when the item of the B. A M. R. It.
came np he made a terrible onslaughl
on the opponents to sustain the claim
of the pauper corporation , from which
ho has nad frequent retainers.
IIICKBT , or roue ,
the left bower of Nance , as a matter
of courie , was in faror of whole hog or
nono. lie was willing to pay eve < y
thing and everybody , and was very
bitter against the rioter * .
could see no virtue in anybody tha
would rofuao to foot the entire militia
bill or would dare question the need
less use of military.
although representing a 'strong anti
monopoly constituency voted with
Uowo and Bartlett through this cam
Ransom , of Ot.ic , Whedon , of Lin
castor , G-an , llolman , of Dakota
made a gallant fight against reckless
extravagance and partiality. While
tlio.y favoredtho , payment of thn eel
ditra , they word opposed to costly
trapping and exponsts incurred by
gold laced brigadiers of the efalT.
Members of the lonislaturd ai wo
know are privileged characters. They
are not responsible either under
criminal or civil law for words ppnken
in debate on the floor of legislative
halls. Church Howe and Bartlett
made use of that privilege for the
last time perhaps in their legislative
career in
upon the man , whom of all others ,
their mastcra , the railroad bosses ,
most dread , and who always is and
always will bp , in their political path.
It was a pastime that amused some
people , but created the impression
that it was the kick of the expiring
mules ,
A uumborof lesser lights exchanged
shots across the bloody chaem , but
they are hardly worth noticing be
cause most of them are destined for
the political bono yard just as soon as
the doors of the legislature close upon
Yostorday'Vorlt -
Special Dispatch tu The Bra.
LINCOLV , Nub , , May 23. The son
ata to-day , after a long debate , adopt
ed the majority report in the case ot
the investigation against Cams , by a
vote of 20 to 4.
The house was idle all the afternoon ,
waiting for the report from the printer
in the Robberts case. It met this
murpiniTjiit S-andJiBtonecLto. ywrtym
of the'testimony. It will adjourn at
noon to-morrow.
A Capital Carver.
Special dispatch to THE HER.
LINCOLN , Nob. , May 23. Two ne
gro waiters at the Commercial hotel
had a row this noon in the kitchen ,
and ono named Sylvester Matthews
cut the other fearfully about the
head with a carving knife. Sylvester
is at large , with the pursuit hot. The
wounded man mayrecover. _
The National Greenback Convention
National Associated 1'rotw
ST. Louis , Mo. , May 23. The na
tional grofiibdckor's convention met
at the Lsclodo hotel Urn morning.
Some 150 members wrra present , and
Jesse llarpor , of Danville , III. , pro-
sided. The morning was taken up
in five-minute speochun from the dolo-
gatts who ropres'.nted every ttito in
the union except ono. A committee
of eleven was appointed to prepare an
addroas to bo presented to the na
tional greoribackers. Adjourned to 2
p. in. The reports are all very fa-
The End ot a Stviko.
National Aai elated I'JOSH ,
TKOT , N. Y. , May 23. ThoOohoes
strike will probAbly end to-morrcw ,
the company making no concession ,
but a sufficient number of the strikers
offering to return to muko it worth
while for the company to open mills
in the morning , when , if enough
hands resume work to start the ma
chinery going the mills will bo kept
open ,
A Promiuiu on Sonlps.
Nttlontl AKiUti l Hta
DAJ.LAH , Texas , May 23. Advices
f oin CarisD Pass , 113 miles eaot of
El Paso , are to the tflect that the
G.iudalupo mountains are full of Apaohcs , who are depredat
ing over northern Mexico , western
Texas and Now Mexico. The cause
of their changing hunting grounds is
that the Mexican government offered
a reward ot $300 oioh for Apache
scalps. The result lias boon to muko
killing the principal , industry of
Muiicaus Major Baylor , of the itito
rangers , left with a scouting party
and tou days rations to harass the
A Slave Ship Overhauled.
Nitlontl AMOciated Pices
I'oitTLiND , Oregon , May 23. Capt.
Thompson , of the British steamer
BnlhwellCastle , wasfined$8,000intho
United States court to-day for viola
tion of the passenger act. Ho brought
1,105 Chinese from IIoKg Kong , 105
won * than the tonnage of the ship al
lowed. Ho was also flhcd 81,000 for
not reporting a correct list of the pas-
Bongora at the custom house.
Coast Notoj.
National AwclRtud freja
SAN FIIANUISCO , May 23. Great
chances for the better in wheat aud
barley crops have occurred in the last
ten days in the southern part of the
uUto. Heavy fogs and cool , cloudy
days have saved thousand ! of ucros
which were dying out.
The miners at Harriiburg , Alaska ,
prevented the Stickeen Indians from
burning a squaw at the stake. The
Indians showed fight but the military
drove them from town.
Two Noted St. Louiaana Bel
lowing in Search of
Each Other ,
A Iiiveljr Beniatlan for tha City
N tlon l Associated Trcxw.
ST. Loois , May 23 , Stanley Waterloo
lee , editor of The Ohroniclo , was callei
before Judge Liughlin , ol'the crimina
court yesterday and ankod to show
cause why he should not bo commit
ted for contempt for publishing ccr
tain articles criticising decision o
court. Waterloo was given until sun
nut to muko a totraotion , which he
f.'ilod to do. Judge Lnughltn nays hi
will hold him personally responsible
and has sent him a note warning hin
to make preparation for an cmaigunc ;
a * ho wilt make it his business to see
him soon.
Sr Louis , May 23. The hostili
ties between Stanley Waterloo , editor
of The Chronicle , and Judge Liiu'h
lin , of the criminal court , are li.ibk
to terminate by a bullet any minute ,
as Mr. Waterloo absolutely refuses to
retract , Buying while ho is not suekini ,
a fight ho is not inclined to avoid it.
The judge is reported to bo on thu
warpath , and to intend handing in his
resignation from the beiuh , when hu
wiil sally forth with the intention ol
gutting the drop on Mr. Waterloo ,
who is known to bo well prepared for
an encounter. Ex-Judge Jones , of
the circuit ouit , acknowledges that
ho wrote the paragraph in The Ohroni-
cln at which Judge Liughlin took
offdrice. Though no names were
mentioned in thu article , public fcel-
i g is with Mr. Waterloo. There is
intonao excitement throughout the
Hit-h HoraiUcsh.
Matlonil AsiocltteJ Prow.
BALTIMOKE , Md. , May 23. The
auction sale of high bred trotters yes
terday at the Meadow View stock farm
of II. B. Holton , in Baltimore county ,
attracted much attention among those
interested in horseflesh. Many prom
inent gentlemen wore present. Among
the hones sold were Orange Blossom ,
Jr. , fur $4,325 , and Pamelia to Wm.
Larabeo of Hartford , Conn. , for
§ 2,000 ; Meadow Chief to Saml. Craig
of Philadelphia , for $4,875 ; Hester to
Orson Adam ; , of Howard county ,
Maryland , for § 1,400 , and Hesoie to
Uhas. Lord of Pennsylvania , for
Texas Cfopr.
National Associated Proiw.
DALLAS , Texas , May 23. RoporJs
from many sections i.f the state indi
cate that the exceptionally chilly
nu itn OTO having ii uriouajiflecf pn
young cotton plants. Much replant
ing must bo done. The grain yield is
fine ; haves tins ; is in full blast.
Killed on ship Board-
Satlonal Anaoulatud trot * . .
NEW YORK , May 23. H. G. Han-
ham , aged 3(3 ( , of England , the third
officer on the iSational line steamer
Canada , was instantly killed aboard
the vessel by a aling of pig iron which
slipped and fell on him.
Garrison's Grab.
National Aanocmuni frena.
TOUNOSTOW.V , 0. , May 23 Com
modore Garrison , of New York , is
liero inspecting the Pittsbnrg , Younas-
town & Chicago railrond. Ho has
lately purchased a one-third interest
in the road from C , H. Andrews.
Garriaon leaves for Now York thia
The LOR Men's Strike.
National As-oclUud
Mich. , May 23 , The
strike continues. The new men from
Canada are working on the boom nil-
Jcr a guard of Piukerton's men Do-
Long , mayor and prosecuting attor
ney , who favors the strikers , resigned
the oflico of attorney , and the judge
accepted. Charges will bo made
against him to oust him from the
mayorality There is considerable ex
Cuicngo'N Fostival.
National AbsocUitxl 1'rcsa.
CHICAGO , May 23 The May festival -
val opened this evening at the Expo
sition building , and will continue
through the week. There were 8,000
in the audionc * , 800 in the chorur ,
i'ho entertainment was successful , but
ho auditory was BO cold as to keep
many people away.
Southern PrcfcUytoriaxis.
Matloiul Associated Picas.
ATLANTA , Ga , May 23. In Pros-
> ytt'rian assembly to day's discussion
of the oueation of ecnding delegates
o the northern assembly at Springs
ield , Illinois , was continued , Dr.
jir < iadoau made a long speech in op-
losition ,
Bamei'at Darua.
National Aurochtud flow.
MOUNT HOU.Y , N ,1. , May 23.
A fire at Banicgat , N. J. , thia morn-
up destroyed John Itidnure's house
and store , Allan Neal'a hotel , store
and barn and the Methodist church.
Loss $30,000 ,
Will Accept-
IittonM Associated I'icu
CHICAGO , May 23It is rumored
n railroaa circles that Albert Fink ,
sommissioner if the Trunk line pool ,
ian decided to accept the prdsidency
of the Louisville & Nashville road.
Murdered Through Jonloasy.
NMlontl AwodaUxl 1'rou.
MIUULETOK , Pa. , May 23 , Henry
A , Marrow , a nojro ; at Uhambcrsburg ,
'a. , to-diy murdered a young mulatto
; irl who refused to marry him. Ho
lien escaped.
- i i
Northern Presbyterians.
Ataociatod I'IOHH.
SrnmaKiELD , Ills. , May 28.---The
norning session of the general assem *
> ly was devoted to the minority re-
) ortpf the committee on publication
md ite discussion. An attempt WM
made to reconsider. A resolution
limiting speakers to ton minutes _ on
each subject was lout. The dioussion
of the majority and minority reports
from the committee on homn missions
occupied the afternoon. Dr. Nlccols ,
of St. Loun ; llornblowcr , of Alle
ghany City ; Darlin ? , of H mlltoi
college ; Dickey , of Philadelphia , and
Lowrio , of Huntlngtnn , Uking the
lead. Finally the disagreeing p > r
tions of the two reports were referred
nn motion of Judge Strong , of Wash
ington , D. 0. , to a special committee
to report to the next general as
sombly. ,
WABHISOTON , May 23. - At Tluppa
hanock , Va , , Mrs. Maria Bruce inur
dercd her titop-diughtpr , Maria , ngt > <
tjn , crushing in the skull with a poker
in a fit of rnuo. Tlio murderess tlioi
convoyed the body of her victim torn
old cabin , saturated thu clothes will
oil nnd net it on fire. Thu body was
recovered by the noighbois and the
woman arrested ,
YoUNd LOONH , ' ,
INDIANAPOLIS , May 23. A sensa
tional suicide occurred near this citj
\oiterdny. Henry Hi amer and
E la Wanning , aged respective ! )
oinlitjen and nineteen , rode out about
five miles , during Sunday , and hut
night the girl returned , Dialing the )
had twice taken linulatmin with aui
cidal attempt , the first time withotil
effect , but thu second dose resulted
fatally in the case of the young man ,
while eho recovered suflkiontly to
walk homo. She says they were both
tired of life and fur that reason tried
ij end it ,
aoiNd port
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , May 23At
the opening of iho criminal ciurt yea
turday Judge White took ocoHsiou to
c ill the attention of the grand jury-
to the case of Jno. Harrington , who
was hanqtd by a mob Apiil 3 , for
complicity in the murder of Polio
Officer Jones , His honor reviewed
the circumstances of the case and told
thu jury that unless they utought in
indictments against somu of the mob
they would not bo performing their
tolemn duty , and ho warned them not
to bo appalled by thu great number of
the raui-.lerera , although 2,030 people
took pait in this mob.
MOCM VEUNON , III. , May 23.
City Marshal Smith , who murdered
Cnaa. W. Yost , on the 18th and fl d ,
was surrounded yesterday at
Mitchell's Ferry , on thu Wabafch
river , by the sheriff and posse and
ehot and ciptured. Ho wai brought
to this city last evening badly
wounded. Six hundred and titr >
dollars reward had boon oll'enc ) for
DOTKU , Nl H. , May 23. JB.V. .
Foye , of Stnflord , and wife have been
separated some timo. Yesterday ho
called at the house of ncr father ,
where eho has been stopping , and
tried to get her to return aim live
with him. She refused , and soon
after went to the cemetery to decor
ate her mother's grave , While en-
gained in this act her husband shot her
from behind in the arm and breast.
She crawled back home. The officer. }
are after Foyo.
NKW HAVEN , O.inti , M.iy 23. In
the Mulluy caaa Geo. W. Metcalf , on
thu coroner'i ) jury , testified that
James Mulh < y , on Saturday , August
Cth , said his hither asked him where
ho was , and then checking himself
aaid , "It's well for you tlmt you were
homo Fiiday ni lit " At 10:25 : prose
cutiou uuid it would rest , ex cup t
that it would call Dr. Shepherd
liter. Thu defense announced
would submit their caie to the jury
without argument after theirwitriussi'H
wcru through. It then put woveral
witnesses on the stand to provo that
when Jennie Cramer left the Malley
house the Thursday morning after her
detention all night , she was in good
spirit ? , and waved her hand gleefully
tu James Mulley standing ; in I ho door ,
NEW HATEN , Conn. , M.iy 23. Ten
witnessed were examined this nfter-
noon and only about two hours oc
cupied. At this rate 110 or llii wit
nesses which the defense claimed they
will call , will be shortly exhausted.
The sole testimony seemed to bo
quite irrovelent , the greater part re
lating to Jennie Cramer's being seen
by different parlies on Thursday ,
which seemed to establish the fact
that Jonnia was going around town
on that day in search of Jai. Malley ,
ho alleged orgies in the Millny house
laving , it is said , ocsurred Wednes
day ovcning ,
CANTON , Ohio , Mty 23 T J , Orr ,
of the B-ilton Steel Co. , was called to
ho door of Ida roaidenct ) attwo o'clo < k
his morning , and deliberately nhnt in
the mouth. He went to Dr , Phillip's
oflico , where he fainted. Ho lies in a
oriticil condition. Traphagu > , n man
recently released from ini ] risonment
'or calling his wife , from whom hu
md separated , to the door late at
light , and throwing vitroil on her
'ace and chest , horribly scarri g her ,
las been jailed on suspicion of shooi
ng Orr , ai he had made throats
against him. Indignation is high.
JACKSONVILLE , Ills. , May 23. Two
ntilans attacked Tom Jones , a prom-
nont Miller , in his mill at Webster ,
'oatordiy , and coolly assassinated him ,
Now B anli i.
Nitlaml AwocUtod Prow
\VASHINOTON , M y 22. The comp-
roller of currency authorizes the fol-
owing banks to commence business ;
DoKalb National , D Kulb , Ills..capi.
al 810.0CO ; First National , Valpai-
uiao , Ind , capital 810 , 00 ; First Na-
ioiialJoorgotown"Pjiio , capital 850 ,
Free of Charge ,
All persons Buffering from Cnuglia.Coldc ,
Astium , Bronchllin , Ix < m of V ice , ortny
a'fectlon of the Throat and Lunjjs. are re-
jUBfted to call at C. K , ( iooduau' druK
more and got A 'IVJal Hottle of Dr. King' *
Vuw Dhcovery for Cninmnptlon , free of
charge , which will convince them of IU
wonderful uieiltg and how what a rcgalar
otUy will do. C U early.
That of the Steamer Peruvian
for Twenty-Six Dayo.
Snow , lee , Foe , mid Short Xlntiimi.
tttUtmkl AnocUtfd rrr
Qur.nKC , May 23 The itearacr
Peruvian which has boon twenty-six
days out , arrived at this port at 5 p.
in. to-day , m tow of the tug Rocket
Hnd btoimahip Arcadian. Her pas-
sagd was eventful , owing to ice , snow
storms and fog off Capo lUy. Her
difficulties began on Mity ? . Nothing
could bo soon ahead but an immense
fluid of icj , oxtoi.ding as far as the
uyo could roach , and about a
dozen ships were passed in
a day which had como to anchor ,
waiting for the ice to break. At 11
p. m , the Peruvian waa unable to pro
ceed any further. Next morning she
put on full steam and made a dee-
perato effort to break her way through
tint icy barriers , but had not got
before thu ncrow broke and aim lay
helplessly tat and ice bound. The
steamship "Lako Huron" lay in sight
behind. On Muy Oth a anew storm
set in , Steerugu pafsungorn wcru
reduced to thort rations. Biscuits
were served out only every other
morning , and oatmeal gruel was dis
pensed with. The hardships were
keenly felt by women and children.
On the llth the ica began to move ,
hut the vussul made but very little
progress. The L ike Huron had by
this time got up steam and cleored
her way through the floating ico.
On the lUth not a vessel was
in flight , and Iho ice became thicker
than over and she was blown so close
to iho land that it was feared she
would go down , but the wind veering
iround aho was enabled to cut out in
the open aca aguin. On the 17th a
schooner hove in sight and was sig
nalled. A boat was lowered and the
purser go ton board with instructions
t" make for the nearest tolouraph
office and send the news to Quebec.
At 8 p. m. ho hid not returned ,
though anxiou lycxpcctcdand rockets
wore fired every ton minulos. On
the 18ch the wchoonor came in sight ,
but could not gut along side owing to
thu ico. The captain and purser walk
ed over the ice , which was in lumps
forty feet thick and fifty feet wide ,
to the steamer , from 'which a boat
was lovron'd ' , and they were taken on
board. The purser brought the
good tidings that three steamers
were on thu lookout for the distressed
vessel dnco the ILth. After hailing a
couple of steamers which proved to bo
Btrangers , the orew and passengers
hud thu delight of being hailed by the
Griffin with provisions on board.
The Peruvian was taken in
J/"T by the Arcadian , the
urillin hi'opinir alongaido. On the
21st the tn Rocket also camu to the
rescue , and in tow of both eho came
into port this afternoon. Thus ends
this prolonged voyage with fortunately
no loss of lifi ) . About 600 passengers
were on board.
Notional Ansoclatod 1'rifis
LOIJISVILLB , Ky. , May 23 The
spring meeting of the Louisville jockey
club continued to-day with a better
track and larger attendance than yes
terday Firat men , for nil ujres , ono
milo , was won by Pope Lee , Ilcm'cidu
s.-cond ; time , l'41)j.
Second race , for two ynar olds , five
furlongs , was won by GJO Koiinoy ,
Wandering second ; time , 15G ; ] ,
Tliird racu , Maripantn stake , mile
and a furlong , win won by Hindoo ,
Checkmate second ; time , 1:02 : $
Fourth race , for all ny > a , three-
quaitora of a mile , was won bv Pride ,
( Jlmrluy B. Bccond ; tune , l:18i :
Fifth ract ) , for all ngws , nnlj heats ,
waa won by Brambiillutla , Lucy May
second in first heat and C nmry Bird
second in aecund Iioal ; time , li-10 ? ,
1:18 : ] . '
TJMIT , May 23. Treys VJJos-
tons 0.
CJ.KVKLAND , May 23. Buftaloa 3 ,
CHICAGO , Miy 23 , Chicagoa 2 , Do-
troits 3 ,
BALTIMOIIB , Md , , Miy 23. The
first diy nf the ( spring meeting
of the Miry land Jjckuy club at Pirn-
hcq , drmv a largo attendance , five
ovnnts buing on thu cird.
First race , all axes , three quarters
of a. mile , was won byVoiius , Vulcan
Becyii(5 ( ; timu 1:22. : . ' '
Ht'Cfind racn , hem hnyl ( ilakes , for
threw year-olds , onoiniliv/ | / won bv
Oal'di'o ' , Colonel vf/fyeau eecond ;
tirnolvlO. Rf' \
Third I'i.cj , for all ages , milo and a'
quiuttr , was won bv Crickmoru ,
Minerva Bcond ; timu.10 ) ; |
Fourth raw , Itunock'rt hmidioup , all
Hgoa , mill ) and a fuilong , wai won by
Il'luc L lu'o , with Greenland second ;
time , 1:52A : ,
Fifth race , all ages , milo heats , was
oloauly cjntcsted. The first heat was
a dead heat between Sweet Home and
Surf- ; * ; time , 1:47. : The seond heat
was taken by Sweet Ho me , Nettie
second ; timn , l48j ; Surge took the
third heat , Sweet Home second ; time ,
1:40. : Thu fourth heat and race was
won by Surge in 1CQ. :
Expensive Eggs.
National Awociatcd 1'reM
Nxsiiirr STATION , Miss. , M y 23.
Anthony Driver shot and killed his
son , aged 20 , because he fa led to
muko returns of money fur oygs sold.
Live * Loit.
National Aiuiodatvl ) 1'ruu.
DtntoiT , Mijli , , May 23. The fol
lowing is thu first published Hit nf
lives lobt by the burning of the
steamer Manitoba in Georgia bay ,
May 18th : Thomas Hanburg and
wife of Owen Sound ; Hobort Henry ,
a mill owner of Kagawong ; George
White , of Collingswood ; J. Little ,
foreman for Sullivan , M pads & Co , ;
an unknown dock hand ; Jamoa Lewis ,
of Algeua mills ; Fanny Pround , of
Owen Bound ] John Ilogau , P. Fitz-
natrlck. nf Ottawa , and another un
known deck hand.
Nation * ! AnoeUUd Pmi.
PlTTMivna , Pa. , May 23.Thormu
Marshall's letter dcciininic to be a
candidate for congrcssman-at-largo on
the republican ticket was given to the
papers this evening. After saying
his nomination was the result of pas
sionate excitement rather than calm
judgment , and it was a strong tempta
tion to him to endorse the doctrine
of the platform on sound and in ac-
cird with the wishes of the poopoho )
aiys it is a mockery to displace
tried and faithful public servants
in order to provide places for
hungry applicants who may provo
worthless as they nro voracious. Ho
says thu HBO of public patronngo to
control or direct people in their choice
of candidates is a grave political
crime , and tends to make a servant
master. Party obligations sit light
ly cm hii shoulders , nnd the nomin
ation was a complete surprise. Per
sonal nnd private duties demand his
time , and ho declines rcluctlatitly.
He hopes the inheritors of-thu nnmo
and organization of the republican
part } ' may provo worthy to administer
thu fututo affairs of tlio government.
PiiiLADELi'Hi.i , May 23. A ma
jority of thu delegates to the indepen
dent republican convention'to-morrow
Irivu arrived. A no'iccahlu ' feature
will bo the largo number of ox-federal
nnd etato office holders who will par
ticipate. The popular state ticket tonight -
night is for governor , Postmaster
Mcrrilt nf Tiogo county ; lieutenant-
governor , Col. Win. MoMichaol of
Philadelphia ; congressman at large ,
Thomas At. Marshall ; .supremo judge ,
Wnyno MoVeagh ; secretary of interior
itiTurs , Thomas W. Phillips of Franklin -
lin county. This is the country dole-
gates' sfato ticket , but the probabili
ties indicate several changes before
RICHMOND , May 23. A considera
ble number of republicans from dif
ferent suctions of the Btato had a con
ference to-day. The best of fooling
prevailed , and it was determined to
Htand by the republican organization
of the state. It was decided to call a
meeting of the state central committee
too on Juno 8 , proximo , in thin ciiy ,
with a view of perfecting the organi
zation of the party , and of making an
tlTort to Hccuro an increase of repub
lican ruprrscntation in congress at the
approaching election.
ST. Louis , May 23. The speakers
at this afternoon's session of the na
tional committee of the greenback
pirty were lion. Gilboit Do La-
Mtrlvr , of Indian * ; Captain Kichurd
Treveillok , 'of Miiihlgali ; John-rMiu ;
cuiro of Missouri , and E. Postlou , of
Recess to 7:30 : p. m.
National Associate * ! Prcaa.
LONDON , M y 23. In the house of
commons to-duy Gladstone refused ,
when requested to produce any cor-
reanondtiiico which it was alleged ho
I'ml ' , or had road , between himself and
P.irnoll , O'Shca or Forster , or either
of them , in relation to the release of
Hii4pects. Ho warmly said hu had
duniud there was a compact , and ho
would entertain no request which im
plied that hia denial was incomplete ,
In the Ixiiiao of commons this oven-
iiiir ; , oii a division on the second ivud-
ing , , the arrears of rents bill was car-
ricjlj by a votu of 204 for to 157
OAIKO , Muy 23.The situation of
affairs hero thia afternoon is ex
tremely ciilicil. The Egyptian min
istry has definitely refused to resign ,
relying on the support of. the alloy
promUud by Arabi Hey , minister of
way , who is accelerating" military
preparations to sustain them in thu
position they have taken. The mill-
inters themBclvea in the meantime are
trj'ingito rnlly to their support by re
ports that England and Franco do-
feign annexation of Egypt to their
provinces and in proof thereof point
to thu lar o fhot b'lth ' of those gov
ernments luivo at thu present time in
the port of Alexandria ,
VIENNA , Muy 23. Incendiariesdes-
trnyed thu Suniri'or village and
burned a number of Jewish children
tftlcni ! Ana > clarc.i Prca * .
.WAHIIIKOTOX , D 0. , May 21 , 1 a.
m.-jFnr thu upper Misaishippi and
Mieaouri v.illcjH : Warmer , partly
i-loudy weather , joseibly fnllnwod by
ocal rains ; vurublo winds , inoatly
southeast , and stationary or lower
pressure. ,
Tlio Star Route Casts.
National ADD clatul Ftw * .
WAHIUSOTON , May 23. All the
( I ir i outers recently reiudicted have
given bonds. The court on Friday
will sot the day for trial.
Mote * Taylor Dead.
National Awx&ied Prom.
NEW YuitK , May 23. Moses Toy-
or , presidunt of the City bink , a
inmunont ciHzen , died at his res-
dunce , on Fifth avenue , this morning.
Crops in the Southuroat.
Nitlonil AkMcUtod f row. \
CHICAGO , May 23. Crop reports
'rom Missouri , Arkansas and Texas
are exceptionally promising as to
wheat , porn and oats , and far more
: han an average yield acorns to bo as
Hartford , Pa.
Thomas Fitchan , Bradford , Pa. , wrltcn ;
"I enclose mnnny fur Smitta ULOBHOM as
[ id I would If It curcil me. My dye-
iepra ! haa voulnhed , with all its tyrup-
-ouiH. Many thankn ; I nhall never Ga
without it in the Louse.h Price 50 cents ,
trial bottlwj 10 coot * . ml'Sdlw
The Peruvian Faddlo Again
Stirred Up With a Sharp
Shipuerd'o Assertions Flatly
Oontradiotod by an Bx-
The DomocnvtB Bcoro An
other Day of Successful
The Geneva Award Bill Paused
Without Chan go-
A Variety of Other Items.
National AwocUtwl 1'nsn.
WASIIH > OTON , D. 0. , May 23.
Hilte , ox-assistant secretary of atato ,
testifies that he know nothing of uiiy
United States ministers being inter
ested in the Peruvian company or
Credit Industrial , or of Morton , Blisa
it Go's , contract ; that contract was
never mentioned in the atato depart
ment ; witness was present as inter-
> rotnr wlion Count DoMmtftrroMi ox-
iluincd the aims of thoCrtdit Indus-
liul in seeking Atnorican protection.
31aino said it was contrary t * tlio
spirit of our institutions and ho could
lot ulllow the state department to
enter into such , BU arrangement.
L'ho count was disconcerted.-
3uarea subsequently unsuccessfully
attempted to secure an interview
with Blaino. Witness never heard of
ho suggestion of uniting the Landraa
claim mid the O.edit Industrial : never
law the Alleged missing papers ; first
earned of them from the newspapers ;
would have como under his obsorva-
lon if it had over boon in the depart-
ncnt. Troscott wasspecially charged
to investigate the Landrail claim.
Blaine will bo attain examined to
morrow onthoMontferrean interviow.
The committee on invalid pension
agreed upon a bill to scouro pensions
to soldiers' children by prohibiting
> aying the sanio to solditirs1 widows
; uilty of immoral conduct.
The house commit ! ao on naval af-
'aira have unanimously ogreod to re
port lulvorBoly Calk ens bill for another
xrctio expedition.
To-days .session of the ninth annual
convention of the North American
. t,0o9o'a - < iulon VFW _ devoted to tta
' opening''address ' by PrcaUlouKlftur *
son and culls upon President Arthur
and the British minister.
Since the cabinet mooting to-day ,
it may bo authoritivoly stated that
nominations for the tariff commis
sions will bo made this weok.
Mr. Used obtuino I the signature of *
Guitoau to-daj-j preparatory to habeas
corpus proceedings. Guiteau is con
stantly watched now , night and day.
Brigadier General GJO D-iuglaa
Ilunsay , on the retired lint , died this
evening of sonilty , ogud eighty yearn.
National Axgoclatod 1'rena.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 23.
Senator Pugh's motion to reconsider
Friday'n votu pasatni ; the 5 per cent
hind bill waa iidopted , and the bill re
called from the house.
Senator Logan , from the military
committee , reported an amendment to
thn army appropriation bill , establish
ing an army and navy hospital at Hot
Springs , Ark.
Senator Miller ( N. Y ) introduced a
bill for the erection of a public build
ing at Troy , N. Y.
The GdiiovH award bill came up af
ter 2 p. m. , Senator Dull opposing ita
passage. After several amendments
wtro ottered and voted down the bill
passed as it came from the house by a
vote of 38 to 12. Those voting in the
negative were Senators Beck , Gam-
den , Ooko , Davis , ( Ills. ) Dwis , ( VY.
V.i ) Garland , Oroomo , Hawloy. Jack
son , Mackoy , Morgan and Williams.
Adjourned ut ' 1:55 : p. m.
110U31 : PltOCKKDINUS.
Mr. Calkins called up thoMackoy-
D bboll election CIBO. Filibustering
by the Djmocrats under the lead of
Mr , llandall was n-aumod. The vote
to tuku up was 121) to 1 , the latter by
Pnolpj , of Oonneoticut. The repub
lic um expect a quorum to-morrow.
The liouBo spent the entire after
noon filibustering , only ono member
( Tucker ) being brought in by the aor-
geant-at-arms. The second roll call
ihowcd 128 republicans voting , demo
crats abstaining from voting.
The houao adjourned at 4 35 p. in , ,
with the assurance from Mr. Calkins
that the coso would bo called up to
A Bwartu of Df ttotlvos-
tf Uonl AttocUtoa fren.
NEW YOHK , May 28.The Irish
revolutionary brotherhood , an ad
vanced nationalist organisation , are
in a fitato of ferment over the largo
number of British detectives now in
New York , engaged in hunting for the
murderers of Secretary Cavendish and
Under Secretary Burke in Phoenix
pjrk. They assort ahat the myste
rious "Miko" Turner , who was ar
rested last Thursday by Pinkerton'a
men is a detective from Scotland
yard , and the Irish nationalists have
had a elaso watch on him.
Frank llanlal. North Bennett street ,
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Blossom M ft faintly medicine , aud have
never come OCIOM anything to do BO much
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atonmch ; I strongly recomwoad It. Trias
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