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The Daily Bee.
Tuesday Mo miner , May 23.
Weather Keport.
( The following obeorvattons are taken at
the name moment oi time at all the eta-
lions named. )
Wi DxrAnrMurr , U. H. BIOVAI. SIRTICI , 1
Otuni. May t2. 1B3JZ. ( Ii6 p. tn. ) I
The wive * , daughters and aiiters of the
members of St. George' * iiocUty , of Oma-
hi , re requested to tneet at iho rcaldenco
of ifenry Livoiey , 121C Capitol avenue , on
Wednesday , May 24th , at 2 p. m. , for the
purpose of orxanizincr a Booloty that shsll
be auxiliary to the St. George , Mra. M.
H. Cnrlton.
Sllle. Litta appoari at Boyd's Opera
llousa in concert on Tuesday , May. 30th.
Litta Is an attiito of great ability , was for
several j CMS the principal of thoStrakosch
opera company , filled a 'nooson In opera in
Vienna , also ia London , under Maplesotu
For the second part of the proBramrae an
act from "Martha" will probably bo privon.
The remains of the late B. U. Kiddoo
were buried at Prospect Hill at 4 p. m. ,
yoalerday from Undertaker Jacobs' J-
tab btment , It or. W. J ; Hanbo , of the
Presbyterian church , officiating.
The Denver train due in Omaha at 7:35 :
a.m , joitorday did not arrive , owing to
detention on the west end , but came in
aa the Brat section ot No , 4 yesterday after
noon. A broken wheel caused the delay.
The dittrict court meeU two' weeks P
from yesterday the docket will be quite
heavy , ai already nearly GOD oases have tl
been tiled.
The lower rooms in the Paxton are
being rapidly finished up and will bo ready thHI
for occupation at an early day.
There were three Pullman cars out to
yesterday , ono going out empty to meet 8V
an excursion party at Ogden.
The B. & M. is grading for Its track
on the north side of Jaoluon , between 8th
and 9th.
The funeral of C. It. Seydell , the unfortunate - th an
fortunate boy who swallowed a screw and
died from the t fleet , takes places at 4 p. ? f
m. to-day. The friends are invited to nt-
tnd. to
The ttreet car ln ! waa demoralized Tl
'badly last night. The or * ran in squads inBi
of four or BUT bt didn't ' run nt all , aa or. BiP
A reward of 150 will be paid for tfad ti
return of the Jewelry lost on the morning
of the fire , May 12tb , and no questions BO
MkeJ. 0. E. Abert , 1400 Douglaa street. hidi
rnSS-tf di
It was reported yesterday thai a man th
living near the Intersection of Eighteenth thP
and Burt , had gone crazr and carried off hi
ft child. A BBC reporter went the round fa
of the neighborhood , but could find no faPl
confirmation of the alleged sensation , Pl
It makes no difference how you atcc
caught Rheumatism or Neuralgia ; uao cctc
St. Jacobs Oil and bo restored.
Made from the wild flowers of the tlS
it is the moat fragrant of perfumes.
Manufactured by H. B. Haven , San
Francisco. For Bale in Omaha by W.
J. WbitehouBO and Konnard Bros. ,
& 6.
Preparations for the Oboorvanco of
Decoration Day.
In accordance with general order
Mo. G , issued from department hoad-
'quarters at Lincoln , Geo. A. Ouster
post , N7 , G. A. K. , win ordered to
make proper observance of May 30th ,
decoration day , and at a regular meet
ing appointed a committee to make
uitablo arrangements for the post.
The executive committee mot and
appointed the following committees :
On oration , executive committee.
On flowers , Gco. M. O.brien , Win ,
Oibum , E , Wjman ; also Sergeant
Allison and Generals Olark and
Moaske , of Phil Ki-arnoy Post.
On music , S. 11. llathbun , F.
Oa carriages , D Hunloy , 0. N.
On invitation , J. G. 'Willis , J. N.
General Gso , M. O'lirieu was ap
pointed marshal of the day , with
Sergeant Allison of Phil Kearney
Post , as aisislaut. the other assistants
to bo named by the marshal.
Kearney pobt will join with Geo. A.
Ouster post in the memorial services ,
and will bo accompanied by the Ninth
infantry band.
A full report is expected hourly ,
which will bo duly announced , to
gether with programme of ezorcitei.
, . All comrades of the G. A. R. , ere
expected to take a lively interest in
tbeeo matters until arrangements are
J , H. RioiiARDiJ , Commander.
Post Adjutant.
Do Not Be Deceived.
In theco Una * of quaok uitxliclne adver-
jbements ereiy where , It is truly gratify-
[ nv to fiod one remedy that U worthy of
iiruUe , and which really does t > i recont-
mended , Eliotrio Ul ten w can vouch
for ft * b ipg a true and reliable remedy ,
bnd one that will do i r-coinmendeJ.
They Juvorhibljr cra Stem .rh and Llyer
Comjjlulut * . PIse&sei ( > f the Kidoeva ami
brln rr difficulties. Wo know wheieof
w peak , nJ c o readily y. glr them
trial , Sold at fifty ceuU a bottla ly
0. V , Goodwui.
The Mooting of Swedish Citi
zens Saturday Night.
Tneyaro Dissatisfied With the Action
of Their Minister nt Washington ,
For Bomo tinio past there hnn boon
consklorftblo clifljfttisftiotion amoncr the
the Swedish citizens of Omaha by
reason of Iho departure of Mr. N. N.
Yindquott , their consul , from thia
city and state , as there were a largo
number of persona waiting to trans
act business which they could only do
through the medium of that official.
After a great deal of talk among
the people , it waa ngrood to call a
mooting which waa done and the name
hold nt the offlco of Judge E , M ,
Stonborg , on Tenth street. This moot-
ng waa attended by hundreds , and
ho resolutions adopted at that tlmo
were published in TJIR BHB.
A committco of five was then ap
pointed to correspond with the minis-
or at Washington , inquiring if the
iflico was doomed vacant and asking
f they could make a nomination of
lomo prominent and popular man to
fill the * vacancy. No reply waa re-
icived in several weeks' time , so the
hairtnan of the committee , Air.
Gustavo Andreon , wrote to the
minister at Washington asking at
least an answer to their comtnu ;
nication , and when no reply came , ;
after another long delay , wrote Senator ol
tor Saundera , asking him to see the elM
minister and ascertain how matters M
stood , and to inform him as to the re
sponsibility and standing of the committee - ro
mittoo which had written him. A re
ply was received to this that ho would
bo prepared in two or three weeks to pi.
communicate with the committee.
Laat week Mr. Andreon received a re
letter stating that Mr. Vindquest had
resigned , and that the appointment of
his successor would bo mode by the
minister of foreign affairs , at Stock be
helm , but that the nomination was
loft to the minister at Washington ,
and ho had proposed the name of
John Johnson , Esq. , who had boon an
recommended by Mr. Vindquost. hii
reP On the receipt of this there ap he
peared tobo BO much dissatisfaction , tin
not only on account of the treatment
the ) committee had received , but at thi
the man named for the place , dr
thflt iho committco telegraphed fat
the minister that if ho would wait a ani
little they would show good rearon coi
why Johnson was not a proper man wilr
fill the place , and asked for an an-
iwor by telegraph. None waa received fire
liowovor , and meantime tho- meeting
f Saturday night waa called to ex- Go
iroes the feelings ot the Swedish resi- cap
ionta in regard to the matter. aa
On Friday a lotlor waa received in * nt
mswor'to the dispatch saying that sin
ho reasons urged against Johnson's "A
appointment were not good , but that the
fr there were any good reasons to bo hei
jreaontod ho would allow the commit-
ioo two weeks to make thorn good.
This changed the object of the moot wh
ing entirely and the result waa that on all
Saturday evening , about ono hundred levI
persons'being present , quite a discus- I
lion arose as to Johnson's qualifica
tions. The dissatisfaction Boomed to '
bi not BO much against John am
son personally , but because ho
had irene to work , aa ho ( Jc
3id without the recommendation of lee
the citizens. A veto aa to the pro gal
portion of these present who favored the
liim showed not a eiuglo ono in his ho
favor. ari
A committee of twenty waa ap saj
pointed , in addition to the committco agi
five previously named , to make am
ouch a presentation of the case as sot
could bo done in the time allotod them aoi
tc the minister.
It may bo well to add that the dis-
Bontors include our most prominent hii
and respected Swedish citizens , and
that it would seem fitting that the bit
Swedish minister should give some yo
weight to their wishes in the matter. thi
Saratoga. ah
Hon. W. n. Liwton loft yesterday JeG
for T kamah , Logan and vicinity , to th
bo absent several days. he
Mra. Jflmos B. Kynor la expected th
homo thia week from Ohio , where aho kc
1ms boon on a visit to her homo. th
The froat yesterday nipped 20 , 10
000 sweet potato plants which our on
torprisinu gt ardnora had crowing
nicely. Thia ia the second loss they 00
havo' sustained in this way , thia to
spring p
The Union Sunday school , which an
by the way is booming , have in preparation - he .
ration a concert to bo given next ; o
mouth. CUCKOO , nc
UHK Kcdtllnu'B Uumlti Salve In the m
house and use Iteddlug's Husalun Sulvo in th
thubtnUo. Try it. bl
A Fine null. ac
J. llooliatruesor , agent for the fo nt
Brunswick & llalko Co. , has just re foFf
turned from Lincoln , whore ho sold
three now tables to Mr. John 8. Ed '
wards , proprietor of llu Arlington
billard hall. Mr. Edwards had al in
ready three tables of the Brunswick ac
& Balko make , but ho intends to open st
up the finest hall in the state , and ho
eonds an invivatiou to Ins Omaha
friends and all others to call in nnd
BOO hia tables when they visit the capitol -
itol .
city. w
"Wells' Health llenowi'r" restores health
an1) ) vigor , cures riyunepsia , Impotence.
Miual debility. $1. Depot at 0. V.
A Bold Robbery on Ninth and Dor-
oas Streets.
Some time botvroan 7:35 : and 0:15 :
o'clock Monday , the roaidenco of
Mr. A. Groaa , on Ninth and Dorcae
strooU was robbed of money and
property amounting to between ono
and two hundred dollars.
Mi. and Mra. Gross had gone with
the family of Mr. C. F. Goodman to
attend church , nnd during their ab
sence the back door waa broken open
and the whole house rummaged from
one cud to the other , On their re
turn they found things in the utraoat
confusion. Brewing case drawen , ,
cloBota and such places were turned
topsy-turvy , mattrasses and bed
clothing searched , and every conceiva
ble place that could hide property of
any value investigated.
The thitvea had discovered and car
ried away about $20 in cash , two gold
necklaces with crosses attached and
aot , ono with gr.rncts and ono with
pearls ; A gold rine ; n child's tafe and
very valuable cigar holder worth 305.
The latter waa a present to Mr , C roes
from the employes of the fence fac
tory , of which ho is proprietor , tnd
ho would not huvn parted with u for
double its value.
It ia probable that other articles
were atplen which aa yet have not
bron missed , No duo waa loft to the
' Women Never Think. "
If the crabbad old batcholor who
uttered thia aontimont could but wit
ness the intense thought , deep study
and thorough investigation of women
in determining the best medicines to
keep their families well , and would
note their sagacity and wisdom in se
lecting Hop JLSittcra na the best , and
demonstrating it by keeping their fam
ilies in perpetual health , at a more
nominal expense , he would bo forced
to acknowledge that nuch sentiments
are bisoloes and false , [ Picayune ,
Bow a Little Girl Induced Her Father
to Quit Drinking1.
"How do you do thia afternoon !
lad to BOO you , " waa the salutation
ivon a little miss about fourteen ycara
ld ono Thursday afternoon at the Y.
II. 0 , A. rooms.
"Havo you any pledge ? , air ? " aho
opliod : after a momenta pause.
"Do you moan temperance
lodgea . ? "
"Yea , air , that ia what I want , " she
epliod. ]
* "And who do you want it for } "
"I want it for my papa. Ho has
aya now if ho had a pledge he would
ign it and never drink another drop ,
nd mamma and I arose anxious- about
lim that I came to you , for wo have
teard ; how you help people some
imes. " (
Pledgea of thia kind are not kept at :
ho rooms , but the one whom she ad-
resiod , suggested that aho bring her
ther to the meeting that evening
nd though ahe had some distante to
ome , she said ' 'I will do it if papa
rill come. "
Thsy came , and were among the
rat to arrive. :
At that meeting the infinite love o
fed in Hia son , Jeaua Christ , wa '
specially dwelt upon. Such versea
1 , Jno. 3:16 : , 1 Jno. 4:9 : ; Rom. 0:8 : }
ud Jno. 3:0 : were read The great
ntulnes of the human race , and that
All hare sinned and come short of-
IB glory of God" waa spoken of , but >
knew it too well.
At the close of the meeting he wa tr ln
pproached by one of the workers wi
ho noticed hia apparent intereat in
that said about the ' an
waa Sivior'o *
ve for the lost. He said , "I know blhe
am lost in my present state. " fa
Then turn with mo to Matt. 18:11 : : :
'Par the Son of man is como to eeek fri
ud to save that which ia lost. " Even tr
to Luke 15:2 : : "This man
lesuu ; receivde the sinners. " Let ua ta
ok now at the parable of the Prodi-
Son , Luke 15:11-20 , and BOO what oem
lie Father did. The Prodigal , when fa
to himself ho said "I
came , , will of
riio and go unto my Father , and will ki
ity unto him , Father , I have sinned th
gainst heaven , and before thee , and nc
no more worthy to bo called thy
on ; make me as ono of thy hired
. ' 'But when ho
aryanta. waa yet a to
roat nay off , his Father caw him and tobe
tad compassion , and ran and fell on beM
U neck and kissed him. " ' tii
Now , my friend , this illustrates the tiim
ilossed Savior's willingness to receive m
ou if you como to Him with a desire
hat Ho shall ' save you. Read one b
nero Torso : Rom. 10 : 9-21. Thou ; in
halt confeii with thy mouth the Lord m
lesus , and believe in thins heart that
3od hath raUtd Him from the deed
hou shalt be " " ' "
saved. "I'll do it ,
said with great earnestness , and
father , daughter and youne man
cnelt down , and with tears called on
lie Father in the nuno of Jesus io
ieal the covenant.
After an elapse of several weeks the
vorktr was met by the daughter and
locostod him by saying : ' 'I wanted
tell you that sinoo that nljjkt my
apg > has never tasted a drop of liquor ,
md now we are so much nappitr at
lomo than we used to be. Papa used all
spend his evenings up town , but
low 1 stays athomoacd my mamma ,
she has alwiys done since I oan re- a
nember , ruuds the bible and prays
.hat the Lord will keep us from trou-
jle , and that wo may all bo happy , "
ind as she spoke h r face was illnini-
led , the result of a heart full of joy
for the reclamation of her ftther.
This is only another instance of the
inwer of God's word to save the lost ,
'Whosoov r will m y como. "
Horsford'H Acid Flioipliato
sea oicknces is of great value. Its
notion on the nbrvcs of the disturbed
stomach is soothing and olFnctivo. to
Ilulgo plants 70o. per thousand
wholenale or retail. T. E , B. llason ,
Sheuandoah , In. d-9t
WANTKH Slop and sand brick
mouldum. Apply at the water works
oQlce. nmy22-lt-niito
A Novelette by
Author of "Rodmnn tbo Keeper , "
"Anno , " oto.
Published only ( and complete ) in
the May nnd Juno number * of TUB
CENTURY MAGAZINE. Bold by doalora
ovetytrheront 35 emits each.
Dear Sir. You can guarantee that
Krdinau'a pure baking powder is ID ado
from the finest cream tartar oryatals ,
and that it contains no alum , phosj1
phatos or foreign substances oicopt
starch in eufficiont quantity to mix
the cream tartar and soda.
E. J. WILSON & Co. ,
ml8.2t-uuto Cincinnati , Ohio. tt
Diaooureo by Rov. William J.
Harsba to the YOUDPT Men
Commemorative of the
late A. L. Eobison.
A Strong end Lovely Character.
There waa a large attondnnco nt the
Presbyterian church Monday evening
whore , according to announcement ,
the pastor , Rev. Wm. J. Harsha ,
preached a commemoration Bormon
upon the late A. L. Robison , for a
number of years prominently identi
fied with the church and its interests.
The platform was beautifully decor
ated with flowers , the gifta of loving
Friends of Mr. Ilobison. Vaaoa
adorned each aide of the dcak , and an
exquisite floral cross depended from
ho front of the pulpit. The soleo-
ions rendered by the double quar-
atto choir bore special reference to
the occaaion.
The preacher took for hia text Mark
XIII , 33 "Tftko yo hood , watch
and pray , for yo know not when the
time ia , " In opening his discourse ,
Mr. Harsha said that the duty of
spooling on the subject was to him a
moat trying ono. For ton years past
Mr. Ilobison had boon most intimate
ly associated with Kim as a very dear
friend more oven than a brother.
Their relations had boon of the ton-
dareat character in college , in youth
and in manhood , and ! his heart was
overburdened as it sought to realize
that death had so suddenly and
unexpectedly severed the cord which
for so many years had bound them
together. On thia account ho would
make no attempt to preooh a memor
ial sermon for he felt that at the pres c
ent time ho could not do BO. Ho only
proposed to call the attention of the
young men present to some of the
chief characteristics of Mr , Robison-'a
life aa a young man and to point to
ho lessons which such a life incal-
ated. And first he was a true friend
und a belisvor in friendship- n
Pho preacher pointed out tote
jut the mirks of a genuino'friend , its to
affection , its forbearance , its willing Iwi
ness to chide and to receive merited1 IwiM
reproof , it > unselfishness. Moro than > M
ill ho urgjd that it ought io have ita- bt
oundation-upon the solid baseof a ]
Christian character. Such a friend
ship will Troather every storrajit ia the
'riondship-of adversity aa well as pros in
perity , of Borrow aa well aa of joy , inGi
rooted firstly in the past , blossoming' .
n the , and ita
present sending strong 01
sranches into eternity itaelfi A BOO-
nd trait cf > Mr. Robison'a character : & ! ' who bad the aaost pass eli w
ing acquaintace with him , waa hi Vie
jruthfulnosa. , Ho scorned a.lte. He
tvould aooner have gone through any ,
imounts of physical suffering , than to
ilackon hii soul by deceit and
10 had & . thorough contempt for
'alsahopd in thought , word or BO
iotion in ethers. Naturally resulting
from thia waa hia earnest cearch nftur
truth. Ho 'waa open to conviction trnc
Hid even ready to acknowledge a mis ti
take when made. And finally onso
lonvinced of the truth he 'stoutly
naintained'it. ' Ho never faltered in tie - lu |
face of adverse circumstances , of men
auperioc position or wisdom. He
knew no fear in defending what ho
thought io-bogood , noble and true ; . ho cY
never hesitated in letting it bo known cYN
or which * side ho was finally planted * of
Following from this trait of charac
ter was hia unswerving honoty. To
be hnneat from policy is not hontflty.
Mr. Robison's honesty vaaa the rtflec- _
tion of a pure heart , shining through th
unflinching will. Ho scorned
mcaneaa and potty trickery. Ho despised -
spisod a man who would raise himself
by the aits of deceit. In this tsuit as
the others mentioned ho waa a ,
model to every young aian. * *
A marked characteristic was his
hopefulness. His sunny nature ever
looked forward to a bright future , and
the rays of iiopo illuminated' every
period when others would have bcon
most despondent. The speaker had
teen him in moat distressing circum
stances , trying enough to have proa *
tratod almost any aian , but his cheer
ful truat in coming daja , all the
brighter because of the present dark
ness , carried him buoyantly through
his cares and troubles. tiiwi
And finally above all and beyond wi
, and of which these traits viero
but the types , waa his noble Christian
character. Trained from boyhood in Df
Christian homo , with devotedly
pious parents , around whoso family
altar lip learned Ilia first lessons of
trust in his Savior , Mr. Robioou
throughout his lifo was a bright ex
emplar of the doctrines which ho pro
fessed , An earnest worker in the
church , ho loved its associations and
never liesitatrd to lot hia position as a
professing Christian bo Known , llo
had a strong faith which never fal
tered , for it was grounded on the of
Rock of Ages. Who can doubt that
him death was a happy entrance
into the place which our Heavenly
Father has prepared for these that
love him from the foundation of the
Mr. Harsha cloned with an appeal
the young mou present to found
their lives upon the euro foundation
upon which the deceased had builded
his , in order that they , hku him ,
might bo prepared for the (
when it camo.
Free of Charge.
All persbns suffering from Coughs , Polde ,
Atthina , Bronchitis , Loss of , urany
alfcctlou ot the Throat and Lunx * . me re-
nutated to call at 0. F , GoodmanV ilrnt ;
store and Get a Trial Dottle of Dr. Kins' *
Nuvr Discovery for Consumption , free of
elurje , which will convinva them of IU
wonderful merits and show what u regular
dollar-alzo bottle will do. Call cirly ,
Jury Investigates the Deaths 01
Kiddoo and Qranam ,
At 10 a. m. yesterday the following
jury was Impanncled by Coroner Ja of
cobs : Gco. Thrall , 0. J. Kraory , GOP.
Wedlock , E. S. Stone , Eugene Pick- T
ard and Judge Hydo.
The first cue demanding investiga
tion waa that of the death of Mr. Kid-
dee , who received fatal injuriea from
a collision between the Missouri Pa
cific and U. P. train i on Tuesday
morning , May IGth , near Gilmore
atUion. In thia cajo the following
witnesses were sworn : Arthur A. Al
ien , D. P. Bigger , J. R. Kiddoo , L
M. Jenny , H. R. Uuntlty , G. R.
Brooks and G , U. Farran , being pas-
aengera ano employes of the train on
which the accide t happened ,
The facts of iho case , BO far fs
proven , appear'to bo that the deceased
and Mr , Allen were pasaongora on the
Union Pacific freight train , which loft
Omaha nn the morning of the 16th ,
The train waa followed by two Mia-
aouri Pacific trains , running as second
and third sections of No , G. The
first I Bcction passed Summit on tinker ,
at 5:45 : , and ntartcd down the grade at
I the rate of Dftepn to eighteen miles an
1 hour. The train following them was
drawn 1i by Mioiouri Pacific engine No.
i 230 , and had but four cars , while No.
6 i had 30 cars.
Whenabout a railoand a quarter west
of Summit the second section WAS
scon approaching No. 5 at a. faat rate.
The engineer and fireman had their
i loads out of the window and were
apparently looking ahead of them ,
The engine sounded the call for
i jrenks , but cither the engine would
not hold or something , for aho con-
t inued to gain on No. 6. At this
t joint the road sags a good deal , and
while the train could bo seen a 3 alf
mile away , it was believed by the train
men on No. 5 , that the engineer on
the second section knew what ho waa
doing and had his engine and train
under full control.
Allen and Kiddoo beoatuo alarmed
and wont out on the front platform of
the : way car and finally jumped ofi | ,
with < hs result known , and soon after
No. 230 struck the way car breaking ,
the lower jaw on the draw bars of both
the box cars next the cabcoso. The
train men on No. G say that they
knew that- the 230 had a shoulder on
her pilot and had no apprehension of
her ditching the way car at the rate at
which they were running and would
n t have jumped had they boon on
the steps of the caboose. 3ho roar
breakman was on top the car next the
caboose and felt but a ligh ! ? shock.
Both tho'pationgera who jumped fell ,
and Kiddoo struck his bend "on a tie
left by the section men who had bt > en
repairing the track at that point. The
tram men say-'tho " 230" was in back
motion when nho struck , and if she
bad taken steam the accident would
not have happened. It ia cuoiomairy
go dorm thia-wado at thirteen 'to
eighteen miles an hour , an tr'there
waa no necessity for a second esctio n
to ran into thorn * Aa the crow of th e
Miaoouri PaciCc train waa not preset ] it
DUt are expected in to-night , the iti-
ueai waa adjourned to 0:30 p my
The same jury wits at once sworn
to inveatic&te- death of Jack
3rahnm , which occurred in thcibf
i.-iil'nt G p. m , Sunday. Officers VIe
Jlure , K sper , JKIynn and Granaeheir
fferp- examined and no new facts
elicited beyond what is published Use -
wher-a. ] A verdict waa found thst'the
ieceased cimo to his death from the
results of a debauch.
The jury in the case of Kidd re
sumed its sittinR.'at' 930 last night.
It was learned- that the crew of the
second unction of" train Ho. 6 , 17. P. ,
of the Hth inst. , A : Missouri Posifio
train , had been diaeharged and could
not' be present at ihe investiga
tion < * , being probably in ISan-
BO3by thia time. . Thereupon , the
ury found a verdict on the tf alimony
idducad in the rtoming that the de
ceased came to hia-death from injuriea
received at the time and place named
the testimony , and that the crew in
3hargo of the second aection of train
No. 5 , of the IGtfi-inst. , were guilty.
f'3riminal carolenanoaa.
This will give occasion for legal
proceedings on two different quest
ions : first , on ths- part of the atato
gainst the engineer and othora of
the train for criminal carelessness in
running their train and , secoudj a
oivil suit for damages by the relatives
f the deceased. The litter would , of
course , bo brought against the Mis
souri Pacific road , whoso employes-
wo to blamofor the accident , amb will
be punished according to the zaal the
Frionda of tlio.dead man m j . fool 17
under the circumstances of hia taking
The Sabbaths Round Up Ncfc Voscy
Judge Beneko had a rathosllght Bit-
tine yesterday morning and hia report ro
was not BO important aa usual. <
Goo , Grooms and another aan wore
mealed for complicity in the robbery
Ohaa. J. Nolan on Friday night
lout. Grooms was roleancd on § 300 Btr
bail and the hearing aot for 2 p. m ,
Three plain diunka were arraigned
and committed in default of $10 and
costs. _ _
Tom Price , the plumber , and Pitt
O'Brien , charged with striking n
young inau about fifteen years Qv
t.0 and injuring him severely.
Krause had been in the employ of
Price , but quit him Bomo time IIRO >
and it ia claimed that ho has held a
erudco against him over since. Mon- I
diy tlia boy was in Brown's candy the vi
store on Fifteenth street , when the
two men came in , and Price , after
knocking the boy down , is charged
with striking him with a bottle which
he seized from the counter. Afterward
ward the two men went to the saloon
kept by the boy's father and tried < o
buy beer , for the purpose , it is uaid ,
preventing any trouble by the
knowledge that ho had violated the
Sunday law. Although ho know rioth-
ing of the assault , ho told them that
ho did not soil liquor on Sunday , and
they loft. Jj
Donf OB a Mate ,
Mr * . W. J. L ug , U thany , Ont. , statw
that for fifteen mouths ulie waa troubled
with a disease in the ear , causing entire
deafness , ID t u minutes after uslnn
HOUAS' EOLECTRIO OIL the fouud relief ,
and in short tiiue the was entirely cured
nnd her hearing restored. m23Jlw
Hon. Charles Kaufman and Hon. Fred.
MeU lears yesterday for Chicago and Jj
ihe east , ia the interest of the M. & M. U.
Nebraska , and aUo on account of pri
vate buiiners , _
Would not bo without * 8tT' Jacolw
Oil if it coat $50 a bottle , says Mr
Hues or , 216 Ku h street , Chicago , III.
A Discovery Which the Olty Officers
were Not Anxious to In
The city officials were yesterday in
formed that a mysterious grave had
been revealed by the recent storms ,
which had Bunk the clay some
eighteen inches below the surround
ing surface.
The grave was first discovered by
the wife of ox-Policeman Charles
Manchester , being aituatod in the
brush nbont throe hundred yards
from their residence , in the northwest
part of the city. The cavity was
.bout six feet long And two and a half
feet wide , and waa dug in u direction
ying from northwest to southwest.
Seinp cut bias , it looked from thooir-
aet aa if it waa n woman's' grave.
Yesterday altejnoon Deputy Mar-
aha ! McClure and Officer O'Don-
ohoo wont out to investigate tin mya-
tery , and found it aa stated. They
also m w the heel of a woman' * shoo
sticking up through the clayrand
pulling the shre out Sound it to bo of
fine texture , a laced ahoo , and about n
No , 5 , The mate waa found nearby.
It looked as if both had bcon covered
up and again reaurrocted by the rain.
It was a curious locality for a-
grave , nnd it was curiously dug. Tile
ofiicora were afraid that the occupant
waa tlto victim of a suppressed oaze
of small pox , and hence did not take
atepa to > resurrect the remains.
At the some time it might bo that thia
myatenouo tomb concealed a victim of
foul play , n > theory borne out by the
isolation of the locality ohoson and
the relics discovered.
It waa deemed wise to leave an in-
jvestigationi to oomo ono who had had
the small poSf and therefore , they loft
the body for the present in its lonely
3. H. Kennedy left for Laranio yester
day on a ten days'business trip.
Col. K. B. Temple leftyesterdoyfor Fre
mont and the vrsst after several days ipent
lnirecuper < kting with hii friend > in this
Mr. E. S. Shocker , of the iirrc.of Funk
& Shockey. state agents of Hawthorns'
Centennial Roof paint , baa returned from
Lincoln , whereho introduced that cele
brated article under the moat favorable
auspices. He expects Hawthorn Brother * "
here in a few day * , en route to Denver. _
Mrs. M. J. Harris , of Ltrami3.was 'n
the city yceterdsy and left for home on the
noon > trail1. She is just returning from
Kentucky , where she purchased 230 head
of fine _ Merino ahaep for her ranch U
HOTICE Advertisement To Loan , For , gala
Lost , Found. Wants , Boarding , fcc. , will bo in- Cl
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UcuOtnce. tf Bpl
WANTID-To rcn . with prlrfrea of buy- tui
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hard and soft water * Good location. Apply
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Furn'shei housoff BT roonn to
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ItrecU. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 889tf
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FOUHALtlhe twj torj ( tn-ne hulldlnjc k now *
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flee ; tnqulroof MlLfoN ItnOK MMSiN.
ao-2i 14 < h nnAFarnttm.
TTJlOtt SALT SJ aern , with hnmt , barn'
J ? crape * , rult trei . etc. . near Vfet Onaha. .
bj lit G. UiKoon , IGiaDouKlao-ilTfot 30I-S
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JS with bitn , two welli , tnd oitetn )23fr
South 14th street , ieond houtu north of William
ltrek > Price I16CO. 193-311
7T10R 8 ALK Irg lot aad houf of fcnr roomi
JD on South 10th tr ct , at $760. fcmall cub
, balance mjnlh y. llcCoguo oppoilt
EOR SALE One fln baygr ard hirnesa/or
l5.In _ lr jaUlpspa it Gallery 178-ti
"ITIOR ALE Ch eip choice rMltBC9 , comer
C 141)1 ) and Burt , Inquire at 1322 Oaas street.
163-2S *
T710R SALE Housn of blx > rocmi , and lot lOz
P 225 , north of filxtccutb atrtet l/nOs * Ap
ply corner 12th and IluWtrd. Newspaper Union.
F OK SALK ant adjoining ; lot c
Fork aronae. Flrst-claai prop rty ,
QEO. W. AMht ) , 1M3 Farnam ttreet. 7-t
FOR SALE A hou - and lot on Dodge street ,
on of tbo finest locations In thetliy
115-tf J. H. DUMONT. 13th m Harocy.
TT1OR HALC Or arade ; Hxlii ictt OB 10m
Jj street next to tie corner of Ilirnsy. also
00x132 feet on tb cast lido between Huof P ard
Capitol avenue. Enquire of U. BEUTHOLD.
23 If
l/Ort SALK 'Jlie warm bpiinicx , kltuuted
? mlisa noutb of the U. K railroad la Carboa
County , WjomlDff Territory 410 Mroi ofv\
meadow ' and upland tit iruaranted. Address "t ,
tV. H.Ctldnell , Warm Spilaga. Wyon.lng. jk '
FOR SALE Neat cottage of I fire rooms , barn , t
u ell , and cletera , on ZJrd I ntreet ne > r Call-
lornia , at $1,400 , easy termU Uague opposi
pottoHlce. 9 i-tf
F I OR SALE A restaurant at a. barpatn. n.
Mxnnweiler. llth street near Faniam.
M.tho BOYS' HOME. Thli house Is ce - -
rally located , has sou h and- east front , and la
wrrounded w th fine thade trees ) cent Imthirty
pto ? rooms , has Ice boi > e.-laundr : < ( simple liana world wde-reputation ana a , , /
letter patron'go ' than many hotuea of Uri e Ita.vr
MipaclJjr. Price $5,000 Ken patt auiars od-V * *
Iress , A. A. SAWDKY , Red Cloua , ibi > .
I SM-tt\ ( \
171 OK SALE 200 choice lots in Han c3m Film ,
Wl R Bartlett , Real E Ut Ag t. 317 8
,8th -
FlCni HALE A good uornor lot on Uoauu Mid
23th street , in a very fast' growing pu-t ( C.
thi olty.wUl divide. Itiqulas at ilOouth 2tith.
itroot , near Farnam.Bogg's A UUl'a addltloi .
_ 820-1 m"
E1OU&ALU i0 ! lota near Uwiscom f rX weit >
ctPurk Avenue. ftEOto tSOOieacb. Mc-
nm opp. I'ostofficu. _ (
I71OHUALK OrwllTeicna fa tot Oioxi' jiru-
: I Ipcrty , an improved BW MioAland adjoin-
CR a Btaticn on U , P. R. R. M. DOBJi/lM , 1413
fkraham St. , Omaha. 720 Smt
B 203-tf KALt.E3TADP.OOK.I * COK.
BALED HAY At A. : Sanihir' V eed Rte
IQlSHarnevBt. s9-H
LjJL orweek.110 laih Kreot Batxfeon Douglaj
ind Podge. Mrs. L. Hath. _ _ 173-24
h Ali'rt butcbar shop remonooirner 10th
aud Doilge , connected wJ.V.i hii grocery
itore. Kgttf , butter acip-ulty ( reeh from the
uotry , Fourwarons regulodjonrnplny d pur-
'bating. Fr < h milk daily Itora his own dairy
ciutomcrs requeued to. < aj i. t t'bf ctio
fiiaranlctd. _ , _ n g-23'
LOST A liver aniii white a-J jored pup , tbroa
moot sold. Tl a fin AA < Mil ba suitably re-
nl d by 'caving ' tSo soina t o start ) of Jame *
3fl , soiilh 10 h Bir. et.
_ _ _
pAKEN UP A cow abcatJe raoW , rd with
wbitel note , lart-o Itot M \ \ a a belfer ,
< i , with wnfte tpets. Imth with falf.
3-4tt on e w Bakery/ Bt. near Williams.
riONALlBT , t'MVotft Street , bttftccnl'cruaa
nd llornor. Will , v1 , tu tto nd ! of guirdtMi
plrltJ. olitrln forarjy ousaglauco 66 thn fast
prooeut , uut on a rtftln condition * In thau
ure. Uoota fcnd SUw rf madj la jrJer. Potfco
' '
j an23-lci
Absolutely Pure.
This powder nerer rarlw. A marvel ot p
, strength and * boletomeneii , ilor ocorT *
-l * n n the ordinary klndi , and cannot b
in competition with Iho multitude el low
, short weight , alum or phosphite powdeil
Bold only IncaBS. oi4J4Bixta Poirew Co. ,
a it til BL , Hew xuk