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The Omaha Bee
Published eTory morning , except Bnndmy
fhs only Monday morning dully.
One VSM . 910.00 I Three Monlha.p3,0
Bix Months. o.OO | Ono . . IM
ry Wednesday ,
One Ycftr.$2.00IThreoMoDlho. . ft
ilxMo th . . . 1.00 1 One * . . 21
or Newsdealers in the United States.
kttonii relntini ; to News and Kditoriftlmai
tn nhould bo addressed to the EniTon o
Ketten imd Remittances should bo at
dressed to THE OMAHA PDBUsnin i COM
TAKT , OMAHA. Drafts , Checks nnd Post
office Orders to bo made payable to tb
order of the Company.
OmA PUBLISHING 00 , , Frop'rs
Ei KO3EWATER , Editor.
The publisher * of Tine BKE hate nude
nrranfremenU with the American News
Company to supply News I ) poU In Mi
nds , Iowa , Nebraska , Wyoming and
TTUh. All dealer * who keep THB DAILT
BBK on lo should hereafter sddresi their
orders to the Manager American News
Company , Omaha , Neb.
MR. O'DavitiBii UOSSA is the laol
name given him ,
THE St. Louis Post touches a chord
of sympathy in ovcry struggling broaat
when it declares that no man can indulge -
dulgo in n telephone and load a consis
tent Christian life.
THe AMOUNT of whitewash of the
Gore and Perkins patent can cover up
the disreputable transactions of E. 0.
Cams as a monopoly capper for the
railroads while acting as the sworn
aorvant of the people of Nebraska ,
iy A NUMBER of English philanthro
pists have organized a society for befriending -
friending young servant girls. What
Americans are longing for is a society
for befriending young housekeepers.
OKK hundred and fifty-two now
lawyers wore lot loose on the world
nt New York , and our esteemed con
temporary , The Philadelphia Press ,
thinks it is no wonder that Lynch
laws continue to flourish in n much
abused land.
1'LEGISLATIVE hoodlums , " the en
dearing term used by the editor of
The Herald to designate the members
f the house who are opposed to pay
ing $33 a day for the war norvices of
Alexander the Great will hardly bo
relished by the farmers of Nebraska.
THE question of admitting southern
Dakota as a territory will bo discussed
in the senate this week. A bill to
this effect -was some time ago favora
bly reported from the committed on
territories and placed on the calendar.
A strong opposition to its final passage
will bo fnailo by the democratic sen
THE N&w York Sun presents a short
statistical table showing the amount
of money wasted on the ships Con
necticut , Pennsylvania , Java , Colossus ,
Massachusetts and Oregon , These
ships were begun fifteen years ntjo
and are still on the stocks in the
Brooklyn , Olmrlcstown and Kittory
Navy Yards. The total amount of
money expended upon them already
is $9,434,674. A committee of con
gress has reported that they are "un
finished , rotten and worthless. " As
The Sun concludes , "not ono of the
aix keels has over touched water or
over will will touch water. " With
this experience in creating a navy , it
is not strange that congress should
hesitate to make frcsli appropriations
for Hobccon's vast naval schemes and
put the money under control of Win.
12. Chandler. Not oven a nurpltm of
§ 150,000,000 in the treasury could
justify the v.-asto that would inevitably -
bly ensue.
THAT monumental liar Jay Gould
poured oil on the troubled vrr.tcrs of
public ncntimcnt at the ( imu of the
telegraph consolidation by declaring
that the great union of interests \\au
the first step in n long cherished plan
for giving the people of the United
States a cheap system of telegraphy ,
lie promised a iipucdy reduction cf
tolls , ana hinted that when the cable
companion ceased cutting each othcra
throats , the public would aoo r amo-
thicg which would surprise them.
The first promise was kept by an im
mediate ndvanoo iu telegraph tolls ,
land Ida lust intimation has boot )
'followed by the pooling of all the
ciblo lines and n ratao of 100 per cent.
in the tanfFon nconu inoiBtipca. The
Npjv York ! ! unr < l of Trad ? and Trans
portation adopted ( ho Mlovnny reso
lution lust weel whioh v , ill bu laid be
fore con grtu :
"WhereM , A pool haa hron an-
iiounoBtl buiuwrMhi ocwju ouUloo
purlins , aciQropauUd by the duuUUng
of ratal ohargad-for tbo 1i.ui mialon
of ncoeii tfllbgfflph mafciagf ; n.t"l
When * * , At ( ha tint * tUe Uaitod
States porarninimt nutbcuiVd f
Prutob okbta to l iu ! on our elturei , it
, \r i yitli the wfljiuUtion that rid
' ooropwy tltould not combine fu any
fur 11 1 riii ) other cable ooinpnue ;
. .
Thatthp pttpir
of thu Rpj't'ru wnt Jw ja
; Jieraby r | uwtf d to 'htvaiiala , tli&
circmu tuu3M attend .
and to tjiko mob ifleaturtia w tri
tcct the public
The state convention of the Pennsyl
vnnia independent republicans meet
to-morrow at Philadelphia. It is th
most formidable and aggressive revel
within the ranks of the ropublicai
party which has taken place einco th
liberal republican movement in 1871
It is not n protest republics !
principles or against the plalfom
adopted by the Harrisburg convention
tion , but against the boss itilo of Sen
ator Cameron nnd the machine methods
ods by which the partj
in Pennsylvania has been
controlled. Bapublicans cannot
afford to close , their oyoi to the
strength of the movement. List
' . Wolfe sounded
year tho'protest of Mr. ,
ed in a personal canvass without con
vention or platform nnd with no po
litical organization , rallied n following
of 50,000 votes. The result was nn
overpowering surprise to the Cameron
dynasty which had ruled unmolested
for over fifteen years in the Keystone
state. Now United States Senatoi
Mitchell , ex-Attorney General Wayne
MoVoagh , State Senator Stewart ,
Congressmen Bayno and Smith ,
Wharton Barker , T. W. Phillips and
a score of other prominent public men
of uncorruptible integrity are heading
bho movement and will voice the de
mands of the Pennsylvania Independ
ents in the coming convention.
The immediate causes of the con
vention are of recent date. Prior to
iho state convention hold on the ICth
instant , the independents wore willing
, o bury the hatchet if certain political
mnciplcs were admitted as part ol
ho policy of the republicans of Penn
sylvania. They announced themselves
as willing to agree upon any honest
and sincere terms of compromise
which would assure a reform in the
lolitical methods of the Oamorons , A
mooting was hold in Philadelphia with
his end in view and loud promises of
reform wore made by Cameron's
lonohmon on behalf of their master.
? ho convention showed that thomoot-
ng was a transparent attempt on the
> art of the bosses to mislead the in-
iopendonts , to put their leaders in an
unfavorable attitude before the poo-
ilo and then to entirely ignore their
Lomands. It is true a high-sounding
platform was adopted declaring that
> rimarioa should bo honestly con-
luctod , conventions free from pack-
and no federal ofiicars should
> o' removed except for cause.
Within twenty-four hours from
ts adoption Senator Cameron
aughingly informed his colleague that
> Iatforms amounted to nothing , and
ook stops to remove two of the most
aithful and efficient federal officers in
, ho Borvico of the government In
Pennsylvania , in flagrant violation of
ho compact made with Mr. Wolfe's
The independent convention will
doubtless nominate n full ticket. Al
most every county in the state will bo
roprcsonted and it in understood that
Senator Mitchell will bo either tem
porary or permanent chairman. Among
ho delcgatosalroadysoloctod are many
of the most prominent republicans of
character and influence. It is no or-
linaiy bolt which is to bo hurled
gainst the ono man rule in .Pennsyl .
vania. The leaders of the movement
laim 150,000 followers. They do not
object in a personal sense to any of
ho nominees on the regular ticket.
They oppose only tho'method of their
election in the convention and the
) amoron dictation outside , which is
> oing exorcised in an arbitrary man-
ior in the seating nnd unseating of
odoral oflioo holders. If defeat of
ho regular ticket results from the
larty split , Senator Cameron will
lave no ono but himself to blame.
The cry of the independcnto is that
3omism must go , nnd they are deter-
uincd to raforin the party from with-
n the partyj oven if temporary party
defeat m the curtain result. TJio
irrcoidiugs of the coming convention
Till bo watched with { jwnt interest.
The exorbitant ruling prices for
nout fiivo .1 notr ii tarcet throughout
ho country to tl.o oittlo Droning
Hospeeta in Texan ami the went.
Uoulura claim that the high mica du-
uamled for bocf duo to two
causes , the oxomtvo c Id of the win-
or of 831 with tin ) attending
OSSUH of Btcllf , and the bhortn&js ot
ho , crops of. hit iimuutr , which mdi >
orn too valuable for fcodiii" pur-
nsee. Neither of the causi-a are
ilitly to operoto during the coming
ear. An uasuilly mild wind wintir
iaa boeu ucooedod by n dump
priny , Grans on the tangos i ,
.xcallent. All oMtlu growers admit
hat herds noyor Joukad butior , The
} i ual round-upi irhjch uro now in
I-OXHMS how thjvt the IOJMB ( luring
; lie past winter have befu unoju ly
iifiht. la Nobraokft theyx'nro Kti-
nateJ at not ubpvo five ye 1 cent.
fhe 1101 thorn M'yomio pgng * * 'wnurt
vjn better ivsul % wdilo'tho , tr-q nnd
ireo yoay olda are'fully fifty per coat
> oltiria condition ( huu at the eamo
'me ! s t yeir. It ia oaliumted tliat
Ue weslc-m drtvoof stock oatrJe vi'J '
* cjod tUt ot U t year h > ' 50,000
Th ? Cjiumeroml Iudoitor
that oua-lutlf of those Imvo
nlrrto d for , nud t ttha pf
ne romaiudar t > o to northarn runoUtw
'J , ' will leave about 86,000 tp 100 , ,
Ot ] youug cattle for salo. In uddition
to these there will bo from 76,000 t <
100,000 beeves driven from Northorr
Texas alone. Tjioio estimates do no !
include any other portion of the cat
tie growing territory.
In view of these figures and the
certainty of heavy harvests nnd in
creased feeding during the cominp
winter it seems impossible to see anj
good reason why fresh meat should
continue at is positive
that there is no great scarcity of beol
in the cast. The exportation of moat
to England continues with prompt
regularity and American beef sells at
lower prices in Liverpool than it does
in Chicago. It looks as if cattle deal
ing combinations are taking their cue
from Chicago grain dealers and mak
ing a corner in beef for the purpose of
increasing their profits by swindling
the public. The grain corner must
bctoro long go under in the face of a
bounteous harvest , and the meat cor
ner is certain to share the same fate
just as soon as the drive to market
begins from the western rangcsr
ACCOHMNO to John M , Thuriton'a
testimony ono of Cams' duties as U.
P , capper lay in the judicious distri
bution of passes among the members
of the legislature. Another of his
duties was to confidentially inform the
corporation managers what members
of the legislature could bo improperly
influenced by monopoly considera
tions. For the performance of these
rifling services and for packing the
sonata committees in the interests of
the monopolies Cams drew double the
pay of a state senator as lieutenant-
jovcrnur and several thousand dollars
in rebates on grain shipments from
; ho Union Pacific railroad.
CONGRESS shows a disinclination to
'avor patent extension bills. This is
right. They are very rarely justi
fiable , Good patents ought to return
ho inventors sufficient compensation
without further extension .than the
imo covered by the patent , while
hose that do .not pay are seldom
worth oxtonding.
THE sixth tract issued by the Soci
ety for Political Education , New
York , and the second of the series of
L882 , is in marked contrast with the
ono that preceded it. While the lat
ter dealt with the subject of "Political
Scono'jiy" in the abstract , formulat-
ng the generalizations of the subject ,
.ho present pamphlet is eminently
rco from technical language or theo
retical statements.
The method is strictly descriptive
and historical. It draws the distinct-
on between barter and purchase ,
shows how the substitution of pur
chase gave rice to the use of money ,
which led 'directly , by a necessary
aw of financial development , to the
gradual introduction of substitutes
or coin , and the establishment of
} anks : where commercial balances can
bo adjusted , and the cost of ship
ping bullion between individuals ,
cities , and nations may bo saved. In
discussing the unit of value , a abort
and incisive review is made of the re
cent controversy on "bi-motallism. "
Wo are not surprised that so prac-
ical a paper should appear on so ab-
truso a subject , when wo recognize
hat it is from the hand of Horace
White , whoso long experience in
writing for the publio makoa him
pccially fit to condcnco and at the
amo time make clear the facts of the
ubjoct , and the conclusions which
ro implied in the facts.
When we recognize on the oxocu-
ivo committee of this society such nc-
: nowlodgod exports in their special
lopartmonts as the Hon. David A.
Wells on taxation , Prof. Sumner on
ooial science , Hon. 0. F. AdaniB , Jr. ,
on railroads , Presidents A. D. White
ind D. 0. Oilman on education , Goo.
S , Coo nn currency and banking ,
m crime nnd pr.uponmn , and when wo
earn that the ndaiiniotiation of such
a board io or Ima been
eoondou by the advica nnd
co-operation of ouch ether
oxpcrtn ai Dr. Eli&ha Harm on publio
H'ftUh , Edward Atkiuaon on labor
md capita' ' , Graham MoAdam on free
rado , II. C , Uiid on protection , JOB.
3. Wo ks on conciliation und arbitw-
ion , 0 mp.rollor Kiios on national
uuikiijg , uud Donuan.B. JJvton on
ivil Burvlco rofwm , wo are impollcd
i urj'o upon every thinking cuixon
ho duty nnd pablio ixdv.intago of ( jiv-
ng bin hearty support to no admirable
u unJortukiiig , tlieiiosowity for which
auuurhciu greater than in a ronublio
opxtonsivo as that of the United
SUtce , .
The .Tuno Popular ( Sciance Monthly
)8jf ina with nn article by Judge J.
SUllo , entitled "Speculative Science , "
reply to an attack u pun his book by
'rofowor Nowciuih "I'lm Efc-li
Qrgflua 01 Fitl * , - , " by DU
vrnvuo , describes some muwkablu
nruirttionn that have beeu observed or
ho bodiw of certain nmsll ii iios liv
ing near the bottom of deep SMB.
Cu "Tlw Apiuiutmeut of OolleR *
Jffieera" Profuwor F. W. Olarke oclti-
; ui'8 ( he manner in Tvhigli tun seleo.
ion ia usually mtde. The artiolo fbl *
oniog ii n defense of "Physiological
pH-innwtotion , " by Dr. William D.
' rptnior , Tbo next paper i on ox-
I'ouiatiou of "i'lu X'JuiSuoUl , Mytliio ,
uil Jl Ugloui Systflins , " by F.
3. Ombiug. Profouor Daniel Kirk-
rood furnialiOL nn interest-
tig uMjjimt , pj "AatronomjcAl
rjlr , W. Lo Couto Stevens
closes his account of "The Stereoscope
its Theory , " Not the least in interns
of the articles in this number u Dr ,
Von Dollingor's review of the historj
of "Tho Jews in Enropo. " Misi
Eliza A. Bowen tolls , m "Chomistrj
in High Schools , " how the has tauqhl
the science to her pupils. In "A NOTI
Theoiy of the Sun" Ml. 0. W , Sic
mena suggests a novel hypothesis
Other articles nro "Tho Future ol
Mind"by Peter Bryce an illuitrntct
"About " "Tho ln
paper the Molls ; <
troduction of Domes io Animals ; '
"Ilydrodynamico nnd Electricity , '
illustrated , and "Tho CAUSO of Tuber
cular Disease. " The portrait and
biographical sketch ate of Mr. Dar
The Juno Atlantic ia n Longfellow
memorial number , nnd must bo pocu <
Harly acceptable to the admirers ol
the poet. A fine steel portrait of Mr.
Longfellow forms the frontispiece ol
the number , which contains a hithnrtr
unpublished poem by Mr. Longfo 1 n
on "Decoration DAy. " Dr. llolmea
contributes three sonnets in commem <
oration of Longfellow , entitling them
"Our Dead Singer ; " arid 0. B. Froth-
ingham writes n commemorative arti
cle. The number contains five now
chapters of Thomas Hardy's "Two
on n Tower , " nlso additional chapters
of Miss Phelp's "Dr. Hiy , " nnd Mr.
Bishop'o "Houso of a Merchant
Prince. " The fourth paper in
the remarkable series , "Studied
in the South , " is devoted to a
variety of subjects , in which those
who wish to know all about the eouth
cannot fail to bo interested. Edward
Atkinson has a paper on "The Rapid
Progress of Communism. " John Fiskc
writes an essay in memory of Charles
Darwin. Henry James , Jr. , contrib
utes a criticism of Alphonso Deduct.
The short story entitled "Serena , " by
M. H. Cathorwood , ia excellent. Her
bert Tuttle has a paper on "Tho Now
Eastern Question. " Philip Robert
son contributes an article on "Tho
Poets' Birds. " H. A. Huntington
furnishca a atudy of "Mrs. Contlivro. "
A poem on "Tho Nifiht-Moth's Com
ment , " by Salio M. Piatt , of the con-
tributaries club , nnd literary reviews
complete nn excellent number.
The Magazine of Art for Juno is
filled to the brim with good things.
The frontispiece is n reproduction of
Israel's noted painting , "Alone. " The
illustrated articles are "A Painter o !
the Streets , " "A Man of * Culture , "
"Queen Anne Plato , " "Tho Great
Classical Fallacy , " "Narcissus , "
"Glass Painting in the Fourteenth
Century , " "A 'Rose Water Raphael , ' "
"The Art of Savages , " and "Grotch-
en. " These are supplemented by the
usual pages of fresh art notes.
Sergeant Mason is making shoes.
Senator Wnde Hampton IB said to be
one of the finest fl/-fishera of the Kouth.
The Californians have been informed
that Joseph Cook will climb through the
Golden Gate in October.
Mr. Morton , the United States minister
t * Prance , Is performing bis mission with
fidelity. Ho has eaten a banquet at
Ex-Collector Beard , of Boston , trill BOOH
be chosen president of a new telegraph
company between New York and Cni-
cago.The author of "See That My Grave la
Kept Green" ia in jail at Indianapolis
not for writing that son ? , but on a charge
off.irgery. ,
Ono of the Washington correspondents
says that Secretary Chandler "has a kind
of Bonny-when-you-have-watcred- -
kyand-f anded-the-HUgar come-in-to pray ,
era louk , "
Howard William * , the colored man
lately appointed steward of the white
liou-c. was tor many-ycara Senatjr Conk-
ling'd biidy servant.
Jay Gould "wears a pair of inagnificient
Florentine mosaic sleeve-buttons , nn inch
nnd ft quarter in diameter , surrounded
with a border of closely set diamonds. "
Representative Benjamin Wood has not
been in big seat in Congro : , except upon
ono occasion , during the present session ,
The Philadelphia Times is unable to guess
why he paid $20,000 for hia election.
Miaa Dodce ( Gail Hamilton ) ia accred
ited with a neat postscript in a letter to a
friend : "Anni Dickinson is playing Ham-
let. She ought to play his uncle , for she
murders Hamlet. Nothing else .new ,
With love. "
Wm. Sprague \oluntarily pnvo permis
sion to a trustee for Mra. Kato Chase
Sprcque to visit Canonchet and puck up
the latter'H mr.enificent wardrobe , to be
transferred to Kdgewood , and the goods
have already been eent from Nariagansett
uol. Torn. Ochiltreo , who purposes run
ning M tin independent candidate for con-
Kress in Texai , is paid to be ono of Urn most
"talented prevaricators" in the United
Stiilcs. Somebody Billy Florence we
belipve once t-xid of him that ho was like
\ cn'mel , became ho could go for montlis
without water.
A W 'linglon correspondent dcscjrib's
Mtn. Eli.ino CM having the bpst possible
manners for the wife of n public man
| ttenoush-cordlafltv , jnst oiiMicli dig
nity. She li nvrB what the "X-Emiiresi
UiiRcnio never learned in the Frt nrh mmt
namely : How to hnw iho
proper degree of iceo nition to each
ion oho greets.
lUohard Kinff. known nil over 'IVxaH
intllhe wte 'Tho Cattle Kinr , " in u
\ nnwarlhv \ Irttihman'ith ft Umpios
-at. ! llldlnintncaa is duo to tha careln H
ivtiy in ivlibh i hrolseii leg wns FB ; . 1I5
Hi ck of rl rep and 1'O.itf , ] \li \ ln'iflj of
uatlle nnd hii Irw-w nf her einud mu' ' < n
nro cut in at ; d tit COO 000 hcncl in nil. lllf
nxucli , tlie ST la G-itiudnf , in cerenty-
live niUpi in 1 URtli and incltu'oii ' ni-nr y
the whole of two countiaa iu
orn TCK-B.
noted for the
his ntliro , but his eon , If
Wphlnxton ac onut nro wllabla. wuM
raiko o i ov , tumiinu fi ura In a fnuhl n-
plate. Ilo In ported as ; > pcr.rlnx' , ( > n the
qutiter-itretrh in a ; otume nn Inud nn ( n
uxolte reirnrt. ) [ \vorft tlght-flfihtlng
, of pnnti , uov rlnK tougi-'lko ' loy-B.
! i"l nn the buokukin , n red
. a U-ile-da JJnglltli iilug , imd nn
I ) , WiUe tuoHawsr.
Th "n w"l 1 o nr > dw'l li'txvwn fVniJof
< un i Heproj tnt tlv } lUuV < iu > n.
of Keu'ucky , A ilwdly flroii' nwl
, wo , but It n ] i [ , ; .ir that lllackburn'i tbirtt
: or gorv " ' " u < < t i-o grot M hl > desire to
jo t > A lnrn < raoe , iwid no , rtker than ,
ute Uie tead-olf , lie cvo4Pt J to a liipty
idjiiBlni'iit , aiul jfiU aw J' In time lores
, hn favf rU ! in , ua oub Itii noel { ioU 'f.
lo\v much lil > < 1 mif ht bve b * n pUI'd
f the r\ci bn ' cunia > S the 'ny Iwfjie and
lie fierv lil-io'r'.nra ' b'ul t > t on th wrong
tune. Ii a < hin , ' tuliuddw at in U ti con.
rly a Mlraola-
F. As Ith II .P , IHuKhsmton , N. Y. ,
.Tt " : I Nuffdtiit foriovejrftl mo tnn with
i dull pain tlirnujjli th left luog and
boulders. I ] , > . , t n\v M > lrJ * * , . > jtp tlU ami
nlor , Mid oou'dv | b dfttd
nr , Bly moUw pp fl * , il
ytjoiUUtturk ; I
'rice '
All the rennsylvftnla republican candi
datei for titftto offices will take the ttntn )
excet Mr. llnwle , the candidate fo
Supreme JnJge ,
Ex.C.ingrefiBman Chalroen' flop intolhi
independent camp his coniidernbly din
concerted the Bourbons. Some of them
refuse to belt ve it.
The republicans of Indian * will holt
their Rtati convention on the 9th of Au
K\\nt , when a full state ticket trill be nom
Kx-Congressrnftn William A.Phillip ! ! , ol
KaDsao , positively decline I to be contld
erccl > candidate for a nomination from tht
st tte at large.
The Connecticut democrats are said to
bo anxious to put the name of ex Governoi
Ingcrsol at the head of their ntsto ticket
this year. He is reporte I to be willing to
run If the party show * a unanlmoui desire
for his nomination.
Vermont la n uma'l tate , but It believe'
in big convention * . The de'egates to Ue
convention to nominate ncm.didfttdn what
ia tiow known an the wett fids cungres * '
ional district will number 312 about half
( tummy men as it took to nominate a
president in the last republican national
Ex-Governor Carpenter , who now rep <
resents the ninth district of Iowa in c n-
Rres , wilt probably be returned Iron ) the
now tenth district. Ha was twice elected
governor nf the aUte , and ia now gorving
hU ( second term in conijre'p , having been
elected in 1880 by neirly 11,009 majoiitj
ov r his Democratic competitor.
The Cameron organs in PennHylranU
are making n strong effort to bra ik down
Senator Mitchell. Ht it denounced as a
'sorehead , " a "poor politician , " and a
'seekerafter notoriety. " Meanwhile , Mr ,
Mitchell ctalmi that lie it receiving many
lettcn nd talegr.ims from all parts of the
state promising him support.
The ligning of ( ho Chlnesa bill and the
consequent rein < val of that iatueirom pol
itics leads the Stockton ( M ) Indepeud-
ent to tay that "the democracy must com
mence digging ; for another political woodchuck -
chuck to procure another red flag to flaunt
in the faces of the people. "
The republican candidate for Rorcrnoi
of Pemuylvai.ia , Gen. James A. Beaver ,
will be reminhered as the chairman of the
Pennsylvania delegation at the Chlcagc
convention , and that be was pronounced
' 'unit ru'o" ' and voted
in favor of tha foi
Grant , first , last and all tbo time.
Gen. J. B. Robertson eaya that he
makes the race for governor of Texan as
an Independent democrat on n platform of
economy in the expenditure of public
moneys , a more efficient system nf public
schools , free toleration [ n political opin
ions , reform in the administration of the
atato government , etc.
Although Thomas M. Marshall has not
publicly announced hi * decision , it appears
to ba generally understood among his
f i lends that he will accept the nomination congressmm-nt-large. The Pittsburg
Dispatch , published at Mr. Marshall's
home , says that it may be taken for grant
ed that he has decided to decline. To some
friends who called to urge him not to ac
cept , he said : ' 'I will not take it. I will
not leave my motherless children for an
office that ccuies in this way. " To a re
quest that ho would allow the use of bis
name on the independent ticket he replied :
"Do not nominate me. I will nut ba a
candidate upon any ticket. "
Ex-C ngrossman Jero Haralson , it ia re
ported , will enter the race for congress in
the IVth Alabama district. He has been
tendered the nomination by some promi
nent men. and -will begin a canvass ai eoon
aa he ia abla to settle a claim he now baa
before congress. This ia the district rep
resented by C. M. Shelley , whose seat the
Housa Elect'nn Committee voted to give
to James 0. Smith , who died recently.
A n w candidate for secretary of state
lias suddenly appeared in the field in Ohio.
Tbis is Judge Higley , of Cincinnati , and
and it is claimed in his favor that ho will
be able to poll a larger vote in that city ,
where it is feared the republican ticket
will be especially weak , than any other
man the party can name It has been
auppoed that there could be little , if any ,
opposition to the nomination of Secre
tary Townsend. It ia too early yet to
Estimate how much strength Judge Hig
ley can gather.
The probability that Alexander H.
Stephens will run as the anti-bourbon can
didate for governor of Georgia ia giving
the democratic press on opportunity to
coinmobt in its usual brutal \ray upon any
man in tint pirtv who dares to Ehow _ any
independence. The following specimen ia
from the Bingbainton Leader : "The old
fossil -A. H. btephena whoao principles
ire like rubber , has evidently joined the
broom br gade , as ox-Represent .til vo Pel-
ton telegraphs that the old ex-rebel 'will
iweep the atato. ' Ho has a big job before
jim torn cripple. "
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L'rice , 25 cents per box. For Bale by
C. P. Goodman
-lCrnjlitca ; HSosIr.
, .
Or"ica ROPBU : 10 to 12 A it. 3 to 5 IMI
oohona oinaactal with Con ral Oflic.e
W { tt W 1 U 4 I UMW J
P A P ? J B Ii 0 S S S .
T1S and 220 3. 14th St.
WHM0 MWH KUH f Ur'y M * * Q
Seal InsnraiGB Agent
o uo. , at
r , > . \ . , Capital . l,000WO.a (
, of Newark , M , J. ,
Capital . , . , . , . 1,87J , 0.0
Blard nro , PhP.-.d.lpLJ.i , Cipltal. . . . 1,500,000.0
f . < . . * , . 'r f.i 1 . 1. ' , V /
UUui Aiuvu > , a Ac ut Li > < < Jo . 1,100,0 ( U
Offloe , Uoyft's Opm Houso. .
Outfit a frbort N U
' tb Bt. , Near Feurntmm.
Houses ,
Xn. SOI , Hill lot on ItirJ neir SOth street ,
700.No SOI , Lo' on ISIh ttrett near Paul , $1200.
Mo S3 : , Lot30x23) feet on ltb uroet , . near
No 299 , Ono quarter cr * on Burl street , near
Dutton 8Mn.
No 29 r. T < ro toti on Blonde near Irene stre t ,
1210 and $300 each.
No 291 , Two lot ) on Goorjla near Utchliran
street. 91OJ.
No29i. Twelra choice re'Ucnce loU on Hamil
ton ttreet In Shlnu's addition , fine and sightly ,
? iM > to 85JO each.
No 204 Beaut ful half lot on 81. tfutj'j T-
enue , 80x18) feet , icar Illthon ClarVson'a and
iOtli ttr et , $ I5CO
No 292 , five coolco lots on Park aienue , U > L
HO each , on ilrect railway , $300 eic i.
No 29I.SIX loti In Mlllard & Ca Uweli'l nd lltlon
onrihermtn Avenua iiotr ropploto 'i , 3.0to
$1SO each.
No 2 JV , 150 by 1 0 feet at the hwd of St.
avenue , south and c&stfrontaie , beautiful , Iguk-
ly tilec ol ground , < 2i01 ; will divide It
N < > 2:9 , Cnolco ion ) a tark uranuo and streak
car line onraad to l'ttrk.SIMl Io $10.0 each.
No2SS , Ktevin Io a on Deca ur a-d Ircno
Itrocti , neir Sa indent ntrcot , JJ50 to $150 each.
No 283 , Lot on lutb neir 1'aul ttroct. 750.
No 281 , Lot GixMU feet near at , lUry'n avoaue ,
and 20th street , (1600.
No X78 , F urlotaon Call well , near Slanders
Itrait , S50J each.
ho 2iJ ( , Lot on Clinton street , near ihot lower ,
JUS. .
No 27fi , Four loti on McLellan street , near
Blonde , Koran's addition , SJJCoKh.
No27 < , Tnreo loti near rac * count : make
No 208 , Bcautltal corner aero lot on California
s rcot , oppi'lle 4i > d adjoining Sacred Heart Content -
tent ground ! , $1000.
No Jtto , i.ot ouMaion , n ar IB'.h strait , J1.8DO
100 loisln "Credit Foncler"and "Qran 1 View"
addlilon , Just Bouth-oost ol U. P and II. A II.
I allrond ccjwts , innglng from tlM to 1000oaca
ana on easy terms.
Ucautlfut Koildcnee LoU at a bargain very
handy to shops lOOto j'2tO mob , Speriont down
nil i. per cent per month. Call and getplataud
lull partlcu'an.
No 266 , Full corner lot on Jones , 'Noir ' 16th
ttreet , $1,100.
N 25J , u wo lota on Center street , cearCum-
\nr etreet , $ * 00 ( or both or { 500 each.
No 251) , Lot on Beward , near Kiag street ,
No 210 , IU1I lot on Dodge , near llth street ,
2 100-
No 217 , Four beautiful residence lots near
Crolghton College ( or will separate ) 83,000.
No 246 , Iwo Ion on Center , mar Cumlng
stieet , 8100 eick.
No 246 ] , Lot on Idaho , near Cumins struct ,
No 145. Beautiful corner arrs lot on Cumin ? .
near D it m ttreet , mar now Convent cf tacrod
Eeart , $1,500.
Au. Ml , Lot on Farnam , near 18th etreet , .
No 243 , Lot 68 by 13J e't on College strict ,
near ht. Mary's avenue , (700.
Nn241 , Lot on Fiinam , ooar 26th ltret ,
too 240 , Lot 66 by 09 feet on South avenue ,
beat Blason street , $550.
No 244 , Corner lot on Burt , near 22d street ,
No 238 , 120x132 feet on Harney , near 24th ,
street ( 111 cut U upS2,400. )
No 2U , Lot on liouglai street , near.2ith ,
No 232 , Lot on Pier street , near Eeward ,
$100.Ni .
Ni > 227 , Two lots on Dccatur , near Irene strcev
9200 each.
no .2 > , Lot 143 by 441 feet on Sherman are
nuo (10th ( st cet ) near Once , 3.2,400 , will divide.
No 2iO , Lot 23x66 Icet ou Uodgo , neat 13th
struct ; make an Liter.
Noi7 , Lot on v3rd street , nearClirr , SIOO.
No 210 , 1 ot on Hamilton , near King , S-U J.
No 2oJ , Lt on 16th street , Lear hichola ? ,
? MONo
No 207 , Twolotltn ICth , near Pacific strejt.
* l,6iO.
Ko 04 , Beautiful residence lot on Division
stieet , near Cumtnt ; , $000
No 1D9I , Lotou 15ih street , near Pl rce ,
No 198J , Lot on Sauudcrs street , near Sew.
? 5 < X > .
No 101 } , Two lots on 223 , near Grace etreet ,
8:00 : ,
Ito 102 } , Two Iota on 17th street , near white
I end 01 K * , $ ! , 030.
No IBS ] ; Ono full block ten lots , near the
barrjckH , $400.
No 191 , 1.01 ou 1'arktr , near Irene street ,
) f300.
No 183 , two lots ou Can , near 21et strict
Orllt edsf. ) , ffl,000.
No IcO , Let on Pier near Seward , 8CK ) .
No 170 , LOE on Pacific street , near lith ; make
MulG6 , Six lotson Farnam , near SHU street ,
tie 103 , roll block on 25th street , ne r rice
courie , aud tlirco lots In UKo'i addition , near
S.undcrs and Cassiui streets , S2.000.
Kol23 , Lot on ISth street , ntnr wblto Icac
works , 052.1. 4
No)2- ' , 123x131'foet (2 lotscn ISth street ,
near 1'oppltton's , 81.6CO.
No 110 , Thlrtyh lots In Mlllard & Cal-
dwell'a ad'lltiona on Sberrcan arenuc , Spring anc
Surit g Htreeta , near the end ol greua ntrect
car trauk , SSKJ to fl.SOO each.
ll.bli. Lot en Cfilcflrro , near S2d itrcct.
1068 , lot on CaUwo'l ttrett , mar Sauntiere ,
Xo 8J , Cirnnr lot on Chnilcs , near SaunJ.
jo uttrcit , S'.ou
Jio 7S , GjxiS ftct on 1'ftclflc , near Sta street
A'otO , iia'lit3on : Isto nn list , 2 ° d , 25i end
c..iucderi ttico'x , nc r tiraco auj b'.undcrj strict
biid o , 50U ca h.
Ao o , UDO fourth black ( ( EOxlSS feet ) , nwr
IlibUouruut of 1'oor Claire , on HaUillton tt to' , ijo oid cl the roi s'.rcct < ar trick , sl.l.VJ
NeB , Lot ou ilaicy etroot , ior Uh i > tiu.t ,
1 .00.
Xo 3 , Lai an CalltornU ttraot , near -2il ; make
Ko 2 , Lot on Gin n'.r.'ct , ntur 'freonty-second ,
> VXJ. ( )
oJ , Lot on Ilaniey , ucsr J8th , $2.5CO.
Lotijn Ha'luchB me uni ] 2J tddit on , u'fo
lots iu tarkei'd , bh nn'f , Iieil-oi.'d , i rdlcl > ' ,
liiitiV , Ln' o' < , and nil tlu other udd.tioiu a. jny
[ iriu and t-.rms.
H jutidil re * > dencti lota , locitod on 1'cml'on
itrtue , U bolavctt : tf the turn-Uulo u ( thu
r lniiin.tcir llao on Uaun'jerj htuot , and ju t
ci. .f Ilia Content ol the fclfun ot 1'uj
L'l'rIn ' .lilna'.i Jdiil3n , 4103 to tKO ca.h , 6
IH i-ecu t down and 1 par cone JUT mouth ,
TracUcf 6 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 4) or eQ iwriH v.-lth
nildluKi anU tt Ji-uiarj\tUuj ! , andnjjdaln
tha tlty , i.t ull pruej.
3M i of ( ho bit > t lots In tha cltyot
3m ha an , lou.ticn jou do in. aorli , cubt ,
) ; utli tro tuu at | jtd-i-ccl > | irlcc .
Oboleo uusiiioia lo'H in a'l tiio prliclp.ol
; .0,0.0a.h.
00 houi.s.inJ lot ] ruiilnj from ? 50) to
H5iOO , anl Joe it din eicr/jurs if the tlty.
Larjo i.iur.ldr ot ixiolo il.'rius ' in Uuii/ns ,
! arj ) ' , SjunduM , lioitge , W shl HWP , Burt&nd
) lhr tfOuJcouu l-.a Iu iai. in Xtl > ajka.
IS , 0 > ' AOT69 befc 1st ) 'a I i l > ou la % 7. 00 acres
. - t IHHI.IHjn ; L-O i .WM : i..f .trtr.cuiu
ill ilii. Urn ii . I c n i i
vuivt'go ujuimntcf t-uborlian jircjMrty In
iuo to tjii , twenty , forty ayri jjiwun , K'O.i U
vUliln one to t Hf > - , tour or ilvu inlw < jl the
lo tDtilji iiou u vjiy diL. p plair-v ,
KKW I'ocwrr Uira or OMAHA , iiubH bd by O
. ' . ciu , t o | 10) er.(9 u&Ui.
Uonoy 1 uti-d n I < prove i < Mpu ; 'JC OH im-
> rjio4 city jirtj tty , fct tiu .ow * . i ti ot '
Houa * , uluivn , hot , fi'iuio'.i ; laadu , "
> fllim , r ma , ic , to 11(4 1 or luasg
ti 1 1 rent * iw'U'Ct a < 't ttt. mcrtff'
i jadu tt
' -M'J T M
iff 'UM'J rt
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Otce 802 IBth-St , Cor. DfBnrt
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Awning , Tent and Wagon Covers
Cor. 14th and Howard Sts.
Matter of Application of John Gloria
for Liquor License.
Notice Is hereby clven that John Olann
did upon the 20th day of May A. D. 1882
Hie his application to the Mayor and City Coun.
: ll of Omaha for license to sell Halt , Sptrltucu *
> nd Vinous Liquor * Bt S. W. corner 42lh and
Doul s street. Third Ward , Omaha , Neb. , from
: hu 3d day of June 1882 , to tne 31 dayof Soptem-
l r 1882.
If there be no objection , remonstrance or pro-
list fled within twc ncoks from May 20th A.
D. 1SS2 , the said license will bejrrante.l.
_ Applicant.
TUB OMAHA Urn nowepspcr will publish the
ibovo notice once each \eelt for ( no weeks at
the expense of the applicant. The City of
Dnnha U not to bo thaig d ticrowith.
J. J. L. C , JKWBTT ,
_ nin < ; iork
FAMis V. I'OYn . I'rnprlctor
Hioii. F. Uovu . IHnlness
SEBNESDiY , J5YE , IAY 24th ,
SOOSbh Porfovmanco.
Tha eminent Actor
Buppirtr il by n. C'oqipiny cf *
U N D a U A , L M K EIT
a Llj dellslit'ul cicathn < t JIi rJ-cVj chaunla
A Symphony In Lsaveo anrt Mosso ? .
Now In it i V'tli jinr of jnpj ivrlty .M d m-
irocj'en ' < > il stiO'Bw. Maluol ajatjbt''m M"n-
y , tUyi.2ifTM U a in. at
This is to Mitfytliat tlu tirmcf iwuin
, ewl < & Co. , wthU uay dm Ivol liy uiiliu ]
onstit. a 1 < vl U retlrliif a.m tlin luiinud
ndlr h msiV Lm l aiininlnjf * U Uiolud bt.
ilnuM of tha firm , and rollctt All debts.
Oicnba Uay 20tli 18SJ
'auoy and Staple Giriss ,
rj I'TEit AU ij jtiaas , rnoi TUB
fo916 Noith Siztoenth St ,
.g j _ A. li SWAM.
BO J'08 AT * TOli fJlUDINO
.Uapw ) 4l4wlU bejr lv,4 ttfce office
i ih uiulet ' ra4 until 3 o'clock p. m , ofJus. .
V . -Ill .0 ft. A l > . ljjg | 9f , ' nj , y' 0 , fo ,
. ' } r i , f-or , t.l.we.tll uof't street to the
w Ina.ji lith i treat ; 'so t writg bidi tit
J bra ug(4 1 , , ' 1 ktr t iromih * n rtli line ol
01 Ul < ! Uc4t t > til I 1,1 4t I liO91 ' * H'la tOt ,
' uu I 1 I'cat'-.n ' 1 luer.ty Kn
I u r1 ilB.j ; i M , < .pr tu b it lot t .
-l < tt * ! > ) ai a po- plan ad f co.U allot
it B ' . U fcn , ta * > r' - > Jic . ba ac-
Mi a Sod by Ih9 nl.oik u. i ure-
Oala tb4 o cat * on
"HI i * r lu > o b O a-
* n of lioog QI WOOO
j , j , i .
nill-JOt - erk.