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    THE DAlLf BEE MONDAY MAT 22 1882.
With a Few General Growh
About a Timely Topic ,
News and Notes on Society
Subjects in Omaha ,
Combined With n Few Qllttorlnfi
Generalities About Matters and
Things in General.
Our local columns Imvo chrontclet
from day to day tlio Bcattcring itcmi
of social events which have occurrct
in Omaha during the past week. The ;
have been few nnd far botwien urn
promise for weeks lo come to bo ovci
fowor. Wet weather , spring fovei
and Iho winters surfeit are each aboil
equally responsible for the provnilniR
dearth of social news. Wow and then
a little informal "happening in" occurs
to break the monotony or n filimpao of
sunshine permits n few afternoon calls.
With these exceptions society rtniaiiia
dormant wailing for something to turn
Religion and society are compelled
notr-n-days to go hand and hand.
Whether religion is moro dependent
upon society or society on religion is
mooted question. There can bo no
doubt , however , that our churches nro
prosperous and flourish largely in pro
portion as the social instinct flourishes
Among their congregations. And
when the wherewithal ia required for
keeping church machinery oiled , socie
ty is Ronorolly called upon to furnish
the lubricating material. Church en
tertainments are now in Reason
, nnd strawberry festivals , cake walks ,
Rrab bags and sanoiiliod lotteries will
bo the fashion for some time to como.
' * > . . The end lustifies the means , and the
< critic's eye ought not to scrutinize too
closely the methods by which a goad
auso is advanced. After all there is
only one letter's difference- between
prey and pray , and the tendency is to
drop even that slight and unimportant
- I v rariation. The unrcgoncrato have
> <
long since ceased to look for business
methods in religious management ,
and smilinglyapprovo of projc ta and
plans which in commercial lifo they
would feel it their duty as members
of society to denounce. Still , when
lovely woman stoops to the arU of a
book agent , combined with the busi
ness mothodsof a red lemonade- peddler
of a circus in making change , there is
nothing to do but to smile pleasantly
and say an encouraging word for the
Tory worthy object which she repre
sents. The grounds of objection to the
ordinary run of church fain are cer
tainly not that they lighten the pocket
book. Few of the bachelors and
married men who fullvictimsbugrudgo
a nickel of the amount which is art
fully extracted from their pockets , and
most would as willingly subscribe
the sum without any attendant rocom-
ponte in the way of chances for a
patent baby cradle or a hand painted
liver pad. The opposition on the
r" 'male part of the community , and that
there is a very strong opposition is
troll known , arises from the fooling
that , charity is charity , and buainoss ,
business , and that n dollar as a dona
tion ought never to bo confounded
with a dollar given for supposable
value received. Moat men of sense
would prefer to subscribe $5 outright
for moral pookot handkerchiefs for
the unclothed and unconverted nations
of Booriboola Ghn than to par the
aamo amount for a fifty centohromo in
aid of the iama pralsoworty object.
Of ooursa the.wholo subject is com
plicated by the mixture of sentiment
with business , alwaysjan Incongruous
mixturn , acd likely to eauso coin-
Speaking 'of church methods in a
ocial connection , commend to 'us the
norel enterprise and thrift of Iho
ladies of Trinity ingfurnishing ihe
upper for the St. Louis excursion on
Thursday eroning. The banquet was
tremendous success In orary detail ,
* nd whether or not it loares the
Trinity folk with a surplus , no one
who participated e n complain of the
bounteous refreshments and luscious
Tiands whloh were spread boforothetn.
The excellence of the ouUrtnlnmont
was heightened by the perftction of
the arrangement of the tables , the
spotless linen , the ihininu glasses ,
the lovely button-holo bouqu t which
graced every plato , and the exquisite
boutonieroa , hind-painted by soyeral
of Trinity's artistes , which adorned
the lappols of the guests. No public
banquet in Omaha given by public
caterers hoa over equalled Thursday's
entertainment , and the oommittoo of
merchant * who let the contract have
ever sines been congratulating thorn-
nelves upon the bargain. The hearty
compliments which have been so
freely tendered to the ladioi for their
part in the affair , indicate that should
occasion again demand another supper
of the kind , the search for caterers
will ba neither long nor difficult ,
Quito a party of Omaha ladies and
gentlemen will attend the Chicago
tlusical Festival next week , Among
those who leave on Monday for the
Garden Oity are Mrs. and Miss Pop-
{ jleton , Jtlrs. and Miss Rustin , Mr.
and Mrs. George F , Mayer , Mrs , and
Misa Millard , and several others ,
The broom drill on Tuesday , which
was reported in full in Wednesday's
papers , was nrtUticixlIy nnd financially
n success. The sale of the brooms
realized $92 , while the strawberry
festival nddod a goodly sum to this
amount. Several combinations on
favorite recruits succeeded in running
up prices in a mminor very Batisfnitory
to the management and competition
towards thoTast became as lively as
could have boon wished. The "up-
sot" price in each C.MO was $1 , but tha
price which nearly upset three bidders
was 811 00 , the highest sum brought
by nny broom. Two thrifty young
bidders pooled their pocket books ,
nnd after securing a broom Atid dual
pan for § i , .divided the spoils , one
carryin ! , ' off in triumph the broom nnd
another the pan ,
A Dinall card party was given 01
Friday evening by Miss C.irrio Mil-
Inrd The Palotlo club , which
meet every Saturday with one of the
members near Florence , nro Borioinly
considering a spring exhibition in
Onmlia nt an early day The
theatrical season having nearly closed
thoHu gentlemen who have not made
the rounds of thuir acquaintances nro
beginning to check up lists nnd regret
lost opportunities A series ol
church sociables is proposed by the
ladies of Trinity cathedral for the
benefit of the Cathedral building
fund Mrz. Oon. Wilson and
daughter loft on Wednesday for a two
months' visit to eastern friends. . . ,
Dr. Barnett , of the army medical
corpa , hai been notified to appear for
examination in Now York during the
coming summer. Thin will remove
the doctor from Omaha to a now de
partment Col. Jtuno.1 P. Martin ,
assistant adjutant general , is in Louis
ville. The occurrence of the r.iccs
at the present time is a happy coinci
dence Mr. nnd Mra. Webster
Snyder nro making a visit to the At
lantic seaboard , which will bo pro
tracted during six weeks Mr.
llobt. Patrick , L. L. U. , has returned
n triumph irom Columbia law school
with high honors and nn excellent
oundation for n legal education. Mr.
Patrick will bo heartily welcomed
vith warm congratulations by his
many Omaha friends , among whom ho
proposes to settle in the practice of his
It is s&id that liiblea are scarce in Sliol-
The Kpiscopaliani intend to build a church
sron In Tecumseh , .
Work has commenced on the new Catho
lic church at Culvert.
The now M. 11. church at Mindcn will
be dedicated on the 28th.
TheM. K. church at David City has
been refitted nnd repaporod.
The Christian young men of Midison
are trying to organize an association.
The now Catholic church in St. Charles
precinct , Cundng county , is completed.
Work on the new Congregational church
will bo puuhed rapidly to completion ,
York Times.
Mrs , Rev. Bmith spoke to the people of
Covington on Missions , lust Sunday.
Dakota City Argus , ,
The Methodist people are having the
foundation laid this week for their DOW
belfry , Syracuse Journal ,
Tlio ceremony of laying the foundation
for the Episcopal church nt Oakland hud
to be def rred , the weather wag to iuclom-
out ,
Hon. Isaac Fowors lias told his residence
to llav. Smith , < f the M. K. church , to be
used aa A parsonage. Dakota City Karle.
F. Hirst started for Sprlngfio'd , 111. .
Tuesday morning , to attend the general
assembly of the preibyUry. Bt. FAU !
Free Fross.
There is talkfof organizing Snaday
ichool in Fheli * . but the small boyi ob
ject , as it nil ! interfere with their jack
rabbit chases.
Work on the M , K. church U being
hurried up , and the church will be dedi
cated in the course of two or three weeks ,
Wilber Opposition.
An association has been formed In Be-
atrcaundrr the name of the "Young
Feople's ChrlntlanAssociation , " with the
same objects as the Young Men's Chris-
tiaa Anoclatlon
We are pleased to announce that Rev.
W. V. Whltteu is not to be transferred
from his charge here , It haviae : been ao da-
tiled r > r Bishop Glarknon. This will be
good news to nearly every eitisea of onr
The work on the Cathollo church build
ing progrossea rapidly , and the frame work
is nearly completed. This building will
add mare to the looks of the town than
any other which has been built. O'Neill
Her. Klmmel left on Wednesday morn
ing on a miislon tiur to lied Cloud , Kear
ney , Hastings , Grand Island , Central City
and other voints lu Nebraska. Ha will be
ubieat two weeks , and will be present at a
missionary conference to bo held at Ne
braska City May 31 and June L Teka
mah News.
The members of the Baptist Sunday
nchool hare accepted the otfer of an oat-
tern man of 100 paper * of flower needs on
condition that the scholar * plant the heeds
and in midsummer decorate the chur.-h ,
the most succewful florl.t to receive a. prize
which must b mule by the scnosl , Blair
lepblican ,
Several weddlngi nroj contemplated in
At Blair , May 8 , James Bucher to
Annie . I/art. /
At Fairmont , May 7 , by Judge Turner ,
George Igo to Kebecca Durkln ,
At Fremont , May IB. D. A , Huston and.
Ilhoda Kmley , both of Sctibner ,
At Mission Creek , Fawnee county , Mav
If , J. H. Wylle to Mattie Barr.
At Superior , May 14 , by lUv. Mr.
Lowe , L. N. Bel to Cora Bell Fecht.
Geo. M , Flint and Ktta C rr , both of
Tokamsh , will be married on the 24th.
At Madison. May 15 , by Kev. J. Q. A.
Flvharty , Daniel Kyner to Ada Shafer.
At Aurora , May 10 , by Hev. II , M.
Glltner , W. Z. Pollard to Isabel Darls.
At Jackson , May 0 , by Father Lawless ,
Charles Goodfellow to Mary Ann Kyan.
At Pawnee , May 16. bj Rev. II. Burch ,
John W. Fisher to KlJora K. Shellhorn.
At Falli City , May 12 , by Judge WIN
hlte , Frank Stumbo to Jennie Frederick ,
At Syracme , May 0 , by itev. M. F.
Flatt , Diodrich Brinkmau to Laura Fow.
an ,
At Jatksou , May IBlb , by Father Law.
less , J , 15. McQonfgle to Wary A. Iletfer-
nan ,
At Crete , May 18 , by Judge Goodln ,
18 *
Svmuol A. Folhelm to Mary M. Caater
At Bontrlcp , M y 0. by HCT. II. T.
David , AI , Ciitpperfiafd to Susie Whl * .
comb ,
At Lincoln , May 17 , M. J , Ltngdon , of
Ffliilllion , to Af ) Tgie Kelly ( of Ureen <
wood ,
At I'latUmouth , May 18 , Dr. O. W.
Ilain , of Sewnrd , to KIU Sutton , of Flatti-
At t'Jum Creek , May 11 , by .Tudtp
Fierce , H. Gjrv Oibton to /\ngia V ,
At Falrplay , JtftJ' 9 , by Rev. II , Fear ,
son , J..pepli FofTeii wrger to Hattie M ,
Knt n.
At Nowlrn , la. . May 8 , George John *
son , of Htiward , Neb. , to Allie A. Munn ,
of Newton.
At Dliia Springn , May 2 , by Judge
Hurltifiton , William A. FinVertou to
Maty JJ. Wisnsr.
At Ord , Miv 10 , by HBV. Wo ley Wll-
Ron , 1) . A. Whit her to Lyda Chirm , both
of Willow Springs.
At Ulys o , Alnv U. by Hev. J. Uoocttx ,
W. A. Klnp , of Tonle.1 , III. , to Fannlo
Tiilnill , \JlygBOt. .
At Kearney , May 0 , by Judge ISarnd ,
Charles W. lilakcmau to Amelia A. Mor
ton , both of uster county.
At Hoatrlcc , May 10 , by Uor II. V ,
Davis , Krncst J. Scott , of Wymore , to
LiutaM. Avoy , of iie.itrico.
At Iltownville , May II , by Judge
HutLlilnBon , James A , Vnnce , ot Feru , to
Clara T , Koblns , of Glen U > ck.
AtFlumUrcok , May 8 , by Itev. 0. S.
Miner , Charles K Mamlolh , of Korth
Flattc , to Arta Bohniin-iii , of Dawion
At the Catholic church In Kvoritt pro
duct , by Kuv. V , 11. Miller , George V.
JieinetoMnry Ottemau , of Logan [ ir -
clnct , Dodge county.
At Maiysville , Kaa. , F. K. Itooir , of
Wjuiore , to A. McNutt. of Dins Spring ) ,
That is tno w.iy for the rlral towns to gut
tle their row consolidate.
Mr. D. lincon was married last week , at
Central Oity , to a lady named Good. The
minister wlip married them baata n P9rk
nackcr , beciusa ho VTM Hiiro of making
Good liacon ; the bride ii evidently a short
Judge Hamilton on Monday married n
Mr. L'etsr Feteraon to Miss Ingra Ander-
eon. The Judge weut through tha form *
ot Ian- , but they hid their certificate with
them , preriouaiy obtained ; it was a hearty
li'.tle fellow well behaved and sevrral days
old. Tekamah Burtonian.
The Uluo Springs Motor In funny on the
apology. It corrects a marriage , notice as
Follows : "It was S. N. Tobyno lastead of
5. K. that Mils Knapp married , Krcnie
tin ; biiUnUtaUrs will happen in the bent
rctrulatffd families. " In wliicli , the Tobyno
nr the Knapp family , Mr. Motor !
Personal nnd Social.
8. B , Cnlnon , of Fremont , has a fiddle
190 years old.
Ed. D. Shcehun , a prominent citizen of
jolumbui , died on thu 13th.
Lon May , n former Falls City editor.
jan Icon appointed postal clerk.
C. C. Ftck , of lilalr , has returned from
lin visit to his Massachusetts home.
Ada M. liittenbcndor , of Folk county ,
in'j been admlttoJ to the bar the first
female lawyer of Nebraska.
A Fillmore county youth drove sixteen
miles to get ag ! 1 to take to a ilanco , and
found another fellow had got her.
A very pleasant party was held at the
residence of Thomas li. Stocker , in Bed
ford precinct , Neinaha county , ou the 10th.
Mr , Stockur is one oflio prosperous fann
ers of that region.
Father Martin , of the Dakota City
Argus , printn ( he 17Gth chapter of hia vt-ry
ntcresting utory this week , "Tha Conflict
Love or Money. " It Is understood to
jo 1111 autob ogrnphy.
A very pleasant party was given for
iVill and Carrie Faulkner , at Bronson &
lamiltnn'i hall last Fndayuight. About
10 coupica were present and indulged in
lancing until about 1 o'clock. Albion
One of the most enjoyable-affairs of the
season wan a surprise party [ 'iveii by Mr.
ind Mrs. James'Aek fig , \VodnesiUy ,
ay a number of their mends , the occasion
icing Mrs. Aikwig'a birthday. [ Oakland
Senator Kvana discovered that to vras
Iho happy father of a pair of U ins Satur
day morning a boy nnd a girl. If he
ceepa < m at that rate ho will Boon be pre
siding officer of a legislature of his own.
David City Fre *
Miss Clara Loidtko has returned to Lin
Join for a short vacation , after a year upon
the stage. She has been traveling in th *
3n t vith the famous Oorriua company ,
ind ia said to have gained considerable
aotoriety. York Times.
Mr. II. 0. MoNew , editor of the Shel-
on Clipper , has frequent mention of "dis-
.rict 17 , " a Bulfalo county echool that hoi
peculiar chartns for "Skip. " It is llkelvthe
lext refcrenca made to this affair will l
n the "mutrimoniftl" section of this ol-
imn. i
On Wednesday night of last we k , a
rery happy party gathered at thereaidenoe
jf Hiss Corn Parker , at Hast Liwn , on
ha Niobrara river , per invitation , to help
ledioute her new home. To § T that
; end time waa bad but faintly xure M H.
-fO'Neill yrontier.
T. M. Ilopnood , editor of the Fhelp
Punnet , wiw burned out last week , but hu
paper WM not destroyed. He began build
ing a new office immediately. The rival
paper , The Nnwi , generously offered the
iourtesln of its office to The Nugget and
the same were accepted.
The Episcopal social on Thursday nven-
ing last , at the residence of J. B , Smith ,
WM one of thosjfjreally enjoyable social (
fain not noon forgotten. Although Mn.
Smith wan absent the part of hostesi waa
well performed by Miss Keith nnd Mrs.
Norton. Beatrice lixprem.
Mr. H. W. McBroom , of Santa Fe ,
New Mexico , la dally expected by fiienda
it Fontaville. We will be sorry to IOM
the good society of our amiable young
friend , Miss Ltna Peters , who we under
stand will return with Mr. McHrooui to
Ills Mexico liornn. jBUir Uepubiican.
J. M. Ray has sold his North Flatte
Republican lo James McNulty , of the
North 1'latto Telegraph , anil go i into
other bunlncB * . "Jim" MeNulty will
make the Telitraph bowl wone than ever ,
He has recently enlarged tb Telegraph
and ia prospering all of which he detervvu.
The social bold at the residence of F ,
Hirst last Tuesday eveulnby the ladies
of tha Presbyterian church , was one of tha
moat enjoyabln ever held in St. Paul. Ba.
twen 40 and CO were present , and every.
thing * done by Mr. 'and Mm. Hirst
that could add to their comfort and enjoy
ment. St. Faul Free Frew.
Miss Marianna Burgess has returned to
the scenes of her dut'ea as teacher in the
school for Indian children at Carlisle , Fa.
She can report the successful accomplish
ment of the mission entrutted to her and
for which she was rtgularly commissioned.
She had under her charge six lodlau chil
dren to be conducted from Oarlisleto Hose-
bud Agency , Columbus Journal ,
A few mouths since one Thos. Scott ,
from ClarltuU , Iowa , was here and subscribed -
scribed for The New * , paying therefore in
advance. Now comes the atrauxe parl of
the nbova item of hUtory. We received a
letter from tha Postmaster at the above
placa that the paper wai not taken out of
the office , end stated as the reason that th
aforesaid Scott "was in the Fen at Madi
son , Iowa. " We believe this In the first in-
stauce nn record where a man , who hod
paid for his newspaper in advance. WM
sent to prison. He uhould be pardoned
Immediately , Albion News.
Buokliu'a Arnica Salve.
The BBUT SALVB In the world for OuU ,
Bruises. Sores , Ulcers , Salt Kheum , Fever
.Sores , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chilblains ,
Corns , and all skin eruptions , and posi
tively cures pile * . It is guaranteed to
give tatlifaction or money refunded.
Price , 23 cents per box. For lalo by
0 , V. Gooduiaii ' '
Neuralgia , Sciatica , Lumbago ,
Guokncho , Soreness of fho Chasit
Gout , Quinsy , Sere Throat , Smelt-
ings and Sprains , Burns and
h : ScafdSf Gonaral Uodilf
Pains ,
.Too/A , Ear and Headache , Frosted
Foot and Ears , and all other
Pains and
3t rrep rtIon on mrth qnali Ei. Jicon On
M a Hifc.turr , ! t pl < * and clirap Exterutl
&ancdy. A trial entails but thf comptrattrtl ;
IrHlnff ontlajr of fiO Cent * , and T ry cnt sutfrr
Ifty wltb pain na tu\T cheap and pctiUr * TM |
f Its claims. ii. .
rilrtctloni In El T n 1
. : > rroni ioni. .
otr. rinvn iijriinvom. . .
, i r J * i : . -l\i per f < rl < i lie vnnt o
' , ' . . . iluit WJ.l , uk l.c ! il.iilr f.toi.
1 .v.oia u.ccxtv jvo Lent. cli'M , liiii-r
.1 nOics of a roi' I or wood stove. T2lO
ouivsr Lil Etcvo vrill fia it , better ,
iiclier and cheaper than by any oilier
u'sinr. It id the Ollly Oil StOVO made
with the oil rosoyvoir elevated at the
hack of the stove , nway f > om the heat ; by
which Arrangement al330lutO Safety is
Fecural ; as no gas can be generated , fully
20 per cent more heat is obtained , the
nicks are preserved twice as long , thuB
saving the trouble of constant trimming
and the expense of new ones. Ezadino
thb Monitor and you will buy no other.
Manufactured only by the
Monitor Oil Stove Co. , Cleveland , 0.
Send for deecrintivo circular or call
( Soco'oaaor , to D. T. Mount )
' ' lianufi-.turcr 2nd Uca'er In
Saddles , Harness , Whips ,
Eolios , Dnsters aui Turf Boofls
; Ju. B. IJ1II A Co.'t
"The Best in The World , "
X 4:121 & * * . * & TSTJ THX SO ? .
Order * KoUcltwl. OMAHA. N B
Among the medicinal mcani of arresting dlsuua ,
Hoatettcr'f Stomach t Itten > Unda pre eminent.
It checks the further projcresj ol alldlsordon of
the ttonmch , Iher and lx > clj , revhcuthu ilUl
stamina , prncntsandro'ncdlcs ( chills and ( tier ,
Inm-isos the activity of the UlJnej , counterocU a
tendency to rhcunutlim , and Is a genuine vtay
and Bolaco to aged , Infirm and ncrvoui peraoiu.
Formula by all drugglaU and dealer * generally
ol to tnl
It plalta Iroin 1-18 ol a n Inch to
width In the cousrat felts or finest si ks
It does all kinds and et > lc ol I tailing In nse.
No lady that docs her own dress-making can
afford to do without one as nice plaiting Is
ntrtrout oi fashion , II seen It sells Itaell. For
llachlnti , Circulars or Atrrnt's terms addroM
113 AdaaiiSt. '
If yon suffer from Djrpcpsm , u u
If you are amicUd with Ililioiisncsi , usn
nuiiDocK riLooD nirrEns
If you are prostrated with sick Headache , taKe
If your Bowels arc disordered , regulate them with
If your Blood Is mpure , purify It wllh
If you have Indigestion , you will liml an antidote
If you ore troubled with Sprlnjj Complaints ; er
adicate them with BUItDOCK BLOOD UITTEUS.
If your LUcrls torpid , restore Itto healthy action
If your Liver Is affected , you will find n sure re-1
If you have any species of Humor or Pimple , fall |
It you bavo any symptoms of Ulcers or Scrofulous
Sores , a curntho remedy will t > found In
for Imparting otrcnKth and vitality to the sya
torn , nothing can equal
For Nervous tnd General UoblHty , tone up the
Prlco. el.oo pnt Bottle ; Trial Bottles 10 Cti
FQSTEK , HILBUIIN , & do , , Props ,
Bold at wholesale by Ish & JlcJIabon and C. F.
Goodman. Jo 27 ood-ma
/ iif
V * ofi'M ,
died liy tlio strnin or
jour ilnlloi civoltl
tlmuUinMixnil use
Mop Bittern [ watt * u u Hop D.
If you nri < jouns RTH ! Rv nfcrlJiK Horn MIT . * -
l93ittlon or rlluMpa / < JUun4 1C you art rnar
ricO or ulnjrlo , oM or r Tounj ? , RtuTorlnp1 . fr = Q
| ) o , vliMttVh or . . . .t.if . . . „ * on n. few if nJ 1
UCPJJ , rcljr ou Hop Bittern.
Who Tcr yooimi. * Thcuwnn ate
. -Thpnorrr you reel njay
tluf your fjtttm form of
need * cleansing , tor-
vol < ocnpr tcntrti
nllliont MoxH by * tliui > ly < i > o (
' . nllo Hop
Bllto o.
0,1. O
oriimuirvcom- li nn lwcuU
) . | un , iltBMic and IrrcsiBta.
of IS" ttcmaclt , . HOP lilo c u r B tot
tiimclt. blood. dim-Unnesj.
ItiKrenttnal use of opium.
You vlil ho tobacco , o >
cured If you net
Hop Bittore
If am dimply
. Bend for
wenV : anil
iowBplriSccl.try ply NEVER Circular
it i ft may notBrrrnA
anve your
llo. It has ,
aavcd hun BMkcb'crlM4'K
a ratine AT toclo.Ont.
Disease Is an effect , not a cause. Its origin It
within ; Its manifestations without , tiencc , to
cure the disonso the CACBRroust l > rcmo\cd , and
n no other way can a curu ever > o effected.
lVER CURE is established on Just thl *
iitnclplo. lc realizes that
95 Per Cent.
fall diseases arize from deranged kidneys and
her , and It strikes at oncu at the root of the
dlfllculty. Thu elements of which It Is compowd
net directly upon these great organs , both as a
roon and KaaroRii , and , by placing them In a
wealthy , condition , drlre diseaje and pain from
he system.
For the Innumerable trrnb'rs paused by un-
icalthy Kldnejfl , Llrer and Urinary Orleans ; for
he diatre IOr Dirordrrsof Womenfor Malaria ,
and physlcil derangements generally , this great
emtdy hM nu equal. Btwari of Impostors , 1m.
tatlons and concoctions said to be just as good.
For Diabetes. M f or 'WARNI.K'S SAFE
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H. -WARNER & CO. .
me Hoohettor N. Y.
To Nervous Sutterers
Or. J. B. Simpson's Specific
It U a | curt for Hpormatoiihea , Somlna
( VooVuete , IrapotADcjr , and all dlaeast * reuniting
Iron 8oll-Abu e , u Uental Anxiety , Loas.
Ucuiorr , Talu la the litck or S'.do , and UlscasM
tbat lead to
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Prke , Breclfic , ll.M per packajtt , Of alx pick.
ago * ( or if.OO. jlildrcu all orders to
Nos. 101 and 106 Ualn St. Ba9ao ! , N. Y.
SoH In Omtha by 0. S. Ocodman , J. W. Bell ,
J. K. Isb , and all drujeli > to verrwhei .
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TRADE JflARi : The acatVrU\M MARK
English rcm-
eily. An un
failing cure
for Seminal
Weakness ,
8 pur mater ,
ihea , Impot'
eucy , and all
8elf-Al > u e : as Loss of Memory , Unheraal La l-
tudc , Pain In the Back , Dimness of Vision , Pre
mature Old Age , and many other Dlwases that
lead to Insanity or Consumption and a Prema
ture Grave.
carKull particulars In onr pamphlet , which
we dralro to send free I v mall to every one.
/tarrno / Specific Uedlclne Is sold by all druggists
at fl per package , or 6 packtgea for $5 , or will
be scut free by mall on roi ptof th money , by
Buffalo , N. r.
oc7me-eo < J
Dr , E. OTWcsFa Ncr e and llriJn Treatment
A epcclflo for Hyeterla , Dliilneaa , Convnlslons.
lervous HenJacbe , Mental Dcprenalon , Low ol
ieiuory,8 ( > ermatorrh ( aIni potency , Int oluntary
emissions , I'romaturo Old AEO , caused by ovcr-
lertlou , tcll-abuee , or over-indulgence , which
eads to misery , decay and death , One box will
euro recent cases. Ea h box contains onomonth's
roatmcnt. One dollar a box , or nix boxes lor
fl > a dollars ; sent by mall prepaid on receipt ot
irlce. We guarantee six boxes to euro any case ,
Vith each order received by ui ( or clx boxes , ac
companied with five dollars , will send the pur *
chaser our written guarantee to return the
money II the treatment doe * not .ret a cure.
0. / . Goodman , lru | 1 < t , Sole. Wholesale and
rcral Agent , Oraiha , , * eb. Orders by mall at
Storage , Commission and Wholesale Fruits ,
Agents for Peck & Bauehors Lard , and Wilbor Mills Flour ,
, - - -
Wall Paper and Window Shades.
1304 : Farnham St. Omaha Neb.
1213 Farnhsm St. . Omaha. Np.h.
On River Bank , Bet. Farnhara and Douglas Sts,7
Fire and Burglar Proo
1020 Farnham Street ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
. IP HE IB ,
1118 FARM AM ST. - - OMAHA
1308 and 1310 DOUGLAS STREET.
Ipring Goods Receiving Daily ani Stock very nearly ; Complete
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Jear Union Pacific Denot - - OMAHA NEB
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
. .
A. L. STBANG 205 F ° u" St. , Omaha
Wholesale Lumber ,
Ho , 1408 Farnliani Street , Omaha ,