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The Guano drank Convulses the
Nativoa With Peruvian Wit.
Paragraphic Puns of Ponderous
Proportions "Bun in" for
Compulsory Retirement in the
Army to bo Puahod in
the Senate.
The Secret Service Detectives
Tracking the Phoenix
Park Assassins.
Speculations Regarding the
Composition of the Tariff
A Ziv lr Week ol Political Wind
Promised in tbo Hoaso-
Tlio Democrats Determined to Lock
Horns on the Election Cases.
National AwodnVed f rew.
, May 21. Jacob H.
Bhipherd .furnishes the folio wing for
publication :
To THE PUBLIC : Five dollars re
ward , and positively no awkward
questions asked anybody , will bo
paid for the return to the undersigned
of ono James G. Blaine , who has been
missing in these parts since my arrival
hero on or about Monday evening the
10th. Twice the amount of this re
ward will bo paid for the publication
of this advertisement in The Now
York Tribune. "Wheii last seen Blaine
was making across the country s. aw. ,
at an approximate rate of 10 | miles
per hour , said to bo the boat time
ever made by a npn-profeaaional. The
finder on returning him will bo al
lowed to toke him away again as soon as
Blaine'a clothes have been starched , as
no ouo known to the undersigned has
any further use for him. Blaiue ran
away , as it now appears , carrying off
one of the standing committees of
congress concealed somewhere about
his capacious pockets and somewhat
thinly diaguiaod , it is said , as white
mice nestling under his new and
handsome-tiitting Prince Albert coat.
For photographs aud minute descrip
tion of this coat and intellectual paler
of Elaine's large and effective counte
nance , application may be filed at my
office. The New York Tribune , intending -
tending to find Mr. Blaine and his
committee , may communicate with
the bereaved clerk of the committee ,
with wfcich official I will myself deposit
the promised reward in case the
house of representatives should ref se
the "hflccssary appropriation , as I am
advised they will , on the ground that
it can replace the last committee with
a better one for a gr < : at deal less
money. I don't propose any issue
with the house on this or any other
occasion , but I have been living with
the committee for throe months post
and I like it and want it back. I am
\ not going to be mean about
the reward , which will posi
tively bo paid without rebate
on delivery of the advertised pro
perty. The Peruvian company having
discovered that the committee which
has BO auddfnly disappeared , has
boon all the while a part of tlio pri
vate managerio of lilaino , has for
bidden me to offer more than the sum
named for its return , nnd begs to give
notice hereby , that it will resume
business at the old stand and will not
hereafter confide business secrets to
any committee of congiess. In this
resolution it relies upon the support of
every sister corporation in the country.
In answer to requests already received
ceived from nearly every state in the
union , I am considering the expedi
ency of continuing the narrative .sud
denly interrupted by the , flight of Mr ,
Blaine and hia committee in some
other place than the now deserted
oommiteo room. The necessary data
is all ready , and if the public wants
facts and documents , I am rather in
clined not to refuse.
( Signed ) , JACOB R. SIUMIBUK.
WAHUINOTOH , May 20 , 1882.
KutioniJ Anofiated 1'reei.
WAHIIIKOTON , May 21. Secretary
Chandler has ordered the AVachuHetts
to Hirrisburg , Alaska , to suppress
trouble in the mines.
Senator Logan will return next
week , and it is expected will bring up
the subject of compulsory retirement
in the army. This retirement is pro
vided for in an amendment to the
military appropriation bill now before
the senate appropriation committee.
The bill will probably be referred to
the military committee for suggestions ,
and in that way will got jurisdiction
of the subject. An effort to exempt
Bherman and Sheridan from compul
sory retirement is being made , and
some work is also being done co pro-
core exemption of a number of officers
on duty in Washington , If Mo
Dowull u retired Sohoiiold will suc
ceed him.
The decision of the court in-bano in
the Guitcau case will bo announced
The grand jury returned additional
indictments against Star Routers J ,
W. JJoraoy , John R. Minor , John M.
Peck , llnrvoy M. Vttil , M. 0. Per-
doll , Thomaa J. Brady and W. n
A member of the cabinet is author
ity /or the statement that the tariff
commission will hardly be formed this
week. Not one member is yet BO-
leotod , though eovural hard been
talked of , on condition of ether selec
tions. The same authority mentions
Mr. Kirkwood as probably ono ,
and Wheeler as posiibly another , but
saya that the representatives of great
industrial institutions are selected.
It was ascertained to-day that a detective -
toctivo in the employ of the British
consul general in Now York reached
here last night , for consultation with
the chief of the secret service relating
to the host means to make search oi
certain localities for the auspectod
Phconix park murderers. The do *
scription nnd hotel of the detective
cannot bo given , but it is known that
the conference took place at the treas
ury department , at which it trancpirod
that the English authorities had in
formation that auspicious characters
had oic pod in a tailing vessel , and
had landed in New England , where
the secret service recently made in
vestigation. Ono informant states
that two officers of the arcrot service
accompanied the detective to Mew
York this afternoon. The trnaaury
officials refuse to Bay anything about it ,
Kktlonat Aitoelnted I'resn.
WASHINGTON , May 21. It is ex
pected that the dead lock in the house
will take nearly all week. Each party
is rather anxious for a fight , as it is a
consideration necessary to "letter up"
voters throughout the country in
anticipation of congressional elections ,
and each side believes it will make a
good point for itself in the fight , bo
the result whatever it may. In the
votes on Saturday moat of the groon-
backers and Mahono moa voted with
the republicans. With all the republi
cans and those voting with thorn in
their soots they would have ten more
than a quorum and bo able to go on
with business , even though the
democrats retused to vote. To
got tull attendance , or one
sufficiently near that to make
a quorum of republicans will bo very
difficult. Usually there are from
thirty to fifty members absent , some
by permission and aorno without leave.
Recently the republicans have been
trying to keep their members hero and
to get those back who had been ab
sent , and the fact that 119 answered
to their names on Saturday shows
they have been very nncceaaful. Of
the thirty-six absent not onu-lulf had
"leave , " many havinu left the city
without asking permission. Calkins ,
chairman pi the election committee ,
waa on Friday and Saturday industri
ously telegraphing absentees to
return. Some of them came
in this morning , and othera
are expected to-morrawv , It is proba
ble , however , that a quorum will ar
rive before the last half of the week.
Even if the quorum ahould arrive , it
is probable that ono or more of the
members would bo too ill to attend , as
is nlmost always the case. It Is likely ,
however , the Pacific cise may be
heard by Thursday. 'I his done , the
democrats will fight it at every step ,
and it ia believed by many the case
now in hand will not bo out of the
wav before June first. . There will
be Iwo or three more ctso ready when
this ia out of the way , and several
others are awaiting action of the
National Awociated Press.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , Moy 20.
After roll call and development of
the fact that there was no quorum ,
the sergeant-al arm was sent out after
missing members , but.only succeeded
in finding three or four. The second
vote on the queation only showing 119
yean and 1 nay. houao , on motion of
Mr. Calkins , adjourned , notice being
given that the case would bo taken up
again on Monday. The only buoinoas
of importance was reporting of iho
deficiency bill of 86,000,000 by Mr.
Hiacock. The day vaa an unusually
quiet ono , the usual farcical features
ot fillibuateriug being noticeably ab
The Mercy Letter *
National Associated Frew.
NKW YORK , May 21. Col. H. Had-
ley , a lawyer of jthis oity yesterday
commenced suit , claiming $25,000
damages , aeaiuat The , Mail and Ex
press for publishing , a few days since ,
articles charging the plaintiff with
being a ringleader in the Morey letter
conspiracy , and that Hadloy and an
associate palmed off the letter aa an
original document upon the demo
cratic national committee. Papers in
the case Were served yojtorday.
Chiai o' * Festival.
National Awoclated f resa.
OHIOAGO , May 21. Theodora
Thomas , Madame Mattern , Miaset
Carry Oagood and Winana and two
Raumuntz arrived hero yesterday to
take part in tlio May festival , in thu
Exposition building , occuring next
week. The first full rehearsal oc-
ourrod laat evening. A large number
of tickets are cold , and a great euccesa
promised for the festival.
Bluine olid Gonld.
National Awodated Frew.
CINCINNATI , May 21. A Wa hiug.
ton special aays it ia authentically re
ported that a new railroad company ,
with Jay Uould and ex-Secretary
Blaine at the head , will build a road
from Biltimnre to Ohio , along the
south aide of the Ohio river , at a coat
of 815,000,000.
Biulneai Failures.
National Awoclated 1'rrwi.
NKW YOUK , May 21 , Dispatches
to Bradatreet'a report that thu Cleve
land bridge and car works at Cleve
land , Ohio , ftsaigripd , Liabilities ever
$550,000. Thu company haa on hand
uontracta amounting to over 31COO-
000 , and 700 mon were employed.
W , Howard Wriggina , of Philadel
phia , has suspended. Liabilities from
560,000 to $75,000.
Indication *
WABUINGTON , D. 0. , May 22 , 1 a.
m. For the upper Missiasippi valley :
Warmer , fair weather , variaulu winds ,
stutionary or low preiauro.
0er Egypt's Dark Seas Bolls a
Syphoon of Oritioal Pro
portions ,
A Buptare Hourly Imminent
nnd the Poreignora Fly
to the Floots.
The Powers Determined to Put
Down the Malcontents
With Men-of-Wor.
Arabi Bey With 4,000 Men
Puts on as Much Style as a
Nebraska Brigadier.
Michael DftTitt Spurns Ui Ticket-
of-lH > BTo and Talks With
Hi * Brethren.
A Variety of Items From Foreign
National Araoelatmi 1'ren
LQNDON , May 21. The situation in
Egypt grows hourly more interesting
and critical. The British and French
squadrons are at Alexandria. They
are lying off the now harbor and near
the Mole and breakwater. French
gunboats' are guarding the principal
points on the Suez canal. The tx-
citemont in Alexandria in reported
very great , but at ill it is believed that
the Egyptian difficulties will bo oot
tied without resort to force. In the
now portion of Alexandria , which is
inhabited chiefly by foreigners , who
number over 40,000 persons , the be
lief is general that the Europoani
have won their game. The Circasajon
officers have been sent away ill foroigu
veaspls ,
LONDON , May 21. An understand
ing was arrived at between the porte ,
England and Franco on the Egyptian
PAKIS , M y 21. At a cabinet coun
cil Freycmot intimated that a Euro
pean conference would 'probably bo
called to t factually settle the Egyp
tian question.
. LONDON , May 21. Both the Eng
lish ana French governments disap
prove of the projected European con
forence on Egyptian affairs.
QAIRO , May 21. Four thouaand
men of the Kgyptian rcaorvoa have re
sponded to Arabi Boy , minister of
war , 2,000 of whom will remain in
this city while the others rrill be sent
to Alexandria. Friends of Arabi Bey
assert that ho can rely on the army
for support in case there ia any fightt
ing. Europeans are leaving Egypt in
large numbers on ace mnt of the critiIi
cal situation of affairs' hero. ' * '
DUBLIN , Mny 21. The number of
applicants fur land league relief is
200,000. Puniell has warned his fol
lowers that thn relief fund ia totally
inadequate. Menihera of the Irish
party are moving for retirement of thn
laud league auitittora fund and its ap
plication to relief.
LONDON , May 22. It ii announced
the governmt'iita of England and
Franco will advns th. < khedive of
Egypt to dismiss thu niiubtry and
exile tho. military chiefs who wore
prominent in opposing hia administra
LONDON , May 22. The Irish Land
League executive committee have re
solved to oppose Parnell in hia inten
tion of resigning hia seat in Parlia
Davitt addressed a largo meeting of
Irishmen last evening , during which
ho took occasion to boast that ho had
broken the terms of his release , and
said ho intended to treat , hia ticket of
leave with contempt. He denied the
land league had made a compact with
the government , and said the land
league would never bo effaced until
Irish landlords ware completely abel
The Duke ef Grafton is dead.
DOIILIN. May 21. In cona.equonco
of numerous threatening lovtora sent
Cardinal McOikbo , ho ia now guarded ,
MADRID , May 21. In the chamber
of deputies last pvonintr a long debate
ensued on the iniimtoriul bill , reform
ing judicial procedure. An amend
ment waa offered for the institution of
trial by jury , and was bitterly op
posed by Premier Siigaata and othora
of the ministerial party. The nmotid-
inent waa rejected by u vote of 181 to
BERLIN. May 21. The committee
roichatag by 27 yeas to 3 niiya rejected
Biamaick'a tobacco monopoly bit ) , but
by the same vote resolved to oppose
every effort to increase the present
rate of taxation.
LONDON , May 21. There are at
prf dent 12,000 Jewish rofugeea hero.
Local committfBS announced it
impoaaible for any number of commit
tees to afford relief , the number in
diatrcss being too great for any bnt a
nation to reach. The MiUiisou honao
fund ia now two hundred and fifty
thousand pounds.
PARIN , May 21. In the rnco for *
the French Derby stakes to-day , D. n- *
din and St. James ran a dead heat
and divided the firat and second
money , Jasmin taking third inonoy.
ST. PiKiutB , Miguelon , May 21.
The Allen line ship Peruvian , accord-
iug to intelligence ) that haa reached
here , ia aafo. _ All on board wuro
rescued from ice floe , where she was
imprisoned. Her majesty's steamer
GriOin reports that they mot the
Peruvian yesterday , ton miles east of
St. Paul's Iiland. The Peruvian was
in tow of the Arcadian , en route tor
Quebec. The Griffin spoke of another
Alton line steamer making all hula to
the aaiiaUnoo of the Peruvian. The
officers of the disabled steamer re
ported all well on board , and that the
passengers In fine spirits. The Peru
vian's malls were Ukon off yesterday
by a vessel of the Trans-Atlantic line
and conveyed to shore.
ST. PHTKRSBURO.May 21. G on oral
T. Ohorneff haa boon appointed to the
governorship of Turkestan , made va
cant by the death of General Kauf
Russian incendiaries have fared the
Jewish quarter of the town of Ko-
komo ,
National Anodatod I'm * .
NKW YORK , M y 20. Siilcd The
Germaiiia for Liverpool , the Spam for
Liverpool , the Egyptian Monarch for
London , the Ciroasda for Glargow ,
the Neokar for Bremen , the Waeslaud
for Antwerp.
Arrived The Assyrian Monarch
from London. ,
AMSTERDAM , May 20. Arrived
The Edam from Now Yotk ;
Guuoow , May 20. Arrived The
Scandinavian from Bosttri.
HAVRE , May 20. Sailed The
Gullort for Now York.
LIVEROOOL , M y 20. Arrived
The Bulgarian from Boston.
NEW ions , May 21. Arrived
The Donau from Bremen , the Elbe
from Bremen , the Alvina from Port
au Priuco , the Aliaa from Port uu
NEW YORK , March 21. Arrived
City of Rome from Liverpool.
May 21 , Arrived
Briatol from Bristol.
BREUEX , May 21. Arrived Nu
remberg from Baltimore ) flailed , Mosel
for New York.
LivBiirooLMay21. Sailed Penn-
aylvania for Philadelphia.
HAMBURG , May 21. Sailed Seliaia
for New York.
HAYHK , May 21. Sailed St. Law
rence for New York.
QUKBNBTOWX , May 21. Sailed
Catalonia and Nevada for New York.
ROTTERDAM , May 21. Sailed W.
A. Hchatton for New York.
M itloml Anociatod Frew.
\ViLKB3BARRB , Pa. , May 21. The
minors ut Whippowill and Katy Did
collieries of the Red Ash Coal com
pany , have struck for payment be
tween the 10th and 15th of every
month. They were paid in April on
the 22d , and this mouth pay day has
heon postponed until the 20th. The
miners claim the delayed paymonlH
are for the purpose of compelling
them to deal at the company's atorea.
Mayor Powderly , of Scranton , the
nominee of the greenba kera for lieu
tenant governor , waa li " re yesterday.
From what ho > "pi1'jocted that
lie will decline the numiiiatt'Vi rs soon
ia officially 'lot iQed gfit.
PiTisnuiia , May 21. At , the con
vention yesterday afternoon it was resolved -
solved that work be suspended in all
pits after June 1 , if any more colored
men are hired or those working are
not discharged at that time. All
trades' UIIIOMH wi'l ho appealed to for
aid. Thia effects all minus within 100
mili'8 of tha city , employing over
5,000 mine .
DETROIT , May 21. The Muskegon
Boom company haa 300 river men on
the promises unknown to the Btrikora ,
and expect to break booms and begin
the delivery of loga to-morrow. If
their plan does nut miscarry , this will
break up the great saw-mill striko.
MILWAUKEE , May 21. The offices
of The Daily Sentinel nnd The Re
publican have boon consolidated , and
a non-union foreman has been selected
for the now ollico. All union printers
struck. The now oflico , however , is
working with a full force of non-union
mon , and no trouble is foarad , as
there are plenty of printers in. thoc'ity.
LAWRENOB , Mass. , .May ' 21. The
Pacific mill strikera have lasucd a second
end appeal for aid. X mooting of
laborlntrmon and women of Boston ,
in Fanuiol hall , in their interest , ia
talked of. This la the tenth week of
the strike.
Tba Fenian * .
National Anodatod f real.
NEW YORK , .May 21. A manifesto
has just been issued , signed by order
of the executive council of the Fenian
brotherhood , declaring to every Irish
secret organization that the watch
word of hour haa gone forth , pledging
themselves to apply all their resources
with redoubled unorgy and devotion ,
with ferocity equal to that of their
arch enemy , to the great work front
ing them , anil urging upon all their
brethren at homo and abroad the nec
essity greater than over of consolida
tion of all available forces and hearty
co-operation of their common object ,
the destruction and annihilation of
British power in Ireland , whoso exis
tence they claim is the cardinal reproach
preach and the supreme and burning
shame of modern civilisation.
P 0rla' > Profit.
National AwooUUd f It * , .
CHICAGO , May 21. It has been
discovered that the extensive grain
house of Hancock , Buule & Co. , of
Peoria , haa been enjoying a cut rate
of 5 centa per bushel luia on grain to
New York than'olher houses , over the
Erie road. A petition , signed by
members of the board of tnulo yesterday
day , asked tha Erie to abrogate this
discriminating rate which tends to in
iuro the trade. The above firm waa
soiling grain in the eastern market at
much less than other houses , and BUS
picion being aroused , led to the dis
Cnmorou's He t Man.
Nation ! An cUt 4 tint ,
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , May 21-
Thomas 11. Marshall , of Pittsburg ,
special advices say , haa officially de
clined the fltrte conrontion'a nomina
tion of him aa repuolican candidate
foroonjrenman at LIT & ,
flopo Buoys tlio Arch-Assassin on
tlioEdgo of Eternity ,
Large Crowds of People Bog
ging a Last Look at the
The Hoglra to Hadoo Continue *
Steadily on the Incroaoe.
"OldllK/rrV'HnrvettFroxuUei to
Discount the Corn Crop-
Every Variety of Bloody Dooda cvncl
Venal Crituo.
National AnocUtcd PIOH.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 21. The
guard that carried Guiteau his break
fast to-day also handed him n paper.
The prisoner read it between biti's.
When the dishes wasrcmovod ho said ,
"Tho death warrant will bo issued to
morrow , eh ? Better wait till the last
card is played. I don't bollovo the
court-in-bano will decide against mo.
buf. if they do the supreme court will
grant a writ habeas corpus , " and so
the great assassin aooms to keep up
hope * .
JL'uu warden saya ho fools depressed
bocauao ho is not allowed company ,
but ho baa no fear of his fate. An
imuiual crowd visited the jail to-day
hoping to BCD him ouao before his sun
IB set , but no ono was admitted but
his counsel , Reed. Rood refuses to
toll what passed. Bo says Guiteau
keeps his norvo. When asked if ho
encouraged ) Guiteau to hopiv , ho said
0)n 0)ii . There is too much of the lawyer
iiu him not to know ho is not gone
until all the wires ro pulled. Reed
does not speak over confidently of an
effort to got a. writ of habeas corpus
from the court and the general opin
ion is it will not bo issued. Reports
iiti to the probable disposition of Out-
teau'a body may bo sot down as con
jectures. j < Disposition will bo roado
according to the wish of his friends
after the brain is removed.
Nation * ] AMOdatAd I'rtwr.
JACKNON , Miss. , May 21. Riley
Moore , acquitted recently of the mur
der of Mr. Waters , was assassinated
last night near the spot Waters was
WAKRENTON , Vu. , May 21. A
negro woman at Amesvillo yesterday
tied a nine-year-old son to the floor ,
piled kindling on him and burned
him to death. The woman escaped.
BROWNSVILLE , Tex. , May 21. At
Fula , Mexico , la t night , Lieut.-Col.
Elija Morelees andLujut.-Col. Oharan
fought a duel. , The former was killed.
The latter surrendered to the civil au
At Arizobo , two men shooting at
each other on a crowded street , killed
two ladies among the spectators.
Dr. Albert Salinesy Rivers was as
sasainated in the streets of Vtra Cruz.
YOUNGSTOWN , O. , May 21. Henry
Darrington , of Wurron , Ohio , WAS
killed by the cars. Onaleg waa found
near the Ashtabula depot , and the re
mainder of the body was found
tnrod along the track for half a milo.
It ia rumored that hia throat waa cut
and the body thrown on the truck ,
Edwin Ilobrow diaappeured Wed
nesday last. Ho had $1,000 on his
perraon. Foul play suspected.
, BEIIANON , Ky , May 21. Roaa Or-
ban , a child , has buen brutally mur
dered near .here , and the body found
in a ditch a short distance from homo
with the skull broken. Another child
was found in bed with its ttiroat out.
The affair is wrapped in mystery.
CINCINNATI , 0. , May 21. While
two mon were examining a tray of dia-
monda at Harry R. Wmith.s jewelry
store , Saturday night , ouo snatched a
diamond worth $2,5QO and ran , Both
captured and gave thu natnca of John
Thompson and Win. Harriiou , of St.
LITTLE ROOK , Ark. , May 21. The
committee which haajbeon investigat
ing the books of ox-trt-aaurer , now
governor , Churchell f < r the lait four
months , filed a report yruterduy that
the deficit foots up to 844.82U 57.
21.-Mrs. Juno Whittlfiiby , a widow
ngrfd 00 , living with a brotntr at Weat
Sheflield , waa found drowned yester
day in n pond a mile from her house.
A long letter waa found in her bed
aaying , aa some of her relatives had
become insane aho was afraid aho
might also , and injure some of her
friends , and so she had to kill herself.
She had previously made a will. The
house wau ono of those robbed by the
notorious Fred Wobator , now serving
thirty.ono yo ra in prison , and Mrs.
Whittleaby never recovered from the
NEW YORK , May 21. John Woods ,
alias Fonton , a well known English
pick-pocket , was aneated last evening
by the Central olllco detectives for
robbing Charles Hoffman , a metaenger
ia the employ of the Mechanics' bank ,
of $50,000 worth of chocks and se
curities. A part of the utolen prop
erty waa found in the priaonor'a poa-
MuiiOiTiNE , Ia. , May 21. James
MoMunomoo , aged 10 , desired hia
father John to transfer some property
to him. The father refused , and dur
ing a qoarrol over the matter Iho
daughter Mary , oged 14 , interposed ,
when the old man threatened bur.
While the father wns meditating an at
tack on the daughter , she shot him
doodwitha revolver handed her b/
her brother James. Both children
were arroited and lodged in jail. The
prisoners claim the act was ia self
FORT WAYNK , Ind. , May 21. At
the Tillage of Five Points , three body
natchcrs attempted to rob the grave
of Mary Shirres , t > little girl recently
dccoMod. A brother of the girl was
on guard , and attached the party.
During a severe struggle two of the
marauders escaped , and ono named
Maaon was soundly thrashed. Ho
disclosed the names of his two accom
plices , and nlao the natno of a physi
cian who had promised $20 lor the
PiTTrtnwio , IV , May 21. MianAb-
bie Lowin.agcd 11) , ( colored , ) died this
morning from the effects of a dose of
spirits of turpentine , taken to procure
an abortion ,
MllKKI ) .
KANRAH CITY , May 21. In n diffi
culty on Oak street , between Eich'h
and Ninth , this city , Billie Hopkins
was stabbed with a dirk by E. H. Rob
NKW YORK , May 21. While a
freight train on thu Hudson river rail
road was near Sing Sing this morning
two thieves were discovered throwing
goods from the cars. They were ar
rested after a severe otrugglo , during
which several shots were oxchangod.
Nttlonal AuocUtedl'reH.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 21. The
lost day of thu inaugural mooting of the
National Jockey club waa largely at-
tended. First race , three-quarter
milo , was won by Blue Lodge , Pros
per 2d ; time 1:10. :
Second race , for not Vernon stakes ,
milo , was wou by Sweet Homo ,
Infanta 2d ; time , 214. ;
Third race , milo heats , was wou by
Valparaiso , with Helen Wallace 2d.
The first heat waa h''nJ between Helen
Wallace and Valparaiso , and the lat
ter took the two following hoate ;
lima , 1:481. : 1:46 : $ , 1CO. :
Fourth race , one mile , was won by
Chickedee , Emily F. second ; time ,
1:44. :
Fifth race , handicap steeple chase ,
usual course , was wou by Judge Mur-
ry , Kitty Clark second ; no time tu-
LOUIAVILLB , Ky. , May 21 The
Louisville Jockey Club races were
fairly attended yesterday. First race ,
purao $200 , all ages , three-fourths
mile , was won by Maggie Ay re , who
sold fourth in the pools , Bootjack ,
the favorite , second ; time , 1:15j :
Second race , mile heats for tobacco
atakea , 3-year-olda thut didfuot ( fin as
2-year-olds , was won by Mistral. The
first heat dead between Mistral and
Qua Matthews , Mistral took the second
end heat , Gus Matthews second :
time , 1:52A. Just before the second
heat rain Tell , but not sufficiently to
stop the racing.
Third race , purao 8GOO , owners
Handicap for 2-year-old , five furlongs ,
was won by Wayward , Bonneretta
second. Time , 1:02J. : , < ,
Fourth race , $4uO , steeplechase ,
mile and n half , was won by Guy , Miss
Malley second. Time , 2:02 $ .
Fifth race , purse $200 , all ages ,
milo and a half , was won by Bender ,
Bootjack second. Time , 1:40J. :
At Troy , N. Y. , Troya 14 , Bos-
tona 3 ,
At Providence , R. I. , game post
poned on account of rain.
At Cleveland , Oluvolanda 2 , Buffalos
ales 3.
At Chicago , Ghicairos 5 , Dotroita 3.
At Now York , Metropolitans 9 ,
Eclipse of Louisville 2.
At Philadelphia , Athletics 6 , Phil
adelphia ? 7. Twelve thousand por-
BOIIJ witneased the game.
NEW Youz , May 21. Jauioa El
liott issues a challung-3 to flight John
L. Sullivan for $2,000 a side , in Sep
tember or October , agreeing to any
stakeholder but Hurry Hill. Ho has
posted $1,000 , and calls Sullivan a
coward and a barber fighter.
NEW BRIGHTON , May 21. L. R.
Myora , champion amateur short dis
tance runner of the world , rippearod
in the one-sixth milo hurdle yester
day. Ho was not up to the usual
form , but his uppaaranco scared off
all but two ot fioao who had entered.
After paesing the first hurdle , 0. J.
Coniioll , of tlio Manhattan athletic
club , dropped out , leaving the race
between Myers midJLafford. Myers
led nil the way , clearing all thu tun
hurdles in fine style , winning by ten
yards. Time , 37A , second best previous -
vious rccuid.
Snulibini ; the Kovisod Edition.
National A oijitud 1'icui.
ATMNTA , On , , Mny 21 , The Proa-
byteriiinu in gonrrnl assembly stourod
clear of thu revised edition of the Now
Testament by refusing to take action
( indorsing it. Telegrams of greeting
were received yesterday and read from
the Cumberland Presbyterian assem
bly nnd the Northern Presbyterian
assembly , and responses wore sent. A
delegate from the Reformed Dutch
church spoke and was reaponeed to by
Moderator ( Smoth. The mooting
next year will bo at Lexington , Ky.
Crop ProapsoU.
Nttlont ! AuocltttxJ I'rcw.
CIIIOAOO , May 21.--Tlio crop reports -
ports from the northern tier of coun-
lion in Min ( Mot.i and the Rd River
valley say wheat seeding ia about
finished and corn planting begun.
Heretofore corn raising haa boon un
common in the northern part of the
A McGregor ( Iowa ) dispatch says
continuous cold and wet weather haa
had injnriousortoct on farm work , and
the outlook is unsatisfactory. The
average of corn will bo larger than
for many years.
Iltdgo plants 76o. per thousand
wholesale or retail. T. V. B. Mason ,
Buouaudouh , IA , d-2t
Destruction of tlio Block Contain
ing the Windsor Hotel and
Palace of Fashion *
Panto Among the Queats of the
Hcitol , Many of Whom
Narrowly Escape.
Oaa Charred Body Found Among
the Debrl * of the Homed
Denvtr Tribune _ . . . . . . _ . .
LKAUVILLR , May 1'J. Fire broke
out at 3:50 : this morning in the roar
of Fronklo it Butler's storo. No
wind. Burned the Windaor , Acade
my of Muaic and trn houses. Loss
estimated at $500,000. Inauranco
principally in fnroign cotnpaniPB.
When the fire broke out there WM
the most fearful panic that has over
occurred in Luadvillo. Mr. Kendrick ,
the proprietor of the Windsor , waa
among the first to bo aroused , and as
soon as he nalizod thn awful position
in whick hia property had been placed
ho lost no time to do all in his power
to save the guotti of the homo. Ho
rushed frantically from hall to hall ,
knocking in the doors and shouting ,
"Firo ! " giviug all a chance to escape.
Mon and women rained from the
rooms , and as soon as they got out
met others terrified at the position ia
which they wcro placed. The Hotel
Windsor waa ono of the oldest hoatol-
ries in the city , and was constructed
in the flimsy manner that formerly
was ao prevalent in this camp. The
walla > were but poor partitions of
green lumber , over which ciuvas waa
stretched , and afforded no protection
except from eight.
met in the hall , nnd were almost para
lyzed by amoko uud flames. They
groped about in every direction until
they found some means of exit , and
then lost no time in accomplishing
their escape , no matter how perilous.
Representatives of both BCXOB wcro
seen coming from the hotel door but
thinly clad , bearing their valuables ,
and clothing in hand in order to got
out nlivo. Others , lost fortunata in
knowledge , of the intricacies i\t the
hall , dnahed for windowa and tl row
themselves tv out. Hardly a man or
woman thus loft the houap who to-day
ia not suffering from injuries bruinca ,
burns or sprains. Some of the nioro
timid managed to reach the front ,
where fire ladders wore thrown up for
their escape. Style , method or ap
pearance was not thought of. Moa
rolled down sidewise , headlong and
foot first. There were the following
at the time , as indicated by the register - >
tor , which was fortunately saved by a , ,
Philadelphia fireman : D.inielPowell ;
P. E Proatontain , Rockaton Fulls ;
A. Prostoutain , Rockston Fulls ; Joha
N. Canning ; G. H. Thourn ; William * I
T. Uphert , Kokomo ; Wilcox Broth- '
era , city ; Thoima Dungan , city ; James , ' _ .v
Firraull , oily" ; John Aludiers , city ; H. " '
W. Buck master , city ; Jacob Knodoll ,
city ; Henry Kusslor , city ; Ste
vens , A. fl. Fu/ford / , Rod Cliff ; S. D.
Young , city ; R. E. I'almer , city ; F.
H. Braden , Riibinaon ; C. D. Wolrad ,
Now York ; Hairy J. Hackct , nowa
agent South P.irtt railroad ; S. Hawk ,
city ; Frank Siognor , city ; N. H.
Ohamboilain , city ; T. J. Moore , Rob-
inaon ; J. W. Miicktnaon , Muyaville.
The help of the hotel all escaped.
wore : J. A. Gumb.'o ' , Soda Springs ;
8. A. Ruthburn , conductor Rio
Grande ; F. R. Parka , conductor Rio
Grande ; George Mitclioll , baggage
man Rio Grande ; John J. Jonea ,
Robinson , John Sinimerman , Lawrence -
renco , Kunaas ; Ford , of Glebe
Thoator. A. Wall , city ; James Blake ,
Now York ; William H. Winters ,
Wilborn T. Street , Clear Croak ; 0.
Oaaoy , J. A. Cramer , city ; George 0.
Hickey , Independence ; Fred Julian.
St Louis ; William Williams , Halifax ;
0. II. Cooluy , T. R. Ohumpil , Ana
Arbor , Michigan.
The following have
A. Bjllou , city ; Joseph T. Wistfls ,
stage driver on Independence line ; P.
D. Larick , Del Norto.
Aa soon as the embers cooled auf-
ficently to enable the work to bo car
ried on Etiarch waa begun for the
bodies of the victims. The first dji >
onvery wan made by Jack Horner arid
Jack Broguu , two inombora of the
ILirrlson hooka , who weru working
about the Bamo apot. They suddenly
came on the form of a human being ,
with fiico turned down. Sheets were
brought and the charred remains of
the unfortunate were carried by the
fireman to the morgue. It waa dia-
covered there that ill trace of identity
had been lost , for all that remained of
the head uiid facfl were a few iraina.
The flrismuii returned to the ground
and continued their disagreeable
duties. They delved the whole morn
ing in the debris and patiently sub
mitted to the terrible odors arising
from the burned aud wet material ,
that gave forth the most frightful
stenches at timeB. At noon the fire
boys were called off , and the city
placed on duty the chain gang who
worked till dark , turning the debris
upside down. Thia doleful work waa
witnessed by Bovorul thouaand who
visited the acono during the day.
In the condition in which the un
fortunate victim wan found it is al
moat Imposdible to discover hia ident
ity , but circumatancea point to the
fact that tlm charred and unreoognlza-
blu remains are all that ia left of Mr.
Arthur Ballon. The gentlemen 'in
whoio company Ballon had been
Thursday night uUto that ho waa per-
footly aobor when ho retired , and they
had not been able to induce
him to tnko a glaaa of beer /or
weeks , The facts point to bnt one
idea ; it waa whllo ondeavring to as
sist a weak woman from a perilous
position that Arthur Ballou gave y
bis life. A