Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 16, 1882, Page 3, Image 3

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IEID &c OO ,
The Only Exclusive
Wholesale Hardware House
J.J.BiBO'W'lsr&sOO ,
Boots and Shoes.
The Oldest Wholesale and THE LEADING
in Omaha. Visitors can here IN THE WEST I
General Agents for the
find all novelties in SILVER
Finest and Best Pianos and
VER WARS. CLOCKS , Organs manufactured.
Rich and Stylish Jewelry , Our prices are as Low at
Eastern Manufacturer
the Latest , Most Artistic , any
and Dealer.
and Choicest Selections in Pianos and Organs sold
RECIOJ3 STONES and Tor cash or installments at
Bottom Prices.
all descriptions of FINE A SPLENDID stock oi
WATCHES at as Low Pri Steinway Pianob , Knabe
ces as is compatible with Pianos , Vose & Son's Pi
honorable dealers. Call arms , and other makes.
and see oin1 , Elegant New . Also Clough & Warren ,
Sterling Imperial Smith
, ,
Store Tower
, Building , American Organs , &c. Do
corner llth and Farnham
not fail to see us before pur
Streets. chasm ? .
Large Stock Aways on Hand.
1309 Farnham Street.
SIGNS House Painting ,
1118 Farnam Street ,
Apartments in private houses Painted , Frescoed or Decorated to suit nil
I / tastes , Wo make a special study of the true harmony of colora and produce
m /Jp fine con.raatsand combinations to match every variety of furnishing. Churches
V and public buildings painted and frescoed in the most approved etylo.
and give personal attention to all work.
Bnsmoss llirectoFY ,
Ab tr ct ml Deal tjt t .
JOHK L. McCAQUK , oi'poflto Post Offlcs.
IT. R. PAnTIKTT 817 Snnlh 18lh Street.
Architect ! .
Room U , Cnlghlcn Block. 1
A , T. tAROK Jr. . lloom J. Ciolghtfln Blotlc.
Uooti nd Oho .
fine Dootfl aad tihot * . A Rood fcw
ime rork on band , corner 12th and turner.
mOO. KIUCRSON , B. U. cor. l th and Dowrlt
KJ 10th itrret , inonutactun to order good woi
\ \ Mr vrtM * . Retttlrlnr done.
Ded Spring * .
LARHIMRn Manntacturer. 1617 DowU
Dooki , Now * and QUtlonery ,
J. I. FHUKHAUF 1018 IVnhun Btre t
Duller and Eg .
UnanAMR A SCI1ROKDKR , the oldt t a knd 3
lonte In NctorajVix MUbllxhed 1876 Onuhk.
1(118. A. RYAN ,
l.nlhirtst comer ICthand Dodge.
Ueot Do&rd lor the Monoy.
E lls ! ctlon QuMani-ew
kl til noun.
Board by tha D TI Week or Month.
Good Tonm for Ci )
FarnUhoil Unnmn Hnpptlod.
Urrl ce * and Road Wngort * .
ONYDKU , I Ui Mid lUmcv Streets.
Olothlnz Uought.
' , HARRIS will par hljrhoatCMh price ' lor oocc
Itnd clothlnp. Conlcr,10th und rftmh m.
Jane on.
JOHN BAUMKK ISli F ruh m Stroel.
H. DKnTllOLU , IUtf and McUl.
Lumber Llmo and Coment.
fOBTRK tt OR \ \ corner Cth and DouglM 8ti
Lainpa and dlauware.
/ . BOKNER 1309 IoojUa at. Good Varlet )
Mcrcnant Tailor * .
Jneo ! our most pcpular Merchant Tallon la.n
eh Ing the latoet ilraiKiia tor Spring and Sununo
Joodj ( or Kontbmens wear. BtyllUi , durable
ind Drlce3 low aa over SIB 18th bet. DOUC. & Furu
Mllllnory. .
ARS. 0. A. R1KOKK , AVholesalo and Retail , Fan
y Ooodd In great variety , Zephyrs , Canl Boards
Soglery , Olo\cs , Corfots , &c. Chenpctt UOUM li
the West. Purchaser * R T o 80 per cent. Ordt
3y Mail. 116 Fifteenth Street.
/OHN WEARNB & SONS cor.Uth& Jarkaoniti
P lour and Feed.
3UAHA OUT MILLS , 8th and Varnaam Bts.
VelthAus Broa. , proprietors.
Grocer * .
C. 6TKVKNS , Slst between Coming and tear
f. A. MoSflAKB , Corn. jSd and Cuming Street *
Harawmo , Iron ana uteel.
OLAN A LANQWORTUT , Wholoeale , 110 anc
M 16th btrtot
A. HOLMta corno 1Mb acd Calllornla.
Harneta , Saddles , &c.
B. WF.IBT 20 18th St. bet Farn- narney
ANFIELD UOUUK.Ooo. Canfleld.Oth & Farnhxtt
aOUAN UOUbE , I1 U. Gary , 913 FurnhamHt
SLAVEN'H 110TKL. F. Hlaven , 10th St.
louthorn Ilr.tcl Ous. llamel Oth it Lcavenwcrtl
ru c , ruini * na uua.
KU11N & CO.
'harmaclirti , Flno Vane Uoodx , Cor. lita and
Doog ! i ttreeta
V. J. W71ITEHO Ueii , Wholesale & Retail , 16th Bt
0. FIELD , S02S Morth Side Cuming Street
rAEIt , DrucrlKt. 10th and noward Btriwts.
> B. PAUL Wllll m < HlopK Cor. 16th h Do.lga.
ury uuoc * rlotiona , ttc.
< w Tort Dry Goods Score , 1810 tnd 1812 Fam
u m etrvet.
t > C. Kncwold also hoott and nhooa & Paclfla
i I1. QBOS3 , Now and Bcooud Hand Farulture
nd Stovoa , 111 ! Dcnjlai. nigheet cash prlci
ild lor eooond band cooaa. 1809 Dooflk it. Fine < rood ko ,
f rrco tyorni.
iUZT , IP.IES A CC 12ia Carney St. , Improve
< d lea Boxes , free and Wood Fonoei , OCct
Ulnira. Gonntri * ? ln and Walnut.
Pawnbroker * .
ROSF.NFELP 10th St. . brt far. f > TJii
, Uanlieia'a Potent.
OOPHMAN Itli ft , hft. yarn &
Ol. < ar8 nnd Tcbxcco.
WEST & FniWCllER , mant.f cturcr ol
tnd Vliolrcalu Doalcrel n Tobaccos , nOSD
ff. f. LOHliNZEJl manulftcturcr 1416garnham
A. Ponajhrie , paut ! , cuttlowora , nocjo , coqaoti
oc K. W. icr. ICth and Douaa ttrccta
Ulyll Ln lrieeri. arid Uurvoyor * .
ANDRKW ROSKWATCU. Crelghton Block ,
town Kurveye , Grade r.nd Hoyvortso Byetomi a
3p ic'.olty. _
Commlajlon Merchant * .
JOHN G. WIL U3UU Dodfiro Street.
D B. BEEMEK. For details eio largo adrertlae-
mcnt In Dally and Wcckli" .
Corn Ice Work * .
Western Cornice Works , Manufacturers Iron
C/ornlce , Tin , Iron and Slate Rootling. Ordcri
! rom any locality promptly executed In the host
nanuer. Factory and Olllco 1213 Uarney Bt
0. 8PECIIT , Proprietor.
3ilvanUed Iron Cornices , Window Caps , etc. ,
nanutactured and put up In any part of the
xmntry. T. eiNIIOU ) 41B Thirteenth etreet
Crockery ,
I. BONHER IBOil Dongln etreet. Oood line.
OlothlnB and Furnlihlng Qoo > * .
3EO. H. PETERSON. Alw Uata , Caps , Boots ,
Shoos Notlonv and Cutlery , 01 S. 10th itroet
Show Date Manufactory. )
0. J , WILDK ,
ilanntaclurer and Dealer In all klnd ol Show
3aei9 , Upright Casm , A „ 1817 Caw fit.
FRANK L. QEIUIAltD , proprietor Omaha
Ihow Cosn niAnulactory , BIS South 16th otrcot ,
tetwcen Loavenuorth and Marcy. All K ° od
mrranted Unit-clam. _
Uloveo ana inwero.
) c ! cr In Stores nnd Tinware , and Mannfactarar
if Tin Roofs and all kinds of Building Work ,
) dd Fellowu1 Block.
' . nONNKIt. 1 BOB Dong-Ian Bt oed and
| S od .
. EVANS , Wboleoale and RoUll Rood Drill * and
lultlraton Odd I'cllomi null
Physician * anil Suraeon * .
7. B. QIBBS , M. D. , Roam No i , Orelghtou
Hock , llith Street.
V. c. LKIHkMiUNO , M. i ) . Maaonti ! Block.
I. L. HART , U. D. , Eye and Ear , opp. poitoffice
Imllstand Aurlst. S. W 16th and Farnham 8U
Photograpner * .
Grand Central Oallerr ,
IIS Sixteenth Street.
ear Masonic Hall. Flnt-claai Work and Prompt'
eee guaranteen
HI urn Ding , Uat and bteam l''ttlnj.
. W. TARPY A. CO. , J10 12 Ht. , bet. Farnham
ud Douglas. Work promp y attended to.
an aper
HENRY A KOSTKR8.141 Oodeo Street.
tllioe otorc .
hllllp Un 18SO Farnhim lit , bet 18th ft 11 eh.
Bbcond Hand Gtoro.
KRKItm ft LEAK , 1416 fioujlas St. , Now and
ocond Hand Furniture , Houao FuinlbhlngOoode
a . > > niiyht ariil iM on nurrnw manrlni
" "
UAI. ! RIEWE , 1U1K Farnham bet. 10th & lltd ,
CrO Uant Btoroi.
1 fl. 1IAOKDH Ktrnham Bt. . Fancv ManAi
Ualoon * .
D tnu new brick block on DoufrUui Street , bai
Just opened a most olcgint BocJ Ilall.
Ilot Lunch from 10 to 13
w cry day ,
Caltdoata * ; . FALCONER 579 16th Strut.
Bn ! < nl ] . Anthuny tin cousin of Sent
tor Liptmm ,
IVculdent Arthur' * ffice JIM lo t the RW
look of last fftl ) , nnd 1ms n fresh , mail ;
Mrs. ScoulloM one merit UK n lecture
ilio speaks , InrtuillMy. Oincinnnti GJUI
John L. C'emm ' , "the itn > mtneNboy o
OMckmuftugii , ' ' has liecn M > oiuted cap
tain Anilafttutnnt qunrtermaster.
"Mftjih" Bicklmin rlie to explnln , ii
the Dayton Journal , that he "I * hkel )
to be a candlilnte for consn to be i
bishop in tlio Church of KngUnd. "
It U 2t y r flntfa Mark Twain wru i
pilot on the Ml flsipi ! > l river , hut an nlc
hand at the wheel recognized htm las'
week on his trip to Now Orlennr.
Srnntor IIn r tays tliat when he ihooV
his Tint nt Senator Kill In he wan oulj
fooling1. The olhrr dlKtlnRiilthe I MRSJA
chunctlR man , Mr. S illlvnn , doern't il <
buslneaa that way.
It is reiKirlcil thnt when Mt * Anne
Dlcklnmm henrd of Dr. Mary Wnlker'i
goml fortune In necurlng A WndilnRtor
clcrkflilp , she usidly rlrthcd , "Iwlili 1 wcrt
In Mnry'g pantitlouiii. "
Joji ph W. Cohuni , win laid Ihe co'ticr.
ntono of Hunker Mill monument nnd hull )
the first rnllrnad lu thin country , ( the
wno.ien one from n grnntte qunrrv in
Quli cy , Mass. , to tide-waterIsntlll ) living ;
lu Hoston.
Tli * election of Stcedinan to lie
chief of p ilic-j In the city of Tol. . dti
shoul I cnrournge young men who hi\ (
jhoson > o'itlcB n ft pn fo < ntoni They inay
reich nn eiiinhl ! UuctIon by perseverance
nnd good furtuno.
George Olto Trovelynn , Lonl Frederick
Cttcnilish'ii Euccvpdiir its chief secretary
of Ircliii'i ' , Is tlio nephew and bK > Kr.phtr
of Mncnulny , nnil it litornry man ol much
riiHivKtion , Ho him also h d much cx | > e <
rieitco in public nlluirj.
Wlien in I'ari * recently tha Duchess of
Kdlnburgh went about shopping a voorl
Heal. One cvonimt rither late he called
at n millincrV nhop which wan just being
clos d , and w.ii rrfuod admittance , the
benne aiyicR tint her mistress had retired
for tlio night. Next inornin ? the benne
report d thnt otio "Madnme d'Killnb .u y"
had called Into nujl she had refu o I to mi-
nut her. "What , " cried her matres ! < .
" < lo you know who it was you treated fo ?
Ttjat was the daughter of tnu czar uf ltu < -
sin and tlio wife of n BOH of thu Queen of
l < .iiBl ndl" "Ticns ! " exclaimed the i.tlicr ,
chagrined nt bor lost i pportunity. "iiud I
Rf > nr her oft without taking a good look at
There will bo ti2Ti dalegntea in { the Ohio
republican convention. ,
Mr. KirUwood nbaolutely refuses to be-
u > mo a candidate for congress Irom Iowa.
( Jongresunan Springer , of Illinois , will
have some conto tautR for the dcmociatio
uomiuatiun thin year.
The i ( Tort to get up a boom in favor of
Judge Deveua for governor of Momctui'
ettj eeeius to IKWO failed.
Kx-Gpv. AVilliam Irwin , of Callfornin ,
would like to bo nominated by thu etou.o-
rats fur congreasman nt largo.
Undtr the special act of congrcsfl , Wctt
Vir. inia will eld t her four ronjieaainen (
n the tecond Tueiday iu October.
The republican nominatian for govrrncr
n M line it la throught lies between Fred-
rick Kobie , of Gorhnm , and W. W.
Thomaa , jr. , of Portland.
The fight bpUcen Congressman Me-
Ivinley and Jucigo Laubio for the republi
can nomination in the new XVIIIth Ohio
district ia waxiug warm.
Judge William Lawrence , lirst Coinp-
roller of the treasury , has written a let
ter declining to bo a candidate for congiet B
n Speaker Keifer'a district.
George D. Tilhnnn , of South [ Carolina ,
, bout whoae leat in congrocH there U aeon-
e t , is named as an available and popular
candidate for the governorship of his state ,
The Peoria. (111. ( ) Tr.mecript ( rep ) In
m.ldni , ' the authoritative nnnouncemeni
hat General Green U. Itaum has decided
n present Ms name frankly t < > tli people
if T 'inoin oa a candidate for United rftates
ten * tor.
tionia of the youthful nspirant * for con-
gre xional honors in the Dayton , Ohio , dis
trict hu.olieei : perturbed by thortateuient
thnt Hubert O. Schcnrk cou iderc'dhiuiFelf
youiw enough nnd well en ugli to re-cntf r
con rcES fnm that dintrict. Thry will bo
rcaspur d whfn they learn that Mr.
Schenck himaelf say.s thnt ho haa no
tliiiugbt of runuicg fur cougresa this fall ,
or any other time.
The Htiength the Independent movo-
men'H ia TCXUH ore shotting i < iilurm mj
he Democrat ? , nnd they ure looking auxi-
ouely about for n popular i aniliiUte for
g > vernor wliocnn hold Ihe party together
solidly. The inly man who , it i ihuught ,
in nlilo to do this ia G ucrnor HoberlH. AH
ho has declined a renomination , an effort
in milting to get him to rccoiiiidtr the de
The drift ot Fcntiment in Illinois is said
to be in f.ivor of a late state convention.
S > me time in tlio eai ly part of Auuuftia
thought to bu noon enough. The only Btao
officrrn tu bo elected are n trenturor and a
Euperintendcnt of public induction. A
full liouso und half of the memboiH of the
senate are a HO to be chot > on , A three
months' canv IBB is c niddrred long enough
for tliesu inrp"BfH nnd for the different
The Ut-lfatt ( Me. ) Ag' , one of the most
inllurntial greenback papers in Maine ,
counels the abandonment of the attempt
to make that organization a distinct party.
Tha Age gives a table showing the falling
off In the greenback vote Bin o 1878 to
provn the strength of its position. Of Inn
70.000 oiipositi n votes in Maine , 50,000
wilt stick to thoDomocrncyunileranycon-
ditinm , while not ever 10,0 0 weto erer
republicans !
In Maine ( ho political niluatl-n may ho
further complicated by the Introduction of
independent candidate ) into the Hold , In
Uaugor a iui'i > ber of well known repuVll.
cinn htTe licked the Hon. Kdward 13
Ncallcy to stand an a candidate for c' < n-
ureas whether hu receiie-i the nomination
from the nUto c. mention or not , Mr
Nealley I cald tobs pojiulor , has nerved
Boveral years in tlio state legislature and
wns Hpenker of the liuuie In 1877.
It ia an unusual i roceeding for the gov.
ernnr of a fitate t't introduce a bill in the
legislature , but there heeina to bo authori
ty f r such proceeding In New York.
Ton executive submitted a bill appropri
ating SCO 000 for the purchase and littlm ?
up of it camping ground for the National
guard. It wax the only time inthehistory
of the utata that nl bill was to
nflered , and it will probably enj'iy Ita
elngularity , for it won reported upon ad-
It is now annouured "hy authority"
that John G. Thompson will n < t be can
didate for the democratic nomination to
congreHs from the Columbus district. This
Isaves the field clear for Georgs L , Con
verse for both the nomination and the
election , at the dUtrict went democratic
last fall liv 3,395 plurality. Mr , Convene
was first rlected to congress iu 1878 , and
ru-electul in 18SO ,
II. F , McCarthy , dni.-giHt. Ottawa ,
Onl. , Ft-tte * that hovin alllicto i with
: hronto lironchltia for Rome yeir , and wo
oinplotely oured by thu tuu of TllosiAH1
Uci.KOTitiu On. . mllldlw
Wvmoro , Nobraaka
3orrc t ondento of Tin Urn.
WYMORB , Neb , , JMdy'J , Doubtlcso
uvcry reader of Tun UKK knows of
this rattling , bustling town aituatod
in the richctit und moat productive
sounty ( Oago ) in this ivondorful atnto.
I'wolvo inontha ngo for tlio first time
the iron liorao bounded 'acrosa tlieio
Fertile prairiea on his tirolcas journey
\ to the golden poako of Colorado , nn
loft behind him the evidence of hi
process in the inngio city ho ha
cmiftod to grow up horo.
Ono year ngo , Wytnoro wns not
Now the is A town of 1,000 inhnbi
t.tnts , containitit ; nioroof thoulomonti
of a first-class town than ntiy of he :
competitors in the stnto. She IIAI
round-houso ono-fourtl
already A - -
coinplotodCApablo of sliultoritig fiftooi
locomotives. A machine shop OOilSO
nnd ground is being prepared for nn <
other shop of like dimensions. A
magnificent depot 40x100 is now undoi
construction , nnd will bp finished thii
season , \Yytnoro having been BO.
looted as the grand point of the
li. &M. Denver extension in , Nebraska
will become its mott imjiorant conlci
in the slate. It is to bo both froighl
and passenger division. It is Arranged
for n line from this point to Jtniisni
City , Mo. , which will , in nil probiv
biltly , bo built this fnll. When thii
is completed \Vyinoro will bo ono ol
the most imporlntit railrond points in
the stnto.
Great improvcmonls nro going on in
thu city itself nsido from railrond
work. A nntgnificont two story brick
business house , 00x80 , is now under
process of erecium on Niagara avcnuo.
II is owned by the Winters' Bros. ' of
NViipolo , Iowa. Another equally
liood brick , 50x100 , is being built on
Nebraska iwouuo. This building in
oiriiod by Mr. U. Livsey , formerly
of Uluo Spring. At the corner of
Uluo nnd Nobrnska rvvonucs , n Bplon >
did bank building is being erected.
Thin building ia nonrly completed.
It is to bo ready for occupancy Juno
1. This bank ( called tlio Blue Vnlloy
Dank ) is to bo very strong Ita cap
ital stock ia $50,000 , Its president ia
lion , J. J. Sloutlimnn , now postmas
ter , and for many yoara editor of The
Crcston Daily Gazette. Its vice-
president is Samuel Wyinoro for
whom the city was named.
An opera liouao is also to bo erected
the coming soaion , cnpublo of seating
1,000 persona.
Jtiat now our loading citizens nro or
ganizing n street railway to run be
tween this city and Blue Springs , a
dietinco of one milo. Think of it ! A
town not incorporated , nnd in the
midst of nil thoao grand improvement *
which many an older town might
Wo cannot atop now to apeak of the
numberlean dwellings that nro daily
springing up. It is truly wonderful
the growth for this department. But
beat of all is the country around
Wynovo. Such aoil ! Why nn Iowa
farmer would scarce believe the dill'or-
once between the soil of Gngo county ,
Nebraska and that of Iowa. There
the aoil is deep , rich and light , not
too light for successful farming , for it
is hero wo got our largest crop
of corn our wonderful
wheat returns , nnd our fine fat market
market cattle. Ono would think , to
look at the neil , that it dot's not need
such attention na the soil of Iowa , or
Illinois. And certainly ic does not ,
for the most beautiful returns nro re
alized on little capital and a small per
cent , of work ,
Uoraco Grcoloy once said of the
Neoaho ratloy in Kansas , "It can raise
wheat enough to feed the world. "
Ho hadn't soon this locality when ho
made that observation ; much less had
ho Been ono of our corn crops , with
its average of eighty bushels to the
acre , our great wheat crops that fur
nish bread for our nister a to tea.
There is no finer country on earth
than the valley of the Blue , watered
by that magnificent river from which
it domes its name. Land may bo
purchased within five miles of Wy-
moro for $10 nnd $12 per aero , and
well improved farm * with largo and
ubatantial dwellings , and farms nro
to bo found for $20 per ncro. Ono
treat advantage of this whole valley
is the abundance and aoaosaibilUy of
water. Stock feeders have no difli-
B'llty in aecuiiiig good water at twenty
\Vo had nearly forgotten to men
tion two important fuctora that con-
jplro to muko Wyinoro H nubatuutinl
town. Ono is the water privileges it
unjoje , being touched on the east by
bho Big Blue and on the south by
[ ndiim creek. Both thcso streams
i ( lord excellent mill sites near town.
Another fuctor ia the abundance and
jxcollenco of atone. Within ono
milo of this place atone ia quarried
'or buUding nnd whoa laid
n the wall coat leas than $2 n parch.
& . fine quantity of brick is iniido here
knd retailed at modest figures , as yet.
Wo must close this letter it ia too
on thy already , but before doing HO
nily write to add a word , "Como
induce. " If you are desirous to find
home you can not go to a more nus-
) icioua point than this , nor can you
ind a finer country under the nun.
Womnn'a Trno Frloml.
A friend in need U afriend Irulurd. This
lone can deny , etpecially whenn inl.iiiicelH
endcrcd when ono U mirily aflllcte.l with
lliiOUH' , more particularly tlio-e com-
ijalntn and wealcncsscn BJ comninn to our
omalc population. Kvery worntnliould
: n'iw that Klectrlu ISIttcrn ate \ \ man'x
r o friend , and will positivJy icstuie her
n healtl ) , even when all i/thor rtmedieu
all , A i-Inglu trial always proven mir as-
ertion , Ihoy mo pleasant to tin taiste ,
.u I only cent fifty cents a bottle. Sold by
) , F , lioudrnan
Hoom 4 , Crelvhton Block , Fllteintu Street
DIJifor thecrectU.n . ot a NormnlColje(100i ! (
0 , our itoilct hl h ) In tlio city of ftheimndoMi ,
' ( { e county , Iowa , will bit rocelierl until the
3rd day ' U y > * ofiico ot i , K. Wllion , 1'rin-
li l. In Ili4 hnell. Illi. Plant nd ip.-eiflcktlont
' 111 Wound In 8heimiilo li Nation * ! Hank , The
tlit to accent or reject an ; anil til blili li re-
emd , mlO-eod-8t
'o ' Kllika McLnuglilln non-ro'l. ' nt defendant ;
You nro her bv notified that on the " 4lh day
( April 1852 , KdwarJ I ) . llcUu lilln filed a
clltlnn o/alnst you In tlio DUtrlct Court o (
touclai County , No ir tki , the object anil prny >
r ol which art ) to olitiln a dhorju fnmjou anil
lutoiyol Ilia children ; lunue o1 tlio wtrriaijo
Hli you , t thu Kronnd that you IIIYO willuny
bindonod the pluliitllT. without good ittUfe , ( .r
lie term ol twojoara la t jtnt.- You are r *
ulrcd to intwor mid ctlt'nn on or bolero MOP
ay , the 1-Jtilivol June 1BS2.
K . JIO'.AUimUN. I'lalntlO
onerrn-U Ily It U Hii.r. , MH Attorney ,
H Front Kooas ( up oU-In ) In Ilnutxnrn ! luildlu , N. W. corner KttiM3tb | n
Take "BLACK-DRAUGHT" and yo
nil never bo biU < > "
Men's , Boys" and Children's
Ready for Inspection
The Lowest Prices Guaranteed ,
1316 Farnam Street , Near 14th ,
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Clothing and Gent's ' Furnishing Goods
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I am Belling the Celebrated Wilson Bro.'a Pine Shirts , known
as the BEST Fitting and Most Durable Shirts Made.
Finest Silver Plated Spoons and Fork
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Furnishing Goods
Hats and Caps
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1301-1303 Farnham and 300 to 312 13th
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Lath , Shingles ,
16th and Cuming Sts. OMAHA , NEB