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    1 HE ! , " DAILY BEE
To the Shanghai Racket , and
Proposes to Probe the Paw
nee Pill Man.
A Comrnitteo of Three to In *
vestigate that Platta-
mouth "Steal. "
Moore of York Movea Methodi
cally on the Militia
.Eleven Days of Qlory With
out Qoro Entirely too
Costly ,
Xaxnrlnnt Viand * for the Sinil ;
Hard-taok for the Rank
and File.
Tbo "Contingent Congressman Called
to Bis Census.
'Special Correspondence of Tin : tiiuu
LINCOLN , May 14. When Mr. TcfTt
had cogitated oror night on his ex
planation , called out by Myors' reso
lution , he evidently came to the con
clusion that ho had placed himself in
a dubious position thereby. Accord
ingly ho took occasion when the senate -
ate mot yesterday morning to introduce -
duce the following resolution :
WHEREAS , A certain newspaper
called The Omaha Herald , piloted
and published in Omaha , Nob. , o"
date ot May 10,1882 , makes and pub
lishca in its editorial columns charges
of bribery and corruption occurring
during the late senatorial election in
the state of Nebraska , in thatln con
sideration of the vote given by Sen
ator Graham , of Seward county , Jor
den. Van \Vyck for United State sen
ator under certain arrangements made
to that effect , Senator Graham re
ceived a surveying contract ; and ,
furthermore , that Senator Tefft , of
Cass county had participated in a
burglary in connection with the sur
veyor general's office at Flattamoutb ,
whereby certain public moneys vrere
fraudulently converted to his own
usej and
WUERBAB , It is important that the
truth or falsity of said charges shall
be established ; therefore , bo it
RESOLVED , That a committop of
three be appointed by the chair to
inquire into the aforesaid charges ,
and that said committee have power
to send for persons and papers and
dfUnting theliessiotf of th.u ; % ia
' . -
'ture. „
This-was laid over until Monday
under the rules , and will come tip for
consideration then. Members of the
flonate state that the resolution will
bo adopted , and that the charges will
be probed to the bottom. AfterTeffc
had presented his resolution , Col.
Myers arose and aaked to have his
resolution of the day previous with'
drawn from , the record , as ho conaid-
iho course taken by Mr. Tofl't in the
premises extremely honorable and
creditable. This was nothing moro or
less than a little piece of cheap
"taffy , " as Myors is only too anxious
to have the matter brought up before
the eonate. In conversation with TUB
BSB correspondent yesterday ho
stated that it Mr. Teffc had not taken
this action , ho ( Mjora ) would have
introduced ono to
andif that had been ruled out he
would have asked to have the matter
tvrnod over to the grand jury and
tried in court.
JVIr. Moore , of York county , introduced -
duced the following resoluion in the
house yesterday :
WIIKREAS , The calling out of troops
for the purpose of suppressing riots or
labor disturbances is attended with
great expense to the tax-payera of the
state , and
\YiiEKEA8 , A part of the press and
people of the state allege that the
calling out of the state troops in the
.ato labor riot in the city of Omaha
was premature and uncalled for , and
WHKRKAB , Officials may , if permit
ted , become careless and injudiciously
uao this power vested in them and
thereby increase the danger of blood-
filled and destruction of property ,
therefore bo it
RIISOI/VKD , That it is the aonso of
-this house that it is dangerous for the
peace and weltaro of the state to es
tablish the precedent of making ap
propriations to pay the expanses of
calling put troops without making
careful inquiry intu the cauco and ne
cessity of the same , letting the blame ,
if any , attach to where it belongs.
Therefore , the committee on claims
is hereby instructed to make careful
inquiry into the cause of tliolato labor
riot in the city of Omaha and the ne
cessity of calling out atatetroopa teen
force peace and order , and report facts
to the house as soon a consiton ) with
duty ,
A little discussion followed , in
which Messrs. Whodon , McShano ,
Moore and Mickey participated , but
the resolution was finally adopted
The fallowing are the members of
Cyrus N. Baird , Q. M. G. ; M. W.
Stone , aurgoon general ; L. 1) . Richards -
ards , commissary general ; E. P , Rog-
qen , A , A. G , ; Franklin Sweet , inspector
specter general ; J. 8. Lohow , Advo
cate general. Between them they
spent a trifle of $800 during their
eleven days of warfare. The supposi
tion is , of course , that this was all
expended for such munitions of war
as champaign bottles , carriage rides ,
cigar boxes , and opera chairs , The
regimental staff comprises ; 0. O ,
Bates , adjutant ; S , J. Shirley , Q. M. ;
It , V. Unit , chaplain ; Robert Dol-
lingsworth , sergeant-major : John
Tannehill , Q. M. sergeant ; E. S.
Bcoson , commissary sergeant ; M. S.
Pombloton , drum major ; F. J. Schug ,
surgeon. Those gentlemen ,
only scored $000 , though they proba
bly utilized every opportunity.
The spirit of investigation is in the
air , and it is claimed that a certain
member hailing from a portion of the
state not a thousand miles away from
Nomaha county will cause a resolution
to bo introduced relative to the unac
countable fixing of the seal of atato to
lomo t
which 'wore used with great effect in
the late Majors fiasco. If it iaidono
it will bo liable to graze the ears of
ono or two candidates ior governor
uncomfortably close.
A good deal of the stone in the now
west wing is cracking badly , and the
structure bears evidence of defective
material in several ways.
Pat Gilmorc , the famous band
leader , was hero yesterday visiting
John Fitccrerald. Ho had been to
Plat'imouth to attend the funeral of
Captain O'flourko , an ol < \ friend of
his. ARQXTS.
A Petition to Sllonco a Hatoftil Boll ,
National Amodatod 1'roeo.
NEW YOUK , May 14. Thirty-two
residents of the fashionable quarter
of Murray hill have petitioned the
board of health to put a atop to the
ringing of the boll of the Episcopa
church of St. John the Baptist , corner
of Lexington avenue and Thirty-fifth
street , before and during services
Sunday and week days. The peti
tioners allege that the bell ia deep-
toned , of great carrying power. Ita
noise is hateful and maddening to the
nervous , destroys rest , provokes dis
quiet and ill health , and concludes by
saying , "Tho hideous noise is utterly
unnecessary to the worship of God
and the forms of it , and ia simply a
part of the times when there wore
if any watches or clocks in the com
munity. "
The board of health say they will
consider the matter , and have notified
the trustees of the church of the
complaint. The congregation is largo
and wealthy and will resist. Poor
people in the hearing of the bell like
it , and pronounce the petition a "la-
de-dah" proceeding.
Gould's Assessment "Plan , Which
Might Come
Up With
National Associated Press. < *
NEW YORK , May 14.
in publicc etter to Mayor
tending in the interest of thi
roads against the mayor's '
sajro thp-jcapital of the railroad
panics should bo assessed at full value
of capital after deducting the assessed
value of its real estate ; that real es
tate in the city is assessed at less than
CO per cent of its.Bolling value , giv
ing that as the custom. Gould shows
the outrage of the attempt to make an
the "L" roads
exception against by
assessing their real estate and capital
both at actual values. Gould illua
tratos his point by t'io ' taxation upon
The New York Times. He says The
Times capital is $100,000 , in 1,000
shares at § 100 each. At the last sale
of The Timca stock George Jones paid
$109"a share , making the total stock
of the paper worth $160,000. The
'assessor's books place the real estate
of The Times at $31f > ,000 , much Jess
than CO per con . of its real value , the
property being in the beat part of town.
But deducting the assessed value of the
real estate Irom the capital at ita
real value , Gould says there would be
left a capital of $025,000 , on which
The Times should p&y the real tax of
$253 per $1,000 , ' amounting to § 31-
751. CO per year , if the rule which
both the-inayor and The Times insist
Rhould bo applied to the eleyatedjrail-
road should "bo applied to The Times.
Gould points nut that The Times was
never called upon to pay any ouch tax
and claims the elevated roads are cap
italized concerns of as much use to
the city and entitled to the same
benefits under the tax laws , and
threatens to fight with all his re
sources to obtain them.
National Associated I'rcati ,
ST. PAUL , May 14. A row of frame
buildings in the triangle bounded by
Washington and Ninth avenues ,
south and the railroad trucks burned
yesterday. The origin of the fire is
unknown. The following establish
rnenta wore cleared out : Jas Fitz
gerald , news and confectionery ; Lilly
Broe. , notions and confectionery ; A.
Oohn , clothing ; A. Wicklaw , saloon ;
lionnott & Brown , billiirda. Agirre-
'ito lots , $18,000 ; insurance , ? 0.7 00 ,
I'ho burned block was owned by E , B.
GEOROKTOWN , Ohio , May 14. Tire
incendiary firoa last mi ht. Martin
ICeifor's barn was burned , Loss 000 ;
no insurance. Before this iiro was
extinguished , Young's Cooper shop
was ablaze. The flames spread to the
Methodist church , and Brown's barn
and cooper shop which wore entirely
destroyed. Loss , $1,000 ; insurance ,
$000. The church was damaged $500 ;
barn , $100. About $30,000 was raised
in ono hour to build a now Methodist
NEW YOUK , May 14. At seven
o'clock this morning a fire nroko out
in the five story building 120 and 121
Grand street upper floors occupied by
Kaufman Bros. , and Bundy Manufac
turing Co. , importers of smokers ar
ticles , loxs $70,000 ; insurance 815-
000. The ground floor was occupied
byL. Byer fe Co , , importers and
dealen in wools.'loss $10,0005 insur
ance $90,000. T. Kattnassor , impor
ter of German wines , occupied the
basement , loss $3,000 ; building dam
aged $8,000.
A Big Boom.
National Associated Frtw * .
SARATOGA , N. Y. , May 14. The
great jam of logs at Jossups1 Landing
on the Hudson river , fourteen miles
hence , broke away yesterday and car
ried out the Sherman gang saw mill ,
involving a laigo loss ; 1,500,000 logs
wcrq in the jam.
National Associated Ftetft.
DALLAS , Tox.Mayl4. Awould-bo
assassin named Stevens attempted to
kill Governor Ortonj of Ohickasaw
nation , by firing into hia house
through a window. The Indian po
lice followed Stevens to Waohita river
and killed him.
CHICAGO , III. , May 14. The five
hundred strikers and their ( sympa
thizers at Juliet iron and stool com
pany's docks , in the southern part of
the city are becoming riotous. A
largo force of police were on the
ground yesterday , but were unable to
preserve order. A tug boat carrying
now workmen was bombarded with
atones , and several men. injured.
FORT OAKLAND , Cal , May 14.
Dick Rogora , a cow boy , and Jim Cat-
tron , the .idgiBs stage * r'oubora , 6hlor
od the garrison last night and ordered
a soldier to light his cigar. The dea-
paradoos were on the point of firing
when a guard shot and killed Rogers
and mortally wounded Oattron. . It ia
understood largo rewards are offered
in/Toxca for the latter.
LIITLE ROCK , May 14. In the
Choctaw Nation , I. T. , yesterday
Judge Folsom sentenced Reuben Lu
cas , the niUidorer of Thompson M.
Kinney , to bo shot May 1C. Ho confessed
fossod the crime and requested only
two days' to prepare for death.
KANSAS CITY , May 14. George
Dalu disemboweled hia brother-in-law ,
Burrill Smith , in this city last night.
Smith will dio. Both are colored and
had been drinking and got into a
scuffle which terminated aa above.
NEW YORK , May 14. Catherine
McOabo , aged CO , was shot and fa
tally wounded yesterday afternoon by
her stepson , Thomas , aged 1C , who , as
she lay unconscious on the floor
bleeding from her wound , deliberate
ly searched her pockets , taking there
from $18 in ca&h and removed from
her nook a gold chain and watch. The
money belonged to the land league ,
of which the woman's husband was
treasurer. When the murderer had
committed the robbery , Mrs. McCabe
regained consciousness and pleaded
for holp. The boy qpat at her and
went away. The neighbors found
Mrs. McCabe and raised an alarm.
The police scoured the town and run
the boy down in a shooting gallery in
the Bowery , where ho waa sporting in
a now suit of clothes. ' Ho was locked
Brizzolaro , the ' Italian who hacked
hia wife to death with a hatchet in
March lost and then shot himself in
the nbdomonbut afterwards
, recov
ered and was sent to jail , committed
suicide at that institution to-day by
jumping from the third tier to the
concrete floor beneath , causing death
in about an hour.
BOOK ISLAND , May 14. This after
noon seven of the fifteen prisoners
confined in the county jail , an old
structure , dug their way out into the
yard , where three of them were re
captured. The other four' rushed to
the depot , stole a hand car and were
six miles out when last hoard from ,
National Associated * TWS.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , May 14. 0. D.
N. Young , of the Omaha road , and
Stewart Moore of the Northern Pa
cific , and Mr.'Gossick , wore drowned
to'doy by the upsbtting of a sail boat
in White Bear lake.
Pennsylvania Politics-
National AaaocUujl fnta.
PHII..I DELPHI A , May 13. There was
prolonged conference of independents
of Wharton's banking housolast night.
Iho proceedings were private , but it
is understood that the question of
nominating Senator Mitchell for gov
ernor as a matter of expediency was
considered A letter wiia read from
Wolff , declining to bo a candidate for
any position at the coming convention.
Auutnor Irish Miraolo-
National AnnoLiatod Vteu
NKW YORK , May 13. The following
cable published hero : *
KXOCK , May 13.
Jarnos Itcgm , Irlth American OUleo , Kow York.
A marvelous euro waa affected here
to-day. A boy aged 7 , born a cripple ,
was and is walking and leaping
about now. Praised bo to Mary , mother
Chicago as a Mnrliot-
National Awucutcd 1'rofli.
CHIO.UJO , May 14. Phil Armour
recently nhippou 1,600 packages of
tallow to Liverpool , and though hu
could have cold it at a profit reshipped -
shipped it to Chicago. The freight
for the round trip was 38 cents per
hundred. Yesterday he sold it for a
bettor profit than it would have not.
ted him in Liverpool. Ho says Chicago
cage has a better market for provis
ions and products than can bo found
abroad , and that ho ia shipping boxed
moats from Antwerp and making
money on them.
Since March 1 008,000 hogs have
been packed in this city against 050-
000 last year.
Now York Woatlior
National Aaioclatod I'roei ,
NEW \OIIK , May 14. This has
boon a cheerless Sunday ; weather
cold , rain tailing steadily all day and
night up to 11 p. m. this evening.
The rain fall for the day was one and
sixteen one-hundredth inches , aud
since the storm began Thursday , two
and one-fourteenth incho'shavo fallen ,
The highest wind was Friday evening ,
when it blow at the rate of forty-two
miles an hour. The average velocity
since thestorm began has been thirty
miloa. Temperature to-day at G a.
47 degrees ; 3 p. m , 62 degrees ; mid
night , 50 degree * .
The Past , Present and Prospec
tive Work of Oonfirass ,
The "Plumed Knight" Faclna-
ted With PriyaU Life , and
Will Remain There.
The Senate Committee Agrne
to Father the 'Woman Suf
frage Amendmonte.
Comptroller Khox Oeoides a
Profitable Point for Na
tional 'Banks.
The Star Rout * .Trl g Seady
to Proose l Jf Doraey
Will Consent.
High [ Official * Cwaflaent of Gat-
tcan' Dcmtk < 9B Juno 30.
The Bright ana ' .Shady Sldd of LiCe
at tbo Nation's Capitol.
National Associated Prenf
WASHINOTOK , May 14. The house
will probably tnkOj up the contested
election casca after , disposal of the
bill extending clfarters of national
banks. There are three cases to be
noted upon , and it'ia not improbable
that others will bo ready by the time
fhoso are disposed of. Those in question
tion are the Mackoy Dibbrell case in
second and South Carolina district ;
Bisbeo-Finloy in the second Florida ,
and Lowe-Wheeler in the eighth Ala
bama. The case of Smith vs Shelly ,
in the fourth Alabama was also to
huvo followed , but what course the
matter will now take since the death
of Smith is uncertain. It is held
if the facta show Shelley waa not
elected the republicans will declare
the seat vacant and order a ne > v elec
tion. By others it" is hold that as
Shelley baa of hte boon acting with
the republicans on party questions ,
they will not be "in a hurry to push
the case against him , and the commit
tee may not make a report in the
case this session atleast. . This view
of the case ia probably a correct ono.
It ia expected that the contested cases
will consume moa ( } of this and next
week , even' if thedoraocrats ( do not
Shbuster. Whether or not they
will do ao iaj'Jtnot' yet deter
mined. It djipnu'a on how
it conies to a vorolon "oach. Aa to
morrow ia suspension Monday , the day
nrill probably be given up to the pats-
go of bills for the erection of public
buildings , fixing dates for special or-
lors , etc. It is not .impossible that the
river and harbor bill may bo taken up
ind passed to-morrow , though it may
go over to next suspension Monday
Harris will try to got a date fixed for
sonsideration of the bill granting $10-
300,000 for the new navy , and friends
jf the famous M. E. Garrahan claim ,
sxpect to attempt to pats his bill.
has business well in hand , the calan-
dor being unusually clear for a six
month's session , Upwards of 450
bills have passed ainco.tho mooting in
December. The bill for the fioftlo-
input of the claims of certain states
in private lands , ( the 5 per cent bill )
ia a special order , Thu will bo fol
lowed by the Japanese indemnity bill
or Geneva award Wl. ) Voorheca ia
anxious to got up a bill for a new con
gressional library building , which is
sadly needed. Thousands of books
uro .stored , in nooks and recesses all
over the capital , wholly , inaccesaable
for use. i
WASHINGTON , May 14.--Commo-
lore Quackonbush has-been detached
From the Fonsacola navy yard and
placed on waiting orders ,
Rabbi Jacob Vooraangor , of Hous
ton , Tex. , opened the house session
with prayer Saturday at the request
at Chaplain Power , the third time in
the history of the house that an Is
raoiito ofliciated in that capacity.
The comptroller of the currency has
authorized the publication of the fol
lowing letter :
GENTLKMEN Your letter of the
1th iust is received , and ita contents
untud. 1 can RCO no objection to the
proposition for the gradual changing
by national banks of the ainpuut of
premiums paid upon United States
bonds deposited for circulation.
Hereafter national banks holding 4
per cent , bonda will bo instructed to
ohango off one-twentieth part of
the amount paid thereon and counted
as an asset. Thoao holding 4 * 'a will
be instructed to change oil' in a simi
lar manner ono-tonth of the premi
um , and those holding currency G's
to change oiT , say one-fifteenth. In
each case one-half the yearly amount
is bo changed off semi-annually previ
ous to the usual date for the .declara
tion of dividends. This ia to bo done
with the understanding that at no
time shall the amount of the preml
um counted an uasot exceed the
market premium of the bonds hold.
Very respectfully ,
[ Signed. ] JOHN JAY KNOX ,
To Messrs I'ISK & HATCH , banker ; ,
New York ,
Neither the proaecuting counsel
nor counsel for the defense of star
routers know whether Donoy will bo
on hand next Tuesday , the day act for
the trial proper to begin , as the last
adjournment waa asked for on ac
count of hia absence. It ia not cer
tain whether the cases can go on when
called , though nil the preparations are
being made. The grand jury were at
work in the now Herd oil indictment ,
and held a consultation with Judge
Wylio yesterday on aomo of thopointa
under discussion. Considerable feel
ing waa manifested among the counsel
for the defense bocauao George Bliss
remained during this consultation. It
is understood that Judge Wylio an
swered all the questions of the jury
nhilo Bliss waa present.
The aonato committee on worn-
en's aufTrngo have agreed _ to
report in favor of a joint
resolution proposing an amend
ment to the constitution , Riving -ho
women right to vote and hold , ofllco.
Notwithstanding the tavorablo re
port of the tonato committee on worn-
aa'a suffrage , it ia &ot considered
probable that the * sixteenth amend
ment to the oonitihition will bo adopt *
cd during the present ecwlon. Senators -
tors Lnpuam aiiu Slllr Are pledged to
bring the report up for action , atid
the measure therefore ia not likely to
die young. Though the senate may
not condcs3cnd to adopt the report it
may bo so amended as to make auf-
frago in aomo way conditional ao that
S. . S. Cox , Proctor Knott and
Herr , cf Michigan , can have the long
desired opportunity of making humor
ous speeches on the subject in the
houao. It must not bo denied , how
ever , that there nro many members
earnestly in favor of woman's suffrage , [
and that if it comes up the subject
will receive fair treatment , though its
most sanguine friends do not expect
to carry the point.
Upon Blanc's attention being called
today to the report that ho waa going
to return to the house , ho replied :
"If I had even thought of doing half
I have been credited with contemplat
ing , I might bo expected to live a
thousand years. You may say for
mo that I consider myself in private
life ; that I hope to remain so , and if
I am a candidate for congress or any
other ollice I have not found it out. "
A member of the cabinet is author
ity for the statement ( hut the presi
dent favora the mitigation of Mason's
case to dismissal from the army at
oYice , but no stops will bo taken for
hia release until the Guitoau case is
finally disposed of. There is little
doubt in official minds that the aasaa-
sin will hang on Juno 30. The report
that the court on bane are equally
divided on the question of a now'
trial is unauthorized. It is not ox-
pec ted , however , that a deciaion will
bo rendered to morrow , There is a
queation between the judges as to cer
tain pointa of argument which neces
sitated the looking up of the old law ,
hence the delay in the iinaPreault is
thought sure to ba a denial of a now
triaL _
The president will fill * before Juno
1st , the positions at the head of the
naval academy , the head of the pay
department , the entire tariff and Utah
commissions and make changes in two
important foreign missions ,
Among the reports by consuls during - (
ing April are the following. Six'
thousand tons of American coal tar
pitch are wanted nt Nunez for the
manufacture of fuel brick from coal
dual. The American timber trade at
Liverpool amounts in one year to
moro than 600,000 tons , exclusive
of 500,000 tons in manufactured timber -
bor , 380,000 tons of which are re
ceived | U Antwerp from America
it United States 4 per cent bonds are
not attractive to Amsterdam capital
ist : in the present prosperous condi
tion of the country ; the lively inter-
oat is taken in United States railroad
shares , however. Consul Mayonoo
reports grain speculations of Now
York brokcrt are curniug European
attention from American markets to
Russia and Asia. Germany decides
that cotton coverings for hams will bo
considered imported cotton goods and
therefore dutiable. Two thousand
three hundred and fifty packages of
American tobacco were consumed at
Malta last * year , besides 2,000 hogs
heads of tobacco in the rough. A
great deal of American tobacco ia also
received at AmHtordam. Indications
are that German emigration from
Wurtemberg will bo loss thisycarthan
It is learned from ono calculated to
know that the expected developments
of the Morey letter for or.vBaro not at
all imminent. John .1. Divonport ,
whoso wanderings around Cumber
land , Md. , started thn Btorj'i ia known
to have told a friend that nis errand
thus far had been fruitless.
All reports placing ex-Secretary
Kirkwood on either the tariifor Utah
commissions are unfounded. lie in-
utats ho will remain in private life.
It ia authoritivo that no ono has been
selected for the tarill1 commission nor
will there bo before the next mooting
of the cabinet.
It ia rumored that Surveyor General
Atkinaon , of New Mexico , will bo re
moved and that Secretary Teller will
nominate Mr. Nickoll , of Colorado , in
hia placo. _ _ _ _ _
National Associated 1'rtwa.
WASHINGTON , May 13. The river
and harbor bill waa reported from the
committee and ordered printed and
recommended. The bill extending
charlera of national banka was taken
Mr. Aldrich introduced a bill tendering
doring the thanks of congress to
LieutoiientDanonboxior , and confer
ring upon him the title of lioutenont
The whole afternoon seasiou of the
house was consumed in discussion o
the bill to enable nominal banking as
aoolations to extend their corporate
existence , and without concluding the
htUBO adjourned till tuonday.
Rumors of all kinds Fill the
Air ana Inoreaso Anxiety ,
The Carman Believed to bo
Cornered by the London- ,
dery Police.
Pour Important Arrests Re
ported in Dublin Freeh
Rfawardo ,
Tbo OftTinen in MootinffDettth
of a Miniitor Whllo French-
Ing on the Snlijoct.
Miscellaneous Foreign NOWB.
PURLIN , May 14.The carmen of
this city hold a largely attended moot
ing in Phoenix park to-day , at whicl :
resolutions were oflorod denouncing
tlio murderers of Cavendish am
Burke , and pledging their aid to th
authorities in the endeavors to cap
tmo the incriminated driver of tin
caff in which the murderers escaped.
WAile Gannon Murphy was preach
ing to-day against the outrages , in St.
Kavins chapel , ho waa noticed to raisi
hia hand to hia head , suddenly roe
and tall over in the pulpit. Severn
member * of the congregation , among
them a physician , rushed to hia assist
ance , when it waa discovered ho waa
dead. The ctrcatoat excitement pre
vailed among the congregatiou , aud
services wore brought to adrupt ter
mination. The physician announced
that death waa caused by apoplexy.
DUBLIN , May 14. Joseph Bolger.
the supposed Dublin car man arrested
at Movillo on auapicion of being im
plicated in the assassination of Lord
Cavendish and Under Secretary
Burke , has boon discharged , the Lon-
dondory police being mistaken in the
idonMty , as ho proved ho was not a
car man at all.
CAIRO , May 4. The Egyptian cri-
sia has ended by the resignation of
Moharaand Bredio , president and
minister of the interior , and the ap
pointment of Mustapha Tohmy minis
ter of foreign ailaira aa hia successor.
BERNE , May 14. Col. E. Fro ! has
boon appointed .Swiss minister to
Washington. ,
.PANAMA' , May ,7-rSmall pox haa
booiraoolare'd oriidomlo'irithla"cityl > y
the board of health. Foul billa of
health have been granted for nearly
two months to shipping. The disease
broke out in the vicinity of the mar *
ket nearly two , montha ago and ia
spreading rapidly through the city.
Between sixty and seventy cases are
known to exist , and to date there
have been eight deaths , seven being
from the confluent form and ono from
black small pox. There were seven
cases in ono house opposite the mar
ket and aix in njiothor house , consist
ing of father , mother and four child-
ten. The disease is also epidemic in
tuo , interior. Vaccination ia not prac
Panama haa not boon perfectly free
Prom the disease since two years past ,
when it prevailed in epidemic form.
The local government ia doing nothing
to suppress the spread of the disease.
Suggoationa made by the board of
health ore not acted upon , and mom-
bora of the latter threaten to reaign.
Nine canal officers died on the
Isthmua in the last sixty-five days ; 00
canal o ( He era were absent from work
ono day a week ago , reported iok. It
ia reported M. Dausot said before
leaving for Europe that the canal
uompany did not expect to do any
real work for twenty months hence , as
it would take all that time to com
plete the surveys. Owing to the late
ness of rains and the filthy condition
af both Panama and Aspiuwall much
aicknces is expected. Canal ofilcera
ind men are constantly sent in to the
hospital in this city from Emporador ,
iullering from dysentery.
Panama haa again boon alarmed by
the fear of revolution , and national
soldiers are placed under arms in cane
of emergency.
Datoa from Lima are to the 28th of
April. Mr. Trcscott haa sailed for
Chimboto to interview General Mon-
toro in relation to conditions of
, but it ia said to bo doubtful if
o will accept the terms 'offered.
Should ho do ao it ia thought his
downfall would bo certain , as the olli-
ccra under him do not desire that
peace should bo made , which compels
them to seek a livelihood and deprives
them of the right to wear a .uniform.
It is known that Montoro has ex
pressed a desire to meet Trescott and
Blaine , and has promised to
visit the coast for that
purpoBO. Beyond this there is
nothing now in war matters. The
Chilian cabinet haa been remodeled
and ia now formed aa follows : In
terior , JOBO Manual Balmacoda ; for
eign afluirs , Luis Aldomate ; troaaury ,
PedroLucio Cuadra ; war , Carlos Caa-
teller ; justice , JosoEugenioVergard.
The only now winiatur ia Sunor Qua
dra ,
A valuable discovery of guano of
superior quality to that fromMallerdo
ia reported to bavo boon made in the
vicinity of Tocohilla.
CAIRO , May 14. Muataph Tihmy ,
minister of foreign ailaira , refuses to
accept the premiership unless Arab !
Bey , minister of war , retires from
thu cabinet.
CoNbTAKTiNoi-LE , May _ 14.Tin
porto ia preparing twelve iron clad
and transports for the purpose of con
ceutrating troops in Syria. A Turk
ish troop ship waa wrecked in the Boa-
phorua and fifty soldiers drowned.
MADRID , Mny 14. Owing to the
acarcity of breadatufis of all descrip
tions the minister of the interior proposes -
poses to introduce a bill to-morrow in
the cortca suspending for ono year all
dutioa on foreign cereals. There is
great distress among the poorer classes
throughout apain. owing to the high
prices of meal and flour.
A committee of twenty-eight , to
whom the Gorman tobacco monopoly
had boon referred , ia said to bo , with
the exception of four members , op
posed to the bill in ita present ahapo.
Rational Associated Prat.
DUBLIN , May 14. It ia rumored
that detectives have arrested four men
whom they found at Wynn'a hotel , in
Abbey atroet , on the charge of the aa-
aaulnation of Lord Cavendish and
Under Secretary Burke. The roti-
no c ° when quoationcd
conoooftUb -imor. together
M to the truth of Ui& x- . . *
V'fh ' the fact that all Inquiries ftfc tlip-
hotel ard mot with an ovaaivo flJSnW'
and the reply that the proprietor U
"not in , " haa caused much excitement
and leads to the belief that aomo im
portant arresta have been made.
DUBLIN , May 14. Joseph Bolger ,
a Kingston car driver , haa been ar
rested at Movillo , and the London
derry police assert' that they have
evidence going to prove that ho waa
the carman who carried the assassins
of Lord Cavendish and Mr. Burke to
and from the scone of the assassina
LONDON , May 14. In a circular to
the press 'the Duke of Devonshire
acknowledges with heartfelt thanka
the numerous expressions of public
and individual sympathy which ho '
has received on the death of hia son ,
Lord Cavendish.
DUDLIN , May 14. A reward o
100 ia npw offered for information
which lead to the arrest of any per
sona who have harbored , concealed ,
or in any way helped to escape- from
arrest _ any person implicated in the
Phccnix Park murders.
LONDON , May 14. It ia understood
that the governors of England and
Franco have agreed to a mutual and
sommon policy towards Egypt.
Tbo Lost Youth Turns Up In Chicago
National Associated Pren Q ,
OmoAao , May 14. EWly Friday
morning Mrs. Deacaomua , of ' 285 "West
JaokaOnatre t , reported to-tho dat c- .
tivo headquartcra thatJbbyTnawe 4
ing the description of Charley Rosa ,
kidnapped from Philadelphia several
years since , waa residing with hia re
puted father at 206 South Sangatnon
street. The boy waa Been last evening -
ing by a reporter and told the follow-
ingetory : "luaod to live in Phila
delphia but waa taken away by aomo
strange men while ployinsfiwith my
brother. TJioy sent my brother after
jomooandyand when ho waa gone they
[ ilacod a plaator over my mouth ,
lifted mo into a carriage and drove
way. Since then I have lived in
various places. For the past throe
, -oars I huvo boon kept in a Catholic
listers' school at St. Louis. " The boy
a a alondor youth about 10 , has a fair
lomploxlon , hazel oyca and light au-
> urn hair. Ho ia well dressed and
ppoara moro refined and of different'
ilood from the party having him in
harge. Ho talks intelligently , and
ays his reputed father , who is a
ough-looking man , often threatened
lim with death if'hu over tried to re-
oal the story of his kidnapping
ir hia subsequent residence in
It. Louis. The boy also told
lira. Descaomua , who had gained
lis confidence aa a neighbor , that the
eason of hia reputed father moving
rom place to place waa to prevent
lim Irom being again kidnapped.
lis name waa once Charlie but hia ,
athor compels him to give hia name
.a Willie. It ia evident that thn boy
leliovos that the man having him in
hargo to bo hia real father. This
nan is uncouth in appearance , gives
and is un-
lia name as Mackoy very
lommunicativo us to the origin of the
> oy , The affair has caused considera
te excitement in detective circles and
t ia now thought that Mackoy will bo
irrosted in the morning and the iden-
ity of the boy fully established as all
vitnossos are confident the boy U
Charlie Ross.
Further investigations in the al-
ogud Charley ROBS case develops the
aot that there is still some doubt aa
o the identity of W. McOable , aup-
5oaed to bo Charley ROBS. The boy
'ory much resumblea Charley ROBS ,
ind has several times boon taken for
lim , but he soonia to bo auch an in-
rotcrato liar that little dependence
an bo put in what he says. The po-
ice are still working on the case ,
KansaB City'a Cathedral.
National AuoclaUd Vieeo.
KANBAB CITY , May 14 , The corner
itono of the new Catholic cathedral in
thia city waa laid to-day with moat
imposing ceremonies , Not less than
10,000 people wore on the grounds.
Five apecial trains of ton coaches
each came from St. Joseph alone ,
bringing 15,000 people. _ The principal
addresses of the occasion were deliv
ered by Archbishop Foehan , of Chicago
cage , aud Bishop Hoqan , of thia
G o-A -
Natbrul Associated 1'tcoa.
BALTIMORE , May 14The air
daya1 walking match at Kernau'a
summer garden terminated at 9:15 :
last night in presence of 3,000 people.
There were eight stirters in the race ,
five of whom dropped out durin ? the
first throe daya , leaving Noromac ,
Dufrano and Gould to finish the race.
Soora nt close was : Noromao , 455
miloa ; Dufrano , 451 miles ; Gould , 301
miloa. The two leading contoatanta
wore in good condition at close.