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BIB Powers that Be Point Out
Small Hole for Retreat ,
Into Which Ho Drawls On
All Fours But Fails to
Pull It After.
The Shanghai Rooster' Flaps
His Wings and the Foul
Bally Around Him ,
Hilarity Born of a Brief Respite
spite Prevails in the Rail
road Oamp.
A Beautiful Display of Militia
Bills for the Legislature
to Paes Upon.
The Burgeon Prescribes for
the Dead and Wounded to
the Extent of $114.26 ,
"Whllo the Govornor'o Staff Dis
posed of 8800 for Grub ,
Numerous Apportionment Flans
SpecUl Correspondence ot The Bee.
LINCOLN , May 12. The legislature
got well at work yesterday , bills being
introduced on all but two of the sub
jects included in the governor's call.
No fewer than eight bills on the ap
portionment problem were presented
in the two houses , throe originating
hi the senate and five in the house
Some of those bills were pretty much
alike , their authors notovidently com
paring notes before submitting their
offspring to the scrutiny of the legisla
ture. Throe of the bills place Doug
ias and Sarpy counties with the
country south of the Platte and east
of Saline connty. Two put Sarpy
south and Douglas north , and the rest
place Douglas north of the Platto.
The determination to beat the Burns
bill and its imitators is so strong that
it looks as though , it would certainly
succeed , though some of the members
are a trifle non-committal.
At the session of the senate yesterday -
day throe bills were introduced on the
subject of apportionment , Senators
Burns , Ballontino and Ervin being
the authors thereof. The text of
thiiXurna bill , which Booma likely to
be defeated now , although very popu
lar last winter , is substantially as fol
lows :
First District Includes Richard
son , Nemaha , Pawnee , Gage , Lancas
ter , Otoo , Casa , Sounders , Sarpy and
Second District-That portion of
the South Platte not included in the
above district.
Third District That portion of the
North Platte not included in the first
district. This gives a population of
170,000,148,000 arid,137,000 , , in the
three districts respectively. *
The Ervin bill makes the districts
this shape :
First Lincoln , Gage , Pawnee ,
Richardson , Nemaha , Johnson , Otoo ,
Cass , Saunders , liutler , Seward and
Sarpy Bounties.
Second Douglas , Washington ,
Burtj Dakota , Dixon , Cedar , Wayne ,
Ounung , Stanton , Dodge , Colfax ,
Platte , Madison , Pierce , Knox , An
telope , Boone , Nance , Morrick , Oreo-
ley , Wheeler , Holt , Valley and all
unorganized territory north of the
Platto. * D
Third Buffalo , Ball , HpwardCus-
tor , Sherman and all counties south of
the Platte not taken in by the first
The population of these districs is
154,091 for the first , 149.594 for the
second and 143,822 for the third.
The Ballontino bill makes them as
follows :
Fitst District R5chardsonPawnoo ,
Nemaha , Johnson , Otoo , Oass , Lan
caster , Gage , Jefferson , Thayer , Fillmore -
moro , Saline and Seward , Population
Second District Douglas , Sarpy ,
Washington , Hurt , Dakota , Dixon ,
Wayne , Stanton , Ouming , Dodge ,
Colfax , Saundera , Butler , York ,
Polk. Platte , Madison , Pierce , Cedar ,
Knox and the Omaha and Winnebago
Indian reserves. Population 167,000.
Third District All of the state not
I < above distributed. Population 144-
000.Taylor introduced a bill ratifying
Senator Sauudors' act extending the
limits of the state on the north.
Powers presented a bill attaching
Ouster county to the fifth judicial dis
trict of the state.
The amendments to the charters of
first class cities were also presented.
Five apportionment bills were
turned in when the order for presenta
tion came. They were as follows.
By Ransom , House Roll , No. 2
To divide the stain into three con
gressional districts , as follows :
„ First district , the counties of Rich
ardson , Pawnee , Gage , Jefferson ,
Thayer , Nemaha , , J bnson , , Saline ,
Fillmore , Otoe , Lancaster , Seward ,
York and Oass.
Second district , the counties oi
Sarpy , Douglas , Washington , Burt ,
Sauudera , Dodge , Ouming. Dakota ,
Wayne , Dixon , Butler , Colfax , S'an-
ton , Cedar. Platte , Madison , Pierce ,
Knox , Polk , Antelope , Boone , Mer-
rick and Nance.
Third district , the counties of Holt ,
Wheeler , Talley , Grooloy. Sherman ,
Howard , Hall , Buffalo , Adams , Kear
ney , Webster , Nuckolls , Clay , Hamil
ton , Franklin , Harlan , Phelps , Ous
tor , Dawaon , Gospor. Furnas , Roc
Willow , Frontier , Lincoln , Hayes
Hitchcock , Dundy , Chase , Keith
Cheyenne , Sioux and all the unorganized
izod territory west of Holt , Wheolo
nnd Gutter counties ,
By Slocumb , IIouso Roll No. 3
To divide the state into throe con
grosaional districts , as follows :
First district , the counties of Rich
ardson , Nomaha , Pawnco , Johnson
Gage , Lancaster. Otoo' , Cass , Saunders
dors , Sarpy and iouglaa.
Second district , the counties o
'Jefferson , Snlino , Seward , Butler
Polk , York. Fillmore , Thayer , Nuck
oils , Clay , Hamilton , Adams , Webster
stor , Franklin , Phclps , Harlan , Fur
nas , Gcspor , Frontier , Rod Willow ,
Hitchcock ; Hayes , Chase nnd Dundy.
Third district , the remainder of the
ByCorroll , houao roll No. 4 To
divide the state into three congres
sional district as follows :
First district , the counties of Doug
las , Saunders , Sarpy , CMS , Lancaster
Otoe , Nemaha , Johnson , Gage , Paw
nee and Richardson.
Second district , the counties of But
ler , Polk , Seward , York , Hamilton ,
Saline , Fillmore , Clay , Adams , Kearney -
noy , Phelps , Gospor , Frontier , Hayes ,
Ohaso , Jefferson , Thaycr , Nuckolls ,
Webster , Franklin , Harlan , Furnas ,
Rod Willow , Hitchcock and Dundy.
Third district , the counties of Da
kota , Dixon , Cedar , Knox , Holt ,
Sioux , Wayne , Pierce , Antelope ,
Ouming , Stanton , Madison , Wheeler ,
Washington , Dodge , Colfax , Platlo ,
Boone , Greoley , Valley , Custor , Ohoy-
onno , Nance , Morrick , Howard , Sher
man , Hall , Bulfalo , Dawson , Lincoln ,
Keith , and the unorganized territory
north of the Platte river.
By Daley , House Roll No. G. To
divide the state into three congres
sional districts as follows :
First district , the counties of Rich
ardson , Pawnee , Gago. Jefferson , Sa
line , Seward , Butler , Saunders ,
Sarpy , Cass , Lancaster , Otoo , No-
maha and Johnson.
Second district , thcr counties of
Douglas , Sarpy , Washington , Dodge ,
3olfax , Platte , Polk , Morrick , Nance ,
Seward , Sherman , Valley , Grooley ,
Wheeler , Boone , Holt , Antelope ,
Vfadison , Pierce , Knox , Cedar.
Dixon , Dakota , and the Omaha and
Winnobago reservation.
Third district , the counties of
Chayer , Fillmoro. York , Hamilton ,
lall , Adams , Webster , Franklin ,
learnoy , Buffalo , Custor , Dawson ,
? helps , Gospor , Harlan , Furnas ,
led Willow , Frontier , Lincoln ,
laves , Hitchcock , Dundy , Ohaso ,
cith , Cheyenne , Sioux , and the
unorganized territory west of Ouster ,
Wheeler and Holtcounties.
By Hoatetter , house roll No. 7.
Do divide the house into three con-
> rossional districts as follows :
First district , Richardson , Nomaha ,
) too , Johnson , Pawnee , 'Gage , Jeffer
son , Saline , Seward , York , Fillmore
and Thayor.
Second district , the counties of Oass ,
Harpy , Douglass , Washington , Burt ,
) akotav Cedar , Wayne , Ouming ,
) edge , Bounders , Duller , Colfax ,
3tanton'a Knox'B PiercoJlMadison ,
Flatto and Polk.
Tliird district , the portion of state
west of the west line of the first and
econd districts.
Mr. Broatch presented a memorial
.o congress recommending the promo-
ion of General George Crook to the
rank of .major general , reciting his
meritorious services in his long Indian
No business of importance was
transacted in the house this forenoon.
The senate convened at 10 o'clock ,
mmodietoly after the reading of the
ournal was concluded by the clerk
Senator Myers , of Douglas called up
lia resolutions to investigate alleged
rauda and embezzlement in conneo-
ion with the surveyor general's oflico
t Plattsmouth.
Senator Powers raised the point of
rdor that these resolutions could note
> o entertained because they proposed
iiisiness not embraced in the gov-
rnor'o call , hence were unconstltu-
ionol Ho cited section 8 , article 5 ,
of the constitution , wh'ich _ provides
bat the legislature shall enter 'upon
no business except that for Which
hey were called together ; and section
.5 of article 8 , which says that all
resolutions that require the concur
rence of both houses must bo sub
mitted to the governor for his ap
proval , and therefore are in the na-
ure of legislation. The resolutions
offered by Mr. Myers being of that
haractor , could thoroforp not bo on-
ertainod under the constitution.
The president of the senate
adding f urther that ho , ( Gams ) , had
, he verbal opinion of Attorney General
Jillworth that these Investigation
evolutions could not bo acted on at
his session , and ho assured the senate
ate ho could procure this opinion in
writing if it was wanted.
Mr. Myers : I appeal from the de
cision of the chair.
Senator Toft rose to a question of
irivilego Ho appealed to his col
leagues in the senate whether during
his long service his reputation had
over been tarnished by any dishon
orable act. It was well known that
16 had boon an ardent supporter of
Senator Van Wyck during the late
senatorial canvass and ho labored with
Ilia colleagues earnestly on behalf of
lia candidate , but ho would ask "any
senator on the floor whether ho waa
ever approached by him with offers of
patronage or place , Pausing a few
moments the senator said , I hear no
response. I was perhaps as intimately
associated with Senator Van Wyck as
any of his supporters , and I never
liavo known or heard of any bargain
or promise of patronage dur'nB the
senatorial canvass , Ho pronounced
the charges of the'Omaha Herald as
connecting his name with any frauds
or jobbery as
At the proper time ho intended tc
take up and moot these charges bul
no man who does not own a newspa
per could afford to indulge In newspaper
per controversies and am appeal to the
courts might involve a man in an out
lay of $400 or $500 for lawyers anc
an award by a jury of perhaps five
cents. ( This was an allusion to Sena
tor Myers' $20,000 libel suit against
THE BEG. ) If the senate had the
time and authority to act in this matter -
tor he was willing to have it dono.
At the conclusion of these remarks
Mr , Myers withdrew his appeal from
the decision of the chair.
President Garni thereupon declared
the investigating resolutions out of
order and ruled out.
Senator Toft's remarks were pronounced
oven by his best friends , and the po
litical friends of Van Wyck nro chuck <
ling over their success in smirching
the reputation of one of his loading
supporters and creating a damaging
impression concerning ins own con
duct. Cams , who fools terribly uneasy -
easy about the threatened revelations
of his late partner , Reynolds , also
fools much relieved. Ho has been
laboring hard to establish a precedent
against investigation at this session.
The opinion is freely expressed , how
ever , that this is by no moans the end
of the Investigating business. It is
predicted that Senator Van Wyok will
doirand and insist upon some action
to disprove the slanders _ against him
self that were embodied in the Meyers
resolution. There is no doubt that
either house can legally investigate
the conduct of its own members , or
enter upon any inquiry that docs not
require the assant of the governor or
concurrence of the houso.
The militia appropriation bill ,
liandod In by Rlickoy , of Polk county ,
calls for the disbursement of the sum
of $12,023.83 for the payment of the
following expenses : Quartermaster's
department , $2,403.34 , including
transportations ; commissary depart
ment , $4,167.10 ; pay-roll , $5.039.19 ]
surgeon , $114.25 ; regimental staff ,
$674.09 ; governor's staff , $807.90 ; os-
; imated outstanding claims , $200-
[ "ho " charge for transportation by the
Union Pacific is $276.80 , and by the
& M. $1,503.50. Markol & Swobo
irosont a bill for meals furnished at
ho rate of 50o each , amounting to
$2,765. $ Oanfield house bill is $590.
Che transportation of the regulars is
charged to the government , and is
nainly oror the U. P. , which doubt-
ess made moro than the B. & M. out
of the Omaha labor troubles.
The house committee on claims to
whom these bills were referred will
nsist upon an itemized statement of
some of those bills , especially these
or the governor's and staff and regi
mental staff are regarded as decidedly
steep. _
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LINCOLN , Neb. , May 12. It looks
now as though the Burns bill might
carry after all. The members who
are opposed to it mot in caucus this
afternoon and adopted the Daily ap-
jortionmont bill1 but the show of
orrength was not.ioasspring. _ A ma-
ority.of the special apportionment
committee favor the Burns bill and it
will bo reported back to the sonata
avorably. The question will coma
up in the senate to-morrow morning.
The third house had a highly suo-
essful mooting to-night.
Fatal Ending of a Kearney Hunt.
ped&l to Tim BIX.
KEAENEY , Nob. , May 12. Whllo
mnting to-day a gun was'accidentally
discharged , instantly killing Finnoy
Collins and wounding 0. J. Burke
> adly in the hand , Both are good
men of this city.
"There's the Door , Git- "
National Associated 1'resa
SAN FBANCISOO , May 12. Peter
) onahuo , president of the San Fran-
lace Gas company , waa shown the
oor by the city and county auditor ,
'ho latter was angered by alleged in-
ulting insinuations regarding nis ro-
usal to sign gas bills. *
"On to Oklahoma. "
National AeaocUtoil Frou.
OAI.DWELL , Kas. , May 12. Col.
? ayno , with ton wagons and sixty-
ivo mon from Wichita and Welling-
on , has crossed the Kansas line on
lid way to Oklahoma. Ho will bo
oined by fourteen wa ns and fifty-
iyo men from Parsons , If their re
moval is attempted they will claim
o bo on government lands and raise
question of title.
National Associated I'reaa.
FT. APACHE , Arizona , May 12.
The White Mountain Apaches , well
irmod and with largo herds of ponies ,
loft hero this morning to plant at ft
jlaco called Forest Date , seventy , five
niles north. It is entirely off the
reservation , though claimed by the
Apaches. ' Some forty settlers are lo
cated there. They declare thov will
lot bo driven off. Serious trouble and
iloodshod is looked for. The Third
cavalry battalion is expected here to
morrow , and will doubtless follow up
, ho Apaches.
A. Cool Convict.
iitlon * ! AuocUted tttta.
INDIANAPOLIS , Ind. , May 12. Wil
lam Farley escaped from Jefferson
ville penitontiaiy , changed clothes
with friends and immediately took the
train for Indianapolis. Ho astounded
the officials by presenting himself to
Gpvernor Porter , and asking for a
pardon. The gqvernor replied he
must return before a pardon could bo
considered. The convict then started
back for jail , It is an unprecedented
Nation * ! AuocUted f row.
Alice Pholan , daughter of Juinei
Phelan , the millionaire , was married
yesterday to Frank Sullivan , a yoxin ;
lawyer. Both nro residents of thi
A Lively Row at a New York
Indignation Meeting ,
O'Donovun nnd Hla Trib
Howl for English
The Poolora Plug Their Mouths
and the Mooting Peacea
bly Proceeds.
Speeches by Mayor Grace ,
Richard O'Gorman and
Affairs in England and Ireland
Still in a Ticklish State ,
Whllo the Kbodlvo of Egypt Starts
Up a Row to Divert Attention.
TIIE inisii IN NEW vontf.
NEW YORK , May 12. Cooper
Union was crowded to its utmost ca
pacity this evening by _ citizens of nil
classes to giro expression to tie scnso
of abhorrence with which the news of
the assassination of Oavcndiah and
Burke was received by nil classes of
American citizens. Among the nudi-
once were many ladies. O'Donovan
[ lossa Bat in the center of the hall ,
facing the platform , surrounded by a
number of friends. In consequence
of a number of threats having boon
undo , that the mooting would bo
broken up. ono hundred police were
distributed throughout the hall to preserve -
servo order , and a reserve of fifry was
detailed in the upper part of the
wilding , ready to act at a moment's
Mayor Grace presided and jn open-
ng said : The last time ho presided in
ho hall itHAS when a meeting TTOS
told to protest against the imprison-
nont of Americans in English prisons.
Soppily they are released , wo are
now assembled to express our abhor-
nnco of a great crime. Wo had re
covered from ono surprise when the
news flashed out over the wires [ A
voice. "Threo cheers for assassins ! "
Another. "God save Ireland ! " ]
hat the chief secretary of Ireland had
> eou sir ken to death , which I fear
las done no little harm to the Irish
cause. I feel confident the deed was
not done by friends of Ireland or of
-ho Irish cause. "
The speaker then denounced the
now bill which had recently been in
troduced in parliament , and con
cluded by saying ho had no doubt but
; hat at an early day the Irish people
would obtain self government
Hon. Richard O'Gorman ivai the
next speaker. Ho said : "I dil not see
that it was necessary to hoHja public
mooting to denounce thq./c'jjfftnd iin-
natural murder unnatural ; because it
was committed in Ireland. " [ Uproar. ]
"It was a cold blooded murder and
; hat was the least that could bo said
of it. " fA. voice 'Humbug , " and
general uproar. ] The speaker next
oforred to tho' killing ot President
JJarfiold and said , "That assassin of
our chief magistrate is now
waiting his doom. " Ho was
> leased that no complicity could bo
> rganlzed against the Irishmen of any
faction , but it was foolishness to sup-
lose Irishmen would treat England
with J brute forco. England was too
> oworful to attempt to do what was
n his opinion a criminal act. " [ A
voice "Dynamite. " ] Koviowing at
; roat length the wrongn of Ireland ,
10 condemned in strong terms the
now bill recently introduced into the
English parliament. Ho concluded by
saying that the hour in Ireland was a
very stormy ono. It was ono of dan
ger ; but light followed darkness. It
ras their darkest hour just before
the dawn.
Great uproar hero followed , during
which a man named Morgan among
ho audience attempted to address the
meeting. Order was finally restored
and the chairman introduced Wm , B.
Wallace , president of the land league
of New York , who said they bad , as
sembled together to repudiate the
assassination. No matter by whom it
was committed , England was sure
o take advantage of it , and would
enact stronger laws than over before.
Their duty was to stand by Charles
Stewart Parnell , { "groat cheer
ing1' ' ] in strengthening their hands
jy your support. The assassination
was not the work of the land leaguers ,
but the enemies of the Irish people.
James Hcdpath said that an assassin
was not only a man without heart , but
without brains. Ho detested assassins ,
but God bless nihilism and dynamite
In Russia [ cheers ] . The assassination
of Cavendish and Burke was n fatal
blow to progressive liberty in Ireland ,
but the real assassins of Cavondisl :
and Burke were not the rea hearted
murderers that committed the act ,
but Gladstone and Forster. [ Cheers/
Resolutions were adopted strongly
condemning the assassination and the
damage caused Irish nationality ; de
nouncing the law last night oflved by
the government as a greater wront ,
than any to which Ireland has yet
been subjected , protesting against the
employment of brute force , whether
by the dagger of the assassin or by
organized militia power.
iiiiaii aIUND JURIES.
LONDON , Hay 12. In the house o !
commons this evening , speaking on
the Irish question , Mr. llealoy denounced
nouncod the present system of obtain
ing grand juries in Ireland , claiming
they were selected for their partisan
ship and their antipathy to the com
mon welfare of the people. Ho also
stated that magistrates award dam
ages to another , instead of compensat
ing aggrarian sufferers.
LONDON , May 13 , A case with an
ignited parafino string attached waa
found'along side the wall of tho'Man '
ion house yesterday , supposed t
have boon an attempt to blow up the
building ,
DUHUK , May 12. Dr. Cage , assistant -
sistant under secretary for Ireland ,
has received a do th warning.
LONDON , May 13. It is reported
Gladstone will soon resign OB chan
cellor of the exchequer.
DUBLIN , May 13. The viceroy , in
replying to a deputation of loading
citizens of this city and Belfast , lost
evening , expressed confidence that all
classes of people would aid in bring
ing the murderers of Lord Cavendish
and Under Secretory Burke to
OAIIIO , May 12. The situation hero
lias become very critical. Many for
eign residents have become alarmed
and will leave Egypt. The extra ses
sion of the Egyptian parliament opens
next Sunday. Delegates nro being
urged to sign a petition to the khedive
taking him to abdicate and nominate
us son , Abbe Pnsha , with the present
ministry , as regent , and with
Aribi Pasha as governor. Murrah
and the homo rule pasty are
encouraged in this stop by their dis-
> oliof in any forcible European inter
vention. They declare that Egypt
can will govern and protect itpolf and
hat all outside interference is here
after to bo rejected. Popular fooling
a very strong on this side and a revolt
s likely to occur should the khedive
refuse to accept the programme laid
out ,
PAIUS , May 12. A cabinet council
ias boon hold to consider the Egyp-
ian affairs , and it is believed the out
come of the council will bo the iinmo-
liato dispatch of n number of Eng-
ish and French war vessels , with
iropor marine , to Alexandria , to pro-
oct residents during the crisis.
CAIRO , May 12. Sultan Pasha , C
resident of the chamber of notables , ti
ias threatened Aribi Boy , minister of
rar , that if the army tries to depose
tie Khedive , the Bodowius will enter
Another Batcher.
Utloaftl Associated Frees.
OIUOAGIO , May 12. Edward Gloa-
on , living at the stock yards , attack-
d his wife last evening with an ax :
ad fatally cut her , In the struggle )
10 room was wrecked and horribly
> espattored with her blood. Ho was
The Dummy { Collision.
ktlonal Associated 1'rcso.
CHICAGO , May 12. The jury in the
nquost over the death of Colgan ,
tilled in the collision between the
Irand Trunk dummy and the Lake
here train , occurring a few days
Inco , rendered a verdict releasing the
nginoor under arrest.
The Pitted Plague.
'EAST BACUNAW , 'Mich. ,
ases of small pox have frightened the
uthoritioa and all the schools have
> eon closed.
The Champion Thumped-
National Associated Pien
BOSTON , May 12. The champion *
pugilist , John L. Sullivan , was1
whipped in a bar-room fight Tuesday f
night by a barber named William
Hagarty , because Sullivan made dis- Qj
paraging remarks about Hagarty's
wife. '
The Railroad Fool.
National Associated Ptewv
CHICAGO , May 12. The trunk line
pool association adopted the pool plan fc n
substantially as proposed by Commis fcP
sioner Fink and which has boon pub fcT
lished in full. Adjourned to May h
4th in Now York tor the purpose of
consulting with the different roads u
ntoring the pool. * J
A Pay Day Strike.
National Associated 1'iea * .
EASTON , Pa. . May 12. The Dola-
rare rolling mill company of Phil-
ipsburg , posted a notice yesterday
hat hereafter payday would bo tlb
nonthly instead of semi-monthly. tlb
? ho men , three hundred in number , b
objected , but as the company was n
irm , tbo mon wont on a stnko to-day. a
A Saoceiifal Strike. * !
National Associated Press. J
DALLAS , Tor , , May 12. A San J
Antonio telegram was received to-day
at the oflico of the Golvoston , Harris- dt
mrg & Ban Antonio railway , stating dd
hat 2COO laborers on the grading and i
general construction work have struck
it Pecos and Devils River camps. a
_ . _ _
mt rt fff * 1 11 * C
They demand $2.75 per day , the price CI
now being only $2,50 , It is thought Ct
ho demand of the men will bo ac t
ceded to by the contractors , Work
: an't stop , and they have had agents
lore for several days wanting moro
mon at the advanced wages demanded
jy the strikers , This is considered
ono of the most systematic strikes that
over occurred , aim the most extensive
that has over took place in the south ,
Marine Intelligence.
National Associated J'rew.
NEW YouK-.May 12. Arrived The
Labrador , from Havre ; Scotia , from
BALTIMOIIK , May 12. Sailed Bal
timore , for Bremen ,
LIVERPOOL , May 12. Arrived
The Wyoming , for Now York.
BOSTON , May 12. Soiled The
Iberian and Italy , for Now York.
yuEKNHTOWN , May 12 Balled-
City of Rome , for New York.
Illinois Weather.
National Ainoclatedl'rew.
SPRINGFIELD , HI. , May 12. The
weather has Leon very wet the past
two weeks , and during the post thirty
hours rain fell continually over Cen
tral Illinois. Streams are swollen
and lowlands overflowed so that spring
work is at a standstill. Trains have
not boon materially delayed , bf t dan
ger is apprehended unless the storm
ceases before morning ,
The Senate Perfects and Finally
Passes the Oonrt of Ap
peals Bill ,
The Prooerit Condition of Crops
Favorably Reported by
Loring's Bureau.
A Pull Crop of Candidates
Ripe and Piuokod for the
Tariff Commission.
Couolniiou of Argument on Qni-
toan's Appeal for a Now Trial.
National Associated PreN.
WASHINGTON May 12. D.\vidgo
concluded his argument for the pros
ecution in the Guitoau case , character
izing the springing of the question of
jurisdiction in the court of appoalsfcs
simply practicing n fraud upon the
judge who tried the case. Rued fol"
lowed for 'tho defense , ! reaffirming his
former position.
At end of Mr. Rood's speech court
adjourned until Monday.
Sergeant Mason's case was consid
ered at the cabinet mooting to-day ,
but no conclusion was rcached. _ The
Spanish American commission was
also considered.
Bennett was considering plans for
another Arctic expedition on a
grander scale than over , under the
combined direction of the navy , and
irmy officers , ° " when the news
af tha death of DcLong < came ,
Considerations are delayed for the
time being.
The Wool Growers' association is
pushing the nomination of A. L. Gar
land , of Springfield , Illinois , as ropro-
lontativo of the wool interest on the
tariff commission , Iowa people ex
pect ox-Secretary Klrkwood to bo
president of the commission. The
ariff commission bill is in the hands
f the president to-day.
The senate and house committees
prill pay the long deferred visit to the
ndian school at Carlisle to-morrow.
The Rotropoot , a medical periodical ,
in the current issue , revives the Gar-
Sold physicians quarrel , printing D/ ,
Bliss' testimony that the late Presi
dent GarCold cheap him as attendant ,
also giving a foe simile of Boynton's
denial of the same , with Mrs. Gar-
Cold's endorsement. ' Affidavits , are
also .published . , in which Dr. Townso.nd
and Secretary Lincoln deny the testit
taouvithafc he.roado the digital , exam
ination of the wound at the deppt , and
itatos that Dr. Wales first discovered
the fractured rib. ,
The senate finance committee have
referred ! the whisky bill to Morill
md Bayard as a subcommittee to
iroparo a substitute fixing the limiter
or bonded spirits at five years and
naking the bond equal to the value
f the spirits.
In the case of the Big Flat Gravel
Mining company vs. the Big Flat
3old company. Secretary Toll r has
rendered a decision reversing all
'ormor practice of the interior de
partment in similar cases. Secretary
Feller has determined , as a part of
dis policy , to disarm all Indians , hold
ing that they do not need arms for
hunting. The army will shortly receive -
coivo orders to take arms from roving
bands of Indians not on reservations.
Eighty clerks are to bo dishargod
from the navy department Juno 1st.
The May report of the condition of
the winter wheat by , the agricultural
bureau m'akoa a average for entire
breadth of 100 standard. "It'is of di
minished variety and medium crowth.
The condition in April was 102 , which
higher than lias boon reported for
many years. Only states of the north
Atlantic cpast and thoio of Ohio val
ley , Texas and these of Pacific coast
fall | to roach 100. while the ontraor-
dinary vigor of the crop in other sec
tions fully compensates for these local
deficiencies which amount to nineteen
in New York , twenty-four in Texas
and nine in Ohio and the
eastern belt. The weather has
boon too cold and tbo ground
too wet , causing uneven growth and
yellow color. In Wist Virginia and
Ohio frosts cut down the most ad
vanced growth. Bugs in full force
are out in Kansas , Missouri and Il
linois , and doing much injury. In
Texas rico is In good condition.
Three-fourths of the winter barley is
grown , the general acreage being 88 ,
Cotton returns represent 81 nor cent ,
of the proposed aero planted on the
first of May , against 85 per cent , in
average yearn. Planting i rapro ad
vanced than usual from Virginia to
Florida , and moro backward in all
other states , especially in the over
flowed districts. The deficiency on
the first of May approximates 500,00f
acres with planting still in progress.
The proportion of spring plowing
done to the 1st in comparison with an
average year is greater the present
season on the Atlantic coast , south of
New England and in the Ohio valley
and Missouri valley , uid ) less than
Ucual in tha eastern sta'tos , North
western Mississippi valley and on the
Pacific coast.
National Awoclatod fnte.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 12. Sen
ator Morgan ollored a resolution for a
select committee to investigate the
charges that the attorney-general's
officers refuse to settle accounts of
certain officers of the Alabama unless
thov withdraw charges they ham
made against certain other officers.
Under rules it wont orer.
A bill providing that the act of
March 3d , 1881 , shall not prevent
registry of trade marks rightfully in
use at the time , was passed.
At 2:30 : p. m. the bill to establish
an intermediate court tf appeals vin
taken up. Senator Pugh supported the
bill despite the failure of amend
ments offered by him.
The senate continued the discussion
of the bill until4 p. m. , when it was
passed by n vote of 32 yeas to 18
nays.Bayatd , Cockrcll , Harri Jackson ,
Push ixnd Walker voted with the re
publicans. Garland was paired with.
Edmunds , the only republican op
posed to the bill ,
A conference report on the agricul
tural appropriation bill was adopted.
The bill known oa the 5 per cent'
land bill waa taken up and made spe
cial order. J
Adjourned till Monday ,
Mr. Williams ( Mich. ) introduced l
bill for the removal of the romainn oij
Kilpatrick from Chili to Now .Toraoy
for interment. Passed.
The Geneva award bill wits taken up *
At 2 p. in. Mr. Orapo called up tito
bill to extend the charters of national
banks and demanded ilo considera
tion as special order. The democrats-
opposed the motion for various moans
Until 2:40 : , when a call of the house
waa ordered. Filibustering continued
until 4:16 p. m , , when , after the-
speaker announcing the receipt of a , \ \
eery lengthy report from the aprionl-
ural bureau on the subject of forootry , ' ,
ho house adjourned.
Patsey P loads lia Innocence Eat.
' 'is Hurried Off to Peter , ' \ .
A Five Foot Foil that
ishod a Bloomington
A Prominent Jersey Banker--
Punctures His Brain
With a Bullet.
Local Election in Qalvoitoai
Winds Up With o Fatal
Free Fight.
Satan's Co-Laborers Working Vigorously - i
ously Among tbo Innocents- ' ' " *
1 d
< / * *
National Aueoc iatod PKM.
OUNTON , HI./May 12. At fivo' ,
minutes of eleven to-day Patsy Do-j
vine , the murderer of Aaron Giolfel .
low , a respectable citizen of Bloomington - /
ington- ! ) ! . , was hum ? in the .county'/L. ' . '
jail at this place. , He declared hi/inf * ,
nooonco to the last , and said ho was
not treated fairly'by the prosecution.
At 11:16 : he was pronounced dead by
the doctor , and was cut down at 11:22 , .
Ho was strangled. The fall of five
foot did not break his neck. One
hundred people were present. The ,
day wet gloomy , raining all day : . .
Ho had boon tried twice , and waa de
cided guilty each time , but was allow
ed a now trial by the supreme court
the first time. Ho was a hardened
criminal. The crime for which hc
suffered the penalty was committo
August 4,1879.
JERSEY OITYN. , J. , May 12. Ed
mund W. Kingsland , secretary nnd
treasurer of the Provident savings in
stitution , shot himself five times in
the head and breast at the hank this.
morning. Ha is still alive. President
Young , of the First National bank ,
and clerks examined Kingsland's secu
rities in the safe deposit company and * .
ound them 924,000 short. There
vas a slight run on the Provident in-
itution , Young says the institution >
an pay 81,000,000 to its depositor * .
t will sayo five months' interest on-
account in June.
DALLAS , Texas , May 12. An elocU
on was hold yesterday atGalvestonfo
n alderman to fill tbo vacancy caused-
jy resignation. A bitter feeling this -
morning was intensified at noon hy
lic withdrawal of Boyd in favor of
ho colored man. Ho was elected and * .
at 4 o'clock this evening an incipient
lot occurred in which ton or twelve
torsons were injured. A. B.Kon -
ledy was badly wounded in the head
and is dying. A man named PittselMv
ind ono whoso name could not ho .
scortainod were badly wounded about
ho head. Ono negro received a *
ovoro gash in the side of the nock.
Cnivcs , dray-pins , clubs , etc , , were
ndiscrlminatoly usod. The Affair
would have culminated most seriously
> ut for the timely arrival of Chief of
? olico Atkins in command of a large -
orco of police ,
NEW HAVEN , Conn. , May 12. In-
the Malloy trial . to-day , Henry 0 ,
Allen testified ho saw James Malloy
and Jennie Cramer driving together
on Chapel street , between O.and 8- *
o'clock the Friday night before Jen
nie Cramer's body was found. Chaa.
Malloy testified ho saw Jennie with , a. ,
young man and woman the same night ,
after 8 p. m. at Say in Rook. Owing4
to the jllness of ono of the jurora tha ,
court adjourned until Tuesday.
tjiiREYBi'ORT , La. , May 12. ? At/
Maurepa's Island , England Griffin and . '
wife tied their little son up by the
heels and boat him to death , saca > :
buried the body in a swamp , , '
Found at Ai- , t
What every one ihould have , and nenaj- '
be without , la TIIOMAB' Oil * -
1 * thorough and safe In jta .effect ; , P OT
dudng the tno8t wondrous cures of roeoj- .
pjtttUw , 'neuralgia , burn * , , IniUes. 'Mid,4
wounds of every kind. miadivr *