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A Treaty Technicality Stretohei
to Justify. Wholesale
Murder ,
The Nation Quietly Snubboi
For Sugrgesting Mercy To
ward the Jo s.
Extracts From Diplomatic Cor
reepondouco With the Rus
sian Government.
The Star Koutors Bxhaua
Their Last Quibble and the
Trial is Set.
The Revamped Chinese Bill P BSO
the Hotiso nnd Goes to the
Proiidotit ,
Miscellaneous Matters From tbo Na
ttonal Capital ,
.NationalAjsoclatod frost.
WASHINOTON , May 2. The presi
dent sent to ttio house to-day , in ro
spouse to the resolution of inquiry ,
the correspondence between the Uni
ted States- and the Ilussian govern
ment relative to the treatment of Itns
si an , luwa. The correspondence ii
very voluminous , extending back tei
yoara , and including copies of a treat }
and ethur documents of this nature. .
There'is a letter from Minister Fostoi
to Secretary Blaine , dated July i)0
1881 , in which ho reviews at great
length , not only the treaty botweer
the United States nnd Russia , bul
also the treaties of Russia with uthei
countries , pertaining to thn rights } l
their citizens , and also the laws
of Russia relating to Jews.
By this it appears that under
the laws , Jews were prohibited from
coming to or 8 lltng in Russia , but
owing to the fad that many were
citizens of the Crimea and other dis
tricts obtained by war , the laws wore
modified , but in portions of Russia
the laws yet prevented the coming
of Jpws , even natives of sections
mentioned unless they came as mer
chants or bankers under special per
mission of the government. Ho says
I/ ho cannot find any account of the en
forcement of these rules against
Americans down to 18GO. In that
year , by an imperial ukase the laws
were modified so as. to admit other
Jews than those mentioned , including
those proposing to open factories.
Secretary Blame , in hiareply , refers
io the JrealyjeitoiirijrTiettfcecuij'tnG t ; j 6
countmo3'und "says'tHat on this brief
formulation of the case the govern
ment believes that under the treaty
and its treatment of Russians in this
\ country , it has just cause of complaint
regarding the cases of Wiekenzksi and
Poukes , the details of whose arrest
have already been published. Ho
proceeds to quote the treaty of 1831
m support of this claim. Where the
treaty gives an alien certain rights ,
those cannot bo interfered with by
local laws. It is a subject of regret
that a government to which wo are
allied by so many historical
ties as to that of Russia ,
shows a disposition to deal with tech
nicalities and enforce the letter pt the
_ law. 'Tho principle involved is ono
not recognized in our laws or by our
treaties. It is a new issue in our in
ternational relations. Wo can make
no now treaty nor accept any construc
tion of the present ono which shall
discriminate against any claoss of
Americans on account of their re
Mr. Hoffman replied by letter tha ;
' that ho had submitted the letter of
Secretary Blaine to the Russian minister -
- ister of foreign affairs and was in
formed that in his opinion the section
of the treaty requiring Americans
coming hero to "submit to the laws
' prevailing" made the course of that
government quite justifiable ) in the
cases mentioned.
The next communication given is
from Secretary Frohnghuysen to Mr.
Hoffman , in which he says that the
i . prejudice of race and creed having
given way to claims to common hu
manity , the people of United States
have hoard with great regret of the
sufferings of Jews in Russia. The
president of course feels that the good
of the emperor should not bo held
morally responsible for acts it consid
ers wrong but is powerless to prevent ,
but should it appear to Mr. Hoffman
that the Russian government might
put forth moro effort to prevent this
course , ho is directed to indicate with
due ro.feronco , that the feelings of
friendship of the United States
for Russia prompt it. To
express the hope that the gov
ernment will find moans to cause this
persecution of these unfortunates to
cease. The letter onda by saying ; "If ,
however , it should come to your
knowlndgo that any citizens of the
United States are made victims of per
secution , you will feel it your duty to
omit no effort to protect them and to
report such cases to the department. '
N Uon l Associated 1'tew.
WASHINOTOK , May 2. The cabinet -
net was in session nearly three hours
this afternoon , all members being
present except Attorney General
Browster , who is sick. The president
decided to issue a proclamation order
ing the cowboys of Arfcona to dis
perse. The Kitzjohn Porter case
and the Indian troubles formed sub
jects of discussion.
Judge Wyliea , in overruling to-day
a motion to quash the remaining star
route indictments , leaves the coast
clear for the trials to begin on Thurs
day , as appointed , though it is rumoi
od that the government will not I
ready then , It is expected an at
tempt will bo made to-morrow to'pre
euro another indictment , cmbracin
thu names of Ilordcll and others , n
to whom tlio present indictment wij
bo held insufliciont. and if sticccssfu' '
the Utter will bo dismissed and trin
on the now indictment bo asked.
The only subject of gossip aroun
the hotels to night is the Cliincso bill
whichj'passod the house at a late houi
when only , ' ! 0 members were present
Thu senate amendments extended th
time from GO to 00 days for inforinin
the Cliincso government of ita passag
and definition of the words "Chinos
laborers , " were agreed to. It is atato
that the president will sign the bill a
The president's first card recoptio
was held to-night. It wan attendc
by members of the cabinet , suprcm
court , senators , representatives , arm
and navy otlicors and prominent citi
zons. The president was assisted b
the wives of .members of the r-abtnot
After the reception a supper was give :
to forty invited guests.
Colonel Corbin , Bccrotary of th
Garfield memorial committee of th
Army of the Cumberland , reports th
total receipta to date 313,000. j.
public appeal for moro funds will b
issued , and May SO is suggested for
contribution throughout the country
the maximum amount to be $100.
Thu nomination of Divid Stewart
of Missouri , to bo collector of interim
revenue- for the Fourth district o
Missouri , was sent to the oonato thi
The Bonato committee on commerc
agreed to favorably report the nomi
nation of Wcrthingtou for collector a
WASHINGTON , D. C. , May 2 Tni
bill granting condemned cannon t <
the Morton monument associatioi
Senator Bayard reported adversely ,
from the finance committee , the bil
for relief of the Grand Trunk Rail
way of Canada.
The bill for the relief of Ouster's
widow was reported favorably.
Thu bill to establish an intermediate
court of appeals was taken up. Sena
tor Morgan offered a substitute re
garding the constitution of the court.
Several amendments to the bill were
agreed to. Adjourned without ac
The bill for the erection of a public
building at Quincy , 111 , passed. Ob
jection was made to unanimous con-
lent to concur in senate amendment !
to the Chinese bill , and the tariff com
mission bill , wasLtakon , up after the
[ > ? "peago' > } rj'a1'bTl ( 'for the Vreclidn 'of 'i
public building at Hannibal , Mo. , tc
: est $75,000.
After further discussion on the
: ariff commission bill , the house took
from the speaker's desk the Chinese
} ill as amended by the senate and
; oncurrcd in amendments and passed
; he bill. Adjourned ,
Gonld in Court.
latlocal Associated Press.
CHICAGO , May 2. A subpcuna was
ssued this morning for Jay Gould to
ippear as a witness in the Western
'ndiana railroad caso. The bailiff
vent to the Grand Pacific hotel and
Urs. Gould said her husband was
lown in the dining room. The bailiff
raited until Gould emerged from his
tiding placp and served the papers.
iVitnesa said ho know nothing of the
plationship between the above mcn-
ioned road and the Wabash , and
hewing no knowledge of the case , was
rational Associated Pro 9.
DOVEU , N. H. , May 2. The 'Freo '
) aptist church which cost $50,000 ,
j burning , The flames are reaching
rom L. B , Lackey's brush factory ,
nd A. B. Towlo's barn was destroyed
y fire at 8 a , m ,
PHILADELPHIA , May 2. A private
iapatch says that a great fire is raging
ii Middlotown , Del , , which threatens
lie whole town. The entire tire Eor-
ice has been sent from Wilmington.
MIDDLETOWN , Del. , May 2. A. J.
! ox & Bro's. carriage factory St.
Lime's Episcopal church , and the in-
arvoning dwellings were destroyed by
fire which started in the first
amed. LOBS , $30,000 ; insurance ,
BOSTON , May 2. The Union carpet
ining company's factory , on Lonox
treot , was destroyed by firo. Loss
n stock , $25,000 ; on building , $10-
The Tray Fdstor.
atlonal AuocUtod fiesa.
Tuoy , May 2. Michael Kennedy
till continues his fast on skim milk ,
Inch began on January Kith. Ho
> ys that ho never felt bettor or
trongor , and that hia fast will con-
inuo tome weeks. Ilia face is round
nd rosy , his weight is now 214i
ounds , and ho is apparently in good
audition and experience ! no craving
) r solid food.
itlonal AnsocUtcd f resa.
PiTTsnuiio , Majr 2. A Groenaburg
nocial says last night three masked
ion went to the farm house of Mrs.
tuuip , bound and gagged the old
idy and her two daughters and took
400. They boat ono of the daughters
i such a manner that she Is not ox-
octed to recover. No clue to the
A Bad Co oil.
ttlooal Auocltted from.
1'iTTSDUiia , May 2. A Charlcstown
W. Vu. ) special eaya last night Huston
Writing , a negro , asked T. 8. Graves ,
white man , to take a drink. The
itter refuned , whereupon the negro
row a rovolvoi and shot Graves dead ,
i. poaro is in pursuit of the murderer
nd there are throats of lynching ,
Whiting dangerously slabbed a negr
woman of Gallipolis , Ohio , a shor
time ago and wont to Charleslown t
avoid arrest.
The Musical Festival n Man
uiflcont SUCOOBS ,
Armory Hall ThronKoil Uy 3,0ft
National AnocUted 1'rora.
NEW YORK , May U. The oponiii ]
performance of the musical feativn
of the Seventh regiment armory thii
evening was attended by an audionci
numborinu between 7,000 and 8,001
persons of New York's boat society
Tlioro are over 7,000 chain in the ar
mory , exclusive of seats on the stage
which number 3,200. The stage ii
built in a hugo semi-circle at th <
western end of the drill room. Thi
orchestra , which numbers nearly SOI
performers , occupies a place immcdi
atoly below the choir , which thi :
evening numbered nearly 2,000 per
formers. Singers sit aide by side ii
circles , each circle being higher that
the preceding ono , the highest neati
being on a loyol with the second story
Directly over thu stage is an iinmensi
sounding board 100.feet in length
which projects 25 feet over the stage
It appeared to give entire satisfaction
the music and eingmg being dis
tinctly hoard iu the farthest corner o
the building.
Precisely at 8 o'clock Thoodori
Thomas , amid the applause of thi
audience , took his position in the con
tro of the orchestra , and soon the con
cert was opened , Thu vast audionci
showed its appreciation of the per
formers' effoits by frequent and hoartj
applause. The concert this evening
wns one. of the greatest musical suc
cesses in this city , and as tlioro nro tc
bo three afternoon and four ovcninc
performances , for which nearly all the
tickets nro sold , it promises to bo f
gratifying financial success to the pro
The Froodman'a Bank.
National Associated I'rcss.
WASHINGTON , May 2. The comp
troller of the currency will shortly declare -
clare a dividend of 15 per cont. to thc
creditors of the Froedman's bank ,
payable in June , and a final payment
of 75 per cent , payable during the
Newspaper Receipts.
National Auociated fross.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , May 2. The
postmaster general has decided t that
bills receipted and subscription ordcrt
for a newspaper cannot form stipple-
ments. * K
; *
The Mnllcy Trial.
National Associated i'teaa. "
NEW HAVBH , May 2. In the MV' ;
loy trialtthis morrUf 's ncdsion wos'do
voted "to the cross-examination o
Prof. Ohittondon , eliciting no contra
diction and nothing now.
Choked to Dontu with Whisky.
National Associated Press.
OTTAWA , Ontario , May 2. Joan
Guiudeau , of St. Anne , Quebec , was
choked to death by whisky being
poured down his throat while doling
in a saloon by cumpanions in jest.
The Illinois Sonatorahlp.
National Associated 1'rcsa
PEORIA , 111. , May 2. It is authori
tatively announced th s morning that
3en. Green B. Ilium is a candidate )
'or the United States senate to succeed
Judge Davis.
Mexican News.
National Associated I'rusa.
LAIIEDO , Tex. , May 2. In a battle
jotivoon Tcodula Caballcro's gang of
Bandits and a company of dragoons
indor Cayston Naviega in Seamora ,
Mexico , the latter was killed and the
.roops routed.
Black small pox is destroying bun-
Irods of victims in the states of Lino-
ila and Campocho , Mexico.
At Vera Cruz a policeman attempt-
id to a r refit ono Barriontcs. The
loliccman was stabbed to death and
Jirricntca shot live times.
WASHINGTON , May 2. The United
States consul at Chichiuchua , Mexi-
o , informs the state department that
10 is making' ' exertions to have the
Jmrges againBt four imprisoned
American citizens for implication in
he encounter at the mines pressed
or trial.
The Apaches Routed.
rational Aooouutcu f read.
Four Ai'AtniH , Ariz. , May 2.
ilajor Tapper , of the Sixth cdAalry ,
oports having a figlijt on April 28ih
nth hostiles at Clovordalo , in the
jas Animas mountains , Private
Joldrick , of Tupper's command , WAS
illed > and two others wounded ,
Japt. Rafferty's horse was shot from
indor him. About fifiren hoatiloa
fore killed , including Chief Lvcoa'
on , S3venty-fiyo hordes were cip-
urcd. The Indians were routed and
tartod for the Mexico line , followed
y Tuppor nnd Porsythe. *
WASHINGTON , D , 0. , May 2. Gen ,
IcDowel ! telegraphs to tha war do-
artment that all is quiet at San
farloa agency. No Indiana have loft
ince the 10th. The reported murder
y hoatiloa in the Sulphur valley ia
ntruo ,
Election at St. Paul.
atlonal Auoclahxl 1'roM
ST. PAUL , Minn. , May 2. At the
Ity election hero to-day Goo , Reis ,
umocrat , was elected city treasurer
ver "ox-Gov. Marshall , republican , by
,800 majority. Four republican and
wo democratic aldermen were elected ,
finch does not alter thopolitical com-
ilexion of the board. Propositions
o issue bondti for a new court lieu < tend
nd on additional bridge across the
lissiasippi , were carried.
Indication * .
'atlonal Attodated frew.
WASHINGTON , May 2. For the Up-
or Mississippi and Missouri valleys ;
Varmtr , pretty cloudy weather , local
ains , southerly veering to westerly
rinds , lower preaaere ,
A Glimpse at tlio Sunny Side
tlio Nation in its Spring
Suit ,
Tiio Rofir of the Billows on tb
Galveojtou. Boaoh
a Nntlvo.
New Orleano iu the Clutches c
King Momua end His
Mozlonn Mnuucrs Dooldodly An
olont In All Thing * Bnt BrinR * .
California Climate and Interior-Town
Los Anjrolos and Oakland.
Correspondence ol The llco.
SAN FitANcisco , April 28. I Juiv
never felt such intonsa pride in bein
nn American aa ima impressed ni
since I Logan traveling over the vns
area of our United States , and eve
its wondrous beaulios of landscape
its every variety of climate , itadiner
out and numberless species of vogota
and fruit , and , moro and aliovo all
ita general cultivated people. ( Ji
where yon will , from Manitoba to tin
qulf or from Now York to San Fran
cisco you find educated , cultivate !
friends , with great warm hearts
whoso baud-clasping is a benison am
whoso smile is like the breaking o
sunlight on n gloomy dny.
Since 1 loft Omaha laifc Now Yea :
C have traveled many hundro'l miles
and us Iglanco in rutroapcct it hardly
aooma possible that four months hav <
swiftly passed away. But to the hap
: ) y , time indeed Iliua.
From Omaha to O.ilvcaton ! Wlw
a wondrous' change in three dayi
travel. From sombro skies , leaflos :
: rees , flowurlcss shrubs and bithi }
cold to a land whore bright suushiiu
nnken the very atmosphere roseate
.ho trues in summer rosca of green
: ho lluwora in full bloom and the nil
as balmy and fragrant as in May.
aALVKfiTom'.s rniNcii-AL CUAUM ,
B its long stretch of ocean beach , am
; ho ocean as I saw it thuro has loft i
Mcturo upon my brain that shall nov
5r fade out. While yet distant !
icaid the thundering boom ot tin
waves , soomintr a fit prelude to tin
vwo-inspirinR scono. It reminded mi
if tbe BOoiciu tones.oL . [ an orahaatri
J JL VL& Urbu- ea upondoatl
scono. A'momont and the eye look
fnrth upon the foaming billows 01
they dash madly over each other ii
their wild glee and tremendous force ,
breaking into a thousand fountains o :
sparkling spray like miniature Ning
iraa and the infinite calm of the out
lying sea in ita vast granduer , the sun
ieli'ing it up with a golden glimmer
ing sheen of beauty until it looks like
i tuundlooa sapphire , sot with HVOIJ
ipt'cips of brilliant precious stones ,
h ! it was glprious !
But the wonders of the iron steed !
Ifostorday I was in Galveston , to-diiy
[ nm in the extreme north of the great
itato of Texas , three hundred milua
icross , and to-morrow I will bo in
Hirovopprt , La. , taking the steamer
ijilvor. City for the great
estival at Now Orleans. How strange
t acorns to northern eyes to bo float-
Dg down the peaceful Rod river ,
hrough banks of living green , the
recs bursting into bloom , in Februu-
y. The sail down the winding , placid
ivcr was ono charming panorama of
icauty , and I arrived in Now Orleans
ust in time to witness
ho king of the carnival. Such mad
xcitement , such firing of cannon ,
inging of bolls , such shouting and
u Trailing till throats are honrso and
ara are deafened , could not bo uijuull
J in the north , oven on the Fourth of
uly. Mardi-Gran is , indeed , thogala
line of the south. The pro-
esaions were very brilliant
ml full of instruction in
ucieiit history and mythology. It is
till that thuso annual pageants of the
Itoscont City rival and even cclipso
[ { bso of of Rome , llowover this may
9 , they ought to bo magmlicent , for
undrods of thousands of dollars uro
upended upon thorn. To ir.y practi.
il matter-of-fact Vankeo oycs , tlio
ast siiiiia of money spent render u
ury small rotuni. J5ut such u son-
tnent in the south would bo treason.
Now Orleans is a quaint beautiful
Id city , perhaps the most coamopoH-
in in America , unless I except San
iitonio , Texas , Acouitomi'd to the
igorous winters of the north , I could
saroely realize that in raid-winter
Hies , roses , violets and geraniums
# re clustering about the yards in
cheat bloom. The liarens were as
luo and soft aa in Juno , and the
hole sir was aa raidiunt with the
DRUtiful and redolent , with n beauti-
il eea of snowy orange blossoms ,
[ ow the exquisite perfume seems like
ie odorous inconso.
Bidding a tender and regretful fare-
oil to the city of Jackson's daring
eroism my eyes turned toward the
.inset and in three days I was In the
ooming frontier town of 1 Paso , on
ie extreme west border of Texas , a
louuand miles away. This is a queer
alf Mexican half American town ,
ho low adobe ( dried mud ) houses
win a very strange architecture to
.mericatiu , although they can bo
uwle very comfortable and attractive.
Iyer the Rio Grande lies the old town
f Paso del Norte , purely Mexican. I
fcourso wont over there. Rumor
lid there was iquoh small pox among
10 filthy inhabitants , but thuro is u
iot interesting old church over there
ill of relics , and what is small pox to
jrioaity seekers , To fool my fuel on
foreign toil and know 1 wni in n
alien land , produced qinto a nevi
and lonely sensation.
with its wondrous treasures , is we
worth a visit. It was built J150 year
nj'o , long before the Pilgrim father
had landed on 1'lymouth rock , by th
monks who came over with th
Spanish explorers , and it speaks vol
umns for the zeal and solf-sncnfico ci
the Jesuit fathers. I saw tlioro man ;
interesting curiosities , a missal printci
ill Rome centuries ngo and yollov
with ngo ; wa\ figures of the Virgil
Mary , thu Apostles and Jesus in th
tomb of Joseph , besides swords am
helmets and armor that look very an
cieat. The ceiling of the church i
carved very bemttilully , and. show
great patience and skill of the build
era. The Mexicans are about KOI
years behind the times ; their house
are most primeval four walls , often
times no windows , dirt floors mid ban
of _ furniture. They still plow with i
slick , ixnd niako their wagons rude
clumsy things out of a great cola
block of wood , the wheels being a
least six inches thick. In fact , tin
only evidence I had tlmt I had no
stepped back into the middle ngos
but nns in : i land of civilization undiii
the full blazis of the glory of the nine
tuenth century , was that all the sun-
oritivs Imvo
' 'llANOKlt "
Hut "still westward the star of cm
piro takcj its way , " nnd , like tin
thruo wise men of old , I followed tlu
utar to ha furthest limit , and for a lit-
tlu while the "City of the Golden
G.ito" shall bo our home. What shall
1 say of C.ilifrunin , the garden spot of
the world , this Kind of sunshine , ol
( lowers , of snow-capped mountains ,
green hills , undulating valleys , and
clear waters ? To my enchanted eyes ,
after making the trip through barren
lands , Los Angeles , neat ling among
her beautiful hills , with orange
orchards full of their luscious , golden
fruit , seemed like a new Garden of
All along the Southern Pacific
route is mast beautiful scenery , bar
ring , of course , the sandy plains * hich
extend through much of Amimit.
The mountains , in their solemn
grandeur , covered with their eternal
snows , seem as hoary sentinels ever
guarding the peaceful and Irrtilo vul-
lies which stretch for milo after mile
one unbroken lluwor garden of r.iro
bright color. I do not wonder that
writers rave over the scenes of Cali
fornia. They are
The building of the great railways
the Union Pacific , Central Pacific and
now the Southern Pacific has shown
us that within the boundaries of the
United States wo have all the diver
sified beauties of European scenery.
The glittering Ice and frost of Sweden ,
the vino-clad hills of sunny Franco ,
the rugged , picturesque grandeur of
Switzerland , .Uio voluptuous , sun-
Icissed land 'of Italy , and the green ,
flowery fields and great bustling cities
of Germany and England. Was there
over so fair a heritage to the children
earth as is our own beautiful Father
land , America.
in ono of the prettiest cities in our
country and all her inhabitants are
most devoted to her. There is cer-
tuinly hero the most delicious feeling
of homo rest of any city I over was in ,
except , of course , dear old Omaha.
It may be bocauao I was welcomed to
"tho fair city of oaks' ' by our most
charming friend Miss Hello E. Mur-
win , who is well-known and much
loved buth in Omaha and Council
Bluffs. She mid her family are most
happily situated and perfectly in love
with California. Since my arrival
lien ) I have hud tlio pleasure of moot
ing Mra. T. B V , Gloiihouso , well
{ tiown throughout both America and
England for her faithful exposure of
Mormonism , culled "An Euglishwo-
nan in Utah. " 1 found thu lady an
ilderly but noble , fitio looking woman ,
ivhoso head is crowned with a wealth
) i snowy hair , llor book is a thrill
ng story of her own life and is as ox-
litmg and tragic as a romance. As
ho Mormon question is now exciting
; roat-interest , this book will no doubt
lave a largo sale , ua it surely doaorvi's.
tlrs , Glcnhousu also expects to lecture
mxt winter upon tin ) subject.
Of San Francisco there are a thoua-
nd interesting things to write , ospu-
( illy as tlio ChincHo question is ex
iting BO much attention , The poo-
ilo heio were much grieved and very
tigry tit the veto , and expect yet
hat the new bill will bring some re-
ief , No ono can blame them for
heir feeling after a tour through
Ihiimtown , Ugh ! *
Jut ) I must , and will , shut oil' the
aa. Moro anon. *
A Falio Report.
atlonkl Atooclateil I'fom
PjiiLADiariiiA , May 2.- Officers of
: io PoniiBylvania railway state that
! io published rumor that the stock
iyidond nrndo Monday was made to
lisa moans for the payment of notea
nniing duo , is erroneous. All not
arnlngs , they claim , were applied to
ash dividends , and that the revenue
rotn.stock allotment will bo devoted
3 improvements.
A Fated Ruin >
'atloaU AjtocUtod i'roM ,
DOVKK , N. II. , May 2 , The ruins
i the church burned hero yesterday
ran visited to-day by hundreds.
) uring a hail Htorm the south wall
ras blown down , burying five persons
n the cellar. A rumor spread , that
lull a hundred were buried. After
lalf an hour's labor the buried were
escued. ' 1 ho names of victims are *
lira. Stuart Clillbrd , leg and two arms
iroken ; Job Burleigh , blacksmith ,
, rm , leg and several ribs broken , and
njured internally ; Mra. Whitney ,
urioualy injured , leg and ono arm
irokon ; John liornodotto , a young
nun , seriously injured ; an unknown
roman wns found lying under a beam
eriously injured. liurloigh and Mrs.
) littbrd will probably die. Tlioro is
; reat indignation at the inoflicionoy of
ho fire department. Thu dead body
> f Judge Barnes , of the police court ,
wns taken from the ruins to-nigh
It was not known ho was in tl
church at the time of the accidon
until ono of the wounded victims g.-u
a description of a man seen ill tl
National Aatoclklc.1 I'rora.
A cold wftvo passed over Montro !
yesterday. Heavy hail fell , and i
some districts thu snow is seven
inches deep ,
Tlio annual ml dross to the Kansn
editors at Lawrence , on Juno f > , wi
bo delivered by O. II. Rathakor , cdi
tor of The Denver Tribune.
Andrew \Voia , of Heading , Pa.
weighing -(20 pounds , reputed to b
the largest man in Pennsylvania , dioi
yesterday from strangulation causei
by honiin ,
Thu Cameronitos carried thu Montgomery
gomory county ( I'a. ) convention fo
thu election of delegates to the stati
convention , the latter being instruotci
for General Beaver for governor.
William Allen , a drunken farmer
committed suicide yesterday after
noon by jumping from the susponsioi
bridge at Niagata Falls. The bed ;
wns not recovered ,
The fifth annualdiocoaian convontioi
of the dioocso of Springfield , III , , me
at the cathedral in that city yesterday
with a large number of delegates
The day Besbion was ohiclly devotee
to buaineas and the evening to tin
bishop's dioceaian uddresa.
John Tobias and Henry Berkley
fcupirintondont nnd ansiatantof Cedar
villo qimry , Schuylkill , Ponnrylvnnia ,
were kilhd alinott instantly yvstordaj
at noon , by a premature discharge.
The top of Berkley's head was blown
oil' . Both bodies were horriblj
The firm of Wheat & Durfeo , whole
sale grocers of Louisville , made an
iisaignmont to John II. Leathers. The
linn did a business last year of $700-
000. Aesets and liabilities are not
known. The failure was caused by
ilelay in making collections.
The American steamer , British
Queen , with 400 emigrants aboard ,
was placed in quarantine on her arri
val at Philadelphia yesterday morning
Jti thu discovery that a number oi
liassengors were down with small-pox.
The suUurors wore removed to the
municipal hospital ,
In the Cambridge ( Muss. ) , probate
Jourt , yesterday , it was decided that
the erasures and interlineations iu
Longfellow's will are of no effect. The
lecisipn is based on the ground that
Lho will cannot bo altered except by
: odicil. 'Ibis deprives each of his
: hildron and the testator's brother of
$10,000 , and his broMior Stephen of
D,000. The will was admitted to
probate. E. Longfellow is adminis
The second trial of Jae. B. Doyle ,
irrostod in October , , 1880 , with a
quarter of n million counterfeit gov
ernment bonds in his possession , com
menced in Chicago yesterday. lie
was sentenced last May to thu poni-
.untiary , but was granted a now trial
m account of informality in nn-
louncing the verdict , the jury not bo
ng present when the verdict was
3o DOUBOB the Qllra In a Thoroughly
KH'octual Manner.
At 4:30 : yesterday atternoon an
.larm of fire was sounded from box
1 , No. 3 engine house. The two
IOBO carts , Noa. 2 and 3 , and the
iooka responded. After some little
illiculty in locating thu fire it was
ventually found to proceed from a
mall one-story house at the foot of
it. Mary's avenue , and on the arrival
t thu department at the spot thu
nines were to be noon bursting in a
olumo from thu doors and windows ,
lie salvation of the house or any part
f it seeming impossible. In a short
inio , however , three streams of water
rero not on from the hydrants and
! io ( lames were fought with an energy
lat soon confined thorn to narrow
mitfl and eventually put thorn out
ntirely , without the destruction of
iu roof or wallfi of thu house.
Thu house belonged to Mr David
eaman , bartender at the place for-
lerly kept by Julius Treitschku.
luring the afternoon Mrs. Seaman
ad donu some washing in the kitchen
t the rear of the house , and had had
uito a warm fire in the coal atovo ,
ut supposed it had died out , so that
lero was no danger from it , when she
lit the house to go up town on an
rand , She had been absent an hour
hen the fire broke out , and it is
ippotod thutit caught from thu stove-
ipo passing through the roof , there
uing no Hue. It was first discovered
/ a neighbor , who found the whole
' the inside of the house in flames ,
hen ho reached the spot , and at once
wo the alarm. The house itself
of no great value , and
s owner could not bo ascertained.
[ r. Seaman had considerable furni-
ire stored away in the cellar beneath
iu house , in addition to that which
irnished the reams , nnd-his loss will
u very considerable , probably in the
i-ighborhood of a thousand dollars ,
n this he holds an insurance of five
undrqd dollars in the 0. T. Taylor
jenoy , which will fall short consider-
jly of covering his losses.
The department did excellent work ,
id this beint ( the first fire since the
Iminiatration of Chief Engineer Rut-
r , it will , if taken as an indication of
ib ability , go far to show that Omaha
ill bo no sufferer from his appoint-
tent to ono of the most important
ositiouu in the city government.
The house was completely deluged
ith water , but this was unavoidable ,
i it wan surrounded by frame build
ups , among which a serious conila-
ration could easily have been started.
IKINKKK - Heiiirich Kroat lleineke ,
May M , n od 30 yeara 7 months.
Funeral will taVa placs Ma3d at 2
'clock i > , in. , from the residence , 13th and
The British Cabinet Confess That
Bayonets Cannot SuMuo
Ireland ,
And Buckshot Porater Dies
With His Pet Liniment.
ParnolJ , Dillon and Kelly Lib
erated From Kilrnainham.
Ontlltta of Reform * Proposed by
Qlndntoiie ImportimtFor-
LONDON , May 2. In the house of
commons to-night , Gladstone will announce -
nounco that it is the intention of the
government to release Irish suspects
and abandon thu coercion act.
In the house oi lords last evening ,
Earl Granville stated that Mr. Forstor
had resigned the post of chief secre
tary for Ireland ; that the government ;
was preparing a in ensure to supersede
the coercion act , and intended releas
ing the Irish suspects immediately. Ib
was also the intention of the govern
ment to introduce measures looking to
tlio extension of the Bright clause ,
and dealing with thu question of ar
rears of rent , which , it was hoped ,
would bo moro satisfactory to both
landlord nnd tenant.
A limn TUIIK.
CoNHTAKTiNOi'U ! , May 2. The sul
tan has dismissed his prime minister ,
Said Pasha , and appointed Abdurrah
man Pasha , formerly governor of
Bagdad , as his successor.
LONDON , May 2. Messrs. Parnoll ,
Kelly and Dillon have been released.
from Kilmainham jail.
PAHIS , May 2. French troops
have bombarded and captured the
capital of Tonkingcs. Its annexation
to other provinces now under French
rule is intended.
ST. I'BTGitxuuiui , May 2. The
czar and czarino to-day received
Lieut. Danonhowcr and Mr. Now-
lomo at Gatzchitm and gave them a
lioarty welcome.
CAIKO , May 2. The khedive has
2ontirmod the sentence passed by the
; ourt martial in the case of Circassian I/I /
jflicors convicted of conspiracy to kill
iVrabid Boy.
PABIB , May 2. French assembly
vras ro-openod to-day , and the gevsrn- 1 * > t
tnont introduced measures for sup
pression of indecent publications.
M. DeFroycient gave an audience *
this evening to members of the Fran
co American comnitteo on cominor-
: ial treaty , and said everything was.
now favorable to the conclusion of a
treaty ; that two years since General
Noyes , American minister , told him
.hat the United States congress was
hvidcd on the subjebt but hearing
low tlioro was an inclination among
nombors of that body to conclude a
lommorcial treaty with Franco , ho
vould give French ambassador at
iVashington instructions favoring ro-
lowal of negotiations. _
Illinois Sheep MonT -
T tlorml Associated 1'rcwa
SritiNQFiELu , 111. , May 2. The
oad ing sheep-breeders of this state
tavo formed an organization under the
lame of The American South-down
Srccdera' Association for the purpose
f collecting , revising and publishing
ho history and progress of pure South-
lawn sheep , under such regulations
s may bo prescribed by the board of
iroctors. A meeting to complete the
rguni/.ution will bo hold in this
ity May 31st.
An important scries of short-horn.
ales for central Illinois will , begin hero
Internal Revenue Commissioner
taum arrived in the city this morning.
Baia Ball.
latlonal Press Association.
WoueiiHTKU , Mass. , May 2. Bos-
ans 10 , Worcesters 11.
PUOVIDKNCE , May 2 Providence
7 , Treys 1.
BiHU'Ato , May 2. No gamo. Rain.
CLEVELAND , May 1. Clovelands 1 ,
( etroits C.
Mailed Dyuaiuito-
atlonal Aeaoclatutl 1'rntn.
NEW YOHK , Miiy 2. Postmaster
'oarson ' says ho has had no news ro-
urding the infernal machine con-
piracy. Detectives who are at work
n thu case see no prospect of success.
'hey ' have established the fact thai
ie boxes and contents are of German
lake , but are unable to learn what
ley were originally intended for.
Turf Rnvieworvi _
ttlon&l AsuoclatudProM.
CHICAGO , May 2. The board of
aviow of the National Trotting asso-
iation commenced a two days session
liis evening at the Grand Pacific
otol. President S. K. Dowoccu-
iied the chair , D. J. Vail , of Buffalo ,
cting aa secretary. The following
roro present ; Burdett Loomia , of
lartford , Conn. , George Sturt-es , of
'hiludolphiu , Charles L. Hunt , of
t , Louis , M. 0. Blake , of Cedar
lapids , representing different dis-
ricts. Ono minor case was takon'up
idjournod nnMl t -
'atloual Associated Proai.
LKXINOTON , Ky. , May 2. First
ace of the Kentucky ossoclatiation
ar all ages , three-quarter of a mile ,
ray won in n canter by Mammonist ,
jizzio S , second , Lore , third. Time ,
; 15. Second race , distiller's stakes ,
52,000 , for all ages , one and one-
[ uartor mile , was won by Croosito
cith Bender second. Time , 2:0dj. :
Third race , for all agea , one mile ,
ras won by Badger , Stella Uermino ,
ocond. Time , l\4i\ \ \ .