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    ' ' * OMAHA DAILY BEE.
' .no HE . .
Senator Sanniers Elaborates His
Scheme For Political
Regeneration ,
Council Blu ffs Oomes in For n
Plum in the Shape of a
New Paatofflos.
The Public Debt Rapidly Decreasing -
creasing Miles of Names
For Mason.
A Variety of Important Itonu <
National AisocUtod 1'rera ,
WAHiUNaTON , May I. Senator Ed-
munds , ' irom the judiciary comtnittoc ,
rop6rtcd on the president's message
about western cowbojs , thit no addi
tional leqislation is needed , as the
president had now nmplo power tc
suppress them , using the army as n
posse eomitatUH.
Senator Allison introduced a bill to
authorize tho' Hock Island & South
western railroad to build a bridge over
the MiesisMppi at Dupont , III.
Senator George followed in support
of thi } passage of the bill disqualifjing
confederates from holding ofUuo in the
aervicSiof the United States army ot
After the morning hour the bill-to
establish a court of appeal came up ,
Senator Davis ( [ 11 ) 'spBi > king in favor.
Senator Sounders delivered a oci
speech in support of the proposer
amendment to the constitution pro-
vidinL ; that poatmaaters , marshals and
district'attorneys bo elected instead oi
app'ointod by the president J
The senatu then went into executive
session and when the doors were
opened adjourned.
Mr. Ouray introduced a bill trans
ferring the Indian bureau .to the war
Mr. Crupo moved to suspend the
rules and make the bill extending thi
charters of national banks the npecial
order for May 9th. Adopted 15C
to 05.
Mr. Townshend ( Ills. ) , offered a
resolution that , as Chinese immigra
tion waa injurious and dangerous , thu
president bu directed and authorized
to open negotiations to abrogate the
Burlmgaino treaty. A second was
refused by a vote of 100 to 02 , and
the resolution was killed.
The bill authorizing the sale of
Miami Indian lands in Kansas was
The bill creating the north judicial
district in Iowa was passed.
Among the bills passed under sus-
pcnoiou/if . . . rules were several io erect
.1 - % * * * * * " * " " * ' ' '
.IT I *
public buildings at thu following
places' ' ) at the cost indicated : Jack
son. .Tenn. , 810,000 : Greensboro , N.
0. , § 50,000 ; Council Bluffs , la. , $100-
000 ; Lynchburg , Va. , 8100,000 ; Gal-
veuton , Texas , § 125,000 ; Peoria , 111. ,
| v $225,000. Denver , Col. , 8300,000 ;
f 1 - Detroit , Mich. , 8GOO.OOO ; total , $1-
V 530.000.
\ The passage of these bilh occupied
three hours , much of the delay being
caused by the opposition of a few
members , notably Messrs. Brucg ,
Hobnail , Coz ( N. Y. ) and Hooper.
Mr. Cox remarked that the manner in
which these bills were pushed through
looked very much like what is called
"log rolling" elsewhere.
Mr. Holeman opposed the bills , say
ing too much public money was being
squandered in this way. If these
buildings arc to bo orccted , they ought
to Ira ot the plainest sort , though dura
Mr. Bragg , after opposing by una
vailing argument , availed hjmsolt of
all dilatory privileges in his power ,
demanding the ayes and nays on every
motion , and the house finally , wearied
with the slow progress made , ad
journed at 550 ; p , in ,
National Afwodatml I'tim.
WASHINGTON , May 1. The house
have ugreod to civo 50 a month to
the widow of Col. Meacham , killed by
the Mudoca under Captain Jack.
wns reduced during April § 14,415-
82JJ7-1 ; total since the close of last
fbcal year , $128.748 213.37 ; cash in
, treasury , 8245,574,580 47.
The secretary of the treasury this
afternoon issued the 113th call for the
residue of bonds undei the acts of
July 17th and August 15th , 1801 , as
follows : 850 , Noa , iMOCl to 2504 both in
elusive ; 8100 , Nos. 1775 to 1803 , both
inclusive ; 8500 , NOB. 11901 to 12283.
both inclusive ; 81,000 , Nos. 55951 to
50972 ; 85,000 , Nos. 17,581 to 17,834 ;
810,000 , Nos. 38,811 to 40,110. .
The Tradesmen's National bank at
Conahocken , Pa. , capital 8100,000 ,
and the Third National at Bloomington -
ton , III , capital $100,000 , have been
authorized to commence business ,
The senate to-day congrmod the
following nominations : Adam Bo.
dean , of New York , to bo consul gen
eral at Havana ; Harry Slaiijht , of
Now York , to bo consul general nt
Prencott , Canada ; J. P. Wickontham ,
of Ptmnsylvania , to bu charge d'affairs
at Denmark ; John F. Montgomery ,
to bo surveyor of customs at Denver.
Postmasters Miss Carpenter , at But
ler , Indiana ; Edwin L > , Palmer , at
Richmond , Indiana ,
The New York petition , a mtle
loni ; , asking commutation of Sergeant
Mason's sentence , was presented to
the president this afternoon. The
committee wai introduced by Senator
Secretary Folger has appointed
Juries B. Ilobiuton , of the tax office ,
New Yotk , superintendent of the
piper mills nt Dalton , Mass , Thi
disposes of the story that Chief Clnrk
Powers was to bo sent there ,
The postollico department has pre
pared n statement of the revenue re
ceived nt the principal oflices , which
collect 37 per cent of the ynslal
revenue. It shows that tlio receipts
for the fjuartcr ending March 31 ,
1882 , nro in excess of the corresponding -
ing quarter of lost ycnr by $498-
102,88 , or 15 1-10 per cent increase.
Col. Thos. F. Barrowhorn , jutlgo
advocate general , has boon recom
mended in orders to West Ppmt as
professor of law. Ho will remain for
the present on duty in the ollico of the
secretary of war , nnd 0 il Herbert
Pol ham 0 , Curtis , now on d aty in
General Swaim's offices , has bcn or
dered to Wist Point instead. $
The Shlphord Investigation.
National Aesocmuxl I'rcra , v'
WASHINGTON , D 0. , May 1. Senator
Blair read n statement that hof know
nothing of the personnel or tnagu-
moiit of the Peruvian company ; Ho
was the only member of either . 'house
so far as ho knew connected wijth the
company in any capacity. Ho dgard-
cd Shiphcrd's claims ns hone
just and accepted n rotninor r
distinct reservation that
the matter in any eve
made the subject of conp
action his connection with tt
should cease. Ho received
cato ol ccrip'from Shipherd n
bur , and.rctnnioi the same in ; I
ber , when ho decided not tc
counsel. At none of thojnjj
between Shipherd and Blame
over hear anything of nuoflorj
or other inducement to a
'Ho regarded Hurlbut perfectly
in all official actions. He I
Grant was a strong supporter p Ship-
. herd's- enterprise for public , reasons ,
nnd not for pecuniary intorcstafjfnnd'if '
nuked would havu counseled , uphold
ing the national honor * Witness de
fended the policy of the state depirt-
uituit under Blaine , saying it wonld
have resulted in diverting the ) ' great
South American trade from Europe
to the United States. 41
Adjourned until Wednesday.
Trio University Regent Resigns
Nanco Between the Fires.
Special Ditpatch to TIIK UBK.
LINCOLN , Nob. , May 1. Another
phase of the university muddle de
veloped to-night. Hon. John L. Car
son , regent , sent his resignation to
the governor. His successor has not
yet been determined upon , ' and no
matter what course the governor takes
ho is sure to raise a hornets' nest
about his ears. , . ;
LONO PINE , Nob. , Miy ! . A peri-
ous if not fatal accident happened
here to-day to a man named A. B.
Comloy , who arrived hero Saturday
from Garvy , Iowa , with two car loads
of mill machinery. While superin
tending the unloading a heavy piece ol
machinery fell on the back of his
head , bruising his head badly and
knocking him sensolosH. But little
tiopois entartainod of his recovery.
They Escape from Jail and Kill a
National Associated l'
FOIIT MADIHON , la. , May 1. Poke
Wells , the notorious outlaw , and eight
other convicts , escaped this morning
from the penitentiary hospital , break
ing a hole through the roof. They
overpowered one guard and chloro
formed another. John Elder , who
was dosed , died from the clloqts.
LATKII Only three convicts es
caped Pok j Wells , Cook and Fitz
gerald. The latter was recaptured in
i barn in the outskirts of town this
evening. The other two nro nt largo.
Royal Arcaniniu OiQoors.
National Associated 1'icoa.
BALTIMOUB , May 1. At a mooting
of the supreme council of the It <
Arcunium , the ofUcers were elected its
follows : Supreme Regent , \V , S.
Tenant , of Michigan ; eupriMiio vice
regent , John 11. Butler , of Maaaachu-
setts ; Bupremo orator , A. U. 'Jrippo ,
> f Baltimore : past supreme regent ,
A. E. Keyoi , of Ohio ; sup unio secre-
uryV. . 0 , Robnon , ot Massachu
setts ; treasurer , E , A. Skinncrul far f
$ a\r York ; aupromo chaplain , T.
iliopard , of Michigan ; supreme guide ,
3 , 0. McCoy , of Pennsylvania ; su-
) remo warden , H. 0. W..Campbell , of
3hio ; suprpmo sentry , W. A. Gordon ,
jf Wisconsin.
Trustees John B. Everett ; of Toil-
lessee ; Sumner Albeo , of Mussa-
chusetta ; John Wright , of Virginia.
Finance comuiittoa N. 0. Bibcock ,
\Viitconain ; S. N. Libby , of Masaa-
chusettn ; J , S. Sprngue , of Illinois.
Committee on laws John A. Cum-
ning , of Massachusetts ; N. 8. Lie-
nan , of Ohio ; D. M. Lindsloy , of
Now York.
The next meeting will bo hold at
tichmond , Va.
A Very Good Dividend.
f ttlontl AwwciaMd I'rtw.
PiULADELi'HiA , May 1. The Penn
sylvania railroad company have just
declared a semi-annual dividend of 4
per cent. The directors ulao passed a
eeojution pivin stockholders the
> r > vilefe ; of ) u-jliaaing now stock at
tar in the p op rtion of 8 pur cent of
ho number of shares ri-guterod in
heir i mines April 20 , 1882.
A Railroad President Reiigns.
\nluii l A socl t l l're > .
NEW YOIIK , M y 1Colonel E.
W. Cole , president of the East Ton-
itBiuo , Virginia & Georgia railroad
system , resigned to-day , lie thinki
he property ought to be handled
from the Central oflico nt Knoxville
and docs not wish to chimgo his homo
from Nnshvillo. Hia rosiRnation is
accepted nt his earnest solicitation.
Ho remains n director , and holds hi ;
interest in the property. The best ol
feeling exists between him and other
directors , The directors express theii
regrets tint he takes this ctop , nnt
expressed by resolution their pleasure
in ntsunng him , if his circumstances
should change after n rest , thnt ho
would again feel willing to assume the
head of their affairs , BO long ns the >
hold their present positions they wil !
welcome him back to their leader Samuel Thomas was electee
by the board as his successor , nnc
Major Henry Fink vice president nnc
general matingrr , with headquarters
itt Knoxvillo. General Thomas is nn
nblu and experienced man , well qiinll-
fied for the position , and with Major
Fink , makes a strong management.
Settling n Pro-omptlou Row.
Nktlonul A Mciated 1'rcsit ,
SAN ANTONIO , Tex. , May 1 , Near
Uvaldo John Mitchell and two sons
were cutting a boo tree down yester
day , when it party of horaomentmmcc
O'brions nnd Fluids , redo up , shot
the two sons dead and fatally wounder
the old man. They had a misunder
standing about the pre-emption ol
Pennsylvania Politic *
National AniOthti'J 1'rcn.
PHILADELPHIA , May 1. The stal
wart independent conference mot nl
the Continental hotel at 4 'o'clock ,
and up to this hour (11 ( p. in. , ) havu
been in session. At thu outset the
independents manifested strong fool
ing against concessions. After suv-
eral hours debate both ( actions com
menced preparing the basis of agree
ment. It is doubtful whether this
document will bo completed to-night.
LATEU Shortly after 11 o'clock it
wns announced that both committees
had signed a harmonious report. This
proved to be in the form of & declara
tion of principles. First , condemning
the UBO of patrpnaqo to promote per
sonal and political ends and favoring
bestowal ot all oflices on a basis of fit
ness ; second , competent party oilicinls
not to bo removed except for cause ;
third nnd fourth , minor non-elective
oflices to bo filled according to
ruloa and established law ; fifth
and sixth , no compulsory politi
cal assessments or proscription
for failure to respond ; seventh , state
ticket to bo of hiyh character regard
ing fitness of nominees to command
the united support of thoparty ; ninth ,
state convention to bo the same as
delegates to a generally assembly are
nominated After this year the state
convention is to bo held the second
week in July , except in case of exi
gency , and everybody voting the re
publican presidential ticket to be al
lowed to take part in the primaries.
It is also recommended that county
organizations bo allowed the greatest
latitude in primary elections.
edoy j iho independents"was'a strong
document , declaring the machine
Tlio drift ot opinion to-night among
politicians from all parts of the state
who wore at the hotel is that the
agreement is a mass of platitudes , in
assenting to which the Cameron party
surrender nothing.
Before adjournment a resolution
was adopted that the principles were
nominally n personal part of the com
mittee and not binding on the other
LANCASTER , Pa , May 1. The
probabilities are that the oflicial re
turns from the upper districts of this
county will elect Hoover , nnti Cameron -
oren man. This will bo a gain ol
three delegates for thu anti-Cameron
faction in this county.
Utah bketolios.
National Associated I'um.
SALT L KK , May 1. Several small
companion of Mormon immigrants
from different states have already
strapfjl-.d into Utah this spring , and
this cMiiittg the first company from
Eutop'3 in rived , numbering 150
English , Scotch nnd Welch. Jlogulur
amyuls from Europe are expected
during the numinor.
The first party of Boston exourfiinn-
: ta Hpont two days hero und loft for
San Francisco this afternoon.
Tlao Little Rocfc Komi- .
National Aseoclitcil Progs. .
Lim.n HOOK , May 1. At n moot-
ng to-day of the Little Hock < t Fort
Smith railroad the following were
elected directors : J. II. Converse ,
Elisha Atlcinn , F. M. Weed , F. Gor
don , Duxtor H.irton , Jettao Turner ;
of Van Burin ; William M. Fishback ,
> f Fort Smith ; Sol F. Clark , D. E.
( ones , W. E , Slack , of Little Hock.
The officers arc : J. H. Converse ,
> reaidont , Boston ; Joaso Turner , vicj
iroaidont , Van Buron ; J , W , Guy ,
ecretary , Little Rock ; Joseph Kauip-
nun , tre'aeuro'r , Boston. ' ' '
Golui ; Against the Utato.
S'atlonil AsrXjcutotl I'rcu.
JLuiuiHiitma , Pa. , May 1. Jndgu
yiol'horsoa to-day decided in favor of
hu Lehigh Valley railroad thu suit
> rought by the atato for ? 1'J5,932
axoa claimed on the company's bonds
or 188a-81. The decision sottlea
hirty other cases of thu same uaturo
now pending.
Judge Slmontou overruled the ox-
-options taken by thu state in the case
af thu state against the Standard com'
> any , and thu case will bo argued on
May 29th.
A General Strilto-
National AuocUtul frow ,
CiNiNNATi ! , May 1. A general
triko has been inaugurated in this
sity by carpenters , tinnera andcornico
nakors , No demonstrations ,
JCuluut Templar.
Amcmted 1're s.
TOVEKA , Kaa. , May 1. The grand
viminandary of Knighta Templar of
Cansaa will hold their annual con-
slave IH Topeka May Oth nnd 10th ,
jponing on the Oth at 3 o'clock p. in.
I lariio representation is oxpoolod
rom different Bubordiunto comman.
A Remarkable Number of People -
plo Who Know All
About It.
llnll'n Sing in Chnncory mil
Iliumpedl ) ] : Friend nud Foo. ' '
Numbering1 nml Sprlnk'inrr the Stroott
oftho Cnpltol-Tlio B & M.
Special Corrosixjiulcnoo of Tun HhH. r
LINCOLN , May 1. Mr. Hull 3 re
turned Saturday evening , ready , ns he
atnted , to explain matters to the complete
pleto satisfaction of the investigators
and the -public generally. Whether
thin is ao or not remains to bu aeon ,
though the general supposition hero is
that thu faota cannot bo explained 01
any other hypothesis than thnt.o
temporary insanity. The general ten
dency to kick a man when ho ia down
was never better exemplified than -in
Una case , . "I told youso's" nro hcatc
on every corner , while an unsuppres *
od fueling of gratification ia uhowt
over Hull's downfall. Already c.uidi
dates are stirring around after tb'6
position of Muster in Chancery , whicl
.it is taken , for granted will soon bo va-
catsd. , .
There 1ms .boon quilo n lull in hi )
litiual matteis the past week , Ni
senatorial cmdidntos havu visilcO
this place for at least three daya :
atato of uH'.iira ao unusual as to excite
The streets of Lincoln are being
sprinkled in good shape this r.prlpg ,
and a freedom from the dust numanci
will no doubt bo enjoyed for the first
time since the Battlement.
The work of street numbering ii
in this city is nearly completed , nnc
everything will bo in readiness for thu
inauguration of the free delivery sys
tem July 1st.
Lincoln folks are takinc a grout den
of interest in the approaching opening
of the B. & M. R. U. to Denver. A
great many will take advantage of the
completion ot the now line to visit the
Colorado metropolis. One result ol
the opening for through travel will bu
to give us more fre Client opportunities
to got up to Omaha.
Brief Mention of Current
Events in the Old
The Czar Postpone * the Coronation-
LONDON , May 1. Hanlan beal
Trickctt in the boat raca to-day by
four lengths.
VII.NNA , May 1. lloliablo persona
just 10turned from Russia give ac
counts of the activity of thu nihilists
which show that recent executions
and other modes of punishment hnvo
hud but little sanitary cllect. It ia re
ported that mines have been discov
ered at Kremlin and Moscow , and the
czar has found upon his writing table
a letter from a nihilist committee
stating that unless ho instituted re
forms before his coronation ho would
bu killed.
ST. PLTKUSIIUKO , Mny 1. Owing
to the apprehension with which the
czar and his advisors have been com
pelled to regard the power of secret
committees in Moscow , it is thoufht
the coronation of his majesty will bo
postponed until nntumn.
The acouohmeiit of the Empress of
Russia ia expected to take place to
wards the end of this month , or early
in Juno. The Emperor in about to
conduct thu Empress to Copenhagen ,
wheiu hia majesty will return for a
Tow weeks , nnd then return to Ruu-
BI ! : , but thu Empress will remain there
. Hammer.
LONDON , Mny 2 , A lota diflpntch
'rom the \vost coast of Africa Htaluti
.hat n great battle haa been fought
n Now Calafar with nativrs of Bon-
my. Each aide lost 1,000 men. Thu
Connies captured n fort , European
.miler nro being menaced. Several
English guuboata are going to their
CoNBTANTiNoi-LB , May 1. The
> orto has prepared five ironclads to
.ranaport troops to intervene in the
uflairu of Egypt.
HOME , May 1. A sensation was
: tiUBod hero to-day by Professor
jbarboro , n writer of international
aws , publicly Hpittin in thu face ot
Signer BacekaM , minister of inatruc-
ion. Signor Sbarboro was arrested ,
ST. PHTKiLsnuna , May 1 , Czar has
Dxprcssod n desire to receive the
survivors of the Jeannottu , and his
wish will probably bo gratified ,
Orders nave been issued to prevent
numeration of the richer class of
ilussian Jowa.
LONDON , Mayl. The cabinet coun
cil having failed to agruo upon a now
Tish programme , they will meet to
2 > mtinuo the discussion , The radical
ninoiily insist upon instant release
jf suspects.
The Times states , in regard to the
; urrency negotiations proceeding bo-
ween Franco , Germany and America ,
hat the higher quarters in Germany
aver the atoppago of free coinage of
both gold and silver ,
It ia announced that a eeparation
1ms ueen arranged between Don Carlos
and his \vifo , the Duchess of Madrid ,
Marino liitolllrjf no .
Nrw YOIIK , Miy 1. Sailed
Colon Aspimvall nnd City of 1'nris ,
nnd Arizona for Liverpool , Rhoddn
for CarditF
Ltvr.nrooL , Mny 1. Arrived
City of Homo from Now York , Denmark -
mark from Now York
Qtr.iiNHTOWN , May 1 , Sailed
Abyssinia for New York.
PLYMOUTH , Mny 1. Arrived Citn-
bria from Now York for Hamburg.
Ba o Ball.
Nnttounl 1'rcsn An ociutiou.
BOSTON , May 1. Woreustora 0 , Bos-
tons 0.
PnorniBNCB , May 1. Providence
! ) , Treys 3 ,
CU\T.IANI : ) , May 1. Olovelniula 4 ,
Dctroits B.
Bi'iTAi.0 , May 1. Chicngoa 5 , Hut-
fiitos 7.
I'liii.AiihU'iiiA , May 1. Merrills
of Ctundoti , 0 ; IMiilndelphins , 8.
Nuw YOIIK , May 8. Metropolitan ,
0 ; Athloties , U.
Kiniill Pox in Illinois.
NxlIonM AvtocUtoil I'rww.
Si'itiNdfiEUi , III. , May 1. The
sttto board of health reports that up
to date there have been esj-vbliuhed
177 coutivs of Binall pox infection in
Illinois Biiu'o November lsland thro
mo now 28 infected localities outside
of Chicago and Cook county , of which
if ) are new onus developed within thu
past mouth. Nine of thcao are reap-
pe-iring nt the place where thu dia-
eanu wna previously suppressed. There
nro four point * in thu state where thu
lUsodHO lasted continuously moro
than thirty days. Of the twenty-four
fresh outbrenki , seven cnsos originated
from imnuirnnti ; , two en in o from Iowa
and five from Cnicago. Thu oripin of
the othurs hta not boon traced. Four
now cases of nnmll pox is reported in
this cily to-dny ,
Halo of Rooknwny JBoaoh-
ul A'liocmU'il I'ri-m- .
NEW YOIIK , May 1 , Acting under
onlera from the supreme court , lie-
coiver Hunted sold nt nuction to-day
the property of the Uocknwny liuach
Improvement Company , includini ; thu
oreut [ hotel , H ! ) acres of land , gas
liouso , water works , bathing pavilion ,
imicliino uhopBiw mill and dock prop
erty nt Roclinwny Honch. Properly
representing § 8.000 , concisting of fur
niture , etc. , waa exempt- . The auc
tioneer explained that there wns n
mortgage for § 72,000 nboutto bo fore
closed , and no bid would bo accepted
below that figure The property wns
knocked down to Jno. L. Cadnwnlder
for the BUIU of § 93,700. Ho pur
chased it in thu interest of thu bond-
fielders and creditors under a plan of
reorganization. The property is val
ued at over a million.
A BloodloBi Duel.
National Airaociatod I'roaa.
NKW OIILEANH , La. , May 1. The
trouble growing out of curtain charges
and cartuoiiB published in Ihu Mascot
relating to various persons , led to n
duel this morning butweun Jos. Lin-
soy , one of the propriutors , and n son
of Statu Attornoy-(5unoral Egan. Tlio
duel was fought in St. Barnard parish.
Shots wuro exchanged without effect.
Egan demanded another shot , but thu
Buconds interfered. After consul tu-
ion it was iigrood to settle by process
verbal BO much of thu ihargu reflect
ing upon the attornuy-gnnoral.
That Guucnttou Plot-
National AK ( I'rowt ,
NKW Yonic , May 1. The inspec
tors ot poatofiico department Were
muy to-day trying to discover the
) urson who mailed the infernal ma-
ihines discovered Haturday afternoon ,
uldresied to Mr. Vanderbilt and Mr.
' "lelil. Postmaster Pearson said that
10 clew had yet boon discovered upon
which to work , and said hu did not
think the explosion of the packngo
would have killed any ono or even
lone much harm unlesH the person
vho wns to opened it held it upright ,
.1 which caiu thu force of thu pow-
ler and guncotton might have blinded
lini or burned him about the face.
It the police huadqunrtora Supcrin-
endent Walling Buiil nothing hn < l yet
> con done to discover the aondcM of
hu pakagc.s , nnd nothing would be
done until the postoflico nuthoritica
asked for nahiatnnco.
TUo ' ' Torroi- " An clatixl I'rcdj ,
NEW YOIIK. May 1. About 1,000
jorsoiitt uttunded thu buiiufit tendered
o Dick Kii-'an , of Troy , N. Y. , thia
veiling. Several exhibitions of spar
ing and wrestling by local profession-
Is took place. Engan nnd Jim Elliott
vero tlio principals. After oparring
.wo . rounds it WUB uvidont that Elliott
wna only playing , nnd that Eugnn was
much overrated man. In the fourth
ound Elliott struck Engun a terrible
ilow on the right aide of thu face ,
vhich fulled him to thu ground.
2agan got up dazed nnd unable to
ontinuu the conteal. Tlio match was
eclarud in favor of Elliott ,
Tlio Koclc Inland N w Koatl-
Rtiurtal ArnoclaUxt 1'iufl.
ST. PAUL , May 1. At n mooting of
ho directors of Minneapolis & St.
'aul railroad company at Minneapo-
a to-day , II. I , Cable , of the Chicago ,
lock Island & Pacific , was elected
iroaident , vice ! W , D. Waahburn re
igned. Tin's moans that thu Rock Is-
a'id will control thu Minneapoha &
It. Louis , a largo block of
lock of the latter company
laving been bought by cable. This
Iso means a lively railroad move for
rade between the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul and the Chicago , St. Paul ,
ilinnoapolis A Omaha on one hand
nd the Minneapolis & St Louis and
Chicago & Hock Island on thu oUier
or truflic between St. Paul and Chi-
ago , _ _
1'nrrlblo Accident.
National Associated i'rew ,
DKH MOINKH , Iowa , May 1. Dora
Uoinmetz , of Pleasantvillu , wliilu rid-
ng , to-day , was thrown from her horse.
lur soot caught in thu stirrup andsho
was dragged over half a mile , Her
hoeaand stockings were all the cloth-
ini ; left upon her , Her injuries arc
probably fatnl.
Ho Poppnil nml FloiV
National Aiwoclixti-J 1'rcM.
KANSAS CITV , May 1. Wnrron
Landois , n clurk in n prominent thoi
house of thin city , to day shot the col
ored porter , IlichardVillinms. . The
trouble oriyiiifttod by Inndor * walking
through n pilu of dirt thnt had been
awopt up by the porter. Linden llud
to Pembroke , Ky. , whore ho fornmlly
icsided. His parents are reported aa
being wealthy ,
iEnonrio of a Burglar-
National Awociatixt
CHICACIO , May 1. Larry Murray ,
alins Bowdnn , n notorious burglar ,
well known in St. Louis nnd thu Mis
souri penitentiary , jumped from the
second story window of the county
hospital onrly this morning , where ho
wna being trealed for old injuries , and
escaped ,
Sniclilo ,
National Afxedntcil 1'nsn.
NKW YOKK , May 1. NVni. Godfrey ,
German , nued15 , suicided by shoot
ing himself. Hu wns the inventor of
nn nir ahip pntcntud three months
since. Ho wan n lieutenant in the
Second Missouri volunteers BIH ! curved
four yenrs during the wnr.
Tli rents of
National Awutmtt'il I'row.
Dix-ATUii Ala. . Mny 1. Mro. Andy
Bi'iisly nnd'Neu Williams quarreled
nenr llnntsvillo , Hur husband took
it up nnd stabbed Williums to denth.
There nru thronta of lynching.
A "Wife Boater auu Killer ,
National .Uajchtoil I'risi. '
PniLADKLi'iiiA , Mny 1. Thomna
llodgeraboing dinchargcd from prison
where he had hi'on for wifu beating ,
went straight homo , nnd shot nnd
fatally wounded hia wife. llu waa
National A'toclntcil rro > n.
NASIIVILI.K , Tonn. , May 1. A fire
on thu publiu Bini.iro at Shclbyvillu
thia morning caused a loaa of § 20,000.
An enginu waa sent from hero to their
Indication *
National AnoctatoU ftem
WAHIIINOTON , May 1. For the low
er lake region : Fair woathur , noith-
westerly winds , becoming variable ;
stationary and higher temperature ,
followed by falling barometer.
For the Upper Mississippi and Mis
souri valleys : Warmer , fair weather ,
winds shifting to southeasterly , falling
A Bnd Mim.
National Associated lrora.
PHOVIDENOB , R. I. , May 1. Ilalph
Sclnlds , proprietor of an intelligence
oll'ico , has diaappoarod , leaving many
creditors among a number of temper
ance sociotioa of which ho was a mem
of Xoobergi-
National Associated Prci * ? " " ' * - k
BOSTON , Mny 1. The steamer
Glamorgan , of the Wnrron line , ar
rived to-day from Liverpool. On the
2ith ( ult. , in latitude 40.20 and longitude -
tudo 42 30 , she passed an icbberg
fully COO feet hiih ; , on which were a
number of polar bears. About 4
o'clock , on tlio morning of the 20th
ult. , she ran into a field of ice and ice-
ber a. Shu steamed ICO miles on the
southern edyo of the ice field , passing
fully 100 largo icebergs , on which
were polar bears and n Inrgo number
of Boals. Several sailing vessels ,
imini'H unknown , were sited , icu
bound , but no wrecks. The sfoamor
ran within COO feet of thu icebergs ,
jiving a grand view
Bonoon Park Rnao * .
National AHtoiUU d 1'rom.
BOSTON , May 1 Inaugural races
of the season at Beacon Park occurred
this afternoon.
The 2-I5 : clans , mile heats , best 2 in
J , ro , d wut.'oiii ( , was won by AnhUnd
Maid , with Princenn second nnd E Flut
third. Tune , JJ.01 , HiSRi ,
Thu 2L0 : ! cluea , milehwita , bout . ' ) in
C in harneai , waa won by Dick D.ipplo
withJ. K II. Bocond. Time , 2:14 : ? , ,
National "AntoclnteJ I'roiw.
DiiH MoiNBH.In. , Mnyl. Tsanc Fra-
zii'r , living nt Lincoln , eleven milrs
north of this city , committed suicide
by shooting himself this morning , No
cnuso for the not ia known.
National ARHodatul I'lt'ta.
FLOHBNHB , WIH. . May 1. Tlio fifth
incendiary lire within n yuarddntroyud
to-duy lour buildingd. Losii , § 21,000 ;
iiiHuruncu , § 14,000 ,
rho Inupoctor TaltoH In Oranliu on Ills
Qruna Tour.
Lieut. Cluirles E , Kilborn , of the
Second cavalry , at present holding u
very important position in the signal
service , arrived in thu city Saturday
morning on hia way east from a tour
af inspection covering nil the stations
weit of the Mississippi river.
Lieutenant Kilborn is n graduate
uf West Point and was for
jomo yeara stationed on the Pacific
: east , whore ho married hia wifu , who
joins him hero to-day after a six
months' visit to her old homo. Hu
was detailed last fall to inspect thu
itationn throughout thu west and hag
Jono BO thoroughly , Omaha being thu
last on his hat. _ llu lias buon as far
iouth UB B.m Diugo and ts far north
na Cour do Leon , Idaho , and Olympin ,
Washington territory , but did not pay
it visit to t'iu ' atation at Point Burrows ,
pn thu Hhoroa of the Arctic B a. Hu
is now on his way back to Washing
ton , unless hu should receive some
orders detailing him for new duty be
fore ho reaches thu national capital.
The inspector ia a very nlersant gun-
tinman , of unusual intelligence , and
may yut succeed to the highest posi
tion in thu service , that of chief , which
place he corUinly would da ortxlit to ,
A Qenoral Oall to Arms on the
Southwest Border ,
The Twin Ropublich Prosa
Palms For Indian
A Bristling of Ra'ar and Regu
lar Bayonoteers on
Gila River.
The Apnolioa Ropoitnil Hnrd.
Profiled nuil Pomiitrlnr ; Far
Moro SoaljiH-
ypaclal to the Denver Trlbuno.
SANTA Fi : , April 2 ! ) . Governor
Sholdoii'n latest information from the
Nuvnjno country in that thu row re
ported in yesterday's dispatches , in
which 0113 Nnvf.joo was killed andono
wounded , wna thu result of two much.
whisky , nnrl thnt nil is quilt on the
Navajoo reservation. The same is the
infornmtion received nt military hcnd-
< iunrtora.
Tlio commanding ollieer of Fort
Unjnrd 1ms cent nil the iwnil.iblo
troops to the Giln river for thu protection -
tection of Bottlers. A volunteer cmn-
pany of forty men from Silver City
has also pone to the relief of the act *
tiers on the Giln river.
No later nuwn lias Leon received
from Colonul Forayth. The Indiana
nro evidently hard preased , atul nowa
of another tight is hourly expected.
General McKonziu has just re
turned from El Paso , where ho had a
conference with General Fuuro , com
manding the Mexican troops. A com
plete understanding has been arrived
at. Operations on the Mexican eido
will bo vigorously prosecuted. A aya-
tum of couriers will curry information
back and forth , and the commanding
itlicera of troops ou both sides of th'j
ino will act aa much as possible in
Company F , Fifteenth infantry ,
Captain McKibben commanding , luft
Santa Fo on a special train this morn
ing to tnko a atation at Lordsburg , ou
the Southern Pocilto railroad , to guard
that plnco against Indian attacks.
Three companies of thu Twenty-third
infantry , under Captain Brady , loft
Fort Union at 11 o'clock to-night for
Lnrdaburir , and a company of the
Twenty-third infantry , under Lieu
tenant Clark , also loft Fort Ulias for
Lordaburg. It is General McKenzio'a
intention to place these infantry cora-
paniuB at the different Bottlomonta for
protection. So far General MoKon-
ziu's dispositions have born admirable
fruit , not any depredations have bcoa
committed on Now Mexican soil.
Governor Sheldon's disposition of mil
itia companies and his'orderj to thuux-
are fully appreciated by General McKenzie -
Kenzio , and have boon beneficial.
Tlio Automatic Window Blinds.
Wo tnko pleasure in recommending
.o the citizens of Omolia this now and.
valuable invention. By the use of
Automatic Hinges , any kind of out-
fide blinds can bo readily converted
iito a aplundid awning. They cost
jut a small aum and are the best thing
out for the east , west and south aides
of residences and odious , The blinds
can be HOI-II on thu residences of
Messrs. E. Itosowatur and A. Cruick-
flliank. All orders loft ut No. 1114 ,
Lytlu's block , Farnam Btroot ( up
stairs ) will receive prompt attention.
Tlu'BO hinges are being introduced by
Mr. y. F. Doolittlo , and all orders
left with him or VVm. Knotta , Doug
las btit'ot , between Sixteenth and
Seventeenth , will bo promptly filled.
Mru. Marie Mador'd Mastorploco Pro-
Hontod Sunday
Sunday evening Mrs. Marie Mader-
had licr benefit at the German thea
ter. Mrs. Mader is evidently n great
avorito with the patrons of the Gor
man atago , as at an early hour in the
evening the crowd beg.m filling in , in
very largo numbers , iiml when the
curtuin roue pretty well ovary availa
ble seat wait occupied.
Thu play represented wan an histor
ical one , entitled "Good Night Little
llaus , " and it was nmgnilicuntly put
on the boards , Most of the dresses
weru extremely gonjom and were at
the name time yory appropriate. Al
together the mia-eu-Bcenu presented a
fine tableau.
Mrs. Mader , aa Maria Thorosia ,
Queen of Austria , looked supremely
imperial , and alio unacted the part aa
if "tn thu man nor born. " Mr. Mol-
chia in the * rolu of Joseph thu Second
showed up well , and Alua Thiossen aa
U.ironesa vonltudururwus very charm-
Mr. Pen nor rjoraonatod the
character of Lord Aspronnnt
with thu usual ability , and Miss Grosa-
nunii aa Marie was especially good.
The character , however , which
soctned to take the fancy of the audi-
unco thu most unmistakably , was that
of .focah Frohn , sustained by Mr.
Hauck. Ilia acting was certainly
very line , and great credit is duo to
him for thu painstaking manner with
which he mastered lita part. .
Mr. Liinlenmnn made a very ellec-
live Father Hichter , and Mr , Lutsch
nmdu a capital military oflicer.
Tiiu great increase in the attend-
anuu and the ellicient histrionic talent
which the inunugur engages prosaqo
for Omaha's German theatera brilliant
success during thu coming summer
season. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
KTHKNSI'EnaKKiHeuUb , used 2
yi urn , 6 months unit 5 days , of coniminp-
tlon ; daughter of Jacob C , and Julia
Services at rakkuoe , 1151 North
teenth street , at G this afternoon , ,
wains to ue taken e&st tor lurlaL.