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    OMAHA B&J3 : MAY I i
The Omaha Bee
PnMUhwl erery mornlnR , eicapt Sunday ,
Taa ouiy Monday morning dally.
Ona Tsar . 810.00 Three MonUw.3.00
6lx Mouths. C.OO One . . 1.00
. WKKKLY BEK , published every -
ery Wednewlay.
One Year . ? 2.00 I ThrceMontbii. . 50 . 1.00 1 Ono . . . 20
t tiouc rplktln to New * and Editorial mat-
em fhould be addressed to the KDITOB or
Tns HKK.
Iistttm and Kcmittances nhould lx > ad
dressed to Trts OMAHA PcnMfliiiNti COM *
FAKT , OMAItA. Draft * , Check * nnd l'o U
pffioo Order * to bo made payable to the
Order of the Company.
OMAHA PUBLISHIHG 00 , , Prop'rs ,
Ei ROSEWATER , Editor.
Proclamation by the Governor
Coavonlag tkoXiosUlatnro-
WIIKIIKAB , The constitution of the atata
o ( NehroMia provides thnt the governor
may , 90 extraordinary occasion * , convene
the legislature by proclamation ! and
V/imriKAH. Important public Interest of
MI extraordinary character require * the
exercise of this authority ;
Tberefnre , I , AlMnui Nance , coremor
of the > tale of Nebraska , do h r by con-
Tens the legislature of Raid ntato to moot
inhpecial M * lon at the capital Im Lincoln
onfWcdneiday the 10th of May , 1882 , at
12 o'clock m. of ald day for the purposes
herein stated M follow * , to-wlt ;
Pint. To apportion the state Into three
congrcftsinnal districts and to prorlde for
the election of representatives therein.
Socnnd. To amend an act at proved
March 1st , 1881 , entitled "An net to in-
oprpornte cities of the first class and regu
lation of their duties , powers and govern
ment , " by conferring additional power
upon cities of the first clam for the pur
pose of pat ing or macadamizing streets
nnd klloysand also providing for the crea
tion and appointment of a board of public
work * therein.
Third. To a slgn th county of Custer
to tome Judicial district in the ftate.
Fourth. To amend Rectlon 69 , chapter
14 , of the compiled statutes of Nebraska
entitled "Cities of the second clam and
villages. "
Fifth. To provide for the expenses la *
currcd in suppressing the recent riots at
Omaha and protecting citizens of the
etato from domestic violence.
Sixth , Tii give the n nent of state the
to the provision of an net of conprcsi to
extend the northern boundary of the stole
of Nebraska ,
Seventh. To provide for the payment
of the ordinary and contingent expense t
of the legislature Incurred during the
special session hereby convened.
In tottlmony whereof. I have hereunto
net my hand and caused to be affixed the
. great seal of the nt&te ,
Done at L'ncoln , this 20th of April , A.
D.,1882 , the sixteenth year of the ktate.
nnd of the indepcndenco of the United
States , the one hundred and sixth.
By the governor : AMIINUH NANOR.
8. J. ALKXANDKII , Secretary of Stn'o ,
GUEAT crops isthe cry from nil sec
tions of the country.
HANGINO bcos nro fashionable
throughout the country.
Mil. 13KLMONT loVCB polo. SillCO
his examination of Mr. Blaine ho Trill
learn to "shinny on his own side. "
A PATJSK cconoiny'ia always dearest
in the end. This remark has a perti
nent application to the paving problem
in Omaha.
No wood pavemonta is the war cry
of The Kansas City Journal. Omaha
will shortly have something to say on
the same question ,
hnuso committee on patents
have agreed to report a bill for the
protection of innccont purchasers of
patontablo articles ,
IN South Carolina arson has
made a capital crime and the first
executions under the law oocurrodfjat
Groonvlllo on Thursday last.
GENBIUL OHALMHIW , the hero of the
Mississippi shoo string district , is ty
ing up his shoos preliminary to leav
ing-Washington in front of the too of
the congressional boot.
As BOON as it is understood that as
sessing means 'something rnoro than
copyinp last year's list and talking "on
the quiet" to properly over the buck
fence our city valuation will mean
BBNATO& MoPuKiwoM , of Now Jersey -
soy , believes that the old provorl
about getting blood out of a turnip it
a falsehood. Ho has sued a New
York Herald correspondent for libel ,
placing his damages at 910,000.
DH. LAMHOK , the American whc
poisoned hi * * > ck brotHor-in-law b >
aconite , was hanged on Friday in Lon
don , death being instanUawnu. They
understand executions better in Eng
land than in this "country.
TUB Republican continues to fuw
- and fuino over its publication of the
j governor's proclamation which waa fur
nished.'it by the enterprise and cour
teay of TH BBK'B Lincoln correspond'
t fl
IT pays for royalty in England tc
marry. Frinoo Leopold celebrated hit
nupUaUwith a parliamnutary grant ol
$ i250o6ft"yeaj ; : and the assurance ol
a pensionTo'rWs wlfoof $30,000 > pei
annum in cauT/me / became his widow ,
WUEN the costs and feus arc taken
away from justices of the peace then
doesn't ' " bo such
seem to' an over
whelming anxiety on the part of put'
house politicians to sorvc the country ,
At the recent charter election in J.T
' Bey'Oity , Jnmoi Chapman wus olcctei
justice oX.tJ'Bil > oa' by uuly 0110 vote ,
whicli ho cait hiijwulf , Then * was IK
other candidate in the field.
The Indian outbreak in Arizona
and Now Mexico gains in aoriousnons
with each succeeding report. If the
dispatches from the scat of war are
bo bo credited , there nro prospects of
a general Apncho uprising. It must
not bo forgotten , however , that every
Indian trouble is generally grossly ex
aggerated and that the fears of the
sottiors are apt to magnify the num
bers engaged far beyond their actual
proportions. Public fooling is pretty
well worked up in Arizona , ae the
message sent by the people of Tucson
to President Arthur shows. Sumo
excitement is perhaps pardonable
when it is considered that there are in
Arizona four Indian agencies nt which
are 18,000 Indiana , and an equal
number of agencies exist in Now
Mexico with 27OCO Indians , besides
several roving bands attached to no
The present trouble had its origin
as far back as the transferring of the
Chilicaua Indians to the San Carlos
agency in Arizona , and the removal of
the Warm Springs Indians from Now
MoxlcA. It was intensified by the
hanging some Weeks ago of throe In
dian scouts , who deserted from Carr
In the Ciblquo campaign. From the
beat information obtainable from
official sources , it does not seem that
more than 150 bucks are di
rectly concerned in the present
outbreak. Still the fact that
from 4,000 to 6,000 Indians nro likely
to bo affected unless prompt measures
are taken to chock the outbreak makes
the situation serious. Five hundred
cavalry , under Col , Forsytho , are in
pursuit , pnd all needed reinforcements
will bo forthcoming. The ardors from
General Sheridan to General Crook ,
to place the Fourth infantry and Third
cavalry under waiting orders , may or
may not have reference to the trouble
n Arizona. A change of station for
; heso regiments has boon under con
templation for some time , and the
transfer of the troops is probably in
the line of a policy decided upon before
the outbreak of hostilities. Should both
rcgiinontsbosont to the Indian country
from 1,100 to 1,200 soldiers will bo
added to the force now operating un
der Col. Forsytho.
There , is every reason to believe that
the trouble in Arizona will bo sup-
pro&sod an promptly as is possible.
But it must not be lost eight of that
fighting the Apaches in thn rocky
canyons of that country is by no
means as easy work as carrying on a
campaign on the northern plains. No
[ nuians fight so well from cover as the
Apaches , and conducting a war against
, ho tribe is much like hunting jack
rabbits ono at a time and each on
the jump. No ono appreciates the
fact hotter than General George
Orodko , who , with several of his pres
ent stall , bad a very lively if not a
successful experience with the Apaches
several'years ago.
ALTJIOUOIT the routine business of
congress is further advanced than
s usual at this stage of the session ,
.ho belief is expressed by many mom-
jors of both houses that final adjourn
ment is not likely to talco place earlier
than the middle of July or the first of
August. Congressmen feel that the
majority must make some record on
questions of public policy if they hope
to carry the next houeo for the repub
lican party. Bo far nothing has been
accomplished excepting the passage of
several ot the appropriation bills. The
Chinofo bill drafted in accordance
with the views of thu Pacific coast has
failed to pass the White house and
the effect upon republican voters has
boon so unfavorable that it
is doubtful whether the passage
of thn present measure will act as an
antidote. . Prohibitory legislation in
Ohio is likely to lose several congress
ional districts in that state to the re
publicans and the disaffection in the
parly in Now York and Pennsylvania
is alarming. At present there is an
entire almonce of issues upon which to
basu a vigorous canvass. The reduc
tion of taxation BO earnestly demand-
ol at thu opening of the session not
only mining unaccomnHBhud but thu
senate ha squarely dodged thu issue
by iti advocacy and pasungo ot a bill
for a tariff co iiumaion , The question
of reorganizing the national bunko
has not been mot. It is true an , anti-
polygamy measure , has been passed ,
but Anti-polygamy is U scarcely an
issue upon1 which much political
capital can be made for either of the
parties. Administration reform , the
questDn ! of'mouopoly , the issue be
tween cspital and labor , the principle
'arid policy of taxation , subjects'which
sooner or later must form the' basis
for honest discussion and honest dif ,
foronco of opinion between parties ,
have been thus far skillfully evaded
by congress. It is no wonder , then ,
that republican congressmen feel that
they rcquiro something beside the
more passage ' of the' appropriation
bills for a record on which to go be
fore the country and ask a support for
their party and themselves as candi
dates for ro-olection.
Q'liu citizens of Omaha will not regret
to lnarn that , beginning with to-day ,
the management of Ilunscom Park is
to change hands , Thu filthy condi
tion of that people's pleasure grounds
the present spring has been a dUgraco
to the cily , It 1ms been used for
vcrylhing from A cow pasture to a
garbage heap. The janitor's house
has boon filthy beyond dcicription.
Every washing day the fountains in
front of the main entrance have been
filled with A chaste and care
fully assorted collection of tubs
while the walks adjoining have been
decorated with a selection of house
hold rubbish largo enough to stock n
well furnished junk shop. This is
aside from any remarks on the general -
oral condition of the park itself which
has been too wretched tor criticism.
The roads have been forlornly re
paired , the grass more than half the
time unkcpt and the rubbish from a
summer pic io season has been al
lowed to accumulate with no attempt
at removal , The attention of the city
council which is vested with the
supervision of the park is called to
the necessity of more active measures
to keep it in a presentable condition.
It will bo used moro than over during
the coming Bumtnor , owing to the
completion of the St. Mary's avenue
car lino. If any pleasure at all is
to bo derived from its use by our
citizens , there must bo a radical
change in the manner in which it is
TUB great strike of mechanics and
laborers at Toronto has ended , and the
men will resume work to-day. The
conflict between capital and labor was
settled , as all such conflicts should bo
by an agreement on both sides to
submit to arbitration. A joint
agreement was entered into that will
carry into effect the suggestions made
by TH UKE during the re
cent labor troubles in Omaha.
Under this arrangement the joint com
mittee of the men and employers are
to select a chairman who shall preside
at a meeting to bo hold in the month
of January of each year to decide the
rate of wages for the following twelve
months ; changes , if any , not to take
place before the 1st of May of each
Omaha contractors and capitalists
should profit by this example. The Ca
nadians can got all the military protec
tion they need but during the recent
strike they had the good sense to ap
point a conference committee which
mot an equal number of men ap
pointed to represent the strikers and
after a mutunl conference they have
reached an amicable understanding
which in the future will save both em
ployers and employ03 a great deal of
trouble and expense.
IT IB a beautiful political circus in
Pennsylvania. The independents ,
headed by Ghaa. Wolfe , who received
DO,000 votes for state treasurer loot
fall against the regular republican
nominee , are preparing for battle ,
and have been joined by United
States Senator Mitchell , who declares
that plunder and patronage are the
only motives for the action of the
Oamorona , and openly allies himself
with the independents for the purpose
of securing nn honest state convention
add au untrainmolod expression of the
popular voice in the coming nomina
tions for stuto oflicors. At last ac
counts Don Cameron was undecided
whether to fight or compromise ,
Two fast freight lines have just boon
organized to carry through freights
between Chicago and Denver without
breaking bulk or transfer. This will
afford another source of revenue to
the inner cirolo of railroad magnates
that always exhibit wonderful energy
in such paying enterprises. This maybe
bo an exception , but pearly all the
fast freight lines in this country are
nothing raoro nor loss than schemes
to'put ' money into the pockets of rings
organized among the officers' of the
railroads under the pretense of special
accommodation to the public.
TUB coming year should see a hoary
increase in the number bf cattle and
hogs fed in Nebraska. The prices
now paid for beef and hogs will make
this iiidnstry exceedingly profitable ,
and from present Indications there
will be no lack of both grass and grain
for thu purpose pf feeding. Stock
railing will prove a , mine of wealth
this season , and our farmers will find
plenty ot use for their surplus crops
whioh will bring a much lower price
this fall than last.
DURING a recent trip of the editor
of TUB BH to Seward county ho was
more than over impressed with the
truth of ( ho oft quoted remark that
"N braska is the garden spot of the
west. " In the character of its citbens
no loss than in the industry and
thrift everywhere displayed , no county -
ty in the state has the advantage over
Soward. ' ' j
QUITH a sensation was created Sat
urday on the New York Elevated
railroad by the explosion ot a couple
of infernal machines which wcro said
to have boon sent in a mail pouch to
Cyrus W. Field and Yandorbilt. The
police suspect the sender was some
bloodthirsty nihilist , but it may turn
out to have boon some victim of Ele
vated railroad stock swindle.
UAVINQ passed the house and th °
senate , the anti-Ohiueao bill now goes
back to the house for concurrence in
the senate amendments. There is a
fooling in Washington tint the presi
dent will sign the bill ,
This paper is not in the habit ol
boasting about its business affairs. As
the most widely circulated newspaper
west of the Mississippi , its command
ing position is recognized in this city
and state , whore its popularity ant
influence are best known. It is only
when attempts are made by designing
parties to create a false impression
abroad about the standing of Omaha
dailies that wo deem proper to expose
imposture and , challeigo comparison.
A statement was recently publishct
by the Omaha Iloptiblican concerning
its alleged increase of circulation in
which that paper boosted of having
overtaken TUK DKK both at homo ant
abroad. The evident object of this
brazen falsehood , which could deceive
nobody in Omaha , was to impose on
foreign advertisers. Because wo dit
not see fit to contradict ant
denounce the imposture promptly
some of our exchanges , notably
the Lincoln Journal , indulged in
comment about the recent decline
of TUK BBB , which they ascribed to
the course it had pursued during the
labor troubles. For the informa
tion of all concerned wo herewith sub
mit sworn statements of the circula
tion of TUB BBB before and since the
labor troubles , with a 'detailed exhibit
of city circulation during a period of
eighteen months. Wo also invite
attention to the sumrrary and chal
lenge that accompany this exhibit :
Edwin Davit , bcint ; duly sworn , says
that he is leesee of the city circulation of
THE DAILT BIK ; that the circulation of
TUB DAILT BOB delivered by carriers to
Hubscrlbers in the city of Om hn , and tx-
elusive of sales of newsdealers and newsboys -
boys , wai as follows :
October 31 , 1880 . 1,885 copies
January 31 , 1881 . 1,010 copies
April M , 1811 . 2012 copies
May 31 , 1881. . , . , . . . .2,003 copies
Juno 30 , 1881 . i . . . .2M > 5 copies
July 31 , 1881 . 2,031 copies
August 31 , 1K8L . 2,037 copies
September 30 , 1881 . 2,070 cupies
October 31 , 1881 . 2,078 copies
November HO , 183L . 2,131 copies
December 31 , 1881 . 2.24S copies
January 31 , 188.J . V.4S5 copies
i > eliuary28. 188J . 2,578 copies
Alarch 31 , 188:2 : . 2,7-j3 copies
In addition to the above circulation to
regular mibscribera by carrier dell very , the
sales through newftdealers and newsboys
tince January 1 , 1882 , in the city of
Oniahn , aggregated from 300 to COO copies
each day. EDWIN DAVIS.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to
before mo this 22d day of April. 1882.
Notary Public.
Two months ago the publishers of
TUB BBB furnished their patrons with
the following sworn statement of gen
eral circulation ;
A , 11. Sauer , beiu duly sworn , deposes
and says that he ii buunesa manager of
the Omaha .Publistilnjj > . , [ of
erage daily circu'ution ' uf Tim DAILY BEK
for the three mouths ending 1'obiuary 15th ,
1882 , was Cfi87 copies. Tlut the average
weekly circulation of TJIK WEEKLY BEK
for the three mouths ending February 15th ,
1882 , was 25.7H copies. . A. K. SAUKB.
Signed and sworn to before mo this 21th
day of February , 1882 , t Omaha , Neb.
Notary Public.
A still moro flattering exhibit of
the steady and rapid growth of the
general circulation of THE BEE will bo
found in the statement covering the
two months ending A'pril 15th.
CooKir of DOUOI.AB. f
A. I > . Sauer , being sworn , tays that ho
Is business manager of THE OUAHA DAILT
BEE ; that the aggregate circulation of
TUB DAILT Bin for the month ending
March 16 , 1882 , was 1(57,410 ( copies , or am
average for each of the 24 publishing days
In that month of 6,559 copies ; that the g-
gregate circulation of TUB DAILT BBB for
the month ending April ,15 , 1883 , WM
190,728 coplw , or an average for each of
the 27 publication days of 7,064 copies.
This includes the general circulation of the
Dally by mail , the delivery by carriers'
and gales by dealers nd newsboys' in
Omaha and Council Bluff * , and the sales
on'r ' ilro d trains. A. R. SAUHR.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to
bsfore m this 22d day of April , 1882.
Notary Public.
Thus it will bo soon that the general -
oral circulation of Tins BKB , which
aggregated 0,587 copies before the
labor troubles commenced , reached
0,659 copies when the trouble was
over , and has grown to 7,004 copies
during the four weeks that followed
the evacuation of Omaha by the
army. Right hero let us make known
a few established tacts !
1st. THK DAILY BKB has a larger
general circulation than the combined
circulation of all the other daily
papers published in Nebraska.
2. TUB BKB circulates fully throe
times as many Dailies in the city of
circulated by the
Omaha as are
Omaha- Herald and ' Republican
together ,
3. The Herald and Republican
together cannot show forty subscrib-
of Omaha that are not
era in the city
also subscribers of THE BKH , while
TUK-BEK has fully 2,300 , BubscriborB
in this city that are not reached , by
cither of these papers.
And notr wo extend an opportunity
to the manager of the Republican to
Buatain the claims he has made about
circulation. , ,
The proprietors of THE BEE hereby
offer and aproo to pay ono nw
of the
dollars to 0. E. Yost , nmnoger
Omaha if Ilo.wl11 J
Republican , thooiwuWion t .of .
statement of
a sworn
showing the number
Republican ,
of dailies delivered by carrier m this
city , and number sold to dealers am
newsboys , mailed or otherwise for
The proprietors of TUB BBB agree
to donate ono hundred dallars to the
St. Joseph hospital fund i
the manager of the Republican
will show by a sw'orn exhibi
of the circulation of Tnn Daily Re
publican in the city of Omaha and the
circulation of the Daily nnd Weekly
Republican as compared with the
above statements that THE BEK does
not circnlato six copies of its daily
editions in the city of Omaha for
every copy of The Daily Republican
circulated in this city during the same
period , and five copies of its daily anc
weekly for every single copy of The
Daily and Weekly Republican tint is
covered by the aggregate genera
Now lot The Republican show up
or retract.
Wo have now boon waiting ono
week for the acceptance of our propo
sition , but the only response The Republican
publican has made is that the business
manager of that concern can nol
spare the time to make the exhibit ol
circulation , which wo have challenged
him to produce. The Lincoln Jour
nal , since the above was published ,
very gracefully admits that TUB BBB
can sustain the claim that its rcula-
tion is much larger than that of its
Omaha contemporaries , but The Jour
nal discredits the claim that the cir
culation of TUB DAILT BBB is greater
than the aggregate circulation of all
the doilies in the state.
The latest reliable figures of the cir
culation of the dailies published in
Nebraska with very liberal estimates
that we know cannot bo contradicted
by sworn statement , is as follows :
Omaha Republican 1GT > 0
" Herald 1800
Lincoln Journal 1,700
" Democrat k 45-
Nebraska City Pres .450
" News. , 400
Fremont Herald 300
Platturobuth Journal 27Q
Total 7,025
Aggregate daily circulation of the
BKB on April ISth 7,004
Circulation April 30th 7,230
The Republican btini ; apiked en
tirely , wo now sk the Lincoln Jour
nal to acknowledge that TUB BEE has
made no claim which it cannot fully
Blair bus the meaalus bnd.
Schuyler hoa a man milliner.
The Columbns Gazette has died.
Fonr saloons pay 81,000 each in Hast
The Central City calaboose is for gale or
Wayne is also breaking out with the
CenSral City planted 2.2CO trees in the
town park.
Fnll City has a firm of thoroughbred
dog breeders.
An Aurora firm advnrtue > "r.ofiloj , day
or night , for eulc , " etc.
The Nebraska presi la beautifully illus
trated with horse pictures just now.
The Pawnco county court house waa in
jured 82,600 worth by fire luit week.
An ased Dane named Jibbe ElnefT , sui
cided , Thursday ni ht , near Scribner.
An assembly of Knights of Labor
organized at Beatrice last Wednesday.
Mra. S. L. Farmer , of Arapahoe ,
bivjly gorea by a vicious cow , on the 25th.
The Pawnee county fair in billed rtt
Pawnee City September 12 , 13 , 14 und 15.
The Central City Courier pnbli'lml n
charming study in eight chaptura Uit
Th women's suffrage aesociution will
hold a convention in Columbus on the -lib
and Oth.
E. F. Stephens has the contract to set
out 10,000 trcea un the Doane college
grounds , Engineer Jonei , of Omaha ,
Uid out Kountze'a addition to West Point
act wtek.
Oicar Wilde got "failing full" of buttermilk -
milk at lh Fremont creamery. HU calves
were dty.
Fifteen or twenty Omaha drummers
swarmed into Shelby , Kichardson county ,
hut week. *
The Stanton barber couldn't find enough
business for vupport , hence bo lalt fur
Went Point.
Burglars broke into Dunnery 4" Co. ,
store at Shelby1 , a. . few nights ago , but
didn't take much.
The make killing seavun bos come. Mr ,
Lewis , of Fi nttneile , killui thirteen in his
yard the other day.
.A state association of undertakers was
formed at Lincoln last week. This will
be sad ntwa to "stiffs. "
George Vaugbsu , of Blair , put his hand
too near a circular saw , and henceforth
be'll get along with one thumb.
ThaTecumseh paper telli of the arrest
of n man for "Indecent exposure of his
person in the southern portion. " i
A Ponca man offered to put up a mill in
W yne for a bonus of i200 , but that pile
ooks too big to the Wayne people.
The B. A M. surveyors arc within about
eight miles f Beatrice , locating the line
between Teoimsoh and that place.
Work wai commenced to-day on the
doi > ot building at the new station of Dur
soy , between Beatrice and \Vyinore.
B. & M. surveyors are looking for a cut
off route from Arapahoe , on the Denver
exteniion , to Keueaaw , on the main Una ,
About 70 Odd Fvllowa of Plattsmouth ,
with their wive * and sweethearts , visited
Beatrice on an excursion anniversary day.
The consolidation of the towns of' ' dol-
vert And SherUou unJer A new name is a
fixed fact. Touzalin Howe woulJ that
do ?
, - A gang of burglars rifled the safes of
thiee stores in Central City one night laqt
week. They secured between $500 and
Chris. Magnhan has bought about , 70
acres in different parts of Gummy county ,
paying cub. lie will make stock /arms ol
.hein. .
James Oliver , one of the Oliver brother ? ,
.he olJett aettieru in Buffalo county , diui
ast week. He located near Shelton in
IbGO.U. A. Uli1 , of Crete , before leaving for
Omako , douated a number of books and
muyaziuei to the public Ubrary of that
Thu mlt of Kearney county azaimt the
[ J. &M. , for back Uxe * , waa decided in
favor of the couuty. About § 7,000 were
involved ,
The vpaviu cure premium papera are ad-
\ iti inir for "ll > e" agenU. Former
BxcnU tetted their own medicine , heuco
he YACUUC ) .
The book agent haa not been injured by
the lute fronts in the state , aud the present
indications give golden promj of at
abundant cmp.
Beatrice oomp'aln * because Judge Weav
er abruptly terminate 1 court on Friday
tending home n uumber of witnesei anc
ontinntng CM to.
Mrs. Eliza McCnnn , of Dawson county
tried to drive some nht > tp from her parden
when the hetd of the flock turned an <
butted her severely.
Half the married men of Kwlnff. Hoi
county , nro ( > ff cultivating ir < e claim * ,
and tlelr better halves remaining In tjwn
and "kicking" hard ,
A Httlo son of Andrew Martin , o
Blromineton , whl e he iilm ; hi * btoihe
cut worn ! the other day , had three
taken off by a bad slruxo
A little daughter of Ed. St-srns , o
Beaver City , fuiin a siucer of lye in the
cupboard and drank it. Brio will recover ,
but it was a narrow escape. ,
Quito a large number uf emigrant wogoni
p.ined through the Pina on Tuesday last ,
necking homes in the ( jardea spot of Ne
braska. [ Long Pine News.
Ahightful panic haa overtaken nettlcrs
in Butler coumy concerning hay lund .
They are being Im ght up at a rapid rato.
A r gular scramble bus been inaugurated.
The Creighton Regu ator is the name ol
a paper started at Creightim , Knox county ,
by tuat Connecticut Yankee of Nmbrara ,
Ed. A Fry. It will be edited by Fred K.
The underpinning of the Union Pacific
depot at Ndrfolk gave way on Thursday
and let the building down on live men
working there , two of whom were severely
A six-year old daughter of Herman
Eberllnrf , near Norfolk , wai kicked in the
head by a hone on the 25th the skull be
ing crushed. Her injuries , however , wore
not fatal.
Th < . Tilly , t work on the M.P. bridge
at Falls City , fell to the groumd , distaur
of 40 fei't , the other day , nnd smashed In
the front of his he d. Ha will neb die ,
Mr. Wm. Keeler , of Bryant pronlnct ,
Flllmo omnty , had twanty-dvo toetli
pulled , one day la-it week , before leaving
( be dentint'a chair , and he didn't take * ny
anzethetic , either.
Somrbody had a grudge ) against John
Arnold , of Arapaboe , ana jammed a largo
pole down hia stuvo-pipe chimnAy. In try.
liig to get the pole out , Mr. Arnold fell off
the roof and struck the groun i go hard
that he nearly bit h ! < tongue off.
Two Omaha traveling men1 ( names not
gireu ) , hired a 11 very team in Norfolk , ono
day lout woek. They got d < unk and killed
one hoi ee , nnd t.lcgiaphed the owter
wnere he could get the o-.hor. The livery
mau will sue the drummers. ,
The tax agent of the Union Pacific got
ono of the commisdioners to offer a resolu-
ion striking the unpatented l < ndi in
? lattamuuth from the tax rol a for the last
three. years , but the other two commis-
ionera vnted against it , and th company
must put up.
JacobBucher , a youngman who recently
umo to lUcluirdujn county fromSwitzer-
and , became insauo aud tried to drown
uuiHvlf iu shallow ditch , lie was dis
covered and locked ut > . A few nights after
le tried tu jump from a second story win
dow but was stopped. The noct night he
attempted to , jump down a well but was
> revcnted , ana the next day he waa taken
, o the state asylum.
Dr. and Mr * . Barton , of Central City ,
entertained a large number of friends on
the evening of the 21st.
Mr * . A. B. Idaon , of Hasting ? , waa pre
sented an elegant watch and chain by , her
Episcopal friends on the 2Cth.
The firemen of Hustings gave a grand
jail Friday evening , the procoeda of which
will be used to purchase uniforms.
There is a young lady in O'Neill City
who wants but litt to hero below , but ahe
wanta that'LittU Long for lifetime.
Eugene Knapps , of Holt county , and
llisa MollieJleber , of Ddge county , were
married on the 13th. Life'ia short and
future Knapps will ba brief. . v ,
Soap bubble partiei are common
throughout the State. The girl with the
bigpeat mouth always takes the cake of
soap. This -uacks" of rnonopi ly.
James M. Gamble and Miss Mary A.
cSmith wcro married at Fremont on the
2Cth. A pleasant reception , followed by
installing the happy cimplo in their new
homo , closed the festivities.
Bacheloix' ha'l. of Hastings , Is now
complete with billiard tabled and all other
necessaries. The Gazette iiaya "it's just
too awfully nice for anything. Hut , tnen ,
the glrla say , 'It'a just mean , tberel1 "
The 20th wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. M. citanton , of Johnson , wan
made joyful and happy by a audden call of
about fifty friends nnd neighbors , bring
ing , hmong other gifts , an elegant China
dinner set of 127 I'iecea.
John Snyder and Miss llosn Rometch ,
of Dodge county , were launched up'in the
doubled tea at Fremont on the 20th.
Their bark was laden with numerous use
ful and coatly gifts. The cornet band
tooted them off.
The editor of The Tecumseh Torchlight
paralyzed hla f rienda the other day , by an
nouncing that he "atayed out late with
another manV girl. " ThU U the sequel to
bis motto , "Press on { press ever. " Doubt-
lean there waa a pressing vf aolea when The
Torchlight went out.
, A Dor dawned bright and f ir in
O'Neill City , recently , but baf re ni < ht a
oloud no larger than a > uiau > hind , ap
peared and the light of lun linoia went
out. HOT. C. Smith prnnouced the .wor.iu
that madoHathewE. Timma and Mios
Semantha C. Day members of the married
tbrong ,
Clark Chase , f Fairbury , wan mtrried
to Miss Minnie ICIlemelcr of Plymouth , at
Crete on the 19th. The Kev. Bru-a recited
the simple aervlce that made an Oi > och m
the Chase of life , but by > no mean * ended
it. The newly tied will renew the Chute
in Fairbury. '
Miss Ilosina Koppenhaver , of I'apillbn ,
wisely changed her name for thut of a
Kansan , Itev. ICd. . HaUcnback. The
trade took place on the 18th. Both
will wrestle with the heathen and the
publican in the kingdom of prohibition
and St. John.
A young lady' of Hamilton county
ehanged from Brown to White at Grand
Island on the 10th. Xuella , the bride , was
| uit 18. aud Charles White , the groom.
past 21. Judge Caldwell superintended
the operation and received his fees with
his usual ability. , '
Miss Edith Wickwire , of Shelton , celebrated
bratod her birthday with largo gathering
of young friends on the 19th , All the boy
ana girls of the town , between five and fif
teen yeara of age. were turned loose in the
Iiouse imd grounds and enjoyed an after
noon of unbroken pleasure. Mia ? KUIth
rectiyedwa y birthday token t from her
young friends.
Mr ; and MM. Cooper , who were re
cently married at Grand Island , were
warmly welcomed ! at their home in St.
L'tiul lat week. A large circle , of friends
net them at the depot , and escorted the
tappy couple to the residence of Mr. and
lira. G , W. Norton , where a jollu'catlon
reception waa held , und numerous glfu
resented them.
A Grand Wand young man of power-
ul physique and a cheat , meaauring
kbout forty Inched in circumference ,
jraRgt'd about the strength of hia lungs.
To forcibly convince an ndirlring member
of the oft sex of this fact , ho invited her
o hit him in the breast. She aaid khe waa
eft-bunded , had been washing all day ,
waa tired and didn't ' feel active , but at hia
urgent request let drive at him. When
ila friendt went to pi ok him UP he aaid he
bought he would die eaiier lying down.
Chat left-hander wa < fitul tu tliu gir 'a
jopei , for it busted a marriage engage-
nent ,
The wedding of 1'rpett Wagner and
ifida Mvgsio It6bino at Platttmtouth on
he 'JOch WAS a social ovcnt of comitierablti
magnitude. The reception at the rof.
Leuco of the biido'n parents was attended
JT a large number jf frleuJ * , whew
were unntnally costly and numerous. Th
looil scribe was "dea/i-gone" ontho bride
coetumo and appearance. "She looked
the personification of efeganse , beautr and
grace , " he wrote , M the bride vanished
from his enraptured gazej "dreutd in n
fawa-coloreJ silk with lace trimmings. "
The bride and groom will make their
in Lincoln , where the latter occupiei a
million in the engineer department of the
B. & M.
A handiorae stranger from the interior
of the State , visltnl the hoipital fair re
cently held in Omaha , nnd was smitten
with the charms of one fair canvasser. It
wan a clear case , though one-sided , of love
at first sight. The stranger was lavith
with hli purse at th suggestion of his
chatiaerand followed up hU apparent
conquest with buquef-s masterpieces of
the florists' ait-which he * ent to her
home. Ho llocered in town for two or
three day ? , bracing up for the vital ques
tion , but mi dream of prospective bliss
was brief and rudely broken , when
youthful dl cple ! of Blnckstone crossed his
thrcshhold with the withered flowers in
hit hand and blood in his eye. The scene
changed and the stranger suddenly departed -
parted for his ruial home.
Star cazeis throughout the city and
utati will doul tless , bo interested in the
latest directions to secure the full benefit
nf that charming study. Two persona of
opposite sex , young aud handsome In their
own eye , complete class : L te in tha
evening , sar about 10:30 : , you will see , by
nestling closely together , a bright star in
the nor.heastera heavens , called Vega n
ttie Harp. Tnen wind your right rtn
aruunil the waist and turn a little to the
left. IL-re the comet rest ) in n direct lin
from Vega to the pole tir , and stilt fur
ther to the laft the Dragon. At this mo-
meat B quick circling movement of the
left will prevent undue enthusiasm , but
don't o > met over her too suddenly nr yon
might Ret left. In th''apo ltlon the heavenly
beautlm cparklo brilliantly and charm the
eye. If ( be itudy is prolonged later than
11 , it Is the propah capah to provide A
boulder rest. However , this is practiced
only by prospective graduate * , but t-egin-
nera will find ! it quite pleasing. A uo-
eestion of tmicki two degreti from thi-
chin ii highly recommended before ad-
A new ftchool house will soon bo built In
Osage precinet , Otoe county.
Tha district of Madison pays male teach-
era 115 and female 9 IS , per month.
Grand Island has 988 children of ftchool
age , not counting the newspaper editors.
The summer term of the nubile schools
of Arapahce opened with 61 ecolara. A
econd teacher is needid.
The Bchojl at Wayne had forty appli
cants for admission at the opening of tha
ummer term , with accommodation for
inly thirty.
The Hebron Hall and library building
will be constructed of stone , and will cost
about $3.500. It will be twenty-eight feet
high and 40x70 in size.
The school census of Dodge county ,
pith two district ! ) to hoar from , ahowa
,177 children of school age , an increase
over last year of over 500.
The U. P. employes library , of North
? latte , ha $ become one of the permanent
nstitutions of the city. There are over
00 volumes in the library , and $250 cash
n the treasury. The rooms are iuruiehei
> y the railroad company nnd are opened
, wico a week.
The state superintendent Inn organized
a state'examining committee to examine
candidates for life certificates. Tfin com
mittee consuls of Prof. Hich , of Falls City ,
? iof. Lane , of Omaha and Pf of. B irber ,
if Grand Island. Candidates may appear
lefore ny one of the committee at such
ituea IIB may be convenient to both candl-
late and examiner.
The annual report of the Franklin
Ac-demy of the' Congregational church
ihowa tha * the last term of school has been
1 marked success. There were G5 students
ast term , and Gl are enrolled for the
> renent one. President James says , to
meet the rapid increase in numbers , "we
need an endowment of at least 843,000 ,
nnd 31,500 additional with which to com
pete the club house. We need llbr.ry ,
a labratory and n philosophical appimtus. "
. i i..i -
A Preebyteriin church will beorganized
nt Shelton on the 2dof May , Kev. Little ,
of Omaha , will attend. '
Miw Maggie O'Keefe , of Plattsmouth ,
sollected $8) among Iowa acquaintances to
Iquld&te the debt on the Catholic church.
The Methodist will hold a ministerial
fBodation at Hastings on the Ifith and
[ Cth of May , uext. It embracea the
[ dealings district.
Rev. J. If. Burlison haa been chosen to
ppretent the western Pro byterlans of
Nebraska st the general assembly , which
neets at Springfield , II' . , May 18th.
Trie corner atone of the Brodbaw M.
K. church at York waa laid Tuesday ,
April 25. Addresses and other ceremonies
! .j propriftto to the Oceanian were held.
The Congregational brethren of York
have the stone ou the ground for tha
foundation of a new frame church edifice.
The li of the bui'dlng will be 20x57 feet.
The ladies of the M. E. church of David
City organized Wuman'i ) Foreign Mis-
bionary Houi ty last week. The following
officers were selected : President , Mia.
Ilev. Smith ; Flret Vies Preaidont , Mr § .
Snencer ; Heoonil , Mra. Adair ; Third , Mrs.
Knapp ; Corvnnp'iuding Secretary , Mrs ,
Pltey ; Recording Secretary , MUs Ball ;
Treasurer , Mrs , John Orr ; Executive
Committee , Mrs. Uarker. Griffey , llobln-
HOU , Hilenun , Ham nond , Foltz , Wood
ward and Mm. Wm. Orr.
The plana for the new M. . church at
Norfolk have been drawn. The dimen-
nion < of the building will be 80x50 feet and
22 feet hL b from rl > or to top of ceiling.
In the front end of the room there will be
gallery 12 feet wide running the full width
of the Imililio ? nnd beneath this two class
r < > < in * , 12x15 feet respectively in size. The
tower and tiurunca will bit at one of the
front ooriiurri of tbo building , HO that a
lecture room may at any time be added
without ilM'muin , , ' the structure. This
to * r will b JOffet aquaro at the baao
and Ii ? 1'twt from th.i ground to the top of
niiiale. The estimnt d c > at ia $2.000.
Internal Pressure.
Sunday Mercury.
"Well , " remarked Jones the other
day , "I aee by the paper * that Tilden
U having a strong prosaurn brought to
boar on him to allow his nameto bo
used aa a candidate for the oflico of "
"I guesa , " remarked Ed Kearney ,
aa ho tilted back in his chair , tilted
hia hat over his oyoa , and cleared hii
throat , "I guou ho'e like the roat of
the boys. The pressure ia mostly in
ternal. "
Physician and Surgeon
Medlclnei ( urolbed at office ,
Office No. Itlt Farntum St. , between Wh' and
Uth maha N b. li ' "
John Q. Jacobs ,
{ Komerly of QUhfcJaootu , )
1 Door W , of Oruioksliaiik's ,
nn new fine complete Block of tiuli K Good
con > i tlrKOtFi i.cb , liijjtlih and the leu D
tuiiut. I'r.culow or the low