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1 Preliminary "Feolor" Thrown
Out in tlio Metropolis ,
A Message of Love , Enolooed
in Qua OottoDj to Jiold' . '
on'd Vonderbilt
Job Which
strays a Mail Pouch.
3 ho Socialists Rofni'd Forrntasioa
> to Parade-
N Hon l AxwcUted Hrem * , '
NuwYoKK , April 29. Two infernal
machines were discovered in a United
States null bag late Saturday evonin
addressed Cyrus W. Field nndVi I
Vandcrbilt. Ono exploded in , the bi
on the lovatod railroad. The oxpl )
'sibn discolored the mail mtor ( a > { d
1 'BcoWh6d4ho letter pouch.The pas
board boxes contained cnnnisters of
powder with oloetrio attachment. No
-clue totho , perpetrators.
Uty Thotcontents and mode of coriatrcc * '
" * tlon of tho"t ro infernaf maohinea puk'
in the -.mail Saturday afternoon , nd-j
dressed1" respectively to Win. H. Van.-jj
derbilt'and ' Cyrus W. Field , were more"
definitely ascertained to-day - , when
the unexploded box was opened nnd
jthirchemical part ofita contents anal-
' . It found that the
t yze'd. WAS oxplo-
r siyo "uae'd was oun cblton , * which is
seven times as destructive in proper-
Hion to its weight us jruupovrdor , nnd
tthia fact accounts for tho' lightness of
s the package , "which only " * woijhed (
elpvun ounces. Aglasst'ibo'and bulb
with.their.liqmd contpnfci , were taken
jtp Profoasor.Doromus for examiiia-
| tion. As the iresult of the analysis
-.Prot. JDoromus wrote the follo'wfug
letter :
To Postmaster Pearson ;
DEAB Siuir-Tho liquid is sulphuric
acid which , if brought in contact with
gunpowder or chlorate.of potash , oven
in small quantities il } cause the
powder to explode , vln the Russian
war with Eagland and France , Russia ,
I am told , placed receptacles pt
gunpowder in the ground in
front of Sevastapool and placed
on top of each charge
a small glass bulb with sulphuric acid
and underneath it a mixture of sugar
and chlorate of potash , so that when
\ the bulb was trodden on the glass
. would break and the acid would coruo
in contact with the chlorate of potash
and sugar , tire it , and thus fire the
very respectfully yours , etc. ,
The resemblance between the char
acter ot the infernal machines and of
the Sevastopol mines , leads Professor
' .DbremuB to the natural supposition
that the attempt upon the Jives of
\ Yanderbilt and Field was the work'of
w a Russian Nihilist , of whom there are
M a few intho city , and the supposition
' " strengthened by rue fact that
among the dubris of the exploded box
were fragments of The Volka Zoitung ,
which is recognized as the local organ
of the Nihilists as well as Socialists of
New York. Postmaster Pearson
was unable to make much progress to
day owing to. the absence of the mes
senger in whoso charge the mail con
taining the infernal machines was
sent up town and of the letter carrier
who brought the Vanderbilt packngo
to the general postofiico after ono of
his rounds of collection from the lamp
post letter boxes. The case has boon
put in the hands of special service
officers , and it is expected there will
be some interesting developments to
morrow. ' >
Superintendent Walling wasinclined
to treat the matterlightly andthiaovon-
ing said the whole affair has boon too
clumsily done to have meant ic'nl busi
ness. Ho was inclined to believe it
was done by socialists for the purpose
of bringing their party into promi
nence again , and notwith the intent
of killing any one. Up to a late hour
this evening no arrests had been made.
NEW YOHK , April 30. There was
Ronaidcrablo excitement among the
soculiats in this city to-day , m consequence
quence of the captain of the police
refusing to allow them to parade to
Williamsburg ferrv , en route to laying
the corner stone of the Froobol mon
ument in Williamsburg this afternoon
in Williainsburg. Several delegations
called upon Superintendent Walling
yesterday , but ho would not change
hia dociaion , The socialists then
threatened to parade in defiance of
the superintendent's orders , Liat
night instructions were sent out to all
pohco stations in the city or
dering them to have their re
serves ready to , march
at a moment's notice" . A largo force
was also detailed from police head' '
quarters ready for any emergency ,
various sections of socialists held
i meetings at their different halls 'dur-
inK- the forenoon , and the general
opinion seemed to prevail that it
would be uhwiso for them to attempt
* ' totparado. as they would probably sot
clubbed and arrested. The report
was forwarded to their headquarters
in 'the Germania rtusatnbly rooms ,
Bowery , where nearly 500 socialists
had assembled. After some discus ,
slon it was decided to go to Williams'
burg , but not in a body , and every
thing passed off quietly.
last night some one unknown par-
left a cigar box filled with explosives
in the voatibulo on No. 318 Eaat
Nineteenth street , and about 10
o'clock there was a loud explosion
At the same time a flame rose several
feet to the ceiling. Assistance was
promptly on hand and the flames ex
tinguished. It ia believed it was the
" work of socialists , who thought they
had put the box in the superintendent
dent a house. Walling resides at 311
same stress. The police ar < * working
on a clue and soon expect to make
some arrests.
Marine Intolllgouoe.
Nation * ! Axoclated I'rcss.
NhW YOKK , April 80 , Sailed
Nevada for Liverpool , City of Richmond
mend for Liverpool , Lydian Monarch
for London , Anchorm for Qlaaeow , ,
Oder for Bremen , Rhynland for Ant
werp. Arrived Stella from Amster
dam , Persian Monarch from London ,
Thingavnlln from Copenhagen , Mosel
from Bremen , Triain from Hamburg.
GLASGOW , April 30. Arrived As-
nyrin from Boston.
LIVERPOOL , April 30. Arrived
Republic from Now York.
lliunimo , April 30 Arrived
Alliiijar from Now York , Sailed
Alonnni * for Now York.
HARVB , April 30. Sailed 29th
'Weatphn'ia ' ' and Hamburg for Now
LiVKiiroor. , April 30. Arrived
Britiah Kiny froih Philadelphia.
BHHMHN , April00. Sailed Ncckar
for Now. York.
( AusTKRPAM , April 30. " Sailed
Amsterdam for Now York.
. XOIINK , April W , Sailed State of
Florida for Now York.
, QUKBNHTOWN , April 30. Sailed
Sorvia for Now York.
National Awwclatoil I rtxs.
* AjinoT , N. J. , April 30. Samuel
Latham , n prominent citizen of Wood-
"b'ria'ge Contra nnd merchant doing
business in New Yprk , was instantly
'killed Saturday morning by the dis-
ohsrgo'of'a pistol which it is supposed
hctlwns cleaning. T
JKB ) MOINES , Iowa , April 30. A
' construction train on the Chicago ,
' 'Hiirlinqton & Qaincy railroad struck
n"wajjort containing five persons at a
cr& eibg below this city Saturday.
LOWIB Mnguire , colored , was killed
andjtwo others of the party were in-
.ju- "
: - _
. Wia. , April 30.-Tho
' head of the engine in Mano-
Rold ! & Sons' flouring mill , was blown
outUfatally scalding the engineer , W.
W/Jiyhito , nnd causing 85,000 data- ,
ago tt the property.
jjvD ETON , 0M April 30. A fobr
year old daughter of James I/indtm
was rjerhaps fatally burned laat even
ing , while ' playing with. firo. It i *
thought'tho little ono cannot recover.
National As.odttod eiutt.
BALTIMORE , April , 30. A special
diapatchaaya tho'Goisor engiiro and
machine company's works at Waynes-
bore , Pa. , caught fire at G o'clock Sat
urday .evening and were totally de
stroyed. The American dryer com-
pany'siworks shared the eamo fate.
Geiaer * * loaa is estimated at $50,000 ;
inianuico unknown. Four hundred
hanrls were'thrpwn out of employ
, Ore. , April 30. Odd
Follows hall'and ' the millinery store of
Mrs.jtViHolbert , Princevillo , Waao
county , was destroyed by fire Wed
nesday. Loss , $175,000. '
ROOHZSTURApril' ! 30. A fire in
.the Urge 'stables 'of the 'RocHoator
streel car company , in which wore 280
horoCTtharnoBa. etc.- , caused a loss of
$ lUOGCl ; Jnsurancd $27,300. All
horses wore got uafoly out. The 11 ro
is supposed to have caught from
sparks from a passing locomotive.
Canada Bill's Graduate * .
National Associated Proas.
Sr PAUL , Minn. , April 30. For
some time pott a gang of throe card
monte men have been reaping a rich
harvest among the unwary , principally
emigrantR , in St. Paul. Detectives
after paying attention to them for
several weeks , succeeded in arresting
six of the light fingered gentry , named.
Capo , Stantion , Rosa , Dovino , Davis
and ono name unknown. They were
all marched to the Union depot and
compelled to purchase tickets to Chicago
cage and took twins for that city uuder
the eyes of officers. Case and Stanton
are notorious operators. It was
deemed more advisable to rid the city
of their pretence than hold them for
Mexican NOWH.
National Associated I'tcta.
CITY of MEXICO , April 30. The
second hnndred'kilomotreR of surveys
of the Uould-Degrcaa railroad have
been approved by the Mexican gov
ernment , and the statutea of the com
pany have also been approved. '
The Quorotaro industrial oxposilio'n
was opened to-day amid much excite
ment by'the people. President Gon-
zalea was represented by Goner il Car
los Pachoco , minister of public works ,
at the opening.
KaUonil Associated Press.
NEW YOKK , April 30.--Tho cushion
carom game for a stake of $1,000 be
tween Wm. Sexton and Eugene Kimball -
ball , Baxton giving Kimball 150
points out of COO , was played 8atur <
day at Cooper Institute. Kimball
won. Score , 500 to 403 ; time of
game , three hours nineteen minutes ,
104 innings. Sexton's highest runs ,
42 and 47 ; Kimball's , 20.aud 24.
A JBtg waUt Bogged.
National AwocUtod Preaf
BOSTON , April 30 , Alfroct Everett ,
a rausio teacher , divorced in Chicago
several years ago from-his English
wife with five children , 'and subse
quently married and moved to Somo'r-
villo , Mass. , whore his wife and child
now are , was arrested Friday , in Mai
den , for bigamy , having been married
in Providence , R. I. , three months
ago , to Helen Longly , a high school
Book at the Bank Door ,
National AMOCialea rrea.
CINCINNATI , April 30. Saloontsts
to-day kept their front doors closed
and admitted customers quietly in the
rear. At some gardens a plan was
adopted of sellini } proUala and'giving '
a glass of beer to each purchaser ,
The GarfloidTytemorlal Flowers.
NitlonM AsaoctaUd ftttt.
CHICAGO , , April 30. On Saturday
morning an order for the delivery of
the Garfield memorial , flowers was is
sued by Judge Gardner of the superior
dourt and presented to Justice Robin
son , who had them in custody for
Bevoral weeks on a writ of replevin.
They were given to the care of H N.
Eldridgo , an old college mate of Garfield -
field , appointed custodian of them by
Judge Gardner. This property con
sists of the Victoria wreath , the Turn-
vorcin laurel wreath , the Brazilian
floral lyre , and the Bolivian floral
cross and anchor.
Burial of Hnrlbnt-
National AHOclatod Press.
BKLVIDRRR , 111. , April 30. Ten
thousand peopln gathered from Chi *
cage and the northern portion of Illi
nois to-day to participate in the obsequies -
quies of the late Gen , Stephen A.
liurlbut , minister to Peru. In the
afternoon the people assembled in the
public square , where the memorial
services were hold. Thryconsi8tod | of
n dirge by the binds , the hymn
"America" by a select choir , prayer
by Rev. L. Lawrence ; presentation
and adoption of resolutions eulogistic
of the deceased , oration by Rev. Dr.
Kerr of Rockford , remarks by A , E.
Smith of The Rockford G zotto nnd
Gen Smith D. Atkins of Frcoport.
After the close bf the memorial ser
vices , the religious services wore held
at the late roaidorico of the deceased ,
whore the body lay in atato. Sermons
were preached by Rev. W.JP. Elaton
and Rev. 0. W. Lawrence. The pro
cession then moved to the cemetery ,
where the body wns interred with the
rites of tlio Knights Templar. In the
procession were four commandorioi.of
Knights Templar , five companies of
state militia and many civic societies.
The ceremonies throughout were im
pressive and largely attended , the entire -
tire population uniting to pay respect
to the deceased and special trains be
ing run for the accommodation of
thousands of strangers.
A Blow at the .Baptlati.
National Aoaoiuted Pms.
MANOIIBSTER , "N. .H. , April 30.
In his farewell sermon * to the First
Baptist church to-night , Rov. Wm.
Hayno Levels announced that in bid
ding farewell to the church ho loft
both Baptist ministry and Baptist
church , since the Baptist faith , as at
present dunned , is unfavorable , to in
creased usefulness of preaching in its
ministry as the church hue no liberal
wing. Mr. Levels is a relative of
Senator Hnyne , of South Carolina ,
Webster's old antagonist , and was
ambitions to become minister to Aus
tria. During his five years' pastorate
he raised a church debt of $20,000
and increased the membership 140.
J3oso Boll.
National Press Association.
NEW YORK , April 30. Base ball at
the Polo grounds : Ohicagos Of Met
ropolitans G. '
PHILADELPHIA , April 30.r Rase
ball at Recreation Park , 10 innings :
Bostons 4 , Philadolphiaa o.
PROVIDENCE , April 30. Providence
7 , Howards 1.
WOEOKBTKR , April 30. Worcosiors
16 , Browns 10.
Poa&ylTanla > Poll tie * . *
N attonal A oclated Prw. . ,
PHILADELPHIA , April 25. A con.
forfenceJbeiween the cqmmitteeg o
stalwarts and independents , with a
view of adjustment of political dif
ferences , was held at the Continental
hotel Saturday night , and after throe
hours session adjourned without coming
to a conclusion. They moot again to-mor-
row. 'Hho general impression pr"e-
yailed at adjournment that the inde
pendents will be unable to gain their
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Quay and Representative Wolfe hid
a conference this afternoon , relative
to the basis of the agreement to sub
mit , on vbaroaasombling of. the stal
wart-independent conference to mor
row. Nothing definite was decided
upon. There are indications of a split
in the independent ranks. Wolfe ,
with Senators Lee and Wharton Bar
ker are prepared to surrender to the
stalwarts if the latter will concede to
them tlio lieutenant governorship and
conarpaaman-at-largo , Wolfe , wants
the turner nnd Barker the latter-posi
tion. The balance of ho independent
committee Bay they are fighting for
principles , not positions , and that > if
\Volfo , et nl.propose ro inasquoratleas
place-hunters they will encouittjr , the
sumo opposition as is nOw being given
tbo stalwarts. Prominent members
of tlm latter party are iu high glee to.
night over the outlook. „ ' , t .
Thieves Abroad. ' ' " '
National Associated Press.
POPLAB RIVER , Mont. , April 30.
A war party of 350 Yanktcmh have
gene on the war path against the
GrooB , in retaliation for the theft of
horses by the latter. > Thu agent and
commanding officers advised the In.
dians not to go until their crops were
in. Yellow Eagle , ono of the best
Bcouts , his time having expired , re
fused tp enlist , giving as a reason that
he could make moro money stealing
hordes. *
National AuocUtod fieea. '
WASHINGTON , Mayl. For the lake
radon : Fair weather in the extreme
northern portions , local rains , southWest /
West to northwest winds , etatioiiEU-y or
hichor barometer and temperntu'ro
For the Upper Mississippi an4 Mis
souri valleys ; , variable
winds , "stationary or lower barometer
and higher temperature ,
Down IB tka Cora Fit.
National Aeeoclated Frew
CHICAGO , April 30. A man named
Sidney H. Ward , iccently from New
York , opened a grain commission
office hero under the stylo'of S. H.
Ward & Co. After obtaining about
$5,000 from country customers for op
tion doala , the map Ward and his
partner fled to the west , leaving his
creditors in the lurch. When the
officers tried to gain entranceto , the
premises the legend on Ward's office
door read , "Down in the corn pit. "
The forestry congress at Glnpinnati
closed Saturday with exorcises at
EdenPark. Great interest was thown
in the subject and the congress was
pronounced a success. All expect big
attendance at the meeting in Mon
treal next year.
Judge LjBOli Swung Into a Sea
in Oongrsss by a Party Vote ,
The Liquidation and Boorgan
'leatlon bf National Banks
Explained ,
Several Measures of Great Im
portance Docketed for
' "Deliberation.
Kllbourae X.OSD * &i * Grip on 810O ,
OOOa'aliena GrowitiR Sedate
National AtM fcWd fret * .
WASHINGTON , April 30. Thehouso
t ia expected , will take up the tart !
commission bill1 this week nnd prob
nbly spund t io whole tfuit , bo
'oro nctlnr < m otherf .H'iWod rloctini
cases. ThiS * arrangement was fully
ngrcod onarly last week ns a com
promise between the friends of the
) ill nnd Mbthorn republicans , wlu
were claniol riff for action on contoatcc
cases. Frii fias of the Urill bill fult
; liat tho'bil { it it is to pats , ought to
jecomo-a law at once , in order that
.ho prcaidostfc may have some time tc
appoint a commission BO it cat
. to work/B'&on , It is not impoesi
bio that th& bill extending nationa
bank chartoM may bo taken up before
election casfii are again resumed. The
oppoBition.op the republican side o
jiving opportunities to amend has
been in a measure withdrawn , and it
Is quito probable that a dnto may to
morrow bo'fixed for consideration o :
thil important bill. It ia also expect
ed that an effort will bo inailu to BUB
pond the ruifco to morrow nnd concur
in the sonat amendments to the Chi
neao bill , on which little debate is ex
pected. h _
National Awwtatod Prow.
WASHINGTON , April 29. The house
refuse unanimously to consent to the
senate amendments to the Ohincao
bill and noil-concurred in the senate
amendments to the fortification bill
Arguments in the Lyach-Chal-
raora case closed at 1.40 p. m. Thi
motion to seat Chalmers and unaoa
Lynch was lost 125 nays , 104 yeas
The vote by which Lynch was
seated in place of Chalmers was t
strict party vote , except th&t Green
backers voted with the Republicans
for Lynch.
The house then considered the con
ference committee report on the pea
office nppropriatio/ ; / , agreeing tc
the senate amendrryenta for inoreaaei
fast mail fjennies
A comraumcatiifa was received from
to tlio , house resolution of inquiry m
regard to reorganization of the Second
National banf : of Cincinnati. It cov
ers the Icttonof Comptroller Knor to
ttlio bank in Question , sent in reply tea
a letter of jmuiry from the cashier ol
the bank.Ho Bays that under the
decision of attorney general noth
ing in the lar prevents stockholders
pf a bank , where charters expire , go
ing into liduidation and organizing
another bauc with the earno naiue , tc
avoid diflicjitios which might ensue il
they should wait until the frauchiae
expires. Ho suggcsta that before the
time the cmrter expires that the bank
go into yjluntary liquidation by a
vote of tiff thirda of the atockholdura
and immoctately proceed to organize
the suite ) as if no Second National
bank hail istod , paying in fifty per
cent of .h | capital aa required by law ,
Any nunber of stockholders above
five ca j enter upon the articles of
agreement to form a now organization
after tlupld bank is in liquidation ,
DdpoaitMB should bo requested to
withdr accounts by check and may
inuned uly deposit with the now
bank. 'hoso who do not do this
should o paid in full. The aaa'jts
of the Id bank can then , with the
assent the stockholders , bo trans-
ferrtd m the old board of 'directors
to the w. The comptroller says in
the lot r accompanying this , that the
plan , \ lo satisfactory in this case ,
by rent of the willingness of all the
oldntw loldera to reorganize , should
nut bijrecognuod ua sufllcicnt for all
cases , IB complications nro likely to
arise Odor other circumstances , which
malceiocoMary a diflorent plan by act
of cogross for the reorganization of
bank t Ho says the ohartora of eleven
bunkjexpired ia April , and nixtoon
will cpiro in Juno and July , Ad-
jourjd. _
VUUIINQTON , April 30. In setting
asidiho $100,000 award in the Kil-
boute-Thompson case Saturday for
faMimpriaonment during the real
6 ti ring trials , Judge , McArthur
aairt seemed the Jury did not heed
thcjatructions. They were told that
wpJot a case for exemplary damages
auijpiat public consideration should
tor into the verdict. Ho thought
ry was sympathetic and could
t their action to a very powerful
apffl made them , Kilbourno had
, _ catod a great principle and ho
tliWht that now congresa knows it
staid keep itself within proper limits.
V\h the highest posaiblo appreciation
o plaintiff ho thought that the
had gone far beyond what ho was
ewlod to and therefore the verdict is
Ide. < '
kr route against whom the indict-
It was quashed Saturday on the
jmd that it was found in the name
instead of KatoM. , is a corn-
lion to the wife of 8. P , Brown ,
fthor alleged to be connected witli
route frauds. She owns property
it. Mary's county , Md. . inherited
i her mother , who had been dead
fourteen years. She is a rontracto
on star route 21 CDS from Evansvilli
to Marietta , On. , the pay per annum
being $0,388 ; for route ; { 2458 in Tex
as , which pajs $2,288 per annum am
expires Juno 30,1882 , and for route
20108 , nlso in Texas , which tny
$1,110 and expires the 30th of Jun
Judge Wyllo will render a dccisioi
on to-morrow in regard to the applica
tiou in the Boone case on the quus
lion of alleged misconduct of th
grand jury.AND
A minister called at the jail am
conversed with Guitoau and cngngct
in prayer with him The prisoner
was considerably nlloctod and subae
quontly appeared more sctisiblo of hu
position than for some time past
When ho was asked if ho intended to
appear nt court to argue his case , ho
replied ho did not know it would bo
necessary , but would consider the
The comptroller of the currency an
thomefl the national bank of West
Grove , Punn , , to commence business
Capital , $50,000.
Great excitement prevailed hero
last night over the rumor that Uuitcau
had committed suicide at the jail. An
investigation proved tliat Chas. K.
Wijsoii , arrested for forgery 1'ebruary
4th , attempted suicide by hanging
himself with Inn suspenders , but wan
cut do\yn and finally regained con-
sciousiicea. A17 olll.'ur called at the
jail and identified him as having com
mitted murder in Now Jersey some
time since , which in supposed to bo
the immediate cnuso of the act.
The United States flag ship Ilich-
mend , recently reported in London
foundered , with all on board lest ,
safely reached Koto , Japan , March
20th , with all on board well , not liar
ing met with any accident between
Panama and Japan , This hoa boon
tolo rajhed ) the navy by Admiral
Olitz ,
Gen. Floyd King , who has been
recognized as the head of the Missis
sippi flood and relief movement in the
house , denies the report that ho will
try and pot the senate $0,000,000 bill
through on suipons'.m ' of the rules ,
The committee has provided for aeon
tingency in the river and harbor bill ,
ho will ask reference of the sonata
bill to them , and as they are likely to
got the iloor on appropriations after
this week , the Mississippi valley mem
bers nro willing to trust it in their
Sonatop Blair says ho can BOO no
reason why his examination canno
conclude to-morrow BO that the sub
committee can be in Now York Wed
ncsday. It in understood that Blair
is to be asked to give the details ol
Shiphcrd's intervtowwith Blame whih
ho was present ; also that Bolmon
will take part in the examination , not
withstanding the statement that he
will not tread ncarBlaine's toes again.
Tlru friends of Lieutenant Dannn
hewer are preparing to giro him a reception
coption on his arrival homo , which is
expected about Juno 1st.
Assistant Seecrotary Now returned
to.night in company with a number ol
prominent Indianians , who say they
tiavo promises from the president.
Col Friedloy expects the solicitoc-
ship of the postofiico department , and
several important consulships are
asked as a further part of Indiana's
Now that the Kolbourno verdict
ms boon net aside , it is ascertained
; hat there would have boon strong op
position in congress to making geode
: o ex-Sargcant at-Arms Thompson
$100,000 $ damages awarded It is re
ported that judicial knowledge of this
'act prompted getting aaido of the ver
dict , though it is pretty well under
ntood the court would have sustained
an award of about $40,000 for the
sake of teaching congress to bo more
Hail Storm-
ITAJIMONTON , N. J. , April 30. A
orritic hail storm broke out at this
> ldco about D o'clock this afternoon ,
llauy hailstones were the size of
Sngliah walnuts.
Strong dplegations of southerners
, ro hero urging the appointment of
Judfto Settle , of North Carolina , to
ho bench of the court of claims.
President Arthur and party return-
3d Saturday morning from Fortress
The comptroller of the currency
urnishos the utatemont that the out-
landing notes of national banks in-
sreasod 88,000,078 since May 1st ,
881 ; legal tender notes , decrease in
Joposits einco May 1st , 1881. 3,025-
The Ilepublicani , of Wilmington ,
Oel. , nominated Dr , J. , P. '
talwart , for Mayor ;
Thirty coal miners of Alpsvillo near
'itUburg bare been arrootod on the
hargo of conspiracy to prevent a
'scab" working.
At Lismoro , on the Black river , in
Louisiana , Clark , a tramp painter ,
hot and killed Thns. Sharper , pout-
naster and justice of the peace.
At Ooliaya , Mex. , a loose woman
nticod Valentine Moncora , a noted
audit , into town , where ho was sur-
oundod by soldiers and riddled with
Adam M , Dondoro , defaulting ex-
reasurer of Berks county , Pa. , for
30,000 , was released from jail , hav- :
ng furnished bail in 910,000. Ho .
rill implicate prominent citizens.
Mm. Jas. Vance , wife of a promi-
out Fayotto county (0 ( , ) man , while
Talking along the country road on
Saturday , suddenly lost her reason
nd jumped into a creek and was
An Alpsvllle ( Pa. ) dispatch says
our Swedes wore crossing the Xpugu
river nt Courtvillo , when the boat wns
upset nnd ono man by the name o'
Oliver Johnson wns drowned. Whia
key was the cause , flocm. ;
All telephone intcrcats in Masin
chuactlB , Vermont , Maine nnd Now
Hampahiro , will bo consolidntod in
ono company. Capital , $2,000,000
sharea , $0,000.
The wiio of Signer Lngrnsia , n wol
known tenor singer and composer ,
living nt Dolhnm , Mass. . eloped with
young Forest , n boarder in the family.
The woman ia C3 years of ngo.
Hood W. Miller , a stamp clerk in
the postofllco nt Bradford , Pa. , was
sentenced to thirteen months in the
penitentiary for appropriating money
received from the sale of stamps.
Now England railroad companies
have agreed to hereafter settle their
car accounts with each other through
a railroad clearing houao instead ol
through their roapectivo treasurer * .
The internal revenue collection * for
the Fifth dlatrict of Illinois for April
was 81,000,050.12 , nn increase of
$ Ur ,202.3-i over the corresponding
month of lust year ; export shipments ,
L',885 packages ; containing 250,202
Seven steamships leaving Now
York port Saturday carried 1,277 pas-
ncngors , showing nn increase of 25
per cent , over the corresponding week
of laat year. Among thoao who took
their departure wore Col. Maploaon
and members of his troupo.
A dispatch from the front of the
Northern .Pacific railroad says the
bridge crossing Pnckrowor , Washington
territory , over 7,100 feet long , is com
pleted nnd track wns laid over it on
the 25tli. Track is now being laid to
Okloy at the rote of n milo nnd n half
per day. The advance grading camp
has crossed the Montana line.
Great alarm is felt at Atlantic , N.
J , , because of the mortality caused by
scarlet fever and diphtheria. Old and
young have boon attacked by the lat
ter malady and the public schools have
boon closed in consequence. Fears
are entertained that the disease may
spread to Loun Branch , which is in
tbo same school district. The holding
of a public funeral over a child in
Long Branch who had died with ma
lignant scarlet fever has caused the
board of health to issue a warning
that persons dying with scarlet fever
and diphtheria must bo privately in
Dredgers found a thousand ynrda
moro of rpoiled cloth in the Morrimac
river at Lawrence , supposed to have
been thrown in by operatives of the
Pacific Mills to conceal bad weaving.
The operatives nro indignant and at
tribute it to mismanagement of the
present offioors of the company , which
they allege caused the concealment.
While John Donovan and John
Byrnes were working a horse wind
lass attached to a derrick , at the Man
itoba viaduct , at Minneapolis , lifting
stone woighingSUO pounds , the whiflo-
tree broke and a poKe of the windlass
whirling round with lightning speed ,
crushed in Donovan's head , killing
him instantly , Byrnes was danger
ously hurt rind the horse killed ,
Friday jnoninjj a steamboat explosion
sion occurred * Watered" river be
tween Sumter , S. C , and Columbia ,
as a picnic party was going on boarii
the steamer Marion. The boilerburat ,
killing the following : Four eiatora ,
the Miasos Henry , from Riohland
Fork ; Miss Carrie Batoa ; Willie Slilea ,
son of Rev. 0. A. Stiles ; Mias Roll-
ingaton , arid the fireman , J. Easton ,
was badly scalded. Fifteen more
children and grown people are miss
A Husband Going1 to tbo Train to 800
the Truant Pair On .
There was considerable excitement
at the Union depot in St. Louis the
other evening aver a social sensation.
A young man and woman in ono of
the cars attached to the Missouri
Pacific train Were talking rather loudly
and making so much noise that finally
a police oilico thought it- his duty to
investigate matters and find the cause
of the trouble. The man explained
that the woman was his wife and wns
loayingftr Kansas City with ? 170 ,
two diamond rin s , and a drummer ,
all except the latter being his prop-
arty. On being asked for an expla
nation the young woman said : "Ar
rest that man. I order you to do so.
Ho is a drunken fool , and I am not
ooing ; to live with him any longer. "
"Sho Btolo two diamonds and $170
from me , and I want her arrested , "
shouted the husband , whoso "full-
QOSB" there was no mistaking.
The officer didn't know what to do
In the matter , when finally the young
man told him not to mind arresting
the young woman , as ho had made up
Ilia mind to allow her to take the jewelry -
olry and money , although flho was
leaving him and taking up with an
other man. Ho then stood outHido
ar and commenced smiling and flirt
ing with hia wife , and she returned
the smiles and flirtation. A little
later the young man changed his tune ,
Altered the car again , and demanded
lis money , JJein refused , ho left ,
iftor some talk , and took up his
itand once moro on the platform. A
nomont later the train pulled out.
rhe forsaken husband still hold bis
oat on the plutform rail , and rpdo
mt of the depot. When a hundred
'nrds away from it ho jumped from
ho moving car , and standing upon a
ailroad tie , ho waved his * handker-
hief. , His truant wife , noticing this
low move , waved her's in return , and
he was still waving it when the train
rent out of sight. The forsaken one
eturnod to the depot and commenced
alking to the police officer who
iad first accosted him. The officer
ntroduoed the man to'a Globe-Demo-
rat reporter , saying , "This is , 'a do-
ectivo. " At the wprd "detective"
.ho man said that hia name was Harry
Dunkm , and that ho was b6ok-keeper
n a Jarge establishment in East Bt ,
Louis , and earned $180 a month. He
would not givn the name of the firm
imploying him. Ho said his wlfo had
been acting .badly over tinco one day
eighteen months n o , when he madu
tier his own in Albany , N. Y ( | and
that ho was glad to got rid of her.
And tlio Loaders of the Land
League Oomo Forth.
The British Cabinet Reach a
Sensible Conclusion Re
garding the Suepeots.
An Occasional Explosion Sends
Nihilistic Oheor to the
Arrival of Lieut Dnnf nhowor and
Party at MOIIOOW.
National Auoclated PreM
LONDON , April 30. At n cabinet
council Saturday evening it was de
cided to release nil Inch suspects now
in prison in Ireland who nro not
charged with outrages.
Counsel for Dr. Lamson writes that '
during throe months prior to the con
viction of Dr. Lamson , hia relatives
never in ado n single suggestion , as to
hia insanity.
prevailed last evening in the south of
England. It waa especially aovero
ulong the channel , doing great dam-
ugo to hotiJca nnd shipping. Several
lives arc reported lost.
PARIS , April 30. A dispatch re
ceived hero this evening states that
0,000 Moora attackeu and cut two
companies of the Frmich foreign
legion who were escorting a topographical
graphical expedition in the province
of Orrin , Algeria. *
ST. PKTURSUURO , April 30. The
Nihilists are ngiin at work. The po
lice discovered a mine under the
Spirons railroad station at Mos
cow , connected by an electric bat
tery in a hous aomo distance off. It
is also suspected that the imperial pa
vilion at the Moscow exhibition is
undermined. Eighteen auapectod
persons wore nrroated.
LONDON , May 1.- Princess Marie ,
of Wurtomburg , sister of the duchess
of Albany , nuo Princcaa Helena , of
Waldeck , ia dead.
on the boat race between Hanlon and
Trickott , to take place to-day , ia seven
to two on Hanlan.
AHERDEEN , Mayl. A fire occurred
in the Now Market building yeator-
day , destroying property to the value
of 100,000. Several perse us lost
their lives in the firo.
ST. PETERSRURO , April 30. A part
of the crew of the Arctic steamer
Jeannette , under charge of Lieut.
Danenhower , arrived at Moscow yes
terday. Lieut. Danonhowor ia losing
his sight.
CAIRO , April 30.---The court mar
tial of forty-throe Circassian officers ,
charged with conspiring to kill Arabi
Bey Pasha , minister of war , has con
cluded its labors. The prisoners
were found guilty pf the charges and
ordered to bo exiled. Some of the
officers confessed that the object of
the conspiracy to kill Arabi Boy
Paaha was to dethrone the Khedive
arid bring back Ismaol Pasha to ad
minister the affairs of the govern
ST. PETERSDURO , April 30. An
official report published here denies
the severity of the recent anti-Jewish
riots nnd says the disorder was at
Balta , the authorities everywhere else
having acted with energy to protect
the Jews.
BERLIN , April 30. The now elec
tric railway has been opened in this
city ,
BERNB , April 30. Tremendous
snow storms have occurred in the
Alps , Thj > Simplon is impassable ,
and mails nro stopped.
Ziabor'a Doinaudt.
National Aiuociated Press.
PHILADELPHIA , April 30. At a
mass meeting of carpontora hold this
evening it was decided to strike forCO
cents per day , on present wages , which
vary from ? 2 50 to $3 00 according to
skill. It is believed COO will turn out
to-morrow morning.
Journeymen barbers hold a secret
meeting this evening to consider the
advisability of demanding an advance
on pain of a strike. The desiaion was
held in abeyance ,
A Gr t Scare.
National Aatodatod tfttH. '
CHICAGO , April 30. Forty laborer *
in the ore gang of South Chicago roll
ing mills have struck several times for
an advance to 35 cents per hour but
have not as yet been successful. It is
now learned that the dissatisfied J ,
with others who have been discharged
havoformed , a plot to blow up the
works with dynamite placed in the
coal. If the plot succeeded the loss
of life would .bo frightful , as 1,200
men are employed about : the mills ,
Bal ofFa t
National AnOdated Proas.
CHICAGO , April 30 H , V. Bemis
sold "Littlp Brown Jug , " the cele
brated pacer , with , a record of 2:115 : ,
and "Silverton. " trotter , 2:20 ] , to
Commodore Kilton , of St. Paul , for
? 30,000 for the two ; 'Sorrel Dan , "
pacer , 2:15 : , was sold to J ) , L. Hall ,
for ? 4,600j "Ned Hunter , " pacer ,
220 ; , brother of "MatUe .Hunter,1"
waa sold to Wra , McCarthy , pf Chioi-
o , for 81,400 ; "Hardwood" Boy
stxllum , by 'Blackwood Jr. , " 2:344 : ,
was eold to W. K. Armstrong , of A L- *
monte , Mich , for 95,000 ; "Fred. i
Douglass , " trotter. 2:241 : , was sold to <
L. ChambMt , of PUUbw'rg , for $3,000. (