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    OTHEH I.ANDS THAN OPK5 L _ _ 15 lbg . I
7 t Saturday Morning April 16
I "
suuscmrTioN HATES :
Bj-Orrkr , - - - - - S0ccntrrwcfk.
ByMnU , - - - eiOOOperYor.
Offlco : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
C. E. MAYNE , MMiupcr CUr Circulation.
H. W. T1LTON. City Editor.
Get your cash books , day books , led
gers nnd other blank bonks nt Seaman's.
Yesterday 1cm o to marry was given
to John P , Cochran and Miss Jenny
Cooper , both of this city ,
"Cranky Bill" VM ycttcrdny trough
before Justice Fraincy , and Iho usual con
tinuance wai given for one week.
One of the employcaof the stockyard
was yesterday twice badly gored by < v bu !
which he was loading Into a car.
To-morrow evening the Baptist Sun
day school Is lo hnvo n concert and eier
dies of special interest at tha church.
Paul Anderson , a stranger , too drun'
to be at large , found that It cost $7 to in
tcrview Judge Aylesworth yentcrday
morning ,
The concert nnd ba'l ts bo given bj
-Berry's juvenile band on Monday evening
next promises to bo well nttcndcd and U
prove en enjoyable event.
Quarterly meeting 6f the Broadway
church to-morrow ( Sundav ) . Love fe
nt 0.30 n. m. Preaching nt 10:30 : n. m. nm
7:30 p. m. Sunday school nt 12 m.
Mrs. J. J. Bliss , of 328 Broadway , has
returned from Now York with the choices
assortment of millinery and fancy goods
to be found In the city. She desires on
- , , lady readers to call and inspect her goods
' ' * A man named John Hitchcock hm
been on n spree for tovcral week * , untl
hla friends have notified nil saloon men
thatltbey will proeectito any one selling
The officerswero , yesterday on th
hnnt here , but in vain , for n young man
named Pomeroy , who is wanted at Crcston
j , ' f f to answer to the charge of being nn un
r k , ? married father.
f J Dr. Charles Blade , the well known
' „ , spirit medium , promises eomo startling
I | manifestations at Dohanoy'n Sunday even-
'i' ing , and will doubtless draw a full house ,
' ' as ho docs ov crywhcre.
' f ? Call at Osborne's , No. 102 Broadway
; ; ' J1 and see his mammoth pyramid of lOc
' ' canned goods. It contains over 1,000 cans
and reaches from the flair to the celling ,
containing nil kinds of fruits and vegota-
\ ( r Ides. Don't mtss seeing it.
J l The old scales on Willow street , the
i , ; ownership of which seems a matter elf
f doubt , nnd the disposition of which has
| / ' < f often proved n theme of talk in the conn
' > , cil , wers yesterday removed by order of
tbe city fathers , and stored until whoever
is the owner should take them away and
pay costs.
/ * The police were yesterday called ou vo
hunt up a stray little three-year-old , n
grand child of N. F. Story , the master
mechanic of the Chicago & Hock Island.
The child was missed about 11 o'clock In
tbe forenoon , and was still missing at G
( , ' ' o'clock in the evening. Tbe mother Is
I Mrs. V/ickwIro , of Omaha , who with the
t L t r ' child are visiting here.
The city council haying had its atten
tion called to the fact that saloons wlthitr
two miles of the city llmita are subject to
the sasae llcenje as though located within
the city , has instructed the marshal to
notify such keepers to call at the Captain's
office and eottlo. As no such demand has
over been made on them before , a protest
may be expected.
A number from hflre , including L.
Chapman , J. J. Fratnoy , Ed. Hughes ,
Albert Nonck , Ira Hendrlok , Charlie Stir-
-raden and J. Barko went to Omaha Thurs *
day to see McCulloufth In "The Gladla-
tor. " They were highly pleased , but the
pleasure of tha evening was badly jarred
ty their trhls and tribulations In securing
a passage homo. Instead of finding n spe
cial train as expected , they were Informed
by thoTJ. P. agent that there was no way
; to get back to Council Bluffs except to
| swim , After a time they induced him to
let the dummy take them across the
fridge for 810. In their anxiety to get
homo they came down with the mwbuck
and secured passage. On the dummy
i train they learned that if they Imvo been
sharp enough to have w.vlted a little longer
they could have got over ou a freight
train. When the foot and wagon bridge
is built , there will be an end to these an
noyances and extortions , and one can ride
ocwalk to suit hlspurao nnd suit hla time.
By all means hurry up with the wagon
Gaining Titles.
The following transfer of real es
tate are reported as taken from the
ceunty records by J , W. Squire &
Co. , abstractors of titles , real estate
and loan agents :
0. II. Gates to 0. Farnalen , no sw '
7,75,52 , S800.
A. E. Huff to P. Martin , part of
BW ne , 12 , 75 , 40 ; 815.
J. I. Reed to J. Timborman , wi
awl , 4,75. 30 ; § 1,440. '
J , N. Young to P. L. Reed , lots 7
and 8 in block 1 , Arnold's first addi
tion to Oakland ; $150.
W. A. Arel to J. W , OarJ , undivid
ed one-half of lot 3 in block 2 , 3 and
undivided one-half o ! lot I in block
25 , in Burns' addition to the city.
J. M , Phillips to M. J. Hubbard ,
lot 3 in sub of lot 44 , and lot 3 in
sub of lot 45 , 0 , P. , city ; $350.
G. W. Bellinger to H. M. Bellinger ,
lot 1 in block 8 , Everett's addition fo
the city ; $200 ,
Casper Foster to A. Davis , lot 4 in
block 5 , in Windon ; $50.
, D. Foster to 0. B. & Q , R. It. , lots
C , 15 and 10 , in block W in Hughes
r & Doniphan's addition to the city ;
Win. Banks to H , Taller. Jot 4 in
Mock 19 , Riddle sub-division , city ;
$425 ,
I W , Moore to F. M. Wilson , lot 13
in blook 1 , Carson ; 8500.
Thomas Oflicer to M , P. Ilico , lot
11 and south one-half of lot 12 in
block IQ Baylisa'airat addition'city ;
, , G ° to Hughes & Trowelee'B , 12
Main etreet , for fine candies.
. / n
te R' * / <
Ka M pKJ
They Are Not Bearing Theii
Share of ttio Burdens
of the City ,
Some Interesting Fnots nnd Fig
ntoi for Tax Pavers to
Think Over *
TUB BUB IIRS already called public
attention to the irregularities arising
from the present mode of assessing
railways. Under the code of the state
the executive council estimates the
number of miloa which any railway
has in the state , and the total value
of the same , together with nil im
provements and equipments used in
operating the road , and then strikes
an average or how much a inilo it is io
bo valued at in possessing. It certifies
to each county the number of miles to
each road in that county and the value
per mile , and the county board in
turn certifies to each town the length
and value of the roads in that town-
ship. As a result of this procedure a
milo of the Chicago , Ilock Island &
Pacific railway is valued at § 12,700 ,
whether it is on the prairie , without
a bridge , culvert or ling station , or
whether it is in the heart of Council
Blufla , with depots , warehouse's ' , side >
tracks nnd hotel. As a result of thi
mode of assessing some strange in
consistencies nro apparent. The tola
valuation of the railway property in
this county is figured at § 014,580
and although this city pays three
fifths of all the taxes rnisod in the
county , yet it is allowed a valuatior
on the railway property within its
limits of only § 14 ,795.
The property of the Chicago , Rock
Island & Pacific in this county is
valued at § 324,712 , yet the valuation
of its property in this city is valued at
only 870,200. What property the
same road has in Garner t < / < vnship is
valued at $85,000 ; in Norwalk town
ship , $87,122 , and in Minden town
hip it is valued at just as high a
figure as all the property it owns in
this city.
The Chicago & Northwestern rail
way is another instance. Its property
in the county , outside of its city
property , is valued at § 188,417 , and
in this city at only $31,725. In
Crescent township alone its property
is valued at moro than twice as much
as all its property in this city.
Other figures of like import could
bo given concerning other roads it this
city. To make the facts moro aggra
vating , the railways own much prop
erty hero which is nominally used in
operating the roads. It is stated that
thcro are a number of lota across ,
perhaps , ono corner of which runs a
side track or a rusty switch ,
ind the whole lot is thus
elaimed as being a part of the
jporating property of the road , when
in fact it is rented out to some private
Jarty for building purposes. The city
; ouncil is looking after some of these
ots and after some other property
; laimed to bo a part of the railway
jroper , and not subject to regular as
There is , for instance , the now ole
rater , which cost from § 200,000 to
$300,000 $ , and which is claimed as ox-
smpt from taxation because built by a
> eel of all'the ' railways. It has been
luggested by some who have invest- !
; attid the matter that the city should
irocood to assess and tax such railway
iroporty as is being used for other
han strictly operating purposns , and
o proceed as on other property and
ot the railways do the fighting.
IherllT Gulttur Is Blmsolf Arrested
While Serving Papers
Upon Others.
Sheriff Quittar hdd a little trip out
nto the country yesterday for the
mrposo of serving papers as a part of
lia official duties , Having stopped at
Uoca and done what ho had to dele
lo there ho pushed on to Walnut.
ioon alter his arrival ho mot a friend ,
md ia conversation with him stated
hat ho had just come from Avoca.
Cho words had barely passed his lips
yhon thn marshal , not knowing who
io was , stopped up to him nnd or-
estod him. The marshal said that
iValnut was quarantined against
Ivoca , and ho has orders to arrest all
t-angors hailing from there. The
iherilT , without raukinghimsolf known ,
[ uiotly submitted , and the marshal
narchod him before the mayor and
presented his caso. The ahorill' urged
; hat witnesses bo sent for from
Ivoca , and got the ofllcials into quito
k puzzled state of mind. They did
lot want to send an olllcor into Avoca
md bring witnesses from there lest
hey might thus import the small pox ,
ind Huch a course would break down
ho quarantine restrictions. At the
aino time it was a hardship to
coop a man under arrest until the
luarantino was raised , especially as
ho prisoner declined to furnish bonds.
L'ho man was entitled to witnesses ,
> ut to got thorn was as much of an
iflenso as that which ho wao alleged
o have committed , After trying to
olvo the puzzle they concluded to let
ho accused go , on his statement that
jo was not a resident of Avoca , but
lad only stopped off there on business.
Chen the sheriff made himsoU known ,
ind the farce ended in smoke.
There has been some bitterness
iprung up between the residents of
bValnut and Avoca , because of
ho quarantine restrictions. Those
Jving at Avoca fpol sore that such an
nsinuation should bo made so pub-
icly , nnd such a wide spread notice
ihould bo made of their having lied a
o\v cases of small pox. Some of the
ntizens of Walnut foolishly charge
; hat florae of the Avoci folks would
ladly import a caao of small ppx into
; heir yjllago if possible. So the war
{ oca oil. ThoBhoritfaimply foil n vie ,
na to thia feeling ,
IIol For an Opera Houao
The talk of building an opera house
wo is still kept up , in the hope that
t will ripen into 'action , Th'osug- '
irectcd for $30,000 or $40,000. Such
. V _ _ . _ \ . tmM ± L * . a
a suggestion is sheer rfonscnso. A
"building" can , perhaps , bo put up
for that amount , but it would bo vorj
foolish to think thnt nny sncli
amount would provide for at
"opera houso' ' worthy of the name.
The only danger of the present situa
tion is that nemo such small or cheap
building will bo put up. If no , it
will have a tendency to prevent this
city from havinjt for many years , at
least , and perhaps prevent forever ,
such a building as this city should
have as an amusement center. Coun
cil BlufTa is growing , and is bound to
grow , and if an opera house is built ,
it should be ono which will not
only meet the present ncds , but will
meet the needs of twenty ycais hence.
The opera house in Omaha cost up
wards of § 100,000. This city should
have as fine an opera house as Omaha ,
and it can have ono , if the citizens
will show n little pluck and enterprise.
It will bo a detriment to sccuro only
n building of but ordinary size and
attainment , as it will eorvo as a dog in
the manger when any attempt is made
in the future to build ono moro suit
able to the needs of the city. Let
the push bo rn.-ulo for a largo , hand
some structure , which will merit the
attention of the whole country.
to OHlcors and Members and What
They are Doing and Can Do.
The board of trade of Council Blufia
is a comparatively younjt organization ,
having been started just prior to Jan
uary 1 , 1881. Its work has been not
so much of a commercial nature a ? of
a general utility order. Various mat
ters of concern to the city as a whole ,
rather than to the board of trade as n
body , have been brought up from
time to time for thought and action ,
and much practical good has been ac
complished. Still moro ought to bo
done to help build up the city , nnd io
champion its interests , but for a
lethargy among many who ohould
give the Board their hearty support.
Thcro are a number of enterprises
such as the building of an opera
house and the securing of a govern
ment building , which could bo mighti
ly helped along by this organization
if all its members wore keenly alive
nnd enthusiastic , and these who ought
to join wonld como in readily and
work willingly. Such an organization
when properly manned nnd heartily
supported can do a great work for
this cily. When meetings are called
they nro too often neglected , and the
few who do gather shrink from tak
ing the responsibility of moving in
important matters. In the hope that
the organization may gather to itself
moro strength , may attract moro at
tention , nnd may take fresh courage ,
THE BEE gives the following list of
the present membership of the board :
L. 0. Baldwin John W. Clmnmnn
Marshall Key F. C. No ell
Lewis Hammer J. J. Hathaway
Geo. C. Keelino J. H. Davidson
H. E. Heamnn It. C. Hubbard
John T. Bildwlu 32.1) ) . Hnrkncsa
A. O. Grnhnm John N. Baldwin
F. H , Orcutt L. W. Tulleya
John P , Weaver Hpencer Smith
C. S. LefTerts J. St. O. Hillls
Henry -Kieoman E. H. Odell
Leonard Everett A. T. Llwell
W. I ! . .lames 1W. . McUarger
A. T. FlicMnger Nathan Phillips
E. J. Woodbury I0. . Kmpkle
H. H MotcaU Dr. A. B. McKune
F. W. Spetinan A. B. Walker
John Schoentgen W. F. Sapp
Thomas Gavin J. W. llodefer
J. Mueller Julin Hammer
J. Haton XT. T. Hart
M. G. Griffin M. E Smith
J. O. Do Haven C. Geisa
P. B. Hart Jacob Sims
John H. Keatlcy 1 . J. McMahon
George Cnrson Henry Van Brunt
Hichard Green 1' . L. Shugart
Jach Pcregoy W. Kunjon
Charloa Pease Benjamin Newman
The ofiicors at present are : Presi
dent , L. 0. Baldwin ; first vice presi
dent , II. H. Motcalf ; second vice
president , W. 0. James ; secretary ,
E. D. Odoll ; treasurer , E. E. Hark-
ness ; directors , M. E. Smith , Henry
Eisoman , F. 0. Newell , A. B. Mo-
Kune , A. 0. Graham.
With such men , all alive and in
earnest , and with the additional sup
port of many others who ought to
join , there is strength enough to
make a success of almost any plan or
enterprise worth pushing forward , if
this strength could be concentrated
&nd rightly directed.
In Dohano'y'a Opera house , Sunday
i or vice at 3 p. m. W. E. Copeland
vill lootuio on "Ingersoll and his
Mtica. "
Ex-Mayor M. Bloom , of Iowa City ,
vaa In the city jcstordny , and ntopi > ! og at
.he Otfdeu.
Hon. Joseph Hankin , no well known
-hrough the.political clrcloi of Wisconsin ,
ivaa at the OgJcn yesterday.
George 11. Beard * M reminded that
rimra Jay was hid birthday , by receiving
in elegant bouk-ciao from lita brother in
Omaha. It was nu excellent lemlmler.
0. H , Colewnn , foreman for F. J ,
; ) flborne , was all smiles yesterday morn
ing and WAS setting up the clgnru for the
joys , the cause of hi * glee being a ten-
) ouud girl baby.
A fresh and choice lot of bananas
[ ust recaivpd at Huxhes & Troweleo's ,
12 Alain street.
The average attendance at the
schools of Groat'n is 7C5.
The Hosting indebtedness of Ida
: ounty ii to bt * bonded.
Dubuquo'a floating indebtedness
mounts to nearly $105,000 ,
The Froo-will Baptists , of Spence ? ,
uro erecting a § 2,001) , church ,
Ice will bo sold in Burlington the
raming cummer at ono dollar pur 100
[ lounda.
An examination of the books of the
O'Brien county treasurer showed a
balance in his favor of ninoty-sovon
The atato auditor has made a call
im the various stock and 'savings'
banksiof the state for statements'of
their financial condition ou March 31 ,
The mains of the Burlington -watei
works are clogged with sediment , and
the cost of cleaning them out in esti
mated at from $12,000 to $15,000.
The foundation of the now coutl
house at Oakatoosa hns bc6ri con
demned by the architect and most ol
it will have to be taken out and relaid
The little son of Pat Smith was run
over by the cars nt Sioux City last
Sunday. The body of the bov wna
picked up by a train man , It wna
still filled with boo-hoos , and though
its owner limped n little and cried a
good deal , in respect to the occasion ,
no wna unhurt , nnd wai led homo by
the Gromnn. Ho tall between the
rails and hugged the tr ! ? .
In Dohanoy's hall , Sunday , April
loth , at 3 o'clock p. m. , Rev. W. E.
Copelandj of Omaha , will lecture on
"Ingorsoll and his Critics. " Admis
sion froc , and all are invited.
Ladies , ' Children's and Men's Dog
Skin Shoes just received war.-antcd
to out-wear anything nmdo of leather.
Call and see them nt J. B. FIL
BERT'S , 047 Broadway , np-15 ot
Roinlmrt & Hosscr are lo open this
evening at their now quarters nt
Turner Hall. A tree spread will bo
provided , and everybody is invited.
NOTIOK. Special nhcrtlscinetits , 41
X5st , Found , To Loan , For Sale , To Rent ,
Wants , Boarding , etc. , i\lll to Insetted In thli
column at the low ntoof TEN CHNT3 PER
LINE for the first Insertion and TIVE CENTS
'Ell LINE ( or each uubeLqucnt Inscrtlnn.
> oa\o nilv crthcmcnls at our office , No. ;
'ca'I Street/icar Uroadnay.
Tobuy or hare built , n cotUire
WANTED installments. Addnrs I' . O.
box 088 or Inquire at Tha Dee office. ( { irUU
I70K aALKelbcrtrunU , or Womin'g
t * Friend , the nat Oemisn dlsco\crr.
'asltlvocuro ( or female weak DUBS In all its
arlous forma and 8tac . At
nprlS'lm DntIAVEN'SDniff Store.
IjAUrv &Alh tx-Maj \uUKIinn cilcis the
D "two itorcs" ard "two eight room real-
enccs" ndjolnlnt ; Pohanj'a opera liovuo nn < l
ppo-lto the city market , for Baloor trade at a
urgaln. The lour bulldlnpa ure well ada-tccl
or a laige boaiOInf utablUhmcnt , hoto . hos-
pltal. etc. apl7-tt
A tiuu ] > tip ; leather coiUr ulthbrnus
LU31 In It ; wnlto with two br.ndlo spots on
KB back ; answers to the numo of - 'CapFinder
lease lea\o word at The Jlce ollleo. U
"VAT AN'IED Uooks to kicu wlitioJll. . can
W bo done morning and c\ciilng alto copy. .
Ing. All buslncfa confidential , for further
particulars call at 331 Broad ay , Jd floor , or
oddrcss D. D. Mor e. u2 tf.
A peed girl for ircnernl house
work on. hola ncith good ua.csand
Is ullllnir to earn them. Aii'ily r.t UKB ofllcc ,
I'carl street. al-tf.
\T/ANTED-ActUc.lntcIlUcnt Sollcltora for
VV the Mutual Benefit Association of Council
Bluffs for touna nnd lOunMti In lona. Applj
personally or b ) letter to the Secretary. aB 2w
A widow lady with four chil
dren wants to liccp liotuo ou a farm. For
particulars Inquire at Bee OHIce.
SALE Stock and Hxturts of a Meat
EOR located on JJrojdnar ; henr location
and larscat cnsh tr.-do In Council 1 ! uI ( ; owner
has other business. Fo particulars audri < 3 P.
Obox. J275 , CouDdl Ulna , la.
OOIt RENT One or two furnished rooms ,
Jj llh or without board. Comculrnt to
trans cr. lira. W U. 1 radbury , Fourth a\e-
nue , scccnd west door \ic t Soxentccnth street.
. W. L. PA'J'IUN Phjslolan and Oculist.
Cancureanycasoofsoroeyo' . It Is only
a matter of time , and tan euro ( rcncrally In
from three to the weeks-It tnakca no differ
ence how long diseased. Will straighten cross
cC8 , operate and remo\o FtjregmniB , etc. , and
tnterttirtiaclal cjes ap5-M
11KNT Two nleely furnished rooms to
F01 gentlemen , In % ery dolrable location.
r.pll-tf J. W. SQUIUE&CO.
KENT. T o ? 20 houses acd ono Store ,
FOll 2.1 Uroadn a } . Apply
aprll-lm AM. WILSON.
ANTED An experienced unit or at No.
1007 Firnham street , Omaha , Neb.
nprll-Stt JOHN MERKirr.
SALE liea-itilnl resldenco lot * , SCO
EOU ; nothliif down , and S3 per \\cclc only ,
A NYONE WANTING sorccnno quillty brosm
jt\ , corn eccd can gft It li > - wtltliiff in
I1. T. MAYNE , Ciuncll Blulfr ,
'ANi'KD ' To buy houioand lot on monthly
W pajraents. Addrcs XUcuoryce.
rAM'KU 'I'D rent n email cotlnga at into.
W Address C. M. , or enquire at HICK olllce.
TT7-AHTED E erybody In Countll Bluffs lo
VV to taKe Tin IK ! , 20 centa per week , do
llverod by carriers. Office , No 7 Pearl Strcotl
near liroadn ay ,
To buy 100 tons broom corn.
WANTED address Council Illufft
Broom Factory , Council Illufla , Iowa. C5i-0tf
POlfBALE oid papers 25o JMJI hundrodTTl
Thn Bee opleo. Council Bluffs. ecZT-tf
ijiuu KEN1 1,11x 0 house , centrally heated ,
JJ iilco urounds. etc. . 825 per month. Enquire
itBBEolllco. * spll-tf
Justice of the Peace and
Notary Public.
4-l6Broadway , Council Bluffs
Pel cil and moit. BROS
SunOay Evediug , April 16th ,
Under the audioes rf the National Ljxeum
bureau , of Boston.
lly a Jury cf tliopooplt at larifa. If thcrj It nuj
truth In Biilrliuillmu it la youruuty
to know It.
Awlsted br J. NELSON JEFKEUSON and
WAUV HOLMES , two well Known raenluiiw ,
nllllntradueo tliolr oudortul Ol'EN HQU1
BKANUKat llioabo\o hull on th above men.
tloncJ evening : ,
Oomu mulBehoia the Marvels Thesis
801110 of thoirtoat tcsU that 111 iiosltUely be
produced , clothed liJ > U tlie weird ( lufround
inirs and Impressive wvstcr ) of thqtcanco ropti ) ,
Jl iTEttlALlUAHONVVoruis pF > r fud nro
irtilal ) virlble tolho untlro ud euco l' > clio- .
{ rapby , or Independent bluto Wrttln ? , ep rlt
riao , I. KC , etc. i > k * , i. " .
Doors open < vt 7:16 : ; seince commf nccs at 81) ) ,
Aeuull JmU ion will charged to Jelriy
Are Supplying tbo Aesthetic
Wants of the Public in
With Everything in Staples nt
the Lowest Prices ,
Fresh Roast Oofiees ,
Chioce Drawing Teas ,
Boston Tea Go.
16 Main Bt , and 15 Pearl St. ,
Council Bluffs ,
Road , Track , Coach & Livery
E. II. SHERMAN , Business Manager.
WM. CHRISTOPHER , Mechanical Manngcr.
124 S. Main St. , Council BluITs , la.
Bright and yellow nnd hvd nnd cold ,
Molten , graven , hammered and roll'd ,
Heavy to pet nnd light to hold ;
Hoarded , tmtered , bought nnd Bold.
Stolen , borrowed , squandered , and doled ;
Spurned by the young , but hugged by the
To the very verge of the churchyard
mould ;
Piice of many ac.imo untold.
If vou want to have gold yni must
spend your money to tha ery bcstadvant-
ape. JDo business with ctsh men , nnd
where only one price will be asked or
"A tree is Imown by its fruit "
A store by its prices ,
3ur prices are ri ht. Our business is a
piaranteo that fair dealing is our w.itch
word. XLOR ia our motto . Our busi
ness is in a most healthy condition. Every
department is doing good work. Canned
jroods are going of very cheap. Teas
ind Coffees a choice assortment. Fancy
Shelf Goods for the million. Come and
see us , wo will do you
F , J , OSBOENE & CO , ,
162 Broadway , Opposite Ogden
Offlco and Works , Main Street ,
Wo giio special attention to
Stamp Mills , Smelting Furnaces ,
will receive prompt attention. A general as
sortment of
Brass Goods. Baiting , Pining ,
Foundry , Pig Iron , ( Joke , Goal ,
Bixby & Wood ,
On Bancroft or ( Fourth Streets- )
Prs ; Woodbury & Son ,
Cor. Pearl & 1st Ave. COUNCIL BLUFFS.
Rich Out Glass , Fine French Oblna ,
Silver Ware &a ,
MES , fl , J. BILTON , M , D ,
222 Broadwiiy , Council Blutft.
Jy'a. . AUtN'f. JACOU B1MS.
Attorneys & JounsellprsatiLawi
Broadway , Cor. Fourth St. ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
- -
Jmolcoriug , Weber. Jbindeman , J. Mueller
and other Pinnofc , $20O and upward.
Burdett , Western Cottage , : Tabor and
Paloubet Organs , $6Oandupward. Musi
cal Merchandise of every diBcription.
Italian Strings a specialty ; imported
direct. Music Booko , Sheet-Music , JL'oys ,
Games , Fancy Goods , Wholesale and De
tail. Pianos and Organs sold for Cash
and on Time. Stock is large , full and com
plete. Musical' Journal ireo on applica
tion. Correspondence Solicited.
Address :
103 South 5th Street.
Guarantees the Best $1.50 ; $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff aid Willow Streets , Council luffs.
. . ,
Dress and Cloak Makers and Manufacturers of Ladies line
Iitices , Embroideries and Fancy Goods Constantly on Hand.
Mirrors , Upholstery , Bepairing , Eto , . Wood and Metallic Coffins.
No. 430 Broadway , Cor. Bryant St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Hats , Caps , 'Straw Goods , and Buck Gloves.
Has For Sale , Town Lots , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Lands ,
and a number or Well Improved Farms , both in Iowa and Nebraska.
Office with W. S. MAYN-E. over Savings Bank , - OOUVOILi BLTJFS
Wall Paper and Window Shades
And the Largest Assortment to Select I'rom.
Papel" Hanging and Interior Decorating
Zlono in the lint OK t Style of Modern Art.
Geo. R. Beard , 11 Pearl St. Council Bluffs.
C. A , BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale and Itetall Dealers In
Nos. 207 & 209 Broadway. Council Bluffs.
Bluffs City Business College , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Hero will bo taught c\crj branch pertaining to a
Complete Business Education.
Fupt'B recehcd at any time , and for nny portl'n o ! the couruo. Tor terms or farther
information , call at 331 Broadway , BecoLd Floo'r , or ad4re98
D. B. MORSE. Principle.
Dealer In
of All Kinds' A Fall liino of Canvas , Felts , Embroidery , Knitting
Sillia and Stamped GoodsNloo Aisortnont of Applique Pictures
Or , in the language of Cromwell , we say to the little
souls who deal in Shoddy Goods and Misrepresenta
tion by telling their handful of customers that Our
Prices are above their own , to "Fire Away Flanigm. "
Our Customers know wa deal in'
Honest Made , Comfortable Fitting , Stylish
And that our prices areas low as it la pobslblo to Boll good gooda. Investi
gate for yourself.
; T '
l ! t