Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 15, 1882, Image 6

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    The Omaha Bee
fnblIih d Tery morning , except SondAy.
Vha only Monday morning rbklly ,
One STisr $10.00 I ThrooMonlhj.W.OO
Six Months , 5.001 One . . 1.00
ory Wednesday.
Ono Y < > ar. $2.00 I ThreaMonthi. . 60
BlxMoatlw. . . . 1.00 | One , , 20
] -AI1 Commnnl.
Cfttlom rolntlnn to News and IZdllorial mat-
era should be rtddremod to the EDITOR or
ffni lira.
Ljttors snd McmiUancRS chould bo wl-
drwsecl to THE OMAHA PujiuaiiiNS COM-
Pitnr , OMAHA. Drafts , Chock * nnd Poir-
otfico ( Men to IKJ made payable to the
order o ! the Coumatiy.
OuAiti ia bound to hare nn nssny
oflico if olio can't Rot the mint.
JUST now the assessor is the most
imposing official in the land.
THK fire department oloolions nro
becoming as lively as llascall's Second
"Word primnrfcs.
NKHRASKX has only three floats to
fill in congress this year , with a dozen
candidates for each seat.
CONTINUKD depressions in the stock
market , heavy falls in valuoa and
hundreds of ruined apcculators , ought
to teach amateurs the folly of playing
against gimblors who hare the ad
vantage of loaded dice and an un
limited bank account.
Or course the fruit crop is ruined.
It has boon ruined every year after
the late spring frosts and remains
ruined until heavy oupplios from
ground bout limbs take the starch out
of the fancy price * of too easily fright
ened dealers.
IT looks as if the south is about to
take the advice of the congressman
who advised them to r.uso moro hogs
and hominy and Ices hades. Alabama
and several other states report a nota
ble increase in the crop of grain , nnd
announce their intention of bearing
the market for hoe cake und horse
VALENTINE'S pensioners are making
much ado about this eminent fitatos-
man's great speech on the Chinese
bill , which in all probability was ono
of the many upcechos that are prepar
ed to order and filed for record with
out over being delivered. But if
Valentino woa the real author of that
great npooch , instead of Fred Nye or
Homo other committee clerk , tbero ia
nothing in it that would arouse the
average Nebraskan to a pitch of en
thusiasm. In the first place Nebraska
in not overrun with moon-oyodlopora ,
and the Chinese question does not
fguro-prominontly in our politics. In.
the next place , Valentino cannot
hoodwink workingmen or farmers by
bnnooimb spoochoa on the Chinese bill
when they know him to bo all wrong
on every vital issue which concerns
Tun citizens of Polk county are to
bo congratulated on the advent of
the Farmers' Advocate , published at
Osooola aud edited by Miss Ada M.
Bittonbondor. Judging from the first
number the Advocate has the true
ring of the fearless champion of the
interests of the producers und a
vigorous opponent o. grouping monop
olies. * Such papers are needed in
every section of the state , and nowhere -
where ia there a moro promising field
than in Polk county. No where in this
Ute has the lotiFproes moro shame
fully prostituted its power and nought
to keep their patrons in ignorance
bout the most vital issues of the day.
It U high time that at least ono paper
. . . , ln Osooola ia disposed to voice the
'wiahes ' and eodtimont of tno people ,
instead of merely playing eocoiid
fiddle to the Omaha corporation or
companion have 'received a se
vere blow in the decision of a Now
York judge that the gas motor ia not
Infallible. The plaintilf shuts up his
houao and with hia family nUirtod for
Europe , where ho romniuod three
months. Upon bia return ho was
amazed to discover that his gas motor
had continued business at the old
stand with its accustomed regularity ,
and hod registered 30,000 foot of gas
aa consumed during hia absence , al
though not A single burner had been of
lighted for three months. Against of
hia protest [ the gas company pro-
entod a blank with the ] figures aa
registered by the faithlnl gu meter
neatly calculated , showing the amount
consumed as stated. The victim ap
pealed to the courts , and the bench
decided that the power of n g&s com
pany over ita tuitoiuora may bo re in
stricted by "q ptiona of fact , to bo
determined by ffcdonco and not by
the will or conclusion of the com *
pauy. " The principle which now
goemi to be eottled , ia that victim *
have the right to go behind the ro- Uw >
tertu of the gaa meter and force the w
ocnpany to show correctly how much et
ftuhubeen burned. If tbU princi etQ' '
ple ia put into general application , in
{ tare will be great rejoicing in many et
inll swindled oommsaillM , sli
At his own request Prince Alcxan
dor GorlsclmkofT has boon relieved
from the onerous duties of minister o !
foreign Affairs for llusnia ftftcrn diplo
matio career of sixty years and having
for twenty-six years hold the impor
taut post which ho has just loft to his
BUccosBor. GortechakblT comes of an
ancient and distinguished llussian
f.imily which traces its descent to
Kurik , the founder of the Russian
monarchy , who lived in the nintl
contury. Prince I'otcr , ono of thi
most illuilrioui of his ancestor * , wn
a miccosaful Ku lr n general nt thi
beginning of thn seventeenth century
Ilis older brotheM , rrinccs Pcler am
Mikail , wcro the leading generals o
the Russian army in the Crimean war
the former commanded the Itft wing
of the Russian army at the battle o
Alma , while the latter conducted the
defense of Sevastopol. Both nro now
dead. Prince Alexander , thoiryoung
oat and still surviving brother , was
the diplomatist of the family. Horn
in 1798 , ho was secretary of the Rus
sian embassy in London in 1824. lie
served in the Russian legation at Florence
once , Vienna and Stuttgart from 183 (
to 1854. In the latter year ho ropro
tented Russia at the Vienna confer
oncos. In 1850 ho became Russian min
ister of foreign affairs and has hole
that office continuously for moro than
a quarter of a contury. In 1870 ho
issued his circular upsetting the treaty
of 1857 and loadingto the London
conference of 1871. Ho was the
guiding spirit of Russian policy during
the critical period of 1877-79 , and
was ono of the most prominent mem *
bors of the Berlin congress in 1878.
The long career of Gortflchakoff illus
trates the value to continental qov *
ornmonts of those representatives
who give their lives and their nccu
mulated experience to diplomatic du
tios. His retirement io private life is
on impoatant event in the history of
European diplomacy. Through long
service Gortsclmkuff attained the
reputation of being ono of the great
est and most skillful of European
statesmen. Unequal to Bismarck in
force of will , he was more than his
mastnr in strategy. Intimately con
nected with every important event in
the continental hibtory of Iho present
century , his withdrawal to private life
retires ono of the most brilliant stars
in the firmament of great national
loaders. There is no man except the
adviser of Emperor Willhrn
whoso , passing away suggests
awch a retrospect as Prince
QortsohakofT. Ho was a lad of nine
in the royal school of Zalo Zarkoo
when Alexander I. mot Napoleon at
Erfuth ) ho was a young cadet of fif
teen when Alexander , flying north
ward to the Nova , loft hii former
friend Napoleon among the burning
wrocliH of Moscow ; ho was a BUBCGBB-
ful young diplomat when the Bourbons
bens wore driven finally and forever
from Franco. From the crushing of
Hungary to the rapture of pcaco in
1878 , his handicraft was felt in every
great European event. Napoleon III.
esteemed him greater and moro subtle
than Talleyrand a oomplimont'which
so won the old man that in 1870 ho
did hia boat for the fallen dynasty and
its restoration to Franco.
ParnfiU'o roloiBo , over which bo -
blazed throughout Ireland was ,
it Booms only temporary. A week
was the limit placed upon hie visit
to Paris to attend the funeral of a
relative on his parole of honor , after
which he will return and bu incarce
rated in Kilmrinhaiu
jail with a
score of other members of the league.
Of ono thlntt Mr , Gladstone and his
colleagues must bo thoroughly con-
rinood : that the arrest and imprison
ment of hnd league leaders and the
forced suspension of its public meet
ings has not desroyod the efficiency
of that organization or diminished
Iho popularity of its creed. The
league is working as vigorously as
over , and moro dangerously , because
compelled to work out i f sight and
without the advice of those who have
heretofore been ito trusted guides.
The patianco and prudence which Par-
neil and his companions mi ht have
BucoiMsfully urged have boon thrown
to the winds by what is naturally regarded
garded as their martyrdom , and it is
hardly ta bo oxpactod that from the
culls of the martyr * will come moderate
ate oonnsol , The government would
have sho.rn moro wisdom , certainly
moro knowledge of Irish character
and history , had it lot the laud league
talk freely , and contented itself with
the prompt punishment of violations
law. The so-called "suppression"
the le ugo is a farce , and Parnell
and his companions are ten-fold more
potent for mischief in jail than they
could have been out of It ,
The mosque of St. Sophia , in Don-
stantlnoplo , the largest and most mag-
niQoont of the three hundred mosques
that city , in showing alarming
symptoms of decay , and great conster
nation has boon created by the report
made by the architect appointed to
examine into the condition of St.
Sophia. There is a tradition among
he Turks that the fall of this mosque Of
will herald the dismemberment of the
empire. It was begun In 533 and re tx
quired the labor of 10,000 workmen , re
Involving a cost of f 6,000,000. An tier
sarthqnako injured th building or
ihortly altar iU completion. In 1453 orit (
Iho church was converted into
motqno , and in 1847-49 a complete
restoration was effected by Abdul
Medjid. The work ) however , has not
stood the test of time , and the arch !
tset reports that the grand dome ,
which is 120 feet in diameter and 250
feet high , is likely to fall at any mo
ment. The mosque will , therefore ,
bs closed to the public until its thor
ough renovation , which will be under
taken at once , shall ha vobocn effected.
Among the many relics preserved in
the St. Sophia is the carpet upon
which Mohammed was wont to pray ,
Another of the relics preserved Is the
cradle of our Savior , which , according
to tradition , was brought from Beth'
lohom , together with a sort of basin
in which his mother washed him.
The Briluh navy estimates for 1885 ?
83 amount to $52,419,505 , , ngainst
$54,727,505 last yoar. The only in-
oreaso of any importance is § 352,600 ,
for machinery nnd ships by contract.
The force of Bailers and marines has
been decreased and the pay of the
non-commissioned officers and privates
of the latter has bocn increased.
There la also n decrease in the number
of officers amongst engineers and an
increase of salary to those who are
high on the list and occupy important
positions. Fifteen now ironclads are
to bo commenced nnd finished , eight
corvettes , forty sloops atid small ves
sels and twenty-one torpedo boats.
Altogether it is proposed to build 20-
142 tons ( weight of hull ) ships. Last
year the quantity wai 18,889 and the
year before 10,821 tons. The board
of admiralty is to have a now member
a civilian added to it , and C. Ren-
del , the omlnont engineer and ship
builder , has boon chosen , and will receive
coivo a salary of $10,000 a year. The
oailor officers will thus bo somewhat
chocked and the navy , it is believed ,
will bo materially bonofittcd by the
experience of a professional man frnm
ciril life.
Gladstone uttered his famous
> hra o that the government could not
discuss homo rule for Ireland as a
distinct 'proposition until the adyo-
cates of it formulated some tangible
measure ho buildod wiser than his
lis party know. The Scots are the
first to seize thislibaral sentiment as it
lies. They have , through the voices
of a respectable annual convention of
he Caledonian Burghs , adopted a
resolution calling upon parliament for
ho right of local self-government in
all things concerning their own lands ,
> orsonalitios and the like. The out-
ino presented to parliament is tub-
tantially the same conditions as exist
ntwixt the metropolis and Canada
are that the metropolitan parliament
hall have a veto upon certain classes
of legislation. This sum of substantial
elf -gov ernmont concoodod Scotland
cannot bo denied Ireland , and the
prsblom now resolving in butchery
and blood will como to a peaceful ond.
Emigration from Switzerland has
) ocoruo so great in late years that pre
dictions are mtido that unless it ceases
certain districts will lose the greater
) art oi their inhabitants , if they do
not become literally depopulated
Returns are at hand from Boruo whicl
how that ainco 1871 the ratio has
Btoadily increased , and in the pas
hroo years at a greatiy occoloratoc
> ncc. In 1877 only 380 persons lof
the canton ; in 1878 the number
477 ; in 1879 it was 941 ; in 1880
was 1G38 , , and in 1881 , 2,881 , while
or 1882 the number is expected to b
argor still. Nearly all of them sailed
or the United Slates. Only 180 won
o othorcountries , and of those 151
wont either to South or to Contra
Tun appointment of Do Giors to
succeed GortBchakoff is oonsideroc
significant of the continued maintenance
anco of peaceful relations between
[ iussia and Germany. Da Giors is i
strong friend of thd Gorman alliance ,
and ia oven by descent German. He
s intimate with Bismarck and has
atoly received a good deal of criticism
rom the yonng Russian organs. If ho
succeeds to the authority as well as
the franchises of Gortschakoff , Russia
will bo greatly benefited by his prea
once in the administration , for ho is
what is considered in Russia an advanced
vancod liberal that is , ho does not
hold the the mediroval motion of di
vine right.
King Thoebaw of Burmah has re
covered from another attack of de
lirium tremons. When it teemed ap
parent that ho was not likely to re
cover Rome of hia oonrliera began to
look about for a successor to the
throne , and their choice fell upon the
son of one of the princes who won deported -
ported U Ohunar in I860. Unfor
tunately , King Theebaw recovered ,
and , hearing of what was done , or
dered the young man to be killed.
Accordingly , the prince was mur
dered , and his body , inclosed in a vel a
vet sack , was thrown into a river.
Three of his follower * were hra mur
Two Russian transports , with some
ilxteen hundred men on board , ro- l
jently passed through the Bo porous. F
rhe permission of Turkey had not
ccn asked , and the occurrence hu
resulted in an exchange of note * be-
.ween the porto and the Russian gov-
trnment. la official circle * the caio
viewtd as one of oousldonble tig
nlfioanoo on account of the Agitation
existing between the Star races.
Berlin has n negro colony of about
sixty persons , many of whom cmi
grated from this country , though
others nro natives of Africa and ar
rived direct. With ono exception
they are all employed ns servants.
Ono is a servant to Princa Charles.
Many of thorn have not only acquired
the Gorman language , but are said io
use the real Berlin dialect. Three
have married white girls.
An advertisement In a western paper
says : "Lo t Two towsj ono of tliem I *
bull. " So is the adverlisemiut. Dot *
ric * .
"Tho Un-f.n HmJ" li the title of anew
now book. Probably tin other intm didn't
have anything bettor than a pair of tray *
and didn't dare to cull.
Twa drinks a day , remarks an exchange ,
will supply a family with llour. Thin , of
courao , lefers to the saloon keepers
lie knew it w s April 1 , and didn't pro
pose to be fooled , nnd when thov told him
his chimney was aBro and likely to burn
the house , ha said : "Let htr burn. " And
they did. No insurance.
They hare ft new game in Indiana. A
man who CMI hold an egg In either haud
nnd jump ( ire feet without breaking the
eggi by involuntary tqucezlng wins the
An Ohio man hai been struck by 1 chi
ning nine tlmei end ia not dead yet. You
have to take office away from nn Ohio
man to kill him Bo ton root.
A girl of sanguine tempermo nt nnd fas
tidious t te will -toko conniption fit if
oho happens t > got a single hair into her
nnmth out of the butter , but the same
girl will browse around on a silk moust
ache attached to a ffood looking young
man's lip and norer nay n word.
An agricultural wrltor says : "D- > not
throw away old scraps. For pigs and
chickens thruw old meat , vegetables , gravy ,
rinds and dishwater into a pot , and giro it
to them hot. " The writer must have had
nn early clatn chowder on the loaahoro.
N. Y. Herald.
Two detected burglars at Dayton , Ohio ,
leaped 'ram a third-story window 18 foot
to a plieJ. and then 1G feet inoro to the
gryund , dashed through the crowd which
had counted on capturing the in , and es
caped. A Dayton crowd must bo almost
ns dangcrou * as a flock of nhop. Bostoa
( In China a man who makes or soils adul
terated food is imprisoned or hunt ; . In
this country it is the mun who buys the
adulterated food who has to suffer. The
other fellow acquires five laches of fat on
hU ribs and is elected to positions of
honor and trust. The Chinesoinust go.
"How much do you charge for your pea-
ruts ? " asked a lady at the fruit stand at
the Central stat on. "Tonceuts n quart , "
noid the clerk. "Too dear , " icpliul the
lady. " .But , " portiitcd the young man ,
"these are hai.d picked and wo warrant
them to euro consumption and hrart din-
ca e ; " The wonun actually purchased
two quarts. Kocheater Chronicle.
The committee further report that
Brother Qreenbier CUxton had fallen
down stairs and driven his eyebrows clear
up to the roots of his hair , but they had
no recommend to make. The president
aaid that fa ling down stairs did not come
niider the head of accident , and the mat
ter was laid on tho'ta la to nee if the eye-
browd wouldn't settle down to their place.
-Limn Kiln Club.
John William * , a merchant of Rutledge ,
Georgia , sued a denperwilo. The defendant
entoied the t > toro in a furious passion , held
out the summons in one h.uiri , clutched a
any knife in the otliT hnnd , and stid :
"William ? , hare you sued me ? " Williams
< new that an imruoiiiitto "Yea" would
make him euro of u atab. "Let mo get
my spectacle * BO that I c. n road the
) pcr , " he said , lie went behind the
joutiter ami came back , not with his
. but with on axe a.ross his should -
d r. " 5foj"hoBaid , ' I have sued you. "
'AU , " replied the desperado , "I
guosI'Jl ply the bill. "
Congre s hua a bill to punish persons
who ute profane languapo in nuy post-
office. If the iiostiuauter is any nort of a
iiiiu ho will ktep nbt on the street to be
talked to. { Detroit lYco Press.
Tlia.cUurch of the future will have no
grab b # < , uo lotteries , no gamblint ; and
ii < juor telliujf at its fuirg. This \\ill dia-
cour ge the deVil , but i : must ba done.
Oow Orleans Picayune.
Deacon Jones was hippy indeed when
he was told that hii duughtern , the dear
girlf , had gene to the revival. Their
mi.ther didu't tell him that it waa a re
vival of "Pfcaforo. " '
" \Vhcro do the people go who deoeino
their . fellowtuen ? " inquired a Sunday
school teacher. "Sometime * to Canada ,
but mostly they goes to J5urope. " was the
reply of a youngiier whose nuclo hod re
cently boon a trusted officer in a loal
bank. The Hour.
An estimable but f.r from e'oquent
preacher is sent to deliver a uories of Len
ten discourses in a rural church. The
congregation Intarrup's hl < dl-ooarno with
many yawos and much Hhuflllnjt > f f t
and ruatllnx of pra > or booVa. "Air dear
friend * , " euya the or * tor , with mildnt > ag ,
"you ndlcule mo bromine , I uroach badlr.
iJo you not * , O my dear brethren , that
in ridiculing me you cut ridicule upon
yourselves ? ' lidcans * , beloved friend > , if I
could preach well , do you think I vicmld
have won sent out here to ininUierto
u lot of luttk-he.tded iinoramme * like
you ! "
A half-witted boy in a school at Nor
wich , Conn , , used to due end upon a
liright boy near him In rculiug hia pan- t
fm u of .Scripture 'daring thd oxercisea pre
ceding prayer. The VBTOO in Job rending
"And Uixi unota Job with sore boils , "
rilling to hU lot , and after receiving hii
cutomary assistance delivered jt thus :
'Aml-nli Gtxl-ah shot-nh Job-alt with-ah
foar-Ah balU-ah. " Amid the uproarioun
UuxUtor the bright boy whltpered to the
luJf-wlU d boyi "That wan * n almijbly
hMvy charge. vraAM't it ? ' No sounnr wan
urdrr restored than the reader , parrot-like ,
aid to tha te ch0r : "That waa a1 ul-
ruLhty be vy oharips wan't it ?
Au captain and chapliin of the Thir
teenth rcijlmont of Now York militia , the to
Ktiv. Mr. Beecher wad out in full force the
other day. Upon hia btlllcxMtt howl a
daintf chA p AU wa perched , and at bi
ftlde hung > foimldable nwonl. He U reported -
ported M hAviotf gone through the move-
inttiU , keepitg ttep to the tutuio of the
btnit , aa < l wklutlnrf r.Ii snperlora with this
ftina weapon in M * manner ibowlug hli "
familiarity with tha manual of arm * . Mr.
Uaeobtr hoard the blast of war In his ears
ouc upon tltue , but ha did not then
imitate til * action of the tiger , aiiffenthe in
sinew * , tummouup the blood ; bat now
that poica broods over tha land , ba de-
vulopa a moat martial ouulde , and wears
sword M if be had be n dnwu it bout.
Bucklln'a Arnica Balvo.
Th but ealve In the world for cuts ,
jruite * , gore * , ulcers , salt rheum , fever
Kire * , tetter , chepuo 1 hand * , chilblainr ,
onrnt and all skin eruptions , and post ai
lively ewe * piles. It ii guaranteed to give aivl
rfeat rtl fcUou or money refunded.
Pile * , 25 cents per bo * . For aale by U. vl
The Clay county board of supervis 51
ors at iU recant aeaaion decided tu
submit to the voter * of the county the
question of U nin bonds to the eH , "
amount of $26,000 , to run ten yean , w
for the pnrpoM of eetning tha funds ul
nooeuuy to etfMt t w oo rt ho § ,
Bull fringe li revived ,
Dolly-Vardenstyleiare revive' .
Beading is fast going out of style.
Tulle bonnets nre drawn on wire' .
Pansy patterns ore wrought in Irce.
New bracelets represent gold beads.
Fiorontine lace trims underclothing.
The latest fichus are long and narrow.
Cheviot colors are I a Hcotch ginghams.
LouisincH are combined with cashmere.
Gtiirapo drems are revived for children.
L > uh Qainzocoata ara madoof brocade ? .
Braiding nnd frogs Increase in mpularlty.
Tcrra-cutta glovtw are Biimn j the novel
f Inderolla slippers of npun glai are in
Sicllienne is much vied for spring
Partridge fcathcri ore used to cover
Wrinkles disfigure a woman less than
Pointed bodices and p&nnler effects am
in high vogue.
JleJ Turkish towelling ! i used for house
saoques and wrappers.
Wonun Is an Idol that man worshipr ,
until ho throws it down.
Antique chintz patterns ara seen upon
n w cambrics and lawni.
Figured fiatccni omo again in boxo ? ,
with fan and parasol to match.
A turtle of sardonyx , set with diamonds ,
makes a fashionable breastpin.
Largo lUmbrandt hats are covered with
ostrich feathers and shaded roses.
Large pokes , trimmed with brick-red
fealhtra , are Imported for rosthotes.
Th * whisper of a bonutifnl woratc can
be heard further than the loudest call of
There is no torture that a woman would
not suiter to enhance htr beauty. [ Mon
'I he present rage Is for dark li se , dark
hats and dark giovia. Hat , glovej and
Blockings mutch.
Bouquets of roses and other largo flowers
and largo bows of ribbon adorn tue lops of
1 tiandeouio parasola.
Cadet-blue fUbnol trimmed with many
rows of braid , will be a favorite mountain
dress thiii summer.
Wo meet in society many beautiful and
attractive women whom we think would
make excellent wives for eur friend * .
Boots laod up the front are coming into
fashion for the pr menade. They ara in
kid or morocco , faced nnd finished with
( latent leather.
Shirred poke bpnnoU of silver-gray
stir.ih , trimmed with silver-beaded tulle
nnd blush roees , are worn by round rosy-
faced young ladies.
The highest mark of esteem a woman
cnu give u man is to ask hia friendship ;
mVl the most signal proof of her indiffer
ence is to oStt him hers.
It is not easy to bo a widow ; ono must
rcasumo all the modesty of girlhood ,
without being allowed to feign its igno
rance. [ Madmne de Girardin.
Men are so fearful of wounding a wo-
inin'a vanity that they tarely remember
that she may by aonio possibility possess a
grain of common eenso. [ Miaa Braddon.
Black straw broad-brimmed hats , trimmed -
mod with full black ostrich tip * und gar
lands of gay flowers , long black Jeraey
gloved ; aud bluck Bilk hose , will again
ba worn with summer toilets of white or
Dresses of fma French lawn will this
summer be made in short princesse style ,
thouppor part formed of perpendicular
abimngs and band * of insertion , and the
lower portion of flounces embroidered
twelve inches deep.
There is again a great demand tor striped
goods , the fashion for these having -been
started by Worth last winter , aa shown in
the magnificent effects in satin and plush
velvet and moire , and the like which ob
tained such wide favor.
Women of the world never use harsh
expressions when condemning their rivals.
Like tha bavage , they hurl elegant arrows ,
ornamented with feathers of purple and
azure , but with poiaoned points.
A young girl of 10 was taken to a Now
York hospital on Wednesday with a 510
gold p ecu s uck fast in her throat. We
presume she was an editor's daughter.
.Bailors always give their chi.dren 610 gold
pieces to play with.
Bustjes are woiu quite a little below tlia
waist-lino in the back , and do not'reach
over the hips ns in thu past , the bouffant
t fleet here being produced entirely by the
pannier-draperie * , to which are added huge
nasties of moire , satin or silk , which are
draped and tied above the lowest bustle
the ends falling very often to the foot o
the skirt in the back.
Long corsets now almost universal ! ;
worn , and over the hlpi of the more ex
pensive kinds are tet narrow V-ubapei
pieces of India rubber webblni ; , which ,
though fitting the form perfectly , give i
uncommon atc. Them corbttrt uro neces
sary , now tht t the uuilinai of the lorm an
mt'dj ' BO cjtMpicuou.1 by the sharp-pointec
corsage and itcantily draped culraii bodice
Lace necklols are a novo'ty introduced
tu be worn with the buJice open in thi
nock. They ate nnJa of duohease o :
round point Uca , and consist of u o
iusortLn edged i n both aide * with narrow
lace ; tills b , ml goat round the throat. In
front , nn pendants of laoa in medallion
patterns. Tiie bind and p ndanU an
densely covered with pearl boaJj am
Hparkling crystals.
llntinstein has Io t the night of hisrigh
aye. Thu lett is uuimpaiied.
j enrly GOO pornonn find employment in
tli4 Jjjoeum lhoatrc ) , London.
Maggie Mitchell i _ toaUr _ in a now play °
oatitled "Klaa , " by O. i1. Dazy , of Boi-
u ,
London baa 57 theatre ? , 403 music balls
and 410 other muujemoiii localities , capo *
ble of holding daily 302,000 viaitora.
ili8 Louim Dillon , ifr. Grorgo Clarke ,
and Mrs. K. D Davenport IIAVO t'oen en.
gagel by tbo Mudison Uquaro theatre ,
New York.
Albanl will not return to America
till 1SS3 , when aha la ez IKKted ; to alug at
U'e ot nin | { of the new operi housa in
Now York.
Mra , LVF , foiaerly known o Mlnule of
Conway , ow ntudj ing in Paria , ia reported
be developing a magnificent voice and
dramatic itylo.
Bariky Campbell's now play , "The
White Slav * , " ia runorted to have mude a
Kreat bit at Haverly'a Fonrttenth street
theatre , New Yoik.
A Geattte tkAtre will be opened in
Sa't ' Lake City urn the 1st of Jnra , with
"My Partner. " The perimBuir < wlll bo
wa.ched with Mine intoreet.
Sarah Bornrjardt has bed much BUOOMI
Italy , and lately hu been aoting at
Iloma. One learnnu Roman oritio atexnly
reuonlel the ImpruwJve faot that the
wore a hat of whicb any lady might have
been envious.
Miu Henrietta Beebe returni to Nuw
York next month from Eoglaud , where
the ban met wi h enviable incctMu , and V
won the CutterluK nudornouient of Bur th
Julius Benedict and other oompetout dt
Hector Berlhz , who seldom praised
virtu > il , fat I of ( he Ute Aifrel J.iell ,
uh'O he wua 15 3earn of ga ; "l'hat | boy
noiira-ea alt the uiaKtery of * virtuoil uf
, who lii > a practictd U bourn a day for [
It ! said that $ : W)00 ) have been ex pond- de
. for the forthcoming pro'iuctiou ' of den
"Othello" at the Odeor. , in Pans , Tha
k-crilon will be a n w and , U b uld , faith- aeGi
tran'UUoo of tht original text by a U. Giwi
The Southern Baptist OonT ntion , rep
resenting fifteen or more States , will meet
at Greenville , S. 0 , , in May.
A convention of presidl'g elders in the
Mttlmdiet Episcopal Church in the North-
writ hf been called to meet in ChicoRO
June 0-8.
The Eigllsh Presbyterians ore to h ve
new hymn-book. A dr ft of one ha ) been
prepared. It contains TOO hymns , of
which C9 nre for children ,
The Rer. Dr. William J. Reid lifts lust
completed the twentieth year of his labors
M pastor of the First United Presbyterian
Ohutch of PitUburg , Pa.
Mrs. Clara M. Bl.ibeo WR ordained
nvtor of the 1'rea Church , nt Dorchester ,
Miss , February 23 , Professor 0. O.
Everett , of Harvard , preaching the se -
mon ,
The Congressional churches of Massa
chusetts report SUOG2 , members. The net
gain for the yeir Is 421. There are f > 29
churchcc , of which 2GD IIOTO pastora and
1G4 nctiiif pastors.
There is ono full-blooded Indian priest
and sevrn Deacons in the Episcopal mis
sion to the Clripnewn Ojlbwnylndi ns
of Minnesota. Ursidcs there U one mixed-
blooded clergyman , a priest , also connected
with the mission.
Chicago has the largest Hebrew popu
lation of any city of equal numbers in the
world. Th ro are filteon gynsgogues ,
which have on avcrjge attendance ot oror
1,3"0 each , making in the aggregate about
20,000 Israelites who take part in religious
F- Ten years ngo the Central Presbyterian
church in Denver , Col , , was n missionary
church. It now has n ono-lmndred-thou-
sand-dollar church edlflco , the finest be-
tvroen St. LouN and San Francisco , paya
its pastor $5,000 , and has a membership of
The General Assembly of the Prenby-
terian church in the United Statta , of
America will meet on Thursday , May 18 ,
In the First Presbyter I an church of Spring-
Mold. 111. , and bo opened with ( a sermon
by the Her. Henry Darling , D. D. , Lb ,
D. , Moderator of the lost Assembly.
The northern churches are , it is Tsaid ,
expending from $300,000 to 31,000,000
yetrlyin churches and schocls in the
south , chiefly in schools. All the 1,500
colored Methodist Episcopal churches aroused
used as school houses. Aa near as can be
intimated , the principal denomination * of
the north have expended more than 313.-
XX,000 ) in the south for school acd church
purposes in the last 15 years.
Boston has 221 churches. Of this num.
jor the Baptists have 27 ; the Catholic
Ap > stolics ( Irvingites ) have 1 } the Chris
tiana ( Garfield'a faith , ) 1 , the Coogrega-
lionnlltts , 32 ; the Unitarian * , 20 ; other
uongregationallsta. 3 ; the Episcopalians ,
23 ; the Israelite ? , 7 ; Lutheran ? , 6 ; Metho
dist Episcopal , 29 : oth-r Methodists , 3 ;
: ho Prasbyterions , 7 ; the Reformed l > cr-
inan , 1 ; tno Roman Catholics , 28 ; the
Second Advent i ts , 2 ; Swedenborgians , 2 ;
Union , 7. and Uuivtraulists , 10.
The First Unitarian church in Rox-
jury , Ma -celebrated the 250th anni
versary of its foundation nn April 2. In
the course of a historical discourse , deliv-
sred to commemorate the event , tiie pas-
; -r of the church , tbo Rev. Jobn G.
3rookfi , spoke of the manners of. end and
, ivo centuries ngo. He believed that the
change which taken place was one for
the better. There was a wider , kit der
chnrity now ; lies drunkenness , and of a
le < ? riotoui and vulgar type ; and even
dishonesty , supposed to be a modern vice ,
WAS no more common now than then.
The Kev. Dr. Georce Dana Boardman
of the First Baptidt church , Philadelphia ,
has jat finished a remarkable course of
lectures upon the Now Testament , the
hrfit of which was delivered in October ,
1864 , 17 years ago. The course has em
braced G25 lectures aud they have formed
a complete analytical and biographical
study ot the the New Testament. In not
a single case has tickness or bad weather
prevented Dr. Bo.rdman'a nppoarnce
when announced to lee tut e , and out once
has tbo organist been absent during the
entire timo. The close of the course was
made nn event of importance by tha con
gregation , the church being richly deco
rated with flowers , and resolutions of
thanks being paassd.
A GOOD many Colorado politicians
are eating boiled crow since the dark
horao Chilcott' carried off the swoop-
Equality at the Ballot Box.
Sntton Register.
The citizens' ticket , so called , in
O mail n , mot with an ovorwhe'ming
defeat. It won't do for thu high-
toned chancticleers to ignore the com
mon people. The latter are always
in the majorjty , and votes are what
"There's . "
Money In It.
Holt County Manner.
W. S. Montgomery , of the Omaha
Herald , was in O'Neill on Friday Inst ,
and made the Banner office a pleasant
and quito lengthy call. We remarked
to him , in the course of our inter
view , that it was a SOUKO of
regret that so imny leading papsra
of onr atato wove but more organs of
the Union Vacifio railroad. In reply
ho eald that ho had. no apology to
make , except that there was money
in it. He acknowledged that the
Herald took sides with the monopo
lies , and could offer no other nor bet
ter excuse for it than that it was prof
Now if the newspapers in this
country are to bo thus controlled by
money , the people must ignore them
entirely and refuse to read thorn ,
otherwise they will bo falsely educated
and misled , and the proas , which
ought to elevate , educate and advance
mankind in the ways of liberty and
progress , will but tend to degrade and (
retard all worthy progress and sub 6
vert our liberties. "
A Voloo From Omaha ,
1412 Dodge Street , Omaha. Neb. ,
May 24 , 1881.
H. H. WAKKER A Co. : Sins I had
sutTiirod 15 years from a combination
liver and kidney trouble until cured
by your Safe Kidney and Liv.or Cure.
aprlO-dlw O. D. ItooEita.
The Value oPKnoe-Breeohea.
Kate Field and Oscar Wilde are ro-
inforoea from an unlocked for direc
tion. A farm laborer , ia a letter to
agricultural 'exchange , advocates
the use of knee-breeches , and give
tome practical reasons for their use ,
which have escaped ( esthetic notice.
Ho'BSVB farmera would UBO leggings
ivith them below the knooa , which in
xmld be easily moved , whereas , in oe
plowing or other rough work , mud
low lodgea on the pantaloons , and in
t to stay tbero. Baaidea , trotraera 18
the present fashion are so loose 18no
hat they not only admit dual to the noJ
lelloate cuticle of the laborer , but al- 141
permit the encroachment cf thn uly 141J J
nd vindictive yellow jacket. onj
atlanal AttooUtod from.
WAsiuNoroH , April 14. Shipherd
leolinod to toll what occuored ( n his
ntorview with Arthur when ho pre-
ented the letter of introduction from R
Jrant. He would produce the letter
rith their porraiisioo , Adjourned.
For Sale By
No. 1ST LAROIS Fns Hotmi Ate COMna t i
Mar 22nd anil Wnbetcr streets , 10 rooms , ittbl *
and splendid order. A barznla at SCuOO.
178 , llou e 8 rooms , lull ( lot on IMeroe nea
Suth street , 81,650.
. W7 , Hou o 2 rooms , full lot on DongUa net
26th street , $700.
, " ' . Donutlftil residence , fall lot on CMS u at
19th street , $12,000.
174 , Two hotuci and j lot on Dodre near Bth
street , SI GOO.
i } 70f y,0 < J" lh'M room" ' l * ° cloieto , etc. , hall
lot on 21st i car Greco street , * SOO.
172 , Ono and ono-hajf story brick hou an
twn loti on Douglas near 28th ttreet , 81,700.
171 , llousotwo rooms , well.cutern , t ble. * U
full lot near Fierce and 18th itrert , 9W.
179 Ono and one-h lf
, - tiorj houna six room *
and well , half lot on Content ttr t near 81
Jlary's avenue , (1,850.
No. 170 , House tbreo roomi oa Clinton street
near shot tower , $328.
No. 169 , HnUBo and BBrlM feel lot oa
street near Wobettr street , J3.600.
No. 16fl , House of 11 roomi , lot JSiWO f * o , * *
19th mar Hurt itrcets $5,000. ) .
'ON 187 , Two story house , 9 rooms 4 cloteti ,
coed cellar , on 8th itroel near 1'oppUton' *
No , ICC , New house of 0 room * , half lot oa
Iiard nar 19th street , $1.850.
No. 16i , One and ono half story housa 8 roomi
on 18th street i oar Leavet , worth , $3,500.
N. 101 , One and one-half ttory LOUM of 6
rooms near Hanecom Park , $1,600.
No. 153 Two houses G rooms each , closets , eto
on Hurt itroct near CSth , $3 , [ > 00.
No. 167 , house 0 rooms , full lot on 19th street
near Lcmonworth. $2,400.
No. 1 0 , House 4 largu rooms , S clogQti
half Rcru on Hurt street near Cution , 81,200.
No. 155 , Two houses , one of 5 and ono of t
room ; , on 17th street ncir Marcy. $3 , 400.
No. 164 , Three houats , one of 7 and two of 8
roon < ncb , and corner ot , on Casj noir llth
street , S'i.OOO.
Nr. 153 , small hou3o and full lot on
near 15th street , 62,600.
No. If 1 Ono story house 0 rooms ,
worth near 16th , 83,000.
No. ICO , House three rooms and lot 02x11
near 2Gth and Farnhtm , $2,500.
No. US , New hcueocf clirht room * , on 18tb
struct near Lcavonworth , $3,100.
No. 147 , House oi 13 rooms on 13th etrocl
near llarcy , 85,000.
No. 146 , loua of 10 rooms and 1 Jlota on 19th
street near Marcy , Sfl.florf.
No. 115 , House tno urge rooms , lot 67x210 foe
oa.Sheru.anavcnuo(10th ( strootucar Nlchola * '
No 343 , Dousa 7 rooms , barn , on 20tb street
near Lcavcnwortt ) , $2,600.
No. 142 , IIouio ti rooms , kitchen , etc. , on 16th
street near Nlcholo.3 , $1,876.
No. 141 , Houio 3 roomi on Douglas icar SOth
itroot , $ ! )50.
No. 140 , Large hoace and two lots , OB 241
near Famham street , $8,000.
No. 139 , Houeo 8 rooms , lot GOxlC6 } foot ,
Douglas near 27th street , 1,600.
No. 187 , IIouso 6 roonu rmd half lot on Capita
avenue near 23d screet , 82.300.
No. 1S3 , House and half acre lot on Cmnlnj
street near 24th 8S60.
No. 131 , House 2 rocnu , full lot , , Iiard
nean 21 t street , $800.
No. 129 , Twohcutos. one of 8 and ono ot 4
rooms , on leased lot on Webster near 20th street , '
No. 127 , Two story house S rooms , half lot Oa
Webster near 19th $3,500.
No. 126 , House 8 rooms , lot 20x120 feet oa
26th street near Douelaa , $876.
No , 125 , Two ttory housa on 12th near Dodge
street lotV3xGU foot $1,200.
No. 124 , Largo bouse and full block near
Farnbam and Central street , 33,000
So. 123 , Housa 6 rooms and Urge lot oa Saan-
ders street near Barracks , $2 100.
No. 122 , House 0 rooms and halt lot on Wab >
tier near ISib street , 81,500.
No. 118 , Housa 10 rooms , lot SOxOO foot on
Canltol tu ctiuo near 22d street , $2,950.
No. 117 , House 3 roomg , lot 30x121 ] feet , on
Capitol Vk onuo near 22d 81,500.
No. 114 , House 3 rooms on Douglas nour 0th
street , $750. '
No. 113 , House 2 roomi , lot 66x99 foot onf
EOTr Cumlrg itroot , 1760.
No. 112 , Urick house 11 rooms and halt lot on
0 fw near llth street , $2,8 < A /
No. Ill , House 12 rootns'on [ Divonjxirt ii5
02th etrea , 87,0 0.
No. 110 , Brick house ana ot 22x132 fo on
COM street near 16th , # 3,000.
No. 108 , iJirja hoUBO on Uarney near 16th
strojt. 8 ,600. _ I
No 109 , Tw houeos and 36x132 foot lot
Caw mar 14th etroot , $3,600.
No. 107. House 5 rooms and half lot oa Icaid
noarl7tli tr'et , 81,203.
J\o. lutt. House and lot ClxliSfoot , lot on liUr
near l'i rcfl tr 0t500. .
Ha. Ufl , Two storT nouw Brooms vflthllol
on &awarJ near HiunJera etreut , 2,3CO.
No. 103 , Ono and ono half utory houte 10 room *
Wtbstr near IBth street , 2,000.
CNo. 102 , Two hoaoca 7 room ) each and i lot on
llth near Chicago , $4,0 O.
No. 101 , Uoiuo 3 room , cell < r , etc. , 1 } lota on
Kouth avenue near Pacific streo , g OSO.
No , 100. llowo i rooms , cellar , tic. , hall lot
on Iiud gircat noor 16th , $2,000.
No. 03 , Very large how * and toll lot on lUr
noy near 14tn itreor , $ 000 ,
No. 97 , Large houM ot 11 roomi on fiberm&a
ayenue near Clark strbet , make an offer.
No. DO , One and one halt nory house T roonu
lot 840x401 feet , ( table , etc. , oa Sherman ar -
oue near Oraco , $7 000.
So. M , Larg * brick houw twa lot * on DT -
poriitreot near 19th $18,000.
No. P , L rf [ honsa and full lot OB Dodt
far > r > , , . . . . . . . . .
No. 89 , Lartfe hanM 10 roanu half lot on Sow
oir Call ! ornla itrVWt , $7,600
No , 88 , Largo houM 10 or 11 rooms , beautiful
corner lotonOannrarBOtb , $7,000.
No. 87 , Twe itory houM 3 room * i acre * o
and CD Bannden street near Barracks , $2,000.
No. 85 Two ( tort * and a realm oca on leased
half lotnear Uaeon and 10th street , 4800.
No 64 , Two story hou' 8 roooui , dostitn , etc. ,
wllb 5 ncrou of ground , on Bauudura street near
Omaha Btrracks , $1WO . . , . ,
No. 63 , Hoiuoof 9 roo-rs , half lot on Capitol
artuue miarl2th iitroet. $2,600.
No fc'j , One and on hall utory K OUM , 0 roanu
nil lot on I'ierco near 20th street , $1,800.
No. 81 , Two S itory bouaou , ono ol 9 and ono
rooms , Chicago St. , near IZth , tS.OOO.
No. 80 lfou e 4 roomj , cloeoM , etc. , large lot
on 18th ( Ue t mar Whlto Loa4 worke. $1,500.
No. 77 , iJirgo bouita of 11 rooms , elosoU , eel.
r. BK. , with IJIolcn Karnhamnea 19thrtroe ,
No. 79 , Oca and ono-kolf storT house of 8 rooms ,
lot 66x84 foot OD CUM near lith Direct , $4,600.
No. 76 , llotuo 1 rooms and bOMmcut , let
161x132 fctt on Jl ruy near 8th street , W75.
No. 74 , lAigo Ulck bouM and tug full lots On
Davenport near 16tb etreat , $15COO.
No. 73 Ono and one-ha f itory houM and lot
MxlSZ foot on Joci. too mm * 12thttreot , $1.800 ,
tia. 73juge brick houM 11 roonu , full } ot
Dkve port near 16th § tn t , $5,0X1.
Ne. 71 , Larga hou o 11 rooms , full lot on Call'
ortila near S vh troet. 7,00 < l.
No. & 5 , SUbUandJfulllouioo ran Inttnot
near Saunden , $ t,00t.
No. C4 , To Mory fnma bullduur. itora below
and room * abort , oaeed ! la ) oa eeg rx r
Uth it/net , $80 (
Ne. ti , Hftute i rooms , bamoent , tie. , to
BlxXM IM oo 18th itnwt DIM NaU W rxo ,
No. 02 , N w kovM i room * o * itorr , full lot
No. (8 , HOIM of 7 room * , uU lot Wetwtec
, , .
Uorncy o * r l l strut , 81.760.
No. Cl , I rgt bou * 1 * roami , full lot on But
r 2UI itrtct. $ f ,00.
No. 60 , UOUM S ro mi , hall lot o > Dtrenport
Dear 23d ( trott , $1,000.
No 69 , four hoooi and naU lot oa 0osnw
18Uistra t $2fiOO.
No. J IS , House 6 roomi ad toll lot , Ilaruoy
tear 2llh street , $ iCOO ,
No. J 9 , Thre * bouxi and full tot on COM Dear
4th atrrct , ti.tot ,
No. 7 , HOUM 8 v otniwell , rlikrn , etc. 8 latf ,
17th DMr Hard itre0t , $3,030.
No. fl , Uoato 7 room ) , lot 6fliS f ott n Oaw
imr 17th i.rett , $4,000.
i fnn snd Douglas a treat.