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The Old Era of Suporotition
Still Finding Adhe
Witchcraft Exerttn ? Its Influence
t Over a Fanner's Family-Strong
Special BUpatch to the Clnclnnntl Enquirer.
GERMANTOWJT , Ohio , April 8.
The parties ivlioao affidavits are
given below are highly reipoctod and
well-to-do fanners , living three miles
northwest of our city. They gnvp
their statement freely and earnestly
and truthfully , ns I believe they are
sincere in thinking that they are
under the influence of a witch. They
rely on God and their friend Kutz to
help them out of their troubles.
When your correspondent drove into
the yard the old gentleman greeted
him in the most cordial manner , and
when asked if ho was out of his trouble
yet , lie said no , that ho was very
tame to-day. Ho said I should wait
until his sons came , and they gave me
d full statement , which is as follows :
, The State of Ohio , Montgomery
County , 83. Daniel JJ. Staver , of
Gorman township and county of
Montgomery , being duly sworn , nays
that he could not work at all for
about four n eeks before the holidays ,
or about the 1st of December , 1881.
I was not sick , but was not able oven
to help feed the stock on the farm ,
and sometimes I could not sloop of
nights. I saw a woman in front of
my bed ono night. I know the wo
man ; she was a single woman ; uho
-was a neighbor woman ; she was stand-
.ing in front of m/ bed when I
wakened up , She disappeared sud
denly and mysteriously. Thcro was
210 light in the room at the timo. She
looked as though thnro was a light on
her. She looked _ natural. I knew
her. Her name is Misa - . AB
near as I can tell , it was between mid
night and daylight. 1 wont to sleep
after I saw her. Her appearance
nmdo no change in my condition as to
ability to work. When I nttemptnd
to work I would tremble and shako
all over. I had no rent
anywhere , and when I
attempted to go away from
the farm I could not go. The trou-
bio still afreets mo a.littlo yet , once in
awhile. Sometimes the horses ( which
alwaysi did work before ) ; ould not
work. They would stand still , I was
at Dayton ono day during the time of
my worst troubles , and 1 wished my
self homo before I was half way thuru.
The trouble came on mo on the road ,
and I had no pleasure that day. There
ia n man in our neighborhood working
on our troubles to remove them. His
name is Isaac Kutz. Miss - told
mo she had already signed mo over to
the devil. And she told mo that she
could do any thing the devil could do ,
and that nho was signed over to the
devil. She said that oho would not
lot mo loose until I had spent moro
money than I would make this winter.
God and Kutz told mo that I should
kill a black dog , a black cat and a
black rooster and take them off of the
farm , and that would loose mo from
the devil. I did kill a black dog , cat
and rooster and took them off of the
, ( „ farm. I can go off of the farm now ,
but have no pleasure any whore ; but
ns to the devil the spell is broken ,
_ But I am still in the clutches of Miss
I ; - . There was a strange blue
i ( Maltese ) cat here , and whoever -
over of the family that walked
behind the cat would got sick , if they
attempted to chose her. Sometimes
this cat was very largo , at other times
eho was very small. Wo had to
throw out all of our apples. There
was no rest in the house until wn
would throw them out. Everything
that was raised on the farm was saved.
Hut whatever was bought must bo du-
atroyod , I saved the furniture in the
house by just throwing my hat on the
ground and stamping. Miss -
compelled me to go with a girl ( she
woa a good girl ) that I had no thought
of going with. Miss - said I was
, as good a fellow as was around ; that
1 was too good for her ( Miss - ) ,
and too honest. But the spell is
broken as to the girl I was compelled
to go with , and 1 don't have to go
with her. She ( Miss - ) said she
would make me marry the girl within
ono year.
, At the time Kutz was trying to got
me loose from the devil ; ho could not
manage it to got mo louse , for Miss
- was helping the devil. I went
one morning botora daylight to Farm-
orsrillo for Itev. Amos Poorman to
pray to God for help , Mr , Poorman
prayed for mo in my presence , and in
the presence of his wife ho prayed for
our entire family for mo and for the
girl Miss - drove mo to go with ,
and for the girl'a father. This woa on
a snowy mnrning. My father was
with mo at Mr. Poorman's , Before I
wont to Mr. Poonnan'a ( the harness
wai in the house , ) as I was approach
ing the stable with the harness to put
on the horiOj father readied for the
cpllnr , 1 said the horse hid the col
lar on and the halter off. It was the
collar that wo always used on that
hone. This was on Tuesday , and the
collar had been taken off on Sunday
at noon , or two days beforo. I um
troubled with a cough Miss -
brought on me , She said she would
remove the cough this year. Kutz
did Wn duty for ray cough ; ho relieved
it some. Bomothing told mo to take
eomo cough drops that wcro in thti
houto , and I did so , and sot the bottle
tle back in its place. When the same
mysterious thing said to mo , "Throw
the bottle out and say , 'Hero , devil ,
toke this bottle , drops , cough and
allI did BO. Again the voice said
to mo , "Go break the bottle ; " bul
"when I wont out the bottle was gone
and could not be found. Many othot
things happened that I would no !
like to tulli Miss was up , ami
told Mr , Poorman "that eho was i
witplu" I have not awoken to Mr ,
Poorman about the matter. Mr ,
Poorman did not toll mo this , but the
name mysterious voice told mo.
Mr. Poorman told mo that there
wcro no such thing as witches , ami
that ho did not believe that oithci
JVIUs - or Kutz know anything
.about our troubles , lie said ho would
believe it if Miss - would tell him
herielf. Mies uaid that hoi
mother learned her witchcraft. The
h' ' " ; Mr , Poprtnauls a good man ,
k -
Sworn to nnd subscribed before mo
this 7th day of April , 1882.
NoUry Public , Montgomery County ,
The state of Ohio , Montgomery
ss. ! Daniel Stavor , Sr. , of German
township , Montgomery county , Ohio ,
beini ; duly sworn , says ! The _ state
ment mndo by his son , Daniel B.
Staver , is in substance , so far ns it i
possible for him to know , true , nnd
: hat the hair came ofl of one of three
lorscs' nock from the head back to
, ho ohouldors , and that the two lost
heir hair in spots ; and that his other
'our horecs wore not so affected ; that
do chaicd the cat nnd got sick , nerv
ous and trembled nftor chwing her.
ivut ? ; has not been hero since last fall.
DANIEI , X SrxvK.n.
M k.
Attest : F. J. LEOOHTT.
Sworn to nnd signed before mo this
7lh day of April , 1882.
Notary Public , Montgomery Co. , 0.
The state of Ohio , Montgomery
county , ss. : William B. S'uvcr ' , bo
ng duly sworn , says that Daniel B.
stavcris his brother , and that the
itatcmont made by him in his affidavit
s true ns near as no can possibly toll ;
hat ho taw the same blue cat , some-
irncs largo and somotimcs small ;
hink Miss appeared to mo , but
am not certain ; my brother told mo
that M ! s had nmdo mo sick. I
was sick for a long time. I bclievo
that Isaac Kutz is a witch-driver.
Sworn to and signed before mo.this
7th day of April , 1882. "
Notary Public , Montgomery Co. , 0.
Teat the Seed Corn.
There is tiujto a feeling of distrust
among thinking fanners in regard to
iho condition of the seed corn raised
ant year. The matter ia still more
aggravated by the fact that none was
loft over from the crop of 1880. Last
year the same difficulty was experi
enced in the county where the writer
resides , and the shortage in the crop
from p'oor seed was immense. In pur
immediate vicinity the fiwt planting
failed entirely. Ono of our neighbors
made a good thing for himself , and
did a very fine thing for the corn-
unity around by ottering his crib of
corn , loft over troin the crop of 1879 ,
for seed. It vraa eagerly bought up
to the very last bushel , nnd it crow
very finely. Probably the people in
many other localities might relate
similar experiences. But the diffi
culty now is that wo Imvo no ouch
cribs of sound , perfect corn in any
part of the county , and reliance must
bo entirely placed upon corn which
wna regularly saved for seed. Great
caru should , therefore , bo used
in testing it before going to
the labor nnd expense of planting for
of all the vexations of farui lifo there
are few more worrying and unsatisfac
tory than that of replanting a corn
field. Some experts are of the firm
belief that they can determine the
question of vitality in seed corn by
carefully otamynng ' the germ or
"chit , " but this test 'is ' not by any
moans an infallible one , though some
of our own neighbors rely upon it.
But the safest and best plan is to take
numerous samples from various parts
of the quantity intended for ac&l , and
Bproufthoui. This can be do'iio very
easily , planting them in small boxes ,
and keeping them in n warm place
and this is the common mode in use
among our neighbors. Ordinarily , if
the conditions uro all favorable , nnd
the coed "strong" and good , the
sprouts will begin to shoot in two or
three days. If they do not appear
in six or eovon days , the corn
should bo rejected as worthiest ) . If
a part of it sprouts , nnd the
other kernels appear unduly swollen
and pulPy , it should bo rejected. A
near neighbor of ours has a novel
plan of testing his seed corn. lie
lirst puts on his spectacles , and selects
it with the greatest circumspection ,
breaking the cars , discarding the ker
nels from the small ends and care
fully examining the "chit. " After
the selection is duly made , ho tests a
kernel or two from fifty or a hundred
ears in this way : Ho takes up a sud
eighteen inches square , in BOIIIO warm ,
sunny spot , and evenly spreads his
sample of corn over the space below.
The sod is then carefully replaced. If
the conditions of moisture and tem
perature are all right , the com sprouts
readily in u couple of days. An ex
amination can bo made easily nt any
moment by lifting the sod. when the
condition of each individual kernel
can be seen nt n glance. When
good seed is used the
appearance upon removing the
sou , nfter the corn begins to sprout
is a very beautiful one. Not only nro
the sprouts rnpldly shooting , but in
numerable little rootlets which shine
and glisten like silver will have boon
Bout out in all directions after the
food which the growing plant so quick
ly requires This manner of testing
seed corn not only enables ono to set
tle the question of its germinating
power very speedily and satisfactory ,
but it nmkos n moat beautiful experi
ment , which will delight any observ
ing person , nnd especially those who
tuko an inturost in botany.
The failures of the putt year should
not only inspire every farmer with a
great degree of caution in regard to
the quality of the corn ho plants , but
should also lead hereafter to extra
card in the selection and preservation
of seed. Many take no thought about
this most important work at the uro-
jier season , but still rely upon taking
it with very little selection from the
crib. Even seasons after which the
corn is unusi-ully well matured this is
but a poor , unthrifty nnd shiftless
method , but seasons in which the
corn failed to ripen * perfectly it is
wono than taking olmncna blindly.
Although so much has boon written
on this aubjeot there is still n great
amount of missionary work to bo done
in inspiring the mass of firm era
to reiort to the most intelligent meth
ods of securing nnd preserving seed
com. The exporJonco of last year
thousands of griovoas and annoying
failures raises the question in our
mind whether it would not bo well for
every farmer to make it a rule to cam *
over ft year's supply of seed corn. The
uoodluck of our thrifty neighbor ,
who sold a whole cribful of the crop
of 1880 in the spring of 1881 , is certainly -
tainly suggestive , The great trouble
about this business is that sued corn
must be selected and saved at n very
busy time , nnd it seems to bo a task
that can -well enough be put off from
day to day , and no it is jieglccted by
the average farmer.
Front , H
"To sum it up , six long years of
bod-ridden sickness , costing $200 per
year , total 81,200-nil of this expense
was stopped by three bottles of Hop
Hitters , taken by my wife. She has
done her own housework for a-ycar
since , without the loss of a day , nnd I
want everybody to know it , for their
benefit. N. E. Farmer.
Their Establishment ut Laramie -
mio is Now n Settled
Where the Works Will bo Located
-A Few Facts About Soda.
Laratnte Boomerang.
Last Thursday afternoon paper *
wore filed in the nflico of the county
cltrk , transferring from Colonel S. W.
Downey to Sidney Dillon the entire
property known as the soda lakes ,
west of the city. Mr. Dillon , as
agent for the Union Pacific , no con
trols the whole of that vast deposit of
soda , nnd ns the following will show ,
will make use ot lui newly acquired
property in n manner whereby his
company and our city will bo mutu
ally bonefittcd :
During Mr. Downey's late visit to
Omaha ho mot Mr. Kitnball , arid-had
quite n Idngthy interview with him
regarding ( he soda lakes and the es
tablishment of reduction works here.
Mr. Kitnball assured him that ) t would
bo done , and nt once , It is the in
tention of the company to erect their
buildings , furnaces , put in machin
ery , etc. , this summer , and their agent
is now in Europe purchasing the ne
cessary appliances to reduce the soda
and prepare it for commerce. Mr.
Kimball said that the works would bo
located on section 5 , on the east side
of the river near whore the Laramie
& North Park branch crosses it. A
branch road will also bo run from the
works to the limestone quarries at the
base of the mountains cast of the city.
We have no means of knowing how
many men will bo employed in carry
ing on the work of quarrying nnd re
ducing the soda and preparing it for
the market , but the force will proba
bly bo pretty largo.
From n Jotter written Mr. Downey
by Mr. David J. Playfair. of Glasgow ,
Scotland , who has had years of expe
rience in ttio business , wo arc able to
Uy before our readers some interesting -
ing facts relative to soda and its uses.
Tno soda , as found in these lakes , ia
called sulphate of soda. Mr. Plnyfair
says it mii < ht either be dried and sent
to market in its natural state , there
being un increasing demand for it
among the Pittsburg glass makers , or
might first bo converted into carbonate
of soda or caustic soda. Most of the
above kinds of soda used in thiscoun-
try is at present imported. The import
duty on sulphate of soda is about
twenty per cent , of its value ; on car
bonate of soda about 85 per ton , and
upon caustic soda of any strength
about $35 per ton. In making either
caustio or carbonate of soda , the first
throe stops are the same for. both.
First , drying the sulphate of soda as
it is taken from the lakes. Second ,
the black ash process , or converting
the sulphate of soda into carbonate
of soda. Third , the lixiviation of the
black ash. Then if carbonate of soda ,
or soda nsh is to bo made , the solution
from the black ash is evap r.uod and
the resulting salts calcined m u carbonating -
nating furnace.
If , however , caustic soda is wanted ,
the solution from the bhick-aah is di
luted , boiled with burnt line , allowed
to settle , run into pans and concert-
tratodj Bottled again , and then finish
ed in iron pots the finishing process
consisting in driving oil'all the
water , fusing the cuuntic soda at a
bright rod'heat , oiizing and sulphides
that may bo present by means of ni
trate of soda , then allowing the caus
tie soda to settle and cool somewhat ,
and lastly packing it , while still liquid ,
in iron drums.
The uses to which alkali , in the form
of caustio or carbonate of soda is put ,
are many. The more important ones
are to make soap , paper , washing
soda , bi-carbonate of soda and glasi ;
to purify mineral oils , to make such
compounds of soda as sulphite , hypo
sulphite , borax , acetate , staunato ,
phosphate of soda ; also bromide ,
iodide , etc. , of sodium. It is used as
a ilux in treating some of the rare
motuls , and generally to neutralize
acids and precipitate motaltio oxides
ntid carbonates.
In closing his letter Mr. Playfnir
says ho thinks a &oap factory , in con
nection with the soda works , would
puy that with plenty of tallow from
our boovcs , and caustio sodu at hand ,
Liramio should be ublo to compote
successfully with Chicago for the local
and western trade , Glass works , nlno ,
could bo worked to advantage.
In this connection , wo pivo the fol
lowing , from the Denver Republican :
"Mr. N. K. Boswell , of Wyoming ,
vrea nt exposition headquarters ,
yesterday , arranging for a nnda dis
play even larger than the celebrated
lump he exhibited at the Centennial.
Mr , Boawoll has a deposit spread
over some 400 acres , varying from live
to twenty-one foot in thickness of
merchantable sulphate of soda. Ho
had a block of about three tons
weight at the Centennial , but promises
to send us u pill of four tons woieht
for exhibition. Ho informs as that
the people of Wyoming hive hoard of
the exposition and are not wasting
any time. As for himself he will dis
play his soda and magnesia , nnd BOO
that his neighbors show their riches. "
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che satisfaction or money refunited.
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Hop Bltt r
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ter luine them. "
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vere weakened , and I would uecompletely pros *
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„ , „ 'bull ' of these evil pi at-
tlccs , which are so destructive to mind and bouy
nnd roaVe lifo miserable , often leading to insani
ty and death. It strengthens the Ncrves.llrain ,
( racmorX Blood , Muscles , Pigcsthe and Repro
ductive Orirans , It restores to all Iho organic
functii-ni their former vigor and vitallly , ma-
' Ing life cheerful and en Jo ) able , 1'ricc , $3n
' )0ttic , or four times the quantity ? 10. Sent by
express , fecurc from observation , to any address ,
ou receipt of price. No. C. 0. D. sent , excep ;
on receipt of SI as a guarantee. Letters rj-
quettlug answers must Inclose stamp.
Dr. Mintie's Dandelion Pills
are tV s best and cheapest dyspepsia and billions
cure i the market. Bold by all druggista. Trice
bO cents.
Cures ill llnd of Kidney and bladder complilnte ,
gouorrhca , gleet and Icucorrhca. For ealotyaU
ufgista : ' 91 a bottle.
" V 7180Hvo3t. , 8t. Louts , iio.
For Sale in Omaha by
byC. . F. GOODMAN. .
Box3i XiaportuntS > tatamo ! t ofWcl
ILsnnrn People "Wholly
In order that the public may { ully realize the
cenuluencea ol the statement ) , * J well 0.1 the
power nod mine of the article ot which thuy
speak , e publish hcr.wlth the fac-simllo signs-
turesof pitllca hoee sincerity Is bejondqucs
tion. The Truth ol those testimonials la abso
lute , nor con the ficts they announce bo Igc
OXAIU , XEB. , May24lSSl.
II. n. WAKNJIK & Co. :
DJIARSIR : I hue frequently used Warner i
Safe Kidney nud Liver Cure .or local affection ]
attendant upon severe rheumatic attacks , and
havealftayg derived bcncflt therc.'rom. I have
also used the bafoNcrune with eatl (
tulU , I consider thcao medlclnca worthy of
Deputy Treasurer
OMAHA , Nsn , May 24 , ItSi
II. n WAR-MIE ft Co. , Rochester , N. Y. :
: I have t3 lyour b&fo Kidney and
Li\erCure tbliopringosa it er Invigorator , and
1 flnd li the best remedy I ever tried , I have
used 4 bottles , and It han made me feel better
than c * er I uld before in the
0. P. n. Shops.
OIIAIIA , NIL , May 2i , 1W1.
Sue : Kor more than la yara I have luUerod
much In1 om enlcnce from combined kidney and
liver dismals , ud ha\e been umblo to work ,
my urln < y orjn nt also belti ? affected. 1 1 rlcd a
great many modlclnea and doctorf , but Igrew
worsB and uortoday by U y I was told I bad
Drlyht'u Dlu-i e , and I wWied nijuelf dead ill
could not ba c speedy relief. I took your ilafe
Kidney and Lhcr Lure , knotting nothing el e
via < n or known to euro tha dictate , ana 1 have
not bicn disappolnUd , The medicine hu cured
me , and lam pcrteo ly well to-dav , entirely
jour Safe Kidney and Lit or Cure 1
uiln publishing this valuable
U. P.H. 15. Shops.
Thouundi cf o < | nily ! rtron ; endowments many
ot tnem In cue * where hope was abandon cd have
been voluntarily ifi > en , showu | the remarkable
pocrol Warner B fate Kidney andLUerCure ,
mall dliwcicf the Kldnejn , liver or urinary or.
imn . If any one who rfatl * this has any ph ) 8-
It-ul trouble remtmbcr the friat rimed- ,
Ouiiu KKB , 1BS1 , I
Gcalcdpropoitlivtill l > o received attheoltleo
of the undorsljned until Tuesday April 18th ,
lifl 12 o'clock n < ori , lor the couttruelloa ol
ecHert In North Oaiahak follou > : 1000 feet of
BJ teet brlck cner7i3 fctt tj feet brick fewer
uud 7 8 ol II fett bilck newer , located ou lurl
Urcet bctwien ItlhanJ 17th , and on 17th be
tween Itaid and Nicholas , lielnccn 17th and
2Ut trctt , toxtthcr with all ncccsiary man.
holti , lamps holeii , and catch banlnt , tu JHT
) v'an and itpeclRcuitiooii 111 the city Knginccrii
olUce. 1'ropoooJ * tu bo prepared upon blank *
lurnlihtxlby ihocliy Kii Inier , Ulan Mill also
no rectlvtd for the construction o' a timber out *
fill embracing | ho ( urnUhlni ; and Urhlnt ; of
100 oaK pilumoro ur K' a " 5 fett Ion. , IS to 6
Indus , and l.CO-i fc t ol oak lumber ai per plant
andtpeclUi-atloni In the EniHnccri omco. Work
to on or before June Itt , and to be coin
pitted December lit 1632. r ) meuU to b
made UJontbly In caih warrants , 16 percent to
bo rescrvcJ until Quol completion , and accent
ancu ol work by the proper authorities. All
bids to be accompanied by the sl6-nitur of rro-
powd luretied who wlltme\ent of awardluzof
cobiract inter Into bonds ol the i Uy lor execu
tion ol the vork in the -urn ol $30,000.
J. J , L.U. Jiwrrr ,
Sv City Cltrk.
Storage , Commission and IMesale Fruits.
Agents for Peck & Bankers Larfl , and Wilber Hills Flour ;
OMAHA , - - - NEB.
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
HALL ; :
Fire and Burglar Proo
1020 FarnhamlStreet ,
On River Batik , Bet. Farnham and Douglas Sts. ,
1308 and 1310 DOUGLAS STREET.
Spring Goods Receiving Daily ani Stock very nearly ! Complete-
JEW , .
ftjy * 4u7 BbBa B '
J. A. m
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Detjot ,
Wall Paper and Window Shades ,
1304 Farnham St. Omaha Neb.
Under Boyd's Opera House.
Are noW daily receiving large Stocks of
And invite the people to call and examine
Good Goods I Low Prices ;
" Opera House Shoe Store , "jj