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Yestorflay's Prooeafllngs iii the
Senate and HOIIEO ,
. > The Franking Privilege Under
Fire in the Lower
Preparations for tha Nationa
! >
Land League Oonvon-
! rii
tion To-dsy.
IMiscolIauoons Notes of a National
Ti tlonil Associated 1'rcoi.
WASIIINOTON , D. 0. , April 11.
3Ir. Merrill , from the committee c :
.finance , reported favorably the bill t
- establish an assay oflico at Dcadwood
Consideration of the bill granting
right of ( Vay to the St. Louis & Sai
Francisco railway through the reservation
vation of the Choctaw nation was
resumed , and discussion continue' '
until 4:45 : , when without coming to
vote or. the bill the senate adjourned
In the consideration of s'onat
amendments to the postoffico bill
-some discussion arose on the amendment
mont rostorinc tlo franking privileg
to members of congress.
Mr. Cannon ( III. , ) said from figure
.furnished by the pott oflico depart
imont ho found that of 174,000,00
pounds of mails wcro carried per year
73 per cent , being printed matter , an
is carried practically free of cost
Eighty-five per cent , is received fo
the carrying of letters. The proposi
tion to carry the mails of congressmen
free would probably allow transporta
tion free of about i of ono per cent
of the mails carried. Ho did no
make these statements as being in fa
vor of the amendment but for the in
formation of the houso. He , how
ever , stated that the franking privil
go having been already restored 01
all printed matter in any way part o
the records , ho might fa vor extending
it to letters if it could bo granted.
Mr. Towusond opposed the amend
Mr. Robinson ( N. Y. ) , thought
it a small affair to refuie transporta
tion of a half-ounce letter to
.soldier when books weighing four or
five pounds were carried free to
wealthy farmers and college profess
ors. He favored a general reduction
of letter postage.
Mr. Hill ( N. J. ) , favored a general -
oral reduction of letter postage to all.
Mr.- Robinson opposed the return
of the franking privilege.
Mr. Springer Ifered an amendment ,
that the official envelope , such ai
used by postmasters and departmenl
fficinla be granted members for use
for official business ; this not , however ,
to apply to members of the prcscnJ
congress. Voted down.
The senate amendment was then
rejected by a unanimous voto. At 4
o'clock the bill was sent to the com
mittee of conference and the house
went into a committee of the whole
\ . .again upon the tariff commission.
Mr. Cox ( Now York ) spoke in
opposition to the bil , urging 'there
should bo immediate action , while
- this plan * vould cause long delay. Ho
also opposed the internal revenue
system , holding especially that is gives
revenue officials privileges of oppress
ing the people. He also spoke against
the present tariff system as oppressive
upon the farming community and
Without action the committee roso.
The committee on railways and
canals reported favorably the bill for
the construction of the Illinois and
Mississippi river canal popularly
known as the Henncpin canal.
u Adjourned at 5:30 : p. m. :
, National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , Ajtfit 11. Among the
nominations sent in to-day were Sam'l
ft- M. Jackson to bo collector of internal
revenue for the Twenty-Third district
of Pennsylvania.
The following nominations were
confirmed : Sterling P. Rounds , pub
lic printer ; Robert S. Chilton , United
States consul at Port Erie. Postmas
ters Thomas Carlin , at Pierce City ,
Mo. ; Harry 0. Taylor , at Lyons , Ks. ;
E. W. Willard , at Wilmington , 111.
The president , Secretary Lincoln
and other members of the Soldiers'
Homo ( board , go on the revenue
steamer Chester A. Arthur to Hamp
ton , Ya. , to-morrow to investigate
the homn there. General McClellan
will moot the board at Hampton.
Teller will take charge on Monday.
' Brady's counsel filed pleas in abate
ment on the ground that illegal and
unsworn witnesses were received in i
the grand jury room during its sil
. Abatement in the pleas of the star
rout cases filed to-day sets forth that
P. H. Woodward and Z. L. Tidball
appeared before the grand jury with
out legal authority , with printed
statements and arguments in relation
to the indictment under consideration
which were read to the jury and left
with them , and that Woodward and
' Tidball made arguments before the
grand jury to convince thorn that in
dictments should bo found ; that they
also took before the grand jury affi
davits of parties not witnesses ; that
the grand jury found , endorsed , sign
ed and returned the indict
ment without having heard it
read and without having , consider
ed its allegations ; and further ,
that the defendants were not bound
over by any court or committing
magistrate or other competent officers.
Tidball is charged with placing before
the jury a pamphlet report of star
route investigations before the com-
mitk'o of the house of representatives.
The ground of the judge's overruling
of the places is that investigation o
the grand jury must bo done any
way. It is effected there will bo n
delay beyond May 4th , the day now
set for trial to commence.
The house committee on common :
have complelod the outline of thorive
and harbor bill. They heard the Nov
Eu land delegation to-day and to
mot row will hear Now York , Now
Jcnoy Delaware and Indiana , Afto
all have been hoard the house com
mittco will revise the bill and roporl
The house committee on naval al
fairs acrocd to the Bale of the Charles
ton navy yard and to the bill dismiss
ing naval officers for drunkenness.
Pitkin's nnmo will bo sent in a
successor to Whartoa as marshal ,
Governor Crittondon , of Missouri
arrived hero to-night. Ho denied tin
report that ho loft the state bccaus
of needing personal security. U
came to adjust some land claims.
It is learned to-night that the cabinet
inot came to conclusion in the Fit
John Porter case. The president sal
ho was willing to do what was legal it
the matter.
Delegates are arriving on cvor ;
train to attend the convention of th
national land league which meet ) here
to-morrow. Five hundred delegate !
are expected , among them ono huu
dred Catholic priests , and Congress
men Murcli , Ladd and Rob
inson. Arrangements for tin
meeting were completed to-night. Gen
P. A. Collins , of Boston , will cat
the convention to order at Lincoli
hall , Two sessions o day will bo held ,
Among subjects that will bo considered
sidored will bo the demand for the
recall of Minister Lowell , to invite co
operation of organizations favorable t (
Irish freedom , and to encourage mora
and financial support for Ireland.
The treasurer's report will show $261-
000 have been forwarded to Irolanc
within a year. It is expected the con
vention will adjourn on Thursday with
a monster mass meeting at which
prominent congressmen will bo in
vited to speak ,
The cabinet mooting to-day is understood
dorstood to have been unimportant
and confined to transaction of routine
business. J. R. G. Pitkin was agreed
upon as marshal for the Eastern
District of Louiaianiu , vice Wharton.
The national board qf managers of
soldier's'homo was in session herd to
day. The president and secretary of
war were in attendance.
The president's reception to army
and navy officers and their families
was largely attended and was very
brilliant. Officers appeared in full
uniform. They were received in the
Blue room , which was lavishly deco
rated with flowers and evergreens. The
Marino band was stationed in the
vestibule , and discoursed sweet music
during the evening.
Frniti Prospect * .
National Associated Preu
SPRINGFIELD , 111. , April 11. There
is considerable apprehension in this
portion of the .state for , the fruit
crop. This morning the mud in the
streets and highways was frozen'solid ,
and the water was covered with ico.
Nothing haa probably suffered but
fruit. A prominent fruit grower of
this county says : He thinks that
only a small portion of the crop ia BO
Far advanced hero aa to bo hurt , but
that in the counties south of this
prrcat damage must bo done.
CINCINNATI , April 11. Fruit reports
ports show the cold weather very
iisastrous to poaches , cherries and
small fruits. All are badly damaged.
Iho best judges say less than a fourth
: rep is possible.
Attempted to Inflnonco Juror * .
National Associated Press.
PHILADELPHIA , April 11. While
ampanneling a jury in the quarter ses
sions this afternoon for the trial of
William Kenney , charged with em
bezzlement of $40,000 from Jonathan
Posoy , a wholesale dry goods mor-
: hant tor whom ho was confidential
book-keeper , it was diseoverod that
Tames Clifford , a young lawyer and
iistint relative of the defendant , had
been visiting members of the ' pan-
iel urging them to give him the
benefit of the doubt. The judge is
sued a warrant for his arrest , but the
jflicer found his oflico and residence
Criminal Libol.
f itlonal Associated Vieau.
PHILADELPHIA , April 11. In con-
lequenco of a series of violent assaults
n the Press , covering nearly two
nonths , charging collusion with
hiovps , receivers of stolen goods ,
itc. , Henry Weil , member of the city
( elective dcpartmnnt under Mayor
jtokely , and now upecial detective to
ho district attorney , this afternoon
nstituted criminal proceedings for
ibol against Charles Emory Smith ,
iditor-in-chief. Magistrate Ladnor
ixod Thursday afternoon for the
The Female Broiler Again.
rational Associated Preaa.
upremo court this afternoon granted
writ , of habeas corpus , returnable
Saturday , in the case of Mrs. Dow ,
he female broker ot Boston and New
fork , in Moyamensing { prison upon
iharges of fraud and embezzlement
rom female speculators , Applica-
ion is based on the old allegation
hat the defendant is a married wo-
nan ,
National Associated i're
KANHAS CITV , April 11. Charles
HcKinnon , wholesale liquor dealer ,
nude an assignment to-day. Assets ,
$2,000 $ ; liabilities about equal to as-
ets. Ho claims that the Kansas
'ity prohibitory law has destroyed his
msiness and is the cause of his fail-
Tlia Drummers' Convention.
rational Associated P w.
Sr. PAUL , Minn. , April 11. The
innual reunion ot the Northwestern
3ommorcial Travelers'association will
to held at Lake Minnetonka on
Fuly2 , 3 and 4.
"WINE OK CAHDUl" for Ladlca only.
He Wants Nothing to Do with
the Scovillo Ootfit ,
And Indignantly Repudiates
the Assertion that Ho
Is Insauo ,
Hia Now Book , 'The Trutb ,
Issued to the World
Snramonn Strvod on Htm nt Soo-
villa's Homo.
National Associated ProM.
WASHINGTONt April 11. Guitoau
sends the following to the press :
Mrs. Frances M. Scovillo , accord
ing to newspaper report , haa impru
dtsitly filed a petition in Chicago tor
a conservator of my estate. The onb
estate I have is the copy tight o
my books , "Tho Truth" am
"Tho Removal , " now in press
The absurdity of her pretoiisei
is apparent from the fac
that I don't live in Illinois and have
not for nearly a year ; besides this , 1
am not & lunatic. This was officially
decided in my trial. - I have lived in
Washington over a year and this I
my legal residence. , The court hac
bettor dismiss the petition peremp
torily. The Scoyillcq' are a nuisance
and I want nothing to do with them.
( Signed ) CiiAiafcsJ. GuiruAu ,
U.'S. Jail. Washington , April 11.
Guiteau's book , ' Cho Truth , " is
out. It contains 240-pngea of preface ,
Ho says : "Tho Truth" is my contri
bution to the civilization of the race ,
and I ask for it caref&l attention , to
the end that many' ' Jotils may find a
savior. A now line ol thought runs
through it , and of the existence of
heaven and hell. I submit their ex
istence cannot bo proved.
CHIOAQO , April 11. ' Mrs. Scovillo'a
petition to ho appointed conservator
of Guitoau will not bef filed until this
afternoon. The sheriff took a sum
mons to Mrs. Scoville-'s residence and
was informed by the o'epplo there that
it was the usual residence of Guiteau.
Thus service was legacy had on Gut
teau by leaving the summons at his
place of residence. The case will no
doubt get in court. %
LONDON , April 11. Dante Gabriel
lossith , the poet , is dedd.
LONDON , April ,11A dispatch
rom Cairo says that" large number
of Circassian officers have been ar
rested in that city on the charge of
plotting to assassinate Arab Bey.
LONDON , April 12. The Austrian
and German press greet the oppoint-
ment of M. De Giors , Russian minis-
er of foreign affairs , a tymptomi. of
; ho peace policy of Russia. ' .
ST. PETERSBURG , April 11. A mob
attempted to instigate an anti-Jewish
riot at Warsaw , but the patrois aucf
ceoded in oppressing the rioters.
Marine Intelligence.
National Associated Frw
NEW YORK , April 11. Sailed The
Abyssinia for Liverpool.
Arrived The Caledonia from Mar-
eillea , the Furnessia from Glasgow ,
; ho Elysia from Genoa , the Heel a
rom Copenhagen , the Cimbria from
Hamburg , the State of Alabama from
Glasgow , the Wisconsin and the Scy-
hia from Liverpool.
BREMEN , April 11. Arrived The
Kronprinz" Fr. Wilholm from Balti-
ANXWEBP , Aprill 11. Sailed On
he 8th , the Rhineland for New York.
QUEENBTOVTN , April 11. Sailed
rho Batuvia for Now York.
Postal Clerk Arrested.
'atlonal Amoclatod Press.
KANHAS CITY , April 11. Harry
Park , mail agent on the Missouri Pa-
ific road , running between this city
nd St. Xiouia , was arrested in St.
jouis to-day , charged with having
ebbed the mails. Ho plead guilty
uid was placed under a bond of
51,000. It is supposed the stealing
las been the drafts tlmthavo been sent
romTopoka to Now York within three
tionths. About $50,000 have boon
oat in this way. Other arrests will
DO probably made. '
Reiicnatiou of a Judgo.
National Press Association ,
CINCINNATI , April 11. Judge Foro-
ker , of the common pleas court , re
igned on his health's account. He
oes to Colorado.
Tijroo Children Cremated.
atlonal Associated i'resi.
LITTLIS ROOK , Ark. , April 11.
'hreo children of Augustus Burger ,
f Madison county , were cremated in
dwelling while their parents were
way from homo. They arrived just
n time to see the building fall.
! Heavy SnowStorm.
National AnoclatuJ 1'rcia.
ST. JOHN , N. B. , April 11. Heavy
now storm is raging throughout the
rovinco. Four inches have already
alien hero.
L Very Car clot 8 or Malicious Doctor
atlonal Associated Prow ,
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , April 11. A
emarkablo case , in some particulars
osombling Dr , Lamson's , is underin-
estimation here by the coroner. Dr }
\ H. Griffin , a young man of goou
amily. was in a saloon a few days ago ,
vhen ho hoard a poor woman was sick
ear by. Ho wont to her house with-
ut invitation and according to tcsti-
nony given to-day , administered
nough atropia and digitalis to kill a
egimont. Ho also gave her an eighth
f a grain of morphia. The woman
ied before Griffin had time to got out
I the houso. Ho is under $5,000
ail to answer to the chargu of inal-
The inquest has been adjourned in
rder to await the result of a cljomi-
cal analysis of the woirian's stomajh
Griffin's parents say that ho , i * cciu
tomod to Ufa morphine arid U mentally
tally unsound. 0 , -
Dottruotivo Hnil Storm-
NattonM Amoclalrd 1'teM.
IALAM , Texas , April 11. Thi
city was visited by n ton-idle li.v
storm , accompanied by strong gusts o
wind. Threatening clouds In th
north and west portended danger , bu
it waa not until the frightened citi
zens could trace the ruthless track of n
terrible cyclone but a short dlsUncoii
the west that they learned what dan
gcr they had escaped. It was bai
enough , however. Lightning niicl
as never was scon before leaped froii
the clouds and the descending hai
stones ofunhoard of sizcsoundedlik
the fusilado of a mighty armyjM rifle
men. For full an hour tliis reigti o
terror lasted and the streets /were deserted
sorted save by the runaway teams
goided to fury by the cruoUce , ' Ono
thousand dollars' worth of glftss was
destroyed. Numerous injuries were
indicted upon man and bett , but
none of a fatal character. Grapevine
a small town to the northwest , wan
almost totally annihilated. A two
story house , the pride of the village ,
was turned entirely over imd'tho in
mates injured , but none fatally.1 Hu
mors prevail that the flourishing towi
of Dan ten waa also visited , and that
the loss to lifo and properly was
Now Orleans Race * .
National Press Association.
NEW ORLEANS , La ? April ll. l'ho
spring races of the now Louisiana
Jockey Club opened to-day. The at
tendance was good. In the first race ,
hurdle , Glasgow clearoi the first hur
die , knocking it do-vn ; Strychnine ,
close behind , fell in the debris , on his
rider , Alfred Lakeland ; Boston on the
Table next fell over Strychnine ,
throwing his rider , Tom Redmond.
Both jockeys wore badly hurr , and it
is fcaroJ , received fatal internal in
juries. Time , 2:32 : ; Glasgow first.
A. Her Strychnine recovered , a stable
boy mounted him and won second
money. *
The second race , three year olds ,
Pickwick stakes , one-quarter mile ,
Angolia first , Apollo second , Bibcock
( the favorite ) , third. Time , 2U
Ihird race , ono and a half miles ,
Pair Count first , Saunteror eccoud.
No time. The conclusion of 'the race
was run during a heavy rain and wind
storm , doing much damagn to club
fatlonal Associated Protu.
LAFAYETTE , Ind. , April 11. The
small pox hospital was burned by an
ucendiary last nicht. Loss light and
no lives lost.
* k
DETROIT , Mich. , April 11. Last
ovnning the ladies' hall at Olivot col-
ego was entirely destroyed. Mo t of
he students saved their effects. They
will live in private houses until the
iall is rebuilt. The burned sfrrcture
insured. " " ' 1"
was , . „
NEW ORLEANS , April 11. - A fire in
Algiers this morning destroyed A. J.
pumond's residence and contents.
Joss , $4,000 ; also the McDonough
school houso. Loss , $5,000 ; insured
ST. PAUL , Minn. . April 11. A fire
at Albert Lea to-day , originating in
Wallack's cigar factory , destroyed the
anidj'-also the Standard office , two
> arbor shops , a millinery store , Frank
A.bolo's boot and shoo store , J. P.
Dolby's restaurant , Knalvold Bros * .
lardware , Strauss & Schlessingors
dothing store and the judge of pro -
> ate office , besides damaging other os-
abliahmonta. The stocks were nearly
ill saved except the Standard oflico
ind cigar factory. Loss , $20,000 ;
tartly insured ,
Texas Legislation.
lUsociated Press .Dispatches.
AUSTIN , April 11. Another bill
ivas introduced in the legislature to-
lay providing for the survey and sot-
ing aside out of state reservations of
hreo million acres of land for the
tate university. These bills indicate
hat the legislature lias no disposition
u provide for unlocated land certili-
atos issued heretofore.
A bill passed to-day reducing pas-
encor faro on all railroads in the state
o 3 cents per mile. A similar bill
lasaod to engrossment in the house
nd the faro will bo reduced.
Illinoii Pharmacy.
atlonal Aaioclattd I'teai.
SPRINGFIELD , April 11. The state
oard of pharmacy mot to-day. There
vero present George Beech , , pf Chi-
aao , president ; Frank Flourry , Spring-
eld , secretary , and li. C. Schruder
nd 0 , W. Day attendant. The only
usinees before the board was the or-
mination of applicants , of whom there
. Thli exami-
vero forty-one present. -
atipn wan continued at the evening
ession. The names of the auccorafnl
andidates will bo announced to mor-
Arkamas Cniiodtieis.
National Associated Frrm ,
LITTLE HOOK , April 11. Perry
ounty , to which the governor last
ummcr sent from here militia , to j > re-
rout a vendetta war , has again com-
nenced to make itself prominent in
awlessnoss. Last night J. A , Butler ,
prominent citizen , was assassinated
liero by unknown parties. It is bo-
ovod the murder is the result of
olitical jealousy kept alive since the
var ,
The Mississippi Dooming.
'atlonal AMOdateil PretM.
ST , PAUL , Minn. , April 11. The
ied river Is booming and the lisa con-
tantly continues. At Grand Forks ,
Dak , , the pontoon bridge was carried
way , and u largo quantity of lumber
rom the broken boom. Two hun-
red families have been driven off the
ats by the submergingof their houses ,
'ho rise in the MississippMvest ot St.
aul haa been checked by thu frost.
Stinging irritation , inflamuatlon , all
Idney and urinary complalnti , cured by
'Bucfmpabla. " $1. Depot * t O , | i'
The Dry of the Bluffs is fo
More Brick ,
There Not Being Anywhor
Nonr Enough to Pill
the Dnnmnd.
A New Hotel and An Oporn
HOUBO to be Erected
this Season ,
Anil Broadway to Be P vcd with
[ Communicated. ]
BtnrFS , April 11. Great
interest is manifested in the mnnu
fnoturhiF ! of bricks in this city this
season , as no loss than thirteen brick
yards will soon bo in operation , will
combined capacity of 175,000 bricki
nday. ,
Among the largest ( manufacturers
ro Winchester and Wickum , Tim
former's yard is driven "by steam , one
lias for sonic time been turning
out bricka with this boatur machine ,
and v , ill soon hnvo a kiln ready to
The immonao deposit.1 ! of clay will
yet prove to bo a great source of reve
nue to this city and vicinity , The
clay differs in iu.ility , but will all bo
utilized in time. Brick-making is
not in its infancy , but the methods of
; o-day tuo nearly an primitive as those
of the Jowa under the Pharaohs ,
with ono exception , the modern
jnck-makcr rejecting the straw. The
'uturo calls for more wealth , machin
ery and skill in the manufacture of
jrick. They must bo mode faster ,
icHor , cheaper and in greater quanti
ses , for lumber is advancing ua our
'orcats disappear.
Moro building will bo done hero
.his season than laat aa the prospect
low stands. The contractors hands
arc now full , and you will find that
ho bluff * is not going to play tail t'o
ho Omaha kite building boom of last
'ear. Wo propose to hold the kite
his season , in order that wo may
coop pico with the spirit of progress.
This season we are to have another
irst class hotel , ono that your Grand
? axton and Millard will not bo able
o leak down upon , an opera houio
which some say will be a decided ira-
irovomont on the Doyd. I have my
doubt about that , atill wo should im-
) rove the older wo grow.
Wo nro to have the water works ,
hat is decided , and wo know by
lose water's report of the O. W. W. ,
hat wo will boat you there.
The.plans . ore out for a number of
mtineM blocks which fwill be under
way as soon'as we got bricks ? This
great cry hero now is bricka. Owing
o the prospect of cheaper bricka this
oason quite a number of our busi-
icss and professional men propose to
mild residences of brick.
Rents are liigh with scarcely a
whole house to bo had at , any price
idd incomers must do as is done in a
ull omnibus or hotel , double up and
nurniur not Tents and dugouts will
tot bo at a discount over hero this
uinnir but a necessity
There is talk of paving Broadway
rom the Ogdun house to the depot
with beaten bricks several courses
eop. laid in cement and covered with
aphalt. The question ia can they
ot the bricks. E. B. HUNT.
Ho Still Live * .
'atlonM Associated Prons.
FiriBiinnn , 'April 11. Jamoa Me-
lugh , who was shot by Elizabeth
\IcCun \ last night , in still alive , and
ho doctors think ho may recover.
'ho woman w-ia removed to the jail
liis morning. She refuses to give
liy reason , except that McHugh
wronged her. It is believed jealousy
was the cause , lie was once attentive
o her , but has lately kept out of her
ompany. She ia 10 years older thuii
Hell ugh.
Dlsnjipoarnnoo of a Forcer , ,
'atlooil Abuuiutotl from
LYNN , Ma s. , April 11. Charles
Morris , after railing about $70,000
> y forgeries , borrowing and raising
noncy for suflutors of all kinds , has
isappcarcd , leaving his wife and
hilaron behind. The names princi-
lally used in the forgeries were Jamca
V. Pike , II. 0. Judking , and George
I. llarwood. He raised twelve thou-
md for Judkins , the principal vie-
im of the recent boiler explosion ,
) ocketing the ontito sum.
Death of Ida Grcoloy.
atlonal Associated tfteiui
NP.W Yonic , March 11 , Mrs.
ficliolas Smith , neo Ida Grcoloy ,
ied this morning of diphtheria at
lor father's homestead at Ohattoqua ,
SL Y. Shu loaves thruo children , the
oungest 4 weeks old. She was ill
nly ono week.
Mode Hii Last Ruu.
fatlonal Aiwoclateil I'tvis.
CHICAGO , April 11. Win , A.
lulbert , president of both of , the
National leoguo and the Chicago base
all club , died suddenly of heart dis
use last night at his residence in this
ity. Ho was born in Burlington
'Jats , N. Y. , in 1832. Ho has been
resident of this city since 1831 ,
All Quiet tit Fort Rtmo.
atlonal Auoiiatotl 1'reii ,
CHICAGO , March 11 , A special
rom Fort Reno says that the fears
f the threatened outbreak of the
) hoyenno and Arapahoe Indiana has
ntirely subsided. A full allowance
f rations has been restored and peace
Strike of Laborer * .
iitlonal Atujclatwl I'roi ,
CHICAGO , April 11 , Ono thousand
aborors' in the atone quarries at La-
mont , thin county , nro on a strike
for nn advance of wages from 81 BO to
$2 per day. Thrco hundred atrikcr
organized themselves into a ledge o
the Knights f Labor , and made the
demand for an advance , which was
refused , Aa active operations were
about commencing for the season , i
ia thought a compromise will bo mad
on 81 70 per day.
Tim Xlnffby Colon- .
National A tocUt l I'rcsn.
QLKNMARV , Tcnn. , April 11.
John Boyle , manager of Rugby , i
succeeded by Robert Walton. Thi
ends the English engagement.
Conconlla , Mnonnorchor and E. M. A
Dalls blonany Night.
The subscription Easter ball of the
Uoncordia Society , took place at Tur
nor'sN hall Monday , the Musica
Union orchestra furnishing the music. .
About sixty couples were present ,
and as those Easter balls are always
full drcsa affairs , the scone was a
brilliant ono.
The Omaha Mnonnorchor society
( laving just completed the at range-
mont of their now hall in the tlurc
story of 1'opploton's ' block for occu
nancy , Monday gave nn inaugura
jail there , about thirty couples being
present. The hall was elegantly dec
orated and the supper set up was very
flue , indeed , ho Musical Union or
chestra also supplied them wit !
The thirteenth annual ball of the
3mmot Monument Association at
vubny's hall was a araml success.
L'Jio hall was brilliantly lighted , the
Icor in excellent condition ; and Ir-
ino's orchestra never did better. In
hurt , the ball was in every particular ,
inancial and social , a tremendous suc-
: cs3. The hall was decorated with
catoons of evergreens and omblomati-
al banners bearing the mottoes and
nsignia of this association , hung upon
orda extending across the room
com corner to corner. Much of
he success of the evening ia duo
o the ofliciont direction of the floor
Managers , Messrs. John Sheehan ,
'homas Bronan , P. J. Barroll and ,1.
I. Prico. The committee of arrangn-
lonts.conaistod of the following gen-
lemon : Michael Wholan , Jaa. Doug-
ass , Daniel Collins and Pat Hoafy.
? ho reception committee : Ed ! Quinn ,
'atrick Duffoy , William White and
Patrick llukos.
The programme consisted of twenty-
ight numbers , the completion of
fhich nccoBsitatod a long run into the
lours of morning.
Going for Godfrey.
At a mooting of Engine Company
Jo. 3 held Monday , the following
csolutions were unanimously
doptod :
' /ReVolvodTh"at wo ; { he raombeni
of Engine Company No. 3 , believing
hkl our candidate , Mr. Charles H.
3ddfroy , by his practical experiences
M an engineer , by his long and faith-
u services in the department , and
iia honorable record as a fireman , is
ustly entitled to the confidence ot his
ollow-firomon ; and believing further
liat his election as chit-f of the
Imaha lire department will tend to
eatoro bettor discipline and a more
iarmonious feeling in the department ,
icroby pledge him our support and
irgo on all firemen who have the wol-
are of the department at heart to
list their votca for Charles H. God-
roy for chief engineer.
Searing of the Cases In Which Pro
tests Have Bean Filed.
The hearing in the matter of the four
emonatrancea filed against applicants
or a license under the Slocumb
quor law , came up before the license
oard yesterday , the board being
ompcaod ot Mayor * Boyd and City
lork Jowott , the president of the
ouncil , Mr. Dailoy , being virtually
utof oillco.
Before the cases WMO called Judge
iloy worked np some kind of a com-
remise by which O'Connoll withdraw
is remonstrance agaiiiHt Adams , who
una the Curry place , and Adams
ithdruw hia remonstrance against
D'Conncll. The latter claims that his
omonatranco was only made to corn
el Curry to "firo" the colored prosti-
itoa out of that neighborhood , and
iat CuEry had agreed to do so ,
The case of Henry Hornborgor was
imply hoard upon points which are to
> o tested in the courts , viz. : the nufli-
loncy of advertising ono time cacl )
Hreok in the daily and doing BO with
tarties whoso applications are not for
10 aamo length of time ; second ,
rhether the payment of less than
1,000 can bo accepted legally under
to Slocumb law. Baldwin appeared
or Mr , Hornbergor and E. Uosowatcr
i * behalf of the protcstanta.
The witnesses called in this case
Mr. A , R , Soucr , business man
; or of TUB BKK , concerning the pub-
cation of Hornbergur'a notice and
ity Treasurer Buck and City Clerk
owott , concerning the amount paid
y Hamburger at the time for which
cense was applied for. Copies 'of
[ ornberg r'e application , the club
otico , us published and hia receipt
om the treasurer wcro included in
10 records of the case which may bo
ransmitted to the district court on
ppeal. The board overruled the ob-
ections and granted Hornberger's
pplication ,
Oillcor II , Jacobson made a round
osterday delivering the licenses
o the various successful ap-
ilicants. . Of the number but ono waa
or a whole year , the applicant who
mt up his little 81,000 being E. Dal-
ow , near Lincoln shed. Mrs. Barney
hannon came next with a $750 li-
ense for nine months. The rest wore
500 and 8250.
Doatli From Eating Pork that
was Affcctod , t '
The Internal Organism of the
Victim Allvo with
An Entire Family in Brooklyn
Stricken by Eating
a Ham ,
Three of Them. Being Inn Critical
National Amoclated I'reM.
BniiiRsnur.o , Pa. , April ll. A
portion of the internal organism of
Mr. Lutz , who died yesterday oE
trichinosis , from eating half-cooked
ham , has boon examined , and was so
alive with trichinw that they could bo
soon with the naked oyo. The other
five members of the family nro lying
at the point of death.
BIIOOKI.YN , N. Y. , April 11. The
family of Christian Jahr purchased a
ham on Saturday last , of which they
ate on Sunday. Several hours later '
the family , consisting of Jahr , wife ,
two grown daughters nnd o feoy 12
years old , were taken sick with symp
toms of trichina poisoning. Jahr
and the daughters are said to bo in a
critical condition. The boy and Mrs.
Jahr are apparently recovering. Part
of the ham haa been subjected to a
microscopical examination.
Riglitn of Colored Moti.
National AnocIatoU 1'rcss.
PintADKLWiiAj April 11. There
was a largo meeting of colored citi
zens to-night at Bethel church to pro-
.est . against the ejection of Bishop
iloyno from a car on the Jacksonville
% Indianapolis railroad. Resolutions
voro adopted looking to the formation ,
of an organization for protection by
aw of colored civil rights everywhere ,
and to prosecute the railroad. Sever
al wealthy colored residents have de
cided to take the initiative in legal
> ronocutions. If civil actions are not
ustainod by the state courts , appeal
will bo taken to the United States
ourta. Lottora having boon received
lorn charging that the United States
allicials at Jacksonville are indifferent
o the prosecutions , it is proposed to )
ivsk the attorney general to instruct
hem to take energetic action.
Canadian ladepondenco
[ atlonal Aaaoclated 1'rciw.
MONTREAL , April 11 At the dinner
af the Club National to-night 150 por-
ona were present. The speeches all
avored Canadian independence , no
nontion being made of annexation to
.ho United States. The president of
ho club , Mr. Morcior , M. P. , advo
cated the formation of a ropubltc'mod-
elled after the United States govern
ment : " ' ' f. ,
Fonad JLftar Nineteen Year * .
Vatlonal Aiaoclatod Fr en. ,
LITTLE ROOK , April 11. Shortly
after Gen. Steele , in 1803 , ' .ook this
city , a Missouri guorila named Rob.
I. Crowley , was imprisoned in the
tate house. While a captive ho BO-
rotod a $100 greenback in a chink in
no of the walls. Ho cimo to this
ity to-day , and after a short search
found the bill.
Ro'b'boil on the Train.
National Associated Press.
MADISON , Wis. , April 11. Thos.
Carr drew $12,000 from the bank to
purchase horses. On the way west ho
stopped in Chicago and made the ac
quaintance of three sharpers. The
entire party started west and .whilo
on the train the men grabbed all hia
wealth , leaped front the train and es
Democratic Victory.
KatlonM Associated Preen.
ALBANY , N. Y. , April 11. At the
ilcotion to-day the democrats re
flected Nolan mayor by 20,000 ma
jority , and carried the board of alder
men by 11 majority.
National Associated Prooo.
WASHINGTON , April 11. For the
Missouri valloypartly cloudy weather ,
Dccasional rains , northeasterly winds ,
lower barometer , Htationary or lower
3omo Good Entertainments for the
Rest of Apnl.
John McCullough appears at Boyd'a
) pora House to-dad and Thais-
lay evening in "Virginius" and "The
Gladiator" respectively. As a trago-
lian Mr. MoCullough occupies a place
n the front rank and his popularity brewing
[ rowing every day. The sale of seats * r
vhjoh begun yesterday is moderately
argo , but he will mosc likely have a
[ oed house for both nights.
The historical and allegorical drama ,
'The Great Republic , " in which four
mndred of the young people of Omaha
will appear , will to produced at Boyd'a
jpora hauso next Friday evening and w
Saturday afternoon and evening.
Stevens1 "Jolly Bachelors , " a gay
? arty of no little merit , will bo at
lioyd's April 21st and22d , Friday and
Saturday noxt.
Willie Edouin's "Sparks , " one of
the prettiest and most attractive com
panies on the road , will appear at
Boyd's on the night of the 20th iast ,
in their famous play entitled "Dreams. "
rhoy will have a big houso.
On next Friday evening and Batur-
lay afternoon and evening an inter
ring and instructive entertainment ,
llustrating the "Wonders of the Yel-
owstono and the National Park , " will
30 given in the city , but not atBoyd's , f
Foity years' trial nu iiroveu ' * BLACK *
DRAUGt.1" ' "tho best liver inedTcTuTIa