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Who Prey Upon Oircua Pat
rons ,
How tno Candy Butohora and Clrcu
Flratos Plunder ibo Unsuspecting
Vordonts at tbo Mammoth
Shows Pnylnsr PromN
umo for "Privl-
' leges. "
Chicago Herald ,
The Gentle Annie sonson approach *
cs , and the day of the circus is nl
Imnd. In r. few wookfl nt tlio furthest
the tents of Boinobody'a ' "Mammoth
Consolidation of Stupondunua lUil-
road Shows Sovontcon Unuqualu'
Marvels Under One Grand Pavilion'
will bo pitched in Indianapolis. It
vlovr of the fact that the circnn ia
really imminent , it may bo of pasn'ui ) ,
intorcat to them who , in the tinioconco
of their hearts , go with unfailing
punctuality to nee the "Apollo IMvt-
uoro of the Arena , " the " inprcsa ol
the Air , " the "Iron-jawed Lady" and
kindred attractions , to know how the
guileless "candy butcher" robs the
unsuspecting pa'.ron ' of the show. Ono
of those individuals waa overheard by
an Indianapolis Journal reporter , in a
West Side restaurant , unveiling to a
companion , who was thinking of on *
taring the business this season , the
methods practiced by the craft in
swindling the verdanta from the rural
" ou bet there's money in it , " naid
.tho voleran , with n knowing ahnko of
4ho head. "Why , 1'vo been layin'
around hero in the spring no darn
ipoor that if pig-iron was nellm' tit two
.cents a ton 1 coulda't have bought a
ahinRlo nail ; standin * lunch counter
keepers off for sandwiches , and pullin'
their lugs for pie , and then coin' off
with thp circus , runnin' the candy-
ifako for the season , andcomo liomein
iho fall with a roll in my pocket. "
The roruil'a nyes opened at t ho
prospect of the "big money" which ho
waa assured was in the business , but
sighed despairingly as ho remarked
remarked that lie had no money to
start business with.
"Ain't got no capital , oh ? " said the
old-timer. "You don't ncod any.
You go with thoahow to tend the can-
< ly business , and the bosses give you
fifteen cents on the dollar for all the
atuff you noil. Then you pay 'om
about twulvo dollars a week for your
board and trancportatiou on thu trains.
You whack with 'em on all the boodle
you got away with over what comes in
on the aqu.vo make un oven divy'
understand ? "
The Journal man bocauio interested ,
and ventured to inquire of the "can
dy butchor" if ho nuiant that the pro
prietors of the show countenanced
stealing from customers and shared In
the profits , at which that guileless cit
izen laugcod outright.
"Do they know it ? " said ho. "Well ,
I should gasp. Of course they know
it , an' if u guy ain't party slick , an *
don't make a good 'hold out/ they
Ain't got no use for him. "
"Bow do you got more money than
you are entitled to ? " innocently in
quired the reporter.
"How do wo git it ? Well , thoro'o
a thousand ways. For instance , a
gray ( country jake , you know ) cornea
up to your stand an' says : 'Gimme a
quarter's worth o1 cigars , ' and. forka
over a aver .to git changed. ( You have
a jjonoryoldod lonuihwiao and caughi
over yoQr finger ; ypu slip hia fiver
into the palm of your hand , lay down
the oner and give him 76 cents ohuuuo.
Nine cases out o * ton ho won't uotico
it at all , but'll pocket his change and
move on , But in case ho makes a
kick to the bosses and has got you
purty foul , they've got to lot on to bo
maddor'n blazoa an * ' 11 give him hie
money back. Then you'vo got to
square the kick with them "
"Down south is the place to work
all kinds of rackets , though , " resumed
the . ' 'The darkies
speaker. are a pud-
din' . Mr. Nig comes along an' hands
over a twenty-dollar gold piece that
ho got for his cotton to pay for a glass
o' rod lemonade as long us a yard
stick. Mr. Nit , ' gits ono taste of that
an' she's yourn. You'll git their
whole cotton crop 'foro tlroy git away ,
if you'll work the snap slick enough.
7110 man'll hand over his gold piece ,
an * you slip a\ilvor dollar into your
hand an' sneak the gold piece into
your pocket. Ho an * the old woman
oaoh had a gloss of lemonade , an1 you
qivo 'em 90 cents change , Maybe ho
notices it an * maybe ho don't. If ho
dow , an * says ho gave you a gold
piece , you jeu * say , 'Go 'way , nigger ,
you don't know tlip difference 'tween
sold and silver ; this is white , ain't it ,
OH' ain't gold yallorl1"
" 'Look hoah 'Liza ' "
, , , cays Mr.
Nig to Mrs. Nig , 'wirn't that 'ar
twunty-dollah gold piece I got from
Mass Olovison for that cotton ? ' and
'Liza answers every time ; 'No ,
Pomp ; that war the dollah you got
from lijss Gluckison for thorn yatna , "
orsomothin * o' that kind. I tell you ,
you can got 'om every time. Mr.
Uoon gees off shakin' his head , per
haps , but ho won't see through the
"I made a good haul onot on a
mulatto woman. She had plenty o'
money , an' sailed into the big tent uu
if she had somebody big. She
waltzed up to the feller who was
Bollin * reserved seats an1 asked for n
seat , but thuro was a rule agin sellin
to coona , on1 ho wouldn't lot her have
'om. But ho got a ghmpso into her
leather an' saw that she had a roll ,
so ho calls mo out an * nays , 'D'ye BCO
that coon settin' up on the fifth row
there ? Well , you work her good ; she
wants reserved Boats , an'll pay wull
for 'om' . So I took some tickets an'
mounted the seats , yolliii' "Reserved
aoats ! ' as loud as I could. She called
mo over and asked mo for throe tick
ets. 'Dollar-an'-a-half , ' says I , an'
she opened her leather an * took out a
tenor , an * as she did that I roachoc
over an'pinched a twenty. I got my
silver ready , , an1 as she handed me
the tenerlsays :
"Lady , couldn't you please give me
a larger bill ? I've got more change
hero'n I know what to do with. "
11 'Oh , of course , ' says she , an
yanks out a twenty. I forgot to give
back her ton , an' she put iter change
for the twenty into her wallet ; I
nipped that , Then I had to watcl
for fear she would try to buy some
juice or something an' I know'd if she
( did , uho'd find out that shu'd beei
touched for all the wealth she had
ah' make a kick to the Losses. Afte
while she got to yell in' for n fnn , an
[ hnd to wait till thu Japonose opera-
cooler fnkir come along , an * told hn !
she didn't have a cent ; so ha steerec
clear. "
"llow do you keep from having
two men with different articles for
sao ! from approaching a person who
has already been fleeced ? " the re
porter ventured to inquire.
"You see , wo divide thn lent off
into districts. For instance , ono
man'll work the scats between ono
sot of polls , and niiothor'll begin
where ho loaves off. When the candy
man has touched a feller , ho points
him out to the juico-slinger and puts
him onto the snap. 'Don't touch
that bloke over thuro , ' 'don't hold up
his nibs with the sluggers , ' 'don't
speak to hit old slogs on the top row
yonder , ' and so on , until ho knows
juit who you'vo worked. "
"Are you never found out and ar-
roiled ? " again interposed the news-
[ wpur man.
"Ain't ' wo ? " rcsponsivoly queried
the "butchor. "
"Well , I should cause my fcatuics to
relax. Why , I got nnltod for ninety
days onct down in n littlotown in Ten
nessee , moan * two other guys , There
was an internal rovonuu ollicor como
along and asked for quarter's \vorlh
nf scgars an * liandod mo u $10 note. I
worked thv : dollar racket on him , an'
give him back 76 cents change. I
vasn't on to him , though , no moro'n
10 was to mo. Ho was layin' for user
or sollin' scgars without license , so
to goes up to another follcr an' buys
another quarter's worth , but the other
juy pinched him for a fifty. The fol-
or had a big roll u' bills and throwod
om aroun' purty froo. Ho tackled
ono other feller and loft. Purty soon
a feller comes up to mo an' says , 'IIow
are yo ? ' stiokin * out both hands. I
iidn't drop to his game , an * put out
ny hands to shako with him , at the
amo time wondorin' how much I
ould hold out on him , an' makin' up
ny mind to squeeze him all I could ;
mt 'for I know'd whut I was about ho
iad a pair o' nippora on mo , nn * I
.umblcd . to the racket. I hold up my
lands nn' hollered to the other fol-
ors , 'Hello ' , boys , how do they fit1 ?
Muiy cut an' run , but the marshal
au ht 'em , an * in wo went. "
"Did the show help you out ? " asked
lie now recruit.
"Well , you bob they didn't. When
ou got into that kind of a Hcrapo the
how people don't know you. The
jossoi say you are just follerin' their
how and scllin' stulf on the outside ,
ind they don't care a darn what
comes of you. If they did the show
rould bo held over , an' that wouldn't
lo at all. you know. The revenue of-
icor didn't miss anything except the
$10 that I nipped , but that was
enough , and it costs us about $300
apiece , an' three wooltj stretch in
ail to got out o' that. Many n time
' . have had to skip out across the col
on field an' join the show train at
omo outside station , or else stuy an'
; o in the hole. "
"How much money can a follow
nako ? " asked the recruit.
"Depends on how slickamun ho is.
. ' know'd ono fallow that give the
show $20 a day for the privilege o' '
poddlin * razors outaido the canvas in
Alabama. Ho was the slickest cuss I
over BOO. Jlo'd tackle a coon an' try
; o sell him a razor fo'r CO cents , an *
while ho was tryin * to olip the razor
nto the bloke's pocket with ono hand
io'd bo all over an' under an' around
liim with the other , foblin1 very
pockoy an' pinohin' everything ho had
\boutfhim that was worth'a shuck. I
toll you it's a great graft , an * boats
layin' aroun' hero all summer. "
When the reporter loft the party
: ho veteran was still engaged in ex-
Gaining to the aspirant for honors the
iccrots of thp "candy-butchpr's" pro-
'ossion and picturing in glowing colors
.ho . beauties of the business.
Pront , Ul.VTUO.
"To sum it up , six long yoara of
jod-riddon sickness , costing $200 per
year , total § 1,200-all of this expense
vas stopped by three bottles of Hop
Bitters , taken by my wife. She has
done her own housework for u year
since , without the loss of a day , and I
want everybody to know it , for their
benefit. N. E. Farmer.
A Bright and Interesting Let
ter About the Folks in
California Gulch.
The Heavy Players of the Min
ing Olub Taught a "dhin-
" Lesson in Draw-
Opium Bmoklnff Boeomlnjr Alarm.
ingly Prevalent Amonu Women
of Upoor Circles-A Diamond
Find Annie Llaogon's
Misfortune ,
Loidfill * ConeiponJencoof tUu Dumorlilbuno.
Within the six
pant months a cer
tain evil has grown to such alarming
proportions in this city as to astound
ind horrify any 0110 who has looked
into it. lalluda to opium smoking ,
tt is a well known fact that the gam
bling fraternity are all moro or loss
addicted to it , but of late it has
spread to all classes. There is a point
near the cornor'of Fifth and Poplar
streets hero that is frequpiitod by
women who move in decidedly upper
circles. No sporting women wru ad
mitted and thu utmost caution ia observed -
served to keep everything as quiet as
possible. The police talk of pulling
the place , but it is said thut the jnflu-
once of the parties w ho frequent it
makes the authorities reluctant about
taking any stops in that direction.
There was a singular loss on the
Asnun road the other day. The Far-
well Consolidated mine at Indopon-
deuce deposited $20,000 in two gold
bricks at the Independence bank ,
that institution shipping it by their
own pony express to Leadville. The
precious bars wore loaded on tho'back
of a pack horse in a couple of gunny
sacks secured by leather straps. About
twelve miles from Indopundonco the
armed messenger examined the gunny -
ny sacks to see if the treasure was
safe , and was astounishod and terri
fied to find that the Motion against
the cloth had worn a hole through it
and that ono of the bricks wai
gone. Ho at once turned arount
and slowly retraced his stops , closely
examint ; the snow , which lies deep
upon the road , for eomo tracu of the
lost gold. The tracks of the horses
wore plainly visible , but although the
snow was trampled down hnrd there
waa no sign of the brick. Word was
at once sent to the bank and over ono
hundred men were sent out on the
search , but without success , and at
the present time itseems very likely
that sumo wandering piospcctor came
npon moro gold in a lump than hois
liable to Jiff in the whole courgo o ;
his natural hfo. The bank will have
to stand the loss an oven 810,000
[ Thn brick has since bucn found.
Ei. ]
Ono of < ho aristocratic inititutions
of LeAiIvillo is the Mining club ai
organization composed of the blue
blood of the city , and not exactly , as
the name impli-i , up o
mining tmignates. The np.utmcntsnl
the organiz\tioii imltulo a daintily
finnittiml httlo apaitmcnt pacred it
the groifc American auno of draw-
poker. Hero the club men are wonl
to congregate of an evening and
sometimes the game runs high. Now
in dr.iw poker even "umong gentle-
moil" the phyer profora to win
rather than to lose , and consequently
quently Bomo very dcoperato
points are _ occasionally strained ,
A few oveninga ago a well-know n
member the superintendent of a
mine east of the city sat down in a
jamo of the hardest and heaviest play-
) rs in thocamp. In about nn hour
10 quit just 8700 poorer than when
10 eat down. Later in the evening
10 disconsolately narrated the fact tea
a friend , and cursed gambling and
( amblers in a loud , deep and om-
> hatic style , It so hoppcnod that
, his friend was a trifle moro "fly" in
the vernacular of the gang than ho ,
and closing ono optic , told him ho
could assist him in making the Miner
club look remarkably sick as far as
draw-poker was concerned. The min-
ng man expressed his willingness to bo
assisted and thp "ily" friend produced
vhat is technically known as a
shiner. " This may bo a dark and
; loomy mystery lo thono ( initiated ,
nit to old sports it i far from ono.
A "shiner" is nothing but n silver
dollar on ono side of which a concave
nil-tor about the size of a man's Httlo
finger nail is set. This ia brightly
lolinliod and unnoticed in the mir-
'oundtng silver. When the game be
gins the "nliinor" is laid on top of i\
) il of notes and coin and. the cards
lenlt over it. The result U that the
conciwo mirror catches the reflection
of all cards dealt'over it and the
dealer lies a pretty accurate knowledge
of what everybody else holds. A few
cBsona made the mining man an adept
and armed with the "shiner"
10 hied htm to the Mining
club. A poker was in pro
gress , and ho took his scat at the
.able. For the next couple of hours
-ho players were tempted to think ho
iad suddenly boconia gifted with the
powers of a clairvoyant or mind
oader , so singularly accurate was his
mowledgo of what they hold. At the
end of that time ho had the crowd in
such a state of utter and complete
doad-brokedness that they were
obliged to stand off the steward of the
club for their potations. Since then
; ho Mining club has experienced a
season of financial depression which
seriously lamed their political potency
, n the city election. f
Some bard of latter day has written ;
"What's in a name ? Ah Shakespeare
there you blundered.
Stitched in a quilt there's cold cash
in a hundred. "
Acting on this suggestion a Load-
villo lady is getting up a novelty in
the line of an autograph quilt , which
she proposes to radio off for the bunn-
it of Mra. Sam Townsend , the widow
if the officer shot the other day. She
iaa sent a square of cloth and a pencil
of indelible ink to all the American
celebrities , with the request that they
return the oamo with their autograph
ind a sentiment andorscd thereon.
I'ho result has been flattering , and she
ias amassed already quito n collec-
; ion. Soma of the returns have been
witty , and some fraught with good
common sense.
Nod Foster , of Foster's Dclmonico ,
, ho loading European hotel hero , is a
mppy man. While opening a case of
early spring vegetables just received
: ron > Florida yesterday , ho saw some-
; hinc that glittered in the bottom of
; ho box , and picking it up was amazed
t } BOO that it was a handsome diamond
brooch. It is mounted in Roman
; old and consists of a center ono of
the purest water , weighing two and
one-sixteenth carats , surrounded by
smaller but not loss purer brilliants.
[ ) n the back is engraved the initials
"A. S. " and the whole is worth
enough to make that a very profitable
: aio of vegetables , indeed. How the
brooch got there , or whoso It is , Mr.
Foster is just ns densely ignorant of a ?
as anybody.
Quito u pleasant Httlo romance in
real lifo occurred hero the other day ,
all the facts being vouched for as
strictly correct. Something like two
or three woeka ago a pretty servant
girl named Annie Moagen , who
works for a family on Oapitol hill , ro-
cuivoc ? a letter from Now York stating
that an undo living there had died ,
leaving her about § 12,000 quito a
anug Jittlo cum for a Imrd-working
girl. Annie was somewhat dubious
about the infonration , claiming that
she never had any relatives in Now
York , but her friends inaiuted that
she must bo the party meant , and oho
became quite happy in the sun of her
new-found prosperity. Then admirers
came by droves. Dozens of men
wondered why they had never been
attracted by her botoro , and oho had
for the time being moro attention
than uho could stand. Several pro-
nosed marriage , and while shu was de
liberating which ono to have , the
chilling news came that the letter was
not intended for her at all , but for
another Annie who lives at Kokomo ,
and who is a horny-handed washer
woman. Her dream of bliss was
knocked higher than the kite of the
late Mr.Gilderoy , and her admirers fied
to the four winds. It was a touching
instance of '
inconstancy , anu
ono which she will probably never
Buoklin's Arnica Salve ,
The DtsT SALVE in the worM for CuU.
Brufcw , Horea , Ulcer * . Salt Ithenra , J'evw
Bores , letter. Olmpped Hands , Chilblain ,
Corns , n. | all skin cruntloiu , and no. ! ,
lively cure * pllej. It U Bu nvuteea to
Blve satisfaction or money refunded.
1'rlce , 25 cents i > er box , For Kale by
Bcbroter and Becht , *
Free of Charge.
All pennnn suffering fromoneh , Cold ,0
Anthtnti , Bronchitis , Lous of Vulce , or any
AfTection of the Throat and Lung * , are ro
quet ted to call Rt Schroter & UechtV drnft
mere and get Trial Uottlo of Dr. King' *
New Dlncovery for Gun umptloo , free of
chnrjc , which will convince them of Its
wonderful merits nnd dhow what a regular
( bottle will An. Call cirly.
For a quarter cf a century or moro Ilostoltcr'n
Btoiiuch ' liters h.v < l > ccii ttiu ic\gn\ng \ \ tpccillc
lor ImJIgcitloi dtBpcpM * , fever nml ORIIC , lens of
phjilcumatilixi Ihcrcomplilntiunloth'rtlli' r
tlcr . 'Mul lui been most emphatically IndorBcit ! > } '
rtcdical men itna health aid strength rr tqr
atlru. It counteracts n tendency lo vreiintiiro
1'rny&nj Bustnu.s anil comforts the aged and
For sale by nil drutrplaUand dealers generally
ill to ml
cily. An un
failing cure
1 for Bomlnal
WcaknoDS ,
bpcrmator *
> clf-Aliuw ; na Loss ol Memory , Unltcrstl Lajsl-
udo , 1'aln In the Back , Dimness of Yt lon , Pro.
nature Old Ago , and many ether IJi n3cB that
mil to Insanity or Cousumjitlon and a 1'roinif
ura Grave.
tSTFiill particulars In our pamuhlct , which
wo deairo to bond frcu 1 1 * mill to orcry one ,
. \5TTIiu Specific tlu'.lchic It aolcl by all dni giAt <
it Jtp r pnckniff , or Gjiacktcrs for $5 , or will
10 cent free by mail on reel ptottho money , by
addrva9li ) ; THKOItA 1F.D1C1NGCO. ,
Bufla'-o , K. V.
orn l' r or7m < "d
DBit8rL.Tliomas&Bro ,
Pay Tasos , Rent Houooa , 13 to.
0 0 ( c Roam 8. Crel/h' n t > 0"A Onab
Employment Agent
Railroad Outfit on Short Notice-
llth St. , Near Farnham.
? .18 and 220 S. 14th St.
.T > TVrfh. . TFBf ± m m
Geo. P. Bemis
IStfi nnd Oodce GU. , Omuho , Nab.
This ie > ncy cc < . bTPint.TabroV rr.geba-ilne2s.
Ufwi ut ejucuhte nd thrrurrm uy bargains
/.I. r I Bitfo' ' if " lp t td
Proprietor ,
1213 Harnoy Street ,
OMAHA , - - - NEB.
Cornices ,
Dormer Windows , Finials ,
Speont'o Parent Metalio Sky-
Patent Aduitablo | Ratchet Dar and
am thu general Btato Agent for the above
lie of goods.
Oreitlncti Balustrades , V randns.0fnce ! and
Dank Railings , Window and Cellar
Guards ; also
Peerton and Hill Patent Insldo Dllnd ,
/ man ol l
IftCUllUk . . .
ll wii.tu -
our ilutlea tttuU * jilitlil vaix , to run
itunulmuanrt u pbnlnmrtenni
Hop Blttoro u o Hop D.
' ' . . . . . . . .inKlrou\biiy it
aUsffifJ'S'TUSS 5 Dull | If you an. iLur.
I ltd or elm ; ! * , old " ' jrouMf , lUITurlry trou
[ HE on a bee 't nick
lieu , rely on HopJ UlttHTd.
ol ii-
. TUouiacni -
WhMur yonore.
wlimercr you feil uaally from semi
lliat your Mrrtein Jfomiuf Ktanoy
n < vd cleaiulnir. ton.
Inif or ntliuulAttn I haT0 bfcniireientvc
without < iijox ( < xi nr , I I Uy tlmoly ussot
take Hop Hcp&tteri
o.i. o
ploflli , dbeaw H UcluU
iind Irreiisla-
ot th womucA , ulocure fat
. * looil , HOP
( ximh. drunl.enne i.
i ( rurrunY l utrof ojiluiu ,
You will tie
cured If you iu
Hop aittor
? ) ttJ. Btn
to * nlrltcJtry NEVER Circulu.
envo your BTQ 10
llfo. It ha ,
uved hun- tlMkulcr , Hi X
ctredu. AToroot9. Out.
Physician and Surgeon
Office No.llliFanibam St. between 14th and
1U > , Omaha , Neb , | 28 * J M
Hrs. .T , O. riobcrt on , Plttihtirir , Px , writes : "I
oi suHcrlnc from ffcncMl debility , wunt of op.
petite , conttlrntlon , ttc. , so tliilllle waia bur
den ; after mlnir Hunlock Hloo.1 Itiltcrs 1 felt Ut
ter than for j cars. 1 caunot pralso jour Hitters
too much. "
It.GlblM. of nufTalo , N. V. , rites : "Vonr
Bunlock nice , tllttcri , In the
blood , liter . .J klilnctf , hite been signally
marked 1th uecc s. Ihato uwd them mjuclf
ttllhbc t results , for torpidity of thelltcr and In
oafo of n frlpnd of mine nurfcrlng from dropsy ,
the effect was man clous. "
Uruco Turner , nochcstcr , N. Y.w | rites : ' ! hare
been subject to ecrious disorder of the kldnc } ? ,
and unable to attend to l > iHncm ; Hunlock Illooii
tllttcrs relieved ma before half iv bottle uaa used
t feel confident that thov will entirely cure me. "
Aicnlth Hall , ninHhampton , N. Y. , writes :
"I suffered with a dull pain through mv eft
liinu atid thouldcr. Lost my splrlu , nppctlto
and color , and could with ilintculty keep up all
iliv. Took j our llurdock Ulood Ditters as ill-
icctcd. and have felt no ] ialn since first week after -
ter uslnv them. "
Jlr. Noah Bates , Elmlnv , N. Y. . writes : "About
four } can ago I hat ) an attack of bilious rover , and
never fully rccotcred. My digestive organs
u era n cakcnod , and I ould uo com ] > lctety pros
trated for dajs. After using tno bottles of your
llurdock Tllood Bitters the Improvement was no
1 1Ililo that I was axtoiilshcd. 1 can now. though
Gl > carsof ago , doafalr and reasonable day's
C. Black ct Itobtnson , proprietor of The Canada
Presbyterian , Toronto , Ont. , writes : "Ferycars
I sudercd greatly from oft-recurring headache. I
used > our Iturdock Ulood Bitters with happiest
results , and I now flnd rmrelf In better health
than for years past. "
Mrs. Wallace , Buffalo , N. Y , writes : ' ! have
used Burdock Illood Bitters for nenous and bil
ious headaches , and cnn recommend It to anyone
requiring a euro for billiousncss. " *
Mrs. Ira Mnllnolland , Albany , N. Y , writes :
"For several I have suffered
years from oft-recur
ring bllllnus headaches , dyspepsia , and com
plaint * peculiar to mj sox. slnco using jour
llurdock Blood Bitters I am entirely relieved. "
Prlco , 01.00 pet Bottle ; Trial Qottloi 10 Otl
FOSTER , MILBURH , & Go , , Props ,
Sold at vtholoaalo by lah & McMalion and C. F.
Goodman. Jo 27 cod-mo
TDM Great- English
Sever falls to cuio
Nenous Debility , VI-
til Kxhaustion , Krnln-
lions , Stmitial Wcnk-
HOOD , and all the
cv 11 ctlccU of > outh-
( ul follies and execs-
cs. It stops pcrma
ncntly all weakening.
involuntary loss sand
J rains upon the sj-s-
cum , the inevitable re-
. , „ oult of these evil pi a
tlccs , which urosodcstnie'lvo ' to ininil and liouy
and ivaVo lifo miserable , ottcn leading to Intaul-
fy and death It strengthens the Ncrves.Uraln ,
( mcmorjf Blood , Musvleu , Pigcutive and Rcpro-
ductlvo Orpins , It restores to all the onranlc
functions their former vigor and vitality , ma-
ving life cheerful and cnjoablo. Price , 83 a
'lottlo , or four times the quantity 310. Sent by
express , secure from observation , to any address ,
on receipt of price. So.C.O. U. sent , except
on receipt of 81 as a guarantee. Letters rj-
questing answers must Inclose stamp.
Dr. Mintie's Dandelion Pills
are tt i best and cheapest dyspepsia and bllllous
cure 1 1 the market. Sold by all druggists. Price
60 cents.
Dn UiXTin'fl KIDMST Buixor ,
Cures ell VIndot Kidney and bladder complaint * ,
gonorrhea , gleet and leucorrhea. For talojoy all
dauiig.sts : $1 a bottle.
> * t 718 Olive St. , St. LoulslMo.
For Sale lo Omaha by
IlnoTOTi People XVbolly
In order that the public tuny fully realize the
genuineness of the statements , as well OH the
poucrand vihio of the arttclu of which tlic >
speak , wo publish herewith the fae-slmilo sl 'nt-
turts of parlies whose sincerity Is IwyonJ qties
tlon. The Truth ol theto testimonials Is abso
lute , nor can the facts they announce be Ig
OMAHA , NUB. , Mrvy 34 , 18SI.
II. II. WAHNKU & Co. :
Dun SIR : 1 have frequently used Warner's
Safe Kidney atid Liver ( Juro cr local affections
attendant upon sotoro rheunntlu attacks , and
havoalnays derived benefit therefrom. I have
also usud the Safe Ner me with satisfactory re
sults. I consider thcau mcdlclncti worthy ol
Deputy Treasurer
OUAUA , Nxn , Hay 21 , IsSl
II. H WARNHR & Co. , llochcetor , N. Y. :
QSNTK : 1 have OM ( your Safe Kidney and
Liver Cure this sprliiK as a h or Invlgorator. and
1 flnd lithe best remedy I ever tried. Ihavt
used 4 bottbs. and It has made me feel better
than over 1 aid before In the
U. P. U. Hhops.
OUAIU , Km. , May 1,1881.
H. n. WARXIK&CO. :
SIRS : For uioro than ID yiara I have suffered
much In1 onvcnlonce from combined kidney and
liver diseases , nd IIMO been un blo to work ,
my urln.iy orxms also beliijf afflicted I tried a
great many medicines and doctor ? , 'jut I grew
worse andwortoday by day I was told I had
Itrlk'ht'u Disease , and 1 wished nijsolf dead If I
could not have speedy relief , 1 took your Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure , knowing nothing else
von c\er known tocmotin dlsento , and I have
not been disappointed. The medicine has cured
ice , and I am jicrfoo ly well to-day , cntiruy
throuuh jour f ( o Kidney and LI\crCuro 1
with jau all slice M In imbilahlng thl * valuable
reraour through Ihn orld
U , r.R. R. Shops.
Thoiuinds of equally strong cndorsementj many
of tnein In canes uhero hope > \as abandoned ha\e
boon M'luntarlly given , nhowlug the remarkable
pouerof Warner's-alo Klduoy and Liver Cure ,
in all diseases cf the Kidneys , lUer or urinary or *
gaus. If any ono who reads this has any phys
ical trouble reui mber the great remedy.
1'rflsidcnt. Vice Trea't.
W , 8. DuaiiiR Bcc. and Treas.
Lincoln , Neb.
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Sulky Hay Rake , Bucket Elevating Wind
ml is , &c.
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turlrc for other parties.
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