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No Session of tlio Senate and a
Short One of tlio Houso.
Representative Allen , of Mis
souri , Finally Overtaken by
the Grim Messenger.
Sbipherd on Examination
Gives Testimony Concern
ing His Peruvian
Probable Final Disposition'of
the Theft .of Whitelaw
Reid's Famous Dispatch.
Misoollanoonn Note * of n .National
National Associated
r WASHINGTON , April 8. The senate
was not in cession , having adjourned
on Thursday until Monday.
The discussion ot the tarifT commis
sion bill has resumed , Mr. Muldrow
completing his speech. Ho was fol
lowed by Mr. Brewer ( N. J. ) in support -
port of the bill.
After the appointment of a commit
tee to accompany the remains of Con
gressman All&u to Pittsfiold , the
house , as n mark of respect to the do-
coaaed-adjournod nt 1:40 : p. m.
National AinocUteJ Press.
WASHINGTON , April 0. Hon. Thos.
Allen , member of congress from Mis
souri , died nt 5 a. m. yesterday dur
ing sleep , He waa the richest man in
congress. Hla estate waa worth from
$5.000,000 to § 10,000,000 ,
In the house yoatorday Messrs.
Hutch , Frost , Robinson , of Musa-
chusotts ; Gunter , of Arkansas , Chal-
A mer. Mills and Aid rich , Were appoint
ed a committee to ncuompany the re
mains of Mr. Allen to Pittafield.
The remains will bo removed to-day
to Pittaficld , Massachusetts , for inter
ment. His death is universally re
gretted. He accepted the uomina-
tioaAt the request of St. Louis peo-
1e. He had been ill since before the
jponing of the session nnd waa only
on the flo r of the house a few times.
The funeral exorcises at the Arling
ton hqtel wore conducted by .Rev
Mr. Power , chaplain of the houao.
"There was u large attendance of mem
bers of congreaa. The floral offerings
were profuse. The remains accom
panied by the family and" the commit
tee , left on a special palace car train
National Awoclated Prcaa.
WASHINGTON , April 8. Ihe ques
tion of admitting campaign paper
stories about Hurlbut was laid over
i Shipherd-said ho had no ether cor
respondence with Blaine than that
printed ; ho bad n letter to Bout -veil
intended as nn answer to that of
Blaine of December 18 , 1881 , and waste
to have delivered it to the secretary of ' I
state , whoever might be such. The
letter reviews the transaction as Ship- i
herd understood it then , nnd refers to
Elaine's allusion to the attempted
brib ry of Hurlbut ns a malicious in
sinuation nnd n vulgar impudence ,
and said ho looked to Boutwoll to set
3iim right with the new secretary. He
siys Blaine suggested the retention of
Senator Blair.
Shipherd , in his testimony Friday , ;
alluded to ox-Ministor Christiancy us
having endorsed the scheme. The
latter was interviewed , and said the
story was untrue. Ho said ho never >
heard of the Cochut claim until after
hia return from Peru , and never ex
amined it. He waa retained by Ship-
herd ainiply because of having u gen )
eral knowledge of Peruvian affairs.
NUloual AuMClated
'WASHINGTON , April 9. It will be 8 (
remembered that Whitulaw Iloid in OlC
the Tribune investigation into the C (
theft of Reid's famous dispatch to la
Garfield , narrowed down the theft tc
to ono or two peraonr , Mr. Hutchinson - cc
son , then manager of the Baltimore iyol
& Ohio telegraph ollice at Washing olg
ton , and Mr. CJuthridge , operator g >
there in the employ of the Cincinnati ai
Gazette bureau. The Tribune yesterday - aihi
day publiahed nn article tending to si
faaten the theft on Guthridgo. The tr
publication has given riao to the is u- ia i
nnco of a letter to Guthridgo by Gen. tli
H , V. Boyton , ropreaontutivo of the ai
Cincinnati Gazette nt Washington , in 4 ,
which BoytonsayB ; 'It is fust and tli
proper for mo to say that whatever oi
the communication between Mr. ofm f
Reid nnd the state department which m
the Gazette office may have been , inhi
came to mo and not to you , and that hi
I called your attention to it , and J in
waa therefore responsible for your to
being in possession of its contents. Hi
As you this paper was not nddresiod eli
to Col. Hey , nnd differed from the se
publication which has caused the Tri
bune's investigation , ia that it
treated of ether points brought to the .Va
attention rf the publio As I see the
ease , so far from this attack upon you
being just , Mr. Itid is under obliga dc
tion to you for not having acted hastily dcWl
under great provocation and publiahed Wl
what you knew. I have written n IK
full explanation of the matter to him ,
which 1 feel confident will aa a matTer - or
Ter of promptly shift all
justice re ar
sponsibility from your shoulders. " dc
National Press Aaaothtlon.
nf ]
WASHINGTON , D. 0 ; Vpril 9 , Do- la
: * \
spite the fact that congrets has done
but little to startle thocountry , it is
getting along fully na wejll nstho nvcr-
ngo with the routine of wwrk in con
sideration of the appropriation bills.
In the house more than imlf of those
have pasted , nnd thougiutho senate is
rather slow in action Upoji them , the
members generally hrtpq _ these will begotten
gotten out of the way n good timo.
Of important measures { passed there
it. no record , save thaUofUho Mormon
question nnd the Chincs&b ; ) ! , nnd the
latter has been undone nnd has boon
done ovor. Democrats are content to
lot the matter rest as it now stands ,
believing to have gained much. Pa
cific coaat Republicans will urge the
matter , nnd the committfeo to which
was referred the ten , 11 f teen nnd six
teen years' bills in the hovjtb will prob
ably report the ton years'bill { , which
will promptly pass unless the
Democrats oppoao it on the
ground that they want 15 years.
Discussion of the tariff commission
bill oooins likely to run tliroo or
four weeks longer. Ono hundred or
more speeches will bo , ready < ! ocdo- ,
livery , and as each member ia usually
gtnnted nil the time ho wants , and na
there nre usually three or four
speeches per day , nnd unless innny
have leave to print them , there 13 no
tolling where it will end. -
As soon as tins und the Chinese
bill nro out oi the way , the intention
is to take up contested election caaoa ,
and n long and lively fight is threat
ened over thcao by tlio democrats ,
and the indications nro the republi-
ratis will give them a clmncu to' make
thia sort of record in thcao casca if
ihoy desire. Republicans cay they
iiavo , in considering a case rejected
.n committee all republican
claimants who seemed xiiot to
lave good grounds for * contest ,
and propose to como before the house
with only strong cases. They will
Hing up the strongest of those first ,
: eing that of Lynch vs. Chalwora , in
the "fihocatriiig" district of Missis
sippi. This district is so called from
the fact that it stretches along the
Mississippi river from ono end of the
state to the other , with the object of
throwing moit of the colored votes of
the state into it. Chalmers held his
seat from this "shoestring" district
by reason of. many republican ballots
being thrown out because they had on ;
them a "distinguishing mark1 which
was forbid by the law of the state.
This distinguishing mark , however , it
is said , was merely n printcr'a dash
bctwoe'n its name and it is hold this
rejection and the seating of Chalmers
with some 40 majority was unjust.
Republicans claim tliis us a very strong
case nnd will bring it up first
and believe if the democrats choose
to filibuster they , can well afford to
let them do so. It ia probable that the
republicans will be able to c rry all
these cases and favor qivin& Lowe ,
grocnbacker , the sent - nowfield by >
General Wheeler , which it is expected
will lead the greenb&ckera to vote
with 'the republicans on most , oi .the
ether eases , '
Cannon's case will prolxihlv , be
quickly disposed 61 , iDough he&atms
that ho is really better off now 'than
before the passage of the polygamy ;
bill. , An attempt to reject him on E
the ground of non-citizenship will , ho
says , fail , as he has , been recognized
as a citizen for years by holding his i
sent aa n dslogato in several suasions
of congress already. For the repub
licans to reject on account of polyg-
nmy would , ; ho says , stultify '
their own record , as they
seated him in former congresseswhen
ho same iaaue was made. Besides
they cannot , ho aaya , now prove him
polygamiat. Ho has never hereto-
ere denied being a polygamiat , but
low that the recent law on polygamy
ma so forbiddov , . his relation is
ihangcd , nnd he no longer admits
joint , ' n polygamiat. It ia supposed
10 holds unless otherwise proven that
10 is not n law abiding citizen , aud
n thus obeying the law is not a poly-
amist. Moreover , ho eaya ho haslet
lot since its paaaogo been living in [
jolygamy or violated the law. Ho
lolda his case is really strengthened
y ' the passage of the recent law.
Ipubtful , but it ooema probable it Ti
rill put off hia case as long as pos&i- an
lo , or until territory is under work- on
ng order under the new law uncl the lu
inti-polygamy commission , and then luTt
end the case back to the pooplo. Ttwe
With those cases out of the way the
' we
IOUBO will'probably take up and' pass sa
OHIO measuio to remove to the court
if claims private claims which now th
omo before it in largo numbers and
urge amounts , authorizing the court
examine and report the factj to pr
ongrois , when the cases can boquick- >
disposed of. The number ot bills goth
f this sort before the present cou
, . . , , tin
rcss is more than over before known m ,
lid will probably aggregate several
undn-d million dollars , The neces
ity for getting these to some proper
ribunnl was recognized long ago and
now more than ever apparent and en
ho bill will probably puss this sea- sol
ion. Should this ba done , few of the of
,000 private bills now before St ;
lie houses will bo acted an
n this session and after the passage
the appropriation bills with the five Sy
lillions clause in the river bill for the
nproveinont of the Mississippi , nnd
alt of the 75 bills for public build- 01
iga , congreaa will probably bo ready nu
adjourn about Juno 15 , unless it pa
hpuld be persuaded to pass ono of Bl
lu'p canal or ship railway bills , which byte
sems exceedingly doubtful.
to :
atlonal Asoodat&l 1'reM. Lc
WASHINCITON , April 9. The prcai. f.ei
ent , Secretaries Hunt and Kirk wood ,
Lttornoy General Brewstcrand others
ent down the river yesterday to wit- Na
esa torpedo experiments ,
The president will give a reception
Tuesday next to ollicora of the un
rmy , navy and marine , and on Tuos- ad
ay week to the diplomatic corpa nnd 01 ;
10 senate and houso. cal
The senate committee on foreign inj ,
flaira yesterday considered the Olii- tw
ese bill. twmi
The house committee on the law re- pa
to the flection of president and We
vice president will probably perfect
the bill early next week for judicial
adjustment of legal questions arising
out of Biich caics. The comtnittco re
gard nith disfavor the Edmunds bill
recently passed by the senate.
Col. Coburn , treasurer of the Garfield -
field monument fund , has received in
the past week $743 in subscriptions.
Work is temporarily suspended in
all navy yards except Now York , Bos
ton nnd Mftro Island on account ol
the limited appropriations laat year.
General Sherman telegraphs friends
favoring the bill for compulsory re
tirement of officers at _ the ago of G2 ,
nnd dcsirca no exception to bo made
in hia own case.
An attempt will bo made to take up
the Chaltnora-Lynch case inthohouac.
The democrats Bay that they will u'lli-
biwtor to the lost to prevent ita con
sideration ,
Under instructions of his commit
tee , Mr. Crape will , on Monday , , the
17th , rcnow his efforts to secure sus
pension of the rules and have nn or
der made fixing a day for considera
tion of the bill extending' national
bank charters.
The successor to Jack Wbarton ,
United States marshal of Louisiana ,
will probably bo Pitkin , who is mix-
ioua for the place , aa ho has failed to
got the Mexican mission.
The Zuoul Indiana gave farewell
reception nt Wilinrd's hotel laat night ,
which wus largely nttondod.
It is rumored in political circles
that Judge Thomas Bo won , of Colorado
rado , will probably be appointed in
Teller's plnco in the senate. Bowen
waa formerly n prouiinont Arknnaaa
politician , and was appointed gov
ernor of Idaho nnd afterwards moved
to Colorado , whore ho was elected cir
cuit judge , which place ho now holds.
, A Martha AVnshington ten party is
to bo hold in the rotunda of the capitol -
tel on May Gth for the benefit of the
Garfiuld hospital. It js expected to bo
i grw event. The largo number oi
woadn nt ladies in charge will spare
iin.jSinB ) to provide attractions. The
president , cabinet und nil prominent
jflicialg will surely bo in tutondanco.
Hie fund has already reached § 10-
)00 , with twice as much condition-
illy. r
It may bo authoritatively stated
hat the cabinet is nowformod as the
president wishes it to remain. Folgor
limsolf is authority for the statement ,
EIo expects to remain during the ad1 1
uinistration aud then retire to priI
rate life. lie says ho hai no idea of
tutoring-the gubernatorial contest. It
s known , also , that Lincoln lias re-
iently made arrangements with his
aw partners in Chicago as precludes
doubt of his remaining whore
10 is. :
Advices received hero by the
Colorado delegation nro to the effect
liajt , ex-Governor Routt will bo np-
ointod uo the senate. Belford says
ho politics of his successor nro too
loubtful for him to vacate his seat in '
lie senate.
.Rumor says that Judge Tuft , of ;
} hio , will be appointed * minister to ;
Luslriaftnft ' santo" Suttorlt iinrfr
ix-Governpr Davis , of Texas , is sure >
o bo provided for abroad.
Rumors are rife of a change in the ;
Soglifih mission , and Lowell's recall is
onurally anticipated. Judge Toft
prominently named as his
accessor. The president ia less re-
nctant to recall Hayes' appointees
lian those of Garfiold.
There is much speculation as regards
'handler's ' confirmation as eccrotary
the navy. The preponderance of .
pinion ia in favor of confirmation ,
ut a big fight over it ia probable.
The bill for the improvement of
10 Potomac flats and to restore the
calth and reputation of Washington
ill como up in the house to-morrow. ,
hero ia great local preserve for it to
ass and a. growing feeling all over
lat BO m o ruiief should bo granted.
The Blormoii tfoiil'cronco ,
itlonal A join ted 1'rusi. ci
SALT LAKE , Utah , April 9. The ciJ
ormim conference closed its four 0
iya' t cssion this evening. The at- 0nl
indance to-day is estimated nt four- nldi
ion thousand. Wonderful onthuii- tl
im prevailed. This afternoon John tlat
nylor spoke two hours and n quarter B !
id at times so electrified the nudi-
ice that thousands shouted "H lie- N
ijah" and an emphatic "Amen. " tl
aylor's discourse was largely made ei
p of declarations of what Mormons re
ould do in the present crisis ; ho
tid they would obey the laws of the li
mntry , but fight for their rights in lidi
10 courts. The Edmunds law was did
iiconatitutional , nnd the Mormons d <
reposed to have the fact HO declared in
the courts. Ho told the people to cc
homo , live their religion , mind ccU
loir business and God would protect ccOi
loin. Passive resistance to the Ed- Oi
uuch law is evidently intended. .to
April 9. Largo lc
owda wore in attendance at Easter 811
rvicoa throughout the city , in spite tr
the rain. The president attended
. Joseph's , accompanied by hia son 01
id daughter , ca
, " liiP1
prnpathy for Impriioned Xritlimen- P1
iliuual AMiocUUd fretia. teat
BUFFALO , April 8 The mayor of toH
loveland presided nt n large pubho H
eeting held to-night to
express < iym- m
ithy with imprisoned Americans in at
ritish jails. Addresses were made
n number of prominent citizens ,
ppropriate rosolutinns wore passed
nouncing imprisonment in seven )
irmc , urging the recall of Minister
on ell and demanding the United
tates government to protest against
10 incarceration of naturalised citi-
Autl Ohiuoso Demonstration.
itlonal Awoclatcd IVess
, April 0. At nmoet-
ig of the Vaniishera * Protective
1(0:1 ( : last night , resolutions wore f
loptcd sympathizing with the nnti-
hineso labor movement , and depa
rting the president's course in voto-
g the Chinese bill. It is utitcd be-
iroen seven and ten thousand men ,
embers of labor unions , will partici-
ito in the anti-Chinese deraonstra-
on here next Saturday night.
Arrival of a Budget
and Oliinoso
Japan Wholly Indiffrent to
the Warlike
of China. >
Thn Bilk Trade of the Country
in a State of General
Ooren About to Taka-au
portanfc Step Toward
Higher OivlltaftticTnY
News ofn Oouoral NntnreFrom the
Slant-Eyed Emplrfei"
- *
National Associated Crrts.
SAN FUANCIBCO , April . ,6. The
steamer Belgia arrived * * last niqht
bringing Hong Kong ndviocs'tft March
llth , nnd YoJahama a'dWcea to
March 18th. * * * &
Thef Japan Garotte ( ) ( Jlnneh 17th
says fuithor news 'of import
ance ia received from Chinaty What-
ovor-tho attitude of the Chinese may
be , it serins certain that no Treasures
of offense 'nnd dcfdnVt ) out elf the or
dinary course are b'cing adbpjcd by
Japan , which sccais wholly indifferent
to the murmura and oven threats of
her great neighbor. ' 4
The revision of the treaties is sup
posed to bo progrossiag. The tenor
of negotiations ia kcj sccrot , .which
is deplored. The interests of Japan
are essentially commercial , and the
tendency of the government police in
regard to the treaty is restriction.
The Gazette thus suing up the citu-
ntion in the silk trade : The Decline
in the price of silk , the riso'in ruativo
exchange , aix months , and Interest at
1G per cent , per annum , 'nnd-tfinrgos '
for i storage , etc. , absorb more ] than
the i reps proceeds of sale. Th4'posi
tion is shortly stated in this : Foreign
Itiorclianta have ct the silk , the spe
cie grijceeda have patsedjto the gov
ernment and the producer isfmmus
his silk bartered nway fo , inco'dverti-
blo paper money ; hois BM > ( saddled
with a debt for short procriodsjpid ho
is unable to liquidate. > h
The Mike colliery in Tukuoka Ken
is said to prove -largely productive
that n tramway will be that
part .of Suaw , whore a wharf * ill bo
onstructod in order that dirjpt exert -
? ort of the mineral maybe etHCour-
The notion instituted ly' Jajfenoso .
matoma oflicora against ] Iong' < Kong
ind .Shanghai banking iiorpo Jtions i
'or alleged illegal shipments oft'gold
jars haa boon ended. Ait objibtion
o the form of appeal on ttio. gimnd
hat requUito. , otico waajj '
rdered struck "out. > m This det/.s'ion
rill be apnOalod against , It euro t ia
oneral that un important action in- tr
olving a principle as this does should at
10 disposed of in any ether manner atw'
ban on'Us merits.
A leading Japanese lawyer , Shim *
Icza Inrsuko , has been arrested on '
ho charge of forging securities and
thcr documents ; the amounts are
irgo , reaching to many thousands of to >
.pllnrs. Several foreigners nro fu
ictiins. af
The China Ocean Steamship campa- afA
iy's steamer Priam , which arrived nt f0 >
long Kong on the 10th ult. from f0ni
irceiiock nnd Liverpool , hud among
or cargo 000 tons of machinery , iron
irdera and other building materials
or the now sugar rollnrry which
Icsrs. Buttcrfield & Swire are
reeling at Quarry Bay.
A ManilU paper stater that the gov- on
rnor gcnera.1 of the I'hillipcs , in to
.inuary last , directed by decree that pi
Ihinamen failing to pay taxes spcci- on
lly levied then at Manilla shall bo
uportod to China nt the expense of of
lie Chinese community of that city , bn [
nd that the amounts duo by them bnwl
hall bo recovered from the latter. tit
Iwamkiformerly puntoflico clerk at
fagaaki , who absconded after robbing
ho estab' hmont in which ho was
mploycd of some 0,000 yen , was ar- ch
csted in Oaaki on the Ifith inat. bu
Simultaneously with the determina- ba
iou of the Chinese authorities to ba
rcdge the Moeung bar , the govern- Jn
lent of Wncas hnyo determined to cii
aepcn the inner harbor of that port gl
tlio hops of renewal of trndo , A th
ontracfc Has been signed by which the ar
and \Yuumnoo dock
long Kong com- po
inny undertakes to deliver at Holy
lity a dredger capable of lifting 1,000
Jim in twenty-four hours ,
A month ugo a daring burglary at
'ekin was nttempted on the British
'gation chrot. The thieves were not /
ucceaaful in securing the coveted
The Balatine do Avisos hears that n
Ihineso commercial company with ft
ipital ot $500,000 ia to be ettul
shed at Manilla for the purpose of
urcliRsing , innnufitcturing und selling
bacco ,
Sir John Pope Honnessy has loft Gi
long Kong for England on a six va
lonths' leave of abacnce. It is vaGi
tated that ho will bo recalled and a GiPi
ovornorsent on Pi
The United States steamer Rich- bo
jond , Capt. Sherril , arrived in Yo- boH
ohaina on March 1st. The Coreans H [
re about to make ono stride towurda
higher state of civilization , They
re convinced of tlio inferiority of ci.
heir own weapons of war when com- ci.Ci
nred with those possessed by the , '
apaitcso nnd have become Boimprcws- ID
d with the extraordinary power of th
ho Muratn rilli < that the government thTJ '
ins ordered 20,000 of thoao weapons.
The Goreans have a largo 'amount
gold nnd silver stored in "go-
owns,1' ' two of which are filled with
npaneao old gold nnd silver coins. BO
It ia reported that the Coreano
con- sn
omplato building conauluto in the
oreign concession In Oaakn. Their
wn carpentora nro to bo employed on in
lie building , the coat of which ia oa- / "
muted at 502,000 yen. w
IWIonul Awomtod 1'rcoa.
ST. Fr.TKnanniia , April 9. A ukaeo
Ins been issued ruhoving Prince
UorUchnkoftnt hia own request , of
the foreign ministry. Ho will , however -
ever , retain the rank of chancellor.
Princp Gortschakuff is succeeded by
M. Giera.
The Moscow GflRetlo announces
that it is the intention of the minister
of war , nt the end of n year's camp
service , to disband 37,500 men.
VIENNA , April 0. A dispatch re
ceived hero anti-
to-day states that -
Jewish riots have taken pJaco nt Ar-
ricir , in the province of Kherson , dur
ing which thirty shops and oichty
houses wcro demolished and numbers
of persons wounded , Troopa
have been ordered from Odessa to
proceed to that district to prcacrvo
BEIILIN , April 0. The emperor to
day received Prince Dolognroki , Rus-
eian special military attache , who ns-
surcd him of the friendly feelings of
the c xr tow.irda Germany. Grand
Duke Vladimir will shortly visit Km-
poror Williim for the purpose of ex
pressing the kindly feelings pf the war
towards the emperor und his pooplo.
Marino Intelligence-
Rational Associated trcaa *
Nuw YOUR , April 8. Sailed The
City of Berlin , the Baltic , nnd the
Helvetia for Liverpool , the Circnssia
for Glasgow , the Nocknr for Bremen ,
the Switzerland for Antwerp.
Arrived The Wnoslnnd from Ant
werp , the Main from Bromon.
NEW Youic , April 9. Arrived
The Germanic from Liverpool , the
Assyrini\ Monarch from London , the
Jan Broydnl from Antwerp.
9\HAMiwna , April ! ) Arrived The
Bohemia from Now York.
HAVUE , April 9. Passed On the
8th , the Gellert from Hamburg for
Now York.
Sailed The Ainoriquo , for Now
Arrived The Franco , Irom Now
BKEMEN , April 9. Sailed The
Oder , for Now York.
LORNK , April 9. Sailed The State
of Nevada , for New York.
QUKENBTOWN , April 0. Sailed
Fhe Bolivia and the Alaska for New
Ho Mont Hang.
National Associated 1'rcsa.
) , 111. , April 8. A dis
patch received from Canton , De Witt
iounty , says the jury in the case of
L'atsoy Dovine , on trial for the inur-
icr of Aaron Goodfollow , at Bloom-
ngtou m Auguat , 1879 , brought in a
rerdict of guilty at noon to-day and
) avino is sentenced to bo hatigod.
'his is the second trial the desperado
ad had , being found guilty in , both ,
Murdered Her Hanband.
ntlonnl AaaocUted 1'row.
GUEENSDORQ , Ind. , April 9. Mrs.
Ellen Walton , charged with the mur-
or of hef Ialo iUsbaildrwasy Wfi7
elonscd on bail. The case was car-
led to the supreme court , and that
ribunnl decided the case to be a bail-
bio ono. Bond was fixed at $10,000 ,
'hicli ' she promptly gavo.
April 8. James
urrnn , nijod 21 yearn , stubbed Wai-
r Flick , aired 25 , aix times in the
ice nnd neck lute last night , nnd this
itornoon the victim Is reported dying.
fuud haa existed between the two
r eamo time and culminated last
ight by Pfick being assaulted by Cur-
m while stealing from hia mother.
he assailant has been nrrcated.
Bur&tod by Its Toiler.
tttanal Astociatul I'ruus.
iNDtANAi'OLiB , Ind , , April 0. About
no week 1130 Arthur Mueller , paying
illcr ! of the Cunlrul bank at this
lace , disappeared nnd it wni given
nt at the time hia ohortngo was only
2,200 , , but since it has boon djscov-
red that by fnleo ontiies niKrfulae j jo
tlancesjie had stolen nbout § 1)0,000 ) , ' w
hich ho hud lost in Chicago eiooulu- | ur
ona . He is said to have suited from oi
atmda on Wednesday for Germany , oiq <
inving a wife nnd throe children here tc
itiroly hulpk'ss. Ho had been dia-
mrged from Harrison's bank hero
ufore hia connection with the Central
fink for irregularities. The Central
ink is owned by K. Frank KonnoJy , el
imus A. Wildman ( postmaster of this I elAi
ty ) and D. D. Conea. It Imd ulmost Ai
100,000 capital nnd nt
, deposits over
tat amount , The doors of the bank ev
re closed and it is not thought au I"
ditors will lose anything , H-
Snioldod. A
itlonal Associated I'rcsa
Linus HOCK , Ark , April ! ) . Tnti- '
a Atkins , of Murinn county , suicided
drowning herself in Crooked creek ,
he was 'M yoais old , unmarried , and
oed high in publio uatuom , LJnri1-
uitod love was the cause. di
1 > (
Long Branch Cottage * . tii
tttlonal Asaciciatod I'rcBH CJ
LOHU BIUNCII , N. J , , April 0. t'i :
ho oottuge occupied by General th
rant when president ia being rono- at
itod at an oxpenae of $10,000.
rant will occupy it in Juno. '
The cottage which it is reported
rcaident Arthur ia to occupy has
aon sold ton Now York banker ,
eavy Daraaao * far an Aouiilont
ntloiml Atmaciatud l'rwi .
PITTHUUUU , April 8. An Erie upo-
al says Jtudolph li'ullor , of Union
ity , was awarded $25,000 damages
'awst thu Pennsylvania railroad for
ijuiies ucoivod in the nccidoiit on
10 Philadelphia & Erie in June 1880.
'he cusa huu attracted great interest , /
Fishing SoltoonorliQit ,
atlonal Awocl
Mata. , April 0. The
jhoonura Victor and Northerner
niled for George's Banks aix weeks
go for codfish and halibut , and are
iven up for oat , with the crows of 22
ion , The usual time of the voyage
throe weeks. His supposed they
reut down in the gale of March 17.
A soclito < l I'rcM.
LUVUHNCK. Mass. , April 8. By n
veto ot 400 to 2 the Pacific mill
weavers to-night decided not lonccopt
the offer of the corporation to return
to work Monday on the corporation
schedule , with the promise that wages
should bo M high aa paid by nny
other mill , The spinners unnnimoua-
ly voted not to return ,
FAU , RIVER , Mass. , April 8. Ef
forts to effect n compromise the Saga-
more mill nnd striking spinners have
failed. Most ot the weavers ami cor-
ders have found work alnowhcro.
ALHANY , N. Y. , April 9. A special
to Mio Sunday Press gives an nccount
of n riot of 200 Italian railroad labor
ers yratorday , nt Diofondorf's Hill ,
near Tort Plain. The contractors
baildimr the West Shore road failed
to pay the men , nnd Uioy raided the
hotel where the agent boarded ,
8tonninN the building nnd smashing
the windows nnd doors. The post of
the Grand nrmy of the Republic ,
arnjcd A\ith nuukota , marched to the
Acono and dispersed the rioters. Aid
was sent from Cnnajohario. A patrol
of the town was maintained during
the night , as incendiarism was nppro-
hciulocl. Several Italians were
wounded in the affray. Their condi
tion is deplorable , as they are minus
food nnd money.
Ant of a Imnntio-
National Associated 1'ross.
BOSTON , April 8. Joseph Painter ,
aged UO , of liiahland , was to-day com
mitted to the Dim-era asylum. Oi
Thursday night he nroso from bed nm
brought n chopping block and axe
from the collar nnd forced n terror
stricken woman's head on the block ,
and raised the nxo to strike , when
thinking ho must have n trunk in
which to put the body ho wont to the
nttic for ono nnd while gone the wo
man escaped.
Tlio Jonnnetto Rotcne.
NatlnnM Awnrlitofl 1'rcsi ,
IN , April 8. Lieut. Hnr ;
i from Irkutsk that ho
has accepted terms for chartering n
steamer und requesting 20,000 roubles
bo transmitted , nnd that Hunt tele c
graphs the governor general of Sib h
eria at Irkutak guaranteeing 40,000 b >
roubles in caao the steamer is lost. tltc
A traveler from Worchoposkn saw tcT
Melville on February 12th , when all tcPi ?
wore well but had no news then of the Piat
micaing companions. Sohultz and atm
men started north on Wednesday. athi
Hunt hna telegraphed the guarantee hiw
ind provided funds ns requested. hiT.
The family of Lieut. Dannohowor T.dc '
invo received letters from Quiksi dc
latod February 15th , written by die- Bthe
jition of Dannohowor. Ho is suffer- he
ng from his eyes aud is forced to re-
nain in a dark room. He says ho has
lopes to save the left eye ana believes M [
ho right only affected through sym-
athy. Ho expects to reach St.
Petersburg May 1st.
Potato Bag * and StrawliorrioB- Tl
Ittlonat AuocUted Prcsi. "
* K ' 'Vi
idrry farmers orb nfarraod at .tile .up- thwi
iparanco of potato bugs along the wi
inoa. The bugs threaten complete ah
ostruotion of the berry crop , ns it is ahFi
npraoticablo to use paris green as in
lie case of potato vines. Fi
Cool Minnesota. a
atlontl ABsoclite-l I'rtss. to
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 9. Aheavy nn
11 of snow and very low temperature wiSe
ar this season of the year are roport- So
d along the line of the Manitoba rail- Some
nad in the western part of the state , bil
inow is seven inches deep at Breck-
nridgo. It looks as though the rail- toi
oad had survived the difficulties of wu
no blockade by floods onlyto oncoun- wuMi
ar another by snow. sin
Jot so Jtimos' Effects.
llonal AuMiclatod 1'roM * un ,
Sr. JoHiirir , April 9. Mrs. James ,
rife of the dead outlaw , together ne
rith her little daughter and her at- pit
irncy , have ai rived bore , nnd are
loking after the porapnnl effects of etc
lie dead bandit , consisting of n lot of at
jwolry , arms , etc. This property [
'ill ; bo sold nt auction on Monday ,
nd will bring fnncy prices from our'i-
ity seekers , The Ford boys rent aol
uietly in jail. Mrs , James refuses ho
bo interviewed , In
Arrival of Jumbo. th
atlonat A < m dated I'ri M ,
Niiw YOHK , Ap'il 9. The monster an
Icplmnt Jumbo , which arrived ntthis
art Into last night on the steamship pr
H8)rian Monarch , wna safely landed tic
tl'ierl , shortly after 7 o'clock this wove
rcning. An immense crowd wn.i vo
resent , to witni'na the landing. Thereat 10po
roat elephant appeared in good eon- po :
ition and glad to bo on land ngnin ,
.ftor : conniduniblo delay in fixlnir the
hooftl to Jumbo's box , he waa drawn Er
p Broadway to Miulwrn iquare ErJ J
'here he arrived ut midnight. Er
Tie Eoipoior of ( jliiuu Mill lilveu
uilMiul Ahiorlauil I'rim.
WABIUI GTON , April 0. There IB ]
ircct tolographlc communication with
Vkin und neither the ( Jhincao lega-
ion or the state department have re-
-ivpd any advices of the death of the
mporor. The published rumor by SOI
10 Bteamtr from Hong Kong is con- Er
quently untrue.
Mexican Nowi ,
'fttlona ! An3-ilatwl 1'rtsi.
CITY or MEXICO , April 8 , A dig- Ei
atch publiahed to-day in the Mexican EiE
overnment organ in this city stntoa E <
liat a locomotive of the Mexican Con- Ti '
ral railroad paased ever the division
lotwcon Claya nnd Yrapanto. The iu i
ailroad between those pomta wus for * tie
nurly narrow gauge , but haa been on- Ji
urged to standard gauge. It waa tlS
lomjlit by the sUto gbv.ernment and tlL tlS
ma been tratisfi ) ! rud to the Mexican S
/utitiul railroad company , the latter L
tavitig purchased it. L
VKUA Qtivt , April 8 , Tito city
loundl ia consideiing a.resolution in-
roducud by ono of its members for
luaponsion of bull fighting , and ns
hero ia a strong feeling in the city
igainst such practices , it is quite
irobablo that the resolution will bo
adopted. The federal government it
ma been petitioned to forbid the bar-
aarisiu throughout the ropublio.
Oool Bobbery of a Train in
Texas ,
Six Men , With o Yell nnd
Whoop Capture the
Passengers ,
Compel Each One to Drop His
or Her Valuables Into
( f
a Pillow Slip ,
Finish the Job Just as the Con
ductor Sticks His Head
lusido the Door ,
And Depart UnmoloUeilJFor Parts
National Associated Prcia.
DAUUS , Tox. , April 8. Last night
nboul 0:30 : a train on the Gulf , Colorado
rado & Santa Fe was stopped at a
watering station called Blum , near
Cloburno. Just us the brakes wcro
put on , six men , roughly clad ;
mounted the steps and went into a
passenger coach where they congre
gated and hold conversation in low-
tones. A brakeman , seated near the
door , thinking they were diacunainp :
where they could got scats , offered
them the one ho occupied. Suddenly
they faced the passengers , nnd raising
n yell , cried "hands up. " Thoytbon _
proceeded through the coach , pistojo
drawn ; ono of the robbora had a pil
low slip which ho bold open , and as
each passenger was approached
ho or she was request }
ad to drop something in for the "mis-
itonary fund. " Just about the time
ho robbers got through with the pas-
lengars i the conductor mndo bis np-
joaranco. Taking in the situation
10 atartcd and ran for the oxprow
loach. < As ho slammed the door bo-
lind ono of the robbers fired a ball ,
aroly missing his head. Just then
ho train started , and a robber cried
o bis companions : "Jump off , boys.
ho whole Rang thon.rushed to the
ilatform and disappearou. The sheriff
t Oloburno was telegraphed , who im-
icdiatoly started to the scene with a
eavily armed posse. Fort Worth
ras telegraphed , and the sheriff of
'jtrraht county and the marshal started
own the road on a special with a
irong posse and pack ol blood
ounda. 4P ,
Isa Thysson'a Big Benefit on Sunday 1 t"
\ \ M
Last Sunday evening Miss Marie
hysaen had her benefit .at the , Gor-
ian theatre , and it ia very cvldont
ti ttlte"o - rttjiy5& $
ith tlio Gorman theatre ibvera , as
to drew a tremendous crowd.
The play represented waa "Bummer
rod , " and it waa unanimously voted
gigantic success. Mr. Grossman
ok ho character of Stahlborg ,
upholsterer , which ho sustained
ith his usual ability. The role of
jphio was personated by Miss Gross-
un , who evinced her usual adapta-
lity to the parts she undertakes ,
Mr. Molchin , who took the charac"
r of Rohrman , made a great hit , and
as very enthusiastically applauded ,
r , Lindcman , as Fritz , was
inply immense , and the ap-
ause that ho gained was
imislakablc. Miss Busohmann
uyed Gas to in a very attractive man-
jr nnd she wns vociferoualy np-
The minor parts wore nil very offi-
ontly sustained.
At the conclusion of the third act
r. Kucstcr stopped on the stage and
resented Miaa Thyaaon with
lumond ! ring with n very fine opal
it in the centre. Ho also presented
ar'witha ' very handsome bouquet ,
doing so ho catd hn did so nt the
iqucst of the patrona of the Gorman
loatrc , who presented it ns n
ight token of the high esteem
id appreciation in which they held
lias Thyason as actress. She had
roved heraolf to bo n great acquisi-
un in the past , nnd they trusted aho
oukl icniain with thorn f r many
iara , to como to give them the privi-
go of witnessing her able dramatic
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