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Saturday Morninir April 8.
TVenthor Report *
( Tha following observations are taken ft
ths naino moment cf time nt nil the stv
Horw named. )
WlK DRPAKtUKXT , U. 8 , SlOIAt. SlRTICt , 1
OxiIU , April 7 , 18S2. (1:46 ( : p. ra.J
River Gfeet 9 lnchcabov high water mark a
0 maha and 0 ( cat 7 at VinVton ,
Tlio district court han adjourned elite
Tlio Pleasant Hours club will give a
reception to its treasurer on next Friday
The funeral ol Mr. Julius Trclt
Hclike's litllo daughter will take place nt 2
y. m. on Sunday.
Mcasrs. Knight and Qulnn gave bal
yesterday for their npi > caranco at the
jjcxt tcrni of the dUtrl court.
Sixteen car * of tea , China goods am
Kllk , were brought in over the Union Pa
elfto Thurrd y ami were uliipjicd out ovc
the 0. , B. & Q.
A uew saloon ii nhnrlly to bo Btiutci
on Fifteenth streo * . by a wholesale llquoi
< Taalor and ona of the most popular bat
tenders in the city.
It is believed that the second story ol
the new Omaha 'National bank building
will bo secured by tha Western Union as
telegraph headquarters.
The Teamsters' Union will hold a
mcetfaff Saturday evening at 7 o'clock at
Bohemian Hall , on 13th street. By order
o M. .T. Melit , President.
The regular quarterly meeting of the
Omaha City tnlsnlon will bo held nt tu
mission building on Tenth street , on Sat
urday ovcnlni' , April 8th , at 7 rmock.
The Binall pax scare U not yet ovtr
'Die red flog vras yesterday hung out a1
the residence of a colored family nrtmoc
Nelson , corner of Eleventh snd Capito
The remains of Alonzo Gunn , whc
died of small pox a few nights ago on
Twenty-fifth and Davenport streets , hare
J > ccn transferred from the Douglas county
cemetery to Prospect Hill.
The brick-work on the Paxton hole
was completed Thursday and the bulldlnc
entirely enclosed. A. It Allen , of St
Joe , has the contract to finish the carpen
ter work of the three lower storUn foi
S20.000 ,
The St. George's noeioty will meet at
Kuony'a ball , Houthweit corner Four
teenth and Dodge , at 8 o'clock this even-
in R. The preiident will deliver n lecture
on the life of .St. George. All members
nro requested to be present.
Willie Newman and Ohas. Martin ,
two colored ladn , wore caught by Officer
O'Donohue in the act of steal
ing lumber on North Sixteenth street. The
proof yesterday was not deemed suffi
cient to convict them nnd the case was
Mlas Lucia Kfmball will give a free
temperance lecture Tuesday , nt 3 p. in.
and 7:30 : p. m. , at the Baptlut church.
Miss Kimball comes highly recommended
by Mtis Frances Willard , us n fine speaker
and educator. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all to bo present.
Bishop Clarkson will' hold confirma
tion services in Trinity cathedral , on
Kaster Sunday morning ; in St. Barnabas
church on Easter Sunday night ; in Nor
folk Kaster Monday night ; InOakdaloon
Tuesday night , April llth , and in Noligh
on Wednesday night , April 12th.
"Sandy1 Forbes called at TIIK
office yesterday and denied the state
ment made by The Republican to the
ofTact that the thumping lie ( Forbes ) gave
Italnton was at the Instigation of Man
ager Jack Nugent of the St. Klmo theater.
Korbea plead guilty to the charge of fight
ing and paid his fine and costs , and feels
hat he had his money's worth.
In the month of February there were
88 railroad accidents in the United Statoi ,
Idlllnff S3 persons and injuring CO. Thr o-
tour tha of the whole number of Casualties
were among employes of the railroads ,
only iJx of the killed and 17 of the injured
being passengers. Twenty of the acci
dents are unexplatnable. There were 32
collisions and 52 derailments of all sorts ,
Two were maliciously caused , one
by mliplaciug a switch , and the other by
placing an obstruction. on the track , The
who win ? I * remarkably favorable one for
February , but largely duo to the open
The grandest military display and
Hpecta'Milar drama over seen on an Omaha
httge will bo given at the open house to-
Jills orenlng In the final rendition of
tlio Union Spy. The battalion of regulars
from Fort OrnaU * will come down in their
full new uniform just iisued , with the new
regulation helmets , etc , The splendid
band of the Ninth infantry will accom
pany them. This will be the last chance
to witness this magnificent play , and Col ,
Tcmplo and his caste ate sure to receive an
ovation at both matinee and evening per
The gorge which formed above Bis
marck and caused the water to fill 30 rap
idly as to catch on the boats at the Bis
marck levee on the bank , let KO , raising
the river six feet In within a couple of
hours and floating the boats again. The
river at Steiuon fell five feet Wednesday ,
and two feet at Buford. A party of men
were caught in a tiatboat by the sudden
rfno at the fourth pier of the bridge , They
ascended to the top of the pier , where
they remained all day in the rain and cold
Wind. Not a dollar * * worth of damage has
bean sustained by the boats at BUmarck
during the emauh-up in the rlrtr this
The President of the Labo
Union Surprised by
Hi3 Friends.
Pleasant Event nt the Ratifica
tion Meeting last
Interesting'Spoochos by Various Par
Pursuant to a call published in Tim
BEE last Droning tlioro wan a mac
mooting of workingmen nt Turno
ll.-ill to ratify the election of Tuesday
The mooting was cnllod to order by
President Walsh who announced the
object to bo a glorification ever the
victory of the recent election , Ho
then introduced
MR. c. c. TIIRANP.
the councilman-elect from the Firs
ward. Air. Thrano in ado a short bu
earnest epcoch , thanking the poopl
not only for what they had done fo
him , but for what they had done fo
themselves. IIo congratulated them
upon having won a victory oror th
enemy , not by force but by the ballo
which was the proper remedy for tlio
people. IIo promised to survp them
m the council to the boat of his nbil
The next called upon was
Mil. Kit LF.EDE11 ,
councilman elect from the Fifth ward
Mr. Loader said whether it rains o
storma it seems that the hoodlums wil
turn out. [ Laughter. ] lie had no
much to nay , but ho had undorstooc
that this mooting was hold to raHfi
the election of councilmcn. IIo liopoi
that they would Imvo no occasion to
regret his election , and ho did no
think it was necessary to ratify him-
auH ; ho left that for his friends to do.
Mr. Loodor then thanked them in c
nontfviiy for their help , nod promisee
to do what ho could for the workingmen -
men to obtain living wages , llu
would endeavor to represent them ably
in the council. [ Great applause. ] '
was called upon. Ho said ho wns
glad of an opportunity to stand buforo
them and this red-handed mob af tor a
bloodless victory. The political con
flict was not of their own seeking.
The ohnllongo was thrown down to
thorn when the loaders of the two
parties foigncd to abandoned their
principles only to prevent the people
from exorcising their rights as Ameri
can citizens. Ho then reviewed the
conflict of the past few weeks , and
apoko at length of the mistakes which
had been made on both sides. On one
side the monopoly managers hud
made the mistake to imagine thai
shyster lawyers and editors should
call themselves citizens and win the
battle. It was impolitic to ar
ray ono class of citizens against
another. That they had made
another mistake when they undertook
to declare that men who are wealthy
wcro burn to rule while in this coun
try , while another class loss favored
hpuld bo only political serfs. Thai
this was a country in which master
minds would always rise to the top
round of the ladder. Among the mis
takes made by the workingmen was
that of allowing speakers to got on the
rostrum and onunci&to principles
which they did not endorse but had
to bear the odium of. Another mis
take was that made by some of their
speakers to drag the private affairs of
citizens before the public.
They had the right to hold public
officers responsible for public acts bul
thnro wore closets in every household
and in many of these closets wore
skeletons , and ho hold that it was no
business of the public to pry
into private affairs. Ho said the
workingmen appreciated the fact that
there were other interests besides
their own and were willing to recog
nize this in a proper way. 'IIo alluded
to the nbuao of Walsh and the charac
ter of those who had boon loud in
their cries against him , and said that
ho would conclndo by saying that Mr.
Walsh was a brick as well as a brick
layer. [ Tremendous applause. ]
was next called upon 'and came forward -
ward amidst considerable chnorintr.
Mr. Rosewater said that his budgol
should not bo serious , but a funny
ono ; the only serious ono they
had was at Hnscall's ratification at the
Academy of Music. IIo was willing
to adopt the motto of the perform
ers that were left at the
Acudomy to play to an audience
of twenty-five. They had put out a
ticket with the motto ' 'In unity there
is stre frth , " and this was also his
motto. They were there to ratify
ono of the most brilliant little cam
paigns that over took place in Omaha.
It had taught ono lesson to the poo-
plo. That is that corporation attor
neys cannot bulldoze business people
into arraying themselves against
other oitiaons whoso interests are
identical. They had shown forbear
ance nt tlio points of the bayonets ,
and had subsequently asserted their
rights in a manly way at the polls.
The bulk of the business men did not
turn out on nicotian day. an they did
not believe that that their lights were
jeopardized by the workingmen , no
they either kept away from the polls
or voted with thorn , nnd bo it said to
their credit that they refused to be
dragooned into line by Thurston
and Frank Walters. This was only
the beginning of the season's campaign
Mid. demonstrated ono fact , which bos
been spread throughout the state ,
which wa that the workingmen were
in accord with all other classes of
ntizens who want to resist the polit
ical rule of monopolies. The work ,
itigmon are beginning to understand
tlwt great combinations of capital
mean the enslavement of the people.
Four or five capitalists meet in Now
York and raise the price of every thing
that men wear or cat , or they may
lower the products of labor at their
pleasure , They dictate who is to gov
ern and they direct a pretidont whom
hey desire to appoint to the cabinet ,
[ f such things ere permitted to bo the
ndopondenco of the American citi.
zens would soon bo destroyed. There
are some fundamental principles
which all must rocogniro , among
which nro that all men are born
equal. Some of the greatest moi
this country has over produced were
born in the coltngo and on the farm
Andrew Johnson wns a tailor , who
did not know how to write until hia
wife taught him , and still his mes
sages will compare favorably will
those of any of the most loarnet
statesmen of this country |
Stephen Douplna was a cabinet
maker , who worked nt his trade , ant
made his way into the highest coun
cils of the nation. Ilcnry Wilsor
died vice president of the United
States , but ho started ns a cobbler ,
nnd while working at his trade wni
acquiring nn education. IIo ranked
among the ablest statesmen that this
country ever produced.
If _ any evidence was wanting that
workingmen nro capable of expressing
themselves as intelligently and tersely
as any lawyer , Mr. Quinn's speech
that preceded him afforded ample
It would not bo necessary for the
workingmen to organize any separata
parties if the lessons taught this
spring will bo carried out by the ex
isting parties and men are nominated
who represent the people instead ol
corporations. They will bo able to
divide as usual , according to their
own political inclination , If the cor
porations are going to pack the con
ventions and put up their own tools
the workingmen will bo compelled to
resort to independent action and there
is no doubt they will bo successful.
In conclusion , ho expressed the
wish thai when they mot again the
united mechanics would bo unitoc
with all the other elements of labor.
[ Loud and prolonged cheering. ]
President Walsh was about to ad
journ the mcolinrr. when ho was in
terrupted by Mr. Con way , who
stopped in from the wings carrying ir
his hand n massive and beautiful golc
headed , cano. Addressing Mr. Walsh
ho Raid :
Worthy president : "I am com
missioned by the Omaha Laborer's
Protective union to express to yet
the nontimont of profound esteem and
confidence , which they hold toward
you , and have tha honor in their
name to ask that you will accept this
slight , but enduring testimonial , oi
the affection and respect of your com
rades in labor. [ Applause. ]
Wo have passed honorably and tri
umphantly through no ordinary crisis
and ordeal.
You have borne the colors of the
Labor Union to complete victory and
there they will remain as long ns the
workingmati has the intelligence to
understand his rights , nnd the spirit to
maintain them.
Your shield , sir , is without stain or
reproach. Your honor and integrity
is unimponchcd , and the laboring
men of Omnhn , upon whoeo broad
shoulders the peace and honor of our
city repose , bid yon Qed speed , for
you hayo boon weighed in the balance
nnd been f lithful ever these things.
[ Applause. ]
May your path in life bo as smooth
and straight as the polished cano , arid
your character keep as bright and
pure as the burnished gold which sur
mounts It.
May it support you when your de
clining years , full of honor and re
ward , will have filled the measure of a
long and noble public and private
Whenever you look upon it , it will
remind you of the stormy days , in
which you bore yourself so gallantly
and taught our people that the poet
spoke the truth when lie said that
"A man's n man for f , ' that ,
The honest man , though o'er sao poor ,
Is king o' man for a' that. "
[ Loud and continued applause. ]
Mr. Walsh endeavored to reply ,
but was BO overcome with surprise
find emotion that ho had td excuse
liimsolf , and sat down amid the en
thusiastic cheers of the audience.
Short speeches were made by Mr.
Quinn and Mr. Hosei water , who both
Dxprcsscd their gratification at thia
linndaomn recognition of the presi
dent's services , and took occasion to
say some very flattering truths about
The regular mooting on Monday
evening was announced to take place
at Bohemian hall , and the mooting
then adjourned.
THE BEK reporter had an opportu
nity after adjournment to look at the
cano presented to President Walsh
and it was ono of the handsomest in
Uio city , being of ebony , with a mas
sive gold head beautifully chased and
engraved , and bearing the inscription ,
"Presented to Edward Walsh by the
Omaha L. P. U. April 7th , 1882.
Mr. Walsh will no doubt value it
beyond price as his friends value the
services ho has ro.idorod them at such
a sacrifice to himself.
Official Notice.
Col. A. 0. Dawcs , Superintendent
Iloldrogo , Division Superintendent
Winton , G. T , A. Eustis and other
oflioiali , after consultation yesterday
mad * > the following official announce
ment :
On and after Monday , April 10th ,
all trains ever the K. 0. , St. Joe & 0.
U. R. II. for * St. Joseph , Atchison ,
Loavonworth , Kansas City and all
points south , east nnd west via Atohi-
son , Topeka & Santa Fo and South-
L'acifio railroads , will arrive at and
eave from Omaha direct , without
They will arrive at and leave from
the B. & M. passenger depot , running
via PlnUsmouth through without
change , by this means making an
lour shelter time to all points on
heir road than heretofore. Trains
rill leave the B. & M. passenger
depot , Omaha , at 8:30 : a. in. and 7:45 :
) . m. , and arrive at 7:35 : n. in. and
1:45 : p , m.
Tickets on sale at company's office ,
1020 Farnam otroot , and at B. & M.
depot. Baggage will bo chocked
through to all points.
"Hough on Rats" clears out rats , mice ,
caches , bedbugs , flics , ants , moles , chip
munks , gopbeie , ICo.
Boao Ball.
The ninoj solootod to play in the
natch game in Lakes addition to-day
will bo found pretty evenly balanced.
The players are as follows :
Brandt , catcher ; Crosby , pitcher ;
foreman , jlrst base ; Neville , second
base ; Monroe , third base } Saxo , abort
top ; Housoworth , left field ; Good-
nan , center fieldj Fairfield right.
Bandlo , catcher ; Durkot , , pitcher ;
Seymour , first base ; Funkhousor , second
end base ; Bnnt , third base ; Nnsh
short atop ; Ross , loft field ; Smith
center field ; Lyndon , right field.
The services of Mr. Charles Grit
weld , ono of New York's finest nun
tuor ball players , have been securot
as umpire , which nlono would insure
nn interesting game. Game to bo
called by Mr. Griswold , who is
promptness personified , nt half past
two precisely.
The Public Clamor For Another Sight
of the OroatDrnma. It Will
bo Repeated.
"Tlio Union Spy , " which was pro
duced at the opera house three nights
of lost week , will bo repeated this
afternoon in matinee and this
ovoning. This will bo gratifying
notra to the public who are anxious to
see the Grand Army receive an ova
tion on this occasion. The following
correspondence will explain itself :
OMAHA , April C , 1881.
To Frank M. Moore , Commander Geo.
A. Ouster Post G. A. Jl. , and Col.
Temple :
GENTLEMEN We , the undersigned ,
most respectfully request that you reproduce -
produce the "Union Spy" once more
before Col. Temple leaves the city , as
wo can bespeak for you a full house ,
as many of our people have not had
the opportunity to see the beautiful
military drama. ( Signed )
Judge Jus. W. Savngo , E. F.
Smytho , Wm. H Adams , Geo. E.
Lake , Henry Grebe , Edwin II. Crow-
oil , Judge Bencko , F. J , McShano , J.
E. Blake , Wm. Heins , W. Bennett ,
0. B. Maxwell , J. 0. Cowin , Ed.
Gorman , C. S. Chase , JV. J. Burnlmm
J. N. Ferguson , Wm. Coburn , J. II.
Butler , A. H. Bradford , II. B. Nic-
odemus , F. P. Gridloy , D. N. Miller ,
J. P. Effing , J. J. Galligan , J. 'Tea-
lion , L. Drake , 0. II. Bullou.
OMAHA , April C , 1882.
Hon. Judge SavageCol. SmythoGon.
J. C. Go win and others :
GENTLEMEN : Having received your
communication in recrnrd to the re
production of the "Union Spy" at
Boyd's opera house at an early date.
I am pleased to announce that I have
consulted with Col. Temple and the
"Union Spy" cast , and they have
consented to put it on the stage Sat
urday afternoon and evening , April
8th. Thanking you for your appreci
ation of our own feeble efforts , I sub *
scribe myself.
Cera. Geo. A. Ouster. Post JSo. 1 ,
G. A. II.
Willlo Klngsloy's Experience With
Wild Ivy.
On Saturday last Willie Kingsloy ,
on of Mrs. Ellen Kingsloy , who re
sides on Thirteenth and Jones , went
down the river about six miles and
crossed over to the Iowa side to boo an
older brother who is engaged
at the fnw mill at that point
getting 6ut timber trees.
Willie is nbouiMhirtcon years old and
a a printer by tiide , having worked
of late for Mr. Mortiilmr.
On Monday morning hi got up to
go to work but found ono of his eyes
swollen shut and his face in bad shcoo
generally. Dr. . Purcell woa sent for
and at first supposed it to be
erysipelas but soon discovered
ns the swelling -spread that it wns
poison , and learning of the patient's
trip know it came from wild ivy. The
whole body was attacked severely ,
but that gradually loft , and now the
little follow'a face is in the worst con
dition , being ono mass of' running
sores. For several days his life was
feared for , but this morning the re
sults of the doctors' treatment bid
fair to bo favorable , and the boy will
doubtless recover. It is as bad a case
of poisoning as has ever boon soon in
this locality.
Captain Noligh Explains.
To the Editor of The Dee :
OMAHA , April 7. In THE BEE of
last evening , under the head of
"Heavy Hoscallity , " in an article re
ferring to the alleged contest of the
election of Mr. Bohm ns alderman of
the Second word , by Mr. Huscall , the
following paragraph appears :
"Tho case in favor of the contestant
is being worked up by Frank Walters
ind J. J. Noligh , and us usual the
legal counsel employed is the same as
found on the pay roll of the railroad
corporations. "
In justice to myself , I cannot leave
the statement hi the extract , as re
gards mo , go uncontradistod. I have
not boon spoken to in the matter of
working up the case of the contestant ,
and consequently could not bo , nor
nm I engaged in , the work. Mr.
Behtn is an old friend of mine , for
whom I entertain the highest respect ,
ind to whom I would dislike greatly
to do anything of the nature of an in
jury. I fear that your information
must have come from somebody in
terested in the promises , and who has
nn ax to grind. lloBpnet fully ,
J. J. Njaiaii ,
Omaha PostofiQco ,
The business of the Omaha post-
ofllco for the month of March was the
argcst of any corresponding period in
ts history. The following is a state
ment of what has boon delivered by
carriers only , and does not include
nail delivered through boxes and the
general delivery ;
Jarriera employed . 10
U'fbtercd letters delivered . 1,098
Uull letters delivered . 120,042
Mall postal cards delivered , . 23,412
fwoial letters delivered , . 12,586
[ jocal postal cards delivered , . . . , . . 9,042
S'ewipapen ) , etc. , delivered . 03,8'Jrt
Otters collected * . , . 43,260
L'ostal cards collected . . . . 20,398
S'ewspapera , etc. , collected . 'J'MO
Everybody who contemplates pur
chasing FUIINITUKK will find it to
their own interest to inspect the im-
nenso stock at the store of CIIAB ,
iSuivKiiiCK , who unquestionably has
ho finest assortment of FuiiNiiauE.
etc. , from the best manufacturers and
ho newest styles , and ALWAYS MAKES
LOWER PRICKS than any other FURNI.
7 trim dealer in Nobaaska.
120C , 1108 and 1210 Farnam St.
m37-iuon.wedit at-maudo.lmtf
Kemnrkablo Success of at
Omaha Business Firm.
A Splendid Showing1 at Their Thirty
tlxth Opening.
If any firm in Omaha can justly
claim a title to the name of ' 'pioneer'
it is that of H. and 0. F. Hickman ,
who hove recently removed theii
famous mihnory headquarters to No
1307 Farnam street , in Central block
Starting in in the year 1804 , they
have just hold their thirty-sixtl
opening , and it mot with n reception
and appreciation that amounted to ai
ovation. For several nights the
store , which occupies the whole three
stories of the block , has boon crowdec
with visitors , for the magic name i
in itself sufficient to draw a crowd a
any time , more especially when it is
known thatTa full stock has been
opened up for the inspection of their
Of course the store was put in unu
sually fine trim to satisfy the taato o
the proprietors and the ndmiratioi
of the ladies who ( lock to Htckmans
in a body on occasions of this kind.
A BEG reporter followed the crowd as
it wended its way in and.about tha
commodious promises , and it may bo
said in general that it was a very
beautiful sight , and that the most
artistic taste and conscientious sys
tem was displayed in the arrangement
ot overthing from the richly drcssoc
and attractive windows which caught
the eyes of all who passed that way ,
down , everything complete.
These wcro so elaborate and perfccl
that no ono would interpose an objection
tion if they should receive attention
prior to the stock.
is trimmed with n mammoth horseshoe
shoo , formed of butter cups and
daisies and festooned with smilax ,
loud lilies , lilies of the valley and
irtificial plants nnd flowers of various
amis , the most conspicuous objecl
joint ; an enormous sunflower. The
window is filled with untrimmed
Tuscan hats and bonnets of fancy
s decorated with a design of hand
some dress buttons , forming the letter
"V , " with a bock ground of wide
'ancy ribbons of tlio moat stylish
uid popular shades of the the day.
The base of 'tho window is filled with
Duttons , mitts , gloves , hosiery , fans ,
and parasols. Ono has hardly time
, o recover from the effect of these
landsome windows when ho or she is
ushered into the store , which is laid
iff m departments , localized by circu-
ur arms trimmed with lace , in which
s displayed the goods pertaining to
each department , with an embroidered
satin banneret attached to each of the
comprise the display of ribbons , lace
mitts , silk handkerchiefs , fancy linen
ind thread gloves. Another section
s devoted exclusively to hosiery , a
ourth to lace goods , consisting of
neckwear ; the next to buttons , and
riraming-gimps , with lace edgings
and veilings ; corsets and hoopakirts ;
mrasols , hand-satchels , pocket-books
ind fancy hand-baskets. In still
another department are children's
; ooda in lace caps , knit sacks and un
derwear , neck-ruchings , hair goods
ind perfumeries , domestic patterns ,
: ephyrs , dam-asses and material per
taining to fancy work. On the west
side cf this room are millinery goods ,
intrimmed and trimmed hats and
) onnets , plumes and feathers. On
; ho long coutors in the centre of the
room are 'displayed white goods of
'ancy designn , jewelry and fancy nov
elties in ornaments and Easter cards ,
the latter very novel and unique.
Passing up a broad , carpeted stair
way , the ample rooms above are found
dovorod to flowers , * ribbons , trim
ming , silks , laces , neck wear and nov
elties intended for the wholesale trade.
Iho only exception is the front part
of the room which is aot apart for Mrs.
Elickman's specialty in fine millinery.
[ n her room the reporter found such
an abundance of fine goods that it is
mpossiblo to particularize as the dis-
> lay must be soon to bo appreciated !
Chis department was crowded with
adies having their measures taken
and being fitted. In fact in several
'isits to this house of late Mrs.
lickman has always been
bund busy and the number of
adies in her rooms , settles tlio quea-
ian of transacting businos in the
second story , which many insist can-
tot bo made successful. |
s devoted exclusively to untrimmed
mta and bonnets in the case , and
lore we might say that , although
heir room has bocn so much in
creased of late , it is already insuffi-
slont to accommodate the large stock.
Chero is a power of business Iran-
lactod in these upper stories , thowing
hat people will find out and go to
any part of a a building , if there is
something there to go for. 1 his is
he last evening of
and as the members nf the firm are al
icady busy taking orders , it will bo
ho last chance for persons to get a
; oed look at the goods under tha par-
loular guidance of the Hickmans ,
who will still , however , stand ready
o welcome all , at all times. Nona
ghould fail to attend this evening.
Grateful Women.
Nona receive so much benefit , and
none are so profoundly grateful and
ihow such an interest in rucomnend-
ng Hop Bitters as women. It is thp
only remedy peculiarly adapted to the
many ills the BOX is almost universally
ubject to. Chills and fever , indigos-
ion or deranged liver , constant or pe-
iodical sick headaches , weakness in
ho back or kidneys.pam in the ihoul-
[ era and different parts of the body , a
eeling of lassitude or despondency ,
all are readily removed by tbeto bit
ers. [ Courant. _
Garden and Flower Seed of all
kinds at Win. Gentleman's. ap7-2t.
ROLLER SKATING Saturday after-
i on and night. Ladies admitted
Maj. D. H. Wheeler , of 1'lattsmouth ,
Is in the city.
The celcbratcp brands of 0. K. N <
Plus Ultra and Utah Flour , to bo hat
at all first class groceries ,
ap7-3t Wholesale Agents.
Spring Lamb at Harris & Fisher's.
HOLLER SKATINO Saturday after
noon nnd night. Ladies admitted
For boots and shoes at Fullriodo's.
Now Maple Sugar at French's.
Omaha City Mission Notice.
For sufliciout reason there will bo no
meeting of the Industrial School at
Mission Building , corner 10th [ and
Capital avenue on Saturday , the 8th
inst. , nor of the Sabbath School on
the 9th inst. By order of the Presi
M ONEY TO LOAN Call at Law tlmca ol O.
L. Thomiw Room 8 Crolvhton Block.
fififiTO W > Af-At 8 per contln-
.UUll terest in Bumn.of 82.00 and
upwards , for S to fi years , on Bret-class city and
larm property. HKKIS Rut , ESIATX nnd LOAM
AOKMTT , IMh and Dourlae atn.
W ANTED Coin > etcntstrl'for general homework
work , llu t bu a Rood coolt. Mr < . M.
, corner IDtti and 1 lunmworth strict" .
"VXrANTED My n young man a volition ns
V V booK-keepor , or cierk , having lud vru--
tlcal experience. Write ) a good hand , Addreia
703 S. IbthsUcct. Ol-ll *
WANTKD Employment good book-keeper
good salesman , fifteen year * experience
In retail trade. Addrisj V n Can this oillcc.
C5Z & "
( _
ANTED A-good waiter nt ilirrltt'o Rc7-
tnurant , 1007 Farnam st. 700-ld *
WANTED Neat house 7 or 8 rooms ( with
barn ureferred ) convenient to new Court
houjc , lmnll > of four , no Hiuall children. Will
Ica'js II tout H recallable. Ap < ) ly to J. * ' .
Coots , .it new Court hou < e. I G03-10
WANTED man aril wife , n situation ,
man as coachmau , understands linrecs ,
and wife as hou.-e-kotper. 703-11'
ANTED TO RENT A good house in a de
W ll able location. II. ( ! . COL ,
701-3 It07 Fnrnnui St.
ANTED A neat qu'ck ' girl as an a-slst-
ant In housenork , 1704 Capital Avenue.
rAFTED-Kitchcn girl at 205 S. 9th street.
r TOUNO MAtfberiran ) wfhora position
Xi. a ( arm laborer , or to take care cf horses
utnocity. Address Hotel CarU , tlty. GS7-8
A porter nt "O.K. " barber
corner 12th and Fainam st. 193-10
WOJIAN WANlED At Omavn Shirt
WASH ctory. C07-10
YTrANTED A woman as cook. Apply nt
YV 17th it. near .Oodgr , next to Christian
Church. 09010
" \T7"ANTED Two gentlemen or mm ana wife
YY to take nice large furnished room , wither
or without iioard. Good location. Apply to W ,
thli oillco. 07H-3
A good girl for Rencral house
work Inn umall family. C.ill at Atkin
son's Millinery store 67G-8
Flrst-claai servant sltl. Apply
WANTED to lira. Ed Johnston , St.
Mary's ave , between 10th and 20th t , 031-7
Girl to do general housework In
WANTED y of two. Inquire at 1723 Doug.
us street. 688-8
ANTED Girl for general homework. Ap
W ply at JStri.and tit. Mary'd Ai enue.
W. "Harney. OSS 12
A good cook at the St.
WANTED Hotel , Harney street , woman
preferred. G30-7
\TTANTED-Oood filrl at the Western Ilonoc ,
YY Pierce near 19th st. C02-S'
A gtrl Immediately for gcneia
WANTKD call at once at the Turner Hall Res
urant. Corner 10th and Howard st. b74-tf
Three good tuen to work. First
WANTFD south ol fair ground * . Tousley
Bros. 007-7
A No. 1 brick moulder , one
WANTED mould and slap brluk. No other
reed apply. CM ! on or address J , P. Flynr ,
Norlt.r ! ! < eb ap&-CGl-wcd&sai *
WANTED By a buttress man from Virginia
a situation. Has best of refoiencr. Ad
dress J. F. U this office. CI&-7'
- about 14 to do light house
work , during the day only. Apply at liee
oillco. * fl24-tf
ANTED Basement In ox , for board.
W Other boarders too. 003 N. 17th street.
ANTED Dining room glrlat.the Cr lghton
Home. 607-tf
XH7 ANTED A good girl at corner Hamilton
YY and Pier sts. , eblnn'd addition. Beet
wages given. 3S-tl
WANTED Boarders - . . . at the . _ GarUcld . . IIOCBO ,
y , corner 14th nnd Jack nn Sts.
414 tt
To sell a barber ( hop , good lo
cation , good business , satisfactory reasons
or selling. Inquire at 117U. 12th ttKut , Omaha
Funding bridge and school bonds.
WANTED Clark. BelWtJB. W-if
4 children as bnardcra In a select
WANTED , at 19th and California Bt. L. B.
I/OOMIS. 767-tf
2 unfurnished rooms for man and
WANTED mutt be moderate In price. Ad
dress II. , Bee oillco. 297-tf
Houao seven rooms , well and
FOlUlKNl Inquire at 1221 North lOlli st.
RENT Furnished room. 010 19th tit. bet
ween California and Wcbiter. 834-t
RENT Two good rooms lor rent , corner
FOR and Karnam sts. Inqul > e at Nlndel
& Krcllo'i Hat ttore. " 07-tl
niFRNISHKD Room , with board , ga and
1 } bathroom , nt 1718 Dodge tt. 077-12'
TO KENT Corner 10th and Doughs ,
STABLE nt Newspaper Union I2th and How
ard sticets. 031-7
RENT Cottaco house with five room ,
FOR and outbuildings , well and cisterns ,
miulro until Saturday , a ; four o'clock at this
oillco. 065-7 *
RENT T ounlurnlslicdroomiiillaUcfor
TO light houie-kcoplng , t 2210 Capitol ate ,
J. p. ifollowny. 675-11'
KKNT Iln.ndsomtlyfuinU.hed front room
FOR gentleman , moderate rrnt. References.
A ) 1312 Dodge st , lot"ecu 13th and 14th.tosici
ROOMS For light housekeeping
FURNISHED month. 2210 California st
OH JtK.vr first floor of a brick tunue In
exchange lor a lilies board , 003 uorth 17th
trcct. PloJLtantlr located. 021-tf
RENT lUndiomely furnlthcd par'or
FOR alco\e room , 2013 Oasj tt. tbtl-U
) lt RENT Oliu f urolshod room 1723 Doug
Its it C37-4t
RENT Bouse barn and S acres of laud
FOR 16th and Howard.a Eugene O'NUI
690 t
rpo RfNT On large fnrnlslci ) room , with
JL board , on first floor , outside emrince. 1S03
California st , c4S-tf
171011 KENT Furnished cott ? , lx rooms.
JL1 2ilO California gt. M s. Hall. 621-tt _
JJ Mary'a Avenue. 4SOtt
FOR RENT N. K. } , Pec. C , T. 16 , R. 11 , un-
ImproMs ! Dauglna county land. 1 } miles
from R. R , elation. Inquire nt 113 Davenport
street. 423 tf
' 171011 JU.KT store room in hrlck building , > .
JL1 E. corner 18th and Cumlng , 0 , F Good
man. 1110 Farnhim St. 203-tf
KENT Furntsncu nun mom , N . E. cor.
FOR ' . end Jaclnon , M-tf
KKN1 1 rmmsouj room * over. ii ,
FOIl Exchange , N.K. cor. 18th and Dod ;
itroot * . 230-tf
770R BENT Nicely furnished roomg with 01
JL1 without board , Reasonable price * . 2011
CauSt. *
7OR SALE JO lot ! near Hanicom Park , nest
I.1 of Park A * enue. * 4tO to [ JOOO each. Me-
CftgUO Opp. PoStOfllCl ! , 071. tf
011 BALL My. residence at head of St.
_ Mary's Avenue with lot 74x140. William
McCandllth. C20-7
° ll SALE Ono home and lot at n bargain
house has four rocmi , closet , pant'.v , cis
tern Ac. Inquire on premises , no. 122 26th et.
Hoggs & Hill's addition. Jlrs. A , L. Ifgron. .
OP2-7 *
- A largo JIosl r& Datimanniafe ,
V , B " . M ncw ; AVrAy t Western Newspaper
Union 12th and Howard street. 67i-12
I 71011 SALE Three homos no r U. P. depot ,
; can remain -n ground , and also top brgy.
Enquire nt this cfllco. CGo-tf
FOR BALKE'Rlitynvo head of sheep. En.
quire at firm o' ' Tom Murray , one mile
south ol U. P. depot. 053-lOf
FOR SLE A good Horc , dry good" , boots
and shO'B , groceries , etc. J. JI. Enter ,
Oakland , Iowa C5S-10
FOR SALE Cheap ono open bugxy. Fn-
qulro of J. K. launders , at lUcrv stable
next duor north City lull 'C39-tf
. SALE Home nru"t o full loin all ! m-
piotctncnt * nearly no . llcst location In
town , only $2000 , half down , bahnco on time If
desired. Inquire of 0. Fullmnn tth and Dorcas
etrcot. 019 0 *
SALIC Hctiso of 4 or fi rooms nnd "cor-
tier lot on IDUiand Mason Sl.COO. ilcCAdto
opp , loitolllco. BSS-tf
ITIURY Thorotiuhbrcd Jersey Hull No. 332
I ; " .M.S. H. R. " , Inner cf prize Ut State
Fair. Starda for service vt Ncbnukn Poultry
VurdsVoit Omaha. Graham t * . Browne ,
_ _ _ _ _ _ 585-lm
T7IOR SALE 14 lots in N.V. . p rt o ( city on
.1 : filthily location. $2CO to ? KO each , on
monthly payments. Mcl.'ague , opp. postolllco.
_ _ _ _ _ S3t-tf
EOR SALE -Ono second-hand 25 horse power
engine , good as'o two 8 horse power ,
and two 15 horse poncr engines , new. Bllcra
of nil sei , now. Inquire Omaha Fourdry n
Machlno Co.U. P. Ry. bet 17th and ISth omahl
_ _ _ _ _ _ 602-lm _
"T71OR SALE House three rooms and'hal f lot.on
C P20th street north of Creek , fOOO cath. On
month'ypaj ments 81,000. John L. JlcCatue ,
opposite iwtollicc. _ 33-tf
T710R SALE Salooi stocK and fixtures ami
K Irase given , seed location. Enquire ol L.
II. Spencer , northeast corner llth nnd Harney.
. _ 81)1 41-tf
fALE Fhoarrcs of land on t-nundoia
Sticct , with fine residence , barn and other
improvements. Price 82,500 : tcrnwcniy.
472tfV. . R. Bartlctt , Heal Kstate Agent.
" (71011 3AI.E A new house and lot. 25tll nnd
JU Douglas St. Inquire to A. Bouman , 2Gtb
and Farnham Ms. 41S-lm *
I1UU SALE A IMano (0 octaves ) , in excellent
cnd tion ; very cheap. Inquire at this office.
_ . _ spU29-tf
ITIORSALE Five acre ? uf land , 2-story frame
JJ house , barn 1 Hells and other Improve
ments , cost side of Saunders street , near Fort
Omaha. For particulurs addiess Geo. W. Brew-
ster , Oakland. Kcb. _ 401-tf
T710R SALE House with 6 rooms , barn and
JD long lease of lot on 15th St. , bet. Burt and
Webster. Inquire at Edholm & Erickbon's.
_ 4 _ _ 355 tt
1011 SALE Car load of fat blackcy muled
E broke. Apply of J. W. Skinner , Coin la ,
820-lmo *
"T71OU SALE 32 resilience lota on and near 16th
JD street. Prlcc/oKfiO to" ftlO each. Terms
easy. McCAQUK , Agent , Opp. Post Office.
riOIl SALE Bicycle , 48-Inch Standard Coluin-
JD bla. Apply Union Elevator. 263-U
OTS , SlOO each , 85 down andjgS per month
. BEMla , Agent.
T7IOB SALE Or will excha jre for Omaha pro-
JD | ( petty , au Improved sec to of land adjoin
ing a station on U. P. R. R. 11. DUNHAM , 1413
Farnham St. , Omaha. 720 8m t
B 203-tf ESTABROOK ft COE.
QM A Pound80cno ( ce country butter for sale
Ol/U cheap ; also ftosh milk every day at
Ueal'i ) Grocery Store , corner ICth and Dodge.
_ _
_ 119-tf
HAY At A. II. bander's Feed btui
BALED Harney St. _ il9-t ;
_ _
0 PLASTERERSPropOiaU for plastering ;
th Pacific House , Tenth st. no < r Daven
port , will bs received by Oeo. W. Or y , 213 12th
> tre > t. 695 S <
-T.N YOU WANT your jord sodded , tine blue
I crass. Leave orkera S. K. at the Ceo cfllcc.
A California Magpie , lost Sunday.
FOUND can have the name by proving prop
erly nd paying for this advertisement. Inquire
at Julini I'religchke 20th and Leaven worth st.
' From the premises of the sub
scriber In U'entOmaha 1 fourjcarold horse ,
n i ray , with strap htltnron. Any Informa
tion left at my stoi > 1318 Harney at. near 14th
will be liberally rewarded. . R. W. CABI-EM B.
7047 *
n .AILOllINU Oont.omeii'i clothln ? of all
JL kldns maae and icpalrod , next door east
to Doe oillco. 7057"
\J street near 1'arnam. Uu ! neo touies ,
farmers nnd families con bo puppllcd w Ith com
petent h IP. Any gralo cf employment. Kail.
road np Mining ontflls on shoit notice F. D.
Nolle , Employment Agent. Ofi-im"
NOTICE will bu received until 12 o'clock * .
m. , April 12th 18S2 , for matcrln.s , erection and
completion cf a three tier/ brick , with stone
Utscment , school house , to be elected on How.
aril street , between 9th ar d 10th streets , Omaha ,
Neb. Plans and bpecifliMtlon * to bo been at tbo
otllce of Dufreno & Mendelssohn , architects.
Toe light to reject any or all hliU 19 mened.
_ 672-11
Absolutely Pure.
TbU powder nem varies. A marrel opn
. More ecOBO-
strength whplewrneneM.
ty ,
klnd and tannot Va
nl l thiu the ordinary .
old In competition with the multitude of I o
est. short weight , alum or phosphate powder *
E ld oily In cam. RorALUittso Tovpu Co. ,
00 ) W U St. , New York