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No Senate Little and But Very
of tlie House.
The Day in the Latter Being :
Spent inDiRousslngthoTar-
5ff Oommiosion Bill ,
No Changes to be Made in the
Interior Department by the
New Secretary.
'MJUoollnnoottR Note of a Nntionn ]
National Associated Prcm.
WASHINGTON , April 7. The senate
was not in cession , having adjourned
on Thursday until Monday.
The house wont into committee ol
the whole on the tariff commission
bill , having first agreed on a session
to-morrow for discussion of the tarill
commission bill only.
Mr. Haskoll took the floor in sup
port of the bill and republican princi
pics of tariff. Ho nrgued that the
protective system is the real cnuso of
the recent growth nnd prosperity ol
the south. On the ocean where trade
occurs every successful line of vessels
is supported by government aid. Wo
will never have a , merchant marmo
unless wo adopt n similar system. Ho
showed that during the free trido o !
1850 to 1800 the growth of our inter
ests was very slight as compared with
the protection dccado of 18GO to 1870.
Mr. Muldrow spoke against the bil"
and in f ivor of a tariff for revenue.
Recess was taken until 7:30 : for con
sideration of pension bill.
The house epsnt the evening on
pension bills , passing nineteen bills ,
and adjourned at 0:37 : p. m.
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , April 7. The 108th
call ot bonds matures to-morrow ;
$1,710,400 have been presented and
chocks will bo mailed to-night , inter
est included.
The comptroller of the currency
has , with the approval of the secro-
tiry , decided to istmo $5 national
bank notes upon a new plate. The
principal features will bo an engraved
head of the late President Qarfield ,
with now charter numbers in various
positions of the note , and particularly
in the border , BO that ita identity
may bo easily ascertained from any
fragment. Other denominations of
"bank notes of the series of 1882 will
bo changed BO that they can be easily
distinguished from former issues.
At the close of business to-day con
tinued bonds had been redeemed of
the 105th call , $19,087,050 ; of the
106th call , 818,430,550 ; of the 107th
c ll , $15,635,500 ; of the 108th call ,
A member of the Chinese legation
writes , in answer to a letter : "Ac
cept our thanks for congratulations
and kind sentiments towards us. The
president's veto is a just and reasona
ble one. Wo admire his conduct very
much. His sound judgment cannot
be swerved by ill feeling politicians , "
\ etc. , etc.
The Italian minister hero informs
the state department , that under the
existing laws of'Italy ' tobacco is liable
for duty when carried into that king
dom ; that the custom has boon to in
form people vorbaly of that fact at
the custom houses , but many for
eigners not understanding the lang
uage , resisted and in sorao cases inno
cent people wore fined and impris
oned. Pamphlets containing the laws
in reference to tobacco are now print
ed in English , French and German ,
and hereafter pleas of ignorance of
the laws will not exempt persons from
penalty for violation.
It it expected that the democratic
and republican congressional cam
paign committees will complete organ
ization next week. It is thought
Phil Thompson , of Kentucky , will bo
the democratic secretary and sergeant-
at arms , and Hooker for the republi
Shipherd's examination to > day re
sulted in the production of seven let
ters from Hurlbut , in which ho ad-
yised Shiphord that ho could do noth
ing without instructions from the de
partment , and suggesting activity on
the part ot the claimants. Shiphord's
letters to Hurlbut wore next read.
'They are characteristic and similar
to those already published. A letter
from Bhiphord to Walker Blaine was
.read , and the reply was a statement
from Senator Blair that Blaine
wanted no correspondence with any
assistant. He believed Hurlbut was
hostile to the claim , because he
failed to see it a clear case. The
' .Blaino correspondence unpublished
will bo produced.
It is not thought that any whole-
aalo change will take plaoo in the"
'interior department when Teller
goes in. Price will bo retained as
* Indian commissioner ; ho 1ms but carried -
. riod out the policy of President
Arthur , who believes the Indians can
bo made self-sustaining in ton years ,
To this end the treaty with Indians
will have rations and clothes gradu
ally reduced , and no further treaties
will bo entered in'o.
The WorliofthoNowark Embezzler.
National Associated Press.
NEWAKK , N. J. , April 7. Ex-Oity
Treasurer Win. H. Winans was ur-
treated this evening by a detective at
his residence on the charge of forgery ,
the charge having boon made by Al-
dermanOhas. M. Thoboruth , chair
man of the finance commiUoo of the
city of Newark. It in averred on July
ilO , 1880 , a fraudulent warrant for
damages was drawn by ox-Auditor
Palmer to the order of Andrew Kirk-
patriok for 8165.40. This warrant
subsequently raised by Palmer
to S2,1C3.40 , nnd that Palmer forged
the name of Kiikpatrick and then
presented it to President Minors , who
drew a check on the National State
bank payable to his own order. Ho
endorsed the check and it appears
that ho himself received the money
from the bank. The stub of the
check book , however , makes it appear
that the check was drawn to
the order of Kirkpatriok.
Winans was taken to the first
precinct station house and subsequent
ly _ was pormitiod to go homo for the
night in charge of Lieut. Trowbridgo.
To a reporter the prisoner protested
his innocence and said not one cent of
the city's money over stuck to his
hands. Ho says ho is persecuted by
n few enemies who , for the past four
months have compelled him to give
up situation after situation. Lately
ho secured the position of New York
corresponding and business agent for
the Chicago Shoo and Leather Review
and thinks his nrrost might well cause
the loss of this position also. The
impression hero is that while filling
up the check for the forged warrant
ho acbcd under instructions from
Auditor Palmer , who was head book
keeper of the city hall.
Another forcery of Palmer's was
brought to light to-day. It was for
l.O'iO.Gl. This swells the acgrcpato
amount of his stealing to more than
§ 270,000. '
National Associated 1'rest
NEW YOIIK , April 7. The Duplex
Fibre company , of this city , Jersey
City and Yonkers , has been placed in
the hands of a receiver , on n judtj
ment of § 50,849. The bulk of the
liabilities are duo to the stockholders
of the concern.
The susponsionof the Ppughkcopsio
Iron nnd Steel company in reported.
Bradstrcot's state the officers claim
that the embarrassment is temporary.
The company had a capital of $100 ,
The Now York creditors of Folger
it Co. , wholesale dealers in hardware ,
Now Orleans , are compromiiing at 50
cents on the dollar , at 8 , 12 and 18
months. The firm's liabilities are
§ 25,000 ; assets , § 98,000.
Bradstreet reports 49 failures in
the United States during the past
week , a decrease of 10 from the pre
ceding week , and 40 less than the cor
responding week of last year.
Lynched ForRnpo.
National Associated Prow.
PiiTsnuiui , April 7. A special to
The Loader says : Two weeks since
Joe Smith , a negro , outraged Mrs.
Bill , wife of a Chcspeake & Ohio rail
way section hand , near Scotland.
Smith was arrestpd next day and
[ odgcd in the jail of Putnam county.
A mob of sixty men captured the
steamer Sallie Freeze at Itaymond ,
last night , placed firemen and engi
neers in the engine room , and the
pilot in the pilot house , wont to Win-
trod , took the prisoner out and hanged
dim to a tree near the town at 11:30
this morning. Smith's victim was
pregnant. The shock made her BO
low she is dying. Smith boasted to
Iris fellow prisoners in the jail that he
lias done the deed , and when asked
by the mob if guilty replica
"yes. " Time was given him to
nray and ho was swung into eternity.
The body was loft { hanging after ho
was pronounced dead byja doctor. The
neb was orderly.
The Mormons
National Associated Press.
SALT LAKE CITY , Utah , April 7.
The fifty-second annual conference of
; he Mormon church opened yester
day and will continue till Sunday.
People are in attendance from all
> arts of Utah , Arizona , Wyoming and
.daho. John Taylor and half a dozen
ussor lights delivered rambling dis
courses , the evident intention being
o avoid saving anything that could
) o used against them. They advised
> eoplo in the present crisis to be
sautious in utterances , live their re-
igion and trust God to fight their
> attlcs for them. Edmunds declared
hem unconstitutional , but the Lord
will punish congress for its passage ,
statistical reports wore read showing
ho church membership in Utah and
'daho , including children , is ever
Good Friday.
National Associated Press.
NEW YORK , April 7. Good Friday
vas observed in this city as a partial
loliday. The produce and stock ex
changes were closed. The courts and
nany public offices were also closed ,
> ut the postoftice , custom house and
> anks were open. In the Episcopal
and Catholic churches the day was
olomnly observed. The Knights
templar of various cpmmandorios in
his and adjoining cities attended di
vine service this evening.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , April 7.
3ood Friday was celebrated with
repressive services in all Oatho-
io and Episcopalian churches in this
Leavonworth Enterprises.
fat tonal Associated Pros.
LEAVENwojiTii , Kas. , April 7. A
corporation was organized hero to-day
or the erection of u new hotel to cost
§ 100,000.
Tracklaying was resumed to-day on
ho Loavonworth , Topeka & South
western railroad. The road will bo
mslied through to Topeka without
The Starring Indian * .
Utlorml Associated Press
WASHINGTON , April 7. As the son-
ito has appropriated § 50,000 tor the
mmodiato relief of the Indiana , Com-
misoioner Price this morning in
structed Agcnta Miles and Hunt , at
he Oheynnno and Kiowa agencies , to
give the Indians all their rations.
Examined for Mnrilor.
htloual Associate ! Preu.
WAVKULV , O. , April 6. Gilbert
Shopshuro , for the muider of John
lidor and his son George , had a pro-
iminary oxaxmination before Ksquiro
Bishop. Bonu waa fixed at § 1,200.
Io is able to give bail and will do no
The Present and Prospctivo
Hotel Supply at tfncoln.
Qov. Nance Now Will Not Con
vene the Legislature Until
Next Month.
Text of the Bill that Increases
the Domain of the State
of Nebraska.
Supreme Conrt Builnos * anil Other
Notoi from the Capital.
Oorrcipondonse oflho
LINCOLN , April 7. A half interest
in the Webster McMurtry block in
this-city was sold yesterday to a gentleman
tloman from Ohio for § 17,500. The
building pays a gross rental of four
teen per cent , on that valuation.
Messrs. Webster & McMurtry have
purchased the northeast corner of M
and Eleventh ttrcots , and your cor
respondent was told yesterday by an
enthusiastic but usually voracious
real estate dealer that n $100,000
building presumably a hotel would
be erected there this summer , It is
n good deal of a question whether BO
extensive a hotel enterprise as that
could bo made to pay here. The Com
mercial hotel seems to afford ample
accommodations for the transient
travel hero , while the Arlington is well
patronized by permanent boarders.
Lincoln people
in predicting that Omaha ic going to
suffer from an oversupply of hotel
room , and they had better look out
that they don't render themselves
liable to the same criticism.
In answer to an interrogation point
hurled at him yesterday by your cor
respondent , Governor Nanco an
nounced that ho had been "obliged"
to still further delay his call for the
meeting of the legislature , and that
the date would bo somewhere in the
fore part of May , The rea
son assigned for this postponement
was that ho proposed to
the ratification by the legislature of
the bill recently passed by congress
expending the northern boundary of
Nebraska , and that some further correspondence
respondence with tho' Washington
authorities was necessary before ho
could take such action. This bill
adds to this state a largo portion of
the present counties of Gregory and
Todd in Dakota , including what is
known as the Fort Randall Indian
reservation. The text of the bill is as
follows :
'An act to extend the boundary of
the state of Nebraska :
Bo it enacted by the senate and
house of representatives of the United
States of American in congress as
sembled , that the northern boundary
of the state of Nebraska shall bo and
hereby is , subject to the provisions
hereinafter contained , extended so as
to include all that portion of the ter
ritory of Dakota lying south of the
43d parallel of north latitude , and
east of the Keyapaha river , and west
of the main channel of the Missouri
river. And when
o the lands thus described shall bo
extinguishedthe jurisdiction over said
ands shall bo , and hereby is , ceded
, o the State of Nebraska and subject
to all the conditions and limitations
provided in the act of congress ad-
nitting Nebraska into the union ;
and the northern boundary of the
state shall be extended to said 43d
parallel as fully and effectually as if
laid lands had been included in the
3oundaries of said state at the time
of said admission into the union ,
reserving to the United States the
original right of soil in said lands
and of disposing of the same.
Provided , that this act , so far as
jurisdiction is concerned , shall not
: ako effect until the president shall ,
declare that the Indian title to Paid
ands has boon extinguished , nor shall
t take effect until the state of No-
jraaka shall have assented to the pro
visions of this act ; and it the state of
Nebraska shall not ; by an act of its
ogislaturo , consent to the provision !
of this act within two years next after
the passage hereof , this act shall cease
and bo of no effect. "
Judge Mason's larpo pale of stock
and other farm property takes place
at his Otoo county farm , April 19th.
A large attendance will bo guaranteed ,
a3 the farm is ono of the boat equipped
in the state.
The supreme court yesterday gave
opinions in
of Douglas county cases. In the case
of Vorco vs. Rosbnberybrouht ( ; up on
error , judgment was affirmed. In
3uy vs. Downs , same decision. In
dibboler vs. Hutheart , same decision.
Cars are now running on the now
B. & M. line to within ninety-four
miles of Denver.
Suit has been commenced by E. A.
Ohurch , lessee of the Opera house in
this city , against Mayor Wright and I.
L. Lyman , chief of police , for $5,000
damages. The cause of grievance is
that the authorities forbade the giv
ing of Sunday night performances at
the Opera house , and the lessee
estimates his damage * st the modest
figure above given , The Methodist
church will doubtless
induce that the sacred rights of civil
ization , humanity and orthodoxy are
not trampled upon ,
Lincoln ladies ore hard at work to
eecuro the raising of $2,000 necessary
to have thq state homo for the friendless -
less located at thii point. The last
legislature appropriated 5,000 for the
erection of such a buildinjr , and pro.
vided that the place that might make
the highest bid for It should secure
the locution of the institution. Lin *
coin was the only place that put in a
bid , and the money must bo raised
within thirty day * . Five hundred
dollars is still needed for the purpose.
A convention of "ministers of all
denominations" lias been called to
moot hero May Oth and 10th , to take
such stops as shall
of effective temperance , work in this
state. Prominent among the signa
tures to the call is that of E. B. Fairfield -
field , who of himself might bo consid
ered a minister "of all dcnomitm-
tions. "
ffho Lincoln Journal attempts to
gain comfort from the relative vote
cast by Omaha and this pluco last
Tuesday. Inasmuch as the registry
list of the Fifth ward in Omaha show
ed within a couple of hundred of as
many votes ns were polled hero alto-
cothor , it is rather hard to make the
figures como out rip1it. ; Moreover ,
the number of unqualified male inhab
itants in Omaha outnumber the sair.u
class hero twenty to oiiu ,
x Aiiaus.
Fntnl Stcnmhont Explosion.
National Associated fires.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 7 The
steamer Belle Mao blow up at . ' 5 oVlock
this monin > gbetween Brownsvilloand
La Crosao. Five of the crow of sev
enteen nro mipninq and are supposed
to have been killed , and two otlirri
'voro fatally wounded Nearly nil reside -
side in La CrosBe. The musmir nro J.
McTntyro , Clinn. II. Martin , Wi ham
McCallish , George McCulliah mid
John Nolan. The body of the adopted -
od son of Cant. Gordon was found on
the boat. The crow were in berth
when the explosion occurred , and
were holdxthoro by the settling of
tlio upper works , and were taken out
with difficulty. Capt. Gordon wus
scalded in the face ; Moms had a lot ;
broken , and his face , arms and body
bndlv scalded ; 0. M. Monahan and 0.
F. Wolfhon were nc&lded nlso. The
sufferers were taken to La Croste ,
where they are being carefully at
tended. ' .
The botit was owned by McDonald
Bros. , and is a total wreck. "Lost ,
58,000. The C.IUBO of the explosion
is unknown.
Murdered andHobbed.
National Associated Press
ST. PAUL , MINN. , April ? . An in
quest was hold on the body of the un
known man ton days dead , found
near Aahby , Grand county , referred
to in these dispatches a few days ago.
The jury found that deceased had
been murdered and robbed by some
person unknown. Besides a railroad
ticket from Newburg , N. Y. , to Grand
Forks , Dak. , tboro was found _ on the
poraona Blip of paper on .which was
written with _ a penoU J abrRO W.
Dusnburj' , Millbrooko , Dutchesa
county. N. Y. " This ia the only oluo
to identity discovered.
Marino Intelligence-
National Associated IJrcaa fi
HAMBTJIIR , April 7" . Arrived The
Suevia , from Now York.
QCKENSTOWN , April 7. Sailed
The City of Rome , from Now York.
EIVEHPOOL , April 7. Arrived The
Gallia and the Nevada , from New
SOUTHAMPTON , April 7. Passed
The Elba , from New York , and the
Kronpriz Fr. Wilhelm , from Balti
more , both for Bremen.
Catholic Church Earned.
National Associated Press.
CINCINNATI , April 7St. . Xavier'a
Catholic church , ono of thn finest in
the country , burned this morning at 1
o'clock. The fire is supposed to have
originated from a Cro at the altar.
The loss is estimated from $100,000
to $150,000 ; insurance , not to exceed
$20,000. The uold and silver orna
ments wcro saved.
National Associated I'rc&s.
SALEM , Mass. , April 7. The East
ern railroad station was set on lire
this morning by the falling of a patent
signal torch into the oil , waste and
bagftago room. Property was destroy
ed to the value of 00,000 , including
all baggage in the depot.
Another Ford Arrested.
Natloatl Associated Press.
ST. Louis , April 7. A St. Joseph
special says that Capt. Ford , brother
of the boys who shot Jesse James , was
arrested in that city at 4 o'clock this
morning , for the murder of Wood
Hito , uiul taken to llichtnond , Uay
county , his homo.
Injured hy a Falling Floor-
National Associated Proa * .
NEW OitLEANS , April 7. In tearing
down an old building to-day the third
floor gave way , precipitating BO von
workmen below. Win. Nolan and
Henry Fields WITH sorioualy injured ;
the others escaped with alight bruises.
Struck "With n Brick Mould-
National Associated Press.
IIARHISIIUIIO , Pa. , April 7. Adam
Houser was struck on tlio head to-day
with a brick mould in the hands of a
young man namiid Edward ' Gummo ,
from the effects of which ho died
shortly afterwards ,
Suicide ,
National Associated Press.
NKW OIUKANH , April 7 Felix
Gondolf , a Frenchman , to-day shot
himself in the right temple and will
probably die. Family trouble was the
cause. _ _
National Associated Press.
FmmnuiKJ , Mass. , April 7. Silas
Pratt , aged G3 , depressed by ill
health , suicided last night _ by hang'
ing in his barn. Ho waa rich and respectable
spoctable , and leaves a widow and two
The End of Cornelius Vaudorbllt-
National Associated Press
NKW YORK , April 0. The coroner's
jury in the case of Cornelius J. Vanderbilt -
dorbilt rendered a verdict of suicide
while under aberration'of mind , "
Kit *
Beginning of the Annual Season
of Devastation ,
Pull Details of a Doatruotivo
Cyclone that Passed
Over Michigan.
Killing a Number of People and
Doing Immense Damage
to Property.
A Section or Knnnaii X < nll Low by n
Tor ri bio Cyclones.
X tloinvt.As80mtod
GIUIAT BKNH , Kns. , April 7. A
cyclone which started near llaymdnd ,
in Rice county , last night , moving in
n northerly direction near town. Air
.John Wilson's house was blown down
and Mrs , Wilson killed : Mrs. Parker ,
n visitor , i\tm fatally injured. Five
other largo nnd subat.intiul houses
were prostrated in the town of hasc.
Twenty buildings wcro donumshod ,
leaving but six standing , Mr.
Rend , a hotel keeper , was
killed and his wife fatally
injured. A woman and child , names
unknown , wuro killed at the farm of
K. 1 $ . THW verse. All watdr was suck
ed out of wells. A water spout ap
[ wrontly nccomp uricd the cyclone , as
the country was deluged. Among the
heaviest lusorn in the town of Chase
are Eckertn Jlro.i. , whoso store room is
entirely destroyed ; Ed Shatter , store
ind residence ; Swishort it Dupree ,
lumber yard , blown entirely away ;
Ooa. F. Miller's now residence ,
entirely { demolished ; Congregational
church , in process ot erection ;
J. J. Reid's ' hotel , entirely destroyed ;
Mothodiat Episcopal church , twisted
quarter round on its foundation ; Air.
U rover's residence , destroyed ; Air.
Hartshorn's drug store was leveled to
the ground. All the inhabitants of
Chase were morp or less injured.
The people are living in box _ cars , and
many families are inn destitute condi
EAST SAOINAW , Micir. , April 7.
It is reported from ulydn station that
n terrible hurricane passed over the
Flint & Pore Munjuptto road last
night. The extent ot the damage is
not yet known as the telegraph wires
wore prostrated. A man who walked
In from Holly says the residence ot a
Sir. Crandnll was blown down and
Crandall and one child killed and sev
eral persons seriously injured. A
Ulra. Taylor , of Pontiao , was also
killed. The hurricane covered an
area1 of loss than half a mile , but ia
reported' -have levelled everything
iu its path. J _ -
DJSTKOIT ; April 7. Tlio Evening
News' specials this morning give the
following details of last night's cy
clone : There was a terrific cyclone
in Highland , Oakland county , Mich. ,
ono mile south of Clyde station , at
8 o'clock last night. A largo barn
owned by G. Lewis , and houses and
barns near by were blown into small
fragments , and distributed along the
highway , rendering it with difficulty
passable for half a mile. Lafayette
Crandall and family occupied the
honso. Crandall and his six year old
boy and his wife's sister , named Airs.
Taylor from Pontiac , were instantly
killed. The little girl had her arms
crushed off near the elbow , and they
were amputated at H Una morning by
Dr. Wade , of Holly. Several others
received slight injuries. The dead
were removed to Ciydo , and placed in
the chupul. The track of destruction
was narrow and short , coming from
the southwest , and lasted about ono
ininuto. Several other buildings , with
fences , were considerably damaged ,
A number of sheep were killed
Gloom porvadon the whole community.
Airs. Ora Wood was also hurt. Mrs.
Crandall waa severely hurt , Alra.
Taylor's babe was also hurt. Several
others are reported hurt.
Three other houses were demolished ,
but no ono in them was hurt. The
storm's track in that county was half
a milo broad and a mile long. Quo
hundred yards of telegraph lines were
The storm also struck in the town
of Kalomo , Eaton county , and did
reat damogo , coining up to within a
within a mile of Churlotto City. Its
seventy in that county was at a point
tenniilesfromthotolegraphandlutfow :
details are received , though it is
known that several persons were
killed and injured whoso names are
not yet received. Many houses and
barns were demolished. The track of
the storm was about four roda wide
in Eaton county and several miles
long , passing through rich and popu
lous farming districts. In that and
Oakland counties the term moved in
a northeasterly direction.
Particulars of the cyclone say the
the whole family of Horace Sherman ,
of ICulamo , were blown into a swamp
many rods from the house. Sher
man's ' sister , an idiot , was instantly
killed. Another Bister had her log
broken , and his wife's jaw waa broken.
Two houses at Kendall , Kalamazoo
county , were unroofed last evening by
the tornado. A man named Wilde
was killed , two ladies injured and
other damage done ,
Later news from Oakland county
says the barn of Q. Lewis and houses
of 0. Kellogg , William Degarmo , Wil-
Jiam Uoaument and Alouzo Dean were
Chariot Franoii and the Bunko
National Associated Viva * .
BOSTON , April 7. Nowa has just
been disclosed that Oharloa Francis
Adams was enticed into a bunko den
in Uoylston street , Alorch 28th , by
J. S. Morrison , ono of a regular gang
of bunko men , and persuaded to aign
chocks to the amount of $20,000. A
systematic attempt was ihon made to
extort money from the family to
avoid the disgrace of exposure. The
matter haa boon in the hands of do
tectivea for ever a week , Alorriaoi
was arrested Wednesday night while
trying to skip the city on the 1 o'clock
express for Now York. The family
gave the news to the public Ian ! night
and will prosecute the gang to the
fullest extent of the law.
J. S , Morrison , who was arrested
for obtaining $20,000 in chocks from
Charles Francis Adams in a bunko
game , was arraigned this evening on
thrco counts charging him with lar
ceny , each count representing a chock.
Ho waived examination and was com
mitted in default of $25,000 bail to
await the action 0f the tjrand jury.
It has boon ascertained that Morri
son's niuno is James Fitzgerald , alias
"Tho Kid , " and that ho is known as
\ bunko man who began operations
in Now York with Charlie Miller , who
waa shot some time ago in a bar room
Needed in Toxna.
National AitocUtoJ I'rosi
AUSTIN , Tex. , April 7. The gov
ernor in hit message to the legislature
recommends that a law bo passed nt
once to rniao the price of public lands
xt least 81 per acre and repeal all
laws granting land certificates to rail
road companies , and that the legisla-
lure appoint a board of commissionora
to investigate and report on the
wrongs and avila said to exist in the
management of railroads in this
state. The greatest evils , ho
says , ia the discrimination in freight
charges and recommends that it bo
lorrcctod by rigid laws , imposing
icavy penalties upon officers and
agents of those companies. Ho also
recommends some law bo passed to
prevent competitive railroad com
panies from pooling.
Concerning the line between the
Jnitod States and Texas , lie snya a
) ill was introduced in the snnato of
.ho United States on the 2-ith of Jan-
lary to provide for running and es-
ablishint ; the boundary line of Texas
and the Indian Territory , which will
lotermino whether Green county is in
Poxua or in the Indian Territory.
Che bill has boon reported on favor
ably , and it is reasonably certain it
vill pass nnd commissioners bo ap *
lointod on the part of the United
Hates to run and ro-catnblish ( mid
ino , and ho locoramonds that a like
commission or commiosionor with a
scientific surveyor bo appointed by the
state. Over a million acres of valu
able land is involved in the issue ,
Illinois Crop Prospect * .
Jatlonil Associated 1'roaa.
SciuNOKiKti ) , 111. , April 7. From
reports to the state department of
agriculture , gathered from 500 differ
ent points in the state , it appears that
wheat is farther advanced than at the
corresponding data for oovoral years ,
and that the yield per aero for thn
state promises to bo above the average.
The last winter seeding was 2,070,1570
acres , being 275,290 aoroa loss than
, hat of iho previous year. , In ho
southern division of the Btato the con
ditinr { o wheat is 3 percentx
above at. average. Sir per cent. WM
destroyed by flood and 10 per cent
winter killed. In the central division
iho condition is a tritlo above the
average ; 7 per cent , was destroyed by
Idods and 7 per cent , winter killed ,
[ n the northern division the condition
s an average ono ; 7 per cent , was de
stroyed by floods and G per cent , win-
; er killed. Spring ia well advanced
n parts of the elate , and during the
> rcsont week has been rapidly pushed ,
farmers report the ground in un
usually fine condition.
rational Press Auoctatlon.
COLUMUUS , O. , April 7. Joseph
) awdall , past grand master and ono of
ho most prominent Odd Follows in
ho Btato , died this morning. Ho lias
lold various local trusts and his life
vaa ono of singular usefulness. In
early life ho was foreman under Col.
5am Alidary , Btato printer.
BALTIMOUE , April 7. Rev. Joseph
Olaussthe well known llodemptorist ,
died at Chester College this morning ,
ot kidney disease.
AunuiiN , N. Y. , April 7. Paul Ali-
lor , aged 97 , died in thifl city to-day.
L'ho deceased was a soldier of _ the ar
my of Napoleon , serving in the
capacity of a member of the | imperial
iody guard. Minor died from old
ago.New OIILKANH , April 7. Jack
Wharlon , United States marshal of
ho Eastern district of Louisiana ,
lied from apoplexy at D o'clock this
iftarnoon , Ho was appointed by
layos and reappointed by Arthur ,
Prize Fight.
N tloil ) Associated 1'rcm.
OiiiGAdo , April 7. A prize fight
ook place in the suburbs , ten miles
rom this city this morning , between
) won AIcAIanua , of Syracuse , N. Y. ,
and Jno. Files , of Now York City.
The match was for $200 aside. It was
ought with hard cloves. MoAIanus
was seconded by Dick English and
Williams , and Files by Ed. Dorsoy
and Jack Norton , all local sports. Mo-
Vlantia scored three knock downs in
, ho first three rounds , but lost the
ight in the fourth round by striking a
foul blow after Files was down. The
decision is disputed.
Gnats in Arkansas.
National Auaociatwl J'rcss.
LITTLK ROOK , April 7. Recent
BtorniB have Bcattored myriads of
buffalo gnats from the overflowing
districts to all surrounding places.
The people are greatly annoyed , and
liorsca and cuttlo in adjacent planta
tions are tortured by them. A spc
cios known as turkey gnat is also numerous
morous , and is killing fowls of every
description. It IB more than forty
years since this city was lost ploguet
with them. The buflalo kcat lives
only about throe days ,
Hone Tlilovos Captured-
National AaaocUted 1'rou.
ST. PAtt , Minn. , 7. A bando
five horse thievea who have been malt
ing life unpleaaant to people in the
vicinity of Springfield , Dakota , ha
just boon hunted down and captured
They had taken refuge in a largo cave
wheao they had kept most of thei
plunder until it would be dlapoaed of
Bloofly Deed of a Drnnkon Father ,
in Massachusetts ,
Ho Deliberately Cut the Head
Off of His Son With a
Dull Axe.
Attacking the Boy While Ho
Was Bating Breakfast , Un-
consoioua of Danger.
After Which the Mnrdoror Walk
ed Oat nnd WnsArrofttod.
Doonpitatad Hit Son.
National Associated Press.
Hoi'KiNTO.v , Mass. , April 7. Pnt-
ick S. Kelly , during a fit of despond- '
ncy brought on by drink , attacked
iis 10-year-old son nnd knocking him
.own with an axe , chopped .the boy's
icad ofi * . When the murderous at-
ack was made the family were at the
> reakfast tablo. The boy was eating ,
ml had no suspicion of what his
athor was about. Tlio latter wont to
iio woodshed and returned with the
xo. Nothing unusual was apparent in
iis manner and no attention was paid
o his movements. Ho wont up
quickly and quietly behind the boy ,
iwung the axe in the air , and brought
, ho blunt odgp on the son's head.
The boy had just lifted to his mouth
piece of broad. The blow drove his.
coth so hard together that a number
f them were shattered and scattered
> vor the tablo. Ho sank back in
iis chair dead , and his head fell
vor on his right shoulder , exposing
: io nock and loft side of the face. The
athor deliberately began to choo at
! io boy's neck with the axe , which
wa ? old and very dull. Ho dealt more
mn half a dozen blows before succocd-
ug in savoring the head from the body ,
vhich finally fell upon the floor
ind rolled ever under the table
caving the body erect in the chair.
The other members of the family loft ,
icroaming for help when the father
icgan the attack , and when done
10 coolly walked out of the house and.
was arrested and locked up.
The Lion and the Lamb.
North Ileml llullotlo.
Wo congratulate our metropolis ,
) maha , that the dove of peace ia
gain hanging over that city. Labor
nd capital are again reconciled , and
Iio lion and the lamb are lying down
rOgothor. Of course it ia hard to toll
? hich was the lion and which the
arab. At first the mob seemed to bo '
lie lion and Dr. Miller and the Oraa- '
ia authorities called lustily and lamb-
ike for aid , and Datus Brooks 'was >
ho shepherd of the lambs , but when. '
ho gorgeous military arrived thd
cone was changed and the pompous
ilillor paced his don brandishing his
ail , stroking his shaggy mane and '
oaring out his invectives at the lamb-
ike mob. And Rose water was the-
hophord of the lambs. Now , gentle-14
men , lot us have peace.
An Impudent Third Party.
rapahoo Pioneer.
At this distance from the scone wo
oliovo that Mr Holdrego's vaacilla-
ing course , and his keen interest in
> utting down a lot of peaceable
irikors , whoso action in no wise was
onnocted with him or the company '
10 represents the work being done
> y contract places him in the light of
n impudent third party. What wo
id say was , if Mr. Touzalin hod still
> eon manager of the B. & M. , and in
) maha , the strike would have boon
verted. The Pioneer does not toady
o any official for a pass.
Railroad 'Wreck.
aUonal Associated I'lcsu , ' i
ST. PAUL. April 7. The passenger
rain for this city on the Chicago ,
lilwaukoo & St. Paul was delayed
oven hours by a wrecked freight at
Vabosh. A freight tram ran off the
nd of a switch and jammed seven
ars together , making a bad wreck.
A temporary track was laid amund tenable
nablo the passenger to got through. It
To ono was hurt.
, \
Escaped JaiL
National Associated Press.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 7. D. N.
Murphy and Edward Bennett , two-
notorious burglars , escaped from the
Minneapolis jail by duplicate keys ,
nd are still at largo ,
Room No. 4 , Croightou Block , 15tk
Btroot ,
Om Hooits:10tol2A . 3 to 6 P.M.
Store Fixture Works
nd French Double Thick Flat and Bent Show
Catu Qlon
0. J. WILDE ,
1315 and 1317 Gass Street. ,
ad Oatfit on Short Notice.
'llth St. , Near Farnham.
' tnI-ood-1-
J. L. WILKIE , j
TIB and 220 S. 14th St.
.81 .