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    I I'i I rt I I i lH N . . . .I i I t i rv.
The Omaha Be <
Fabllthed every morning , etcept Snndt
Cbe only Monday morning dally.
One Vtftr $10.00 I ThreeMonUu.83
Bis Months. 6.001 One . . 1
cry Wednesday.
One Year. $2.00 I ThrcoMontbs. .
HbiMonUi 1.00 | Ono , . ,
Iktions rclatini ; to News and Kditorlal m
en should be Addressed to the EDITOR
THE Bin.
tetters nnd Remittances should bo f
dressed to THE OUAHA I'cntismNO Co
FANT , OMAHA. Drafts , Checks and Po
office Ordein to be made payable to t
order o ! the Company.
OMAHA PDBLISfflNO 00 , , Prop1 !
THI : Republican says tliaf
Thrano may bo elected. Who ea
that ho isn't elected ?
IT cornea natural for Doctor Mill
to cry fraud. The ghost of Cron
atill haunts the Herald office.
NKUHAHKA has fallen off in tl
number of papers published in 188
There is still room for improrcmcn
SEVERAL political slates woi
smashed in our city election , hem
there is weeping , wailing and gnus !
ing of tooth.
Tuu Republican intimates that M
McGuckiu refused to make pledges I
Ilosowater. What pledges was 1
asked to make ?
NOTHING horrifies Hascall as muc
ns the suspicion that some of Ilia ow
political methods may have boon use
by other parties in Omaha election )
only man that The Ilepublicn
can't stomach is Prod Bohm in th
Second ward. Fred didn't want t' '
Kiro up oreell his proxy last year an
Yost thinks ho is u very bad man.
THEKE wore seventy-seven vote
against the proposition to take up i
the house the bill to extend natiom
bank charters. The charters of noai
ly three hundred national banks 01
piro in February next.
IN nine months the United State
has reduced the public debt by $114 ,
332,389 , and , should the present rat
of payment bo maintained until thi
end of the fiscal year , the total deb
payment for'tho twelve months wil
amount to $15U,443,18u.
TIIK grain crop of the season on th <
Pacific coast promises to bo unusually
-good. Heavy rains h vn fallen , anc
farmers are happy. In California
alone the wheat crop is estimated n
about 1,515,000 'tons. A few raon
statistics like those will knock tin
bottom out of eastern wheat corners
ANNOUHCEMENT is made that con
venation through the telephone hai
been successfully carried on botwoot
Uoston and Now York. What Omahi
would bo especially interested m is t
telephone which'could bo successful ! }
worked between the exchange am
residence and business houses' in 'tin
COLOUADO is .badly torn up over
the senatorial vacancy created bj
the appoiStment of Teller to the
cabinet. Governor Fitkin , who hai
the Ronatorship at his disposal , ii
besieged by the friends of half t
dozen candidates , and the executive
chamber is packed with monster po
titiona. Uneasy lies the head that
wears a crown.
Tins manner in which Jessu Jamei
was killed is denounced in eonu
juartors as cowardly. But as the
Chicago Times very sensibly pointi
out the belief was general that he
would have to bo reduced to the con
dition of a corpse before a warrant
could bo served on him , and though
the method of his arrest was a little
irregular , it could have boon accom
plished by no other means than those
which were used.
SUNATOII VANWYUK'S inquiries into
the land surveying frauds have result
ed iu a bill , reported by the senate
committee on public lands , which pro.
vides that there shall bo appointed by
the president , by and with the advice
! and consent of the senate , not exceed
ing five inspectors for the surveyors
general and district land offices , who
* h ll each be entitled to a salary of
$3,000 per year and actual traveling
expenses , whose duty it shall bo , under -
der the direction of the commissioner
of the general land olllco , to inspect
the surveyors general and district
land offices , and the operation of ( ho
public land system , includidg the sya >
tern of survey , and who shall perform
aucli.dutioa as may ba required of
th'eiu - by the * aid commissioner or
secretary of the interior. They ahall
have authority at all times to examine
the papers and records of the survey ?
onf'general and district , land ouiccs (
and the workvof the jleputy surveyors
in the field , and shall have power to
administer oaths to all , parties whose
f -f > * > - *
evidence may be. required . in the
/ . * * .Vcv * + .tJ * '
course of their investigation.
The editors of Tlio Herald and 1
publican , who wore dumb-founded
the torrriblo disaster that overU
their crow on Tuesday , have rcc
ored sufficiently to raise the hue t
cry of "Fraud ! Fraud ! Kraudl" 1
usual harmony that prevails botw <
these brass-colored twins inanifc
itself again in this case when tl
btlh cry "Wolf" at the same memo
Dr. Miller says that there "is c
dontly serious ground for the cha :
of fraud in respect to the method o
ployed to vote unregistered men
ntlldavits. The number of theao a
davits in proportion to the vote c
In the second and third wards is '
liovcd to have been altogether t
largu for an honest vote , and it
also charged that nhoso nflldavitswi
illegal in form and fraudulent on th
fnco. "
There is no doubt affidavits wi
( [ uito numerous in the Second ward
they always have been since Ileac
has been registrar. For years
every election complaint has be
made that Hascall Jiai gorrymundai
the registration lists ut the Scco
ward leaving out those ho didn't wti
und accommodating parlies whom
believed disposed to vote for him. T
( rears ago and last year there we
more men sworn in on aftidavits th
there wore this year. Oouncilm
McNamara who had some exporion
with Uascall's way of registering vi
3fs can toll his follow councilman hi
the legal voters of the Second wa
wo annoyed an'd harassed every yci
Haacall can never bo found wh
looplo want to bo registered , ho a
rortisos a sitting and fails to put in
ippcardnco , and purposely neglects
mblish the printed list of register
-oters until the morning of oloctia
Fhoro were fully four hundred vote
mtitlod to vote in the Second wa
vhoso names didnot appear on the Hi
Flu-re was no other way for those w !
Fcro loft off except to swear th <
otcs in. Many , of these were c
.nd well-known residents of t
rard. These who swore their vol
n did so on affidavits sworn to ai
ritnessod before notaries.
Aa to repeating and fraud , if the
ras any , lot those who know an
hing about it nuke the proper coi
ilaint and have the parties arrcftn
Vith the decided majorities given
ho First , Second and Third war
lioro can bo no doubt as to the voi
the people in that respect , but
lie defeated candidates desire to co ;
3st these scats there is a legal rer
dy provided. So far as the count
i concerned they have no right to j
ohind the returns. The council
mply to witness the canvass ar
irect the clerk to make out dolivi
ortificates to the parties elected ,
ny fraudulent voting has been doi
10 contesting candidates must set
ioir remedy in the courts. If the ;
jrporation organs are raising the ci
f fraud for the purpose of commi
ng a fraud on the electors , they wi
iscovor that they will stir up a' ho
ot'fl nest.
It is a serious question whothi
icoulalivo prices in grain and pn
isions.aro of any real benefits tq 01
roducora. Iuring the past winti
iHlions of bushels of grain have bee
ickod up in elevators and storohousi
iroughout the country. A sti'o :
: op and the prospoctsiof a largo fo ;
ign demand at once raised Iho prie
F all cereals to a limit higher Urn
ad boon known for years. A "co :
or'1 in wheat , lard and pork was in
lodiatoly formed by capitalists i
archaso in largo quantities and hoi
ir an advance , and within a fo
lonths over thirteen millions of busl
Is of grain were securely locked 01
E the market. Grain rose steadily
nd the prices obtained by our farn
rs recompensed them handsomol
fen with a shorter crop than usui
> r the market. That there was
resent gain to the fanner was admi
d by many. The question prcss <
self whether the future will novo <
eve the advanced prices to lm\
ion dearly purchased by the pn
icors of the country.
In the first place there is great dai
: r that the speculative high prices c
o past winter have greatly in
ired our foreign market. Th
> wor of readily disposing of ou
irplus production of breadutulls ha
rontj influence upon the homo ma :
its. In 1880 the United States oj
irted of wheat alone 1GU,252,7
ishols , valued at 8l)0,548I05. ! ) } I
o following year , ending Juno . ' 10
181 , the exports foil to 150,570 , 78
iluod at 8107,008.485. Of thi
lormous surplus a largo proportioi
unt to Great Britain. It is plainl ;
our intnrcst to supply the foreigi
imnnd for produce at the lowes
ice consistent with fair profits
mt demand has proved the balanci
our domestic demand , and has actci
a constant relief to the homo mar
ta by ; preventing overstocking anc
lintainiii } ; prices. JJut our aurplui
last year's crop has been held bi
orncra"in various forms manipu
ed by shrewd and unscrupujou
orators. WJiat has boon the result
aoricuH wheat has been virtually
at ouC from Kuropean countries
lich would gladly haye token oui
) dv ce ut paying .prices , but whc
re now been compelled to scour tht
world and secure from the rcmot
points far larger supplies than wi
over before obtained or would lit
been thought of but for the course
speculation hero.
The American Agriculturist , ono
the ablest of agricultural papc
points out the important con
qucnccs which have followed fr <
the American corner in who
During five months ending Febru :
1. Great Britain recoccn
from British India , Hus
and Germany nearly 13,000,000 bin
ola moro wheat than during the sa :
period of the previous year. Th (
thirteen million bushels have lain
the whila in our storehouses and c
valors , and would have been Ink
from us at good paying prices , a
the cash returned , had gambli
speculators not prevented it. A
what is worse , not only have m
sources of supply been opened , a
larger production stimulated to co
polo with us in the future , but Grc
Britain has practically secured and h
within siqht so largo a stock that '
are likely to lese this season > the si
of much Wo have to spare , Oth
figures show that up to February
Great Britain had already secured
wheat and flour for consumption , 2 ,
703,530 Ibs , , moro than at the sat
date last year ; a < JO02,800 Ibs. , mo
than in 1880 ; and 1(4,448,4)2 ! It
moro than in 1870 , Yet with tl
fact before us , with relatively larg
stocks on hand hero than at the sat
date last year , the speculators won
delude the public into believing th
the present or higher prices will pi
vail ; and they will keep this up un
they inveigle enough ulambs" to to
off their hands their enormous spec
lativo holdings and contracts.
The same effects are noticcablo
our other staple products , especial
lard , pork and bacon. The only a
vantage -which appears is that a few
our producers succeeded in realizing
little better prices than would1 ha
prevailed without the speculati
mania. But as the Agriculturist poin
out , "this single present ga
is quito likely to bo oils
in the future by the gre
stimulus given to wheat culture :
[ ndia , Australia , southeastern Europ
northern Africa , and elsewhere , whit
will compete with us hereafter in tl
European markets ; and our farmo
are thus likely to lese in the end fi
moro than they have gained by tl
great grain speculation of 1881-2 ,
High prices , which destroy a mark- -
and frighten away purchasers , are m
profitable in the end , and if this turi
out to bo the result of the "corne
ng" operations in our largo cities 01
armors will have none but the spoci
atom to thank for the result.
The nomination of Hoiuy M. Tt
or as secretary of the interior ar
Win. E. Chandler as secretary of tl
navy complete President Arthur
cabinet. It won generally concedi
hat Robert Lincoln would remain ,
bo head of the war department , or
10 is the only member of the Ga
iold cabinet retained by Garfield
ucccssor. It was eminently propi
or President Arthur to select as h
ounsollors men whoso political viov
ro in accord with his own. Wil
ho exception of Mr. Chandler , tl :
abinot is made up from what
cnown as the Grant and Conklin
( ring of the republican party , and i
ull harmony , politically , with tli
resident. Mr. Chandler was Mi
Maine's ablest champion at Chicagc
ut this concession to the Blaine win
f the party will not meet with favc
rom any class of republicans wh
csiro to see a clean handed ndminif
ration. Mr. Chandler is reputed t
0 second to no man in thi
ountry as a political organizoi
ut does not 'enjoy popula
onfidenco as a man to bo trustd
nth the responsibility devolving on
abinet officer. The proposed revivn
f the navy , which will involve 01
utlay of over twenty millions wil
llbrd temptations and opportunitie
or jobbery which
may become i
ourco of scandal under Mr. Chand
or that would relied dishonor upoi
ho republican party , and bring dis
; race on the administration. Tin
election of Henry M. Teller as socro
ary of the interior will also moo
rith little favor among republican
rho desire to BOO the affairs of thi ,
; overnmont administered in the inter
st of the people rather than corporati
nonopohes. Mr. Toller's former em
iloyinent a8 attorney of the Unioi
'ftoifio , coupled with tjio fact that thi
'acilio railway managers have urgec
is appointment , cannot .fail to cause
rave concern.
President Arthur has committed ui
npardonablo blunder in placing the
itorior department under control ol
110 land grant railroads. Mr. Telloi
light have filled any other cabinet
osition without detriment to the pub'
c interest , but he cannot in the
aturo of things discharge his obliga-
ons to his railway backers , except a !
10 expense of the people of the Uni-
id States.
It would have boon moro satisfac-
ny to the section west of the Mis-
) uri to have continued tl coo years
inger without a special representative
1 the cabinet than to ba misrepro.
mtod , . since Mr. Teller , at best ,
111 represent New YorV and Boston
A good deal moro than ho will N
brnska , Colorado and the Pnci
slope. _
Mit. EADS is an excellent lobby !
and his friends in Washington f
confident that the ship railway t
will pass both houses of congress
decided majorities. There are soi
strong arguments used in behalf
the measure , { treat stress being laid
the point that the government
asked to do nothing at a vcntu :
Captain Eada is required to build t
miles of railway with the necessa
terminal works , and to carry a vosi
that distance by rail before any liab
ity is assumed by the govornmci
while the entire railway must bo co
structod and a vessel of six thousai
tons transported from ocean to occi
before the government liability o
cceds moro than ten millions of d (
lars. When the road is completed tl
government guarantees fifty millie
of the company's bonds , which i
dobtodncss is to bo discharged by tl
company within fifteen years. Du
intf ninoty-nino years the compai
agrees to transport free all govcri
mont storoi , mails , ships and troop
Although several prominent enginoc
declare Captain Bads' scheme foaslbl
it is very probable that the Unite
States will never bo called upon to o
sumo any liability in connection wi
the undertaking.
Fan the first time since the 24th
September , 1878 , the supreme cou
of the United States again consists
nine working members. Owing
the long-continued incapacity of Ju
ticos Clifford and Hunt , and the pr
traded vacancies which followed tl
resignations of some of the othoi
the court , always behindhand , h
fallen hopelessly in the roar of i
business. It is impossible for it
catch up without relief from congres
but it ou ht at least to prevent the lor
list of cases awaiting a hearing fro
becoming any longer. All the a ]
[ jointocs of the last five years , con
prising now a majority of the court-
Justices Harlan , Woods , Matthew
Gray and Blatchford are men ha1
ng their work still in them , at
should together be able to give a fo
ward impetus to the supreme cou
business , of which it has long stoc
in need. The leisurely methods an
frequent adjournments of the suproa
court and the indisposition of many <
the old judges for continuous woi
ire undoubtedly largely rosponsib
for that body's being nearly foi
years behind its work.
FIIANK WALTEHS and several othc
patriotic scavengers are working u
BO called election frauds in the Fin
and Second wards. It looks voi
much as if Citizen Thurston , of tl
U. P. , and Citizen Green , ot the J
& M. , had put their heads together I
concoct a scheme for counting 01
the men elected by the people. Li
these patriots proceed , and wo slid
presently see whore the fraud comes ii
TUB assessor is now on his round :
ind ho ought to do his duty withoi
Fear or favor. .Lot ns have a fair an
just assessment for onco. Put ovoi
awnor of property , whether it bo a
individual or corporation , on the sam
lovol. Compel the tax shirkers t
boar their share of the burden , an
jxempt no property that is not 02
> mpt by law.
TUB Omaha monopoly bureau ha
copt very significant silence about th
esult of Tuesday's election. The
mvo not telegraphed a word to th
lastorn press. Ii Thurston's citizen
tad carried the day , dispatches fror
ho Omaha bureau would have boo
ory voluminous.
John 15. Cough In buttering from neural
in ut the stomach.
Uen Butler begin * to show tint burden
( nge. Street cars luo to wait fnr him
Trinco Leopold JIM no sub-cuticle , bu
e 1ms Bcionticnlly chosen n bride who bite :
er nails.
New Mexican newspapers nay Dorsey i
Ick , and is BOWEL- out his cattle business
lid to be worth $70,000 ,
A Nevada young woman who is still ii
er teens has been divorced fr in two bus
ands and has married the third.
General Joseph K. Johniton bay been Jr
ialtlmorej attending a meeting of fin
nderwritew. HIuve \ U ruddy , and hii
yen bright.
Gen. Curr , hming been dnly "Admon *
ihed , " will now return tn his command
mt proceed to lick tuoru Indians than lili
ipTior oflicer ever saw.
Belle Boyd , the Confederate spy , hua
led ubout twenty times during the last
ve years , und is yet living. She didn't
? y enough to hurt anything.
A correspondent refers to Oiotr Wilde
ii "ft Bluco e cllsslhle Of the beiutlful"
hie It the nevorert blow glucose has re-
slved yet. [ Norrlstowu Hera'el ,
Dr. Mary \Vnllcer wauU her pension
ilscd. Tuilon' bills are higher than they
ere a year or two ago , and the doctor
innot afford tn go shabbily dresaed.
Captain Mogardus ia a tremendous fel.
w at glass bull * , but wo doubt if lie
mid destroy as many Mi ball * a * the
.e'ftge New Knglaiuler , [ BoUon Com.
orcial Bulletin ,
Though the czar ia displeased with
Icobeleif. the latter seeinn htill to be ublo
i eat and drink , and he has not been
dered to hi * estate , or reduced to the
, nke , or takeu out and shot , or anything
the kind ,
Says The Baltimore American. "A. II.
liomas , jr. , son of a prominent minister
Memphis , was found dead in the street
Ma pistol ball wound In the noith\ve t-
u suburbs. Ho is supposed to have been
urdered.1 Does a wound in the notth-
stern suburbs gcneially prove fatal ?
Frank H. Pusldug. tha enthusiastic
ung etiKologUt who is learning so
uch of the inner life cf the Pueblo Iu.
> ns , and is now in the eait with his
.ml comrade' , Mheou cf an ccccuirio
country doctor , nd the brother of an c
thtisiastlo RlaMball and pigeon ( hot.
MI B M nnte Hank h aludy ef very ni
certain temper. She declared the otli
dny , on account of a fancied grltnam
that she won "out of Mnpleson'o cotnp.w
and would oln ? no more with it. But t
thine was All lijced up again , and Ml
IlBtik sang at the Saturday inatlne
Minnie has her little tnntumi once In
while , but she ueUi over them ,
A e | > ort has been circulating In t
papers to the effect , first , that Senator II
hnd paid to a friend that he had given \
all hot * of recovery : and , second , that
brother and > ter of the senator had dl
of cmcer and that it was hereditary. V
have the ve.ry bc t authority for rfenyii
both these fitatcmentg. Mr. lliil h
never given up hope of his recovery , ai
was never BO hopeful and c.infldent as 1
Is at present , lie never had cither a si
ter or brother to Hie ( it cancer , or an
thing like tt , nnd there has never been i
cither sldo of his family , as far as he c ;
teaaomber , any sort of cancerous tain
Vhete are facts that the tcnator'n fricn
mid the public may rely on absolutely.
[ Atlantic Constitution.
The Jewish Refugees from Rui
Bin. in Philadelphia.
Solemn Kolljrloua Services The
First Prayer forthe United States-
Bathing thoBabios.
Philadelphia Times.
Straugo sights wore witnessed ye
terday m the old West Philadolph
depot , where the Israelite refuge
from Russia , through the gonorosi
of the citizens , are afforded a temnor
ry home nnd shelter. With sundoTi
the Kabbath commenced the
first sabbath in what they hai
been led to regard the fr <
and promised land where the
would be permitted to worship God i
peace according to their conscionci
As evening approached , a certain a
of formality , and an indication of tl
near approach of an important occi
sion , became perceptible. Every mai
woman and child had rested , after tr
trying fatigue of over six weeks' coi
stant travel. They had bathed , th
men and children's hair had boon cu
boards had boon trimmed , and over
person was attired in clean clothe
from head to foot. There was an ur
mistakable Sunday appearance aboi
every ono who emerged from the sop
orate dressing rooms set apart for tli
two sexes. A little before six o'clocl
iccording to old orthodox Jowls
rites , all the mothers of children pre
jont took a candle , and making a cii
: lo with it , stood by the bedside an
blessed it with a prayer , These can
Jles were then
And placed on an altar improvise
ilong the shelf of what was formerl
iho ticket window , and still bearin
: ho sign. The immense space i
which passengers used to wait for th
trains has been divided into two parts
ind the part nearest Market street
Including the ticket window , is fillc
with cot beds , where the women an
: hildron &leep. When the candle
were lighted , looking very strange a
; hey stood together , secured to th
3at surface , and without any othe
jbject whatever on the altar , all th
ivomen and children in the roor
itood silent and engaged in their de
returns , facing east , where the sacn
ioial table , with candles , was erected
The women's prayers , different fret ;
the men's , are never audiblo. Thi
icrvico on the part of the women i
ilways preliminary to the service i :
which the men engage. It had 11
sooner finished than a small , sorioui
lark-bearded man emerged from th
men's room , and going into what wa
: ormally a restaurant , and now usei
is the dining room for both men am
, vomen , placed the "tailith , " or fringei
nantle , over his head and shoulders
> poned his book , printed in large He
: > rew characters , turned his face clos
0 the wall , looking eastward , and be-
jan the special Sabbath service o
.hanksglying. Very quickly an
re y quietly all the men gathered i
ows , ono rank behind another an
ill facing east. Every man were hi
iat through the service. Small a
jad been their baggage , every mai
iad his well worn and thinly-thumbo
irayor book m his hands. After ro
) eating , in a low , solemn voice , wit
hat rapidity of short syllables whic
s a peculiarity of the Hebrew ton
; uo , a number of selections about Da
'id , the simple shepherd , and Goli
, th , the proud possessor of power , th
ihantor sang in mere
David's victory and the giant's fall , a
chich all present in chorus intonec
.ntiphonally some of David's owr
ongs , such as : "Tho Lord is nig ]
into all | thom Tthat call j upon Him
lo delivoroth His people. Sing unt <
ho Lord with thanksgiving ; sinf
iraiso upon the harp unto our God
? ho Lord upholdoth all that fall anc
aisoth all that ho bowed down. He
> ersorvoth the strangers , Ha roliev-
th the fatherless and widown ; bu
lie way | of tha wicked ho turnoth up
ide down. " A hymn from Samuo :
as then intoned , followed by the
9potitionof thocommanduient respect
ig "tho Sabbath day , to keep H
oly. " ( As a sort of climax the mos
npressivo part of the service was ther
jochod , when the cantor proceedcc
> relate the usual prayer for rulers ,
ftth who knows what reluctanca il
us boon their custom in the past , ac-
srding to the ritual , to pray for the
KtLT. For the first time in their
yes they sent up with ono voice the
rayer that "tho Presidant ol
lese United States in whoso
uds wp now rest , and all loth-
s in authority , may bo given
isdom and spared to usulessnosa and
asperity. " During this invocation
1 stood with their faces upward , and
imo raised their hanps. In the spo
il pnxyor for deliverance from bon-
igo , which closed the service , ox
nations of joy went up from every
roat. Following this the women find
lildren tiled out , and after a solemn
easing ull sat down to their evening
eal. It was very late on Thursday
glit before the ablutions of the par
, insisto'd upon by the committee ,
) ro fmishod , and
'as a scene such as has never boon
itncssed hero before. Owing to
nitod accommodations nndthohurry | ,
o four largo tubs , each ubout tenet
ot square , had to bo filled at onco.
lore were forty or fifty screaming
flints und children in the tubs at
splashing and kicking and fight-
y the ladies who were suporintend-
g the dillicult operution. When
ey caino out there was not time to
ces them , und they were put in bed
at as they were. The trauforma-
tion of the men and women to th
now clothes was remarkable , a
made them look anything but Hi
sian. Blue polkadot wrappers , dro
es with flouncts , tight-fitting basqt
and a variety of other garments whi
people of wealth had worn a little a
laid aside made a marked change
the nppearanco of the women. Th
all insisted , however , on tying thor
handkerchiefs given out around tin
heads , and could not bo persuaded
take them of I" . The men were rigg
in high hats and slightly worn sui
many of them of late fashionable ci
Mr. Sanson , ono of the intorprotc
of the courts , who was present , tal
cd considerable with the rofugccati !
found that they were all happy a ;
full of p rot cations of thanks for t
kind reception they oncountorc
The " 'omen , on meeting the ladies
the committee , usually courtcsey ai
kiss their hands with great politonci
The moro they are seen the inoro I
vorablo the impression made
strangers , nnd scores of offers of situ
tions are coining in.
Crop report H from all sections of t
state give unmistakable evidence of
prosperous season.
] teporta from Butte nnd Coluaa count
say that the wire-worm is ( doing mu
damage to the nheat fields in many'
CAlitie- .
The brbom factories ot Lou Angeles i
forced to send cast for broom corn , becai
the fanners in the vicinity neglect its c
The people of Kern county are cathes
advocating the project of n narrow-gai
rmlroad the entire length of the S
Joatmin valley.
Nickel has at last been discovered
r ewer California. Some ore which \v
supposed to bo coppir , upon testing pro\
largely , in nickel.
The citizens of LOH Angeles propose
; ender Gen Hancock an ovation when
, 'isits their city on liin tour of inspect !
if the military posts of the cout. .
Katon in a rattling town.
Mcsilla has a population of over 2C
Albuqueniue builders nay they we
lever BO busy nn now.
The territorial Indian xchool ban be
ocated at Albuciuerque.
Grass Is growing finely nnd block
loing wo'l throughout the grazing sectio
if the state.
A strike of a ledge of tin ore near Cm
Station on the Atlantic & Pacific railroi
s reported. The geologist tf the coi
> anr has visited the lead and vouched f
he find. This discovery , if it tuina out
ID what in claimed for it that it is a ver
ible ledge of tin ore , will entitle the di
'overer to a i > riTnium from the Uniti
> tat s goveramentof $2J,000 immediate !
Ex-Governor Sanford , of Ari/on
itTeredthe Lake Valley Mining couipan
\Tew lexico. 5COt 00 for the privilege
rorking twelve hour , in one qt the min
rith a shovel and pick , and to have tl
nineral he ( should mine by his own pe
onnl labor. Another offer of $500,0
ras made the company for the privilege
rorkmg the name mine thirty days. Bo
Hern were declined.
liillyDavis.'tlin champion shoulder hi
er , is about to .be installed president <
he " ( forty Liars. " The club has an 2Jj
0 business.
Five night oflices on thoLaramie div
ion of the U. 1'J have been abolished , i
allow * ; Point of Kocks , Washakle , Se
tion , Kdson and Wyoming.
The Wyoming Stock Growers' a'soci
ion held their annual meeting at Che
nno lost Monday. The association
robably the largest in the country , rei
esenting five counties cf Wyoming at
wo of Nebraska , and carries on the rol
n active nieinbernhip of two hundr (
tock owners , ropresentim ; closely six hm
red thousand head of cattle , worth S12
00,000 to S15 000,100 , besides horses , re ;
I'ate , and the plant necessarily connecte
lierewith. _
Bloody tragedies , fuieldes nnd scandal
mko Denver the paradise of pencil pus !
The'trauk of the Denver & New Orleai
lilroad is now u-Ithiu thirty miles <
The capital invented in manufactory
1 Denver amount } to S3,5C5.000 and tl
nnual prodiictH foot up $5,007,000.
There is great activity in nil the minini
'ro pectorn uro packing their grips , an
ie tender foot brigade are moving.
By a recent decision of the Colorad
mrta , A large number of hardened oiim
als will be turned loose. It peema thi
le last sens ion of the Colorado legislator
jpealeil the criminal law of the state an
ossed another , but no Having clause w :
ut in the new bill , eo that nearly a
rimes less than murder committed bi
veen the first day of March and the fin
ly of .lime , 1H81 , will go unpunished.
Au Immense amount uf corn will I
[ anted in Clay county this eejbon.
The Masons and Odd Fellows of KI1
oint are preparing to erect iv hall.
A new hotel , costing $25,000 , Is one c
10 cooiing improvements at Mitchell.
The Presbyterians of Tyndal and vicini
have decided to erect n 81,200 house o
orshlp the coming Hummer.
Ordxvay has sixteen stores , one bank
to hotels , one newspaper , three lin
m ? , two physiclanH and tw ) clergy
In the case of Bon Iloimne count ;
; ainst I'Ved ' Wells , ex-twusurer , the jur ;
turned a verdict of $1,400 In favor of th
unty ,
Thomoii W- Locke , the ao'dier recently
nvicted at Deadwood for the murder o
leutenant Cherry , was sentenced ti
jht years' imprisonment in the Detroi
iuse of correction.
TueMetbodUt college of Eastera Wash
; tou , has beeu located at Spokane Kails
Tt.e Mullan Tunnell on the Northorr
iclfiu is bored 100 feet , Th west em
irking will start up ia April , and the
tenuediato flutft will ba f > unk without
lay. In a few weeks tunnel work propei
11 be nui-hed ahead from four diifercnt
: Ings.
iV philanthropist , who lim been vldting
e of the Indian reservations In Idaho ,
} 'plains ' that the government furnishes
thing In the way of amusements to the
liant , and writes to Tim 1'res ? , urging
it the agents supply the noble red men
th "l > a e-nall outfits , croquet sets , foot.
Us , dominoes , checker boards , marbles , "
Woman's True Friend ,
V friend in need Is a friend indeed. This
10 can deny , eipecially when assistance is
idered when one is nortly atllicted with
ease , more particularly those com.
iut and weaknesses BJ common to out
tale populatioa. livery woman should
MV that Klectrio Bittern * are woman's
e friend , nnd will positively restore her
liealth , even when all other remedies
. . A sluglo trial always proves our as.
tion. Ihuy re pleasuut to thi tantc ,
I only cost fifty c uU a bottle. Sold by
irotttr Si Hecht.
I'ake " DLACIC-DRAUGHT " 'nnd ydu
I uuvtr bo bili"- '
For Sale By
ncir 22nd and Webster streets , 10 rooms , stiblc
and Rplendltl order. A bftrgaln nt $ GOO.
178 , House S rooms , full [ lot ou i'lerce nea
SVth street , 81,050.
177 , House 2 rooms , full lot on Douglas noai
28th street , 8700.
176 , Beautiful residence , ( ull lot on Cus near
19th direct , $12,000.
174.Tuo houses and } lot on Dodconctr 9th.
street , tl COO.
176 , lloum three roomt , two closctt , etc. , halt1
lot on 21st i car Grace street , (800.
172 , One ttnrt one-hilt story brick house an
two lots on Douglas near 28th street , $1,700.
171 , House two rooms , well.cutern , stable , etc
( ull lot near Pierce and 13th street , goto.
179 , Ono and one-halt story house tlx roomo <
Mid well , hill lot on Convent street near St
Mary's avenue , 81,860.
Mo. 170 , House three rooms on Clinton street ,
near shot toner , $325.
Mo. 109 , HOUM and 83x120 ( eet lot on
street near Websk r street , 3,600.
No. JCS , House ot 11 roortg , lot 33x120 ( eet on
10th mar Burt street , 85,000.
OK ICTl Two ttory houte , 9 rooms 4 closets ,
( rood cellar , on Ibth street near Popplcton'r
No. 105 , New house ot 6 rooms , holt lot on <
Izard near 19th street , 81,850.
No. 104 , Ooe and ono b&lt story houcc 8 rooms-
ou 18tb street i car Leavocworth , $3,600.
N. 161 , One and ont-haK etory louse ot D >
rooms near Hanscom Park , $ lttOO.
No. 168. Two houes G rooms each , closets , etc
on Burt street near 25th , $3,500.
No. 157 , bouse 6 rooms , ( ull lot on 19th street :
near Leaven * ortb , $2,400.
No. ICO , House 4 large rooms , 2 closets
bait acre on Hurt street , near Dntion , jl , < > 00.
No. ,165 , Two lionet * , ono ot E nnd ono ot & .
rooms , on 17th street near llarcy. $3,200.
No. 154. Threohouses , one ol 7 and tno of 6-
rootru each , and corner lot , ou Casa near 14th.
street , $5,000.
Nr. 1C3 , small houeo and ( ull lot on PaclQ
near 12th street , 2,600.
No. in , Ono story house 6 rooms , on Leaven ,
worth near 10th , 83,000.
No. 160 , Iloiiso three rooms and lot 02x11
near 26th and Farnham , 2,500.
No. 148 , New house o ( elpht rooms , on 18tb >
street near Leavenuoith , $3,100.
No. 147 , House ot 13 roams on ISth street
near Marcy , $5,000.
No. 140 , House ot 10 rooms and lUots on 18tb >
street near Marcy , $6.000.
No. 145 , House two large rooms , lot 07x210 ( ee
Dn8horuana\enuo(16th street ) near NIchola ? *
No 143 , Uonso 7 rooms , barn , on 20th street
near LcavenwortH , $2,600.
No. 142 , House 5 rooms , Wchen , etc. , on 16th
street near Nicholas , $1,876.
No. 141 , Home 3 rooms on Douglas Hear 26tb.
street , $050.
No. 140 , Larfo lioute and two lots , on 41
acar Fomhaiu street , $8,000.
No. 139 , House 3 rooms , lot CO.xlC.Cj ( eet ,
Douglas near 27th street , $1,500.
No. 137 , House C rooms and half lot on Capita
ivcnue near 23d street , $2,300.
No. 136 , House and hall acre lot on Coming-
itreet near 24th 8S50.
No. 131 , Houeo 2 rocms , ( ull lotv Izard'
lean 21st B'.rcet. S-00.
No. 129 , Two hcagos ono of 6 and one of 4.
oems , on leased lot on Webster near 20th street *
No. 127 , Two story house 8 rooms , halt lot on-
IVebster near 19th $3,600.
No. 126 , House 3 rooms , lot 20x120 ( eet on-
! 0lh street near Douglas$676.
No , 126 , Two etory house on 12th near Dodgo-
itreet Iot23x6 < ! ( eet $1,200.
No. 124 , Largo house and ( ull block near
fornham and Central street , ? SOOu
No. 123 , House 0 rooms nnd largo lot on Saun *
lers street near Bar/acks , $2 100.
No. 122 , House 6 rooms and half lot on Vf .b-
ttr near 16th street , $1,600.
Jio. 118 , House 10 rooms , lot 30x90 ( eet on.
Capitol avenue near 22d street , $2,060.
No. 117 , House 3 rooms , lot 30x120 feet , on
2apltol acnuc near 22d 81,500.
No. 114 , Houeo 3 rooms on Doughs near 2Ctb
trcet , 8750.
No. 113 , House 2 rooms , lot C6x09 ( cct on
icar Cutning ttreet , 760.
No. 112 , lirlck house 11 rooms and half lot OD
3i8i near 14th street , 2,800.
No. Ill , House 12 roomsjon IDaveniiort ne
12th street , $7OoO.
No. 110 , Brick house and lot 22x132 ( ee on-
: as8 street near 1Mb , $3,000.
No. 108 , Largo house on Uarney near 16tb >
rojt , 88,600.
No 109 , Two houses and 36x1 foot lot no
es near 14th street , $3,600.
No. 107. House 5 rooms and half lot on Izar
car 17th street , 81,200.
I\o. 106. House and lot 51x193 ( eet , lot on 14thv
iear Pierce street , $ COO.
No. H/5 , Two story house Brooms withljlok
in fcowarj near Blunders street , $2,800.
No. 103 , One and one hall story house 10 rooms-
Vebater near 16th street , $2,600.
INo. 102 , Two houses 7 rooms each and } lot or >
ith near Chicago , ft,0'.0.
No. 101 , House S rooms , cellar , etc. , 1 } lotsoD
louth avcnuonear Pacific street , $1,650.
No , 100 , House 4 rooms , cellar , etc. , haU lot
n Izard street near lliih , $2,000.
No. 99 , Very large house and ( ull lot on Hat
icy near 14th street , $9 000.
No , 97 , Large houfc ot 11 rooms on Sherman.
\enuo near Clark street , make an offer.
No. 96 , Ono and one half story house 7 rooms-
it 210x401 ( eet , stable , etc. , on Bhvrman ave-
ue near Once , 97 ( XX ) .
No. 92 , Large brick house two lots on Daven-
ort struct near 10th $18,000.
No. DO , Large house and ( ull lot on Dodo
car 16th it red , $7,000.
No , 89 , Large hause 10 rooms hall lot on 20th
r Call ! ornla street , $7,600
No. SS , Large house 10 or 12 rooms , beautlfuT
Drnor lotonCoss mar 20th , $7,000.
No , 87 , Two story house 3 rooms S acres o
ind on Saunders street near Barracks , $2,000.
No. 85 Two stores and a rcsloinco on leased
al ( lot.ncar Mason and 10th street , $ SOO.
No. 84Two story hou < g rooms , closote , etc. ,
1th 5 acres of ground , on Haunders street near
malm Btrracks , 8iMH )
No. 83 , lloueeof 0 roon < 8 , half lot on Capitol
venue near 12th street , $2,600.
No 82 , One and one halt story r ouse , fi roe > u
ill lot ou Plerco near 20th street , 81,800.
No , 81 , Two 2 story bouses , ono of 9 and one
rooms , Chlcojro St. , near 12tb , $3,000.
No. SU House 4 roams , closets , etc. , large lot
118th street near Whlto Lead works , $1,300.
No. 77 , Largo house ot 11 rooms , closets , eel.
r , eU. , with IJloton Farnham near Iflth street.
No. 76 , Or e an ! ono-lialf story house 0(8 rooms ,
166181 ( eet on COM near 14th street , $1,500.
No. 76 , House 4 rooms and basement , /o
11x132 ( eet on Marcy near 8th street , $675.
No , 74 , Largo brick house and two ( ull lota on-
avenport near 15th street , $15,000.
No. 73 One and one-half story house and'lot
1x182 ( eet on Jackson near 12th street , $1,800.
No , 72 , Large brick house 11 rooms , ( ull lot
i Darui > port near 16th street , $5CKXl.
No , 71 , Large home 12 rooms , ( ull lot on Call.
rnla near 20ih street , $7,00(1.
No. 65 , Stable and 3 ( ull lots on ran In street
ar Eaunders , $2,000.
No. 01 , Two etory froine building , utore
d rooum nlxire , ou leuixt lot on hoanu
th itroet , $ 00
No. 63 , House 4 rooms , basement , etc. , lo
x230oet ou Ibth street mat Nail Works ,
rue ,
No. 62 , New house 4 rooms ono story , ( ull lot
So. 68 , Housu ot 7 rooms , ull lot Webster
ar SI st street , $2,600.
Harn y near " 1st street , 81,760.
So. 61 , Large house 10 rooms , ( ull lot on But
> r 2Ut strtet , S5.000.
ft > . ( SO , Housu 3 , lialf lot on Direnport
ir 23d street , $1,000.
> o. 69 , Four houses and half lot on Com near
hbtroet $2500. *
< o 12 , House 0 rooms ard ( ull lot , Harnoy
ir 26th street , $2.100.
< o. 9 , three homes and ( ull lot on CMS near
h street , 83,200.
16th and Douglas Street ,